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Unelected, Unaccountable, Unrepentant: The Federal Reserve Is Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once Again

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For a moment, imagine that there is a privately-owned organization in the United States that can create U.S. dollars out of thin air whenever it wants and can loan that money to whoever it wants to.  Imagine that this organization is able to act with the full power of the U.S. government behind it, but that nobody in the organization is ever elected by the American people, and that for all practical purposes the organization is not accountable to the president or to Congress.  Imagine that the organization is able to make trillions of dollars of secret loans to banks, to foreign governments and even to their close friends without ever having to face a comprehensive audit.  Does that sound preposterous?  Well, such an organization actually exists.  It is called the Federal Reserve, and today we found out that once again the Fed is going to be taking huge piles of your money and loaning it to commercial banks in Europe.  The Congress cannot overrule this decision.  Neither can Barack Obama.  Because it has so much power, many refer to the Federal Reserve as “the fourth branch of government”, but unlike the other three branches of government, there are basically no significant “checks and balances” on the Federal Reserve.  If you don’t like the fact that the Federal Reserve is racing in to help big foreign banks survive the European debt crisis that is just too bad.  The Federal Reserve pretty much gets to do whatever it wants to do, and the folks over at the Fed simply do not care whether you like that or not.

So what in the world just happened today?  The following is how an article on CNBC explained it….

Just ahead of the Wall Street open Thursday, the European Central Bank, along with the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and Swiss National Bank announced they would offer three-month dollar loans to Europe’s commercial banks, easing dollar funding constraints.

It must be nice to do whatever you want without having to get the approval of anyone else.

What do you think Barack Obama would give for such power right about now?

The Federal Reserve and other major central banks around the world decided that lending big European banks gigantic piles of dollars would be a good idea, so they are just doing it.

No debate, no votes and no democracy – they just tell us how things are going to be and that is that.

It is a bit ironic that all of this happened on the third anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  It is almost as if the central bankers of the world are trying to send some sort of a message.

So how much money is going to be loaned out?

Well, according to an article in The Daily Mail, big European banks are going to be able to borrow an “unlimited” amount of money….

The deal announced yesterday means banks will be able to borrow ‘any amount’ of money in three separate auctions in October, November and December. Banks will have to put up collateral, or security, to tap the emergency funds.

Wow – I wish someone would offer to lend me an “unlimited” amount of money.

But of course this really is not going to solve anything in the long run.  You can’t solve a raging debt problem with more debt.

Yes, it will help the big European banks with their short-term liquidity problems, but it will do nothing to fix the long-term structural problems that are tearing Europe to pieces.

Win Thin, a senior currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman, said essentially the same thing to CNBC today….

“They’re taking care of the symptoms, but the underlying illness is still out there. On the margin, it’s positive. Until Greece defaults and we clear this whole thing up, they’re still treading water”

So, no, the financial problems of Europe have not been solved.

Just think of this latest move as a temporary band-aid.

So why get upset about it?

Well, what all of this shows is just how arrogant the Federal Reserve is.

The Federal Reserve gets to throw around trillions of dollars without any accountability to the American people.

As I have written about previously, the Federal Reserve made $16.1 trillion in secret loans to their friends during the last financial crisis.

This was revealed in a GAO report, and members of Congress such as Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders tried to get people to pay attention to this.  The following is a statement about this report that was taken from the official website of Senator Sanders….

“As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world”

So how much of that money went overseas?  Well, it turns out that approximately $3.08 trillion of that money was loaned to big banks and major financial institutions in Europe and Asia.

Barack Obama can’t lend trillions of dollars to foreign banks.

So why does the Federal Reserve get to do it?

Sadly, most Americans know very little about the Federal Reserve.  In the United States today, most Americans graduate from high school without ever learning much of anything about the Fed.

But if you really want to understand what is going on with our economy, it is absolutely critical that you understand the Federal Reserve.

The following are some more reasons why you should be upset about what the Federal Reserve has been doing….

*The Federal Reserve is a perpetual debt machine.  Today, the U.S. national debt is 4700 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.

*The Federal Reserve has recently been actually paying banks not to make loans.  Right now banks can park money at the Federal Reserve and make risk-free income without having to make loans to the American people.

*Current Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has a track record of failure that is legendary, and yet George W. Bush and Barack Obama both backed him 100%.

*The Federal Reserve system is designed to create inflation.  The truth is that the United States has only had a persistent, ongoing problem with inflation since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.

*Since 2008, what the Federal Reserve has been doing to our money supply has been absolutely insane.  Eventually this is going to have very serious consequences for us.

*The U.S. government has handed over the task of “centrally planning” our economy to the Federal Reserve.  The Fed decides what the target rate of inflation should be, what the target rate of unemployment should be, what interest rates are going to be and what the size of the money supply is going to be.  This is quite similar to the “central planning” that goes on in communist nations, but very few people in our government seem upset by this.

*The Federal Reserve picks “winners” and “losers” in the financial system.  For example, when the last financial crisis hit, the Fed bent over backwards to help out the big Wall Street banks, but hordes of small banks were left out in the cold.

*As mentioned above, the Federal Reserve has become way, way too powerful.  The Fed is able to do a lot of things that the three branches of government are simply not able to do.  Fortunately, there are a few of our leaders that are alarmed by this.  For example, Ron Paul once told MSNBC that he believes that the Federal Reserve is now more powerful than Congress…..

“The regulations should be on the Federal Reserve. We should have transparency of the Federal Reserve. They can create trillions of dollars to bail out their friends, and we don’t even have any transparency of this. They’re more powerful than the Congress.”

As long as we continue to use a debt-based currency that is controlled by a privately-owned central bank, we are going to continue to have permanent inflation and government debt that expands at an exponential pace.

The “central planning” done by the Federal Reserve has created bubble after bubble after bubble.  Our dollars is on the verge of dying and our financial system is about to collapse.

The Federal Reserve system simply does not work.

Hopefully we can start sending more politicians to Washington D.C. that will be willing to stand up to the Federal Reserve.

But for now, the Federal Reserve is going to keep running around doing whatever it wants to do whether we like it or not.

  • 007

    I hate the Fed. Perry had it right. It is treason. It is owned by banks and run to benefit the banks. It is astonishing we keep giving them more and more power. The Fed is at the heart of this Financial crisis. The Fed was a prime cause for the great depression.

    Ron Paul is right. Abolish the Fed.

    • Josh

      Perry only said that for votes. I can guarantee you that he won’t do anything about the fed if he gets elected. He will side with them or ignore it just like Obama and Bush have done.


      All of this whining about the FED is like listening to a wife nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, all day long:

      I love the FED. The FED serves its purpose. It was solely designed to allow the rich powerful elite to take power, consolidate power, and wield it with devastating lethal force. It is doing exactly what it was designed for, and the people should never forget that.

    • jim lowe

      If Obama wanted to get reelected he should 1-put Ron Paul in charge of the Fed 2-ask the congress to reduce corporate taxes to 16% 3- stop All baseline spending and cut all spending by 2% 4-eliminate the EPA,Doe,NLRB and Education departments altogether 5-cultivate good relationship with Israel to start.

  • Golden Child

    Nobody challenges the Fed because it is one of the most powerful institutions in the world. The last American president to challenge the Fed was JFK and he was assassinated in a very mysterious fashion. The details of the JFK murder are still very hazily portrayed in American history. Coincidence? I think not.

    • D

      There were other US presidents who challenged the privatized banks (Fed) for power besides JFK. The results are stunning:

      1. Abe Lincoln – assassinated

      2. James Garfield – assassinated

      3. Ross Perot – received death threats during his campaign to stop or “someone” would kill him and his family. Perot disagreed mainly with NAFTA full-heartily, but touched on the Fed as well.

      Ironic, right? If Ron Paul actually does pose a threat to the Fed, he will be threatened or killed. He might just obey them and accept some $ as well.

      This is why politicians obey everything private banks say. The banks know the politicians fear them. They have the power. They also give them unlimited reigns in money, the ultimate reinforcer of the human being.

      This is what people are referring to when we say the “elites.” They secretly control all the power in the world; not republicans, not Democrats. Political sides are a distraction.

      They cleverly called it the “Federal Reserve” to disguise itself as a government entity, which it is not. High school classes don’t teach about the Fed (Federal Reserve) because they also control that aspect. Hard to believe, right?

      The ultimate distraction will come soon: WWIII. Wars are used as distractions and financial gains of the elite. We are already in the early stages of WWIII. It will come in the next 5-7 years. It depends how long it takes for the countries to domino default; could be earlier. Cheers.

  • Highspeed

    Say we had a president and a congress that really wanted to rein in the federal reserve, how would they do it? Do they first have to vote on something or what?
    Shouldn’t the president just sign an executive order, raid the fed, arrest those on the board and then have the congress and the senate meet in an emergency session, vote to dismantle the fed or what?

    Whatever happens has to be done in the strictest of confidences doesn’t it? Or else the president and anybody else who dares to oppose them will end up six feet under.

    The article seems to build up the fed to the point of running the entire country with no fear whatsoever. How can this be possible? Do men really fear the rich that much? Hey, make me president and that will be my first executive order, close the fed! I have never feared men because of their wealth or power, this makes no sense to me. Elect me, I will close the fed and resign the next day. We would still have more leadership that we have now.



      The Fed does run the country without fear of any kind. What you and everyone else who complains endlessly about the FED fails to understand is that money rules. And he who makes the money makes the rules. And why is this the case? Because there are few human beings that truly matter in the grand scheme of things who can’t be bought, lock, stock, and barrrel or threatened with death. Reverse the dynamic where people can’t be bought, bribed, or threatened and you can finally have an honest society that you will be proud to call your own. And changing the current dynamic of “bought and paid for” or face death for defying the powers that be will require a major shift in current human thinking. And looking at the policies of governments around the world, the Asylum States of Amerika in particular, it is crystal clear that the power elites of the world would rather bring about planetary armageddon and destroy the earth rather than trying to shape an honestly governed, peaceful world.

  • Now what? Even if they needed the approval of politicians or anybody else, it wouldn’t matter! The above bailouts would have taken place anyhow just like in 2008. The banksters that are too big to fail are pulling all the strings and things are getting done because they say so! If not, guess what started to happen in 2008? The stock markets started to tank! The banksters can make this happen because they are in charge. You and I have nothing to say in this regard, we are not part of their club!!!
    Now what? More bonuses from our tax dollars? Probably so.
    Some people think that money from rich people should not be redistributed at all. Guess what? It is redistributed from you towards them! We the taxpayers will pay and they win!!!

  • It is called the Federal Reserve, and today we found out that once again the Fed is going to be taking huge piles of your money and loaning it to commercial banks in Europe.

    And guess who the commercial banks in Europe will loan this free money to?

    They will loan this free money to the US government.

    So We The People (suckers) will bail out Europe by paying the interest on these loans to the US government.

    As a bonus, President Obama will get his debt based jobs creation program funded.

  • Alan

    They have the power/money to buy off all the politicians you can send there, pretty much what they have been doing. It will take a total collapse or a coup to unseat these criminals. I doubt either will happen. They can print to no end and they will do what it takes to stay in power.

  • r.bitting

    ” The Federal Reserve will go around doing what it wants whether we like it or not “. Should you be suprised by this? Why should a morally bankrupt nation expect moral leaders? People don’t operate outside of who they percieve themselves to be. If you think your a duck, you will act like it. So, if they think they are above the law, will they not act like it? ” The Federal Reserve has become a law unto themselves “. Absolutely Right. And why would’nt they? In order for there to be a standard for whats right and whats wrong, there has to be a law giver who operates at a level of moral superiority and who UPHOLDS a standard above those to whom the law was given( This is key). And that law giver must also serve as judge because he would be the only one qualified to do so based on the fact that he has the capacity to uphold that standard . When the people no longer view the law giver as judge, they become as you have described ” a law unto themselves “. Everyone will do whats right in his own eyes. When people lose the fear of God, whether through outright unbelief or through rebellion, the result is always the same, society will break down at every level, even financially, as this article has demonstrated. Until the people return to the standard and the standard giver( God ), logic alone should tell you the situation will only become more dire with each passing day. I know there are readers of yours who don’t buy this, and don’t want to hear this (“don’t give me this God stuff” ) and thats fine. But The point of this webpage is to prepare for the coming collapse and the only way that will happen is to address the problems that brought us to this point to begin with. And whether you accept God as you judge or not you still cannot deny, if you are honest with yourself,the departure from morality is Americas biggest existential threat. You have no right to hold someone to a standard you yourself can’t keep.

  • emma

    Your analysis is spot on yet again! The guys at have this spot on also. They call this the hangover of the credit crisis, and they reveal the secret to the how the govt really operate.

    1) first create the solution. (bailouts and stimulus)

    2) then create the problem. (massive credit to all, to rope in those greedy)

    3) Sit back and laugh at us while they profit.

    Pretending to FAIL is alot harder than actually failing!!! This whole thing makes me sick, and I am nervous about where all this is headed!!

    Who else out there is?

    • Otown Right Guy

      Nearly everyone who reads this site and the site owner are nervous about where this is all headed. I think the people will eventually wake up to the Manhattan-DC axis of evil and throw off the chains of the Fed and the federal government. The USA is too big to not fail. Soviet style breakup is on the way. Who out there needs DC and the bankers?

  • LOLX

    Gee….That would be hard for anyone to do anything about the Fed… 2 Presidents were killed and another 2 were almost killed….
    think it would take another revolution to bring it down…

    • Too Many Fat Asses In The USA

      Look what’s happening out in the streets
      Got a revolutiongot to revolution
      Hey I’m dancing down the streets
      Got a revolutiongot to revolution
      Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
      Got a revolutiongot to revolution
      One generation got OLD
      One generation got soul
      This generation got no destination to hold
      Pick up the cry
      Hey now it’s time for you and me
      Got a revolutiongot to revolution
      Come on now we’re marching to the sea
      got a revolutiongot to revolution
      Who will take it from you
      We will and who are we
      We are volunteers of america

      bankers. hedge funds. wall street. fed reserve. we’re coming to take you away…

  • Lennie Pike

    It will never be necessary, but would the Fed bail out China if it had to? Of course.

    We already have a one world currency and government, the Dollar has just not exploded yet for the next currency to be implemented. With who knows how many tens of trillions of newly created Dollars waiting to become inflation, the Dollar will explode because it is impossible for Americans to pay that big of a tax through higher prices.

    Why have Americans not yet kicked out of these thieving European warmongers and destroyers of everything good? It’s not only monetary policy that they have control over – he who controls the money controls every facet of our lives – and they do – they have an evil agenda and nothing else. The only reason they have not been kicked out of the U.S. yet is because Americans are ignorant (and intentionally kept ignorant) about the Federal Reserve as the ECB stated, and because the 99.9% of “our leaders” who actually work only for Fed (not Americans), don’t care.

    They don’t care because they are handpicked as candidates by the people behind the Fed, and the people behind the Fed only pick types that can be easily controlled – in other words – egomaniacs, and emotionally unbalanced idiots or heartless psychopaths – pay close attention to the facial expressions, body language, and personal appearance of Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, etc. and you will see what I mean – Wake Up!!! – they have egos the size of a Winnebago. It’s all about them, them, them – and servicing their egos.

    Also, these politicians, if bright enough to understand, know that they will be killed if there is no other solution if they insist of stepping out of line like JFK did.

    Henry Ford said – “there would be a revolution tomorrow if the American People understood the banking system”.


    Our Founding Fathers are crying in their graves.

  • buy PMs

    End the Fed

  • patriot alice

    Desperate people do desperate things….The Fed’s panic has taken over their better judgement.

  • frank verismo

    The basic order of things as envisaged by the Founders of America:

    1) The People
    2) The government
    3) The banks

    The basic order of things since the 20th Century:

    1) The banks
    2) The government
    3) The People

    Anyone who does not understand how this complete reversal came about owes it to themselves to become educated on the matter – or continue the long, painful slide into financial tyranny and ruin.

  • patriot alice

    I’m sure those banks will also include their “Foreclosed Real Estate” holdings at 2006 inflated valued assets to be dumped onto the Federal Reserve’s accounts, at our expense…

  • Pilgrim

    I wonder if the Bank of Canada is similar to the Federal Reserve as in the article ? It charts the economy for Canada > but how much control does it has ? I know this is for THE USA but I’m always interested what’s going down south. If America crashes so will Canada and much of the Western World.

    • Old Man

      Answer to your question re Bank of Canada:

      – It is completely owned by the federal government. The Ministry of Finance owns all the shares of the BoC.
      – The mandate and powers of the BoC is controlled by legislation. The mandate is to regulate money supply to the private banking system so that inflation is between 2%-3%. It has no mandate on promoting economic growth or employment. It therefore cannot manipulate the private economy and crate bubbles like the Fed did.
      – The governor of the BoC is picked by the ruling government for a fixed term. But the governor can be removed either by the prime minister or an act of Parliament. This is unlike the Fed Chairman, who cannot be touched by anybody once in power.
      – The BoC set monetary policy and regulate private banks. But it does not have sole power to issue money. The Ministry of Finance can also issue money but not to the private banks. Therefore, the money power of the central bank is checked and balanced.
      – The BoC does not have a bailout mandate. If a large bank gets into trouble requiring ‘assistance’, the ruling government will take over and the first thing it will do is to fire the governor for failing to regulate.

  • William

    The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Nathan Rothschild, of the infamous Rothschild banking family of Europe, once stated that he cared not who ruled a nation, as long as he controlled its money and banking system. The naked megalomania evident in that statement should be more well-known, but it isn’t… very few people have heard this quote, and few still understand it. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we have a rogue agency like the Fed doing so much damage. We cannot place our nation back on firm financial footing, or even begin doing so, without drastically reigning in the powers of the Fed, or abolishing it all together.

    Need proof that the Fed is robbing us blind? Consider this: inflation is widely called by economists a “hidden form of taxation,” which is in turn a polite word for theft. Since 1913, when it was established, the Fed has debased the USD by 95%. That means a dollar has only 5% of the buying power it used to a century ago. Where did the other 95% go? That value was siphoned off by the banks comprising the FR.
    Read W. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature form Jekyll Island” for documentation of this heious crime… the biggest swindle in human history.
    And they are still at it today, along with their cronies in private business and the U.S. government…


    The banks have reset for the next wave of financial sodomy authorized by the Federal Reserve Bank. Now is the time to recover the money and place all of the players in jail.
    Find out how to reset the Republic and end this theft here;

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    You begin with a good point about how fiat money is created, similar to the argument made by economist Ludwig von Mises in “The Theory of Money and Credit.”

    See the animated, 1-minute cartoon I made with dialogue from chapter 21 of his timeless book: “The Principle of Sound Money”

    Ronald Grey

  • Can wait for the entire corrupt system to collapse!!!

    Soon I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael, I don’t have a hope in our country. It is very sad that many of us are naive with the economy system.

    Well, I have been Ron Paul supporter for long time. If we elects Ron Paul as our USA President and this might won’t be fixed. It is because of our legislative branch is in the gridlock. What’s more not many of us comprehended that our legislative branch is more powerful than our President. However our legislative branch is in gridlock and it is also corrupted. It doesn’t matter who wins 2012 President and we are goin down because of our legislative branch is crooked. I don’t blame the problems to Bush, Obama, our legislative branch or anyone in our Government system. I blame the problems to ourselves. I failed to vote those crooked congressmen and representative out of our legislative branch. I also allowed the laws to take in effect and I didn’t wrote anything to my representatives to object the laws. I take my 100% responsible for whole mess that I have may caused in our country. So now I am trying my best to reverse the road that we are headin into by spreading the words about this, and to vote, write letters to my representatives, and to encourage others to do the same. Do you take your responsible for the mess that you have caused in this country? I hope you do, but I am glad you are writing this to try to reverse the mess that we have caused. Keep up!

    Maybe you want to be little blunt to the readers that they failed to take actions by writing to their representatives about the mess, crooked regulations, and no one on legislative branch is doing about it.

    God’s grace be with you

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Hopefully we can get the American people to wake up, but the mainstream media propaganda machine is very, very powerful.

      Thankfully, the Internet is a great tool for us “little guys” to try to get the truth out.


    • Highspeed

      Glock30 eric,
      I have written dozens of letters and made dozens of phone calls to my reps for years to no avail. Most of them are so arrogant and such liars they they will never even respond to you. If they do it is a little form letter they send to any constituant who disagrees with their votes. They are too condescending for me, but maybe you can make a difference. I have given up. I will not even vote in the next election, for the first tome in my adult life.

  • doomster

    Good post… It’s too bad that audit of the Federal Reserve got so little attention in the mainstream media; it just shows that you can work for years trying to get the facts revealed and it hardly matters if the media don’t want to report on it. Here’s where the U.S. is headed:

  • Dollars are worthless

    Us taxpayers should not bail out ANYONE because DOLLARS are worthless.

    You are not bailing out anyone but saving his own butt. They are banksters.Simple like that

  • Tripseven

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
    T. Jefferson 3rd POTUS

    We just about over that hill, the one where banks and corporations grow up and deprive us of our property. Our future is: “…children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”

    Gary2’s passion is commendable, it is also misdirected.


  • Jase

    It’s really sad that we, the American citizens, are pretty much on the hook for all this printed money. We’re pretty much taking on the debt and responsibility without, while the banks and corporations gain the short term benefits.

    I’m sure the excuse is the Fed is ‘loaning,’ money out that are secured by ‘assets.’ It’s just the collateral is worthless, there is no accountability, and they are still just trying to kick the can a little more down the road.

    What it feels like is the powers that be are propping up Wall Street again and will try to keep stock prices high and cash out before the first large domino falls

    • Old Man

      $14.7 trillion today. $20 trillion by 2020, if lucky. This is federal debt only. Double it to include private sector debt. Then double that sum to include legislated public obligations.

      These are all contracted legal debt. Must be paid or else.

      It is a sum man is incapable of comprehending. But obviously not outside of his ability to create. Even bigger than the Greek Debt Gods.

  • Bill S

    As always, outstanding, factual article. I do want to point out one minor error in your analysis. Specifically, you wrote:

    “Sadly, most Americans know very little about the Federal Reserve. In the United States today, most Americans graduate from high school without ever learning much of anything about the Fed.”

    The truth is, in the United States, most Americans graduate from College—even Doctorate programs, without learning ANYTHING about the corrupt Federal Reserve and how it uses currency manipulation, debasement, etc., to loot America’s wealth and labor for the enrichment of themselves and their corrupt banking oligarch.

    Sadly, this must be by design. While I recognize that the United States has probably the most ignorant population on the face of the earth, it is hard to believe that even the ignorant sheeple could overlook an organization like the Federal Reserve whose sole purpose is to loot the wealth and savings of the country to enrich the few elite for whom it serves. Perhaps much of this is due to our education system deliberately not educating the sheeple, particularly since most university academics are paid by the corrupt banking oligarch to support their causes. Moreover, it pays for our education system to have a financially illiterate populace; otherwise, they would not be willing to pay 20% of their lifetime earnings for a graduate student to teach them courses while the real professors spend their time writing propaganda for the banking elite to use for further looting.

    At the end of the day, elementary school children should be taught about the corruption at the Fed. I recently sat down with my young elementary school daughter and was able to explain to her in less than 15 minutes all she ever needs to know about the Fed. While at first she did not believe that America could be controlled by such a destructive force, she definitely understood the economics. A real simple cartoon analogy was used, and she got it.

    I recommend all readers on this board watch the following and spread to as many people as you can.

    It sums up quite nicely how the Federal Reserve and the banking oligarch loot our country and enslave us in debt. We can complain about the problem all we want, but unless the average sheeple wakes up, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    If you love your country or just your freedom, you owe it to yourself to turn off “sports center” for 30 minutes and watch this video. Then send it to as many of your friends and family as you can. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO:

    • Old Man

      Complete lack of knowledge on the Fed is of course by very careful design.

      Only the most exclusive, most-trusted insider is let into the workings of the Fed. And they better shut up to the public.

      Have you noticed Greenspan never spoke a single comprehensible sentence during his entire Fed career? He deserve an Oscar for the performance.

  • Thanks again Michael for another great article, here is this week’s episode on my you tube channel that happens to be on the Federal Reserve ‘s 1.2 trillion dollar loans that were uncovered by Bloomberg last month and have not been covered by the presstitutes.

  • mike

    As an EU citizen, im very gratefull for the FED bailing out my bank and protecting my savings! I promise to spend some of it holidaying in US, once the dollar has gone down a bit more!

    • Michael

      LOL that one made me smile 🙂


    • McKinley Morganfield

      One Euro buys 1.38 dollars as of the end of today’s trading in NYC. Come on over now and spend your money.

  • JackieR

    The big (B) is not used this time. (Bailout)
    They are using LOAN to define this new bailout.
    They don’t want people rioting again. Watch how they manipulate words. This is just another bailout.

  • Bob Marshall

    We have so many people in American that are much more intelligent than our founders or even Ron Paul when it comes to the Federal Reserve.Like when they were warned about Obama, it fell on deaf ears.this is an excellent report. i still remember reading the words of Adolof Hilter! It is a good thing for the leaders that the masses don’t think!

  • What this article leaves out is that the Federal Reserve is owned by the same elite bankers who own the central banks in almost every country in the world.

    And they own the major banks who got the 16 Trillion in bailouts, such as Citigroup, Bank Of America, Goldman Sachs, etc..

    So they are simply printing money, moving it to their banks, and sticking us with the debt.

    Get financial education to protect your money, before the E.U. and U.S. economies collapse.

  • While we focus on the downfall of the paper ‘fiat’ economies, the rich are buying silver and gold.

    When the E.U. and U.S. economies collapse, silver and gold will be the true money.

    So while we can’t control what the Fed and our leaders do, we can prepare.

  • richard

    It may sound corny but united we stand divided we fall.This is not the legacy i want to leave for my kids which are already experiencing the consequences of influence in our political regime

  • jerry O

    once again we see more bailouts.

    It is bad enough that we do it here
    but now we are doing it overseas to
    help keep the stock market looking

    Don’t be fooled by manipulation.

    You will see a major drop in the
    market as the worlds governments
    can not keep playing this game.

    Sooner or later it is going to fall
    like a house of cards.

    Prepare yourself now for what
    is about to happen.

    All empires go through 7 stages

    1. Good Money –

    Every major empire
    starts out with good money,

    either gold or backed by gold.

    2. Social Programs –

    As a country develops

    it takes on more public works,
    adding layer upon layer

    3. Military Spending –

    As a nation’s affluence grows,
    so does it’s political influence

    and spends massively on the military

    4. Wars –

    Nation puts military
    to use and expenditures

    explode and nations go to war

    5. Fiat Currency –

    To fund the wars,
    the costliest endeavors,

    nations start to
    steal wealth of its citizens

    by replacing their money
    with fiat currency

    (value decreed by gov’t
    and backed by nothing).

    6. Inflation –

    Wealth transfer begins as

    hyperinflation sets in

    Results in riots eg. Egypt.

    Price of all commodities
    and goods go up.

    7. Wealth Transfer-

    Final stage,
    in mass movement,

    nation moves out
    of the currency

    and into
    precious metals

    and other tangible assets.

    The currency collapses.

    This results in
    massive wealth transfer

    to those who positioned
    themselves in the

    right asset class
    in advance.

    The US is between stage 6 and 7.

    This transition is
    just beginning.

    This move represents
    a massive transfer

    of wealth.

    This cycle is

    This is what
    happened to the

    Roman Empire and
    every other empire.

    If you would like to learn
    more, you can see

    his free video at

    Hope this helps everyone

    • I aint gonna lie

      “To fund the wars, the costliest endeavors,”


  • Rowell

    Let’s face it, the American public has been completely sold out. They used to be secretive and quiet about it, but nowadays they are brazenly going about openly robbing us. There’s a problem here? Create a few trillion dollars and throw that at the problem. There’s a problem over there, create some more money and throw it at the problem. Who’s on the hook for it? Well, they don’t care, the American public are good sheep and they’ll continue to pay…just as long as the bankers are well taken care of.

    Right now, the wealthiest 20% own 84% of the wealth in this country, and it’s pretty clear to me that they’re going for 100%. There’s not too much we can do too, since the Fed and the banks pretty much run things the way they see fit, and our government doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to put them in their place.

    We’re in the End Game now. The bankers and the wealthy know for certain that this is no longer a sustainable model, and they’re grabbing as much as they can while they still can. As Michael has been writing about for some time now, things are going to get much, much worse. The best that we can do now is to prepare as best we can, and spread the word and open some eyes.

  • Great post! I have an seen an awesome video on this topic called the American Dream.
    If you want to watch it check it out here. it is a short animated tale of the federal reserve, how it came about and what it has and will continue to do to us as a country

  • David

    They dont call him Helecopter Ben for nothing

  • I aint gonna lie

    I’ll vote for the first politician *spit* that vows to abolish the Fed. Too bad we’ll see them vote to abolish the Constitution in favor of a Marxist utopia (and the attendent mass murder) first.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Ron Paul wrote a book called “End the Fed”. I suggest you vote for him. If you vote for anyone else, including the big phony Rick Perry, you are voting for more of the same.

      • Im familiar

        Perry is an establishment Republican and I dont vote for them no mo’.

        Who you gonna vote for if/when Paul loses in the primary – which you have to admit is highly likely?

        • Otown Right Guy

          If someone other than Ron Paul wins the primary, I will vote for the Constitution Party candidate. Or maybe some other anti-war, anti-Fed candidate will run as an independent. All of the other Republicans are warmongering, chickenhawk, Israel-first big government water boys for the establishment.

  • The American people are either going to put a stop to the Fed and Fema or be permanently enslaved!

    • Golden Child

      You’re right. The vast majority of Americans are enslaved to the Fed in one way or another be it tens of thousands of dollars in predatory student loans, mortgage payments to the bank, hefty hospital bills to outrageous parking tickets. We don’t own anything in America because things like houses, higher education and healthcare are unaffordable to anyone but the rich. We have to “rent-to-own” these things from the Fed at astronomical prices. Even if you do own a home, a college degree, a “nice” car and “nice things” you couldn’t pawn of your worthless crap if your life depended on it because homes are devalued and not selling, Harvard law graduates are among the long-term unemployed and pawn shops are only currently buying gold and no longer buying any of your quickly obsolete electronics and trinkets. Well over a million of people who failed on their regular payments to the Federal Reserve Bank of Satan are now homeless. Others will soon meet their fate. All of this debt servitude is unsustainable for anyone who makes under six or seven figures annually. Real unemployment is around 25%. If we don’t watch out, ZERO Americans, outside of the ultra rich and a few ten thousand federal workers, will own property and all work will be done for free as every cent earned by Americans goes back to the Fed to pay off never ending debt bondage. Oh wait, that is basically already happening as I type for a huge chunk of society.

      • I aint gonna lie


        That is such tripe. No one forces ANY of it on you therefore it was your choice and you agreed to it. You need to look at when and why those costs exploded. …lemme sum it up fer ya – govt interference with freebies and giveaways.

  • sandy

    Federal Reserve ,I need a Bail Out .Help an American out here .

    • Otown Right Guy

      You only get a bailout if you are a Luciferian. Are you a Luciferian?

  • B. Johnson

    Given that the Founding States made Sections 1-3 of Article I of the Constitution to clarify that all legislative powers of the federal government are vested in the elected members of Congress, I don’t understand why citizens and businesses are obligated to comply with so-called “independent federal regulatory agencies,” like the EPA and Federal Reserve, that have no constitutional authority to make federal regulations.

    In other words, when Congress established the Federal Reserve, they unconstitutionally protected federal legislative powers from the wrath of the voters.

  • of coarse the federal reserve is more powerful than congress and the president!, That’s why they killed JFK. Because he started to print new money by our county for our country

  • Lennie Pike

    A U.S. President has already signed an Executive Order taking away the illegal power of the Federal Reserve. John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 and it still is in effect. Somebody just needs to go arrest Bernanke etc., Little Timmy Geithner also – the one who’s job it is supposed to be to coin interest free money – not work for the Fed himself. There is no other Bankster who’s personality turns my stomach more than that of that little worm.

    JFK wasn’t using the power of the Executive Order to create legislation like it is now used – he was only enforcing the existing legislation of the U.S. Constitution.

    “They” immediately killed him for signing it and for having printed up the first batch of interest free U.S. Government money. In place of the words Federal Reserve Note that are at the top of all paper money were the words U.S. Treasury Note – the organization that is designated by the U.S. Constitution to coin money which is to be either silver or gold or exchangeable for silver or gold.

    There are many reasons that ONLY!!! gold and silver is money – and nothing else is. The people behind the Federal Reserve know that is true.

    One small act all of us can do to possibly educate Americans who are ignorant is to take a Sharpie and on every piece of folding money that passes through our hands write the words “U.S. Treasury Note” over the words “Federal Reserve Note”. Maybe people will begin to wonder why, and educate themselves. If not, at least they might ask someone else why.

    I’m sure many of you will be afraid they are breaking a law or rule and might get in “trouble”.


    Today, the U.S. Constitution is 100% irrelevant due to the inaction of the American People. When good people sit back and do nothing to fight evil we get what we now have.

  • JD

    Wow, so that explains why Wall Street was able to shrug off murky news about the US economy. That was ABC news radio’s words not mine. This is crap. Im so tired of Uncle Ben being able to bail out whoever he wants with no govt. oversight. I like Ron Paul but I don’t think he is electable. The media will trash him and uplift Rick Perry so we will be stuck with that lying asshole. Im going to write in Ron Paul on election day if he’s not on the ballot. Im not gonna let Fox News pick my canidate for me to hell with that! Someone needs to stop this foolishness. How are we going to pay for this bailout and Obama’s jobs bill? We are broke broke BROKE! Meanwhile people are desperately trying to stay above water and nobodys helping us. 2012 is more than just Mayan prophecy. It is the year of the people to rise up and say “IM MAD AS HELL AND IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

  • pissed

    What a pile of frickin crap! This country is going to explode. people are going to get fed up with the fed and the politicians. The old timers of our country, the ones that fought in WW2 tell me that the things that are happening these days are treason and they would have been ******* back 60 yrs ago.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Buon giorno, signori. It’s time for an Italian lesson.

    “Il fascismo dovrebbe più appropriatamente chiamarsi corporativismo perch’è una fusione tra stato e potere corporativo.” — Benito Mussolini, a.k.a. Il Duce

    That quote from Il Duce is Italian for “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” Sound familiar? It should because that is EXACTLY what we are seeing in The Banana Republic of America (formerly Gli Stati Uniti) in 2011: the merger of state and corporate power. The BRA now fits Mussolini’s definition of il fascismo to a tee. And fascism is not “capitalism” or “free enterprise” any more than it is “socialism.” It is corporatism, neo-feudalism. The game is rigged, and unless you’re one of The White Shoe Boys (as Gerald Celente calls the neo-feudalist ruling class), you’re screwed.

    “Saving the too-big-to-fails is anathema to what capitalism is.” —Gerald Celente

    “Free-market capitalism, in the blink of an eye, was gutted and replaced by an oligopoly.” —Gerald Celente

    “People rail on Obama and say, ‘Oh, he’s a socialist. He’s a Marxist.’ No, he’s not. Socialism is egalitarianism. He’s a fascist. This is a fascist country. Fascism has come to America. The merger of state and corporate power, by definition, is called fascism.” —Gerald Celente

    “Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven’t had capitalism.”—Ron Paul

    “It’s not free trade, it’s slave trade.” —Gerald Celente

    “Prices are going up. Unemployment is continuing to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our federal reserve system.” —Ron Paul

    Ron Paul tried to warn us that a major storm was brewing, but the neocons and corporatists wouldn’t listen. Now, the floodgates of hell have been unleashed upon us, and the suffering will only get worse and worse in this collapsing Third World neo-feudalist Ponzi scheme that used to be Gli Stati Uniti.

    Benvenuti al fascismo. Benvenuti al governo di Mussolini. Benvenuti alla Repubblica Banana di America.

    Che dio ci aiuti.

    • bobbobbobbob

      theories abt govt will not stop u from dying when u dont have medical ins. a tooth infection will cause septis and without antibiotics u will die then i will see u in med school as a cad…. the people in BRA have to worry. the idiots of the world who like ron paul who recently said a motorcyclist without ins should die. u and he represent a failed state———-the world laughs HA HA HA HA HA—–JUNKK GOVT JUNK FOOD JUNK EDUCATION JUNNKK COUNTRY

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”
    — Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    That says it all.

  • Bhaktidev

    Good article. However,

    “…The Federal Reserve system simply does not work…”?

    That is only from OUR point of view, whose interests it was never designed to serve. From the point of view of those interests it does serve, i.e. the collectivist, globalist, new-world-order “elite”, this institution created in secrecy and based on fraud and deceit has been a smashing criminal success resulting in a river of “legalized” plunder pouring into their coffers for nearly 100 years.

    “Substance” given in return for fiat currency, that-which-is-created-out-of-thin-air-at-no-or-little-cost.

    What a scam!!!

    Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Taylor in 1816:

    “…And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

    Thomas Jefferson to his nephew John Wayles Eppes:

    “…Bank-paper must be suppressed, and the circulating medium must be restored to the nation to whom it belongs.”

    It’s wake-up time, America!

    quote source:

  • HomerJ

    Here’s where to get the truth and stellar analysis:

  • gmathol

    Its not true. Geithner went to Europe recently and they told him to go home, they don’t take fresh printed money either as the Europeans know what the real problems is: the embedding in the Anglo/American economic scam.

    America nobody with common sense wants anything from you – so please stay home in your lovely concentration camps and cheer your leaders in Hollywood style.

    Will you ever evolve?

    • josh

      i think everyone from America that visits this website has evolved.

  • StormyB4

    The simplest and quickest way to end this fraud is to abolish legal tender laws. The only entities that should be forced to accept a currency is the original issuer and at the issued value. This would end currency manipulation immediately. Unfotunately, most solutions I hear involve giving monetary power to the US Treasury and the issuance of Treasury notes. Not only is this blatantly unconstitutional, it is just as easily manipulated. Without legal tender laws, the people have the freedom to decide what has value and what it is worth.

  • Robert

    It is said that hardly anybody gets what they want, but almost everybody get what they deserve… eventually. Do Americans deserve what they are getting at present ? Decidedly and absolutely YES. Just ask for people’s opinion around the World, any country. Most would say it was grossly overdue. To live “well” while heavily in debt, is insane, because The Day of Reckoning DOES come sooner or latter. What is really most disturbing, is the fact that vast majority of Americans haven’t got a clue why is economy collapsing. Some blame it on creation of the Fed in 1913. Others blame it on Reagan. How utterly, utterly ignorant can one be. Go back at least 200 years and you may get some answers. The worst thing about the whole American debacle is that you are pulling down the whole world with you.

    • mondobeyondo

      You can’t always get what you want.

      But if you try sometimes, you just might find…
      You get what you need.

      (Mick Jagger)

    • Old Man

      Well well said.

      Only now does maybe 10% of Americans have a bit of idea how they got screwed. The rest is spitting out blames in every direction. But nobody blame themselves. Every blame the Chinese, while hoping the EU will blow up first. And the whole freak-out country of 320 million people don’t have a clue about a solution.

    • Robert,
      It’s obvious that you’re not American–regardless of your citizenship. Therefore, your clueless about what it means to be American; to live under real liberty; and understand economics and Christian values.

  • Jed Lack

    It’s all RICO all the time. Remember RICO? It stands for Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.


    You want something better, something new, then vote NEW in and get rid of the old RICO people.

    • Rick Carufel

      I agree 100% they are all bitches of the banksters, dump them all.



    • mondobeyondo

      Just cry “Uncle”… before you know it, Uncle Sam will come to the rescue.

      He’ll bust down your front door, feel your daughters up, pat your wife down, Taser you and tell you “all is now secure! You and your household are now SAFE!!”

  • L Scott

    You have a lot of common sense, thoughtful, but unfortunately, illiterate persons commenting on your site.

    • Michael

      I try to let everyone have their say as much as I can.


  • Tim

    see——The Obama Deception–on–———–and also see—— The Fall Of The Republic

  • Lennie Pike

    One fact about the Federal Reserve not many like to think of or consider: it is the main Satanic tool on Earth.

  • MountainHome

    when will Americans wake up to the Federal Reserve and what it’s doing to their personal lives? Good article!

  • Roj

    The head of the serpent must be hiding in Europe somewhere or has it moved?

  • Quacker

    This may start off sounding like a defense of the Federal Reserve but bear with me, it is not.

    We need to keep things in balance. The USA in the 20th century was the most affluent, highest standard of living people in world history. Societies for dozens of centuries have managed to have oppression, the rich trouncing on the poor, kangaroo justice systems, serfdom, population enslavements, wars, civil wars and miseries of all kinds, and they managed this without a Federal Reserve.

    Does that mean the Federal Reserve is good? No, not at all. It is an immoral institution. It is an institution that creates massive misallocations of capital, causing countless trillions to go down sink holes via it’s endless serial bubble blowing. It is an institution that has turned the American economy into little more than a giant ponzi scheme to funnel it’s resources into the pockets of a few. It is a lawless and arrogant institution.

    But incredible as it may sound it is probably unaware of it’s crimes. It’s rooted in Woodrow Wilsonisms – that the elites know better how to take care of the masses. Brought to us by the same people who gave us prohibition and the income tax.

    It needs to go, but we just have to be careful about what comes next. Per my point starting out, societies have found 10,000 ways to muck things up and create misery beyond repair, and they did so without having a Federal Reserve, or even a banking system for that matter.

    Eliminating it would have to be done right, because as bad as things are, we have no shortage of clowns capable of making things far worse without it.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “But incredible as it may sound it is probably unaware of it’s crimes. It’s rooted in Woodrow Wilsonisms – that the elites know better how to take care of the masses. Brought to us by the same people who gave us prohibition and the income tax.”

      Ah, Wilson, the worst president simply because he did the most damage. And, yes, the elites know best was his mantra.

      “It needs to go, but we just have to be careful about what comes next. Per my point starting out, societies have found 10,000 ways to muck things up and create misery beyond repair, and they did so without having a Federal Reserve, or even a banking system for that matter.

      Eliminating it would have to be done right, because as bad as things are, we have no shortage of clowns capable of making things far worse without it.”

      All that has to be done is for congress to issue our currency. Then, we can decide whether or not we believe in the full faith and credit of the government of the United States of America. Since 1913 we’ve been forced to have faith in the Federal Reserve. Nixon took us off the gold standard for a reason: protect the Federal Reserve.

    • Joe

      I know someone who works at he Federal Reserve. I’ve talked to him privately. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • Nostradamus

    You are right Michael.

    During the entire existence of the USA, a supposed world leader of democracy, a century of that existence it harbors a pure unadulterated dictatorship. A dictatorship of money.

    And yes, USA is the only country in the world that has a private central bank who can act with dictatorial powers.

    No wonder all the decades when America lecture the world about democracy, nobody listened.

  • Frank

    Let’s see, I wonder if the super-fascist committee will outlaw guns at the same time it cuts the gov’t drastically. Cutting gov’t good, outlawing guns bad. But the American people will eventually win with nothing but rocks in their hands when the bell tolls. Millions will die in the defense of their country inside the USA.

    • Tel

      I hear where you are coming from, but it would be nice if it didn’t have to come to that.

      Sun Tsu said that winning without fighting is best. If you think about this, suppose you know you cannot win, then attempting to fight is nothing but a pointless gesture. On the other hand, if you know you cannot lose, all you need to do is make everyone aware of this and they will understand the futility of standing against you.

      • the Beast

        In this occasion, winning or losing is no longer an issue. But rather it is the issue of “You shall not rule us, we are free”.
        Resist and you will be honored through eternity, despite losing or winning. Submit, and you will experience (as you have experienced) an existence in misery, neither living nor dying!

  • HeyNowHereNow

    There are no rules, and no laws that serve to constrain the total mafia that is our government today.

    In the beginning, circa 1913, the People were a helluva lot more hip to what banks were all about – one can read the historical debates (even in the newspapers of the day, which didn’t focus on what Lady Gaga and other twits were doing), and the PTB had to move slowly and deliberately like a pit viper poising to strike, always trying to appear lawful and beneficial to society as they moved into position.

    They have now dispensed with all that – and are striking as we speak. They don’t give a flying flip how it looks, as they stomp all over the Constitution, Legality and Ethics in their End Game Moves. They are quite confident, since all the preps have been painstakingly yet solidly emplaced – and they are moving quickly to exploit the anesthetizing delusions that they have spread widely through Edumacation, the MSM, Hollywood and the perpetual Soma dispensers that are the Fed in terms of “free” money – and Big Pharma in terms of actual narcotics and poisons.

    This is their Window of Opportunity to put the final stranglehold on the populace, after their years of chanting “Nice Sheep, good sheepie, be a good little dimwit, and lay down…”

    If the pinheaded public doesn’t get it now, they’re gonna be enslaved or dead in a few years. Period.

  • Go back to paper ballots. Stop paying computer programmers to fix elections. What is the use in contributing time, energy and money to candidates when we have lost our right to vote

  • mondobeyondo

    To paraphrase a popular Bushism:

    “Damn it, it’s my money! I paid for it!!”

  • Timo44

    We have been dumdified for centuries now. Our education system has been cheating us, our government our, religions none of them have tought people about economics. And know most will suffer. I pray that some how some way that the truth keeps getting out about the fed. Because I am feed up with this false money we have to live on. But I do believe in God and one day his anger and rath will turn on mankind I just hope I’m on the right side when that happens. Maybe Ron Paul can win and maybe he can do something I don’t know. But really it will take the American people to wake up and learn the truth before anything can really happen.

    Will people take the time and do research and learn the truth about our economy who knos but if not most will just suffer and suffer badly. Buy your self gold, silver or something of value because things are going to get much much worst.

  • Here’s how I’m starting to see this: Some time
    ago, let’s call it 1913, just for simplicity…
    Some time ago, a group of people who had
    accumulated some money (Rothschilds? Bilder-
    bergers?) got together, and figured out how
    they could use money to make money, without
    ever having to sweat or toil. They figured out
    that if they could control the nation’s money
    supply, they would be rich beyond imagination
    and never have to ‘work’ again.

    So they created the ‘Central Bank’ and also
    all they private….PRIVATE…banks, to do
    just that. The FED is PRIVATELY held, as are
    the related banks. They get together regularly, at least annually, to scheme and
    plan and make sure that they have all the
    tentacles under control. They have bought
    off the politicians, so that whenever there
    is a weak link in the process (debt based
    currency is a scourge on society) they quickly
    remedy it. They do that by ‘bailing’ them-selves out. Now, as I see it, they can’t
    be stupid. They must realize that the
    ‘bailouts’ in no way help the economy of the
    average Joe Six Pack. So, if they know that
    bailouts only serve to enrich their coffers
    without any corresponding help to the U.S.
    citizen, then, this all must be planned,
    organized, theft of the American Taxpayer
    hard earned dollar. These bankers are
    KNOWINGLY skimming money out of the economic
    engine, KNOWING full well that what they do
    is only enriching themselves. They are
    stealing America blind, and America is blind
    to what is really going on behind the curtain.

  • Carl Jones

    And why are they bailing out European banks???? They are trying to keep the cantagion away from the real smoking gun and that is massive US debt. This can only lead to WW3

  • Michal
  • Who’s the author?- Regardless of his/her name, I’d like to see the rest of the story explained as well. The author notes appropriately that most people have no idea how much power the Fed holds. But this article fails to note: who is behind the FED?- How is it possible that our tax dollars go to the FED if it’s not part of the American government?- How is it possible that Congress hasn’t outlawed the FED?- Why do we think the FED is allowed to do as it wants to America?- If THESE questions would be spoken out-loud MUCH MORE OFTEN, then we might (Americans and even the world at large) actually get somewhere other than inside our enslavement camps.

    • JB

      Do you have the answers to these questions? I am not being facetious–I would like to know the answers, as well. Recommend any readings on them?

  • Lennie Pike

    Europe has already, is now, and in the future, will take the money from the federal reserve as commentator Money Crisis Game Plan posted above.

    But how is “Europe” defined, or more accurately who is Europe? Root causes always have to do with specific people – not countries, organizations, institutions, etc. – these are only the places where specific people hide.

    In this case, Europe is defined as banksters that are members of the same gang that run the federal reserve, or the exact same people. So if “Europe” told Little “the worm” Timothy Geithner to go home, it was misdirection for public consumption only. Maybe the European Public told him to go home, but your rulers definitely did not.

    When the troops are out on the streets,(look outside the window now) and all freedoms are totally lost, people who think otherwise will experience their “Bridge Over The River Quai” moment but there won’t be any plunger to fall on.

  • MountainHome

    “…temporary band-aid.” Everything they do is a temporary baind-aid, but when does all of this come to a head? I’ve re-read this article and I just don’t understand the ultimate goal of the Federal Reserve. What’s the ‘secret objective’?

    • One world government.

      One world currency.

      One world religion (non Christian / Muslim).

  • tramps and thieves

    The author claims that the Fed system does not work. I beg to differ. The Fed works wonderfully…if you consider that their main purpose as international money changers is,in the short-term, to financially enslave every nation they engage in their wholly-owned fiat currency cartel. In the long -term it is obviously to rule the entire globe through financial slavery. M.O.

    Step 1: Sell benevolent socialism at the national level to insure irrational need to borrow perpetually and irresponsibly.

    Step 2: Create fake money to lend bankrupt national governments (unbelievable!!)

    Step 3: Force legislation for collection from the taxpayers

    End result: complete terminal financial slavery to THEM.

  • joey v

    Lets say we get rid of the fed,And go back to the gold standard do we have enough gold at ft knox to substantiate this?Or do we use the band standard of ten to one?

  • Gary

    As usual you’re right on. Once the money printing press stops we are just another
    third world nation, with a huge welfare population that will riot making recent London riots look like a picnic.

  • Redeemer

    Ahm, one critical mistake this article makes is that the FED is lending OUR money. It is not OUR money that is being lent, it is theirs!

  • leto the second


  • Chuck

    The German rightly refuses to pay scape goat for Greek excess and guess who gets to pay. The US tax payer. Ain’t world banksters clever? Lets all ice… errh… icelandize the banksters and solve the problem for good.

    • AnnInFL

      Apparently, the banksters think it’s OK because it’s all THEIR money, anyway.



  • vegas1

    Highspeed, the solution is to be found in the penultimate article of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act which states: “congress shall have the power to amend alter or repeal it at any time.”

    All you have to do is persuade Congress. Good luck.

    • Highspeed

      Thank you Bob.

  • mondobeyondo

    American banks are using money that American citizens contributed and saved, to bail out banks in EUROPE?!?

    Well, that’s just un-American!

    Let’s see if France will come to our rescue. Yeah, they’re kind of somewhat nice people, for the most part. They sent us the Statue of Liberty back in 1889, they’ve given us croissants, baguettes, Bordeaux wine… hot French babes… but now we REALLY need their help!

    Could Paribas or some other bank loan us a few hundred billion francs, oops, euros? Just enough to get our govermnent through to say, mid-2012. That’s all we’re asking.

    Uncle Sam says “Merci beaucoup”. L’escargot, cest tres bien aussi.

  • Canis

    Huh. Funny, isn’t it? Stay on this earth, please. Nobody wants you in the afterlife.

  • Mark

    I believe if they want to pay that, they are stupid. The Federal Reserve Employees should be thrown in Jail Along with who told them to do that Obama. Treason is all Im going to say. With as corrupt as this REGIME (DICTATOR) is. Remember the church he went to in Chicago for 20 years. Well it’s not a church, it sounds like Hell itself. And since 2007 or so its of coarse been in the news for its radicalism and against America. We do not need this illegial alien in office who only thinks of himself. He does not know what is best for America. Hee spend America to it’s death of America. Vote him out of office or Arrest him andis CZAS for TREASONIST ACTS DAILY> WAKE UP AMERICA, or there will be nothing left. We have Communist in the Capital Liberr and Democrraas alike they need to be thrown in Prison for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!Same as everyone in the Federal Reserve they are just a big bank with now rules or laws. I suggest everyone write or email aletterr asking them to print money to paaour bills for the next 14 months. See what happens…..

  • Patrick Sullivan

    If labor fills the purse, then why does labor not control the purse?

    Is that a fair question?

  • Jerome

    The USA owes Europe Trillions of USD, especially to the UK & Germany.

  • Lennie Pike


    Good answer, good answer. I’m gonna be keeping my eye on you.

  • Stanislav Mishin

    Sorry, but you are very wrong on this. The Fed uses its money and so do you and every American. The US dollar died in 1913, you now use Federal Reserve Notes that you still silly call US dollars.

    Americans haven’t owned their own money in a long time and only hold debt notes that they must repay with a percentage to the Fed.

  • EndTheFed

    See “The Secret of Oz” on YouTube.

  • Mad Max

    The don’t have mucn choice or he global ponzi scheme would collapse. We have choice. But don’t wait for bailout because it’s not coming.

    “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” We don’t have time for this!
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    First it will cheer you up, then it will make you angry.


    • AnnInFL

      When you take that Paul Krugman quote off your website, I might be able to take you seriously.

  • the Beast

    Refer to conspiracy theorists, they said that the Illuminati order is going to bring chaos to the world in order to bring a “New World Order” and bring Global Domination into their hands. Maybe this is the chaos they mentioned.
    The manner of the falling of the world’s economy as a system seemed deeply orchestrated, as if these banksters actually did what they did purposefully for this chaos to take place. Unless of course, they are 100% stupid. Both explanations seem to be right. But regardless we must not let them have their way, a mean of resistance must be made.

  • The only President with the guts to stand up to the central bank was Andrew Jackson. He survived an assassination attempt as well. 2 other presidents who did, or were, going to print money authorized by Congress, did not survive assassination attempts (Lincoln/Kennedy).

  • tony N

    “Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal” that gives shocking details into how Americas elite classes, aided as always by their propaganda media, are preparing, once again, to steal from these people trillions of dollars; and as we can, in part, read: , Obama is going to give these a holes all this cash so then he can use them as a Class warfare ploy to try and win political favor and these elites go to the Whitehouse and plan these things , its all a shame they think most people are stupid !!!!!
    Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money

    have you seen this ? …. The Agenda- Grinding America Down

    Watch the first 6 minutes of this Video , the gal talks about the Plan of Agenda 21 to LOWER USA Living Standards ,

    Agenda 21 for lower living standards


    We the People need to Know what associations does any of the Presidential Candidates have with Un Agenda 21 and ICLEI ??? ,
    The Liberals and RINOS think they are doing Gods work ? I think we the people deserve to know which Presidential Candidates have supported UN Agenda 21 Policy in the Past that is designed to Take down the US Free Market system don’t you ???

  • tony N

    Obama’s ‘Buffett Tax’ instead of true private sector supply-side economic growth , it takes care of payments to Buffet that the investments in to big to fail Banks and Government Securities Warren owns and is due Interest payments on from both entities that will be the beneficiaries of this Tax On the rich , plus it keeps the environmentalists happy and willing to vote for Obama because of the NO Growth economic policies , CZAR Holdren and his band of Merry Earth first Humanity second cheerleaders advocate like this . What do you think ?

  • joeyche21

    Government is only thinking of
    what will get them more money
    and get them re elected.

    • Government is only thinking of
      what will get them more money
      and get them re elected.

      They no longer care about the
      people they represent.

      Times are going to continue to
      get harder and harder.

      What to do about this?

      I am so glad I learned the
      answer in a web site I
      found put together by a

      How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos
      *** ***

      I know this video can help you also.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

  • AnnInFL

    This is why we need to elect Ron Paul.

    He has been fighting to uphold the Constitution and restore sound money for decades. People are finally waking up.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Hosanna

    I love this website. No other site has so many intelligent, informed people commenting on the excellent articles. Well done!

    • Michael

      I agree – the commenters that post on this site are of a very high quality.

      I am very thankful for that.


  • Lennie Pike

    Sometimes I’m a nitpicker – and sometimes I make a lot work for other nitpickers. I gave Mondobeyondo a hard time for him claiming that the word Mondo meant “world” in Portuguese when it is actually Mundo – Of course he did not want to hear that. His name is his business and not mine.

    ECB: I could be incorrect about this also but am only trying to help because it will come up a lot for you – and this is not meant for posting as a comment unless you want it to be.

    I believe the word “commenter” does not exist and the word “commentator” is the correct word to call the people posting comments to your site.

    People are so used to hearing the Talking Heads that read the news t.v. referred to as commentators that they think (me also until recently) the word commentator only pertains to them, but it’s definition is: one who gives a commentary or one who makes a comment.

    • Michael


      Well, if the word “commenter” is not correct, I think that it should be. 🙂 I think I am going to start using it and perhaps I will start a trend.


  • Gil

    We have to simplify America! Simple as that. Throughout the years many special interest groups, politicians, unions, morons, lobbyists, lawyers, ceo’s, and religious organizations have tweaked the system with ill intent. They altered the intent for which this country was created so that it would work for their selfish purpose. Watching this country right now is like watching a television with a terrible reception that delivers only a large amount of tiny squares to the screen. None of the squares make any sense, there is too much unwanted interference, too many dark spaces, very few bright spaces, all are out of order, the screen reception is unrecognizable. We Americans who care must get off the couch and fix the problem instead of just sitting there complaining. The internet is a great place for this to happen. Any person that has knowledge of an organization’s system should decipher it and separate the good from the bad, point out its waste, corruption, illegal operations, unsafe-unfair practices, and hidden ill agendas as well as their good points although these are quickly pointed out by the organizations. History has proven that organizations will not under any circumstances go transparent with what the general public and their employees should be aware of. We have learned that the government will only tell us what we want to hear which is far from what the truth is. We know that lobbyists are relentless at corruption and persuasion, even though politicians are generally not that hard to persuade. We further know that some organizations have gone through extreme measures to cover up for some of their member crimes and only admitted to the act when it was too obvious and too open to deny. Yet whistle blowers are treated with ridicule, harassment, rejection and even incarceration. We should welcome whistle blowers and other Americans who resist blind submission. It is clearly obvious that the only system transparency we are going to get is that which we force the system to render to us. Transparency is our right, but it is a right that we have to force, maintain and support because no one else will do it for us.

  • Lennie Pike


    Good answer.

  • Jack Speewak

    If the Fed can print unlimited amounts of money and loan it to whomever they want as stated in this article. Then my question is: why haven’t they provided the dollars for paying off all the US underwater mortgages and related CDS, swap-like debts, and mortgage related problem debts ? This is at the root of the financial problem of course. If we agree with the authors premise that they can, then one can only assume they don’t want to fix the financial crisis. It appears that crisis is Fed’s agenda.

  • Dave Wilber

    THE FED DID NOT LIE! They said their sytem “works (us) only with credit.” They cannot get money from us and have no use for money when all of us will risk our lives for credit. They testified in court Missouri vs Amos Bruce that they cannot receive money. I
    was at that trial and I have their statement that they work us “only with credit.” There will be absolutely no progress in gaining our freedom until enough learn that IRS collects no money and government spends nothing!

    • JB

      Dave, would you mind explaining in more depth what you mean here? I am just now educating myself on these issues (so am not at all well-versed on them) and am curious about your side of the argument. Please expand?

  • James

    Whatever is going to happen there will be hell to pay from the banksters that control this already. They have been at this for longer then 1913 and know just what to do to get that hell to come don on the pates of every person on the face of the earth, except for themselves. Remember, they have already built underground bunkers for themselves and their little inbreds. Since there is nothing that can be done about it because those getting into public office will submit by threats, then get ready for that WWIII. If those in the Fed want us to go through hell, them make sure they go along with us.

  • BRH

    Think about it. The Fed is a bank. Look at how much debt they hold. this debt is like too many credit cards that are maxed out. With the growing debt there is a point in time when we will not be able to even pay the interest on the bonds and other debt that they hold. If we default on the debt that they hold they will do what banks do . THEY WILL FORECLOSE THIS DEBT FOR NON-PAYMENT. They could own most of the USA and everything in it and sell it to the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  • The Federal Reserve Is NOT Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once is printing money…..the world is doing commerce with imaginative money…monopoly money….What’s in your wallet?

  • Angel

    So there is nothing American people can do?

    Is America already in the hands of a few people?

  • MerlinV12

    This was what Obama meant by “spread the wealth around” ?

    • eddy smith

      Are you so daft that to believe Obama started the fed reserve and the lack of accountability held by govt spending? Might as well hand the Congressional House your paycheck , they need it for their next auto raise or insider trading deal.

  • ICU

    The only money that the FED prints is the bills require by and for commerce. The FED creates credit which then they use. BTW the reason that the FED is supporting the European banks is because we have to. It is like your house is connected to your house and you see your neighbor’s house on fire. Even if you do not like and/or agree your neighbor you would help him/her to put the fire down. If not the next fire is your own. The financial markets are interconnected, just like all of the oceans….

  • Jaime Saldarriaga

    This sounds to me like the Federal Reserve Chairman would be the most powerful man in economic decision making process in the world, given the strong global economic interrelationship among different countries. Wouldn’t it?

  • “The way to understand all of this is to realize that it’s part of a broader syndrome,
    in which wealthy Americans who benefit hugely from a system rigged in their favor
    react with hysteria to anyone who points out just how rigged the system is.”

    Panic of the Plutocrats

    Organizer Labels Own Poll Irrelevant After Ron Paul Wins
    (Results only count if establishment Republican is victorious)

    by Paul Joseph Watson

  • NomNomNom

    How can you talk about the Federal Reserve and omit that it, like the IMF and World Bank, is answerable to the Bank of International Settlements?

  • John Marshman

    Why does the USA always blame Europe for its greedy mismanagement of the enconmy? Europe is a easy “Scapegoat” for the American Government to “Brain Wash” its Nation with a FEAR of a Communist takeover to keep themselves from truthful accounatability. The gap between Rich and Poor is growing faster than at any previous time and the middle class is strinking! The big blow up must come soon but the Rich will not be affected – only the middle class. The Poor will always stay poor in a totally laissez-faire system! Get balanced with a sensible mix of social justice. The laissez-faire system is not ‘self correcting’ without the law of the jungle where the survival of the fittest prosper over the weaker animals.

  • Also review these 3 videos (14 min. each) then contact your congressmen!!!

  • eddy smith

    The US govt needs a full audit. any frivolous spending or unaccountable spending should be cut from their budget. I am sure since the DOD has not been able to account for a trillion per year for the last 10-20 years that this would totally reverse the national debt within no more than 5 years.

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