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Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

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Ferguson Civil Unrest - Photo by LoavesofbreadWas it a conspiracy or was it incompetence?  Those appear to be the only two alternatives that we are left with after the horrific violence that we witnessed in Ferguson on Monday night.  The first round of Ferguson rioting back in August took everyone by surprise, but this time authorities had more than three months to prepare.  They had the ability to control precisely when the grand jury decision would be announced and how many cops and National Guard troops would be deployed on the streets.  But despite all this, the violence in Ferguson on Monday night was even worse than we witnessed back in August.  Either this was a case of almost unbelievable incompetence, or there was someone out there that actually wanted this to happen.  If someone out there is actually trying to provoke more violence in Ferguson, then the rioters are being played like a fiddle.  Most of them have no idea that they could potentially just be pawns in a game that is far larger than they ever imagined.  The only other alternative to explain what we just saw is incompetence on a level that is absolutely laughable.  Something definitely does not smell right about all of this, and let us hope that at some point the American people get the truth.  The following are 10 “coincidences” from Monday night in Ferguson that are too glaring to ignore…

#1 Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities had more than three months to prepare for the violence that would follow the announcement of the grand jury decision.  The mainstream media endlessly hyped this controversy and everyone knew that trouble would be brewing.  But despite an enormous amount of time to prepare, very little was actually done to prevent any violence from happening.

#2 Someone made the decision to make the public announcement about the grand jury decision in the evening.  Anyone involved in law enforcement knows that crowd control is far more difficult after dark.  This also ensured that instead of being tied up with work or school, a maximum number of protesters would be able to be involved in the violence.

#3 Fortunately for the mainstream media, the announcement of the grand jury decision was perfectly timed to provide the largest possible number of prime time viewers for the big news networks.

#4 Just like back in August, no law enforcement authorities of any kind responded while dozens of businesses were vandalized, looted and set of fire.

#5 According to Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, National Guard troops were purposely held back from intervening in the rioting that was unleashed when the grand jury decision was made known to the public…

In a press conference, he called the delay “deeply concerning” and said the Guard troops were available but were not deployed when city officials asked.

The troops had been readied last week by Gov. Jay Nixon as the grand jury announcement neared. But as gunshots rang out in the night and looters torched buildings, they were nowhere to be seen.

#6 It is being reported that the heavily armed National Guard troops were limited to “keeping the peace at a courthouse, patrolling the outskirts of town and preventing disturbances in other suburbs” as horrific violence raged in the heart of Ferguson on Monday night.

#7 Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has accused Missouri Governor Jay Nixon of holding back the National Guard troops because of pressure from the Obama administration.  On Monday night, he angrily made the following statement to Fox News…

“Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama Administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out? I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in there to stop this.”

#8 The Washington Post has documented that Attorney General Eric Holder had been in direct contact with Governor Nixon and had expressed “frustration” with the fact that the National Guard had been activated…

A top aide to Holder called the governor’s office earlier this week to express Holder’s displeasure and “frustration,” according to a Justice Department official.

“Instead of de-escalating the situation, the governor escalated it,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject. “He sent the wrong message. The tone of the press conference was counterproductive.”

#9 Firefighters in Ferguson did not immediately respond to calls to put out the multiple fires that were set by protesters.  As a result, many businesses essentially burned to the ground.  But this did make for some amazing television footage.

#10 In the worst of the “war zones”, journalists with cameras and microphones were crawling all over the place while there were hardly any police to be seen at all.  How is it possible that law enforcement could have failed so badly?  Could it be possible that this was orchestrated on purpose?

Sadly, as I have written about previously, the civil unrest that we are witnessing in Ferguson is just a small preview of what is coming to America.

The anger and frustration that are seething under the surface in this country have reached a boiling point.  Instead of coming together, we are seemingly more divided than ever.  Americans have been trained to hate one another, fear one another and blame one another.  I fear that we are not too far away from actually becoming ungovernable.

And when the next major wave of the economic crisis strikes and we start experiencing real suffering in this nation, the temper tantrums that we are going to witness in our major cities are going to make what is happening in Ferguson right now look like a Sunday picnic.

So buckle up and hold on, because it is going to be a really bumpy ride from here on out.

Ferguson is not the end – it is just the beginning of a horrible new chapter in American history.

  • Paul

    America’s cities are turning into deathtraps. There was an article on Zerohedge that documented planned protests in major American cities. I used to work in Cleveland. My boss had his brown bag lunch stolen. One guy said in an ominous tone “Remember me you will see me again”. Obviously I am glad I do not work in Cleveland anymore.

  • Mike Smithy

    #11. Was it a coincidence that arson and gunfire commenced in earnest after President Zero addressed the nation in which he empathized with these domestic terrorists?

    • Al – the sky is falling – Gore

      Maybe Zero’s previous racist reaction to the Trayvon Martin incident gave Mr. Brown the feeling he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it; resulting in the strong-arm robbery of the convenience store, attack on the policeman, etc……….

  • Ian Beattie

    Divide and Conquer

    • Mike Smithy

      You are correct. President Zero’s strategy is from the Cloward-Piven playbook.

  • rentslave

    If you like your race war,you can keep your race war.

    • Unity 7777

      Jews get whites and blacks to fight, and cackle at the sidelines.

      • Paul F

        Salvation comes from the Jews. MESSIAH YESHUA was a Jew. Keeping attacking the Jews and see where you end up when you stand before MESSIAH YESHUA.


        • GSOB

          Salvation does not come from the Jews, it came to the Jews…,

          Salvation can only come from God.

          I’m a Christian and I approve this message.

          • Orange Jean

            I agree with some of what you say… but you seem to have missed the fact that Jesus was, in fact, Jewish. I tend to call him the Good Rabbi!

          • Mike and Ainslie Smith

            Salvation first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles through Jesus. This is from Jesus. I am a gentile grafted into the family of God by faith in Jesus (King of the Jews).

          • GSOB

            Great Mike!
            And ….we are in the reign of Christ NOW!
            …that is to say,
            ….I believe that
            Christianity, at least from the time that Jesus ascended after His resurrection to His coming again to put away death once and for all,… is the era of time that His Kingdom expands throughout the whole earth.
            I’m saying that we who are living, all of us… are currently –
            in the millennial age,
            (Rev 20).
            When Christ comes back…
            it’s all over.
            Lot’s of work to be done before that. Not a time to retreat into escapism.

          • guest

            He/She does not correctly divide the Word of Truth.
            The New Covenant was made to include gentiles.
            God could have easily full filled the Covenant with Abraham’s physical seed.

          • GSOB


            Jesus looked directly at them and asked, “Then what is the meaning of that which is written: “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone’?

          • Tend to call him the rebuker of the PHARISEES while you are at it ! Which is who we see…..NOT the Tribe of Judah !!!!!

          • GSOB


          • GSOB


          • GSOB

            Par for the course….
            is God incarnate!

          • guest

            Salvation comes through the Jews. The Jews ‘fumbled’ because they were blinded. They were blinded for the sake of the gentiles (Goyim).
            Romans 11:7
            If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild
            olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the
            nourishing sap from the olive root,
            Romans 15:27

            They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the
            Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to
            the Jews to share with them their material blessings.

          • GSOB

            ….but Israel, pursuing a law of righteousness, did not arrive at that law.


            Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as though it were by works.
            They stumbled over the stumbling stone

          • GSOB

            Romans 15:27 is talking about the support of the ‘Saints’… those are Christians…. and in this specific, in their conversion to Christ, they should not go back to the religion of Judaism, unless they are fishing like Paul does.
            The person and work of Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of all that Judiasm ever pointed to.
            In the bible, all Christians are Saints and Priest…. unlike what Roman Catholicism teaches, which is a sainthood based on the saint’s merit…
            which is a subtle, doctrinal swipe at the atonement, a denial when Jesus said
            “It is finished”… a teaching
            by Satan working among unbelievers, just like back in Jesus’s day when He was among His own.
            Paul’s ministry was also, in part,.. to provoke the Jews to jealousy.
            By going along with God’s calling on his life, Paul, a former Judaizer from the cream of the crop,….. considered all his former attainments in Judaism as dung…. so the he may gain

          • GSOB

            It’s a partial hardening because of their unbelief…. this is their
            ‘reap what you sow’
            which led to the Kingdom being taken away from the Jewish people and given to another (Gentiles) to produce it’s fruit.

            It was their unfaithfulness that led to their being cut off and, if we Gentiles continue in the faith, we’ll bless all the more, including them!

            Which leads to glorifying God in a greater, fuller way!

            The fullest is yet to come.

          • The bible says that salvation belongs to everyone regardless of their religious heritage. Jesus died went to the grave and rose on the 3 rd day for everyone. He became the punishment for the sins of mankind not just the Jews. The disciples were all jews and the very man who brought the good news to the Gentiles that they could be saved by believing was Paul, none other than a Jew himself. Stop bickering and realize that when we get to heaven there will be neither Jew or gentile but one.

          • TK

            Good Comments, it’s amazing how folks don’t realize We Are Israel! !!

          • GSOB

            Habakkuk 2:4

            Romans 1:17

            Galatians 3:11

            Hebrews 10:38

          • Daystrom2012

            Who were the first Christians? Oh that’s right, they were Jews. Replacement theology, a lie brought straight to you by none other than Satan himself.

          • GSOB

            What dogma of replacement theology do you suppose that I’m purporting?
            Be specific, unambiguous please.

        • ISRAEL DOES NOT “BELONG” to the JEWS……IT BELONGS TO GOD……and that is where the ZIONAZI Ideology collapses !!!!

          • Peace on Earth

            Israel belongs to Palestinians and Jews equally.

          • Ace

            Israel belongs to whoever can control it militarily. Period.

        • Hot Rain

          Good luck with that while you and your family are being beat to death.

        • VigilanteCaregiver


        • none

          Michael you really blew it this time!
          It Was not a conspiracy or incompetence?
          It is the Obama foreign policy in action!
          Have you ever seen what happens after we invade a middle east country?
          Also, did you notice the verdict was on black Friday? Lots of people will now have presents for there families. Thank you president Obama!

          • Mike Smithy

            Ahh yes, “Salvation lies within”.

        • Daniel Pratt

          Why is it every other “race” on the planet is easily identifiable, except Jews? I’m curious. Is it possibly because it is not a race at all, but a religion? Well of course it is.

          • GSOB

            Well, you know how it goes,…
            People say they were born Christian, or Catholic or Jewish or Muslim…..
            But, you are correct Daniel Pratt,…not true…
            A misnomer
            Those are all practices and lifestyles handed down from one generation to the next.
            Naturally speaking – they may have been born into those relgious environments, culture and practices – but they (we) are fundamentally sinners, spiritually dead in our sins.
            Technically – Abram was not a Jew, but a pagan when God called Him out.
            We all need redemption.

        • I am not Jewish but my savior is. I agree with you Paul f. I pray for the peace of Israel and its people.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The only race that really matters is the 100 meter dash (but you can make a strong argument for the 1500 meter relay and the marathon).

      • Lennie Pike

        That’s right Mondo! His Messiah said the exact same thing 2014 years ago.

      • Orange Jean

        Mondo, on another subject … have you considered pretending to be an illegal? I know you’ve been out of work for a long time and are probably extremely tired of that situation. But I understand part of Obama’s executive order for “immigration” includes paying businesses an “incentive” (in the thousands) for hiring illegals. Makes me SICK!!

        • neal

          OJ, that is the same crazy idea that I also thought of. Change your name to something Spanish and put on a fake accent (like the latin lover guy in the Police Academy movie).
          Then you don’t have to worry about health insurance, car registration,speeding tickets, emergency room bills or 101 other burdens.

      • rentslave

        There is no 1500 meter relay,only a 1500 meter race,won in the 1988 Olympics by my shoe salesman,Peter Rono.

    • Jack2

      A race war involves people shooting back. A race war involves bombers flattening cities in air raids. A race war involves cities and military bases and troop concentrations being bombed with nuclear weapons. A race war is something that took place between 1939 and 1945. If these fat, waddling hypocites and the trouble makers in their Guy Falkes masks want a raqce war, then thay had better read up on some actual military history becase a race war is a war and in war millions will die on all sides. Like I said. 1939 to 1945.

  • Jack2

    If the police cannot enforce the laws out of fear of being called names by leftard journalists, then the American people need to look to providing their own defence….and revenge.

    • Good Citizen

      A society that makes enemies with it’s police had better be prepared to make friends with it’s criminals..

      • Jacob

        Becoming the criminals themselves.

  • Handog

    As Obama said “it makes good television” so get the popcorn. It’s bread and circus for the masses.

  • Genada

    Watch Mississippi burning. There is a scene when there is rioting in the black part of town and the police just watch. They just watch and do not stop it because it’s just the black area of town. That’s what happen here as well.

    If they had attempted to burn down something like the Federal Reserve branch of Saint Louis they would of stopped them with extreme force.

    • Joe Kleinkamp

      I guess after weighing the mindset of the protesters, their race hustling cheerleaders and the media sensationalists the cops figured that sacrificing a few dozen businesses was the necessary tradeoff to prevent more accusations of police abuse. BTW, gunshots directed at fire fighters have a way of discouraging them from doing their jobs.

    • guest

      The police stood down because they were told to, just like the National Guard. This was an entirely manufactured riot. It’s obvious and ridiculous.
      Now his mammy is playing the ole -didn’t do nuffins and wuzza good boy who wasn’t fast tracking to prison because I couldn’t be bothered to raise him properly.
      Enter the race hustling poverty pimps for their 30 pieces of silver, ( or 15 minutes of fame and never mind the ‘protesters’ that were bussed in). Maybe, eventually, someday, hopefully the blacks will wise up and realize that they are tools for an oppressive government. Used when needed, then put back in the closet until the next election, diversion. I used to feel sorrow for them, not anymore. They willingly sold themselves into slavery for a handout. The welfare was a bargain though. It only cost them their families, culture, dignity and self respect.
      Ted Nugent summed it up pretty good. Black lives matter, just not to black people. If they did then they wouldn’t be aborting over a million a year and they would be protesting all the black on black killing that happens every day.

      • Mike Smithy

        Yep, it’s quite apparent that blacks are oblivious to the fact that that they are tools of the Democrat Plantation.

        • Hot Rain

          You get a Gold Star..

      • Blacks=Plague

        Blacks are a cursed race and we are bearing the brunt of it all over the world where they are in numbers. The ONLY solution is SEGREGATION.
        They are but animals and have roven it in every situation from the beginning
        of time that they cannot exist in ociety with humans. Send then ALL to Africa; problem will without a doubt be solved..

    • Good Citizen

      NOT !!!!

    • Hot Rain

      During Katrina, little was said of our military choppers being shot at while attempting to drop supplies. That is the main reason for the delay and the death toll. And, that is why you were seeing gunboats along the canals (I live down here) The crazies were cutting off help for everyone else, raping and looting were rampant and when things got desperate for the whackos they got the help they needed…?
      Also, a contractor friend was trying to hire people at $20 an hour and had to get help in Alabama & Florida as nobody wanted to work. Shhh, don’t talk about that either.
      No one wants to address a very serious problem with blacks in this country. They don’t want the world to see what a massive mess were in. The world already knows. I don’t seem to remember all this racial stuff back in 08.
      Funny, no one seems to have had a problem opening fire on unarmed White students at Kent State…

  • Raj

    I guess this is what the goverment wants. May be this ferguson episode from very start was a delibrate attempt to create u rest. But, people need to understand their game. I am not sure, but i guess through all this unrest they want to justify implementing martial law on american soil. What american people need to do in such a difficult time is Peacful Protest. They should not give any chance to the authorities to take more control over public activities. Even if in case they find someone brewing up voilence, just hand them over to police.

    Hope just is delieverd and peace prevails.

  • K

    No question, the people in charge wanted the violence. Now they have their war zone footage to scare the masses. Message, do not question how we do things, or this could be your town.

    • Paul F

      K–good point. But what the tyrants don’t realize is that in other towns, people fight back. Ferguson was controlled–here in the south where I live, we fight back hard and deadly. If a looter or rioter steps into my yard he/she will regret making a decision to criminally trespass. We as a free people have a right to defend ourselves and our families against a corrupt people. The time will come when the tyrants will be defeated, not by man, but by YESHUA MESSIAH. Until then, we must fight for Righteousness and Truth against the wicked schemes of man.

      • You have NO IDEA how correct you actually are ….Rod Class PROVED the firearms GUN CONTROL Laws INVALID ….they sealed the record s of the case FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS but tell the public he is crazy after telling him he is right and they can not allow him to win……it is RIGGED !!!!!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      K: Exactly right. I call the rioters in Ferguson useful idiots because the junta now has another propaganda tool to scare people into submission.

  • Hammerstrike


    worldstarhiphop. c o m

    I am surprised the authorities did not find a way to pronounce Darren Wilson guilty.


      They are not done with Darren yet. He “violated” Michael Brown’s civil rights don’t you know?! Look for Holder to file charges very soon. There will be a trial. Witnesses who remained anonymous during the Grand Jury proceedings will now be exposed. Do you think there might be a little “pressure” to recant their testimony? Just a little? No, the circus is about to commence.

  • alan

    Its like some sort of test run, right along with the Ebola hype.

    Another coincidence I noticed is the Bill Cosby rape story came out the day before the Ferguson annoucment was to have been made.

    If panic ever hits big cities its all over!

    • Orange Jean

      I had the same thoughts about Bill Cosby. He is the #1 black person who has recently told black “folks” they need to step up to the plate and accept personal responsibility for how messed up their community is.

      This does not necessarily mean he didn’t do something wrong… but I do not believe we should be stooping to “guilty until proved innocent”!

      If he is guilty he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law… but if he is innocent he should not be. Same goes for the rest of us.

      It also seems to me that the way this “scandal” with Cosby has been playing out has a very strong resemblance to gang stalking. If you are unfamiliar with that… it’s a very nasty “game” that some are playing in the workplace these days (often young ambitious women)… in which a group gets together and complains about someone they want to “get rid of”… even if that person is innocent, most businesses will believe that someone has done wrong if more than one person complains about them for the same thing.

      • Dan Knezacek

        It looks to me that Cosby was being protected until he said something “they” were offended at.

        • Orange Jean

          Possible too. I’m glad I’m not on the jury for any trial that might come up… that would be very difficult.

          It’s unfortunate that often the fact that someone has tons of money allows them to buy their way out of justice. But also it’s unfortunate that sometimes someone who has tons of money gets targeted by people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme.

          In the final analysis, I am glad to live in a country where the laws say we are innocent until proven guilty… rather than the other way around, which always seems still to hurt the “little guy” more than someone with money, power, or influence due to family connections.

    • Hot Rain

      The Bubba Effect…

  • alan

    Michael Brown is not the “Mockingjay”

  • TheSkeptic

    Karl Marx had a term that describes these looters and vandals: useful idiots. The firefighters were told not to respond to the burning structures due to automatic gunfire. Of course, If the National Guard was present, the shooters could have been stopped in their tracks. I firmly believe the powers that be wanted this to happen to further a fear factor.

    • Dan Knezacek

      Amazingly, in a communist country the looters would have been shot, and the survivors would have been taken to the labour camps.

      • Priszilla

        Amazingly in a country ruled by law, a killer would be charged. Either for willful killing or involuntary killing.

        • Mike Smithy

          Are you suggesting that a cop in the UK is not allowed to use lethal force to protect himself and/or others in the community when necessary?

          • Priszilla

            Normal cops in UK don’t carry guns.

            When I was on sentry duty while in the army we had permission to shoot on trespassers and to prevent crimes in the vicinity if calling police wouldn’t help (like a rape in sight of us); shooting only at the “lower extremities”. One sentry then to search and disarm and the other on guard with loaded weapon.
            Shooting only as absolutely last resort. Preferably just using bare hands bringing the perpetrators down, with the threat of using guns.

          • Priszilla

            Why does force to protect yourself always need to be lethal?

      • Hot Rain

        Cops in Germany ask you once and once only to get out of your vehicle, then you are pulled out and arrested. If the window is up they break it and pull you through it. Enough said.

    • Hot Rain

      They ate seriously underestimating the Bubba Effect…

  • Tom

    Where were the police supervisors? No one would make a decision to protect any of those stores. They had weeks to prepare and train. The police stood by and hard working small business people had to suffer the loss.
    I have a feeling that the “order” given from either the governor or even the president was to allow the criminals to vent.
    If I were a business owner I would consider leaving the area and not rebuild there. It’s bad enough people rioted and committed crimes. It’s worse to see the police, who were paid with taxes generated from these businesses not take any action, pro-active or reactive

    • ST

      Police and National Guard were busy protecting white suburbia.

      Why should police and our men and women in uniform be forced into situations where they might have to shoot another American? Why should they be forced to protect black people from themselves?

      Screw ’em. They want to loot, burn and destroy their cities – I say let them. Just don’t come asking the taxpayers to fix it.

      • neal

        ST,it isn’t about protecting black people from themselves but about protecting good people (some of whom are black) from the bad people (most of whom are black).
        Now that dump won’t have any place to buy necessities from as the shops are destroyed. The morons won’t learn the lesson and will blame whitey that they now live in a food desert and I agree that they should not get 1 cent of taxpayer money. But what about those who didn’t partake of the senseless destruction? They will also suffer and they will suffer because the cops didn’t shoot the first few looters they saw to stop the mayhem double quick.

      • Good Citizen

        oh no they will be coming to your neighborhood, after they destroy theirs, and there is nothing you can say about it…

        • Hot Rain

          I live in the deep south, I can assure you they are not coming to these neighborhoods..

  • Dabron from Vancouver

    It must be incompetence. If it was planned, the announcement would have been on Friday Afternoon so that the rioting would happen all weekend.
    As for the poor response from the authorities, it seems that they have the same opinon as the Vancouver Police during the Vancouver Hockey riots. Let them do as they like and arrest them when you have enough evidence from the video images from news, cell and other video images.
    The problem with this plan is that they are still going through the evidence 4 years later and have only convicted about 6 people so far, the ones that pleaded guilty. An additional 5 or 6 are due for trial in about 2 years and I am sure there will be appeals that in Vancouver are scheduled 3-4 years later. Another 200 are still under investigation… A large number of Vancouverite volunteers, easily more then the number of rioters, went downtown the next day to cleanup, begin repairs and helped out the small business owners.
    The English riots in 2012, followed the same concept, but everyone was investigated, arrested and convicted within a few months by having special courts running 24 hours a day 7 days a week until they were done.
    The only method that seemed to work best was the Vancouver hockey riot of 1992. The police swarmed the rioters along the streets and one by one, arrested everyone and let them explain to the judge why they were present at the riot.


    They had three months to prepare. The entire area should have been flooded with troops. This was not a coincidence.

    • Old timer

      But if they had troops everywhere wouldn’t that have been a HUGE headline too? Either way they can’t win. Try to be soft with riot control and people complain. IF they had troops in place I bet more people would be screaming MARTIAL LAW. It’s sad that any of this is happening. But unfortunately there are A LOT of thugs out there who feel they are setting things right by rioting. What’s even worse is that these thugs would be rioting even if there was an indictment of Officer Wilson.


        They would be rioting if Officer Wilson were hanging from the gibbet!

  • Handog

    Famous last words: ” you’re too much of a p@$$y to shoot me” lol


      I nominate Brown for the Darwin Award Grand Prize for 2014!

      • Kent Harris

        I second the motion. Brown is definitely a shoe in for that award and no one is more worthy of that award;)


          Several of my relatives are cops. They assure me if I want to commit suicide, just go for an officer’s gun. You’ll get “plugged” every time!

  • randyfreedom

    Wait. You can’t have it both ways. If the National guard would have been a bigger show of force the Independent press would have screamed “MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER!”. Now that they were NOT in force the Independent press is screaming “conspiracy!”. Which is it? Should the National Guard have stood down or taken action? You cannot have it both ways. In my opinion there should have NOT been any National Guard presence at all. Seeing the military on the streets conveys an entirely different message than seeing cops in fatigues.

    • Old timer

      My point exactly!!!

  • #11- They left one of their crappy old patrol cars unattended in front of City Hall to get torched.

    • Mike Smithy

      That would make for a great State Farm insurance commercial.

  • jakartaman

    The Missouri Governor should be recalled for dereliction of his office.

  • DJohn1

    Crying setup after the fact doesn’t do those businesses any good. I wonder how effective they would have been if we had simply told them to come pick up the bodies at their leisure? I bet there would have been 3 squad cars there in about two and half minutes. Probably to arrest the people being victimized.
    The problem with rioting in the streets is you are a target. Might as well put a target on your tee shirts so it is over with quicker. No one wants to take 2 hours to die in pain and agony. And someone shot in the kneecap is definitely not going to be rioting for long.
    Anyone and I mean anyone can take a hunting rifle with a 7 power scope and pick off as many of them as they want to.
    Most real gun professionals could pick their target and do it precisely.

    Most people in that area own shotguns. Though not as many as there used to be. Many a person has seen rock salt shot over their heads as they tried to steal a watermelon in any number of areas in the midwest section of the country. I have never tried to steal anything so I wouldn’t know.

    This might be especially true in the south.
    It is time that people put an end to this silly behavior.
    Grow up. Spending anywhere from a year to five in jail is no joke. And the government does have the power to do just that.
    No one wants to hurt people.
    Burning businesses? I would have had the shotguns out and shooting before that ever happened. The survivors would be taken to jail on charges.
    But our justice system favors these people and that is why it can happen the way it did.

    There is something dramatically wrong. One of those things is our police departments not defending the people that pay them, meaning the tax payers.
    Was it a setup? If I were held back, I think I would have told them where they could go and it is signicantly warmer than where they are right now.

  • Lennie Pike

    Fast and furious, Sandy Hook, Ferguson, MO. It will continue until the fascist world government is forced to physically confiscate the small arms of the world’s last hope – freedom loving Americans.

    Mr. Putin: Please delay America’s destruction until we have our forced showdown with these traitors that have overthrown our country’s government and GOOD Constitution and who are now attacking your country. We can expel these money changers who now control every facet of our society and government just as you did and I believe we will. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Thanks, Lennie Pike.

  • Tina Allain

    simple they want riots…race war…martial law….so u need a personal letter from obama

    • GSOB

      Follow the money

  • Stephen

    I listened to the police scanner while all this was going on; there were firefighters & some ambulances who refused to respond because there was shooting in those areas and it was unsafe. Also heard police dispatcher tell emergency responders to not go into certain areas (IOW let the violence die down then respond).

    I too wondered why there was not a build up of forces and why they announced the decision at night = not good.

    However the biggest problem I have was when a ferguson protester said it was their job to give out justice because the courts did not – that resulted in riots, looting, etc. My question is, how is that justice? Burning down your towns businesses and stealing? If I was business owner I would take the insurance money and go to a nicer place and rebuild.

    • Old timer

      They may have felt that releasing the decision at night would allow law abiding citizens to not be in their businesses and safely at home and off the streets. Seems like the right decision to me to wait until the evening to protect the common folk…

    • Orange Jean

      And some people don’t realize that both firefighters and EMT work in a Command and Control type of organization.

  • Mike Smithy

    Too funny. “Dats Raycisssss”. LOL

  • tacoma

    The cop who shot Brown said “I was just doing my job.” And that is to shoot any black guy who challenged him. The grand jury agrees. The message is clear: Don’t so much as to yell at a cop. You will be shot dead like Islamic jihardist.

    Take a look at the massive show of police and military force during the outbreak a few months ago. It’s like a mechanized infantry brigade invading Baghdad. Take a look at the show of force now. The message is clear: Any black uprising will be crushed without mercy.

    This is from a country whose politicians lecture the world on democracy, justice, freedom and civil rights. And from a country that routinely stages military coups to replace foreign governments undemocratically.

    • GSOB

      This tragic event inspires racist comments from those who advocate racism.

      Also… observe
      how easily peaceful protesting blurs into criminal activity and seemingly, justifiably so….. at least in the in the eyes of the

      On the other hand, the Giants winning the world series seems to justify the same activity.

      There are such people in every generation for every occasion, through all time, that are just lost, plain and simple.

      People need the Lord.

    • guest

      Absolutely. What kind of a country is it that a little didn’t do nuffins, who was merely trotting across the street, ( After having looked both ways), to nurse from his mammy, (Because he was after all, only a baby) is mercilessly gunned down by a white sheet, cigarette smoking cop who laughed and screamed DIE N***er while unloading a full 300 clip into him ?
      I’ll just bet that cop stood on his neck, lit another cigarette and laughed BEFORE plugging him in the brains !
      Hey, black lives matter ! (Unless they don’t ).

    • BudDye

      you’re an Idiot.

  • Orange Jean

    Conspiracy for certain!

    The other thing that so much annoys me about this situation is this: if the people who are rioting really gave a rat’s a** about “young black men being murdered”…. you’d think they’d be protesting the huge number of “young black men” who get murdered by other “young black men” every year! But what do you hear? …. Crickets!

    Then, also the “gentle giant” concept. NO, a thug who bullies others due to his/her size is not a “gentle” giant… they are a “bullying” giant.

  • just me

    1. National Guard (or any military) has NO law enforcement authority without a declaration of martial law. Martial law can’t be declared prior to something happening. All the military can do (without a martial law declaration) is assist with crowd control, logistics, etc. Who would pit soldiers armed only with riot batons against rioters known to be armed with firearms? Their aren’t enough police to cover every thing in a situation like this.
    2. Fire and EMS first responders will NOT answer a call unless law enforcement makes it safe and secure. How many officers do you think it takes to ensure that just one scene is safe? No snipers, no bad guys, clear route from the station to the scene. First responders learned the hard that sometimes the bad guys will start a fire or stage a scene just so they can snipe them or lure them into their trap.
    3. In a perfect world the verdict announcement might have been made at a more opportune time. In this case the announcement was probably delayed only long enough for the people getting off work (and the grand jurors themselves) to get home after work. Had it been delayed any longer it would have been leaked by somebody then you would have something else to bitch about.
    4. As for having months to prepare, exactly how do you prepare for lawlessness like this? Hire 10,000 more officers for Ferguson? Declare martial law and send in armed troops? (then you have Jackson,Sharpton and the rest complaining the whites using the military to suppress the blacks). Round up all the likely offenders and secure them in a FEMA camp? Why not just put a big fence around Ferguson and let them do what they want?
    So while trying to anticipate what might happen you have the Feds telling the locals what they don’t want them to do, the local citizens telling them what they can’t do, the Sharpton’s telling them they are wrong just for thinking about doing it and the local govt. caught in the middle.
    5. It all works out great for the media and the writers because they can find fault with everything done or thought of and twist it to suit their views all in the name of publicity.
    (hats off to the smart reporter cruising around Ferguson looking for news during the riot and got his Prius car jacked by a group of black thugs. Perhaps he will think twice next time but I doubt he is that smart.
    And finally only a small part of the events in Ferguson had anything to do with protesting about civil rights. The vast majority of the “protesters” were simply using it as an excuse to loot, burn, hurt and steal. Had there been sufficient force to prevent looting the family dollar. Dollar Tree, Home Depot and numerous other stores, or prevented the arson of the car lot, restaurants and other businesses then the govt would have been crucified by the media and the black activists.

    • Hot Rain

      I remember a Watts riot video where a black woman was screaming “we gonna kill every one of you”. Asian shop owners were outside shooting handguns. Fires and complete chaos. Cops couldn’t get near it. It would be wise to look up some of these vids on YouTube.
      I am at the point where I am fearing for my life. Becoming a statistic in the morning paper is not on my ‘to do’ list.

  • Holotype

    As a quick point of information, from my experience and training as a former urban firefighter/EMT: #9 was due to the inability/unwillingness of law enforcement or the NG to secure the scene and AO. Firefighters/EMTs/Medics responding in a civil disturbance or otherwise potentially dangerous environment (there were numerous shots fired in the area) are highly vulnerable – they don’t wear body armor and can’t do their jobs properly and safely if they are worried about getting shot, overwhelmed by a mob, etc. while on an active suppression or rescue operation. Most FD SOP’s won’t even allow us on scene until it is secured, especially in cases where there is an active shooter or other hostile environment. From what I could see they staged appropriately, and responded to the scene when police could escort, but they had to cease suppression operations when the scene safety was again compromised by ongoing gunfire.

  • Steve

    Item #2 – work and school? I doubt either of those activities impacted many of the protesters.
    Item #9 – as a 26 year veteran of the fire service we will not go into a scene that hasn’t been secured by law enforcement. If there are shots being fired we aren’t going in period.

    • Pete

      “If there are shots being fired we aren’t going in period.”

      Very wise policy.

      • Lennie Pike

        Then National Guardsmen should not be issued firearms, nor the Police or Active Military – right?

        • Lennie Pike

          My point being: Of Course! That is not the issue. TPTB wanted this -but to spread nationwide.

  • NOPE……what is racist is to go on a crusade against an officer because he is white because of a thug that is NOT……THAT is the definition of RACISM

  • El Pollo de Oro

    If I were a bankster devil, what would I be thinking right about now? Probably something along the lines of, “Thank you for rioting and burning businesses, useful idiots. You just gave us another excuse to ramp up the junta, crack down on civil liberties, get the FEMA camps ready and tighten our death grip even more.”

    Martial law is coming to The Banana Republic of America, and I can’t say I look forward to it.

  • Hot Rain

    I read somewhere that in places like Montana, people are starting to band together. They are looking for experienced individuals with skills. They will even help you get started. Nursing, carpenters, childcare…Like minded people who see where this country is headed. The police are also involved. Hell, they have families too.
    Do any of you see beyond this crap? Do you see where we are headed? This is much bigger than we can fathom. Don’t you see there will be no help for any of us?
    It is breathtaking the speed at which this country is changing. This is what a ‘coup’ feels like. The takeover of a nation by thugs who don’t care about the people. Why in hell would this be allowed other than to ignite racial tension? This is so in-your-face orchestrated that you would have to be a moron not to see it.
    This would be a good time for some serious personal changes. Montana is looking pretty good..

  • MeMadMax

    Looking back at the LA riots, none of the stores that had armed store owners on the premises got looted…

    Hint, Hint…

  • Maneb

    Wel well well. Let’s see now. Obama and co order the police to stand down. What would have happened if the police had actually done their job? Police brutality, racism etc, all over the news. better to let the place burn down. Burn baby burn. Let’s see Ferguson without all those racist white cops. Why bother protecting the black population? All those looters, rapists and murderers on the rampage. You hate cops? Don’t cry when you need them and they don’t show up. Congratulations black America!

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The police station at Ferguson was heavily guarded. That’s where a lot of the cops were after the decision was read.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Let us call this for what it truly is: an insurrection. And the law makes it quite clear what is done with insurrections.

    I was hoping for at least a few more years of some good harvests and time to prepare more. That time to prepare, I fear, is over. Now it’s time to bulk up on whatever is available and get ready.

    A while ago I said this had to be reigned in or the beginnings of a multi-sided civil war. Insurrections are the forerunners to this. The other forerunners are mass robberies of money and commodities (to supply the militia’s), and the other one is the increased political clout of gangs and militant groups. All these have happened.

    These Usurpers (what I’m calling Leftists, Progressives, Occupy, etc. from now on) are stepping up their arsenals also. used to be that they liked the hammers, pipes, and rocks in their skirmishes (these aren’t protests anymore – let’s call them for what it is). Now they freely use small arms and molotov cocktails. Will not be surprised when they start using 40mm artillery and qassam rockets.

    They already push abortions that have cost the lives of 1/3rd my generation, free use of drugs, the ruin of the family, and an oppressive socialist welfare state. It’s over. No more.

    • “They already push abortions that have cost the lives of 1/3rd my
      generation, free use of drugs, the ruin of the family, and an oppressive
      socialist welfare state. It’s over. No more.”

      Early term fetuses are not conscious, thinking, self-aware entities with the attendant rights, thus abortion, even of the elective sort, does not carry the same moral ramifications as murder. Furthermore, an increase in population would hardly be desirable and family planning is essential to ensure that the world is not overpopulated.

      “Free use of drugs and the ruin of the family” are not left-wing innovations, they are caused by capitalism. A capitalist culture encourages the maximization of profit for lazy shareholders above the needs of those who create it. “Free use of drugs” is useful to the capitalists as it is (quite literally) the opium of the masses, while the decline of the family is something urged by our capitalist, consumerist media which pushes hedonism as the most worthy goal. Both of these are symptoms of capitalism’s desperate attempts to survive.

      A welfare state isn’t socialism. It is a response to the inherent deficiencies with capitalism, namely that it benefits corporate shareholders above all else. Large enterprises need to be controlled democratically by workers to act in workers’ interest, rather than in the interest of lazy, unproductive shareholders who extract rent and profit through their stranglehold on the economy. Such a measure would slash to nearly zero the number of healthy, working-age people who would need welfare.

      • Orange Jean

        I think you got lost… step to the far left to find the Onion!

        • Hahaha, so funny. Capitalism requires perpetual growth to remain afloat, and the latest innovation in achieving said growth is through destructive consumerism. They go hand in hand and cannot be extricated from one another.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Capitalism requires that people trade value for value, and requires no use of force between buyer and seller. Perpetual growth is a Keyesian (Progressive) requirement. Capitalism’s growth is through demand of product and cutting production costs AND profits. If the profit margin is too high, then the price is too high and a competitor can take higher market share.

            Hit the books, kid.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        A fetus is a human baby: regardless of classification. Once man’s seed
        enters woman I don’t care for the argument that since they can’t give
        you something, then why care. Abortion is ending the life of a living
        person to satisfy another persons desires. This is also the argument
        used by folks on your side to murder the severely disabled. I’ve got the
        letters and videos to prove it.

        Your side is trying to ruin the
        family. All coups require the ruin of the family to elevate great leader
        to a parental perception. That’s why Gay Marriage is so vital to your
        cause: there’s no Constitutional grounds for it apart from the 9th and
        10th Amendments (the Usurper’s 14th Amendment argument that gay marriage
        is constitutionally protected is invalid as it denies the existence of
        the 9th and 10th Amendments – those court rulings stripped states of
        their Constitutional rights as the marriage protection laws were state
        constitutional amendments and the Feds were supposed to not interfere
        with such things). And the law can only provide equal protection for
        physical things – thoughts and behaviors don’t count. Unless there’s a
        genetic trait proving someone as gay, lesbian, pedophile, etc. then
        there is no protection under the law. No empirical evidence exists for a
        homosexual genome. The only way to get legal protection is to medically
        reclassify those behaviors as personality disorders again. Furthermore,
        the extortions made for the welfare state and tax system are
        intentionally designed to keep traditional families impoverished.

        welfare state is socialist and does not provide for those it was
        intended for. I am on those programs: my wife has a severe TBI and other
        health problems. We only get $16,000 per year and medical treatments
        are limited. The state is forcing me to not to work outside the home as
        she requires a caregiver. A recent audit (can’t remember who did this)
        said the maximum amount all the welfare programs provide is $60,000 per
        person, per year. The vast majority of that money actually goes to the
        bureaucrats salaries and benefits packages – we only see $16,000 for 5
        people. It’s an embezzlement and entrapment system. And the way you
        twisted and fudged capitalism to fit your arguments is classic socialist
        dogma – free enterprise evil; state must take their property for me.

        what I mean by “it’s over” is that the violence has begun. No academic
        or theoretical rhetoric will stop a bullet from hitting you, nor will it
        stop the flames of a Molotov. We tried to be civilized and reasonable
        towards you usurpers, insurrectionists, and revolutionaries with nothing
        to show for it: it was always your beliefs that were above questioning,
        your behaviors above reproach, your ideals superior to empirical
        evidence and serious sciences – backed with no empirical evidence, no
        serious sciences; only threats, coercion, and social abandonment…
        grade school playground behaviors. We’ve had enough and your side fired
        the first shots. The civilized amongst us will not support you and yours
        in this conquest. We will defend our wives and children, our liberties,
        our faith, our homes, and our property. And when God, the Father
        decides we should go to war against you and yours – only then will we
        attack; being not guilty of the first offense of attacking first, nor
        the second offense of retaliation. In the meantime, we will defend when
        necessary and allow Him to fight our battles for us.

        You and
        yours are on your own: outnumbered 8:1 at best. No manufacturing ability
        or facilities, no secured wealth or commodities, and no secured bases
        of operation. Your side’s only means of progressing is through robbing
        and coercing willing people, and via propaganda. That is seriously weak
        from a strategic standpoint. No wonder your leaders wanted illegal immigration – you’re seriously outnumbered.

        And a Merry Christmas to ya! 🙂

        • First off, I’d like to say, I’m a socialist, not a Democrat. There are significant differences between the two, as you will see below.

          “A fetus is a human baby: regardless of classification. There is no
          real empirical evidence that shows a unborn baby is less of a human;
          that’s a belief, not a scientific fact. Once man’s seed enters woman I
          don’t care for the argument that since they can’t give you something,
          then why care. Abortion is ending the life of a living person to satisfy
          another persons desires. This is also the argument used by folks on
          your side to murder the severely disabled. I’ve got the letters and
          videos to prove it.”

          An early-term fetus is not conscious, and thus has all the rights and protections of a brain-dead individual. Brain-dead (not comatose) individuals are considered legally dead as they can no longer consciously perceive the world around them in any sense or react to stimuli with their central nervous system, even though both brain-dead individuals and early-term fetuses both sustain metabolic activity. If severely disabled individuals are not brain-dead, then there should of course be no right to kill them (forcing cessation of metabolic activity). With that said, abortion of late-term fetuses should be restricted to only those circumstances where it is medically necessary for the mother, or in cases where the fetus is anencephalic (lacks a higher mammalian brain).

          “The welfare state is socialist and does not provide for those it was intended for. I am on those programs: my wife has a severe TBI and other health
          problems. We only get $16,000 per year and medical treatments are
          limited. The state is forcing me to not to work outside the home as she
          requires a caregiver. A recent audit (can’t remember who did this) said
          the maximum amount all the welfare programs provide is $60,000 per
          person, per year. The vast majority of that money actually goes to the
          bureaucrats salaries and benefits packages – we only see $16,000 for 5”

          I’m sorry for your situation, but it looks like we are in violent agreement over here. I personally believe that the welfare state can be made more efficient and targeted to those who deserve it. In my view medical care should be available at no or nominal cost to all citizens or permanent residents of the United States and their dependents, which would include you.

          Instead of the corrupt welfare state that we have right now, the government should simply set up a bank through the postal system for benefit recipients, and transfer funds through it directly to the people who need them. Such a system would create few opportunities for fraud and collection by bureaucrats. And furthermore, I agree that welfare funds should not be used to support discretionary spending. Indeed, I support a gradual reduction in the size of the welfare state.

          “It’s an embezzlement and entrapment system. And the way you twisted and
          fudged capitalism to fit your arguments is classic socialist dogma –
          free enterprise evil; state must take their property for my private
          benefit. That’s what you claimed above.”

          “And the way you twisted and fudged capitalism to fit your arguments is
          classic socialist dogma – free enterprise evil; state must take their
          property for my private benefit. That’s what you claimed above.”

          It is indeed what I claimed. Capitalism requires perpetual growth to survive, because it is a system predicated on maximizing profits for shareholders and creditors of business enterprises. Furthermore, modern capitalism is predicated on a debt-based monetary system where private bankers originate most currency and charge interest on money they didn’t have to begin with, and thus business enterprises need to maximize profit in order to pay off previous debts. There is no way out of this destructive and vicious cycle in capitalism, which is why nowadays we have a hedonistic, consumeristic culture which has warmed to the use of drugs.

          The form of socialism I support is not state socialism, but democratic market socialism, in which workers directly own and control enterprises rather than Wall Street shareholders. Companies would continue to raise capital and shareholders would continue to spread risk through capital markets, but shareholders would no longer have majority control over large and established companies. This hardly amounts to state control over the economy, and is definitely not for private benefit of a few freeloaders (since workers, by definition, are employed somehow).

          In conclusion, it looks like we are in violent agreement. I, too, lament the cultural degradation which has taken place in this country over the past decades, but have merely identified a different cause for it.

          • GSOB

            Socialism is the belief that individual private property is a bad


          • VigilanteCaregiver


          • VigilanteCaregiver

            On the abortion point; one question: by what authority do pro-abortion people cite as means to artificially end a pregnancy and kill the person within the mother? As far as I see; it’s only moral rationalizing.

            And those examples you gave are merely anecdotal. There is no connection to the biological and morphological behaviors of a developing human and the necessity to end their life while still in the womb. To end the life of a person that another person claims is faulty or illegitimate as a human with nothing more than rhetoric and personal opinions is invalid: there is no real authority presented. The data points out that even 1st generation incest children have roughly a 70% chance of not having a genetic disorder or disability. And the argument that pregnancy endangers the mother is moot as we now have numerous prenatal tests that can warn a couple before conception. Recklessness of parents is not a legitimate reason to sentence a child to death.

            And disability of the child in socialist perspective of the child not contributing to a faulty utopia, and thus needed to be liquidated is short sighted. The disabled child does provide a dire service to society in that a civilized society will do all in their abilities to assist such a child to thrive. The child’s need for a more refined love and attention travels through the community to other members. That child refines the civility and empathy of a proper civilized people. To say they have no purpose is to say charity and affections have no place with those childish, inhuman monsters usurping power at the moment.

          • I laid out very specific scenarios for abortion, in which a child/fetus has no consciousness and thus lacks the faculty to experience charity, compassion, or much of anything at all. Furthermore, pregnancies evolve over time, and can go from healthy to life-threatening while they are in progress even if a pre-conception exam states otherwise.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            You did not answer by what real calculable measure determines what they feel or can experience outside of of an opinion, or by what authority does someone have to terminate their life come from.

            And some pregnancies do develop complications. I dismiss the term ‘evolve’ when it comes to pregnancy complications. Since many of these problems are tested for today, very rarely are these complications life threatening – far too seldom to advocate for terminating lives in the millions.

            Let’s be honest: you want to support genocidal murder of your own countrymen and can’t come to grips with your decision. It’s only human nature to want to be the hero. Many atrocities and genocides have always been marketed as heroic acts by the perpetrators; ends justify the means. This is why I had to say it’s over – the lives are spent; ended for an insane reason for an insane purpose. There was no real scientific or moral reason to kill the millions of my generation; they died for the sake of wealth, influence, and power for a minority of revolutionaries that sought to overthrow their own nation and reduce a large population to an easier to manage size. There’s no moralizing of these acts against it’s actual result and there is a price to be paid. Your side must pay the price for these insurrectionist acts and mass atrocities that the rest of us are forced to bear; this must be done to satisfy both mercy and justice. Either done through the constitutional governments subject by the people, or directly by God if government fails to follow it’s intended purpose.

          • Under what circumstance, if any, would you permit an abortion to happen were you the one making the decision? Severe mental or physical deformities that would end the life of the child in the days or weeks after birth? Those occasions (not saying they are common) in which the life of the mother faces an unforeseen threat?

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Like I said before, there are tests to show what birth issues can come up. A whole lot of treatments available. Those scenarios are far and few between to justify millions murdered already – they were unnaturally ended for gain.

            And those disabled children don’t deserve to live the precious time allotted them in your view – thanks for clearing that up.

            And we’re I making that decision – I would not perform the abortion nor consent to it. I would again make the situation as tolerable as possible for mother and child. Just like I did when my first son died right when he was born, and will do again when my wife finally goes into a coma.

            Yet, you would kill my wife and child; wouldn’t you?

          • afchief

            Christianity says “what’s mine is yours” Socialism and Communism says “What’s yours is mine” as you can see, it is the complete opposite satan works in opposites, turning the world upside down and the brainwashed think the Christians are turning the world upside down when the attempt is right side up

            Capitalism is man taking care of himself in a competitive but predominately cooperative market system. Capitalism breeds independence, interdependence, personal responsibility, freedom, etc.

            Socialism is the government micromanaging the details in everyone’s lives by means of taking from those who have and distributing it in a very unproductive way to those who don’t have so much. Socialism breeds corruption, laziness, oppression, etc.

            You can’t “spread” wealth. By “spreading” wealth you only destroy it. That has been proven again and again.

            Although the leftists deny it, wealth is nothing without the people that create it. There is a reason that some people are rich and others are not.

            After the “spreaded” wealth has been consumed it will be the same people that are rich and the same that cry for having nothing

          • I spoke of “democratic ownership of enterprises competing in an open market” which is a strain of socialism. You are criticizing state socialism which is an entirely different animal.

  • ed debevic

    One the one hand, we critisize gov’t for being inept, wasteful, and oblivious. Here, the conjecture is the they knew exactly what would happen and chose to allow it to encourage unrest. Choose incompetence here. These are government employees – not geniuses who carefully orchestrate public sentiment and reactions. You would think from this blog and similar that our gov’t is run by Mensa. Sheesh!

    • Our government is inept when it is needed in order to protect the people, allowing situations like Michael Brown’s shooting to go uninvestigated. However, it is very good at stirring up trouble for the benefit of the rich and powerful. I am definitely open to the idea that the federal government is behind some of the looters and rioters and is inciting the community to violence. It’s done worse in other countries.

  • Undecider

    Big problem with #2. Those people have jobs and go to school? What else do RENT-A-MOBs do? You can hire people like that to stand in line for Black Friday or throw Molotov Cocktails.

  • Mike Smithy


  • Dabron from Vancouver

    Must be incompetence. If they were planning and wanting the riots, they would have announced on friday before the week-ned. I wonder where the real leaders are in all this. I see nothing but complaints and dispair. Where are the solutions? where is the dialog that needs to happen? They had months to review this situation and no one did anything? I weep for the american people.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    From several weeks prior of the grand jury announcement to the amnesty executive order to the actual riots, it all seemed rather calculated nd scripted to me.

  • Good Citizen

    Lyndon Johnson helped along with his welfare program, which destroyed the black family.

  • BudDye

    Michael, I think the reason the announcement was made at night was to allow the honest hard working citizens time to get home and hunker down. This way they could all go to work the next day and continue to support the plunderers and pillagers that robbed, looted and burned the city. If the penalty for looting was suspension of food stamps etc. there would have been no looting.

  • BudDye

    What is the most dis-heartening to me is that after the release of the transcripts and all of the evidence there are still people who defend Michael Brown. All of the facts are in and they state Brown attacked Wilson, Brown is dead. Regardless of color. Why no comments on the “Eyewitnesses” who were later caught lying? That is a crime called “Perjury” or “lying under Oath”. Why no arrests?

  • rant1200 .

    The elite sit in the gated ivory towers while the rest of us are at each other’s throats.What more could they ask for.We played right into their hands.Should have risen up when the big tax cut under the dunce from tx was proposed.

  • Daystrom2012

    Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    This administration has helped to bring about riots and protesting and general violence and mayhem to Israel and now that is being brought upon the USA. We are attempting to divide their land so now our land is being divided as well.

  • mick

    Back in the 60’s right after MLK was murdered, the mayor of Chicago ordered his police to shoot to kill looters on sight.. The rioting suddenly stopped. This time, nobody tried to stop it, it looked for all the world to me like the authorities did just about everything they could, short of handing out bricks and matches, to assist in making this a disaster. Sure, people are angry and I appreciate why, but tearing up a community is not the answer. Someday real rioting will take place, and when the gloves come off, I believethe military and militarized police start

  • Wyatt

    No coincidences, they simply want to introduce Americans to the ‘Free Furguson Army’, who they will point in any direction they like to create fear in the hearts of white folks everywhere

  • Orange Jean

    Why do you think a thug should be honored with a memorial?

    Why do you feel the need to “stand in solidarity” with a bunch of fools who have pooped in their own nest, burning and looting small businesses who serve their community?

    Perhaps I’d be more sympathetic if the families who lost their children to “sentences passed by cops in the street”… weren’t teaching their offspring a life a crime (Michael Brown’s mom).

    Then again a former roommate of mine had a boyfriend who was shot and killed by a cop at 19, when he staged an armed robbery of a local convenience store. I was less than sympathetic because that same guy had stole my share of the rent money the week before!!

  • MrPissonyourgrave .

    All that Ferguson Showed me was no matter what happens, no matter what the GOVT/Police say, NO MATTER what the news says when SHTF you are on your own……..

    • GSOB

      A gun in your hand is better than a cop on the phone.

      Get both!

  • GSOB

    You were compelled? Self compelled?

    I’ll stick with the jury’s decision.

    They examined the evidence and was privy to all the information.

    They got the inside scoop.

    That’s how it works.

  • john

    I saw Eric Holder, Obama and Valerie Jarrett making and throwing fire bombs at police. Paul Ryan was lighting the gas soaked rags. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was carrying cans of gas. Is this a clue ?

  • Tosheba

    Buck Ofama.

  • HS

    Of course, they wanted violence in Ferguson. The scenario that scares the wealthy most is where 10 million protesters, of all ethnicities, show up in Washington DC and demand their democracy back.

  • You have to realize that regardless of what time of day they announced it work and school was not the issue. One they don’t work and two gang bangers and thugs do not go to school.

  • Jon

    What can be expected, when the President of the United States says that he understands the people of Fergusons frustration? Pardon???????? What kind of leadership is this?
    Holy, people wake up and kick this joker out of office, he’s a disgrace to the U.S. he should be tried for treason!

  • Bruce

    Another good article trashed by comments by religous nuts. Last time I looked this was an economic site!

  • Knave_Dave

    Great article, Mike. I’ve posted a link to it on Reddit. You raise some sharp points about glaring omissions by government that do are not the usual conspiracy-theory guessing about motives, but are questions everyone should be asking. Is it even possible for the police to be this naive and this unprepared and for the fire department not to have trucks on the ready. Everyone all over the country knew this kind of rioting was probable, so how could they have been so unready to stop it … except that some people somewhere must not have wanted to stop it.

  • Ace

    >> Americans have been trained to hate one another, fear one another and blame one another. <<

    Correction: Blacks have been trained to hate whites, fear whites and blame whites.

  • Jackie Puppet

    The only problem I have with #2 is the assumption most of the protestors work, or go to school.

  • elderhawk1 .

    starts out about a news article then people must preach about their invisible flying butt buddies .keep on point

  • Anthony Franquiz

    Of course this was thoroughly planned. It was the elites’ “Test Run” of what’s coming nationwide and also you know how the elite LOVE to watch the ” Negros ‘coonin” for their entertainment.

  • UtahRed

    Al Sharpton is a criminal hack (has not paid taxes in years) why would the black community listen to him or Eric Holder (another criminal). I’m from St. Louis and the problems are caused by outsiders who drove to St. Louis to riot, not really the Ferguson residents. How stupid it is to burn down your own businesses especially the bakery. No, this was caused by rioters who Obama sent to cause trouble. Obama is an evil president – why were we so stupid to vote him in again? We’re getting what we deserve. For all who voted this man in, enjoy your show. And when the economy crashes as Obama has planned for your enslavement, don’t coming running for a hand out.

  • elderhawk1 .

    this isn’t about justice.
    This is about an entire community within America who has been given special treatment for 50 years to assuage guilt over slavery. Okay, in 50 years what have this specially treated community accomplished? Let’s document it for posterity!
    One second, this is taking some thought….
    Oh yes, thuggish and vulgar rap music which uses profanity, and denigrates women. Talk about a war on women, Blacks normally associate with the Dems, so what we have here are vulgar chants denigrating women from Democrats, and the idiots of America Love it!
    Secondly, a systematic refusal of the Black Community to teach their children to speak English, relying instead on gutter slang. This insures that LeBron will get a dynamite high paying job when he quits High School!
    Thirdly, and this is now creeping into the White Community as well, though to a lesser degree, the willingness of women to have children without a father or marriage. This has been a boon for the Black Community, allowing them to get even more welfare, and public assistance! All you need to play is a vagina and a total lack of intelligence and moral fiber!
    Oh yes, the pants below the buttock look. The Blacks really have outdone themselves here. Another quaint custom which the Black Community uses to insure that they cannot be gainfully employed.
    Lastly, and this is my favorite, a refusal to live by the laws the rest of Americans live by. There is always an excuse why Travon or Michael shouldn’t have been victims of their own stupidity and arrogance. It is just whitey, keeping them down, they have no self responsibility or moral fiber either. The refusal of the Black Community to abide by our laws, then their outrage when the obvious happens is incredible. Then they riot in the streets talking about how the police over react. Hey Black Community, if you quit raising thugs, and you teach them right from wrong, these situations will become much less frequent.
    Crying fire after your children act as thugs and are killed or injured and then blaming someone else for your poor or absent parenting is just par for the course in your Community. Hey, there are as many whites killed by police in the course of a year. My first question as a white is what was this idiot doing which caused the cop to shoot him? Your first action is to say the cop did wrong and should be charged with murder. Do you note the difference I do

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