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It’s WAR On The Streets Of America

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It's War On The Streets of AmericaMake no mistake – there is now a state of open warfare on the streets of America.  Earlier this year it was being reported that the number of police officers killed on the job was up 40 percent in 2014, and that was before all of the civil unrest caused by the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  At this point, attacks on police officers are becoming a frequent occurrence all over the country, but no incident has stunned the nation as much as the “execution-style” murder of two NYPD officers on Saturday by a radical Islamic gunman identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley.  Just prior to the attack, Brinsley posted a message on Instagram in which he declared that he was “putting wings on pigs today”.  Many would like to dismiss this as an “isolated incident” and pretend that everything is just fine in America, but that is not the truth.  The reality of the matter is that anti-police sentiment in this country is at an all-time high, and the level of anger and frustration in our increasingly radicalized urban communities has reached a boiling point.  As economic conditions continue to deteriorate and police tactics become even more brutal in the years ahead, the kind of rioting, looting and senseless violence that we witnessed in Ferguson is going to become commonplace in major cities all over the United States.

The mainstream media and many national leaders on the left end of the spectrum have been stirring up strife and division for months on end.  So now a toxic environment has been created which is inevitably going to lead to even more violence.  At some recent “protest marches”, we have heard demonstrators enthusiastically chant extremely threatening slogans such as this: “What do we want? Dead cops!”  And when news broke that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had brutally murdered two NYPD police officers, lots of very twisted people on Twitter were actually celebrating.

We are moving into a period of time when it is going to be extraordinarily difficult to be a police officer in America.  I couldn’t even imagine going to work every day knowing that you could become the next target at any time.

Yes, there have been lots of abuses.  In fact, I have written dozens of articles about the emerging Big Brother police state in America.  In many areas of the country today, our police officers are actually being trained to be physically brutal, to bark orders at ordinary citizens and to treat everyone around them like dirt.  This culture of brutality and oppression filters down from the very top, and so ultimately the root of the problem is at the federal level.

But most police officers that are serving our local communities are just average people trying to do their jobs.  Without the police, crime would be wildly out of control.  So I am very thankful for the police in my local area.  I sleep better at night knowing that they are there.

And the reality of the matter is that we have made their jobs so much tougher.  Thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, there are now approximately 1.4 million members of criminal gangs living in our cities.  And the Obama administration is allowing the UN to import thousands of Muslim radicals to communities all over the nation.  The police have to deal with well-armed threats that they simply did not have to face 40 or 50 years ago.  Our society is becoming increasingly unstable, and the police have to contend with the bleeding edge of that instability day after day.

So Ismaaiyl Brinsley did not appear out of a vacuum.  Even though the mainstream media is playing this angle down, the truth is that Ismaaiyl Brinsley was probably a member of an extremely violent criminal gang, and he was most definitely a radical Muslim.

According to his Facebook page, Brinsley spoke Arabic, and he also posted extreme passages from the Koran.  The following is one example…


And as I mentioned above, his most famous message on social media was actually shared on Instagram…


But Brinsley was not just a Muslim radical.  According to Aaron Klein of WND, there is also evidence that he was a member of a particularly violent gang known as the Black Guerilla Family…

The gang to which NYPD cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley may have belonged, the Black Guerilla Family, is allied with U.S. leftist groups and worked as an ideological partner with Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization.

Apparently, this gang dominated the prison where Brinsley once spent time…

The New York Daily News reported investigators went to Baltimore to probe Brinsley’s ties to the Black Guerrilla Family, which dominates the Maryland prison where Brinsley spent time. The BGF is an African-American Marxist revolutionary organization that seeks the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Numerous Baltimore media outlets confirmed law-enforcement officials are probing the BGF link.

And is it just a coincidence that the FBI issued a memo on Friday warning that the BGF was targeting “white cops”?

On Friday, the Baltimore FBI office issued a memo that the Black Guerrilla Family gang was targeting “white cops” in Maryland, an agency spokeswoman confirmed. The memo, circulating among officers, said a contact who had given reliable information in the past said members of the gang — connected to the high-profile corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center — were planning to target white officers to “send a message.”

There are a lot more radicals out there just like Brinsley.

And thanks to the toxic environment that now exists in this country, it is inevitable that there will be a lot more violence.

As this war escalates, we could eventually see pandemonium in major cities from coast to coast.

If you are not convinced that this is a war, perhaps you should heed the words of the NYPD’s union.  The following is an excerpt from an alert that was just released

Starting IMMEDIATELY: At least two units are to respond to EVERY call, no matter the condition or severity, no matter what type of job is pending, or what the opinion of the patrol supervisor happens to be.

IN ADDITION: Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and an individual MUST be placed under arrest.

These are precautions that were taken in the 1970’s when police officers were ambushed and executed on a regular basis.

The mayor’s hands are literally dripping with our blood because of his words actions and policies and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a ‘wartime’ police department. We will act accordingly.

Sadly, I believe that they are right.

In fact, if it wasn’t for an empty gun, a third NYPD police officer would have lost his life this past weekend…

A third cop narrowly escaped with his life Saturday night when a suspect pointed a gun directly at the officer’s head and pulled the trigger in The Bronx — not realizing it was empty.

Cops went to East 140th Street in Mott Haven at 9 p.m. on reports of a man shooting out windows with a .357 caliber revolver.

They spotted the suspect, identified as Raymond Leonardo, 18, and ordered him to drop the gun. Instead, he took point blank aim at one of the officers, officials said.

When the gun didn’t work, he put it in his pocket and ran. Cops tackled him a few blocks away.

Something has fundamentally shifted in this country.

I fear that this is only just the beginning of the war on the streets of America.

Hopefully I am wrong.

But I don’t believe that I am.

So what do you think?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • GSOB

    He who steals must steal no longer; but rather he must labor, performing with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need.…

    • Hot Rain

      There will be NO DOUBT in his identity.
      His deeds and doctrine will expose him.
      There will come a day when a world leader will rise to power in an embodiment of evil. One who is empowered and directed by the devil himself.
      He comes to power on a platform of peace, safety and prosperity. He comes in peacefully and deceives the many.
      The Antichrist will rise up from a sea of nations. The Beast will appear an astute and miraculous political leader.
      They will worship and uplift him to The peace leader of The World.
      He will be made leader of the One World Order and the head of the One World Government. He will deceive the majority.
      “For when they say Peace and safety, sudden destruction cometh upon them..and they shall not escape.

      • T.

        That’s twice I’ve agreed with you – Unprecedented.

      • Mike

        The book of Revelation says that the antichrist will hate the Prostitute (Mystery Babylon) and will destroy her in a day with fire. We, the USA, are Mystery Babylon. I believe when he reveals himself at the proper time, the USA will be near absolute and final destruction.

        • guest

          Mystery Babylon is not America, it is the apostate church, led by the Vatican.
          She sits upon 7 hills, Rome. Consider her clothing, study it’s religious significance.
          Her goblet, ( significant ), filled with the blood of the Saints.
          She is the Mother of harlots, Mother – Catholic church, Harlot daughters – Protestant denominations and Eastern Orthodox that are apostate.
          She is not a widow and will not mourn, (She never was the bride of Christ and arrogantly declares so).
          According to Catholic prophesy, this Pope is the last Pope. The one that will lead the world religion for the Anti Christ.
          We see the Pope making inroads with Islam. What has largely gone unnoticed is that after 1000 years, Catholics have gathered back the Eastern Orthodoxy. The Pope has also called back the ‘daughters’ to their ‘Mother’. No surprise to me, we see lukewarm, ‘social justice’ protestant denominations embracing the Vatican.
          The ones that haven’t yet, don’t preach the Gospel anyway, ( Hence the term – Churchianity ).
          A few will remain solidly with God. Very few.
          On a separate note;the system won’t be communism, it will be
          ‘democracy’. Hence why every military adventure is done in it’s name.
          It will be ‘equal’ and ‘fair’, (lol).

          • GSOB

            Mystery Babylon – It ain’t the Roman Catholic Church. Sounds like you are part of the local church doctrine, also known as “The Lord’s Recovery”, who espouse your interpretation.

        • GSOB

          Fulfilled. Not about the US and we ain’t the terminal generation either.

      • Democratic world federalism is not a bad idea to rein in the big banks and corporations, who are for all intents and purposes the Antichrist/Kali/False Messiah/any religion’s corrupting figure. Don’t attack world government itself, but the specific form of world government that is solidifying now.

        • 35wormhole

          communism is a failure

          • And the relevance of this statement to mine was, exactly, what?

    • TK


  • K

    Michael, the nation may have been stunned. But I do not think many here were. The Federal Government has been preparing for Martial law, for the last 4 years at least. But first they need to make the uninformed, and uninvolved citizens want it. When the big cities become violent enough. When the violence starts spilling out of the cities, into the surrounding areas. The majority of the citizens, will not only accept martial law, they will demand it. On that day, what is left of this once great Republic, dies.

    • Mike Smithy

      As usual, your insights are right on target. This is an engineered crisis by President Zero and his leftist zealots. Buy guns and ammo while you still can. The police will not be able to defend you and your family when SHTF. It’s on like Donkey Kong

      • I second what you’ve said, Mike. K is absolutely right and anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear it.

      • neal

        The police won’t be able to protect the elites or their families either. The 17 year old son of the mayor of Chicago has been mugged (minor injuries) and robbed just a few houses down from his fathers house in an upscale area. Not much benefit to them if they loot billions and suppress liberty if they end up prisoners in their own homes because they have made the streets too dangerous to take a stroll in.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Neal: In many banana republics, the elite need bodyguards because violent crime is so pervasive and los policías are for sale to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder might be a gang of well-organized thugs that specialize in kidnapping for ransom and paying off the policías. Never skimp on a bodyguard in Honduras or Venezuela because kidnapper gangs are very good at paying off bodyguards.

          • jaxon64

            El Pollo–excellent insight again. America can’t comprehend with our normalcy bias how susceptable ANYONE is. Especially once the facade of civility erodes…….
            Case in Point: Not many people understand how powerful Pablo Escobar became. As a criminal and gang leader, he literally spent many years in the open with impunity, while ordering assasinations of cartel competition and all politicians who even remotely hinted that they were going to try and shut him and his murderous gangs down–even presidential candidates were murdered in the open public on national TV..
            It wasn’t until the US military became involved and finally ended escobar…
            Those who forget history……

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Jaxon: In Colombia, Pablo Escobar was so powerful at one point that some colombianos called him “the Bill Gates of drug lords.” In Medellin, the cartel’s drug money was a big part of the local economy. Then he was killed, and in more recent years, El Chapo Guzmán in México was the “Bill Gates of narcotraficantes.” Some of my fellow Americans are naive enough think that the BRA economy is on the mend, Bailout Barack is leading us to the promised land, and the types of things happening in México can’t happen here……..not so. All hell can easily break loose in the BRA if there’s another banking meltdown as bad as 2008 (or at lot worse, actually) and the policías respond by cracking heads.

          • “Facade of civility”..I love that so poignant and true.

      • Obama is hardly a “leftist zealot”. When was the last time we saw him giving over control of large businesses directly to workers? When was the last time he nationalized the currency system and took it out of the hands of private banks? Obama is a capitalist through and through, who uses welfare checks to buy off the populace and patch up an ultimately flawed economic system.

        • Mike Smithy

          By his own admission he is a proponent of income re-distribution. That is a leftist principle.

          • The bulk of the redistribution happening is upwards – free loans to banks, rising corporate profits, 20% of GDP going into interest on debt public and private. The interest on the national debt is set to reach about $900bn per annum in a decade, and much of it will flow to the banks that hold and securitize government debt. That is an amount greater than any one of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or other “welfare” programs.

            Many of the leftists I’ve spoken to believe that income redistribution (outside of benefits for the young, old, sick, disabled, and healthcare) is a symptom of a much deeper problem with capitalism, and not an end in itself.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            Of course they believe that, they’re leftists. There are varying degrees of what people would term economic success in both socialist models and free market capitalism. From Venezuela to Sweden your mileage will vary. However almost all economies, no matter what labels they will be assigned, have identifiable elements of both socialism and free market capitalism that are intertwined.

          • Liberty First

            Why do you mistake this for capitalism? It is fascism – socialism by another name – as true capitalism does not involve this. Those socialists have more blood on their hands than any capitalist. True capitalism is basically what we had until the 1950s or a bit later. Nobody gets bailouts, govt. generally stays out of the way (there is no upward or downward flow of govt. money), etc.

          • T.

            You are wasting your time with this guy. I went through the same drill with him a week ago on a true capitalism – Like talkin to a wall.

          • Zoob La Zoob

            2016 will be A burt year.

          • “True capitalism” still involves dictatorial control over the economy by shareholders, since shareholder control over large enterprises is the defining characteristic of capitalism. When shareholders and the executives they hire care for their workers the results of capitalism are good and wealth redistribution is not generally needed to those who can work. When shareholders become rent seekers and bloodsuckers and executives are paid in stock to get them to be the same, the results are the failing society that we have now.

            Much as a benevolent dictatorship can be the best form of government, benevolent capitalism can be the best form of economics. However, just as political democracy ensures that benevolent dictators do not give way to abusive ones, so economic democracy will ensure that benefits to workers will not be taken away by the rich.

            Furthermore, the “true capitalism” of the 1950s was created on the heels of a crisis for capitalism, with a resurgent Progressive Party losing the election primarily due to Dems and Reps working together to drum up fear of “commienism”. Workers, who had fought hard to win WWII against fascism, demanded recompense for their efforts. The Pax Americana was more a result of fear than love of working people.

          • Mike Smithy

            True Capitalism involves risk taking, hard work and initiative. Therefore they deserve a bigger piece of the pie.

          • “True Capitalism involves risk taking, hard work and innovation. Therefore, if successful, they deserve to be rewarded for their effort. Conversely, they will suffer the consequences for failure.”

            True Capitalism rewards those who perform rent-seeking activities and who extract value from what already exists, not those who boldly innovate and pursue new ideas. That is the essence of publicly traded stock – those who contribute the capital have control over the company and its revenues, not those who contribute ideas or labor. Is this a system that leads to innovation?

            “Why do you believe the un-motivated burger flippin schlep deserves an equal share?”

            I never said a word about equal compensation, I spoke of an equal vote in corporate affairs. Those two are different entirely, much as campaign financing is distinct from voting.

          • Michael Griffith

            “those who contribute the capital have control over the company and its
            revenues, not those who contribute ideas or labor. Is this a system that
            leads to innovation?”

            Yes, apparently it is. The USA innovates a heck of a lot more than most countries on earth, from Tech to Pharma to Machinery we innovate quite well here despite what you believe.

          • The US is hardly “innovative” anymore. On the whole it is a financialized morass where industry is in decline and financial innovation is the most lucrative form of innovation.

          • GSOB

            You advocate socialism.
            Enough said already/

          • ScroodeMcDuck

            It is corporatism and has nothing to do with free markets.

          • “True” capitalism and “corporatist” capitalism are analogous to benevolent and malevolent dictatorship in the political sphere. Even though benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government it is hardly desirable because he who follows a benevolent dictator may lack the foresight and sense of justice that gave his predecessor benevolence. Thus political democracy was widely adopted. In a similar vein we need to adopt economic democracy, i. e. socialism built around workers’ self-management.

          • GSOB

            “True” capitalism and “corporatist” capitalism are analogous to benevolent and malevolent dictatorship in the political sphere.”
            Do you get this funny stuff from your own head?

          • Capitalism *is* dictatorship, with decisions of economic allocation being made by shareholders and not by those who produce economic output. Such externally imposed decisions can be either benevolent or malevolent.

          • dextermassolettisr

            What’s the matter, your free cell phone not working?
            Talking of this ‘government,’ you have much to learn.

          • I try NOT to talk to leftists if at all possible..But then again almost any Democrappers is one…not that the Repulicators are any better overall…just in the script you know. In the end they are mostly (99/9?%) useful idiots for their owners.

          • Income redistribution is a right-wing constant and an indisputable fact already. The super rich are richer than monarchs in the Middle Ages, and it has little to do with their productivity, and everything to do with buying governments to advance their interests by rigging the markets and suffering – nay, applauding, even – their criminal activities.

          • Mike Smithy

            My metric for right wing conservatism is Ronald Reagan. Please specify how Reagan was complicit in a scheme to re-distribute income?

          • Understand that when I say right-wing, I mean both left, and right-liberals, who now reside under the shared umbrella of neoliberalism: non-productive finacialization of economies, “rigged markets,” and neo-colonial resource extraction driven by the Washington Consensus; implemented by the IMF, WB, WTO and a slew of international and national Alphabet soup of institutions.

            Google wealth inequality under images, say, 1975-2014, and look at the graphs…

          • rn

            doubling payroll taxes for one….

          • Bill Rood

            For the previous 10 years, inflation had created what was called “bracket creep,” which was killing the middle class with high marginal rates, reducing the productive workers’ incentive to work hard and arguably contributed greatly to supply side problems. The Reagan Administration, with help from Democrats in Congress, took advantage of this to push through cuts on all income tax brackets, including the top bracket. An alternative would have been to index the tax brackets to inflation, leaving in place the top brackets for the extremely wealthy.

            Then, later in Reagan’s Presidency, we had huge deficits. A great stink was made about the “insolvency” of Social Security and the problems that would occur when baby boomers retired, so Ds and Rs again colluded to con the 99% once again by raising FICA beyond what was necessary for pay as you go.

            It was claimed that this would fix the baby boomer problem by depositing the extra FICA payments in the Social Security Trust Fund, which could then be drawn down when baby boomers retired. That might have been a good idea if the Trust Fund had been allowed to invest in non-government securities, where for the past 25 years the returns would have been far greater than Treasuries. Instead, the Fund was required to invest only in US Treasury securities.

            Thus, the Social Security Trust Fund was a captive of the US Treasury and could invest only in T-bills. The result is that your extremely regressive FICA taxes have been used for day to day Federal Government expenses and to offset the Treasury deficit. This made it possible to grant even greater tax cuts to the 1%, which also happens to be the group that benefits most from government expenditures, especially for weapons. What little benefit the middle class and lower classes got from the “safety net” was later taken away by Clinton, due to partly to Reagan’s invention of the “welfare queen.”

            Now, after years of you subsidizing the 1% through your FICA taxes, they’re trying to tell you that Social Security is in trouble and needs to be fixed.

            That was the biggest theft, and Reagan was certainly complicit, though Ds, especially Daniel Patrick Moynihan, helped a lot.

            Of course, there were other actions by Reagan that helped distribute income upward to the 1%. He initiated the war against unions by making it clear to employers that the NLRB under Reagan would go light on employers who violated the law by intimidating and retaliating against workers who attempted to organize, etc.

            But Reagan was a piker compared to Clinton, who destroyed unions with NAFTA.

          • Priszilla

            What has he done in that regard? Spent the income of the state on guns and banks? How is that leftist? If he were a leftist zealot he’d nationalise banks and arms manufacturers to reduce income tax.

          • Mike Smithy

            He has essentially nationalized the banks via injections of QE and “bail-in legislation. To your second point;, leftists love taxes and the more draconian the better. What does this have to do with weapons manufacturing and reduced income taxes? Your argument is incoherent. Please clarify.

          • Gay Veteran

            Wall Street banksters control the politicians, not the other way around

          • Don’t ignore of course that the politicians are taking their cut. With few exceptions, it’s not exactly “plata o plomo” which takes place with the Mexican cartels.

          • Gay Veteran

            The politicians engage in insider stock trading (illegal if us peons did it).
            And become corporate board of directors after they retire from the public trough.

          • “To your second point;, leftists love taxes and the more draconian the better.”

            What you are describing is social democracy, a halfway house to socialism but a flawed model that currently exists in Europe. That model stops short of full workers’ self-management, and requires major taxation to support a social welfare state. Furthermore, the taxation is perpetuated by the interest on the debt that it brings, requiring further taxation.

          • sharonsj

            A nationalised bank is owned by the government rather than by private owners. QE is being done by the Fed, not the government. So you don’t know what you’re talking about either.

          • The Fed is staffed with former bankers through the revolving door; moreover, two-thirds of the stock of all Federal Reserve Banks, which are responsible for bank regulation, are owned by private banks and only one-third is owned by the government. Sorry, but any institution that is 66% privately owned is generally not considered public and nationalized.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            He did nationalize them through backdoor methods; policy, bureaucracy, government purchasing and taxation. Remember all those billions of ammo rounds orders? That was to drive up demand and create scarcity.

          • Priszilla

            And all their profit goes to the state? I don’t think so.
            The ammo orders only served to flush tax money into private pockets.

          • Mike Smithy

            Yes, the profit goes into private pockets and then the politicians receive kickbacks in the form of junkets and campaign contributions.

          • Priszilla

            See also Eisenhower:

            And then think of all the online war games, and recent end of days movies, Battleship, etc.

            Solution? Not easy. “The Art of War” gives some clues:
            Heroes are dead, cowards survive to win.

            The farther away from home you fight, the more disadvantage you have with logistics. And the more expensive the war will be for you.

            “The Art of War” is a very small book. And written in Chinese. Even the translation isn’t as easy understood as a Disney Comic.

            But still, easy to carry, readible without the need for batteries and chargers and Internet.

        • FortuneSeek3rz

          Obamacare is a socialist economic model through and through. The only flaws that exist are inherent in humans. Unethical conduct is going to follow any economic model underwritten by man.

          • No, ObamaCare forces people to purchase products from private companies and is not a single-payer system.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            “Obamacare is not socialized health medicine. It is forcing the people of the United States to buy health insurace from private, giant insurance companies.
            Obamacare is the merger of state and corporate powers, which is called
            fascism.”—Gerald Celente

          • Gay Veteran

            your comments will fly over the heads of some of the fools who post here

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            And both forced purchases and single-payer are unconstitutional, immoral, and unethical.

          • Priszilla

            Would you agree to destroy all insurance companies and schemes as they are the core of socialism?

          • Lorungee


          • Priszilla

            including all the pension schemes, fire insurance, home insurance, accident insurance? You’d have to pay a lot more for single services.

          • Lorungee

            Out of all the schemes you mentioned, the one that should be investigated, then destroyed would be home owners insurance because it is the most operated like a public fraud. Most claims submitted are denied for various reasons. These claims are then most likely sent to our clogged justice system for adjudication.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            I think we should get rid of the mandate that people participate in an insurance policy. Give people the choice! That would be much less socialist.

          • Priszilla

            Insurance companies are privatelyt owned capitalist companies.
            Those capitalist companies use the capitalist state to make people pay them money to increase their profit.
            Don’t quite understand what’s socialist about that.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Agreed. Insurance is a choice.

          • Gay Veteran

            subject ALL aspects of the medical industry to anti-monopoly laws and you will see prices drop by over 50% (see libertarian Karl Denninger on Market Ticker)

        • TK

          Word! +1

        • Liberty First

          Nonsense. He is a fascist, in the vein of national socialism of a different variety.

          • National Socialism was diametrically opposed to “cultural Bolshevism” and gave great importance to private property. Sounds a lot like the Obama regime, indeed.

          • Hammerstrike

            National-socialism, social democracy, bolchevism and fascism are all the exact same thing with different flags, I read that on the internets.

            I don´t know anything about any of these except that they were police states reducing black people to slavery and the corporation-state merging something… so I must be right.

            ****ing fascisms, how do they work?

          • GSOB

            Nothing could be more silent or unobserved by the men of the world, or more unlikely to form the beginning of a new world-power than Christianity.

        • gfmucci

          Really…zero can only do so much so fast. His background, associations, church memberships and actions scream what he would like to do – and it reaks Communism, Islamism, and Fascism in every counterintuitive, inciting, destructive word he utters.

          • Communism, Islamism, and Fascism are three diametrically opposed philosophies. I agree that O’bummer is a failure, but to call him all of those three things at once is ridiculous.

          • neal

            Islam is not opposed to many aspects of communism; both oppose democracy, choice, freedom of religion.and the rights of parents to educate their children in anything but the approved doctrine.
            Communism and fascism are just different forms of socialism with the main difference being that fascists use the productivity of private enterprise to support their statist goals whilst communists just skip the stages of using private enterprise to reach their statist goals.
            There are hundreds of types of communists (marxists, maoists, leninists, trotskyites, reds, blues etc) with thousands of sub factions so they have a smorgasbord of philosophic ideas to pick from.
            There are groups like the Pan Islamic International Party Of Proletarian Islam; MEK and other islamic communist organisations. Groups like the Ikhwan are very fascist in their methods and ideologies.
            Obummer can pick and choose different parts of all three philosophies so it isn’t ridiculous to claim he champions all 3 at once.

          • John Gundersen

            Indeed! And Communists, socialists, national-socialists (nazis) and fascists, they all have a common ancestor…

          • sandra schmidt

            Who is that? Satan?

          • John Gundersen

            Sort of – Karl Marx

          • Priszilla

            Well fascism is a form of capitalism to maximise profits, while communism is when free people all over the world decide to ditch their masters in government and boards and reap the fruits of their work themselves without feeding fat cats who don’t work.
            It’s also called a classless society.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Lol, your posts are so entertaining.

          • Looks like you want to go back to the corporate plantation to make money for massa.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            because your posts display shocking levels of ignorance?

        • Jim

          Yep. He supported big banks after the 2008 debacle. He supports the
          Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP “free-trade agreement” will
          give special benefits to firms that relocate investment and jobs.outside
          the US, it attacks U.S. Environmental and Health Laws, and It will roll
          back Wall Street reforms. The TPP is being pushed by large corporations, and our president, and negotiated in secret, behind closed doors. Google: The TPP
          Does not bode well for our freedoms, but nothing else does either in our country.

        • afchief

          Why don’t you move to Cuba? You should feel right at home there.

          • Gay Veteran

            what a moronic response

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          He and the Leftists (Socialists, Fascists, Communists, National Socialists, Progressives, etc.) usurped power and support insurrection. Everything else he and his are doing is just gravy.

          By the way: “We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with it’s unfair salaries, with it’s unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” – Adolph Hitler; May 1, 1927

          • By the way: “We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with it’s unfair salaries, with it’s unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” – Adolph Hitler; May 1, 1927

            Adolf Hitler’s national socialism placed first and foremost the protection of private property, with its attendant private banks, industries, and economic control. His taxes on the wealthy even toward the end of the war were lower even than those found in Britain, the birthplace of capitalism. Hitler only opposed capitalism inasmuch as he saw it as a Jewish plot to dominate the world and had no qualms about working with noted capitalists Henry Ford, Alfred P. Sloan, Prescott Bush, Gunther Quandt (whose descendants to this day own 47% of BMW), and others. Those industrialists and bankers made significant profit, while Hitler’s Germany gained in return their collaboration in the war.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            I searched your responses for comparisons to authors and found no hits.

            Here’s my take: socialism is an umbrella term. Encyclopedia Britannica has one definition, Merriam Webster has another, Wikipedia another, and so on and so on. Even asked around for years from multiple people and got very different answers. So, as far as one can tell, socialism is defined by the individual wanting to be in charge.

            And if one looks at the result of socialism; the best definition is, “Satisfy the mental illness desires of the leader via war and baby said leader to a ‘me’ party for the rest of their life.” That’s all socialism is.

            Look at Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Obama, Wilson, Johnson, Robespierre, Caesar, Attila, Khan, and on and on and on… it’s one of the oldest stories of mankind.

            Sorry, mate. Not gonna support you as dearest leader.

          • “Me party”? The economic model I proposed was tried, with great success, in the former Yugoslavia. Growth was 6% a year, and could have been higher were it not under constant fear of attack by the Soviet Union or United States.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Wait, we were threatening Yugoslavia? For what? Oh right – mass murder.

            It was under control of the tyrant Marshal Tito; a commie butcher! That 6% growth was artificial. His regime was modeled after the Soviet Union and fell just as hard.

            No; this is not the model you’re proposing. Killing opposition and having a Soviet like prison isn’t gonna happen.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Addendum: Tito’s regime has a body count of approximately 200,000 human souls between 1944-1980.

          • The only source I could find for you was a page on the purges of 1944-1945. During this time period Yugoslavia was coming under the iron curtain of Stalinism, which it was able to exit ca. 1949. After that date I have not been able to find any evidence of mass murder by the Yugoslav regime.

            Your might as well state that the firebombings of German cities during World War II, which caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, were “blood on the hands” of the capitalist Americans, British, and French. But of course, capitalism can do no wrong, so you ignore that.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Okay, let’s have it out. Here is a comprehensive list of death tolls from the US Civil War to the 21st Century:

            US Civil War (Democrats Slavers Seceded) (1861-1865): 650,000
            Congo Free State War (1886-1908): 8,000,000
            Philippine Insurgency (1899-1902): 220,000
            Brazil (1900-Present): 500,000
            Amazonia (1900-1912): 250,000
            Portuguese Colonies (1900-1925): 325,000
            French Colonies (1900-1925): 200,000
            Japanese War (1904-1905): 130,000
            Mexico (1910-1920): 1,000,000
            Lybia (1911-1931): 125,000
            Balkan Wars (1912-1913): 140,000
            First World War (1914-1918): 15,000,000
            Turkish Massacre of Armenians (1915-1923): 1,500,000
            Russian Civil War (1917-1922): 9,000,000
            China (1917-1928): 800,000
            Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922): 250,000
            Soviet Union under Stalin (1924-1953): 20,000,000
            China during Nationalism (1928-1937): 3,100,000
            Abyssinian Conquest (1935-1941): 400,000
            Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): 365,000
            Second World War (1937 – 1945):
            Franco Regime (1939-1975): 100,000
            Finnish “Winter” War (1939-1940): 150,000
            Greek Civil War (1943-1949): 158,000
            Yugoslavia under Tito (1944-1980): 200,000
            Chinese Civil War (1945-1949): 2,500,000
            First Indochina War (1945-1954): 400,000
            Colombia (1946-1958): 200,000
            India (1947): 500,000
            Romania (1948-1989): 150,000
            North Korea (1948-present): 2,000,000 est.
            Burma/Myanmar (1948-Present): 130,000
            PRC under Mao (1949-1975): 40,000,000
            Tibet Invasion (1950-today): 600,000
            Korean War (1950-1953): 2,800,000
            Algeria (1954-1962): 537,000
            Sudan (1955-1972): 500,000
            Rwanda and Burundi (1959-1995): 1,350,000
            Second Indochina War (1960-1975):
            Guatemala (1960-1996): 200,000
            Ethiopian Socialism (1962-1992): 400,000
            Indonesia (1965-1966): 400,000
            Nigerian Conflict (1966-1970): 1,000,000 Bangladesh Conflict (1971):
            Uganda under Idi Amin (1972-1979): 300,000
            Vietnam under Communism (1975-Present): 430,000
            Angola (1975-2002): 550,000
            East Timor (1975-1999): 200,000
            Mozambique (1975-1992): 1,000,000
            Khmer Rogue in Cambodia (1975-1978): 1,650,000
            Lebanon (1975-1990): 150,000
            Cambodian Civil War (1978-1991): 225,000
            Iraq under Saddam Hussain and Afterward (1979-2003; 2003-Present): 650,000
            Uganda (1979-1986): 300,000
            Afghanistan takeover by Taliban (1979 – 2001): 1,800,000
            Kurdistan (1980’s-1990’s): 300,000
            Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988): 1,000,000
            Sudan (1983-Present): 1,900,000
            Liberia (1989-1997): 150,000
            Somalia (1991-Present): 400,000
            Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995): 175,000
            Kinshasa, Congo (1998-Present): 3,800,000

            The vast majority are directly the result of socialists, progressives, totalitarians, nationalists, communists, fascists, baathists, democrats, imperialists, and so on. This is the reason people oppose socialism and any form of one person being raised greater than another. You try can hiding your desire to oppress in minutia and definitions – you can’t hide all the corpses.

            Big thanks to Dr. David Berlinski for most of these numbers.

          • So I have a desire to oppress and murder while good capitalists do not. And again, your Yugoslavia under Tito figure only applies to the period of 1945-1949 during which it was a Stalinist state, not to the period thereafter. I could find no evidence of mass murder following 1949.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Show me the actual death toll from capitalism.

            I can show you deaths in factories and how it’s connected to Wilson’s progressive era. I can show you accidents that are resultant from neglegence, criminal actions, organized crime (prevalent in any society), but actual deaths from a capitalist ideology would be interesting.

          • Furthermore, I am not advocating Stalinism or fascism, the most deadly ideologies causing the death tolls above. I have offered a specific political and economic model, which has not in its period of application (1949-1980 Yugoslavia) been known to cause any mass deaths.

            Capitalism, however, and the human greed that it prizes, has been responsible for a vast number of deaths in the resource wars that you mention above. Furthermore, Stalin and Hitler had no qualms about working with international capitalists; the former worked with Henry Ford, Prescott Bush (grandfather of G. H. W. Bush), and other infamous figures while the latter gave government contracts to Grandpa Koch.

            Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge was, in any case, supported heavily by the United States in its overthrow of the (admittedly corrupt) Lon Nol regime, which had in turn overthrown the Kingdom of Cambodia. Furthermore, it was supported by Communist China, among the worst of the communist states, in the ensuing fight against the Soviet-supported Vietnamese. China fought the Vietnamese army at Vietnam’s border with China, which held up the much-needed invasion of Cambodia; in return, the US diplomatically recognized the People’s Republic.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            So, a massive amount of dead isn’t enough?

            We have socialism in the US – the socialist state is what’s collapsing right now. And the solution to so many deaths and losses is to do international socialism? No. No more dictators – no more ruling classes – no more me parties.

            The socialist state in the US must be displaced (either by our will or allowing it to burn out) to the history books as another mistake. And I’m more than happy to work on other projects and let it die.

          • GSOB

            All economic systems reflect the intrinsic self concern of human beings.

            Under capitalism, a business prospers only if customers voluntarily trade for its output.

            Profit is a measure of how well a company has served others.

          • Capitalism can be boiled down to private ownership of enterprises by shareholders, who may or may not partake in the labor required to generate its profits. Socialism, however, is best described as “From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution.” It allows for corporate profits to be disposed in accordance with the wishes of those who worked to produce them, not those who merely purchased stock.

          • GSOB

            All you are doing is describing the workings of the stock market …. which in a capitalistic, free market economy without -government intervention – is the normal progress of this economic system, not to it’s demise.

            What you seem to suggest is that at its best, you detest, because you are a socialist …..
            wanting control of the resources so as to spread it equally among the consumer to make them all happy with ‘fair share’ = everyone is miserable because it is enforced by 3rd party,… the government.

            Is that what you really want? In order for your socialism to work, the system you dream of, it’ll need government intervention to enforce people to comply to it or be fined.

            I’m sorry, I disagree with your platform and you may think of me a capitalist pig if you’d like.

          • Priszilla

            By the way,
            I am the Emperor of China.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            That does explain a lot.

        • Georgiaboy61

          Obama isn’t a capitalist through and through; he is a fascist right down to his bones.

          • Fascism is the end stage of capitalism in which corporations merge with the state for private benefit.

          • GSOB

            Fascism destroys capitalism,…. a socialist agenda imposed by the government.
            Facism is not capitalism.

          • If fascism is not capitalism then Stalinism is not socialism. Agreed?

        • Paul

          Obama is neither Left or Right. He’s just the puppet that reads the teleprompter.

      • Zoob La Zoob

        Some one should shoot the damn devil instead of cops. That will end it all there.

      • Hammerstrike

        A whole lot of families are just not going to survive the totalitarian superstate in the long run, now are they?

        Those who do not wish to be serfs must at some point get organized on a larger scale, kind of like what happened in the 1770s.

      • Richard R.

        Winner winner chicken dinner!

    • Hot Rain

      The Perfect Storm has begun. We read and wait. The wait is over. Viewer discretion is advised.
      Amnesty, Hyperinflation, Food Riots, RACE WARS. We are in the End Game for the dollar. Fast forward to the day the dollar dies. The bankers collapse the stock and bond markets. Millions of investors around the world are ruined as Wall Street and the City of London rake in trillions. As the dollar plummets, prices shoot up in a few days. 48 million Food Stamp recipients will not be able to buy enough food. The bottom 100 million will become desperate. Within days the riots will start. The whole country will be consumed with Nationwide Food Riots. And two million Gang Bangers will lead the way. And not just killing our police.
      America by design has an abysmal education system which turns out 1 million 18 year olds a year incapable of doing much of anything. They resort to drug dealing and joining gangs. That is why gang memberships are growing 40% every four years. We our on track to have 1,960,000 in 2015.
      Obama has American TelePrompter Readers in Central America and Mexico. Our borders are wide open invitation centers. What kind of work Owill they find? Their skills are drug dealing, murder, torture, extortion..MS-13 are vicious cop killers. Thousands of ‘Gang Tattoos’ are being waived into the US. The Zetas were trained by US Special forces. They are ruthless. Many, many are juveniles.
      The government is building racial resentment by allowing millions of illegals to get welfare and medical treatment denied to native blacks and whites. This rush of Amnesty for illegals, many with TB, will bankrupt our cities, health, jails, schools,..fueling resentment.
      The purpose of this? To stop us from rising up against the American government and Wall Street thugs.
      When America is truly on her knees, the Bankers will release a few Plagues to full the herds of “useless eaters”..They are testing the waters now.

      • T.

        The picture you portray is UGLY – Sadly, it is also True.

        • Hot Rain

          Please, if you live in a city or suburb, move.

      • sherlock32555

        Its coming and this is what they want. The people will play right into their hands. I have been seeing this for years . they want to destroy our great nation and the people have just bought it line hook and sinker! People had better wakeup before its to late which I fear it is to late now.

      • none

        And who says that we cannot make anything in America anymore?
        Can anyone deny that this isn’t “American know how”?

        • HotRain

          Please, get yourself, family, animals to a safe place.

          • Noah

            Just today on lunch break as I was walking by a large patch of flaming azaleas in front of my office building, a rather high pitched (think General George Patton) disembodied voice spoke to me out of the flaming conflagration of beautiful and nice smelling flowers and told me to quit my job immediately and go home and start building an ark…..I did just that but when I got home and changed my clothes I then realized I should have stopped at Lowe’s first. Boy is my wife miffed!

          • John Byde

            Like Ukraine.

      • Handog

        Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine.

      • Hammerstrike

        They are simply building-up the manpower, the infantry needed to take dictatorial control of the North American continent.

        • Gay Veteran

          they’re arrogant morons, they couldn’t defeat goat herders in Afghanistan

      • Ubwart

        I think a civil war is in the not too distant future. The constitution, after it is over will have to be rewritten. Universal suffrage is a bad thing. You are on the government dole, you don’t get to vote. Birthright citizenship will be cancelled. The second amendment will have to be strengthened.

  • gfmucci

    I fear this: Just as our troops overseas are being handcuffed with untenable “rules of engagement” and being used as “nation builders” and Ebola helpers, our police departments will be transformed into social workers and community organizers. Our ghettos of all colors will become “no go zones”. The influx of Muslims will merge with the radical left. Most urban areas of the US will become the sole domain of gangs, tribes and anarchist where the rule of law is despised and ignored.

    • Hot Rain

      YES. But it’s coming fast. How much longer until chaos? Any theory?
      Oh, and the Antichrist is already in office.

      • Zoob La Zoob

        Get ready for the year 2016. That will be A bad evil burt year.

      • GSOB

        Your theology is skewed by your eschatology.

    • Priszilla

      So why only America has troops overseas?

    • Of course. International law means nothing when we are fighting “terrorism”. That is exactly the mentality that enables fascism at home.

    • Gay Veteran


    • Gay Veteran

      “…Just as our troops overseas are being handcuffed with untenable “rules of engagement”….”

      simple solution, NO foreign entanglements

  • Tim

    Just posted on Zero Hedge: Two more police officers were shot today, one in St. Louis, MO and one in Tarpon Springs, FL. The officer in St. Louis is in critical condition. The officer in FL was killed. The FL officer was a father of 5 children.

    • Old timer

      113 officers have been shot this year. It’s interesting how the media picks and chooses the ones to report on national news…

      • alan

        Yep, the media loves to stir up $hit.

    • HotRain

      1 officer killed in Pensacola, Florida yesterday.

  • cateye

    Get ready the best you can, things are about to get real bad.

  • Bill

    And where is leadership at the top when we need it? The imposter evidently had a good chat with the instigators before slipping out of town for another vacation. Now they raise his favoribility numbers–for what? The guy is pathetic. He should be offering condolences but he’s too busy with r & r. It is so obvious his agenda is destruction of America.

  • rentslave

    “If you like your dead cops,you can keep your dead cops”.For what is Mike Zullo waiting?Obama is weakened now.Zullo should come in with the evidence he has on this fraud.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Too little too late

  • ivor biggin

    Obama has two years left and wants a legacy.

    What better legacy than destroying America and starting WW3.

  • Paul

    What I thought was also sickening was the comment “I’m putting wings on Pigs today got 173 likes.

    • GSOB

      Small number. Remember,…. there always that 10%

  • Kent Harris

    Maybe whites should come together and join their local state militias. Militias would deter groups that would mean this country harm. Latinos, blacks, leftists and muslims do not respect the rule of law and as such one has to be able to decide is this country worth fighting for. Forget about being politically correct and choose to fight because there are heros and there are villians and which side you choose at the end of the day is the most important decision one has to make.

    • Mike Smithy

      You should read “Stop the Coming Civil War” by Michael Savage.

    • Gay Veteran

      what bilge

  • rentslave

    BREAKING NEWS-Al Sharpton has just claimed that Bernie Goetz-having a 30th Anniversary celebration-shot yesterday’s double cop killer when he went into the subway.

  • “And the reality of the matter is that we have made their jobs so much tougher.” Michael, please define “we”.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      Chris visit the Gates of Hell lately?

  • Orange Jean

    Well it’s obvious that YOU are a leftist and you already told us you are a socialist… but not so many of the other readers are. I for one am not!

    • Gay Veteran

      can you squack “leftist” and “socialist” some more?

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Some people on here just want power handed to them without getting their hands dirty. Absolutely right, O Jean. Love your posts!

  • :(

    2015 pray for the best… but expect the worst

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Libertarian Alex Jones has said that as The Banana Republic of America continues to rot, decay and slide deeper and deeper into the abyss, Americans will be “sandwiched between authoritarian rule and street thugs.” Bingo. You know you are truly living in a Third World nightmare when the street thugs and the militarized policías are equally treacherous. And things are going down exactly as Alex Jones has been predicting.

    The militarized policías are out of control. They’re tossing stun grenades into babies cribs, they’re murdering 92-year-old women in their beds (Katherine Johnston), they’re stealing your cash on the pretense that it’s drug money even when no drugs are anywhere to be found (asset forfeiture), they’re terrorizing Americans with SWAT teams left and right. And when street thug Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley and other useful idiots commit terrorist acts or when thugs in Ferguson loot businesses, that brings joy to the hearts of the fascist bankster junta that controls the BRA because it gives them excuses to ramp up the police state even more. Martial law is coming, and it won’t be pretty. The bankster junta will not tolerate dissent when the next major banking crisis occurs. Their role models are Mussolini, Franco, Trujillo, Somoza, and Pinochet, and that model will be implemented in the FEMA death camps that await us. These are dark, hellish times in the BRA.

    In the words of Gerald Celente, “next train to Auschwitz, all aboard. Forget those calories, you’re not going to need them.”

  • Liberty First

    Michael, I think we are indeed on the verge of a tipping point of some kind, just one in what will be a number of them. Let me state that I have worked in law enforcement and while there are certainly some bad apples, by far the vast majority of cops are decent, hard working people. It is a difficult job. People do not understand how challenging the occupation can be – one must know the law inside and out, respond within the confounds of that law in very dangerous situations, and deal with politics constantly. I really learned to admire them.

    But as the govt. continues its crackdown on our individual liberties – taxing cigarettes, regulating the minutiae in out lives, cops are brought into situations where they really have no business being. And throw in, like you say, the Islamic population growth, massive influx of often dangerous illegals, and you have a time bomb.

    Right now I think order can be maintained, though it is clear that there is a very large, dug-in group of (literal) Marxist revolutionaries in this nation, among us, who have no desire or intention to change their radical goals. They will not disappear. As these demonstrations continue to grow, like you say, more and more average people will realize we have a serious problem in our midst. I personally think that there is indeed a low level type of war going on.

    The problem is that if we have a serious economic crisis, which we will sooner or later, all hell will break loose. The govt. may well try to impose even more strict crackdowns, in the socialist tradition, and many of us do not want that sort of thing. It does make you wonder.

    Argentina under Peron comes to mind. But we have guns in this country. It could get ugly. I am a total pacifist for the most part, but can tell you that I like freedom and liberty and have no intention of being savaged by anybody, black or white. Will likely move out of the country, but if here, I and I know millions of others plan to stand our ground and say enough is enough.

    Great column.

    • Priszilla

      Cops have the job to secure the status quo. They are part of the system.

      • Paul F

        There are still good cops out there that struggle against a corrupt system to do the right thing. Not ever cop is bad and is apart of some conspiracy theme to destroy and control the American people. Most cops just want to do their job and go home safe at night to their own families. Yes, there are many corrupt cops (thugs behind badges) but the same applies to every American citizen. Who is the person sitting beside you at the red light? Not every person going down the road is good, yet, we take our chances daily by leaving our own homes. If we support out local police department and become involved, then we can have positive change. If we continue to throw police in the negative we will only cause a divide. There will always be bad cops (power hungry thugs that deserve prison) but there will also be good cops, good men and women who care. Cops, like the general public, are thrown into one big pot, and you just have to take out the bad from the good.

        • K

          Really there are good cops? Where are they? Frank Serpico was a good cop. Where are today’s version, of Frank. A cop who stays silent when he sees corruption, is he truly good? A cop who sees the thugs in uniform, abuse the public. And yet stays silent, is he good? Does it even matter, if there are any good cops? If they all stay silent, in the face of evil.

          • T.

            My son is one of many Thousands. Thank God they are there protecting communities across this nation in often times dangerous and life threatening situations.

          • K

            I should have been more specific. I meant, where are the good cops? In the departments that are known for corruption, and having thugs. I am sure there are departments that are run honestly. There are just so many departments that are corrupt, I sometimes forget there are some that are honest. No disrespect was meant to your son.

          • T.

            Understand. The problem we have is that the bad cops and incidence make the news, but we have thousands of communities across this land and 10’s of thousands of cops doing a great job of serving and protecting their communities daily – without any recognition at all. They are simply doing their job as they should and that does Not require recognition.

          • ScroodeMcDuck

            Please keep in mind that they are people too and like the rest of our population,some are awake and aware and most are not ! Some are playing along with the world order others don’t have a clue what is going on behind the curtain. Education and Knowledge are the only way to counter the deception of TPTB.

          • Paul F

            Just recently a cop in Alabama didn’t arrest a black grandmother for stealing food for her kids at a dollar general–instead he helped her get food and began a food driver for her. Yes, there are still good cops.

          • T.

            Paul as I state above – The news media give so much attention to the “bad cop” and the related incident that a very bad picture is portrayed as being the case EVERWHERE & ALL THE TIME. When in fact the daily incidents served by across the nation – Number in the many 10’s of Thousands. At this point today – It is equivalent to saying, flying is extremely dangerous because of the number of “Crashes” that have occurred this year. Of course, that would fail to take into account the Bigger Picture of the millions of successful flights that have flown.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Yes, there are many corrupt cops (thugs behind badges)….”

          and they are protected by the “good” cops

    • tayronachan

      I’ll stand with those that seek a return to the Constitution as The Law of the Land. That’ll be a had row to plow.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Let me state that I have worked in law enforcement and while there are certainly some bad apples, by far the vast majority of cops are decent, hard working people….”

      BS, the so called “good” cops protect the bad cops.

  • Liberty First

    They will be out of this country so quickly in a crisis you will not be able to count to three.

    • Mighty MightyABN

      Some will but even the small business airports and marinas will be taken over rapidly by prior service military types who have a solid understanding of how our system really runs…and who have a strong sense of justice – albeit rough and quick justice.
      For the ones that do get away….to where? Everyone of the natives will know they are American. The government will freeze and seize any monetary assetts that they off-shored ahead of their escape from America and if the natives are in a sour mood then the rich elite progressives haven’t escaped anything really.

      • Politicians and “elites”? I think they will all go on vacation in Gov;t lanes before the first little drop of SHTF….

    • That “vault” in Norway, citadel in Switzerland or underground in places we don;t even have any conception of as far as security and luxury….IF they get to the airport in time…Maybe Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein will have a flat tire be in a fender bender and ask us in “flyover country for a ride…LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHA..Maybe they will have to stay in the Capitol building in DC AFTER all the Feds desert their posts for their families… and their rural properties in the Shenandoah Valley or Blue Ridge Mtns?

  • neal

    Mike, I’m a licenced bouncer and bodyguard (in Australia). Private security (even police escorts) can only protect against certain threats (like random muggings). If TSHTF then any security detail will be near useless against snipers, IEDs or organised gang assaults/kidnappings.
    Short of them staying put in a bunker like complex they are vulnerable to the societal breakdown that they had a hand in creating.
    Even the security detail of a president won’t guarantee their safety. It wouldn’t be that hard for a determined individual to ensure Biden became president or Chicago needed a new mayor.

    • Of course….the politiwhores in Australia, after that stitch up in Port Arthur was it? several years ago have certainly made it safer there by taking the guns away from those nasty people who actually thought that they or their opinion mattered…How many MPs there have “illegal” MP-5s stashed in the closets? I fear we’ll never know just as Jay Rockefeller used to brag about owning an AR-15 in Georgetown or somewhere in D while making sure the huddled masses would not be troubling his elite conscience before he helped pass the crime bill..limiting us Plebians to 10 rounds to his 20 or 30 or 40 or 100 if he could afford a Betamag drum.Ya’ think?..Maybe if these mutts could spend a week standing at wind chill nightmare bus stops in Cleveland. Denver, or Boston before daybreak to ride the bus to their 8.900 a hour jobs across town they would finally…uh er no…they wouldn’t……Blue Blood will tell don’tcha know?….Maybe your old movie vehicle Mad Max scenario will take place , thanks to the same assholes to whom the first fantasy based one way back in the 70s and 80s could be attributed to..It makes me think of Trading Places from 1983 when Dan Akroyd’s character said the best way to punish rich people was to make them poor… Better buy a set of shoulder pads and a motorcycle….and mount a seat on a jet engine eh?Good luck down under If you get desperate enough I guess you could always put an MP “on the barbie” That’s assuming you could ever get one cleaned…LOL…I hope you can load your pumps fast enough but I know that in the right hands a pump action shotgun of rifle can be run awful fast…Watch 6.

  • Genada

    It’s really not that bad. For how bad things with the economy have been and for how long. Crime has been going down, all sorts of crime.

    You know it’s a real problem when things of this nature become so common as to not warrant any sort of coverage.

  • David Hammond

    As I said before Michael…we are at a movement in time where we have crossed the line of no return. You as a Christian should know what is to come is going to happen. There was a time when God told Jeremiah to not even pray for the people of Israel anymore, that He would not hear his prayers concerning them…I personally believe that we have reached that point here in America. All we can do is remain faithful, and endure until the end.

    • Paul F

      Agree, David. I personally believe 2015 is going to be the year when America falls to its knees because of it sins. YAHWEH’S Judgements are HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS.

      1 Peter Ch 4: 17 For
      the time has come for the judgment to begin. It begins with the
      household of God; and if it starts with us, what will the outcome be for
      those who are disobeying God’s Good News?

      • GSOB

        “the time has come ”
        past tense. Already fulfilled.
        It has come and gone with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, doing away with the OT economy and bringing in the new = Christianity,.. i.e… the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, adorned as a bride made ready for her husband ( the believers in Jesus) the Church!

  • Priszilla

    So there are no more arrests of kindergarten kids for playing doctor? Would be nice.

  • alan

    Bankers got their diversion they needed.

    The media got their hype.

  • MrPissonyourgrave .

    A Civil War is brewing….all it needs is a major spark

    • tayronachan

      The Fourth Turning is heating up.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      I think it’s happened already.

      • MrPissonyourgrave .

        Maybe, time will tell. But the anger is most deff there, people on both sides are pissed.

  • explorer

    Anyone that blows away a Gestapo thug cant be all bad!

  • velisetremis

    The role of the US citizen has become that of a cow to be milked dry and the police have become the ones handed the duty of milking them.
    Fergusson has now projected a budget deficit next year of $1 billion and they plan to cover this shortfall with revenues generated by enforcement of city ordinances like traffic tickets and jaywalking. This harassment of citizens by police for trivial infractions has become a source of over policing and and abuse of citizens as a cash grab. The temperament of police has become one in which only an asshole or psychopath would want this job and to be willing to kill and beat people for these infractions. Aggressively confronting jaywalking or selling a cigarette out of an open pack does not increase community safety, and was not meant by design to substitute for a tax base!

    • Lorungee

      Right on. That man Garner, (or whatever), was killed because you have a case of a man acting as a low level drug dealer, (nicotine), and he had the bad luck to be taken down by enforcers of another drug dealer, (the State). He was probably selling nicotine sticks for $1 each. Out of a pack of 20 cigarettes, that is 20 dollars a pack. The other drug dealer, (the State), sells it in NY for around 13 dollars a pack. So the “offense” was that the little street dealer was depriving the bigger dealer of “their” cut of the money. (“tax”) If Garner was selling heroin outside that store, and “Mr. Big” didn’t like it, he would be taken down by other, more quicker means.
      I consider the “State” to be just another drug dealer in addictive products. Instead of banning this product, they let it be sold in approved dens like party stores, ect. They make hundreds of millions of dollars from the tobacco taxes, what reason is there for them to stop this “revenue” ? They won’t. And this applies to all the other BS sources of revenue for them. The cops are merely the “collectors”.

  • Paul F

    1 Peter Ch 4: 17 For
    the time has come for the judgment to begin. It begins with the
    household of God; and if it starts with us, what will the outcome be for
    those who are disobeying God’s Good News?

    Judgement on america, this wicked nation, has begun. I personally believe this. And remember: YAHWEH’S Judgements are HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS.

    • GSOB


  • Doordenker

    Average Blacks are doing less well than average Caucasians because the IQ of an average black is 10 to 15 points below
    that of an average Caucasian (for more information, search Wikipedia). But of course some people rather prefer to blame ‘discrimination’.

    • Gay Veteran

      and now the racists show up

      • Doordenker

        I rest my case.

        • Gay Veteran

          so do I

    • 1. The black IQ is not normally distributed but skewed significantly to the right. This implies that there are non-genetic factors at play in at least half of the IQ disparity.

      2. Greater cortisol production by blacks results in a reduction of IQ by 2-3 points on average, which can be easily resolved through administration of cortisol-reducing medication.

      3. Epigenetic responses to the stresses that blacks in the US faced, which are passed from generation to generation, are likely to account for the remaining variation.

      Ultimately the variation is likely to be only 2-3 IQ points on a fair scale, if that. Such a variation is small and inconsequential.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    Nationalizing the fed, yes. Stealing people’s private property to give to the “workers”, absolutely not. However, those are over simplistic solutions… although the first one would set a long term trend of a real recovery.

    You know the issues are complex when reading the article, you both agree with the author and want to scream at him at the same time.

    • “Stealing people’s private property to give to the “workers”, absolutely not.”

      Nobody’s property would be stolen, just shares of publicly traded stock would only give voting rights to a smaller chunk of corporate boards than before (100%) and would be callable at face value after 20 years. Would you consider it “theft” if a company diluted previous shareholders by issuing stock to employees?


    Ponder that we have another 760 days of this (at the minimum). Ask yourself if you think things are going to get better or worse? Everyone should be able to survive in place for six months.

  • O’Chamberlain LordO’PinkLines

    The Pentagon warned of the collapse of America, I remember reading a report about it. The main reason is declining economics and declining energy. 2015-2020 will see rapid collapse as was predicted.

    America will collapse in the same way the USSR did.

    The propaganda you read in MSM is that Russia’s in trouble, but this time it’s not the case. Russia is in fact decoupling from America as is China, Brazil, Africa, India et al. Europe is declining a traditional ally.

    The decline of the Roman Empire and the US will be hardest hit as the world abandons the petrodollar and Anglo-Saxon dominated system.

    Obama was voted in to manage the decline of America and he’s doing it.

  • Lost

    The media and alike are SUPPORTING CRIMINAL STREET GANG behavior… In califronia they just voted to de-criminalize many crimes and are retro acting the law and freeing thousands of convicted criminals…. Thanks to Prop 47,,,

  • MadAsHellYankee

    “The reality of the matter is that anti-police sentiment in this country is at an all-time high”

    It’s definitely justified across the spectrum.

    “In many areas of the country today, our police officers are actually being trained to be physically brutal, to bark orders at ordinary citizens and to treat everyone around them like dirt. This culture of brutality and oppression filters down from the very top, and so ultimately the root of the problem is at the federal level.”

    That’s why people cheer, and why some people even make support pages for Chris Dorner and Eric Frein. I think Dorner had a legit gripe. Frein was just stupid.

    “And when news broke that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had brutally murdered two NYPD police officers, lots of very twisted people on Twitter were actually celebrating”

    Well, no, if it’s war it’s not twisted to celebrate the death of your “enemy.” People cheer when people in the middle east get killed by our military. People cheer when they hear about the Azov battalion killing some eastern Ukrainians because “Putin invaded Ukraine” or some other bs.

    I’m of the opinion of GFT. The looters, rioters, anarchists aren’t my allies. The liberals aren’t my allies. The Police certainly aren’t my allies. I’ll come out and say it – I perceive all of them as future enemies.

    Oh BTW.. for all of you prepping and the like.. just keep in mind what happened in Ferguson when some of the people tried to stop looting. First of all, the oathkeepers were threatened with arrest by the police for not “having a permit.” Yeah that’s right… they had time to threaten those guys but couldn’t and refused to stop the looters. The looters moved so fast that the people with guns saved a handful of businesses. Most were burned to the ground on day one. In fact, VICE news did an interview with a business owner there who had guns in the store, then decided to remove them. He felt bad he might have to shoot someone. I guess he thought the police were going to protect him, or he was going to read a bible, or he’d get left alone, or whatever.

    “But most police officers that are serving our local communities are just average people trying to do their jobs. Without the police, crime would be wildly out of control. So I am very thankful for the police in my local area. I sleep better at night knowing that they are there”

    Hope you don’t have dogs, you know, like that pregnant dog that one coward of a cop shot. Personally I sleep better at night being armed, knowing full well that legally the police have no duty to protect me.

  • jakartaman

    The world is upside down and power has been given to the liberal loons. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of this mental disorder before its to late

  • Illini Warrior

    ???? …. he has a 35 man hand picked protection team …. bullet proof everything …. travels in a armed combat patrol convoy ….

    he can buy anything he wants with his city Black AMEX card …. Why spend his own $$$$

    • Iowa Porvisional

      ALL RESOURCES ARE LIMITED… matter how big at any given moment, they all run out.

      • Lennie Pike

        Does that include Renewable Resources – like petroleum for instance, or mushrooms maybe?

    • Paul

      The Black Card. It means never having to rely on the fake monopoly money thrown at the plebs to play with and fight over. It represents the real wealth: everyone’s birthright, the tangible wealth of the land, available to only the few permitted to know….

  • Scott R.

    Wow, what a racist & anti-Muslim post you posted here. As long as you continue to discriminate against & slander an entire group of people because they have a different religion than you, you are part of the problem instead of the solution. Even more alarming is your belief that illegal immigrants are the cause of criminal gangs in America, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Criminal gangs are caused by the government’s ludicrous War on Drugs, which creates violence by pushing all drug activities underground into the black market.

  • frank1569

    ‘But most police officers that are serving our local communities are just average people trying to do their jobs.’

    This is not true. Law enforcement attracts a very specific personality type, then, after months of hardcore ‘every civilian is a potential enemy’ training, most spend 6 months to a year as a prison guard, which serves to cement the ‘us v them’ mentality.

    Meanwhile, no mention above of the crazy white couple who murdered two cops in ‘support’ of criminal Cliven Bundy? Or the fact that whites murder more cops than any other race? Or the fact that over 90% of serial and spree killers are white? Or the fact that there are NO black militias but there are a record number of anti-government white militia groups (over 1,300) in the US (USA Today)?


    • tayronachan

      There are black militias. Not sure if they are “Constitutional militias”, or formed by black racists to fight the “evil white man”.

    • rentslave

      Go home and get your shinebox.

    • GSOB

      They don’t get paid enough.

  • DJohn1

    The problem I see with the entire concept of police is that under the current laws of our land these police are predators.
    Any lawyer will tell you “do not talk to the police at all” before I get there. Then let me do the speaking. Why?
    Because the police are not your friend. They cannot be trusted. That is the perception. And under our current court system there are a good number of people tripped up by the police because they are ignorant as to how the law for profit works in our society.
    The system if you can call it a system is based on convicting people for profit. Then if they are very lucky, they might get released on appeal. All of which is hugely profitable for lawyers.
    The other problem is that the Bar Association of this country has a death grip on the court system. Anyone attempting to navigate that system will be dismissed with prejudice by the Judges. They are also members of this professional union that deals with the public.
    Anyone that attempts to go through workman’s comp will tell you what a death grip lawyers have on the system. The system is they take one third of the first pay check. This amounts to a huge sum of money because by the first pay check can be up to 3 months worth of back pay while it gets settled in a court of law. Anyone without a lawyer is likely not even to get a hearing in a court of law.
    The problem with law for profit is everyone involved in the system is against the common person out there. If you cannot afford to buy justice with a lawyer you are unlikely to go free.
    The police over the years have become an instrument of that system.
    The most likely victim of this system is anyone without money to fight. As a result, huge numbers of blacks are behind bars. We have the largest prison system on the planet.
    So what are they taught in prison? Their fellow convicts are likely to teach them crime. They are likely to teach them just exactly how far they can trust the legal system to be fair. It is not fair.
    The latest victim of all this is the honest policeman out there in the community where all the action does occur. So police are now becoming a very bad occupation for anyone with a long life expectancy.
    Justice Oliver Wendal Holmes once made a statement that is very true. He stated that the Court system must have the appearance of justice.
    The chaos we are now experiencing is because of a lack of concern on the part of the justice system to be even given the appearance of that justice.
    In far too many cases, the justice system has failed to keep itself in line with the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of this country.
    That Bill of Rights is a two edged sword. It protects the police as well as the citizens of this country. When police exceed their authority under that constitution they no longer have the respect of the communities over which they are supposed to protect the people from unjust accusations.
    When the police legally steal from people which this column has listed in the past in case of drug laws, then they no longer have honor and respect. The public goes in rebellion against that type of law.

  • tayronachan

    When there is lawlessness at the highest levels of the nation, it does filter down. Not only to lower level authorities, but to the citizens as well. This is what happens when there is no Rule of Law. They start by breaking their Oath to the Constitution, and when the MSM doesn’t hold their feet to the fire, it’ll eventually be up to the people to set things right. And that could be very, very messy.

  • mar1950

    The elites are getting just what they want. We are at each other’s throats. Black against white, rich against poor, young against old, men against women, labor against management, Christian against Moslem, against Jew, against atheist. Divide and conquer. We are a nation of chumps, fools, and idiots.

    • 35wormhole

      america should break up into smaller countries so each faction can go their seperate ways

  • The “middle class” as such is the 1-3% at the top of our society, who work and are justly compensated. About 70% below that are working-class and 30% below that are poor. That is the historical definition—the “middle class” spoken of by our politicians is an entirely different animal, a debt-fueled illusion.

    • Mike Smithy

      Anyone who is a net payer of income tax and earnings are above the poverty level is considered middle class. These people represent the independent spirit of what made America great.

      • “…considered middle class”

        I was using the historical definition of the middle class. The current “middle class” is created by an illusion of debt. How many of those in the purported “middle class” own their homes and cars, hallmarks of their middle-class existence, free and clear? How many of them are free of concern regarding health and education expenditures? Middle class historically meant living without having to take on debts in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living, and few in this country meet those criteria.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          The current middle class is not created in that sense. Right now it’s a political enemy and source of legitimacy through shaming.

  • John Vian

    If the police want to continue harassing people then I don’t care what religion anyone claims to be, they have a God given right to protect themselves. If only the people of the United States would organize themselves, quit looting and plundering other people and fight only against this tyrannical system, we as a people could make a difference. The sad reality is, all chaos will break loose and everybody will be fighting against each other, like blacks vs the whites. Nothing will ever get accomplished by this manner of protesting. The corrupt system will only continue to be vile and the people will all be divided against one another. The Federal Government wouldn’t have it any other way, but for people to look criminal for fighting against the wicked, unjust laws which dictates the demise of “we the people.”

  • robert

    Life is cheap in the US of A. This story will soon be done and we will move on to the next celebrity and worry about their hemorrhoids.

    Ironically, the two cops who were “executed” were minorities themselves. Equal opportunity slaughter. Our ultimate problem is simple lawlessness. Something as simple as speed limits are disregarded because our me-first beliefs trump the safety of others. As someone pointed out, once people do not care about obeying laws, you cannot hire enough cops to keep a lid on society. As someone else pointed out, we have hit a tipping point. Someone gets pushed too far and they explode. Someone gets bullied once too often and they strike back in a rage. Happens much. The thing is, as the old Martha Vandella song that serenaded my fellow draftees in Vietnam, there is “nowhere to run to”. I kick myself daily for not having emigrated to New Zealand after my tour in Vietnam. Instead I came back to the land of the big PX and have watched its demise ever since. The genii is out of the so called bottle and it will not go back inside.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      Bob you’ve been around the block so as you see it we are entering the great tribulation or very near? Ive felt it since the 80s but recently Ive felt peace and not worrying about events. When I venture out I am persecuted. Been that way since I rejected the satanic system in High school.

  • AzDi

    I feel this would not be as bad as it is if Obama, Holder, Sharpton and de Balasio did not make it worse by interfering as usual. But, I do believe like many of your posters that one of Obama’s plans is and always was martial law so he can stay in power. Guess this could be it. What is happening today, seems to be the beginning of a civil war. I was hoping that would be against the “government”, but looks like it is about the police.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of horrible people out there cheering the killing of police. How sad this country has become. I am so glad I am in a safe place and prepared as best we can be.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Unfortunately there are a lot of horrible people out there cheering the killing of police….”
      that happens when the police are not punished for murdering

      • GSOB

        Who is to say what is right or wrong? You?

        • Gay Veteran

          well let’s see, police escape punishment for murder, I think that is wrong.
          and killing a cop, unless it is in self-defense, is also wrong.
          and I didn’t even have to parrot a bible verse

          • GSOB

            All you have is yourself and left to yourself, you have no hope. You have no direction.
            You would be one to say….
            we all go down.

          • Gay Veteran

            when seconds count the police are minutes away.
            and btw, the purpose of the police is to maintain order for the state, not for your personal protection

          • GSOB


          • Gay Veteran

            don’t you have some street corner to pray loudly at

          • GSOB

            Herod had John’s head cut off in the prison.

            His head was brought in on a big plate and given to the girl. She then carried it to her mother.

            John’s disciples came and took his body and buried it.

            Then they went and told Jesus.

          • Gay Veteran


  • Dajjie

    Three days until Christmas. A wonderful message from this Christian influenced website.

    • 2guest2

      Golly-gee, would you expect otherwise from a blog called “theeconomiccollapseblog????!!!

  • brimp

    I posted comments to disqus about a year ago on this topic. I said that if the police are seen as serving and protecting the elites from Americans then the people will see it as acceptable to kill police. Juries may not convict cop killers if they hold this idea. Some thought I was advocating this but I wasn’t. Every time a cop acts as a bully is another potential juror that they are alienating. Now the results of dressing like Darth Vader are evident.

    This also means that when Joe Q. Public is charged with killing a black man, they probably will not get convicted because some on the jury will think the black man was probably going to do harm to the person on trial. This is not a good development.

  • Alleged Comment

    I believe we should start ARRESTING lieberals EVERWHERE and removing immigrants and Moslems back to their own soil instead of “soiling” ours.

    The problem is getting very serious and serious action MUST be taken NOW!

    • Sin Eagle Sam

      You, sir, are very ill and no help in making this country a better place with your attitude of hate.

      • Alleged Comment

        I don’t believe your hate is helping out either. STOP HATING America!

    • Gay Veteran

      amazing display of stupidity.

  • Greg Straw

    Get ready all hell is coming to every city thanks to your loving govt. I have shut down my work and have left the city i will stay here from now on and have been preparing for this day good luck all.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      lol aint nothing going to happen. I listened to0 a show from 2002 saying WW3 was immenent. Another from 1993 saying the reign of Antichrist was at hand. Every f/k n day someone else says in three months Pandemonium! LOL

  • Richard O. Mann

    B. Obama was elected to office to bring this country down, and get it out of the way so that the next chapter of Bible prophecy can go forward. This country has run it’s race, and done what it was created to do. All the things which are not happening are not the cause of the country to fall, but are signs that the country is falling. The only hope for any one living in the US today is to know where their eternal home will be. Even in the best of times, knowing Jesus as Lord and Savoir is really all that matters.

  • Priszilla

    YEah. And no troops overseas under Bush? Or for the same reason?
    And why do Iran or North Korea don’t have troops overseas if they are so evil?

  • Sin Eagle Sam

    “The mainstream media and many national leaders on the left end of the
    spectrum have been stirring up strife and division for months on end.”

    It is unfair to point to the “left end of the spectrum” when the “right end” has all but destroyed America. BOTH ends are at fault and guilty of everything that this country is melting down into.

  • Hammerstrike

    Dude, the majority is becoming poorer by the day, the only goodies left to loot will be solely from the system “elite”.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    The multi-sided civil war is here…

    This is no time for an ‘I told you so’: there’s work to do.

    First, get some pillow cases or sew some bags from old sheets 16″X32″ and fill with dry earth: arrange these in a brick wall pattern, about 4′ high, in a circular shape, in an interior corner of your home – this is you safe area. The bags will stop most standard caliber firearms and shrapnel. Place within this area a minimum of 5 days MRE’s or equivilant and water, flashlights, grocery bags (no holes) with baking soda, ammo, extra firearms and kitchen knives, large ABC Fire Extinguisher, and a trauma kit.

    Next, stock up on any needs you’re lacking. Pick up extra for any disabled neighbors as well: if you have the means, any and all disabled neighbors in your immediate area are your responsibility now. Similarly with the very elderly and orphaned children. The whole of civilization has now been placed in your hands – ensure it!

    Lastly, be sure you’re ready to rebuild. If there’s a total collapse anytime down the road then preparing to rebuild is essential. Collect all pertinent information on how to do this: construction, agriculture, markets, transport, defense, etc.

    God be with you all, and Merry Christmas.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      That’s right, it’s not like US vs CS, it’s more like a third world type of civil war where it’s a free for all. Personally though, I wouldn’t bunker down I’d stay mobile, but that’s me.

  • Gil G

    Libertarians should be happy: “finally the People are fighting against police brutality and the militarised police-state as per the basic notion of the founding of the America.”

  • Gay Veteran

    The biggest gang in America is the police. IF they continue escaping punishment for murdering people then expect more attacks on the cops.
    The police are nothing without the support of the people.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      The people will be reduced to nothing without the support of the police. Don’t kid yourself.

      • Gay Veteran

        and the reverse is true, the police are NOTHING without our support

        • GSOB

          Not true. They don’t need us to do what’s right.

          • Gay Veteran

            ROFLOL, good luck with that

          • GSOB

            You need Jesus. He’ll tell you, He and his disciples, as to what is right.

          • Gay Veteran

            firm believer of the golden rule, which predates christianity

    • TJJackson1

      You destroy the thin blue line at your own peril.

      • Gay Veteran

        the police murder us at their own peril

        • GSOB

          You hide your own works behind the works of another, to come off as one working right.

          • Gay Veteran

            I’ll have to pretend that made some kind of sense

          • GSOB

            You are in darkness

          • Gay Veteran

            nope, a child of the Age of Enlightenment.
            whereas you are a child of the Dark Ages

      • MadAsHellYankee

        You mean the same “thin blue line” that threatened oath keepers in MO with arrest for “Not having a permit” when looters were running wild burning Ferguson to the ground? LOL

    • MadAsHellYankee

      GV, don’t state the obvious. You’re supposed to either worship the cops, or cheer the looters. It’s like a really sick football game.

      • Gay Veteran

        In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

        George Orwell

        • GSOB

          The truth will set you free.
          Jesus is the way, the truth and the Life. No comes to God except by Him.

          • Gay Veteran

            religion exists for 2 reasons:
            (1) man fears death,
            (2) as a means of social control (obey the king or you’ll go to h ell)

          • GSOB

            Another one of your cop out favorite lines…used to excuse your practice.

        • Daniel Benton

          True, but the Economics didn’t blog too.

    • GSOB

      And you are wrong again, The gang that is the biggest all have tattoos

      • Gay Veteran

        guess you would have to compare the total number of cops vs. the total number of gang members with tattoos.

        • GSOB

          Why don’t you stop running from the Lord and the truth? If you are going to run the race, play by the rules.

          • Gay Veteran

            try thinking for yourself.
            your rarely post without parroting some bible verse

  • Gay Veteran

    oh, so I guess you have adopted several unwanted babies

    • GSOB

      That’s your favorite fallback line. Drop it!
      It ain’t the solution, shallow minded one.

      Adopting is one thing and it doesn’t amount to much of a solution to the mass murder of human babies.

      Abortion is snuffing out human life, for whatever reason, and your favorite line is to support the industry by suggesting that those who cry out against it simply adopt, which one for one, can’t be met.

      “Let adoption be the solution so that abortion can be discontinued, or else shut up” …. summarizes your half baked point.

      What do you think the Lord God has to say about abortion and your suggestion?

      • Gay Veteran

        don’t you usually have a bible verse to parrot?

        “…That’s your favorite fallback line. It is not as witty as you’d like it to be so drop it….”

        NOT being witty. you’re missing the point (odd at this point), which is that if you advocate using the power of the state to ban abortion then YOU had better be ready to shoulder some of the burden. otherwise you just want to turn women into slaves

        • GSOB

          Just what on God’s green earth do you stand for?

  • Gay Veteran

    they have become an army of occupation, treating us like potential enemy combatants

    • GSOB

      “treating us like potential enemy combatants”
      If speaking for yourself,…. then that would be true.

      • Gay Veteran

        don’t you have a police boot to lick?

        • GSOB

          What’s that supposed to mean?

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Gotta agree!

  • Cletus

    Can we apply the same logic that we do when gun control advocates come after our guns? Not taking away from the tragedy of lost lives, especially police officers but…

    Would it be safe to say that more people were beaten to death with fists and clubs than cops killed this past year? Given the 35-40k deaths per year from car accidents, does the number of police related deaths really constitue “war in the streets” in comparison?

    Again, not to belittle any officer’s life but remember data can be used both ways. The sky isn’t falling just yet, prep smart and remember this and other blogs have been calling for the end in 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12 etc etc. surely by 2016! No really this time I’m serious. 🙂

  • Leave it to Beaver

    There always will be troublemakers. There is nothing new under the sun.

  • Sellers

    Last time I looked at this website about 2 years ago it was supposed to have been collapsing then. The only thing I really see collapsing is people’s wallets that buy stuff on here.

    • Son_of_2Gary2

      So your point is??!! Now buy something!!!

    • TJJackson1

      Remember, Noah was considered an idiot until the second day of rain!

  • Biafran Merc

    Yes but, even they ultimately have limited resources that eventually run out….two seconds later the hired merc’s loyalty runs out….one second after that the rich progressive snobs and their family – who hired the private protection – lives run out…

    • Wikthcolusion of the Royals and the Banksters in Europe the first phase of the escape is surely already the see vault in Norway or any number of places until the Banksters decide they need their trillions to salt away with their already-salted-away-trillions in sundry places in Western or maybe southern Europe to assorted fortresslike edifices scattered throughout the Alps…Maybe the “Berkutsgarden” is for rent in Bavaria?It’s not been used by the original owner for some time….but the current crop of psychos would seem to hold a doctrinal almost hereditary right or connection of dogma to it?

  • bobwhite1935

    It is just the beginning because community agitators barack hussein obama, eric holder, al sharpton, jesse jackson, de blasio, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS & the rest of the commie democrats in DC will keep it going so head agitator barack hussein obama can declare martial law while the RINO’ chime in too.

  • usmcmailman

    Lock and Load my b i t c h e s !

  • Guest

    Sorry but that last story doesn’t even sound real. Some teenager has a gun out, POINTS it at a cop, pulls the trigger and lives?? Then there’s a “Jihaad Curry” reported by the NYTimes, a Bronx resident who allegedly walked into a police station yelling and screaming, then “Jihaad” attacked the officers as they’re escorting him out. Seriously?

  • Folgers 19

    I was just telling the wife if the cop killings spread, we’re going to have a nice little civil war.

    There was a writer (sorry, I forget his name off the top of my un-caffeinated head this morning) who stated there is a class of people in every society who basically don’t benefit from law and order and only seek to tear it down. There’s no follow-on plan, just a mindless urge to destroy.

    They’re usually poor, but there are always some rich, well-educated morons who are happy to throw in with them to lead “the movement” and help tear society to bits.

    The legistlature, cops, and the courts understand this situation, even if they can’t express it, and operate accordingly. They recognize the bulk of their mission is to keep these people in line, since they’re the ones who cause the most havoc if left unchecked.
    The problem we are facing now, and which every fallen society has faced, is that every so often the fabric of society unravels and the courts, cops, and legislature lose control over these would-be barbarians. This moment is when the barbarians rise up and cause chaos until they’re either victorious or crushed.

    Right now, it looks like the system has weakened to the point they can start tearing the place up. I’m not confident the forces of law and order will prevail, no matter how well-armed they are, because that same wealthy, educated element I mentioned that likes to lead the crazies happens to be running the system now.
    That could explain why the Resident (I’ll add the P when he starts leading) wants to flood us with illegals and constantly tries to increase racial tension whenever and wherever possible.
    This problem won’t be solved any time soon; plan accordingly.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Very true!

  • TJJackson1

    I believe that what we are seeing is a concerted effort to destroy the people’s faith in local law enforcement. But, who will replace the police? Remember who wanted his own little army (ie. brownshirts) equal to the US military? With the decrease in size of the military and the increase in federal law enforcement positions we may be seeing the fulfillment of that dream. When it comes time to destroy the second amendment and seize all personal weapons he now has the people to do just that. They owe no allegiance to the people, they owe their paycheck to the administration and could care less about the “little” people. The time is short. He must fulfill the dream prior to the next election. The icon on this posting is called “Keeping Watch”. We had all better start keeping watch.

  • tihseraslarebil

    democrats are excrement, we all know that, they own racism as part of their party platform, they commit the felonies, they are the FSA (Free S Army).

  • The UN has no real power and operates by the leave of national governments. Do you think that the murderous, raping US government, which has committed so many crimes worldwide, is willing to cede power to the UN? Hardly.

    The only world government is one of the rich and powerful, along with the tinpot dictator club and the heads of state of the US and other powerful countries.

  • None of the arguments are hypothetical. If IQ isn’t normally distributed then it cannot be accounted for purely by genetics which for a sufficient large population would create a binomial distribution in any polygenic trait. This is not what we observe happening implying that the cause of the disparity is at least in part non-genetic.

  • danbax

    Well, they have a movie coming out to keep fueling division and racial strife.
    Check out the trailer for selma 2014

  • Nick

    “Low intensity conflict” is the proper term I believe. However yes the second civil war is beginning. The nation is already fractured along the lines of identity politics and ideological differences. We are no longer one nation united and here shortly we are going to see the biblical truth that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

  • ICFubar

    Interesting mixture of praise and slander of policing in America by what used to be called “peace officers”. I wonder what the crime stats would show before the invention of private and then public policing? At one point it was the law that citizens were required to respond to the “hue and cry” of the neighbour, with captured miscreants held for the court sheriff to take charge of. Mind you punishment after trial was much more severe with hangings for say horse theft being common in the English tradition of law, and of course weaponry was less lethal than today.

    It is my belief that policing procedure and training is to blame for the increased lethality of police-civilian encounters and poorly constructed law and law practices have led Americans to the point of responding in an ever increasing adversarial manner to the police, also acting in an increasingly adversarial manner. The police can not operate without the public’s trust unless they wish to become an army of occupation and fight guerrilla warfare against the civilian population.

    • Folgers 19

      It seems like they already operate as an army of occupation. With assault rifles, armored vehicles, armored vests and k-pot helmets, snipers, drones, air support-how are they not an army of occupation?
      The NYPD just announced it is a “war time department”-their words, not mine. I suspect it’s hard to conduct community oriented policing from the back of an MRAP, but I supposed the roof gunner could toss candy and toys to the kids, like we did in Iraq.

  • SRVES339

    Yes, it’s all those left wing “activists” out there causing trouble again…

    and it has nothing to do with the serial murders of unarmed black teens by cops across ‘merika… nothing at all

  • GSOB

    I liked the interview very much Michael.

  • GSOB

    And men turning to men for sexual satisfaction, doing that which is un-natural.
    Now that’s out of control.

    G Vet…. you can’t have one foot in and one foot out. It’s all or nothing. You can’t serve two masters dude.

    Matthew 6:33

    2 Corinthians 5:20 > 21

    • Gay Veteran

      well gee, sooooooooo unnatural that you can’t find it in nature……..oh wait, you can.

      wondered when you would parrot some bible verses, try thinking for yourself

      • GSOB

        “Nature” is yet another smoke screen excuse
        to practice your abuse.
        You refer to it as your God, the creature rather than the creator Himself and His written Word

        • Gay Veteran

          open your eyes and try THINKING for yourself

          • GSOB

            What a tragedy….
            I guess if one has gone down so low, mutated in order to adapt, a coy veener is put in place as the edifice.
            That ain’t right.
            Praying for you Gay Veteran, for your own good.

          • Gay Veteran

            pray all you want, just try a little thinking now and then

  • Nick

    I have a son who is NYPD. I received the news while driving home from PA that 2 NY police had bee killed. I wrote an article for my website titled “My Heart Skipped A Beat” because I wanted to express the horror, and my disappointment with the American people. The blame for all of this lies squarely on the shoulders of the the good People of this nation.
    The Founders created a unique society, in which the rule of law, and the absolute constitutional authority to “execute the Laws of the Union”, are our duty and obligation to maintain a free society. We have failed miserably in our duty.
    We leave the tough stuff to the guys who man up while we sit at home watching reality TV or sports. There is a war on, and those who claim to be patriots are a big part of the problem as they refuse to address what the Founders clearly enumerated in not only the U.S. Constitution, but set to record the only thing “necessary” to maintain a free society.
    The police are not constitutional, and neither are the myriad of agencies created to “eat out [our] substance”. We need to revitalize the Constitutional Militia so that we can incorporate the police into the community under the direction of the community as it was designed and codified, rather than have them enforcing unconstitutional acts created by the legislatures, and then validated by a corrupt judicial system that is devoid of honor and justice.
    If we ourselves are unwilling to take up the responsibility for the safety of the community, and in large part liberty then we will surely be the victims of a vicious and bloody civil war.
    We need to act now. Read the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15&16, and your states Constitution. It is imperative that we move our legislatures to return us to the rule of law wherein all able-bodied men take part in keeping our families and communities safe.

  • Ubwart

    You know Michael, you are not looking at these acts and seeing the forest for the trees. The forest in this case is the ethnicity of the people who are doing these things. These acts are 99% black with the odd illegal thrown in. Our problem in this country is feral black that are too violent and stupid to live in any civilized country.

  • j

    Go to a local elementary school and look at all the classes. I want you to compare the students behavior to the behavior of people in the downtown of a large city. You will see far better behavior in the students then the street

  • herb

    For my part I believe that we are seeing the disintegration of virtually all functioning societies around the world. While the writer has spoken of events in the USA they are also growing in other countries of the world. It is easy to visualize the countries of the world all being like the war torn nations in Africa, the Middle East and others. His discussions of the fragility of modern societies in spot on the mark.

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