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We Killed The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg And Now The Number Of Americans Receiving Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Has Risen A Whopping 60 Percent In Just One Year

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For middle class Americans, the new global economy has provided mountains of cheap products made in China, India and dozens of other nations, but it has also killed the goose that laid the golden egg.  Millions of American workers have been discovering that the price for all of those inexpensive foreign-made goodies is their jobs.  Now we have so many long-term unemployed workers in the United States that we are inventing new terms (such as “the 99ers”) to describe them.  Unemployment is on the rise again (we’ll get to the figures in a minute) and everyone seems perplexed at the continuing inability of the “greatest economy in the world” to provide jobs for everyone.  But the truth is that this has been coming for a long time.  The debt-fueled prosperity of the past couple of decades allowed us to live far beyond our means and provide very high levels of employment for a while, but now economic reality is setting in.  The millions of middle class jobs that have been shipped overseas are never coming back.  Unfortunately, the existence of a large class of chronically unemployed Americans that are struggling just to survive is going to quickly become “the new normal”.

This week the U.S. Labor Deparment announced that for the week ending August 14th, new applications for unemployment insurance benefits reached the half-million mark.  That was the first time since last November that the psychologically important 500,000 threshold had been hit.  Most economists had predicted that unemployment claims would actually decline, but instead they experienced their fourth increase in the past five weeks.

But the increase in new applications for unemployment benefits is only part of the story.  It is not such a bad thing to be unemployed if you can find another job in a couple of weeks or a couple of months.  But in 2010, there are millions of Americans that cannot seem to find a job no matter what they do month after month after month.

In fact, the number of Americans that have exhausted their state unemployment benefits and that are collecting long-term federal unemployment benefits has increased 60 percent over the past year.  The following is how a recent article on CNBC recently described the situation….

“Claimants under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation provision—who have exhausted their state benefits—surged 260,105 to 4,753,456 for the week ended July 31 (the data lags the weekly claims by two weeks). While that represents a weekly increase of 0.5 percent, the total is 60.5 percent higher than the 2009 figure of 2,961,457.”

So what will the figure be at this time next year?

6 million?

7 million?

And what happens if the U.S. Congress finally decides to cut off the long-term unemployment benefits at some point?

The truth is that things are getting really frightening out there.

“There’s a red flag being waved right now that says ‘Danger,’” Bloomberg quoted Mark Vitner, a senior economist at Wells Fargo Securities LLC as saying recently. “Growth is going to slow in the second half and we might face something a little more ominous than that.”

The reality is that there are not nearly enough jobs out there for everyone.  According to one recent survey, 28% of U.S. households have at least one member that is looking for a full-time job.

Just think about that.

Almost 30 percent of all U.S. homes have someone who is looking for a full-time job.

That is not just a problem.

That is a national crisis.

But it is not just those who are unemployed who are suffering.  The reality is that this economic downturn has hurt most of us in one way or another.  A recent Pew Research survey found that 55 percent of the U.S. labor force has experienced either unemployment, a pay decrease, a reduction in hours or an involuntary move to part-time work since the recession began.

Millions of Americans are putting up with increased workloads, pay decreases and benefit cuts right now because the alternative is joining the hordes of jobless Americans that are fighting tooth and nail over the few jobs that are actually available. 

Once you lose your job in this economy there is no telling when you are going to be able to get another one.  In America today, the average time needed to find a job has risen to a record 35.2 weeks.

Could you imagine being unemployed for 35 weeks?

The truth is that in 2010, it is employers that have all the power and all the leverage.

In fact, when you really analyze it, it is a wonder that companies are hiring new workers at all.  It is a massive pain in the rear end to hire a new worker in America today.  The thousands upon thousands of regulations that must be complied with, the big pile of forms that need to be filled out and the elaborate bookkeeping that must be maintained make hiring someone a major headache.  One top of that, tax contributions, benefit packages and health insurance premiums make each worker a very expensive proposition.

There is a reason why so many companies are trying to squeeze more out of the employees that they already have or are only hiring temporary employees right now.

But the biggest reason why there is such a lack of jobs is because millions upon millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas.  Globalism and “free trade” have put middle class American workers into a situation where they are in direct competition for jobs against the cheapest labor in the world.

Why in the world should U.S. companies hire American workers when they can hire very willing workers on the other side of the world who will do the same job for less than one-tenth the cost?

Those who once warned us about “the great sucking sound” that globalism would create were right, and the truth is that the U.S. has already been bleeding good jobs for years.  According to one analysis, the United States has lost 10.5 million jobs since 2007, and the truth is that unless something is done things are going to get even worse.

But what can get lost in all of these statistics is the very real pain that so many millions of Americans are now experiencing.

Losing a job and watching everything that you have worked for crumble can be extremely soul crushing.  In fact, this economy is pushing some Americans completely over the edge.

The following is an excerpt from an actual letter to U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner….

“My dad, S, killed himself March 16, 2009 because he ran out of money and could not find work. My whole family had been devastated by the economy. He was 61 years old and could not take it anymore. He could not figure out how to keep the electric on, buy food, or keep a roof over his head. A day before his electric was to be shut off, and 2 weeks away from eviction, my dad took the hardest walk of his life. He left a note on the dining room table for my sister and I. His suicide letter said ‘I love you. I had to do this. I ran out of money. I wish you both luck in your lives’. He left the door unlocked with the door key left in the lock. He carefully laid out two suits for us to pick from to bury him in.”

Could you imagine if that was your father?

As the economy continues to deteriorate, many more Americans are going to be pushed to the edge of despair.

Life is not about paying our bills or about the things that we own, but there is no denying the pain that comes when you run completely out of money and you feel totally helpless.

But nobody should ever give up.  There is always hope.  Things can always be turned around.

Unfortunately, we have entered a time when there are always going to be a large number of unemployed Americans because there are just not nearly enough jobs to go around.

Anyone who thought that we could merge American workers into a massive global labor pool and still be able to maintain our middle class lifestyles was living in fantasy land. 

No, the truth is that globalism has killed the goose that laid the golden egg and now tens of millions of Americans are going to pay the price.

  • jack nichols

    true, very sad but very true

  • Michael Scott

    I am truly sorry to hear of the family’s loss of a father.
    I too am unemployed.
    I too am 61 and a father and have thought about suicide.

    Instead, I have been downsizing my life and now my job is working in the garden and learning to eat mostly what it will grow. I have also cut my trips to town to one or two per week and anticipate more cuts in expenses. I have joined with another family (sadly, my family still thinks the government will ride to their rescue) who sees the horrible situation coming and we work together for survival.

    I think we must return to basics; fresh water, food, shelter, good association.

    Please start preparations now. Learn to grow a garden or at least sprout seeds in a mason jar. Secure a source of fresh water. Join with friends to share expenses of town trips for resupply of basics and also for mutual protection. Educate yourself concerning natural remedies so your money is not wasted on exorbitant doctors fees and pharmaceuticals. Mostly all knowledge is available online. Thank goodness we have the internet.

    We can learn to live simply again as our ancestors have lived for thousands of years. It is actually very satisfying to grow food with our own hands and receive the bounty of the Earth.

    Good luck!

  • I don’t blame Globalism as much as I blame the U.S. government, liberals, and labor unions. High taxes, crushing regulations, insane union demands, ridiculous lawsuits, weak business management caving to unions, environmental restrictions, etc., they have made it darn near impossible make anything in the U.S.

    Would anyone reading this start a business in the USA now?

    These jobs WILL come back if we stop the insanity.

  • Jackson

    Globalism may have taken some jobs out from the united states but that is NOT the main reason why there is a high unemployment rate.

    If you look at the period 2007 and prior, unemployment was not a problem and globalism was the same as it is now. The main reason is the tightening of credit and the foreclosure crisis. The lost in consumer confidence and changes in consumer spending has also taken dent in the economy. Americans are cautious now and are saving more instead of spending. The savings rate used to be negative 2 percent before the financial crisis, now consumers are saving more. Consumer used to spend way more then they can afford and thats what drove the economy. Businesses will not hire more loosely unless spending picks back up.

    There are other factors also, if you look at the improvement of technology, communication, & transportation, you can efficiently run a online store that requires 2 people to run instead of having 10 workers at a physical store front. Looks at barnes & nobles and block busters. Those businesses will go under soon and there goes a tens of thousands of jobs gone. Barnes & Blockbusters are losing to more efficient competitors like netflix, amazon that can hire 5x less employees and work more efficiently and operate from much fewer locations that can serve a wider range of customers. Improvement of technology will continue to replace jobs done by humans whether it is in manufacturing or service sector.

    Another factor is the increase in population, whenever population increases with resources staying constant, unemployment problems will occur. Population growth will definately need to be addressed in the future.

    Globalism may have both draw backs and benefits but its not the main reason unemployment is high.

  • Scott M.

    According to the article below, some of those low paid call center jobs ARE coming back to the US because wages have decreased so much here. Part of the article is quoted below.

    “The article begins: “Call centre workers are becoming as cheap to hire in the US as they are in India, according to the head of the country’s largest business process outsourcing company. High unemployment levels have driven down wages for some low-skilled outsourcing services in some parts of the US, particularly among the Hispanic population.””

  • Mr Carpenter

    It may take a decade or two to get the country back on its feet, and it may not be one country which gets itself back on its feet, but the central part of what was one country doing so and the loony-toons on the coasts fending for themselves in their seemingly perpetual sociopathological delusions of being able to continue to print on cotton-paper to make “prosperity”. Of course, the Untied Status of Amerika is not alone in this; essentially all money on the earth at this time, is fiat money.

    It’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

    Got gold/silver? Food? Ammo? Water? Prayer? Friends? Shelter?

    You’ll need all of them.

  • JP

    Isn’t that the truth. There really is no going back we are all going to learn soon that this is the new america. From here on out get used to being poor.

  • bob

    Ross Perot said it so nice, approve NAFTA and you’ll hear a sucking sound as all the jobs go overseas. That was in 94′. Hmmm guess he was right. All the politicans have done since is lie cheat and steal our money. What is going to happen when federal benies runout for the chronically unemployed? With income going down, what will happen to your investment in realestate? Home prices are dependent on incomes being on parity with home prices, and prices cant stay high for long. Foreclosures will only increase, along with bankruptices. With communities tired of seeing the homeless a number of them are now making them assemble in secure areas out of sight, FEMA CAMPS.

  • lostinmissouri

    “the truth is that globalism has killed the goose that laid the golden egg and now tens of millions of Americans are going to pay the price.”

    That my friends, just about sums it up.

    Barry O-Buma, wanted the US to model Europe. Well, welcome to USA/france.

  • Gil

    Wow, the letter was a bummer. Things sucks, but all was inevitable. The greed from capitalism has hastened the demise of the middle class.

    As a student of economics, when I was in school we discussed the benefits and consequences of a global market. In the short term we will have displacement as the workforce retools themselves and countries specialize on the things that they do best. Those who has lost their jobs will eventual acquire new skills and get hired maybe into a different industry. In the long run we all will get more goods for less money. The only thing we did not cover in our discussions was how painful this process is.

  • xander cross

    I blame the free market.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Suicide is a solution. An insane and short term solution with long term ramifications- but a solution nonetheless. That’s too bad.

    The reason this blog exists is covered within this essay. We will have economic collapse. And the reason we will collapse is simple. It has to do with the 3 or 4 C’s of lending. The most important “C” is the borrowers CAPACITY to pay the loan back.

    The United States Treasury is issuing trillions of debt they can’t pay back. We simply lack the capacity to pay it back. The only way we can re-generate that capacity is for our elite government to force American businesses to come back and use American employees on our soil. To kick every foreign national illegal alien out of the US until we generate enough growth and tax revenue to pay the principle. Absent a complete shift- we are doomed. It is that serious. And interest mounts the longer we screw off and ignore this.

    Who has the courage to do this? It will be political suicide.

    This is the greatest threat to the world that we have ever known. This is a bigger threat and crisis- and more people will die than in any war that has ever been waged. Make no mistake about this- this debt crisis is EPIC. Countries one by one are broke…they can no longer even buy our debt. And unless our happy vacationer grows a brain and SOON.. we will be permanently beyond our capacity to ever pay this debt back. And if we default and the world goes broke and our currency is valueless…there will be blood and wars everywhere as people struggle to survive. In every country, every land.

    How’s that for rosy? Think that’s dramatic? Tear up nafta, tear up free trade. Get rid of illegal workers or the whole world will feel the pain.

  • rich

    That father was a coward…how do you tell your kids good luck in your lives in this mess and then kill yourself…..COWARD !!

  • ParLay

    The fact remains until Americans stop buying imported goods we will continue to shed these jobs. I’ve been in the semiconductor and related equipment industries for several decades and personally witnessed American after American after American gleefully buying Japanese and European goods instead of U.S. Made Goods.

    Now guess what? All of this industry and jobs are all but gone overseas. Everytime one of these people bought a $1.0 million dollar system it sent a couple U.S. jobs to Japan.

    If Americans would demand U.S. Goods dirty bills like NAFTA would never had been a possibility.

    It’s only until we start DEMANDING U.S. Made Goods will some of these jobs / manufacturing start trickling back.

    Naturally bills like NAFTA helped expedite these jobs and entire industries overseas. As I’ve told numerous people, you don’t have to wait until November to cast your vote. Start voting TODAY with your hard earned money and buy U.S. Made Goods.

    Yes, I know the argument that you can’t find anything but you’re wrong. The U.S. still manufactures a lot of items you thought were only made in China.

  • Red State Man


    You are despicable for saying that about that family’s father. Buy a conscience with your middle class income.

  • George

    For now, unemployment benefits are forestalling armed revolution. When they are no longer renewed, expect trouble. Having millions of armed and angry people going hungry because they cannot obtain work is not a blueprint for peace and stability in any country. Look what happened in Iraq when Bremer fired the whole Iraqi army (instead of employing them for security and border patrol) – the country erupted in flames. I think those in power in the U.S. realize this, and they’re just buying as much time as they can by extending unemployment benefits for longer and longer periods.

  • Gary

    We need to be exactly like Europe especially Scandinavia which is miles ahead of the USA. No I do not want to move, I love our country. As previous posters have said we are becoming a banana republic. The top 1/10 of 1% have more wealth and income than the bottom 50%. They need to be HEAVILY taxed and the income put towards a strong social safety net. (again see Scandinavia for a role model).

    The USA is not #1 in almost anything quality of life wise. Its a great place if you are rich as the gov caters to you. They want to cut your taxes as the answer to all our problems even though it is obvious this does not work. If it did we would be doing great as there is not even an estate tax on the rich this year. Wake up people we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth.

    There are a lot of low information unsophisticated voters who worry that the rich have to pay a “death tax” when it will never effect them. What fools.

    Europe accurately measures their unemployment rate. The USA does not. We generally have the same unemployment or even higher than Europe.

    We are so backwards in this country.

    I really believe the right wing needs to be put in Texas so the progressives can advance the rest of our country. This would hopefully limit any further damage republicans can cause.

  • caryn verell

    those who survive this mess are going to be the ones who make the sacrifices…quit buying crap from china, honduras, pakistan etc…you can live without cell phones, cable tv, two or more cars in the driveway a tv in every room……your kids don’t have to have the tv, stereo, gameboy, car, whatever-letting them go without that stuff is not child abuse or neglect. if a business fails because you did not spend enough money so be it..let it fail. i am sick to death of the bailouts and the whiners and the complainers. no matter what happens, if you want to survive then you will get off your duffs and do whatever you have to do to make that happen

  • Half a million unemployment claims “in one week”! That’s BAD. Remember when Bill Clinton left office in 2000. We actually had a surplus for that year. Then the elections were rigged by Diebold and we got stuck with chimp ears the dope. All regulations for Wall Street were trashed, Cheney started the illegal war in Iraq costing us about 200 billion per year, and gas prices hit 5.25 per gallon for diesel. NAFTA and GATT really got going, and Dubya got rid of Glass Steagal ruining the country by turning finance into a ponzi scheme and a casino game.

    The 500 SAT score moron from Texas basically “let” 9-11 happen so his neocon buddies could enact the PENAC doctrine turning our beloved country into a police state, one incident away from martial law, and perpetual war against an enemy no one can distinquish or understand.

    Now after little Bush hauled ass out of here to his hide away at the Texas ranch, he left all of us 13 trillion in debt and with no jobs. If the U.S. goes down the toilet and martial law is declared, Dubya will just go to Paraguay were he has already bought half the countries land, and live happily ever after while his wife tells him sweet bed time stories of what a great president he was, and how O’Bama screwed it all up.

  • Owen

    Folks, wake up! This is intentional — the builders of the New World Order (aka Council on Foreign Relations –the very same people you keep electing) have stated emphatically that the day of the nation state is over (read America must die). Fight back — always vote for outsiders in every race (i.e., the ones that “can’t win” or third party candidates. Demand that the Federal Reserve be abolished, or better yet, nationalized. Support the return to tariffs. Get rid of income taxes but investigate the financial killings made by the Wall Street gangs. Declare a year of jubilee where all debts are forgiven (it’ in the Bible). Let’s begin again, but not the way the NWO crowd has planned for us (think depopulation as being the core of their plan). There are houses and other types of wealth that have been abandoned. We can redistribute wealth in an orderly manner while there is still time to do so. Soon that time will run out and we will slide into disunity and disorder. I know this: If we rely on the current crop of thieves and turncoats that “serve the people” in Washington, this disaster will consume the nation.

  • Bruce

    It is amazing to me the sheeple have not figure out what is going on. The American has been played for fools for years to lazy to find the truth instead they say cute little sound bites trying to prove they have a clue. The sheeple it is Global warming hahaha gullible fools, Fiat money system the sheep bleep it is still money hahah gullible fools, a fake endangered species come up and the sheeple bleep don’t you love animals? gullible fools as ranchers farmers loggers truckers supporting business goes under bleep why can’t I find a job bleep gas price to high the sheeple save ANWR I want to pay $3 a gal of gas and support foreign countries and put Americans out of work bleep bleep why can’t I find a job bleep bleep. Every single person here was warned this day was coming but you were to lazy to find the truth bleep bleep why can’t I find a job. Grow up America the Eco Nazi have killed your country and you still support them bleep where is all the green jobs bleep why I am out of work bleep. Maybe one day you will finally understand.

  • TnAndy

    Joe in IT said: “Remember when Bill Clinton left office in 2000. We actually had a surplus for that year.”

    Joe, that is an often repeated lie. There has been no TRUE surplus since 1956. Go to the Treasury website “Public debt to the penny” and look for yourself.

    The phony surplus of the Clinton era was “budget surplus”…..the budget being a totally fake number that can be manipulated in several ways….by moving items off budget, by counting social security taxes as income and not counting the liability of the treasury bills issued against those taxes as they are dumped into the general fund, and so on….

    THERE WAS NO SURPLUS…..quit repeating the news media’s favorite lie.

  • Voted

    My fellow Americans, it is indeed an interesting time we find ourselves in. Sounds creep from the foundation hinting at some type of strain on the structure. Something is coming, will we be ready? For me, I choose a different route. I picked up my family (4 children included) and moved to Eastern Europe. I have found that the people have great fear of debt and actually save 10.5% of their income on average. Despite what the American press claims, things are GOOD in Europe. If that isn’t an option for you, I would suggest that you adopt a model of self reliance. No one is coming to the rescue of the USA. It’s too big and no one has proposed a plan of self discipline. Just like in credit counseling, you are asked to submit a balanced budget with plans of reducing the debts that have placed you here. There is no such idea and the possibility of a balanced budget is setting on the horizon. Soon it will not even be a possibility.

  • Gerardo De Sola

    The politicians are playing with fire and you know what happen whenn they dont stop playing with it

  • i

    The salaries and standard of living of the USA is being “adjusted downward” as a response to coming resource scarcity. When we in the USA make the same as the Chinese or Indians, the jobs come back. Of course at that point, most Americans are as poor as the Chinese or Indians – a fact irrelevant to the wealthy “managing” the adjusting.

  • WhiskeyJim

    The problem isn’t globalism. It’s Washington.

    If this recession doesn’t bring back Calvin Coolidge like thinking, nothing will.

    The States must help. The Federal government and the Fed Reserve must be downsized.

  • Karl

    After decades of being propped up by enormous, pathetic subsidies (mostly tax write-offs), the inefficient, anachronistic petit bourgeois mode of production is finally collapsing upon itself. Should have happened 100 years ago. Big business, with economies of scale and the ability to dance circles around small business, is doing just fine, thank you. Welcome to the future.

    Expropriate and redistribute, or enjoy a life on the outside, one of poverty and misery in the midst of wealth and plenty. Your choice.

  • Ace

    Gary, you are an incredible dumba$$. If the “progressive” movement is the answer, than why is California going bankrupt while Texas is flourishing?


  • Two Elks

    Let’s face it folks, we have been screwed by BOTH political parties ! NAFTA was the beginning of the end for the American worker. If history repeats itself, the government will arrange a war to pull us out of a severe recession, problem is, it won’t work this time. We have virtually no base left to build anything. This hope and chains sucks !

  • Robert

    How can any voting american reconcile this with offshoring, outsourcing, free trade, foreign war, open borders, sanctuary cities, high immigration, h1bvisas, n1 visas, birthright citizenship?

    How do people reconcile that neither the democrats / liberals nor the neoconservative / republicans are doing anything for US citizens in the poor and middle class?

    Is it only Ron and Rand Paul that seem to speak for the real poor and the real middle class (working and in need of work)?

  • Dennis

    Now might be a good time to consider the lord who is Jesus The Christ. Repent of your sins and believe he will hear you when you ask Him (Jesus)to save you. This life is very breif compaired to eternity and you can storeup treasures in Heaven that will be enjoyed FOREVER!

  • Not all of us helped kill that goose. In fact, some of us tried to stay the hand that raised the ax, but what can I say…Americans wanted to save a buck at Walmart while putting their neighbors, and then their family members, out of work.

  • Kate

    Right On Dennis!

  • Steve Mawson

    Why has no-one suggested then that we move to India and or China, in order to reobtain our outsourced jobs? In fact as everyone else seems to want to live in the US, let’s just do a giant swap. Our/your/somebodies forefathers conquered a new land some few hundred years ago, quashing a few natives along the way, so…
    Just think of the new jobs we could create in the industries required to build and house a new wave of American emigrants to Belarouza, or Catnipong, the new housing required, the new banking needed to finance the growth, the new government (as we so like to have ourselves regulated and controlled) and hence all the jobs created as a result.
    Mars isn’t looking too bad now is it ?

  • Jeff

    I agree with Ace….. Gary is one of those individuals who needs a plexi-glass navel. His head is buried so far up his @%& that he needs a portal to see out of. All you have to do to see what “Progressives” have given us is look at the bills Democrats gave. Woodrow Wilson gave the Income tax, Federal Reserve and prohibition. Roosevelt took away the right to own gold which we got back from a republican Nixon. Truman started the CIA. Johnson gave us the great society called welfare. Carter….. he was just stupid and the economy suffered for it. Clinton gave us the signing of NAFTA and GATT and now we have Barry in charge. YIKES!

  • “It is a massive pain in the rear end to hire a new worker in America today. The thousands upon thousands of regulations that must be complied with, the big pile of forms that need to be filled out and the elaborate bookkeeping that must be maintained make hiring someone a major headache.”

    Applying for a job today is also a huge pain in the ass. It isn’t as simple as merely emailing or uploading a cover letter and resume. Instead you also have to fill out forms that ask for exquisitely detailed information about employment dates from 15 years ago. Some even request Social Security numbers (!!!). At least they don’t want blood samples or DNA just yet.

    Note that the problem of global labor arbitrage is not just merely foreign outsourcing, but also mass immigration, legal and illegal, and foreign work visas such as the H-1B and L-1.

  • I followed the link:

    According to one analysis, the United States has lost 10.5 million jobs since 2007, and the truth is that unless something is done things are going to get even worse.

    I followed that link, and it led to an article discussing the number of people unemployed. However, it seemed like one of those right-wing pro-free market sites.

    Lately the free market dogmatists have jumped on the bandwagon, trying to blame our nation’s huge amount of unemployment on taxes and government controls. Of course, conveniently they don’t blame free market policies such as foreign outsourcing, immigration, and H-1B and L-1 visas.

    Then they pile on the Obama Administration as though Obama alone created this problem when it is the result of decades of both Republican and Democrat policies. To hear some of the free marketers tell it, the Republicans will solve our nation’s economic problems! Of course, not one single Republican in the House has introduced a bill to end the H-1B and L-1 visa programs.

  • I’ve read all of the posts including those placing blame. This is not a question of BLAME, it is a question of responsibility for our actions.

    We, the American people allowed this! Politicians who are responsible to the American people, cast votes for NAFTA and the other “Alphabet programs”, and WE did nothing!

    When American companies moved their facilities from our soil to overseas we did nothing, and still we buy their products…..why? The greatest strength of the people is to “Vote with your dollars”, if we refuse to buy products made over seas, the corporations WILL take notice, the American economy drives the world……buy American, FIND IT!

    Take back your GOVERNMENT……don’t look for a hand out…….to those who are OUR elected representatives and have given away our wealth and jobs to corporations over seas we say, YOU ARE FINISHED….WE will cut the lace off of your panties and ship you out in the next election! We will put others in your seats, and if THEY do not do our will they two will be minus lace!

    Many years ago, a wise man told me a great truth, “To get on your feet you must get off of your ass!

    ’nuff said


  • That 61 year old guy is so selfish.
    As he hates the life that YHWH gave him, he is now in hell.
    He probably would have a lived a couple of days in concrete jungle and died of hypothermia anyway.
    He couldn’t even stay alive and help his family through these depressing times.
    How selfish !!

  • Owen

    Folks, we are not going to come out of this. Some of us are doing our parts–voting against the entrenched incumbents and other insiders hacks but most voters keep voting for the same old crowd who are intend on enslaving us or killing us. I am serious. These people are in the crisis creating business so that we will buy the snake oil they’re peddling — depopulation! That’s right — they just want you to die! Read the Bible, and you will find an incredible amount of information about what we are now facing right now. Bottom line, there is no better way to handle this than to get right with your Creator while there is still time. Trust me, that window is closing rapidly. It is my own personal opinion that there will be a significantly smaller population on this earth five years from now. I see ample evidence that there are many who have reached the same conclusion. Prepare yourselves for that which is coming upon us.

  • “We killed the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg… Anyone who thought that we could merge American workers into a massive global labor pool and still be able to maintain our middle class lifestyles was living in fantasy land.”

    “We” didn’t kill it, and no one in a position to make it happen thought globalization would allow middle class Americans to maintain their lifestyle. “They” did it anyway, and “they” are not middle class or poor. “They” did it because they worship money and power, and “they” can never get enough.

  • Rick

    Ignorance has killed our nation, plain and simple. Criminals are literally running things as Charles Rangel has demonstrated so well. A tax cheat who writes the nations tax laws, you can’t make this stuff up folks. Yet the “TV watchers” don’t seem to think anything is wrong. Let’s face it, we’re doomed.

    “If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be….” Thomas Jefferson

  • Pat

    YOU are the “goose that lays the golden egg”.If you are a laborer, you produce. Production = wealth. It’s as simple as that. So why don’t you feel wealthy? Because it’s been stolen from you by our country’s super-rich CEOs making several million annual incomes apiece while they pit you against one another. The American worker is one of thew most productive in the world; yet we’ve been called lazy. We’ve been lied to about trickle-down economics. It’s a bunch of crap. Band together. Get mad. Learn from history. They’re getting too heavy to carry. If we can organize we may be able to step just a little to the right or a little to the left and bring the whole top of this hefty pyramid crashing down and start over.

  • Ken Rustad

    The good news is we’re living longer. The bad news we haven’t figured out how to pay for it, except in the short term in the style we have become accustomed, whether this is by Social Security and/or 401Ks. Accordingly, fewer and fewer can afford to retire which would lead to more job openings up the ladders. Purist capitalists will tell you that capital does best when it is free to move at will to seek out the highest returns. The rush to cheap outsourced labor was inevitable but perhaps not so fast as facilitated by NAFTA and other free trade agreements. Other factors include cheap transportation costs which are also ever changing. Competitive survival depends on how well America adapts through ingenuity. Decades ago this country was first in mathematics. Recently this rank has dropped to 27th. Making a comeback isn’t going to be easy.

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