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Today, more Americans than ever are absolutely convinced that we are headed for an economic collapse.  After all, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in economics to understand that American consumers, American businesses, local governments, state governments and the U.S. federal government are all drowning in debt.  It would be hard enough to deal with all of this debt during good economic times, but these are not good economic times.  In fact, right now the U.S. economy is being pounded by an unprecedented number of economic problems.  Tens of millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, 40 million Americans are on food stamps, the U.S. real estate crash continues to get worse, and the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to drag that entire region, and perhaps all of the United States, into a devastating economic depression.  So these days it is fairly easy to convince Americans that really hard economic times are coming.  But now an increasingly large number of people have a new question.  They want to know what to do about all of this.  In fact, probably the biggest group of questions I receive from readers is regarding what to do in order to prepare for the economic collapse that is coming.   People are tired of just talking about all of these problems and they want an action plan. 

So what is the answer?

What should people do about this coming economic collapse?

Well, when I attended law school I was taught that there is a two word answer to almost any question that someone can ask about the law….

It depends.

And while there are some fundamental principles which we should all follow in getting prepared for the coming economic crisis (which I will share below), the truth is that each and every person has very different circumstances that they are facing, so when someone asks what they should do I give them that same answer….

It depends.

If you have a family you are going to prepare much differently than if you are single.

If you live along the coast you are going to prepare much differently than if you live in the mountains or in the city.

If you are wealthy you are going to prepare much differently from someone who only possesses limited resources.

If you are dependent on a job you are going to prepare much differently from someone who is self-employed.

If you live on a farm you are going to prepare much differently from someone who lives in an apartment building and has never even grown a garden.

The truth is that there are a ton of variables and there just is not a “one size fits all” answer.

However, there are some fundamental principles that we should all be following as we prepare for the coming economic collapse….

Get Out Of Debt

It is always, always, always a good idea to get out of debt, but this is particularly true during a time of economic crisis.  During an economic collapse, it will be very difficult to get work, money will be tight, and the last thing you will want to be doing is to be making monthly payments on some debt that you accumulated five years ago.  The reality is that when we borrow money we become a servant, and debt is a very cruel master

You especially want to get rid of debt that is at high interest rates (such as credit card debt).  There are very few things that are as good at bleeding your finances as credit card debt is.  For example, according to the credit card repayment calculator, if you have a $6000 balance on a credit card with a 20 percent interest rate and only pay the minimum payment each time, it will take you 54 years to pay off that credit card.

During those 54 years you will pay $26,168 in interest rate charges on that credit card balance in addition to the $6000 in principal that you are required to pay back.  That is before any fees or penalties are even calculated.

Can you see how financially debilitating that can be?

The truth is that if you haven’t already started, now is the time to develop a plan for how to get out of debt.  Paying off debt can be very painful, but it will put you in a much, much better position to weather the financial storms that are ahead.

Reduce Your Expenses

Along the same lines, it is a very good idea to start reducing your expenses right now.  The truth is that you cannot be sure that you will always have the same job or the same level of income.  Times are going to be very tight in the future.  Now is the time to start the belt tightening.

Yes, the truth is that the cost of everything seems to be going up these days, and most American families are already finding it increasingly difficult to get by each month.

But if your household is spending $5000 a month right now, are there ways that you could get that down to $4000 or maybe even $3000? 

If we all start learning to live with less right now, it will be much easier to do when times really get hard.

Increase Your Income

Yes, this is much easier said than done.  Especially considering the fact that it seems like there are hardly any jobs out there right now.

But the truth is that we are all going to have to work a lot harder and become a lot less dependent on employers.

It is going to become increasingly difficult to get good jobs in the months and years ahead.  The big global corporations are figuring out that they really don’t need us after all.  In many ways, it is much easier for them to hire a workforce from the other side of the world.

So where does that leave us?

Well, fortunately there are still a lot of ways to make money in America.  How long that will last is uncertain, but for now we should work while the working is good.  We are all going to have to start becoming a lot more entrepreneurial.

Nobody is going to hand you anything in this life.  If you just settle for your job (“just over broke”) you aren’t going to get too far in today’s world.

Many people start developing an extra income during their spare time in the evenings after work.  Yes, that would mean that you would have less time to sit on the couch and watch people talk about who LeBron James is going to play basketball for, but did you think that we were going to be able to get through this without making sacrifices?

Now is the time to rise up off the sofa and figure out how to make some more money.  There is still a little more time to get prepared.  If you keep putting off what you know needs to be done, eventually it will be too late.

In addition, learning to do things like growing a garden is another way of “increasing” your income.  All of the fruit and vegetables that you grow will mean that you won’t have to spend as much at the grocery store.

Stock Up On Essentials

There are tons of supplies still in the stores, and prices are still relatively low right now (especially compared to what they will be in the future).  So it is time to stock up on essentials while the getting is good.

In a previous article entitled “20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses And The Next Great Depression Begins”, we listed 20 of the things that you will need in the event of a major disaster, an emergency or an economic collapse.  These are the things that you are going to want to make sure that you have ready right now, because after the crisis begins it may be too late to prepare….

#1) Storable Food

#2) Clean Water

#3) Shelter

#4) Warm Clothing

#5) An Axe

#6) Lighters Or Matches

#7) Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes

#8) A Flashlight And/Or Lantern

#9) A Radio

#10) Communication Equipment

#11) A Swiss Army Knife

#12) Personal Hygiene Items

#13) A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies

#14) Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)

#15) A Sewing Kit

#16) Self-Defense Equipment

#17) A Compass

#18) A Hiking Backpack

#19) A Community

#20) A Backup Plan

In the comments to that article, our readers suggested the following additional items….

A K-Bar Fighting Knife


Extra Batteries


A Camp Stove


Pet Food

Heirloom Seeds


An LED Headlamp



Calcium Hypochlorite

Ziplock Bags

Maps Of Your Area


Sleeping Bags

Rifle For Hunting

Extra Socks


Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering

Of course there are probably many more items you could put on the list.

The point is to get educated, get informed and start getting prepared.

When things get really hard, that brand new pool table isn’t going to do you much good, but having a good supply of food and clean water will make all the difference.

Not that things are going to totally fall apart overnight.  It is going to be a process.

But you don’t start preparing when the storm is already on top of you. 

Most of us know what is coming.

Now we need to start taking action. 

This is how Americans got through the Great Depression of the 1930s – they tightened their belts, they were resourceful, and they did whatever they needed to do to provide for their families.

Now it is our turn.  Sure some people will laugh as many of us adjust our lifestyles in preparation for hard economic times, but it is those same people who will come knocking on your door when the rain does start pouring.

  • Meranda

    Some people in the cities are raising chickens as pets. As silly as that sounds, they make good pets, but they also supply food. I thought #19 was a great suggestion. Building a community network around you will get you through the rough times. I also thought your comments in regards to raising your income were great. One lady I knew in DC, collected all the used “designer” purses around the local thrift stores, and sells them on ebay. She makes 5K per month. Craigslist is an excellent way of selling something you love. There are many people who find a niche, ie- shabby furniture, rustic decor, purses, handbags, designer labels, electronics, fridges and resell them on craigslist. Resell something you already have some knowledge of, and often times you can find more than enough inventory in your own home to get started. Excellent article!

  • Jack

    Thanks, great article, as ever!

  • Marc

    I completely disagree with paying off debt.. unless it is for something you need or have collateral on. Use every penny wisely, and forget about your credit rating, because its not like there will be anyone to lend you money… and if there is, most people will not have much of a credit rating anyways.

  • Ash

    Especially with the recent threats of toxic rain from the Gulf blowout, your #2 ‘clean water’ is doubly pertinent. That means having a filtration system that can handle heavily polluted water, usually of the type that also works processing river and lake water. These are more expensive than the simple jugs with filters you can get in supermarkets. But without them, even rural residents like myself could find that if they were counting on their well water to see them through, they will be disappointed.

  • The most important thing you can store for the hard times is knowledge. Learn all you can about survival. You can acquire all of the things on this list and have some prick steal them from you. You can have your home and lands be a self sustaining refuge of prosperity and watch it all burn in a fire that the FD will not respond to. You must have the ability to be with nothing and no help and still be able to make shelter, find food and water.

    Have a place to go that is out of the city if you live in the city. A piece of BLM land that has some water on it. Take your family there, camp there, learn the land, so you can return and not be foreign.

    Forget paying down any debt. That time is ended. They are not coming after you and there is no time left to expend resources on moral obligations like credit cards. They took money from you (tax payer funds). You owe them nothing. Use the money to secure your future.

    Knowledge is the store of value that “neither moth nor flame can corrupt or destoy” They can’t take that from you.

    Store enough food to make it through a year from ANY point in the agricultural cycle. Start growing food now, so you can learn how it works. A farmer doesn’t become a farmer after one or two seasons, you must get everything wrong before you know how to do it right, and that takes time and experience. Start now, its July…plant greens in August and have salads through November just to get some experience.

    Basically, you will find that it breaks down like this…If you can’t grow it, mine it, trade for it, or kill for it; you are not going to have it, and if you are not prepared to do all four of those, you are in danger.

    There exists a critical tipping point, a point of mass despair and anger that will capitulate our way of life. This is NOT like the 30’s. In that era, we were set up to live autonomously, so long as we could keep the mortgator at bay (with a shotgun) we are not like that anymore. Americans especially are not prepared for what is coming. We are too integrated. Most have neither the means or opportunity to live autonomously, they only have fear as the motive when they run out of food or are kicked out of their homes. Very dangerous, they are forced to crime. In the 30’s, people were bummed that they had to return to the agrarian lifestyle of their ancestors on the family farm instead of “making it” in the city, we don’t have that option today. People will riot hard and more and more police are laid off every day.

    One day, the power will go out and not return. The day that happens, the poles will be felled for the wood, and the copper stripped for trade. Then, the infrastructure is gone. Remember that sight, as the defining momonet of the descent. I’ve seen it.

    Learn: and your Dow will never Jones!

  • bob

    Hmmm, cleaned my debt up by doing a chapter 7. Got rid of the overpriced house and all debt. Fixed income. Doing great. Bought a nice single wide paid cash, only have lot rent which aint much. But, issue not covered, is disabled persons, i.e. narcotic meds, and medical supplies. I see where if we just save, and hunker down alls well till this bs passes. Have the gold, get it panning in the mountains, why pay for it?? Also have the bp guns, no records on them. So, are you ready America?

  • Joe in JT

    Anyone who does not have at least 1 months storage of food and water is mental.

  • dino

    buy all the gold and silver you your table tray in the upright position,fasten your seat-belt and hang on

  • MrPotato

    makes sense, too bad I live in a rented appartment in a foreign country, it would be very inconvinient for me to buy supplies now, but the day I settle down in a house somewhere I’m so going to stock up my basement.

  • Elocutionist

    There are other things people can do; must do: Build up a network of support. Get to know your neighbors and be certain all of you support one another. I live in a small development of about 90 homes. We are closed off from the main highway and, even in these relatively ‘good’ times, we always rely on one another for various things (i.e. snow ploughing, lawn mowing, etc.). Make a plan with your family, if they’re not nearby, so that in tough times you’re not alone. Develop a skill. Learn how to make bread, for instance, from flour on a wood stove. Become an expert ‘handyman,’ the ability to repair things will be an important skill. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. In either case, you’ll be prepared.

  • Pokey McGee

    Gold and silver coins are a complete waste of money right now. Anybody dumb enough to buy these metals is being scammed by the doomsday commercials one sees or hears on Glenn Beck / Sean Hannity / Rush Limbaugh shows. LOL, as if the US becomes a desolate wasteland everybody is automatically going to convert to some type of impromptu gold-silver monetary scheme. You’d be lucky if even 5% of US households had any gold or silver coins, so who do you think you’re going to be trading with? LOL! Not to mention that gold and silver are ridiculously expensive right now compared to past values. If you are buying gold and silver now you are no different than people who bought a $500K McMansion 5 years ago that is now worth half that, because that’s what is going to happen to your gold and silver in a few years.

    Anybody with half a brain would have 90% of that list to begin with, heck I learned all that stuff in my first year of Cub Scouts. LOL. The one thing some people probably don’t have that is on that list is self-defense equipment. Those people are called taking a gamble regardless of the economic situation since crime can strike anywhere or anytime.

    Ok, so the lessons here are to get rid of debt, decrease spending and increase your income. All very good points, but people should be doing that regardless of whether or not a Jerry Bruckheimer-type apocalyptic wasteland is upon us. In fact, if people would have been following those lessons BEFORE any of these “economic collapse” scenarios were popping up all over the internet, this country wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.

    I agree with the necessity of being prepared for any sort of interruption in life, but I’m not going to start raising chickens and making deer-hide coats for myself anytime soon. I have an ample, manageable supply, which is probably more than 95% of homes have, but I am by no means becoming a survivalist and mapping out a bartering system flowchart for myself.

    The US is not going to come crashing down anytime soon, so everyone just take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the summer for crying out loud. I think some people have listened to too much Alex Jones or Gerald Celente and seen too many movies like “Mad Max” or “The Day After Tomorrow.”

  • Dan

    Yeah, right. Everyone is going to be more or less self-sufficient and/or living on the barter system. That’s a plausible answer.

    News flash: We are not in the 19th century West anymore. And neither are population numbers. This is an interdependent, global society and economy and will remain so.

    Sure, prepare to the extent you can. But to throw your hands up and say we are all on our own and prepare accordingly is simply not a realistic answer. Such are notions are those of a right-wing dream world.

  • Charles

    Getting out of debt is great if you are capable of that. Many will not be able to it during these rough economical times and will just have to default and suffer the consequences. That includes the debts of cities, states, and the national debt.

  • Spencer

    Uncle Sam = Dwight Schrute

    Why didn’t you suggest nunchucks?

  • Anna

    AFTERSHOCK, a book written by 2 Ph.D economists tells of a dollar bubble bursting, making silver and gold go so high, they refuse to give a number for fear of losing credibility. Next, a government bubble popping making 50%-60% unemployment numbers. McGee won’t buy it, so thankfully that leaves more for the rest of us.

  • Vindication

    You forgot the MOST IMPORTANT item: The HOLY BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dino

    Gold and silver are investments as a hedge against inflation. I don’t believe in the doom and gloom Mad Max scenario as POKEY MKGEE might think. But if I buy silver @ 18.07 per ounce and sell @ $27 to $30 per ounce I think I have done well. Do I think things will get worse i.e. the economy ?? ABSOLUTLEY. I was a boy scout as well and feel that I’am prepared for wahtever comes my way…….which will hopefully be higher silver prices:)

  • PirateBooty

    Dino, I see this continual state of confusion of the precious metal buyers: if you buy a gold or silver coin now, there is no joy to be had if the selling price in fiat currency triples or goes through the roof. You still did not make a profit! The whole concept of buying gold or silver is that you can trade a week/hour of your time to earn it now, and in the future, it will buy you whatever you can earn with a week/hour of your time then. That is all. Put all thought of profiting on it out of your mind, as that is only a short term speculative approach, and is akin to playing musical chairs: if you turn your gold/silver in fiat currency, will the music stop while you are dancing for joy over your fake profits?

  • Joe

    Gold and silver is not necessarily hedge against inflation but more specifically a hedge against devaluation of currency… Helicopter Ben and his printing machine. When confidence in the dollar collapses, watch gold and silver skyrocket.

  • scott henson

    Didn’t see WATER FILTER mentioned! Very important you have a continuing source of clean water!

  • Jackson

    Here is another reason to stock up! A number of big solar storm might hit the earth within the next few years near 2012 / 2013 .. it might cause some significant damage to in-fracture and maybe more!

    Heres the link to the nasa report

  • Mr Carpenter

    Joe, actually you have written it as most people think of it; but the truth is that in fact, gold and silver won’t change value, the dollar value will evaporate.

    Fiat currencies – i.e. every single “paper” and “electronic” currency currently in use on planet earth – eventually will go do their intrinsic value.

    Which is ZERO.

  • sharonsj

    There is a difference between buying a certificate that says you own gold and silver that is stored somewhere, and having actual gold and silver in your hand. Forget about the former, it’s a scam. But having jewelry is always good because it is small and portable, and you can always find someone to trade for it.

    As for most of the list, when you live in a rural area, you learn to be prepared. However, I can tell you from experience that living the pioneer way is demanding and certainly time-consuming. If things do fall apart to that point, I don’t think the average person will survive without stealing.

    Meanwhile, as things gets worse, we’ll see more of an underground economy. It’s to be expected when so many people can’t find a regular job.

  • ross

    Move to the coast if food becomes scarce you can always fish.

    In a collapse situation why would you pay your debts, whose going to chase after you when half the country is in poverty?? and its chaos and anarchy outside, its not like you`re going to be able to borrow money again anyway, there`ll be no such thing as a credit rating or ecconomy anymore.

    If there`s hyperinflation like germany in the 30`s your bank account balance will become worthless overnight.

  • lostinmissouri

    Gold and silver has been money for over 6000 years. It is still money and the best place to store your wealth. Follow in the footprints of the giants…the uber-wealthy all have large positions in gold and silver for a reason.
    The 3 G’s will get you thru anything: God,Guns, and Gold.
    What a great time to be passing through.

  • JLouise

    McGee is completely wrong about gold and silver. But I encourage everyone to do their own research and decide for themselves.

  • john

    There might be a window of opportunity where a little gold or silver will pay off your home or other debts…

  • dino

    Kudos and cheers Joe!!

  • Pokey McGee

    A lot of you people are delusional. I actually double over in laughter thinking about people walking around trying to buy things with gold and silver coins in an “economic collapse” scenario. Unless you have thousands of coins, what are you going to do when you run out of them? Where are you going to get more? Who is going to accept them? How are they going to know how much they are worth? Are YOU going to be paid in gold or silver for your services or belongings? You can’t eat gold or silver coins, they won’t power anything and they won’t defend you. They’ll just look pretty and sound cool jangling in your pockets. Meanwhile, they apparently provide you with a false sense of being prepared, so hey, I guess they buy you peace of mind.

  • Judge Mental

    In 1964, a quarter (then made of silver) would buy you a gallon of gasoline. Today, that same ’64 silver quarter sold for it’s melt value will give you enough in US dollars to buy a gallon of gasoline. Get it?

  • Michael

    A reader named Lawrence recently submitted this comment by email….

    Greetings! Every once in a while, I see these “survivalist” cans of Costa Rican canned green coffee beans. Ok, so I pay about $80 bucks (not to mention some paying for some hefty shipping charges). I thought to myself-why can’t I do it (in the spirit of DIY). Ok, it can be easily done. First, purchase GREEN coffee beans. Second, seal them in a good container. I use a half gallon Ball canning jar WITH an oxygen absorber. A half gallon jar will hold about 2.5 pounds of beans and I use one or two 500CC oxygen absorbers-just to make sure no oxygen exists afterwards. Thrid, Seal the jar with a new canning jar lid. Keep out of light. No moisture (dry beans and glass sealed jar), no oxygen (absorber does that), no light, and keep in cool storage (room temp or cooler); and the coffee is good to go for years! When you use the beans-follow the processing instructions (can be found at a lot of places on the web and on YOU TUBE: Finally, keep in mind that green coffee beans can be purchased from coffee bean dealers on the web, locally, or go to Ebay for green coffee bean deals. I also have a hand grinding mill-useful for grains as well as coffee beans. WHY pay for it when you can make it? Also, one final note: some preppers consider coffee one of the items useful in barter after TEOTWAWKI. Food for thought. Best wishes. Lawrence

  • Pancho Villa Jr.

    Report#1 from the Mexico Border Patrol:

    Just to let you know that we are also preparing ourselves from south of the border, for when you guys collapse we do not want hordes of starving americans to invade Mexico. In this case we must close the border and prevent wild Americans to cross over to our country. Simply because there will not be enough food to feed all people. Even Americans which emigrated to Mexico before collapse (some currently living or sharing lands with Mexicans down here…)are telling me that they will help us to close the border to avoid invasion from USA.
    Personally I would accept good decent American industrious people which have been nice to Mexicans in the past though. But that does not depend on me. Therefore
    I suggest we make a plan:
    It is very simple: right now, Mexico with its nice weather and fertile lands is supplying roughly 10% of all the food you eat every year in USA.
    That means that we only have capacity to feed 10% of your population (30 million) plus our own people. As a preventive measure I suggest that much more American investment in agriculture, livestock production, fishing, and other esential items, comes to Mexico ASAP to get ready before the devastation of your country. In this way we can help more Americans in the future in case of collapse and you help us right now to to reduce immigration of Mexicans to USA.

    Hope someone understand and do something up north. This can be done from government initiatives and/or on a private basis. Remember that when collapse comes laws will not apply and in you went by yourself (i.e. a loner investing in his “own” ranch in Mexico) the Mexican communities will not help to support you and protect “your” ranch from loiters and pillagers. Therefore you guys need partners in Mexico to take care of preparedness.

    Forget: Star Spangled Banner
    Forget: Cinco de Mayo: God Bless: USA+Mexico let´s work together for future benefit.

    I offer: 250 hectare = 617.763 acre
    OR 617 acre and 3695.1 yd² of grass land with water, in the state of Tamaulipas just 5 hr. drive from Texas Border not far from the sea. And other lands in central Mountains of Mexico very fertile. To build self supporting shelter communities.


    Pancho Villa Jr.

  • Pancho Villa Jr.

    Report #2: from the Mexico Border Patrol:

    I want to amend my previous Report #1 because the collapse will affect not only USA but also MEXICO Therefore, even if right now we are able to supply 10% of all food you eat in USA, this is supported by the “system” i.e. mechanized agriculture, fertilizers, fuel, transportaton and many other raw materials and resource inputs which will not be available a collapse should occur.
    Therefore the means to develop food production should be thought of as without counting on those resources. I do not want to deal in details but obviously, these must include food production WITHOUT energy…

    Do not get angry or despaired. Forget about GOLD and money, start thinking in:


    GOD BLESS: USA+MEXICO United for survival.


    Pancho Villa Jr.

  • Magnus the Destroyer

    Mr. Pokey McGee, while I appreciate your right to laugh at other people whom you deem to be stupid, it is equally my right to point at you and laugh at your sheer, unimaginative ignorance.

    You don’t have the first concept about money, wealth and currency. You are a fiduciary oaf.

    Those who stockpile money now (i.e. gold and silver) will be the ones who rebuild the economy when it collapses. You seem to be implying that those who have gold and silver after the jump will simply be trading gold and silver with others. Anyone with even one brain cell can deduce that you are making no sense.

    As has already been mentioned, and as has been analyzed to the extreme by many historians and economists and whose writings you can find on the web, gold and silver have been money throughout recorded history, and the evidence suggests they will continue to perform that role well into the future.

    So if I have a silver coin and someone else has a loaf of bread, chances are good they will trade me that loaf of bread for my silver coin. They then, in turn, will trade that silver coin for something they need, like a pair of shoes, or a cooking pot. See? That’s called MONEY.

    Once a sufficient number of coins has entered into the economy then people will be regularly trading them back and forth. It will be money. Money is simply a medium of exchange. One could use anything that is desired by others as money, like a chicken, a gallon of gas, a nice suit, some canned food, whatever. However, all those things and more have problems as money. A chicken will only bring you eggs for a limited time, or until you kill it and eat it, or it could just die. Gasoline goes stale over time. A suit might be out of fashion or moths might get to it. Canned food has a limited shelf life. Etc. Then there’s the problem of having a chicken to trade when all you might want is a couple of tomatoes. You can’t get change. You also might not be able to find someone with tomatoes that wants a chicken.

    Gold and silver do not suffer from these shortfalls. They just are. Gold is immutable. It does not change or degrade over time. An ounce of gold now was an ounce of gold 1000 years ago and will be gold 10,000 years from now. It is divisible, so you can cut it in half and you still have gold. If you cut a chicken in half you’ll have a bloody mess. It is portable, meaning you can easily carry a small amount having a lot of value. Chickens and suits aren’t easy to transport.

    Do you get it now? Or are you still belly laughing? I’ll tell you who is going to be belly laughing when you come around for something to eat after the shit hits the fan, and all you have is some pocket lint. That’ll be me. I’ll take pity on you and perhaps allow you to work my garden in exchange for a meal, but after that you’re out of there. If you don’t have anything of value to trade, and you have no money, then you’re quite worthless to me (there will be plenty of cheap labor around, so your sticking around won’t be an option).

    I’m sorry that you’re going to die when our economy collapses, since you aren’t taking this very seriously. Unfortunately, survival goes to the strong and the intelligent, and you are definitely missing the latter part of the formula. I strongly recommend you take the requisite time to study history and money. It should one day save your life. Or you can go on mocking those who actually do take this seriously. Good luck getting any of their sympathy when you really need it.

  • Pokey McGee

    Magnus: I cannot wait to see your “silver for bread” plan come to life.

    Gold and silver coin companies are PREYING on people like you to turn a quick buck. They are a company out to make a profit just like any other. Funny how these companies weren’t putting many advertisements out 5 or 6 years ago. LOL, they are just like a guy selling ice cream in the summer or sweaters in the winter — they are taking advantage of a climate in which they can make money. Say, why would all these gold and silver companies be selling these enduring forms of currency for US DOLLARS which you all claim will be worthless after this so-called economic collapse!?!? Oh, I’m sure it’s out of the kindness of their hearts. Why wouldn’t they just keep all the gold and silver themselves and then become the uber-rich when this collapse strikes??? LOL. If you have the money, sure, by all means it is a good idea to have SOME exposure to gold and silver to add some variety to your investments. That is old news. But the idea of hoarding gold and silver coins to use for this supposedly universal currency scheme to which everyone will supposedly immediately adopt is nuts.

    Following your logic, I am better off buying 18 loaves of bread at $1 each and storing them in my freezer than I am buying a one ounce silver coin. Then when this collapse hits I will sell a loaf of bread to you and 17 other people in exchange for silver coins. Then I can buy all the shoes and cooking pots I want!!! The world will be mine!!!

  • This is no laughing matter. Stockpiling coin and gold will not necessary work to get food. No amount of canned food storage can last forever. Even if you carry immutable gold you can still be robbed. You still think in terms of mobility while the need to survive will put us to work in a place to produce or get food, clothing and have shelter. Therefore we must concentrate NOW to prepare to have means for production of food and basic necessities of life. Barter will be the way to exchange goods and food/clothing/shelter will be the tokens. Collapse will come in degrees and things will become scarce but in a short time those umprepared will suffer dearly and die.
    Now, maybe you can survive in USA (and I hope most of you do, so you do not invade Mexico)but Why prepare in Mexico? Answers:
    1.- Climate. We do not need much energy inputs to survive winters in Mexico.
    2.- There´s local knowledge on how to survive with little. Local communities in Mexico still know how to live and survive without TV, electicity or high energy inputs.
    3.- Mexico´s unspoiled lands still provide 2-3 harvest´s per year.
    4.- Preparation costs are lower than in USA.
    5.- Reading communities NOW to receive immigration from USA (Wild Starving American Families) will serve as buffer to avoid other unpleasant consequences.

    It is urgent that we take action NOW. USA Collapse cannot be stopped. Mexico´s Border Patrol is alredy formed and watching you Americans. I am friendly to American People and offer a solution, not a problem but we will be ready to defend our country from invasion (from Americans or Chinese).

    Mexico Border Patrol is a civilian organization formed by Mexican Citizens with resources and intelligence, working to prepare for the negative impact on Mexico of the collapse of USA and/OR possible invasion of China to USA.

    Best regards

    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Check my (coming) website

  • Magnus the Destroyer

    Wow. Just…wow. Pokey, you’re on your own, dude. I give you 5 minutes after the collapse before you manage to somehow decapitate yourself with a shovel, or something else equally absurd and fitting for your end.

    Take care.

  • Eve

    I’m buying socks and undies. Lots of them.
    Oh, and soap.

  • Charles

    I agree with Pokey and poncho makes a good point. Gold and silver can be stolen. You can’t take away my ability to repair and build things and grow food. The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF and your skills.

  • Pokey McGee

    Charles: FINALLY somebody with some common sense.

    Magnus: Why would gold/silver coin companies accept US DOLLARS which would become supposedly worthless in the event of an economic collapse, in exchange for the very gold and silver coins which are apparently the saving grace in collapsed economy scenario???? LOL!!!! I know I know!!! It’s because they are successful at marketing to people like YOU, the chicken-little-sky-is-falling type. LOL. Meanwhile, they are taking YOUR hard earned money and enjoying nice cars, luxurious vacations, and elegant dinners with the commissions and profits they have made. And in a few years your $1000 gold coin is going to fetch you $300. LOL!

    I’d love to see this scenario of you giving some guy a silver coin for a loaf of bread. In your mind it would be a nice, calm transaction, but in all reality if these coins are going to be such lifesavers in a doomsday collapse scenario, the minute you pull that coin out you’re going to get jumped and robbed. Would you walk into the ghetto right now and pay for a loaf of bread with a $100 bill? LOL, go ahead and try it. Might as well paint a target on yourself.

    Sorry dude, you’re just wrong. You are not as intelligent as you think you are. Hope you didn’t spend too much on your fancy coins, because if you did you were scammed.

  • dino

    GO MAGNUS YOU ROCK!!! Pokey he nailed ya…your an oaf

  • ColonelSplat

    Unbelievable the ignorance on these replies.
    When they dug up the Egyptian Pharaohs, can someone tell me what was in there with them?

    Someone says Mexico is a great place to be?
    Must be a blind person. Mexico has collapsed.

    Someone thinks that since someone with no silver will not trade some silver. What?
    What good would trading the same thing be. That’s not the idea. I would take a 50 dollar silver piece for a loaf of bread any day. Then, you idiot, I can go down the street and buy a few gallons of gas, rev up my chainsaw and rip your face off when you come begging for things because you have been living under a rock, don’t know history, and can’t see through the mainstream media propaganda.

    INFOWARS.COM wake up or die.

    Personally I stopped waking people up because anyone who is still sleeping by now is dead.

    Anyone living in a big city is DEAD.

    It’s collapsing you illiterate, dead from the neck uppers.

    You don’t know economics, history, current events, or how to speak English, but you know about Ms. Lohan and Mr. LeBron and the scores for all the Superbowls in history. No wonder the world bankers that have taken our country want you people dead. You are an embarrassment.

    Knock on my door for food or water when the excrement hits the wind making machine and you are knocking on heaven’s door.

    You have no idea what I’m saying do you idiocrats?

    IDIOCRACY at its finest. They have you dumbed down right where they want you.

    Go to WALMART and eat some more hot dogs you fat morons.

  • Hi, americans,

    Report#3: People start fighting just over anything. Their own opinions become their gods, their religion.
    Smart people, keep quiet, and ponder:
    Weighting all pros and cons, possible outcomes of Collapse and alternative ways of action, is a much more cleaver attitude.
    Mocking other people´s opinions or whishing others may die after collapse ocurrs, is just a waste of time.
    So is the dream that our governments will help the mass of people in a situation like that.
    No people, YOU have to stop watching TV and activate yourself: Think!
    1.-Analyze what is the situation and its possible outcomes. (Hoping we do not get to the worst scenario is not real. It is only a dream…)
    2.- Figure out what will be the worst scenario. (Even if the worst scenario does not happen it is always better to be prepared)
    3.- Evaluate the basics you will need to survive in this scenario. Learn self supporting techniques. Learn how to make food, clothing, boots and shoes, how to make tools, etc. By simple means not high tech. Do not consider things to survive during 2-3 months only but for many years…frankly speaking and with all due respect, the list of basics that appears above is just not enough because it is not “self supportive” it sounds like boy-scout gear to me…We must prepare self supporting resources. Yes we will take a Bible but I find more practical to take a hoe to work the land, and rope to tie the livestock or fish hooks. Batteries? ok but for how long. Got my point?
    4.- Calculate actual cost of prevention: part of your expenses should go little by little into buying this resources. Remember, your saving account will be usefull only BEFORE the collapse, so, NOW is the time to act. AFTER the collapse everyone, will freely take from warehouses and depots and you may end up empty handed.
    5.- Get together with your friends and find out your place of survival, better close to the sea. 6.-You purchase the land and prepare the facilities. Yes you must invest time and money to be prepared.
    7.- You have to consider that no electricity or fuel will be available.

    You americans have to prepare, the collapse of your country is unavoidable, Mexico will be swallowed into your collapse. Now it is too late: Let´s stop blaming our governments, stop arguing, stop fighting. We are on the same boat now…let´s start rowing to safer shores.

    God Bless: USA+Mexico Together for survival.

    When collapse happens borders will banish. South is better, warmer, cleaner. We offer land and real state in Mexico to prepare for survival.

    We are the Mexico´s Border Patrol, a civil association of Mexicans established to contain the massive immigration of Empoverished Starving Americans into Mexico after the Collapse…And to cooperate with and help decent American families which want to establish their survival residence in Mexico.

    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Mexico Border Patrol

  • Honest Abe

    Pokey and Mangus each have great points. We can all understand how metals hold value. We can understand that if someone knows that you have metal, you won’t have it long. Unless you live in a fortress and travel with a small well armed group. If gold goes up to say $2000 per ounce, but all you want is a pack of hotdogs and some new shoes for your kid, how crappy will it be to have to use a $2K coin when it really would have only cost about $30? Will you cut the gold coin into little slivers, weigh and stamp them? You will have to stamp them right? How will anyone be able to tell if it is .999 real gold? Where will you go to get spot prices when the power is shut off? Ham radio? My point is that metal is only a hedge for after the shit cloud lifts. While most will have to come out of hiding with nothing, you still have metal. Regardless if it’s worth half of what you spent on it, or double, it’s better than nothing. Oh, and one thing to think about Pokey is that maybe these metal dealers are pushing these sales so hard not to drive in rad cars but to prepare themselves with the US dollars that they get while the US dollar still means something. I would bet my sister’s dog that these guys have plenty of metal stocked up in a safe as well. The metal dealer most likely has an underground city somewhere under the great lakes. He won’t need to trade anything for your bread. Rather, just wait for the dust to settle, hop in his chopper and fly to Mexico to have a taco with Poncho and the American refugees. Mangus, it would be healthier for you if you weren’t so uptight. No need to name call because someone else seems to be different than you. Pokey, if you could just curb the dramatic belly laughing and LOL’s people may take you more serious. I understand that no one asked more a moderator, and I am not perfect either but it’s just a thought. Oh, and Poncho, how are you expecting this good looking white boy with his pretty wife and two kids to get through the legions of narco gangs into your safe utopia of agriculture alive?

  • This is quite common sense. And when the economy crashes crime rate will rise.

  • Pokey McGee

    ColonelSplat: The fact that you mention INFOWARS in your reply is enough for me. Wow, you must be some beacon of intellectual might, getting your news from Alex Jones and the like on a daily basis. I’m sure Alex is laughing all the way to the bank and living the high life (courtesy of the US DOLLAR, thank you very much!) while his sheepish followers are spending money on survival seeds and fake solar generators. Let me guess, you are also of the cult of James Wesley Rawles. The only one who has been fooled is YOU. Hey, let me know when someone comes knocking on your door with a $50 silver piece in exchange for a loaf of bread. Meanwhile your life is passing you by as you prepare for chicken little scenarios.

    Honest Abe: thanks for the balanced and well-thought of reply.

  • Hey Pancho,
    How do I buy property down there?

  • Report #4:
    After collapse there will be no Law & Order no warranties can be given to society but as long as people get together they can protect themselves. Many will die anyway, like it or not. But at least some people will try something and some will survive. The other option is to keep sitting on your couch and stare at the blank TV set waiting to die or be killed or raped.
    Unsafety and criminality will rise no doubt but narco business will collapse too…without food: who wants regular drugs? nobody…the new drug will be called: food.
    We are not utopians we are wealthy Mexican businessmen similar but not as rich as Carlos Slim (Mexican: wealthiest man in the world and owner of New York Times, Telmex and Banks…etc.).
    After collapse greed will not end on the contrary if there is food there will be sex…and after the initial shock wave, when panic subdues, greed (and I certainly hope sex too…) will comeback rampant and much more increased and will take new forms, so it is only natural that a new type of business will arise: Associations to control food will be formed, call them: food gangs if you want.
    In Mexico those who make food will be protected by the new “Food Gangs”. M.B.Patrol is prepared and have the re$ource$ to act as one such Food Gang for its associates…got it?
    Now pay attention: Same as current drug producers (not agricultural utopians but pragmatic businessmen) are protected by Narco Gangs we M.B.P. will protect our associates who produce good food=the new drug=the new money.
    In present times, vast areas of Mexican territory are under control of Narco gangs, nobody even Federal Police or Army can enter those areas…well, why not use such practical scheme too but for good food production, protection and distribution…

    Anyway, Narco Gangsters must eat 3 times a day too. Can´t we hire them?
    And you cannot deny that there´s such effective organizational experience in Mexico so we just have to switch from drugs to food…got my point?

    The only difference will be that without Law & Order the enemy to fight will not be police but the hordes of starving lazy unprepared city dwellers scaping from Mexico and/or USA towns whose only token to trade for food will be to sell themselves and/or their pretty wives+children as slaves. I do not deny that some of these people will do well in finding jobs with us or other organizations being formed in Mexico now, but not everybody.

    Please understand: Basically, we are not telling you to emigrate to this warmer friendly food producing country that now, feeds 10% of American population. On the contrary, we are engouraging you to organize and stay up there and eat your own wheat and corn but if you want and can afford to have two or more options NOW is the time to act. Later, it will be much more difficult.

    Afterwards we Mexicans together with our American associates, will close the border and will ready ourselves to repel any intent of civilian invasion from USA/China.

    If you want to PURCHASE and go on a solo basis is because you still think in terms of actual (present) individualistic society. NO, you must think in terms of the FUTURE AFTER COLLAPSE. To survive, You MUST be in association with other people like you and me that WILL take responsibility for their own basic needs and those of our families and are smart enough and have the means to get ready to survive.

    Also, please do not think in terms of you becoming a Landlord surrounded by Mexican Slaves down here, think of yourself in the future more in terms of an associate of a community that provides food, shelter and protection to you and your family in exchange for your honest work and previous cooperation. Think rather in terms of: How can I become a member of this community? what is expected from me?

    God Bless: USA+Mexico together for survival.

    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Mexico Border Patrol (MBP)

  • sorry but web Admin, cut my last report #4, where I let you know how to purchase land in Mexico and the answer is very simple: contact real estate brokers, I am sure you can find several on the internet. But if you go alone. You may end up being a prey.
    Now, If you want to survive, you had better get together with other people or contact us: I will try to publish our web site soon and hopefully site Admin (thank you) will not delete us.

  • Shannon

    I am curious about the many economic and survivalist blogs that suggest getting out of debt in preparation for the coming economic collapse? If there is indeed going to be an economic collapse, shouldn’t we just ignore our debts and take what little income we have two by guns and ammunition, food storage, and other survivalist preparations? Why should we pay off our debts, when the banks themselves live let us money which they have created out of nothing cannot even pay their own debts and must get a hand out from the taxpayers which is us to start with? Considering that the entire reason for this collapse is the corrupt banking system and the Federal Reserve, why should we not just walk away from our mortgages and our credit card debt and prepare for a crisis of which the banks are entirely responsible?

  • rgt

    Silver coins AND loaves of bread can both be stolen. Guns and ammunition can be stolen. Any survivalist preparations can be stolen.
    Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own these things.

    I’ve heard of people in the past paying for medical care with their gold jewelry; escaping dictatorships using their gold coins. I also know people who have paid for their medical care with fresh-caught fish.

    No one, and I mean no one, knows what is
    coming down the pike. Anyone who says he knows all the answers is a fool or a liar.

  • dino

    Great lets all go to Mexico, then we can all join the drug cartels,or be be-headed by them like the mex police..NO THANKS.. I WAS BORN AN AMERICAN AND I WILL DIE ONE!!! Even if it’s not the America I remember. I will continue to stockpile silver and lead. Luckily I live in a rural area and I’am very familiar wiyh the terrain. My survival skills are far above the average…So no offense pokey or poncho but everybody has to do thier own thing..bset of luck,I think your gonna need it.

  • Joe Canuckster

    Forget “It depends”!

    The single best three word answer is this one:

    “Move to Canada!”

  • Zellie

    Mr. mexico who thinks things are safer there, cause Mexico provides 10% of our food supply is a joke(er)…he’s just trying to take advantage of you….America is very well equipped to provide 100% of its own food since we ship more than enough to feed many millions more all over the world. Many communities are already in progress and thousands more already IN existence…he offers nothing new…except to remind you that wolves are on both sides of the border….look around…you can survive here in America just fine….

  • b

    Hate to tell you people, but someday WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. There is no immortality. Gold and Silver may make your life easier, food stockpiles may make it tastier, but NOTHING WILL PROLONG YOUR LIFE PAST ITS SPAN.
    So much of our culture is focused on denying the inevitability of death. What a waste of time.
    Live fully today, hold your loved ones close and squeeze as much as you can out of life. Then when it’s done, let go.
    You huys are making this much harder than it has to be.

  • Dear American people,

    I do not know what is in your imagination about how the end will be. I just want to recommend you watch the movie: The Road, that is the end that awaits us all…
    I never said Mexico is safer I just said we have food and better climate than USA/Canada…and we are getting organized (not only us but several powerful civil Mexican organizations with enough fund$).

    Sorry guys but frankly speaking, for us, the best American person is an American Person that stays (and tries to survive) up north the Bravo River (Rio Grande) as you call it.
    We do not want you down here…but, if you are a decent suitable American (god fearing, healthy, smart, family oriented, and with resources) and you want to move down here (or participate in the preparation of our means of survival), and you are willing to share the burden now that is possible then you may be welcome to Mexico. Anyway we will need some few Americans to deal with Americans.

    God Bless: USA+Mexico together for survival.

    Mexico´s Border Patrol is watching on you…
    Please do not cross the border south bound when you are left with no food up there…
    And remember: no need to argue, no need to hate, no need to blame others, we take no offence, we do not want to take advantage of you, we just need to get busy, to think, feel and act. I just want to ask you: what are you DOING RIGHT NOW to prepare? buying batteries? buying a boy-scout knife?….good luck fellows…but any survival strategy without self supporting means is bound to fail because of depletion.

    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Juarez City,

  • Bill

    Gold bullion was illegal for U.S. citizens to possess for nearly 40 years.

    During that time, if you were caught with it, the feds took it and fined you over $100,000 (adjusted for inflation)

    The government NEVER goes away, no matter how severe an economic collapse there is – the govt. just gets more brutal in dealing with its subjects.

    Any transaction outside the official, rationed government-approved system will automatically be considered ‘black market’ and will be very risky.

    You won’t simply be able to go down to the bakery and trade a 90% silver quarter for a loaf of bread.

    Better to stockpile wheat and a grain mill than count being able to freely purchase with either Krugerrands or junk silver coins.

  • What movie, you ask?: The Road with Viggo Mortensen. Just check it. Yes, problem could be worst: there will be no bakeries left to trade silver/gold for bread…most of us are still dreaming based on our known world (economic world, stock exchange, corporations, currency, metals, american way of life, etc.)…all that will be gone.
    Why we know? we have done operations research multivariate analysis of the coming catastrophe, ran mathematical model including thousands of macro and microeconomic factors on computer to see how end will be and when…maybe not now but in some more few years: But listen to the last minute upshot!: more and more unstoppable factors are adding to the problem. We add those to the math model run computer again and you know what?

    The end comes closer and closer….

    Cause not [only] govt. causes are many and many more add each month, resource depletion, climate, etc. etc. What behind? Human greed and crass stupidity of we all: the people…I am included…I was blind…

    We will die? Yes, so what? We MBP have a strong comittment to survive and preserve life around us, if we die in the intent, we will die happy…we will not die watching a blank TV set.

    We will have human honourable death as example to coming generations—> teach them how to survive—> as human race. We do not matter, human race is what matters…don´t you see?

    NOW try to imagine the worst and prepare accordingly, if it doesn´t happen (I hope we are mistaken) then fine, you can come back and spit on my face, but what if it happens.

    NOW: if worst scenario happens people in the cities left with no resources will suffer the most, people in rural areas could survive, better if they´re prepared, and of course guarding your rural resouces and means of survival will be critical…NOW HOW? Do you know=?

    NOW study ecological chain systems: what feeds what? find your chains (that feeds you) and firmly establish the means to support them, this is THE [only]approach, it doesn´t matter if your america NOW is capable of exporting food because in the future after collapse your america will not be able to export grain not to mention feed you guys…be careful…think.
    Your food production is based on intensive mechanized agriculture and fertilizers and both are based on oil supply…what if oil depletes?

    Mexico´s border patrol is watching you! we know you won´t pay heed to our kind plead not to cross the Bravo River south bound when in spite of your American Patriotism your empty belly and the harsh winter may urge you to cross to Mexico…so today I kindly ask you to prepare in your country (buy undies and warm socks, store salt and water if you think that´s all you have to do)or if you can afford it, collaborate to prepare to survive NOW that is still possible in Mexico or other milder climate countries like Central-South America for…tomorrow we will close the border…

    God bless: USA+Mexico+Canada(sorry I didn´t add Canada before. And Quebec which is best friend of Mexico—> Sorry Pierre Deschamps and the real people of the “Keenly Aware Group of Monte-Real”!) together for survival.

    Mexico Border Patrol
    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Juarez City

  • Papineau

    Joe Canuckster wrote: “The single best three word answer is this one: ‘Move to Canada!'”

    Lots of Americans say this, as though it were as simple as moving from New Jersey to Delaware.

    Only Canada is a sovereign country, people. You don’t just move there. You have to get a visa for long stays or gain permanent resident status, which can take years even if you have skills Canada wants. There are quotas for Americans. If you have a criminal record or even a DWI conviction, forget it.

    And the Canadians will take your precious guns at the border. The majority of Canadians support gun control; it is not imposed on them.

    And Canadians are leery of Americans. They do NOT want your healthcare system, your banking system, your high crime rates, or your skeletal social programs.

  • See people? in the event of collapse and depending on the conditions, we will not want you in Mexico and they may not want you in Canada too…Then where are you going to move to? I mean: after full collapse of your society.

    I feel sorry for you people, I know many good decent american people…you are not to blame, not all Americans are gangsters and not all Mexicans are drug traffickers…Sincerely hope you and your children make it.

    But please after collapse, do not cross our border southbound, prepare now, try to survive up north right there where you are…Must get out of the city…go to the contry side, learn survival techniques. Learn to support the systems that support you: water, air, sunshine, plants, clean renewable energy, etc. Survival means just to have the basics, must adjust your lifestyle. Check what feeds you: water, grain, vegs, forget beef, etc. only basics matter now…

    Most of us are just complaining and dreaming about the good old days…but do nothing…cannot do nothing. One main cause? pilfering of Earth’s resources is unstoppable now. Without energy and food, our cities will die. Still do not believe? Like movies? NOW: Watch EARTH from Earthproject dot com (with Admin. permission). Everything will go to hell in a few years…

    BUT Remember: Mexico Border Patrol is watching and preparing…In the event of collapse, aided by our American+Canadian friends, we will have to close our border (Bravo River) to the hordes of starving American City dwellers…by all means possible! (yes…if necessary, even those means you are thinking about). No need to request visas at that time.

    God Bless: Canada+USA+Mexico human beings! together for survival!

    Mexico Border Patrol
    Pancho Villa Jr.
    Juarez City

  • Kay

    The Economy will collaspe! American’s have been spoiled for years. Every American who prepares ahead, reducing their debt, buying a small peice of property in cash, stocking up on basic needs, taking a trip to Cabella’s, getting sleeping bags good for 20 below, buying some old fashion board games ( for entertainment with the family) will get buy easier. Bottom line people will survive it, they always do. Those who stop Bitching about it and prepare will have it easier.


  • BlindersOff

    Get new eyes; a new way of seeing. Backing much of the globe solo I often need a device, or a way to repair a tool that wore out. Many times I found that article in what other people threw out their auto windows. Being able to see multiple uses for what you now own can litterly save your life…rat traps for providing meat, guardrail nuts found along the street tied to cord worked perfectly as a weapon against wild dogs intent on my legs, charcoal in your hardword ash to treat ingested toxins…
    Now is the time for the blind to learn to see. May the True God, the Creator bless you.

  • BlindersOff

    I think I need new eyes to type….,that was supposed to read, “backpacked much of the globe solo.”

  • great tips! But I think it is too late for the U.S. I believe that we are going to have a total economic collapse. When this happens I hope that people are prepared for the new life they ill have.

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