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Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?

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JPMorgan Tower In London - Photo by Danesman1Bankers committing suicide by jumping from the rooftops of their own banks is something that we think of when we think of the Great Depression.  Well, it just happened in London, England.  A vice president at JPMorgan’s European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from the top of the 33rd floor.  He fell more than 500 feet, and it is being reported by an eyewitness that “there was quite a lot of blood“.  This comes on the heels of news that a former Deutsche Bank executive was found hanged in his home in London on Sunday.  So why is this happening?  Yes, the markets have gone down a little bit recently but they certainly have not crashed yet.  Could there be more to these deaths than meets the eye?  You never know.  And as I will discuss below, there have been a lot of other really strange things happening around the world lately as well.

But before we get to any of that, let’s take a closer look at some of these banker deaths.  The JPMorgan executive that jumped to his death on Tuesday was named Gabriel Magee.  He was 39 years old, and his suicide has the city of London in shock

A bank executive who died after jumping 500ft from the top of JP Morgan’s European headquarters in London this morning has been named as Gabriel Magee.

The American senior manager, 39, fell from the 33-story skyscraper and was found on the ninth floor roof, which surrounds the Canary Wharf skyscraper.

He was a vice president in the corporate and investment bank technology department having joined in 2004, moving to Britain from the United States in 2007.

What would cause a man in his prime working years who is making huge amounts of money to do something like that?

The death on Sunday of former Deutsche Bank executive Bill Broeksmit is also a mystery.  According to the Daily Mail, police consider his death to be “non-suspicious”, which means that they believe that it was a suicide and not a murder…

A former Deutsche Bank executive has been found dead at a house in London, it emerged today.

The body of William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, was discovered at his home in South Kensington on Sunday shortly after midday by police, who had been called to reports of a man found hanging at a house.

Mr Broeksmit – who retired last February – was a former senior manager with close ties to co-chief executive Anshu Jain. Metropolitan Police officers said his death was declared as non-suspicious.

On top of that, Business Insider is reporting that a communications director at another bank in London was found dead last week…

Last week, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died last week. The cause of death has not been made public.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that these deaths have all come so close to one another.  After all, people die all the time.

And London is rather dreary this time of the year.  It is easy for people to get depressed if they are not accustomed to endless gloomy weather.

If the stock market was already crashing, it would be easy to blame the suicides on that.  The world certainly remembers what happened during the crash of 1929

Historically, bankers have been stereotyped as the most likely to commit suicide. This has a lot to do with the famous 1929 stock market crash, which resulted in 1,616 banks failing and more than 20,000 businesses going bankrupt. The number of bankers committing suicide directly after the crash is thought to have been only around 20, with another 100 people connected to the financial industry dying at their own hand within the year.

But the market isn’t crashing just yet.  We definitely appear to be at a “turning point“, but things are still at least somewhat stable.

So why are bankers killing themselves?

That is a good question.

As I mentioned above, there have also been quite a few other strange things that have happened lately that seem to be “out of place”.

For example, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report posted the following cryptic message on Twitter the other day…

“Have an exit plan…”

What in the world does he mean by that?

Maybe that is just a case of Drudge being Drudge.

Then again, maybe not.

And on Tuesday we learned that a prominent Russian Bank has banned all cash withdrawals until next week…

Bloomberg reports that ‘My Bank’ – one of Russia’s top 200 lenders by assets – has introduced a complete ban on cash withdrawals until next week. While the Ruble has been losing ground rapidly recently, we suspect few have been expecting bank runs in Russia.

Yes, we have heard some reports of people having difficulty getting money out of their banks around the world lately, but this news out of Russia really surprised me.

Yet another story that seemed rather odd was a report in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week that stated that Germany’s central bank is advocating “a one-time wealth tax” for European nations that need a bailout…

Germany’s central bank Monday proposed a one-time wealth tax as an option for euro-zone countries facing bankruptcy, reviving a idea that has circled for years in Europe but has so far gained little traction.

Why would they be suggesting such a thing if “economic recovery” was just around the corner?

According to that same article, the IMF has recommended a similar thing…

The International Monetary Fund in October also floated the idea of a one-time “capital levy,” amid a sharp deterioration of public finances in many countries. A 10% tax would bring the debt levels of a sample of 15 euro-zone member countries back to pre-crisis levels of 2007, the IMF said.

So what does all of this mean?

I am not exactly sure, but I have got a bad feeling about this – especially considering the financial chaos that we are witnessing in emerging markets all over the globe right now.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

JPMorgan Tower In London - Photo by Danesman1

  • wcmdeaf

    I don’t know if I am wrong on this: did stockbrokers in First Great Depression(1929) committed suicides?

    • wcmdeaf

      oops I missed paragraph. Never mind

      • JustanOguy

        No worries… but they did AFTER the crash and AFTER they went broke.

        Big difference..

  • Rattling Pebbles

    I think this is just more proof that the world economies are on very shaky ground. Large banks all around the world, in concert with central banks, are finding it increasingly difficult to play this shell game and keep things “stable”. The atmosphere is changing and is full of foreboding. The next few years will be very telling.

    • seth datta

      People are waking up slowly, but many are still asleep (especially if they’re on welfare). Mabye they just don’t want to see it.

  • Rodster

    Yeah it’s tough to say. Maybe those Banksters developed a conscience and did us all a favor. j/k

    Michael you did not mention the emergency meeting in S. Korea later this month discussing the volatility of the markets. Why are the S. Koreans spooked? The global financial ponzi scheme is certainly unraveling and picking up steam.

    If you thought 2014 was going to be a quiet year, guess again. It’s only January and already things are quite chaotic.

  • Kim

    These guys obviously felt that there are some things in the world that are worse than death. I wonder how much money played a part. U know, it’s said that the love of money is the source of many injurious things, and those who reach out for that love stab themselves all over with many pains.

    • Kim

      It is also said that a mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income. This too is vanity.

  • lost indallas

    I worked in a niche area of finance. I was laid off last year. One day I realized half the people I know were unemployed. Sold all my furniture and most of my stuff. I am leaving the country on Monday. No plans to return to the USA for a while.
    Tonight (it is Tuesday January 28th) Obama is giving his State of the Union address. Part of the discussion will be a plan for Americans to have a retirement account with the government. This will be used to as a step for the government to later make a grab for American’s 401ks and IRAs. They will try to trade your investments for US government debt. I am planning accordingly.

    • Tim

      Where are you going? I don’t think there is anywhere to go that won’t be affected.

      • Nicnak

        Probably thailand…. Or any part of Asia where life is 10 times cheaper. Only a fool stay in usa/europe.

        • ob

          Thailand is on the verge of a meltdown that will make the rest of Asia look like paradise. The credit bubble is epic. Household debt is at dangerous levels. The country is on the verge of civil war, and the currency is on the verge of collapse.

          So no.. probably *not* Thailand.

          • Nicnak

            Nobody said you have to Invest your money in thailand. If things turn very bad there, expect to see Your us$ double and the bahts collapse at the speed of light.

      • Cheryl Merrill

        People need to get a grip it’s either heaven or hell for them of what’s up ahead. Masses will end up in hell due to ignorance of God’s Word. Time to look into it and repent, this world’s a testing ground to decide our eternal destination. No one can die, we were created by God in His image. Those who reject and chose neutrality and ignorance will end up in hell, it’s a 100% guarantee. James 4:7 “Submit to God and resist the devil”. Obey God, time’s running out.

        • dadelaw

          Ah no, we’re not back to ‘God’ again, are we?

          • Jean Nelson

            It’s now or later. Actually if you really KNEW Him you would find Him awesome

          • Voiceofreason1

            God is greater than The ULTIMATE R O C K
            S T A R – You think Mick Jagger is cool? Well God is Waaaaay cooler, just awesome. Every person on earth has a bit of divinity in him / her, as each person is a literal son or daughter of this awesome being – believe it, it is true. Worship Him with all your might, you will never be sorry for that, especially when the judgement comes, it will bode well for your salvation in the world to come.

          • harvey

            true but you can do far more than worship like men do. you can see him and be in heaven without dying. And do miracls and learn who jesus really was.

          • Avril111

            my uncle recently got a nearly new black Volkswagen Touareg
            SUV by working off of a pc… blog link B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

          • FreeTravel

            And all of your tax money goes to State sponsored terrorism abroad, and to the Vatican the most evil entity on the planet. Hello, anyone in there. Watch Zeitgeist, to understand where your so-called religion came from and what all the symbology means. Educate yourself.

          • Yah

            God is your subconscious mind playing tricks on you. Ignorance is bliss eh? Education will go a long way here.

          • mariesnylife

            Oh yes, you had better wake up and find God fast. Illuminati is getting ready to release the enemy. He is going to come calling IT IS TIME TO PAY UP. Be scared, be very scared s–t is getting ready to hit the fan.

          • dadelaw

            Help, help! Where do I look??

          • mariesnylife

            Hummmmm might be too late for you, does the enemy already have you?
            What a shame you sound like such a smart boy! Knock, knock!!!

          • dadelaw

            Hey listen, if I can’t get through to you numbskulls, here’s a guy who’ll do the job better than I ever could. Try him out for size. You might learn something, all you deluded morons…

          • Virginia Baldwin

            George Carlin is a dipschit! Go ahead and listen to him and you’ll get the same reward he’s going to get.

          • sammid

            um, George Carlin is dead, and already reaping his reward. 🙁

          • harvey

            Neither you nor anyone in here but me knows what happens after death. You have no idea what rewards are and no one needs any reward its your divine right. Stop trotting behind church idiiocies

          • sammid

            No one but you knows what happens after death??

            Are you for real??
            Harvey, you need to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of your own ego.

          • harvey

            you have no idea what you are talking about. I have stood in heaven buddy I have been changed by god himself dont blather holy spirit silly beliefs at me you have never listened to the holy spirit you have listened to churches ON THE BROAD PATH licking the boots of church boys. Wake up stop being a follower of the same old useless religions of men. I will ignore you should you run more blather . Your choice

          • sammid

            I don’t follow ANY man, I follow my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Don’t pretend that you know me. If you think you are the only one who hears from and knows God, you are indeed on the wrong path and you need psychiatric help buddy.
            PLEASE take those meds!

          • g13man

            he is asleep

          • Senator SmellyPants

            What ever happened to “Do not judge.” Those who judge will be judged, correct?

          • harvey

            its not that simple they are judging themselves. God doesnt judge. Stop listening to the silly religions they do not know.

          • BeyondThe Limit

            you don’t understand the message. To question is good….

          • harvey

            yes and to find the answer is even better.

          • Mike Man

            RELIGION IS A SCAM. Population control, and now that religion and laws are failing the fukking elite, they are just Chemspraying us for the soft kill

          • Mary Zinkiewicz

            One World Order.
            Revelations, Bible,

          • harvey

            you have no idea what revelatons is about nor the bible but be damned glad there are those of us who do and who have been taken into heaven. We do not fear these sorry fear based paranoid so called leaders and we know who is the filth trying to manipulate them. wake up seek the kingdom stop seeking church and bibles and investigate what jesus’s hints are and you will find out more incredible things than you ever have known let alone experienced. I assure you.

          • harvey

            then why arent you listening to karen hudes and contacting your representatives and blogging the crap out of mass media like huffington post idiocy and Aol news? Get busy dont sit around worrying about chem spraym kick some buttocks like the syrians did and the ukraine people what happened to americans are they all eating cheetohs and watching american idol?

          • Marie

            Not interested in Licifers thoughts on the one that created him

          • harvey

            Or spelling,…

          • mariesnylife

            Illuminati BS

          • Mary Zinkiewicz

            It is never too late, Jesus is always a knocking at the door….. let Him in.

          • mariesnylife

            forgive me Mary, you are so right. thank you.. never too late

          • harvey

            you havent have you found the kingdom?

          • dadelaw

            You know what? I don’t think even you really believe all the piddle you trundle because if you did, you wouldn’t use childish metaphors like “always a knocking at the door”. What “door”? You would try to convince us with the reality of how “He” communicates with us, wouldn’t you? But you can’t, can you? Because there is no reality. You simply suffer from a mental disease. So sad…

          • harvey

            thats just a symbolic description of the fact he is always waiting on those who will wake up
            She doesnt suffer a mental disease she suffers from being a church taught believer who has never sought the kingdom like jesus said to do so tshe hasnt found it. I have, and you are sadly mistaken. The powers I have used and help others with you cannot imagine. and they are within everyone, even you who ridicule such things. You will turn to them in the day of fear close upon you no not armegeddons or doomsdays or the end of the world but things that will make you weak. You with no faith you who allow the idiocy of the churches to fool you just like those who swoon in them.

          • dadelaw

            If I have succeedsd in sowing doubt into the mind of JUST ONE “believer” in this gibberish, I will feel I’ve succeeded…

          • harvey

            You haven’t…. Why havent you studied the writing he gave to the world in the 1960s??????? A COURSE IN MIRACLES FAR greater than any other book on earth. But can you even look at it? Where is your faith and belief? In churches? IN the roman bible? How come you havent seen him? Open that door dont just listen to the knocking.

          • mariesnylife

            You know the answer to that question. It is obvious you know a lot about the subject, THE LIGHT and the dark side. It is your choice………..

          • harvey

            there is alot more to that than a simple choice you cant sit around in beleifs you were told to seek the kingdom and seek the knowledge of the only true and living God. I can assure you most have not done it. I will help anyone who is serious and wont be simply contacting me to argue worn out useless religious beliefs. I can take your religious beleifs and show you how you arent using them. And if you truly want to find the incredible then you will use what I bring to your attention and get the concept. Then you will fly.

          • mariesnylife

            YOU HAVE MY ATTENION NOW would like to hear from you. Not to debate, but to hear what YOU have to say/teach. Sincerely

          • harvey

            then email me v7howkloosh at aol dot com

          • harvey

            look into the course in miracles ignore the preachers

          • harvey

            Look into the course in miracles and read the Kryon writings. The first book is the greatest but the second series of Kryon writings are also great guidance for these days. Man ignorantly stopped listening and pretended only the roman emperors bible was the only book what silliness! The romans murdered jesus how in the world would they know who or what the truth is? They wouldnt!

          • Mike Man

            Well said. Religion is a scam developed by the Illuminati to control the weak sheeple

          • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson

            And what? current govt was developed to set them free!
            Or be doomed to the WOLVES OF WALL ST!

          • harvey

            seek them? Have you? King Christ? Jesus never told anyone to call him king even when the apostles tried he denied that. Dont you know the major religions are all OWNED by wall street? HOODS? Have you FOUND THE KINGDOM? Jesus did say to seek that first. I have. I am beyond any of the beliefs men try to pretend to be teaching its high time people started learning the real truths and stopped knee jerk qouting church phrases and calling jesus king when you really have no idea who he is or what he came to teach. WHy not?

          • Nathan

            Obviously you are a novice. But I’ll entertain this this discussion with the words of the MASTER, THE KING!
             Luk 17:21Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdomof God is within you.

             Rev 19:16And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KINGOF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.
            LONG REIGN YHWH!!!
            RULE KING CHRIST!!!

          • harvey

            Thats why I have been merged with God in heaven and you havent. you also do not know the truth of those passages and they are wrong the word within is not needed the kingdom is you was what he said but you wouldnt know that being a blind follower of men churchian

          • harvey


          • g13man

            the full thing Jesus tried to show us , the Kingdom of GOD , but yet they just preach Jesus and not the full character of GOD . yes , we must repent .
            . Rev 12:17 & 14:12

          • Bestsie

            Look. The only thing I have to say about this is that Jesus came down in the form of a man…

            He’s nota white male and no you don’t have to wear red underware in order to be consider Jesus.

            You can talk to him the same way I’m communitcaitng with you with you right now and yes America is basicually Bablyons o much materialistic emphasis that I have seen bankers sadly a good and once strong friend of mine turn into literally 666 because of the way the IT industry is plus the aggressiion from others.

            In this world people don’t care if you live or die I do hwoever it gets harder day after day what they have been doing is that thier LSD and chipping people people are exorting to all sorts of tricks and different things in order to keep upw ith the workload.

            Then you have the other ones who are reating this these as well too.

            I don’t like the merge of Technology with Reality so much as this has caused a significant amount of stress and damage also as well too the CIA agents my god I know that they have been tortured through MKULTRA AND SRA programming which is unathetnical and abusive but you have those that will say “DO IT IT’S FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY” and it might be your abusive boss, etc.

            Bankers go into a ritual phase it is literally dollars on pennies and pennies for a dollar that’s why I have to keep pushign as a female sometimes though you get these women that AREN’T in the field who are lazy, scared of mechanics and like to start BLABBING or becoming stones then stepping stones.

            That’s why as women we need to work together and support ourselves the men need some too but not as bad as women do.

            I ended up loosing one of my men because of the drugs, the sex and the abuse and because of the unsavoury methods that the government is using.

            I am no longer afraid by them but disgusted it’s obvious it’s created a negative point in life and you have those in Power who have been absuing their power trust me when your not in this industry it cna be somewhat hard ot adapt to but this is reality and this is what keeps dreams alive and people going so I’m going to keep going no matter what sometimes you have to beyoru own cheerleader too.

            I keep telling my folks I need those potion boots but their not understanding or their afraid of the drugs some drugs can be used for good others can be used for bad depends on what you use them form.

          • Voiceofreason1

            There is one true religion on the earth today. It is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

          • harvey

            wrongo thats why you never have found the kingdom

          • BeyondThe Limit

            seek religion if your soul needs soothing. Create and patronize local markets for the answer to our over regulated and ripped off lives. Self sufficiency is the answer.

          • harvey

            Religion? I am beyond any of mans religions. In may of 1994 I was taken into heaven by an Angel and was also changed and was with God the creator. Selfl sufficiency isnt wrong to be but there is far more to life and reality than you realize. Religion? My God! they know nothing much. Seek the kingdom jesus said to seek and stop becoming followers of the old standard religions. I have done things you will not be able to hear let alone believe and I have taught others..

          • charles gibson

            i would like for you to teach me i also have been learning things that blow my mind you can write me at i will be glad to here from you

          • FreeTravel

            Until the space ship comes to take all the believers away, right?

          • harvey

            2016 you will see 5 cities destroyed two un mainland usa

          • mariesnylife

            I believe it , I saw it, give me something I don’t already know! I am listening

          • harvey

            believe what? saw what? You dont know what the kingdom is and you cant be told, but you can find out. You dont know who it is who beckons from the waxing and waning light either but you can find out. You also do not know the book jesus gave to the world in the 1960’s and 70s but you can find out, instead of asking me to tell you what you dont know which I do not have the time for nor does this venue have enough space for why dont you tell me specifics and stop the generalizations which really are saying nothing? You also do not know what is coming in 2016 but you can be told that but no one can make you believe. You are listening? and youve read all my posts? you arent reading well then or else you would already have checked into the book Im telling you about and read john chapter 14 verse 12 and 21 to see what jesus said his REAL TRUE followers would experience. And youd be asking about it. I am very direct I do not waste time. So do not waste it for time can both waste and be wasted. What is it you want to know? For everything I know you do not know. My books will be out this summer. But the greatest book on earth already is out and millions study it but so far less than 50 people truly understand it for they are doing what is says you can learn to do, REAL MIRACLES that shorten time and are guided by the one who knows the entire picture. So listening? Get busy then. Get A COURSE IN MIRACLES and experience more incredible love and understanding than anyone in history except those who have also attained to the higher levels of mind and spiritual awareness. Are you really listening?! then you will act! Seek and ye shall find didnt mean wait and ask it meant seek! IF you truly seek you will really find I know I did! I also gave you my email. So you really are listening? to what? To whom? cause it aint me yet. LOLOL Cmon get up get out of the doldrum world and learn what the real truth is for it is beyond all this praise jesus church talk, they are stuck in mans versions of the easy path that many walk. I am encouraging you to the narrow one few find that leads to complete eternal life and happiness. What else would you want? lol

          • Troy Megill

            i love you man, you get it. i know, its lonely here.

          • Mondobeyondo

            If it isn’t about God, then it’s alll about:

            1) You
            2) Some false god you worship, which could be anything from money to your ’59 pink Cadillac

          • Marshall

            She is absolutely correct, but it seems you are the one who is not back to God, if you ever were. My suggestion is that you open your eyes to what is happening in this world and then study the word of God, (bible), it is amazing how it is telling us in advance just what has already happened and what is about to happen. Maybe, just maybe for your own sake it might wake you to the fact that this world is rapidly falling apart, the wheels are very wobbly and it is only a matter of time before they are off completely. By the way, contrary to the long held view that man with his sanctimonious and self righteous belief of his higher intelligence, WILL NOT fix the problems he created in the first place.(mans wisdom is folly unto God) and it is only He who will bring peace. Maybe if mankind realised this and repented and called out to him, then and only then will we see Him pour out his Spirit of Love and peace. I won’t hold my breath though, certainly not anytime soon.

          • dadelaw

            Why don’t you people EVER respond to me when I keep saying that if you’re right and this ‘God’ of yours really did ‘create’ everything, THEN HE CREATED THE PROBLEMS THAT CAUSED ‘THE WHEELS to be VERY WOBBLY’, etc. How can you possibly POSSIBLY talk about his ‘Spirit of Love and peace’??? Can’t you just take a giant step back and LOOK at the absurdity of your claims? It is hard for me to come to terms with living in a world inhabited by fellow humans who sign up for this kind of trash.

          • SickOf BeingCoddled

            he created here for a place for us to learn to be more like him. that involved having the ability and responsibility to CHOOSE. Everything he created is Good,including us, but our Choosing is what makes events- products – relationships -either bad or good. And of course we are all effected by others choices too. No matter how bad or good we have it, we can still have a pure Christ like attitude and choose to do good as much as we can. Where we end up is determined by our actions.

          • dadelaw

            “Everything he created is Good,including us, but our Choosing is what makes events- products – relationships -either bad or good.”

            How do you KNOW that??? And even if I were to go along with your absurd proposition, the very fact that ‘He’ gives us ‘choice’ to do bad must make ‘Him’ bad. What’s ‘good’ about giving someone the choice to do ‘bad’?

            I don’t even know why I bother to type this out. The whole thing is so surreal…

          • RealityBetraysUs

            so you would rather worship a god who refused to give you freewill and creates you like mechanical robot who is forced to do only good without you having any choice in the matter? This is what you are saying?

          • dadelaw

            Who said we had to “worship” ANY God? Not only are you mentally deficient but the basic rules of logic and argumentation have entirely escaped you…

          • Mary Zinkiewicz

            God gave us free will, which He will never interfere with. It’s your choice where you spend Eternity. Smoking or Non-Smoking. I know I want Non-Smoking.

          • dadelaw

            Again (and again and again and again), how do you KNOW “God gave us free will”??? You’re just making it up as you go along. You have no idea where your “free will” comes from. So you just hide behind social convention and HOPE you don’t get called on it. Pathetic, I say…

          • harvey

            dont any of you get it? Do you all just listen to men? None of you believe what he gave as the way to tell if you realluy are following his guidances or not? John chapter 14 verse 12??
            You dont believe. You are just following the same broad path as most do.

          • Mary Zinkiewicz

            Jesus is now asking everyone to pray for those souls who will die of
            shock who may be in mortal sin. Everyone needs to prepare now. Jesus
            asks that all ask for the forgiveness of their sins in advance of The
            Warning. Two comets collide.

          • dadelaw

            How on earth can you possibly KNOW this? Who told you this? How can you possibly know what “God is asking everyone” to do? Religion really is a terrible mental affliction, isn’t it?

          • harvey

            they dont and jesus isnt god

          • Virginia Baldwin

            Jesus IS God incarnate! How else could He have known what the Pharisees were thinking?

          • harvey

            They dont know this. its just more churchian idiocy. those who truly know are few and i am one of them its far more incredible and amazing than these people and their gospel choirs

          • RealityBetraysUs

            ignorance of God’s word or never having read the bible is far worse… just look are places on the planet where christianity is outlawed and Muslims rule with their ignorance of God and his word!

          • harvey


          • RealityBetraysUs

            if a man is willing to die on the cross and resurrect back into a mortal body and be seen by 500 people than even that is what the bible says is incomprehsible unbelief! Jesus told the story about the begger Lazarus and the rich man who begged to come back and warn his brothers so they would not end up in hell, and Jesus said that even if you were to come back from the dead and warn them that they would believe. He said they have the bible and the prophets, if they will not listen to that witness then even if someone would come back from the dead they would not hear….

          • harvey

            They cant, they dont know the real truth. I do and I can explain it all to you first you have to understand those beliefs arent correct and your logic is based on beliefs men teach they are not the real truths.

          • Virginia Baldwin

            I suppose, in a way, you’re right because God gave man free will and man abused it.

          • harvey

            I did, you do not respond and you can forget getting the answer from these churchians they have no flippin idea and never will. I do and mine came from God himself Directly

          • RealityBetraysUs

            God did not screw up this world, when he created mankind in the garden of eden, they were perfect, it was their choice to eat of the forbidden fruit and we have been paying the price of eternal death and damnation ever since, they only way back to God is through salvation through Jesus Christ , then in heaven we will receive eternal glorified bodies and there will be no more sickness and death, but there will also be no more sin and the devil will be in hell, so imperfection will have been dealt with.

          • harvey

            gods word is beyond the bible if you really knew God you would know the kingdom. you would have had huge experiences I was taken into heaven in may of 1994

          • harvey

            There is far more than the bible. far more wake up God never stopped sending us information and the bible isnt Gods word. The very nation who murdered jesus is the one who compiled this so called bible. There are books which will prove themselves to you not fool you. the resal truth sin the bible you ignore while the fale you laud and parrot

          • harvey

            its not gods word and you have ignored the greater books and instead blinded yourself by stubbornly reading the roman emperors compilation he names gods word the bible. Why havent you found the kingdom? I have. Its possible for everyone. A COURSE IN MIRACLES will do far more than any book you will ever read. If you will read and do what it suggests you will find out. BIG TIME. Dont sit following mans churches. You will sit and find nothing but put on airs and pride in churches instead of the glorious kingdom.

          • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson

            You have no where else to go Bro!

          • Art Storey

            Jesus Christ is the mortal form of Krishna. =)

          • Mex Seiko

            Jesus told a bunch of followers that they had to eat His flesh and drink His blood. All of them except His disciples freaked out and left. The He asked them if they were offended to which they replied: “Where can we go? Only You have the word of Truth.”

          • dadelaw

            Why ON EARTH would a fast-talking Jewish salesman ask buddies to eat his body and drink his blood?
            Sounds more like a grim S&M practice to me.
            Listen: you want to sign up for all that nonsense? Fine by me. Just leave it off these threads, will ya?

          • Mex Seiko

            Jesus is God and with His wisdom He filtered out the hypocrites that were looking for a handout. He explained what He meant to those who trusted Him and stayed.

            America has serious societal problems which trigger poor political decisions, which in turn aggravate the problems, but all this stems from spiritual problems.

            The decision of what can be posted on this thread is up to the moderator. We post on all post while we still have a freedom of expression. We expect this right to be taken away, so we don’t take it for granted.

        • Peter

          LOL. I love a good BBQ. So funny.

        • Mike Man

          Better get off the Fluoride there nutbag. The bible is population control on a mass scale and absolutely nothing else

          • Marshall

            You really do sound like a thoroughly modern day expert . Why could you not have been born many centuries ago and set the record straight, and saved us all from our strongly held faith in a risen saviour who we believed died a miserable death ( according also to Roman and Jewish history) for all us who have believed in him for so long. And guess what, that same long held belief in Him in whom we have our faith also died,so you too can be set free, but now you with your vast knowledge of these things you have shown us the error of our ways. In spite of what you say however , As for me and my household I will follow the Lord.

          • Mike Man

            I would urge you to research the keepers of the Catholic church. The bible has been rewritten and rewritten to suit it’s users needs. A mass form of population control while the governments and corporations are wiping us out at an alarming rate. Feel free to bury your nose in a MAN MADE book. You would be referred to as a Sheeple, and if that is your point of view so be it, but that book and a fake spirit will do nothing to save you from the destruction the elite is creating on this earth, and I do not mean the devil blah blah blah, I mean the filthy rich motherfuckers that control the world and us!

          • harvey

            Read URANTIA papers. REad a course in miracles and dont write off the ideas of God because 90% of these people turn it into idiotic churchy crap. I have seen god because I did a real investigation and really believed and really looked into it and looked into everything

          • g13man

            read the King James version , [95%accurate] He was in disagreement with the Catholic church and translated the Bible into English with older proper old scrolls from before the Catholic Church AD [423] which was formed under Constantine.. a sun worshiper/politician .

        • Guest

          You nailed it. People look to the Government for their provision instead of God. Jesus knows the headlines- God is leveling judgement worldwide to have people come to Him. It amazes me how some ‘intelligent’ people fail to see this & try to fight the battle in their own strength. GOD says “we wrestle NOT against flesh & blood but against principalities & powers in HIGH places (satanic forces)
          Jesus is the ONLY answer whether you like it or not.

          to the world’s problems – eyes need to be opened …. pride is holding them back ….but when the collapse comes … people won’t be able to rely on ‘themselves’ the Government OR their credit card…AND their money will be gone ….

          • harvey

            Amother dolt who is on the broad path judgement judgement judgement all idiocy I who have stood in heaven with the Father and have seen jesus numjerous times know all you speak of is idiocy. The true things you may inadvertantly speak you have no idea what they mean just like all of these others here. You just didnt get it when jesus said ” in the last days many shall say lord lord but few shall actually know me” count it up son church idiocy isnt the few its the billions those like me are the few. Have you found the kingdom which is no part of this world? Hell no. You just spout churchy baloney

        • harvey

          no onr goes to hell I know for a fact I was taken into heaven by an angel And got to be with god you are dead wrong.

          • g13man

            hell , purgatory , Catholic misinterpretations

        • NotexactlyjollyorasaintNick

          Not God exactly, but at this point… I’d call them God too.

        • FreeTravel

          Fairy Tales for adults, nice

        • Brian

          Stop being so stupid….there is no such thing as god. God and the bible are a myth and you’ve been had.

      • seth datta

        New Zealand and Canada, despite their faults in common with the UK and US, seem like good places to go. Certain parts of Europe are okay for now, but let’s face it, there is potential for civil war in Europe and war in the middle east.

        Chile in South America is particularly good for Caucasian people and the standard of living is similar enough to the US/UK.

        The UK is finished. The US will become broke and will see domestic unrest because of this. France most likely will become a hellhole due to mass immigration. Europe will get sent down and there will be massive wars in the middle east. Bets on all other places are better.

        • Rocky Racoon

          WE currently have a fascist government in Canada that is destroying scientific libraries on behalf of big oil-they don’t want any base line science around that will put a lid on tarsands development say no to keystone. It is not going to help North America one bit or the rest of the world for that matter-not in the long run-big gains for the KOCK bro pseudo fascist flying the flag of liberty-only for themselves however.

          • harvey

            Glad to see someone who knows something valid for a change High five you for your efforts

        • Marshall

          Your summation on Australia is interesting . I am Aussie through and through, lived here all my life, and being a careful watchman on the wall of world events and the movements of the New World Order I am puzzled by your comments as such . We currently enjoy one of the best economies in the world, and although we have recently had a change of government, our economy has been stable for some years even though our overall growth has been slow . Compared to most other major developed countries we came through the WFC of several years ago relatively unscathed. We still enjoy a good life style and much freedom, compared to say the USA under OBAMA. You say NWO influence is taking place here in Australia unopposed . Australia, like most of the Western world at least is under some influence of NWO despots but for now it certainly hasn’t manifested to the point that it has in many of the other countries that we are closely allied with.

        • harvey

          Ecuador. brazil you have also to realize you wont be running from it. And these filth will be taken down. Funny it was predicted hundreds of years ago with these words THE CUNNING ONES WILL BE REMOVED

      • Mondobeyondo

        Have you weighed the cost of living in Thailand versus the quality of life in Thailand, as compared to the U.S.?

        If so, do you think it is worth it to move there?

      • Mondobeyondo

        China – already slowing down economically
        Argentina – economic basket case
        Chile – not much better than Argentina
        Germany – booming

        Maybe it’s time to sign up for some remedial German language classes.

        • Dave Jenkins

          Chile as well as Peru and Colombia are in MUCH better shape than Argentina right now… I have been to all of them recently and shocked at all the construction going on and new cars on the streets and people packing into the malls…

          • Fabio Ardito

            Don’t come to South America. It’s becoming a socilist colony. Read about the Foro de São Paulo.

      • VoteRodeo

        But there are pocket areas of the world that are likely to be left alone for the most part…like the Northern Mariana Islands.

      • wullie G


    • Malcolm Reynolds

      booooo! You’re not allowed to talk about leaving without citing where. Like minds really do wanna know.

      • Cheryl Merrill

        His eternal destination is currently hell, he just doesn’t get it yet. This world’s nothing more than a pit stop and testing ground of who goes to heaven and hell. It’s not about physical location but about the heart and obedience to God. Jesus is the only way to heaven. All mankind is destined to eternal hell without Jesus who was sent to save us from that fate.

        Start reading the Bible, and listening to Charles Stanley and David Jeremiah’s podcasts. You are all in spiritual danger if you’re ignorant of God, His Word and what you need to do to be saved from eternal hell.

        • Malcolm Reynolds


          The topic was a guy that would like to leave this country before the leftist sponsored mass slaughter begins.
          I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion that he’s damned to hell for that attitude, but it seems to me you’re running afowl of Mathew 7:1-3.

          • g13man

            repent REV 12:17 & 14:12

        • Tucker1010

          Amen sister!

        • Mondobeyondo

          You got it Cheryl!

          • Peter

            As Epicurus said, “Death is nothing and it is irrational to be fearful of nothing.” There is only extinction after death, a mirror image of life before birth – nothing.

            I’m not going to listen to any life after death insurance scam artists. I will live my life and the after life panic merchants can go and jump in the lake.

          • Jesus said ” If a man’s hope is in this life only, he is more to be pitied than any man”. Poor Peter… But I guess your not going to listen to the greatest ‘life after death scam artist’ of them all, are you Peter?.

          • Marshall

            As I said earlier Peter, believe what you will, that is your free choice to do just that. You will however if you are wrong will have an eternity to ponder it.
            I get the feeling though that you ,like so many others before you, like to think that by putting on an act of bravado . The I don’t need any God attitude,that it gives you some special strength and that it’s some sort of a badge of honour to show how self important you believe your self to be . Well let me tell you that at the end of the day, you are just not important. Christians, well most I would hope know that we are all like a vapour -phtt – and then we are gone. and it is only by the mercy and grace of God the creator that we have any hope and through our faith in the death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ that we can have eternal life. If you are wrong in your bloody minded atheistic views you won’t get a chance to make it right after. But apparently you are right and we are wrong , so I guess none of us will ever know that you were right after all . Don’t put your house on it though.

          • one love for all

            Are all Christians this judgemental? I was brought up a Roman catholic but I now don’t believe in god as in described in the bible , I used to worship god in a different way to you, does that mean that I will burn in hell? People like you who force your beliefs down peoples throats wit no exceptions are the reason so many people hate “religious types” and “bloody minded atheistic views?” Really? Stop mocking other people’s religions if you are a real Christian and channel some of Christ’s love and humility. So how about making a relevant contribution to the thread or take your “holier than thou” attitude somewhere else. P.S a lot of people came before you spreading your views too….they were called the inquisition.

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            I’m sorry but I don’t see how expressing an opinion is “holier than thou”. If they think you’re going to hell, why do you care? If you’re so assured of your beliefs and their validity, why all the hysterical anger? Christians have every right to voice an opinion or a belief, they are not forcibly converting you or impacting your life in any way. other than you having to hear something you disagree with.

            You know this is NOTHING like the Inquisition and if you are so worked up over religious persecution hundreds of years before you were born, I certainly hope you are as indignant over the current atrocities carried out by other religions in the name of their religions (I’m looking at you, Muslims and Jews!). But somehow I doubt it. Much easier to be outraged over words…on the internet.

            Nobody is making you convert, nobody is making you believe, get off your cross of “persecution” and get over yourself. Personally I think you are this way because as a former Christian, you know better than most how wrong you really are. Stop this childish rebellion against God and grow up. Or not, either way, it’s your soul and ultimately your problem. I will say that I’m glad I’m not in your shoes any longer and I hope you get it together soon because time is running out.

          • g13man

            actually he will only have eternity with JESUS , with out Jesus is no eternal body , he will burnt up , dead forever

        • Peter

          Many believers become atheists after reading the bible. In any case the Greek legends are so much better. I may be ignorant of your god but guess what – so are you. I can see nothing which can not also be imagined and believed to be true. I am also ignorant of Mother Goose.

          • Marshall

            If as you say it’s true that there are believers who turn to atheism after reading the bible, then you better believe it’s also true that there are many former Atheists who in their dogged determination to prove the bible a book of myths, have in fact turned to Christianity. That by the way comes from their own testimonies and the numerous books written by them to celebrate their new life. I would however seriously challenge the faith and belief of those that you claim turned to atheism. A truly born again Christian will rarely if ever deny the faith that was given by the Holy Spirit . Not that I would expect you to have an inkling of what that means because by your own words you are ignorant of this truth.
            Reading and believing in your Greek fables may appeal to your ignorance, but it won’t impress God as an excuse on your day of judgement. You better make sure you are right about what believe , because when you take your final breath , your destiny is out of your hands . Try reading the bible instead of your Greek fables, it may just lead you to come to know the one who is the way the truth and the life ( John 14 :6)

        • Namma

          fgs shut up. These should be comments about finance and where this is headed FINANCIALLY. Respect other people and stop FORCE FEEDING your beliefs down their throats – it’s disgusting. Let each to their own judgement and YOU worry about your own.

    • JonMW72

      Good luck with that. Being an American abroad and not having any of the rights you think you might. I lived abroad for (Central and South America) for many years, and they were constantly changing the rules about foreigners banking, property ownership rights, work visas..etc…if you think US bureaucracy if mind boggling wait till you live overseas. Also, every single country I lived in at some point folded to the US treasury/IRS and agreed that their banks would have to share any account info on Americans/Europeans with bank accounts, even if they were held by shell corporations. If you’re really worried about @#$ going down, then moving abroad is no protection these days. Better to stand your ground on your own home turf where at least you don’t become a foreign target.

    • JustanOguy

      Must have missed that part about the Govt. forcing Americans to have an account with the Govt.

      Of course.. after 15 mins. of listening to Obama’s worthless State of the Union address which was nothing but his typical rhetoric..

      I went and did something worthwhile with my time.

      • NowAlive

        Agreed. But one thing that is missed is that we already have an account with a $0 balance…Social [in]Security.

      • Jodi

        Yep, me too. I got board pretty quick.

      • Jean Nelson

        Looking at the wall would be better than listening to his LIES

      • Freebyrd1968

        You took a dump?

      • bob cratchette

        and you expected something rational and the truth i cant stop laughing at your moronic expectations from someone such as odumbo who is incapable of doing anything but telling a lie or passing laws by executive orders

        • JustanOguy

          ??? My expectations were more of the same garbage being spewed and I was right.

          Not sure where you get the “moronic expectations” from?

    • Cheryl Merrill

      You can have a free one way ticket to heaven if you follow Jesus.

      • dadelaw

        Clearly that’s what the suicide crowd has been thinking…

        • Hey Mr Fantasy

          Who are you referring to? Muslim suicide bombers? This makes no sense…

      • Peter

        I would not want to go to heaven even if it existed. Who wants to spend eternity with Christians? Hitler was a Christian so you could say he would be there. And no I do not buy the “no true Scotsmen” fallacy.

        • Hitler Was a Catholic, get it straight, that is not a Christian no-matter what they tell you these days.& if u want proof google “Pope Francis invokes Satan”….

        • Hey Mr Fantasy

          Good luck in eternity!

      • Namma

        Again STFU. You are doing your own belief system a disservice by acting and talking in an un-Christlike manner.

    • Tabitha Elkins

      I left 10 years ago. I now live in Germany, but if I were you, I would head to Iceland or Switzerland.

      • Haven’t you heard? NZ is the place to be, well that’s what we all thought before Obama & our prime minister became golfing buddies.
        Better do as Cheryl says & look to Jesus. He is the way, the truth, & the life.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Yep. John 14:6

          Or, you can hop the fence the OTHER way, and head into Mexico…and watch the surprised expressions of illegals as they ask you, “Why are you coming HERE, when we’re trying to get THERE?!?:”

        • Peter

          Jesus isn’t going to help you. He’s dead. Dead as a dodo. He never rose from the dead. A whole religion is based on the hallucinations of fantasists. No different from millions who have seen Elvis still alive or the millions who followed Joseph Smith and brought his nonsense of disappearing gold plates.

          • bob cratchette

            or that is what hope you are holding onto but i think you are going to be sorely dissappointed

          • The difference is that those millions who see Elvis now never saw him in the flesh unlike the “hallucinating fantasists” who preferred to be feed to lions or made into lampshades on the side of the road by Nero, than deny that they saw Jesus do what He did.

        • Andy Hallót

          NZ = high living costs and low wages

    • Asad Khan

      How about Afghanistan?. Dirt cheap but holds a lot of potential.

      A British former SAS Guy just clinched a deal for a Gold mining in Northern Afghanistan.

      anywayz, best wishes where ever you wana be.


    • Lady Mantle

      There are many prophetic financiers these days telling people to leave America and don’t look back but then they tell these people to leave their money in the American banks where it is safe, treasury bonds to be exact. When the SHTF so to speak, it will be a global meltdown. Actually, we are in the throes of a meltdown right now only they manage to keep it corked. I think I would rather stay here in America at least I have a reason to be here whereas in another country you could get deported if you cannot prove birthright, especially if you do not bring your money with you. Just a thought and good luck to you.

    • seth datta

      STAGE ONE: TSA groping, NSA ‘spying’ (monitoring of ALL citizens) etc

      STAGE TWO: increased unlawful detentions, limited travel between states/countries

      STAGE THREE: overt martial law. No free internet. Arrest if speaking out against the bankers. FEMA camps for ‘dissidents’ who will die shortly thereafter.

    • NoSheDidnt!

      Sorry to hear about your lay off…best wishes to you and hope you find happiness and prosperity wherever you go. 🙂 You are so right about 401K’s and IRA’s…i don’t have a 401K, never will. It seems like the elites and the NWO committee experimented quite a bit last year. They tried the bank runs and so called bail out in Cyprus and then they took over retirement funds in New Zealand, just to see how it would work, a pilot test, or control group if you will. SO that was tried at a relatively “small scale”, one country at a time. Next time they may get adventurous and go worldwide. As soon as i heard about the possible default of Chinese banks i took to my local bank before the end of January and withdrew everything. One can’t be too careful…

  • tuna fish

    if you use all the numbers in this article in the correct fashion, know what you get? 3.14 I love pie!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      tuna pie?

  • Killer Virus

    Maybe they accidentally turned on the TV during the Grammys ?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Ewww. That show was simply gross. Especially Beyonce’s perforance. Was she applying for a job as a pole dancer?

  • Dr. G

    Larry Edleson says that a few years from now, the U.S. dollar will lose its status as the world’s single reserve currency. This year is going to be violent for the dollar because Europe is going to collapse. The dollar is going to swing wildly. First up … then down … then back up again.

    Understanding how the dollar will swing so violently this year is critical to your understanding of the future, and of the action that will be unfolding in other markets. When currency markets get violent — as I expect them to do this year — something big is going on, and it’s largely behind the scenes. And its going to be behind the scenes in Europe this year. Why do you think they’re already jumping off bank rooftops?

    For the dollar to rally as strongly as I suspect it will, it can mean one and only one thing: Europe will go down the tubes this year.

    That would hardly be surprising given the dire straits Europe is still in. Yes, I know, many think Europe’s crisis has ended. But just as I am sure that gold and silver will soon bottom, so I am sure that Europe will collapse this year.

    For one thing, Europe’s leaders have officially implemented a Cyprusstyle bail-in for all banks of the European Union. Depositors with over 100,000 euros will simply see their money confiscated should another bank fail.

    For another, France has now officially raised taxes on the wealthy to 75% of income. Other countries in Europe, I am told, will soon follow suit.

    For another, leaders in Europe are about to embrace the International Monetary Fund’s proposal for a one-time 10% wealth tax on everyone.The motivation behind Europe’s leaders taking such drastic measures is to fund their bankrupt economies, governments, and financial institutions.

    But they underestimate the power of the people. The people of Europe will rise up this year, rebel, and get their money out of Dodge. This will lead to a massive violent rally in the dollar, and later this year, you will see both the dollar and precious metals rally together.

    It is absolutely critical that you understand what’s about to happen in Europe this year and how it
    will impact so many markets. It will turn the world upside down. Along with the ramping up of the war cycles and geo-political tensions, the dollar will benefit, but so will gold,silver, and other commodities.

    This is the single biggest, most powerful force that will impact the markets this year.

    You should have an exit plan…

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      Well said

    • 2guest2

      Doc, thanks for bringing an interesting read to the table. Feel free to share your insights often! Cheers!

    • Rodster

      After seeing what the Brits did to the Sterling Pound and the US did to the Dollar I think TPTB will be looking to go with a global currency.

      Many feel China is setting themselves up for World Reserve Currency status. They have pumped more money into their banking system than The Fed has. So by their actions it’s hard to take them seriously.

      “EVERY world reserve currency has met the same fate. IT-HAS-FAILED the same way. It starts off being backed by Gold and then the politicians find a way to cheat the system. If the YUAN gets reserve currency status pray because those guys are just as ruthless and are even bigger crooks than Helicopter Ben and Janet “Quaker Oats Lady” Yellen.

      • Steve K

        The Pound Sterling did not fail. The Americans forced Britain to give it up (and the empire) at Bretton Woods after WW2, so they could take over as world reserve currency and bully-boys.

        • Rodster

          Read Gresham’s law on the Pound. It was in decline before it was replaced so I say I disagree with you. They inflated their currency just like we are doing today, it became less in demand and the USD became a better option. 😉

      • seth datta

        They would do the Special Drawing Rights (a basket case of currencies) as the terrorist Kissinger had suggested, before opting for the alleged one-world, cashless system.

        It could be argued that this system is already existing, as most of us do transactions without cash in hand.

    • MeMadMax

      So in other words, everything is unstable. On a related note, if the banksters start jumping out of buildings, it’s prolly time to be worried.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        and when people ‘in the know’ like Matt Drudge tweet cryptic things like ‘…have an exit plan’

        • davidmpark

          Agreed. I wish Drudge could go into more detail.

          • Mondobeyondo

            I do as well. It does seem like a cryptic message from him. “Exit plan”? Be more specific… does he mean leaving the country? Suicide?

          • davidmpark

            And who exactly is Drudge addressing?

        • g13man

          exit plan for bankers windows to the left or right , survival tips for pedestrians or pple trying to with drawl money from banks , us single story banks only …..

    • jox

      Once again, american and british people speaking about Europe collapsing. You have been wrong the last 4 years, and you’ll be wrong once again. I invite you to come here the 31 december and explain all of us why the dollar is collapsing, and no the euro. Try not to confuse your predictions with your hopes.

      • Dr. G.

        It isn’t that America is in any better shape than Europe. In some respects the US is in much, much worse shape. The difference is that their are more safeguards in place for a US collapse. Dominoes tend to fall one at a time, and the global financial structure puts the EU’s domino ahead of the US. Watch what happens to Europe because the same problems that will cripple the continent will come to the US in the years following.

        • D.r G.

          The reason the US will be the last in a sequence of falling financial dominoes is that when large groups of people withdraw their money from the banking system and then move that money out of their respective countries, they purchase US dollars. Massive purchases of US dollars will result in a rise in the value of the dollar by sheer demand. They’ll move their money out of Europe because the EU will be finding every possible way to tax, confiscate, and steal money from their citizens, So the US gets a short term breather while Europe collapses. Ounce the dust clears in the EU, and the movement of dollar out of the EU ebbs, then the same debt problems that caused the sounding of the financial death knell in the EU will come to US shores.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I don’t think the euro will collapse
        But with a $16 trillion debt, and all the entitlement obligations – Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, , blah blah you know the rest – the U.S. government is in serious trouble.

        Now Obama has added “Affordable Health Care” (aka Obamacare).to the mix.

        We’re pretty much doomed.

    • NowAlive

      Let’s pray that this European collapse does not repeat the historical precedence: large scale war. That always seems to be the result.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This reminds me of a story. I worked in a communications company before the Tech Wreck in the late 1990’s. Before the melt down our VP quit right out of the blue. He had a meeting with some of the departments then left in a puff of smoke. That puzzled a lot of people but his departure was put out of our minds because the company announced it was giving us stock options. A few weeks later the company stock melted down and I was laid off, that was the opening shot of the Tech Wreck.
    Looking back on it I always wondered what our VP knew, or what he saw nobody else did.

    • JustanOguy

      I know more then a couple of people that were Execs. with the phony tech companies of the late 90’s that bailed after cashing in their bogus overpriced worthless stock.

      How many Tech companies had stock worth $200+ a share that were not making a dime?


  • tuna fish

    Gary, what will hussein say about the failed economy tonight. DEMS LOSING THE SENATE IN NOVEMBER, CHEERS!

    • Guest

      I just saw a copy of The State of The Union speech. Here’s an excerpt.

      “Over the next few weeks I will work with the Congress to raise taxes on the rich so that we can help out our friend in Wisconsin. His name is Gary. My hope is that once we give him his share, he’ll quit whining and get on with his life.”

      • davidmpark

        It’s never enough; It will never be enough for him and those addicted to it. It’s their culture, their identity, their drug of choice, their… parent.

        Have no idea why anyone would WANT to be on those programs. It’s a terrible existence! We have to be on those programs by law (wife’s severely disabled) and it’s not fun or relaxing. It’s very stressful and agonizing.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Losing other people’s money doesn’t strike me as an explanation for these bankers’ suicides. I suspect there is a lot of shading dealing going on that we are unaware of. Those mid level execs are likely going to get the blame, and they likely know it. So they opt to die on their sword, while taking their masters secrets to the grave.

    What should our exit strategy be for. The US? Banks?

    • k

      This is another thought that occured to me for their suicides…

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      mmmmm, maybe. But think about it for a second.

      If you’re gonna off yourself because what you’ve done at work (maybe unknowingly) is going to make you the one that takes the fall, don’t you do a monumental Snowden dump on your boss before you off yourself?

      • Q

        What if your family was threatened? Off yourself then nobody can hold anything over your head.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Hmmm, something I didn’t consider.
          I dunno, I think I still find a way to make it happen. Go to the police with the goods in hand and get protection or….
          But, a worthy point for sure.

  • cpgone

    Suicide is a demon or demonic if you will. Through in coke, whiskey, guilt and hell gets anther one.

    • Rastus

      Suicide (self murder) is not an offence that automatically sends the offender to Gehenna. What sends them there is the absence of their name in the “Lambs Book of Life”. Names are written with the indelible blood of Christ at the moment “Whosoever believes in Him” for eternal life 🙂

      • cpgone

        Suicide (self murder) is not an offense that automatically sends the offender to Gehenna.”
        Yes it does. I cant prove it to you if your mind is made up.But to chance it ,is beyond stupid. Very ,very few Christians (so-called) make it into Heaven.

        • Rastus

          Prove it!

          • cpgone

            You prove it doesn’t.

          • Rastus

            Assurance is the essence of eternal life/saving faith. If you have never had assurance or if you have always believed that by failure on your part to persevere in faith and good works, then you have not believed Jesus’ promise of eternal life by faith alone and therefore are unregenerate. This conversation is moot at this point. I can elaborate more if you wish but you stated that you could prove my statement wrong. Lets hear it.

          • cpgone

            All these people were more righteous than you or me and they didn’t have eternal salvation.

            Matthew 7:21-23,

            Matthew 7:13

            WORK out your own salvation Phi 2.12 , 1 Peter 1.17, Rev, 20 12

            Its a scam to think a few words and baptism and think you/me can live do anything and still make it,

  • davidmpark

    Wish there was an easy answer – can only come up with speculations.

    We all knew that suicides, self-harm, and PTSD would be on the rise along with crushing poverty, drug use, and narcissism with the collapse. Guess these were more interesting to the press. We’ve had some families in Utah go the murder/suicide route lately, too. Not just the parents, but they also did in their kids and some extended family members with themselves.

    Seriously, folks: if there is any sign or mention by anyone around you of self-harm or suicidal intentions – even if they say their joking about it – confront them on it and make sure they know that they’ll get help whether they want it or not. We need EVERYONE to rebuild after the collapse.

    Yes; even Gary. 🙂

    • GSOB

      “we believe that God the Father will take that into account and those individuals will have a chance for salvation…”

      LDS faith are not God’s ways.

      • davidmpark

        We claim the privilege of worshiping the Almighty God according to the dictates of our conscience. And we allow all people the same privilege. We let you worship how, where, or what you may as an equal. It’s God’s Church. You got a problem with the Revelations He’s made to us, then bring it up with Him.

    • Backdoor Barry

      Gary will sit on lounge chair, barking out orders until someone bludgeons him with an axe. 🙂

      • davidmpark

        Oh no! Folks of his clique don’t know how to use tools. Picking up an axe without party and Union approval, paid for with taxpayer dollars is unconscionable. 🙂

  • K C

    The article on “Banking Executives” is very good. A clue to the hidden fact that that deriatives market was already meltdown ? A clue that the gold price suppression makes the situation of meltdown even worst ?

  • Jay


  • K

    Most people are capable of suicide, if they loose everything that matters to them. For most of these type, money is all that matters. Take that away, they have nothing. Most of us here, to some degree prep. What is coming is going to be unpleasant, and some of us may not make it. Now imagine you are a pampered bank executive. High enough on the food chain to know what is coming. But not high enough to afford a big yacht, or a survival retreat. What some of us call life, would be a horrifying experience to them. As a side note. I doubt they would be doing this, if the crash was still just some time in the future. No more and more it seems were are getting close, maybe very close.

    • K

      For those of you who have doubted, weather could be used to control movement in this Country. Check out the chaos in Atlanta. This insanity is going on, even with 3 days notice of the storms’ arrival.

      • purrsun

        Listened to interview w/ Atlanta Mayor Reed this AM on WSB radio. He strongly advises to “Shelter in Place”. Hmm . . . sounds familiar.

      • Mondobeyondo

        You’d think they’d know better.
        The heavy honchos in Atlanta have the same access to weather info as the rest of us. All they had to do is check the Weather Channel on their iDevices ™ to see what they would be in for.

    • seth datta

      Preppers and related groups need to band together. There is strength in numbers.

    • Sam I Am

      It is possible they were potential whistle blowers and were murdered.

  • Frank Bell

    1. There will be no crash:

    The FED will prevent it. The uber-wealthy always win.

    2. Only three bankers?

    Not enough regarding the pain they brought over the little man, the poorer people, or the 95 %.

    • xa

      I agree 100%….

    • Vodka

      Who said they can’t win AFTER a crash?

  • Top Gun

    “Have an exit plan”. Haven’t we all believed and talked about a crash? All I can say is, you should at least have 3 months worth of food/necessities/water/pet supplies. Get going.

    • KC

      Top Gun,
      Tell us more details of your region of the signs of economy collapse such as inflation, employment leading to your thoughts. Thanks.

    • davidmpark

      Two years minimum for each person. No telling how long this will last.

  • Silver Garcia

    Love seeing the end of the Anglo/Euro dominance of the world. All the millions that the elites have killed through using their company’s assets and connections; from IBM’s Watson to Neville Chamberlain to these “philanthropists” who have benefited from the immoral printing of fiat wallpaper and causing asset distortions. What is up should be down. What is down should be up. About time.

  • CynicalGuy42

    Didn’t a commenter, either here or on The American Dream, mention something about a bank run in China?

  • snaga

    offed because they were cooperating with BaFin investigation into PM market rigging.

  • KC

    Dear DJohn1,
    Share with us how to survive from the economy collapse with reference to your living region. Thanks.

    • DJohn1

      I think no one can survive the economic collapse by themselves.
      The most important thing is when it hits you have an adequate supply of food that is capable of remaining good for a long period of time. The second thing is to keep that supply intact and secret from the government parasites that will want to steal it.
      After food, shelter is most important. It is preferable to have a place paid for that you owe nothing on until tax time. Having additional funds to keep that paid is also necessary in the long run.
      I suggest an old car with a good supply of parts such as alternators, batteries, and starters. A truck is even better.
      The important thing is that the car or truck is economical to run and is strong enough to keep you safe in an emergency. Like being able to pack up and leave if necessary with your food supply.
      I suggest a small amount of gasoline. Such as about two or three five gallon cans. Just in case the country gas supply goes wrong.
      I suggest a buck wood stove to keep the place warm if the power goes out. Plenty of scrap logs from a woods. Keep it cut to size.
      I suggest northland logs to start and keep the buck stove running while it heats up then regular logs after it is hot.
      Keep water boiling on the top to keep the air moist.
      Use it only in case of an emergency power shut down.
      It also helps to heat food on.
      When you pick a place, try for a rural region and a house about 30-60 feet of hill within about 30 feet of the house. If possible have the hill block the wind. Prevailing winds are usually from the West. Sometimes from the North.
      The likelyhood of digging a well 30-60 feet below ground level(the hill) makes it an excellent chance the ground water is near the surface. So an artesian well is possible. Boil all water from said well before using. But you then have a ready water supply independent of the city water that might go bad.
      This is Ohio. Don’t know about other places.
      Even if there is an economic collapse it will be over with in a relatively short period of time. Chances are a new currency will be formed. AT that point things will return to some semblance of normalcy. So really long term survival is not necessary to prepare for. The first six to eight weeks will be hell on Earth though. The government will pick a time and place and have you exchange all the old currency for new. Probably at a ratio of 1-10. Meaning you will get about 10 cents on the dollar back in new currency.
      People rich enough to own warehouses will make out pretty good in those circumstances. The rest of us not so much.

  • Mr300Bowler

    It is another sign of the times coming to light. The NWO is emerging on the scene, the Anti-Christ is fixing to show his smiling face and evil heart. It is not Conspiracy Theorist’s alone but Biblical prophecies coming true. We do live in a world built on promises constructed by liars.

  • Guest

    They might be getting bumped off by people within their own organization who don’t want them to public with information.

    Also, protip: if you see an article that has “33” in it anywhere you know the article was written by a mason.

    • RapidRay01 .

      How observant , advance to the ” Head of the Class ! “

  • Leon

    Are the secret society types, and you know who they are now, getting upset with over all performance, with many countries trying to cut ties ? Maybe they are creating a situation in order to manipulate the masses, i.e. the poor. When a rich investor says that poor people are like Nazi’s it make you wonder.

  • 2Gary2

    What a shame–another rich MF killed themselves. I hope they enjoy their swim in the lake of fire.

    • tuna fish


      • 2Gary2

        ok hoss you really put me in my place…

        • tuna fish

          I know, you are a total loser

          • John Davidson

            OWEbama is a total looozzzer

      • 2Gary2

        Hey Hoss-check this out:

        spending years attacking the character of President Obama and the
        Democrats, a new Pew Research Center survey found that the American
        people trust Democrats more than Republicans 41%-31%.

        The Pew Research Center’s annual survey of policy and priorities
        found that Democrats led Republicans on a wide range of character
        issues. Democrats had a 25 point lead (52%-27%) on being more willing to
        work with the other party. Democrats held a 20 point (52%-32%)
        advantage on the question of who is concerned with the needs of people
        like me. By a margin of 54%-35%, Republicans were found to be the more
        extreme party in their positions. Respondents also thought the
        Republican Party was more influenced by lobbyists than the Democratic
        Party (47%-30%), but the most telling question was who do people trust
        to govern ethically and honestly.

        By a margin of 41%-31% those surveyed believed that Democrats govern
        in a more ethical and honest way than Republicans. This question goes to
        the heart of why Democrats continue to win elections. A majority of
        voters don’t trust the Republican Party. They don’t think Republicans
        will be honest with them. Some of these feelings are no doubt left over
        from the dishonest Bush administration, but much of the distrust comes
        from the way Republicans have chosen to govern.

        • John Davidson

          And another found the American people don’t trust Owebama to make the right decisions for America!

        • tuna fish

          hey hoss, check this out. since posobama took the reins, there has been a 50% increase in those receiving foodstamps. you sure put those people in their places

        • davidmpark

          Pew polls are not very accurate. They ask “likely voters”; not actual voters. They also had an internal audit find that about 60% of respondents on average lie to the pollsters.

          Polls are not an accurate measurement of national attitudes or trends.

    • tuna fish


    • tuna fish

      libs are still the party of murder, felonies and rape. a trifecta for the libs

  • Bill

    I just turned it off. I can’t stand to hear any more crap from the ——(you probably know what I want to say)

  • Alex Alvarez

    The west were starting to collapse and it was prophesied to be doomed, and the arrogant east is rising!

  • Ferdinand The Bull

    I am one of those strange prophecy type people, so take this with a grain of salt.
    I see pigs heads being delivered to synagogues in Italy. Obama/Kerry walking away from Israel. Holograms of Turkish prime ministers during meetings(Turkey is the east limb of the Roman Empire). Sharon passing 1/11/14 and Rabbi Kudri prophecy(look it up).
    Now bankers killing themselves and bank runs, gold doing the exact opposite of what it is suppose too.
    I see the west hitting the wall and Arab nations around Israel trying to take advantage of it Ps 83. I see Russia, rising to prominence and begin thinking of Ezk 36-38.
    What does all this mean? It means hold on to your hat. Those of us that have learned that everything in scripture is literal, right down to the punctuation marks are watching the middle east and saying to heck with the S&P.
    We certainly have had economic upheavals before, but never like this. To see the storm clouds and not get in out of the weather is a very stupid thing to do.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Simple… the alien chestbursters are done with them and abandoning ship.

  • tuna fish

    gary loves the 10+million on disability

    • davidmpark

      Actually, they don’t like the disabled. Most people don’t know how terrible it is to be on those programs. And when there’s shortages and people looking for easy ways out, the disabled are the first victims of the ensuing holocaust.

  • tuna fish

    gary loves the fake 2% inflation

  • tuna fish

    gary hates the USA

  • tuna fish

    gary loves the destruction of healthcare

  • tuna fish

    gary loves, “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period

  • tuna fish

    obama said he campaigned in 57 states, bwhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, gary lives in the state of confusion

  • tuna fish

    gary the commie loves fast&furious

  • tuna fish

    obama regime: 6 trillion in additional deficit spending, dig it!

  • tuna fish

    gary thinks we are in the 5th summer of recovery

  • tuna fish

    gary actually believes in the global warming hoax

  • tuna fish

    The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime. – barrack hussein obama, bwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagarybwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • tuna fish

    liberal tears make a great lubricant for squeaky metal parts

  • tuna fish

    gary’s exwife was more masculine than him

  • tuna fish

    gary is hoss of the year, no wait, he is far too effeminate

    • MNFST

      you are such a moron

    • Chocolatini

      Can you take your medication and stfu.

  • Paul

    This shows that money does not buy happiness or cure unresolved personal issues.

  • JB

    Michael, your problem is that you are very negative and biased and only look for information to confirm your bias. Try to be more balanced in your reporting so I can make an intelligent decision.

    • garand555

      I don’t agree with everything Michael says, but there is good reason to be very negative right now. To start with, the notional value of interest rate derivatives world wide is over $500 TRILLION, and our banks have a significant amount of exposure to that. You do not fix $500 trillion problems without significant corruption and/or significant pain. That does not count other derivatives either. When that bomb goes off, it will be much bigger than Lehman. It almost went off in 2008-2009. How many times do you think the government and the Fed can stop the shadow banking system from imploding without blowing up the currency?

      And derivatives are just one of the many problems that we are facing. We are going to suffer a complexity collapse most likely before the end of the decade and almost certainly before my life expectancy has expired.

      • Drud

        Agreed. We are at a time of crisis right now and, while causes (human nature: greed and lust for power) and some of the symptoms (fiat currency creating un-payable debts and either default or hyperinflation) are the same as many examples in history, many specifics are completely unprecedented, namely technology. Now, there is definitely many reasons to be alert and aware, at the end of the day fear and negativity are depressing and dangerous. Remember, the Chinese language uses the same word for crisis as it does for opportunity. We have an unprecedented crisis looming, we also have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild society in the right way.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Perhaps those bankers knew something that the rest of us are still in the dark about….

  • Jake

    Throw in there that Obama tonight just unveiled his MyRA plan. If a stock market crash were imminent that would cause a large number of people to enter into that.

    • garand555

      Whether intentional or not, the MyRA bonds are a very good mechanism to start stealing retirement funds to pay for deficit spending. The machinery is in place. Now we just need the circumstances.

    • Scared Economist

      MYRA Plan = let’s entice everyone to get all of their retirement funds together in one place so we can quickly and easily confiscate it “for National Security purposes”.
      Trying to rumage through all of the hundreds of thousands of 401Ks and IRA accounts would take too much manpower and a lot of time.

  • Oldphartbsa

    “Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?”

    Don’t know. don’t care.. Jump you Fu**ers. JUMP!!

  • buslo saulap

    Biblically it says…
    Mark 13:7-8
    7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

    • Brendan Quinn

      Nonsense. Utter nonsense. Get a life instead of reading wacky interpretations of ancient texts that were crazy at time and are completely out of context and misunderstood. Doomsayers have been using scriptures since 3th century to for tell of end of world rapture bs. The world has gone to the dogs many times. Plague. Famine, war. Who can forget Mongols & black death. Still we’re all here surprise surprise. A helping hand is better than hands in pray to non existing entities. Banks probably had love/lady problems.

      • buslo saulap

        Biblically it says…
        2 Peter 3:8
        But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

        • Bren

          Really, what does that mean? What does it matter. It’s meaningless. Go read some science books, actual history books. Imagine there is no God, see how ridiculous it is, then you will see there actually is no God, that the bible is 99% inaccurate. The King James bible btw was written by middle age scholars, interpreting hundreds, thousands of documents to put it together to please the King. This is an economic forum so shouldn’t be writing about any of this. Economies hit shocks, economic systems develop badly. Humans err and the world will probably endure some economic hardships before coming out the other side. It’s not biblical. It’s just economics, behavioural economics and finance. Not writing anymore about this. But do yourself and your family a favour and land back on planet earth and see the world the way it is not how someone says it is. There are lots of good books out there to read. you only have one life. Open your mind to the fact we are just carbon creatures that have managed to evolve into something amazing but have inherent flaws like believing in supernatural to explain what is explainable through research and investigation. your time would be better spent serving humanity by contributing to it than wasting time reading the nonsense that is the bible and Quran as well.

          • buslo saulap

            Biblically it says…
            Psalm 14:1
            The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

          • Bren

            Oh boy you are really far gone. So as far as you are concerned, every person that doesn’t agree with you is a fool, according to that quote and has done abominable acts. So an Indian living in deep amazon who has never had contact with outside world will go to hell.That’s disgusting. you have been brainwashed brother. You live in a society that reinforces that cult that you are in. It’s difficult for you. I understand that and have deep sympathy for the narrow bigoted life view you have. You are not alone. there are millions like you. That does not make you right, just like all the millions that followed Hitler didn’t make them right. You believe in magic. you believe every word of a made up book is 100% true. That is just sad. I could be referred to as an atheist but I prefer humanist or non-theist as I don’t believe in any gods, past present or future or the disgusting religions they spawn that motivate humans to kill in the name of God, or hide behind robes to abuse men, women and children that don’t adhere to their world view.
            You are incapable of seeing rationally the evidence that 100% shows the creation of the universe, solar system, this world and all the living things that have walked over it over millions of years. You prefer to hide behind a book, and beliefs that keep your mind closed to reality. That is sad. Nothing I say will change your mind because you mind is closed and brainwashed. You have to take the journey yourself out of the cave where they have imprisoned your rational, logical self. Just take it step by step. e.g. Genesis, the world was created in 7 days and nights. How is that possible when days and nights etc don’t exist until the earth is spun in just the right amount on its axis to create day and night. It doesn’t mention that in Genesis. Why doesn’t it mention that God created the magnetic poles to keep solar radiation from burning the earth up if its so scientifically correct? And the flood, where did all the water go that covered the earth? Did it just fall into space? And don’t say the poles. I can’t help you any more. Good luck on your journey but when your God lets you down don’t say you weren’t warned. Because praying to nothing gets you nothing.

          • buslo saulap

            I never said “an Indian living in deep amazon who has never had contact with outside world will go to hell.” at least those people believed they have God. How do you explain that WHEN it comes to the human brain, many scientists believe that they are incapable of understanding how it works because lack of tools and intelligence to measure its mind-blowing complexity. Why? because someone who is great and most powerful of all created it.

            Biblically it says…

            1 Corinthians 3:19

            For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

          • buslo saulap

            “humans to kill in the name of God, or hide behind robes to abuse men, women and children” their god is not our God. Their god is evil and false. they just pretend to be righteous but not.

            This is what our God said.
            Rome 13:9
            For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

          • g13man

            some one is reading and studying and proving themself

  • Silver Garcia

    Another one bites the

  • Bill

    Big ben or big pen
    Will one day be
    Little men
    Once again

    • davidmpark

      Do you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men! It is the music of a people that will NOT be slaves again!

  • KOLO

    33rd floor Free mason number, sacrafice?

    • seth datta

      Dr Henry Makow (himself Jewish) suggests that it is not the Torah Jews, but rather the Cabbalah and Talmudic Jews in association with subverted organisations, mainly Freemasons, that are orchestrating this NWO. This is corroborated by many other sources if you research the topic.

    • mariesnylife

      I think you have this one right

  • ism

    Bon Voyage ! Splash around.

    • g13man

      splat , with splash ,

  • k

    Maybe they were incharge of some big money deals/products ) or whatever banks call them (which might be something to do with the recent currency colllapse), and those products must have gone wrong.

    I am just guessing..

  • Steve K

    I’m seeing a lot of supposition and fantasy in this article, but damned few facts.

    • Guest

      Yeah! What about the undisclosed death. That just might tell us something!

    • superiormind

      Yeah! What about the undisclosed death. That just might tell us something that we would like to know about this!

  • selaretus

    I encourage all bankers to jump! In fact, I’ll push!

  • m0rf

    “Have an exit plan…”
    One of the basic rules for anyone who trades, no need to panic.

    • Bill

      Exit plan—-pick a floor, pick a window—-

  • dartagnan

    Not just Bankers are jumping. CEO of Tata jumped out of hotelroom last week in Bangkok (Shangri la)

    • chris

      Or did he?…..

  • The global central banks have blown another big bubble and this latest house of cards is shaking and at the edges, crumbling. Confidence in ‘the system’ is at an all time low but there is still plenty of room down below!

  • blackciti_fo5

    What’s also sad is that I bank with chase. Could his suicide be linked to something terrible happening to chase in the near future? Was he informed of something so drastic that he knew he would either loose millions or be blamed that he decided to kill himself? Or perhaps he was going through a divorce, something that had nothing to do with his job, and he decided to take his own life? We may never know.

    One thing I have noticed is that humans are not made to handle a lot of stress. Not everyone who suffers will kill themselves but we humans are not made to handle a lot of stress or turmoil. I know a lot of people don’t believe in God or His word but this situation reminds me of Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • Level Six

    seems simple….they knew something that others did not want out yet. who knows what that is, but people with this type of influence tend to be extremely self important and not exactly fitting the mold of suicidal. maybe im wrong…

  • KOLO

    33rd floor. Freemason sacrifice

  • wetwork

    I committed suicide myself, just last week….

    • Drud

      “Looks like it’s suicide for me again.”
      -Moe Szyslak

  • g

    He probably was one of the good ones, cause these psychopaths don’t have a conscience, only people with a conscience will do something like this after they realize what’s going on.

  • Bill

    Try treason in the white house for a taste of reality. It might require _oogle and a little imagination to find it.

  • BloodyWellRight

    we can only hope it continues so that we can purge the banker SCUM from our society.

  • chris

    Well it could actually be simply drug related. The culture of drug taking in the City is well known and maybe this combined with stress…..

  • Archangel

    Gee, I thought the plan was to take down the entire
    Petro dollar financial system and start all over again. Then arrest all who have screwed with us all these decades . This includes government leaders,
    Corporation elites and of course banksters.
    This will cause civil unrest to spread to the western world. Truth will finally come out about how corrupt everyone is in the top 1percent. This is why The department of homeland security bought 1. 6
    Billion round of ammo in case of rioting .
    The freedom movement is growing in the United States to bring back the true 1789 non corporate constitution..
    At least that’ what I have heard. Ha!
    I thought everybody did.

    • g13man

      .1% is the elite

  • Richard O. Mann

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

    • GSOB

      Losing My……

  • fafa

    maybe a gay story?

  • LeBlanc

    Okay what exactly is a economic crash like where does all the money go how does it happen I just don’t understand. What does it mean when the stalk market crashes?

    • RealityBetraysUs

      Stalk market you mean like in celery?

    • Guest

      The Banksters stop lending and remove money from the system by calling in all debt. Everyone with money in the market loses it. This freezes the economy and most economic activity stops. Then the Banksters by everything cheap when prices go down and the whole crummy story starts over again.

    • superiormind

      The Banksters stop lending and remove money from the system by calling in all debt. Everyone with money in the market loses it. This freezes the economy and most economic activity stops. Then the Banksters buy everything cheap when prices go down and the whole crummy story starts over again.

  • JustanOguy

    Maybe they were “Beliebers” and were distraught about Justin Bieber’s troubles / recent arrest and not winning any Grammy’s this year.

    • RealityBetraysUs

      Funny man, don;t tell me you were never a vulnerable, ignorant foolish young man at one time? The only difference is that celebrities make their mistakes in front of the whole world, and pay for it.The bible tells us “there are none that are righteous no not one, so do not think you are better than others just because your sin may not be in the limelight” Cut the guy some slack by showing some grace and mercy or as my generation in the 70’s would have said “lighten up on the tighten up and ease up on the breeze!

  • cybermike

    The problem is cyber money, just like cyber friends,its not real money just like cyber friends aren`t real friends.

  • maranatha

    big fish behind these incidents…we are in the dawning of one world world world religion…

  • Rob W

    Don’t keep much in the bank. Junk silver may be real handy to have on hand in the not too distant future.

  • Joe

    It could be stress, drug, alcohol, gambling addict, etc. Or he over exposes bank capital on something that he can’t recover. Or he knows something that he doesn’t want to spend time in jail.

  • memphis

    KOLO got it right, I think: it’s the NWO purging their folks, leaving no “loose ends” behind, a sacrifice of some sort. 33rd floor? No coincidence. “V” said that he thinks so too. This is a year of some serious change, time to turn to Christ if you haven’t already.

    • g

      There are many using Christ to their advantage, I used to be a Christian till I figured out what these supposed church leaders are doing. Many are so charming and seem so godlike but dig just underneath the superficiality and they are nothing but wolves, controlling, manipulative, they use the bible as a weapon to control the weak. I will no part of that.

      • RealityBetraysUs

        So tell me where in the bible is the scripture or verse that tells you as a believer to follow man or men? I do not deny that many leaders in church are wolves in sheeps clothing but Christ never told us to follow them, he told us to pick up our cross and follow him(Jesus).Keep your eyes on Jesus and his cross not frail, weak incompetent men.This excuse will not save you in the day of judgement when God the father will ask you what did you do with my son Jesus?

      • MollyP

        Disillusion is 100% guaranteed if you follow Christians instead of loving and serving (knowing) Jesus Christ. He is the Vine, and we are the branches, remember? He said, “…for without Me, you can do nothing”. He promises the Holy Spirit to help and guide. It has sadly been said, “The church is the only bunch to shoot it’s own wounded”. Such problems with errant people abounded even in the Epistles…Jesus NEVER fails!

  • FirstGarden

    Learn wild edibles.

  • LDM

    Was he pushed?

  • Bims

    There is a lot of talk about an economic collapse in march 2014. People are blinded by material objects and the ability to always go to the supermarket to get food. The truth is what happens when you go to buy a loaf of bread but its going to cost you $100 or the dollar has no value? have an exit plan!

  • James Vaughan

    You yourself have stated clearly that financial collapse – on a slow and on-going basis – would be the “norm” for the foreseeable future, mainly due to the “blazing incompetence” and short-sightedness of the men who run the entire financial industry and international “corporatism”. I have never seen any reason to argue with this. Thus I am only very mildly surprised at current indications of the development of the next “leg” of this on-going and slow financial collapse. In other words, I believed you, so surprised am I not.

  • Priszilla

    I bet, at 400 feet he said: “See, no problem.”

  • Lboog

    conspiracy..faked deaths…..bailed out….literally! wanted out of the game…

  • Commander Z

    The whole deal on everything you bitch and moan about economically and politically and all the wars going on right now is caused by Jews and gutless cowards like yourself who either are Jews or suck up to them by not naming them.

  • Belialith Gurdjieff

    These days technology is such, that a person may be murdered without anyone having a clue what is going on. And when those so-called elite want someone out of the way, or just play a game to frighten the people, they will use that kind of technology which they feel won’t be traced back to them.

  • LadyMantle

    Sounds like a lot of these execs were going to the proverbial “chopping block.” When you think of the money these guys make, cutting them out of the picture saves banks millions of dollars. Most of em are not worth their salt anyway but not to dimnish this guy’s life being that he was so young and no doubt hopeful for a long and fruitful career. RIP

  • seth datta

    Apparently, this involves advanced use of holograms and sonic technology to trick people into thinking they are seeing the Lord. Except it will not be him.

  • mariesnylife

    you can count on it

  • Bill

    This bit of irony is circulating on the net.
    The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people,

    as of the most recent figures available in 2013.

    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals”. Their stated reason for the policy is because, “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves”.

    • k

      Animals can hunt, humans cant…they have to earn…and if they arent any jobs…they need those food stamps.

      And the national park people are afraid people will end up feeding those animals all kinds of junk.

    • superiormind

      Good one! Of course that’s the rub. Some of us care about people and less about animals. Some don’t care about any but themselves. The latter create the need for food stamps to subsidize the Capitalistic theft. Soon the UNIVERSE will stamp out all as being unsalvageable!

    • Guest

      Good one! Of course that’s the rub. Some of us care about people and less about animals. Some don’t care about any but themselves. The latter create the need for food stamps to subsidize the Kapitalistic theft. Privatize the wealth and Publicize the cost. The only reason for food stamps is to manage the evolution! Soon the UNIVERSE will stamp out all as being unsalvageable!

    • superiormind

      Good one! Of course that’s the rub. Some of us care about people and less about animals. Some don’t care about any but themselves. The latter create the need for food stamps to subsidize the Capitalistic theft. Privatize the wealth and Publicize the cost. That’s their motto. The only reason for food stamps is to manage the Revo lution! Soon the UNIVERSE will stamp out all as being unsalvageable!

  • Jason7189

    Greed (Idolatry) will be a big stumbling block to many people in the last days…..Yep, I’m saying it, we’re close to the return of Christ.

    Zephaniah 1:18 “Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the LORD’s wrath.” In the fire of his jealousy the whole earth will be consumed, for he will make a sudden end of all who live on the earth.”

    • Jesusside

      For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24

    • g13man

      from webster , Idolatry ,= immoderate attachment or devotion to something

      , like to the wrong day

  • ort

    Would the anti Christ please pick up the white courtesy phone?
    he is almost here. “Seek The Lord while He may be found.” Time is running out.

  • bowman

    How do they know it was suicide? Maybe the dissident bankers are being offed like generals are being fired who don’t agree with our dark administration.

    • superiormind

      Right on! My conclusion also.

  • Rocky Racoon

    Make that wealth tax permanent the way it should be and this world will be a better place.
    Don’t tell me people sitting at home clipping coupons are wealth producers. Most of the wealth today has been stolen the people know it and I don’t know what they are putting in the water but we wouldn’t put up with it one time-What makes us think there is no alternative? PROPAGANDA that is what. Socialism or Barbarism. Wake up-don’t dumb down with Alex Jones and his property rights libertarianism-that is KOCK bro philosophy.

    • Eric Quintero

      I listen to Alex all the time. I feel like he’s carrying the message of our forefathers. He also has very interesting guests on his show.

      What do you mean by “property rights libertarianism?”

      • Guest

        Watch Alex when he has Russel Brand on. Russell tells him how he is different than him at the end of the program. Done with taste on both sides. They both have different solutions, but know something is wrong. I gotta take Russell’s solution over Alex’s. I think people are right when they say Alex won’t mention Sionism, which is really the head of the snake.

      • Guest

        Watch Alex when he has Russel Brand on. Russell tells him how he is different than him at the end of the program. Done with taste on both sides. They both have different solutions, but know something is wrong. I gotta take Russell’s solution over Alex’s though. I think people are right when they say Alex won’t mention Sionism, which is really the head of the snake.

      • superiormind

        Watch Alex when he has Russel Brand on. Russell tells him how he is different than him at the end of the program. Done with taste on both sides. They both have different solutions, but know something is wrong. I gotta take Russell’s solution over Alex’s though. I think people are right when they say Alex won’t mention Nionism, which is really the head of the snake.

      • superiormind

        Watch Alex when he has Russel Brand on. Russell tells him how he is different than him at the end of the program. Done with taste on both sides. They both have different solutions, but know something is wrong. I gotta take Russell’s solution over Alex’s though. I think people are right when they say Alex won’t mention Nionism, which is really the head of the snake. (Turn the N 90 degrees to cipher message)

  • RealityBetraysUs

    This is the result of those who place all their faith and trust in a faulty crumbling financial system.God told us not to put our faith and trust in gold or silver but in the immutable unchanging word of God and his faithful son Jesus Christ! The bible tells us in the begiining of the book of John in the new testament that Jesus is the word and it became flesh and dwelt among us and only by putting our faith and trust in him can we obtain salvation, escape the fires of Hell and have eternal life with God in heaven. He is also the alpha and omega and by him and through him all things were made and held together! The interesting thing is that physics guys that study atomic structure still can not explain what holds the opposite charged particles together in the nucleus of the atom. The bible tells this all pervading nuclear force that holds the universe together is Jesus. My God of the universe is b i g enough to handle any problem. It is a shame that more of these bankers who put all their faith and trust in money do not know Jesus! This is just an example of how foolish men can be. My God the LORD Jesus Christ is big enough to handle any problem. I will put my faith and trust in him who created the stars and universe and care not what the world or money supply may do…

    • michaelbme

      Jesus has been dead for thousands of years, and your god doesn’t exist.

      • Jesusside

        Well, michaelbme I see whose side you’re on. The losing one of satan and the evil ones.

      • RealityBetraysUs

        most human beings do not live longer than 100 yrs, prepare to meet your maker your time is short, but most wise people 100 yrs is more than enough time to decide if GOD is real. We will see soon enough!

  • tuna fish

    ok, who vomited on gary’s face?

  • Justan American

    “Nothing to see here folks, move along, just another banking bloke jumping to his death.Happens all the time..”

  • Mondobeyondo

    Shades of 1929…

    (although it wasn’t nearly as bad then as the media and pop culture make it out to be). Still, even one person taking a flying leap, is one person too many.

    Perhaps these people who jumped had other personal issues as well…??

    • k

      could be…maybe he was facing the twin danger of losing the job,danger of losing the wife, may or may not because of the job but still.

      Enough of making many men atleast contemplate suicide for a moment.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s not over for the U.S., at least not in the short term. But the signs are not good.

    I didn’t watch President Obama’s State of the Union address. (Actually took a nap and missed it, but I caught excepts of it online).From what I saw, he offered no real solutions for the nation to get out of the crisis it’s in.More of a pep rally, really. The only thing missing were the cheerleaders (and I would have stayed awake to watch them!!)

    • DB200

      Mondobeyondo, I heard an economist on the radio saying that he was not going to watch to the State of the Union because watching grass grow would be more interesting :-).

  • brads

    Fiddling while Rome burns .. can”t quiet get all the applause back clapping while whole famlies sleep in carparks maybe i live in a bubble

  • Sekaretus

    Apparently our clueless ‘president’ Oboob thinks that by forcing the raising of the ‘minimum wage’ he is helping the middle class. That, dear citizens, is how gutted and how far down we have come that our mindless, decadent, ‘bail out the rich banker’ Government has become. I cannot and do not know of an administration that is more disconnected or more uncoupled from reality than that of Oboob. Don’t forget that they shot JFK, for all his personal faults, for trying to do away with the FED dollar and initiating a US Government backed currency. I don’t know about you,fellow Patriots, but almost want to take up arms against a sea of troubles and lynch a certain President who shall go nameless.

    • Eric Quintero


  • isra

    hi there, im from spain i usually read the news on your blog. I really wish this economical collapse to end soon but i know its not gonna happen, things are going to get worst!!! i really wish an asteroid to impact the earth and a brandnew world created. As i read below we were created by god´s image and it makes me wonder about how cruel and sadic god is.
    If i were god we would be all destroyed and start from cero. We have been making the same mistakes for centuries as a wheel that never stops.
    Peeple who creates money, people who work and suffer to get money, other who go to war and die to defend their country and the reality is that they die to defend the interest of the rich ones.

  • Dave of OK

    And why is Sen. Tom Coburn (“Doctor No”) suddenly and unexpectedly announcing his retirement from the Senate? Does he know something is up? Has he had enough of congress’ foolishness?

  • Pam

    The V Economist on Steve Quayle has an explanation for the “suicides”

  • Consider

    Folks, and I am speaking to you nay sayers. Take a moment, spend some time alone to think about what I am about to say. Forget everything you think you know, go to a quite place all alone and ask yourself this one simple question “am I absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is no God?” Don’t let your anger over past happenings cloud your thought. Just clear your mind of all emotional thought and ask the question. If your answer is along the lines of I don’t know, I’m not sure, maybe etc I encourage you to investigate. I and many others firmly believe time is running out. Like sand in an hour glass, we believe there are only but a few grains left. Ask yourself that one question, do it alone, you don’t have to tell anybody about what you are doing. Give yourself the chance to be open minded. IF afterward you still do not believe, then fine you gave it a shot. However, if you find there is something their you are not sure about I encourage you to investigate further. In addition, for those who are open and reach a conclusion in the affirmative, I strongly encourage you to consider the possibility the saving grace of Jesus may also have merit. Please, at least investigate.

  • TerryGauchat

    Convert all your assets to Bitcoin… LOL!!!

    • superiormind

      Unstable so not a good idea! The Powerful can control it with their wealth!

  • Peter

    Australia is run by fascists. All there is is dirt sold to China and China is an economic disaster ready to happen. There are a lot of chickens waiting to come home to roost in Oz.The “great economy” is a hollow shell propped up by dirt which China will soon not want to buy.

  • Justinwalker

    The solution is at hand to prevent any financial meltdown….and the enemy knows that an increasing amount of us are aware of the Big Secret they do not want you to know!

    Go back to August 1914…one hundred years ago. Feed in Bradbury Pound into your search engine and do your own research. FACT! Any, repeat any sovereign nation has the absolute right to issue its own debt-free and interest-free money through its treasury (not the central bank) based on the wealth and credit of that nation. Debt-free money to meet the needs, security and happiness of that nation’s people. The criminality of the debt-creating Bank for International Settlements, the IMF and the World Bank is clear now to anyone who is waking up to this simple and lawful principle. Fractional Reserve Lending is Fraud under Common Law. So wake up people and get campaigning. Bring back the debt-free Bradbury Pound and the Greenback Dollar!

  • el guapo

    Sounds like they had an exit plan indeed

  • mark830

    Bipolar bankers of course.

  • The dude

    It is clear that the discourse in the world is due to the gradual disconnect in us all. We are all part of the same family and are all connected, the outside world is now a reflection of what is going on with each of us. The Grass is no greener on the other side, look with in and make the observations needed to reconnect with nature and your spiritual self, changes starts from with in you. we must try to elevate each other and push ourselves to overcome the imbalnaces we have allowed to influence our lives. Wake up, reconnect, be an active participant in the changes that are about to happen. While all of this seems scary, this is what needs to happen for us all to realize that it isn’t the system that is flawed, as it is man that has made the system corrupt.

    I wish you all a safe journey in the coming days.

  • Scaramanga

    Something of a fall from grace, you could say.

  • It’s really all so very simple. Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, LG OM PC FRS said it best.

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of everyone’s money!”

    The world’s financiers have done the math and come to the conclusion that the world’s current accumulated net debt is greater than the current net wealth of the world and that the realistic estimate of future net value is lower than the current net value…

    Or in other words…the Ponzi scheme has gone bust!

    • superiormind

      Dumb quote. May as well say that we can run out of things to do. Doesn’t make sense. Jobs create wealth, not the other way ’round!

      • Well, you had better get busy working, cause you need to pay off the $17 TRILLION in debt (growing every day) and the $130 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities of the Marxist ideology that is now due and payable…But wait…there are more people unemployed than ever in our nation’s history, thanks to Progressive Marxist policies and incompetence…and UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE PAY NO TAXES… SO HOW, DO YOU SUPPOSE THE GOVERNMENT CAN “CREATE MORE JOBS” WHEN EVERY JOB THE GOVERNMENT CREATES MUST BE PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS…WHICH

        • superiormind

          You are programmed to believe what you say. There ARE other bases for
          the creation of money than top down. It can be created from bottom up.
          Don’t you understand that today money is created by debt! This is a very
          foolish method for creating money. It means that the debt can NEVER be
          repaid, because it always requires MORE debt. Watch the documentary “The
          Money Masters” if you want to understand. The BEST way to create money
          is with jobs. This is a positive way to create money and frees society
          from debt, which is a negative form of money. It is already being done
          in a small way and that model could be scaled up to form a debt free
          society. Only our minds stand in the way, like people who couldn’t
          imagine giving up their horse for an automobile at the turn of the
          twentieth century. Visit The Corbett Report – Complimentary Currency: A Beginners Guide. The hourly based money created by work is the one I advocate.

          • Programmed…yes you are…diluted by Obama’s Progressive cool-aide.

            I do agree with you on one comment…Jobs do help create money…but only in the sense that if there are no purchasers…there are no sales, and no sales mean no profits, and no profits mean no salaries and no businesses…

            However, the problem with your bottom up concept is that it depends upon there not being any shrinkage…Unfortunately there is always shrinkage when government takes taxes from those who actually work in the private sector…the government never gives back to the economy as much as it took out. Consider the wastes of virtually every government project you have ever seen or heard about. You think that a government printing paper money is creating value somewhere? It is not. What it is doing is depreciating the value of the money already in circulation…INFLATION! You might have noticed that lately! The Stock Markets are only up because the value of the dollar is way down… Even a fool can look at what he/she paid for things 10 years ago and what he/she is paying for them now… And all those who have worked all their lives are seeing their life’s savings being depreciated into worthless junk because the government has forced the interest rates so low they cannot keep up with inflation…

            ECONOMICS 101:

            When you increase the money supply without increasing the value base you create inflation and/or the devaluation of currency.


          • superiormind

            You are stuck in the old dichotomy. You think I like Obama. That’s funny! Your views are atavistic and as such you are unable to grasp what it is I’m proposing. You must study more so you can intelligently discuss the issue. Rehashing the old methods of a failed financial theory is no help to us all now.

    • superiormind

      The problem with Capitalism is eventually the rich own everything!

  • Edward Brandner

    Ready for The Republic: This is the start of the failing fiat system and the start of the REAL system which is everybody will be on the GOLD system and FREE Citizens of the WORLD. The Bankers will be kicked to the CURB is the best way to describe it. They will not be in control anymore. Like Martin Luther King said in the past FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST.

    • superiormind

      Don’t you understand that the same people who control the Banks, control the Gold?

  • The Spirit Molecule

    We need Jheeeezzzassss up in dis bitch !

  • Jane

    The World Bankers have enjoyed teasing it’s citizens / slaves with Hollywood films like “Jack Ryan” telling us what they have planned for us although with a different ending. Either these Bankers are suddenly gaining last minute conscience or they’re being taken out… Either way, we should pay attention!

    • Quequag

      If I were a banker who was responsible in any way for the current econ. climate. I wouldn’t kill myself. I would quietly disappear. So my first thought when I heard there were more than one or two was that they are being disposed of. The crash of 29 produced only 20 banker suicides, and that was after they lost their shirts, not before.

  • BeeSupport

    The JPMorgan executive ‘fell’ from the 33rd floor….?
    Well, that says it all, doesn’t it?

    • Eric Quintero

      Maybe the Mason didnt want to play anymore.

      Maybe 33 was symbolic of the MM pushing him to his death. Or perhaps he was a 33rd degree Mason himself.

  • Wyatt Hill

    oops.. derivatives !



  • Gankfest

    It’s going down… Sexy Woman and zombie time! 😀

  • amidst the chaos

    The person that posted this article, was asking for intelligent responses. That quickly went downhill after the first response. Seriously? Can we chuck all of this wayward chatter away, and find some intelligence somewhere?

  • Curtis

    Its time to go underground.

  • “V”

    Our nation is going down the toilet drain, and our leaders gathered in a room for what amounted to a pep rally (State of the Union speech). All the rhetoric about how wonderful the economy is doing, yet everyone around me continues to struggle to survive. I am sick of the lies, the propaganda that is out right lies it makes me sick. We all know (knew) the fed idea of printing money to prop up the stock market / economy was a bad idea and as you can see from just the past week it is no longer working. Yet we were all told otherwise, perhaps to prevent panic. I think the collapse is coming this year. Why else would three high level bankers commit suicide? You also have other top level execs who have taken their own life in the last 12 months (Zurich CEO) it is obvious “Something” is going on, something is not right. BE PREPARED

  • Dan

    “A vice president at JPMorgan’s European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from the top of the 33rd floor.”

    Why does the number 33 pop up so frequently?

    “The JPMorgan executive that jumped to his death on Tuesday was named Gabriel Magee. He was 39 years old, and his suicide has the city of London in shock…”

    Hmmmm… 39 divided by 3 = 13!


  • SJ Sh

    Gabriel Magee was not a banker, he worked in the technology area. The pressures you discuss did not in any way affect him. If there were any pressures, they were not financial. Whatever demons he fought, were not reconciled with the bottom line.

    • RA Carl

      Unless of course he was developing technology that enabled stealing from average people or manipulating books or something like that, but I agree with others posting that it could be family or weather related or other factors

  • mymarkx

    Iceland, baby.

    Whenever a banker passes a group of people, they seem to be talking about Iceland.

    Whenever somebody talks to a banker, they always mention the word Iceland.

    There’s no way that bankers can escape it. Everywhere they go, they hear “Iceland.”

    They know that Iceland, instead of bailing out its banks, jailed its corrupt bankers and now has a booming economy.

    And the global whisper campaign has got them so paranoid that they’re starting to kill themselves rather than spend the rest of their lives in prison.

    Are there still economists who don’t know what the average citizen anywhere in the world knows–that when you see a banker, you start talking about Iceland?

    It took a while to spread, but it is rapidly becoming the most efficient and effective popular movement in modern times.


    • g13man

      lol , great comment

  • Alexandra Ormsby

    It could be coincidence, or they could know how deeply in debt most people and nations are, and know there is no way to ever pay off this debt. As for ‘Exit Strategy” — learn immediately how to grow your own food, have a piece of land somewhere on which you can do so, away from cities; have a cash stash well hidden. Have a vehicle you can park on city streets that you can live in if need be. Study.

  • Mary Zinkiewicz

    There never was any recovery in America. We are in a fierce Spiritual Battle between God and Satan for our souls.

    I don’t know if this story is a false flag or not. Everything is being manipulated, especially after Sept. of 2008.

  • Senator SmellyPants

    Right, I don’t really care.

    • harvey

      DOnt waste your breath You sure didnt need to say you dont really care thats friggin obvious and its part of why you dont really know a damned thing. But in 2016 as you pee youre pants you will care but it will sadly be a bit too late. You will see. Then.

  • superiormind

    We need to understand that we have been conditioned to believe that money is a necessity, when in reality it is a prison that we have been placed in by the jailers who control it and our mind! We MUST start thinking outside the BOX!

  • superiormind

    Exactly! Jobs create wealth, NOT the other way ’round

  • superiormind

    Yeah! What about the undisclosed death. That just might tell us something we might want to know about this! Like who’s behind it!

  • Rastus

    Well enjoy your works to “keep” and or “prove” your salvation! Your conscience will never allow you to be satisfied, for you can never satisfy the demands of the law!

    If there is a way that a believer can lose the gift of eternal life, then God is a liar and Christs death on the cross was not enough. Good luck with that!

    I warn you now, your works mean nothing as they pertain to salvation, absolutely nothing!
    “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Eph. 2:8-9.

    You need to understand grace and the FREE gift that Jesus offers. Maybe then you too can have eternal life. Keep searching.

    Joel Osteen? Don’t know the man.

    • cpgone

      I checked the website. Its that hyper-grace heresy,
      Rev. 20.12 , we get into to Heaven by works. Not saved (as only JC was able to do that for us) as in we can lose salvation,You probably believe the once saved always saved nonsense.
      Just say a few words, get wet and live anyway we want. Wrong.

      • Rastus

        I don’t know which is worse, you Armenians or the Calvinists. Different sides of the same coin though, neocatholicists! Y’all keep on working just like all those other religions out there that have to merit “heaven”.
        I suggest that you study your Bible (start with the Gospel of John). Stop being spoon fed with the reformed doctrines of bondage (Gal. 5:1)

        “Now to him that works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due.
        But to him that works not, but believes on Him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness.” Romans 4:4-5

        And for the last time, “prove” (as you claim you can) to me where suicide is a damnable offense!

        • cpgone

          If i took the time (which I don’t have) you would doubt it,post an obscure scripture etc. Suffice to say I would never chance it(suicide)
          Forget denominations,websites ,movements ,certain teachers.etc and study what Jesus said under the guidance of the holy spirit.Thanks for the discussion.Im ending this thread.
          Blessings to you

    • g13man

      rev 12:17 , 14:12 , idolaters do not make it

      • Rastus

        Try again gman. “That dog don’t hunt” 🙂

        • g13man

          only telling what the Bible say’s . by the way , “History teaches us that man learns nothing from history” Hegel ,,nice post , ,

  • lola

    you’d think they would leave us a note explaining why

  • harvey

    it goes much deeper until you experience john chapter 14 verse12 and verse 21 you do not kno the extent of the real truth

    • Virginia Baldwin

      For instance?

      • harvey

        you dont see the passage to read? if you do not have even the desire to look I am in no way bound to have to do your reading for you but then you have never seen heaven nor stood in heaven after being changed by a real angel and then merged with the Father. Nor have you ever read the 4 gospels once thru and tried to find the hints jesus left so dont ask me for instance you do not have enough time left in your life to hear of all the things I have done and discovered this will be your test. my personal email is v the number seven then howkloosh at the aol dot com if you truly are interested in learning instead of arguing you will email. I will say this if all you email for is to argue the blind church idiocies dont bother I wont waste my precious time.

        • dadelaw

          “I wont waste my precious time.”

          Please don’t.

          • harvey

            but that is exactly what you are doing.

        • Virginia Baldwin

          You can’t take a few verses of scripture out of context and have it mean what you think it means. For instances, John 14 verse 12 goes with verse 13 and 14. Same thing for verse 21, it goes with 19 and 20.

          For your information, I have read the entire Bible through several times. Upon my first reading of the Bible, God spoke to me and told me to ignore the television. At the time, I didn’t understand ‘why’ He wanted me to ignore the TV, but I do now.

          I also had a vision that I was standing at the right hand of my Lord Jesus.

          • harvey

            I didnt have a vision I was taken into heavens and yes I Can take some scriptures and tell you what they truly mean for I have been in heaven with god literally. Jesus appeared in my home more than once and in front of eye witnesses do not think you can pander those claims with me. this is no contest and if it was you already have lost. If you believe so much why then havent you see him face to face? Why havent you yet done the same great works and even greater works? I am far beyond some one simple reading of a bible Ive been thru it more times that you can believe. and I know there are books far greater than the silly roman compiled bible how come you dont know that? Wake up . there is far more than you know. Far more. Nothing wrong with being a believer and having faith but they are not the goal they are the vehicles to the goal I shall qoute jesus ” Faith and beliefs may lead to heaven but they are not found beyond heavens gates because they wouldnt be understood there.” Certainty is the result of true faith and true beleif. If you really knew then you would recognize me now.

  • harvey

    So says the old men who wrote it. But thats not true. And you and most like you cannot recognize the truth. I was taken into heaven in may of 1994 I have seen jesus appear to me and so have other people and I can assure you NO christian religion knows the truth and you wont question anythjing except my story. Sadly you are misled like most in this silly response to the article and not one of you have the sense to comment on the article
    I do know I am someone who knows whats coming but you sadly are tooo misled on the broad path of mans gospel and doctrine to hear it. Be ready for 2016 when it happens and only then will you realize you had someone speak to you far beyond what you know and what this world knows.

  • harvey

    Another Censorship blog huh? I will mark this and stop commenting here no one moderates my comments its not your damned right and i dont need your site if you are going to be part of the filth in america.

  • harvey

    if i want to give out my email adress its none of your damned business you cant protect me nor do I need your silly protection or your silly rules good riddance

  • BlackArrow

    If there is a worldwide bank collapse, it would be prudent for folks to stockpile for at least 2 months – and don’t forget the toilet paper.

    (Back in Juneau Alaska, the toilet paper barge sank on its way up from Seattle. You soon find out who your REAL friends are, in a shortage like that.)

  • Laurie Allen

    kill a few to keep the others quiet

  • 0jr

    good way to get rid of any evidence and witnesses by making it look like suicide

  • Eric Quintero

    33 Days after this is March 2nd.

    I know they like to play with numbers. Lets see what happens on that day.

  • Aaron Cooper

    It is so nice to see we can define the unfathomable and put God in a box…..

  • C.m. Head

    What do the profits say about bankers killing themselves.pund intended.

  • hotperedo_greenpeace

    have food and water in home, buy some gold and silver and be prepared with your family

  • MadVlad

    I really find it hard to believe that after all this time and advances in science, people still believe there’s a divine creator. Waste so much of the one precious life you have on nonsense. Illuminati is crap also. If things go south it will be due to low IQ, greedy, uneducated, willfully ignorant human beings. Nothing more nothing less.

    • g13man

      If things go south it will be due to low IQ, greedy, uneducated, willfully ignorant human beings , and that only covers the gov , FED , and bankers

  • GuiMaster

    I’m proud to be black… said an African
    I’m proud to be brown… said a Mexican
    I’m proud to be white… said a Racist

    Diversity is good!
    Diversity is great!
    Diversity is what makes the Middle East so Peaceful!

    MORE Diversity always means less White people

    “Anti-Racist” is a codeword for “Anti-White”
    “Multiculturalism” is a codeword for “White geNOcide”

  • Bankers committed suicide during the great Depression only because they didn’t see it coming. Those who did see it coming were able to deal with it in such a manner that they profited greatly from it. So, I doubt that these bankers committed suicide because they foresaw a crash. But they might have been “suicided.”

  • Sky Wanderer

    This is not necessarily the sign of a near financial collapse. It seems that the rulers of the present global empire use the same method as all emperors did in the past.

    Most likely these victims are ordered to commit suicide because they are no longer ‘needed’ for the dirty job, they executed the plan of their bosses and now they know too much to be allowed to stay alive. In addition, maybe they were already paid too high salaries. Those on the top of the hierarchy always need young, new, naive and brainwashed and still affordable pawns to execute their wildest plans possible on the unregulated financial markets.

    Those who still feel safe, cozy and well-financed by this system and feel to be “in”, may want to wake up before it will be too late. Not only bankers who might face the same danger one day, but everyone.

    We need to restore national democracies, should urgently start financing the local economies, democratize the economic and political system, nationalize the banking system and introduce entirely new monetary systems.

  • BeyondThe Limit

    while you discuss belief in religion your lives are being made worse by the people who make decisions for you. Your government. Their only goal is to die rich and you WILL pay the bill. Wake up, educate yourselves and start to create small locally controlled markets. Vow to never vote for an incumbent again and stop using credit cards. These 3 things will start the process of dismantling these huge bureaucracies run by narcissists and megalomaniacs at our expense. Jesus can only sooth your soul, you are responsible for your life here on earth.

  • harvey

    yep and NO PROFESSOR knows diddly squat about the bible nor do any preachers or ministers of priests. If they did why havent they found the kingdom? How come none of them are doing the great works. You are talking to someone who cracked the mysteries and has been in heaven realize there are more of us on earth. We know things most people cannot even consider possible. Yet we know and can do the things most have only read about and swooned about. Tell me Who it is who beckons from the waxing and waning light?>

  • Lisbeth

    How the heck did this discussion get taken over by Christian proselytizers?

  • straw walker

    Wall street suicides/ missing reports is a virus, and it spreading.
    Someone or some secret society is covering their tracks. Those in power are not willing to have themselves reveled.

  • g13man

    shhh , don’t tell them

  • g13man

    good works are not done by u ,but Jesus in you

  • g13man

    and yet they profane the Sabbath and forget Math 5:17 & Rev 12:17 & 14:12

  • sammid

    Virginia, I am so glad to hear you say that! It’s completely true.

  • banker

    High suicide rate is due to the long hours and culture of these investment banks. Bankers are completely vilified in the press as being evil and the creators of all that is wrong with the world. . Whilst there are a elect few who have done wrong the rest of us are working 14 – 15 hour days in a culture which can only be described as dog eat dog. Any sign of weakness is like blood to sharks. Coupled with the fact that most people in this industry have low self esteem and high achievement perfection expectations and its a recipe for suicide. The culture needs to change, all the banks talk about it but from my experience very few actually adopt the change.

  • Karen Jean Fenick

    Sad they are so young – It has gone to far the government needs to intervene with regulation, these banks need guidance the employees do not have enough experience to head the helm without regulation.

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