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Why Are Exchange-Traded Funds Preparing For A ‘Liquidity Crisis’ And A ‘Market Meltdown’?

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Financial Crisis 2015 - Public DomainSome really weird things are happening in the financial world right now.  If you go back to 2008, there was lots of turmoil bubbling just underneath the surface during the months leading up to the great stock market crash in the second half of that year.  When Lehman Brothers finally did collapse, it was a total shock to most of the planet, but we later learned that their problems had been growing for a long time.  I believe that we are in a similar period right now, and the second half of this year promises to be quite chaotic.  Apparently, those that run some of the largest exchange-traded funds in the entire world agree with me, because as you will see below they are quietly preparing for a “liquidity crisis” and a “market meltdown”.  About a month ago, I warned of an emerging “liquidity squeeze“, and now analysts all over the financial industry are talking about it.  Could it be possible that the next great financial crisis is right around the corner?

According to Reuters, the companies that run some of the largest exchange-traded funds in existence are deeply concerned about what a lack of liquidity would mean for them during the next financial crash.  So right now they are quietly “bolstering bank credit lines” so that they will be better positioned for “a market meltdown”…

The biggest providers of exchange-traded funds, which have been funneling billions of investor dollars into some little-traded corners of the bond market, are bolstering bank credit lines for cash to tap in the event of a market meltdown.

Vanguard Group, Guggenheim Investments and First Trust are among U.S. fund companies that have lined up new bank guarantees or expanded ones they already had, recent company filings show.

The measures come as the Federal Reserve and other U.S. regulators express concern about the ability of fund managers to withstand a wave of investor redemptions in the event of another financial crisis. They have pointed particularly to fixed-income ETFs, which tend to track less liquid markets such as high yield corporate bonds or bank loans.

So why are Vanguard Group, Guggenheim Investments and First Trust all making these kinds of preparations right now?

Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

Over recent months, I have been writing about how so many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed just prior to previous financial crashes seem to be repeating once again in 2015.

One of the things that we would expect to see happen just before a major event would be for the “smart money” to rush out of long-term bonds and into short-term bonds and other more liquid assets.  This is something that had not been happening, but during the past couple of weeks there has been a major change.  All of a sudden, long-term yields have been spiking dramatically.  The following comes from Martin Armstrong

The amount of cash rushing around on the short-end is stunning. Yields are collapsing into negative territory and this is the same flight to quality we began to see at the peak in the crisis back in 2009. The big money is selling the 10 year or greater paper and everyone is rushing into the short-term. There is not enough paper around to satisfy the demands. Capital is unwilling to hold long-term even the 10 year maturities of governments including Germany. This is illustrating the crisis that is unfolding and there is a collapse in liquidity.

There is that word “liquidity” once again.  It is funny how that keeps popping up.

Here is a chart that shows what has been happening to the yield on 30 year U.S. Treasuries in 2015.  As you can see, there has been a big move recently…

30 Year Yield

And what this chart doesn’t show is that the yield on 30 year Treasuries shot up to about 3.08% on Wednesday.

Of course it isn’t just yields in the U.S. that are skyrocketing.  This is happening all over the globe, and many analysts are now openly wondering if the 76 trillion dollar global bond bubble is finally imploding.  For instance, just consider what Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reid recently told the Telegraph

Financial regulations introduced since the crisis have required banks to hold more bonds, as quantitative easing schemes have meant central banks hold many on their own balance sheets, reducing the number available to trade on the open market.

Simultaneously, central banks have attempted to boost so-called “high money liquidity” with quantitative easing schemes and their close to zero interest rates. “What has become increasingly clear over the last couple of years is that the combination of high money liquidity and low trading liquidity creates air pockets,” said Mr Reid.

He continued: “It’s a worry that these events are occurring in relatively upbeat markets. I can’t helping thinking that when the next downturn hits the lack of liquidity in various markets is going to be chaotic. These increasingly regular liquidity issues we’re seeing might be a mild dress rehearsal.”

Those are sobering words.

And without a doubt, we are in the midst of a massive stock market bubble as well.  The chaos that is coming is not just going to affect bonds.  In fact, I believe that the greatest stock market crash in U.S. history is coming.

So when will it happen?

Well, Phoenix Capital Research seems to think that we have reached an extremely important turning point…

This is something of a last hurrah for stocks. We are now officially in May. And historically the period from May to November has been one of the worst periods for stocks from a seasonal perspective.

Moreover, the fundamentals are worsening dramatically for the markets. By the look of things, 2014 represented the first year in which corporate sales FELL since 2009. Sales track actual economic activity much more closely than earnings: either the money comes in or it isn’t. The fact that sales are falling indicates the economy is rolling over and the “recovery” has ended.

Having cut costs to the bone and issued debt to buyback shares, we are likely at peak earnings as well. Thus far 90% of companies in the S&P 500 have reported earnings. Year over year earnings are down 11.9%.

So sales are falling and earnings are falling… at a time when stocks are so overvalued that even the Fed admits it. This has all the makings of a serious market collapse. And smart investors are preparing now BEFORE it hits.

Personally, I have a really bad feeling about the second half of 2015.  Everything seems to be gearing up for a repeat of 2008 (or even worse).  Let’s hope that does not happen, but let’s not be willingly blind to the great storm on the horizon either.

And once the next great crisis does hit us, governments around the world will have a lot less “ammunition” to fight it than the last time around.  For example, the U.S. national debt has approximately doubled since the beginning of the last recession, and the Federal Reserve has already pushed interest rates down as far as they can.  Similar things could also be said about other governments all over the planet.  This is something that HSBC chief economist Stephen King recently pointed out in a 17 page report entitled “The world economy’s titanic problem”.  The following is a brief excerpt from that report

“Whereas previous recoveries have enabled monetary and fiscal policymakers to replenish their ammunition, this recovery — both in the US and elsewhere — has been distinguished by a persistent munitions shortage. This is a major problem. In all recessions since the 1970s, the US Fed funds rate has fallen by a minimum of 5 percentage points. That kind of traditional stimulus is now completely ruled out.”

For a long time, I have had a practice of ending my articles by urging people to get prepared.  But now time for preparing is rapidly running out.  My new book entitled “Get Prepared Now” was just released, but honestly my co-author and I should have had it out last year.  In the very small amount of time that we have left before the financial markets crash, the amount of “prepping” that people are going to be able to do will be fairly limited.

I am not just pointing to a single event.  Once the financial markets crash this time, I believe that there is not going to be any sort of a “recovery” like we experienced after 2008.  I believe that the long-term economic collapse that we have been experiencing will accelerate very greatly, and it will usher in a horrible period of time for the United States unlike anything that we have ever seen before.

So what do you think?

Could I be wrong?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • when you have over extended markets artificially propped up by a low interest rate environment created by central banks amidst a declining macro environment globally, there is definitely trouble on the horizon.

    • Nemnor

      rajveer, you are correct.

      However, please KNOW that the MAIN reason we have – “…extended markets artificially propped up by a low interest rate environment…” – is NOT because of bad decisions or policy by the government or the central bank, but rather you described one of the SYMPTOMS of the decadent world-wide Capitalist system.

      Governments and Central Banks are doing what they do, in an attempt to “save” (they hope) the ALREADY decayed and decaying world-wide Capitalist system. Hence, ANY decision of the Governments and Central Banks will ultimately turn out “wrong” – because the decadent world-wide Capitalist system is NOT “fixable”.

      The REAL permanent solution (the ONLY solution) begins with a fundamental change (shift) away from Capitalism towards a sustainable alternative system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”)

      • GSOB

        You are very confused.

        • Nemnor

          Please see my related reply to you, ‘Free Willy’ and others in this blog.

          • GSOB

            You like to use the word ‘ transform’ and yet deny its meaning when still calling it capitalism.
            ….like saying that when a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, it is still a caterpillar.
            Do you see the lunacy in that? Well, that’s the way you come across.
            Let’s say you had a new economic system…
            Then the people implement your idea.
            What’s to stop you from calling it capitalism then?

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, your OWN line of logic supports what I am saying. You said – “….like saying that when a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, it is still a caterpillar…”

            Well…I NEVER said that the “butterfly” is still (exactly) a “caterpillar”. However, you MUST agree (by you OWN logic) that it WAS the “caterpillar” that INEVITABLY transformed into a “butterfly”!! (right?) AND, you must agree that the “butterfly” NEVER goes back to being in the “caterpillar” form/stage. (right?)

            BUT, even if I did say the “butterfly” is (essentially) a “caterpillar”, this would be viewing the “butterfly”, in light of its TRUE origin – which is indeed the “caterpillar”. (right?)

            Similarly, I CONSISTENTLY stated that – it WAS the “pure”/”real” Capitalism (the “caterpillar”) that INEVITABLY transformed into the various DECADENT forms (the “butterfly”) we see today – i.e. the various forms that many would label as “corporatism” or “socialism” or “welfare(ism)’ or “communism” or “fascism” or “crony capitalism”, etc. (right?)

            Additionally, I CONSISTENTLY stated that – there is NO “real’/”pure” Capitalism to go back to, as the “rising”/progressive stage of Capitalism is ALREADY passed, and the decadent system now face continuous decline towards total collapse/chaos – just like the “butterfly” would eventually die, and can NEVER go back to the “caterpillar” form/stage. (right?)

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            OOOoOF. You lost yourself in that sauce. He’s right, your egg is seriously scrambled.

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, I use your “caterpillar”/”butterfly’ analogy to show the fault/weakness in your OWN logic. However a more “appropriate” analogy for “pure”/”real” Capitalism transforming to it’s decadent forms, would be – say, a “fresh ripe banana” (i.e. “pure”/”real” Capitalism) that then became a “rotten banana” (i.e. decadent Capitalism).

            The “rotten/decaying banana” today, did transform from the SAME “fresh ripe banana” you had a few days ago. (right?) But now that it is a “rotten banana”, you would normally put it into the garbage bin, because you KNOW the “rotten/decaying banana” (i.e. decadent Capitalism) would NEVER go back to being a “fresh ripe banana” (i.e. “pure”/”real” Capitalism) (right?)

            You might have done a number of things (not unlike Governments and Central Banks “interventions”) in an attempt to “slow down” the decay of the “rotten banana”. But, you KNOW it is the SAME “fresh ripe banana” that NATURALLY became a “rotten/decaying banana”, and you will have NO illusions that you can actually do anything to turn the “rotten banana” back into a “fresh ripe banana” (right?)

            So now you understand that even if Governments and Central Banks did NOT “intervene”, OR, regardless to what they did, the “fresh ripe banana” (i.e. “pure”/real” Capitalism) will INEVITABLY (and naturally) transform into a “rotten/decaying banana”‘ (i.e. decadent Capitalism in all it’s varying forms)

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, you wrote – “…Let’s say you had a new economic system… Then the people implement your idea. What’s to stop you from calling it capitalism then?…”.

            Well… while the world-wide economic system today is not (exactly) the “pure”/”real” Capitalism the world had, when the system was on the “rise” and was a progressive force, the very root/essence of the current system is still Capitalism. With a clear understanding of what ESSENTIAL Capitalism is, no one would look at a fundamental change AWAY from Capitalism (which is what I advocate) as still call it Capitalism.

            So what is Capitalism in it”s ESSENTIAL form?

            The most essential characteristic of (historic) Capitalist economy is – PRIVATE and/or STATE ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods and services, with the primary end-purpose being to make PROFIT (a surplus), through the labor/efforts of (employed/enslaved) Workers/People.

            Upon that essential characteristic of (historic) Capitalism is the existence of an elite Ruling Class. i.e. “the 1%” – comprising the leading group of Capitalists, the Banking System, other (super) wealthy individuals, the Government – which is normally controlled by the Capitalist class (like in the USA, Canada, UK, etc.), but can even be a “socialist/communist” party (like in China, Cuba, North Korea, etc.), and all the “agents”/”promoters” of Capitalism (like the the major Media Networks, the “Tony Robbins”, the “Bob Proctors”, etc.).

            In essential Capitalism (regardless to the varying forms it takes today), wealth (money, etc.) concentrates into the hands of the Ruling Class (“the 1%”), which would (for a while) continue to be a relatively SHRINKING minority experiencing (or seeming to experience) the ABUNDANT life, while an EXPANDING majority of people continue to experience a SUB-STANDARD (less then abundant) life, with more and more millions of people going below the “poverty line”, and with an increasing number sinking into abject poverty (ALL over the World).

            Additionally, the Ruling Class (“the 1%”) in every form of Capitalism use their “violent arm”, in the form of the Army and the Police, to maintain their system. This could include the killing of ANY number of people – in as much as the mass of people allow repression to go on.

            What I suggest/advocate is a fundamental change away from Capitalism (in it’s varying forms), to a sustainable system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of EVERY “rational” individual. Since essential Capitalism (as we know it to be through it’s history) would allow true abundance ONLY for “the 1%” (as this is an INTRINSIC nature of the Capitalist system), no person with proper understanding will confuse Capitalism with the alternative sustainable system I advocate.

      • Goldfinger

        The merger of state and corporate interests is known as fascism which is what we have now. We need to get back to capitalism, free markets, and shed burdensome federal regulation.

        • RapidRay01 .

          Yes , a system NOT….. of , by , and for the Banksters ! The Banksters are where all the Q.E. has been benefitting , and only benefitting them and not the American people and economic system !

        • Nemnor

          But really… it is “capitalism”, or “free markets” etc., that has transformed into the economic system you see today. There is NO “real”/”pure”/”free market” Capitalism to go back to. The “merger of state and corporate interests” (regardless to the label you gave that), is a response/reaction in an attempt to “save” Capitalism (“real”, “free market” or not) – which has became decadent (for some time now).

          • GSOB


          • wearedoomed

            how much do you get paid by the federal government/federal reserve to post these comments? Or are you actually stupid enough to believe what you are typing?

          • Scottsman

            And of course the alternatives you propose, presumably some wealth re-distributive system is the answer ? We need States to take power back from King Obammy.

        • NowAlive

          Thank you Goldfinger. Exactly. Central Banks exist in socialist/communist countries…that includes the US. The US has merged corporate and state, making us a fascist system, as you correctly stated. Nemnor seems to be a communist at least but most definitely a limited liberty statist.

        • N_Disnye

          Yes but this so called ‘fascism’ has resulted from classic so called capitalism advocated by Jew, Milton Friedman, where all a nations assets are sold off to free enterprise which then merges & swallows into mega global corps and leaves us with this unholy mess.

          A simple ‘no growth’ mixed economy as laid out by the late Richard Dowthwaite is the only sustainable way.

      • wearedoomed

        Either you either lying or you are a moron. Do you work for the government or for a central bank? We haven’t had capitalism in the US dating back to shortly after WWII.
        We have been living under a form of mercantilism and at the heart of the problem is government intervention fueled with deficit spending enabled by central banks.

        • Nemnor

          wearedoomed, what you fail to realize is this – it WAS the “real”/”pure” Capitalism that decayed into a “form of mercantilism” (as you put it). Also, there is NO “real”/”pure” Capitalism (as you imagined it to be) to go back to, as the “rising”/progressive stage of Capitalism is long passed, and the future under DECADENT Capitalism can only be continuous decline towards total collapse/chaos.

          However, as the decaying world-wide Capitalist system sinks towards total collapse/chaos, it becomes more and more likely that the system bring about WW-III (just like it generated WW-I and WW-II), and destroy massive amount of Capital, take millions (even billions) of lives, as the Ruling Class (“the 1%”) look pass the war (as they hope to survive) to a “reconstruction boom”, and then begin another cycle of EVIL.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            In other words, you’re an ignoramus that doesn’t know a damned thing about your own progressive ideology.
            Capitalism didn’t decay into anything, it was subverted and converted by progressivism

          • Nemnor

            Malcolm Reynolds, the “subversion” and “conversion” you see as the cause of the decay, were instead, reactions (responses) to ‘fix’ an ALREADY decayed and decaying Capitalist system.

            In general, the interventions by Governments and Central Banks is really a FUTILE attempt to “save” (they hope) Capitalism – which ALREADY reached it’s DECADENT stage and would continue to sink towards total collapse/chaos.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            That’s kinda funny, because reality says markets move in cycles and there’s nothing that can (or should) be done to interfere with them and Calvin Coolidge’s presidency (and your own admission) bears that out. And yet, they STILL do it. And they’ve made the problems ever more complex and severe.
            Now you tell me how the central banking, control of capital thru complete regulation and Keynesian schemes of progressives that transformed this country from capitalist into complete regulatory fascism mitigated that. I’ll wait.
            BTW, the corporate cronies that exist these days and rob this country blind earn far and away more than the so-called robber barons did. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it you cretin.

          • Nemnor

            Malcolm Reynolds, while, in the history of Capitalism, markets did “move in cycles” (i.e. mainly the Capitalist “boom/burst cycle”), the economic issues currently plaguing the USA and the world-wide Capitalist system, is really part of an ON-GOING crisis that began since late-60s/early-70s – which was the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II, and at a time when most of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA, and compete with the USA for a better/bigger share of the World’s (practically and virtually) LIMITED market and resource.

            So the 2007-2008 crisis was really a DEEPENED period of that on-going crisis I mentioned above. But, notice that in this on-going crisis, the system can now only generate a WEAK “recovery” that would hardly last for more than a few years – NO more long-term recovery.

            Plus, observe that the last 2 or 3 “recoveries” (which were weak at best) were ALL JOBLESS “recoveries”.

            Hence, not only we are having shorter and shorter boom/burst “market cycles”, but now the “boom” (“recovery”) periods are WEAK and JOBLESS!!!

            Hence, it should already be obvious to you that, we are not just observing the “normal” boom/burst “market cycles” (as supporters of Capitalism WISH it was), but rather, the Capitalist system is progressively DECAYING towards constant on-going crisis, and the system is actually SINKING (slowly) towards total collapse/chaos!!

            The “interventions” of Governments and Central Banks are NOT what cause the crisis/decay. But rather Governments and Central Banks are reacting/responding in a FUTILE attempt to “save” (they hope) the ALREADY decayed and decaying world-wide Capitalist system – which has reached a “dead end” and is NOT “fixable”.

            Now, it IS true that, in our KNOWN history and compared to all the economic systems that existed BEFORE Capitalism, the Capitalist system had indeed lifted the standard of living of more people than any previous economic system. The Capitalist system was indeed PROGRESSIVE, while it moved the World away from a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy. However, the advance in science and technology (which can NOT be all attributed to Capitalism, since Human creativity would tend to bring about advances – even under the most repressive/hindering conditions).

            However, from about 100 years or so, the Capitalist system became DECADENT, and from since then, there are several indications that Capitalism is ultimately NOT capable of bringing the Human Race into a prosperous future for ALL (i.e. for every “rational” individual). Observe that for the past several decades, the middle-class is SHRINKING and more and more people are going below the “poverty line”, with increasing millions sinking into abject poverty.

            Continuing from the foregoing, 3 or 4 years ago we had about 28,000 people (mainly Children) dying EVERY DAY from hunger, malnutrition and preventable diseases. But today it is now about 32,000 people dying EVERY DAY for the same reasons, while the likes of Warren Buffet continue to add billions of dollars to the multiple-billions they already have.

            This trend we observe with the relatively SHRINKING minority (i.e. “the 1%’) getting richer and richer, while the EXPANDING majority of people continue to see their disposable income remain stagnant and even going down, and with more millions sinking into abject poverty, is OBVIOUSLY an UNSUSTAINABLE situation. Nevertheless, this is a SYMPTOM of Capitalism in DECADENCE, and the situation is NOT fixable without a fundamental change (shift) away from Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system that addresses the abundant needs of the (modern) Human Race.

            In light of the foregoing, ONLY a system that focuses on meeting Human Needs – as the PRIMARY end-purpose of production can even begin to solve our problems. Production for profits (as the primary end-purpose) is now a defunct and out-dated mode of production – because Capitalism has now reached the stage of general over-production, and is now at a “dead end” in a World with (practically and virtually) LIMITED resource.

          • Nemnor

            I wanted to say (above) – “However, the advance in science and technology (which can NOT be all attributed to Capitalism, since Human creativity would tend to bring about advances – even under the most repressive/hindering conditions) ALSO contributed to the greatest rise in standard of living of the Human Race (i.e. the improvements was NOT all simply due to Capitalism, and there are many ways Capitalism actually HELD BACK the NEEDED advances in science and technology, when the Capitalists does not see a way to profit from the advances).

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            So that’s a no, you’re not going to cite the economic system that’s better than capitalism. You’re going to bury me in your book instead. No thanks.

          • countdemars2007 .

            OK Genius. Then what do you propose? Good, old fashioned iron handed Comunism, where a few members of the elite party can do whatever the hell they want with the rest, even starve them to death , all in the name of the “state”? There is a reason communism failed. Basikly, Capitalism distributes wealth inequally, according to each one’s skills. Communism distributes poverty equally, according to ideological purity and ruthlesness. What is now in the US is an Oligarchy. Search that term up.

  • Catman

    Greg, I can’t say you’re wrong, I just hope you are. Thanks for a very helpful article. I wish someone would explain how this liquidity crisis will affect the average person with no significant investments in stocks or bonds but some money in savings, like in credit unions.

    • Paul Anders

      Try and borrow money for something…there wont be anybody willing to loan money

    • Peter

      Your bank money, will get a haircut, and your ATM wont work until you lost, most of your savings.The banks have the money invested in stocks and derivatives. Best part is your an investor now, not a depositor, so they can just take it.

      • alan

        Exactly and don’t cry to the FDIC, you lost it fair and square.

        • peter

          So why keep your money in the banks knowing it will be stolen?

          • Paul Anders

            Exactly, and this thinking is what causes bank runs.

          • GSOB

            You don’t, if you know its going to be stolen.

      • Catman

        Is it correct that credit unions do not have this same arrangement where they can take deposits to cover their losses?

        • Mike Smithy

          That is a great question. We know the Fed has it’s fingers into Credit Unions via the NCUA.

      • Gay Veteran

        keep your money out of the Big Banks

    • Genada

      Credit is faith. If no one thinks they are going to get payed because everyone is going under, then everything grinds to a halt as those with product refuse to sell for nothing less then cash. If cash is being wrecked and becoming worthless, then no one does anything other then for other things of near the same value.

      The fear of credit locking up is that everything is done on credit. Nothing moves when credit is frozen. Take your grocery store, they are not buying the product on the shelves with cash, they are using credit. So if they are locked out of credit, they can not refill the shelves.

      Most companies are working on very little cash and use credit to meet short term obligations like payroll. In the event of credit becoming frozen they would need to lay people off in quick order due to no longer being able to gain access to credit markets.

      Credit is the oil that keeps the engine going. If it freezes, then the entire economy freezes up right along with it and just like a engine without oil it seizes up.

  • T.

    Derivatives are being killed off – Behind the scenes (a lot a dead bodies hidden). Started last year with the crash of the Oil price (Derivatives Dying).
    Remember ALL Derivatives are interconnected (Oil, Currency, Interest Rates, Bonds, etc.) and then late last year the $ started rising (Killing more Derivatives).
    Now they are starting to spread to the Bond Derivatives (More Dead Bodies).
    Behind the scenes the Central Banks are working like crazy to Contain the Contagion – Eventually some entity real BIG will blow up and They will no longer be able to contain it – Then the Melt-Down will begin of ALL things FINANCIAL.
    Can They hold things together till September (Shemita)? They are TRYING.

  • GSOB

    God, command what you will and give what you command. We depend on your grace to accomplish what you demand.

    • Guest

      Why don’t you give proper attribution for that statement? I know for a fact that statement didn’t originate with you.

      • GSOB

        Neither has salvation.
        But I have made it mine own.
        Glory to God.
        Let all the Saints praise Him.

        I’ll let you have the honor…

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Millions of Americans will soon be seeing their barbers. That’s because they’re about to get what The White Shoe Boys of Wall Street (also known as Satan’s favorite destination) call a “haircut.” When the White Shoe Boys run into a brick wall going 500 miles an hour and whine that they’re still “too big to fail,” they’ll reach into Americans’ bank accounts and help themselves to a chunk of it. Millions of Americans are still pissed over the 2008 bailouts, so imagine how much more pissed they’ll be when the banksters loot their bank accounts with the blessing of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama and the Federal Reserve. They won’t like it. There will be massive riots much bloodier than what we saw in Baltimore recently. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it (Gerald Celente). And when the you-know-what hits the fan, a lot of Americans are going to lose it.

    Wall Street meltdown much worse than 2008 + bank holiday + formal currency devaluation + formal looting of bank accounts + skyrocketing unemployment + massive civil unrest + a fascist bankster police state armed to the gills + millions of Americans who are just plain fed up = a recipe for a gigantic bloodbath in The Banana Republic of America.

    Welcome to the 11th Hour in Third World hell. The prepping continues, the praying continues as our collapsing empire sinks deeper into the abyss.

    • Catman

      It’s interesting that none of our elected officials or presidential candidates ever say anything about these issues.

      • alan

        Of course not, that’s right wing crazy talk. The politicians are trying to get in and make their money quick before the gig is up. Then pass the mess to the next guy who does the same thing.

        • Mike Smithy

          Very true. I suspect that if any politician had the balls to speak of such issues, a tragic nail gun accident would ensue.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Catman: I often wonder what some of these politicians say behind closed doors. I wonder how many say things like, “When the s*** hits the fan, it’s going to get really nasty. Good thing we have Homeland Security in place.” Even the name Homeland Security is ominous. It’s right out of Franco and Mussolini and all the fascisti they inspired (Trujillo, Somoza, Duvalier, Stroesser).

        • Catman

          I’m with you. I remember when the DHS was first rolled out many folks had a lot to say about the word Homeland. It just rubbed us the wrong way, with images of nazism and Orwell’s 1984. The images have only intensified with the NSA and other surveillance activities. If momentum continues to build toward the discontinuance of cash we should be in for some interesting times ahead.

    • Avner

      Well, I guess we have a few options don’t we? Since we can see the hurricane coming… if you don’t touch it you don’t own it right? Yeah.. you know they are going to loot our bank accounts.. no question. It’s already been codified into law.

    • Kevin Morris

      All these military training exercises…they are for something…heck there may not be any 2016 elections

      • alan

        It would save the bankers a lot of money bribing people. Just install someone like Hillary and your set for life.

        • Nemnor

          There is the chance that Hillary (or anyone who becomes the next President) would bring in a more direct form of “Fascism” (more or less).

          However, do NOT be mislead into thinking that means the system is NOT Capitalism. The economy would still be ESSENTIALLY a Capitalist economy – which would be ruled/controlled by the leading bunch of Capitalists, (super) wealthy individuals, the Banking System and other “Agents” of Capitalism. The “Fascism” flavor of the economy under Hillary (or anyone who is the next president) would simply be one of the various forms of the now DECADENT world-wide Capitalist system.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        I’m sure that behind closed doors, the military junta and the banksters are saying, “You think those riots in Baltimore and Ferguson were bad? The next big banking crisis will make those riots look like a mundane bar fight.”

      • RageHard84

        Okay, for one thing, that sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory. Another thing too, a lot of folks are saying Clinton v. Bush, and those candidates don’t present very good choices anyway.

    • alan

      Thing will get crazy and Mr. Yellen will hit print and everything magically will be better and she will get a parade for saving the country.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Alan: Among preppers, there is a lot of debate about the future of the BRA dollar. Some think it will crash so badly that it will cease to exist. Gerald Celente predicts that it will be formally devalued but survive. I think it was be the latter, and after the bank holiday, the BRA dollar will have about as much value as the Guatemalan quetzal or the Bolivian bolivar. As Celente and Max Keiser say, all this quantitative easing = serious currency debasement.

  • GetReal4U2

    No one can ever say Michael didn’t try to warn everyone…an economic collapse will only be the start of the fall of American life as we know it…as always…please read the “most important thing” article above…as America turns it’s back on Israel and embraces godless lifestyles…judgement will soon follow…

    • rdrev

      Is this the timing of the
      destruction of the U.S.A.?

      Prophecy or Word of

      C. Morton Pate

      Feb. 17,1974

      I, the Lord your God come quickly.
      As my judgment will be regarding your
      Nation, when it abandons

      Beginning 7 days there after and being complete 7 months there after

      • GetReal4U2

        I believe the destruction of America is definitely beginning…the impending economic collapse…coupled with America turning away from God will ensure judgments are heading our way…

        • Nemnor

          Was there any time in the history of the USA when it was “with God”?

          Look at the true history of the USA, and you will see the very foundation of the USA was “godless”.

          Now the “White people” of mainly European decent who formed the first 13 states of the USA (a process that involved the killing off and/or pushing into reservation camps, the indigenous inhabitants of North America, and with a Capitalist economy resting on “raw” Slavery) might have been practicing “Christianity”. But, every knowledgeable person knows that religion and “godliness” (or being “with or of God”) is NOT the same thing.

          • GetReal4U2

            Look at the true history of the USA, and you will see the very foundation of the USA was “godless”.
            perhaps in your twisted history that you have been taught these days…but I assure you…if you research the founding fathers you WILL see a definite connection to the Bible and the framework of our country…don’t be fooled by the liberal teachings they promote these days in college…it’s simply NOT TRUE…

          • Nemnor

            For example, I understand that part of my ancestry (at the great, great, grand parent level) from Europe and the UK, did practiced “Freemasonry” almost exclusively, but present themselves (to the public) as “Christians” to appear “godly” to the public.

    • alan

      It started 7 years ago and is still going. Its no longer a matter of when, we are living it. The question is what will happen next?
      Do the bankers and elite try and start a war to hide behind? Does the military decapitate the elite criminals?
      Do we end up with a dictator for life and we become Africa?

      • df NJ

        Every 80 years something extraordinary happens in American history. I imagine when we are really on the edge of economic collapse we will have another false flag terrorist attack which will precipitate the collapse. This way the fractional reserve bankers will not be held accountable. As desperation grips the land after martial law we will see the rise of military style right wing dictatorship. Once the people calm down and get a sense of how awful living under a dictatorship will be we will get a cacophony of calls and populism for a new constitutional convention. After lots of bickering and bloodshed a new constitution will be signed very much like the old one but Amendments constraining lobbyists, citizens united ruling, and possibly outlawing the Federal Reserve. Having a Federal Reserve is already unconstitutional. But I think we will see an Amendment outlawing private issuance of legal tender. This will make the Rothschilds livid. At which point we will probably see and invasion on our soil.

        “If this mischievous financial policy (the Greenback), which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” –Times of London

        • Mike Smithy

          I’m sure you meant to say left wing military style dictatorship. Dictatorships are not a Conservative value. However, we have abundant evidence that dictatorships are a natural phenomena of leftist ideology. Mao, Stalin, Pot, Minh.

          • df NJ

            I was thinking more of an extension of the DHS style police state like we have now. I doubt we will see state ownership of corporations anytime soon. So a left wing dictatorship does not seem possible in my opinion. I was thinking more in the lines of Leo Strauss type neoconservative than John McManus or Barry Goldwater type conservative. People who think the American people are inherently worthless and the population needs to be “thinned out”.

            “Strauss’s goal here is to argue that peace, progress, and prosperity are destructive to oligarchy, and anything must be preferred to such an outcome.”

            “Here we have a blanket endorsement of all forms of violence and mayhem, including terrorism and war, in doses large enough to send world civilization back to the Stone Age. This implies genocide on a scale far beyond Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Today’s world population is about 6.25 billion, and barely subsists on the basis of realized technological and industrial progress. But under hunting and gathering conditions, the demographic carrying capacity of the earth would be reduced to 25-50 million. If implemented today, Strauss’s program for dismantling the universal homogeneous state would mean a genocide of something approaching 6 billion victims, two whole orders of magnitude beyond Hitler.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I doubt we will see state ownership of corporations anytime soon

            Interestingly enough, progressivism doesn’t aim to outright own the corporations, it only seeks absolute control over them thru regulation.

            So a left wing dictatorship does not seem possible in my opinion.

            Try waking the hell up.

            People who think the American people are inherently worthless and the population needs to be “thinned out”.
            This explains why you must be a democrat. Somehow or other you’re utterly ignorant of the aims of progressives (it’s called Eugenics) and managed to put that on conservatives.
            Remember, progressive lefties are the dolts that want abortion, mass sterilization and killing the mentally disabled.

          • Rob W

            Hitler, the new left.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Hitler, the same old left.

          • Rob W

            Okay, and Joseph S. is the face of the right?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Lol, well not back here in reality.

          • Rob W

            Their political philosophies were diametrically opposed. True story.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Their political philosophies became “diametrically opposed” only in the minds of progressives when the ol Molotov Ribbentrop pact went south and progressives decided they needed to do some historical revisionism to distance themselves from the Nazis. True Story. Check out all those Americans that supported the Nazis before the war. Any other day of the week you people call them progressives.

          • Rob W

            You must be talking about Henry, and fyi, Mr. Ford did business with the nazis both before and during the war, as did GM. Chrysler, not so much. Ford, and the men who ran GM weren’t progressives. Think about that for a minute, and see if you can repeat your answer without laughing out loud. Thanks for the laughs you’ve provided me, and have a great day, gyreen!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            He’s not the only one but now you’re getting it.

          • Rob W

            And in your book he was a progressive. That’s whack hilarious. I’m done (with you).

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Probably only because he was.
            Breaking News: leftist sticks with his indoctrination instead of reading real history. Mocks reality. SHOCKER!

          • Rob W

            Leftist? Moron. GFYM, assclown.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            LOL! I love the smell of a democrat meltdown in the morning.
            Run away now little b!tch.

          • Rob W

            bring it on, tart.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yea, it’ll get deleted again for incitement, half wit

          • Rob W

            bring it, retard

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            …said the imbecile claiming progressives aren’t linked to the Nazis. LOL!

            You might wanna slow your roll there moron, you’re becoming more and more incoherent and low-info, the more you post.

          • Rob W

            Sure, short bus. GFYM.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Oh noes! Now I’m all butthurt that this low info cretin has nothing and has resorted to the ever horrible ‘short bus’ slam.
            However shall I make it thru the day?!

          • Rob W

            I’m loving the irony, fool.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            So that’s a no. You have nothing but lies.

          • Rob W

            Hey, short bus, GFYM.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yea, that’s what I thought.
            Thanks for trying to have a conversation, even if you weren’t able to hold up your end of it. LOL! damn democrats….

          • Rob W

            What a maroon! Thanks for the laughs!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            What a maroon! Thanks for the laughs!
            Said the dolt that’s devolved into citing Monty Python instead of backing up his lie.

          • Rob W

            Arguing with you is like playing chess with a pigeon. You crapped on the board then you strut around like you won. The irony is delicious, so keep replying – please.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            That’s interesting considering all you’ve done is typical democrat denial. So still no citation? Aww, I was waiting for that.

          • Rob W

            Mission accomplished, huh?


          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Premature withdrawal from Iraq, causes civil war and builds ISIS, huh?

          • Rob W

            Where are your citations, fool? Oh, that’s right, you short bus riders can declare mission accomplished without any…

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Said the imbecile who’s cited NOTHING…

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You’re apparently having a conversation with imaginary friends in your head because there’s no proof of what you claimed (a lie) and now you’re laughing maniacally about it with…yourself. Prolly how you prefer s3x too eh lefty.

          • Rob W

            Are you feeling superior about yourself yet? The irony is delish, azzclown.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Still no irony here. You’re still a liar.

          • Rob W

            I’m laughing my azz off at you, fool. Keep telling me how you won. Maybe you can prove it? Bwahaahaahaa!!!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Keep telling me how you won.
            I guess I’ll just have to assume this lie won’t be cited either.

          • Rob W

            I’ll tell you what, dumbazz. You can have the last word you so pathologically need. It’s been fun, but not real fun, sparring with you. Next time, get yourself a good cut man. You’re bleeding all over the place.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You’re bleeding all over the place.
            That’s kinda ironic given that you’re the one that recited democrat revisionist history, tried denying you are one and then melted down into inanities and easily proven lies.
            …..Ehhhh you see what I did there!? I have a real world use case of the word irony that doesn’t involve you laughing in your little corner. Moron.

          • Rob W

            Your mother is a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries. I fart in your general direction. Now go away, or I shall taunt you some more.

          • Rob W

            Let me tell you something else, short bus. Why I love ranting like this, is because when you engage to tell me how above it all you are, the irony is delish. Do you know that word?

            the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
            ““Don’t go overboard with the gratitude,” he rejoined with heavy irony”
            synonyms: sarcasm, causticity, cynicism, mockery, satire, sardonicism
            “that note of irony in her voice”
            antonyms: sincerity
            a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
            plural noun: ironies
            “the irony is that I thought he could help me”
            synonyms: paradox, incongruity, incongruousness
            “the irony of the situation”

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Why I love ranting like this, is because when you engage to tell me how above it all you are, the irony is delish. Do you know that word?
            And now you’ll kindly cite where I EVER said such a thing. As a matter of fact you imbecile, we’re sitting here having this conversation because some dolt leftard (either your twin or your wife no doubt) proclaimed that there’s no such thing as a smart conservative and I was more than willing to tell her how fugly she is.
            IOW, you’re a liar and an idiot. Oh look, it’s as though I haven’t already made sure you know that.

          • Rob W


          • Malcolm Reynolds

            FYI, Progressives hold up Mr Ford every other day of the week as the progressive that proactively helped the little guy with high wages, was an anti-Semite (See Occupy Wall Street for the same), etc.

            And it’s not surprising that you point at only he and GM, given that GM’s SUBSIDIARY, that they likely had little control over, are the ones that built for the Nazis. But hey, if you wanna dismiss that as conspiracy theory, then please also dismiss GM’s manager of wartime production, William S. Knudsen, who WORKED FOR FDR and Henry Ford. Meh, nothing to see there.

            And FYI, The Chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson, also helped the Nazis before and after the war started and on THAT company’s website bio of him is a little ode to his “Progressive beliefs”.

            Thanks for the typical low info democrat recitation of revisionist history you’ve provide me and have a great day, dolteen!

          • Rob W

            Sure, son. You’re the mental midget that thinks anti-semite union busting Mr. Ford was a prog. You are confused by labels and what you are told to think. I would invite you to peruse my posts before labeling me, but it’s beyond your 2nd grade comprehension. Can’t wait to get clowns like you in my sight picture.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Can’t wait to get clowns like you in my sight picture.
            Oh look, another half wit democrat (that just freshly denied being one) thinks it’s appropriate to yammer about killing his countrymen. BEST evidence there ever was you mouth breathers DO NOT support or love this country.

          • Rob W

            Of course you love what’s going on here. The tree is known by the fruit, remember, azzclown? I can’t wait for the dissolution. Hope to see you there, short bus.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            The tree is known by the fruit, remember, azzclown?
            Oh look, a democrat telling me fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tell me about race relations under Obama. Tell me about his economic miracle. Tell me about American standing in the world under the manchurian candidate.
            In other words, you’re every bit the anti-American, racist, no solutions dolt he is, right? that’s what you said.

          • Rob W

            Ah, the irony!

          • Nemnor

            Could it be that you meant to say the likes of Mao, Stalin, Pot, Minh. Kim Jong-un, Hitler, etc., were more “raw” and non-hypocritical form of dictatorship?

            For instance, even in the US which might SEEM like a democracy to some, is really a 2-Party Dictatorship. Can you currently imagine a THIRD party winning an election in the USA? The 2-party Dictatorship in the USA is the type of dictatorship that is much more insidious, more indirect, and much harder to identify, and thus much more difficult to defeat.

            The obvious dictatorship from the likes of Stalin and Hitler might entrap/imprison your BODY, but those who entrap you MIND (and have you THINK you are free) know that you will NEVER be seeking to escape your entrapment/imprisonment.

          • Gay Veteran

            just ignore Franco, Pinochet, other South American right-wing dictators, etc.

          • noname_noslogan

            Here is the ultimate truth you are attempting to avoid and subvert with your “right wing/left wing” paradigm argument.
            There is no left wing nor is there a right wing. Hitler, Stalin (Stugashvilli) Mao, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Franco and every other tyrant from the beginning of human history were and are TOTALITARIAN STATISTS. Fools, like yourself, attempt to besmirch “the right” while candy coating and flat out ignoring the most heinous, evil, sadistic deeds eg mass murder, genocide, rape, torture of “the left.”

            You cannot do it. The truth is, there are those who have the power to create debt money and benefit directly from it and those who pay the principal and interest on the debt money.

            No other class exists.

            However, other economic system designs do exist. The key to understanding all economic systems, be they Capitalism or Communism and everything in between and around, are all based on scarcity. For 6,000 years the various civilizations that have come and gone were all based on scarcity and managed as best they could.

            However, something happened around the turn of the last century in America.

            Because of automation and energy being more abundant, for the first time in human history, American industry had the power/energy, might, size and technically trained personnel all speaking one common language e.g. English, to produce an abundance of all of the goods and services required by the entire population of America.

            Since then the American civilization has only seen its science and technology grow in orders of magnitude.

            However, this was seen early on as a major problem for both so called “Capitalists” and so called “Communists” or statists. The problem was this. When something is scarce the Capitalists could charge more and manage. Likewise only when things are scarce, the Communist/Socialist/statist could maintain control over things, be it food, housing, etc and thus maintain power and control over the people.

            If something is abundant, however, neither the statist nor the so called Capitalist (or Monopolist e.g. Rockefeller with oil, JP Morgan/Rothschilds with banking et al)
            can maintain control over the people.

            So, what was the “solution” that the owners and producers came up with?

            2 things:
            Artificial scarcity


            Planned Obsolescence

            You know that saying “They don’t make things like they used too” your Grandpa used to say? It’s absolutely true. And, it is intentional.

            The problem is, it is destroying America.

            The fact is, America has the resources, trained personnel and productive capacity to create a standard of living and quality of life that far supases anything in all of history, including its own history.

            America would and could be like a paradise compared to any previous incarnation of the country.

            However, it must have a new spirit and Modus Operandi. In essence, it must have a change in its system and it must eliminate the debt money system it now operates under. Before I tell you how, you must understand something.

            When the stock market crashed in October 29, 1929 followed by years of hardship and misery, there was nothing that had existed BEFORE the crash and depression that DID NOT exist AFTER the crash and depression, except one thing – money.

            All of the resources, factories, machinery, trained men and women, food to feed them, houses to house them, clothing to clothe them, schools to educate them and everything else needed were ALL available AFTER the crash date. The problem wasn’t that all of a sudden there wasn’t enough resources to go around. The problem was there wasn’t enough MONEY to go around. More specifically, there wasn’t enough DEBT MONEY to go around.

            People were starving in the middle of a vast grocery store because they didn’t have enough money to buy the food. Food that had been produced in abundance rotted or piles as big as mountains was destroyed. This was all done to prop up the “system”, the Price System.

            Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Monarchism, Theism, Atheism and every other system since the dawn of history all have one thing in common – they are all Price Systems. All Price Systems are based on scarcity.

            Since the advent of science, technology and automation these various systems have been based on artificial scarcity and planned obsolescence.
            There is one system we have not yet tried and it is the system that has brought us electricity, the internal combustion engine and all technological advancements in history all the way up to the Space Age, its commensurate abundance, and everything else in the modern world.
            No social movements, no advancement in the social condition, the ending of slavery, the right to vote for women et al would have happened were it not for this system.

            Slavery did not end simply because good people wished it so. Indeed slavery was an abomination that many have wished, sought and worked to end going back thousands of years. Were it not for labor saving technology, slavery would still be with us and is in fact still with us in many parts of the world.

            In the modern Western world we have simply traded the human slave for another kind of slave – the Kilowatt hour (kWh).

            The one system that, if applied to the social order, could distribute the abundance it has created, is the one system the bankers, politicians (lawyers & businessmen), many religious leaders et al absolutely dread because they know it will mean an end to their dominance and control and relegate them to the dustbin of history.

            That system is science and the scientific method.

            More specifically the application of the scientific method to solving social problems. More simply science applied to the social order.

            More laws, trying to find the “right” moral and righteous leaders to save us, more money thrown at problems, more letting politicians try to do the impossible – run a modern, scientifically and technologically advanced system – will not work.

            The hodge podge, patchwork, fix it as it breaks non-method we’ve used to manage this incredibly complex system for the past 80 plus years since the Great Depression is starting to show the obvious signs of neglect that appear when an advanced civilization starts to fail.

            The Aztecs had erosion, crop failures, and widespread destruction of natural resources that comes from cutting down all the nearby forests to burn to make white ash to paint the houses of the upper classes white and more to blame for their civilizations collapse.
            The Spanish Conquistadors finished the job.

            The inhabitants of Eastern Island cut down all of their trees so that they could roll those giant stone statues to their locations.
            Now there are almost no trees there. . .and no more Easter Islanders or their civilization, except those big stone face statues.

            Today we waste vast amounts of resources producing items, not out of need or necessity necessarily, but out of the drive to make a profit.
            It doesn’t seem to matter that once we use up or destroy our natural resources there will be no more profits or even life for that matter.
            So then, are we really “profiting” if the system we keep trying to prop up, is killing us, impoverishing us and destroying our civilization?
            When a parasite kills its host it either moves on or it dies. Likewise, the parasites who are killing the American civilization will move on and out of America or they too will die.

            Who does the Price System profit if even the richest among it hold back scientific and technological progress?

            Scientific and technological progress has been and is being held back and dramatically so.

            The reason? Anything that threatens to end “profits” for any given industry or multinational corporation, is purposefully bought out, killed, destroyed or ended in one way or another. It is a scientific fact that Thorium can provide a thousand time more clean, safe energy than is produced now and do it for over the next 10,000 years. But, it threatens the other forms of energy that produce profits for some very powerful interests. Likewise, the Concorde jet, which is/was twice as fast as any other commercial jet transportation has been ended. Across the board, if you look closely, science and technology that is astounding, is being intentionally thwarted or delayed or stopped outright. Science and technology that would transform America into an advanced civilization many times greater than it is now is being intentionally stopped or held back. Magnetic levitation trains in vacuum tubes capable of safely traveling hundreds of miles per hour faster than any train on Earth have been delayed or held back, go unfunded, lack “capital expenditure.”

            The list of science and technology that is possible, doable and proven, yet still never gets released to the public and becomes “normal” is very long.

            It all starts with energy. Once the gatekeepers of our energy have been thwarted or surpassed, the floodgates to this new world will open.
            Imagine if the whale oil industry had had the money and power to stop the oil industry. Or if the horse car industry had had the money and power to halt or delay the automobile. It sound ridiculous yet there are many examples of the old order trying to stop the new innovations simply because it threatened their very existence and to hell with the progress of humankind.

            This is what is happening today, except now it is more insidious. The system we have today, by its very nature, seeks to take every last resource the Earth can give, form it into some kind of good and then sell it. Problem is, with automation, robots and the increase lack of need for human workers, there will be fewer and fewer people with money to buy more and more stuff.

            If the only thing that matters is the turning of resource into profits, we will all lose.

            If, on the other hand, a new reason for existing were developed that said the purpose and reason for this system is to create the absolute highest standard of living for everyone and produce the highest quality of life and develop the most advanced scientific and technological achievements as is possible, regardless of the threat to existing profits, products, services or classes of people benefiting from the status quo – we will then enter the next phase of human civilization.

            We are at a crossroads. We can have a paradise of wealth, leisure and prosperity unheard of in all of human history.
            Or we can sink into poverty, despair and possibly decades of oblivion. What we have before us is a chance not a choice.
            All it takes is the ability to see, to envision what is in fact possible. In earlier times, it simply was not technically possible. The science and technology simply was not in existence. Now it is possible. The 40 hour work week, like the 70-80 hour work week before it – is outdated.
            Likewise the entire economic system – designed and developed over thousands of years, based on scarcity as it is – is outdated.
            We can do far more with far less and produce far more products and services, of far higher quality and with far fewer people than was possible throughout history before the era of automation, science and technology. That doesn’t mean there won’t still be work that needs done, far from it, but the work that will be need done will not be based on someone starving or being homeless without it. Instead of “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go” it will be more like I’m needed, I’m needed, it’s off to work I go. Not the same ring but far more satisfying and useful to humanity and civilization.

            This system cannot continue.
            Either it ends or we end.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Fools, like yourself, attempt to besmirch “the right” while candy coating and flat out ignoring the most heinous, evil, sadistic deeds eg mass murder, genocide, rape, torture of “the left.”….”

            look, junior, I do not defend the crimes of the “left” OR the “right”, of the democrats or the republicans.
            so you can take your strawman and shove it.

          • Gay Veteran

            Hitler came to power in a conservative coalition

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Hitler came to power in a national socialist, left wing coalition idiot.
            If you’d like, I can post the planks of that party’s platform and point to how amazingly close to you left wing progressive imbeciles it is.
            Not really, posting facts to you doesn’t matter much. That much you’ve proven.

            You burn any witches lately idiot.

          • Gay Veteran

            I see you flunked history.
            Check out Hitler’s coalition partners. NONE were left wing or liberal

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You mean you already forgot the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. You musta flunked history. You musta also forgot all them leftard progressives in America that supported them.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh, junior is changing the subject now.

            You said “Hitler came to power in a national socialist, left wing coalition idiot”

            what the h ell does that have to do with the Soviet Union?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Shhhhh, what YOU define as the hard core right somehow managed to have a strong alliance with the hard core left. Shhhhhhhh. It’s a secret that they have NOTHING in common.

            Shhhhhh, even senior Nazis like Hitler thought they were revolutionary brothers. The same ideology that differs only in temperature. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret.

            Back up everyone, idiot was telling us how national socialists are right wing.


          • Gay Veteran


            from history. com:

            “…As Hindenburg’s current chancellor could no longer gain a majority in the Reichstag, and Hitler could bring together a larger swath of the masses and a unified RIGHT/CONSERVATIVE/nationalist coalition, the president gave in. In January 1933, Hitler was named chancellor of Germany….”

            but then FACTS never get in the way of the “droppings” you leave here

          • Gay Veteran

            tell us more about that that left wing coalition that brought Hitler to power!


            from history. com:

            “…As Hindenburg’s current chancellor could no longer gain a majority in the Reichstag, and Hitler could bring together a larger swath of the masses and a unified RIGHT/CONSERVATIVE/nationalist coalition, the president gave in. In January 1933, Hitler was named chancellor of Germany….”

          • Gay Veteran

            you are brain dead.

            United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website:

            “…NOVEMBER 6, 1932
            In the Reichstag (German parliament) elections of November 1932, the Nazis lose almost two million votes from the previous elections of July. They win only 33 percent of the vote. It seems clear that the Nazis will not gain a majority in democratic elections, and Adolf Hitler agrees to a coalition with conservatives. After months of negotiations, the president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, will appoint Hitler chancellor of Germany in a government seemingly dominated by conservatives on January 30, 1933….”

          • Gay Veteran

            you are nothing but a LIAR

            “…The unwillingness of the conservatives to work with the Social Democrats paved the way for Adolf Hitler. Hitler agreed to work with von Papen but only as the head of a new coalition government. Papen went to Hindenburg and proposed a government with Hitler as chancellor and himself as vice-chancellor, with the majority of the cabinet to be conservatives from von Papen’s Nationalist Party. Hitler met with some right-wing industrialists, reassuring them of his respect for private property. He told them that democracy led to socialism and that he would curb socialism and the socialist-led labor unions. The industrialists liked what Hitler told them. In January 1933, Hindenburg made Hitler chancellor….”

      • Rick

        It’s called Jade Helm, and sooner than later your last statement will be pretty accurate.

    • Rick

      GetReal, I couldn’t agree with you more. AMEN!

      • Richard

        Yes, excellent article, Michael. Thanks for keeping it sober and allowing us to form our own conclusions from the horrors you write about. Much more effective that way…

    • Gay Veteran

      I’ve got an idea, how about YOU send your money to Israel while we keep OUR tax dollars here at home.

      “…embraces godless lifestyles….”

      typical fundamentalist fixation on other peoples lives, while ignoring the horrible number of actual people killed by U.S. imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

      • GetReal4U2

        “embraces godless lifestyles”
        must have touched a nerve eh?

        • Gay Veteran

          AGAIN: typical fundamentalist fixation on other peoples lives, while ignoring the horrible number of actual people killed by U.S. imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            AGAIN: typical leftard concerned about what someone else is posting while ignoring that he supports the kind of govt that dictates every aspect of people’s lives including mass murder of infants. idiot.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey Einstein, I have opposed BOTH the Bush and Obama regimes.
            can you say that?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Actually, yes. Einstein.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        typical fundamentalist fixation on other peoples lives
        BWAAAHAHAHAHAAH yea, because you leftards don’t have a fixation on other peoples lives. especially their wallets.

        while ignoring the horrible number of actual people killed

        You do know that you support abortion right? You do know that doesn’t kill toasters, right?

        • Gay Veteran

          and you are the one who wants to turn women into slaves.
          adopt any unwanted babies yet?
          then STFU

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Have you? then STFU

          • Gay Veteran

            I’m not the one wanting to turn women into slaves

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            No, you’re the one that wants to make everyone slaves, leftard.

    • Selaretus

      Turns it’s back on Israel???? They are the most hideous terrorist nation on the planet. Jews have been trying to push Palestine into the sea since 1947 with US blessings. The BEST thing the US can do is denounce Israel!!!!

      • GetReal4U2

        They are the most hideous terrorist nation on the planet…
        WOW…I guess the “religion of peace” must be in your blood…It’s not wise to curse Israel, and to say they are a terrorist nation is simply delusional…

  • wheelerdealer

    I hope that I can continue to sell off the stuff I don’t need. I think the time to be lean and mean is rapidly approaching.

  • K

    Could you be wrong Michael? Yes you could. But if you are wrong, you are going to have a lot of company. Time is indeed getting short. But there is still time to prep, if people choose to. Whether you go the rice and bean route. Or skip your summer vacation, and spend on preps. There is still time. But prices are already on the upswing. Understand peak grocery prices, and the collapse could come, at about the same time. Just remember if things get too bad. The Government will start rationing everything.

  • Avner

    Number one investment:

    Buy food and clean water/water purification

    • Peter

      Problem with that, is when no one has jobs, how do you pay the taxes on your house, or the mortgage or even rent.? The stockpile is useless, when they evict you and take everything.

      • HeyAHuman

        How could the government even begin to police something of that magnitude? Do they have enough buses and personnel to drive house to house, forcibly picking up or evicting every citizen? I think that stocking up on things essential for survival is your best bet.

        • John


        • K

          They will not need to. First they will set us against each other. Then the government will make agreements with the gangs and other thugs. Something along the lines, of the old letters of mark. Assign an area to a group of thugs, tell them who they can’t touch. Then just set them loose, to do whatever they want to the rest of the folks. Yes you should prep. But if you pick a location, you can’t defend. It will not buy you much.

          • Mike Smithy

            Ahh yes, just like Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Even President Zero has expressed a desire to have a civil defense force to rival that of the police.

        • Mike Smithy

          You touched on an interesting thread. I believe the contrived anti-cop rhetoric cooked up by the Obama Administration and the media shills is designed to perpetuate a false narrative so that President Zero can make a play to nationalize the police. Why does Zero want to nationalize law enforcement? Because Zero knows the collapse is near, he will need loyal goon squads to enforce martial law and to confiscate the people’s weapons when SHTF.

        • Peter

          The government wont be doing it, during the great depression, the banks sent out teams of people to kick you off the farm.
          Millions went homeless, and lost everything.
          Its actually much easier then you think.

          • HeyAHuman

            On the contrary, I think it’s more difficult than you’d think. It’s been 86 years since the onset of the Great Depression. A LOT has changed, and the population has nearly tripled. People are by and large more violent nowadays, and less capable of producing necessities, as they’re weaned on mass production and modern standards of living. The level of pandemonium that would ensue if we were to repeat a scenario like that is unimaginable.

          • Nemnor

            Peter, your stated – “…during the great depression, the banks sent out teams of people to kick you off the farm…”.

            What you show here is who is REALLY in control, who REALLY has the power in an economy that is essentially Capitalist. It is “the 1%” – which comprises of the group of leading Capitalists, (super) wealthy individuals, the Banking System, and their “Agents” who are REALLY in control. While the mass of people are brainwashed into thinking they live in a democracy.

          • Peter

            I disagree, what we have today has nothing to do with capitalism; capitalism died a hundred years ago.
            Most people have been indoctrinated, for so long, they can no longer understand what it was. I would even argue that the stock market is the total
            opposite of capitalism. The stock market is just a way the 1 percent
            can manipulate and control everything. We talk in terms of free trade, and sign deals like the TPP behind closed doors, and are not allowed to know what is in it, punishable by prison time. These deals
            open doors to places like china. Where they can pollute and use slave
            labor, or political prisoners (you know the people that want true capitalism but are forces to work for free). They manipulate their currency, and use spy’s to steal our intellectual property. In the past we used to tax these types of countries, this paid for our schools and roads, and was why there was no income tax. It was unthinkable to compete with them, as it would have been economic suicide. For capitalism to operate it has to have rules and these rules cannot favor one over the other. This is no longer the case the
            rules are written by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent. In fact their goal is to keep us poor, so we never compete with their market share.

  • Genada

    The central banks are going to end up owning all the bonds, world wide. Then they fail and all currency dies at the same time. That is going to lead to a new one world currency. It’ll be digital and all cash will be outlawed.

    The only buyer for long term bonds is central banks. If they can not or will not buy the bonds the yields are going to go to the moon. They now control the market as they are the only buyer.

    The stock market is being bought by the central banks as well, all over the world central banks are buying etfs and stock direct.

    Gold and silver are forced down over and over again by central banks. They are hammering that market in a attempt to keep both from raising.

    Markets are dead, the only thing left is central banks and the moves they make to attempt to keep it looking like things are ok. The moment a central bank fails or that the central banks chose to no longer prop up all markets, they all crash.

  • tom

    Four more months to your “i told you so” holiday! …or if it doesn’t come, just make up a new date!

    • GetReal4U2

      don’t ever claim you weren’t warned…

    • Whistling Down

      Whenever it comes, and it can’t be long now, it’s going to fall like a rocket that has burned all its fuel.

  • df NJ

    Well, it was really amazing how the price of oil plummeted. Many corporate CEOs are also Fed members. I bet the next stimulus could come by something completely unexpected like Walmart suddenly increasing their worker’s wages to livable wages. It just seems when you think everything is dire some ace card comes out of nowhere. The other thing is there’s a lot momentum in the econonmy. Even though the unemployment numbers are totally baked the head hunters did seem to be calling me a lot more this year than previous years. Orders in my mail order business are up. I remember April of 2008 and there was something really dire going on. My orders in my business dropped dramatically through the summer of 2008. At this point I am seeing a little boyancy. We may see a 10% or 15% correction in the fall. But it’s really hard to say if we will have a monster crash this year. If employment stays 200K plus through the summer then I don’t think we will see a big crash in the fall.

    Plus election calculus is a big monkey wrench on making any prediction. It’s not clear whether a crash will benefit one party over the other. It’s not clear who would get blamed. People don’t have a very high opinion of the Congress and with Republicans in charge they may get blamed. The CFR still wants to bomb Iran. I think if we do get a monster crash it’s going to be the after the 2016 election combined with some terrorist event. Or we will have a terrorist event and then a monster crash so they have something to blame it on.

    • Rick

      DfNJ, that’s encouraging that your business is up. I hope you are right, as that would give us a little more time to prepare.

      • al

        DfNJ – A few points for what its worth, as an aussie looking form the outside in (but with respect for the USA!) and also as I have direct family there, 1/ The last election held will be the last election held. 2/ 100m+ legal americans on some form of major handout, 3/ the majority of the middle class cash strapped to the point of breaking, 4/ all major head currencies at – % interest, and no way out, 5/ 100quadtrillion debt market held by “ALL” Majors and o way to pay it back, 6/ FEMA Camps, 7/ Jade helm 15, I can go on and on. but hey you never know OJ simpson may come out of retirement and run the ball a couple of hundred to keep the game going for just that little bit longer. mate if I was you sell your business, buy goods, buy guns, and become one with your local community (if you stay) and definitely make peace with yourself and the Lord, good luck mate, peace be with you.

        • Rick

          That’s a pretty harsh assessment, but I think it’s pretty accurate. We actually didn’t have an election in 2012 either. It was all rigged, and manipulated digitally.

  • Emanuel

    I would that you’re right in a period of time not biblical.The world needs to be cleaned by so much garbage…

  • selaretus

    Anything goes and nothing matters. Extend and pretend forever!

    • df NJ

      If people continue to buy gasoline and coke and play video games planet Earth will continue to rotate. I don’t know if the “pretend” will last forever but I am not sure a monster crash will happen this year.

  • df NJ

    Two questions for sages who post here. First question: If we have a monster economic collapse, is good or bad to have a big mortgage? Will the banks recall the loans if housing prices drop 70%? Second question: will the government sign another Executive Order 6102?

    “Executive Order 6102 is a United States presidential executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States”. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation.”

    • K

      Do you remember the last downturn? Remember the tens of thousands of fraudulent foreclosures, not to mention the millions of real foreclosures. Having a mortgage at all, is going to be a scary situation. There are always plenty of corrupt judges. Gold will be among the first things they will confiscate, just about anything of value will come next.

    • Rick

      It would seem likely that a desperate government clinging to power would try anything. I would say gold, silver, guns, 401ks, and private pensions are all on the table. Would probably have to be guns first in the order of things, otherwise there will be a lot of shooting when the federized police departments start searching homes for gold and other outlawed material, maybe food storage and the like?
      As for mortgages, that’s a great question. It seems more complex now that derivative trading has entered the equation. Who really owns or holds your mortgage? And according to the contract you hold, do the terms allow for a repo if the value goes down? In most cases it does not, unless you stop making payments.

      • Genada

        They will not go home to home searching for gold and silver. They will be taking it from the people that are stupid enough to keep it in safety deposit boxes at the banks. That’s what they did in 1933.

        As for matter of debts it depends on if you want to bet on inflation or deflation. If you think thinks will hyper inflate, then debt is good because you pay it back in worthless money. If you feel like deflation will happen then debt is bad.

        • Rick

          I hope you are right. The administrations are very different. In 1933 you had the socialist leaning Roosevelt in power. Today you have an out & out power grabbing communist in charge. With federalizing municipal police departments comes corruption, they become above the law, and will take marching orders from DC. That could very well mean knocking on doors. We saw it in New Orleans 10 years ago.

          • Gay Veteran

            FDR’s Glass-Stegall Act keep us safe from the banksters.

            “One of FDR’s major accomplishments during his first 100 days in office was a program that revolutionized the financial industry. For the first time, the business of buying and selling shares in companies was regulated, and the bank accounts of ordinary people were insured. The SEC and FDIC were established by the New Deal….”

          • Rick

            Gay, I do agree with the merits of the Glass-Segall Act. However, the FDIC was illegal then, and is just a front to make people “feel” safe now. The New Deal that you bring up totally validates my assessment of that administration being of a Socialist root. Only Johnson’s Medicare Act and Bush’s Med D Coverage law come close to what Roosevelt did. Then of course obama blows them all away with the ACA.

          • Gay Veteran

            FDIC saved the banking system.

            Without FDR you would have gotten Huey Long. Then you would really have gotten socialism.

          • Rick

            That’s too funny. FDR was the reason we now have term limits, he was a terrible president for our county’s founding principles, but an outstanding president for all progressives. Similar to Johnson, Carter, both Bush’s, Clinton, and of course our current dictator.

          • Gay Veteran

            like I said: Without FDR you would have gotten Huey Long. Then you would really have gotten socialism.

          • Rick

            I dont see much difference between the two.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Careful arguing with that one. He thinks the Puritans founded America on the platform of witch burning.

          • Rick

            That’s too funny. As they say, liberalism is a mental illness. And I will add: for which there is no healing pill.
            Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep that in mind.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            He claimed America was founded on burning witches and when asked how that’s possible since the Puritans preceded the Founding by over a century, he dug up some philosophical quote from The Heritage Foundation that the ‘America started back when the Puritans arrived.’
            And then defended it like it was a hard fact. Oooof.

          • Nemnor

            Rick, regardless to what “flavor” you choose to apply upon any particular President, you must agree that the economy in the USA still did remain (and continue to remain) ESSENTIALLY a Capitalist economy. (right?)

            Many people insidiously apply words like “corporatism” or “socialism” or “communism” or “crony capitalism”, etc. to characterize and blame a particular administration/government for many things that went wrong with the economy, as a way of absolving (decadent) Capitalism itself – which is actually the main root cause of much that went wrong with the economy.

            Many people are not aware that, in any given country, you can actually have a “communist/socialist” government in power, and yet, the economy of that country is ESSENTIALLY Capitalism. This is the case with China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. – which are ruled by “socialist/communist” government, while the economy is ESSENTIALLY a form of “STATE Capitalism” (which is also part of the DECADENT world-wide Capitalist system).

          • Rick

            Oh PolyAnna, if you were only areal woman, I’d love to dance with you!

  • jerry loy

    there was a flood in 2008 at which time the river was set to rise and flood Home throughout the citygood service if it was about more than others but the water was going to rise there was a count of many people sitting on the porch drinking beer se it will never happenthe flood came in and ruined all Of their homes and possessions

    • df NJ

      That’s a good point. Prior to 2008 there were tons of sub-prime mortgages for obscenely over priced housing. That gun as been shot already. I don’t think we have the same level of overpriced sub-prime mortgages teetering on collapse. With 2% growth it make take a 100 years for the housing market to return to normal. But I imagine something more exciting will happen before then.

  • Rick

    Michael, what are your thoughts on 401k accounts in this coming crisis? I don’t have a large amount, but I keep hearing that the government will soon be taking them over along with private pensions, much like they have already done with some public employee pensions. Would one be wise to cash in now and assume the 10% penalty rather than wait for the crash and lose 30% or more? Or worse yet, wait for the government to take over 100%? Thanks

    • lizann34

      I am in the same boat. Also wondering??

      • Rob W

        You better check your rules. I’m in Fidelity, and cannot cash in until I quit the employer I’m invested in Fidelity with, even for a hardship. The best I can do is take a loan for half of what I have in there. Now, I’m just trying to time it…

        • df NJ

          If Barry Sanders or Ted Cruz become president then cash out your 401K, pay the tax penalty, and buy as much gold and silver as you can.

          • Rob W

            Did you read what I said? I can only have half, no matter what.

          • Rob W

            Run, Barry, run!

            In Sanders’ last season in the NFL, 1998, he rushed for 1,491 yards, ending his four-year streak of rushing for over 1,500 yards in a season.

        • Rick

          That must be your company policy. My 401k accounts are also with Fidelity, and at the beginning of 2014 I had no problem moving a large sum from the 4001k to an annuity, and then I cashed it out the next day.

          • Rob W

            Yep, every company inks it’s own deal with Fidelity.

  • Nemnor

    The reason for the WORSENING socioeconomic woes in the USA (and virtually everywhere in the World) is NOT because anyone “turn their back on Israel”, but rather it is the world-wide capitalist system that is decayed and decaying (and Israel is very much part of that DECADENCE), and is now at a “dead end”, and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

    Hence, as long as the US and the World keep hanging on to Capitalism, there will be NO long-term recovery and another deepened crisis is inevitable (it is only a matter of time).

    Also, if we look back at about 6000 years of KNOWN history, we can correctly say – this world has ALWAYS been a “godless” world. i.e. at NO time within the last 6000 years (and more), was it ever “with” God – as every form of economic system for the last 6000 years (and more) was based on the exploitation of man by man – meaning, as a whole, we were NEVER loving our neighbors as ourselves. Instead, we were (in general) seeking enrichment of ourselves at the expense of (many) others – from since the days of the early slave systems to today – which is now dominated by a world-wide Capitalist system.

    Currently, the ONLY chance for survival of the Human Race is a fundamental change away from Capitalism – which is a system based on the exploitation of man by man and country by country (and hence, Capitalism was ALWAYS a “godless” system). However, whatever system replaces Capitalism, it must be sustainable and it must address the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”)

    • GSOB

      You are very confused. You have nothing to offer.
      You don’t know what you are talking about.
      You repeat your skewed version of capitalism, which is not capitalism at all. Myself and many, many others have corrected you, informing you that you are basically… dead wrong.

      You waste everyone’s time in doing so, trying to get everyone to agree with you. You do not provide any solutions.
      You excuse yourself from being a sinner and push an agenda to have others agree with and follow you. Surely, the blind wanting t lead the blind.

      • df NJ

        He may not have a handle on capitalism but his passionate frustration is real. I think the problems with our country are NOT rocket science. The lobbyist force the politicians to pass legislation creating cartels and monopolies in exchange for campaign financing. I am pretty sure there is very little chance we will ever pay off the national debt no matter what. I am pretty sure if we got rid of personal income taxes tomorrow it would not make any difference at all in our misery because the corporations will just raise their prices to absorb any additional slack. I’m not sure what the answer is to our problems. Maybe we need a new Constitution convention and clean up our Constitution and add few more new Amendments to protect us from cartels, monopolies, electioneering, and private fractional reserve banking systems. Good luck with that! You would have a better chance teaching liberals how to duck hunt and teaching red state Republicans the value of a college education.

        • Rick

          How about “Gov at Home” and Term Limits. Throw those into the Constitutional Convention and I’m all in!

        • Gay Veteran

          per Gerald Celente:
          bring back the troops
          seal the borders
          rebuild America
          NO foreign entanglements!

          I would add:
          1. break up the big banks and corporations.
          2. a corporation is NOT a person under the Constitution
          3. drastically scale back the powers of the Federal Reserve
          4. apply anti-monopoly laws against ALL aspects of the medical field, thus cutting costs by 80%

        • Nemnor

          df NJ, you imply that you (and GSOB) have an accurate understanding of (and ‘handle on’) Capitalism, and usually you are referring to what you imagine to be “real or “pure” or “free market” Capitalism.

          However, what you really do NOT have a “handle on” is that – it was this SAME “real or “pure” or “free market” Capitalism (which you imagined existed at one time), that NATURALLY (inevitably) transformed into the DECADENT forms of Capitalism you observe today (and which you might label as “corporatism”, “socialism”, “welfare(ism)”, “communism”, “fascism”, “crony capitalism”, etc.), and MISTAKENLY thinking that there is a “real”/”pure” or “free market” Capitalism that we can return to.

          The “real”/”pure” or “free market” Capitalism you imagined, would have been more so when Capitalism was on the “rise”, and when it was a progressive force that moved the world away from a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy.

          However, today, the ONLY direction for decadent world-wide Capitalism is towards total collapse/chaos (as the system is decadent in EVERY sense of the word). Hence, there is the ever increasing chance that the Capitalist system feel “compelled” to generate WW-III (just like it brought about WW-I and WW-II) as the leading IMPERIALIST Capitalist countries jostle to maintain their share (or gain a bigger/better share) of the World’s market and resource – which are practically and virtually LIMITED.

          And this is not a “passionate” or “frustrated view of Capitalism, but rather an OBJECTIVE observation on the 500-year history (and especially the last 100 years or so) of Capitalism.

          For example, it is no accident that the USA feel “compelled” to provoke Russia (and eventually China), and feel “compelled’ to cause/fund/make wars and civil unrest all over the World. This is Monopoly/IMPERIALIST Capitalist USA trying to maintain its (diminishing) empire by attempting to prevent other (independent) leading and/or developing Capitalist countries from “rising” (again, this is because Capitalism has outgrown the World’s market and resource – which are practically/virtually LIMITED).

          World war is a REAL possibility when you realize that the “rise” of China, Russia or any other significant Capitalist country, translates to the demise of the USA. Such is the NATURE of the world-wide Capitalist system. And as ALWAYS in Capitalism (“pure”, “free market” or not), MANY must FAIL, so that a FEW might “win”.

      • Nemnor

        GSOB, please see my related reply to ‘Free Willy’, to help you understand why it is you that are confused.

        Also, I do NOT claim to have all the answers/solutions. What I do KNOW however, is that, based on an OBJECTIVE observation on the history of Capitalism (which is ultimately and UNSUSTAINABLE system), the REAL solution to the major issues facing the World MUST begin with a fundamental change away from Capitalism, to a sustainable alternative system. (Also, this change would necessarily be experimental, exploratory, and even with a degree of contradictions, before we KNOW what works and what does not work – and in light of what we ALREADY know)

        I also KNOW that ANY viable alternative system, in addition to being sustainable, must also address the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual. The reason being that, EVERY “rational” individual WANTS the abundant life (right?). And we ALREADY know that Capitalism (“pure”, “free market” or in ANY from) would NATURALLY cause the concentration of wealth into the hands of a relative FEW (“the 1%”), at the expense of the MANY – who must necessarily remain at a “sub-standard” (i.e. less than truly abundant) level of existence and even with millions living in abject poverty. (right?)

        The question is, how do we address the abundant needs of EVERY “rational” individual (and knowing that Capitalism, as it’s history shows, would not and can not allow abundance for every “rational” individual)? This is where NO one must pretend to have all the answers. Rather, I have faith in the “collective intelligence” of the Human Race. That given a GENUINE democratic environment, the “collective intelligence” of the Human Race can solve virtually any problem (eventually).

        In light of the foregoing, the solution to the world’s major issues also begins with KNOWING that the electoral process in the USA and virtually everywhere, is NOT genuine democracy.

        Finally, for those of us that believe in God (or some “superior Being/Force” that is responsible for our existence), faith in the “collective intelligence” of the Human Race is (in a sense) faith in God. What is wrong is that the Human Race is kept DIVIDED (mostly for the benefit of a FEW – “the 1%”), by religion, race, country, region, etc. Unfortunately, it is more likely that millions (even billions) of us would perish (i.e. we have to learn the hard way), before we begin to remove the artificial barriers that divides us and begin to use our “collective intelligence” (which IS from ‘God’ or from a ‘superior Force’ or from ‘Nature’, however you wish to view it) in a united effort to solve the issues facing us.

        • GSOB

          What you claim as help is of no help. You are not equipped. You need help.
          Your faith is not from God and altogether ‘man centered’ and apart from Christ, you can not do anything.
          “Collective intelligence” as you call it is divorced from the mind of Christ and the things of that kind.

          Your religion is humanism.
          Humanism is what inspires you. You need a sense of meaning and direction for your existence, but you deny the Creator and look to the creature. How vain.
          You are correct in in thing… the world as we know it will one day pass away. For our freedom we must pay.
          Where will you stand in the day of judgment….?
          Jesus Christ is the centrality and universality of God’s economy.
          God’s eternal purpose is to have a group of people created in His image and in His likeness….
          To be filled with Him as life
          To express Him and represent Him.
          That humanity is headed up in Jesus Christ, as the first born among many brothers…Jesus is the visible manifestation of the invisible God and rules from heaven now by His spirit.
          His Spirit gives new life, Himself, resurrecting sinners through the power of regeneration, giving us Holy desires to run after Christ.
          This is what you need. Are you interested?
          He is what we all need.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…You need a sense of meaning and direction for your existence….”
            pot calling the kettle black!
            religion exists for 2 reasons:
            (1) man fears death,
            (2) as a means of social control (obey the king or you’ll go to he ll)

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            pot calling the kettle black!
            the kind of govt you want exists for 1 reason
            1) to kill large numbers of people
            2) as a means of social control (obey the govt or they’ll send you to hell)

          • Gay Veteran

            why don’t you LIE some more?

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, I carefully read everything you stated.

            Would you agree with me that the primary reason you happen to believe in the Christian religion (and the Bible as the world of God) is because you grew up in a country (or part of the word) that (supposedly) practice Christianity?

            That, by extension, the primary reason most people in India believe in the Hindu religion is because that is a main religion (supposedly) practiced in India? And that the same holds true for many Chinese who follow Buddhism in China? And also the same for the many who follow the Muslim religion?

            IF your answer is “yes”, then you must also realize that the Hindu, or Buddhist or Muslim follower might be just as passionate about their religion as you seem to be about Christianity. (right?)

            And, because the major religions have some significant differences, religion is thus a major source of confusion and division. (right?)

            I posit that the “powers that be” is some how benefiting from the confusion, distraction and division that might be brought about through religion (i.e. divide and rule). (right?)

          • Lucy

            Thou shall not judge, lest ye be judged. Isn’t that Christian doctrine? Looks like the true you is coming out……….

          • guest

            No, your distortion is not Christian Doctrine.
            Money isn’t the root of all evil and Jesus isn’t a marxist who preached nonviolent tolerance of blatant perversion.
            By the same measure that you judge, so shall you be judged.
            Judge a tree by the fruit it bears.
            You are to judge your own actions / behaviors to insure that they measure up to the will of God.

      • charlied

        Please nemnor is right on. It is you and others like you that are the problem. Believing in fairy tales from our government about a reality that never, ever existed. Get over the whole sin thing. People are what they are.

        • retired22

          You & your pal are just raving & ranting against a system you don’t know much about!
          You really don’t think about Capitalism,… just FEEL things on an emotional level.
          Capitalists create real wealth by building things & adding to the nations total wealth.The real bad guys are in the corrupt financial sector who feed on what the Capitalists produce!

          • charlied

            Yes men like Carnegie and Rothschild. Do you even know what they did in order to BUILD things. Do you know how many people they stepped on. How many lives they ruined in their capitalistic quest for domination.

            I submit that it is not capitalists that build things but rather people who have an idea, a way to make life easier for people, are filling a need in society.

            True capitalists are greedy, scheming, lying pigs who were also behind the fractional reserve banking system. They use their money to railroad other people and to prevent technologies that could save people money, etc from ever seeing the light of day.

            If we truly had the freedom in our society for man to create using the knowledge he was given things like: energy, food, healing etc would be virtually free on the entire planet.

            But since we have your supposed “capitalist”, corporate pigs running the show simple things like basic needs are not free and never will be because that would interfere with someone making another billion or so dollars.

            You can spend the rest of your life defending a system that was never in place in your lifetime or you can take the time to learn the truth about what we really are, what are country really is, etc.

            Economic policies that benefit a select few are unfair and unjust. Once we stop being indoctrinated by our public education, only then will people demand better.

            This of course will take many more generations as you have to have the cushion of time to get rid of the dead weight who wants to keep the status quo since it has served them so well.

            I bet in four or five generations society will look at us like we were really dumb for supporting this supposed capitalist system everyone claims is so superior.

    • Free Willy

      You have not a clue what free market capitalism is. Go stick your head back in the sand.

      • Nemnor

        Free Willy, it is you that fail to understand that there is NO “pure”/”real”/”free market” Capitalism to go back to.

        The “pure”/”real”/”free market” Capitalism you are imagining (if it really existed), would have been more so when Capitalism was on the “rise” and had been a progressive force, as it moved the world away from a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy.

        However, it was this “pure”/”real”/”free market” Capitalism that NATURALLY transformed into Monopoly Capitalism (as COMPETITION “compelled” virtually every Capitalist business to grow/expand, and incidentally destroy or gobble up many smaller “mom & pop” businesses), and then to IMPERIALIST Capitalism – as practiced by the leading Capitalist countries today (AND, please KNOW that it was IMPERIALIST Capitalism that generated WW-I and WW-II).

        The key reason the Capitalist system is now decadent is that it has reached a general stage of OVER-PRODUCTION, and this was INEVITABLE with Capitalism, in a World with (practically and virtually) LIMITED market and resource. This over-production and the economic woes it bring, is the SAME situation faced in the USA, in Israel, in Europe, in Japan and virtually EVERYWHERE (and definitely has nothing to do with anyone “turning their back on Israel”, but rather, it is an inevitable fate of world-wide Capitalism).

        Over-production causes a tendency toward diminishing profits for the Capitalist (for the obvious reason that it becomes more difficult to sell your product/service at a “profitable” price). Hence, the reason the Capitalists feel “compelled” to (irrationally) invest in financial bubbles, derivatives and other exotic “financial instruments” – many of these with NO real relations to the real economy!!! (in it’s essential form, Capitalism was never a “rational” system anyway.)

        Today, many are looking at the current decadent world-wide Capitalist system in it’s varying forms, and are labeling it as “corporatism”, or “socialism” or “communism” or “fascism” or “crony capitalism”, etc., and MISTAKENLY thinking that there is a “real”/”pure”/”free market” Capitalism to go back to, when it WAS indeed the same “real”/”pure”/”free market” Capitalism that had NATURALLY (inevitably) transformed into it’s varying DECADENT forms today.

        • retired22

          You are a damned fool,…you curse Capitalism but you don’t really know anything about the Capitalist system,…a lot of rage & no brain power!
          the economic problems we face today are not caused by Capitalism,….They are caused by a debt based central banking system which was dumped on us by a corrupt Congress & Woodrow Wilson over 100 years ago.A banking system which is in effect a gigantic financial pyramid swindle which has nothing to do with legitimate Capitalism!

          • Nemnor

            retired22, it was actually the same “legitimate Capitalism” (as you put it, and which others label as “free market’, etc), that was fated to INEVITABLY become decayed – as it was bound to reach a general stage of OVER-PRODUCTION in a World with (virtually and practically) LIMITED market and resource.

            It was your “legitimate Capitalism” that, because of competition, “forced” Capitalist businesses to become Monopoly Capitalism (at the national level) and then on the Imperialist Capitalism (at the international level). That was the NATURAL progression of your “legitimate Capitalism” – which is now DECADENT and can NOT return back to the “legitimate” (“pure”) form you imagine or fantasize about.

          • retired22

            Nemnor,this is a very complex issue & could take a small pamphlet to explain!
            to keep it short,Capitalism main virtue is that it is better then it’s alternatives,..human nature being what it is!
            The problem is a human problem,..not an economic one! Dishonest individuals game the system,every system.The same type of crooks have gamed & distorted all the different societies of the past Fascism,Communism,Mercantilism & every other economic system devised by man.
            As far as Imperialism is concerned,it has been going on throughout history

          • Nemnor

            retired22, first of all, the “language” in some of your posts exposes YOU as being the one filled with “…lot of rage…”. (LOL)

            The matter is indeed a complex one, and it is because of this “complexity”, you and many others fail miserably in truly understanding the ESSENTIAL nature of the Capitalist economic system.

            One of your key failure in understanding is this – from since Capitalism (during it’s progressive stage) moved the World away from a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy (i.e. about 400 to 500 years ago), the World NEVER experienced any REAL alternative system to Capitalism. From since then, in virtually every part of the globe, the economy was (and is) ESSENTIALLY a Capitalist economy, but with a few exceptions here and there, consisting of a type of “Underdeveloped” (or “Backward’) “Agrarian” and/or “Collective” and/or “Capitalistic” economy (more or less).

            Hence, even a place like Cuba, or North Korea or the former Soviet Union – which some erroneously labeled as “socialist” or “communist”, was STILL ESSENTIALLY a Capitalist economy, and is more accurately labeled as a “STATE/COLLECTIVE Capitalist” economy (if only for the fact that it probably was NEVER possible for a single country, and even a (small) group of countries, to fundamentally move away from Capitalism, while the World is dominated by Capitalism).

            Consequently, as you MISTAKENLY believe that the World has seen a REAL alternative to Capitalism, you FAILED to realize that it is the SAME “real”/’pure”/”free market” Capitalism that has DECAYED into the various form we see today, but which you label as “corporatism”, or “socialism” or “communism” or “crony capitalism” or “fascism” or “welfare(ism)”, or “mercantilism”, etc. and MISTAKENLY thinking that there is a “real”/”pure”/”free market” Capitalism to go back to, and NOT realizing that Capitalism (“real”, “pure”, “free market” or not) is indeed at it’s DECADENT stage – and hence, just like a “rotten banana” can NEVER go back to being a “fresh ripe banana”, the fate of decadent Capitalism (and the World) is continuous decline/decay towards total collapse/chaos.

            Now, while colonialism/imperialism did exist BEFORE Capitalism, what is important to understand is that IMPERIALIST Capitalism (if allowed to run it’s NATURAL course) WILL indeed bring about WW-III. Under the PRETEXT of being a genuine cooperative system, the very NATURE of world-wide Capitalism “dictates” that MANY countries must FAIL so that a FEW might “win” (example, the system is so structured such that, wealth is continuously SUCKED away form the rest of the World, to be amass in the “G-7/8” countries). And, you would KNOW that world war is a REAL increasing possibility, when you realize that the “rise” of China or Russia directly translates to the demise of the USA.

            The basis of any REAL solution to the major issues facing the World becomes obvious to anyone who is aware that, the current world-wide economy IS indeed ESSENTIALLY a Capitalist system – which is now DECADENT, and that from since Capitalism began about 500 years ago, we have NEVER experienced any real/genuine alternative system from which we can draw accurate reference.

          • Jerry C

            Exactly. Nemnor must be a paid troll.

        • wearedoomed

          Do you have a PhD from an Ivy league school? Just wondering how you can have such a warped view of reality.

      • Jerry C

        Nemnor is deep into communism. I no longer read his posts; they’re all drivel. Capitalism is what made America the greatest nation on earth. It was the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 that began our downfall with merging government to centralized banks.

    • jox

      I would narrow the definition: it’s the “financial capitalism” what causes the problems, not the free markets system. If capitalism returns to investment+risk+grow+jobs+benefits, that would be positive, not the current especulation on markets that have nothing to do with actual goods and services for the people.

    • NowAlive

      You really sound like a mindless serf spewing indoctrination. You are on the wrong website. I believe the Huffington Post likes your nonsense because they don’t require facts over their unless they meet their agenda’s requirements. We aren’t capitalist much more than China. Like them, we are fascist, at least economically, whether we like it or not. To prevent sound like you (a broken record) let’s analyze one of your statements. “abundant needs of the rational individual”. That is so subjective that it has no meaning. Your rational obviously does not meet my definition of rational, therefore we would both be considered irrational by our own opposing definitions. Therefore your sustainable system is, there is no chance of it ever working because it does not have a valid definition.

      • Nemnor

        NowAlive, you forgot a very important thing about the Human Race, which is – “collective intelligence” (which, in a sense, one may say is kind of like – “the mind of God”).

        I have the faith (the conviction) that, given a GENUINE democratic environment, the “collective intelligence” of the Human Race would be able to find effective solution to virtually any problem/issue facing us.

        If you are having problem stretching your imagination concerning what is “rational” or not, then probably a simple example might help?

        Now while you KNOW some people might irrationally drink & drive and cause deadly accidents, when you drive your car on the road or walk on the sidewalk, you normally do NOT imagine (expect) that you will meet up with drunk driver – who would crash into you and kill you. (right?)

        So now my question to you is – even though you KNOW there could indeed be a drunk driver out there who might crash into you and kill you, WHY when you drive on the road or walk on the side walk, normally do NOT imagine (expect) that a drunk driver would indeed crash into you and kill you?

        The answer is that you TRUST in the “collective intelligence” of the people. You TRUST and have the FAITH (belief) that just about every person driving on the road is sufficiently “RATIONAL”, and that it is only a VERY SMALL percentage of people who will drink and drive (i.e. be drunk and drive). (right?)

        So, in the same way you have FAITH that most drivers would be “rational”, and hence you drive on the road or walk on the sidewalk or cross the street, with LITTLE or NO fear (concern) that a drunk drive (an “irrational” driver) will kill you, in the same way I have FAITH in the “collective intelligence” and the “rational” level of the Human Race, to COLLECTIVELY solve virtually any issue facing us and address the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational’ individual.

        The main thing we need is a GENUINE democratic environment (which we can NEVER have under any form of Capitalism), and the “collective intelligence” of the Human race will find effective solutions to virtually any problem facing us.

    • charlied

      Thank you for speaking the truth. However the mind controlled will vehemently deny what you wrote.

      • Nemnor

        charlied, you are welcome!

      • Jerry C

        Your name has “lied” in it. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? And you expect intelligent people to take you seriously? lol

    • retired22

      Numb nuts,
      You claim that Capitalism is an evil system dumped on the world by the Jews!
      Didn’t you forget all of the other capitalists around the world who don’t live in Israel?
      You have a big problem, are trying to get your brain around intellectual concepts of complexity!
      The problem is that you don’t have a brain to do it with!

      • Nemnor

        retired22, I did NOT make the “claim” that YOU said I made.

        I am aware of, from materials you can also find, what some label as “Jewish Usury”. That some see present day Capitalism as a modern expression of “Jewish Usury” – the kind of practice that some said Jesus violently “kicked” out of his ‘house of worship”.

        However, Capitalism would still exist as it did, even if the Jewish race NEVER existed. So even if SOME Jews practice Capitalism today, I would NEVER make the claim you FALSELY said I made.

        • retired22

          If so,why drag Israel into your diatribe?
          Why not Usury? Adding ‘Jewish’ gives it a special flavor?

          • Nemnor

            NO, I am saying that OTHERS said (and you can find materials on the internet on that) it is ‘Jewish’, and I imagine that is because some believe (rightly or wrongly) it was mainly the “Jews” that practiced “Usury” and/OR that they we the “best” at practicing “Usury”.

            Again, WITHOUT the “Jews”, Capitalism will still exist and be in it’s decadent stage as it indeed is.

            Also, when I mention “Israel”, it is to debunk those who MISTAKENLY believe the current issues the US is facing is because “we turn our backs on Israel”. NO, the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the world is – the Capitalist system itself – which is now decadent and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

            I also mention “Israel” as also part of the DECADENT Capitalist system, for those who live in a fantasy world, and does not seem to realize that, like virtually every country in the world, Israel is ALSO facing serious socioeconomic issues, directly as a result of the decaying world-wide Capitalist system, even though the military conflicts in the middle-east would also cause major issues for all the countries involved.

  • Antonio Ossa


    • df NJ

      We all must read everything from the far right, far left, and many different historians and combine it with all our personal experiences. If we do not have the deepest understanding of history possible we are DOOMED to repeat the same mistakes made by generations of American citizens and citizens in other governments all throughout World history.

    • NowAlive

      What “CAPITALISM” are you screaming about? What country on earth uses true capitalism? The US is a controlled economy and thus not capitalist. Capitalism was replaced starting with the federal reserve, increased during the Great Depression, and finalized with the removal of the gold standard in the 70s. Everything since is more fascist (state merged with corporations) than anything else. So where it the capitalist system left to die? You sound more like a brainwashed Marxist still screaming about something that really died out long ago.

      • Jerry C

        Simple and to the point.

        1. Federal Reserve; 2. Great Depression; 3. 70s Gold Standard dropped; 4. Bail outs & ins; 5. Great Depression 2.0 coming next.

    • Rob W

      Capitalism was never alive. The markets have always been controlled.

  • Suki

    Our whole economy is seems is based on people taking different pieces of the pie.

    For example, when you get your car fixed the mechanic charges you a labor rate and a 3-4 times markup for the parts he purchases to fix your car with.

    A doctors office, chiropractor, dentist, etc need repeat visits in order to keep their doors open.

    Retail markups and middle men drive up the cost of good purchased.

    Ridiculous wages of CEO’s, too many managers.

    People giving special favors and considerations to family and friends in jobs and passing cost on to the consumer.

    Union wages, pensions for state and local government workers.

    Federal employees voting for their own benefit packages and raises.

    Any system that is put in place will be corrupted by people. It is what we do. So really no matter what system of government, economy, etc that we have there will always be people willing to screw the majority of people over the benefit themselves and their inner circle of family and friends.

    It is what it is. If you are one of the haves right now you love and defend the system. If you don’t you see the flaws and wish it was different.

    We have been propagandized too death about the virtues of capitalism and evils of socialism.

    In truth we have neither as those in the upper echelon of society have socialism in the US through corporate welfare, government bailouts, trade agreements, tarriffs, red tape, etc, etc, etc.

    The rest of us have capitalistic expectations in a controlled and un-level playing field created by our government.

    Romanticize capitalism all you want, but working as a debt slave in a cubicle 8-12 hours a day is not living. It is not a life.

    However, most will still defend this position until they too become one of the have nots. Then this system will be replaced by something meant to save us all….but will in fact continue to enslave us all until the say we die.

    • retired22

      Fortune,the system was corrupt & dishonest ever since Woodrow Wilson handed our nation to the bankers cover 100 years ago! When we have a system set up for the enrichment of financial embezzlers,…productive people pay the bill!
      In a system set up to be gamed it is natural for a society to develop in such a way as to be owned by frauds & thieves!
      Honest people work to support the thieves.

      • Nemnor

        retired22, even though Capitalism did enjoy a “rising” and progressive stage, as it moved the world away form a Feudal/Agrarian economy to (generally) a Capitalist economy, that generally raised the standard of living (compared to Feudalism), the Capitalist system – which would even use “starvation wage” or “raw” Slavery (as practices in the earlier centuries of the USA) to increase profits, was always INHERENTLY an UNREASONABLY unjust/unfair system – which would NATURALLY “encourage” corruption and dishonesty. (right?)

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The fulcrum point is the health of the international U.S. bond markets and the worldwide demand for U.S. dollars. Right now neither of those are in any danger.

  • tom

    How many gold pieces is it going to cost for a bottle of milk at Safeway?

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    They may have overdone themselves w/ the extra low oil/gas prices that have spiked up a smidge.

  • Bobloblaw67

    gee, what would you expect from a blog called “The Economic Collapse”

  • Nemnor

    wearedoomed and NowAlive, actually, it WAS the “real”/”pure Capitalism (you imagine existed) that NATURALLY decayed into it’s various forms today.

    Interventions of Governments and Central Banks are really FUTILE reactions/responses to “save” Capitalism that ALREADY became decadent about 100 years ago or so. TWO world wars, along with a series of depressions/recessions and some major regional wars, are all irrefutable evidence that the world-wide Capitalist system is decadent.

  • Christoph Weise

    Most people today are overly concerned with the development of asset prices. The talk about the stock market bubble is one example. In a market without yield the asset prices are of little relevance because it is impossible to improve yield by trading low yielding assets for high yielding assets. An acre of waterless and unproductive farmland is similar to an Apple or Tesla share: no yield. Government obligations: no yield. Real estate after maintenance: no yield. No yield means no reward for risk. Investing in this world is like going to war without a chance to win but the risk to loose it all.


    There’s a very telling line in the movie Blackhawk Down. There is a young Ranger fretting over the gear he is packing for their excursion into Mogadishu, and an older grunt laughs “Ammo, dude. Take ammo.”

  • Donna Swaby

    So, why don’t you tell we Americans what we need to be doing to survive
    this collapse???? The only talk I heard on all the sites is that the
    middle class will be wiped out. What about those in the lower class that
    live paycheck to paycheck, have no savings, can barely make ends meet,
    make too much to qualify for any help but not enough to survive?????? Do
    I need to start stock piling food, medicines,
    toiletries…..etc???????? WHAT are we supposed to do????????

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