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Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of Getting Married And Starting Their Own Families?

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Did you know that the percentage of 18 to 34-year-old Americans that are married and living with a spouse has dropped by more than half since 1975?  Back then, 57 percent of everyone in that age group “lived with a spouse”, but today that number has dropped to just 27 percent.  These numbers come from “the Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood” report that was just released by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Some are postulating that the reason for this dramatic cultural shift is a phenomenon known as “extended adolescence”, while others fear that large numbers of young men and/or young women are giving up on the concept of marriage altogether.

Instead of getting married and starting their own households, many young adults are deciding that living with Mom and Dad is the best approach.  In fact, this new Census Bureau report found that one out of every three 18 to 34-year-old Americans is currently living with their parents

According to the Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood report for 2016, one in three Americans ages 18 to 34 are living at home with their parents.

Coming in second place is living with a spouse (27 per cent), followed by other (i.e. living with a roommate or other relatives, 21 per cent), living with a boyfriend or girlfriend (12 per cent) and living alone (8 per cent).

Once the last recession ended, this trend was supposed to start reversing, but instead the number of young adults still living at home has just continued to increase.  This is going to have very serious implications for our looming retirement crisis, and that is something that I am going to write about later today on End Of The American Dream.

And a lot of these young adults are not being productive members of society at all.  In fact, this new report from the Census Bureau found that one out of every four 25 to 34-year-old Americans that are currently living at home do not have a job and they are not going to school either.

In other words, they need to get a life.  I really like how a recent CNBC editorial made this point…

One of the most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches ever was broadcast in 1986 when guest host William Shatner played himself appearing at fictional Star Trek convention. After fielding one childish question after another from costumed fans in their late 20s and 30s, Shatner loses his cool and shouts: “GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show! … Move out of your parents’ basements! Get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP!”

Thirty-one years later, it sure seems like all of America needs to heed that message. Here’s why: The Census Bureau now says that more 18-34 year-olds are living with their parents than with a spouse.

But a lot of young men these days do not even want to go down the traditional route of marriage, family, career, etc.

In fact, a lot of them are forsaking the concept of marriage together.  Author Suzanne Venker says that a lot of these men are blaming their lack of desire to get married on modern women

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

“Men are tired,” Venker wrote. “Tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.”

On the flip side, a lot of women are extremely distressed that so few men seem to have the willingness to commit these days.  So many men just want to run around having sex with an endless series of women without ever putting a wedding ring on any of their fingers.

Of course many men figure that if they can get some of the best benefits of marriage (sex, companionship, etc.) without having to make a commitment then that is a pretty good deal for them.

Personally, I am a huge advocate of marriage, but the rest of society is moving in the exact opposite direction.  According to the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of 18 to 29-year-old Americans now believe that “marriage is becoming obsolete”.  And for a lot more numbers like this, please see my previous article entitled “43 Facts About Love, Sex, Dating And Marriage That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe”.

But of course not all young adults that are living at home are doing it for the wrong reasons.  Thanks to our long-term economic decline, it is much more difficult for young people to find good paying jobs today than it was several decades ago.  The following comes from CNS News

“More young men are falling to the bottom of the income ladder,” says the Census Bureau study. “In 1975, only 25 percent of men, aged 25 to 34, had incomes of less than $30,000 per year. By 2016, that share rose to 41 percent of young men (incomes for both years are in 2015 dollars).”

I have absolutely no problem at all with young adults that are living at home temporarily for economic reasons.  These Millennials are simply victims of our failing economy, and thus we should not be so quick to judge them.

And many of these young people graduate from college already saddled with tremendous amounts of debt.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of going to college has increased by an astounding 63 percent since 2006.  We assure our youngsters that they will get good paying jobs when they graduate that will enable them to pay off those student loans, but once they do finally graduate many of them are discovering that the good paying jobs that we promised them do not exist.

Today, Americans owe more than a trillion dollars on their student loans.  It has become a major national crisis, and it is financially crippling an entire generation.

So the next time you hear of a young adult that is still living at home, don’t be so quick to judge until you know the facts.

Yes, there are many that need a good kick in the pants to get them going in life, but there are also millions that are simply victims of our ongoing long-term economic collapse.

  • A.S.

    The answer is simple: no good jobs = take any minimum wage job = can’t afford a house = live at home = no woman wants such a guy.
    Solution: TRUMP keep your promise to bring back oil, industry, manufacturing.

    • socalbeachdude

      Those prior jobs are NOT coming back to the USA.

  • Guest

    Does anyone else sense a condescending tone in the author’s articles on this subject?

    And, no, I do not live with my parents. I have a job and my own home. I am a single, heterosexual, Christian man who has chosen not to marry.

    • Jorma

      You are truly a wise man. Wish I had your common sense before I married and divorced Darth Vaders sister.

      • Guest

        I appreciate your kind words, but I don’t consider myself to be very wise. My reasons for not marrying have mostly to do with my upbringing. I’ve had quite a few opportunities to marry, but I chose not to. And I’ll admit that I struggle in the flesh because I like lovely ladies. 🙂

        Sorry about your negative experience.

      • pissedlizard كافر ‏

        Darth Vader’s sister—I almost pee’d my pants reading that!

    • krinks

      You don’t know what you’re missing. I thought I’d end up that way until I found a God fearing woman who had never been with a man.

      I’ll give you a hint. A woman from a traditional two parent family who grew up with a Father present will love, honor, and respect you having learned to do this from loving, honoring, and respecting her father.

      A woman who grew up without a father present is damaged goods and is to be avoided at all costs. These are they that act like foul mouthed sluts having never learned how to interact with men.

      The good ones are hard to find but worth the search. A real blessing.

      • JC Teecher

        I disagree krinks. You can’t judge all girls/women the same. Not all girls are natured to act as you say, even if there was no father figure present.
        Sure, the shoe fits a lot, but there are girls that have morals, and have not been indoctrinated by schools and society.

        My first wife, married in the 70s, was all the things you said your wife is, until her true nature came through. Read my story about her, in my reply to CM…above ^^^.

        • krinks

          On average what I’ve said is true and Psychology will agree.

          I do understand the false face. That happened to me. The moment I moved in, she was no longer sweet, kind, and considerate but an alcoholic slut. I was nothing more than a notch on her belt that she was delusional enough to think I’d hang around as she screwed anything and everything on the side. Fortunately we were only living together and I was able to bail unscathed. I moved out, found my “good girl” two weeks later (April 26, 1990), and never looked back.

          • JC Teecher

            You are right about the false face, and in my experience, it is usually within the first 3 to 6 months that it rears it’s ugly head…after the newness of the relationship wears off.
            Girls with ill intent, will start to feel like they can take you for granted and that you will play along with any trash they drag out of their proverbial closet.
            Same goes for a percentage of guys. but it is more prevalent in girls.

            Before I met the mrs, about 13 years ago, i was introduced to a hard working, sexy single woman of the age of 45.
            We clicked and enjoyed having a couple beers on the weekend and going out on my boat, or riding the harley. Her few beers on the weekend, became a few cases, and spending more work week days around her, she turned out to be a functioning alcoholic.
            I tried to help her, but changing a woman that old is like trying to teach an old mare new tricks; as it is almost impossible.
            The last straw came when she was on the back of the harley, riding through the mtns. and almost wrecked me because she had taken some pills and was like a rag doll. We were about 40 miles from home, she slapped me, and I got her stuff out of my saddle bags, and left her in the middle of nowhere, to think about it. Lesson learned.

            I saw her about three years ago..on a moped, lost her job, and $50k in savings cause she hooked up with a bigger loser/doper, and user, than she had become. Sad.

          • krinks

            Funny you should mention three to six months. Three months into living with “her” she changed completely and it took me another three months to figure out this was permanent behavior and bail.

    • William Lutz

      True. This article sounds sort of belittling and insulting. As a member of the infamous Y generation who is going through tough times, this article is like a strong slap on my face.

      Yes, some of these millennials are lazy and unmotivated, but keep in mind that the previous generations are the ones who failed them. How do you expect a young guy in his early twenties to be a productive family man within an insecure society? Most of our jobs have disappeared, housing costs a fortune, our culture and values are decimated, our nation is more divided than ever. Hence, why would I aspire to work and support a family when the American Dream is extremely hard to attain?

      Therefore, I perfectly resonate with all my peers. They’ve been wronged and they inherited a mountain of liability and despair, so it’s no question why they don’t want to step up. They’re overwhelmed by how brutal reality currently is and they are reasonably afraid of facing adult responsibility and real independence. They’re all victims.

      • jonodough

        Trust, faith, courage. God will take care of the rest.

    • SnodtBlossom

      People like you are great.. as long as they stay away from my lunch table

  • Liberty First

    This nation cannot keep going as it has. Something is going to come down the pipeline.

    I got lucky and married an amazing Christian woman. But if I were a young guy today, with any sense, I would stay as far away from most American women as possible and look for a foreign born woman as a potential mate. Not even a close call. And if women are worried about commitment, perhaps they should stop shacking up with somebody new ever 10 days. A bit of an exaggeration, but it does impact the male female dynamic (guys should avoid casual sex as well). Also, the diversity push against men, especially white males, in the schools and workplace, further poisons the well.

    • Seems like President Trump took your advice and married a sweet gal from Slovakia. ha ha.

      But, you are right in my opinion: Much better options for a good wife like for example in the Philippines.


      I think its worldwide, its not just american womens….been in many countries and its the same history ….Better be alone 🙂

      • SnodtBlossom

        Sounds like a personal problem.

        • CASTIEL

          Who are you to judge?

          • SnodtBlossom

            let he who is without sin cast the first stone

          • CASTIEL

            So you are giving me reason……you must be full of sins…i dont understand your point…

      • JC Teecher

        I understand your reasoning and point about having a son from a whore, just to see him suffer.

        After the divorce in “85, i set out, slowly, to find a suitable girlfriend to share part of my life with.
        After a few dates and such, I was introduced to a friends girlfriends sister, that had just buried her husband. She was a nice looking girl of 25, only been with this one guy since grade school, and was hard working and clean. After a few dates, we decided to move the relationship to the bedroom, and had discussed that she had tried for three years to get pregnant, been to specialists, the whole works.

        Well, as fate would have it, she turned up pregnant, after she convinced me there was not a snowball’s chance in hell that she could conceive.
        She was a Christian girl, but not a girl I would have considered to marry, since i had failed at marriage. knowing this she left town with stern instructions to her younger sister to tell me nothing about the pregnancy. I only found out after the boy was 7 that he was mine, and he was already adopted and being raised by a good Christian man she married, many counties away.

        When all this truth came out by her sister, as she really liked me; I went right away and got a vasectomy.
        Children can be a blessing and a curse.
        My biological son is a good Christian and intelligent and hard working. His mother did well by him and me, by not using him as a tool to get child support. I would have gladly paid, just to know and help raise him.

        • SnodtBlossom

          “After a few dates, we decided to move the relationship to the bedroom, and had discussed”..
          Does anyone else find that statement as funny as I do? JCT broke the rightwing credos and jumped into bed after a few dates and not taking long enough to get to know the true moral compass of the woman
          “as fate would have it, she turned up pregnant, after she convinced me there was not a snowball’s chance in hell that she could conceive”
          ..not only did JCT rush into bed foolishly to fornicate, he also didn’t use contraception. He virtually painted a target on himself.

    • SnodtBlossom

      A guy at work walked up to me w/a cross, a Christian tshirt, and a Midwestern attitude. He saw that it was a turn-off and tried to paint himself a rebel after that. I just keep hoping he will stay away from my desk and the coffee makers at break time.

    • retired22

      This is the objective of the NWO globalists.This didn’t just work out this way,’s been planned for many years
      Social Engineering to destroy the nation,destroy the culture & turn the population into peasants.
      Then we become a province of their new global regime!


      wow, if you where a young guy seems you should just join a monastery

    • BigDonutz

      Uhh, I see enough white guys with asian women.
      Did anyone think that white people actually come from two whites getting together? The world already has 1.4 billion chinese — not even counting all the “Chinatowns” in every single major city in the world. That’s not diversifying.

      • Liberty First

        I do not care what color somebody is…there are enough corrupt white people to last us a lifetime, same with the other races. Content of character is what counts for me.

  • krinks

    Why would a man commit today?

    The woman will take all the assets in the divorce +

    half his income +

    child support for the child she had with the pool boy that the three of them now live with on his dime.

    What is the upside to commit for the man when the woman chances are put out on the first date?

    • Cinderella Man

      Why buy the cow when everyone is getting the milk and steaks for free? I almost got married to a woman who was my common law for almost 5 years. Still recovering from the aftermath. Marriage leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Of she’s not on the same page as me in life I have no use for them. I’ve been a rescuer and I’m done. I only date truly independent women and my new squeeze is a history teacher more deplorable than me which I never thought was Anyways I have standards that must be met because I’m not willing to compromise mine anymore! So if I’m not ready to take the plunge so be it. In only gonna marry once and that’s it. I refuse to be a serial divorcer.

      • SnodtBlossom

        (He thinks he is going to marry once.. key words “new squeeze”)

      • JC Teecher

        Even, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

        I met a Christian, church attending, father as Sunday school teacher, mother in the choir, beautiful 16 year old girl (virgin), and we dated until she graduated college, and I was as well.

        Got married, 1978, and made plans to live on land and mobile home I already had acquired years earlier.
        We wanted to build a house on the land which was land that had been in my family since 1940.

        I told her to bank all her income except what she needed for groceries and I would pay all the bills, until we got enough to pay for half the construction of a 100k dollar house, in about 7 or 8 years.
        We did have a joint savings account, and I trusted her, and never inquired about the balance until after 3 years, when a bank statement came in the mailbox that was from a big city bank where her parents lived.

        since it was in my wifes name, and had our address, in my mailbox, I opened it.
        To my surprise the statement had somehow folded wrong, and it showed her as joint account holder and our address, but had been normally going to the other joint account holder, her father, that lived about 100 miles away. The balance was over $20,000.
        the jig was up, but I was too slick for this crap.
        I sealed the envelope back, and dropped it back into the mailbox the next morning as i went to work, knowing she would get the mail the next day.
        Nothing was ever said by her, and I had to bite my tongue, but I kept quiet. I paid close attention to her goings and comings, and other unusual things. After about six months I found out that she was scruuing her boss, for raises, and a promotion. We had a two year old daughter, so I was in no hurry to break up the family, but she was a devil of woman, and slick as a poison viper. She played up the sweet and innocent christian woman to the hilt, and I saw the deception. For two years, I hid every dime I could, and even worked side jobs, of which she wanted the extra money to “put in our building fund”…lol..yea right…”her and Daddy’s con game fund”.

        Then when I could not stand the sight of her any longer, I asked why did our savings account only have $50.00 in it. She claimed she had the $$ in her solo checking account, but would not show me the statement.
        I had already went to a lawyer, and because I owned the property before we were married, and the land payments were all paid by my checks, and none of hers; I was covered under the premarital asset laws of our state.

        Her daddy never would admit what they had done, even after i told them I knew and had seen a statement from his bank.
        he then tried to sue me and take my home and land away from me, but he could not buy off any judge to circumvent the law.

        Now talk about getting a lesson by the school of hard knocks. Every time another woman started pushing the marriage issue, I pushed back with the prenuptial agreement, until they eventually showed their true colors and moved on.
        The last (current) Mrs. and I have everything equally split on paper, if one goes the other way.

        • Barefoot in MN

          I’m sorry about your experience. And glad you are okay now.

    • William Lutz

      That is one reason why I’m reluctant to marry and have kids. Nowadays, there’s a great opportunity that a woman will leave you without the kids and force you to pay undeserved child support along with substantial alimony. Besides, who in their right mind would want to bring a child into this effed up world?

      • Common Ground

        …you are 100% correct!

      • SnodtBlossom

        You’ll find that women are reluctant to marry guys who identify w/radical Islam, too.

    • SnodtBlossom

      You act is if you have a decent salary. Who are you kidding?

      • Concerned Capitalist

        My salary is currently zero (0) US$. I derive all income from capital gains on stocks, forex, futures, options and reselling physical gold for a profit. Капитализм верховные! Capitalism is supreme!

        One must figure out a method through which one can derive income from multiple streams; the termination of one’s employment could occur, one’s stocks could decrease, or one might be unaware of the functionality of options and lose their money.

        • SnodtBlossom

          My comment was towards krinks

        • juanisaac

          can you recommend recommend some books to replicate what you are doing?I am interested?

    • christ_bearer ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Amen brotha.. preach it

  • socalbeachdude
    • Son of a sailor

      Why don’t you write your own blog? Get a grip. Space hog

      • Cinderella Man

        Block the idiot. All you see is a column of This user is blocked.

        • Son of a sailor

          Didn’t know I could. Thanks for the tip. I will. It will be refreshing to read a few thought out or humorous comments from others and not the non stop diarrhea from Social Beach Psycho path.

          • socalbeachdude

            What utter nonsense. I would suggest you read that excellent article.

          • Cinderella Man

            It’s the little triangle in the corner just click block user

        • socalbeachdude

          Your desire to maintain your extreme ignorance is just beyond mind boggling!

  • Bill

    I hate to divulge my soul but after 47 years of marriage to the most wonderful woman in the world I’ve conclude that chem trails have definitely transformed the female personality.

    • socalbeachdude



      oh so that explains Caitlyn Jenner

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    Blame the parents. If the kid didn’t get a trophy for showing up to school, mommy and daddy sues everyone. The question you should ask yourself is what happens when those children in the Middle East, you know, the ones beheading people and learning how to make IEDs, what happens when they grow up and the millennials have to face them? What happens when you are 80 and relying on these current millennials to be running things-and it is inevitable-and these ISIS millennials grow up and travel to the USA…

  • socalbeachdude

    The deadline for dealing with the federal debt ceiling is just a week away and happens next Friday April 29.20-17. The Republicans do not have the 60 votes required to get anything approved and unless some miracle happens between now and then there will be yet another government shutdown which will throw things into significant turmoil. Rather than dealing with this extremely urgent issue, Congress remains on “vacation” and the Trump administration is wasting all sorts of time with warmongering nonsense, tax cuts (which have zero chance of passing in Congress), attempting to rewrite “health” laws rather than just repealing ObamaScare and all sorts of foreign pandering to China and other Asian countries.

  • socalbeachdude


    ‘Genuinely Scared’ – Farage Says May’s Snap Election Tactic Is To Dodge Party Expenses Scandal

    UK Voters Skeptical, Exasperated Ahead Of Snap Vote

    Corbyn Rips May For Debates After Snap Election Call

  • socalbeachdude


    ‘Try living in the real world’: William, Harry and Kate provoke a furious backlash with their mental health outpourings and are accused of ‘feeling sorry for themselves’

    Harry’s revelation that he sought counselling as he struggled to come to terms with Diana’s death was followed by more personal outpourings from his older brother, Prince William, and his sister-in-law, Kate.

  • socalbeachdude

    The most important key issue why folks live at family homes are HOUSING COSTS.

    This city has the most heavily indebted homeowners in America

    Many homeowners in on the both coasts have gotten in over their heads when it comes to their mortgages.

    But San Luis Obispo, Calif., has the most over-leveraged mortgage borrowers in the country, according to a new study released Wednesday by personal-finance site WalletHub. To determine how over-leveraged the city’s debtors were, WalletHub compared the median mortgage balance among residents with the median home value and median income. In total, WalletHub analyzed the leverage situation across more than 2.500 cities nationwide.

    In San Luis Obispo, the median mortgage debt amount was roughly $333,641, compared with a median house value of $546,200. Additionally, the mortgage debt-to-income ratio in the city on California’s Central Coast is a staggering 2,014%, according to WalletHub, with a median income of just $16,565. Other cities with the most over-leveraged borrowers include Williamsburg, Va.; Brooksville, Fla.; Bay Point, Calif.; and Willis, Texas.

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude


    Uber Is Losing Money At A Historic Rate

    With its day-to-day business burning through almost $3 billion last year, the company is in the league of the true money-losing giants.

  • socalbeachdude

    Will Trump Accept Responsibility When It All Implodes?

    How in the world does anyone with two brain cells believe the average American has the ability to keep increasing their spending when their wages are stagnant, real household income is falling, and Obamacare continues to siphon what little cash they might have. There is no Obamacare replacement on the horizon, which means no tax cuts. But there is the promise of new wars across the globe. We got that going for us.

    Trump is a self proclaimed PR genius. As this economy spirals downward, followed by the stock market, I wonder if the Donald will step up and accept responsibility for the debacle when it happens. He needs to reap what he sows and accept responsibility if he is going to boast about his success in reviving the economy.

  • Cinderella Man

    These millenials are what I call Barry’s kids. An entire generation of young people who were coming of age when Obama got elected. There were no jobs because retiring boomers still had to work and Gen Xers who couldn’t find anything but the low wage burger flipper jobs. So he gave them college loans and debt to keep them pacified because he couldn’t provide them jobs. Now they are graduating and realizing that the guidance counselor lied and their online degree is worthless. And they are angry very angry. And now they have nothing better to do than cause mayhem and discontent. After all they had 4 years of radicalization under far left extremist college professors. I believe this was done with careful thought and design. As for the marriage failure also blame it on declining moral standards and feminism brought to you also by the radical far left. First they attacked the father then the mother and now the state raises your children.

    • Son of a sailor

      Dead on. I like your thinking.

      • Cinderella Man

        And now like a deadbeat father Barry will appear ever so often to disrupt their lives after abandoning and failing them. They will start to heal under their new father Trump and boom! Out of nowhere Barry shows up! Obama owns these kids. They love socialism they want free everything.

        • Son of a sailor

          Socialism will destroy us. Not an economic collapse. Collapses are instant. Our demise will slowly continue, will quicker segments like the Barry one. Trump will only heal half it, then another American hater like O will continue the quest.

          • Lennie Pike

            Fascism will destroy us – not socialism. The socialism is a bread and circuses subcategory of fascism necessary for the fascists to operate. A more accurate name for the government of the U.S. is Zionazi fascism – the prosecution of Julian Assange, a whistleblower of the criminality of this foreign criminal unconstitutional power that has taken over of the U.S. (research Jared Kushner) is proof of who “they” are, and they didn’t just now suddenly appear withe the “Trump” administration.

            There is no rule of law being applied to these thugs – need examples, or your memory refreshed? 9-11 would be a nice example. Maybe you need slapped out of your denial mode – which is understandable because it’s hard to admit that what the U.S. basically has now is Nazi Germany turned upside down.

            Up till now “they” have implemented the soft form of fascism – expect that to change to the hard for at any moneyment.

          • Lennie Pike

            “moneyment” was one of the typos but applies well.

    • socalbeachdude

      How was it any different from now in the 1960s?

    • Just a reader

      All of what you said is true.

  • socalbeachdude

    Soft, smooth and steady: How Xanax turned American music into pill-pop

    Drugs and music. Music and drugs. Sometimes, they go together. At least, in the popular imagination. If jazz was haunted by heroin, and rock bloomed on acid, and disco darlings preened on cocaine, and ravers got touchy-feely on ecstasy, Lana Del Rey’s recent single, “Love,” sounds like two milligrams of Xanax crushed into dust and set adrift on the Pacific breeze in your mind. “Don’t worry, baby,” she sings repeatedly during the ballad’s gentle send-off, her voice plunging low, enunciation going slack. It’s the kind of song that quietly levitates you out of your life, then disappears.

    Listening to “Love” on Xanax might feel redundant, but in today’s freaked-out America — where relief-seekers are swallowing opioids and benzodiazepines in record numbers — the connection between our sounds and our substances feels pervasive. When everyone seems to be on drugs, everyone’s music sounds more and more like pill-pop.

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude
  • aldownunder

    Hasn’t this one been done before

  • Carl

    “So many men just want to run around having sex with an endless series of
    women without ever putting a wedding ring on any of their fingers.”

    In the not so good olden days men still did this. There was a saying there are girls you sleep with and girls you marry.

    To that statement I ask what is the moral character of any man that uses one woman for sex and deems her not marriage material? While another he sees as pure and worthy of said ring?

    • aldownunder

      Well maybe she does exactly what he does.
      Neither good marriage material

      • Carl

        Most of the women that are really easy are that way because they are craving love and think that sex is the only way to get said love. So no I don’t believe that most women feel that way about men who are easy.

        Though now it seems the tide is turning with more men not wanting to sleep around and women being the aggressor in pursuing sex.

        • JC Teecher

          You might just be right on this one, Obi Wan.

          • Cinderella Man

            I know right? I never thought Carl had it in him!

          • JC Teecher

            yep, the blind hog thing must be true.

  • Broos

    Otherwise, UN$U$TAINABLE.

  • Common Ground

    ..the problem in America (and ALL western, Christian countries!), is that the white race is dying off….quickly! The western people have lost the will to live and they have NO purpose in life, except (as the Roman pagans)…eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow they die! White women don’t obey their husbands, can’t cook, fool around at the office, and don’t like to make babies! In addition, Christian religion is under attack!
    Bill Maher has a blog and YOU TUBE documentary (Religulous!), that claims Jesus Christ NEVER existed! ..there are no protests and western man is going down the memory hole! Another problem, is that there are NO steady jobs, anymore, and what little money white men earn, they bank it, for the day when they will be unemployed!….can’t win, no matter what! ..what to think and do….?

    • socalbeachdude

      Only 23% of the world’s population of 7.5+ billion people consider themselves to be “Christians” while 77% of the world’s population does not embrace that religion at all.

      • Common Ground

        ..yes, and the (white) Christians are being attacked, by Christian clergy and paid off politicians (especially in Canada, Justin Trudeau and just like his daddy, Pierre in the 1960’s), who actually fly 100,000 Syrian Muslim migrants into the country, especially Toronto, which is becoming a muslim city!

        • socalbeachdude


    • SnodtBlossom

      LOL.. Your cave is a mess.. and your dog peed on your favorite stone chair

    • JC Teecher

      Bill Maher is the poster boy for anti-christian liberalism and pro satanic agendas.

      Even though I disagree with his public displays of ignorance and evil, we still do have freedom of speech.
      One day soon, he will have to bend/bow down on his knees, and go through the separation, just like everyone else. Sheep and goats.

      • Cinderella Man

        He will be slain by the Muslim scum he embraces. Or the next thing you see is one of the most God hating atheists converting to Islam. The appeasers will either bow or face the wrath.

  • Sisajte ga

    Sipu ga nime bagro.
    Bem ti anjo atermanjo alomanjo. Ositesenonjo u urackunjo agrobanjo.
    Ojakonjo omilagonjo udakalunjo. Sisajte ga.

    • socalbeachdude

      Another rude and vile comment. Why?

      • SnodtBlossom

        and it wasn’t even from me

        • socalbeachdude


  • socalbeachdude

    In Europe it has always been typical and traditional for 3 generations of a family to live together which is a vastly superior approach to life than the weird and bizarre approach unique to America of only one generation living in a house under the “American Dream” theory which is dying very quickly.

    • Zenithon

      I think there is a difference here compared to what you’re referring to. In that European model, which is not prevelent in all parts of Europe, the family looks after each other from cradle to grave, children to grandparents. What we are seeing here is almost an extension of childhood where these kids/adults continue to live at home sponging off mom and pop well past the age of adulthood. They’re not growing up, having a family and career, and taking over the responsibilities of the household as their parents grow into their golden years.

      • socalbeachdude

        Yes, you are quite correct in large part as to your distinctions, but you have to realize that all parents become children as they age and then die which is a very sad process to watch and participate in.

        • GSOB

          Psalm 90:12

      • TheLulzWarrior

        he same was true in the USA as well,

        it is just that this consumerist idiocy reached Europe later! No wonder you had “never trust anyone over 30” BS!

        I agree that the young adults should try to work and not live off their parents but owning their own homes and cars? Get into even more consumer debts? Nope! How idiotic!

        Silly boomers, you helped bring this about and your pensions will soon be zero!

        • Boomers were the greediest dumbest generation there is. Millennials and Gen Z aren’t much better. The last decent generation was the WW2 one. Sadly, they were duped into fighting the wrong enemy.

    • Rebel

      Not in the part of Europe I come from.

      • socalbeachdude

        And, what part of Europe is that? There are around 28 countries (perhaps soon to be 27) in the EU with over 507 million people as compared to the 324 million or so people in the USA.

        • Rebel

          Not in France, neither in Scandinavia, which are parts of Europe I know very well

          • socalbeachdude

            Actually, multi-generational families are very common in France.

          • Charles Martel

            i am french and that’s how we lived for centuries…

        • Donald Duck

          Europe and EU are very different things. For starters, there are many countries in Europe outside of EU.

      • Zenithon

        You are correct. There are many different cultures in Europe and they can differ quite a bit. Where my family comes from it is quite common to have multiple generations in a single household.

    • meredithk

      And Europe is dying.

    • Big Red

      Agreed, weve had 3 to 4 generations living together for 100+ years.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Millenials have a duty to fight! To make the realm great and glorious again!

      Work hard only to get into debts, so entitled b***ches can stay at home and blow their hard-earned money? No!

      If they are to win, the Righteous must reject these boomer, upper middle-class ideals! Kek Vult!

  • Jeri Brace

    part of the reason our youth are having a problem finding a good paying job is because Congress are supplying cheap foreign labor to American Manufacturers. Rat Ryan Sponsored the Omnibus Bill that included up to 4x more H1-B & H2-B visa workers into the US. These poor Educated & non Educated workers need a job and pay for these Visa’s While Congress supplies American Manufacturers with Cheap foreign labor. Congress gives rewards to Manufacturers & Corporations that hire these individuals with Lavish Tax Breaks for hiring them. Guess you know where in line that puts you Joe America chances are since these workers only have the right to work in the US they won’t likely Unionize. a nice bonus. This is only really 1 example of the Corruption & the “Racketeering Operations” of our Beloved Men & Women of Congress whom have sold us down the River while fattening up their offshore accounts @ the same time.
    and they wonder why America only gives them a 6% and falling approval rating.

    • socalbeachdude

      But each Congress person’s constituents typically gives their own Congress person an 80% to 90% approval rating!

    • Carl

      I think the problem is not the foreign competition but rather the problem is that factory jobs and menial labor jobs that used to pay a lot are going away. Largely in part due to automation and technology.

      Unfortunately this creates a problem of competition for the better paying jobs and only a select few make the cut. The rest are forced to do menial and mindless jobs for lower pay than they would have gotten 30 or more years ago.

      Technology is displacing people. Yet prices for basic needs like shelter, food are increasing and the wage is staying the same or not increasing enough to make a difference and help improve the quality of life for a person and their family.

      Even having a bachelor’s degree now is meaningless.

      The key to this economy is self teaching and learning. Putting your eggs in more than one basket and having different revenue streams so when one source dries up you have another.

      Unfortunately the easy lifestyles that the boomers enjoyed are pretty much gone. You know working your 9 to 5 and then relaxing on the weekends. Which only applied to the middle class back then because there were always poor who were just getting by but that had more to do with making poor choices in life or not having the imagination to believe you could be something different than what you were taught growing up (now we have google so there is no excuse).

      Now people always have to reinvent themselves all the time and hustle, hustle, hustle. Which is stressful because you never really get to fully relax in this economy.

      I guess the key is to live frugal. Buy what you need. Save the rest for the what if’s in life and keep moving forward. Use a college as a stepping stone to a job that pays well or go to a technical school and learn a trade which in the future economy may be more lucrative than doctor or engineer, etc.

      Of course people slowing down on buying all those consumer wants will create more job loss, but that is another story all together.

    • Lennie Pike

      Exacty – fascism. Business (the majority owners) rule ungoverned with no rule of law applied. The U.S. has the best goverment and legal system money can buy -and if you happen to hold the monopoly of being able to create an unlimited amount of Dollars you can make the rules for now – but that is all soon to change because it is the golden rule (their version) that applies: he who has the gold (LITERALLY) makes the rules – which is no longer the “U.S.” but is Russia and China – thus the military aggression – but without physical gold that goes away very quickly – thus the immediacy.

      • JC Teecher

        Speaking of Russia, did you see where they were flying their bombers about 35 miles off the coast of Alaska. They are testing the waters, and have a major plan in the works for days/years ahead.

        They were escorted off by two F 22 Raptors promptly the first time.
        The F-22 is the meanest beast in the air. A full blown monster with dual engines that has Mach 2 capability, and can launch off the runway carrying a massive 84,000 lbs. maximum weight.

        While at the beach a couple weeks ago, as usual, there is the occasional military jet coming off hte runway, just over our camper lot, just past the end of the runway, and about 150 yards from the beach and my favorite fishing pier, that was demolished by last October’s Hurricane as it hit Myrtle Beach.

        I was there a few days just before and bailed out. We are now bailed out of the campground permanently, as bad neighbors, a lost pier (which will probably never be rebuilt), and too many jet planes. More jet planes launching means more jet fuel toxins in the air/environment. It is estimated that 10% of all cancers comes from jet fuel exhaust. ????

        Anyways, I got to experience something that I could have never imagined, nor actually gave thought to experiencing before i die.
        As we were close enough to hear the big jet engines warm up and hear the usual screaming whine as they blast off the runway and then come over our camper, roaring with almost deafening loudness; I picked up on unusual sounds like the jets with afterburner equipment, sometimes test bumping the afterburner before beginning their launch, and the usual loud boom explosion sound.

        Just so happened, we were having lunch outside at the picnic table on this particular day, and heard unusual loud whining of a jet engine and the double blast of test checking the afterburner, and the it came.
        Unbeknownst to us, it was a beast military jet.
        The roar and whine was even bigger than that of the jumbos that run overhead about 90% of the time. As the wife was standing near me, she made a face and then held her ears, as i looked up, and almost directly overhead, it happened with a loudness and force that I can’t even describe. it was a twin engine, F-22 Raptor I guessed, and he did a full on afterburner, vertical launch. at first I thought it might be a fast F-16, since they use that airfield, but this jet had the unmistakable twin engines and lit up orange hot exhaust blazing out of sight, straight up over us. Could have been the F-18 Hornet (the other twin engine military jet), but they don’t usually have that kind of thrust, and don’t quite make the mach 2 speed limit.

        When it cleared away out of sight, my wife said “WTF was that. i can barely speak”?
        I said; “that my dear, was the sound of Freedom. Military power that keeps us free from attack”.
        She replied; that was like the sound and feel of those top Fuel Dragsters at the 4-Wide Drag Race you took me to in Charlotte, NC.
        Yep, we were standing on the aluminum grandstands on the cheap side of the Dragway, and it was the last run of the Top Fuelers, for a while, so we were in a hurry to beat the crowds going to the tunnel under the track, to hit the pit area for autographs/food/t-shirts/etc.
        We had our stuff and was standing, as we were gonna make a run for it, and then all four 10,000 HP machines hooked up, and stayed lit up, for the whole 1000 ft run. As we were standing, we literally bounced around on those aluminum stands, like a couple of BBs.

        • Lennie Pike

          They’re gonna need a plan.

        • Gay Veteran

          fixed your sentence: that my dear, was the sound of Empire

        • socalbeachdude

          It was the sound of WASTED MONEY.

      • socalbeachdude

        What utter nonsense. The Federal Reserve is the most conservative central bank in the world and has kept the US money supply well below $14 trillion at a time when China has expanded its money supply by more than $30 trillion to over $34 trillion over the past 10 years despite the economy of China being about half the size of the US economy.

        As to gold, the Russia has practically no gold and the government of China only has about 1,677 metric tonnes worth less than $100 billion while the US Treasury has more than 8,000 metric tonnes of gold worth around $350 billion at current spot market prices. If the US government could sell all of its gold it would generate enough money to pay for 2 to 3 months of the current federal government deficit.

  • socalbeachdude

    U.S. government posts $176 billion deficit in March

    The U.S. government had a $176 billion budget deficit in March as spending outstripped revenue, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

    The budget deficit was $108 billion in March 2016, according to Treasury’s monthly budget statement.

    The fiscal 2017 year-to-date deficit was $527 billion compared with $459 billion in the same period of fiscal 2016.

    When accounting for calendar adjustments, the deficit last month was $140 billion. The adjusted deficit for the fiscal year to date was $564 billion.

    Receipts last month totaled $217 billion, down 5 percent from March 2016, while outlays stood at $393 billion, an increase of 17 percent from the same month a year earlier.

  • socalbeachdude

    One week until Congress must act on the federal debt ceiling matter on Friday April 28, 2017. Why isn’t this the key focus? Why is Congress on “vacation” until 4 days before that date? How are the Republicans going to get 60 votes in the Senate to deal with that issue? Literally everything that Donald Trump “promised” in his campaign is being betrayed and absolutely nothing of any actual importance is getting accomplished at all in 2017.

  • socalbeachdude


    President says Obamacare replacement is coming ‘next week or shortly thereafter’ as Republicans scramble to line up votes for Trumpcare 2.0

    ‘The plan gets better and better and better, and it’s gotten really, really good. And a lot of people are liking it a lot,’ the president said. ‘We have a good chance of getting it soon. I’d like to say next week.’

  • socalbeachdude

    Why are there so many potheads in America?

    4/20 Surprise: Federal Charges for Activists Who Offered Free Joints Near Congress…

    Support for weed legalization reaches new high, as more than six in 10 Americans say the drug should be legalized

    Support for the legalization of marijuana among Americans is now at 61 per cent, according to a recent CBS News poll released today – that’s the highest in its 38-year trend.

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude

    Donald Trump is PART OF THE NWO.

    • Lennie Pike

      Still think Jared Kushner is a nice young Jewish boy – or whatever it was you called him?

      Research him – his loyalties are not to the Unuted States, and I have zero doubt that if “they” thought that the nuclear annihilation of the U.S. would be to their benefit, they would probably push the button themselves.

  • socalbeachdude

    More Nonsensical News Noise on North Korea…

    NKorea threatens USA to ashes…
    Warns of ‘super-mighty preemptive strike’…
    Advances toward sub-launched missile…
    Beijing may cut oil to Pyongyang…
    Russia moves troops and armored vehicles to border…
    Chance of ‘Accidental’ Nuclear War on Rise…
    Should California panic?

  • socalbeachdude

    Over on MarketWatch a not long ago Rex Nutting wrote an absolutely excellent and brilliantly clear article on the US economy and stock markets which is a MUST READ if you want to understand what has really been going on over the past 40 or so years which got us to where we are today:

    Opinion: How the stock market destroyed the middle class – By Rex Nutting

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — There’s something seriously wrong with an economy that nurtures a few billionaires but can’t sustain the middle class.

    Many factors have been blamed for the plummeting fortunes of the American middle class: globalization, technology, deregulation, easy credit, the winner-take-all economy, and even the inevitable tide of history.

    But one under-appreciated factor is a pervasive business model that encourages top managers of American corporations to loot their company for short-term gains, depriving those companies of the funds they need to build and enlarge, and invest in their workers for the long haul.

    How do they loot their company? By using large stock buybacks to manage the short-term objectives that trigger higher compensation for themselves. By using those stock buybacks to manipulate the share price, which allows them to use inside information to time their own stock sales. By using buybacks to funnel most of the company’s profits back to shareholders (including themselves).

    They use the stock market to loot their companies.

    “The ‘buyback corporation’ is in large part responsible for a national economy characterized by income inequality, employment instability, and diminished innovative capacity,” wrote William Lazonick, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in a new paper published by the Brookings Institution.

    Lazonick argues that corporations — which once retained a sizable share of profits to reinvest (including investing in their workforce by paying them enough to get them to stay) — have adopted a “downsize-and-distribute” model.

    How did we get here?

  • socalbeachdude


    Stocks jump on earnings, health care news, Trump comments

    Dow 20,578.71 174.22 0.85%
    S&P 500 2,355.84 17.67 0.76%
    Nasdaq 5,916.78 53.74 0.92%
    GlobalDow 2,665.42 18.42 0.70%
    Gold 1,282.90 -0.90 -0.07%
    Oil 50.26 -0.18 -0.36%

    • Dan Wingert

      Wall Street is betting on war.

  • Rebel

    What women do not seem to get, is that they are destroying their own life with their own hands.
    They are maybe not completely to blame, as they are brainwashed by the medias and lobbies who do not have women’s best interest at heart. But they need to realise that as long as they will be motivated by selfish interests, and egoism, they will never find the road to happiness.

    • socalbeachdude

      Yep, but many of them don’t seem to care at all.

    • SnodtBlossom

      Ridiculous, go back to your cave.

  • SnodtBlossom

    That increases the odds that you won’t be creating your ethnically confused mulatinoized kids w/attitudes. Problem solved. 🙂


    Marriage is not scaring men off. Having children is not scaring men off. Divorce, however, is scaring men off. Get married, have a couple of kids, get divorced and you face Financial Collapse. I have met more than one man in their 40s and 50s living with his parents who said that if he could not do so he would be on the street. The word is out. Now, the obvious solution is…don’t get divorced but women have figured out that having a kid secures a thousand or more a month from a man for 20 years. Do the Math…

    • Carl

      Child support is based in income and why wouldn’t a man want to help in the financial obligations it takes to raise his children? Here is the caveat if a man does divorce, don’t meet another woman and have even more kids. If you don’t like the burden economically for having kids get a vasectomy this way you are not adding to your own burden money wise.

  • Susan

    I have been married to the same man for 32 years. We have two sons and a daughter. The kids did their chores growing up before they spent the rest of their free time outside, exploring, building, peddling their bikes, working on little engines, making hay for farmers and picking rocks out of farmers fields. In exchange, the farmers would allow them to haul home old trucks and tractors that were disabled and rusting away in the woods. They then took them apart and restored the vehicles/tractors. The boys had their own vehicles, which they restored themselves, before age 16 and paid their own car insurances. They each married young women who are also hard workers and who like to play hard. At ages 27 and 25, they have their own homes almost paid for, as well as a small lumber mill, land, farm equipment, campers and collectible cars etc. They have decent jobs in which they work hard physical labor. Their wives, who have college educations, are staying at home, with the kids until they feel they feel it is the right time to re-enter the workforce. Each son has small children who also love to work and play hard. My sons “found” their wives in Church, as I did my husband. (a side note ) My daughter is successful at her profession as well and is living her dream … by the ocean. Maybe society needs to put down electronic games and computers and tv and work and play hard and go to Church. Things come together for good when that happens. (by the way, I was the Mom who never bought my kids video games… they received boxes of alligator clips, batteries, light bulbs, small motors, books, tools, tents, fishing poles and bikes for their birthday/Christmas gifts. PS They are raising their children the same way. My question to you is: Where are these young adults, who live with Mom and Dad, looking for spouses? bars? What do you expect to find there?

  • Олег Донец

    Because being selfish is much easier, that’s the reason

    • socalbeachdude

      No, the reasons are primarily FINANCIAL.

      • Олег Донец

        I’m not rich, but I have family and 3 kids. And average income didn’t stop me. Finances is 2ndary reason, which come from selfishness.

  • Black

    Because……………$9.00 hour slinging designer coffee isn’t enough to pay rent and $800/month in student loans

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      Exactly. When work doesn’t pay, it doesn’t pay to work. And you sure can’t raise a family on those kind of wages. So, a lot of men figure, “what’s the point?”. That’s what the wealthiest one percent has done for the country. Stolen wages over the last 30 years is the reason why we are where we are.

      • Black

        It used to be that a one income household with a blue collar type job could raise a family with a nice little house, car and a few luxuries here and there . My parents house cost $10,000. My house costs $400,000 for basically the same house. I assure you I don’t make 40X what my father did

        • GSOB

          Petrodollar fringe benefit.

          • socalbeachdude

            There is no such thing as the “petro dollar” and less than 5% of the use of the US dollar globally has anything at all to do with oil as you have been told many times.

          • GSOB

            Your point?

        • krinks

          All this free stuff they vote for every year has a cost, in both taxes and a debased currency.

          • socalbeachdude

            The US government issuing Treasuries to raise funds does not in any way “debase” the US dollar.

          • krinks

            You don’t understand how currency works then. For instance a can of coke and a bag of chips 40 years ago could be had for under 25 cents whereas today they cost ~$3.

          • socalbeachdude

            I understand how “currency works” just fine, but apparently you do not. As to the price of Coke you can buy a full liter of that today for about 80 cents at most grocery stores in the USA.

          • Lennie Pike

            Yeah, but how much does a 16oz. bottle and a bag of chips go for?

            Repeat this out loud to yourself till it sinks in: I am wee todd did. I am sofa king wee todd did.

          • socalbeachdude

            You can often buy a 10 oz. large bag of potato chips at Ralphs for $1.49 and you can often buy a full liter of Coke at Ralphs for $0.80 and a liter has 33.8140227 fluid ounces so that answer is about 40 cents for 16 oz. of Coke. If you want the “convenience” of much smaller bottles then obviously you will be charged more, though you can buy 6 packs or 24 bottle cases of those to vastly lower their cost.

          • Lennie Pike

            Keep repeating it.

          • krinks

            Nonsense. As I said a can of coke and a bag of chips and get change back for a quarter. If you say you can do this today you’re a liar. This was back before they started filling the bags of chips with air.

          • socalbeachdude

            It’s actually a 2 LITER BOTTLE (not 1 liter bottle) of Coke or whatever fizzy drink you want that you can buy for 80 cents to 99 cents at the grocery store here in California and you can get a HUGE BAG of potato chips around 10 oz. for around $2 and you’ll have plenty of both for many servings. Learn to be a SAVVY SHOPPER.

          • krinks

            Are you stupid? You won’t get either one let alone both for less than a quarter. Currency debased.

          • socalbeachdude

            Just because major corporations raise prices on what they sell does not in any way support your notion of “debasement” of currency. You do not have to buy things like Coke and chips if you do not like the price and if you buy them in larger quantities as I clearly stated, then the prices are still VERY LOW.

          • Lorungee

            I’m old enough to remember a brand name bag of chips would cost ~ 89 cents, for a full 16 ounces.

          • Lennie Pike

            Welfare for the Elite which includes the funding for infinite war, The MIC, PPT expense, and other market rigging expense, bailouts of too big to jail banks including foreign banks, etc. – along with flat out creating money and sticking it directly into the pockets of the well conected debases the Dollar on a scale that dwarfs welfare to everyone else – not that they should be stealing either.

          • socalbeachdude

            There is no “PPT” at all and there were NO NET BAILOUTS FOR ANY BANKS back in 2008-2009 or going forward.

      • socalbeachdude

        No wages have been “stolen” from anyone and most Americans who do work are now being PAID FAR MORE THAN THEY ARE WORTH to employers and the only reason any job exists is to get specific work performed. If that work can be done abroad by much more dedicated and qualified workers at a much lower price, that is tremendous progress in our economic system.

        • orsobubu

          usually I’m 90% agreeding with you; in this case, I have to say that capital is marxistically defined as worked hours not payed by the capitalist, in the average of the economic cycle. On the other way, I perfectly agree that capitalism function in history and progress of mankind is exactly as you described.

        • Ben Hanscom

          I strongly disagree. American workers should not have to compete with slave labor wages in communist countries. That’s tantamount to living under communism ourselves.

          • socalbeachdude

            That’s simply HOW THE WORLD WORKS when it comes to manufacturing goods and results in a far broader array of goods for all Americans with much better quality and much lower prices these days.

          • Ben Hanscom

            Hmm. I like the way you think. Learn to play the game, take advantage of the miserable peons, and enrich myself with their sweat and tears. Eff their lives! Worthless serfs deserve to drown in their own despair lol. It’s their own faults for being “uneducated”, right?

            Yup, that’s how the world works. Survival of the fittest, winner takes all. Sickening to those of us with a conscience. But a man’s gotta eat! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

          • socalbeachdude

            Well, if you were running a large company, would you even consider manufacturing any consumer goods in the USA as compared to Taiwan, Vietnam, or the PRC?

          • Ben Hanscom

            I like to think I would but money corrupts, and I’ve proven myself to be a very corruptible person over the years. Besides, once unions rear their ugly heads… yeah. No idea what I’d do

          • socalbeachdude

            You simply cannot have a public stock corporation profitable by making most all consumer products in America nor have it grow nearly so rapidly.

            A great example of a California corporation that grew from nearly nothing over the past 20 years to its current $4 billion a year in revenues does most all of its manufacturing in Taiwan but has its headquarters and design operations in Manhattan Beach and a massive distribution facility for the USA off the 91 Freeway near Corona which provide a huge and growing amount of good paying jobs here in California.

            Sometimes, though even all of that huge growth is not enough to satisfy greedy shareholders:

            Skechers doesn’t impress with first billion-dollar-plus quarter


          • AugustineThomas

            Daimler, BMW, Volkswagon and others pay their workers more on average and aren’t bankrupt. It’s a myth that any manufacturing company that doesn’t use slave labor will go bankrupt.

          • socalbeachdude

            VW is rapidly headed towards insolvency with their diesel debacle and vehicles are not in the same class at all as most consumer goods which it makes no sense at all to produce in high cost labor countries like the USA. Most foreign auto manufacturers also manufacture quite a bit of their product in the USA including BMW, Daimler-Benz (Mercedes-Benz), Honda, Toyota, Kia, et al.

            Volkswagen is ordered to pay $2.8 billion penalty for cheating diesel emissions test – the largest fine in HISTORY

            Volkswagen has been ordered to pay a $2.8billion criminal penalty in the United States for cheating on diesel emissions tests.


          • AugustineThomas

            Europe pays workers better to manufacture cars and is doing ok. It’s a myth that the whole country will spontaneously combust if we sell ourselves more expensive goods in order to pay our workers better. Again, Europe shows this is possible. Sometimes there are better goals than the cheapest possible good.

          • GSOB

            How long you’ve been smoking?

        • Lorungee

          I beg to differ. At my former place of employment, supervisors would manipulate time clock rings to short change workers out of their proper overtime hours. They were almost always caught doing this, but were always transferred and promoted.

        • Barefoot in MN

          um, if I sell you a dozen eggs every week, and you always pay $2 a dozen… fine. But if eventually I replace one egg with an empty shell, and keep taking your weekly $2, I have in effect stolen from you. You complain about the empty shell so I offer to sell you another (single) egg for 40 cents. That is basically what the Federal Reserve Bunk has been doing to us ever since its illegal creation in 1913. They have been reducing the buying power of our money, so that now it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of stuff.

          • socalbeachdude

            Eggs these days here in Southern California are 99 cents a dozen at both Ralphs and at Vons and an 18 pack of eggs is $1.49 at both stores which are major grocers here. That works out to a little more than 8 cents per egg. How much cheaper do you want eggs to be? In fact, the prices of eggs haven’t changed much at all in the past 100 years!

            There is nothing even slightly “illegal” about the Federal Reserve which was created by an Act of Congress and they have not reduced the buying power of money at all. The Federal Reserve annually rebates 94% of its profits to the US Treasury and that now amounts to nearly $100 billion a year in revenues for the US Treasury.

      • Concerned Capitalist

        The problem is that говно and other plebeians are not aware of various types of financial asset classes and instruments derived thereof. I knew the difference between call and put options as well as their purpose as insurance and certain speculative endeavors when I was in the eighth grade. Why is that many retired individuals are petrified because they cannot discern a stock from a bond and real estate from gold? Are futures really able to induce severe vexation, or is it an illusion caused by the decline of intelligence proportionately to age?

        Are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk the quote unquote “wage thieves” or moochers leaching off the imaginary wealth of the grossly overpaid factory worker?

        I have posed this question to the unwashed ad nauseum: Is unskilled, assembly line-style factory labor really worth US$40/hour, or were the unions manipulating the legislature and the companies to inflate wages?

    • Lennie Pike

      100,000,000 foreigners imported by business depressing wages – none of them unemployed. 100,000,000 Americans unemployed.

      It should now be obvious that this President lied about who he is working for. It was the final test for the ptb to find out for sure whether Americans will stand up or lay down. Meet the new boss – expect Trump to endorse amnesty for illegal aliens and come after our guns – he will have what seems to be a good reason to do so that “they” engineered.

    • krinks

      Whose fault is that? Chances are they voted for the Clintons who passed Nafta/Gatt the first time around the result of which was millions on jobs lost/sent over seas. Elections have consequences.

      All it would take to change this is enough of us to demand that Student Loans to be able to be discharged in Bankruptcy Court like other un-payable debt. Democrats though are the Banker’s Bitch and the young being taken advantage by them vote Democrat anyway.

      • socalbeachdude

        There are currently about $1.4 trillion outstanding in student loans and that class of loans has more than a 12% current default rate.

  • jakartaman

    Most kids are NOT college material and should not go to college.
    The average Kid go to one of the many factory colleges and make it to graduation. They can take liberal art courses and other BS courses and when the get done – what have they accomplished?
    I do not understand why we do not change our educational system to yrain Kids for a real job – a vocation.
    I have one son who has a masters degree and another who went to vocational school – Yep you guessed it the kid with the real world skills is making more and is happy in his work. At the end of the day he can stand back and see what he has done. His wife always wanted a young man that wore work boots?

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      That’s beside the point. The point is, there are no good paying jobs for blue collar workers anymore. We have thousands of skilled and educated workers, but there is no work for them because employers would rather send that job to China or Mexico for low wages.

      • Carl

        Exactly right Zlatko. It is cheaper for the companies to have it made somewhere else. Most of the Made in USA resurgence will be due to advancements in automation and robotics so those jobs are gone and most will never be back. Only a small human work force will be needed to keep things humming along.

        In the future I see people creating commune type communities in the future to provide for the basic necessities and a throw back to making your own goods. We have the ability to do this and it can really be a positive for the human spirit in many ways. So much better than rats in cubicles.

      • socalbeachdude

        It’s all about getting FAR BETTER WORKERS AT A MUCH BETTER PRICE which has enormous benefits for US companies and the US economy.

    • Concerned Capitalist

      Blue collar workers are sinking deeper into obsolescence; and thank goodness, for I have vested financial interest in such a descent. Blue collar workers, when compared to the superlative intelligentsia, are essentially useless, for automation will annihilate the jobs of those with an IQ of >85. Most blue collar laborers who toil in the factory lie within this range.

      Of course, the rule that the fittest always survive still holds true. Those with an intelligence quotient of >85 will find better work, whether such labor consists of designing robots, maintaining them, or another career impertinent to robots.

      Does your son who attended vocational school make 85000 USD per year, or did the other son earn a masters degree in gender studies? If he is an entrepreneurial plumber or electrician, such a proposition would be feasible.

    • I agree with you. I am 68 years old. Back in the 1950’s i remember the big push for “everyone” to go on to college after high school. That is probably when the “go to college” mess started. Every other avenue for earning a living seemed to be regarded with contempt by the school system.

  • df NJ

    The corporations are only paying poverty wages.


    countless broads ? what is this the 1950’s and are you part of the Rat Pack ?

  • wahoojed

    This country’s moral and social fabric has been destroyed by the Globalists. Satan reigns. Conservative Christian values are demonized. There are no good jobs for anyone of any age. And women don’t want traditional marriages anymore. They want to be men. And men are unhappy because they can’t have a traditional marriage anymore. The Globalist poisoning of our youths’ minds is that you must be independent. Life is not independence, it is interdependence upon family and friends. And how friendly is everyone with their neighbors? How many neighbors have you never met, don’t know their names, or anything about them? And do you really care? Of course not, because Mayberry is dead. And for that matter, America is also dying a slow death.

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      The Globalists are who exactly? Corporate America did this to us, not the “globalists”. American business doesn’t want to pay American wages, or fund pensions, or provide health insurance, etc. etc. ad nauseam. That’s how this happened. Nothing to do with Satan, unless you consider CEOs to be Satanic.

      • Euhill

        Who do you think runs the corporations? The globalists do. Bought out a bunch of companies during the Great Depression and turned them into corporations. Corporations are the replacement for monopolies.

  • JC Teecher

    In defense of young women, (not feminist liberals or lesbos), I can see why they do not want to marry any of the majority of young men these days.
    Women desire two things, primarily, before children and their spiritual completeness. Security and compassionate affection. In the latter comes passion which includes more than a wham bam thank ya mam, and usually the guys are very light on the thank you part.

    What do these young women see for their pool of possibles to choose from? The pool runs the gamut from spoiled, think-less, momma’s/grand momma’s boy, to the guy that doesn’t really have that much going for him in the looks and income dept.

    In our region, which is indicative of all regions of the US of A, the guys that are single and work for less than 25 to 30k annually, have addictions.
    A lot of those addictions are drugs and alcohol, but some are their cars/trucks and other hobbies they are more passionate about. if they have a girlfriend, she always comes into the priority list, way down the line after their selfish interests, and is basically used as a part time sexual play thing, for brief periods.

    Unless the girl/young woman hasn’t got a whole lot going for her in the looks department, she is usually forced to settle for whatever she can get. The fat ugly girls around our neck of the woods, end up with lazy blacks and/or fairly hard working mexicans.

    The dynamics of the whole millennial Generation y population, has changed dramatically since the 1980’s, and even more so since the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    Young women in modern society, especially in big city regions, have the homosexuals to compete with as well. The numbers from polls don’t really show the full picture of just how many males are in a homosexual relationship, or are more interested in leaning towards that lifestyle, because of the social stigma attached and the possibility of being looked at differently by family members. many are still in the closet, and would not answer a poll truthfully about their sexual preferences.
    Some are bi and don’t really have a preference, because they are just in for whatever gives them selfish sexual satisfaction.

    It takes a single young woman with a lot of slack moral values, to be with a bi man, and then there is the “doing it for the drugs” thing too.

    Thank God my daughter is grown and has two sons of her own. My son is only five years behind her, and doing well with his life.

    • SnodtBlossom

      JCT’s wife is a whore

      • Carl

        That is not nice at all. Why would you say that? While I disagree with some of Teecher’s dogma he is right about this. If there were no STD’s then sleeping with whomever would not be an issue. Unfortunately there are so people really need to be more choosy about their partners. This goes for everyone not just straight or gay. No one wants an incurable std.

        • JC Teecher

          I don’t know what she/it said, because I have it on block. I don’t care what she/it says after she/it called my wife a whore out of hatred of me and my posts.
          Life goes on. Merrily, merrily, merrily.

        • SnodtBlossom

          whortle (plural whortles)
          (archaic) The whortleberry or bilberry.

      • anonymous

        Sounds like you are jealous that nobody is interested in marrying you.

        • SnodtBlossom

          Today that darn Midwest dude asked himself to my table, to which my co-worker agreed. After he appeared to say grace, I told him I’m an Atheist and he said he can’t date Atheists. I gave him the thumb’s up and left quickly after eating my lunch. My co-worker & I had a good laugh about it.

          • GSOB

            How dare he huh?
            Do you wonder then, who’s kingdom you are in?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Some are bi and don’t really have a preference, because they are just in for whatever gives them selfish sexual satisfaction….”

      riiiiiiiight, because bi-sexuals can’t fall in love

      f-ing moron

      • JC Teecher

        Never said there couldn’t be love. There is no sin in a man loving another man. You know where the sin comes in, it is called strange flesh in the Word. Don’t like the rules, take it up with God, He set them.

        But we won’t have to worry about gays or bi’s or any other twisted morals when the King of Kings returns. Homo sex will be over and done with.

        Maybe you should think about making a change before then?

        • Gay Veteran

          maybe you should try thinking for yourself instead of believing in the buy-bull written by men

          • JC Teecher

            I don’t put myself up on a pedestal as a mini-god, like you lgbtq folks; so I will continue to follow my KJV.

          • Gay Veteran

            “I don’t put myself up on a pedestal as a mini-god, like you lgbtq folks….”

            project much?

          • JC Teecher

            Oh yea.

      • JC Teecher

        FYI, my uncle was Bi. He had a wife he loved and they had a beautiful daughter. I knew of his sexual exploits and burning desire for sexual pleasure. He was an ex-marine, wounded veteran. He was one of the most compassionate and kind souls to ever walk the earth. He never met a stranger, and was always the first to lend a helping hand to others.
        He taught me about sex, masturbation, etc, when I was about six, and allowed me to look at his stash of dirty magazines he kept stashed in an old storage shed where he used them to satisfy himself, sometimes while I watched.
        I did not know there was anything wrong with his insatiable cravings, but did take notice that he wanted nothing to do with going to church with Granny, (his mom) as I did.
        In his adult life, he got away with adulterous relationships for over 30 years with his forgiving wife, until she came home unexpectedly early one day, and found he and his best buddy going at it, in her bed.
        That was the last straw, and the last of his daughter’s family home life.
        All because he put his own sexual desires and cravings, over the love of his daughter and devoted wife.
        He died some years later, after a painful and sad withering away because of aids.
        Hopefully, he did come to his senses and repent and find forgiveness through Christ.
        I miss his humor, his laughter, and kind and generous nature. he was like the big brother I never had, and still love him, but hated his selfish faq ways.
        So don’t sit there and try and make me out to be the hater that you want me to be. I hate the sin, ideology, and propagandizing agenda of the lgbtq’s, but not the individuals personally.

        • Carl

          Your uncle masterbated in front of you. Do you understand how wrong that was and exactly what that means?

          • JC Teecher

            Yes dumbazz, i am 60 now, not 6 and innocent, like i was then.
            btw, o obi wan kenobi, what exactly does that mean, do tell.

          • Carl

            I am not going to spell it out for you, but it is not normal for a grown man to do that in front of a 6 year old boy.

          • JC Teecher

            Who said he was grown?
            he was still a teenager when I was 6.
            Yes it is wrong, but he was just that way.
            he never tried to make me do anything with him, so i just figured it was a teenager thing. Growing up on the farm, you learned about sex early on, even though there never was any sit down conversations with grown-ups about the facts of life. You learned all that thru cousins and school buddies.
            He was bi-sex later on in life after Vietnam, but I suspect he got into the queer thing while in the military.

          • Carl

            NO it is certainly NOT a teenage thing and NOT normal.

          • Cinderella Man

            I knew you were a pervert. I call em like I see em

          • Carl

            UR really messed up cindy boy if u think it is normal for a grown man to do that in front of a child. So you are the sick one here not me.

        • Gay Veteran

          awww, you brought tears to my eyes, F-ing pharisee

          • JC Teecher

            You are the kind of quee-r that gives faqs a bad name. So glad we will not have your type in Heaven, o little one of sodamy. PTL!

          • Gay Veteran

            oh junior, with your mouth I doubt Jesus would welcome a pharisee like you

          • JC Teecher

            What are you? The poster boy for divine understanding? lol

          • Gay Veteran

            no, you’re already filling that role

  • socalbeachdude

    ‘Trump is more vulnerable than any other President in the history of America’: Professor who predicted Trump’s shock win explains he is headed toward impeachment

    ‘I believe he is more vulnerable than any other president in the history of the nation,’ says American University history professor Allan Lichtman on a President Trump impeachment.

  • socalbeachdude


    BREAKING NEWS: I’ll give you the biggest tax cut EVER promises Trump as he says he will unveil his reform plan for businesses and individuals next week before his 100th day in office

    President Donald Trump says in an interview with the Associated Press that businesses and individuals will receive a ‘massive tax cut’ under a tax reform package he plans to unveil next week. The president says the package will be released on ‘Wednesday or shortly thereafter’ – just before his 100 day mark in office. Trump teased the package on Friday afternoon during his first visit to the Department of Treasury (pictured bottom with his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin). He did not provide additional details on what it would contain, however.

    • Carl

      He is one big bag of hot air. I want to tell trump to just shut the hell up and actually do something, not just pretend he is doing something.

      • JC Teecher

        he just got an American prisoner released from her hell hole in egypt, where she has been for three years, and your big O = a ho, could not.
        What do you have to say negative about that obi wan?

        • socalbeachdude

          So what?

      • mtntrek3

        Hi Carl….. I tend to agree with you on the matter of Donald. I agree with him on certain things, but he himself is another matter indeed. A worrisome individual. Just saying……. and watching events as they unfold all the while. Chris

  • christ_bearer ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    What this article fails to mention is that men know they will get raped beyond belief once there is any chance of separation leading to a divorce. They are left helpless, broke, depressed, and left to be on suicide watch.
    Imagine losing your kids, house, car, assets and more than half your pay to a woman that knows she can rob you blind when the time is convienant for her to do so..?? THAT is why guys are not getting married. The system & judges side with the mother regardless if she was a horrible witch. Men are waking up from fellow comrades that had taken the fall.

    • socalbeachdude

      Yes, but many millennial males aren’t exactly prizes either.

      • christ_bearer ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        That is very true

  • socalbeachdude

    Massive power outage hits San Francisco leaving almost 100,000 without power, residents trapped in elevators and traffic chaos throughout the city

    The power outage in San Francisco stalled work in the technology and finance center as a vast swath of the financial district lost electricity around 9am local time. Office workers spilled onto city streets in the heart of the business district, milling about as traffic snarled, since stoplights were not working. An insulation fire at a PG&E substation at Larkin and Eddy streets is the reported cause of the outages. The fire has been contained and local media reports that PG&E hopes to restore power by 1pm for most customers. The San Francisco Fire Department says it has responded to more than 100 calls for service since the blackout struck, including 20 calls for people stuck in elevators.

  • socalbeachdude

    White House says it’s confident the government won’t shut down next week over a spending stalemate (but its budget office is getting ready anyway!)

    The White House budget director confirmed to reporters on Friday that his office is doing what’s required to make sure the administration isn’t caught off guard if congressional negotiations fail.

  • socalbeachdude

    ‘She’s the devil, and she will turn on you’: Steve Bannon reveals he warned Roger Ailes about Megyn Kelly and told ex-Fox News CEO that his star would betray him

    Steve Bannon is revealing just how little he cares for Megyn Kelly by going on the record in a new interview to detail how he warned Roger Ailes about his then star anchor. Bannon states in his interview that he began to have issues with Ailes and Fox News after the first Republican primary debate back in August 2015, feeling that Kelly was unfairly targeting Trump with her questions. He goes on to say that he decided at the time to try and talk things out with Ailes, and warned him about Kelly by stating: ‘She’s the devil, and she will turn on you.’

  • socalbeachdude


    Trump enrages entire nation of South Korea with offhand claim it ‘actually used to be part of China’ – prompting protests against him and Beijing

    The president made an apparently offhand remark to the Wall Street Journal that ‘Korea used to be part of China’ in an interview about his meeting with Xi Jinping, outraging Seoul and South Koreans.

  • socalbeachdude


    Kellyanne Conway blames Democrats for plodding pace of healthcare reform as she says ‘better’ Obamacare replacement plan is still Trump’s legislative ‘centerpiece’

    It seems that there are no Democrats who want to support healthcare reform,’ the Trump-whisperer said in an interview on the Fox News Channel.

  • Carl

    In other news power outages happened around the same this morning in NY, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Is it coincidence or a harbinger of something more to come this spring/summer. Some say it is a test run for Gotham Shield Drill.

    • socalbeachdude

      Carl, it is hard to make any sense out of the reports on “Operation Gotham Shield” which basically revolve around the US government detonating a 10,000 ton nuclear weapon over NYC on April 26, 2017. On its face, those reports appear to be absolutely absurd and I first saw them today on Drudge Report sourced from dodgy web sites such as InfoWars and Shtfplan and totally dismissed them, but then at around the same time I saw your comment above as well as an article in the DailyMail which details other drills and does not contain a total denial from any US government agency but has suggestions that some kind of drill will take place.

      • Carl

        Yes socal it is interesting that some major news organizations are reporting on it, not just alternative news places.

        My concern is the power outages today in 3 major cities and N. Korea’s supposed test on 4/25. Otherwise I would not have given the drill next week a second thought.

        • socalbeachdude

          I fully concur. The DM article today below detailing this matter is “waiting to be approved” by TEC…

    • socalbeachdude


      Massive Power Outage Hits City…
      Traffic ‘Free-For-All’…
      Shuts Businesses, Train Station…
      Residents Trapped in Elevators…
      Fire at Substation Caused…
      NIGHTMARE: NYC Subway Power Problems…
      Sign Of Failing Infrastructures…

  • socalbeachdude



  • socalbeachdude

    Has China pulled the plug on Pyongyang? Drivers scramble as petrol stations run out of gas amid claims Beijing’s sanctions have hit North Korea

    A sign outside one station in the North Korean capital said sales were being restricted to diplomats or vehicles used by international organizations, while others were closed.

  • socalbeachdude
  • AugustineThomas

    Always great when the most garbage generations in history lecture “Millennials” for not raising themselves right. Perhaps it’s the perverted hellhole of a society you left us?

    • socalbeachdude

      Every successive generation always blames the prior generations for all the problems of the world and they will get blamed themselves as they become the prior generation in the not so distant future for all of the world’s problems.

    • JC Teecher

      You just proved another point that is a problem with the young Gen Xers and Millennials.
      They have been coddled and babied, the men pussified, until they can’t accept responsibility for anything.
      They have been told they are perfect little winners all the time, that when things don’t go their way….they play the blame game.
      It’s always someone else’s fault. My step daughter is 27, and is still like an adolescent, never accepting responsibility for her actions. Why? She was always babied, never corrected like she should have been, and sees the world as owing her something.
      The world does not owe you people anything, and especially your parents/grandparents, and the boomer generations.
      Get a life, grow responsibly, and get off of the liberal ideology train, and God may begin to bless you.


        I agree that to many people (old and young alike) blame everyone but themselves for their own failures in life!!

        • JC Teecher

          Yes, you know what I mean, geoffand marie.

          The generations after the old school Boomers, born in 40’s and 50’s, have learned how to play the “victim” card very well.
          It is apparent that the new age liberals have learned it as a way of life and how to gain something without putting forth any work, but whining and playing the “poor me baby” game; over, and over, and then over and over again. Sad.

      • AugustineThomas

        Isn’t she just learning from you? Seems like you’re avoiding all responsibility for the way your actions and those of your partner have affected your stepdaughter. (Perhaps you represent the shattering of her family and her mom “moving on” from the proper, nuclear family she destroyed.)

      • AugustineThomas

        By the way, God has already blessed me with the ability to see the truth, so that I won’t go start my own miserable, broken “stepfamily”.

  • Carl

    I am glad she changed her life and got out of the lifestyle and hell she was living.

    However, the thing that confounds me is where was god when she was being molested as a child? It just will never make sense to me how people can say god did this for me or god did that for me but children are ignored by god. I will never understand it.

    Most adults are addicted, hurt others, kill others because of the things they suffered as children. Yet there is no divine intervention for them.

    Not all children are saved by someone who sees what is going on and does something about it.

    So we can use the argument that god expects us to do something, but what about when no one knows and can’t do anything to stop it?

    • JC Teecher

      Carl, I have figured out the perfect place for you, where you can get the kind of attention you crave; for continual God,Christians, and Trump bashing.

      “The View”. Perfect. I can see you in nirvana, sitting right between the two most stupid liberal cu*ts of our day…..Joy Behar and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren, comparing Trump to being exactly like Kim Jung Un.

      You three can dump on trump, support baby killers, and cheer on the demoralization of our youth, by the LGBTQ+, community’s agenda.

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude

    Brick-and-Mortar Stores Shuttering at Record Pace…

    Clothing retailer Bebe announces closure of all 175 of its stores

  • socalbeachdude

    How AMAZON may become first $1 trillion stock as it wrecks retail…

    There is one thing that could stop Amazon’s stock rally in its tracks

  • socalbeachdude


    Dow 20,547.76 -30.95 -0.15%
    S&P 500 2,348.69 -7.15 -0.30%
    Nasdaq 5,910.52 -6.26 -0.11%
    GlobalDow 2,660.42 -5.00 -0.19%
    Gold 1,286.00 2.20 0.17%
    Oil 49.63 -1.08 -2.13%

  • socalbeachdude


    ‘The Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t’

    Pat Buchanan won after all. But now he thinks it might be too late for the nation he was trying to save.

  • socalbeachdude

    Possible shutdown, health care quagmire awaiting Congress

    History tells us that Republicans are taking on too much this week — and that it isn’t likely to end well

    Lawmakers returning to Washington this coming week will find a familiar quagmire on health care legislation and a budget deadline dramatized by the prospect of a protracted battle between President Donald Trump and Democrats–and-that-it-isnt-likely-to-end-well/2017/04/22/b7bf2222-26d5-11e7-b503-9d616bd5a305_story.html

  • socalbeachdude

    Actually, the best thing outside of American capitalism is federal/state WELFARE…


    The Average US Welfare Payment Puts You In The Top 20% Of All Income Earners

  • socalbeachdude

    Duplicitous Donnie’s Art of The Flip-Flop

    Trump has flipped on countless positions. It’s natural for a candidate to make promises that a politician can’t fulfill, but Trump has not only changed his policies since becoming president, he has done so for issues that are easily achievable for him. Many of his supporters are predictably angry – although apparently not enough to get him to rethink his methods. This has caused his approval ratings to drop to 39%, much lower than the 61% historical average.

    In addition, Trump’s greatest foe in his ideological battle is one that could determine the rest of his presidency — it’s himself. No other president has had such a robust record of opinion and political criticism than Donald Trump. His Twitter page is built upon positions he took before public opinion was the greatest investment in his portfolio.

  • socalbeachdude

    New Front In White House Civil War as Kushner Asserts Authority at NSC

    White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner is leading an unprecedented effort to meddle in the White House’s National Security Council, causing mayhem for senior staff who say the president’s son-in-law is interfering in key foreign policy debates, according to Trump administration officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

    Kushner has taken aggressive action to micro-manage the NSC, overshadowing even recently installed National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, according to sources both inside and outside the White House who described Kushner’s behavior as highly unusual and damaging to the country’s national security infrastructure.

    Never before has a White House permitted such a figure to intervene in the NSC, which is traditionally given leeway to investigate foreign policy matters and bring advice to the president.

  • EgbertThrockmorton1

    Our youngest is on the older side of the Millenials. She works her butt off, lives with us, so she can pay cash for her home. She’s saved up over $200,000.00 so far, and I could not be more proud of her efforts. Once a month, we review her financials, and she looks at ours as well, so if we “buy the farm”, she and her siblings know where everything is.
    I work with several dozen Millenials, and about half of them, are as useless as a cast iron toilet seat. The rest are very impressive with their work ethic and their economic acumen.

    • JC Teecher

      Rare young lady.

  • pulltheweeds

    The answer is simple . LAZY .

    • socalbeachdude

      Perhaps, but the answer is mostly about MONEY.

  • socalbeachdude

    Trump Syria ‘Gas Attack’ Narrative Continues To Unravel

    It is now clear from video evidence that the WHR (White House Intelligence Report) was fabricated without input from the professional intelligence community.

    The press reported on April 4 that a nerve agent attack had occurred in Khan Shaykhun, Syria during the early morning hours locally on that day. On April 7, The United States carried out a cruise missile attack on Syria ordered by President Trump. It now appears that the president ordered this cruise missile attack without any valid intelligence to support it .

    In order to cover up the lack of intelligence to supporting the president’s action, the National Security Council produced a fraudulent intelligence report on April 11 four days later. The individual responsible for this report was Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor. The McMaster report is completely undermined by a significant body of video evidence taken after the alleged sarin attack and before the US cruise missile attack that unambiguously shows the claims in the WHR could not possibly be true.

  • socalbeachdude

    ‘Shattered’ Revelation: Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary’s Loss

    The new Clinton campaign tell-all, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, reveals how Hillary Clinton personally placed blame for her bruising defeat on Russian meddling “within twenty-four hours of her concession speech.”

    The blistering behind-the-scenes book, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, illustrates how Hillary Clinton furiously blamed her defeat on the FBI investigation into her private emails, Russian interference, and Trump’s supposed support from “white nationalists.”

  • socalbeachdude

    Foreign Policy and “False Flags”: Trump’s “War and Chocolate” Reality Show

    Who is the Butcher, Mr. Trump?

    Later that evening on Thursday April 6, it was dessert time: The Donald was at the dinner table eating a delicious chocolate cake together with Xi Jinping, while also ordering Tomahawk missile strikes against Syria, in the presence of China’s president and his entourage:

    “I was sitting at the table. We had finished dinner. We’re now having dessert. And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen and President Xi was enjoying it.”

    Precedent in the conduct of US foreign policy? Trump ran it as a “war and chocolate” reality show: A shift in the mode of decision-making pertaining to US aggression?

    The dinner event was also part of “publications relations” operation with the intent to boost a “pro-American sentiment” by president Xi Jinping and the PRC delegation.

    The 59 missiles had been launched, “heading to Iraq” according to Trump, …

    Oops, he rectifies: “heading towards Syria”, got his countries mixed up.

    “I didn’t want him to finish his dessert and go home … and then they say: ‘You know the guy you just had dinner with just attacked [Syria].’”

    And then Trump invites the Chinese president to finish his dessert.

    “And he was eating his cake. And he was silent.”

  • socalbeachdude

    Why the H-1B Visa Racket Should be Abolished, Not Reformed

  • socalbeachdude

    Pat Buchanan: Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

  • socalbeachdude

    What if We Don’t Really Govern Ourselves? – A. Napolitano

    What if our belief in self-government is a belief in a myth? What if the election of one political party over the other to control Congress changes only appearances? What if taxes stay high and regulations stay pervasive and the government stays oppressive and presidents fight wars no matter what the politicians promise and no matter who wins elections? What if the true goal of those whom we elect to Congress is not to be our agents of self-government or even to preserve our personal liberties but to remain in power by getting re-elected?

    What if they use government to aid their own re-elections by bribing us with our own money — the rich with bailouts, the middle class with tax breaks and the poor with transfer payments?

    What if Congress has written laws that are too complex for its own members to read and understand? What if the language of most federal laws is intentionally arcane so that ordinary voters cannot understand it? What if that language is actually written by faceless bureaucrats and not by accountable members of Congress? What if members of Congress in fact rarely read any legislation before voting on it? What if some legislation refers to secrets and secret procedures that only a few members of Congress are permitted to see and utilize?

    What if when the select few members of Congress who are permitted to see those secrets do see them, those members are themselves sworn to secrecy? What if that means that our elected representatives — our supposed agents of self-government in the government — do not fully know what the government is doing and that even if they do, they can’t legally tell us?

    What if our representatives in Congress don’t really represent us? What if they really represent a political party? What if each political party is controlled by a small leadership group that punishes members who defy it? What if Congress has written laws and rules that permit its leaders to punish members’ defiance? What if another way to characterize defiance of political party leadership is political courage?

    What if we don’t really govern ourselves? What do we do about it?

  • socalbeachdude

    Peter Van Buren: Sorry, No War in North Korea

    I’m so sorry to disappoint so many people, but there is not going to be a war with North Korea.

    No, no, Trump is not going to start a war there. And, no, Kim Jong Un is not going to start a war there. It is not going to happen, despite a cottage industry of pundits who seem to really believe war is only moments away.

    Let’s start with the obvious. A war on the Korean peninsula benefits no one and is really, really bad for everyone (we’ll get to the irrational madman theory in a moment.)

    Any conflict means the end of North Korea, and the end of the Kim dynasty. The U.S. will win any fight, nuclear or not, and Kim and everyone with any power or money in the North knows that. North Korea has no reason to start a war that will end in its own destruction. The people there with power and money do not want to give those things up.

    South Korea, same thing. They will also be destroyed in whole or in part, and, should much survive in the south, they will also get stuck with the mass of refugees flowing out of whatever is left of North Korea. China will not want war for much of the same reason, plus the loss of the buffer state the North represents, plus the desire not to have a smoking radioactive ruin on its border.

    The U.S. does not want war because of all of the above, the likelihood that ally Japan will get trashed along the way, the likely global economic depression that will follow and/or because no one in Washington will bet the house that the North Koreans don’t have a submarine that might get close to Hawaii, a way to deliver a dirty bomb somewhere, or that a glow-in-the-dark North won’t spark off a worldwide radioactive climate crisis

    And that leaves us with the madman theory, the idea that either Trump or Kim or maybe both are irrational, impulsive crazy people who could just one night say, to hell with it, let’s push the button. The problem with this theory is that nothing in history supports it.

    The Kim dynasty has been in power some 70 years, three generations. They have weathered conventional war, sanctions, and numerous war-like acts. They have dealt with famine. They survived the fall of the Soviet Union and generations of American governments. They did not act irrationally. You don’t stay in power for seven decades acting irrationally or impulsively. You stay in power and hold your own against multiple superpowers by careful actions and good choices. There is nothing – nothing – to support any contention Kim might act any more irrationally than his nuclear-armed dad did.

    Sorry to say it, but same for Trump. You hate him, I know that. He is not bright. But same as Kim, he has decades of actions that show he knows how to handle things. He ran a company, he made money, he got himself elected president. He’s been in office now some 100 days and absolutely none of the apocalyptic predictions people have been puking up on the Internet since November have happened.

    And sorry to again mess with what movies have taught you, but both Trump and Kim are surrounded by complex command and control systems. They literally cannot just do what you think they can do, wake up for cocoa and push a button like Dr. Evil and start WWIII.

    So relax. There are other things to worry about.

  • mtntrek3

    Has anyone heard from socialbeachdude? : ) . Lol.

  • mtntrek3

    Two comments pending : / …… good night everyone. You too sbd. : ).

  • socalbeachdude

    The last time this happened the market crashed

    A few days ago Charles Schwab, the investment brokerage firm, announced that the number of new brokerage accounts soared 44% during the first quarter of 2017.

    More specifically, Schwab stated that individual investors are opening up stock trading accounts at the fastest pace the company has seen in 17 years.

    17 years.

    Anyone remember what happened 17 years ago?

    Oh right. The Dot-com bubble burst.

  • socalbeachdude
    • mtntrek3

      There he is…. what’s the latest? Good, bad or ugly ? Most likely the latter two.

    • mtntrek3

      My take ….. the bad and the ugly will continue to worsen until Christ returns with the Good. Anyway, that’s what the Creator of the universe and everything in it says. Faith in Christ first. Take care sbd. Chris.

  • Pic889

    To all people of this world who whine why millennial men don’t marry, let me pour some facts down your brain: Most modern women have intercourse with as many alpha jerks as they can during their 20s, then in their 30s they decide to settle with a average man, but still expect that average man to match the alpha jerks they ‘ve dated (sometimes the best traits of all of them), and if the average man can’t do that, they decide to revert back to their old lifestyle and take their hubby to the divorce court, and since divorce court are biased against the husband, the man get taken to the cleaners.

    So, all the bible-belt people of this world need to stop whining about marriage statistics. Marriage is a terrible deal for most men, and most men are smart to avoid it (at least for as long as possible). If you want to see that trend change, push for divorce reform.

  • Vickie Parrish

    Instead of student loan debt, why didn’t they live at home and go to a community college for the first two years? Student loans are given out like candy! They want the kids in debt. Instead of good advice to live at home, work part time, go to a local college and then perhaps transfer to a university, they are told to “sign here”!

  • Bazooka Bill

    i love my fearporn, haha

  • dlewenz

    Just like a plane crash it is not one mistake that leads up to the crash but rather a series of mistakes that results in the plane crashing. We have set ourselves up for a horrific crash. With such a large % of the young adult population not paying any income taxes, coupled with the lack of properly trained workers and the Boomers retiring, this is setting up for one giant economic implosion.

    • HeyAHuman

      Which is why it quickly becomes apparent why waging war is on the docket…

      • socalbeachdude

        “War” only makes such matters VASTLY WORSE. and runs up even bigger government spending bills at a time when the US GOVERNMENT IS TOTALLY OUT OF MONEY and can’t even borrow any further money until and unless Congress votes to lift the federal debt ceiling this coming Friday.

  • JC Teecher

    I agree with your point that most men get taken to the cleaners in divorce, but who’s fault is that, really?
    It is the man’s fault for not protecting himself from the get go, and for falling for the idea that a woman is always going to be fair.
    The bible is pretty clear on this, when it says …

    Pro 31:10
    Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
    Pro 31:11
    The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
    Pro 31:12
    She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
    Pro 31:30
    Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.
    Pro 14:1
    Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

    In case a man may come to find out that his wife is foolish, and turns to tearing down the household, he should demand a prenuptial so he does not get burned…like I did the first time.

    Also, I think Michael’s comments about marriage was more about his belief in traditional marriage between a man and a woman, and the sanctimony of such a marriage, of which I agree. I did not see any whining in his article, just facts and feelings.

    • Pic889

      “In case a man may come to find out that his wife is foolish, and turns to tearing down the household, he should demand a prenuptial so he does not get burned…like I did the first time.”

      If you “come to find out”, aka if you find out post-marriage, it’s too late already, because it’s too late to ask for a prenup and your wife can take you to the cleaners anytime she wants.

      You have to assume a divorce beforehand and ask for a prenup the moment you decide to get married, no matter how nice your future wife looks and how much of “quality woman” she pretends to be.

      Which highlights the two reasons marriage rate is falling: 1) Men assume the worst (divorce), because that’s a very likely scenario and 2) Most men are smart enough to ask for prenup, most women refuse because they want to have the divorce threat, most men are not stupid enough to marry without a prenup with the divorce rates so high and non-prenup marriage being such a bad deal for men, marriage rates fall. Other men won’t even ask for a prenup (because it gives a hint of mistrust) they just avoid marriage for as long as possible or even entirely. Again, marriage rates fall. Plain and simple.

      So, it’s all the fault of deeply conservative bible-belt people and the deeply conservative bible-belt politicians they elect, who make non-prenup marriage such a bad deal for men, thinking women are always the victim that needs to be protected.

      • JC Teecher

        Evidently you are a dumb as a box of rocks…

        If you “come to find out”, aka if you find out post-marriage, it’s too late already, because it’s too late to ask for a prenup and your wife can take you to the cleaners anytime she wants.”

        A prenup is only a prenup, if it is signed and sealed “before” the marriage takes place.

  • socalbeachdude

    More inane nonsense from the dolts at ZeroBrains.

  • socalbeachdude

    France faces its own EU referendum as far-right Europhobe Marine Le Pen and independent centrist Emmanuel Macron beat two main parties to go head to head in presidential elections after tight vote

    France could face ‘Frexit’ after far-right leader Marine Le Pen came second place ahead of election

    Le Pen and independent centrist Emmanuel Macron beat two main parties to go head-to-head on May 7

    Republican candidate Francois Fillon conceded after he and far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon got 19.5%

    Macron won 23.7 per cent of the vote and Le Pen followed closely behind with 21.7 per cent.

    It signals a stinging defeat for the scandal-hit Fillon and Socialist Benoit Hamon, meaning neither of France’s mainstream parties will be in the second round for the first time in 60 years.

    Macron, a 39-year-old who had never before stood for election and only started his independent centrist movement 12 months ago, will be the overwhelming favourite to win the second round on May 7.

    All polls show the pro-Europe, pro-business moderniser with a 20-point lead in a head-to head contest with Le Pen, who has hardened her anti-immigration and anti-Europe rhetoric over the last week.

  • socalbeachdude
  • Scoopie

    Our older son is 36 and living with us. Truthfully, he’s not home much and contributes financially, so no biggie. Why spend $1000 or more a month on rent/mortgage, utilities etc when you can pay 1/5?

  • GSOB

    Fake currency

    Fake news

    Broken promises


    America’s extravagant spending habits
    Where will she be ten years from now….?

    Pray & prep.

  • GSOB

    We Americans will do what we need to survive.

    Family is very important.

    1 Corinthians 13:13

  • GSOB

    Job 5:7-8

  • GSOB

    ……..”Yes, there are many that need a good kick in the pants to get them going in life, but there are also millions that are simply”………….

    …not willing to pull up their pants.


    There are any number of reasons more young adults choose to stay at home longer before moving out. Some are lazy, some aren’t ready for the world, Some have student loan debt, and a lot because a lot of jobs nowadays pay micky mouse/donald duck wages!!
    It is a tough World out there, and most don’t know how to cope!!
    They were taught for the most part meaningless subjects in school, didn’t play outside any, stayed in their room glued to a video game, while throwing back milkshakes and greasy cheeseburgers. Gee let’s all act shocked in the count if three!!

  • krinks

    You lie there is no other way to say it.

    • Jerry C

      Block her like I did.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      “Additionally, most American divorces take place among the youngest partners, and as such they have NO homes, NO cars, NO retirement, and NO real money to split.”


  • SnodtBlossom

    Your Proctologist Called… They Found Your Head

  • A

    Although the author acknowledges that Millennials are staying at home longer due to economic reasons post-degree, the claim that Millennials don’t want to get married because they can receive the same benefits without marriage is false. The older generations tend to forget that Millennials have lived through the Great Recession and have experienced the struggle that the generations prior faced as many lost their jobs, their homes, and were unable to provide for their families. Millennials, having experienced their parents’ struggle during the recession, are now more than ever under extreme pressure to succeed in an education system leaving some graduates in crippling debt and unable to find jobs. As a result, marriage and family is not a priority when trying to avoid the struggle their parents had to endure and lost sense of security. If something is not done about the exorbitant cost of higher education, economic collapse is imminent given that the mass default on college loans would likely result in a collapse comparable to the collapse of the housing market.

  • BigDonutz

    As if this wasn’t apparent, but younger adults are not living with their parents by choice.
    It’s the economic result of neoliberal globalization — where the young are devoured. Living in debt — student loans, credit cards and user-pay fees. And tenuous disposable jobs. Why would you buy a home, if you are being paid a low wage, the job might not be for more than a year, because it’s so overly managed, you don’t like it, and can’t see yourself there much longer?
    I recall my 2nd last job. I’ve been working in the same industry for more than 22 years. The manager required us to punch in like robots. And we had to document everything we were doing. She even had the audacity to say, if we were having a conversation in the hallway with another colleague, to track the time. Who wants to work in a place like this? Who wants to feel like an automaton robot? I doubt previous generations had to deal with this, as computer technology wasn’t around to track every single detail in a employees workday. She also spied on her employees. How nice.

    Younger people aren’t living with their parents by choice. The real estate market is being manipulated. Property is unaffordable. Jobs and wages are being manipulated via immigration. Our economy is being manipulated.

  • BigDonutz

    Most white guys who I see with asian women have small penises, or they are bisexual, and can’t deal with another white woman figuring out his deal. Or they are just complete a-holes, and no western woman would go out with him.
    It’s always a guy who’s a beta cuck.

  • David

    I’m a 29 year old guy living in a two bedroom apartment with my Mom, cousin and occasionally my sister. We all split up rent, keep each other company and I help my Mom out with chores.

    There is simply no logical reason to move out and live independently. It’s generally better for everyone to come together and pool resources. “Moving out at 18” is just society’s way to try to con you into paying more money in rent or mortgages. If you think “Oh, you’re a loser because you still live at home at 29” … please, grandpa. This is 2017, not 1965. Most 18 year olds have no economic opportunities beyond minimum wage. This isn’t 1965 where you could get a union job at 18 and make enough to buy a car and a house.

    Marriage is in decline because: 1) Women don’t need to be economically supported by men anymore; 2) Men don’t need to get married to have sexual access to women; 3) Science (evolutionary biology) has destroyed the religious basis for marriage for many people, and; 4) Divorce laws are biased against men. Only the fourth trend may change in the future; the other three trends are irreversible. The cat is out of the bag for those and there is absolutely no going back as a society.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Marriage: tool of Satan to confound and torment humanity. Gay marriage: tool of Satan to get another 2%!


    For the most part it is the economy, which is turning for the most part to be a big joke on the American people. Most (not all) jobs being created today hardly pay the bills. Big deal if 250,000. Jobs were created last month. 75% of those jobs that were created are in the service sector where there us virtually no upward mobility

  • gibraltar

    This trend will change when more American men move abroad. Getting married in America is too dangerous and can affect your life for years after the divorce. Chances are you will divorce on average.

    For the men I see in married couples, they appear more like servants than husbands. Asking for permission to go somewhere; Always spending their time with their wife; Dealing with more bills and stress from a sexless relationship.

    “A smart person learns from, their own mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

    People are selfish and if they don’t see any benefits, then they will vote with their feet.

    There isn’t 1 married American man that I want to be like. Modern day society is very different now.

    Once American guys learn about foreign women, then they will get married overseas. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times.

  • dako will

    TBH the previous couple of generations, including mine lacked imo real male leadership and guidance or vision. Ours was, and is, a fatherless generation, hence I believe all the social, emotional, cultural and inevitably spiritual troubles that stem from such, which we are witnessing today are symptoms of the disease e.g. promiscuity, unplanned pregnancies, STDs, superficial relationships, homosexuality, mental illness, lack of rewarding jobs/careers, rising/burdening debt, mindless obsession on youth & entertainment, etc. So having rejected God and Christian ideals/values and teaching our children such marriage/family is breaking down & society falling apart. No fathers/leaders+no vision=no future. We have sold our children’s birthright for a mess of pottage…

  • TheLulzWarrior

    This fact has been verified.

  • TheLulzWarrior

    Your username is a lie!

    If it wasn´t, you would point out they got way more than equality!

    You would demand that equality means men doesn´t own women a living and that equal rights means equal responsability! But you don´t, of course, you need “traditional gender roles” because women rejects you, not the other way around!

  • TheLulzWarrior

    Good argument but you should back it with links and stats.

    Obviously not a millenial problem.

  • scultra

    You clearly don’t live in the reality side of the US. There are a few “pro-dude” (feminist much? chick?) states like FL but the vast majority of states’ custody and family laws in the US tip heavily and dangerously to the modern “woman”. I should know. I am a full time father of two kids and PT of another. I raise the latter one half the time and pay his mom who doesnt cook, didnt grad HS or college and doesnt teach the child anything but smokes away in his face a hefty monthly support even when I have him potty training him for her because she is more concerned with tats, new D, tanning, nails etc…state wouldnt grant me any custody or power. Because she doesnt do drugs supposedly. The other mother is absent and has been for 10 years. No visitation or nothing because she doesnt care. She owes me over 50k of support, has never paid a dime of it, and walks free as a bird partying away…on bs disability at the hands of taxpayers…while I struggle to pay for my kids to do gymnastics and piano lessons etc…as a FT dad. If I get a raise at my job, I then have to pay the other one’s mother even more support. While she has far more income than I. So what imaginary world are you living in? Do you even have any kids? Do you have any links or stats to prove your insane claim, or are you just another neofeminist blabbering away on a bedazzled soap box? Its a pro woman’s world through and through in family and marital law in this country, aside from a few states. Give it up.

    • Euhill

      I do believe Carrie is a troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Euhill

    So how much do you get paid for being an a$$ and what corporation is your sponsor?

  • Euhill

    The only sad thing I see is someone spreading alleged facts containing both truths and lies together. There’s a term for that by the way. It is called ‘deception’. You without a doubt are spreading deception, calling it truth and integrity. It is far from it.

    I didn’t really expect you to admit to being a troll as trolls never do. Nor reveal who is behind the troll. However you have certainly given yourself away as a troll. “These are concepts which you would never begin to understand.” Of course you would say that. Isn’t that the whole point in what a troll does or at lest attempts to do? I only confront you to reveal to others here what your true nature is. And why you are really here.

  • Euhill

    Apparently you are not only a troll, you are an admin. You deleted my last reply as you clearly didn’t want anybody to see what what had been said.

  • Euhill

    Millennials are not the the only ones who are doing this. Some Gen X’ers are as well. And not by choice either. Why is this happening? It’s not all that hard to understand if you have been seeing what has been happening for the past 30 or so years. With jobs being exported, automation, and the destruction of companies that didn’t outsource because they couldn’t compete with the first two reasons of job destruction, there are not enough jobs for everyone to have a job. The majority of the jobs that are remaining are not paying a livable wage either. As it is companies are being very picky about who they will hire because of the large size of the job applicant pool. To make matters worse, companies are also deciding who will work and who will not. Basically they will not hire anyone that has been unemployed for six months or longer. In essence the employers are just recycling an ever shrinking eligible labor pool. Then there’s the so called Affordable Care Act that is anything but affordable. With all of this going on, who can afford to live on their own and start a family? Basically what is happening is that people are being forced to make some unpalatable choices in order to survive. Much like how people during the Great Depression had to. These are just the lucky ones too. The ones who are unlucky end up homeless living on the streets. Is this sustainable in the long run? Obviously not. However the people who are behind this are not interested in whether it is sustainable or not. All they are interested in is accomplishing their goals. To reduce the world’s population by getting rid of the useless eaters that they are creating. And to create a one world government and currency. In fact this unsustainable system will not be around long enough for it to be a problem. It will just be around long enough to convince us to accept their garbage solutions.

  • Rachel Nichols

    A lot of Millenials have watched their Baby Boomer or Generation X parents go through multiple marriages, divorces and dalliances.Is it surprising that few of them see any meaning or commitment in marriage?

  • Rachel Nichols

    MGOW will have to die out soon, since men can’t bear children by themselves. The movement may prolong itself for a couple generations by proseletyzing, but few of its members possess the drive or charisma necessary for this.

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