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Why Are So Many People Choosing To Leave The United States Permanently?

The United States Of America At NightHave things gotten so bad that it is time to leave the United States for good?  That is a question that a lot of Americans are dealing with these days, and an increasing number of them are choosing to leave the country of their birth permanently.  Some are doing it for tax reasons, some are doing it because they believe the future is brighter elsewhere, and others are doing it because they are very distressed about the direction that America is heading and they don’t see any hope for a turnaround any time soon.  Personally, I have several friends and contacts that regard themselves as “preppers” that have decided that the United States is too far gone to recover.  They have moved their families out of the country and they never plan to return.  As this nation continues to head down the very troubled road that it is currently on, this trend is probably only going to accelerate even more.

In fact, some Americans are even going so far as to renounce their citizenship when they leave.  This represents only a small percentage of those that are leaving the country, but as Bloomberg recently reported, the number of Americans that renounced their citizenship in the second quarter of 2013 was six times larger than the number that renounced their citizenship in the second quarter of last year…

Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship surged sixfold in the second quarter from a year earlier as the government prepares to introduce tougher asset-disclosure rules.

Expatriates giving up their nationality at U.S. embassies climbed to 1,131 in the three months through June from 189 in the year-earlier period, according to Federal Register figures published today.

Renouncing the country of your birth is not an easy thing to do.  From the moment that we come into this world, those of us born in this country are trained to think of ourselves as “Americans”.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Simon Black of the Sovereign Man blog

It doesn’t matter where you’re from– the United States, Sweden, New Zealand, or Venezuela… many people all over the world are inculcated from birth with a sense that their country is ‘better’ than all the others.

We grow up with the songs, the flag waving, and the parades until the concept of motherland becomes deeply rooted in our emotional cores.

Not to mention, when so many of our friends and neighbors unquestionably fall in line, it’s a powerful social reinforcement that only strengthens the bond.

We come to view our nationalities rather ironically as a big piece of our core individuality. I am an American. I am a Canadian. I am an Austrian. Instead of– I am a human being.

It has taken decades… centuries even… to reach this point. So the fact that more and more people are making the gut-wrenching decision to ditch their US passports is truly a powerful trend.

Traditionally, the American people have been some of the most patriotic people on the face of the planet.

So why are we now seeing such an increase in the number of people choosing to leave the United States permanently?

Well, the truth is that there are a whole host of reasons why people are losing faith in this country and are deciding to leave…

-The U.S. economy has been steadily declining for many years and that decline now seems to be accelerating.

-We are being taxed into oblivion.

-The quality of the jobs in our economy is rapidly declining.

-The middle class is continually shrinking.

-Poverty is exploding.

-Escalating social decay in our major cities.

-Our culture is rapidly going down the toilet.

-Our health care system has become a complete mess and a giant money making scam.  Obamacare is only going to make things even worse.

-Our politicians are tremendously corrupt, but the same clowns just keep getting sent back to D.C. over and over again.

-Our nation seems to be on a relentless march toward collectivism.

-America is rapidly turning into a “Big Brother” police state that is run by control freaks that seem obsessed with watching, tracking, monitoring and controlling virtually everything that we do.

Of course the list above could go on indefinitely, but hopefully I have made my point.  A whole lot of people out there are absolutely horrified as they watch what is happening to America, and leaving the country for good is increasingly being viewed as a potential option by many.

But as tempting as “going Galt” may seem, please come up with a good plan first.

As one family recently discovered, hopping into a small boat and sailing off into the Pacific Ocean in search of a better life is probably not going to work out too well…

A northern Arizona family that was lost at sea for weeks in an ill-fated attempt to leave the U.S. over what they consider government interference in religion will fly back home Sunday.

Hannah Gastonguay, 26, said Saturday that she and her husband “decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us” when they took their two small children and her father-in-law and set sail from San Diego for the tiny island nation of Kiribati in May.

But just weeks into their journey, the Gastonguays hit a series of storms that damaged their small boat, leaving them adrift for weeks, unable to make progress. They were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel, transferred to a Japanese cargo ship and taken to Chile where they are resting in a hotel in the port city of San Antonio.

Yes, life in America is definitely going to be extremely challenging in the years ahead, but the grass is not always greener on the other side of the planet either.

There are a whole host of things to consider before you make a permanent move to another country.  The following is an extended excerpt from one of my previous articles


The following are 10 questions to ask yourself before you decide to move to another country…

Do You Speak The Language?  If Not, How Will You Function?

If you do not speak the language of the country that you are moving to, that can create a huge problem.  Just going to the store and buying some food will become a challenge.  Every interaction that you have with anyone in that society will be strained, and your ability to integrate into the culture around you will be greatly limited.

How Will You Make A Living?

Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need to make money.  In a foreign nation, it may be very difficult for you to find a job – especially one that pays as much as you are accustomed to making in the United States.

Will You Be Okay Without Your Family And Friends?

Being thousands of miles away from all of your family and friends can be extremely difficult.  Will you be okay without them?  And it can be difficult to survive in a foreign culture without any kind of a support system.  Sometimes the people that most successfully move out of the country are those that do it as part of a larger group.

Have You Factored In Weather Patterns And Geological Instability?

As the globe becomes increasingly unstable, weather patterns and natural disasters are going to become a bigger factor in deciding where to live.  For example, right now India is suffering through the worst drought that it has experienced in nearly 50 years.  It would be very difficult to thrive in the middle of such an environment.

Many of those that are encouraging people to “escape from America” are pointing to Chile as an ideal place to relocate to.  But there are thousands of significant earthquakes in Chile each year, and the entire nation lies directly along the “Ring of Fire” which is becoming increasingly unstable.  That is something to keep in mind.

What Will You Do For Medical Care?

If you or someone in your family had a serious medical problem in the United States, you would know what to do.  Yes, our health care system is incredibly messed up, but at least you would know that you could get the care that you needed if an emergency arose.  Would the same be true in a foreign nation?

Are You Moving Into A High Crime Area?

Yes, crime is definitely on the rise in the United States.  But in other areas where many preppers are moving to, crime is even worse.  Mexico and certain areas of Central America are two examples of this.  And in many foreign nations, the police are far more corrupt than they generally are in the United States.

In addition, many other nations have far stricter gun laws than the United States does, so your ability to defend your family may be greatly restricted.

So will your family truly be safe in the nation that you plan to take them to?

Are You Prepared For “Culture Shock”?

Moving to another country can be like moving to a different planet.  After all, they don’t call it “culture shock” for nothing.

If you do move to another country, you may quickly find that thousands of little things that you once took for granted in the U.S. are now very different.

And there is a very good chance that many of the “amenities” that you are accustomed to in the U.S. will not be available in a foreign nation and that your standard of living will go down.

So if you are thinking of moving somewhere else, you may want to visit first just to get an idea of what life would be like if you made the move.

What Freedoms and Liberties Will You Lose By Moving?

Yes, our liberties and our freedoms are being rapidly eroded in the United States.  But in many other nations around the world things are much worse.  You may find that there is no such thing as “freedom of speech” or “freedom of religion” in the country that you have decided to move to.

Is There A Possibility That The Country You Plan To Escape To Could Be Involved In A War At Some Point?

We are moving into a time of great geopolitical instability.  If you move right into the middle of a future war zone, you might really regret it.  If you do plan to move, try to find a country that is likely to avoid war for the foreseeable future.

When The Global Economy Collapses, Will You And Your Family Be Okay For Food?

What good will it be to leave the United States if you and your family run out of food?

Today, we are on the verge of a major global food crisis.  Global food reserves are at their lowest level in nearly 40 years, and shifting global weather patterns are certainly not helping things.

And the global elite are rapidly getting more control over the global food supply.  Today, between 75 and 90 percent of all international trade in grain is controlled by just four gigantic multinational food corporations.


Leaving the United States permanently and setting up a new life in another country can be done, but it isn’t for the faint of heart.  It takes planning, preparation and lots of hard work.

However, there are lots of people that have done it successfully, including quite a number of people that I know personally.

In the end, you have got to make the decision that is right for you and your family.  Don’t let anyone else tell you what to do.

For many, staying in the United States and preparing for the tough years that are coming is the best choice.  For others, getting out of the United States and heading for greener pastures is the right choice.

What about you?

What is your choice?

Please feel free to share your perspective by posting a comment below…



  • Archie1954

    The main reason to leave the US is a moral one so obviously it wasn’t mentioned in this propaganda piece, that is the constant military warmongering. I personally would be too upset to live in a country that relishes warmongering, killing and destruction as much as the US does and even worse to be so grossly hypocritical about it!

  • RarefiedSnotress

    The more weirdo Preppers that leave, the better.

  • Johnny

    I moved to Canada 2 years ago, and never regreted it. Strong economy, good job, low crim rate, free health care and a government that respects privacy. The USA is collapsing and I am sad but I would never return from paradise:)

  • peace angel

    After 40 years of studying the New World Order coming to being in the US and Knowing the future of Americans is in the Fema camps and knowing that recently the US imported 3 million foreign troops to take us all to the camps I am leaving.

    Americans have had decades of time to stop the NWO in America and have not and I have decided that America is too dumbed down and drugged up now to make intelligent decisions. The American Psychiatric Assoc. reported this year that 50% of all Americans are “clinically depressed” and that one in 25 Americans are sociopaths and one in 100 Americans are psychopaths. This is a very sick nation being poisoned by the government and it is the most dangerous nation on earth that is NOT at war.

    I have decided to move to the Sunshine Coast of Canada. There are only two concentration camps in BC and they are not operable like ours. They are not hiring internment guards and are not yet at the place as the US is in creating the NWO.

    The US is the test case for the NWO and Agenda 21 and soon things are going to be unbearable.

    Almost three million ppl. are expatriating to other nations every year and most of them blog about it. IF you want to leave then the best place to learn about the transition is from the expats who have already done it.

    I lived in Mexico three times without knowing Spanish and had no problems. Today Mexico is a war zone because of the US failed war on drugs and that is sad and yet ppl are still moving there which is crazy.

    The world is a billion ppl overpopulated and crime among young ppl is real worldwide and will only continue, but the US is the most violent nation on earth that is not at war and far more dangerous than any of the many nations I have researched moving to, but what is most obvious is that expats are far more happy than they ever were in the US. Life has become too hard here for most and far too expensive by design and our politicians will not stop without an armed revolution and no one is talking about that.

  • Tobias Smith

    it is time to eat a tuna fish sandwich

  • sherpeace

    Most of these people left when Bush II was president. They didn’t like what he was doing, and on top of that, many thought that the elections were stolen (including Me). Bush started a lot of the problems but Obama doesn’t seem that interested in reversing his laws, etc., so most don’t feel a need to come back.
    Obama haters are not leaving, except for the Billionaires, but the truth is they have been leaving for a while. They made their money off the American middle class, but they don’t want to pay the taxes or spend their money here. They are hypocrites of the worst kind.

    • John Citizen

      Your assessment of the current state in America is wrong. It is very bad here under the progressives. I do not know why Bahamas is not as popular spot as one would think. I really need to get out of here. I live in Florida now which has no income tax but the country is turning into a police state and if Hillary becomes president in 2016, it is adios for me. My country was once great, now it is full of freeloaders and leeches with their king in the white house. I really want to leave this country, it is in permanent decline. Thank you liberals.[sarc]

  • Alex Macintyre Gore

    Come to Australia…..ex citizens of the USA, we ain’t much different from you…well maybe our food, our jokes, the way we talk…

    • Venci

      well, i would love to come to Australia, but there is no way … Australia Gov. is asking for visas, e.t.c … any ideas on your end?

  • sherpeace

    Maybe we should all learn to sail. that might be the safest place to be!

  • 14482302

    I have one foot in the Socialist States and the other in Ecuador. My wife works for an airline, and I can travel to Cuenca for free, at least the Atlanta-Quito part of the trip. My medical care is in Cuenca, and many expats are already there and many doctors there speak English and are American-trained. When the circumstances warrant, I can more easily transfer there permanently. I know the language, enjoy the people, and even eat the cuy that they enjoy eating.

    • jack abercrombie

      ..after 45 yrs born & raised in ATL. GA. I have been in Quito, ECUADOR since SEP 2008. Certainly the Economic meltdown will domino & be global. Ecuador has a year round growing season and abundant water sources. Come see us: “JourneymanJack in ECUADOR”

  • 123421

    Left the States around two decades ago and never once regretted it; never experienced hardship; never experienced culture shock; never found it hard to get a job. Living in Easter Europe and now SE Asia has been a joy and an adventure, with a better standard of living, and more freedoms than back home.

  • Jerry

    I left the U. S. of A. a long time ago, in 1976 (when Carter still was president). I did it for work reasons, but I had come to think that life would be better in the Dominion of Canada. I was right about that, too. However, missing friends and adjusting to the sheer gentility of Canadians, which can be a bit maddening for Americans, took time and effort. I know that today, leaving the truly dreadful U. S. of A. is harder by far than what I underwent, and that moving to places more culturally remote a nation like Canada could take much more getting used to.

  • jaleel shakir

    The perverted culture has destroyed the morals of the publics in America.

  • wisdom

    It’s already laid out for you in the book of revelation (meaning reveal). No one gets out alive. You will need to choose to take the mark of the beast, which some believe is an rfid or get beheaded. You might live through armageddon (the third and final war on earth), but your soul is what this life is all about.

  • frankyzee

    My wife and I left the US after 9/11. I had this feeling that things would go from bad to worse so we left. We live in Southeast Asia and you are correct, a person must be aware of all of the above.

    If you are not ready to assimilate into a new culture with an open heart and mind… forget it.

    If you can… here are some of the benefits;
    1. Live debt free
    2. Live on a small income/retirement

    3. Own a home for 1/10th of the cost in the US
    4. Have cheap medical insurance
    5. Live off grid easily if you want to
    6. Start a business with very little capital…
    This list could go on and on… be wise, find a good country and leave if you want to. It made our life so much better and we are thankful we made the decision.

    Good luck

  • Nate

    The economic crisis is not everywhere as a lot of people like to say. That is just a bunch of hogwash to get people scared of making the move and leaving his or her citizenship behind. The US is dying, but it is going to do a lot of damage before it is buried. I am now 35 years of age, I see no point in staying on a ship that is sinking. When I was 18 I thought this country was worth fighting for, not any more. Whether it is 1 month or 50 years from now, I will be leaving the US permanently. From my own research I believe that most “third world” countries will probably flourish when, not if, the US is gone.

  • BrianLandon

    if you think America is bad, just live in many third world and even second world countries. They are either dictatorships or pseudo-dictatorships.
    If you have lots of money, you can live somewhere in the Caribbean or South Pacific but be prepared to spend it, and invest there.
    And don’t expect the same infrastructure that you’re used to.

    Maybe instead of running, its time for Americans to actually change things!! Don’t be lulled into false security by big government that promises everything, and then if you do vote for them(Obama), don’t be surprised when they are watching your every move(you’re an asset after all in their eyes).
    I’ll bet the entitled to my entitlement generation is not moving–well at least until the government has no money left to spend on the massive bureacracy it’s created.

  • Bill

    I do not understand that some leave US due to halthcare system. Obama is 6 years here and healthcare becomes better and better and will be more. So, you woud be optimistic about it.

  • John Citizen

    Obama has destroyed this country and a president Hillary will be the final nail on the coffin. I am curious though as to why the Bahamas is not a popular destination spot.

  • Anthony Rivera

    this is what happens if the rich 1% creates selfish policies in our government

  • Gracie Darling

    I live in Ecuador. Been here 4 years. Now a citizen. Get good medical for $86 month. I have used the medical for an emergency and found it to be excellent in “Kennedy” hospitals in GYE.

    It cost about $20 minimum payment into social security to qualify for medical. But, they will see you if your name is not on the computer. It is law. Kennedy hospital in Samborondon challenged this law and lost big time.

    Ecuador is nice. Very expensive. Poor people don’t come here nor do they go to Panama or Costa Rica. South America is becoming very expensive due to the greedy gringo coming from the north to make money in housing.

    Don’t believe what international living ragazines tell you. It is expensive if you desire to live close to what you were in the states, meaning nice house, nice car, nice clothes etc. Best to travel to Miami and buy and return.

    Everywhere you visit on the internet you will find the liars, cheats and thieves in South America such as Gary Scott.

  • David

    I’m not an “American” in this country. No, in this country I am a slave. I have never thought of myself as American only the slave base on which the rich and greedy in this country run.

  • David

    So needles to say, renouncing this country as my birth, that’s easy. LET ME THE HELL OUT!

  • David

    America sucks, and I don’t even have the freedom to post about it on this board. Ha ha. They took down my last two posts. Congrats good job guys. Keep watching out, you know thought policing and everything.

  • Laobai

    I took my college degree and ran to China and left my debt with Sallie Mae. I never had anything in America and here I get to screw lots of beautiful young Chinese girls. Chow.

  • LemmeOut

    Divided we fall. The race war is a rediculous one. It’s funny how one ignorant comment about race can distract everyone from what’s important – that the United States is going down. The more we argue right left black white the more quickly the globalists can move forward. Besides the majority of us are muts of some nature so skin color is pretty much obsolete and its useless to stereotype (you f*n morons.. jk, only God can judge your stupid a$$es)

  • Lingram90

    Totally agree! I just don’t know where to start with prepping for relocation.

  • Joshua

    If more people are leaving USA i don’t know where they are going. The media hype is just confusing them. There is no place like America Today. Are these people going to China or India, the Middle East, or Africa? I don’t think they will go to these countries. The quality of life in these countries is unbearable?

    How can you leave luxury and go to poverty-stricken countries. Countries in Europe are congested and have their own relative cultures. If you are staying in America I will advice you to stick on and improve your quality of life. Outside USA is hell.


  • Liz

    Why are service vets leaving the country? They have been taxed out of the US and can retire cheaper abroad. Hard to see our laws not being upheld and hardworking people losing jobs and houses because laws were dropped regulating certain businesses and the wrong people were bailed out not once but twice. Makes us think…

  • frustrated_ayfkm

    I was really interested in this article until I read all the points and realized my perspective and reasoning for wanting to raise my family elsewhere seem to be the exact same reasons why the author thinks it might be a bad idea. e.g. Guns – Of every country I’ve been in, the only one in which guns even enters my mind is the US. I am not the least bit concerned about needing a gun to defend myself in (example) Europe b/c it’s just not an issue there. I can sit and chat for hours in a mall, go see the latest movie, send my children to school, all w/o the tiniest concern that some previously “responsible” or “legal” citizen is going to snap, walk into a WalMart and walk out w/ a high capacity weapon & proceed to mow me and/or my children down in seconds. It’s just not an issue in most of our peer nations.

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