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Why Does Our Society Look Down On Unemployed Men So Much?

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If you are unemployed for an extended period of time, people are going to look at you differently.  Unfortunately, this is especially true if you are a man.  In our society, men are primarily defined by “what they do”.  If you have been unemployed for a long period of time, that can make social interactions even more awkward than normal.  Most people will instantly become more uncomfortable around you when they find out that you are unemployed.  Many will look at you with pity, and others will actually look at you with disdain.  Women will not want to date you, and if you are in a relationship unemployment will put a tremendous amount of strain on it.  Once you “don’t have a job”, you will not get the same level of respect from former co-workers, friends, members of your own family and possibly even your own wife.  So why does our society look down on unemployed men so much?  Well, it is generally expected that men are supposed to be the “breadwinners” for their families.  If a woman stays home with the kids nobody has any problems with that, but if men do the same thing it tends to raise eyebrows.  But there is a big problem.  Our economy is not producing enough jobs for everyone.  In fact, there are millions upon millions more workers than there are jobs.  It would be great if this was just a temporary situation, but as I have written about previously, there will never be enough jobs in America ever again.  So there will continually be millions upon millions of men that are looked down upon by society because they can’t get jobs, and as a result we are going to have millions upon millions of men that are constantly battling against soul-crushing despair.

It can be really hard to “feel like a man” when you aren’t making any money.

And most women simply are not interested in becoming romantically involved with an unemployed man.  Just check out what one recent survey found….

Of the 925 single women surveyed, 75 percent said they’d have a problem with dating someone without a job. Only 4 percent of respondents asked whether they would go out with an unemployed man answered “of course.”

“Not having a job will definitely make it harder for men to date someone they don’t already know,” Irene LaCota, a spokesperson for It’s Just Lunch, said in a press release. “This is the rare area, compared to other topics we’ve done surveys on, where women’s old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles seem to apply.”

Those are some pretty overwhelming numbers.

So is it the same way when the roles are reversed?

Not even close.

When men were asked the same question, the difference was absolutely shocking….

On the other hand, the prospect of dating an unemployed woman was not a problem for nearly two-thirds of men. In fact, 19 percent of men said they had no reservations and 46 percent of men said they were positive they would date an unemployed woman.

Admittedly, men are often thinking about other things when they are evaluating whether they want to date a women or not.  Yes, there are some men these days that are concerned about how much money a woman makes, but the truth is that men tend to be much less concerned about income levels than women are.

In fact, a UK study that was released last year discovered that British women are even more concerned about the education and income of a potential mate than they were back in the 1940s.

So if you are unemployed you are probably not going to find much success in the romance department either.

If you are married, being unemployed is likely to put a huge strain on your marriage.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent Business Insider article entitled “TRUE CONFESSION: I’m Sick Of My Unemployed Husband“….

I can’t even remember when my husband stopped working.

And frankly, I don’t have time to think about it, between my full-time job and my fledgling business, volunteering at an after-school program to help teenagers prepare for the professional world and mothering two children.

But when I do think about it–when I think about all the times I come home to see evidence of his entire day’s activities cluttering the coffee table, or when I have to take our shared car to work and strand him at home because he doesn’t feel like getting up to drive me–I’m angry.

If a husband is unemployed for an extended period of time, there is a very good chance that the wife is going to start feeling very resentful.

If things get bad enough, many women will pull the plug on their marriages and will get rid of their “unproductive” husbands.

Last year, Time Magazine reported on a study that indicated that unemployed men were significantly more likely to get divorced than employed men were.

My goal in writing this is not to “bash women”.  I am just pointing out how hard things are for unemployed men in our society.  Many wives (and their extended families) simply do not understand that our economy has fundamentally changed.  In the old days just about any hard working man that wanted a job could go out and get one.  That is most definitely NOT the case today.

Hopefully we can get more women to understand this.  I know that it can be hard to be patient when your husband is unemployed for month after month after month.

But at a time when husbands need their support the most, many wives withdraw emotionally and become very angry.

For example, how many women have you ever heard declare how proud they are of their unemployed husbands?

Of course there are definitely situations where these roles are reversed and employed husbands are badgering their unemployed wives about getting a job, but in general our society tends to have a greater degree of tolerance for unemployed women than it does for unemployed men.

Sadly, most people simply do not understand how dramatically things have changed in our economy.

The following chart shows the stunning decline in the percentage of working age men with a job over the past 60 years….

Back in the 1950s, there were times when nearly 85 percent of all working age men had jobs.

We will never get back to anything close to that ever again.

Prior to the last recession, about 70 percent of all working age men were employed.

Since the end of the recession, that number has not gotten back to 65 percent at any point.

That means somewhere around 5 percent of all working age American men have been displaced from the workforce permanently.

The mainstream media would have us believe that we are experiencing an “economic recovery” but that is a massive lie.  The real unemployment numbers are much worse than we have been told.

If you take a look at all working age Americans (men and women), there are actually more than 100 million of them that do not have jobs right now.

I know that statistic can be hard to believe.  I had a hard time believing it at first.  But it is actually true.

Meanwhile, the incomes of those who are working continue to fall.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States has fallen for four years in a row.

But this is not a trend that just started recently.  According to one study, between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

We are in the midst of a long-term economic decline and it is time for all of us to admit how bad things have really gotten.

So what are all of the men who are not working doing these days?

Well, there are some that have chosen to stay at home with the kids.  In a previous article, I discussed how the number of “stay at home dads” has doubled over the past decade.

But the overall percentage of “Mr. Moms” is still very, very low according to Fox News….

There were only about 81,000 Mr. Moms in 2001, or about 1.6 percent of all stay-at-home parents. By last year, the number had climbed to 176,000, or 3.4 percent of stay-at-home parents, according to U.S. Census data.

The vast majority of working age men still want to work outside of the home and earn a living for their families.

Unfortunately, most families need more than one income to make it these days.  In fact, in many cases both parents are working multiple jobs in an attempt to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, the number of good jobs continues to decline and the middle class in America continues to shrink.

This is hitting our young people that are just starting out particularly hard.  For example, during 2011 53 percent of all Americans with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.

And as I have written about previously, this is resulting in huge numbers of our young people moving back home with Mom and Dad.

This is particularly true when it comes to young men.  According to CNN, American men in the 25 to 34 age bracket are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as women the same age are….

The number of adult children who live with their parents, especially young males, has soared since the economy started heading south. Among males age 25 to 34, 19% live with their parents today, a 5 percentage point increase from 2005, according to Census data released Thursday. Meanwhile, 10% of women in that age group live at home, up from 8% six years ago.

How are our young men going to be able to get married and start families if they can’t find jobs and they are living in our basements?

Sadly, things are really hard for everyone right now.  Since June 2009, we have supposedly been in “the Obama recovery”, but median household income in America has fallen during that time period by $3040.

People keep waiting for things to “get better”, but it just isn’t happening.  This was beautifully illustrated the other night during a Saturday Night Live skit that had “Barack Obama” speaking in front of a rally of unemployed and underemployed workers.  You can find video of that skit right here.

There are millions upon millions of men (and women) all over America that are ready and willing to go back to work.

Sadly, there will never be enough jobs for all of them ever again, and that is not going to change no matter who wins the election.

In fact, when the next wave of the economic collapse hits the United States it is likely that unemployment is going to get a whole lot worse.

What will our society look like when that happens?

  • Rodster

    Gary2, is that you begging for money again? 🙂

  • Ralph

    Looks like the videos of Jay Pharoah’s Obama have been pulled.

  • markthetruth


    The problem with 1950’s is the society was as it should be, women stayed home to take care of the home,family and the husband. There was a Dining room table where there was a home cooked dinner and the whole family ate together, after saying grace. Just like “Father knows Best”. Not to be chauvinistic but the women slowly moved to the work force , and families then started with two parents working, and the family structure and families started to fall apart. They have since then taken tens of million of jobs and want to do man’s work. Sorry but this was the start of the problem because everyone had to “Keep up with the Jones” and that’s where the materialism started to be more important then the family. Now we have stuff and no families.

    Sorry but it’s the Truth

    the end.

    • DaytoDay

      Don’t forget, this was around the same time religion (Christianity) was taken out of schools, Hollywood and the radio became de-censored and the birth of modern day corporations.

      Good post

    • mark

      Yes families have taken a back seat to stuff. In the 1950’s folks lived in a house with one bathroom and a one car garage. Our wants have really expanded.

    • no, and I’m a woman, age 32, with three children and a husband, and you are dead-on correct.

      When our first son was born, we lived in a 400 square foot metal building while we built up our business and went to school on the side. My husband is a gifted carpenter, and he worked for a while with family, then went out on his on as a sole proprietor. We spent all of our ‘extra’ money in the early 2000’s on tools for his trade, a work truck and our necessities, while we lived in that 400 square foot shed. It was a single room, with one bathroom….we had a loft bed, and when our second child came along, we slid his playpen under our loft bed next to his brother’s toddler bed to make room. What we couldn’t fit inside our home, we did without. But we spent time with each other as a family, through thick and thin. And it was hard. There were times when he didn’t have work every week or even for weeks. Or when he got hurt or sick, because when you’re self-employed and honest, you still go to work on those days too because you love your family. We lived in that small, tiny shed and saved our money for close to 6 years. Then, when we had enough saved, we also had a balance sheet that we could take to a bank and put up for a mortgage on a $2,400 sq ft brick home. (Granted, we bought it as a foreclosure and remodeled the hell out of it, but the previous owner had defaulted on child support as well as his mortgage, so he deserved all he lost.) The bank gave us a mortgage in 2009—after the bank bust, when it was so incredibly hard for anyone with a self-employment tax return to get anything in this country, without co sighners…just what we could put down in cash. This last summer, my husband finished his bachelor’s degree—totally online at the cheapest, not-for-profit university we could find—and he got a job as an IT director for a local school district, with a starting salary that is much more than veteran teachers at that school make. He’s currently looking to finish his MBA next spring. But I never gave up on him. I knew he could do it, and it’s a damn shame women in this country don’t love their men for who they are and how hard they try. Because as long as they try, that’s all that counts. It’s not about how much you bring in…it’s about how damn hard you worked your ass off to get it there so your kids could eat and your lights could stay on that month. I’ll love my husband til the day he dies for everything he’s done for myself and my three kids because he’s the champion of the world to me. It’s unfortunate that many women see their male counterparts through glasses much different than mine. I am very ashamed of my gender at times.

      • i thought women like you were extinct.

        • lol, no but we’re few and far between. And through that entire time, by the way, did I mention we did not once apply for food stamps or ask for help from outside sources? Nope…we never thought we qualified, because when we had a paycheck, it went for basics: food, water, lights, clothes, tools, and savings. I realized a few years in that we did qualify for food stamps, but applying for them would just be adding to the problem, so we did without. And we–as well as our three children–are better people for it, I like to think.

        • liberranter

          They almost are, joe, at least here in Amerika.

      • thethirdcoast

        Just wanted to mention that your husband is extremely lucky to have you for his wife. Keep on fighting the good fight!

        • armel

          thank you! the thing is, I went to Russia to work at a kids summer camp when I was 18. And when I saw how they lived over there, what they did without…it was eye-opening. But they worked hard and loved eachother; the women took care of their men, the men took care of their women and treated them with respect. It was very mutual and it was such an awesome thing to see. Do you know they live with most of their relatives in small, tiny apartments, even after they get married over there? It’s not uncommon for newly weds to take the couch in a living room in a one or two bedroom apartment over there. It really made me think about what was important. You can complain about living in small spaces, or you can realize that you can be happy without so many things, and just focus on your family more. It was very life-enriching. I hope to take my kids over there some day so they can appreciate it the way I did. Thank you all again for all the kind comments!

      • TC

        Healthy and happy family to you.
        Your husband is one of luckiest men in the world.

    • CatNap

      As a woman in her 40’s, I can say I agree with you, Mark.

      When feminism swept through my hometown, many moms took up jobs and turned my friends into “latch-key” kids.

      At first, the extra cash bought luxuries. But as the 1980’s wore on, increasingly it took two incomes to meet what one used to. Of course by then, the commercials that depicted women as “having it all” (Such as the old Enjolie spot that warbled, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…and never, never let you forget you’re a man!”)had sunk into the psychies of both girls and boys.

      So, many of my generation expect women to work both outside of the home and in it. As a result, there are less jobs for men today and the children of women who work generally are raised by the state to continue the cycle.

      My husband has been unemployed for three months. I’m a stay at home mom to a elementary student. When hubby’s unemployment and severance runs out, we will be living on our “preps” and savings. After that…(?)

      We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary recently. I love my husband and no matter what, respect him. Not for what he can give me, but for his character. We will make it or not-but we will be together when we do. We took our vows seriously-

      “For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.”

    • Frederick

      You are absolutely right, but in all fairness, taxes and inflation increased too, which made it harder for couples to live in one income. It isn’t impossible. My parents did it. My mom stayed at home and raised me and I am the good of what I am because of it. So many kids ruin their lives because nobody is home to be an authoritative figure and to bond with their kids.

    • Uh-Huh

      Markthetruth: The 1950s was an era where everybody had just come out of a huge world war with all its deprivations…and people tend to value things differently after those situations than people who have known no true hardships.

      That being said, as a female, I would have loved to have stayed home and nuture my children and leave earning the money to my husband; HOWEVER, my verbally abusive husband thought coming home was an option as I waited hour after hour with his home-cooked dinner, all after I had worked a 10-hour day and picking up the children from school and/or the sitter’s, and more money was spent on beer than anything having to do with the family.

      If “Leave It to Beaver” was how husbands (on average) actually treated wives today, wouldn’t everyone elect to have that sort of home life?

      Women do not think as young girls, “Wow, I can’t wait until I’m grown so I can work one or two full-time jobs, raise the children, cook, clean, while my husband does nothing.”

      Men have the same complaints if their wives do nothing while they work…I’ve heard it come out of men’s mouths many times.

      But through music, sports figures, and other dumbing-down and communist-building idiocies (which don’t value family at all), America’s males have adopted other cultures’ attitudes on how women are treated…and it is disgusting. And today’s females aren’t much better in regards to their own self-respect. I see the evidence every day as the grandmothers are caring for the children resulting from these unions…because the fathers just aren’t around (and oftentimes the mothers aren’t even in the picture).

      The woman’s (above) biggest complaint was not that her husband was unemployed, but that he just wouldn’t help her…and that is inexcusable.

      I know there are wonderful men out there. I am currently married to one, but as he told his four daughters as they were growing up, “I would much rather you be gay than end up with a man who treats you poorly” (this comes from a man who actually grew up in the ’50s when being gay was a big no-no).

      In my earlier days, if I had made enough money to support the whole household, would I have dated an unemployed man? Definitely yes, but he would have to have been the type of man that I could be proud of: Loving, helpful, resourceful, motivated….and while there are definitely men like that who still exist, their numbers are becoming rarer and rarer. I pity this generation…life is about to throw them an interesting curveball.

    • Glench

      I wasn’t around until the 60’s… but from what I’ve heard is that the 50’s were the most peaceful times, most people were poor but didn’t even realize it since they were so busy working towards the ‘American dream’… now days everyone’s out of work…

      Women didn’t really start entering the ‘work force’ until the mid 70’s… most women didn’t even have a drivers license at that time… A wife’s income would not even count when it came to applying for a bank loan (or a mortgage for those that applied)…

      A house in the 70’s cost around 18 grand, one usually made about 6.5 K a year… so one could easily save up and purchase a home in less than 10 years (without a mortgage). People were looked ‘down on’ for even having mortgage’s in the first place…

      • Piglet

        Anyone who idolizes the 1950s doesn’t know what that decade was really like. The first three years saw the Korean War, one of the most vicious and brutal wars ever to be fought, that killed several million Koreans and nearly brought on World War III. The decade also featured McCarthyism, the beginnings of America’s invasion of Vietnam, the general discontent that would explode in the 1960s, and plenty of other trouble.

        If you still think it was a grand era, you should ask a black person how it was for him or her – or any other non-white person, for that matter. (Full disclosure: I am a honky.) They will tell you not just “no,” but “hell no,” it was not a swell time.

        • Mondobeyondo

          The 1950’s have been glorified and glamorized (thanks to “I Love Lucy”, “Leave It to Beaver” and “Ozzie and Harriet”). For many millions of people, life was not like that at all. No white picket fences, no live-in housekeeper.

          I wish that weren’t the case. I would have loved to have a housekeeper, like Ann on the “Brady Bunch”. Someone to cook my breakfast before school, and who washed laundry and made my bed before I got home. Just kidding.

          No, I’m not kidding. I hate having to make my bed every morning. Don’t lie, I know you all do as well. Hee!

        • Victor

          ^^ This!

        • Child of the 50s

          Yeah, that’s a shame. Sorry things didn’t work out for you in the 50s. It did for me and my family and my relatives and my neighbors and my friends and my community.

          It was a swell time.

          • Stephanie S

            It was glorious. We had a REAL President, Eisenhower. We celebrated all holidays at school including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter (still remember those egg hunts). Kids could walk to and from school safely and then go out to play after school in the neighborhood. Divorce was not common. Men had jobs. Most moms were home when you got back from school. I would happily re-live my ’50s childhood.

    • Victor

      It’s interesting how full of lies your “truth” is.

      The increase of women in the workforce began during WWII, when there was a labour shortage. Men were overseas fighting and dying. Someone had to still do the work, and like any rational person, women did not want to give up those freedoms when the war was over.

      If you think families are better when one parent stays home, fine. Give up some of your income and stay home. Oh, you don’t want to do that? You prefer to be out in the workplace rather than scrubbing toilets?

      Then it’s crazy that you would decide it’s “right” on behalf of someone else.

      Your thinking belongs in the 18th century, along with your “truths”.

    • kevin

      You have your history a bit mixed up here. Women dominated the work force at the point in time you describe being, “as it should be.” You see, when men were drafted during the war, women had nearly all the jobs in factories and providing the basic infrastructure that men had typically filled. Most of what followed men coming home from the war, again without employment, is where our factory farmed lifestyle originated today. The real turning point was women not wanting to go back to being homemakers after that very intentional societal change.

  • Free Sailphones Comrades!

    Work? This is the glorious hopetopia. Work is for kapitalist pigs.

  • Jay

    Have you thought that maybe romance is not the thing that you need to be focusing on whne times are tough. Having a love life is about the most distracting thing one could possibly do when trying to focus. I’m not a harsh person. This is just a fact when one live in reason, not an opinion. If chance romance comes along,so be it. But otherwise, stay on point. Go run or exercise, don’t obscese over women or men, whichever you prefer. Regarding work…lower your standard till you find a job. I did not say go to work at Burger King. That’s not what I mean’t. I mean that you don’t have to wait for a job in the field that you are accustomed to worling in. That day and age is DONE. I fully understand that I too will never be employeed in the profession that I am used to. My reason? I moved to a country that pays 1/12 of what I got in the U.S. Theat time will come there too. I welcome working in other fields. It makes life way more interesting. I have had nine different business in the last five years. Hard as hell, but fun. Go apply at the local recycling plant, or organic farm. Sitting in an office is not a sustainable job. Nor are most of the coolege degrees that have been taught for the last 50 years. Think far reaching, not what satisfies you for today or this month. You’ll find an alternative that drives you. Do not focus on others opinions of you, just trudge forward as often as you are able. Even if you can only get the drive once a week. Don’t beat yourself up for slacking forever. Wake up one day when you have energy and get on it. I’ve been highly depessed more than once. You have to keep trudging forward. Stuff will change and opportunity will come. I’m the last person that you want to talk with about being positive. What I’m talking about is reality. Forget society, there are always going to be quality people who want to befriend you everywhere. Getting work is a wholly seperate subject.

  • Tappedops

    Hate to call you out on this one Mr.M… but the art is a mute point… no cash…no ____… always has been, always will be…if you just lost your job… the overwhelming chances are that you just lost the last job you will EVER have… so your relationships go right out the window with all your other worldly dreams—get over it…the last thing on your mind should be any or all relationships with sops,wifie,kids,ect—now your main focus is……..SURVIVAL…

  • Irritable

    Re: “Many wives (and their extended families) simply do not understand that our economy has fundamentally changed.”

    These women and people are just stupid, and when something negative happens to them, or when the economy finally produces enough problems that they are confronted with harsh reality, only then will they “wake up.” It’s a non-issue really because in the end their petty complaints won’t matter.

    Sad to say, as a woman, and wife of an unemployed husband, I know many women are foolish, stupid, and maudlin creatures more concerned with their hair and makeup than anything else. I like makeup too to some degree, but I’ve got other things to worry about in life.

    As a woman, I don’t mean to bash others of my sex, but I readily admit that many, many women are just dumb outright. They have no critical thinking skills and want to see everything in a “positive” light. As a woman with a more masculine mind (whatever that means), I don’t identify with most of them. Women like me are quite rare I think, so I don’t blame men anymore when they become annoyed with women. If I were a man I’d seriously not have any relationship with ANY woman.

    There are very few women who want to see the truth. Most of them just want to see everything “positively” and have bought into the whole “embrace wholeness” and fluffy New Age retarded amalgations of eastern religion or non-duality dressed up as “positive” thinking.

    • CatNap

      AMEN, sister! 🙂

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      The way you think may set you up for a good career in some form of Engineering. Worth looking into as an economy always needs Engineers to build, design, test and create products from the small to massive industrial scale.

      How refreshing to have a woman put this point of view.


    • wprest2002

      Ms. Irritable: I could not agree more and it is unfortunate that many women cannot see the reality of the critical situation developing with our economy. Fortunately for me, I have, as my closest companion, a woman who thinks like you. I would probably phrase that as women who think logically, rather than women who think like men. Not all men think logically either; far from it! But good job in summarizing the situation very well.

    • liberranter

      Your husband is a very lucky man!

    • Frederick

      It’s American society, because in other countries the women are more practical and have stronger family values, even in societies that are significantly materialistic. Women there talk about things like inflation and/or family as the basis of society. American society makes people incredibly narcissistic.

    • Snorting Apathy

      This post gave me a good laugh. As a 21 year old male whose never had a girlfriend I would have to say that yes, most women are really dumb and vain. It really kind of annoys me. Unfortunately a lot of my male peers are bunch of stupid knuckleheads as well so… It seems most people in society just want to fluff things up and be positive, that’s easy enough to see. I mean you kind of have to be positive in the sense of having hope to survive emotionally, but my general response to such mass ignorance is to feel frustration with how stupid all these people are for not seeing how obvious it is that our country is basically sliding into an abyss. Everything our government is doing now to try an stop the slide will only make the slide steeper at a later date. In some ways I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s naive faces when they all have to admit our society failed.

    • Gary2

      I can not understand why they spend so much on manicuring their nails. How do they even pick their nose???

  • liberranter

    Michael, you just HAD to get me started on this…

    Women will not want to date you, and if you are in a relationship unemployment will put a tremendous amount of strain on it. Once you “don’t have a job”, you will not get the same level of respect from former co-workers, friends, members of your own family and possibly even your own wife.

    Exactly. While I am not among the unemployed and have been very fortunate not to have been in that situation for most of my adult life, I, like almost every other man in Amerika, am but one paycheck away from the possibility of it. Sadly, I have many friends who have been there very recently and many others who still are there, with no end in sight. Sadder by far still, far too many of them have found out, too late in their lives and when the chips were down, that they were married to women who, when the going got tough, decided to get going themselves.

    It’s funny (in the figurative sense of that word) how so many Amerikan “women” today believe that they can have it both ways. They proudly claim to be nothing more than men with elevated estrogen levels, capable of doing everything and anything a man can do, endlessly proclaiming their “independence.” Yet for some utterly bizarre reason, once they decide to get married (and no one will ever come up with a logical explanation, to my satisfaction, for why today’s Amerikan “women” do this), they immediately begin to depend on the male half of the relationship to do all of the heavy lifting. Once he is unable to continue to do this and she is forced to put her own money and muscle where her rhetoric-spewing mouth is, she decides that the relationship is no longer worth her emotional, physical, or financial investment.

    So, guys, if you’re considering “tying the knot” in the UFSA today, think twice, thrice, four times or more, and hopefully you’ll push the very idea far out of your heads. Only a fool would do it in today’s society. As so many women of a certain Amerikan ethnicity like to crow “I can do bad all by myself.” Ditto for you too.

    If you’re going to find yourself struggling to survive, better to do so by yourselves without the aggravation of being tied to somebody who will do nothing but drag you down, financially and emotionally, and add more pain and suffering to an already intolerable situation.

    So there will continually be millions upon millions of men that are looked down upon by society because they can’t get jobs, and as a result we are going to have millions upon millions of men that are constantly battling against soul-crushing despair.

    Maybe a few, and for a little while. I think that what will ultimately be much more likely to happen is that society will become very ugly and violent as more and more men finally decide that they’ve just had enough and start looking out for numero uno, to hell with everyone else. How does that old expression go? “People who have nothing left to lose usually do.”

    It can be really hard to “feel like a man” when you aren’t making any money.

    Prediction: fewer and fewer men will worry about “making money” in an honest, legitimate, above-board way and will do whatever they have to do to survive. I’m sure you can imagine that it won’t be at all pretty and that it’s going to be painful, destructive, and costly to everyone, not just the men.

    On the other hand, the prospect of dating an unemployed woman was not a problem for nearly two-thirds of men. In fact, 19 percent of men said they had no reservations and 46 percent of men said they were positive they would date an unemployed woman.

    As I found out the hard way, that is a very, very, VERY foolish view to hold. Employed men of means who marry unemployed women will often find themselves used and abused in ways they could never have imagined possible. This certainly isn’t always the case, but the odds of it happening are infinitely greater than if the woman is self-sufficient at the time you enter into the relationship with her.

    [Said a spoiled wife suddenly confronted with ugly socioeconomic reality]

    I can’t even remember when my husband stopped working.

    And frankly, I don’t have time to think about it, between my full-time job and my fledgling business, volunteering at an after-school program to help teenagers prepare for the professional world and mothering two children.

    But when I do think about it–when I think about all the times I come home to see evidence of his entire day’s activities cluttering the coffee table, or when I have to take our shared car to work and strand him at home because he doesn’t feel like getting up to drive me–I’m angry.

    There you have it, guys: the reason, in three brief paragraphs, why getting married or staying married in Amerika today is the ultimate in self-destructive idiocy. You can bet the remainder of a year’s salary that this shallow bitchtard felt nothing but love, praise, and adulation for her man while it was easy to do so, while he was bringing home the bacon on a regular basis and letting her cruise Easy Street. But now that the gravy stream has dried up, now that SHE has to step up and pull some of the weight herself, life ain’t such a bed of roses anymore (“oh damn, you mean I –MOI– have to contribute to this marriage too? THAT wasn’t in the contract!”) I guess she was spending the money she was earning at her “full-time job” on “bling” for herself and letting hubby pay all the bills…

    My goal in writing this is not to “bash women”.

    No need to apologize. Pointing out the obvious truth, however impolitic, isn’t “bashing” women, scream as many of them will that it is.

    How are our young men going to be able to get married and start families if they can’t find jobs and they are living in our basements?

    Any young man who would even consider marrying and starting a family in this collapsing, dysfunctional society deserves to be sterilized and caged. “Families” started by such this country definitely does NOT need!

    In the old days just about any hard working man that wanted a job could go out and get one. That is most definitely NOT the case today. Hopefully we can get more women to understand this.

    You stand a better chance of getting an alligator to do somersaults on its own. There are far more productive ways to spend your time and energy.

    In fact, when the next wave of the economic collapse hits the United States it is likely that unemployment is going to get a whole lot worse.

    What will our society look like when that happens?

    Picture a mash-up of the societies depicted in Soylent Green, The Hunger Games, The Book of Eli, and Escape from New York. Actually, that might be an overly optimistic view.

    Bottom line: As many here have regularly pointed out in other threads, Amerika is earning its reward for the corruption, degeneracy, greed, and sloth in which it has been wallowing for the past several decades. Call it divine judgement, Karma, or whatever, but it is inescapable and will not be averted. The point of no return has been passed and it’s only going to get worse from here.

    Guys, if she’s turning her back on you now, TURN YOUR BACK ON HER AND RUN LIKE HELL! Also take comfort in this: the shoe will ultimately be on the other foot. She, like you, is soon going to be in a similarly leaky boat, up Fecal Waterway, without a manual propulsion device and will deserve NONE of your sympathy and understanding. Just be sure you’re not sharing the same boat with her. Again, if you’re in hopeless dire straits, better to be enduring it alone than with someone who will only make an ugly situation even worse with her nagging, negativity, and neediness.

    • Matthew

      Any young man who would even consider marrying and starting a family in this collapsing, dysfunctional society deserves to be sterilized and caged. “Families” started by such this country definitely does NOT need!

      Completely wrong. Do that to me and you’ll probably face divine judgement. I have moved myself from the East Coast to Utah partially because I have the best chance of finding a wife here. The LDS people are some of the most family centered people in America. Your comments might hold some weight if I had never been LDS and never been to Utah, but as someone born into the Church, the idea of not marrying one day is absurd.

      • liberranter

        Matthew, if you think that the church, be it LDS, a Christian denomination, or any other is a panacea for the social and emotional dysfunction that is Amerika, you’re in for an ugly surprise. I’m sure you’re already well aware of this, but the rate of divorce and broken families within both the LDS and “Christian” communities is almost exactly what it is among non-religious, non-church-going families. So don’t think that just because you’re part of a religious community that you’re protected from what ails the rest of the nation. The rot permeates ALL aspects of society. NO ONE AND NOTHING is immune!

        • Gary2

          so much for the magic underwear thing working… Maybe name your kid willard.

    • the ragged trousered philanthropist

      I have cut and pasted your comment to show my son. After 20 years of marriage he has endured much of what you write and I’m sure your article will help him.

      • liberranter

        Almost exactly twenty years is what I endured as well before things fell apart. Let us hope that others learn from what your son and I have both experienced.

    • das

      AmeriKa? Really thats pretty bad

      • liberranter

        Do you disagree that things have degenerated in this country to the point where that Germanic “K” is fully warranted?

    • Scott

      “She, like you, is soon going to be in a similarly leaky boat, up Fecal Waterway”

      And in a shrinking economy she’ll find herself competing with a multitude of other women who are holding out for that “gravy stream” man, with few men available that will suit her needs. I know women like this in their 40’s who pushed men away years ago for this reason and are still single.

      • liberranter

        And I certainly hope that men in this country are now conscious enough and have learned sufficiently painful lessons in life to make sure that such women will remain single and lonely, as they deserve to be.

        You make your bed hard…

  • Irritable

    Re: “The problem with 1950′s is the society was as it should be, women stayed home to take care of the home,family and the husband.”

    No, that is not the truth. For women like me (see my post above) I would not be happy living like this. I am a very non-female type of female and I wouldn’t be happy in such a life, so you can’t box all women into the same category.

    I don’t like most women myself, but just because most women are weak doesn’t mean you can also put women like myself into cages for the rest of our lives. Even from a Biblical perspective, God had purpose for some women to be more than just baby makers and housewives.

    • markthetruth

      well!!! you opened a can of worms. If you go back to Adam and Eve it was Eve who couldn’t keep her hands of the Forbidden fruit because she believed the serpent’s lie’s . All She thought about was how wonderful it would be to be as wise and powerful as God . You started it then and you started now.

      the end.

      • Paul

        Thanks for that dose of reason, logic and critical thinking. Adam and Eve has a meme for every purpose.

    • pavan

      I think Irritable is referring to American women. Asian women are better.

      • liberranter

        Not necessarily. Asia has its share of conniving gold diggers too.

    • CatNap

      I chose to marry young and instead of having children right away, I worked for 20 years.

      When hubby and I wanted to start a family, we moved to a state that had a lower cost of living so I could be a stay at home mom to our child.

      I understand most women don’t follow the path I did and often have children without considering the financial aspect fully. In that respect, hubby and I were very unusual for our ages. I can’t tell you how many times people asked us when we were going to have kids. We used to say, “When we know we can take care of ourselves, we’ll consider taking care of another human being.”

      I enjoyed my career and I enjoyed being home with my child. Most likely, I will work again…but only part-time so I will not wear myself out and be “unable” to take care of the house and my family. I refuse to turn my child into a “latch-key” kid unless it means the difference between HIM EATING or not. Both my husband and I would take the lowest of low employment to stop that…



      It’s no fun to be around someone who quarrels or nags. In fact, most of us would rather never be around someone like that at all.
      When it comes to marriage, the Bible has a lot to say about wives who fall in this category…
      A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day. Proverbs 27:15
      Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife. Proverbs 21:9 AND Proverbs 25:24
      The writer of Proverbs was so serious about that one that he repeated the same exact sentence in two different chapters. He really wanted to make a point!
      Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife. Proverbs 21:19
      In other words, living with a wife who is argumentative and contentious is….a NIGHTMARE!!
      I certainly would not want to be married to someone like that. Would you? It goes without saying that our husbands certainly don’t want us to act that way!
      I’ll be honest. I can be harsh at times. Critical. Not just in the words I say, but in the tone I use to say them. This is something that God has been dealing with me about a lot lately. And I’m trying to make some changes. Because this is a big deal.
      Our words are so powerful. The Bible says…
      The tongue has the power of life and death. Proverbs 18:21
      Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18
      We have the opportunity to bring healing to our husbands and our family if we are wise. On the other hand, if we are reckless, we can cut to the heart. We can wound and damage those closest to us.
      And here’s another verse to think about…
      If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. James 1:26
      Serious, huh?
      I have a feeling this is an issue we all face. So what do we do about it?
      Sometimes it may be as simple as keeping our mouth shut. Really though, I think it goes deeper…straight to our hearts. Because really, words are just the overflow of what is in our hearts anyway. We may be able to “behave” without a heart change. We may be able to be nice and good, even most of the time, through our human efforts alone. But I believe God requires more of us.
      The good news is that He has not asked us to do something that He’s not willing to help us with. He knows exactly what is in our hearts and minds, whether we say it or not…
      Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD. Psalm 139:4
      So what is the answer? For me, it is crying out to God in prayer on a daily basis for HELP! I am asking the Lord to change my heart. Help me respond in a kind and loving way. Remind me that I am not always right, and that even when I am, I still have to respond in the right way.
      Every day, I want to purpose in my heart to watch what I say and how I say it. Do I still mess up? Yep…daily! I also have to be willing to repent when I make a mistake. And repentance doesn’t mean just saying I’m sorry. I need to turn away from using harsh words and make a change.
      One thing that God has prompted me to do, for a number of reasons, is to spend more time reading and studying His Word. The closer I am to God and the more He is working in my life, what is on the inside will be evident in my speech. I want the overflow of my heart to be words of encouragement and life!
      Is the Lord stirring your heart with a desire for your words to be more life-giving? What steps are you taking to make sure you aren’t “a constant dripping?”I HEAR A DRIPPING SOUND! DID I LEAVE ON THE FAUCET??? OH NO ITS HER. SHE IS HOME!!DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP

      • The Claymobile.

        S.T.C.M., Have you read the book “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerich??? It goes along with what you said about what wives say to their husbands and how they say it.

  • j

    I disagree with the issue that men are looked down on if they stay at home with the kids. I have been home with my kids for 8 years now and I have never felt like I have been looked down at. I have many guys that tell me that they wished that they could do the same thing.

    Every ones situation is different but it does not make sense to me why I would work and my wife would stay home with the kids since she has always had a pay check twice the amount of mine.

    Pretty soon I will be ready to go back to work and I will probably have to deal with the issue of being out of the work place for so long, but when that time comes then I will deal with it.

  • Jay

    This site is “moderating my comment” I dare you to post it “as is” be real. I didn’t harm anyone, and I certainly didn’t name or direct my opinion at anyone persone either. did I use any profane language? Moderate this! Maybe you coould fix all my spelling errors. there’s something for you to moderate. But shove your politically correct moderation somewhere else. Get backbone.

  • pavan

    There is nothing here that men don’t already know. Most women will dump their man as soon as the going gets rough. It is well known that the majority of divorces are initiated by women. In part, it’s because women know that the legal system gives them the advantage in a divorce. It is women who want the Nanny state and are responsible for electing President Obama. Yes, many women are gold diggers, but in all fairness, some men are, too. A prime example is Senator John Kerry, who — by the way — served in Vietnam. Fortunately, there are exceptions to every rule. There is a subset of women who do the right thing and aren’t focused on money.

  • Jay

    Iberanter had a lot of subjects strait. Read his comment again. Just consider the part that you should stay in integrity. Don’t do questionable things for work. Don’t be desperate. I was recently jobless for two years. I even thought about going and robbing one of the places where the government is depositing or future taxes at. A corporate bank. that lasted for about 10 seconds. Then I wne tback to using my gift of all that free time to plan a fantastic business. No, have never lived off one penny of the government dole, and never will. I’ll live in a tent first. Yes, I have cleaned toilets to survive. Think Atlas Shrugged. Think The fountainhead. Think and be great. Live in integrity in all that you do and think. A job, good people to befriend you, and a real companion will manifest. think it.

  • My Generation

    Irritable, you have no clue. Most women are meant to stay at home. They choose not to and say “but I’m not haaaaappppyyyy.” When women realize that they can make life better if they tended to their babies and men then our country will be in a better place. I am not saying it is easy. I am saying that is the path that God designed us for but most women reject it for modern culture i.e, feminisim and the culture of death. The culture of death is not just abortion but destroying families, children, everything it touches.

    • Victor

      Dear USA,
      Please, close your borders and don’t let anyone new in (and definitely don’t let any of you out). People like this need another generation or two to self-destruct.
      The modern, rational world

      • Irritable

        Some of these men here are not Christians but misogynists. I already stated that I am different than other women, yet they are making comments towards me that have nothing to do with me PERSONALLY and saying I should be baking cakes and having kids and that I, like Eve, am responsible for the evil in the world. This is what turns me off about most mainstream American “Christians.” They wouldn’t know or see Christ if he came up to them in person because they are too blind and deaf spiritually and they are no different than any one else, they only use religion as a cover-up. America’s churches are filled with FALSE Christians. False Christians everywhere in America is what I see.

    • Irritable

      I don’t have children and I don’t want any, and I’m too old to have them. Not all of us are cut out to be maternal.


  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Part of the reason for the high unemployment to begin with is the doubling of the labor pool when women entered it caused reduced wages for everyone. Now two people have to work to maintain what one person could a half century ago.

    For men who want to look deeper into some of the major dysfunction feminism has caused that leads to the attitudes described in this post, I’d suggest the following: the blogs The Spearhead and Chateau Heartiste (formerly Roissy), and a series of YouTube videos called Girl Writes What. There’s more, but those are a good place to start.

  • DaytoDay

    There’s a lot more to it…

    When you’re unemployed, you have no social life (Because you have no money and sadly, everything takes money), so with no social life, you have no “Prospects” (Dates) because prospects cost money… And so, when you’re unemployed, penniless, and partner-less, you tend to go into depression, which makes it even harder to get out of your “funk” (Reality)…

    Now, why do unemployed males, get little support for being unemployed?

    Because we live in a highly materialistic society. Basically, we see each other as dollar signs (What can you do for me attitude) as well as holding on, to selective traditions (Again, the one’s that benefit YOU), like cherry picking scripture to suit our tastes…

    And so, because we are highly materialistic, there is little thought for anything else… (i.e, happiness and compatibility) I think our divorce rate proves that…

    And what will our society look like after the economy collapses? Due to a high percentage of low-wage earners and high unemployment…

    Well, if you add in scripture, I think you’ll know how it will turn out.

    • liberranter

      Well, if you add in scripture, I think you’ll know how it will turn out.

      Reading and taking to heart the scriptures will probably help you through tough times, but don’t even bother counting on support from the groups of people who congregate once a week on Sunday morning to blather about that scripture. They’re no different from the rest of society when it comes to the issue described in this thread, all of their pious, self-serving nonsense to the contrary.

  • GSOB

    Excellent article Michael.

    All this juck we hear about women’s rights or equal pay, yet the undeniable truth is generally, and by God’s design, that women are more fragile when compared to men. They are ‘the weaker vessel’ as the New Testament teaches. Still, it’s not politically correct to say, in this culture of the great US of A, that women get paid less because of it. But it’s so obivious.

    Most women find their true vocation in childbearing and teaching daughters, younger women to love their to be husbands… and that is why we as Christians are taught that the woman will be saved in rearing children to the Lord.

    Our modern world, that is the world that doesn’t acknowledge Christ as the centraility and universality of God’s economy, will try to blur the distintions, bypassing the God who is. The longer he allows us to exist and slide down the course of time, the more women want to elect leaders that allow them to get abortions when they want. No candidate can get elected as the POTUS if they want to stop the murder of our most fragile.

    Women need men to protect them, help them and certainly – to dwell with them in marriage with a patient, understanding of them,… the man learning just how different females are. If men do that, they’d realize they get more appreciated, generally speaking, because what the male needs from the woman is a companion to show appreciation, support and respect towards him. That turns him on to work and to play.

    That’s why in all human societies, it’s generally viewed worse for him than her when it comes, to being unemployed.

    When Paul mentions homosexuality in the book of Romans, many commentators say that it’s at the end of a list of most sinful deeds, because it is as low as a man can go they say.
    The Apostle Paul was not listing sins from the least sinful to the worst sinful, but rather – he’s only mentioning that lifestyle as a way to show the most evident, or obivious display of our fallen, sinful humanity. It’s just not God’s design, it’s not what he intended sex for – the enjoyment of it, and the propogation of the human race. But our culture is post Christian for the most part.

    Great question here Michael
    ‘How are our young men going to be able to get married and start families if they can’t find jobs and they are living in our basements?’

    Answer: As things change for the worse, women will appreciate men more – actually 5 to 1 – because many men will get killed in war, both domestically and overseas…. but the more they are appreciated, the more they’ll work according to design. Our God is a working God and we are made in His image.
    …but, the roles thus described of both will continue, even as we watch the economic collapse taking place before our eyes, just as it has been… our quality of life and work will cheapen and degrade as time goes on, due to our sin nature and God leaving us free to ourselves, to do what we want…, according to his hidden purposes.

    We need God’s intervening mercy of restoration in creation and for each of us, for ?? generations to come…. and I think there is no going back to get that once he sends out his angels to wrap things, closing out these last days to finally usher in the kingdome in all it’s fullness and glory.

    Lord Jesus, Come!

    • Victor

      Wow GSOB, what a well-written, well-spelled, well-punctuated, rational-sounding verbose pile of horse manure you have produced.

      • GSOB

        Thank You Victor.
        That’s not as obivious.

    • Irritable

      If we are spiritual beings, then material life and its entrapments should not be a concern for us.

      In heaven, there are no “genders” and no child bearing, and not even any meat eating i.e. the lion and the lamb will lay next to one another.

      What you are saying, putting women all in the same box, is the equivalent of materialism and its thinking — that is, you view all people as having no complexity beyond gender. If we are spiritual beings, we should not be relegated to such a status. I’m sure that Christ would not look at me, being a woman, and tell me I have to do “this or that” because I was born a certain gender. If I wanted to dedicate my life to Christ by being purely spiritual and not bearing children or even marrying, that is MY choice, not the choice for some man made of flesh or blood to decide for me!

  • Ascetik

    Recently I landed some part-time work in IT… FINALLY.

    But I want to say something regarding the reason why there seems to be so many unemployed, or underemployed men. Michael has written an article before about less men and more women being in the work-place, and this is absolutely dead true. I was hired at my new company about a month ago, and we have a few large corporate clients, two of which I am at constantly. Of these two companies, I noticed that about 70-80% of the work-force is women, and they’re normal companies, it’s not like they sell make-up, one is a realty company and the other is a health services company. My first week working at this new company I couldn’t believe how many women were working at these places, it’s INSANITY. People wonder why men don’t have jobs? It’s because the women took them all.

    When I was hired a month ago, it was me, my male boss and another male co-workers. My boss just hired two women, and one of them is a lesbian unfortunately, so that makes it awkward. Instead of hiring this lesbian part-time he could have given me full-time, which I need badly.

    I tried to bring up the issue regarding to many women in the work place with him a week or two before he hired these two women, and his justification was, “well women can sell better.” I think that is a cop-out answer. If you look at for what it is, basically you’re saying guys can’t control their lusts; therefore, women should be employed over men to sell because their buyers will more likely be driven by aesthetics over reason. Which may work sometimes, but anyone with a brain isn’t going to give into if it’s a bad deal.

    Anyway, just wanted to share those thoughts with the world. God bless this site and the readers.

    • William

      aha, you have discovered the ‘female mafia’ that has been rolling through corporate America over the past few decades. We’re not allowed to speak about it in public. I can tell you as a former mortgage salesperson who used to see these women’s credit reports (hundreds of them), they are wildly mismanaging their money with clothes and car purchases, then later wildly overpaying for their child’s liberal arts university education.

  • K

    Why does society look down on the unemployed? Because money is far too important in most peoples minds. As to most women, what has changed? Most women are status driven. Money is just the current, status symbol. In the past, and even today, in some primative cultures. It was the greatest hunter they were attracted to. Or in other societies, the greatest warrior. You see, the only thing that has changed. Is men are now considered disposable. Something to be discarded when no longer considered useful. Some men have treated their wives the same way. Sad when people are treated, like a commodity.

  • Tappedops

    “embrace wholeness” and fluffy New Age retarded amalgations of eastern religion or non-duality dressed up as “positive” thinking.

    *******************…now i am going to have nightmares… Ban her Mr.M. shes spilling the beans…

  • James Wood

    Why have you all been so in love with employment? Its always been a problem. Working for someone else is like running a business with a single customer. Have a falling out with your customer for any reason and the business is in vast trouble.

    Employment and toleration of the concept for large numbers of people has always been a serious failing of the industrial economy. But no one will admit just how bad an idea it is. Perhaps, because it is so pervasive.

    But the business analogy given above should certainly stir some uneasiness. I suggest you all reconsider how you feel about this idea. Employment, even in the best of times, is a serious risk. Why do you think unemployment insurance, labor unions, pension plans and such were invented?

    Technological unemployment which seems to be another risk which is increasing as the digital age becomes more pervasive is another risk not yet clearly understood to those who seek employment.

    I would suggest that you consider an economy with very little need for people as a factor of production. Consider how people will receive an income when most of them are no longer needed in the overall production machine.

    Then again reconsider you attitude toward employment.

  • mr2turbo

    wow, if I ever get into a relationship again at least i know where i stand with respective to my mate. lose my job and i’m cut off. too funny. my ability to have a mate is dependent on my having a job to support her. wow, wtf did god create?

    • liberranter

      As I said in my previous long post, if you’re smart you’ll put completely out of your head the very idea of a committed relationship. If you absolutely HAVE to do it, expatriate to some other country where the population is at least quasi-normal (I’m assuming your a subject of Amerika).

  • TtT Engine

    Prager says it accurately, “everything the left has touched, they have either destroyed or severely damaged”. LEFT WING IDEOLOGY IS A COLOSSAL FAILURE and a guaranteed wrecking ball to what is good. When America realizes this, hopefully before it is too late, HE will sober up and realize, the winning formula is simple. GOD, COUNTRY and TRADITIONAL FAMILY. We were a great nation when we lived this. Track America’s decline since August 15th, 1969 [The Satanic Woodstock Concert]. The “feel good”/I am god/ left wing idelogy has brought America and Planet Earth to its knees. It has opened the door to all the evils which are now destroying us. November 6th will be your last chance to get it right. Pray for God’s forgiveness and the gift of humility which will open the door to God’s elightenment. HE will never force goodness upon you. Christi Fidelis !

    • Gay Veteran


      really, like circa 1860?



  • Mick

    Soon enough, those who laugh at or pity these men will join them. Don’t think so? Neither did the millions out of work right now, and not all of them were uneducated, unskilled workers in a dying industry.
    A friend of mine works for Autodesk, and got his job after writing a cutting edge program which allowed him to write his own ticket with Autodesk. 10 years later the program is out of date, the company is suffering, and he has been sent out to cold call on customers to drum up sales.

    He made 150K+ with them year after year for almost 10 years, it can happen to anybody.

    • William

      True. Many of today’s star employees are tomorrow’s surplus. Very humbling experience to go through.

  • WM

    The problem as I see it is the quality and world view of most modern American young woman…. They are “liberated” and materialistic, and selfish, and not to be trusted to stick with “for richer or for poorer” if you lose your job and enter tough times.

    Perhaps look into meeting an Asian or Latina woman. Their view towards men and marriage is often much more comservative than what America is offering in the young woman department.

    Don’t want to offend anyone, but that is what our culture has becpme.

    • liberranter

      Sadly, other cultures have now been infected with the Amerikan Plague, making them selfish, shallow, spoiled, and stupid. As an American man, looking abroad for companionship is, sadly, becoming one of the few viable options left. Unfortunately, it’s also fraught with danger for the reason I just described.

  • Roger Smith

    Women tend to want to “marry up”. That’s just natural human behavior. It must be tough for the entire generation of women in America (or at least a heck of a lot of them) to be looking at a pool of potential mates who are just not capable of providing as well as dad did…..I could imagine a time in the future where many American women will become mail order brides, exported to the newly wealthy countries. That will be a real twist, won’t it?

    • liberranter

      What a BEAUTIFUL idea for revenge against the rest of the globe: exporting Amerikan “women” as brides!

      I can see a movie script in this, a real quality horror film…

  • The responsibility in the marriage is greater on the man than it is the woman. The man typically does the heavy lifting. That is how we were designed. Women do less heavy lifting, but her role is also very important. Women are security motivated and as such they want their hubby to be working. So no, I haven’t had any dates in the past 3.5 years I’ve been unable to work. Too bad for me, but as the old saying goes, “no money, no honey”.

    • liberranter

      Craig, if you’ve looked around you, you should consider yourself lucky. “Honey” would only be an intolerable burden to you right now.

  • sos

    yeah, like everything else the big decline in male participation occurred after 2008. this is not so bad if belongs to the lucky 60 percent, the other 30% will be left will be left in the dust bin for as long as the present policies have support from those who are doing well, such as the limited pump priming, and federal reserve actions..of course it is a tragedy, but an unseen one

  • JC Rx

    It is in playing The Game, folks, not we, the participants, that lies the problem… We’ve been programmed to believe that the Truth is what *markthetruth* (above) believes *is* the truth… And it most certainly is not!

    We are players in a Game that we can never win in the long run, and the folks to blame are those sociopaths at the top, who play the Game for Power, not wealth …

    And saddest of all? This Game is utterly unnecessary! Capitalism [Greed and the Lust for Power and Control over others] is the problem… There is more than enough on this planet for all!

    “We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.”
    ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Orange Jean

    Boy, this sure is bringing out the women haters in the crowd! How much fun do you think it is if you’re a single woman and unemployed, if you’re not one of the “pretty” ones who have guys fawning over them wanting to help them out?

    As to myself… I’m a very plain looking woman (i.e., NOT “pretty”). That’s certainly not anything I chose. Now I’m older (61), still single, and have some health issues. I do have a job, and I’m grateful for that… however, I believe I have every bit as much right to be terrified of the possibility of unemployment as any man. And when I was younger, I was raising a child alone – you don’t think being unemployed with a child to support, no child support, and needing a job isn’t just as hard for a woman?

    Personally I do very much like men, but don’t see any reason why I should sacrifice my own survival for one (say volunteer to give up my job, so some guy can take it? I would STARVE!)

    I was unemployed during the last big recession (early 90s), it was very hard finding a new job… and at the time was dating a man who was grossly underemployed. He was in academia, he had 2 PhD’s and could only find a part time teaching job and was very angry about that. I did NOT bash him for this in any way and I was morally and emotionally supportive of him… but he certainly didn’t support me in any way, neither morally or otherwise. HE couldn’t stand the fact that my (earned) unemployment check was higher than his part-time academic paycheck… and the stress of these facts and his anger that I was getting a measly few hundred dollars a month to live on… basically destroyed our relationship of 10 yrs.
    THAT is the only reason why I would be hesitant to date an unemployed guy… learned my lesson!


    • Orange Jean

      One thing I would like to add some alternatives (and I think this is a POSITIVE note, whether you are a man or woman). If you’re unattached and truly keen on “prepping” – rather than look at a potential partner’s cash earning abilities, why not look at their survival skills?

      I tend to be most attracted to men who have survival skills (especially the one’s I lack)… such as knowing how to hunt, fish, build things, fix things (including vehicles), know how to manage animals, have physical strength to dig up a garden or chop wood, knows guns and could offer protection, etc.

      Someone with extra and less common skills that could also help in a survival situation like knowing any range of medical care including first aid, doctoring, or dentistry is also a big plus. Computer programming, not so much! (I can do that myself, and in a survival situation … not at all helpful).

      I’m sure I’m not the only woman out there who thinks like that! An unemployed man who had any or many of those skills would be a real asset to an unattached woman, even if he was unemployed or underemployed … so long as he was not out of control angry all the time, drinking or using drugs because of being unemployed.

      Since I grew up in the 50s and 60s, I did learn a lot of what was formerly thought of as “woman’s work” survival skills… that is gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, child care (mind you I’m too old to make babies any more, but I can take care of them), etc. So guys, maybe if you are looking to meet a woman you might want to look at what her survival skills are too (and I am not saying a woman can’t also hunt, fish, etc. just not what I personally know). Maybe looking at those qualities… rather than just how pretty or skinny a woman is … might give you a better choice on finding someone compatible who would stick with you through thick and thin??

      If you find yourself unemployed, in addition to looking for work …. for a break, rather than worrying about what the opposite sex is up to or doing something destructive to yourself … why not focus as well on maintaining or developing other survival skills while you have the time to do so? Just sayin’!

      • uncle bill

        really good point orange jean, I think right now most women are totally not interested in the guy that is preparing rather than partying, but that will change soon enough.

  • Col. Wilson

    Unfortunately Gary2 will say “TAX THE RICH!” & that it will solve all our problems. However France is taxing the rich with a 75% temporary tax & the ‘rich’ are leaving france in droves.

    That means more businesses & jobs will leave = more debt = collapse.

    The U.S. is heading down the same path – we need some major surgery to the U.S. and its gonna hurt.

  • Billy H.

    Understanding why women think this way is not as difficult as one might imagine. I read a book, long ago in the misty past of 1980, called “The Whispers Within”. I have never been confused about female (or male) motivations and behavior since. It had great explanatory power. When one realizes that the roots of behavior are completely tied up in our biology and reproductive strategy, the scales fall away and vision clears. Monogamous marriage plays to the woman’s reproductive strategy. Children are expensive and difficult to raise, therefore they shackle a man to the home and the promise of frequent sex in order to comandeer either his resources or his perceived ability to provide. That is about it. Romantic notions are the cover for this. On the other hand, male reproductive strategy takes a kind of shotgun approach. When you produce 300 to 400 million sperm cells per day, you want to get rid of a few of them now and then. In the wild, this would translate to something like the life of the lion. Breed and run! Make lots of babies because some of them are likely to survive. Sounds cold, but then so is economic slavery and the emasculation of marriage. Men must make a choice about how they want to live. Women will use you up and then discard you when they think you have no more left to give to them. What’s wrong with using them for the sex you crave and then dumping their asses when you get tired of them? What’s good for the goose……

    • Victor

      I just Googled “The Whispers Within” and got no relevant results. Can you confirm the title, or provide a link to Amazon? Sounds interesting. Thanks.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Very true. In our society (at least in the U.S., can’t speak for elsewhere in the world), if you are a male, you are defined by what you do. If you are an engineer or a mathematician, you’re smart. Doesn’t matter if you’re drunk half the time when you’re at work. If you are a construction worker, you’re seen as a “hard working blue collar worker”. You are literally helping to build America! (Gee, this is starting to sound like a darn bee colony caste system.)

    If you are unemployed, and doing nothing, then what are you? You are nothing. Doesn’t matter if you’re honest, and trying hard to find a job, any job. Society sees you as trash, “unproductive” and “lazy”. You are a worthless drone, and should be cast aside in favor of “better” people.

    It’s a sad commentary of our times…

    • Christian Lewis

      sadly you are true, im 20 and I had been deemed a failure and a screw up for not having a job. When I was looking, I was told I wasn’t trying hard enough. Weighing my options of homelessness and being looked down upon forever I chose the army. Was it my ideal choice no, but I have learned that it has many opportunities to take advantage of. While I will not speak negatively of women, especially western ones, I will say that in my time spent on dating sites out of boredom, I saw many girls say that if a guy is unemployed then they don’t want to be bothered with him.

  • Mondobeyondo

    In times like these, when good jobs are so hard to find, women need to support and stand by their men – not abandon them! A real woman will do that. A trophy wife will bolt and cheat on another guy who has more money.

    No wonder our society is falling apart.

  • grandpa

    You dont need alot of money when a man stays home blasts out a huge garden,brings home pigs n chickens, goes beyond maintaining the home and vehicles,and starts a bartering community.. one weeks of labor is like 6 months of weekends.

  • CatNap

    I think that the age of specialization has hurt people’s employment prospects.

    Men and women need to have a variety of skills that can be used in multiple jobs.

    So, teach your children all the high-tech stuff…but don’t forget to teach them low-tech skills along the way.

  • Ken

    Many Amerikan women also have huge student loan debts, children from a previous “romance”, or both. “Ladies”, see to those things yourselves.

  • paul

    Men are held as slaves by women. If they can’t work anymore they get dumped. Is it any wonder men have a lower life expectancy than women?

  • janice

     Liberranter’s vent is full of displaced anger at women. 

    He offers deep, heartfelt sympathy for the unemployed & envisions a future Armageddon like outcome for the country.    How can it be so personal  when he’s never been unemployed? He identifies, indirectly, with out of work men & blames the problems of men on women.   His is a bitter battle of the sexes.  He laments symptoms/outcomes of economic decline.  But  ignores decades of transitioning to “the end of work  as we know it”  in the new global economy- Jeremy Rifkin-The End of Work.

     His subtle nuances & references to minorities is interesting  since current conditions in many minority communities is EXACTLY  where todays economy is taking many middle class unemployed workers!   Liberranter is correct when he says it will get worse  & I concur with his prediction.   However, a shifting global economic pie is the culprit…not women.

    Look at conditions in any urban  minority community devastated by chronic, long term unemployment.   For DECADES  many black men & women could find no work except, part time, intermittent, low wage jobs.  Many eventually stopped looking & welfare/ prisons became big business .   Black men were seen as shiftless, lazy, irresponsible, not well regarded by anyone… an easy population to dispose of.

    If liberranter is honest with himself…white is the new black.  Welfare,  food stamps  & chronic under/unemployment is the terrifying new norm.  Thankfully, those struggling  to to survive in this economy aren’t being told  to  “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”.    We are filled with empathy & sadness when our ” own” become excess, unwanted liabilities in  the global workforce.   Men being discarded & stripped of their manhood…welcome to the black experience?

    “Easy to get ” jobs have been  permenently outsourced to OTHER MINORITIES  around the globe…not to suburbia.   Or have become obsolete due to technology.  Through no fault of their own, Blacks  were  expendable in a changing job market.  Many others now find themselves in that same boat. In todays economy it’s about profits, expediency & obsolescence…not race or women.    American workers are  unnecessary, costly & expendable in a global economy.  

    My comments belabor race because like the elephant in the room…

    • liberranter

      So, a description of reality, however un-PC, is “venting” or “displaced anger.” How very typical of today’s Amerikana (actually, Amoricona is probably the operative word here). Let me just offer a heartfelt THANK YOU for confirming everything I’ve said so far. It’s gratifying to know that I can always count upon Amoricon “womanhood” to come through in such situations.

      But to address some of your specific ramblings:

      He offers deep, heartfelt sympathy for the unemployed & envisions a future Armageddon like outcome for the country. How can it be so personal when he’s never been unemployed?

      Are you serious? I’ve never had terminal cancer or AIDS either, but I can sympathize with someone who is suffering slow death from either one, especially people I love or care about. Is that really an alien concept to you? If so, our society is in worse shape than I thought.

      He identifies, indirectly, with out of work men & blames the problems of men on women. His is a bitter battle of the sexes. He laments symptoms/outcomes of economic decline.

      You obviously either didn’t read my post all the way through, or are just ignoring what it said for the sake of bolstering your own ideological prejudices.

      I AM NOT “blaming the problems of men on women” when it comes to unemployment. I AM, however, justifiably calling out women who have decided to abandon their mates/significant others after having benefited from these men’s long-term employment and support over the years of the relationship. In other words, for all of their so-call “strengths,” these pathetic excuses for women do not have the integrity or moral fortitude to deal with adversity, to step up and commit themselves to sustaining a relationship through periods of adversity. As others posting responses to this column have pointed out, it appears that the “in sickness and in health,” “for better or for worse,” and “for richer or for poorer” portions of the marriage vow have fallen out of favor in today’s Amerika, especially among its selfish, shallow, spoiled, and stupid women who, when the going gets tough, decide that hubby is suddenly expendable. Of course these are the same selfish, shallow, spoiled, and stupid creatures who will howl and scream to high heaven, spewing man-hating invective, when their husbands do the same thing to them under similar circumstances (not that such a reaction wouldn’t be fully justified; it’s just the height of hypocrisy for women to denounce men for reacting the same way to women’s behavior when such a reaction is just as fully justified).

      Not that I expect you to either appreciate or understand these points. Given your response, you are clearly an ideological leftist to whom the institution of marriage makes no sense in the first place.

      But ignores decades of transitioning to “the end of work as we know it” in the new global economy- Jeremy Rifkin-The End of Work.

      I knew it: another globalist. I’m not going to debate the (lack of) merit of your position here because it’s beyond the scope and purpose of both this post and my original response. Just suffice it to say that the “global economy” has been proved to be the unsustainable pile of BS that all sensible people knew it to be from the very beginning.

      His subtle nuances & references to minorities is interesting since current conditions in many minority communities is EXACTLY where todays economy is taking many middle class unemployed workers! Liberranter is correct when he says it will get worse & I concur with his prediction. However, a shifting global economic pie is the culprit…not women.

      Once again, I’m sorry that you wasted digits ranting a response about something that I did not even address –nor was even concerned about– in my original post. Regardless of what might be causing the current unemployment conditions, the fact that married/committed women in today’s Amerika cannot bring themselves to “stand by their men” through tough times is something that serves as fair warning to ALL men in this country that they are better off toughing out these times ALONE, rather than being saddled with selfish, shallow, spoiled, stupid conniving harpies who will only make the hell that is their new lives even more unendurable.

      Look at conditions in any urban minority community devastated by chronic, long term unemployment. For DECADES many black men & women could find no work except, part time, intermittent, low wage jobs. Many eventually stopped looking & welfare/ prisons became big business . Black men were seen as shiftless, lazy, irresponsible, not well regarded by anyone… an easy population to dispose of.

      Not that your tangent has anything whatsoever to do with my original post either, but I know all about conditions in the black community, having been married into that community for nearly two decades. Believe me, working black men who are married to black women and who find themselves suddenly unemployed are in for an even worse ride than white men in a similar situation. This is something my soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law, who, six months ago, lost his job of nearly 20 years, is now finding out to his great detriment (I warned him six years ago before he got married, but he was thinking then with the wrong part of his anatomy, as was I many years earlier). The good news is, it’s looking like he’ll soon be re-employed. I sincerely hope that once he is, he will have sense enough to kick his selfish, shallow, spoiled, and stupid wife to the curb and let her fend for herself (THANK GOD there are no kids involved!).

      If liberranter is honest with himself…white is the new black. Welfare, food stamps & chronic under/unemployment is the terrifying new norm

      No, Janice, it is NOT “the new norm.” Many of us out there are not about to accept this as the status quo. We are going to start doing things for ourselves, locally, with our own resources – f*** the “Global Community” and its domestic enablers like you. We’re not going to wait for some state-corporate conglomerate to give us a handout or allow them to control what we can or cannot do economically. We’re also certainly not going to let the state-corporate enablers stop us from sustaining ourselves. You and I are clearly going to be on opposite sides of the battle line when TSHTF. Frankly, I don’t envy you your future at all. Given the inevitable collapse of your beloved “global economy” and your almost certain inability to fall back on your own resources to sustain yourself, you’re going to find yourself in straits that will make those of today’s average unemployed male almost enviable by comparison.

      I won’t bother addressing the rest of your ranting non sequiturs except to say that while you accuse me of being a woman-hater, it is obvious that you are a hater of a different breed (not that this matters to me one wit). I do hope that you’re as opinionated verbally and in person as you are on line. Your openness and honesty will spare a whole lot of men out there from a potentially destructive relationship.

      Once again, thank you for validating my views of the state of gender relations in today’s dystopian Amerika. You’ve done the nation a great service with your candor.

      • uncle bill

        thanks for this liberanter. Your post should be printed off and and stacked on the counter of every jewellery shop that naive young men go into to buy their beutiful fair weather sweethearts engagement rings.

        And you nail another inportant point above, not that janice will take heed, soon enough all the independent marriage rejecting single women will be really easy targets ad sitting ducks for the nothing to lose desperate people dropping by.

        He is talikng about loyalty not equality janice.

    • uncle bill

      No, you miss the point entirely. To simplify it right down, would you date an unemployed man. I doubt it. Do you think being unemployed has any bearing on you getting a date yourself. I doubt it. If you are attractive you would laugh Damn NO!

  • JoeKidd

    They pay women less. It’s as simple as that. That is the way ‘they’ want it. A compliant workforce of women and minorities. And it explains why the young people are confused and messed up. God help us.

  • Rick

    I have seen this picture on this site before and someone posted that he should shave. I got one for ya. If homeless and broke how is he supposed to shave? Maybe i am ignorant but i would think what is needed cost money.

  • Niall

    Many women in the West are selfish,ignorant, materialistic, shallow,money grubby skank. But there are kind, loving, devoted women who still know that love is sacrificing for others and is patient and kind.

  • Trevor

    Godless societies judge people by what they do instead of their character.

  • Washington

    General Motors is becoming China Motors!

    • Mondobeyondo


      Oh wait, that’s a Japanese word. Crap!!

  • oldwiseman

    in times like we have now, it is better for a
    single person to stay single i think, thus
    you can move faster, provide little,be more flexible,

  • Sofia

    Not a good time for anybody to get married unless you are both solid Christians with at least one supportive family. My church is like a family to me. If I need a meal, a place to sleep for a week or two, a drive to the airport, an emergency babysitter, a listening ear, or somebody with a truck, I would only need to make one phone call, two tops. And of course prayer support without which no marriage should be without. Marriage is tough!! But infinitely worth it if both people work at it. Men are just as bad as women. And women didn’t ask for this bag of responsibilities. I had a great job there when there were jobs to be had but I love to cook and garden and all the womanly arts. I did not cry buckets when the time came to start a home business and enjoy a quieter life.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Why does society look down on unemployed men? The answer is simple: because they are losers.

    • greg

      Why do I look down on Russian women? Becausee they are ******************.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Why do I look down on men named greg posting on this website? Because they are XXXXXXXXX!

  • Homer Simpson

    Maybe the root issue is America is a country that was founded on Freedom, morals, and values. Men in America have morphed into something that borders on distressing at best. Men should shoulder the burden of work, taking care of their famlies, children and parents as necessary. Men should work hard both at work and at home. Women should also support the family structure in manners that best fit the family as a whole. every age group except for the seniors of today has allowed men to become removed from the leaders and the earners. Women want to compete and men let them. Men no longer dress in a respectable fashion for the occasion. The two men who fell to their deaths at baseball games were wearing capris and flip flops. Maybe had something to do with slipping and falling? Men used to be able to disagree, maybe even take or give a punch or two to settle it and still remain civil afterwards. Today, they either call the police and lie about being assualted or draw a gun and become enraged at the slightest comment they dont like. Men are looked down upon because they ask for it by not living like a true man from our past. Imagine how much better we all would be off if even just some of the men applied some of the morals, standards and values of our forefathers.
    Women can choose to be independant, tough, or as agressive as they choose, its their right but if more men were men, those women would see that being that way is not attractive to real men. Men should toughen up, shoulder the burden and women should appreciate them for that and famlies would be stronger, tough times would be more survivable, and our future would be brighter. Now excuse me, I have to go fix the truck, and cut down a tree or two….myself.

  • Rocky Bleier

    Exactly what happened in my first marriage. Lost my job, and my wife resented that she was supporting us. She started treating me as though she were my boss. I already felt like a loser, and her treatment made me feel worse. Our partnership was never the same.

  • EMEM

    1950’S society was not ” as it should be” for a lot of people. Poor whites starving in Appalachia, poor blacks in the south who had to endure police beatings and other jim crow violence just to exercise their right to vote.
    Women who were expected to know “their place” in society by being subservient to their men. Widespread discrimination in all aspects of American life that would not be tolerated today. That’s not the “good old days” to me.
    Ironically enough the American economy and work force was “as it should be” then, even during an era of inequality. Those were the glory days of the American worker, before deregulation and outsourcing gutted our manufacturing base and lowered our living standards permanently. We’ll never see those days again.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    By some, my comment will be described as racist, but it is not racist. The truth is an unemployed white male is a subject of scorn and ridicule. All other unemployed males are victims.


    I hear what you are saying and agree. As individuals, male or female, we are somewhere on the bell curve. Keep on trucking. 🙂

  • I’ll share a personal account of the highs and lows that people face. Prior the the 2008 collapse/recession people were living high on the hog, my dad was one of those people. The cash was rolling in, I remember him sharing with me that in one month he made $46k. That’s right, 46 grand in one month and that was just above his average.


    He drives a semi truck for probably $50k a year. He is a hard working guy and doesn’t mind, and is just thankful to have employment. I admire him for being able to make the transition. He grew up very poor on a farm so I’m sure he knows about hard times.

    My how times have changed.


  • @liberranter –


    Spot ON.

  • stevef

    In California most of the jobs are going to illegales.

  • Michael

    This if off topic, but I wanted to share some cool stuff with you guys.

    Did you know that God had His people conduct a “dress rehearsal” for the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ every year for more than a thousand years before Jesus was born?

    God had His people gather every single year on the exact day when Jesus would be born, in the exact region of Israel where He would be born (Bethlehem is about 5 miles away from Jerusalem), and He had them sleep in humble, temporary shelters to foreshadow the way that Jesus would come into the world.

    In essence, God had His people set up temporary “manger scenes” every single year for over a thousand years in advance of the birth of Christ.

    It is called “The Feast Of Tabernacles”, and this feast begins once again this year on Sunday evening.

    So how do we know that Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles? If you are curious, check out these YouTube videos….

    Part I:

    Part II:

    Part III:

    Part IV:

    What do all of you think about this stuff?


    • Tim

      Thank you, Michael. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Lord returned during this Feast of Tabernacles?

    • armel

      I think, as a Hebrew Christian, we should all celebrate the feast of Tabernacles as a miracle rather than the hoots and yahoos of Christmas.

  • Cleo

    As I drive across the country I see a lot of signs in many businesses that say “Help Wanted, All Shifts”. This leads me to believe that there are many folks who either don’t want to work, or the wages for these particular job pay less than unemployment.

    In a way though, it’s irrelevant as when the volume of printed money starts to enter our economy, out of control inflation will no doubt occur. And I don’t think it’s too far off where we could have 30% unemployment or more. Your job then will be personal survival. Prepared for it?

  • Mookcollins

    You all are too narrow minded. I have a guaranteed way to return amerika to full employment within 6 months. All we need is another glorious world war to get these people back to work. Be it in a uniform or a factory making guns there would be no more people setting idle. It worked in 1939 and I see no reason we could not experience equally impressive results in 2012 – 2013. Ah listen to the sound of the money pulsing through the system…its music to the ears of the 1%’ers.

    • Mondobeyondo

      How many more wars do you want? We already have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we’ve had them for several years now. Wars are not a long term solution to a nation’s economic malaise. Instead, they are a drain on an economy. Vietnam proved this. Afghanistan and Iraq verify it.

      But you know, maybe those wars just aren’t big enough. A full blown World War III might be just the solution! Full scale economic recovery at last! Oh please, no. No, no, no.

      “Be the first one on your block, to have your boy come home in a box”*
      *Country Joe and the Fish, “Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag”

  • Sad

    As a 40 something woman, I think the author missed some key points. I and a great many women in my age group were pressured/forced away from our children into the workforce, often by our families, or husbands who wanted to keep up with the Jones. It wasn’t a choice for me. I have heard women and men alike speak with disdain of women who don’t work outside the home for years. These women are referred to as lazy, so to say the stigma of unemployment only applies to men is WRONG. I know from first hand experience when I lost my factory job of 11 yrs.. I was able to find a lesser paying job, but my husband chose to leave because he thought he would be able to live better by himself than with his underemployed wife of 21 years and three children. It goes both ways, men leave women over this issue too. Unemployment/underemployment hurts both men and women. One other point the author neglected to mention…….In the U.S.A. there also exists a sizeable pay gap between women and men for equal work. If we as a nation eleminate this, then it will help men because it will make men and women equally expensive to hire, whereas now, a woman can be hired to do a job for far less money than a man would expect for that same job. One more thing, I don’t mind being the breadwinner if the man helps in other equally valuable ways….i.e. learn to cook, take care of the kids, clean. I have seen very few men willing to step into those roles though, probably because those tasks were viewed as “womens work” and were not considered valuable, and men want to feel their work is important.

    • markthetruth

      I mention this once before a man cannot replace a House Wife!!! Children have a natural special bond with their mother which they need and thrive. I have four children and it is so obvious. You can also see how it is second nature in peoples mind , In any school,sport, or award ceremony they always thank MOM first and usually only mom whether they have a dad or not.

      We have issue with children that is going to effect the future generations more , which is they are losing their childhood . It is being more structured ,and unable grow up as a child, parent’s don’t want them play in the dirt, or get dirty and don’t let them explore and use their imaginations . I don’t believe in daycare, preschool , they should be children and till they are 5 years old. They need those years to develop naturally. So while where all trying to work and buy Iphones we are ignoring our children and the future. They can’t all be miley cyrus and justin bieber’s.

      the end.

    • HecatesMoon

      “Like” 🙂

    • Homer Simpson

      I think you are missing the point and injecting yourself as a victim. Thats a strange scenario..a husband leaving an underemployed wife? Sorry that happened to you but real men dont leave wives and children because the wife is “underemployed” or in your case, maybe I am wrong and they do. Hope it gets better for you!!!

  • It is time for people to stand up and accept the responsibility that comes with the path of life that they chose to follow.

  • Gary2

    More proof the conservatives do not have a clue:

    The real truth is republicans hope to grow the economy by giving tax breaks to the rich in hopes they will create jobs. The reality of it is if we were in so oppressive a business atmosphere that demand was going unfulfilled that their approach would work. However in reality we have a demand deficiency ,this is exemplified by the housing industry. The government could give home builder a tax free year and no one would be buying home as the middle and lower class do not have the money to purchase them.
    Now on the other hand if you tax the companies heavily, they will try to avoid paying the taxes and reinvest creating more jobs and capitol expenditures stimulating the economy.Additionally if you cut taxes on the mid/lower classes the money will be spent (as opposed to the rich who would save it) further vitalizing the economy.
    In short the economy needs analyzed and appropriate measures taken. The GOP one size fits all tax breaks for job creator will not work in an economy which suffers from a demand shortage.

    copy/paste from a comment in jsonline

    • uncle bill

      you didnt need to point out that was copy paste, we can tell it was too complicated for you to come up with, hell, shoot, you cant even figure out this is about economic collapse or unemployed men, NOT ROBAMA VS ROMAMA. Obama is going to dedistribute wealth to you son, hes spent up aplenty to pay you in lead. Sime fine free state sponsored accomodation for you too.

    • Dave

      Gary2, where in the world do you get your facts the communist manifesto? Never in the history of any country on this planet has your plan ever worked. It’t morons like you that have helped to create such massive debt and an out of control government. People like you have no knowledge of history that’s why we are condemed to repeat it. When you impose massive taxes on the rich who own companies they will relocate out of the country to other countries where there taxes are low and surprise that’s what we have been seeing. Middle class people do not employ very many people, and lower class people do not employ anyone at all.

      You are an ignorant liberal communist who obviously never ran a business. You probibly live off those of us who pay massive taxes with your government welfare check you bumb! But don’t worry moron you’re going to get the country you always wanted. The sad thing is you’re not going to like want you are going to get.

  • Gary2

    people should not have so much of their identity tied up in their job. It is after all just a job. People need to get a life and worry about the things that really matter such as destroying conservatism etc.

    • uncle bill

      people dont need to get a life, you need to get a job, a real mans job. You would be mr skys the limit if u got off your ass for 5 minutes enough to stop salivating over the fruit of others effort. thats right son, HE BUILT IT! while he wasnt on his butt behind his computer whining about wanting it all for free.

  • Gary2

    Let’s think about the lower, middle and upper income people in America. The Leftist belief says we should “spread the wealth” by evening out these income levels, taxing the rich at much higher rates and redistributing their wealth to poor people through government programs.

    It sounds good, right? The rich already have more than they need, while the poor are struggling to survive. Why not use the tax system to help people in need?

    Yes yes yes tax the ************* rich HARD and spread the wealth.

    • uncle bill

      you sound like meg ryan in the harry met sally restaurant scene there son, except you were not fakin it. Trying to tax the rich (because you are lazy and incompetent and envious) does spread the wealth. It spreads it to business friendly countries willing to roll out the red carpet for those successful, motivated entreprenuers you want to drive out with your communism.

    • Pro-victorian-reaganist

      Nein nein nei… *************** down*

  • a cruel accountant

    Back in the days b4 socialism. Lets say 1920. If you were a man and you did not have a job your family did not eat. A man not working meant death. So either you worked or you died. There was no one to look down on.

    Now you have food stamps, welfare, unemployment checks, plus several dozen other government programs to help the poor. Now you have a signifigant population of unemployed men who do not have to work.

    Of course working people look down upon unemployed men. They are paying for all the programs that support unemployed men.

    • BeenThere

      So if the jobs disappear as they are doing now or as in the 1930s, then are the unemployed to break into your house, kill you and take everything you have so that their wives and children don’t starve?

    • Terry

      Not many government programs (beyond unemployment insurance) to help unemployed men.

      No welfare (TANF), and food stamps for able-bodied working people (who are not caregivers at home) are limited to three months every (I think) two years.

      Housing assistance (like Section 8) is very hard to get into, the waiting lists are years long and most of the time the waiting lists are closed and you can’t get on them.

      Medicaid is extremely limited or not available for non-caregivers at even the lowest income levels.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Prof. Tom Leykis, a talk show host with libertarian leanings, has often said that if a man wants to be attractive to American women, he needs to do one of two things: (1) treat women like crap, or (2) make a ton of money. And having done a great deal of traveling outside of The Banana Republic of America (formerly the US of A), I can tell you that there’s a lot of truth in what Professor Leykis says. Many American women (certainly not all, but many) are looking for either abusive jerks or men who make a lot of money. And in the northeastern BRA where I live, the most materialistic women of all are often card-carrying liberals, ironically. The more they express left-wing ideas, the more materialistic and status-obsessed they turn out to be. Go figure.

    I’ll give you a perfect example. I knew a woman here in Philly who fit the perfect northeastern educated feminist profile: had a masters degree from a major university, made at least 90K in a corporate job, attractive. She wasted her 20s and early 30s dating sleeping with every loser, reprobate, jerk and drug addict imaginable—one of them even put her in the hospital. But she wanted to eventually settle down with a guy who made six figures, preferably a doctor or corporate attorney. So much for feminism. Eventually, she got knocked up by a loser and is now a single mom, although she’s doing better than a lot of single moms and still has her high-paying corporate gig. She’s still hoping to meet Prince Charming, although it’s unlikely now that she’s over 40 and her looks are gone from too many cosmos and too Marlboros. The MBA guys in Rittenhouse Square like to date 9s and 10s, not women who ruined their looks.

    And her chances of marrying a rich guy will only get smaller and smaller because the BRA is becoming a much poorer country. It’s easier to be a golddigger when you live in a country with a lot of upward mobility, but in a Third World hellhole like the BRA, most people are going to be poor in the future.

    Oh, and if any American golddiggers are hoping to meet a rich Latin American guy……good luck with that one. The golddiggers down in Colombia and Peru are exceptionally gorgeous because there’s so much competition and there aren’t that many rich guys to go around. Los narcotraficantes ricos en paises latinoamericos prefieren sus mujeres con la boca cerrada y las piernas abiertas.

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      You’re not part of the “Manosphere” are you? There is an entire collection of blogs dedicated to warning men about this type of women and the hypocrisy you bring up.

      They actually coined a term for this type of behavior. They call it “riding the c*ck carousel:” when women spend their 20s and 30s with a succession of so-called Alpha men and then expect to settle down with some Nice Guy Beta (TM) who will foot the bill. You’re not allowed to judge because it’s “slut shaming” even though studies show that women who have a lot of past partners are a huge risk for divorce.

      This type of female behavior tripped up some of the men in Gen X, and the manosphere seeks to warn Gen Y men about it. It’s an unfortunate outgrowth of feminism. And men who have gone to college are taught they’re not allowed to “judge” this because it’s “sexist” to do so.

      This ties into the economic discussion here. Women by nature seek more powerful men. But since feminism has given younger women financial power in addition to the sexual power they already had, they seek a more powerful man in abusive men, or by being part of a “harum” for an already married man.

      What you’ve witnesses is typical behavior, sad to say.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        That’s right: when you call these women out on their hypocrisy (as Tom Leykis often does), you are either accused of “slut shaming” or are called a misogynist. Radical feminists often say that about Prof. Leykis. Instead of addressing the points he makes, they immediately start stamping their little feet and call him “the M word.” But they can name-call all they want: Leykis is spot on when he says that the more disrespectful men are of American women, the better their chances of getting laid. As The Professor says, “Treat women like crap, and they’ll be begging for attention like a seal. Be a jerk, be an asshole, be a son of a bitch–and you’ll be porking seven nights a week.” Leykis 101 might be politically incorrect, but it works.

    • liberranter

      Yep, exactly. Your over-educated feminist example, of whom there are many (and not just in the Northeast) is a creature to be both pitied and scorned. The funny thing is, she probably will eventually find some desperate sucker out there to latch onto, but it won’t be a wealthy prince charming. It is much more likely to be some jobless, pseudo-intellectual jackass just as phony as she is who will be as “charmed” by her left-wing credentials as she will be by his. He might or might not be a violent asshole like every other man in her past, but he’ll probably treat her like shit just the same, just like the others. And why not? He’ll sense her desperation and use it to his advantage. In the end, she’ll still be as miserable as she always has been. She and whatever excuse for a man she lands will thoroughly deserve each other.

      It must be really entertaining to be on the outside of Amerika right now, looking in, watching all of this disgusting drama unfold. I haven’t been part of that “outside” crowd in several years. I think it’s now time to go abroad again, maybe expatriate, take a seat, and watch the holocaust kick into full gear from a safe distance.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        When I did travel outside the BRA a lot in the past, it was always fascinating to see how different women were in Continental Europe and Latin America. The UK tends to emulate Americans in many respects, and many British women have taken on the worst traits of American women (including a tendency to become obese at a young age). Plus, the British divorce laws are as bad as American divorce laws, if not worse. But over on the Continent, things are much different. Neocons love to rag on the French, but I’ll take the average French or Italian woman over the average self-destructive, frumpy, money-grubbing, golddigging American “feminist” any day. Of course, much of Europe is in terrible shape these days (such as 53% youth unemployment in Spain). In Madrid or Valencia, the competition for even an entry-level job a McDonald’s is fierce. But what’s changed is that whereas many Europeans once looked to the USA as a sign of hope in the past, they now see us as the broken down mess that we are. And as Gerald Celente says, leaving Europe for the BRA at this point is like leaving the Titanic for the Lusitania.

        American woman at 42: “I am a strong, empowered American woman. I am woman, hear me roar. Oh, that scar on my face? I got that from the father of my child. He’s in Rahway now, and since he won’t be getting out anytime soon, I’m not getting any child support. But maybe that investment banker would like to date a smart, educated, slightly plump single mother. I’m sure he won’t mind the fact that I’m about 60 pounds heavier than I used to be and wear sweatpants whenever I leave the house. And no, I’ll never sign a prenup.”

        • El Pollo de Oro

          American woman at 42, continues: “What????? You mean that banker or heart surgeon isn’t interested in me? He only wants to date hot 25-year-olds? And he has no desire to pay child support for a kid that isn’t his? Why, that sexist bastard!”

          Yeah, nothing like the “smart urban educated feminist” who turns men into “success objects,” then whines about not wanting to be a “sex object.”

    • El Pollo de Oro

      A clarification re. my comment on status-obsessed in the northeastern BRA who consider themselves card-carrying liberals. I’m a political atheist (as Gerald Celente would say), and I’m neither a Republi-Con nor a Democrap. I have no use for either party, I reject tribalism–and as I see it, people of all political stripes need to defend themselves against the oligarchy. Rather, I was merely commenting on how ironic it is that the same northeastern “feminists” who want to save the whales, feed the hungry and fight the power are also golddiggers who won’t date a guy unless he makes six figures–it’s as much of a contradiction as the Republi-Con who runs around preaching family values while he’s cheating on his wife with your wife.

      And Michael T. Snyder is absolutely right: “There are millions upon millions of men (and women) all over America that are ready and willing to go back to work. Sadly, there will never be enough jobs for all of them ever again, and that is not going to change no matter who wins the election.” So true. Regardless of whether the winner in November is Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama or Mitt “Wall Street” Romney, the BRA is only going to slide deeper and deeper into the economic abyss. So many of the golddiggers out there who only want to date guys who make six figures are going to be very disappointed. In the future, most American men will be lucky to make 20K.

      • liberranter

        In the future, most American men will be lucky to make 20K.

        Ditto for most Amerikan “women,” no matter how heavily stacked in their favor the current EEOC laws.

    • Gary2

      I have even heard that the escorts are dramaticly lowering their prices. What was now a 100 visit is only 40 and can be neogiated down to 20.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I could make a joke about how this country is blow(ing) jobs overseas.
        No. Not appropriate.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        There was a segment on RT last year about how the economy is so bad in the BRA that even sex workers (including porn stars, dominatrices, and strippers) are having to lower their prices. Yeah, you know the economy is seriously screwed (so to speak) when even porn stars are struggling.

  • Prepared Pastor

    With the exception of a few temporary jobs I have been unemployed since 2008 when I started dating and married my wife. One advantage I had was that I saved money when I was working so bought a very nice engagement ring, paid for the wedding and honeymoon, and build us a secluded retreat which can provide its own heat, meat, water, and power.

    I sold a couple houses I owned and moved into her bachelorette pad. I stay home with our baby and do things like mow grass, do dishes and laundry, take out the garbage, etc. I would prefer to be working full-time, but her hours often include evenings and weekends so we are thinking of moving closer to family so that I can be open to more opportunities.

  • Golden Child

    This story is 100% true. I know from my current bouts with unemployment. I’ve had so-called friends pretty much mock me for my situation. Asking questions like “what do you do all day?” I reply in saying sending out resumes and occasionally going on interviews. People who have good jobs assume that people who do not have jobs are unemployable. Older folks who are baby boomers are the most condescending. But there is no big factory down the street to work at after high school anymore. Young people have very few options these days. We are told to go to college and gamble with our futures. Out of touch people tell us all to study complex subjects as if there are millions and millions of engineer jobs available; which there are not. Even if there were millions of highly skilled jobs available, only a minority of people are intelligent and talented to perform such jobs. Young men have even fewer opportunities as many service jobs favor women, period. Many people who have good jobs are just plain lucky and not anymore talented or intelligent than the average person. I know living in suburban Maryland where most people with decent incomes are paper-pushers for the federal government:

    But everyone needs to make a living. The reason why American inner cities are so rife with crime is because these formerly working class folks were hit with the economic disaster of deindustrialization. That is why Baltimore and Detroit are crapholes. Not being able to make real money legitimately or get laid as a grown man will make you do some crazy things. That is why it is understandable why so many disenfranchised young men in the inner city choose to become career criminals.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Golden Child: Yes, baby boomers are the absolute worst when it comes to bashing the unemployed. The boomers benefitted exponentially from the sacrifices of the World War II Generation. Now, they want to talk smack about all the Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers who have had their asses kicked by this economy through no fault of their own. They took took took from their WWII Generation parents and had comfy lives (many of them, anyway), and now, their message to Gen-X and Gen-Y is, “I’ve got mine.” But as I’ve often said, at least aging Gen-Xers like myself benefitted from the prosperity of the Clinton years; Gen-Y never had that advantage. And God help Gen-Z. They’ll be even worse off than Gen-Y.

      • liberranter

        I have to disagree here, slightly. Characterizing the “greatest” and “silent” generations as generations to be revered and respected is, IMO, wholly unwarranted. These two generations were the first to embrace the welfare-warfare state, wholeheartedly, especially the so-called “greatest” generation. Apparently, having not figured out that Great Depression 1 was caused by the actions of the very state-corporate classes that they turned to for salvation, they believed that government could do no wrong. Almost all of these two generations avidly supported and did their best to enforce and enable the confiscatory taxation, redistributive theft, and other interventionist folly that has resulted in the current mess the nation is in. I agree that us “Boomers” are, indeed, a really despicable lot as a demographic group. But we’re (I refer to the general collective here, not myself specifically) only following the lead set in motion by our “greatest” and “silent” generational forebears.

        • Steve

          I disagree with your comment about Baby Boomers. I am tired, very tired of taking the rap for something I did not do. Read my comment below to x or y gen folk.

      • Steve

        Get your head out of your arse. We Baby Boomers outnumber the WWII folks by 5 to 1. That is how my step father, a Veterinarian, who only paid $600 in Social Security Tax for the YEAR now gets $2,000 a MONTH in benefits.

        Now to put it back on you. There are only two you for every one of us Baby Boomers. You do the math. Your taxes are going up cause the WWII generation that screwed up the Social Security System and didn’t fix it are the source of the problem. To wit: 1964 not a SINGLE Baby Boomer was of voting age yet a Democrap Congress raided Social Security to pay for the War on Poverty.

        So the WWII generation has had their free ride upon the backs of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I was forced to pay Social Security and watched it get “invested” by my gov’t in an irresponsible manner. So get of my arse and realize YOU and the rest of your generation had better stop whining and join the rest of us that want to fix the mess and the crappy system the WW II gen left us.

        And you are *********** stupid if you do not think I don’t want the $500,000 I was forced to pay into social security back at a 6% rate of investment over 46 years that the gov’t invested in bonds at a shitty 1%.

        Get a grip. And check your ignorance at the door.

  • drums

    If women are so happy and successful in the USA, then why are over 40% of them in the 24-31 age group on anti depressents?

    • Mondobeyondo

      And why is the divorce rate in the U.S. close to 50%??

  • mrsjay

    Why is no one addressing the white elephant in the posting? If unemployeed men want to save their marriages then they need to get off the couch do the laundry, clean the bathroom, pick up after the kids, do the shopping, pay the bills and be ready for sex when their wives come home from work. Come on guys start carring your weight women have been doing it for decades.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      In The Banana Republic of America, women are definitely carrying a lot of weight–in some cases, 250 or 260 pounds worth of weight.

    • liberranter

      So… are you saying here that you don’t mind being the primary breadwinner in the relationship? If that’s what you mean, then that’s fine. Just don’t start bitching and moaning at your househusband for not bringing in a paycheck after he’s done all the domestic work for you while YOU bring home the bacon. What’s sauce for the gander…

    • Steve

      Carry your own weight:

      Register for the draft
      Prove you have in fact registered for the draft so you can qualify for Student Loans
      Get the term INFANTRY WOMAN into the books
      Get the laws revoked that BY LAW EXCLUDED women from combat
      Get the 58,000 names of Men on the Vietnam Memorial reduced and the names of only 8 women increased.

      Get the point female. You pull your weight and I will shut up. But as long as you get the free ride on the backs of men you have been getting and want to rub my face it it you can kiss my arse.

  • MrsB

    Sorry guys and Libberantor- Guess i’m the one who proves you all wrong. When my husband and I first met – he was unemployed, his business had failed, he had mountains of debt, and two children from his prior marriage. Did I run the other way? NOPE – I saw past that to a warm, loving, caring, helpful, always happy and positive glass half-ful man who was trying his best in life. Who is still an excellent husband and father putting his wife and children above everything/one else. Contrast that to my exhusband who makes six figures in his government job, who put happy hours and any excuse he could come up with to ignore his wife and newborn baby girl. Never (and I mean never) helped with her care or had any desire to be a family once she was born. I’ll take an unemployed family man over that ANY day. My daughter is now 11, and she says my husband (her stepfather) is more of a father to her than her own father.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      MrsB: You proved that you are the exception to the rule, but as Tom Leykis has often said on his show, the exception doesn’t disprove the rule. But I applaud you for being able to look at a man’s character rather than what he has materially. Many women in The Banana Republic of America would rather date a drug dealer with deep pockets than a decent guy who used to have a good job and is now working at the dollar store.

    • liberranter

      MrsB, you have not proved us wrong. You have proved that you are the very rare exception to the rule. And God bless you for being so!

  • arctic fox

    As many others have already mentioned the problem is feminism. Men are still expected to adhere to THEIR traditional roles while women are encouraged to do whatever the hell they want. If they want to be mothers, great. Party girl, fantastic. Career women, oh, that’s super, too. Whatever they want. Men, have one option: work till we drop dead. That’s it. As exemplified in the article, if a man can’t do that he is lower than dog crap. Nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter what the man’s “character” is or if he makes a good father. It doesn’t matter if a man may want an “alternative” lifestyle as so many woman have decided they want to. And, unlike women, whatever makes us(men) feeeeeel bad is especially irrelevant. Despite all the “equality” talk it’s clear that talk is a bunch of bull. The surveys included in the article demonstrate that. Large numbers of women want nothing to do with “unemployed” loser men. Now, reverse it: large numbers of men want nothing to do with unemployed loser women. LOL
    And I have to say congratulations to Michael for not simply writing another “man-up” type article. That is what so many others would have done with this subject matter. Had this been another one of those I would have just stopped visiting this site. But it’s clear-like other alternative media-you are concerned with getting to the root of the problem.

  • nax

    Why do you keep saying there will never be enough jobs again? Whose side are you actually on?

    Who is sovereign in this country (if they rise up and take it back)? In whose interest should the nation’s economy be structured?

    Every nation’s economy should be structured to answer the needs of its own citizens. Economic nationalism is the answer. Globalism must be fought tooth and nail. Outsourcing must be crushed.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Umm.. because the amount of jobs being created is not enough to compensate for the amount of 22-23 year olds graduating from college, never mind the people immigrating from other countries.

    • Walp

      Nax, there are several reasons there will not be that many jobs again in America.
      The biggest of which is the rise of the East- there are far more workers outside the US, willing to work for much less and in much worse conditions than we will.
      The next is that the West has rebuilt- the economic boom time in America after WW2 had a great deal to do with the fact that our industrial centers weren’t mounds of rubble after Allied/Axis bombings.
      A third cause is technological unemployment- many jobs are being automated.
      Then, we have to address falling educational standards and our crumbling infrastructure- these things, we can fix, but not in the current political climate.

      • Nax

        So what do you both suggest? Shopping at consignment stores to prepare for our coming third world status?

        Both of your arguments are based on the primacy of globalism. Of course we can’t compete with slave labor.

        Globalism is not a force of nature, not a law of physics. It can and must be defeated.

        The American people, if they marshal their will, could create a small business economy that would in fact bring back employment. Of course the output would have to be protected from being undercut from slave labor countries. Our traditional American System would do just that.

        I’m not into this ‘woe is me, the sky is falling, the sky is falling’ approach to the depredations of corporations and the banksters.

  • Banderman

    For decades, we have heard women whine and complain about how they have been programmed, stereotyped, and cast into ‘gender specific roles’ they deem unfair, unjust, and sexist. As they whine and demand change, women hypocritically and pathetically insist and force ‘gender roles’ on men. All men ever hear about are ‘honey-do lists’, ‘take out the garbage’, ‘wash the car’, ‘go do this, do that, and the other’ as if men are relegated to taking orders and more ‘gender specific roles’ women deem men deserve. Screw that I say; men need to abandon the shackles women have placed on men’s souls. This is why ‘society’ looks down on unemployed men; it is largely sexist and gender biased, against men, not women. Women have had their day in sun for (4) or (5) very long decades. It is now time for men to reprogram and start demanding of women. If they can’t handle it, you’re better off without them.

    • liberranter

      As they whine and demand change, women hypocritically and pathetically insist and force ‘gender roles’ on men. All men ever hear about are ‘honey-do lists’, ‘take out the garbage’, ‘wash the car’, ‘go do this, do that, and the other’ as if men are relegated to taking orders and more ‘gender specific roles’ women deem men deserve. Screw that I say

      Indeed. “WoMAN up and do it yourself, **********!” has been rolling off of my tongue alot lately.

  • Shangey G.

    There are 2 kinds of jobs — creating products or offering services.

    Look around you right now. Your computer. Your desk. What things were made locally? Was your computer made locally? Was your clothes made locally by someone you know? Chances are, only high-end expensive products are still made locally — maybe less than 10-20% of products. Everything else is made overseas where labor is much cheaper. Look at where most things in Walmart are made. The factories closed, and the unemployed were told to go get jobs in SERVICES.

    I’m sure you’ve heard someone bark at someone to go get a job “pumping gas”, which is unsurprisingly a service industry job. Curious that no one ever says “Go get a job making shoes or assembling computers or sewing jeans”.

    Service jobs, like a nurse, plumber, security guard, pumping gas, taxi cab driver, etc are all service jobs that require the worker to be here PHYSICALLY. You can’t “outsource” a taxicab driver job, or a deli worker. It’s physically impossible. You can’t have a chinese or indonesian serve you a sandwich or clean a hotel room without them being right here.

    Consider this — given how corporations and financial elites were so eager to shut down factories locally in our western countries because us “whiteys” were so expensive, consider for a moment if service jobs could have been outsourced as well. Hypothetically speaking of course — what if it was possible to outsource a taxi cab driver job or a nurse, barber, teacher or plumber job to cheaper overseas labor?

    If they could’ve outsourced and farmed out service jobs as they did product jobs like factories and manufacturing, do you think they would have done the same thing to Service jobs? I think it’s a resounding yes. The greed would have been too tempting. Sure, we’d still have remnants of both product and service jobs — but only the more expensive higher-end brands, which is only a small fraction of the market. Even the base products of many customized products, such as parts, start out being manufactured overseas.

    It may seem simplistic, but there really is only two types of jobs — build products like cars and TV’s, or provide services like a plumber, teacher or daycare worker. Even prostitution is a service job.
    Think about it — what if both products and service jobs were gone? I truly believe corporations, financial elite and bankers and politicians would have made the decision as they already have with product jobs — they’d be gone.

    That would have meant both product AND service jobs gone.

    What would life be like if that happened?
    You and I would just stare at each other with nothing to do, and ask if we wanted to go to the mall and buy something. The only thing left of the economy would be consumerism — to simply buy stuff. Of course, you or I wouldn’t have a job, so we wouldn’t have any money to buy stuff with!

    The reality is, today, product jobs are gone — the factories closed decades ago. Service jobs remain, but are being steadily eroded away, especially jobs that can be done on the internet. For example — xrays can be diagnosed by staff in India via the internet. Customer tech support can be answered by staff in India, etc. Even creative jobs like logo and webdesign are being offered on websites like 99designs, which has a very large membership of artists from mainly developing countries – Indonesia, Romania, Thailand, etc. But you can beckon them for artwork from your fingertips on your computer in America.

    Another assault on service jobs is automation. The automated bank teller is a perfect example. Imagine how many clerk tellers the banks would have to hire to replace all ATM’s if they didn’t exist? And recently google announced it’s driverless car. What would happen to taxidriver, truck and delivery jobs? Would they go the way of bank-tellers?

    So this leads to a bigger question: With product jobs all outsourced to cheap countries, what do we do when there are no more service jobs? Then what?

    I believe Capitalism is nearing the end of it’s life cycle — or nearing a “system error” when the entire program locks the computer and you need to reboot.
    Of course it probably won’t be as simple as an ugly blue screen. It could mean much uglier things like war, or even democide — government killing it’s own people.

    So, as you and I give each other haircuts, or “pump gas” in our service job world, consider this: When companies sole mission is to “decrease costs for the life and profitability of the company”, they are inherently destroying the community it reared it’s ugly head out of. Laws that are made to facilitate companies endeavors to profit are business-friendly, but at it’s antithesis, these actions are always inherently community-UNfriendly.

    Eat It.

    • SuperBigHuge

      This isn’t capitalism. We’ve been living under a socialist regime for quite a while now. Capitalism is the only thing that can save us. Unfortunately, when the economy goes ‘critical mass’ we’re looking at either revolution/civil war or fascism.

      • liberranter

        THANK YOU, SuberBigHuge. I too have been trying to explain to people the difference between capitalism and state-corporatism, the corrupt and bastardized system under which we now exist and under which we’ve existed for most of our nation’s history.

        Sadly, most people still seem to be too dense to “get it,” even though it’s as obvious as the noses on their own faces.

  • janice

    Liberranter…enjoyed your response to my post. It further  confirms that you head up the “he man women haters club”.   Way too  much toxic  energy directed at  women.  The article was good at sparking dialogue  by reinforcing gender divisiveness & angst.  Just what we don’t need.     Everything is cause & effect. To drill down on the effects while ignoring cause accomplishes nothing.  Chill out.  Reframe your perspectives so you can make it to your bug out spot.   Didn’t say change…just reframe them.   Dragging around old baggage gets heavy. Certainly can’t travel light w/ it.  But,  I must say you do have a few other club members on this site.

    I’ll be fine when TSHTF.  No globalist here…a realist whose seen the trending from global elites for years. Trust, my husband & I have been prepping for quite a while…ten years actually. Already made our move.  Some  old & new school strategies and doubling/tripling down.  My family knows where to go when the crap happens.  But we also have to make it through the  here & now.  Yep, been through the “stand by your unemployed man” routine.  He was worth it.  Had my share of past relationships gone bad. But I don’t hate men.

    Don’t know you Liberranter & wouldn’t  want to meet you. Your INTENSE rantings  at women suggests some deep hurt &  failure to see everything is interconnected.  Dude, you gotta grow & move on from that pain. 

     I’m going  off on a tangent, but it’s  ALL connected.  The effects of our economy transitioning to a global economy is wreaking havoc on people, relationships, families & communities.  More of what you rail about will occur because many people are not aware….women &  men.   No one  co-signed for these changes.  But, as a prepper,  you don’t  stick your head in the sand.   You must know that fall out/casualties from the shift were known. The government, Chambers of Commerce & the private sector   planned  in advance.  Worked in that sector & prior to 2007,  saw Government mandate deadlines for “nationwide  services to go on line” to meet the needs of the anticipated  high levels  of unemployed.   No jobs…just services.      Only problem…no crisis intervention strategies for those impacted.   I make it a priority to stay aware…Don’t let me start on the CFR & the North American Union.  No ones telling us, but all “synergies” are in place.  Are folks even reacting yet as it unfolds.   Read about a One World Global  government…not so hidden  state of the art Y2K command centers in every major city converted to homeland security  operations ( I heard NYCs command center was destroyed in 9-11 & temporarily relocated across the river to Jersey)  Seen Robo-cops at the ready…seed storage vaults & underground survival facilities here & around  the world for the elites…government military drills & armoring up to counter citizen unrest…FEMA Camps…New Madera fault lines…new banking/Libor crisis in the works, EURO meltdown…ambassador Leo Wanta (google him) and the billions/trillions  held by banks that belong to the American people from the Russian ruble debacle under Reagan…the Bilderberg Group…The Contract For A  New American Century first proposed to Clinton & enacted by Bush, etc. etc, etc.   

    I say all this Liberranter, to emphasize that as things play out, more  folks will come unhinged  & act selfishly.  Save it.  No need to rush things. Your energies are needed elsewhere.    I am as aware/prepared as an outsider can be,  but I still see the interconnectedness of EVERYTHING thats occurring.  So, Liberranter!   You have targeted 50 % of the population with venom.  Survivors of all types may end up in various places together.  I want them all to be sane & rational thinkers.  Temper your anger. Even with well laid plans, your survival may hinge on some female *gasp*.   If  prepared & on guard…relax some if you can. It will do a body good.


    • Mondobeyondo

      Whew! The fury! You wouldn’t happen to be a woman scorned, would you? LOL!!

      All the more reason to avoid hell at all costs..!! hehehe

      • liberranter

        You wouldn’t happen to be a woman scorned, would you?

        I haven’t bothered to read her “response,” but, based on her initial post, I would say “scorned” probably isn’t the right word. “AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS, LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE” is probably more apt.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Is Liberranter really a (1) misogynist, woman-hater, slut-shamer, etc.? Or is he: (2) merely holding women who engage in bad behavior accountable for their actions? I vote for #2. I don’t think that Liberranter has “targeted 50% of the population with venom,” only the parts of that 50% who engage in bad behavior.

      • liberranter

        Thank you, Pollo. As much as I appreciate your rising to my defense, I fear that it’s a wasted, if noble act. “Women” like janice (i.e., something approaching a majority, if not a majority in fact) lack both the critical thinking skills (not janice’s refusal/inability to address the points I actually made in my initial post) and moral framework to understand the flaws in their behavior or to recognize the lack of self-esteem that drives their simultaneous hatred of and (psychological and emotional) dependence on men. As I’ve said before, it is, at various levels, a mixture of repulsive, sad, and amusing.

        • liberranter

          Make that “note” in the second parenthetical phrase of the second sentence.

    • uncle bill

      janice, with respect it sounds like you are rehashing lecture content from a womens studies uni course( try getting any fairness in the family court when the “court appointed single expert” majored in womens studies). Please explain the “interconnectedness” of what these guys are actually talking about. yes easy divorce and destruction of the family and the sanctity of marriage are part of the agenda but you dont touch on any of that.

      It might not be full justice but it sure is sweet when kids get big enough to say stuff the lying lawyers and judges and goodbye mum, then send a fathers day card “happy fathers day grandpa and step grandpa”

      See i thought only foolish old men got used by gold diggers for visas, being young and successful she wouldnt be just using me to get into the country (both students in twentys in the 90’s, except she an OS student. Wrong. First lawyers who went to school with my father in a more senior year tripping over their tongue to be her hero, then one boss after another even leaving theirown wife for her. So, yeah when young and naive I thought most women would stand by a good man like some of those rare gems who have posted here.

      You janice, seem to excuse that type like my wife, calling those who call it out women haters and never go near the actual topic.

  • Washington

    Mother Country talks about growing up during the Great Depression. She was born in the late 20’s and remembers life on the farm with nine other brothers and sisters during the 1930’s and 40’s. Back then it was a way of life but can you imagine all of us spoiled folks trying to survive a second great depression today? We probably don’t have a clue how good we really have it today.

  • liberal

    RE: Irritable
    “If we are spiritual beings, then material life and its entrapments should not be a concern for us.
    In heaven, there are no “genders” and no child bearing, and not even any meat eating i.e. the lion and the lamb will lay next to one another.
    I don’t have children and I don’t want any, and I’m too old to have them. Not all of us are cut out to be maternal. ”

    In heaven, there are two kinds of children of God. we are the living kind, waiting to be RAISED in the Endtime. the other kind are the dead resurrected angels.

    1Cor 15:44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body.
    (we still have genders bodies, making love)

    Mat 22:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.
    (God prefer LIVING children than Dead resurrected angels. Making love is the main reason that angels are disabled.)

    Luke 1:45 for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.
    And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,
    (Mary was taught by Angel of God how to make love with God, Jesus is the only begotten son from God’s loin.)

    Isa 65:23 They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them.
    (With spiritual body, which is better than Sarah and Abram’s, We can’t be too old to have labouring .)

  • linda

    Nothing wrong with being prepared, but survival isn’t the goal. It’s one of the steps towards the goal. Surviving a catastrophic collapse of society is pretty pointless if you just end up with isolated groups of cold, hungry, frightened people who mistrust or hate each other and spend their time waiting to be attacked by ‘socialist’ elements. I see an awful lot of bitching about “socialism” here. Do you even know what it really IS? If society were ever to collapse for real, you will be living under some form of socialism. That, or you will be dying somewhere alone, or getting picked off by the stronger. (There’s ALWAYS someone stronger…) I noticed that a lot of you seem to have swallowed a healthy mouthful of Tea Party Koolaid.
    Wealthy global corporate interests have been selling a fairy tale for decades now. It’s the one where the hard-working billionaire patriots and other such ‘worthy’ Americans have all of the fruits of their labor stolen to pay for a vast unwashed horde of entitled beggars. Several years ago, the Tea Party dusted off this message and set it to music.
    And like mindless drones, so many danced right along to it.
    Wake up people, open your eyes! The poor, the unemployed, the immigrants, these are not your enemies! Your REAL enemies are the smooth-talking snake oil salesmen who succeeded in getting you to “Look! Look over there! Freeloaders!”, and as soon as you turn your head and go, “Huh? Where?”, they’ve lifted your wallet.
    Corporate profits have gone up, even during this recession at the same time workers wages have declined despite nearly doubling in productivity, and after including COLA adjustments, your real wages have DECLINED. THAT is where all that extra corporate profit CAME from, not through their hard work and innovation. That profit of “theirs” came out of YOUR pocket, out of YOUR paycheck. Did you volunteer to take 30 years of wage cuts to enrich these folks? No, it was taken, REDISTRIBUTED if you will, without your consent through manipulation of the tax codes and deregulations. Unions, which developed in response to similar abuse of labor in the past, are under attack, and a lot of you have been fooled into thinking they are enemies too. In the heyday of the unionized labor force, our economy boomed and unemployment declined. Unions ensured employers provided folks with a healthy living wage, a single breadwinner could support the whole family. And that breadwinner didn’t have to be a CEO or upper management, many a blue collar laborer was able to do this too. Interestingly enough, the top tax rate was at 91%-imagine THAT!
    And here’s the thing…Business did very well too! They are LYING when they whine about how taxing them too much will kill jobs, and LYING when they say unions and their greed are somehow costing you money. It has been costing THEM money, and they have gotten you to do their dirty work for them. Are you that easily led? Talk about sheeple…Is there a one of you that can grasp the implications of reneging on a pension contract with teachers and firemen, but refusing to renegotiate a bonus (taxpayer funded) to a banker who was involved in the 2008 crash because HIS contract is sacred? Or to rant about the moral hazard of resetting homeowners mortgages after bailing out the industry responsible for the trouble in the first place? These are outrages, but they have convinced you it is the teacher, the fireman, the homeowner who is at fault! They have gotten you to turn on your own, which will make it easier for them to grab what’s left before everything goes to hell. But maybe one of you will get lucky, and one of your admired ‘job creators’ will hire you for their private security force.
    Stop falling for it. Stop reacting like Pavlov’s dogs when they use those words like “Socialist” and ‘Liberal”, they do it on purpose because they know how to push your buttons, they manipulate the natural distrust people have of “others” (especially if they’re different) and with your cooperation turn it into full-blown bigotry. Which distracts you while they lift your wallet.
    Don’t you forget this…those people, those “freeloaders”, are people just like you. They HAD jobs, sometimes very good jobs. They lived responsibly. And the reason they ARE on the dole is because all those wealthy job creators fired them, and refuse to hire. Even the ones who work make less and less. Do you know how many Wal Mart employees are on food stamps? Do you LIKE having your taxpayer dollars subsidizing Wal Mart’s payroll costs? Welfare for Wal Mart, but food stamps for the employees are a moral hazard?
    Survival is all well and good folks, but will the moral foundation of the New World look like?

    • onething

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      We are the corporate states of America, and that is not socialist. Capitalism is, specifically, unChristian.

      The best of our society is the socialist elements, otherwise it would be a Charles Dickens world. While our society is almost entirely capitalist and becoming more so, the socialist elements are: public education for all children, public libraries, police department, fire department, excellent roads and bridges, rest stops on the interstate, public parks, national parks, etc. And yes, food stamps.

      People equate the word socialism with the totalitarian and tyrannical Soviet Union, because they used that term for themselves and also had socialist elements, and those elements were also the best of their society, just as they are in ours.

      We aren’t socialist, we’re capitalist. They weren’t socialist, they were totalitarian.

  • John Smith

    Thank you TECB for telling this story; a theme I have been thinking about for months. Today is the first time reading your site, which I linked into and liked it enough where I added it to my news favorites.

    I’m a middle-aged (white), I worked in high-tech and manufacturing all my adult life. I have been unemployed for well over a year and I am now destitute and living off of my tiny IRA.

    I am angry (but fatalistic) about the hypocrisy in dating. Frankly, I have one foot in the grave from loneliness and would love a relationship with a compatible woman I find reasonably attractive. (Our brains are wired to be with someone!) But, I am jobless and couldn’t afford a date. I can’t even afford to go to a nightclub and nurse a few drinks. I have paid for 90% of the dates I’ve had over the years and now that I’m down-and-out financially, why can’t some woman treat me? How could I possibly ask out, or hint and a possible date, a women without an income? I would have no problem dating a poor woman. The double-standards and hypocrisy between men and women in American society is astounding! I am not cheap by any measure, but in fairness women should pay for half the nights entertainment. We don’t have to split hairs, just share the costs of a relationship.


    The man has to approach the women. The man strikes-up the conversation and keeps it going. The man has to put face on the line by asking for her number. The man makes the plans and picks her up. The man organizes the night and keeps it going. The man pays the bill. If there is mutual interst, the man makes then sexual advances.


    I have probably asked out well over 200 women in my life. (That number is conservative.) I was turned down by the large majority of them. How many women could do that? None. How many women could get out of bed in the morning after being turned down so many times if they could ask out men? None. I was asked-out once in all my life. Sadie Hawkins Day in high school. In all my life, I was asked out…ONCE.


    I have been jumped (assaulted) and maimed for life. The attach was unprovoked and unjustified (I could have bled to death waiting for the ambulance.) How often does this happen to women? I have a criminal conviction for pinching an ass. Would this happen to a woman, or would she have been taken home by the man who’s butt she pinched? I have been falsely accused by women several times — once spending time in prison without bail until I was cleared. She made it all up. Men are treated differently in the injustice sysmtem than are women.

    I am very clean-cut and well-groomed. Average in the looks department. I have a very attractive, athletic body as I spend every other night at the gym. I am good-natured and polite and outgoing. I have been intimate with a woman once in the last nineteen years. Sad, amazing, and true. Would a woman ever have to suffer this fate? I can’t bring myself to go to a nightclub, and now, I can’t afford it. I am alone, broke, jobless, friendless and constantly questioning life — without any answers.

    I can’t imagine any woman anywhere who could deal with the life I’ve had forced on me. She would have commited suicide, or become and alcoholic, or a drug addict, or wound-up in a mental institution.

    Women complain about their role in society, but have NO IDEA how harsh a man’s life can be in American society! I am a dog that is kicked in the head on a regular basis. Life in America (for me) is becoming unbearable. All this, and I can’t have the companionship of a woman. Will I spend the last third of my life alone? Looks like that’s what will happen.

    I’m honest and objective, and I have very, very little good to say about women.

    • Tina

      I know who loves you….. Jesus Christ. He knows your pain and wants a relationship with you. Seek him. Read the book of John in the Bible. Best place to start. Bless you

  • Michael C. Ruppert about Peak Oil

  • LaRouche Movement

  • @John Smith:

    Do you speak any German?

    Probably not…unfortunately not Prof. Bernd Senf according to Wilhelm Reich

    Another idea for you…Go into a community you like in a rural area on the land…maybe Christian, maybe Buddhist, maybe communist, maybe humanist or ecologic enviromentalists…the spiritual climate is better there than in the citys…you will not have to have sex so often (because you have not such a need for it there)…and you will not have to have to live under the rule of the satanic masons…free masons rule the cities…

    They make people go down on a psychological level!

  • nnnnnnn

    Not just men society run to the ground out there it women too. Been out work 20 years applying for 100 jobs a week 20 years with degrees a levels and o levels in my 40s very talented in music on all websites music ones songwriter musician tried get into music 30 years no deals been in poverty all my life now all been voluntary earning nothing nil. why

  • nnnnnn

    I supported my man 6 years who unemployed we both are. he disabled like I, He unable to read write I applied many jobs 6 years him no responses. read my add up top under nnnnn people call me lazy little cow etc after applying 100 jobs a week in 20 years. who else work that hard out there then with nothing

  • UnemployedMenSuck

    I can explain you why I am not proud of my unemployed husband. Because he stays home and does NOTHING. You cannot compare unemployed men with stay-at-home moms. Housewives clean the house, cook, do the laundry and raise the kids. That is a job! But when a man stays home, he still expects the woman to do all these things. I have a full-time job, and when I come home I have to do my laundry, clean the dishes, take care of my daughter while he is on Facebook. That is also why I am considering divorce. It is not very hard to understand, right?

  • Nuno Caetano

    If a guy is going to expect emotional support during unemployment from his girlfriend or wife he is stupid. Women will absolutely rip you apart if, for some reason, you go unemployed.

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