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Why I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Police Officer In America Today

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Police - Public DomainCan you imagine going to work each day knowing that there are lots of people out there that would love to see you dead?  Despite what a lot of Americans may think, it takes real courage to be a police officer in this country today.  Every time you put on that uniform and walk out the front door, it might be the very last time that you ever see your spouse and family.  Yes, there is a whole lot of needless police brutality in the United States in 2015, and I am going to address that later in this article.  But most police officers are just regular people that are trying to do their jobs and serve their communities.  And on Wednesday, we got a reminder of just how dangerous those jobs can be.  At around midnight on Wednesday, two Ferguson police officers were ambushed.  A 32-year-old officer named Webster Groves was shot just beneath his right eye, and another 41-year-old officer was hit in the shoulder.  Sadly, this is probably only just the beginning.  Racial tensions continue to escalate, and we are on the verge of a great financial crisis which will cause economic conditions in our cities to deteriorate rapidly.  By the end of this decade, I fully expect civil unrest, rioting, looting and mindless violence to become commonplace in large cities all across America.  In such an environment, it will be extremely dangerous to be a police officer.

The good news for the two police officers that got shot in Ferguson is that it looks like they are going to be okay.

But the same cannot be said for many other police officers that have been ambushed over the past year.

According to CNN, the number of police officers that were shot to death increased by more than 50 percent in 2014…

The number of law enforcement officers shot to death in the line of duty is up by more than 50% this year, and the leading method of those shootings was ambush-style attack.

That’s according to the nonprofit Washington-based National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which released its findings Tuesday.

And like I said, this is probably only just the beginning.

Sadly, a whole lot more police are going to die before this is all over.

You can try to blame this latest incident in Ferguson on a “deranged individual” if you want, but I think that the reactions that we saw on social media to these police shootings say a whole lot about where we are as a country.

In the immediate aftermath of the shootings, a lot of people were actually celebrating.  The following is a sampling of comments  from Twitter

-#ChiefJackson steps down and two pigs get shot? Best day #Ferguson has had in years

-im glad 2 pigs wounded in #Ferguson lol

-#Ferguson kill the pigs

-serves those two pigs right, i hope organized public militancy continues #ferguson

-#Ferguson pigs shouldnt grab ppl; thugs deserved it. Wish it was #DarrenWilson. Sound familiar? #MichaelBrown #VonderittMyers #AntonioMartin

-Racist cops shot not gonna cry 4 pigs #Ferguson

-I heard two pigs in #Ferguson got shot? We’re they left on the ground bleeding out and dead like Mike Brown?

-hopefully they’ll be off the street for a long time. two less pigs out harassing & kidnapping people. #Ferguson

Could you imagine trying to be a police officer in Ferguson in this kind of environment?

And it isn’t as if we didn’t see this coming.  Just consider an excerpt from an article that I authored a while back entitled “It’s WAR On The Streets Of America“…

The mainstream media and many national leaders on the left end of the spectrum have been stirring up strife and division for months on end.  So now a toxic environment has been created which is inevitably going to lead to even more violence.  At some recent “protest marches”, we have heard demonstrators enthusiastically chant extremely threatening slogans such as this: “What do we want? Dead cops!”  And when news broke that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had brutally murdered two NYPD police officers, lots of very twisted people on Twitter were actually celebrating.

The sick thing is that there are a lot of people out there that actually want to turn this into a full-blown war.  Some want a race war, some want a “war on cops”, and others just seem to want a general excuse for crime, looting and mayhem.

Unfortunately, if I am right, this is just a small preview of what we can expect in the years ahead.  Just like we have witnessed in Ferguson, I anticipate that we will eventually see a number of our larger cities burn.

And it never had to be this way.

Why can’t we all just love, respect and honor one another?

Yes, police brutality in the United States is wildly out of control.  In many areas of the nation, police officers are actually trained to bark orders, act like thugs and physically abuse people at the drop of a hat.  Our entire culture of policing needs to change.

I think that John W. Whitehead put it very aptly in one of his recent commentaries

For those of us who have managed to survive 2014 with our lives intact and our freedoms hanging by a thread, it has been a year of crackdowns, clampdowns, shutdowns, showdowns, shootdowns, standdowns, knockdowns, putdowns, breakdowns, lockdowns, takedowns, slowdowns, meltdowns, and never-ending letdowns.

We’ve been held up, stripped down, faked out, photographed, frisked, fracked, hacked, tracked, cracked, intercepted, accessed, spied on, zapped, mapped, searched, shot at, tasered, tortured, tackled, trussed up, tricked, lied to, labeled, libeled, leered at, shoved aside, saddled with debt not of our own making, sold a bill of goods about national security, tuned out by those representing us, tossed aside, and taken to the cleaners.

As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, we’ve had our freedoms turned inside out, our democratic structure flipped upside down, and our house of cards left in a shambles.

We’ve had our children burned by flashbang grenades, our dogs shot, and our old folks hospitalized after accidental” encounters with marauding SWAT teams. We’ve been told that as citizens we have no rights within 100 miles of our own border, now considered “Constitution-free zones.” We’ve had our faces filed in government databases, our biometrics crosschecked against criminal databanks, and our consumerist tendencies catalogued for future marketing overtures.

Now a large segment of our population either detests the police or is extremely fearful of ever dealing with them.

Is that a recipe for a healthy society?

Police brutality has become a permanent part of our culture, and that has got to change.  If it doesn’t, protests against the police are going to get worse and worse.

But what most protesters don’t seem to understand is that we actually need the police.

Without the police, our society would descend into utter chaos very rapidly.  Thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, there are approximately 1.4 million gang members roaming our cities now.  And the moral decay that we see all around us is getting worse with each passing year.  We are a nation that is absolutely teeming with addicts, sickos, perverts and psychopaths.  I don’t even want to imagine what our society would look like without police.

Like I said, most police officers are just average people that are trying to do their jobs and serve their communities.

Unfortunately for them, their jobs are becoming a lot more difficult and a lot more dangerous.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • BJ

    I wish more police officers would realize that the rights they step on are their rights as well. What happens when they need their own rights?

    • MEP325

      Yea, because that’s what police do. Step on the rights of everybody. And how exactly do they do that?

      • Chris Webb

        The very existence of police is a violation of our rights. Cops don’t serve and protect, they enforce the law and the law is nothing but opinion backed by violence. Anytime someone is arrested, fined, or beaten for a “crime” where there is no victim (ie, 90% of the laws) is violation of your rights. It seems bleeding obvious to me. Maybe you should take some time to actually think about your position.

        • MEP325

          “The very existence of police is a violation of our rights.” Yea..right. Whenever you drive by a police department, your rights are automatically violated. The police have crystal balls that can zoom into your thoughts and they can see the drugs in your car too.

          “Cops don’t serve and protect, they enforce the law and the law is nothing but opinion backed by violence.” That makes no sense. What is the law? The Constitution? Idk about you but I like the Bill of rights and I like being protected by the fourth amendment from unreasonable searches without probable cause.
          “Anytime someone is arrested, fined of beaten for a “crime” where there is no victim (i.e. 90% of laws) is a violation of your rights.”

          Having your house searched without a warrant is a violation of your rights. Being arrested and imprisoned for no just reason is a violation of your rights. (i.e., the Third Reich arresting and imprisoning Jews for being Jews) Those are real examples of violating someone’s rights.

          Receiving a traffic summons or a noise disturbance summons is not a violation of your rights. If you put other people at risk by speeding or driving aggressively, then you deserve the ticket. Just like if you disturb your neighbors by blasting music late at night, then you deserve a summons for disturbing the peace. If you punch your spouse in the face and you’re told by the police you’re under arrest and you fight them, they have every right to take you down until you are cuffed. It’s about consequences. For the most part, consequences is one of the main elements that keeps human society in check. Consequences or the thought of them do prevent most people from lashing out.

          I don’t know what world you live in but the world I live in is filled with faulty human beings who by nature are depraved and selfish. There has to be law and order and consequences have to be in place, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to live in a civilized society. The predators and tyrants who lack any moral direction would act out every depraved desire they have. History is full of real examples.
          Evidently, you have a law degree. What 90% of laws are you talking about? Most of the statutes the police enforce or deal with are to protect people and property. I would say I disagree with the drug laws because drug use, IMHO, is not a crime, it’s a medical issue. But that’s another subject and I’m staying on track.

          “He didn’t need a badge and authority to do that, anyone could have done that.” True, you don’t need a badge for that. How many unresponsive kids have you saved? Obviously, the mother didn’t know who else to turn to so she called 911.
          “Also, the reason the media doesn’t report good deeds that cops do because it doesn’t happen that often.” So I guess you have psychic waves that show you how many good deeds cops do throughout this country everyday. I’ve been to my brother’s department and there’s a big wall that’s covered with thank you letters from the town’s residents. And they come in monthly.

          The vast majority of those good incidents don’t even make the local papers or even the township papers. Sometimes they make their way into the town or city website but most of them do not. So yea, obviously FOX is not going to report that.
          FOX is a major news network and has national and global issues to report. Obviously, they don’t have the time to visit police departments around the country and fish for good deed stories.

          “I come at least 5 articles everyday where a cop has violently abused someone.”
          I’m not denying police brutality exists because there are legit cases of it. But when you read these articles, do you always automatically assume the police are in the wrong? Do you always take these articles at face value? Do you take the time to actually research and gather all the facts before making conclusions? Are you getting the entirety of the story from these articles?

          Seems to me you have a burning anger for police so you rush to judgment when you see these articles, even though you were not there when it happened and you don’t know all the facts of these incidents. Again, I know there are legit cases of police brutality but you seem to think every time an article pops up, then it must be telling the whole story. Because we all know the media always tell the truth, especially when it comes to the police.
          My man, you seem to be the one in the delusional bubble.

          • Gay Veteran

            I’ll support the police when they are held to the same standards we are. But they aren’t.

      • Gay Veteran

        planting evidence, lying under oath

  • MEP325

    Great article but I have to disagree with the part about how police are trained to bark orders, act like thugs and physically abuse people. My brother is a police officer and he told me about how in the academy, he actually had a class titled “verbal judo”. In the class, the instructor said how paramount it was to use words and a kind tone whenever you interact with the public. The instructor showed the clip from the movie “Roadhouse”, where Patrick Swayze says “be nice, until it’s time not to be nice.” Point being, that doesn’t sound like recruits are being trained to bark orders and act like thugs.

    Law enforcement is a tough job and not a lot of people can do it. I imagine that if a cop is dealing with a violent subject, the cop has to respond in a violent manner. If a subject is being unncooperative and resisting arrest, then of course the cop has to use some level of physical force to subdue the subject. Those cops working in places like Chicago and Detroit deal with a pretty dark element. They have to be assertive. Have there been incidents where a cop has overreacted uneccessarily in a situation that was uncalled for? Of course. Have there been incidents of cops berating and condescending people? Of course. But to say that cops are being trained specifically for that is IMHO, false.

    • Genada

      Depends on the department. Some have excellent training, some not so much.

      The issue is not so much about cops needing to resort to force but about the level they need to use. It seems in many cases they are using a excess amount.

      The real problem is tho that there is too many laws.

      • MEP325

        There definitely are cases of excessive force. But part of the problem is the media focuses on these incidents, which then causes many people in the public to think that the almost 1 million law enforcement officers in this country are brutal thugs. My brother told me of a time when he responded to an unresponsive 2 year old. He flew to the address at Mach 3 speed, starting doing mouth-to-mouth, cpr and the child came back. I’m sure the mother was very grateful for that.

        When was the last time the media reported a story like that? It’s sad that many people will automatically rush to judgments based off of isolated incidents. Just goes to show the power of tv and media.

        I don’t agree that police are solely shake down artists for the state. Some states, like the northeastern states, take peoples privacy very seriously and the search and seizure laws are very strict. As a matter of fact, my brother says if he wants to search someone’s car, he needs a signed consent form and the person has to be present while the cop does the search. If the person says the search needs to stop, the cop is obligated by law to comply and terminate the search. He works in a liberal northeast state and obviously the laws vary from state to state.

        • Chris Webb

          It’s not just a few bad apples, dude. Police brutality is rampant. I come across at least 5 articles every day where a cop has violently abused someone, and those are just the cases that get reported. And as the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

          I’m glad your brother saved a kid with CPR but he didn’t need a badge and “authority” to do so, anyone could have done that. Also, the reason the media doesn’t report about the good deeds that cops do is because it doesn’t really happen that often. If it did, FOX and the other right wing news and apologists would be all over it.

          No offense man, but you are living in a delusional bubble. You are letting family relations cloud your perception.

          • T.

            No. You are living in a Delusional Bubble made to order by your friendly Main Stream Media (MSM). Please see my article above and try doing a little old fashioned math.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          The media is to be commended for exposing cases of police brutality and coverups, in my opinion. For example, in Virginia, the Fairfax County Police might have gotten away with their attempted coverup of a fatal shooting of an unarmed civilian ( the third such case in the past several years), had it not been for the persistence of Washington Post journalist Tom Jackman. Mainstream media is to be blamed for two things: depicting police misconducted as a racial matter, and hyper focusing on two of the most dubious cases of police “brutality” -those in Ferguson and Staten Island that we are all well familiar with. Not nearly as much coverage of the killing of Ramarley Graham, the unarmed New York teen shot dead by police who broke into his house without a warrant.(The young man had a small bag of marijuana, and for that he got the death penalty) And who outside the Washington D.C. area has heard of police shooting victims Sal Culosi or John Geer? Oh, yeah- they were white.

          • MEP325

            I agree, they do things right from time to time. But like you said, they put so much focus into these incidents (Ferguson) that are not real cases of police brutality. The “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra was a lie from the start. It was made a racial issue and look what’s happened in Ferguson as a result. The media, along with Sharpton and other pieces of s like him are complicit and share responsibility for inciting riots and violence.

          • T.

            The MSM along with J. Jackson & Sharpton blow these Incidents way out of proportion with their Lies fit for the gullible American ie. non Thinking to exult in. The MSM fans the Flames of the Truly bad Incidents and the Untrue bad Incidents involving the Local Police of this Nation.

          • MEP325


          • Eastexkid

            I am a 50 year old white man. I have had my share of encounters with cops and they all have the same mentality. For instance I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered “angry” cops during traffic stops. They act like you just killed their best friend because you were going 55 in a 45 on a four lane road.
            And even the ones that try to act polite only do so because you are kissing their arss.
            Police have always been brutal and the problem is not that the so called “black leaders” are blowing it out of proportion but it is harder for them to get away with these days. That is why so many laws are passed to protect cops, politicians and healthcare workers. Because they are the oppressors who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions.
            The problem with your assessment is that you have fallen into the racist trap. This is made a race issue in the media (state run media) just to side track people. Keep people at odds with each other and they can continue their oppressive fascist agenda.

          • T.

            I am quite a bit older than you and have nearly 2 million miles of driving experience as an OTR trucker under my belt. I can say unequivocally that Your experience has Not been mine with Police Officers over my lifetime. Also, two tours of duty in Vietnam, so I think I’ve been around the block a few times. The MSM is one of the Biggest propaganda tools used by Those who are trying to enslave this once great nation but has become the USSA.

          • Ocko

            I am a trucker myself and can only agree. In the three years of trucking I only encountered HP Offices who were fair and correct.

            The Sheriff is the highest Law Officer in a county and is elected. It is his authority which supercedes all others and so it is his responsibility of what happens in ‘his’ county.

            Elect a constitutional sheriff and hold him responsible for his actions.

          • Eastexkid

            Your military service to the oppressive regime in charge adds no positive spin to your opinion. On the contrary it detracts from it.
            I know full well the effect the state run media has on the populace. You are no exception. It’s not just the news media but more effectively it’s the entertainment media.
            Also, as a former cdl holder, it has been my experience that cops do act different when you are driving a rig. But that’s just further exposes their bias with their cash cows. It’s all about money and deception. I’m not going to get into a pissing contest about miles driven either. Geesh.
            This nation was never “GREAT” as is evident by our violent and oft evil history.

          • T.

            As a 19 year old kid when I went off to war, I do not claim to have had exceptional wisdom at that age. I had enough of my own foolish ideas at that age – including believing that our Leaders honest and decent men and Not mislead the people into an Unnecessary War. I Was WRONG. I volunteered a 2nd time to get out of a very bad tank unit in Germany. Vietnam was WRONG in many very Costly ways which I do not care to get into here.
            Regarding cops cutting CDL drivers slack – I would agree, providing you are respectful as one should be and your Violation is not TOO egregious (then they will throw the book at you – I know many drivers who that happened to).
            Regarding your statement “This nation was never “GREAT” – I could Not DISAGREE with you more. In that regard I will only say as “K” has said a few times here lately, “None are so Blind as Those who will Not SEE.”

          • Mobb

            Tell me Mr big shot, what have you ever done that would require any courage or honor or sacrifice.

          • Max

            Enforcing empire abroad (while naively considering it self-defense, or in the political parlance, “national security”) should hardly be considered honorable. Nor living off the income of others which are taken by force.

          • guest

            I saved 3 people from their burning house once.
            True story.

        • Eastexkid

          What a sweet B.S. story about the cop doing CPR on the kid. Anyone can do CPR and your story is about some dumbass who called a cop to do what they should have done themselves.
          You have just provided another example of the dumbing down of people so you can set the fascist dogs on a pedestal.

          • DesertPaine

            Too right, East. And if you are the one giving the CPR when a cop shows up and s/he demands to take over, and you continue with your life-saving action, you are going to the pokey for resisting a made-up) lawful order.

          • MEP325

            It’s not a bs story you idiot. He received a commendation for it. Oh, but because you say so then it must be untrue.

          • Eastexkid

            It’s not B.S. because I think you are lying you dummy. Apparently you don’t have adequate reading comprehension skills. It’s B.S. because this person is so stupid that he/she has to call a cop to do CPR. He/she could have called almost anyone to do CPR, a neighbor could have done it, and if he/she did then that person would NOT be exalted with commendations like the cop did.
            I saved a mans life before and I didn’t need some commendation from a corrupt establishment and I am proud of it. And I definitely didn’t need to call a cop for permission.
            Funny you cite one good deed to try and prove cops are “good” but turn around and discount the inherent evil in the process.

          • MEP325

            Yea, you know I’m lying because you’re crystal ball and psychic waves have shown you that.

          • Real Life Experience

            Again. True. What I’ve never seen anywhere is a media story on the number of commendations any police department’s officers receive for going above and beyond the call of duty to serve the public. In our department, officers receive many commendations simply because they are doing just that: engaging in exceptional actions to serve the public.

            Every industry has bad apples, be it retail, hospitality, law, corporate, non-profit, health care, finance, etc. Just as every industry has those committed to do good. To make blanket statements is to engage in lazy and counter-productive thinking. The question is, what’s the possibility for police officers winning in their jobs and the public winning while being served and protected. The answer is not either/or.

          • T.

            What these cop haters don’t talk about is the Great Moral decline of this nation with each succeeding decade. They probably do not recognize it because they are guilty themselves as being part of that decline.
            Just take a look at the Public Schools these days. They are starting to look more and more like Prisons. The crimes that take place in the schools today were UNIMAGINEABLE 55 years ago in our schools then.

          • MEP325

            You bring up an interesting point with the last sentence in the second paragraph. Police have a tough job and they are really the only ones who know what they do. Many in the public sit on the sidelines and want to tell the police how to do their jobs. Sometimes the police have to make kneejerk decisions in imperfect and volatile situations. Sometimes those decisions result in people getting shot or hurt.
            Then when that happens, the armchair quarterbacks talk about how the police should have done this, should have done that, etc, etc.

        • freewheelinfranklin543

          Google police brutality. I just got 1.6 million hits in .39 seconds.Get your head out of rectal defilade.
          And ask yourself this. “How come all those good cops don’t arrest the bad cops”!

  • Bill

    I still think everything connects to TMETT. My first thought after reading the title of this article was, what is the connection to the economic collapse. Anything that stirs controversial issues can be connected to the collapse. The grand design of the cabal is to destroy the whole world as we know it. Creating too many events to track is the key to the take down. It is sad that our domestic soldiers are caught in the middle and are becoming the next generation of wounded warriors.

    • MEP325

      I agree. When the fall comes and society comes apart at the seems, the cities will burn and the police will be in a very dangerous spot.

    • Mike Smithy

      You touched on an important point. All of this nonsense about alleged racist cops in places like Ferguson is a smokescreen and pretext for a leftist power grab pursuant to creating a national police force. Need I remind everyone that President Zero is on the record expressing his desire to create the equivalent of Hitler’s “Brown Shirts”. I have no doubt that TPTB know an economic collapse is on the horizon and feel that they will need a massive federal goon squad in lieu of local police to keep them in power.

      • Bill

        I agree.

      • Andrew Mango

        Sorry you’re asleep. We’ve been in the collapse as far back as 1913 and recently since 2001. If the people aren’t revolting now, then when do you suppose, collectively we will?

        • T.

          If you think THE Collapse financially happened on 911 – You ain’t seen Nothin. Just see if You can hold Your horses til October 2015.

      • Tyrone

        Brown shirt?

        • Mike Smithy

          Yes indeed, with a name Tyrone you must be a raycisss Obamabot.

  • Tiddelywink

    You think the police are bad?! Wait until the government Obama police force of politically correct nazis take over. Then we will see true evil!

    • 1johnconnor1

      F ovomit n his minions

  • DJohn1

    The problem with police is not the police, it is the system that tends to make them an enemy of the public.
    You are advised that anything you say may be held against you in a court of law. Sure sounds like the police are trying to protect me from criminals, right?
    More likely they are acting as predators upon the public. Especially if they are weak and unable to protect themselves with a good lawyer.
    Our jails are filled with a complete racial bias and bias against anyone that is poverty stricken. The statistics of just who is in jail speaks for itself.
    I have been an AP in the US Air Force. Even there, the police are not liked at all by the rest of the service and for good reason.
    I warned six months or more ago that the Bill of Rights was there to protect the police as much as it was to protect the public.
    When you have a US Congress making laws that directly go against that bill of rights and courts upholding them, then something has to give. The first victim is the man on the front lines. That person is the one given the responsibility to keep us from chaos. The one that is responsible for upholding the laws of our land.
    Yet we have idiots running around heavily armed in Swat teams invading people’s homes?
    Of course it is going to get out of hand.
    Every do gooder law I have ever seen came straight from the Devil himself. And these laws put into effect for our own good are no exception. Laws that are justified because they are for our own good are practically a signature.
    First uphold the constitution of this country. Do away with any law that does not uphold those principles. Do away with warrants given out like they came from a cereal box. Do away with swat teams period.
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Police that disobey the Bill of Rights in the Constitution are going to be the first to see that opposite reaction and it is not good.
    When people are backed into a corner they often come out fighting.
    I remember a time in more than one country where the police were the friend of the general public. Where they were a respected part of the community.
    In a situation you called the police because their job was to serve and help the public. Not put the victim of a crime in jail and we often hear of circumstances where they do just that.
    I think we should be looking very carefully at the police that police the police. That is the internal affairs division of any police department that is looking the other way instead of enforcing the rules of behavior that a good policeman has to follow.
    WE are all human and we all make mistakes. The idea is those mistakes should not be something that ruins our lives because of an overzealous policeman or even a government prosecutor.
    In recent years, the courts have failed big time. DNA testing is even now showing many people that were innocent were sent to jail for years. How do you make up for something like that?
    The rules by which the police operate are going to have to change drastically.
    Under the present rules, you do not have enough money for me to take the job.

    • T.

      Agree. The Fish “Rots” from the head down. The Corruption started in D.C. by not upholding our Constitution and making too many Bad Laws – Then requiring Police Officers to uphold the laws of a Corrupt/Law Breaking Legislative body.

  • Genada

    The police are acting in large part like shake down artist on behalf of the state. That’s bound to lead to a large amount of anger. They maybe just doing their job but it’s not justice.

    The problem is that their is too many laws, to many possible ways for a person to end up having a interaction with a police officer. We need far less laws then we have.

    The other problem is that the system is breeding contempt for it’s self. Millions in jail for petty crimes while those that are connected and commit major crimes go free. That’s a recipe for the system to be viewed as illegitimate. The police act on behalf of what’s being viewed as a illegitimate state so they are being viewed as illegitimate themselves.

    Until a sense of justice is returned this stuff will keep happening and only get worse.

    • T.

      The biggest problem is that the Public Relations regarding the police in general “Nationwide” is the Main Stream Media “sensationalizing” every “bad incident” the police have Nationwide. We live in a nation of 320 million (not counting 40 million illegal aliens) people comprised of many tens of thousands of local police nationwide. Think about it. On a given Day there are probably hundreds of thousands of incidents “where local people have interactions with Police”. Then on a Monthly basis – That figure jumps to “Millions of interactions between Police and local civilians”. So, all the many needed and necessary routine acts of “law enforcement & peace keeping” by our Police Officers is Never Reported By The Media. But We People As A Nation Are The Beneficiaries of Their Absolutely Necessary Actions As Police Officers.

      • Uncle_Meat

        What about no knock raids on the wrong house and innocent people are murdered including their animals. Yet nothing happens. The families involved try to sue but the cops file a counter suit and they go bankrupt. You are just a cowardly bootlicker. How’s it tasting? I’ll feel much safer with fewer cops around. I can protect myself and my property very well. They have no obligation to come and save your life. If they show up late and you are dead there is no liability.

        • joe_bob_gonzales

          cops: when seconds count, only minutes away.

          and yes, you are correct, there is no obligation to protect you. by supreme court decision.

          • nekksys

            Then why the slogan, “To Serve and Protect.”???

          • Gay Veteran


          • joe_bob_gonzales

            a slogan. and like most slogans, basically a lie to make you feel good and buy the product.

            the other question to consider is this: to serve and protect Who?

          • Cobblepot

            They protect the system they uphold. And our
            oligarch elite of course.

          • Max

            Indeed. If memory correctly serves, during the Ferguson incident the police told private establishments that “they were on their own” while the police only protected government buildings. Police do no exist to protect the average individual but rather to enforce and protect the political class.

          • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

            the oligarchicay

          • freewheelinfranklin543

            To serve and protect their corporate masters.
            Police enforce corporate policy!

          • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

            typical false advertisement

          • nekksys

            Kinda figured as much… 😉

          • T.

            cops: when seconds count, only minutes away.
            It’s obvious that you have never worked in any kind of Emergency Response field and thus have a very Skewed opinion of How quickly those personnel are able to respond to a call for Help. The kind of Response time that You seem to be looking for does Not exist in the Real world but does exist Only in the make-believe world of Superman, or Batman and Robin. Maybe You need to Mature a little bit mentally in Your Conceptions of Real life.

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            well, my dear fellow. initially I was going to ignore you, but will take a couple of minutes to reply.

            1. in my immediate family are 3 cops, all retired now from a major metropolitan PD, my dad, dead now, was a also town Marshall back in the early 50s.

            so while I have never been a cop, I have a bit of insight.

            2. to clarify, I am not speaking of emergency response, or helping accident victims, or responding to fires.

            but mostly what cops do is take reports after the fact.

            repeat: after the fact.


            I am however speaking about assh*les like this one who said: if you do what I tell you, you wont have any problems.

            “If you don’t want to get shot,
            tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the
            ground,” warns Officer Sunil Dutta of the Los Angeles Police
            Department, “just do what I tell you.”

            Really. am I a 6 year old child?

            or the rest of my fellow citizens ignorant and helpless individuals who must immediately respond to your every command or otherwise be set upon and beaten and hospitalized? really?

            I have no right to Question YOUR Authority? which authority you got from me and my fellow citizens? are you f*cking Cartman?

            Dutta sounds like a bully in 5th grade taking money from second graders. there is no other way to hear and interpret his statement.

            if you see you and your fellow cops as sheep dogs protecting the herd, then I am happy for you. may you sleep well at night. just remember that you do it with Our Authority.

            but also recall what the shepherd does when the sheep dogs start biting the sheep.

            He puts them down. all mad dogs are shot on sight. thats normal procedure.

            there was a time when cops had respect. that time has passed. by your own actions. you began to believe your own press. what you are in reality is DMV clerks with Guns and even worse attitude, if one can even conceive that reality.

            and you need to stop watching cop shows to define your self image. they are fantasy. repeat: fantasy.

            in closing, may I suggest that you follow your own advice, take off your rose colored sunglasses, and mature a little bit mentally in your conception of real life.

          • T.

            Look, I can understand your disgust with the bad cop incident you write about. We all do not like this kind of response from cops and with your families background of cops – even more so, since I’m sure your family members were not like this bad cop. I read about all these bad cop incidents just like everybody else and I do not like the ABUSE one bit and would like to see those ABUSIVE cops get what they deserve. But we live in a very imperfect world and with the many millions of police/citizens interactions Nationwide monthly by imperfect cops charged with upholding Laws by imperfect citizens – There will be numerous occasions of ABUSE. I think with the Moral decline of our Nation which I have witnessed in my nearly 70 years – That we will see greater numbers of ABUSE as Both cops and citizens decline in Moral behavior. I believe there are Two sides to this story (Bad cops/Bad citizens) and Both sides need to be told. Where we are Now in America, I think we are probably getting about what we deserve.

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            Thank you for your reasoned response. I am a bit younger than you, but not by much. and I think, on reflection, that we probably think along the same lines.

            I also agree that we are heading for some very bad times. I wish this were not so, but this is not the nation that I knew as a young man. but it may be that the nation I served as a young Marine may only have ever existed in my imagination.

            the cultural and moral decline I see all around me, the moral depravity of those who seek leadership,…..the lack of simple manners towards each other alone, the way we all mistreat each other, striving for ever more freebies from the govt teat…. etc

            I dont look forward to the Great Reset as I have a reasonably comfortable life (and after 40 years of work, I earned it) ……. but I dont see that life ahead for the young ones today under the current regime. the cops are not the cause of the issues, and I dont hate them as they are as human as you or I, their actions are merely one of the symptoms of our decline.

          • T.

            Amen. I could not agree more.

        • freewheelinfranklin543

          Good one meat!

        • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

          true, all who have figured out their systelm should be able to request a refund with the compounded interest for the past years

        • lastredoubt .

          The issue is we have no knock raids at all much less at the wrong house. If we’re going to allow no knock raids then we need to set the bar pretty high. We’ve become desensitized to the fact that amped up police putting people into a panic is no way to make an arrest. But then the police have been given cart blanche to square off on the public. But that will only work until the police find out the hard way that citizens outnumber and outgun the police and the military combined. Recipe for a disaster in a catastrophe. Makes me weep.

      • Mike Smithy

        Very good analysis. So we must ask ourselves, what is the motive for the media and the Obama administration for relentlessly smearing the cops and not accurately portraying facts? I suspect that they are working in tandem to undermine public perception of local police. Once the faith is undermined, President Zero will nationalize the police and institute his Hitleresque “Brown Shirt” program.

        • T.

          Precisely. There are other comments below along these Same lines by Those of U.S. who see where this is all leading. You are Right On Smithy.

      • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

        but really, 90 percent of what police do is aggravating and committing crime, traffic cops should be abolished just as conductors on trains, they have little or no effect on crime never investigate crime and too often are beneficiaries of crime,the call to 911 generally gets you a secretarial historical report on the crime committed against you and nothing of value

    • joe_bob_gonzales

      yes. I will believe in equal justice when I see John Corzine in jail for stealing money from customers at MFGlobal, for example.

      steal 50 bucks from circle K, get 20 years in prison.
      steal 50 billion dollars, get 2 weeks probation in your penthouse.

      hell, yeah….works for me.

      • krinks

        Right. Not a single person went to jail over the fraudulent mortgages that were bundled and given a good rating that collapsed the world economy. Yet even innocent motorists who carry cash get it confiscated with no real chance of getting it back.

        • Joseph Zach

          damn right.

      • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

        we have the goods on them, they haven t established a judicial system to address crime, so why do people pay hommage to the queers in robes in these court houses, if people just unitized and stayed seated when they walk into their court rooms what can they do, they need to see that we hold them in contempt for the crime they represent, when we clean out these court houses the minor cleaning needed in the police departments will come quickly

    • Gay Veteran

      the cops are the new highwaymen, stealing from travelers

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gay Veteran: I advice my overseas business contacts that if they must visit The Banana Republic of America, they should avoid carrying large sums of cash if possible (use debit cards, credit cards, bank cards instead). I warn them about asset forfeiture and that the militarized policías will claim that their cash is drug money and steal it (even without a drop of proof). And try getting the money back if you live in another country.

        • Gay Veteran

          good advise.
          plus they need to Google what they should do when the highwaymen…, police, pull them over

        • I read that Canada issued a travel warning about coming to America because the civil asset forfeiture has gotten so bad.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Oh yes excellent. I forgot this one. yes this has been the slow steady drip, drip over time. Even cops I know admit they have become little more than revenue raisers.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Certainly there are too many laws and too many non-violent offenders in prison. But one should also consider the different treatment that police get compared to civilians. Some examples:
      A 7 year-old Detroit girl was fatally shot during a police raid on her home. The officer who killed her was acquitted of all charges.
      A baby in Georgia was gravely injured when police threw a stun grenade into his crib during a SWAT-style raid. A Grand Jury refused to indict the officers.
      Sal Culosi, a Fairfax Virginia optometrist, was shot and killed by police who came to his residence to arrest him on suspicion

      of illegal gambling. The cop who fired the shot claimed it was accidental, was lightly disciplined by his department, and later promoted.
      18 year-old Ramarley Graham was fatally shot in front of his grandmother by a NYPD officer who thought he had just purchased drugs. The cops followed him to his apartment and broke down his door without a warrant.The teen was unarmed. Manslaughter charges against the officers were ultimately dropped.
      But what happens when a civilian accidentally shoots a cop?
      Ryan Frederick was awakened one night by someone trying to break down his door. He fired one shot, killing Detective Jarrod Shivers. The no-knock warrant was occasioned by a police informant who had burglarized Frederick’s home days before, and reported to police the existence of a large marijuana grow operation. The raid turned up only a small amount of marijuana for personal use. Frederick, who had no prior criminal history, is now serving a ten-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter in a Virginia penitentiary. (He was actually tried for capital murder).
      Corey Maye, a young man with no criminal history, shot and killed a policeman who was breaking into his home during a drug raid. Maye claimed that he was protecting his baby daughter as any father would, yet he was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.( the police had made a mistake: they were actually breaking into the wrong side of the duplex.) He was released after serving ten years, after a Mississippi court reduced the charge to manslaughter.
      I could go on and on but we all know the drill.

    • CharlesH

      You actually stated my own position exactly – great job – thanks.

    • nicu78

      I don’t blame the cops.
      They are caught between a rock and a hard place. No tickets, no vacation, night shifts, etc.
      The system is messed up.

      • Mister Jimmy

        Wrong. They get a nice paid vacation every time they murder someone.

      • joe_bob_gonzales

        I do blame individuals……. the defense of ” just following orders” was not allowed at Nuremberg and I dont think it has validity today.

    • krinks

      Right. If I were in prison for drugs I’d be pissed to say the least knowing that nothing happens to the banks that launder drug money and the people that work there that do it.

      Not a single person went to jail over the fraudulent mortgages that were bundled and given a good rating that collapsed the world economy. Yet even innocent motorists who carry cash get it confiscated with no real chance of getting it back.

    • Max

      Indeed. Police officers have unfortunately become little more than a gang of thugs with official state approval.

    • It is NOT the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect THE CORPORATION and arrest Code Breakers. Sapp v. Tallahassee, 348 So.2nd. 363 Reiff v. City of Philla., 477 F.Supp. 1262 Lynch v. NC Dept. of Justice, 376 S.E.2nd. 247

    • rkb100100

      They’re being turned into political operatives. They will, in the end, be viewed as mafia thugs. It’s too bad because they’re many good people.

  • The Conservanator

    Here’s a thought.
    Set a trap for the perp/perps using bananas as bait.
    The sentiment is harsh, but it hits the nail on the head.
    These bitter, angry people are, for the most part, full blown racists.
    The time for making excuses for their actions (the fault of society,
    slavery, blah, blah, blah) came and went, decades ago.
    It just feeds their feelings of entitlement.

  • BS1986

    Getting closer to that civil war……..
    BUT a part of me thinks this was a GOVT job to create an excuse to take the velvet gloves off in Ferguson……..and everywhere else

  • Chris Webb

    I would never be cop regardless of dangerous it is simply because being a cop is immoral. A cop’s job is to enforce the law, not to protect and serve, and what is the law? Law is nothing but the opinion of a small group of people imposed on everyone else through threat of violence. And any law that isn’t immoral, such as laws that protect person and property, are redundant as I don’t need permission to protect my property. As far as cops getting shot, well, live by the sword…

    • T.

      Those are truly “Delusional Statements”. Our society and this Nation would have long ago descended into Anarchy and Destruction without Local Police Officers.

      • Chris Webb

        “Descend into anarchy”. You obviously have no idea what anarchy is. Read a book.

        • T.

          One book you Know nothing about is obviously the Dictionary – try that one sometime.

          • DesertPaine

            The consistently most il-literate poster on this site, who knows neither dictionary nor first-grade rules of punctuation, calls out someone for spelling in a properly spelled post.

          • T.

            The history of your posts prove that you greatly excel in Two areas: 1.) Punctuation and 2.) Lunacy.

          • DesertPaine

            as ever, im glad to here yor op-opin- er, point of veiw. it is just as importunt to know thinking of the unedumucated

          • Chris Webb

            You are equating anarchy to chaos. You are wrong. Anarchy simply means ‘no rulers’, not no rules. Maybe you should crack open that dictionary yourself.

          • T.

            Okay. I just pulled out my dictionary and it reads: Anarchy – 1.) A social structure without government or law or order. 2.) utter confusion.
            Chaos: complete disorder. Is one meaning of Chaos. So, I think I’m right on target. What does your dictionary give for the two?

          • Chris Webb

            Your dictionary is wrong. I’ve studied anarchism quite thoroughly.

            “Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies often defined as self-governed voluntary institutions, but that several authors have defined as more specific institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations. Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful.”

          • T.

            No one can help a person like you who has Their own personal dictionary and finds unacceptable the definitions of the widely used and accepted “Merriam-Webster” dictionary.

          • Chris Webb

            From Mirriam-Webster:
            Full Definition of ANARCHISM
            : a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups

            From Wikipedia:
            Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies often defined as self-governed voluntary institutions,[1][2][3][4] but that several authors have defined as more specific institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations.[5][6][7][8] Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful.[9][10] While anti-statism is central,[11] anarchism entails opposing authority or hierarchical organisation in the conduct of human relations, including, but not limited to, the state system

            From Google definitions:
            belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.

            The definition of ‘anarchy’ in mirriam webster is wrong; they have the incorrect colloquial definition that has been rejected by most scholars.

          • T.

            Here’s my college edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary 1966 edition (I don’t think the def. of anarchy has changed since’66) and it says: Anarchy – 1.) the complete absence of government and law 2.) political disorder and violence; hence, 3.) disorder in any sphere of activity. That’s what Webster’s College edition says and Again I’m right on target.

      • Gay Veteran

        no, people would arm themselves and act in self defense

  • Chris Webb

    Secondly, we don’t need police, we need protection for our property, that’s all. Privatized security, who would be held accountable by free market competition, offer that service without the overbearing violence of the state weighing down upon us. No, we don’t need the police, we need to get rid of the police.

    • Tim McGlone

      There’s a town in Texas that fired the entire department and hired private security about a year and a half ago and the crime rate has gone down over 50% and they r saving a stupidly large amount of money

  • K

    Many department have put an artificial intelligence ceiling on police. They will not hire anyone with an IQ higher than 105. This is not even the top of average intelligence. The result a dumbing down of the force. The departments claim higher IQ people get bored with the job, and leave. And judges have bought this excuse, and determined this practice to be legal. So we send cops into complex situations, where all the facts are not known. Cops who need to be able to think quickly and react even more quickly.Sadly, that is not who we are hiring. Only in America, would we decide someone is too smart, to be a cop.

    • tipsovr

      Ok, cite some sort of source for this nonsense.

      • K

        Wow anything you do not know is nonsense? Google Jordan v New London. If you are really interested.

        • T.

          That is Not Nonsense. You claim “Many Departments” have put an artificial intelligence ceiling on Police. That is News to me as well as to tipsovr. So, please give us this “Startling” documentation sir for such an assertion on such a Broad scale.

          • K

            If you googled the court case, did you not notice the additional links? This has been going on since 2000. Where have you been.?

          • T.

            Yes. I googled the court case but did not look at the additional links yet. However, that case does not support your initial statement that “Many departments” which would lead people to Wrongly conclude that an overwhelming number of Police Departments are hiring “Mentally Incompetent” people to man their departments nationwide. What percentage of the Police Departments nationwide would you guess have such a policy – Relative to the thousands of Police Departments nationwide? I know here in GA that is ABSOLUTELY Not the case. Oh, and I have been here in the USSA for nearly 70 years – So, where have You been?

          • K

            There have been references to additional cases on, one of Ron Paul’s’ website along with several other places. Google NY 105 IQ.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            K, I typed in “NY 105 IQ” and got mostly radio station websites. Try “NY 105 IQ hiring limit” – much better results.

          • freewheelinfranklin543

            Quit feedin the trolls!

        • tipsovr

          Ok, you cited on location The case doesn’t say there is any ceiling on intelligence. The plaintiff lost the case because the court didn’t find any evidence. Saying “many departments have put an artificial intelligence ceiling on police” is a pretty broad reach.

          • K

            Do not read very well do you? The judge ruled such IQ limitations could be used, as long as universally applied. How can you not see, what is clearly stated. Except you choose not to.

          • freewheelinfranklin543

            The all have IQ’s below 70. Typical gov trolls!
            No smarts,no common sense,no humanity,no empathy just guns and steroids.
            Hey! New band name..”Guns and Steroids”!
            Think Axel would mind!

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Synopsis: “Robert Jordan was a 46-year-old Caucasian who applied for a position as a police officer in New London, Connecticut. As part of the application process, Jordan completed a battery of tests that included the Wonderlic Personnel Test, a test of general cognitive ability. When Jordan later inquired about the status of his application, he was told that he had been eliminated from the applicant pool because of his score on the intelligence test – he had scored too high and was judged to be unacceptable for a job as a police patrol officer. Jordan filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming that its employment decision violated his constitutional right to equal protection under the law. City officials were then faced with preparing a defense to attempt to justify their hiring practice.”

          Companies and agencies want people they can retain: too dumb, they’ll screw up and wreck things; too intelligent, they’ll be unhappy, pull a John Galt, and quit out of frustration. This happens a lot in every industry. Got turned down for a public transit bus driver job last week; they said my IQ is too high (didn’t see that coming). Now employed machining and programming medical and aerospace droids: something I’m not highly trained on, but the company said the IQ score’s very good and they like my background. Still going in for interviews with 5 other companies, too!

          • K

            Good luck on the other interviews. I understand the job retention theory.But it is that, just a theory. How many people in all of human history, worked jobs that fulfilled them? I suspect the number is rather low. So thanks to this theory, we no longer hire the best. We hire the ones, we think will stay on the job. I have a real problem with that, in life or death professions. I want the smartest cop, who will do the job. I want the smartest paramedic, that will do the job. Not so long ago, that was common sense. So here is my theory. Many people in authority, lack common sense. To fix this situation, we must devise a common sense test. Only people that pass that test, can hold positions of authority.I think my theory is just as good as many that are out there. That is the thing about theories, anyone can have one.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            I’m siding with you on this. IQ doesn’t account for dedication to an ideal; in this case law and order. And you’re absolutely right about theories.

          • freewheelinfranklin543

            It ain’t aa theory its a fact trollboy!

      • Guest

        Are you incapable of locating that information? What he said is common knowledge.

        • T.

          But the statements he “K” made Based on that Information are Not common knowledge, because those Broad sweeping assertions are Not TRUE.

    • MEP325

      You sir, are an idiot

      • K

        Hello troll, with your nice new account. What name did you use before to post.

        • MEP325

          Seymour Butts

        • T.

          He speaks the Truth. He is No troll. Your comment was idiotic. Your comment also Proves that you know Nothing whereof you speak.

          • K

            Didn’t google that court case did you? Or any of the other links, that would have come up. I used to have some respect for you, sad.

          • T.

            I do not need your respect. I seek ONLY the TRUTH. There is so much Untruth (Lies) in this nation, Most of which is spewed incessantly by the MSM which is the primary Tool of Distortion of TRUTH and outright Propaganda – Causing CONFUSION among the people of this once great nation. That’s what disgusts me.

          • K

            What is really happening here? Have you got a relative, who is a cop? You have been told the truth, yet you refuse to see it. Yes it started with the big departments. Do you think in fifteen years, it has not worked its’ way down. How do you explain all the bad decisions cops are making? For fifteen years, we have not been hiring the best. And we are seeing the results of those hiring decisions. I am only a few years younger than you. I am sorry, I can find no way to reach you.

          • T.

            You know I have a relative who is a cop from a previous discussion on this subject with you. You also have been told the Truth. Your statements are very Broad when you say things “Many Departments” and “all the bad decisions cops are making” – Those kind of Statements are very MISLEADING. Do you Not understand that? “Many Departments” relative to “How many are Not” hiring lower IQ Police and “all the bad decisions cops are making” relative to “How many are Not making bad decisions”? No. I do Not think that in 15 years “Many Departments” across America are hiring low IQ Police. Different Police Departments across America have their Own UNIQUE issues with Hiring standards, especially in the large Cities and in Northern Cities, because of issues involving; PAY; Crime Rates and other things. You do not come across as a very Analytical type of person but rather are more prone to go with popular view, especially as put out by the MSM.

          • Gay Veteran

            you didn’t answer him:

            “Didn’t google that court case did you? Or any of the other links, that would have come up….”

          • rayoflight

            T, No more TRUTHFUL STATEMENT has ever been said ! “We” (We are “the People”.) and ALL of US has/have been MAN-I-Pilated , regardless of our selfish and EGO-“testicle” points of view . We should each JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH and come to the realization that we have been pitted against each other in a v-v-very barbaric and tech-no logical process (both sociological and psychologically engineered.) We as human beings have the responsibility spiritually to resist that programing OR individe-U-ally pay a very HEAVY PRICE . . . WITH OUR SOULS.BBC

            MAY GOD GUIDE YOU IN THIS HOUR OF DETER-MINATION ! PEACE THROUGH TRUTH-FILLED RESOLUTION SHOULD , AS A MATTER OF COURSE ; BE OUR FUTURE . 10-4 Good Buddies All ? Need there even be a question about it . . . . . Let US move forward NOW .

          • rayoflight

            COOL HEADS WILL PREVAIL AND TREMENDOUSLY OVERRIDE THOSE “just following orders” in a futile attempt to undermine everyone who represents THE OBVIOUS scenario THROUGH LIES AND DECEPTION. It’s Very Importart to discover what is really in YOU and your family’s BEST INTEREST, RIGHT? Now and in your future life or death SIN-ario. . . sianaro !!!!!

          • InfoQuest

            NY police 105 IQ


            K is right.

          • T.

            Is New York City the bench mark for Every Police Department in the U.S.? Is NY City the bench mark for Anything Good at all in this Nation? Among NY, LA and Chicago, (and Detroit), You probably have the BENCH MARK for All that is BAD in this Nation. Please. Those Cities are Not representative of Main Street America – Which still have some scruples about them.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      Yup! Thugs who are to stupid and lazy to clean toilets are given guns and sent among us to brutalize and kill us.


    I can’t speak for the rest of the country but I have several relatives in LE and they have assured me that abusing the public is invariably a one way ticket to the unemployment line. Someone calls the “hot line” and says they are abused and Internal Affairs swings into action. If the charges are found to be true, discipline is swift and so are the lawsuits. Financial Ruin and Jail are very distinct possibilities for officers who abuse the public’s trust. Now that we have dealt with that subject, most Americans simply do not realize the violent parallel universe that exists in our society today. Being a cop is as close to the battlefield as you can get without going to Iraq. Due to lax and/or non existent border controls, hoards of violent criminals have surged across our borders. Anyone living South of I-8 in Southern California and AZ has learned to keep their doors locked at night, guns at the ready and do not venture outside. This situation has not been adequately covered by the media for PC reasons. The Jails and Prisons do not rehabilitate. The number of people with criminal records and unable to find work in a ferociously competitive job market is in the millions leading to the infamous “revolving door”. Throw in a shaky economy and injudicious remarks by people in high places who should know better and you have a very explosive situation. There is another aspect to life in our inner cities that explains what is going on. Big Time Drug Dealers want the police neutralized and out of the ghettos because it is very bad for business. Check out Detroit and Chicago. It’s the Wild West! Life is not perfect. Police are not perfect. No one is. Police find themselves between a rock and hard place trying to enforce the laws dictated from above and keep the peace amongst the seething masses at the bottom. To the critics, I say take a “ride along” or two in the inner city. I have and I can assure you it is an eye opening experience. You will have new respect for the badge. Failing that, check out a Cop Block on TV sometime. Ask yourself if you could do this?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…There is another aspect to life in our inner cities that explains what is going on. Big Time Drug Dealers want the police neutralized and out of the ghettos because it is very bad for business….”

      end the War on Drugs, problem solved.
      all the War on Drugs has done is to promote corruption among the police and to increase the power of the government


        We totally agree. Waste of time, money and lives.

  • jox

    We should legalize drugs and ban guns. Gangs would have a hard time, 80% of jails would be empty and 80% of the work of police would diappear.

    • Tim McGlone

      U r an idiot. Only law abiding people follow laws…hence law abiding
      Show me just one criminal that obeys all laws and u may get some support for your stupid idea…. Go ahead I’ll wait cause u r going to need a ton of time to find one. Dam leftist so that r so afraid of everything they just want to give up all constitutional and god given rights just so you can feel safe

      • jox

        ‘god given rights’??? The constitution is not the bible. It can and should be modified. Coomon sense.

    • DesertPaine

      Yes, sorry jox. You are either an idiot or clinically uneducated. Cite the constitutional authority upon which you rely to propose the legalization (or, il-lagalization) of drugs. Cite the constitutional authority upon which you rely to propose banning guns.

      Do that and people will listen. Otherwise, yours is just another painful example of the dumbing-down of America.

      • jox

        I’m worried about americans. Every day you are more angry, full of hatred, unable to discuss in a civilized way. Digging the hole of violence deeper every day.

        • DesertPaine

          Americans avail Constitutional protections. It is what sets them apart from the rest of humanity. If you are willing to cast aside those protections willy-nilly, I’m genuinely curious to know why, how, and by what authority other than Because I Say So.

          • jox

            You seem to ignore that in all the developed world we have Constitutional protections also (Americans are not ‘apart from the rest of humanity’. Sorry if that hurts your huge ego). We are perfectly happy without the right to carry guns, and our streets are more secure. This is an empirical evidence.

          • Gay Veteran

            Constitutional protections?
            LOL, like the government listening to your phone calls, reading your text messages and emails?
            like the government claim the power to kill you if they label you a “terrorist”?

      • Gay Veteran

        where does government get the power to decide what you can do with your own body?
        the War on Drugs has done nothing but promote corruption in the police and to increase the government’s power

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      You can ban guns, but it won’t do any good. Smuggling and thefts from public armories are good enough for most criminals. Smarter ones will build their own automatics and explosives – It’s not difficult. Only need one day on the lathe and in the oven for a few dozen barrels, bolts, sears and such – most of the gun is punched and bent anyway (a fully automatic Sten Mk3 has 47 total parts – all but 2 can be purchased from a junk yard or hardware store). And there are plans online for free. Plus all the math and physics were previously discovered – can undo that.

      Ban guns? Only those who discard the laws of city councils will have them.

      • jox

        Yes it will do. Look the statistics in other countries. Worst criminals will always have guns, mostly to fight each other. But the average theft or small drug dealer etc, wont have. If the number of guns in homes and in the street is reduced by tenfold, it will really makes a difference.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          China, Spain, England, Germany, etc. banned guns and all have higher gun homicide and gun-related crime rates in comparative population numbers than the US. And they’re practically police states at this point. Guns will get in, criminals will use the advantage, the law-abiding will be their victims, and police will not protect us as we have no constitutional right to police protection! It will make no difference to the criminals – only to the law-abiding, who will seek their own illegal weapons. This is what has happened in those countries that banned guns. If you don’t like our 2nd Amendment – say in Spain and deal with it!

  • bill

    Sorry, but the cops are out of control – they have brought this on themselves, nobody else. So, make your bed? Sleep in it. I no longer have any sympathy for these men who are supposed to be PEACE officers – they are out of control – simple. Their are good cops out there? WHERE ARE THEY! They are the ones who should be clamping down on their own, but Noooo – got to keep on keeping on – well, the tables are turning and you have no one to blame but yourselves. Fix your issue and then MAYBE the people will eventually come around – but that is going to take a long time at this point. . .

    • Tim McGlone

      Any cop that doesn’t stand up and denounce the evil perpetrated by his “brothers” is just as bad and more of a coward than the bad ones we know about

  • aliceinwonder

    The whole plot is to dissolve the police department and put in all militarized police. Pretty obvious.

    • guest

      I’m of the same thought.
      Let’s see here, Oh my goodness the police are racist, brutal and out of control. The ONLY solution is to federalize them so that ‘we’ have a unified code of conduct, etc and so forth, ( after we fire all the ‘racist’ white men).
      None of this was an accident, none of it is an accident.

      • T.

        Precisely. That is all part of The Plan. Most of those writing here who are so critical of ALL the Police – Live in a very small world and are very shallow minded thinkers. They Fail to see where All of this leads and Who is Behind these nationally “Charged” MSM anti Local Police stories and What their GOAL is – A Federalized Military Police State. Sadly, That is what is waiting for U.S. all in the USSA.

  • Jackie Milton

    We are beginning to see why our ancestors beat and hung blacks. It was the only way to keep them under control.

    • Gay Veteran

      awwwww, bet you miss the good old days, eh

      • Jackie Milton

        I sure do !

  • Priszilla

    What’s the problem? Since they have a gun they can defend themselves easily against shooters. Isn’t that the argumentation of the NRA?
    A gun will protect you.

    • Gay Veteran

      indeed, when seconds matter the police are minutes away

  • jaxon64

    And the globalists and the TRUE powers that be just laugh and laugh…….
    When America unravels, when the police state and martial law are instituted, when masses of people die, all of these things only further the agenda of the illuminated ones………………………….
    All of these miscreants who call for murder, anarchy and blood in the streets only further the cause of the NWO crowd. And I’ll never understand any female who calls for lawlessness and anarchy- dumbest humans alive! In a truly lawless society, or return to medieval barbarism, women were routinely raped and murdered or traded as commodities. These little emo chicks with their black eyeliner and anarchy t-shirts are laughable.

  • mister_roboto

    Well, in a society such as ours that has such a huge and growing disparity between “haves” and “have nots”, and that also seems to prefer to use law enforcement and the penal system to deal with the substantial social problems this situation causes, then of course being a police officer is going to be a highly unenviable career choice. And the more this situation persists, the more law-enforcement careers will attract the sort of people that it’s seriously not good to have in police-officer uniform.

  • FreeYourMindinSC

    I had a friend back home who was a cop. He lived across the hall from me in my apt complex, & truth be known, I felt safer when he was there than I would have otherwise.

    Occasionally the subject of escalating police militarization in the wake of 9/11 & the so-called war on terror came up.

    He once told me (we’d have a beer on his back porch on occasion) that there were three kinds of cops, & their numbers were roughly even. There were the ordinary guys like himself who were just doing their jobs as best they could, who had become police officers because they wanted to make a difference. Then there were the older cops who were just marking time & coasting toward retirement & pension collecting. Most of them had given up on making a difference. They’d be prone to look the other way, given an allegation of unnecessary brutality, since the last thing they wanted to do was rock the boat & possibly jeopardize that safe coast into retirement & pension collecting. That third group was the out-&-out psychopaths, those who had been high school bullies & thugs, & who had become cops because cops can wield authority; these are the cops the ordinary citizen has to hope he never encounters, because it is this group that is apt to brutalize an elderly woman or shoot a dog. Unfortunately almost no one is policing this third group right now; those in the first group are too naive, those in the second are too cynical.

    If my former neighbor’s assessment is correct, we can probably expect more violence between snipers & police in the future, & it is sad that those in the first group are probably more likely to be shot than those in the third, who somehow always manage to avoid the line of fire.

  • isnamthere

    The reason why so many people would like to see you dead each day when you go to work is a result of your own violent, over the top behaviors against citizens who pay your salaries and whom you are supposed to “protect,” not bully. Police have no one but themselves to blame for this animosity towards cops.

    • Max

      It should also be kept in mind that not only do citizens pay their salaries but their income is extracted from them by force. It is merely granted a more sanitized name than theft or extortion: taxation. How is this any different than the Mafia in this area?

      • isnamthere

        The idea behind a civil society is supposed to be a social contract. We all agree to chip in to provide for common services and to stretch the pot to cover those who aren’t always able to contribute. One of the common services is a law enforcement mechanism.

        But since the LE mechanism no longer serves or protects the average taxpayer, but instead seems to serve themselves and mostly the monied elite, the contract has been broken. It’s no wonder people feel robbed and violated by paying their taxes for this service as well as many other common services which have gone awry(global military action being the largest)..

  • DesertPaine

    ALL revenuers are psychopaths. Proof: As any one of them at your next armed roadside accosting what evidence they have to prove that the law they want to enforce applies to you. (Almost always, they have none.) The cornerstone of their being — ENFORCING the LAW — is mere, unprovable assumption.

    So why is that psychotic? Because stripped of their reason to exist, they will go on to continue doing the same thing without missing a beat.

    After all, a paycheck and a pension are involved.

    • dfacts

      Admiralty Law on land (look it up)! The magistrate/judge is the captain of the ship. When you enter the equity court, it is the same as boarding a ship. The captain has full control, you have no constitutional rights…just as if you had entered another country. The police work for the Admiralty law system as privateers, just as pirates of old were granted a Letter of Marque which gave them authority by the issuing country to seize all property and ships of the enemy (you!). These methods do not apply in a constitutional court, where your rights are preserved.

  • Uncle_Meat

    What a pathetic boot licking article. Most cops are psychopathic school yard bullies. They are punks with badges and are eager to use their firearms. They know people are out to get them, that’s why they are shooting first and asking questions later. There is no more pity for dead cops. They are all getting what they deserve. Who else would apply for this type of job where you can get away with murder.

    • T.

      So you have drunk the MSM kool aid – That’s all your rant shows.

      • Uncle_Meat

        I guess you aren’t aware of the rising numbers of people dying in police custody or the number of wrong door swat raids where innocent people (we are all innocent until proven guilty), their property and lives are destroyed? They investigate themselves and exonerate themselves. No one is punished because they do no wrong. I’m sick of it and sick of idiot boot lickers like you!

        • freewheelinfranklin543

          Me too meat! Go get em!

        • Max

          There is even video of individuals being tied up and tortured in police custody (an extremely cowardly and sadistic act) yet some individuals consider acknowledging this reality as “drinking the kool-aid”. In my opinion this appears to be a case of pot calling the kettle black.

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        Another cop troll lookin to justify the murder of Americans by paid corporate thugs!

    • Gay Veteran

      “…They know people are out to get them, that’s why they are shooting first and asking questions later….”

      unfortunately they are being trained to do that, becoming more and more militarized

  • Bogdan

    Cops are human beings, not machines. They make mistakes. Everybody does, we are not perfect.

    We expect them to arrest ALL the bad guys, and to keep ALL the good guys safe. But we forget that they cannot read people minds, so they cannot tell a bad guy from a good guy just by looking at them from a distance. So they have to make all sorts of assumptions, they have to investigate all sorts of suspicious behavior, and so on.
    Obviously, sometimes they’ll get it wrong, they’ll either let a bad guy walk away, or they’ll arrest a good guy. In this imperfect world, it is inevitable.
    But there is hope: in the Kingdom of Heaven, there will be no bad guys, and no cops. God will separate the bad guys from the good guys, and He will do it without causing any injustice to anyone.

  • Eastexkid

    You lost all credibility with this sentence: “But most police officers are just regular people that are trying to do their jobs and serve their communities.” What a bunch of B.S. First of all they DO NOT serve their communities! They serve their government masters in “POLICING” their communities for profit and to enforce fascist laws.
    Your argument that they are just doing their jobs and only a few are brutal is a cop out, no pun intended. They all have the gang mentality and turn a blind eye to the deep corruption that run through the ranks. I have only heard of one cop who ever went against his brothers in blue and you see what happened to him. If not then you should watch Serpico and see what happens to a “Regular Guy who tries to serve his community”.
    Cops don’t stop crime and they definitely DON”T WORK FOR US.

    • DesertPaine

      You are right, East. But consider this. Last I saw, about 5% of people fight revenuer complaints and summons. We have no control over what they do, but we do have control over how we respond. And if Americans generally can’t be bothered to do anything but complain, then they’ll do what they do and we get what we get. Fixing the nation doesn’t mean attacking fed policy &c. We have no power over that. But starting at home with everyone’s next simple traffic stop will go a long way toward change.

  • Stan

    I hope both sides continue to kill each other.

  • Dixiecop

    As a retired police chief I’ve hired and fired a lot of cops. The time to cull out the rejects is during the initial interview process and background investigation. Barring that, then there’s the one years probationary period to weed any who managed to slip through.

    After that, you must have all of your ducks in a row and make sure that anyone you wished to get rid of has their due process. Additionally all applicants had to convince the interview board that they wanted to work for my agency because they wanted to make a difference and actually had something to offer us in the way of training and life skills.

    We aways did extensive background checks and at times when we were surprised at some of the things uncovered during the hiring process that a few of the applicants had been into and they weren’t hired. There were times when we’d call to check references and the agency that was their current employer would lie like hell about a current employee who was seeking to change jobs. They’d tell us that the applicant was one of their finest officers, since they were wanting to get rid of them due major issues. They were passing off their problem deadwood officers to any other agency who would hire them. So we had to do even further research to try and weed out the losers..

    • DesertPaine

      I’m not worried about your bad cops, Chief. You’ll take care of them. I’m worried about your well-intentioned ones. Until a revenuer who accosts me with a gun on the side of the road can show facts to prove that his statutes and ordinances apply to me, his/her action is no better than the thugs you-all chase. Until a well-intentioned revenuer can show probable cause and prove that I move without documents s/he demands, instead of demanding that I prove I haven’t broken some presumed law, then your very best officers demonstrate no regard for 4A, Until your well-intentioned revenuer places invoked 5A and 6A protections above a petty, malum prohibitum city ordinance, your employees will never rise above the most common of criminals.

    • T.

      Well stated by one who has lived in the Real world and not some lunatic who posts on this blog.

  • jakartaman

    This is mostly a black on cop thing.
    Without cops in black areas they would be real no go zones.
    The thing to do is remove cops from these areas and see what happens – any bets?

  • dead heat

    We do not need police. Nypd stand down with deblasio proves that. Police become necessary when there is such a gap between those that have and those that have not.

  • Rick Carufel

    Doesn’t take much courage when you get to wear body armor and shot anyone you like and get away with it using the hallucinated handgun alibi and being rewarded with a two week paid vacation for killing.
    The first step in stopping the murders is to require mandatory drug tests of any shooters within 3 hours of the shooting. That will reveal the widespread illegal use of steroids by police which greatly contributes to their violence and hallucinations of guns that are not there.

  • Black

    People who want to be cops are exactly the people who shouldn’t be allowed to be.

    • huh ?

      I’ve repeatedly posted a question asking any cops out there to explain how they consider being a cop an honorable and patriotic job. To date I’ve gotten no responses from even one !

      • joe_bob_gonzales

        that is because, as a “civilian”, you are not worthy of a response.

        now STFU and do as you are told by your betters.

      • Mobb

        Tell that to the young man I saved when I arrested his attacker at gun point. The thug followed him off a bus and chased him into a wooded area and was on top of him choking him when as luck would have it I was driving by in my patrol cruiser and was flagged down by some citizens . Don’t believe the cynics who say when seconds count a cop is minutes away.

        • joe_bob_gonzales

          one swallow does not make the spring.

        • Joseph Zach

          and how many times have you given a ‘deserving perp’ a cheap shot again? if it was even ONCE, then you are unfit to wear a policeman’s uniform. should not be allowed to even look at a police badge, and have both of your hands chopped off if you even touch a pistol or a revolver.

    • joe_bob_gonzales

      yeah. sort of like some people who want to be president and should not be allowed…it seems the more they want it, the less they should have it.

      not looking at hillary. nope. no way. not looking.

    • Mondobeyondo

      SOME cops are. The vast majority don’t seem to be that way. I’ve run across both types.

  • Black

    the main function of the police in this country is increasingly to protect the “haves” from the “have nots”

  • Fred Smith

    America might need police officers to prevent crime – but America does not need militarized police officers who are trained to believe that veterans, constitutionalists, gun owners, and many other segments of the population branded as evil by our federal government, are actually potential enemies of the state.

    America needs police officers who are not above the law, who are not able to murder and abuse civilians, and stomp on our rights, with impunity. They need to be accountable — legally, criminally, and financially — just like civilians are.

    America needs police officers who understand our rights and will uphold them, and who will not be afraid to speak out against their fellow officers who violate laws and civilians’ rights incessantly.
    America needs a return to law enforcement of decades ago, when it was much more of Officer Friendly “protecting and serving” the public, as opposed to what it has regressed into now.

    I recently read of a town in Texas who fired their entire police department, hired a private security force where ALL of the officers are legally and financially liable for all of their actions, and the town saved $200,000 per year, and their crime went down by 61%.

    I am a veteran, a gun owner, a constitutionalist, an Oath Keeper (and much more), and I am fully aware of my rights, and how to exercise them politely and forcefully should I ever need to in any future police encounter. And I will.

    I do not fear the police, but until there is a nationwide change in their demeanor and actions towards civilians, I do not respect them at all.

    And as far as theirs being a dangerous occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they don’t even make the top 10 most dangerous occupations in America.

    The majority of police deaths are not as a result of violence in the line of duty either, most have occurred accidentally rather than feloniously. Most police officers die, not in some heroic high speed pursuit of a child murderer, but in routine traffic accidents.
    So would I want to be a cop? Absolutely not. Their system is flawed, and I want no part of it.

    • T.

      When did Dallas fire all their Police Officers? Or was it Houston? Or was it El Paso? Or was it San Antonio? Or was Laredo? Or was it Beaumont? Dang. What was the Name of that Town? Hmmmmm. Oh, I know – It was Austin.

      • Fred Smith

        It is Sharpstown, Texas.

        • T.

          Thanks. I did Not know it was such a Large City. Oh well. I guess if it will Work in such a Large City as That – It will Work ANYWHERE. Aren’t those Texans clever?

  • huh ?

    “The only people who still believe in the system, are those who have not yet experienced it.” – Likewise – “The only people who still trust police, are those who have not yet had an encounter with one.”

    • Claudia Kline


      • T.

        That remark is TOO deep for these small minds to Conceive.

        • Claudia Kline

          THANKS – glad someone gets it!

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            it must be nice to live in Lollipop Land all the live long day.

            Bless your Heart.

          • Claudia Kline

            and what would makes you think it’s been a Lollipop Land – please note that I am a child of the greatest “minority” in the world and fought the battle with the best of them! I didn’t have to break any laws or spit, curse or shoot at the police. Maybe there is a better way to address the few “bad officers”? Whataya think Joe Bob?

      • joe_bob_gonzales

        yes, the sheeple.

  • robert

    Cop I knew told me point blank that all cops consider every civilian an enemy and a potentially dangerous one. Cops only socialize with other cops. They hold the public in disdain. Friendliness and politeness are signs of weakness and cops have to demonstrate their authority and power. I suspect that corruption among the police ranks is substantial and pervasive. The thing is though, this has been the case since police forces were invented. There was never good old Sgt Callahan walking his beat with a smile. More hollywood nonsense.

    For my part, I avoid all law enforcement where I can. They are essentially useless to me individually. However, as a community they are a necessary evil.

    • Tired of the Lies

      Wow! Someone has been sucking the Liberal Kool Aid big time!

      • Robert

        If you have something to say then be a big boy and provide a complete paragraph. A one liner means nothing.

  • Tired of the Lies

    Too much b.s. in the article! Ever notice how the media lies — whether by giving out half-truths or lying by omission? Michal Brown was NOT shot for being a Black. He was shot because he deliberately attacked Wilson! No media hack has the balls to admit Wilson was doing his duty ordering spaced-out Brown to walk on the sidewalk! No media hack has the balls to point out Brown attacked a store manager a couple of blocks away and stole merchandise.

    The lying, fact-distorting media is more interested in sensationalism, no matter what lies have to be told — than in truth and reality! Granted there have been unjustified shootings. The media liars also cannot put themselves in the shoes of an officer at a traffic stop or when stopping an individual for justified suspicion: Is the person making a sudden move — reaching for a knife or gun? How much reaction time does the officer have — to decide whether to shoot or risk getting shot himself? What with so many officers shot throughout the year, I for one, cannot fault a police officer for being jumpy, or too ready to use a gun.

    Being told to stand still, to not reach for anything or make sudden moves — what’s so hard to understand? Cooperate and either walk away or at worst, get taken in. Act like an idiot, trying to prove you’re stronger, tougher than the armed officer — if you get killed, it’s your own damned fault! As was the case with Michael Brown — who not only demonstrated his criminality minutes earlier but also his terminal stupidity when stopped by Wilson!

  • Undecider

    Here’s the solution. We have this thing called the 2nd Amendment. Use militias to patrol the neighborhood. Since we can’t trust the police, we’ll just have to deal with issues separately. Just keep everything within Common Law. There’s no need to participate in the system of The System.

  • eric

    Having watched a documentary on Ayn Rand, I can’t hep but see how conditions in the US have become as she prophesied. These thugs know not what they do. They loot and burn down the very places they are employed and shop. They defy the orders of those who mean to protect them and are now celebrating the shooting of cops. What if all the productive citizens in Ferguson put up their arms and said, “Enough is enough. We are leaving this God forsaken place and the troubled people of Ferguson can fend for themselves.”

    I really don’t know who is worse, the ignorant people who still believe Mike Browns hands were up and he shouted, “Don’t shoot”, or the people who know this didn’t happen but push their flawed narrative on the ignorant people.

  • Bobby

    If people want to see harm done to cops, they themselves are mostly to blame. Those who protect them shoulder the remainder of the blame. We don’t like people who kill innocent folks. We don’t like people who steal through asset forfeiture and bogus fines. We don’t like our police forces becoming militarized. If they no longer protect and serve the public, they are enemies.

  • Hp B

    Let’s first qualify this by understanding the difference between being a cop in NY, Chicago or Miami and being a cop in Podunkville or Hicksburg.

    In small towns, buroughs and villages, chances of uninitiated violent encounters are extremely rare as is actual violent crime.

    To compare E. St. Louis with Lukenbach, Tx. is like comparing the earth with the moon.

    Sure, there are violent cops (and citizens) in even small locales, increasingly so as the police state presses on, but the difference between urban metropolis and rural town is night and day.

  • Mister Jimmy

    I like the Old West scenario. Everybody carried his own gun. Yes, there was crime, but I would say it was not as bad as today’s crime. Then cops were few and far between. “An armed society is a polite society.”

    • jox

      On the contrary: an unarmed society is a polite society. The example is Europe. Nobody owns guns, and the statistics show that there is far less violence than in US.

      Now I defend the legalization of drugs. This way, all the gangs will disappear and prisons will be empty. As happened when alcohol was legalized in US.

      • Mister Jimmy

        Are you a stark, raving madman? Plenty of people in Europe own guns, either legally or illegally. France, Germany, and Netherlands have gun shops and I think Austria might too, not sure. You can also own guns in the Scandinavian countries.

        I agree with you on legalizing drugs, however. US prisons would be nearly empty if they would stop filling them with kids they catch with a bag of weed.

      • Mike Smithy

        In a recent survey, 10 out of 10 criminals prefer unarmed victims.

        • jox

          The true statistics show that in every country were guns are banned, crime, murder and violence ratios are smaller than in US.

          If you run across a criminal unarmed, you will lose some money. If you do it armed with a gun, it’s very easy you get killed.

          Even criminals don’t have guns here. Only gang members in big cities, but they are to fight each other.

  • Donald Reid

    We will know we are in serious trouble when the federal and various state governments reestablish selective service systems in order to draft police officers.

  • fred

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Tom McMillan

    The social and economic unrest we see will cause a civil war. I would suggest for the Good People, GP, of this once wealthy and great county prepare for a confrontation. My father had the misfortune of a SWAT team killing him on his birthday in 1982 after he refused to leave our 30 acre farm after foreclosure. It took may years to cultivate a forgiveness mind set in order to heal. Gordon Kahl’s son was shot by US Marshall’s and got life in prison. I chose to get over it to a degree, but don’t come and mess with me or my family…it won’t happen again.

  • Maple Curtain

    We don’t need professional police. We can use professional police in society, if they are disciplined, respectful of their fellow citizens, and dedicated to upholding the law (where such laws are just).

    But, if they are merely enforcers for the police state, they are a lot worse than useless. They will enforce any law, whether just or not, that their political masters want enforced. Just like Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany and any other despotic regime at any time and place.

    In which case, only community militias will be able to keep the peace – not armed thugs in the blue colours of their gang who see themselves as an occupying force in their own cities

    • nekksys

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – 2nd Amendment, US Constitution

      It is the right of every individual to secure for themselves Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness through whatever means they deem reasonable and just. The individual has the right to bear arms against those who present and perpetuate tyranny.

      Of course, it would be way awesome if they had also guaranteed us the right to keep and arm BEARS…

  • GSOB

    We are looking into the face of a confused culture.

  • GSOB

    Two views of the world in collision with one another.

  • donovan

    Ok, Some thoughts on this topic;

    The police mentality to begin with, makes each cop vulnerable to the power that they are given by society. So a large number of cops have evolved into the bully-boy mind set that we see today in predominantly large city cops. Worse, it IS an Us-Against-Them situation in their heads..always has been.
    … and there is nobody to blame but the cops who have overstepped their authorities over the decades, damaging and killing people with no risk to their lives and income usually.

    The “Authority” in society sets the tone and mood of society by the kind and type of laws that it passes, and how it enforces those laws.

    If the society sees tanks and armored vehicles being used by law enforcement, along with the brutal and un-evolved tactics that this level of violence represents, all for a small crime or disturbance, **what do you expect?!*
    Don’t forget that we all have fond memories of pre-9/11 life, and it did not include this level of interference in our lives or futures.

    If society gets screwed election cycle after election cycle, by the Unseen Behind-the-Curtain controllers and power that actually runs this country, (and all others in the world, through the banks and corporations), do you really expect the people to just go away? That kind of arrogance is noticed, resented and acted against by those affected.

    The days of old Barny Fife “Protecting and Serving” the people are ending. Now we have a force that monitors our words and thoughts and actions and contacts and curiosity and decisions 24/7.
    How transparent the emotions behind this action is by the way..this force shows it’s level of Fear by it’s actions to circumvent any chance of the feared event from happening -namely, the People actually waking up and seeing what is actually happening to them..not what they had believed what was happening.

    So my prediction is that as the wealthy elite’s get more of “theirs”, there will be a corresponding increase in societal resentment towards these people, and their possessions peaking out in violence.

    I think that I would not want to be any of the following when the breaking-point is reached: Judges, Police, Republican government officials local and national, election officials and anyone associated with the vote tampering that steers who gets elected in the country, and all others that have colluded with or are seen to be involved in the “Problem”, as defined by many, many people.

    Trouble will be that each person will have their own idea of who did what and how important it is that they no longer can do so. That leads to anarchy and a really bloody and deadly period for us all.`

    Funny thing is that this then would feed right into the perceived goals of the Ruling Elite. Eliminate 80% or more of life to match earths resources left after they take their huge share. They don’t want “new money” mixing with “old Money”, meaning the moneys owners here..they see the earth as an island and they are selecting whom they share this island with…right now. You and I ain’t one of them.

  • Wiley2

    Without police, I think people individually and as communities would quickly learn to defend themselves against predators, as they did before police were given a monopoly on that function. In reality, communities were generally safer in the “wild west”, when lawmen and legal gobbledygook were minimal, than they are today.

    All police officers have voluntarily chosen lives of violence. Even
    the few who still claim their purpose is to defend and protect us from harm by predators spend most of their time being predators themselves, using physical force or the threat of that force to compel others who are harming no one to comply with their will and that of their masters. Their real purpose is to serve a corrupt legal system, the exercise of power, and extortion. The more aggressive and predatory they become, the more likely it becomes that their prey will strike back. As the saying goes, karma’s a bitch.

  • Richard Chiu

    It’s still physically safer than being a foot soldier for ISIS…even if it isn’t particularly less morally hazardous.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Both paid by the same people though and both also somewhat free to loot as they go.

  • AntonioOssa


    • T.

      Spoken like a True criminal.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      I hope you aren’t serious.

  • MK

    Police are targets because,,,Other police are Bullies on Ego trips the whole USA police system is Rotten and needs REFORM and weeding out the crazy sick power tripping cops

  • Gay Veteran

    being a cop is no more dangerous than being a trash collector, and is actually LESS dangerous than a commercial fisherman

  • Gay Veteran

    “…But what most protesters don’t seem to understand is that we actually need the police….”

    But what most police don’t seem to understand is that they actually need us. Without our support it will be open hunting season on cops.

    So all those “good” cops need to understand that when they protect the murdering bad cops

  • Wiccan Druid

    Let’s return to the old wild west. Everyone has guns… a dispute goes out on the streets.. the same 3-2-1 boom! … It might end up this way, if it continues.

  • JRL

    Darren Wilson should sue CNN.

    • T.

      Yes. And I hope he gets $100 million fiat dollars from that MSM Garbage Dump.

  • chris_s

    It would be good to start with accurate stats. According to ODMP.ORG which tracks these things, the number for 2013 was 112 killed and the 2014 number was 125. That’s an increase of 13 or 11.6%. I’m guessing that CNN’s 50% was quite wrong.

    To also keep it in perspective, remember that the US has 780,000 police officers so it is still a very small percentage. That 125 number also includes quite a few traffic accidents, heart attacks and other causes besides gunfire or stabbing.

    Even one isn’t good but over-reacting based on someone’s out-of context inaccurate number isn’t very intelligent.

  • radar101

    A note on my expertise–For almost 31 years, I was a Road Officer with a State Highway Patrol.
    When I began my career in the early 70’s, most people led clean lives and obeyed laws. You rarely had to put anyone in jail.
    Incrementally, legislators and the Legal System decriminalized behavior and/or made up legal myths to excuse crimes. EXAMPLE: Profiling. I never knew ANY officer that “Profiled” as attorneys and Judges assert. What you learn as an officer is body language and facial expressions.
    EXAMPLE: When I began, one marijuana cigarette was a felony.
    Then, only about a pound was a felony, and less was a misdemeanor.
    Then, you could only issue a ticket for less than a pound.
    Now, if you don’t have a pass( A Medial Card), you get Diversion -no jail time.

    Another problem is that uneducated persons living on “aid” (welfare) respect only one thing: Superior Force.( An uncomfortable ass-kicking) If you try to be civil with them, they view it as weakness, and push you until you have to use force.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You sound like exactly the sort of thug we’re getting used to. With that bigoted and narrow outlook you must be a real pleasure to deal with if one happens to be someone in one of those groups you have already prejudged as only understanding violence. People who can speak like that about a whole social caste are really just projecting their own worst self onto that group and as an excuse top be that person with them at least.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You mob are not bright that’s for sure. You basically defined profiling in that last sentence rather ironically. As for officers learning ” [to read] body language and facial expressions” that is something most functional adults learn as they mature. I admit some do not learn it as quickly and some have mental problems which means they may never learn it, but surely a decent aptitude test and a basic level of maturity would serve better for this and all round. If you need teaching basic human interactions such as reading the unspoken cues of human communication, pity they couldn’t have taken some extra time to teach empathy and maybe ethics just to be sure we’ve all got the point of why we are here.

    • T.

      Very well stated. With each passing Decade society loses more and more respect for the Law and the rights of others as this Nation steepens in it’s Moral decline. I am close to 70 and this is Not hard for anybody my age to observe. The Moral decline of the people on the one hand will naturally object to and clash with Police Officers who are empowered to confront those who overstep the rights of others and the Laws that have been Legislated by the Government representing those people. America, sadly is in an irreversible MORAL decline, hence all these anti Police posts.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Deaths of cops have gone up 50%. How about the numbers exactly? Why do I think it will be underwhelming? Let me help with that. 2014’s total number of cop deaths of 126 is well below the average of 151 for the past decade. Meanwhile how many people (not to mention dogs and cats) are killed by cops in the USA? It would appear to be around 1100 on average. The problem is with police. The conviction of being above the law or somehow the actual law rather than its servant, the us and them attitude and the obvious top priority being their personal safety. This alone is the main cause of the huge number of wrongful deaths. They can barge into the wrong house, shoot the family pets and stun grenade the kids, and fill the father full of lead and even though they didn’t even have cause to enter the house, they will get off due to their safety being so important that a bit of collateral damage is acceptable apparently.

    No. To be of use they will have to think about things a whole lot differently. If the current crop of cops are too scared and pathetic to handle the public without resorting to tasers and guns on a hair trigger to reduce their risk level below that of a bus driver, then they need to find other jobs and we need to find the sort of men who care enough about doing the right thing and about actually keeping the peace in their communities that they are also prepared to take a few risks. Such cops need to be real men and real women, not the worst among us as we seem to have now but the best more likely.

  • The problems all began with the 9-11 false flag attacks.

    As soon as Americans forsook their Constitutional duties to expose the Truth about these, they lost all rights to be treated with dignity.

    A nation of fools by rules and for jewels will perish speedily from the face of the earth.

  • Randy Townsend

    Here’s my take, like it or not: I’m 54. When I grew up, we didn’t have “law enforcement officers”. That concept didn’t exist. We had peace officers – that’s what they did – kept the peace. They didn’t have military gear, armored vehicles, or “SWAT” teams. Today, the concept of peace officers is long gone. Instead, we have an extremely highly militarized, aggressive assault force that use their weapons very quickly. Their actions are investigated by prosecutors that depend upon the testimony of the same cops they “investigate” to make their cases. It is almost unheard of for a police shooting to be found “unjustified”. In fact, absent video of the shooting, deadly uses of force are routinely found to be a “justifiable use of force”. Innocent people shot? Wrong homes invaded at 2 in the morning? Oops – good luck using the justice system to redress those wrongs (except they’re not wrongs at all – no conviction, no penalty). The reality is the cops are not subject to the law you and I are forced to obey – no matter what they do. When guys like me view the “law enforcement community” with that outlook, they have a problem – I was a supporter of the police for years. No longer. Used by politicians to enforce laws that are nothing more than revenue generators, their stature is declining and they can’t continue to blame society for what they are volunteering to do. We do need cops – but cops need to look long and hard at what they are being told to do.

    • Max

      The above is, unlike the condescension one might see from others who have chosen ignorance, an example of living in the real world rather than individuals who have watched too many tough guy/hero cop films.

  • Richard O. Mann

    This is part of the overall strategy by Obama, Communist, Islamist, and various other groups, to destroy the country. They are doing a great job of it so far. The US has run it’s course, and is now on the down ward slide. Since Obama has been in office, the military has been cut to the bone and really is unable to protect the country today if someone, like Russia or China, decided to attack. And with the Obama admin going after the police, the country is loosing it’s ability to protect it’s self both within and without. Once the economy crashes, all Obama will have to do is impose the war powers act, declare marshal law, and put himself into the position of President for life or some other nice sounding name for dictator. Many people still do not believe that this could and is happening to this country. But, it is happening. Now. Today. And there really is nothing that we the people can do about it, other than take up arms and fight. When that happens, it will be too late to restore this country to what it once was.
    By the way, getting the people to not trust the police is one of the tactics used by Communist when they are out to take over a country. Along with not trusting their government. Think we are there yet?

    • T.

      Very Perceptive and Prescient Statements. What all these wild eyed anti cop posters are asking for – Is their worst Nightmare when the Financial Collapse hits later this year. There will be No Police protection for anybody. They are in essence asking for Anarchy and Chaos. That is exactly what we are ALL going to get – Whether we want it or not.

  • GSOB

    Why Wouldn’t I Want To Be A Police Officer In America Today?

    • GSOB

      Without Christ you’d probably turn into a bully mole.

  • GSOB

    The Gospel is all over the WWW.

    • GSOB

      Satan wants to try and regulate it.

  • Andy Taylor

    The People today have no respect for anything. We are sowing what we are, greedy scum bags. We vote in to office the criminal scum bags that reflect “our” values. We cheat each other out of a dollar. It’s all about us. Law and order is gone is this country we are no longer a republic and fast on its way to a fascist dictatorship. Or worst yet maybe a Mad Max wasteland.

    • T.

      You have Nailed it. But don’t think these wild eyed cop haters are will recognize their own wickedness. America is a GONER.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      The most significant difference between all members of society is the scale at which they operate. The immoral tendencies are amplified by the resources one possesses, not the arguments they present, IMO.

    • Max

      When government grows civilization crumbles.

  • Sick

    You reap what you sow. There are certainly good police and there are certainly bad police. They know each other. If the good police will not police their own someone will and some innocent will perish just as in the public innocents perish.

  • Coffeedrinker

    It is almost time–time for another blood moon article. Another blood moon event will arrive in April. Could the blood moon next month coincide with more police brutality or brutality against police?

    • T.

      Comments are running a hundred to one Against cops – So, it looks like Brutality against Police is what the people are calling for.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Americans are being exposed to a matrix of race baiting that is incumbent with the current president and his administration. This divide and conquer tactic has taken yet another leg in the form of white police or white citizens vs. black citizens. There is never any other context presented.

    Micheal Brown was betrayed by his parents and lack of attention and instruction as to what constitutes a moral and civilized life. That is what people should be protesting the most.

  • T.

    Your research has led you to a False conclusion. The THUGS who have destroyed the Bill of Rights reside inside the beltway of Washington, D.C. Researchers like You strain at gnats and swallow CAMELS.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      The cops are the street thugs who enforce the policies of the boss thugs in the district of criminals moron troll!

  • T.

    Yes. The Main Stream Media Lying Propaganda Machine That Is DESTROYING U.S. ALL.

  • YkantUc

    When the communists initially came to power in Russia. 4000 police officers were killed and dragged through the streets. The race to the bottom will know no bounds. I smell a new weird odor.

  • RockHeavyMetal.Com

    Hired thugs are a dime a dozen. The purpose of eternal war is to create an unending supply of murderer thugs to brutalize the civilian populace into submission to the fake lawyer/mafia state. Killing police will not solve our problems. Establishing public courts of arraignment and indictment by public grand jury as required by fifth amendment will not be allowed by the lawyer/judge/bankster mafia.

  • anonymous

    “What is happening to so called white Americans economically, especially
    white males, was tested and perfected on black males in the past.”

    FINALLY, Someone who gets it…at least partially.

    Ultimately, this is an attack on Christ. More specifically they can’t get their hands around Christ’s neck, as He’s at God the Father’s right hand, so the Christian’s neck will suffice. As Christ’s people you are under attack whether black, white, brown, yellow, red, or polka-dot.

    –white male, but more importantly a blood bought child of the King.

  • SteveF

    I thing I would hate about being a cop is internal corruption from my fellow cops. If they are bad and the management is too on the take, a cop could get shot by his own for trying to be a whistle blower to correct the problem. And I assume the larger force city, the more the districts, thus more chances of corruption.

    • T.

      Then don’t be a cop.

      • SteveF

        I’m not and couldn’t, I have ethics and would turn in the bad ones

        • T.

          You don’t sound like you even know what being a cop is about.

          • SteveF

            since I don’t work as one I don’t know all I can do read about the ones who are or have been and what they report. I assume the majority are decent guys but have the mentality of the code of cops and don’t turn on their brother cops even if they are scums.

          • T.

            Being a cop is like most other lines of work – It is a calling. That is, for some one to excel at their work there must be an inner compulsion to do a particular thing from which one receives a sense of satisfaction in a job well done. In police work – there is a continuous inter action with people both Good and Bad – while trying make a difference for the society which one serves in maintaining law and order. It can be at times very intense and dangerous and at other times boring and laborious – not unlike many other jobs in that respect. But the main thing is – a good cop would be one who wants to help those in society whose lives he touches.

          • SteveF

            I appreciate that answer. And I feel most are like that, I have worked on the Railroad and have worked with assholes which I’m sure the police have, but in my job they didn’t hurt people, I’m not talking about the cops that are defending themselves with only the necessary force required, but the assholes that try for a confrontation and go to far. Why can’t the ones with the calling take pride in the whole forces morales and turn in and against the assholes we see on youtube. Many a youtube we see decent cops trying everything to subdue his collar without extreme violence and the people cheer him on. Don’t the assholes embarrass the good cops, why do they support them?

          • T.

            For one thing – It’s a lot easier said than done ie. Turning in Bad cops and having actions taken against them. Because we are dealing with other human beings lives and their livelihood as Police Officers, there must be provable evidence submitted against someone in order to bring charges against another that will hold up against counter claims. This is Not an easy thing to do in Many cases, because the Good cops are then required to do extra work (time&effort) in addition to their regular daily duties to try and bring all this about. Think about it. I have worked many jobs in my 45 year working career and been around some pretty bad coworkers – But trying to get them removed or punished would not (in most cases) been a very easy task. So, after trying to do MY best everyday and being tired at the end of the day – I just wanted to go home and Relax. Cops are not any different. That is just the way life is for most of us. Have a good one and I hope you find an Enjoyable career in a field made for you.

          • SteveF

            Thanks I’m retired. Would using an elected civilian review board help the good ones get rid the bad since it’s not internal?

          • T.

            Good question. There have been a few responses to this article by those who are or were Police Officers (I never was) and they talk about “internal affairs” boards and other such means of dealing with Misfits. I’m not real sure what the best thing would be to deal with these kinds of issues. I bet there are Departments across the Nation which do a Better job than most or as good as be expected. But the problem is that All these Departments are run by their own little Power structures in each City and They don’t want to give up Their Power – you know, Political power. Most of our Problems today in this country stem from Politics, Federal, State and Local. So, it’s Not easy trying to make changes (even good changes) because somebodies Toes get stepped on.

  • qweztionz5

    Being a cop isn’t that dangerous. Fatality rates for jobs per 100,000.
    1. Fishers 127.3
    2. Loggers 104
    3. Pilots/Flight Engineers 56.1
    4. Refuse Collectors 36.4
    5. Roofers 34.1
    6. Structural Steel Workers 30.3
    7. Construction Laborers 26.8
    8. Farm Workers 26.1
    9. Truck Drivers 25.9
    10. Mining Workers 22.1

    police are down at 19 per 100,000.
    No word on the fatality rate for pets killed by vicious cops.

  • Edwin Vieira

    The solution to the problem of abusive police forces is to be found in Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 of the Constitution, and in the first thirteen words of the Second Amendment. Try reading–and heeding–“the book of instructions” for a free society.

  • T.

    You are “DELUSIONAL” and Your statements prove it. Hope You Do Not Live Near People. You are Dangerous.

    • Eric


      And, yet, you’ve made no argument. All you can muster is Ad Hominem.

      That’s usually what surfaces when one should rightly keep his mouth shut and his hands off the keyboard.

      I suppose if by “Dangerous” you mean I will protect my own life, then I guess you’re right. And, yes, these statements I’ve made are “Dangerous” to our feral government which the feral hogs are payed to protect.

      The cops are just like those in the military: their ignorance is ubiquitous. If after every war, from the civil war until now, we’ve (Americans) not gained any freedoms but only incrementally lost them, then it is obvious that our military is NOT fighting for our freedom, but for something entirely different, and our troops should not be honored. The same can be said of the cops patrolling the streets. After their increases in equipment, training, and indoctrination, we’ve only seen our liberties erode and the Constitution trampled. It is obvious the feral swine are not protecting our freedoms. What kind of fool cannot see this?

      • T.

        At my age I have seen our civil liberties eroded and I hate it as much as anybody. That is a Not delusional statement. Our Government has been “Captured” at the highest level in our Land. It began to move quickly when They killed JFK in ’63 and has Rapidly accelerated since They IMPLODED (controlled demo) the twin towers in ’01. Today, we are on a Count-Down to September ’15, when They Plan on bringing Down everything FINANCIAL (you know, stuff you need to buy food,gas,live on type stuff). Then They will usher in the Federal Police State (you know SS Troops, Gestapo), so then even our Local Police will be hunted down even as we all will be. Time is short. Don’t get all hyped over the little ABUSES by some Police today – Cause we ain’t nothing yet. Just wait a few more months – Then you will have some sure fire Real ABUSE – Can you say MILLIONS of dead Americans?

        • Eric

          Ah! So, we are agreed, at least, to a certain extent. And, we should be hyped over these, so called, “little ABUSES,” because these are the seeds of tomorrow’s democide. It is exactly in the “small abuses” that we can reasonably predict the more egregious ones.

          Speech is one preventative measure one can take today. Are you denying that we should speak? Are you denying that we should warn, today, those ‘tools’ in the totalitarian scheme who will be discarded by the system tomorrow?

          If we do not punish the evil perpetrators today they are only emboldened to greater evil tomorrow.

          • T.

            Eric you better get on with punishment of evil – Time is short – when you and I and all will be punished.

          • Eric

            You still haven’t proved that I’m delusional. *Waiting*

  • Seen2013

    Michael, shall we cut to the chase?

    The question is moot. There are only US law enforcement by name only. Here I’ll explain it:
    It began with the Police Union’s lobbying for prevention-interventionism that encouraged a Court to determine that probable cause did not need a warrant signed by a Judge for items and/or persons seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment for probable cause under the basis of ‘crime in progress and “about to occur” that normalized the foundation of every Police State of Guilty Until Proven Innocent that sets the groundwork for declaring rights privileges ordained or revoked by governmental authority.
    In post 9/11 US, Law enforcement and Sheriffs were integrated with liasons to a recipe of Federal institutions from FBI, CIA, and etc as well as recent memory of the DHS militarization programs of police departments and Sheriffs around the US that includes Ohio State University (Yes, OSU has an LRAP) in which under international law an asset under central authority or otherwise Federal authority possessing military grade weapons and munitions are defined as MILITARY ASSETS. After 9/11, the US’s Police and Sheriff’s ceased to be civilian law enforcement, and the calls to nationalize Law Enforcement is only a codification.
    Police State is truly Military State or otherwise known as martial law.
    Lets get one thing clear according to the Nuremberg Trials when military occupancy brutalizes or murders civilians constitutes war crimes and crimes against humanity generalized to Democide and Genocide.

    I bet many police officers if they knew; they are now internationally defined as military assets they’d doubtfully continue their course as their employment and political leaders advocate.
    Considering, we are vying towards major warfare with largely BRICS; I’d say many officers would realize so-called ‘lone-wolfs’ and ‘active shooters’ utilized to justify cementing becoming internationally defined as military assets would be opposed to becoming eligible for Mother of all Bombs, ICBMs, Aerial Bombardment, Armor Divisions, and etc as military targets.

    Not to mention, unless foreign power or powers invaded, there is no strategic or tactical justification for military assets to seize civilian infrastructure in international law. No, terrorism and insurgency is not covered as a foreign power or powers. That would require a nation’s armed forces to knock out national security assets like Air Force Bases and invade to seize a civilian airport and interstate…

  • T.

    Right you are. Most of the shallow minded posters here – Don’t Get It. They will shortly – As will we all.

  • joe_bob_gonzales

    agree, check my response to that dip.

  • Tim the traitor hater

    Too many testosterone addicted, egotistical, bullies with badges for me to feel any sympathy for the position. The militarized bullies with badges very off on dressing up like they are going to war, and acting like Nazis.

    It never ceases to amaze me at the spineless, cowardess of the “good” cops in their unwillingness to stand up and speak out against oath breaking bullies with badges.

    And they wonder why cops are being hated more and more????

  • Tim the traitor hater

    What do I think?

    I think the author is afraid to speak out against posse comitatis breaking militarized police, the daily police abuse by bullies with badges, the violation of 4th Amendment happening every day by Jack boots with badges, etc, etc

    We don’t need police…….we need peace officers. There is a difference.
    Thanks to Bush and obummer, we now have laws in place that give police (and military) much more justification and excuse to act like bullies.

    “When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny”

    “Apathy leads to tyranny, tolerance is acceptance”

  • MEP325

    Yea, right. The police are being trained to be mass murderers. I believe that

  • MEP325

    I don’t like everything about our system either. I don’t like paying ridiculous property taxes for a school system that I have no children in. I don’t like paying burdensome federal taxes. I acknowledge our financial system is corrupt and rotten to the core. But guess what? That’s something called LIVING. We don’t live in the 1800s anymore, this is 2015 and obviously things are very different now. More people condensed together than ever before and with population boom comes more changes and more laws. Technology has also brought in changes to society but population increase is the core issue.
    You want to unplug yourself from the system and live your own life? Ok, what’s stopping you? Go buy yourself a bunch of survival gear and become a survivalist in Alaska or somewhere. That’s not illegal. Sounds like if you truly want to be your own man without any authority, that is really the only viable way to do it. Good luck with it.
    I am more angry at the elitists who run the rotten financial system than the police. Police are slaves to the system too. They have to use fiat fake money like the rest of us.

    • Chris Webb

      I don’t want to run away from the problems, I want to fix those problems. I want to live an a society where everyone is equal. I want a society that respects the individual before all else. I want a system where a small group of people don’t get to ‘legitimately’ use violence to enforce their will upon everyone else. But to fix these issues you complain of just as I do is to first identify the core problem and that is the belief in authority. No man has the right to rule over another and until enough people recognize this, our problems will continue.

      And while the police are slaves to the system, they are also the enforcers of the system. All that corruption you speak of is only possible because men with guns enforce the commands of the corrupt. Privately run security services would offer all the protection the police offer but would beholden to market competition and would thus offer better service, lower costs, and most importantly, wouldn’t have that air of authority that authoritarians need for their existence.

      • MEP325

        Police deal with people that behave badly. Last time I checked, police aren’t imposing their will on anyone. Leftist politicians and these tyrants in D.C. are the ones who are trying to impose their will. That’s become even worse under Obama, who continues to expand and centralize the federal government. More phony laws are created to cater to phony things like global warming. The the socialists and liberals are really the ones telling us how we should live our lives, how much soda we can drink, how much red meat we should eat, what type of car we should drive in order to reduce climate change, etc. The police aren’t doing that.

        The real enforcers of the system is the I.R.S. If you don’t pay your taxes, they can destroy your life with the flick of a pen. They can seize your money, accounts, assets, put liens against you, etc. They are far more ruthless and despicable than the police. This “small group of people who can legitimately use violence” you mention is the I.R.S. and the people behind the I.R.S., the elitists. To use your own words, maybe you should take more time to think about your position.

        I got news for you pal, you nor I aren’t fixing s***. The political system has been corrupted to the point of no return. The globalists will have their way and you nor I are going to stop them. Through their power of controlling money, they are slowly but surely making this earth a prison planet. I want the same as you, a society where everyone is safe and equal, with sound monetary policy

        But that’s a fairy tale. The elites in the shadows will see to it that they get what they want and push us into a system of servitude. All you can really do is educate yourself and others. Awaken the conscience and prepare your mind and soul.

        . And as I said, you nor I are going to stop it. You know, now that I think about, becoming a survivalist just might be the way to go. Find yourself an isolated patch in the forest and learn how to hunt, forage and thrive.

  • Hot Rain

    The article title is exactly what people think, and is very far from the truth. The next cog in psychological training wheel is the emergence of a Federal Police Force.
    Obama will be the last president of the United States.

    • T.

      Yes. You are Right as Rain. The Federalized Police State will be ushered in upon the Collapse of All things Financial.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      BS, go watch another episode of The Walking Dead.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “Next train to Auschwitz, all aboard! No need to worry about those
    calories—kiss them goodbye.”—Gerald Celente

  • alan

    Remember… if you see something say something! /sac

  • Lazarovic

    No justice, no peace, that says it perfectly. Americans are sick to death of abusive psychopathic cops. They are viewed in many cities as just another armed gang to be avoided. And, the militarization of the police is making things even worse; Americans believe the police are there to control and occupy, not serve and protect.
    However, I wholeheartedly agree we need police, but GOOD POLICE, not thugs with a badge. The Police brought all of this hatred and resistance on themselves, they know it, we know it, everybody knows it. There would be no cop haters if the cops were decent, compassionate enforcers of the law, instead of conservative thugs who want to bash people that are different from them, but that’s what we have in America. It is up to the Police and Public Officials to reform every department in America. We could start by requiring a college degree and some standardized training, that would at least weed out the academically lazy wannabees.

  • Max

    “I speak from experience on both sides of the badge, I quit after just
    several months as I found more corruption behind the badge and bench
    than in front of them.”

    It appears that you possessed the honor to quit rather than engage in what has essentially become an occupying force rather than what was once called “a peace officer”.

  • Handog

    Why throw Molotow cocktails and shoot the Police? Police brutality and civil rights violations can be addressed by filing a complaint at the local police department or by going online. You can set the wheels of justice in motion by describing the incident on an official PD complaint form. A thorough internal investigation will take place by a member of the same department. HaHaaaa

  • Max

    Most individuals are unfortunately unwilling to cast aside old superstitions due to emotional and/or cultural attachment and misinformation.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Total respect for what police forces nationwide do on a daily basis to protect us. Like any profession, there are bound to be a few bad apples and rotten potatoes. But by and large, cops don’t wake up in the morning and ask themselves, “Who should I profile today? Who should I beat up or Taze today?” They are grateful to come home to their families at the end of every shift.

    • T.


  • Claudia Kline

    It’s so easy to point out all the flaws in our society – do you think it is possible for us to try to find common ground and use logic to start to correct problems or must we continue to complain and point fingers and never solve a thing????? Read “the Fifth Element” and then ask “Why” at least 5 times to get to the real reasons for all this conflict!

  • Claudia Kline


  • Arbeit macht frei

    All I know is that the first in society to go rogue are the police. Back handlers and bribes are common place in a lot of countries. Give someone power and before long they’ll find a way of profiting from it.

  • anotherhuman

    There are places where I feel sorry for cops and other places I am not. I’ve lived in areas where the cops are respected because they are respectful of the citizenry and are clear about their job description. I’ve lived in other areas where the cops are nothing but barely educated thugs who look like 1950’s KKK caricatures and act similarly. Racism, misogyny, and overall thuggery have no place in any department. I had a bad cop say in court as justification for his bad behavior “but I could get shot” to which I replied “if you hadn’t considered that possibility when you decided on a career path in law enforcement then you are dumber than the man who enlists in the armed forces in the midst of an active overseas conflict who never contemplated being deployed with all haste into the midst of that conflict.”

  • Peter

    I think they need to move to a British model, where the cops are not armed. In 23 years they didn’t have one fatal shooting, how many are dead here. Its too easy, the guy runs away gets shot in the back he went for my gun shot dead 6 times and these cases always favor the police. What about the innocent bystanders, and the fact the guy running away my be innocent but just scared (maybe with cause). The solution has always been the same, more of the stuff that’s not working.

  • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

    only difference is the sheep dog does in fact do some protection, just won t let you roam where you wish

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    I’m comparing crime numbers to population numbers. When compared that way the US has a much lower per capita crime rate.

    As for banning guns, it seems interesting that many European nations are having violence from firearms at all. I thought banning the guns meant no one would shoot each other (sarcasm).

    • jox

      Of course there are some guns. And people kill each other without guns too. But if you look at the data on the link I have provided you’ll see that the murders per capita in european countries that have banned guns is far lower than in US. Yes, these are per capita data.

      Meanwhile, you make assertions but you don’t provide any data source to support them.

  • Infidel51

    The real people in power who own the media and the politicians have decided that they want the population alienated from the enforcers of power. They want the police to see us as an enemy because they know that in the days ahead they can’t afford to chance that the cops won’t mow us down.

  • Someguy

    I see the cops like any other armed street gang. I try to avoid them and am not exactly shocked that people are finally shooting back. They are completely militarized and any interaction with them just costs people money or at best makes the situation worse. They are about revenue and social control,. I don’t shed tears when they die. Sorry.

  • Nick

    I think that we need to adhere to the rule of law. We need to get rid of incumbents. We need to incorporate the police into the community, and not be part of the bureaucracy run by demigods that act as is if they are trying to keep us safe or some other fraud. The police need to be the Minutemen of old with the community to back them if things get tough. I’ll tell you right now that if we follow the prescription of the Founders, crime will begin to drop, our neighborhoods become safer, and corrupt politicians will get their just due.
    The police need to be the front line, but each and every one of us need to be part of a force that protects from enemies, both foreign and domestic. We need to revitalize our Militia so that every able-bodied person can play a role in emergencies. Right now the Emergency Preparedness statutes completely ignore the health and well-being of the public. There is no mention of what we do, and there is certainly no plan for us to act as a team that is responsible for overcoming an emergency.
    The last few devastating hurricanes we had should have provided a valuable lesson to all. Instead we have people screaming about what they didn’t get for government assistance. They should be planning for future emergencies rather than promoting more statutes that leave the general public in the dark.

  • Anonymous

    Michael, is this a parody? Do you have a clue? Many if not most police now think of non-police as enemies to be shaken down, beaten, or shot dead. Police have been militarized to an outrageous degree. We know that many Americans are victimized each year by thug cops, and it’s not so much a racial issue as an abuse of power one. Did you know there’s no central database tracking police abuse? That most people still lionize cops amaze and saddens me. Educate yourself, Michael. The info is readily available.

  • nekksys

    To all who replied to my post….


  • Unarmedblackman

    We’re at the tipping point where the risk / cost of police enforcing laws for African Americans isn’t worth it.

    We need to rethink our laws. Norms like requiring everyone to have valid license plates, a driver’s license, and insurance have a disparate impact on African Americans. Police who stop blacks for speeding and ask for valid license, registration, or proof of insurance are perpetuating institutional racism. Police are fools if they think they are in control. You’re NOT in control anymore. Police expect people to comply when they pull them over. That’s another form of racism. Police had better learn to let African Americans drive away when they are stopped and don’t comply.


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