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Why Is Indiana Putting Armed Security Guards Into 36 Unemployment Offices Across The State?

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Did you ever think that things in America would get so bad that we would need to put armed guards into our unemployment offices?  Well, that is exactly what is happening in Indiana.  Armed security guards will now be posted at all 36 full-service unemployment offices in the state of Indiana.  So why is this happening now?  Well, Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter says that the agency is bringing in the extra security in anticipation of an upcoming deadline when thousands upon thousands of Indiana residents could have their unemployment benefits cut off.  But it is not just the state of Indiana that could have a problem.  In fact, one recent study found that approximately 2 million Americans will lose their unemployment insurance benefits during this upcoming holiday season unless Congress authorizes another emergency extension of benefits by the end of November.  At this point, however, that is looking less and less likely.

So perhaps all the states will have to start putting armed security guards in their unemployment offices.  The truth is that frustration among unemployed Americans is growing by the day.

Could we soon see economic riots similar to what we have seen in Greece and France?

Let’s hope not.

The following is a video news report about the armed guards that are going into Indiana unemployment offices….

So could things really get out of hand when thousands of unemployed workers in Indiana find out that they aren’t going to get checks any longer?

Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter makes it sound like that is very much on his mind….

“Given the upcoming expiration of the federal extensions and the increased stress on some of the unemployed, we thought added security would provide an extra level of protection for our employees and clients.”

So who is paying for all of this extra security?

The Feds of course.

The additional cost of the new security will be approximately $1 million, and it will be paid for with U.S. government funds designated for the administration of the unemployment system according to Lotter.

This is not a good trend.  As you go through your daily life, just start taking note of the places that now have armed security that did not have armed security five or ten years ago.

Unfortunately, as the U.S. economy goes downhill even further, the amount of security that people feel is “necessary” is likely to go up even more.

So is America going to become an armed camp where the people and institutions with money are protected by armed guards from the hordes of frustrated unemployed workers that can’t feed themselves or their families?

Americans are certainly not in a good mood about the economy.  According to a recent poll conducted by CNBC, 92 percent of Americans believe that the performance of the U.S. economy is either “fair” or “poor”.

The lack of jobs is the main thing that the American people are so mad about.  In fact, it is hard for even highly educated people to find work in 2010.  In America today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees. 

People are really hurting and they are getting to the end of their ropes.  Over 41 million Americans are now on food stamps, and one out of every six Americans is enrolled in at least one federal anti-poverty program.  It is getting hard to believe that this is even America anymore.  For many more statistics that reveal the economic horror we are now facing as a nation, please see my previous article entitled “30 Reasons Why People Should Be Getting Really Nervous About The State Of The U.S. Economy“.

But it is not just unemployment that is the problem.  In recent years, millions upon millions of Americans have been forced to take reduced hours or a cut in pay due to the economy.  Millions of others have had to take jobs that barely enable them to survive.  In fact, the number of Americans working part-time jobs “for economic reasons” is now the highest it has been in at least five decades.

So why aren’t there even close to enough jobs for everyone?  Well, there are a number of contributing factors, including the fact that we have been “offshoring” and “outsourcing” millions of our jobs and now it is really starting to catch up with us.  I have discussed this so many times now that I am starting to sound like a broken record.

But instead of fixing the fundamental problems with our economy, the Federal Reserve wants to print yet another gigantic pile of paper money and throw it at the problem.  It is called “quantitative easing“, and it may help smooth things over for a few months, but it is also going to make our long-term problems even worse.

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve does not really seem concerned about protecting the value of the U.S. dollar at this point.  Not that they ever did, but it would be nice to see Fed officials paying at least some lip service to the dangers of inflation.

Instead, various Fed officials have been publicly making statements about the need for more quantitative easing for weeks.  Right now they seem desperate to put the American people back to work – even if it ends up crashing the value of the dollar.   

But now even the IMF seems supportive of a dollar devaluation.  On Thursday, the IMF actually said that the U.S. dollar is “overvalued” and that adjustments need to be made.

We’ll see what the Fed decides to do next week.  Most analysts believe that they will announce a quantitative easing program of some sort or another.

But what have we come to as a nation when those who control our economy believe that the best solution to our economic problems is to print another big pile of paper money and chuck it into the system?

We’ve got an absolutely gigantic economic mess on our hands, and none of our “leaders” seem to have any idea about how to fix it.

Meanwhile, millions of unemployed Americans are just going to become more and more frustrated – especially when it gets to the point when they aren’t receiving unemployment checks anymore.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Back in 2007, I was having a friendly political conversation with a good friend of mine who I would characterize as a Libertarian/paleoconservative type (fiscally conservative, socially liberal, hates neocons, thinks Barry Goldwater is rolling in his grave because of the current state of that freak show called the Republi-kkkon Party). We were discussing the criminality of the Bush regime and the ominous signs for the U.S. economy, and I said, half-jokingly, “I don’t even recognize this place anymore. It’s like we are no longer the United States of America, we have become The Banana Republic of America.” It was meant as a cute soundbite/one-liner, but our laughter was a nervous laughter because we realized that the country was, in fact, looking more and more like a Third World banana republic. The country was heading into a brick wall at 150 mph. And things have gotten much, much worse since then.

    It’s obvious that the BRA is in a perilous situation when The State of Indiana is so worried about unrest that they think armed security guards are needed at unemployment offices. This is truly an ominous sign for the BRA, although not surprising given the BRA’s rapid descent into the globalist abyss. You know the country is in desperately bad shape when you have everyone from right-wing libertarian Alex Jones to liberal Arianna Huffington saying that globalism is giving us Third World conditions.

    This isn’t “capitalism” or “free enterprise” or “rugged individualism.” This is an oligarchy. This is fascism as defined by Mussolini himself, who described fascism as the merging of state and corporate power. This isn’t pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps capitalism because the globalist robber baron fascists don’t want people to have boots; they want their slaves to be as desperate and hungry as possible so they can control them. Of course, the globalists will end up in a hell of their own making when violent crime becomes so widespread that they can’t even leave their gated communities without an armed bodyguard.

    Welcome to life in a Third World horror movie. Welcome to the rotting, decaying Banana Republic of America.

  • benny inn

    caught between a rock and hard case, if u extend unemployment, you’ll have to extend it for at least another year to have any impact. that’s three plus years of unemployment benes.or u can cut of tens of millions of unemployed folks who’ll turn to robbing, b&e, sellin dope etc.the big question is, do we have the prison space?

  • There are many problems in America but first we need to create more jobs.

    All remaining American manufacturing companies need to be purchased, owned, and managed by employees. Employees would then control the 3 major evils of capitalism.

    (1) executive compensation
    (2) distribution of excess profits
    (3) outsourcing – purchasing goods and services from foreign nations.

    These employee owned companies should receive tax breaks and other benefits based on the number of jobs they bring back to America.

  • My take on the most screwed up taxing structure in the world. Why can’t they extend benefits? Maybe they should ask General Electric. Courtesy of Congress.

  • bob

    Well. about hundred years, in Russia, Lenin, requested, that workers of big state and private companies armed themselves , occupied these companies , formed working committees ( soviets ) and organized production in the interests of producers, not rich parasites. May be it was little ahead of time then.

    Could we say, supply side economics 🙂 ?

  • It’s funny, Indiana is one of the states that made a profit through the recession/depression by being fiscally conservative. People that are used to entitlements are prone to violence as evidenced by the riots in France. I don’t blame Mitch Daniels for putting guards outside unemployment offices.

  • Johnson

    Calif. solved this problem by getting rid of physical unemployment offices. Here, everything is done via telephone and the web.

    With the Republicans slated to take control of the House and maybe the Senate, there is near zero chance that unemployment will be extended. But if they did do so, they would also have to include all the previous people who have used up their max 99 weeks (depending on the state you live in) of UI benefits. That would be millions more.

  • Gary

    The rich are greedy, not needy! Let the bush tax cuts expire on them and then tax them hard to spread the wealth. Make them pay for extended unemployment as they and their greed is what put us in this mess in the first place!

    Tax the corporations who are sitting on “piles of money” spread that wealth also.

    I keep saying this as this is the answer to solve this mess of an economy.

  • Concerned Reader

    I aggree that this situation is a bad omen for what is to come in the near future. We will most likely start to see groups of heavily armed security guards hanging out side our major grocery and retail stores soon thanks to price inflation and shoplifting.

    I would for the author of this blog to do a kind of round up of all his blogs in the past and write a treatsie about the prospects of another civil war in America. Talk about how bad things will get both inside of America and outside. It would be like summarizing all the older blogs and then using their themes to predict the future.

    I would also like to see him write a blog debating as to whether America should close down its over seas empire because of the economic situation.

  • If the Republicans win next week unemployment extentions will be canceled faster than you can say “got a dime mister”?

  • Globalization is like pouring a few bottles of fine wine into a swimming pool full of grape juice.

    What would you expect? To change the grape juice into fine wine, or the opposite?

    Thus, citizens of rich countries are becoming poorer, but will they take the streets?

    Regarding Americans, I don’t think so. They are more likely to wait in their home, armed to the teeth, for some improbable attack, than getting out and start throwing stones at police cars. In fact, like lemurs, they will get out, next week, and vote for the same Democrats/Republicans which are leading them over the cliff.


  • Hognutz

    “A measure of wheat for a penny.”

  • Nickelthrower


    Seems to me that the only question left unanswered is which large metropolitan area will riot first? The Rust Belt cities have 30 years of this kind of stuff already under their belt so I do not think it will come from there. I’m guessing Florida or California. Any takers?

  • Libertarian jerry

    The economic take-down of America has been planned decades ago and is now coming to fruition. Statistics show that 3/4 of the American population are now living directly or indirectly off of 1/4 of the population. Govt.employees,retired govt.employees,welfare recipients, Social Security recipients,food stamp recipients etc.,etc. We basically have a society of non-productive sheep who are easily controlled and manipulated by the power structure elite. The basic goal of this elite is to so disable the American society,that folding the American nation into a one world socialist government run out of the UN by this same elite can easily be achieved. In fact,things will get so destabilized that the average American will beg for a “new world order.” Goodbye to whats left of our liberty and our way of life,here comes the New World Odor.

  • Corey

    There’s no solution to this problem other than a full scale nuclear war that will destroy most major cities in the world. Let’s face it, the earth has become extremely overpopulated with greedy pigs, and the only hope for the human race is if a large percentage of this useless population is culled.

    So, bring on World War 3!

  • Chuck Yeager

    So we should bring back debtors prisons?

    BRA indeed.

  • William

    Well, obviously the “state” can not extend unemployment compensation forever. HOWEVER,
    83% of Americans were so duped by the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush that they supported his unnecessary war of choice in Iraq, which has cost about $1 trillion dollars to date, and whose final costs will exceed $2 trillion. That money could have wonders for Americans. The question is:

    In whose interests does the federal govt
    operate??? The citizens of America, or
    the citizens of a foreign country ???

    Think about this before 2 Nov. Just because Obummer, Pelosi, Hoyer and Reid have been stunningly incompetent does NOT mean that the party that wrecked America (Republican) should be returned to power.

  • premurdered

    The ‘Prison Space’ is now called ‘Fema’ Camps’. 800 of them, largest is in Alaska, can hold a million people.

  • shadetech

    Costs 15 to 20 thousand to keep someone on unemployment. Costs 50 to 60 thousand to lock them up. Yet we print trillions to help the people with the most money already. Hell I don’t have any answers, I don’t even know many of the questions, but it may be time to get prepared for the worst if your not there already.

  • Paul Francis

    Just out of curiosity… why is it always implied that Americans with a degree working as a Waiter or Waitress is a bad thing?

    They provide more of a useful service then the majority of the Government jobs, are more efficient in their work and I’m not forced to pay them for crappy service.

    When I was in College, I had several friends that worked in the Service Industry (including myself) that made over $40K a year and got through college pretty much debt free.

    Regardless… implying that being in a certain profession as being demeaning just because you have a college degree should really end all things considering.

    Besides… I’m ready to go back to waiting tables in my line of work. Regulation after Regulation is burying me in paperwork and quite frankly… just not worth it anymore.

    In other words… it’s going to be by choice.

  • CJFYuma

    It is very predictable, considering the “near-collapse” state of the economy, that crime, and violence will surge as we approach the final economic collapse, which I believe more strongly each day, has been deliberately planned by global, political forces. I predict that the final collapse of the economy, and America as the world’s superpower nation, will occur sometime in 2011.

    My advise to the unemployed who are still receiving benefits, is try to save enough food and other essentials to survive the economic collapse, instead of reverting to violence against the security forces once the money runs out. They will be sorely “out-gunned”.

    The unemployed should prepare now for the end of the federal unemployment insurance program. In fact, no American should believe that the small amount of economic security provided by the feds so far will last much longer. I surely hope these people aren’t spending their checks on booze, drugs, and other types of “recreational entertainment”.

    The arming of the Indiana unemployment offices is a harbinger of the federal “armed police state” and “martial law state”, which will arise to control the starving American population during the “post-collapse” period. And that is a topic of another discussion pertaining to “the coming economic collapse”.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    The KKK were/are Democraps. True racism reigns with the LeftTards.

  • This is becoming one of my favorite sites because of the clarity and truthfulness of your articles!!! You are right on the money with your reports!!! By the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, the frustration of millions of American are going to reach fever pitch and the passiveness of the past will turn into a new frustration of the future!!!

  • lostinmissouri

    The USA, freed the slaves, once. But thanks to Uncle Sam…they have come back.

    Everyone knows that you never feed a stray dog, unless you are going to keep doing it.

    LBJ started the “War on Poverty” and we lost! $100s billions spent, and we have more poverty, than when we started.

    Government policies have killed the economy. Now they are going to have to feed us all.

    Who is John Galt?

  • Gary

    Michael-you are way too slow getting these comments moderated/posted. You need to step it up or get someone to help you. It can’t possibly take more than a minute or two to do this.

  • scott bowlan

    we can expect this to take place all across the u.s.very soon.
    not ust this state by every state will be facing the same problem.
    the gov wont bail these states out again like they did in 09
    it simply wont happen.
    it cant happen because the gov is busted from over spending.

  • Matt

    NAFTA sucks.

  • alice

    The only hope we have is to back pedal as fast as we can. Slash taxes, slash the size of government at all levels, replace the income tax with an import tax, Close down the IRS, 3 day delivery for the Postal Service. Reduce school years required for a High School diploma from 12 to 8 years, eliminate, consolidate government services across the board. This is the right track to reform. get the Unions out of the government, pension reform, and much more!

  • Wakjob

    How about the 100,000 foreign workers we fly into the U.S. every single month to take jobs Americans need? Think maybe, just maybe that might have anything to do with it?

    12 years of the Indian invasion has carried off our wealth, jobs, and industries, we are being slapped around by countries like India and China. There is no globalization in Asia – only in America.

    Globalization is the new communism.

  • Capt. Kirk

    It’s the immigrants, stupid.

    Companies ruined or almost ruined by India, Inc:

    Adaptec – Indian CEO Subramanian Sundaresh fired.
    AIG (signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture Indian frauds, collapsed in 2009)
    AirBus (Qantas plane plunged 650 feet injuring passengers when its computer system written by India disengaged the auto-pilot).
    Apple R&D CLOSED in India in 2006
    Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli took over, closed, turned into a shopping mall)
    Boeing Dreamliner ES software (written by HCL, banned by FAA)
    Caymas – Startup run by Indian CEO, French director of dev, Chinese tech lead. Closed after 5 years of sucking VC out of America.
    ComAir crew system run by 100% Indian IT workers caused the 12/25/05 U.S. airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int
    Dell – call center (closed in India because Premji’s conmen don’t even know how to use telephones, let alone computers)
    Delta call centers (closed in India because Premji’s conmen don’t even know how to use telephones, let alone computers)
    Fannie Mae- Hired large numbers of Indians, had to be bailed out. Indian logic bomb creator found guilty.
    GM – Was booming in 2006, signed $300 million outsourcing deal with Wipro that same year, went bankrupt 3 years later
    HSBC ATMs (software taken over by Indians, failed in 2006)
    Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned)
    Lehman (Spectramind software bought by Wipro, ruined, trashed by Indian programmers)
    Microsoft – Employs over 35,000 H-1Bs. Stock used to be $100. Today it’s lucky to be over $25. Not to mention that Vista thing.
    MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled)
    PeopleSoft (Taken over by Indians in 2000, collapsed).
    Qantas – See AirBus above
    Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired, lost 60% of its customers to Adobe because Indian-written QuarkExpress 6 was a failure)
    Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired)
    State of Indiana $867 billion FAILED IBM project, IBM being sued
    State of Texas failed IBM project.
    Sun Micro (Taken over by Indian and Chinese workers in 2001, collapsed, has to be sold off to Oracle).
    United – call center (closed in India because Premji’s conmen don’t even know how to use telephones, let alone computers)
    Virgin Atlantic (software written in India caused cloud IT failure)
    World Bank (Indian fraudsters BANNED for 3 years because they stole data).

    I could post the whole list here but I don’t want to crash any servers.

  • James

    Every immigrationw wave to the U.S. since 1900 has led to recession or depression. The late 1998-2000 wave was the biggest in U.S. history – bigger than the one from 1906-1920. Historical facts do not lie. Here is the history of immigration and recession to America since 1900:

    1906-1920 – Huge wave from Europe – Great Depression in 1929.

    1965 – Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act – Big recession 1973-1981

    1990 – H-1B started – recession 1991-1993

    Oct. 1998 – H-1B caps raised form 65,000 to 115,000 per year – collapse in 2001.

    Apri 2000 – H-1B caps raised from 115,000 per year to 195,000 per year – collapse in 2008.

    The fake “recovery” in the mid 2000’s was no recovery – just cheap Fed credit making up for Americans losing their jobs.

    America was built by Americans. Every buildup leads to immigrant takers who come in when times are good, strip the economy, then leave when times are bad – as they are now.

    84% of the current U.S. population was born here. Do you seriously expect us to believe that 84% of the natives live off the work of the other 16% immigrants? Come on, stop being either a liar or delusional. Immigration is a disaster for America.

    China and India don’t have open borders. Did I mention they are booming? In fact, India blocked Wal-Mart & Target from coming in in order to PROTECT INDIA’S LOCAL WORKFORCE.

    Free Trade caused WW2 – America in the 1920s sold its scrap steel to Japan and England’s Rolls Royce sold aircraft engines and factories to Hitler. We all know how that turned out.

  • James

    Speaking of Indiana, there was that $867 MILLION failed welfare computer project RUN BY IBM. IBM currently employs 71% workers from India. Why do we continue to import and pay foreign workers who are not performing? These people are conmen. They come here to take jobs with the view to only send the $ home and produce nothing. They are hopelessly incompetent.

    One could hire an awful lot of Americans with $867 billion that was thrown down the toilet.

    Also, STOP BUYING CHINESE GOODS. Everytime you buy something made in China you are sending America’s wealth out of the country – never to return.

    12 years of mass invasion of cheap foreign 3rd world labor is what has caused this mess. In 1998 we HAD a booming economy and everyone had a job.

    AMERICANS specifically must be put back to work. And we must stop our trade deficits with China!

  • Basic definition of NAFTA, GATT and Global Trade.
    A rich American CEO who doesn’t want to pay workers a living wage, wants to dump the plants toxic waste into the river with no penalty, pays no American income tax, and has a Chinese wife, a Philapina mistress and a Thia sex kitten for weekends. What the American CEO didn’t think of is the fact that in a communist country like China, once they learn your business, steal your patents and your customers, they simply get mad at you and throw you in a Chinese prison, and take all your stuff. Then you might realize America wasn’t so bad afterall.

  • Gary

    From a purely pragmatic point regarding immigration…There are WAY too many people here already. Simply try to drive anywhere during am/pm rush hour and you will see my point. Everything people previously said regarding immigrations problems are also true. It is simply common sense that companies will want to bring people in to exploit for low wages.

    Back when I had a living wage job in health-care I saw these large hospital corporations importing foreign doctors who would be under contract to work for roughly $80,000 per year for 5-10 years before they could negotiate a better wage. This is a fact I saw first hand. I know to most of us $80,000/year would be a dream salary, and I am not in anyway saying doctors are underpaid, however, this is far below the regular doctor wage, and a lot of these imported doctors were specialists and not just family practice. Its no wonder these greedy CEO’S make millions…Tax the rich and spread the wealth.

  • Gary

    Michael-how do you import a picture to replace the generic person icon at the beginning of the posts?

    • Michael


      You know, I am not exactly sure. I think it has something to do with the Gravatar system (

      Do any of you readers know exactly how to do this?


  • B-HO

    yeah, it’s all Bush’s fault. Keep voting (D)

  • GravyTrainROBBER

    You know, unemployment is a benefit…not a career, just like welfare. My frustration and yes anger, is the attitude of those on unemployment…have sent job opportunities to be filled, both part and full time and cannot get people who have been on the government dole to accept them. Was trying to create jobs at a fair market price and told to STOP it by several applicants…no one wants to work for $12-$15/hr. Was trying to do my part to create jobs, but now my people are getting overtime.

  • RunVampRun

    Third World money exchange places always have armed guards…

    I am sure all the new $8 a hour security guard jobs at the local unemployment office will have the 24 hour cable news shows spinning positive vibes about the new up tick in security work!What a joke!!!

  • ExpatSoon

    It’s sad when I have to check myself scheming how I should get a job, any job, with the sole purpose of cashing in on the 99 weeks of bennies. I know it’s not much each week, but I know multiple people working under the table while sucking off the system in such a manner.

    A neighbor was laid of from commercial construction a good long while ago and actually brags and laughs about all the extensions. He enjoys his free time cleaning and polishing his quad runners before yet another 3 day midweek trip to the woods with the 4×4 and fully loaded trailer.

  • Kevin

    I love that guy in the video going to the unemployment office all decked out in a chain and a hat with the dollar sign on it.

  • JustanOGuy

    Unfortunately… I have to now carry a gun with my job due to the attacks on people in my profession.

    Going into vacant homes.. I’ve come across situations when I need protection. Several real estate agents have been attacked. Since getting my CWP, I’ve had to pull out my gun twice when threatened by a squatter who took over a vacant home.

    It’s ugly out there…

  • The great wave of immigration in the 1880s-1920s was deliberately created by company/corporate bosses; my grandfather told me how the American recruiters would go through European cities and villages spreading the word of “Come to America, where the streets are paved with gold”. The reason for this was fear of the then-dawning labor movement and the fact that most Americans then had family farms they could retreat to if factory wages got too low. It’s all about cheap labor (and, in the case of Democrats, cheap votes).

    Yes, we should fortify our border and keep the Illegals (not to mention the drug convoys) out. Continue the Wall, and patrol it constantly. Then we should comb through our cities, block by block, find the Illegals and send them home (or at least to the nearest country that speaks the same language). By all means, let them take with them the goodies they got and the money they made here in Goody-Land; they’ll need a grubstake when they get home. I’d also give each of them a parting gift: a sturdy revolver, 10 boxes of fitting ammo, a likewise fitting cleaning-kit, and an instruction book in the language of their choice (simply worded and profusely illustrated). They’ll need the guns to protect what they bring with them, and to change their own country for the better.

    Finally, we have to slap tariffs on the goods and services imported from countries which pay their workers less than the American minimum wage. Make the tariffs high enough that there’s no profit in moving industries overseas.

    With 12 million Illegals gone and no more industries moving away, I daresay our economy will improve.

    –Leslie < Fish

  • Gary

    I agree with Leslie Fish, well said!

  • Great Comments – But what is the Big Picture?

    Today, PVS-7 night vision goggles allow anyone to look into the sky at night and see space craft visiting us that look just like the science fiction movies we have been watching since the latae forties and early fifties. We are not alone!
    The dust at the world trade centers had large amounts of explosive debri particles of Termite. Building 7 across the street from the Towers, and not hit by planes, fell at free fall speeds, at 5:20 pm on 911. Building 7 was filmed live at 5:05pm while the anchor woman prereleased a story live over the BBC, “Moments ago building seven fell”. It didn’t fall for another 15 minutes. 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!
    Now you know why there are no jobs. The insiders, the gangsters and banksters are pulling the jobs. Are you having fun with this pun? It’s all true. Contact me if you need help.

    The Quantum Leap -radio show Mondays 8pm, Saturdays 9pm on (west coast)


    Don’t worry, NARENDRA MODI and Putin are starting a world order that is more fair.

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