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Why Is The Smart Money Suddenly Getting Out Of Stocks And Real Estate?

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Exit Sign - Photo by SheDreamsInRedIf wonderful times are ahead for U.S. financial markets, then why is so much of the smart money heading for the exits?  Does it make sense for insiders to be getting out of stocks and real estate if prices are just going to continue to go up?  The Dow is up about 17 percent so far this year, and it just keeps setting new record high after new record high.  U.S. home prices have risen about 11 percent from a year ago, and some analysts are projecting that we are on the verge of a brand new housing boom.  Why would the smart money want to leave the party when it is just getting started?  Well, of course the truth is that the “smart money” is regarded as being smart because they usually make better decisions than other people do.  And right now the smart money is screaming that it is time to get out of the markets.  For example, the SentimenTrader Smart/Dumb Money Index is now the lowest that it has been in more than two years.  The smart money is busy selling even as the dumb money is busy buying.  So precisely what does the smart money expect to happen?  Are they anticipating a market “correction” or something bigger than that?

Those are very good questions.  Unfortunately, the smart money rarely divulges their secrets, so we can only watch what they do.  And right now a lot of insiders are making some very interesting moves.

For example, George Soros has been dumping almost all of his financial stocks.  The following is from a recent article by Becket Adams

Everyone’s favorite billionaire investor is back in the spotlight, and this time he has a few people wondering what he’s up to.

George Soros has dumped his position with several major banks including JPMorgan Chase, Capitol One, SunTrust, and Morgan Stanley. He has reduced his exposure to Citigroup and decreased his stake in AIG by two-thirds.

In fact, Soros’ financial stock holdings are down by roughly 80 percent, a massive drop from his position just three months ago, according to SNL Financial.

So exactly what is going on?

Why is Soros doing this?

Well, there is certainly a lot to criticize when it comes to Soros, but you can’t really blame him if he is just taking his profits and running.  Financial stocks have been on a tremendous run and that run is going to end at some point.  Smart investors lock in their profits while they still can.

And without a doubt, stocks have become completely divorced from economic reality in recent months.  For example, there is usually a very close relationship between corporate earnings and stock prices.  But as CNBC recently reported, that relationship has totally broken down lately…

That trend disrupted a formerly symbiotic relationship between earnings and stock prices and is indicating that the bluechip average is in for a substantial pullback, according to Tom Kee, who runs the StockTradersDaily investor web site.

“They’ve been moving in tandem since 2009, until recently. Earnings per share for the Dow Jones industrial average have flatlined and the price has taken off,” Kee said. “There is something happening here that defines a bubble.”

At some point there will be a correction.  If the relationship between earnings and stock prices was where it should be, the Dow would be  around 13,500 right now.  That would be a fall of nearly 2,000 points from where it is at the moment.

And we appear to be entering a time when revenues at many corporate giants are actually declining.  As I noted in a previous article, corporate revenues are falling at Wal-Mart, Proctor and Gamble, Starbucks, AT&T, Safeway, American Express and IBM.

Of course a stock market “correction” can turn into a crash very easily.  Financial markets in Japan are already crashing, and many fear that the escalating problems in the third largest economy on the planet will soon spill over into Europe and North America.

And things in Europe just continue to get steadily worse.  In fact, the New York Times is reporting that the European Central Bank is warning that the risk of a “renewed banking crisis” in Europe is rising…

The European Central Bank warned on Wednesday that the euro zone’s slumping economy and a surge in problem loans were raising the risk of a renewed banking crisis, even as overall stress in the region’s financial markets had receded.

In a sober assessment of the state of the zone’s financial system, the E.C.B. said that a prolonged recession had made it harder for many borrowers to repay their loans, burdening banks that had still not finished repairing the damage caused by the 2008 financial crisis.

And there are many financial analysts out there that are warning that their cyclical indicators have peaked and that we are on the verge of a fresh global downturn

“We see building evidence of a cyclical downturn,” said Fredrik Nerbrand, HSBC’s global asset guru. “We find it highly troubling that the eurozone is still marred in a recession at the same time as our cyclical indicators appear to have peaked.”

In the United States, a lot of the smart money has also decided that it is time to bail out of the housing market before this latest housing bubble bursts.  The following is one example of this phenomenon that was discussed in a recent Businessweek article

Hedge fund manager Bruce Rose was among the first investors to coax institutional money into the mom and pop business of single-family home rentals, raising $450 million last year from Oaktree Capital Group LLC.

Now, with house prices climbing at the fastest pace in seven years and investors swamping the rental market, Rose says it no longer makes sense to be a buyer.

“We just don’t see the returns there that are adequate to incentivize us to continue to invest,” Rose, 55, chief executive officer of Carrington Holding Co. LLC, said in an interview at his Aliso Viejo, California office. “There’s a lot of — bluntly — stupid money that jumped into the trade without any infrastructure, without any real capabilities and a kind of build-it-as-you-go mentality that we think is somewhat irresponsible.”

So what does all of this mean?

Is there a reason why the smart money is suddenly getting out of stocks and real estate?

It could just be that the insiders are simply responding to market dynamics and that many of them are just seeking to lock in their profits.

Or it could be something much more than that.

What do you think?

Why are so many insiders heading for the exits right now?

Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…


  • laperle

    Well I am going to bet against this article, going to purchase some short term call options. been following your articles for years….been buying gold it tanked….sold my stocks 3 years ago and they skyrocketed. waited to buy a house and they have gone up 10-20 percent. You may be right in the very long term but lately one could make a lot of money betting against what you claim.

    • Aaron

      If you really have been following the site for years and you bought gold a few years ago then you are sitting on significant profits. I bought gold in ’09 at $800. Things are looking good from that perspective.

      • CinnamonGirl

        I bought gold in 09 too and glad I did! I was able to buy a foreclosure with cash in 12 from that investment. Now I have a paid for home. Makes me nervous seeing it drop but that just means each month I am able to buy that much more.
        BTW Roubini on CNBC said yesterday that there might be a crash like 08 in 2 more years.

  • Tim

    Has anyone heard from Mondo?

    • DownWithLibs

      I miss him too!

      • jaded

        As do I. Great poster/human.

      • Jodi

        Me Too!


      where IS MONDO?????START PRAYING??

      • markthetruth

        Mondo went Back to Tondo.

        the end…

    • Jodi

      Mondo is one of my favs. I sure hope he gets his internet back soon!

  • Tatiana Covington

    It is all just statistical noise. Ever heard of fractals?

    • squashpants

      Tatiana, you always say the weirdest stuff. I love it!

      • Tatiana Covington

        Actually it’s been experimentally proved. “Weird” does not even exist. There are only the facts of science.

        • markthetruth

          Fact: In science, an observation that has been
          repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as
          “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted
          as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.

          the end…

        • squashpants

          Whatever you say. LOL!

  • trojanguy

    Sounds like YOU may have a vested interest in the equity and real estate markets declining significantly. Have you been shorting the markets recently??

  • K

    The fact that the market is doing this well, while Japan is crashing. Just proves how manipulated it is. So go ahead, interpret it the way the big boys want you to. If japan goes down this much, and the DOW hardly moves. It must mean the DOW is bullet proof. Yeah, right. And housing prices can never go down either. I understand how people can fall for this nonsense. What I can not understand, is how the keep falling for it, time, and time, and time again.

    • mohsensamiei

      Through GREED, thats how.

  • JB

    I love this blog and i think the info is wonderful, but there is one problem, a massive amount of confirmation bias on behalf of this blog. We need a balance here because people could have more than DOUBLED their stock investments in the last 4 years, get more than back to even on their houses, and get some good returns in the bond market. Conversely, I do realize this isnt a blog on how to manage money, so fair enough. BTW, if you want to know how to invest in this climate, use 1929 as your 2008 and study the great depression. you will see striking similarities and you will also know that in 1937 the market collapsed again. So be prepared for 2016…? It would be wise to start taking some profits, buying puts, making sure your money is safe and is in the right bank and having plenty of liquidity.

    • Annette Smith

      Interesting. Will take your advice.

    • joe smith

      Preppers mantra – I would rather be 10 years early than 10 minutes too late!

  • grunta

    smart money know the banksters and r tipped off b4 anything drastic happens, unlike u or me!!
    plus when the real earnings r revealed for the financial year markets r toast!! follow the smart money or pay for it bigtime!!! smart money people
    didnt get rich investing like the dumb public!!!

  • markthetruth

    Watch ” BRAZIL ” they are going to Implode . They are US on Steroids . with a Crime rate Soaring .

    Wait Till After The World Cup . They Will Develop World Hiccups .

    the end…

    • GSOB

      Great example. The crime aspect is the most visible and horrendous symptom of a melt down – or collapse – of a society.

  • Tosheba

    There is a reason the term ‘sheeple’ was invented.

  • Patriot One

    The markets are only doing well because of QE coordination between the central banks of the world. Japan shot up only due to 1.4 trillion in money printing, the cycle is proving to be very short lived because of debt incurred.

    Here’s the global QE game; as each central bank takes its turn printing money the others buy their bonds. My funny money buys your bonds and your funny money buys my bonds.

    The central banks are no longer paying the master card with the visa card, in fact they are not even making payments at all. The central banks are just increasing the credit limit, taking a cash advance and paying current entitlements, propping up the financial system, causing an artificial short supply of housing by not even filing foreclosures and an artificial demand with low interest rates.

  • Mitsubishi

    Narcotics proceeds, human smuggling proceeds and organized crime proceeds are some of the purchases in the North American housing market. The government protects criminals.

  • markthetruth


    The U.K. economy may be crawling back to growth, but the number of people relying on food handouts is soaring due to welfare cuts and

    Charities warned Thursday that as many as 500,000 people may be going hungry as benefits are cut or withheld, food becomes more expensive, jobless rates rise and real incomes are squeezed.

    “Cuts to social safety nets have gone too far, leading to destitution, hardship and hunger on a large scale,” said Mark Goldring, CEO of Oxfam,
    one of the charities behind a report entitled “Walking the Breadline.” “It is unacceptable that this is happening in the seventh wealthiest
    nation on the planet.”

    The U.K. government is cutting spending in a bid to keep its austerity program on track. It has been forced to push back the timetable for reducing
    government borrowing due to weaker-than-expected growth, but Chancellor
    George Osborne is determined to stick to the revised targets.

    The U.K. economy returned to growth in the first quarter of the year, but is expected to expand by just 0.6% in 2013. The International
    Monetary Fund last week called for more spending on infrastructure to accelerate the pace of recovery.

    the end…

    • Ralfine

      Well, jobs are created (or not) by private companies, not by the government.

      We need more entrepreneurs than gamblers.

    • Hammerstrike

      Contrary to the claims of Racist Subversives, our chocolate rations have increased from 60 to 44 grams a month!

  • markthetruth


    One Question?

    Noticed You Gotten a BIG Advertiser In Verizon are They a Believer In Your Writing’s ???

    the end…

  • markthetruth

    Goldman Sachs: Keep Calm and Carry On Buying

    This Should Be Illegal for a Bank to Say !!!

    the end…

  • Richard

    “So precisely what does the smart money expect to happen? Are they
    anticipating a market “correction” or something bigger than that?
    Those are very good questions.”
    Wow, Michael! Are you patting yourself on your back because you are SO GOOD at asking questions? Couldn’t you just TELL US THE ANSWERS without asking the questions and then telling us how good you are at asking your own questions?

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      Sometimes hard questions do need to be asked…

    • ResilientNews

      stop being lazy hes giving you a starting point now go find your own answers

  • Actually, considering that prices of gas and commodities has more than doubled since diversity entered the White House, the Stock Market price would actually be half of what it is in 2008 dollars! Which means that instead of 14,000, the market is actually at 7,000 or less by 2008 standards. The Stock Market has ALREADY CRASHED! People don’t realize it because of the rampant inflation due to the diminished purchasing power of the US Dollar! How can anyone think they’ve made money in the market when they’re paying double for the price of gas and commodities?
    However, the market is definitely going down, and inflation may not hide it this time. Wal-Mart is reporting losses for the first time in years, and they’ve stopped selling consumer electronics and started selling groceries! If they can’t make a profit selling food, then this economy is headed straight down!

    • markthetruth

      But Big BEN say’s there’s no Inflation Though.

      the end…

    • GSOB

      Fed will probably keep monthly QE printing until at least the fall 2013.

      Great comment J.j Cintia

  • jokyjo

    It’s not even a free market anymore, it is a manipulated market. Why anyone would invest in a manipulated market is beyond me, you can’t win. TPTB are going to get what they want and will sacrifice everyone that stays in this crazy market.

    • Tim

      Yes, most of the financial markets are manipulated. But you can make money if you know what you’re doing. If you had bought stocks in late 2008 and held them until now, you would have done very well. For example, WFM was trading at under $10/share in late 2008. It recently traded as high as $105/share. (There was a two-for-one stock split this month, and now WFM is trading for around $53/share.) That’s just one example. There are many other stocks you could have bought in late 2008 that would have made you wealthy had you held them until now.

  • Blackhawk

    To answer simply and directly to your question in the title:

    “Because they are smart”

    Obviously if they have something to sell they have to have a buyer. If they are not duping a lot of dumb money into what they selling, who else is there to buy their junk?

    Apologise for the ones that are lining up for losses, but this is their game and they never loose on the long run.

  • Annette Smith

    Sigh….since 2008, I have been hearing about an imminent crash of the stock market. Gerald Celente was someone I used to listen to. He’s toast, now. In his latest “Trends in the News”, he curses over and over…so angry. I feel sorry for him. The crash won’t happen for several years. There will be one. But, I think that there will be other factors involved that bring it down.

    • Joe Shmo

      I’m with you on this. I think it wise to never underestimate the power of the banksters in keeping this thing rolling. Who could have predicted TARP and then the QE’s, Cash for clunkers and all of the manipulative programs the Gov and FED engaged in? I’ll just keep stacking and ride it out.

    • MeMadMax

      No the crash will happen whenever the fed decides to stop QE, OR the world, particularly china, decides to stop buying debt or use the dollar or both. Those things are pretty much the only things keeping the status quo alive right now. All of which can be turned off with the click of a mouse without warning too. I don’t think thats a healthy future, do you?

  • Makati1

    It’s simple. They know that another crash is being engineered for the near future. I would bet that most of the big money was out of the markets before the last time it crashed also. Just as the wealthy (Russians) had most of their money out of the Cyprus banks ahead of the collapse. They know … you don’t.

    Why another crash? How else can you take a lot of wealth out of the middle and move it upstairs? Still a lot of owner occupied homes out there to acquire. Still too much money in mutual funds and 401ks and IRAs to let it lay there. Still too much freedom in the West.

  • Not paying taxes

    Interesting to know would be where the smart money is going now? PMs?

    • Ralfine

      Just got me new kitchen furniture and a few tiles, and a local builder to fix everything. 🙂

  • Hi!
    Interesting article..
    I think it is a wise decision to make some profit and be sure that your income is in right bank and you have enough liquidity to manipulate..

    • Chris

      Wow you’re gorgeous maria if that’s your pic.

    • ResilientNews

      if your money is in the bank youre a sheep

  • Chris

    A smart investor is only a dumb investor with inside information…..

  • Ha ha

    Little more than the trickle down theory at work. Just Stimulate the markets with easy credit Then abracadabra the rest of the economy follow suite on a wave of irratinal exuberence for the markets and renewed debt bubbles for the rest of us Such is the formula of the reserve, but one built on the shakey supposition of optimism, and kept inflated by reserve chiefs of the world I think the undoing will come with a problem in Japan or china such a slow down or something that will take the hot air out of banknannys bag

  • Jackson

    What are the CONS in the Congress buying and selling?

  • Cruzzio

    I believe they know something bad is going to go down(pun intended). The stock market is an illusion. The Fed/Treasury has been printing money like crazy for a while now. This smoke and mirror game WILL not last very much longer. It’s only a matter of time before this elaborate charade is exposed for all to see. The MSM will not be able to cover for the President or his cronies any longer when the whole house of cards come crashing down on them. I’m glad I have job security by being in the military, but I’m also aware that the four star clowns in charge will blindly follow orders. I WILL NOT fight against my own people. I guess I’ll just have to make the hard choice when the time comes and just go home.

    This situation could have been easily averted by the copious use of common sense!

  • bbj

    The problem is not that are not enough evidences that Obama

    is not a social anti-racist
    war enemy, bout the people don”t
    want to see that.

    Because many people want to be absolute liberal, anti-racist

    anti anti anti
    anti-Semitic, international and want believe that the ms media, ms

    science, ms history is independent. No matter how the
    personal or political

    price is.

    e.g Manipulation is the strongest weapon in the world. If

    people absolute want that one person is good equal that he
    does, he can do

    everything he wants.

    Really everything. He could
    kill the half world and the people would say, he rescued the half

    world from dying.

    Obama e.g . Yes it was stupid from Mitt Romney to say that
    the least 47% who vote Obama equal

    that he does are welfare bum.

    But in one thing he said was right. At least 47% had voted
    him equal that

    he did.

    If he had raised the national debt about ten times. They had

    said Mc Cain had raised the national debt 12 times. If he
    had raised the

    national debt about twenty times, they had said, Mc Cain had
    raised the

    national debt about thirty times. And if he had raised the
    national debt about

    100 times, they had said Mc Cain had raised the national
    debt about 120 times…

    And with wars the same. If Obama had begun 10 new wars, they

    had said, Mc Cain had begun, 20 new wars.

    And if Obama had begun 100 new wars, they had said Mc cain
    had begun,

    120 new wars.

    So equal how bad Obamas politics would had been , they had

    said under a president Mc Cain it would had been worse.

    So if many people want to see about ideological reasons that

    a person or group is good equal that he or they do/does,
    they can do


    And that the problem about the Blogs, they show many very

    good objective arguments that Obama is not a social
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    but not ideological arguments.

    But the best objective arguments doesn’t mind. They always

    will find reasons why Obama is a good president.

    E.G try only with objective arguments to persuade a person,
    that in a country B are

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    about ideological

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    Because the reasons are not objective, but ideological.

    So you must persuade him at first with ideological reasons,

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    With Obama the same, if you don’t want that Obama keeps a

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    Ideological reasons for that are:

    Because many people want to be about ideological reasons

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    And this to very price , no matter how the personal or

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    You must persuade them with ideological arguments that 2+2

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    So if 2+2 is always 4, Obama would at least lose his job

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    Because the the constitution wants after original conception

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    Obama begun with attacking Libya at March 2011, in July

    the congress wanted that Obama stopped the unconstitutional
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    Obama still attacked three months longer, because he said it
    is not modern to

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    constitution, the

    president needs the permission of the UN and the Nato for a
    war and not the

    permission of the congress.

    And so if 2+2 would be always 4, he had lost his job at

    latest July 2011.

    Because with living constitution you, can interpret


    • GSOB

      Please, don’t write it like a song.

  • князь истоков

    Federal Reserve откажется от долларов старого образца объявив,что большинство из них поддельные и начнётся перестройка мировой финансовой системы.

  • Tim

    Zero Hedge has been regularly posting your articles, Michael. This article is currently at the top of their site. I think that’s remarkable.

  • David

    Bubbles don’t burst when everyone is calling them bubbles. They burst when you the phrase “this time it’s different”. As far as markets being divorced from reality there is nothing new here. Bull markets are based on emotion, bear markets are based on reality. Markets are in bear markets 10% of the time so whenever the ‘stupid’ market wakes up to what the commodities and industrial metals have been screaming it will fall … but not until its crushed all the bears and sucked the last drop of stupid money off the sidelines into an all-in-long positions.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    I bailed out a couple months ago, I sold my mobile home, sold my 76 Chevy pick up. I am ready for SHTF,.I bought some beef jerkey, several cans of beans and a huge bag of Corn Chips.
    BRING IT ON!!!

    • GSOB


  • mohsensamiei

    How about WAR, is this a word that you avodided mentioning?.

    • chris87654

      Used to be war was good for the economy because it created jobs which circulated money. Not sure why, but I don’t think it would work today.

  • MeMadMax

    Dow down 208 today. A quick look at the yearly graph shows either a plateau or a pullback….
    Expect another QE soon ^.^

  • Ralfine

    Smart money behaves anti-cyclic. If not, it would be dumb money, just following the herd.

  • scott

    its quite clear at this stage of the game that the feds wonderful policies have done their job! we are now heading for both inflation and deflation with no one to pull us back from break! when the full impact of these policies are made manifest only the very wealthy/old money will be left standing and the rest will be left trying to piece things together never knowing who the puppetmaster was

  • Michael Dubin

    Another good article!
    2 questions I have…
    1.If money is leaving the stock market (which I have been reading for at least a year), why is it going up?
    2. If demand for gold and silver bullion is soaring, why is the price going down?

    • ResilientNews

      type those questions into google and you might be surprised in what you find….,

  • It is hard to trust the banking system! They took the tax payers money and really never helped individuals who lost work; so these people could keep their homes until they got on thier feet again. That is what the bail out money was to go for. I realize when a person signs a contract they need to pay off their obligations; but, Much of the world was in a down fall at the same time and people needed help. The banks were given the money through the tax payers, to help people until they got on their feet again. Very few received any help at all. The bail out money that we all paid into through taxes should have gone to the people, not the banks. Some of the banks could not get the investors to work with them to help the people . That is why many people lost their homes. The banks did not own the loans, they just took the money for the investors. Therefore when the banks got the bail out money, they got to keep all most the whole amount. I believe the the investors are part of the banking system, but they keep everything seperate not to get caught. If the governments around the world can take peoples bank accounts, their pensions and 401 k’s then how can there be trust? Say you save for your retirement, who to say that country where your investments are, that they won’t take it; or who is to say if you have it here in America, they won’t take it too?


    I think it has everything to do with pulling the plug on quantitative easing. That’s the only reason the stock market has continued to do well. That’s why stocks have become divorced from economic reality. Bernanke made gestures about ending QE back around a week and a half ago. (google it). Just the mere suggestion is freaking people out. As a result, the correction will result and interest rates will climb. Stupid money will be wiped out. Soros’ and other smart money pulling out is just another indicator. They have always given us hints about what they plan to do,…we just never pay attention.

  • 007

    Soros is very connected. He seems to gets the inside scoop well before everyone else. He has very powerful friends in high places. I have learned when Soros makes a big position move, you should pay attention. I am hearing from other sources that in the next crash the big banks won’t be bailed out. The plan is to create new world banks. So Soros move seems to make sense and is consistent.

  • Marxism is on the march

    We are being hollowed out financially on purpose.America’s will has to be broken for us to comply with the global change that is on the way. Study the writings of Marx and others who adhere to his ideology you will see it’s design being played out right before your eyes.If you can get a nation of people financially broke, skeptical if not afraid of their government and all it’s entities along with keeping ignorant people occupied with pop culture and technological gadgetry then you have created society that is ripe for a tyrannical form of government to replace the constitution. Some dude somewhere on a campaign stop once said that he wanted to “radically transform America” ,can’t remember who it was must have slipped my mind?

  • jacks

    okay, but where is the smart money putting it? under their mattresses?

  • Louise in MO

    I’ve signed up for disqus more than a few times. In two or three weeks my user name disappears. What’s wrong?

  • Tybr

    Unfortunately normalicy bias is set to claim much of the wealth that Joe america has accumulated in recent index run ups. There is nothing backing this market run up. In general recent positive earning statements lauded on wallstreet can be attributed to current inventory holdings which are being assessed at higher values due to replacement cost inflation. In short those who are in the know (or can see the end in sight) are selling into hard assets and taking physical delivery if them. The lesson we should all take from this is an old one that needs to be relearnd every century or so. To be blunt…if you don’t physically have the hard asset you don’t own it.

  • Jason Bond

    Money talks.
    Smart money screams.
    Do it.

  • JailBanksters

    Why are People getting out of Stocks and Houses?
    The simple answer, Overvalued
    The complicated answer, Simply Overvalued.
    The same people overvaluing these are the same ones that will benefit from it. Can you guess who that might be?

  • ninerfan

    Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and you will learn about the Federal Reserve from beginning up to our current state.

  • chris87654

    It’s good that cash went from the stock market into real estate (SF homes) to clear up the excess because, unlike MBSs, rented homes produce income and people will always need a place to live – people can’t live under a stack of worthless paper securities, and even if markets crash, the homes will still be there…. and they’ll be paid for.

  • domahman

    smart money are doing great..take a look at deutsche bank.

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