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Why Is The Weather So Crazy All Of A Sudden?

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Crazy Weather - Public DomainAll over the planet, global weather patterns have gone completely nuts.  Just over the past few days we have seen “life threatening” heatwaves, extremely dangerous wildfires, vicious tornadoes and unprecedented flooding – and that is just in the United States.  And of course this is just the continuation of a trend that stretches back to last year, when extremely weird weather created “apocalyptic-like conditions” in many areas around the world.  So why is this happening?  For decades, we could count on weather patterns falling within fairly predictable parameters, but now that is completely changing all of a sudden.  All over the globe we are seeing things happen that we have never seen happen before, and the weather just seems to get even more crazy with each passing month.

Just consider what has been going on the past few days.  Let’s start with the “life threatening” heatwave that is currently hammering the west coast

The West Coast is in the grip of a ‘life threatening’ triple-digit heatwave that is set to continue well into next week, raising the risk of wildfires.

The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings for southeastern California, southern Nevada, western and southern Arizona, western Oregon and far southwest Washington.

From Oregon to Nevada temperatures are set to top 100F tomorrow and into Monday, with Phoenix, Arizona, predicted to top out at 116F.

These are temperatures that you might expect to see in July or August, but right now summer has not even officially begun yet.

And as the article quoted above noted, these extremely high temperatures bring with them a much higher risk of wildfires.  In fact, firefighters in southern California are currently fighting a horrible fire that is raging wildly out of control and that has already forced thousands of people (including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) out of their homes

A massive brush fire Saturday in the Calabasas area forced mandatory evacuations as rapid flames consumed 516 acres and threatened 3,000 homes, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

“This is a fast-moving, dangerous fire,” Los Angeles County Fire Chief Dennis Cross said. “It’s hard for people to see where this fire is because of the dense canopy and the canyons.”

If you follow my work closely, you already know that 2015 was the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.

More acres burned in the U.S. last year than we had ever seen before.

And so far this year, we are more than a million acres ahead of the pace set last year.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that this “is the second year in a row that Texas has been hit by 500-year floods“…

“It could just be really bad luck,” said CNN Senior Meteorologist Brandon Miller. “A 500-year flood doesn’t mean you will go 500 years between them. It just means it is such an extreme event that the odds of it happening are very low, therefore it only happens on average every 500 years.

“It just so happens that parts of Texas have seen them now in back-to-back years, and maybe even twice this year. The odds of that happening are infinitesimally small.”

In a recent article, I noted that the United States has now been hit by 10 major flooding events since the end of last September.

Never before in U.S. history have we ever seen so many major floods in such a compressed period of time.

And the hits just keep on coming.  On Sunday, the east coast was bracing for a series of storms which appeared poised to produce very high winds, severe thunderstorms and even possibly some tornadoes.  The following comes from the Daily Mail

The East Coast is braced for an incoming storm that could see up to seventeen million people hit with tropical rain, thunderstorms and even tornadoes.

People from New York through North Carolina could be affected, as thunderstorms were expected to blast winds up to 55 miles per hour later on Sunday.

The Governors Ball in New York City was cancelled for safety reasons after organizers saw the forecast for lightning.

And on top of everything else, Florida is about to be hit by tropical storm Colin.

But don’t worry, because all of this is perfectly “normal”, right?

Across the Atlantic, Europe is also dealing with some extremely crazy weather.  Major flooding is being reported all over the continent, and the French just experienced their wettest month since 1886

Segments of France’s border with Belgium received six-week’s worth of rain in under 24 hours earlier this week, causing widespread flooding across the country. May has been the country’s rainiest month since 1886, Radio France Internationale says.

As a result of that rain, French meteorologists expect the already-swollen Seine in Paris to peak at 6.5 meters (21 feet) above its usual level on Friday. The Louvre is closed due to flooding concerns, and workers have been busy moving priceless works of art as a precautionary measure.

On the other side of the planet, many areas of India have been dealing with an unprecedented heatwave.  On Thursday, May 19th, the all-time record for the highest temperature ever recorded in India was broken.  And this was part of a crippling heatwave that pushed temperatures in northern India “above 104 degrees for weeks”

A severe heat wave warning is in place for much of India through Saturday. Temperatures in northern India have risen above 104 degrees for weeks, the BBC reported. The weather has killed hundreds of people and destroyed crops in more than 13 states, the Associated Press reported.

If this happened where you live, you could just go inside and turn on the air conditioning.

But most of those people do not have air conditioning, and that is why hundreds of them have been dying.

At the exact same time when the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, our weather is starting to become really crazy too.

Some people are going to dismiss all of this as just a bizarre series of coincidences, others will want to blame “global warming”, and yet others will see all of this as a sign that Jesus is coming back soon.

But what is truly frightening to consider is this…

What if our weather just keeps getting crazier and crazier?

If our weather continues to spiral out of control, it is inevitable that there will be major famines, widespread riots and tremendous political unrest all over the planet.

Is our world equipped to be able to handle seven billion people going absolutely nuts all at once?

Let us hope and pray for weather patterns to begin to return to normal, because I don’t think that we are.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

  • aldownunder

    Down here in Oz we just had a wild weekend of weather too over 300mm of rain all down the east coast in a day or two over about a 3000km area mass flooding and road closures

  • winrob

    Actually, none of this is unique. Please carefully research history and you will find “worse” weather of all kinds. For example, the hottest summers the US has ever had are still the Dust Bowl years, despite the Feds attempt to lower actual temps to make today seem warmer. Who signs off on NOAA and NASA budgets? The oaf in the Oval Office who preaches that the sky is falling. Don’t be so easily alarmed. If a city suffers the fate of Pompeii, THEN get alarmed!

    • greyprepper

      Why hasn’t this comment been upvoted to the top of the list? Heck, even the first sentence is enough to warrant first place.

  • SS

    Weather manipulation

    • GSOB

      ……in the dominion of darkness

  • alexb1

    Actually, Colin was just called off for lack of interest. Eh hem, it is hurricane season and Florida is due, but it looks like Colin just fizzled out this afternoon. As for the rest, yep, the weather has been getting wilder over the last decade.

    • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

      I haven’t even called boyfriend to urge him to get sandbags and his area is flood-prone.

  • James Dohnalek

    Excellent article., Planet X, or Nibiru along with ITS SOLAR SYSTEM, is making its way through our solar system. Right now ITS SOLAR SYSTEM, is putting its own forced upon our natural electromagnet force of our solar system including the solar affects upon our sun, which may cause solar flares and additional sun spots. Anyway expect weather to get worse compared to 2015. More hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, droughts, crop losses, record floods, dams broken, levies broken, bridges and roads washed out.
    Then food shortages, famine, polo cal unrest. The world is over populated with 7 billion people. Population will start to decline especially when earthquakes occur, volcanoes erupt and tsunamis wash ashore.
    The earth HAS JUST STARTED TO GET VIOLENT. May go on for a decade.

    • ali

      Planet X really.

    • JerseyJoe

      Exactly Planet X – LOL you will believe anything. I got a bridge – want chat, I would like to off load it cheap. I also know a Nigerian General with a trunk load of cash stuck in customs – maybe you can help him out. Fool.

      AND BTW – Sunspots are on the decline over the last two solar cycles and are expected to remain quiet for several more. But this does not rule out an earth directed EMI which could change the weather rather quickly.

    • Ricardo

      Don’t give me that garbage about planet x. I know because I got sucked into the story back in about 2001 or 02 and they were telling everyone that x would shift the poles about 2003. Never happened and it ruined a lot of people’s lives. The blessing that came out of it for me and my (now deceased) wife was that we discovered Jesus Christ as our saviour.

  • Mike Smithy

    Oh Great. Michael is going to bring out the man made global warming nut job shills in 3,2,1…

    • SS

      What’s your problem, Smitty? Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? Do I need to okay it with you first?

      • Mike Smithy

        Yes. That would be preferred.

        • SS

          I bow to your superior intelligence, Master.

          • Mike Smithy

            Thank you very little.

  • themacabre

    Come on. Let’s stick to real issues rather than End of the World stuff….stuff we can do something about.

    • RTL89

      THANK YOU!!!! Finally somebody else who gets it. This blog is all about spreading as much fear as possible. If economic news slows down, he moves onto something else that can cause fear in people.

      • CASTIEL

        right….. come to france and see this stupid weather by yourself….we are in juin….looks like we are in winter we dont see the sun at least a month and floods by everywhere….thats very anormal….i never saw something like this in juin…..its not fear….. its reality… think life is just rainbows and unicorns?


          Maybe that’s why the saying (As unpredictable as the weather) has been around for as long as I can remember.

          It gets cold, it gets warm, it rains, storms form, tornadoes hit, fires start etc. etc.

          Nothing to see here. Move along.

          • CASTIEL

            …..But this in juin?I am 29 and i never saw this in my life….even older people here dont remember something like this……nowadays is unpredictable rain and snow in the summer…sun in the winter…its not like the way i as used to


            I believe you. Stranger things will happen.

            Look at it like this, you are saving money on air conditioning.

          • CASTIEL

            Its true….at least one positive aspect 🙂


            There are tons of positive things we encounter every day. None of them ever seem to make it to this comment section.

          • CASTIEL

            whe only see the true value of aspects of life….when we loose them at certain point…Like my granfather said one time give value to what you have ..There always will be positive things even if life turns into a hell….but the true is that the world is falling into chaos….


            Focus on the positive. Doing so isn’t putting your head in the sand, it is adding happiness to your life.

          • ali

            Well said Sir!!

          • Richard O. Mann

            Start posting them here Al. Doubt the author will mind. Or, start your own blog, give us a link to it. We could all use a bit of good news.


            Okay, positive things,
            1) I am employed.
            2) The sun is shinning.
            3) Ecenomic collapse hasn’t happened yet.
            4) I have a good wife.
            5) It is nice and warm outside.
            6) My refrigerator is full.
            7) I an healthy.
            8) I have dependable vehicle’s.

            Your turn Richard O. Mann.

          • GSOB

            So, give thanks to the Lord for these things.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            there is no god

          • GSOB

            in your life.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            in reality

          • GSOB

            That’s easy for you to say.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            yes, it is

          • GSOB

            Psalm 1

            Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.

            That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither,
            whatever they do prospers

            Not so the wicked!
            They are like chaff
            that the wind blows away.

            Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.

            For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            Bless the beasts and the children
            For in this world they have no voice
            They have no choice
            Bless the beasts and the children
            For the world can never be
            The world they see
            Light their way
            When the darkness surrounds them
            Give them love
            Let it shine all around them
            Bless the beasts and the children
            Give them shelter from the storm
            Keep them safe
            Keep them warm
            Light their way
            When the darkness surrounds them
            Give them love
            Let it shine all around them
            Bless the beasts and the children
            Give them shelter from the storm
            Keep them safe
            Keep them warm
            The children
            The children
            The children

          • sistersoldier

            “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator, who is forever worthy of praise! Amen.”

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            Sing, sing a song

            Sing out loud

            Sing out strong

            Sing of good things not bad

            Sing of happy not sad.

            Sing, sing a song

            Make it simple to last

            Your whole life long

            Don’t worry that it’s not

            Good enough for anyone

            Else to hear

            Just sing, sing a song.

            Sing, sing a song

            Let the world sing along

            Sing of love there could be

            Sing for you and for me.

            Sing, sing a song

            Make it simple to last

            Your whole life long

            Don’t worry that it’s not

            Good enough for anyone

            Else to hear

            Just sing, sing a song.

          • sistersoldier

            He is jealous for me
            Love’s like a hurricane, and I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy

            When all of a sudden,
            I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory

            And I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me.

            And oh
            How He loves us oh
            Oh how He loves us
            how He loves us oh

            We are His portion and He is our prize
            Drawn to redemption by the grace in his eyes If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking

            So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss
            And my heart turns violently inside of my chest
            I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
            when I think about the way

            He loves us

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista

            Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista

            He met Marmalade down IN old Moulin Rouge

            Struttin’ her stuff on the street

            She said, “Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?” Oh! uh huh

            Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey)

            Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (here)

            Mocha Chocalata ya ya (oh yea)

            Creole lady Marmalade

            What What, What what


            ooh oh

            Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir

            Voulez vous coucher avec moi

            yea yea yea yea

            He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up

            Boy drank all that Magnolia wine

            On her black satin sheets is where he started to freak


            Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (da-da-da)

            Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (here ohooh yea yeah)

            Mocha Choca… Full lyrics on Google Play

          • CASTIEL


          • Gay Veteran


          • sistersoldier


          • Mr. Cipher

            You’re going to burn in He!!

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            Some like it hot 😉


            Get back to work shoveling that coal. It’s not break time.

          • Mr. Cipher

            So, you come to the Economic Collapse site for good economic news? You’re full of baloney.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            One of the big problems with Michael’s writing is that he writes like a lawyer.. ..which he is. Meaning to say, that his interpretations/focus tend to be very one-sided.
            It WOULD be good to get both sides of a story. Imagine if you went to court and only the prosecutor was allowed to speak.

          • sistersoldier

            He does have the tendency to write with his opinion or beliefs in shaping the article but what alternate news site doesn’t? Where mainstream media irritates on all sides – alternate media(s) have a tendency to pick a more clear target. But…… at the end of the day its the judge that gets the final word and issues punishment or penalty (in this case the reader) – correct? The author is neither serving as lawyer or prosecutor but rather his attempt is to scribe by “giving you the news” with personal emphasis added. Quite frankly I don’t know a single writer that does not inject a part of themselves in the narrative – one would have to in order to separate from the pack.

            Sometimes it is in the subtlety of his picture inserts to capture the attention of a particular group; such as using a fresh faced european barely legal model assuming the pose young girl in a photo to headline a rape article. Why not use a photo that captured the faces of all rape victims including Europe’s, old, young, male and female? Because her face would draw more intensity — all be it he was in error as a Christian journalist. But still as someone else has pointed out – you are in Michael’s house. Respect the host.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            “you are in Michael’s house. Respect the host”
            Does that mean I have to flush the toilet after myself?

          • sistersoldier

            First of all the vampire face in the middle of your flower is ruining how I stop and smell the roses and secondly try not to fall in – it’s messy.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            that’s not a rose

          • sistersoldier

            I didn’t call it a rose. I called it a flower.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Today I saw a pair of Mallard ducks. They were so cute. And a nice gentleman opened the door for me. It was a nice sunny day in New York City.

          • JerseyJoe

            Look at Europe’s history in terms of weather… The Medieval Warming increased populations and when it ended rather abruptly, the Vikings starved in Iceland and Greenland after their great expansion fueled by population growth and warmer weather.

            When the Warming period ended, governments were toppled by famine. Wars broke out all over and the population growth slowed.

            Like they say “There is nothing new under the sun when it come to weather.”

            And this fear mongering piece is pure BS.

            Stick to economics – you know – something you appear to understand.

            Oh and BTW – look to the sun for answers…it is in a quiet cycle that could last for decades (ie cooling and weather pattern changes.) Stick to economics.

          • Richard O. Mann

            But, as you just mentioned, weather patterns cause economic changes. So, when you talk about the changes in the weather patterns now going on, you are seeing things which are going to impact the world economy in the next few weeks and months.

          • JerseyJoe

            The Medieval Warming was a wide spread phenom covering the whole North Hemisphere and much of the Southern Hemisphere and it’s “rapid” reversal was measured in years. Weather always impact the economy – both good and bad. The longer term trends can take decades to unfold.

            Every IPCC model has failed to model the weather over the last 15 years so badly as to be worthless to science.

          • jenny


          • Priszilla

            Yes. EXACTLY. War, starvation, pestilence. It’s all been here before. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Go on buy another Ferrari.

          • James King

            You’re still too young, boy. Stop acting like a schoolgirl and go on with your life.

          • CASTIEL

            who said i stop my life????we are suffering the worst flood in the last 30 years in the summer…..i just leave that information to share…..and just like the actor said about the weather its true……i m young……so What??????probabily lived and saw more than you….

          • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

            Well, maybe no you are what say this that!

        • RTL89

          No, but I DO think that life revolves around cycles. Here in Canada we’ve had a few record breaking heatwaves over the last few summers, something I’ve never seen in my 27 year life. I thought it was abnormal too until my mother told me she witnessed summers like that in the 70’s. Michael likes to act like it’s the end of the world when it couldn’t be further from the truth

          • CASTIEL

            Fear????i dont even have afraid of death….people like you that think that have all granted in life that never had to fight for anything…and when reality start to hits you… panick like the little sheeps you are and always deny whats is just in front of your eyes… i just see the reality nothing more….if you are blind to see that….then you can join the 90 % of the sheeps in this world that allows these problems to continue and believe that they will not suffer the consequences of their acts and omissions….

          • Christineharkless


        • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

          How few years have you been in France again?

          • CASTIEL

            You mean Francistan? too many time….time to leave this godforsaken country full of muslims….better leave while this giant titanic still folats

        • Priszilla

          Remember Noah? We had flood before. Nothing to worry about.

          • Gay Veteran

            find that ark yet?

          • Priszilla

            I can swim.

  • J B

    I don’t care if I get locked up for saying this, but it’s got nothing to do with Manmade CO2, but it really is the SUN. That big yellow ball in the sky, if it stopped making solar flares, the earths going to turn into a snowball regardless of how much CO2 we make.

    • Colin Taylor

      Too true !

    • Colin Taylor

      Great read by John L Casey – Dark Winter. Inspiring read on why global warming is a myth. It’s the SUN !

    • Guest


  • getagrip

    Lions, tigers and bears ohhhhhh my! Is this news site for old people that get spooked by the spooks of whatever they are told or what!? Everyday it’s some new thing I’m supposed to get all freaked out about. It doesn’t work with me. We are on a planet that is much bigger than us and under a God much bigger than us that has a plan much bigger than us.

    • JC Teecher

      Michael has to make some $$ to keep the site going, so let’s play along and just act like we are all freaked out so we can help with the hype. I am a player and am appreciative for Michael and Meranda’s work.

      We are all in this together until the Lord returns, and the separation begins.

  • aldownunder

    Wow there really are some “different” people out there with some way out theories about whats going on with the weather
    For what it’s worth I believe it’s just a cycle and it’s just at a part no ones seen in our lifetime and before anyone starts climate change is a MYTH

  • Eric Bombeck

    Michael Google As America has done to Israel by John Mcternan … He lists the disasters that have befallen the USA and the world during attempts at dividing Israel. At first reading I was skeptical but he lists every accord and each and every peace attempt to divide the land.. disasters came..its a mind blowing read..So this weekend in Paris world leaders are meeting to attempt to force a division of the land in Israel.. And of course Paris has its worst flooding ever..

    • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

      May has been the [France]’s rainiest month since 1886
      Bad yes, the worst, I’m not sure.. Seems there’s been other bad to worse floods there in recent years.

    • James Staten

      There are several writers who have written about dividing the Land. I believe it was 1991 G H W Bush called for a conference in Madrid about Land for Peace? History shows about the time the Conference was to begin, something George Clooney would be proud, the Perfect Storm was going retro, and it slammed into the Bush Compound at Kennebunkport. It had 30 ft waves, which by my understanding left a “Shell” standing in it’s wake. It cost millions to rebuild. The Lord doesn’t take kindly when people or nations come to try and divide the Land. The world is coming against Jerusalem, the scriptures make it clear, they are drunk over the idea of getting it away from the Jewish people. The Bible says that Jerusalem will become a Cup of Trembling, a Burdensome Stone to the whole world, and every nation that comes against her will be cut to pieces. 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.. the Blessed Hope

      • GSOB

        You need to move on from the old Jerusalem you write about, and on to the new, for the Lord has moved on.

        Seems like your theology has left that most important promise out. There is a new covenant and there are no distinctions as there once was between Jews and Gentiles….

        Now its between wheat and tares, not race.

        Galatians 4:24-25
        Ephesians 2:14-15
        Hebrews 12:22
        Revelation 3:12; 21:2

        • James Staten

          You would be better served to realize that to Rightly Divide the Word you must look at it from a Dispensational View. The Apostle Paul, I believe speaks of dispensations four times? I don’t Milton Terry can help you with this one!!!!!

          • GSOB

            Dispensationalism is what you espouse and it is error,…. being that it is unable to rightly understand or apply the 8 passages I have provided for you in re-thinking the eschatology you propagate and follow.

            I was once a dispensationalist as yourself, rightly dividing the people of God by the wrongly applying the Word.

          • James Staten

            I don’t need to answer your 8 passages. J D Faraq and I will live till you discuss us at the Bema Seat of Christ or is that the Great White Throne Judgment? Oh, but that is dispensational isn’t it?

          • GSOB

            …”I don’t need to answer your 8 passages”….

            Until you are taught correctly, and that by the Lord Himself,… you can’t appreciate what is being said, …. what I’ saying, what Christ has accomplished… the One New Man.

            You stay focused on something that you feel replaces what you don’t have, a hope in Christ and in Him alone….

            You lightly do away with the verses I provide, not even to bother addressing what they say, the consistency of the message and how they prove what I am teaching you.

            A true servant of the living one would not dismiss these passages as unnecessary to God’s economy today.

            You remind me somewhat of the warning disclosed in the book of Hebrews about not shrinking back…

            The real eye opener is that they were given those warnings while suffering persecution from the Judaizers.

            You are not in that boat. Rather, you are carried along by the doctrines of men, as Paul depicts in his epistle to the Ephesians in 4:14.
            2 Corinthians 11:13-15

            Well, ….I guess it is easier to cheer for a team for a comfortable acceptance amongst dispensationalists, rather than stand alone with God and deal with sin, one on one,
            with Him.

          • James Staten

            You are a good example that it doesn’t take a perfect theology, but it does take a Perfect Savior. Paul tells us that the Lord isn’t through with the Nation Israel. And as I told you in a prior post during this “Dispensation” of Grace there are Three Groups of people: (1st Corinthians 10:32)…Jews, Gentiles and the Body of Christ,and so you will understand Jews and Gentiles are the same during this Dispensation of Grace. Once either believe the Gospel (1st Corinthians 15:1-4), they compose the New Creation, the Body of Christ.

          • GSOB

            …….”Paul tells us that the Lord isn’t through with the Nation Israel”…..

            Oh, so you take that to mean that they will eventually come on board some other way, the OT way and system, rather than the new.

            I see.

            So God has different ways: one for the ethinic Jews and one for the Gentiles.

            So when you read in Romans where Paul says that all Israel will be saved after the fullness of the Gentiles comes in,,, to mean that all ethnic Jews will be converted.

            How will this be done?
            Is it not the way you were converted?

            All Paul is reiterating is that under God’s NT economy, ethnic Israel is saved the same way as worldly gentiles…. in Christ alone.

            He is not setting up two bodies of Christ, or two new men in Christ.

            Salvation is the same for both.

            Not everyone will be saved, Jew or
            Gentile, but those who are, they comprise this “Israel’ of God.

            There are not two programs of redemption.

            There is one people of God today, the Church, comprised of both Jew and Gentiles.

            That about covers it.

            No need for a rebuilt physical temple, or the ‘land’ preserved, or sacrificial slaughtering of animals…. Christ is the fulfillment of all these shadows and types.

            Your message and teaching divides the people of God with strange doctrines that oppose His work.

          • James Staten

            Go ask Uncle Milty. His theology is probably correct by now?

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            (this is like dueling banjos) 🙂

          • GSOB

            We march to different drummers.

          • James Staten

            chuckle, chuckle…might be the funniest thing you have said…isn’t it Snoddlysunshine or something like that?

          • GSOB

            Jeremiah 18:2-17
            Living Bible (TLB)

            Go down to the shop where clay pots and jars are made, and I will talk to you there.
            I did as he told me and found the potter working at his wheel.
            But the jar that he was forming didn’t turn out as he wished, so he kneaded it into a lump and started again.

            Then the Lord said: O Israel,
            to you
            as this potter has done to his clay?
            As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand.
            Whenever I announce that a certain nation or kingdom is to be taken up and destroyed, then if that nation renounces its evil ways, I will not destroy it as I had planned.
            And if I announce that I will make a certain nation strong and great, but then that nation changes its mind, turns to evil, and refuses to obey me, then I, too, will change my mind and not bless that nation as I had said I would.
            Therefore, go and warn all Judah and Jerusalem, saying: Hear the word of the Lord. I am planning evil against you now instead of good; turn back from your evil paths and do what is right.

            But they replied,
            “Don’t waste your breath. We have no intention whatever of doing what God says. We will continue to live as we want to, free from any restraint, full of stubbornness and wickedness!”

            Then the Lord said: Even among the heathen, no one has ever heard of such a thing!
            My people have done something too horrible to understand.
            The snow never melts high up in the Lebanon mountains.
            The cold, flowing streams from the crags of Mount Hermon never run dry.
            These can be counted on.
            But not my people!
            For they have deserted me and turned to foolish idols.
            They have turned away from the ancient highways of good and walk the muddy paths of sin.
            Therefore, their land shall become desolate, so that all who pass by will gasp and shake their heads in amazement at its utter desolation.
            I will scatter my people before their enemies as the east wind scatters dust; and in all their trouble I will turn my back on them and refuse to notice their distress.

          • James Staten

            I understand, you really just don’t get it. You feel the need that you should correct everyone, as if you have been appointed to be a wheat and tares separator. My last comment, If you make it to the Bema Seat of Christ, you have my permission to discuss James Staten, and you can quote me!!!!!

          • GSOB

            I only correct those who need correcting, in which I can facilitate, having learned from the Master….. I correct brothers like you on your understanding.
            It is for your benefit and His glory that I do what I do.

            Dismiss it, but you know the Lord is already testing your theory. If you love Him and the truth, you will take note.

          • Gay Veteran

            more like dueling parrots

          • Gay Veteran

            oh jeez, you Christians arguing again?!?!?

          • James Staten

            Yep, they will probably live on the other side of Heaven from me. chuckle, chuckle. It just goes to show you it doesn’t take a perfect theology, but it does take a Perfect Savior. 1st Corinthians 15:1-4

      • Gay Veteran

        ok, now explain all those tornadoes in the Bible Belt

        • James Staten

          Matthew 5:45…I believe this verse actually covers that. We live in a fallen world!!!! A Vale of Tears

    • Gay Veteran

      you Israel Firsters should send YOUR money to Israel

  • Dan Jones

    Simply put, Matthew 24 is coming to life more and more everyday…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

    • GSOB


  • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

    Tropical Storm Colin.. ::yawn::

  • rentslave

    It’s been raining so much in New Jersey that the illegal aliens can now each take 5 showers a day.

    • pulltheweeds


    • sistersoldier

      That’s funny.

  • Michael, just want to give my personal opinion, but these days you seems to blur more and more the kind of content you propose between End of American Dream and The Economic Collapse blog.

    This present article lack some real economic data.
    You should stick to the generic purpose of this blog…
    If you speak about the weather becoming crazier (and I totally agree with you) maybe you could refer to economic data from the insurance company for instance, and draw an article from that with an economic point of view of why it is relevant to an eventual economic collapse.

    In the context of this precise blog this article is weak in its intention, it just feel kind of out of line…

    But as I said this is my personal opinion. 🙂

    • Mark

      Who are you people to tell the author of the blog what he should and should not post in his own blog. Most of you just do not get it. This is a Christian web site with Christian oriented material that makes perfect sense to those who understand end-times. When anyone says anything with a Christian overtone or quotes a scripture many get offended or attack them or say something stupid to them. Mean people suck!

      • Mark, I follow Michael for years now, don’t think it is your case, so I know it is a Christian website, and most of the time I side with Michael…

        Secondly, this blog also deliver on Economic News (hence the Title Economic Collapse), whether or not for Christian as never been the point of this blog – it is for everyone to be warned by the Economic tendencies and current leading to an impeding collapse. Unless of course, in your eyes, only Christians have the right to be warned of the soon Economic Collapse?

        Thirdly, the fact is that there is no Christian overtone in this article to begin with, no quote of anything Biblically related – neither in my comment whatsoever.

        Fourth, apparently you still have to learn how to read a comment since there is not one bit of attack in my comment about the content of what Michael wrote, just the fact that, compared to what he usually writes this article is weak and without economic data underlining why it is important in the context of an Economic Collapse (you know that is the title of this blog right?).

        You are right, mean people suck… Considering the fact that you position yourself by judging someone without any base for that judgement you are one of them. (If you feel so Christian read Matthew 7:3-5, then judge anyone you want to judge)

        • Mark

          I think you missed my whole entire point. I was not attacking or judging anyone. You were simply telling Michael to stay on point and I don’t think that made sense, since this is His blog. He can say whatever he wants in his own blog. Would anyone here, if you had your own blog, want people telling you what you can write or not write? Sure, you are all welcome to your own opinion, as I am welcome to mine.
          My point is that someone who is interested in the end-times will understand what this blog is all about, but that those who don’t believe or follow end-times may not completely understand its purpose. I am in no way saying that only a Christian can comment on this blog. Just saying this is Christian blog site, from a Christian, from a Christian viewpoint. If you don’t understand that, you will not understand the blogs purpose.
          If anyone does not want to hear scriptures and Christian viewpoints, you don’t have to be in here. Why is it ok for people to say there is no God in here, but some of the same people do not want to hear scriptures and Christian viewpoints? This IS a Christian blog, period. So if you think I am mean, that’s your opinion. Have a nice day.

          • Gay Veteran

            gee, the author is a white male, does that make it a white male blog?

            and if you’re going to parrot bible verses, which usually have NOTHING to do with the topic of the article, then you will be called on for being a PARROT who can’t think for himself

      • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

        If it doesn’t say it is a Christian site, it isn’t. Even if the author is Christian and it tries to be so by covert means. If the author intends this as a Christian site, he should announce it as such.

        • JC Teecher

          I believe it is more of an End Times website, and is the best site for biblical minded people to share thoughts and views, in relating to the end times.

          Remember….Christianity is a way of life, of walking in the light/truth; it is not a religion.

          Man has made it a religion out of the Roman Catholic influence.

        • sistersoldier

          It’s a given Sunny. Michael and Miranda make no bones about their identity in Christ. Naturally their message would have to encompass that Christ is returning for His bride or they themselves would miss the mark. They have a public platform to spread the gospel and it is a part of the true Christian faith to reach those who are lost or those who deny that God is such as an Atheist who wants to spread their message on a Christian platform. You are the antithesis to Michael which is why I was never clear why you chose his blog unless it is to spread your Antichrist doctrine.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            What makes you so sure that Michael doesn’t want to hear from anyone except those entrenched in religion?
            Are you saying that this is a proselytizing site? … if so, it has a high failure rate 🙂
            It might as well announce itself as Christian because proselytizers lurking in the bushes don’t tend to be appreciated.

          • sistersoldier

            Perhaps he does and perhaps he is just very patient in hopes that he will one day see you saved. Only Michael knows with any degree of certainty.

            I am a believer in Jesus Christ and by definition I am non-denominational meaning I do not declare a denomination. I hold a high respect for all churches who have Jesus as the corner stone and are doers of the Word not just hearers only and where the Bible is taught as primary doctrine. I believe all have a piece of the puzzle -but not all have the one and only TRUTH in regards to naming your faith i.e., Baptist, Protestant, Catholic, etc. Denominations divide and thereby they are not of God. There can be no Baptist or Lutheran section in heaven. Heaven is for the JUST and THE RIGHTEOUS and THE REDEEMED.

            I said that — to say this that Atheism is a religion or any other “belief system” that is practiced routinely and with importance. Religion does not dictate that it is of or from God its a human ritual – nothing more. Please don’t call me religious. I am faithful to the Word of God and there is a difference. i AM A CHRISTIAN.

            Religion -a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. Example: “consumerism is the new religion:

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            “he is just very patient in hopes that he will one day see you saved.”
            Then he will have to be eternally patient and put up w/a lot of my crahp in the meantime. 🙂

          • Gay Veteran

            Michael’s economic or political articles here usually aren’t pushing his religion

        • White Knight

          Good to see you haven’t vanished. As you’ll recall, I gave you my word that I’d explain my post on the previous article to you. I looked for a message option via disqus and didn’t find any, and I don’t want to clog the board here as it’s off-topic… So, I’ll simply have to offer my email address. If you still want, then just send over yours and I’ll get back to you later today.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            um.. i just wanted to know what dustbin you crawled out of..i’m not looking for further posting at length

          • White Knight

            Fair enough, I’ll make a short post here. The ‘dustbin’ that I came from, and you seem to currently reside in, is one where I had zero faith, and in fact even hated God for a time. Not sure you’ve hit that low, but I know how you feel because I’ve more or less been there. You hate all the restrictions these obnoxious Christians want to put on you. You want to be free and not heckled or admonished by them all the time.
            Yep, I was there. And I have no desire to return.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            No, I mean you popped out of nowhere.. I’ve been HERE. I’m not low, I’m just wishing the real estate people would inform me w/a house’s status.
            Sometimes I get a charge out of being heckled.. not that I prefer it.
            That’s right.. you’re way off.
            LOL, you thought I wanted to write to you and hear your sermon… shaking my head

          • White Knight

            A sermon would be more like the posts often seen here, based upon scripture and meant to teach a lesson. I was offering to share my personal story in depth, despite any mockery on your part.
            I see the offer has been declined. Very well. Just know the door is always open.

            I’ll keep you in my prayers.

      • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

        If it doesn’t say it is a Christian site, it isn’t. Even if the author is Christian and the site tries to be so by covert means. If the author intends this as a Christian site, he should announce it as such. I’d even leave for you all then. In the meantime, I feel sanctified to express myself freely.
        Could it be that the author secretly desires more than god speakers?
        Mark, when did Michael ordain you to be his spokesperson?

      • Gay Veteran

        “…When anyone says anything with a Christian overtone or quotes a scripture many get offended or attack them or say something stupid to them….”

        no, we’re just tired of a bunch of parrots continually posting here bible quotes that usually are totally irrelevant to the topic of the article. parrots who can’t think for themselves

  • Marissa

    It’s called climate change and scientists have been predicting these very weather scenarios for years.

    • aldownunder

      Climate change is a myth made up to have more control over the masses and a blatant money grab

      • ali

        There is reaction to every action. Global warming is a reaction to all co2 we put in air. Why is it so difficult for you to digest.

        • aldownunder


        • Mr. Cipher

          Wake up you fools. First you must understand that the number one priority for Government is to grow Government.
          Take terrorism for example. You are 10000x more likely to die slipping in the shower than being killed by a terrorist yet they had to set up new enormous beurocrocies to address the fear they put into you sheep
          Same with global warming.

          • ali

            Well Sir some independent research agencies and scientists also support the Idea of Global Warming. They have absolutely nothing to do with any govt what so ever. Now should I believe them and their scientific studies pointing towards Global warming or should I believe you and your assumptions that all this is a myth.

          • Mr. Cipher

            There are also scientists who say it’s a hoax. You can believe whomever but it is the apidame of human arrogants to claim control of the globes temperature.

          • aldownunder

            “Independent” where do they get their funding from?

        • Mike Smithy


          • ali

            With limited IQ, Knowledge, and brain you possess this is exactly the reply I expected of you.

          • Mike Smithy

            Is that the best you can do?

          • Gay Veteran

            it was actually pretty good, LOL

        • Guest

          Don’t plants breathe in CO2 and exhale oxygen?

          • ali

            Genius there is a limit to what trees can inhale. It doesn’t mean that you can Pollute as much as you can and cut as many tree as you want and still expect nature to do nothing.

          • Guest

            Why thank you for the compliment!

            Trees should not be cut at the rate they are cut. No where did I say we should pollute. Mankind is selfish and not being good stewards, true that, but the fact is, plants to inhale the CO2.

      • donewatching77

        I have read the climate change hoax cost us all 1 billion dollars a day!

    • greyprepper

      And I suppose the solution is to have our noble government tax the ever loving pi$$ out of us while they fly their private jets. You’re such a tool.

  • Brian

    I often wonder are we in the End Times?Most people just laugh and joke and make fun out of us who have that feeling deep down in or souls that something just isn’t right.Oh well,keep laughing,I’ll just keep praying and preparing and reading Michael’s articles.God bless

    • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

      who is “us”?

  • Rudy

    What is happening is global warming. Hillary will put a stop to global warming. It is imperative America elects the sensitive, warm, and experienced Hillary in 2016.

    • Colin Taylor

      Honestly Rudy what planet are you on presently ?? You CAN”T be serious !!

    • SS


    • Brian

      Anyone who describes Hillary the beast as sensitive and warm needs professional help ASAP.

  • Willard Ferch

    Excessive moisture, increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity, and weather anomalies precede an ice age or a little ice age. At the best, we’re heading into a period of severe cooling, at the worst, a full-blown ice age. It fits nicely with the advent of the Great Tribulation. Good news is, Jesus is still saving, healing, delivering, and making whole lost souls. W.

    • jakartaman

      I am down on the mini Ice age myself

  • ali

    And the global warming has no part to play in it right?

    Between how about few words as a tribute to the fallen legend Muhammad Ali.

    • JC Teecher

      Well, since you brought up ali, i was never a big fan after he converted. His choice to convert, and I wish him well with his recent meeting w/alah, was too publicized and glamorized.

      My favorite quote/braggadocious rant, from ali, was…
      “I am so bad, I can make medicine sick”.

  • Heinrich van Rooi

    NB : South Africa is no exception the Western parts remain dry…and rain is scare.Again one of Harry Dents four Cycles become evident now, the Sunspot Cycles which relates to this article, The others are 39 year Generational Cycles, 10 year Boom and Bust Cycles (which relates to recessions). 19 year Geopolitical Cycle.And according it will be devastated. 88% OF times the world GOES into a recession when this Cycle has reach a peak according to the theory….Further more it looks like there is a connection between these cycles and they all reacheda peak

  • mike

    Mike, sometimes your writing is a bit too colloquial to be taken seriously.

    “Is our world equipped to be able to handle seven billion people going absolutely nuts all at once?”

    • JC Teecher

      7 billion less two…yours truly and his little wifey. lol.

      • sistersoldier

        And just where do you think you are going? ;D

        • JC Teecher

          We are already there, sister. Anchored on the top of a mountain with one foot in the Kingdom.

          Nothing will surprise us or cause us to go nuts, because we are always accompanied by Jesus.

          Never to leave us or forsake us.

          • sistersoldier

            Amen JC.

  • Edward Filipino

    Checking temperatures everywhere. Total rubbish. False.

  • Paul crone

    Cycles of weather, war, and economics all intersecting at the same time, so those who follow cycles are right on. Planet X, reality or hoax, no one knows for sure, but a lot of “fire balls” are entering our atmosphere and no one united voice from observable science community are saying anything. Volcanoes are erupting at an alarming rate all over the world, earthquakes everywhere. The decline of morality is seen as “evolutionary progress,” and there is a wave of acceptance of the cult of death propagated from euthanasia to religions of hate taking over. First Corinthians chapter one says the wisdom of the followers of Christ Jesus will be considered foolishness by unbelievers, as will mockers will rise just as those outside the ark. This discussion even fulfills prophesy, Second Peter chapters two and three, but hear 2 Peter 3:3-4, “This first understand, that there shall come in the last days, mockers, which will walk after their lusts,
    4 And say, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the Fathers died, all things continue alike from the beginning of the creation.” Read also Matthew 24. Find a Christian, ask them how you can have peace in this time. Seek Jesus Christ. Written in hope and love for all of you. I was as you in the past.

  • mister_roboto

    I’ve been reading a lot of speculation that the brown dwarf star Nemesis and its terrestrial-type satellite Nibiru are swinging through our solar system. If so, I think it might be a better idea to look to the Hopi prophecies about the Red and Blue Kachinas for ideas on what might happen.

    • JC Teecher

      I don’t know about how the Hopi prophecies fit in, but Biblical prophecies sure do. Since you brought up the Hopi, I remember reading that they have passed down stories/legends, of their ancestors being instructed of God/The Great Spirit/(not allah) to relocate about 12,000 years ago. The location given them was giant caves along what is now the Grand Canyon rim. There they were to pack in supplies/preps to wait out the flood of floods, the “katabole”/foundations of this age, after the overthrow of Satan.

      Anyways, I do believe that all these current weather patterns, which include an increasing number of historic floods, are a direct result of “divine warnings”. The liberals and biblical times illiterate, want to use the A Gore theory of global warming as a reason, but the truth goes much deeper…or shall I say, much higher.

      Look where most of the floodings are located, and look where the so-called bible belt is located. The lower regions of these areas are being hit hard, and In my opinion it is for a bigger, much bigger reason. I believe God is saying to His people…”Get ready”.

      Be prepared for more of the same as the birth pangs of time culminate on your doorstep. Either, have an escape plan…like a big boat/ark, or make a complete relocation move, up to higher ground.

      Jeremiah 51:64
      ….. Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her: and they shall be weary.

      • GSOB

        Babylon is Babylon. America is America.
        They are not the same. God is the same.

        • JC Teecher

          Yea, and Mystery Babylon is still Babylon of old. I would thank you for your correcting me but as yet, I am still waiting to see it.

          The truth of modern day Babylon, which is Mystery Babylon=”confusion”, is also a literal location, or at least the headquarters of it. Haven’t you read it in Revelation and understood?

          It is the headquarters of world antichrist politics and religion…aka UN in NYC.
          If you don’t understand it right now than just put it on a shelf, for later on, and it possibly will start to become clearer to you.

          Thanks and have a nice day

          • Gay Veteran

            I’ll leave you Christians to argue

  • Leif Erickson

    According to the NOAA, in 2010 39% of the US population lives in counties bordering on the oceans coast and 44% of the world’s population live within 150 km from any ocean. This is why any hurricane, tropical storm, typhoon, and tsunami is so devastating. These storms have been hitting coastlines probably since the beginning of time and with varying frequency over the years. Maybe it’s not so much the changing weather patterns, but rather the extreme damage these storms, floods, and heat waves can inflict on concentrated population centers when they do strike.

  • rant1200 .

    Overpopulation causing climate change.Not complicated.

    • GSOB

      Not even close.

      • Guest

        It’s the cows. Moo. They fart too much. Moo.

  • yooper

    People will see what they are looking for. For me, I am not going near the coast this year, for an extended amount of time. Too many things are feeding all of the bad feelings this year. Its The Harbinger.

  • Preacher62

    This world has already been judged along with the masses which belong to this world. The end of earth as we know it is written down for all to see as it passes away. Fortunately there will be a new heaven and a new earth created especially for those whom God has chosen to spend eternity with. Repent and believe the Gospel and you can have eternal life accompanied by the peace and freedom from fear that only God’s Spirit can bring. God Bless

  • Darren Douglas

    One word. Geo-Engineering.

    • GSOB


      Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.

  • Rhino Horns

    Those floods in Texas are not the result of “really bad luck”. There is no such thing as luck or Mother Nature. It is the result of America’s anti-zionist policies towards Israel, and the Lord’s “displeasure”, shall I say. He usually responds with historically bad weather, and these weather events have been happening since The Perfect Storm of 1991. Keep your eyes on America’s dealings with Israel’s GOD GIVEN LAND, if you want to be blessed with WISDOM. The worst is yet to come……

    • Gay Veteran

      you Israel Firsters need to send YOUR money to Israel

  • LAWD

    There’s more adjectives in that first paragraph than on my shampoo bottle.

  • aliceinwonder

    I think the weather is crazy because this is an ever changing, self correcting planet. We’re just visitors here.

    • greyprepper

      Oh?? Greetings! Welcome to planet earth! What fine planet do you come from? 🙂

  • Thom Prentice

    MAY IS SAY TWO WORDS: Climate DISRUPTION. TWO MORE WORDS: Global HEATING. ONE WORD: SuperSTORMS. TWO WORDS: FOSSIL FUELS. It is time to SHUT DOWN FOSSIL FUELS except for cooking, winter heating, basic — and I mean BASIC — home and business energy needs and mass transit and to do an ACCELERATED Manhattan/Apollo Project to put solar panels, wind turbines, hot-water-on-demand technology (rather than keeping water hot 24/7), rainwater catchment and Grow Food Not Lawns for every home and business and use rolling brownouts to CUT FOSSIL FUEL ENERGY DEMAND.

    For instance, I do not need this regular-sized refrigerator as a single retired fellow. A fridge one-third the size would work nicely and manufactured today would probably be far more energy efficient. But is this breed of fridge available? In one word: “NO.” Even if this breed of fridge were available would my capitalist apartment complex hedge fund owners get them? Again in one word: “No.”

    The infernal Satanic logic of oldage mutant ninja capitalism doesn’t do the job. TIme for some old-fashioned “jawboning” and instead of bailing out banks, the One percent with tax subsidies, nuclear power and agriculture and fossil fuels industry with tax breaks and subsidies and other appalling examples of the way oldage mutant ninja capitalism that uses taxpayers’ government as an ATM, it is time for the government to vastly remove its presence from “the market” in those ways and to vastly INTRUDE into the market, if necessary, to accomplish what needs to be accomplished if the Vampire Squids of hedge fund and CEO capitalism don’t wake up tomorrow after a Get-Right-With-God dream and do what needs to be done.

    Perhaps shut down streaming video, Facebook and google, and energy hogging, always on, vampire home appliances? PEOPLE: Our BOURGEOIS LIFESTYLE MUST BE CHANGED BY “US” or it ***WILL*** BE CHANGED BY Earth’s Climate System: our civilization and species will be hacked and coughed out the way a cat hacks and coughs out a hairball.


      It’s nice to see you are enjoying retirement.

    • El mico

      “Yeah, ban fossil fuels, they’re evil.”

      “But I just need to keep a little bit to warm my house.”

      Eating cake.

    • greyprepper

      I agree with about 15% of that post. I strongly disagree with the other 85%.

  • White Knight

    Although the weather is indeed erratic versus recent memory, I must say that when it is compared to history going back hundreds of years… it’s really not. During the 1700’s at one point, we had snow in June here in New England. And let’s not forget about disasters like the dust bowl, etc.
    This being said, the intensity and frequency is remarkable given the current spiritual climate we find ourselves in. Hold tight to your crown, ladies and gentlemen.

  • GSOB

    Romans 8:38

  • Bob

    One reason the weather floods and storms so much includes people cutting down all of the trees to build shopping centers and roads. Trees control the water table and regulate the climate. They will prevent flooding and minimize storm damage. Perhaps every person should plant a tree to make the world a better place.

  • Richard O. Mann

    More signs that something big is in the works for the earth and all that are here. Yes, it is climate change, but it is not man made, nor can man do anything about it.

  • JerseyJoe



      nonsense is what you say…Vikings died because of the weather….. the most stupid thing i heard in a long time….In that age was war and disease that caused so mutch dead and chaos……

      • JerseyJoe

        Wow your ignorance is written all over this. 1066 LOL. Idiot. Stamford Bridge was a dynastic struggle and yes weather was involved with Hadrada’s loss but not the weather that frozen the Greenland vikings in port where they eventually starved to death as the MWP drew to a quick close. The population of Iceland and Northern Europe dropped due to starvation during the end of the MW Period as cooling destroyed crops and in some cases – snowed every month of the year.

        Read a little before posting…you might learn something.

        BTW William who did eventually win at Hastings was sixth generation Norman…ie Viking.

        You Fool

        • CASTIEL

          Snowed every month of the year……..yes actually i read….and your stupidity… incredible…….was six generation Viking and ended in 1066……Those warm period is from 950 to 1250……..WHEN THAT WARM PERIOD ENDED iN 1250 THE LAST KING VIKING DIED AT A BATLE IN 1066………………DO YOU UNDERSTAND IDIOT?????Vikings didnt die by the weather moron…..and after 1250 there was the Black Plague that dizimated the entire Europe….you ignorant cockroach….not the weather.

      • PPTA

        You have not read your history. The Vikings went to Greenland, which was Ice free in 700 AD to raid amd pillage. Same with Iceland and the North Eatern US and New Foundl;and. Then in 900 AD the Weather abruptly Changed. The Notrth Atalam]nytic became to rough for their long boats to cross. To verify what I am explaining, look up the Rune Stones at the head of the Sandy Hill River, the head of The Misorrii River, and a few others. The “RUNE” is a hirgrifflic writing from the early vikings. The Rune stone marks the end o a certain traders territory , a Viking Trader who Traded with the Native Americans for Furs and Gold. The Vikings brought their Long Boats to the Great Lakes also. Then went up and down the rivers Trading. All this you can look up with your search engine.

        • CASTIEL

          Greenland was always covered in ice..maybe 450.000 years ago the south could be Green… discovers by studiyng the bones of the remains of the Vikings who left……That they didnt starved…..they could eat fish did you know that? The Eskimos did they straved to death? No they know how to survive…The Vikings left for economic reasons…..They were isolated…..Its not only know history….but undertand and interpret history…..If you look with your search engine you will see what i m talking about……The Vikings were fierceful fighters and survivors….you think the weather would cause major impact in them….maybe in the idiots that exist on our society that can even hunt a animal..

          • PPTA

            I did not say they they starved off. The Viking Settlers were adsorbed into the various native American cultures. You can look up the Mandan Tribe, which was along the Missouri, which had Blond Haired Indians. Viking Blood. You can also look up the core samples and see when the Ice Age hit Greenland. Why do you think it was called GREENLAND by the Vikings when they first went there??

          • CASTIEL

            The Vikings beated Columbus reaching America….but they only traded with the Native Americans…they had a great history and they never allow to be absorved by the tribes of America….but still there are pieces of the puzzle that remain to explain the history of the Vikings….in North America

  • MaxRockatansky33

    It is the Global Warming. Yikes! Run for cover! And don’t forget to pay carbon tax to Al Gore.

  • Lancifer Wildwood

    It is pretty simple really. The various governments blew an ‘accidental’ hole in the ozone layer with atmospheric nuclear tests. They blamed our fridges off gassing for this which is laughable. Now they are busy geoengineering to try and hide the fact that 2000+ nuke tests royally screwed a lot of things up. Clear enough?

    • GSOB

      Go shave

      • Lancifer Wildwood

        Why? I live in the BC wilderness. You do know the history of shaving in Western Culture do you not? Slave owners demanded their slaves shave so they would always a hairless hole to put whatever in. So I will neither shave, nor ever wear a tie (a noose mimic). I am not a slave.

        • GSOB

          You took that jab pretty well.

  • Alana Gale-Perry

    The more that sin abounds in the world, the more nature rebels against us. Thus, the increase in the number and gravity of sins, the increase in nature’s rebellion. God created us to live in harmony with nature, but when we sin, we go against nature, and Divine Law. Hence, we truly reap what we sow. Pray, pray, pray, and fast! We are in a great battle, a battle of good versus evil, satan versus God. We know who wins in the end of this great battle, but we must pray and live holy lives, so that we cannot only endure, but so that we may bring as many souls, as possible, to Heaven with us. It’s a great spiritual battle. The remnant must fight, and be lights in the darkness. satan knows his time is very short, and soon, he will be thrown into the pit of hell, so sins ravage the world, and thus, nature violently rebels against the sins of man!

    • GSOB

      That’s weird and not really accurate.

      Nature does not rebel against us.

      Creation itself has been subjected to vanity not of itself but of Him who subjected it to it. It is in bondage.

      Romans 8:19-21
      The creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God.
      For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will, but because of the One who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free
      from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.…

      • Alana Gale-Perry

        Hi, Thanks for your response. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough in my statement. I simply mean that men and nature were created to be in harmony with one another. Since the existence of original sin, man became disharmonious with nature, and thus, nature rebelled when man sinned, no longer under Adam’s authority as it was before his fall. Thus, nature was no longer submissive to Adam, and therefore, the relationship between man and nature was affected until we come into the creation of the new heavens and new earth. Beasts became wild, and a danger to man. The repercussions of the fall are still seen, today, as man and wild animals are no longer in harmony, and thus, there is the threat of beast to man. So, every time we sin, nature becomes even more disharmonious with man. Nature, itself, was created in harmony with God’s will, and so was man, until the fall into original sin. I hope this makes more sense. Take care.

        • GSOB

          I still find easier to accept that the earth was cursed by God for man’s sin against God.

          Let men learn to mourn for sin and rejoice in God; then no man, no event, can take their joy from them.

    • Gay Veteran

      more bilge

  • Brian

    Your wisdom is priceless,also you’re a wonderful Christian.Have a great day. 😉

  • GSOB

    “Taxpayers Billed for Climate Change Poetry, LGBT Book Clubs for Kids”

    – What in the world is this world coming to?

  • DJohn1

    We live on the fragile crust that is in a delicate balance with other things on the planet. We(in our ignorance) have messed with this balance many times. Now it is coming back to haunt us.
    For instance, the northern hemisphere of this planet did have a lot of glaciers. They appear to be melting. These glaciers weighted in at a fantastic tonnage pressing down on the crust.
    As they melt, the glaciers distribute the water into the oceans.
    So all that weight that was holding these plates in place is gone.
    We started the change when we invented the automobile to throw massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere. The planet handled it for a long time by changing it to Carbon Dioxide and lowering the oxygen level of the planet slightly. Carbon Dioxide is a major component of volcanoes and we have had massive amounts dropped on us before.
    The chief claim to ill effects of Carbon Dioxide is it conducts temperatures much better than oxygen does. Meaning that we have a massive temperature change in the works. The poles are generally at below zero F. temperatures. The equator is anywhere from 80-120 degrees F. And that is a general thing not always so.
    If you average both temperatures out then it explains a lot of the weather occuring now.
    It means mild winters and rainy summers for some. It means terrible temperature changes for others.
    Gradually it means permanent changes.
    Meantime the crust itself is breaking up in places as all that weight is removed. That in turn sets off earthquakes and volcanoes.
    I paint what is not a very pretty picture.
    Gradually the plant population of the planet will balance out the recycling of Carbon Dioxide back to Oxygen. It has done it many times in the past. But this time we have a steady contributor throwing the balance back towards Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide.
    The breaking up of areas of the crust is not so easily cured.
    I recommend that we gradually go to all electric cars. The sooner the better. I recommend we plant carrots everywhere. They are an excellent immediate oxygen generator. I recommend we restore the rain forests in South America as soon as possible. Same reason. They are a balancing factor in our ability to breathe.
    We need a new way of transportation that does not create huge amounts of bad gas.
    I think new technology will bring us massive amounts of electricity at a reasonable price. But that tech has to be supported.
    The Nissan Leaf is one such all electric vehicle. It has a range of about 70-80 miles on a charge.
    The Tesla vehicle may have a range of about 250 miles or more on a single charge.
    Burning Propane in our vehicles instead of gasoline may help.
    Might be an easy change over.
    The changes are coming and nothing we can do can stop them.
    The only real answer is a complete repenting of the way we do things and that is unlikely to happen before a major disaster hits world wide.
    The unbalancing of the atmosphere may have all ready gone too far to easily change back to some kind of normal.

  • RedSky

    Well, they are “seeding” the atmosphere all over the world with those chem trails. Some places get literally flooded to *ell and other places are as dry as a bone. Never heard mention of all this weather insanity before they started with the chem trails. Why don’t they stop trying to control mother nature. Can’t help but think this is war-on weather we are experiencing.

  • jakartaman

    I think its the big yellow thingy in the sky
    It always has been and will always be so
    My understanding is the sun, relatively speaking, has been very very quite for some time. the end

  • Mondobeyondo

    115 degrees here in Phoenix (Arizona) on Saturday.
    With any luck, we will have a hurricane blow through in mid July and bring us some much needed rain. Um… on second thought…

    • sistersoldier

      Conundrum 🙂

  • Leon Mann

    This is only just the beginning, global warming is going to bring extreme weather that would make this years events seem gentle in comparison, if you are living in an area at risk of fires, floods or drought then get out while you can before its too late.

  • sharonsj

    Well, folks, welcome to climate change/global warming. The experts said global warming would lead to extreme weather, but did you believe them? No, you’d rather believe Rush Limbaugh, who thinks global warming is a Democrat hoax.

  • William Lutz

    A lot of these crazy weather patterns are due to global warming. It’s time for the climate change deniers to wake up. Al Gore was right.

    • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

      I’m just sorry Al didn’t get together w/William Shatner long ago to make an album along the lines of “Major Tom Approaches the Atmosphere”
      What a Duo THAT would be! 🙂

  • ramrodd

    what a bunch of bull chit

  • Reverend Galileo

    You did not answer the question. The reason the weather is getting crazier all of a sudden is….could geoengineering and HAARP have anything to do with it?

  • GDawg


  • grumpyhillbilly

    There’s a big and growing cold spot in the northern Atlantic Ocean, which is why we in the NE are plagued with east wind weather. Then in the Pacific the ocean made a dramatic shift from a El Nina to a La Nina. All the while the sun is entering a calm period, which isn’t good. Of course it can’t help the ring of fire is active. So perhaps this a case where it gets the hottest before the freeze.

  • HappyGilbert

    What about all the lightning strikes? Even on a cloudless day in Germany many people got injured…Weather Warfare possibly….there is something at play here?!

  • johnny

    Could it be Geoenginerring? ..the biggest story no one talks about!

  • Linda Clark

    Hot weather causes the need for air cons and fans which require electricity which in turn brings in money for your local power companys.
    The issues at hand are , we are in a crisis situation from many angles.
    And there isn’t one thing any of us can do to change the statis of these events.
    So we should just stand here and watch it unfold in front of our eyes.
    Whether this is man made , or just a fluke of nature , We can’t change or stop what’s coming. Just get ready for the worst crisis , and hope it’s survivable.

  • Lambiziness

    A vampire mug
    within a ‘pink magenta flower’ is not what you think- it’s much worse…

    • Guest

      Audrey III

  • Lambiziness

    a troll, is a troll, is a troll…and the only thing worse, is a ‘godless’ troll…sad but true…God is Greater, than the, ‘greatest’ godless troll…for sure…however…freedom of speech must still be exercised…(groan)…

  • Undecider

    There must be some desperation for new content. This is called weather. Look at the 4+ billion year history of Earth. Nothing new going on here.

  • James King

    This website is all about fear-mongering doomsterism

  • Midwest Values

    I live in Chicago, 1st winter that I did not shovel or salt my walkway. Never even wore my hat. Not normal.

  • Priszilla

    Global Warming is a myth. And companies who sell houses not made from wood and make sure you have a proper foundation that is floodproof only want your money.

  • Koolz

    The world is rather large and not all of it is being effected by crazy weather. A lot of countries are being effected by flooding.

  • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

    lol.. I do have an interview today, but as you should know by now I do my own internet marketing.. not a bad day may I add.

    • sistersoldier

      Lord, bless Sunny with a job that keeps her occupied, content and competitively compensated so that she may occupy her time in a more valuable way. Thank you.

      • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

        I’ll still be here 🙂
        Just not as many hours of the day

        • sistersoldier

          “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” and so does Sister Soldier! Time is a non-refundable currency apart from Christ – spend it wisely as you have chosen this one life to live and the next to pay for this one.

  • walcon

    I have noticed that the lightning is much more intense than before and the thunder is also much more intense as well as extended- some lasting as long as 20 seconds. It also sounds different. It’s one of those “I can’t put my foot on it” things- it is just extremely different.

  • Doug Crawford

    Well, if you want science,every aspect of our planets weather if a result of the sun,and how its rays strike the earth.Next question.Has the activity of the sun changed? I think not. If it has there is nothing we can do about it. Next question. what the most important factor in how the suns rays affect the earth? Well our own science tells us its the changing “tilt” of the earth.This is what causes our seasons.Ok what is happening now that is different then historical weather ? Well we have decreased ice at the north poll, and increased ice at the south pole. This would indicate to me that the tilt of the earth has changed.For what ever reason. This is the starship earth, and we are along for the ride. So while it is healthy to reflect on what has caused change, it is unhealthy to stress about what you have no control over..

    • Guest

      The sun is now in a minimum cycle, scientists believe the sun will experience a Maunder Minimum. However, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening, as the poles are getting ready to flip. We have no control over any of this, true. But good to be aware.

  • JI

    The predictions back in 2005 were for many more hurricanes hitting the eastern US, and the hurricanes would be very large like Katrina. Instead, we’ve seen a century-long record for the amount of time since the last Cat 3+ hurricane hit the eastern seaboard.

  • njguy53

    Turn off the HAARP experiments.

  • Ryan

    plant x system is getting closer —- see for yourself, look at the all sky cams in alaska diring the day….. you will finally wake up and see the big red sphere “the red dwarf” and another planet a little smaller…. just prepare and pray. also – check out steve olson on youtube – great videos, we are now finally figuring out that its comming from the Sagittarious Constellation…. so, if you pull up Stellarium and input your location – figure out when you can see sagittarious – and maybe you can see for yourself —– i am located in maine – and right now sagittarious rises as the sun goes down – seems like everywhere else, lol – but in a few month, i should be able to see it for myself, insted of watchin it everyday on all the skycams

  • SS

    I bow to your superior intelligence, Master.

  • Arun Mathai Abraham

    Well, Its nice knowing u guys….Guy from India

  • JeanniB

    radiation can cause weather disruptions. of course, even speaking the word (radiation) is a no-no……but it should be considered.

  • jhkamp1

    The one man made part of climate change the MSM does not talk about is the geoengineering efforts of the military and how that is impacting the weather. Dane does a pretty good job documenting this at geoengineeringwatch dot org. Just another problem, reaction, solution.

  • TJJackson1

    All of this is a “naturally occurring cyclical event”. You should read the “Louis Feinberg theory of macro cyclical activity”. It was written four years ago and explains why things are getting worse and will continue getting bad for a few more years. I would be glad to post it on the internet if I knew how. If you can assist I will send it to you.

  • Gay Veteran


    • Country Codger

      Hi GV,
      I never ask anyone to believe what I write. If you believe in Santy Clause, the Easter Bunny or whatever, who cares what I write. But let me ask you this: does the law of gravity care about what you believe? I think not. You can believe it or you can poo poo it, I care not. In the end, it will happen. Jump off a cliff and see if your opinion counts more than the law of the Creator. Oh, get back to me on that, will ya’.


  • autofixer

    Weather/Climate is dynamic. The end.

  • jenny

    East coast Australia jenny Dixon beach had sand now it’s completely Gone.explain that .It’s so creepy.we had adnormal freak king tides and it’s not over yet.half our east coast is beyond damage

  • John Speaktruth

    The main cause of all this Weather and the collapsing biosphere is mainly the direct result of Weather Geoengineering or better called Solar radiation management, or better known as Chemtrail’s, they are real they are manipulating the weather this program is going on all over the planet, its tearing our ozone apart raising temperature’s heating the oceans, the oceans are in free fall and dying, we have actual UVB reaching the planet at sometimes 60% percent when it should be 5%, you noticed how intense the sun feels the last couple years, how often do you see a complete blue sky, not often, the skies look like something from another planet, all the while we are having these nano particulates raining down on us, we are breathing it, testing is being done all over the place with off the chart Aluminum and other heavy metals are off the charts in the soil samples and snow pack and water samples being tested.Why would Monsanto have created aluminum resistant seeds, also it does not occur naturally in the soil, it’s causing the soil to become akalized where nothing grows, people better wake the hell up and pay attention, the future does look bleak if things don’t change very soon. We are headed towarded the Venus effect.

  • Ex Tempus

    …..Bill Maher (tv host and Cornell University grad), has a blog that claims that Jesus Christ NEVER existed!……since the first amendment lets him say this freely, then maybe God is punishing America with so many tornados!

  • Kris

    My guess is, we ain’t seen nothing yet!!

  • Veronica Cross

    Question – Has the author of this article investigated the current effects of Planet X, or Niribu also known as the Fiery Red Dragon in Revelation 12:3? The “One World” global elite have known about this planetary system since the early 80’s but have chosen to remain silent and use our tax dollars to build their underground bunkers. In addition to precipitating numerous major earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and strange weather patterns, the gravitational effect of this planetary system will cause the pole shift prophesied in the sixth seal of the Book of Revelation and Isaiah 24: 18-22. This planetary system will also cause a comet to strike our planet near Puerto Rico leading to a massive tsunami on the East Coast. This planetary system caused the great flood which is part of the reason Jesus said: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37). The Hopi, Sumerian, Mayan and ancient Chinese peoples predicted the return of this planetary system, and the Mayan writings indicate that the Earth would begin to experience birth pangs from this system in 2012. If you are incredulous, please google search “image of two suns” – crazy photos showing up around the globe. Jesus is Coming Soon for his Bride. Are we ready?

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