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Why Is This Happening? Unprecedented Flooding Has Hit The U.S. Within The Last 30 Days

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South Carolina Flood 2015Over the past 30 days, major floods have hit the east coast, the west coast and now the middle part of the country.  So why is this happening?  Why is the U.S. being hit by so many catastrophic weather events all of a sudden?  During the past month flooding has caused billions of dollars in damage, and in many areas the clean up is going to take well into next year.  Some pundits are blaming El Nino, but others are pointing to other potential reasons for why this may be happening.  Let’s start by taking a look at some of the biggest flood events that have happened over the past 30 days…

Hurricane Joaquin never made landfall on the east coast, but moisture from the storm had a tremendous impact – particularly in South Carolina.  In fact, the governor of the state said that the region had not seen that type of rain “in a thousand years”

“We haven’t had this level of rain in the low-country in a thousand years — that’s how big this is,” said South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Days of record rainfall and catastrophic flooding left at least seventeen people dead in South Carolina and two dead in North Carolina, Oct. 6, 2015. Thirteen dams have failed.

It would be very difficult to overstate the amount of damage that was caused by this storm.  Some officials are estimating that the total amount of economic damage done “will probably be in the billions of dollars”

The rains may have stopped in South Carolina, but the danger and the work to rebuild are far from over.

“I believe that things will get worse before they get better,” Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin told reporters Monday.

Eventually the floods will abate, but then we have to access the damage, and I anticipate that damage will probably be in the billions of dollars, and we’re going to have to work to rebuild. Some peoples’ lives as they know them will never be the same,” he said.

Of course this is far from the only destructive flooding event that we have seen in recent weeks.

Out in California they have been getting hit with disaster after disaster.  First, the wildfire season came very close to setting a national record this year, and it was particularly bad out west.  The following comes from USA Today

The amount of land burned by wildfires in the U.S. this year has surpassed 9 million acres, according to data released Thursday by the National Interagency Fire Center.

This is only the fourth time on record the country has reached the 9 million-acre mark, center spokesman Randall Eardley said in an e-mail. The area burned is roughly equivalent to the size of New Jersey and Connecticut combined.

All of the top years for acres burned have occurred since 2000, Eardley said. The worst year occurred in 2006, with 9.8 million acres. In 2007 and 2012, 9.3 million acres were burned, he said. If another 800,000 acres are burned this year, an all-time record would be set.

I have a feeling that when the final numbers are all in and tallied that 2015 will end up setting an all-time record for wildfires.

But after a really dry, hot summer, southern California got surprised by a deluge of heavy rain this month and the results were absolutely catastrophic.  The following comes from Fox News

A flood of mud and debris triggered by heavy rainfall in Southern California rushed onto streets and highways Thursday, stranding hundreds in their cars and closing a major interstate.

Nearly 40 miles of Interstate 5 north in Los Angeles were still closed Friday afternoon after heavy rainfall sent mud, debris and even boulders streaming into the north-south running freeway, according to the California Department of Transportation.

Some people, stuck in up to 5 feet of mud, were forced to camp overnight in their vehicles, according to NBC Los Angeles. Pictures on social media showed some cars submerged in debris up to the windshields.

Authorities are still digging people out from this mess several days later.  In fact, the dead body of one man was just pulled out of a van that had been encased in several feet of mud

Southern California fire crews discovered a man’s body Tuesday inside a van that had been buried under several feet of mud after a flash flood overran a road near Los Angeles last week.

And just over this past weekend, the middle part of the country has had to deal with tremendous flooding as well.  Hurricane Patricia turned out to be the world’s strongest hurricane since at least 1970, and the remnants of this storm are hitting the state of Texas quite hard.

The small town of Powell, Texas got 20 inches of rain in just 30 hours, and a Union Pacific train that was running nearby was derailed by the heavy flood waters

A Union Pacific freight train carrying cement derailed in Navarro County after a creek overflowed, washing out the tracks. Locomotives and rail cars were pushed on their sides, and a two-person crew was forced to swim to safety.

Repair teams cleared the derailed cars by Sunday morning, but they were not expected to be righted for several hours and a locomotive was not seen being moved until later in the day, Union Pacific spokesman Jeff DeGraff said on Sunday afternoon.

All of this has happened within the past 30 days.

So is there a reason why all of these events have happened?

Of course some people say that it is just a coincidence that all of these storms have hit us in such close proximity.

Others are pointing to the extremely strong El Nino that has developed.  Here is an excerpt from a recent Bloomberg report

It has choked Singapore with smoke, triggered Pacific typhoons and left Vietnamese coffee growers staring nervously at dwindling reservoirs. In Africa, cocoa farmers are blaming it for bad harvests, and in the Americas, it has Argentines bracing for lower milk production and Californians believing that rain will finally, mercifully fall.

El Nino is back and in a big way.

Its effects are just beginning in much of the world — for the most part, it hasn’t really reached North America — and yet it’s already shaping up potentially as one of the three strongest El Nino patterns since record-keeping began in 1950. It will dominate weather’s many twists and turns through the end of this year and well into next. And it’s causing gyrations in everything from the price of Colombian coffee to the fate of cold-water fish.

That certainly doesn’t sound promising for the months ahead.

But some climate “experts” are really playing down the impact of El Nino.  Instead, they are attempting to convince us that what we are witnessing is simply the result of “man-made climate change”, and they are using this as an opportunity to promote their agenda.

And there are yet others that see a spiritual dimension to all of this.  In fact, there are some out there that believe that all of this flooding could be a sign that the judgment of God on America has begun.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that there is a reason why the U.S. is experiencing so much flooding lately?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Alwaystomorrow

    The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015.

    Published 6/25/2015.

    66 days until 12/31/2015.

    Lets do a count down until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.


    By Michael S, on July 31st, 2015.

    “And I kind of appreciate the countdown. It reminds people of my warning, and perhaps it will give some readers a renewed sense of urgency.”

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      • Alwaystomorrow

        My only fascination is to see the diversity of the responses to a comment.

        I get the like and dislike part but I am entertained by the hatred part.

        I use the hatred comments to help desensitize myself towards those type of people.

        It works.

        • JackerRaabit

          “I use the hatred comments to help desensitize myself towards those type of people.
          It works.”

          Sure it works. Just like it did for Stalin, Mao, Hitler, et al.

          You ‘desensitized’ enough, already, to feel a degree of one-ness with them? Or did you have that to START with, and are merely refining that particular Atheist Core-Feeling?

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          • SunnyFlaSnotress

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            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Watchman

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          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I have decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.
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            2. I’ve grown to believe that you are actually a generally societally unwanted person sitting on disability even though you, like many, shouldn’t be, and that you really have nothing better to do with your life than play guard dog on this website.

          • Alwaystomorrow

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    • Tkopfens

      thanks for posting. people hating is hilarious. all you are doing is posting a count down.

      • Watchman

        “thanks for posting. people hating is hilarious. all you are doing is posting a count down.”

        If that is all you think he is doing you need to check yourself into a mental institution.

        • Tkopfens

          what else is he doing? its a count down to new years? and the end of michaels “red alert”

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        It’s important to keep repeating these important things that Michael says because they’re important.. and Alwaystomorrow does it so well 🙂

  • Alwaystomorrow

    I believe the reason that it has rained so much is because the following conditions have been met.

    Rain – and other forms of precipitation – occur when warm moist air cools and condensation occurs. Since warm air can hold more water than cool air, when the warmer air is cooled the moisture condenses to liquid – and it rains.


    • Marco

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      • Alwaystomorrow

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        • Watchman

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    • JustBill

      God has judged America and ruled that it’s running low on fresh water, so god sent rain to America to recharge her aquifers. More love = more rain.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Remember Mike’s fairly recent article on drought?

  • Bill

    Can’t think of a thing to say that wouldn’t be classified as conspiracy and thus more fuel for hilliary.

  • Josefious Soapus

    Anyone who believes that a very minor atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide at a concentration of 0.038% vv is blocking heat from radiating out into space and causing global warming is either very dumb or is making money from it.

    • Gregory Purcell

      Dude I don’t believe that I know that. It is a very simple experiment to take two one gallon jugs put a thermometer in both, add some CO2 to one then cork them and set them in the sun

  • willkes

    For anybody that thinks it’s God judging us, if that’s true, how come God isn’t judging ISIS ? See where I’m going ? It’s not God, it’s el nino, that’s all. God let’s our stupidity and or greatness play out, he doesn’t judge or interfere. That doesn’t happen until later, much later.

    • afchief

      Yep what you said. As a Christian, I know God is not judging us. We reap what we sow!!! Judgement after we leave this earth.

    • Scott Comin

      Yes. God goes where he or she
      Is called. If I choose not to seek God their will be consequences. I have noticed that in my life.

      • willkes

        God gave us free will, if you make good choices, or you make bad choices, they are your own.

    • RoseCZena

      God has repeatedly judged the nation of Israel when they turned their backs on Him, the same in America. We have turned our backs on God and embraced wickedness like there is no tomorrow.
      As far as ISIS goes, they do not worship the same God . Allah is the name of the ancient pagan moon God. They will be judged later when they are put into the Lake of Fire.

      • Mike Smithy

        Death to Islam, Death to Satan.

        • lunaticfringe

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        • Devil Hater

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      • True Grit

        That Moon God was taken over by Satan and now they are a murderous Satanic cult

    • Black

      God was in Massachusetts this weekend determining the outcome of the Patriots game

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      If there is a god, I have to say he made a good choice with South Carolina.

      • merrileerj

        May God enter your heart.

        • Watchman

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          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Watchmonkey, I’ve decided to ease up on you for 2 reasons.
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            I do make it my business to quash those who are posting that never have any intention of giving an opinion in good faith but only post to insult, deceive, and disrupt with opinions that are not sincere and intended to discredit without any substance or reason other than they hate truth. Such people are very childish and stupid.

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            Posting as an impostor in someone else’s name will surely get you barred from this site – not by US but by the blog’s owner. If that happens, I’m sure you’ll try using another name to post – a liar and deceiver – your MO. Reminds me of someone else I know of.

      • ter ber

        Judgment begins at the House of God.
        Wait till you see what he is going to do with you.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          I dedicate this song to ter ber (and others 😉 )

          I made a wish upon a star
          I could have a brand new car
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          So I stole one

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          But Jesus and mama always loved me
          Even when the devil took control
          Jesus and mama always loved me
          This I know

          I felt tried most all my life
          Found new kinds of lows and highs
          Never been a husband but I had a lot of wives
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          Like a wild horse that couldn’t be rode
          A rainbow chaser hungry for gold
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          I wish mom could see me now
          And how I’ve turned it all around
          Lately I’ve been going down
          The right road

          Life’s a picture that you paint
          With blues and grays and cans and can’ts
          Heaven knows I’m not a saint
          But I know


      • willkes


        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          Smart.. I mean afterall, your god did do it.

          • willkes

            That’s not how it works, but I guess you wouldn’t know that.

    • Judgement begins in the House of the Lord.

      • willkes

        And no again.

    • ter ber

      The bad news is ISIS is part of our judgment. Doesn’t anybody read the The Bible anymore?

      • willkes

        No it’s not, it’s just not.

      • Lennie Pike

        Not many I’d guess – probably less than 10% – they’re all on drugs – especially marijuana – they’re idiots in other words – the worst type that doesn’t have a clue that they are wrong about just about everything their confused minds perceive – but yet they are SO absolutely sure they are right – you can’t get more confused than that.

        Why do you think George Soros wants so badly for weed to be legalized.

        The word pharmaceuticals derives from an ancient Greek word that means “confusion”.

    • Gay Veteran

      Russia is judging ISIS

      • Patrick Van Der Ven

        Well I am glad someone is doing something about ISIS.


      ISIS is already being burn to the ground by the russians……dont you read the news?

    • Lennie Pike

      Maybe it’s not God’s judgement, or El Nino – maybe it’s geo-engineering to create global warming to have an excuse to take complete control with Agenda 21.

  • Leo Unatic

    Now children, behave! There will be enough collapse for everyone!

    • Itold Uso

      I wonder what happened to all of their “prepping supplies” LOL!

      • awb22

        Agreed, spiritual preparedness is the highest form, but doesn’t negate the necessity of being self sufficient, as well.

        I see these “natural” events as a continuation of what began leading up to the dot com bust. Drought conditions and rolling brown outs. Then the recession, and just as we were starting to crawl out of that hole, 9/11 hit. Next up is fukushima, the Great Recession, and now the threat of a Greater Recession, and finally “thousand” year floods.

        Note that not all of these crises are man made, therefore there is a supernatural force at work. And we know what that force is, that old serpent, Satan. We also know his end, and to that extent, I will prepare and be prepared.

        • ter ber

          God had Joseph and The King prep for the 7 year famine the whole middle east.

          • Leo Unatic

            I live away in the mountains….
            Milking the cow, feeding the chickens , growing the patatoes, chopping the wood.. 🙂

          • Devil Hater

            I saw A lot of bugs floating down the river in these floods.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Is that icon of you when you were drunk and Jesus sent angels to bring you home to your wife and kids?

          • Leo Unatic

            One day a great flood came and a man sat on his roof waiting for help while the water was still rising.

            A boat came, and they asked him to get in. No.. God will rescue me, he said.

            Another boat came, and again he was asked to get in. No! … God will save me, he said.

            Then a helicopter flew by and tthrew down a rope. Climb up, they yelled!
            No.. God will come to help me.

            The man finally drowned and came in heaven.. where he want to God and asked: Why did You not save me??

            And God said : Well, I send two boats and a helicopter.
            A little initiative from youre side would have been nice….

          • ter ber

            Jude 1:9 The Lord Rebuke you.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            I dedicate this song to ter ber..

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          • Lennie Pike

            Once Jesus sent Angels to me while stoned to the beJesus (I was incorrectly thinking that I was God at the time) and unconscious by myself in my pickup truck doing 80 mph, threading the needle of a very congested interstate of tractor trailers and cars (they later said), all of them doing 80, and headed over the embankment on the right to send me home to my family.

            Down there thirty feet below where I went over happened to be one of only three very small grassy areas that exist from Calhoun, GA to the TN state line. If there had been trees down there I would be dead – or let me say should have been dead.

            I did not flip over, and the tire marks in the grass showed that I had done a very tight doughnut in that small space – while still unconscious. When awoken by the smell of antifreeze coming from the radiator where I had hit the post of a road sign before heading over, I realized I didn’t have a scratch or sore spot on me anywhere. Someone else was driving and stayed with me afterward until the sheriffs deputies left and turned me loose with no search of the truck – they should not have. I think they realized I should have been dead and something supernatural had occurred that they either respected, or feared and didn’t want any part of.

            Now I try to let someone else do all the driving, and definitely will never again do the most insidious evil drug that exists. Who needs God when you’re stoned – plenty of joy (although counterfeit) and you’re sure that you know everything and are always right – just like God.

            Anyone who thinks that the Globalist Satanic Fascists enemies of God will create a Utopia on Earth is a huge fool. Only destruction will result obviously, that’s what they do and what they have been doing for the last 100 years that they have been firmly in control. It should be obvious that there will be only more of the same.

            Maybe I AM dead and don’t know it – not. I am very much alive and know it.

        • Devil Hater

          Satan is A asshole

          • Jacob

            No he is just a loser. He lost against God tons of times and will be the biggest loser in the end, with all the liberals, mudslimes, hillary or Bernie supporters, elitist pigs….

          • Gay Veteran

            you forgot to add all the conservatives, Jeb! supporters, etc.

          • awb22

            No, he left off unrepentant gays.

          • Gay Veteran

            No, he left off morons like you

          • awb22

            ad hominem

          • Gay Veteran

            awwww, it’s so cute when a troll learns a new phrase.
            btw, you’re a hypocrite too

          • awb22

            who’s trolling? you’re the one who jumped in with the bigotry.

            hate god much?

          • Gay Veteran


            Hmmmmmm, now who was it that wrote “he left off unrepentant gays”?


          • awb22

            Nice try, not!

            Try proof reading. Or better yet, disconnect your keyboard altogether.

          • Gay Veteran

            try thinking

          • awb22

            You’re the one that came on here making disparaging comments, but that’s your bizarro world, not mine.

          • Gay Veteran

            like I said: try thinking

          • awb22

            Nah, I’ll leave that up to you.

          • awb22

            Nah, I’ll leave that up to you.

          • awb22

            Cat got your tongue, or still thinking?

          • awb22


          • Maubus

            And yet he loves. You more than God ever will

          • awb22

            Poor grammar, really?

        • uh oh chongo

          Peculiar, but every”crisis” you mentioned, was man made. Cukoo..cukoo

          • awb22

            Only if you consider weather and climate events man made. Not everyone goes along with that view, so not exactly cukoo, is it?

        • James

          Floods are not manmade.
          dotcom effected only technology companies.

          • awb22

            It caused a recession, that we were barely recovering from when 9/11 hit. My point is, in response to the article, that there is a concerted supernatural effort to cause the downfall of our society, the envy of the world, by any means possible. The success of which solely depends on how many people can be fooled into believing a lie, with fear being a motivating factor. As opposed to the words of Christ, when he uttered, “fear not”, on numerous occasions.

            I think you mean, affected.

          • James

            .com and 9/11 are not gods wreath and instead
            Venture Capital firms being idiots
            Religious idiots being crazies

          • awb22

            I wish your reply actually made sense so I could respond. Not really.

        • gfmucci

          This is the way I figure it. I assume three potential levels of disaster. Level 1 is the most likely and is 100 times more likely to occur than a Level 2. And Level 2 is 100 times more likely than Level 3. I did a good job at preparing for a Level 1 disaster. There is NO excuse for not having several days worth of food and water. I am trying to do at least a half-baked job of preparing for a Level 2 event. I do not have the resources to prepare for a Level 3 event, so I will be toast. So obviously I am focusing on the most likely events.

          Here is how I describe each Level:

          Level 1: Event (disaster) of short duration (several minutes, hours or days) and of local consequence lasting not more than a few days or a week at most. Most services are restored within hours or a few days after the event. Commerce is restored within a day or two. Public safety is restored immediately after the event.
          Examples: Tornado, hurricane, chemical spill, plane crash

          Level 2: Event of longer duration up to a few months with a wider geographical impact but not nationwide. Most services are impacted for several weeks, with electrical, water and communications services (phones, tv, internet) being sporadic for weeks or months. Commerce is impacted to the point of significant shortages of goods and services. Public safety is greatly
          reduced with response times being hours or days instead of minutes.
          Examples: Cyber attack taking down regional banking and commerce for up to a few weeks; a regional EMP; multiple simultaneous terror attacks; moderate pandemic such as broad Ebola outbreak infecting several hundreds in many states. Unemployment greater than 30%
          with multiple bank failures.

          Level 3: Event of long duration over a significant part of the country with consequences lasting months or years. Public services are not available, including water, sewer, trash collection, communications
          (phone, tv, internet) or are sporadic and intermittent at best for several
          months or longer. Electronic commerce is non-existent and the value of the dollar is problematic. Formal public safety operations have ceased and individuals and ad hoc groups are responsible for their own safety and security.
          Examples: A multiple warhead EMP attack or major Coronal Mass Ejection directly striking earth; broad nuclear attack; a virulent nationwide pandemic, a total financial collapse.

        • Maubus

          I bet you found the bitch you cheat on your wife with at church hahaha and God allows “satan” to end mankind if he wanted to he could simply decide the devil does not exist and poof no more devil but he won’t cuz he hates you and your fat face

          • awb22


            Everything’s a joke, until it isn’t.

            Thanks for playing.

        • he-is RISEN


          I do agree but I want to have at least a little supplies just in case.. Have you seen The Harbinger or the Empire State picture in Aug 2015 GOD Is giving very clear signs but some just don’t care.
          GOD Bless,

          • awb22

            Agreed, he is giving us very clear signs.

            Have you read about the four blood moons by pastor blitz?

          • he-is RISEN

            Good morning,
            Yes TBN actually ran a special with Perry Stone, Salus, Kahn, & Blitz the link is no longer available you might be able to get it from TDNs site tho.
            GOD Bless & keep the faith

      • Alwaystomorrow

        I know one blogger here thar will thrive if the waters turn into blood. 🙂

        • SunnyFlaSnotress


          • Devil Hater

            The Devil Monster is on the rampage.

          • Maubus

            Hate is what makes u call the devil the devil just food for thought

        • Jacob

          The liberals might thrive on blood.

          • James

            Do you have evidence, data, or prior events that would prove your assertion correct?

      • RW

        Problems with using the Bible as a literal guide to truth

        Some people claim the Bible is a) the word of God and b) is a reliable source on historical events. It is easy to observe that unlike, for example, the Quran, most of the Bible does not even purport to be quotation from God and that most people who believe it is literally true are unfamiliar with most of its contents. Here are some more detailed problems:

        The Bible is a hodgepodge collection of oral history, poetry, legend, myth, genealogy, prophesy and visions, some of which date back to nomadic tribes in the Middle East. The problem with oral histories is that they change over time, and there is no way to verify what the original version of any of the accounts in the work might have looked like.

        The oral histories that were eventually included in the Bible were written down by different groups of people over centuries, and copied by hand numerous times, introducing changes and inaccuracies in the process as with any text that is copied.

        Numerous versions of chapters that have been included in the Bible by various groups (Jews, Gnostics and Christians) exist, and arbitrary decisions have been made as to which ones to include in what is accepted as the modern Christian version of the Bible. Chapters that have at one time or another been included and then removed from the Bible are called the Apocrypha. Some of these, most notably what are believed to be Gnostic texts, differ radically from the currently accepted version of the Bible. Also, some sects (especially Catholic and Orthodox) include some books that others (especially most Protestant sects) leave out, or vice versa, so there is an additional complication that there is no single Bible as such, but several different ones to choose from.

        Both the Old Testament and the New have numerous internal contradictions that render any attempt to deem words of the Bible literally true impossible. For example, there are two different accounts of creation in the Old Testament, two radically different versions of the Ten Commandments and major contradictions among accounts of the life of Jesus in the New Testament.

        Linguistic and textual analysis of the Bible has demonstrated that some chapters have elisions or additions made by different authors, making a determination of the ‘original’ or ‘true’ version of the Bible problematic.

        There is ample evidence that some elisions and additions to some chapters were made for political reasons, or to express a religious viewpoint that differed from that held by the original author of the chapter.

        Historical sources show that the New Testament is factually inaccurate on matters including the reign of Herod, the Roman census, and many archeological statements.

        Most whales physically cannot swallow humans, having evolved to eat krill and plankton. Also, they aren’t fish.

        The earth moves. Really, it does.

        Pi is not, in fact, three.

        • Devil Hater

          I saw styrofome cups and plastic bottles floating down the river in these floods.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            Dear Devil Hater, I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend that you consider changing where you are getting your drugs from.

        • awb22

          Err, no, writing was invented and the mosiac law was recorded. Job is chronologically the oldest book of the bible. However, all scripture is given by inspiration of God. I see your a sceptic, but that doesn’t make it any less the truth.

          What does mathematical Pi have to do with it?

          • Leo Unatic

            It is absolutely amazing that there is only one bible and about 30000 to 40000 different seperate beliefs in christianity only?

            And the all think THEY have right one 🙂

          • Leo Unatic

            And so they all to go to war with God on their side , in the name of peace. hahaha

          • awb22

            Nah, they do it to preserve the status of the dollar the world’s reserve currency. How many labs is that worth? God is just the excuse.

            What rock have you been living under?

          • Leo Unatic

            Well thanks for enlightening me, I never would have thought that, You are awesome!

          • awb22



          • Guest

            Look who’s making ad hominem attacks.

          • awb22

            And what makes you so certain you’re right, and all of them are wrong?

            There’s a handful of denominations, yet there’s little difference between them. They’re all papal incarnations of Rome. Come out of her my people!

            Worship God in spirit and truth.

        • photonic

          Of course YOU know ALL this to be TRUE, Right? And so who told you, you were naked?

          • photonic

            One more thing, Jonah was not swallowed by a whale, but by a great fish prepared by GOD! So, as you were saying? Your knowledge of scripture is impeccable right?

      • Devil Hater

        A baby born in the future will be like taking A dump. No differn’t.

        • awb22

          How is that different?

      • CASTIEL

        Open your umbrellas people… pissed so much God and now the angels are pissing on you 🙂 economic collapse… collapse military collapse…..society collapse….and even ISIS collapse 🙂 we always pay for our actions….

        • SunnyFlaSnotress


          • CASTIEL

            And also from planet earth……..what do you mean with that?

      • How Not To Play The Game

        ………I prep for the consequences brought on by a corrupt US Congress. Which requires perpetual preparation. “Be Prepared”, the Boy Scout motto. I’ve never met an Eagle Scout that was not a high quality human being.

      • he-is RISEN

        I do agree but I want to have at least a little supplies just in case.. Have you seen The Harbinger or the Empire State picture in Aug 2015 GOD Is giving very clear signs but some just don’t care.
        GOD Bless,

  • robbie41

    It’s all about the Incoming Planet 7X, Plain & Simple. Due to Arrive Next March 26th, 2016.

    • Alwaystomorrow

      I’m going to pencil that in as a maybe, March 26, 2016 planet 7X,

  • agnau

    Anyone want to give a believable explanation for the massive contrails that create patterns in the sky as they are turned off and on. Clear skies (without the diagonal flyers) are a very rare occurrence. As cloud cover increases the flight paths are noticeably lower. I have repeatedly seen the “contrails” abruptly start and stop(not temperature related as many claim). Also quite sharp turns of flight which would rule out passenger planes. It is incredibly unbelievable that there is no uproar over WHAT IT IS THAT IS BEING RELEASED INTO THE AIR AND INTO OUR CHILDREN’S LUNGS.

    • Alwaystomorrow

      Why not temperature related?

      Simple Google search turns up this……….

      A warm layer of air can actually lay on top of a colder layer in what is called an “inversion”(you’ll hear this on the weather sometimes, referred to as an “inversion layer”). When a plane flies through this inversion layer, the trail can be “broken.”


      The amount of water in the exhaust is pretty constant, but the amount of moisture in the air is not. The humidity varies with altitude, and a layer of low humidity can be sandwiched between two layers of high humidity. As a plane climbs or descends through this layer, then the trail will only form in the areas of high humidity, and so look like it was “switched off” in the area of low humidity.

      • Lennie Pike

        Why not? Too simple. Because Jets existed and flew under these same conditions you described many years ago and caused zero streaks/white skies.

        Let’s hear your new reason as to why that was.

        No one believes you, people are not as stupid as you assume therefore it could be you that are – ever consider that?

        • Alwaystomorrow

          Does everything have to have some sinister mastermind diabolical plot behind it?

          I am grateful that I do not think like you.

          Every day everyone everywhere is plotting against mankind.

          What a sad pathetic screwed up way to think and live a life.

          • Lennie Pike

            Nice way to change the subject when you have been proven wrong in such a simple and easy way.

            Three out of the four statements you made this time were also wrong. You should work on changing the correct one – #2.

            There is nothing sinister, diabolical, pathetic or screwed up about my observation that many years ago jets flew under the same conditions that you claim could be the cause of CHEMTRAILS but produced none.

            Maybe your four statements were referring to some of my previous posts and not the one that provoked your response this time. My previous posts had nothing to do with proving you wrong this time, so why mention them even if you’re wrong about those also.

            The fact that you claim the sky is not being sprayed but obviously know that it is being sprayed because you have seen the undeniable evidence is proof you are allied or work for the ones doing the spraying.

            So you’re not here honestly debating in good faith. No more replies to you from me probably. If I do though, just ignore them – they won’t be directed to you but to others who might think you’re making sense.

    • Bill

      I would say the goals are multipurpose and sinister. No doubt chemicals of many varieties are being released depending on the purpose de le jour.

      • Lennie Pike

        I agree. The cancer rates are increasing at an astronomical rate. Maybe “they” have an antidote who knows. If not, multipurpose makes sense to me – why waste a great opportunity to reduce the “overpopulated planet”.

        There’s room and rescources for 100 billion+ – it’s just that they want to take up the whole scene baby.

    • kathy k

      Small aluminum particles to effect our soil food & water also known as chem trails NOT NATURAL

  • Barry Goldwater

    Severe weather events always tempt us to pronounce them the instrument of judgment.
    Consider the great Mississippi Flood of 1927. It started raining in the summer of 1926 and eventually 27,000 square miles of land were under 30 feet of water. 1.5 million people were displaced as a result .The Cumberland River set a record in Nashville December 25, 1926 at 56.2 feet that remains unbroken to this very day. In May 1927 the Mississippi River just South of Memphis was 60 miles wide.
    I’m not an environmentalist in any sense of the word but I do believe the Earth has always and always will experience extreme weather events. There will be drought, flood, deep freezes, massive hurricanes, numerous tornadoes, heat waves ( 1980 still holds the records for heat ) until the end of all time.
    How do we explain all this ?
    I would do it by saying this, the Earth and all creations upon on it are God’s creations. The Earth is a living object and is in a constant state of change as it has been since the dawn of time. Severe weather events are the Earth’s natural way of making adjustments and balancing itself. We should not be terrorized by nature but learn to respect it .

  • Powers Beyond Imagination

    Possibly people can affect the climate. With increasing population and greater volatility in human behavior maybe the climate is reflecting that via El Nino etc. Definitely, the Stock Markets are volatile.
    Is there a connection?

  • Barneybyboy

    basically it seems that there is no end to this calamity..prepare yourselves for impact!

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    Dear Michael,

    For all your questions, your own articles have the answers and you

    have to sift them!

    a. It is not only a judgement of God on USA but also on the world.

    One lady American astrologer said in 2008 that the transit of Pluto in

    Capricorn from 2008 to 2023 will change the world entirely She

    added that we dont know how the world will look like in 2023!

    b. 56 million babies have been slaughtered in USA. Whose babies

    were they? They were all God`s children – the greatest sin on this


    c. We dont seem to recall at all what Jesus Christ said: “Kingdom of God is within you”! Why did we fail to understand this? Because of

    God in each one of us each one of us we are breathing today!

    There are many sins we have committed, and we have ignored all

    the messages of all the messengers of God. Our thought of superiority has to have an expiry date as well.

    What we are witnessing is just a beginning.Nature will

    unleash deadly tools to make the humanity kneel down in

    trepidation and tears. Please keep watching closely all the

    changing weather patterns.

    Smog from Indonesia and Malaysia is not going to stop till

    March next year. You can imagine the consequences.

    No country will be spared for the judgement of God. Not

    millions but billions will be wiped out. Almost entir eAfrica

    is on the throes of food crisis. According to USDA

    “”sixteen million children (in USA) live in homes where there is consistently not enough food”. You also stated in one of
    your articles that there is no strategic grain reserve in USA.
    Any amount of wealth is not going to help us. Look at
    Saudi Arabia. Specter of famine is on the horizon, probably
    in six months!. We can witness utter pandemonium and panic around the world.

    All this happens because we dont know who God is!

    You might ask me as to what is the remedy. The remedy is
    in each one of us – to be spiritual through the focus on the
    third eye.

    Thiagarajan TVS

    • rentslave

      Still,the Democrats keep telling us that everything is beautiful.

      • Scott Comin

        Yes I am a rent slave to!!!!

  • JailBanksters

    The SUN, got nothing to do with Obama or Bankers not profiting enough from trading carbon.

  • Priszilla

    God’s judgement for America’s violence around the world is much more plausible than climate change or elnino.

  • Priszilla

    America has 800 military bases in 150 countries. Of course there is no money left to pay for the maintenance and upgrade of dams.

    • Bill

      Think it has more to do with controlling the world than maintaining the homefront.

      • Priszilla

        No. It has to do with cashing in on taxpayers money. The secret service is there to find new “threats” or to create them. So more bombs can be sold to the taxpayer.
        And since the taxpayer doesn’t have so much money the state borrows the money from private banks so that the future taxpayer also has to pay the interest.

        It is much more profitable for a corporation to sell a cruise missile to the taxpayer than a bridge or school.

    • K2

      Every major power throughout history had military bases in other countries. Romans, british, soviets etc.

      • ter ber

        And it worked out so well for them.

        • K2

          Explain how their bases affected them.

          • ter ber

            They are all shadows of their former selves.

      • Lennie Pike

        How bout the Chinese? Can you milk me Greg? I’ve got teets.

        They never have so you’re wrong, but soon they will and you’ll be right. They’ll probably be in the U.S. by invitation by our masters the ones behind the federal reserve – two birds of a feather – Godless money loving control freak a-holes.

        • Lennie Pike

          On Nov. 3rd three Chinese Navy warships will pay a visit to Florida on a “good will tour” – maybe to offload more firearms and ammo to compliment the hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo already distributed to various U.S. Govt. Agencies.

          The Chinese troops are already here – they’re just not in uniform yet.

          • Lennie Pike

            Wake up U.S. Military! Obeying unconstitutional orders is illegal, destructive to your Fellow American and to yourselves, and dishonorable. If you’re nothing but a bunch of non-thinking, non-human robots, what good are ya? You were ordered to bomb a Doctors Without Borders hospital by people who are not even Americans and you did. What’s next? An orphanage with special needs kids? Wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Gay Veteran

            the military will obey orders, just like they obeyed orders in our war of aggression against Iraq

          • Lennie Pike

            That’s probably true, even to kill their fellow law abiding Americans when it’s time to enforce the UN small arms treaty which their commander traitor in chief signed.

          • Lennie Pike

            At least I hope they have the decency to be wearing their sky blue helmets when they do choose to go against freedom and the U.S. Constitution – it also makes for a better target.

        • K2

          Soon they might too. Spratly’s is being developed into a base.

          • Priszilla

            800+ ?

      • Evil_shadow

        soviets yes, Russia ..well No.Compared to US russia doesnt have military bases abroad.

        • K2

          They have a naval base in syria, now an air base. But who said anything about russia anyway.

          • Evil_shadow

            true, they have naval base there, few airbases (and expanding due to “anti terrorist” campaign) and two (if im not wrong) bases in afghanistan.that would sum up most of the bases that Russia have around the world.Not much compared to US eh….

      • Priszilla

        So what happened to the Roman Empire? Or the British Empire?

        Read The Art of War, especially the part about logistics.

  • alan

    So lets ask Kalifornia about too much rain, DOH! Some times we just get bad weather, now back to the economic collapse.

    Keep an eye on Saudi Arabia.

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    It has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. Collectivley,
    we approved all actions. Collectively we have to face the music
    regardless of how we react to Michael`s acticle.

    Let not just focus on America alone. Our focus has to be worldwide
    to know how far or near we are to the precipice of collapse. Please keep a close watch on weather conditions and food insecurity everyday. Dont count on leaders to come to our rescue. They will
    be helpless and hopeless. Record-breaking storms all over..

    Thiagarajan TVS

  • georgesilver

    Should have purchased the Clif High ALTA report. It was all predicted.

    • senjx20

      should have read bible. has more info.
      flood cause info here:
      geoengineeringwatch dot org

  • Illegal

    Part of the problem is man picks some of the worst areas to live and often alters the natural environment in the process. We build in coastal areas often destroying the natural dune line. We fill in or destroy wetlands with little regard to their purpose. Many cities are built in flood prone, river deltas or marshland. Is it any wonder we notice and suffer the consequences of severe weather! In the US the same communities have to receive emergency aid year after year. We are not very good stewards of the natural environent

    • Quetzol-43

      2014: Whatever, I live where I want, I don´t care about the stupid environment and f*** you people who “warns” me that living below sea level in a coastal area is a bad idea! The f**** you know, you dumb a***holes??

      2015: Waaah! Waaaah! My home was destroyed by a flood, why did that happen? How was I supposed to know?!?
      The taxpayers needs to bail me out and replace the stuff that I lost, for a cost of 230 000 dollars!

  • Godfrey

    The four horsemen of Rev 6 are picking up pace, no wonder we have an escalation in false Christianity (white horse), war (red horse), famine (black horse) and pestilence (pale horse).

  • You can’t trust water ……even a stick turns crooked in it

    • Devil Hater

      Marc Dinger’s nose shrivles up in it also.

  • Mad Monkey

    Those that have see the tribulations of the last days in vision say that after a long winter where people are trapped in their houses emerge and mass starvation sets in. But it is preceded by drought, storms and floods that makes the famine a lot worse. The big shaking/judgement is coming.

  • Alice Young

    the 1000 years of records from the PTB seems a stretch here, given how underpopulated the country was and the nomadic lifestyle of the indigenous people when the europeans turned up, speculating that there has just been a 200 years lull in weather conditions is just as valid. The new normal ? Whatever lets tax it !!!

    • Bill

      As in carbon credits?

  • Black

    Why is this happening? To give nuts like your readers a reason to build an ark?

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      ..And they don’t have extended AnteDeluvian lives, so they will have to build faster.

  • voltaic

    I know! I know! It’s the Muslim, devil Obama’s fault for trying to clean up dirty coal emissions!!! It says so in the scriptures!! No? That’s not it… Hmmmm. It’s Hillary’s fault! She is a possessed witch and wants the US to be a satanic cult that worships floods!! What? There’s nothing to that? Well then it’s the democrats fault!!!!! They want to turn America into a flood zone so that FEMA can round up people and keep them imprisoned for being in the Tea Party!!!!! I don’t care what they say, you can trust me on that one!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Jack

      I know lets just tax our way out of this or have another summit!!

  • chuckR

    The one problem right now that is not being talked about by the government or most science because of its potentially deadly results is the major sunspot eruptions. We are getting perhaps the largest in many millennia,. The potential for communication interruptions and and other vital breakdowns is enormous. It is to last another 5 to 20 years and has not reached its peak. Unlike a localized EMP attack (which is definitely another concern), its effects will be world-wide. I have read the possible weather disturbances could be very serious. Is this a factor in the current weather?

  • axinosp PAN

    Prepare for much more water flood and much more snow , snow hurricanes and glassiers expansion
    This is how it starts the age of Aquarius !!

  • Dennis J. Smarch

    Does anybody remember the dude saying we had 500 days until the beginning of Climate Chaos? He said it 500 days before September 23-24…

  • Richard O. Mann

    Judgement, yes. Too much to go into. But, this country is heading for the dust bin of history. Between Obama and the weather, I don’t see a very good future for the US.

  • moovova

    IT’S CALLED WEATHER, peoples.

  • Mike De

    thats easy…..Geoengineering AKA ‘CHEMTRAILS’

  • JI

    We are not experiencing weather that is historically unusual. It’s just that

    a) All large weather events are now reported,
    b) they’re reported with a lot of hype
    c) areas that were once sparsely populated are now cities, leading to more damage and hence more of a) and c).

  • K

    I have seen more severe weather in the last 2 years. Then seems likely, through random chance. It could be, 1. A cycle, that is so large, we do not have old enough records, to perceive it. 2. The increased volcanic activity playing havoc with the weather. 3. Weather modification capabilities, are more advanced, than we thought. These are the three, I think are most likely.

  • DJohn1

    This is long term and normal.
    Start adding up all the drought situation lack of rain and then have it all pile on at once. That is what is happening.
    In Ohio, we built a series of dams to contain the water that was flooding our cities as far back as 1913. Then in the dry years we used that water until the next wet spell came.
    Dayton, Ohio 1913 was hit bad. It completely covered the ground floor of many buildings to the tune of a lot of money damage.
    It never pays to get lax and one or more of those dams could break if not maintained properly. That could happen.
    California and places also suffers from earthquakes that make building those damns not very practical. I think I would throw the reserves into lakes throughout the state but that is really one for the engineers to decide.
    The biggest weather problem I see is increased carbon dioxide in the air. The solution is to alter the balance of plant to animal. Plants break down carbon dioxide into oxygen.
    Funny really, that the smallest plants increase the oxygen such as carrots do. Maybe we all need to be planting carrot gardens . . .
    Our biggest contributor to increased carbon dioxide is a compounder. The more cars the more carbon dioxide. Each year we put more and more cars on the road.

  • 1Catolives1

    No way to KNOW why. God does not sign His name.
    I wish He would sign His name in some manner.

  • lunaticfringe

    Of course we could not have a rational discussion about the weather without the OP adding his 2 cents in about God using the weather to inflict judgement on the people.

    Give me a break. God has nothing to do with the weather. I am so tired of the ignorance.

    Do you know why christians are really disliked by normal people?

    It’s because of

    1. Stupidity like this
    2. Because christians have a do what I say not what I do mentality.

    • Big Daddy

      Uh, lunatic fringe . . . calling christians “stupid”? How appropriate. Akin to brain-dead dope smokers believing themselves to be geniuses. Problem is today’s christianity is not radical enough and has developed far too much tolerance for ignorant heathens and fools.

  • sharonsj

    Why is it happening? It’s called global warming. These storms are made more powerful by warming seas. We’re also expected to have the worst El Nino ever. Of course right-wingers don’t believe in climate change, so you can always pretend your home isn’t really underwater.

    • Leo Unatic

      True faith can move mountains after all….

      • charles

        Really if that’s the damn case where are the mountains true faith has moved in the last 10 years?

    • The problem is more about what people are talking about. Many people, and more and more scientists as well, are in disagreement with “Global Warming” based on facts and data. But, important, it does not mean they are against Climate Change itself.

      It is the confusion between those two concepts which are problematic and create so much useless debate.

      – Climate Change is a fact demonstrated by Science through which mankind is going now, as it has gone in the past. It is cyclical and natural. The Earth, with or without us, always goes through sudden cycle of climate change. The only variable, nowadays, which impact or accelerate that change is us, humans (more than 7 Billions), and our massive consumption of resources (Cattle, Agriculture, Mining,…). We are clearly acting on the equilibrium in place. The Earth, being a closed system, react with positive feed back to our action trying to re-balance things (natural Law)
      Climate Change is a normal feed-back loop in the system. The problem is probably that we switched on that loop too early that it should have in normal circumstances. With climate change e will have high temperature, then low temperature, then really low, they sudden high, then low again, until a new equilibrium is found… until the problem is resolved. In our case, we are, in many ways, a problem for this planet. Extremes in climate will impact our lives no doubt, millions, maybe billions, will die… but not in one year or two. Many decades is more probable…

      – “Global Warming”, on the other hand, has been proven to be more an agenda politically driven than a real scientific based notion. CO2 is far from being a problem and there are gas way more dangerous for the green house effect. Few years ago (70’s – 80’s), before “Global Warming” there was another notion “Global Cooling”. Then some spoke about “Global Dimming”, “Global Warming” is simply another of those titles naming a working hypothesis.

      In any case, life goes on. Carpe Diem…

  • Devil Hater

    Don’t have children now. They will grow up having A horble life. A baby born today will have A bad life. Thank god I’m not A baby born today?

  • A.S.

    it is interesting that it happened on or around Parashat Noah in the Torah. Also G-d is punishing the U.S. for “screwing” Israel and siding with the evil made-up-nation palestinians.

    • jsmith

      Oh, so the mighty God of the bible is siding with the Jews, eh? What a load of fresh manure! By the way, these current Ashkenazi Jews are not semitic, while the Arabs are. If the Ashkenazi Jews were semitic, they would look like the Ayrabs, a lot darker than the lily white Jews that came out of Khazaria and migrated to Russia and Poland and to Germany. The real Sephardic Jews or true Jews which are hated by the Askenazi’s are cousins to the Arabs.

    • he-is RISEN

      Book EYE TO EYE it will show how it all fits mess with Isreal & GOD will mess with whoever is involved.
      GOD Bless

  • mister_roboto

    Well, I think the idea of Divine retribution and global warming are compatible with one another. (No, the conservative regulars on this site won’t like this one bit.) All of creation, including us, is an extension of the very Being many people refer to as God. This means everything that exists is connected in a very intimate way. So when part of creation (in this case us) wages war on the rest of creation, those who wage such war inevitably experience dire consequences. And no, I’m not interested in imposing any sort of agenda on anybody. Global warming policy-fixes are a happy-talk illusion. We are a species of hopeless energy-junkies now. Whatever is going to happen to correct the imbalances we have brought into being will simply happen. These are the sort of things that will happen when a species or part of a species uses the gift of sentience to enjoy undue benefits at the expense of others. This also includes non-human others, because the ultimate truth is there really are no others. What we do to “others” we also do to ourselves. What we do to ourselves we also do to “others”. And believe it or not, I do appreciate the webmaster (who was the one who opened this particular can of worms) for soliciting opinions on these matters he or his regular readers might not appreciate very much at all.

  • Kim

    Call it El Niño or whatever you like but what is really happening is that the Pacific Ocean is warming much deeper and in a bigger swath than usual or normal. Why this is happening is anyone’s guess. It’s not hard to blame the burning of fossil fuels for decades. That’s sort of the obvious scape goat. But u can’t rule it out either.

    • Gregory Purcell

      Gee mankind releases 30 billion (with a b) 30 billion metric tons of CO2 per year. All that adds up over the years. It will take thousands of years for that carbon to become trapped under ground again. Gee you think all that extra green house gas might have an affect.

  • jsmith

    South Carolina governor stated that the state had not been hit by rain in a thousand years. Gee, I wasn’t aware that someone was ring rain in that state since 1016 A.D. lol !

    • jsmith

      sorry, monitoring rain since 1016 A.D.

    • Did it occur to you that there are scientific ways to measure that in our days of high technology?

      Mocking and laughing is one thing, but better to first research about Hydrology, Geology, and all the “logy” available in Earth Science. Then, only then, you mock and laugh… 😉

  • Gay Veteran

    little daddy, don’t to have a street corner to pray loudly at?

    • Big Daddy

      No lil rope sucker. Don’t need a street corner, and don’t pray loudly anyway. Might find the likes of you there.

      • Gay Veteran

        smell? yeah, find your mommy there

        • Big Daddy

          You would think of your mommy, not ever having known your father..

  • JF1962

    How does Haley know it hasn’t rained that much for 1000 years?

  • RedSky

    It’s karma. The old saying, “what goes around comes around.” We may not have “war” on our shores but our country has been “paid back” with unrelenting, unforgiving and unmerciful natural disasters in recent years and months. Why even bother rebuilding in these ravage torn areas? This country in many places is so overbuilt that I recently read in a Florida newspaper that all the buildable land is gone and they were trying to get the city planning board to approve building condos/apartments over a landfill. Enough is enough!

  • Alleged Comment

    The weather has been unusual for about a 100 years. You should really pick up an old newspaper and read.

    You can hardly differentiate the headlines from today’s news.

  • beretta

    Thanks apberusdisvet for for giving the same website I did, I signed in earlier as guest.

  • James

    El Nino
    Climate Change
    Drought that is followed by flood.
    Typical stuff

    Should I have links for blog posts about how September was gods judgement of america or posts in 2010 about the impending economic doom?

    • Steeve Girard

      That’s what I have been telling (and got erased by the mod), but the cultists love their Abrahamic weiners!

      • James

        Someone on this site also has common sense.

  • carson

    that they might seek God. And notice a few are asking questions, not many, but even if 1 in a million.. well there is much rejoicing in heaven when even 1 sinner repents.

    • Paul F


  • horse777res


  • Karen McKim-Altman

    Two things: weather manipulation, so that the weather can be blamed on ‘global warming’, thus tax us to death and make sure we are all good little U.N. minions doing what we are told; and 2) God’s wrath and judgment has come upon this evil nation.

  • Richard

    “It has choked Singapore with smoke”
    Nope, that’s not El Nino (I live there). It’s the Indonesians burning the ground illegally which they do every year. The debris is carried by the winds to S’pore and Malaysia which can do nothing about it.

  • Weatherman

    Weather weapons,,, HAARP , Geoengineering , chemtrails ,,,,, wake up people, God is not doing this, it’s not judgement,,, stop being so stupid and research these things and learn the truth.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    You’re nobody without a concrete-encased underground bunker and machine guns.

  • Patrick Van Der Ven

    There are many who want to see this as a sign of the apocalypse. Though it is not. The world is warming for two reasons: the burning of fossil fuels and how produce food. All man made disasters. It is was predicted 50 years ago that what is happening now would start happening. The planet will survive, but we as humans need to alter our lifestyle. That is we need to move to a vegan diet, we can not sustain an ever increasing population on the diet we are on, plus we have to move to renewable energies. El nino on top of global warming of course heralods more natural disasters.

  • ter ber

    “And the land is defiled therefore I do visit the iniquity therefof upon it, and the land itself, vomits out her inhabitants.” Leviticus 18:25.

  • HermesTrismetigus

    Rothchildes depopulation plan for 2030 using global weather modification ation, planned global economic collapse, covered up by planned world war 3.

  • RedPillPlease

    The massive propaganda machines affixed in everyone’s household in which fear mongering, half truths and outright lies are produced. A big storm, heavy rains and some wildfires, all of which occur annually, are blared repetively 24/7 at the top of the hour every hour as if it were occurring outside every living souls front door. A more prudent observation would reveal a small decimal percentage compared to those who were adversely affected by the cycles of nature and those who were not. Though the machinations of the alarmist agenda to bring about global government through the ridiculous notion of “climate change” hides behind the media’s perpetual drumbeat. CO2 is planet Earth’s lifeblood and only God Himself could regulate it’s presence!

    Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.

    • Gregory Purcell

      Yes carbon is the building block of life. And water is also building block of life. But just because water is good and essential, does not stop people from drowning in a flood.

      • RedPillPlease


  • Ricky Bokovoy

    The Almighty does not cause disasters; the devil does. But when a nation turns its back on the Almighty, He allows them to have their free will, and His unappreciated protection is withdrawn.

  • Harry Kays

    Jehovah’s Witnesses could not possibly be right. Ignore these facts.

  • pippo44

    Therese Neuman was a German stigmatist and mystic. In 1946, She was asked by an American GI if US woul ever destroyed in a war. Her answer was: No but at the end of the century America will be destroyed economically by a serie of natural disasters

  • Sandbagger

    Some of the magnitude of the mudslides in California can be explained by the acres of farmland that are laying fallow due to the lack of proper irrigation over the last 10 years. There’s no roots to hold the soil. Just like in the “Dirty 30’s” dust bowl days.

    As for the torrential downpours…some say HAARP or weapons like it are being used in a surreptitious war.

    Dutchsinse on YouTube.

  • Jo

    I believe it’s from the Chem Trails our government has been spraying over us for the last year. Also, manipulating the weather to force countries to agree to terms that this administration wants. No rain – failed crops; too much rain – devastation.

  • Born Again by Spirit

    Its called Gods sovereign hand…learn it know it and live it…this is what happens when we turn our back on God…He turns His back on us…this is just a warning. Cry out now and repent of your evil wicked ways or wait until the Judgment starts and then it will be to late. You have been warned!!!

  • How about the Chem Trails we see in the skies almost everyday. We asked our Congress person about them and were told by and aid that it wasn’t a priority.

  • Pat Enery

    Can you spell G E O E N G I N E E R I N G?

  • EvelynPringle

    It’s geoengineering by the government.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Simple: there’s been a whole lot of rain.

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