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Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night?

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Ferguson Looting - Posted by Michael Calhoun On TwitterOn Friday night, the city of Ferguson, Missouri was absolutely packed with militarized police.  But when the looting started, they did nothing about it.  In fact, news reports indicate that the police were lined up just blocks from where the looting was happening but did not make any attempt to stop it.  When I first read the news reports that I am about to share with you, I could hardly believe them.  I had to read them more than once just to be sure that I was understanding what I was reading.  According to eyewitnesses, police vehicles were seen driving by some of the stores while they were being looted and they did not respond.  If the police are not even going to lift a finger to stop rampant theft, then what in the world are they there for?  Why don’t they just pack up and leave the streets completely?  If they are just there to confront protesters and arrest journalists, all they are accomplishing is inflaming the situation.  And is this what we can expect when civil unrest spreads to more cities throughout America?  Will we not be able to depend on the police to protect our homes and our businesses?

What I am about to share with you are excerpts from mainstream news reports about how the police did nothing to stop the looting.  To me, this stand down by the police is one of the most disturbing aspects of the Ferguson riots so far.

This first excerpt is from USA Today

During the night, buildings burned, windows shattered, and chaos ensued as protesters stood in the street criticizing police. Officers threatened to arrest protesters who came near their trucks. Yet authorities did not attempt to stop any looting as citizens moved to protect local businesses from sporadic thefts.

This next excerpt is from the local Fox affiliate in St. Louis

Police presence is in question after St. Louis County and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers left the scene in Ferguson once looters began attacking businesses overnight.

Protesters believe the media has started to confuse the difference between themselves and the looters. Fights have begun on the streets as well as social media with some believing this has become similar to a game of chess.

And this last excerpt is from Fox News

A reporter from the station tweeted that police cars were seen driving past some of the stores being looted and did not respond. It rained in Ferguson Friday night and protesters could be seen outside until 6 a.m.

Two store owners, standing outside their business holding guns, told that when they called 911, they were sent from one police agency to another, and got no response.

One of the owners, with a large black gun resting on his shoulder, told the station that police were lined up blocks from the looting, and did not engage looters making off with large boxes from these stores.

There’s no police,” he said. “We trusted the police to keep it peaceful; they didn’t do their job.”

Why did the police in Ferguson refuse to do their jobs?

Who told them to stand down?

Someone in the mainstream media needs to start asking some of these hard questions.

As the streets of Ferguson have descended into anarchy, business owners have been forced to take matters into their own hands.

The following are two photos of a Wal-Mart in Ferguson that were posted by the Economic Policy Journal.  In this first photo, you can see that Wal-Mart employees have stacked rows of shopping carts across the front entrance in order to keep looters from getting in…

Wal-Mart in Ferguson 1 - Photo from Alex Wroblewski on Twitter

This next photo shows that dozens of cases of bottled water have been stacked just inside the front entrance in an attempt to deter looters…

Wal-Mart in Ferguson 2 - Photo from Alex Wroblewski on Twitter

Other business owners are taking even stronger measures to protect their property.

Every night now, business owners can be seen all around Ferguson standing out in front of their businesses holding guns.  You can see some examples of this in this article.

And unsurprisingly, gun sales are going through the roof in Ferguson at the moment…

Guns and ammo are selling at a feverish pace in and around St. Louis as violent clashes continue between protesters and police in nearby Ferguson, Missouri.

People are coming in with fear in their eyes and they’re saying they need something to protect their house,” said Steven King, owner of Metro Shooting Supplies, a gun shop in the St. Louis suburb of Bridgeton. “They’re scared to death.”

As I have written about previously, I believe that what is going on in Ferguson is a perfect example of how rapidly the streets of America can descend into chaos.

And I also believe that what we are watching is just a preview of what is coming to America in the years ahead.

Watch what is happening very carefully, because there is a lesson in all of this.

When chaos reigns, the police are not going to be there to rescue you.

In a crisis situation, you and your family are not going to be a priority for the authorities.  So you are going to need to come up with your own plan to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

If you think that I am being overly dramatic, you must not have been paying attention to what has been going on in America in recent years.

Today, our society is becoming increasingly divided.  A whole host of opinion polls and surveys show that anger and frustration in this country have reached all-time highs.  The civil unrest in Ferguson didn’t just come out of a vacuum.  The truth is that pressure has been building under the surface in the U.S. for years.  And it isn’t going to take much for more Fergusons to erupt all around the nation.

So what do you think?

Why were the police in Ferguson told not to stop the rampant looting on Friday night?

And what do you think is coming next for America?

Please share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • Mike McNamara

    Some government official, chief of police, mayor or need be up to the governors office is ultimately responsible and therefore accountable for this gross negligence of duty, for the lack of police protection during these robberies. Public outrage should coalesce and demand an immediate accountability.

    • JulietteofOhio

      I understand what you’re saying, but there is NO accountability anymore. Lois Lerner is not accountable, Hillary is not accountable, Eric Holder is a perpetrator and so is Obama. If you’re a white policeman, you’re automatically guilty. This is another story that will fade when the media finds out that the wrong race may be responsible. Obama and Holder will be in firm control and Jessie and the Rev. Al will make out like bandits.

      • candle

        And we know how well all those cops performed in the Louisiana Katrina event..right. You know who they were.

  • Goldfinger

    Unfortunately this county and state are controlled by Democrats and they don’t want to offend their constituency, the looters.

    • alan

      Looters are voters!

    • stanley

      You are correct!

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Who here really thinks that this officer just pulled his weapon out and decided to vent some frustration by shooting someone who didn’t deserve it? Just like the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, I suspect the media is going to race bait FIRST and then gather and report the facts later. Freedom of the press is supposed to be a national asset but today it is as much of a moral liability as it has ever been. I’m personally fearful as to how far the media is willing to go to encourage an atmosphere of violence and savagery.


      The parallels with pre war Germany are eerie.

      • Ian

        If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.

        George Bernard Shaw

      • Priszilla

        Tell us more about pre-war Germany.

    • point

      Exactly..cause this cop had no idea doing such a thing would ruing his life and his career.
      There’s so much more to this story that is being suppressed. The looter, the thugs, the vandals..of that community.. are just that thugs, looters, vandals, criminals.
      they you have idiots like a jone, daboo77, and many other youtube channels further frothing their audiences with their inept analysis.
      Lots of broken/damaged peeps out there.

      • SRVES339

        just wow… mike is dead

    • cheeriogirl

      The autopsy suggests just that. Science and facts are our friends, and will help cooler heads prevail.

      • SRVES339

        u go girl!

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        Brown was charging the officer. That’s why he fired one at his head after what were essentially warning shots. He had already tried to get the officer’s gun before that.

        • El_Tigre_Loco

          He hit the TOP of MB’s head as MB was falling.

        • SRVES339

          so how did he get so far away from the car…

          warning shots… rotflmfao!

    • Bruce

      Sure this cop just opened fire and executed someone in public so he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Ridiculous thought isn’t it?

      • SRVES339

        Apparently you missed the video of the NY cop strangling a man, who could have been M Brown’s twin, to death as he cried out 11 times that he couldn’t breath Bruce… or is that Adolf.

        BTW… two cops just got another black man 2 miles from Ferguson.

        • El_Tigre_Loco

          He didn’t die of strangulation. You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Money in the pockets of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

      • SRVES339

        when in doubt slander some black folks… works every time in bigotworld

  • K

    To me all of this makes sense only one way. This is a training exercise. The police are fine tuning their methods. All of this insanity started with looting, and burning almost a week ago. To my knowledge not one arrest. Then a couple of days later, the insanity goes full speed. Why, because someone threw a bottle. No bottle thrower is arrested. Situation gets worse, two molotov cocktails are thrown. No one is arrested for throwing said cocktails. Friday more looting, once again no action, no arrests. Saturday night someone is shot. The police see someone in the middle of the street holding a gun. No arrest is made. The only arrests I know of, were for failure to disperse. And of course, the reporters they arrested. So perhaps this is the last real world test run, before it jumps off in general.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Remember this is also an opportunity to train for everyone else as well as it’s far from being totally in the dark.

    • K

      Next predictable step, they are sending in the National Guard. If that does not send a chill through you. Remember most of these Guardsmen have seen combat duty overseas. So how this should really read. Combat troops being sent to Ferguson.

      • horsepucky

        So are you saying those military people are dumb, stupid and incapable of making decision on when and when not to shoot?
        SHAME ON YOU.. Those men and women fought for your freedoms.
        Maybe you and others who think like you do, really don’t deserve your freedom!

        • K

          No the shame is on you. Combat troops being deployed against American citizens? Just another Government shill. I do not deserve my freedom? Am I to take that as a threat? Notice how the shill throws in the inflammatory comments dumb, stupid, etc. Never said, and meant to distract from main topic. How many pieces of silver are you taking, to betray your own Country?

  • Orange Jean

    In the meantime, back in Africa… some looting just went on in clinics treating Ebola patients. Yup, stole things like bloody sheets… ZERO brains!

  • Bill

    It’s a setup dude. You’ve been had America. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

    • Syrin

      Ding ding ding. We have a winner. I said from day one that this was going to be the beta version of martial law, and I think I was right. Want to know the scary thing? They haven’t even broken out their big guns in the form of armed drones and DARPA robots.

  • Clowns All Around Me

    It is simple, the police and military are conditioning the population to want “protection” and “safety” of their presence, thus enlarging the police state. In high crime areas in New Jersey, there was a recent period where folks were begging for the national guard to come in.

    Those doing the looting, robbing and other crimes need to stop because while it may be fun for them to do so, they like the rest of the country is going to get screwed in the long run with even more harassment, police checkpoints and increased surveillance.

    • afchief

      Relax!. These are just some kids who could easily be 0bama’s children, doing some ‘black to school shopping’ at prices too good to pass up.

      Have you ever noticed they never loot book stores?

      • alan


      • pulltheweeds


      • MadAsHellYankee

        Or Home Depot

      • bingo

        Hysterical! But highly accurate

      • Syrin

        Have you ever noticed that when cops unjustly gun down some white trash meth head, the whites never destroy everything in sight? This is the end result of decades of teaching blacks to have a victimhood and entitlement mentality whereas whites are told they deserve to be treated poorly.

        • SRVES339

          “blacks to have a victimhood and entitlement mentality”

          Speaking of entitlement… 45% of food stamp recipients are white

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Sounds like Camden

  • ASmith

    Would it have been better if the police simply murdered the looters in order to protect China Mart and others. Perhaps lock them up for being without food, shelter, clothing while
    hedge fund managers laugh all the way to the bank.

    • peace angel

      THEY all have food compliments of working people and this is a taxpayer funded shelter apt. complex and their clothing is also paid for by working people. A baby mama with two kids can get $60,000 per year on the backs of working people.

      THEY chose career criminal as their lifestyle and they dress and live and eat and buy drugs and cigs and alcohol with SNAP.

      • SRVES339

        45% of Snap users are white… seems Hannity forget to share that with you

        • peace angel

          It is actually 60% of whites and all other races and 38% of blacks who get SNAP but what Hannity forgot to tell you is that Blacks only make up 3% of the overall US population and this means that FAR more blacks are on SNAP and have OBamaphones than all the other races put together!!!!

          BY FAR more blacks are on welfare than all the rest of us put together.

          At 62 I have been supporting their laziness, their drug and alcohol addictions and their houses full of kids they NEVER should have had for almost 6 decades.

          IF you don’t have a job and no one in your family has EVER had a job, you should not birth any children for others to pay to raise. I have been working since I was 6 and was not able to be paid until I was 15 when I got $2.00 per hour for several years.

          I have not stopped working and when I compare myself to the thousands of blacks I have met nationwide they have done far better than I have by laying on the couch at home.

          USE real figures. Some of us KNOW the stats.

          • SRVES339

            3%… rotlfmfao!

            U may want to check that one genius…

          • peace angel

            That is just a typo. I know that they make up 13% of the total population, but apparently you had no clue that this was an important FACT in your bad mathematics from your first post.

            IF you KNEW the number or cared about it you would have looked it up and you would have put it here.

            You just use the internet to lash out name call and list incorrect numbers. At least I do know the numbers. IF you check it blacks are way more likely to be career criminals and repeat offenders than all the other races put together.

          • peace angel

            I did and told you it was a typo. HAVE no idea where that post is but I also fixed it.

  • Topodamorning

    I think the police decided to contain the looting instead of fighting it. They know that people will stop after they tire and calm down. It’s just the way it goes during a riot similar to high speed chases. Backing off can save lives. The victim was not innocent and it appears that this big mike guy was bullying that shop owner more than once. I bet they were familiar with one another. That big guy was threatening when he turned towards the shop owner before leaving. I’ve been around the block myself. I’ve done things illegally and put myself in danger of being shot or killed by police or other. It was not a good day for big mike. He didn’t deserve that but it comes with the territory.

  • GSOB

    Another success by the politico-media complex to manipulate rather than inform the people.

  • 8540win

    My take? They don’t stop looters for the same reason border patrol agents “stand down” and let illegal aliens cross the US/Mexican border without being stopped or arrested…ORDERS from higher up…the trail ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C.

    • MaDeuce50BMG

      I think you’re right to a tee. Obunghole wants to see the country torn apart and in chaos in order to enact martial law and then take a seat as an ensconced dictator. This stinks from the top down. Anyone wanna bet that there are going to be more instances of this type to inflame more hatred and upheaval.

      • Orange Jean

        Also his constant comments that encourage resentment, race envy, class envy etc.

        Using a term like “the 1%” which makes it sound like the problem is all bankers or people who have more money… that is pure distraction from the inappropriate use of power and the irresponsible waste of taxpayers money (to say nothing of excess taxes in the first place). For example … recently over 6 billion went “missing” from Federal coffers which hit the news a week or so ago… and then promptly disappeared due to distractions, from false flags and other “crisis” events.

        Quite a few recent events make me think of a coup d’état is in the works.

      • Lixy

        Nope MaDeuce. He doesn’t have the stomach for dictator ship. He is tearing the country down for the globalists and is already setup for a cushy bureacratic postion with lots of golfing, cigars and mai tai’s

        • ding

          his mission is clear.. good to see others catching this. Too bad it wasn’t crystal clear to many others back in 2007..
          It should have been..

      • SRVES339

        so it must be so exiting for you knowing that every one of americas problems will just melt away January 2017… usa,usa,usa

    • pickle

      Tactically on a large scale civil unrest..they will simply surround the target area, and allow it to just burn itself out. Why bother shooting anyone, or engaging these thugs..they’ll only sue you.. let them shoot themselves.
      Chicago is a good barometer.

      • EnjoyTheCollapse

        And bring the fiddle…

  • Kris McClure

    At first I felt that the police may have been standing down to prevent further altercations, but after I read about the use of tear gas and smoke grenades the following night ( and after they claimed this would not happen again) I came to another conclusion. I believe that the police are allowing these events to occur in order to support the medias focus on the looting, and civil unrest. The more that the delinquents in Ferguson make the headlines, the less credible the protests appear as a whole. It is worth mentioning that many of the protestors barricaded the businesses in order to prevent further damage. In order to construct the story, and give a negative public view towards the people of Ferguson, it’s imperative that the people their appear to be an angry, unruly mob which disregards law and order even in the face of tragedy. The media has obviously concentrated on the continuing criminal activity taking place there, and has yet to really interview, or surmise the real plight of the protestors who want a peaceful, yet meaningful resolution.

  • Anthony

    For those of you wavering on our right to bear arms laws, take note of this, you could also be put in this situation at a moments notice, forced to defend your home, business, and family.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Oh but guns are bad! Guns are bad! Magazines that hold more than 7 rounds are bad!

      Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. You know though, there are still those who would throw your right to keep em and bear em under the bus just to get some free s*it

      • Anthony

        God help anyone that tries to start a riot in my neck of the woods.

    • Priszilla

      How can you use your gun to defend yourself against police and drones?

      Your guns have only one purpose: increase the profit of the arms dealers.

      • Anthony

        People like you are the ones that will be crying for people like me to protect you when things get bad.

        • Priszilla

          You won’t protect “people like me”. No point to ask. Better be far away from targets like you.

    • SRVES339

      yup 30,000 die every year from guns… almost none in my country

      in the rest of the world we simply shake our heads

  • losermagnet

    They tear gassed the crowd just a while ago. Good thing we have Obama care, for the protesters. We need looter care for the businesses. How about a looting tax, then the cops never have to be around businesses ever again during times like this, and the business owners could restock their shelves for free. We just need an executive order and some bond issuing and print up the funds. Everyone is safe and happy.

  • losermagnet

    Maybe just issue looting cards, then it will be peaceful. When they buy their monster drink with their snap card, they can pick up some electronics with their looting card. Covered by the American Looting Tax Act of 2014. The rich can afford it, the business men need it, and the fed has a printing press. We just export the inflation, and make the world pay for it! Wow maybe the world thinks we are all looters!

    • peace angel


    • SRVES339

      45% of Snap users are white

  • Priszilla

    Stacks of bottled water seems also be a good idea for the night. Stack em high behind each window.

  • Priszilla

    Guns and ammo bring profit. They are also very useful to draw every last cent out of people’s pockets.

    • Mike Smithy

      Your argument is weak. Guns are a form of insurance. Yes, insurance can be expensive, but it provides peace of mind.

      • Priszilla

        I never owned a gun in my life. Never owned a car either.

        Insurance – other people paying for your damage – is socialism, isn’t it?

        Guns are of limited use. A knife in your kidney at close range – no chance with your gun.
        A gun in your face – no chance with your gun.
        An armed drone pacifying the crowd – no chance with your gun.

        You can only shoot unarmed trespassers with your gun.

        Death penalty for trespassing? That’s freedom, right?

        • Mike Smithy

          Once again, your argument is weak. Not long ago, a criminal went into a local liquor store and shoved his gun in the face of the cashier. Interestingly enough, a citizen with a concealed carry permit was in the store and he drew his gun and shot the perpetrator dead. As a result, the bad guy did not steal any money, the cashier did not die and the tax payers saved a lot of money by not having to pay for the defense of the criminal, nor did the tax payers have to pay to incarcerate the perpetrator. Perhaps the best part of the story is that the perpetrator was never able to rob another victim. Lastly, pursuant to drones, did you realize that the vast majority of rotary wing aircraft shot down during the Vietnam conflict were brought down by small arms fire. It’s a fact, if you don’t believe me, look it up.

          • Priszilla

            It’s easy to get guns in the US, so candy store robbers carry a gun.
            Even children getting bullied in school carry a whole arsenal into school for revenge.

            It’s still good for profit.

            Sell guns, guns get stolen, end up underground, sell more guns.
            Very good business.

            Sell ammo, too. Can use ammo only once. Excellent business. Tell people they can save lives! Imagine! Shoot people to save lives. Isn’t that great?

            And the same with wars. Save lives in Iraq, get cheap oil from Kuwait, have heroes coming home in boxes. And their parents even get a medal and a folded flag!

            And all paid by the taxpayer. Pocket all the money. Sell more guns and missiles and ammo and bombs. Save even more lives. Bring freedom and democracy, just like missionaries brought the word of god to the poor souls in Africa and the West Indies.

            Bring fear into the population so they buy even more PROTECTION.

            Great business.

          • Mike Smithy

            It would appear that we have found common ground. I am very much aware of the moral hazards pursuant to the military industrial complex and the profiteers that exploit it. I don’t like it either and I am repulsed by it.

  • afchief

    Do these people have jobs? Probably NOT! Why am I not out late at night looking for trouble? Because I have to be up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to go to work to support myself and my family. Why do I not have encounters with police officers? Because my parents raised me to be a law-abiding citizen.

    • peace angel

      No they have careers. CAREER CRIMINALS

      THEY live off of you.

      • Nathan

        American Heritage Dictionary definition for bankers and politicians.

        • peace angel

          YES—-THEM TOO

      • SRVES339

        i believe most of them are those pillars of your society on wall street

    • Syrin

      You have hit upon part of the problem. These are broke desperate people living in the full glory of Obamanomics and socialism where destitution becomes rampant and institutionalized, and the gov’t becomes a weapon to be used against the people.

      • afchief

        And when you try to address this issue/problem with Blacks you are automatically labeled a racist.

        • Bo Hanan

          Don’t be a fool.
          Go back to how all this started.
          Go back 200 years if you need too.
          And for the record, I agree that Brown’s death was probably a deliberate act done to start a race-war and to bring in Marshal-law.
          Ferguson IS a testing-ground.

          • Alan David

            Watch the video in YouTube titled: homeland insecurity the rise of the police state… It is 3 hrs long, but will open your eyes and is well worth it

          • Slim

            Martial law as it is yes I agree This is a small but significant trigger to escalate not de escalate as they want us to believe.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            Right. And the officer doesn’t have any right to protect himself.

        • Priszilla

          Yes, because white people loot too. And for the same reasons. Give them jobs, jobs that pay their rent food medical commute education and they’ll be sleeping at night.

          • Mike Smithy

            Where are the white looters? In addition, why are you suggesting that people have a right to a job? People only have a right to a job in communist regimes.

          • Priszilla

            I do not suggest that people have a right to a job.

            I just said people on a job sleep at night, if the job pays all the bills.

            So, it you don’t like criminals, providing people with jobs might be cheaper than paying tax to pay police and guns.

            We had white looters in UK a few years back.

          • MissKitty

            Exactly. And communism is actually what this nation needs.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            This is what we have now and it is not working. It never has, never will.

          • SRVES339

            “Communist regimes”… ahhh, another victim of decades propaganda by the bankster owned government and media demonizing anything that would prevent them from sinking their greedy hooks into a single financial asset!

            And you clowns fall for it hook line, and sinker… just like you do with the (corporate captured) GOP telling you that any (and every) government service should be private… the better to fleece you with my dear (while you cheer those doing the fleecing)!

            Yes, government health care is evil too… except that every other industrialized country in the world has better overall heath results at half the cost… using single payer, government funded healthcare.

          • El_Tigre_Loco


          • El_Tigre_Loco

            I have visited communist regimes. It was not pretty. You should try it.

          • SRVES339


            I’ve seen enough third world in your country… the result of decades of of oppression of the poor.

            And when “the chickens come home to roost” you blame the victims… exactly as the masters of YOUR universe planned, knowing all along you would have their backs.

            Head, meet sand.

          • Priszilla

            I lived under “communist” regimes most of my life. It was healthy, safe and educational.

          • SRVES339

            ever notice how the white media ignores race protests until the first window is broken… then it’s wall to wall coverage… hmmmm

          • yhwhzson

            There aren’t any real jobs. Because whites, and other races too to be fair, LOOTED, the Savings & Loans, Pensions, Wall Street, banks, I could go on! But I think the point has been made.
            The best way to stop crime in the streets or at the bottom is to stop corruption at the top.
            With all the looting that was done in Ferguson and L.A. in the 90’s for that matter. It still wouldn’t add up to the looting that the untouchables have done. And that is what leads to the looting in the streets.

          • Priszilla

            All the more reason to deny them more money.
            Save money instead of taking out loans.
            Use your money to build your family home and improve it. Avoid loans.
            Avoid consumer credits.
            Avoid perishable goods.
            Support local smalll businesses.
            Vote for small parties or independent candidates.
            Walk and cycle instead of using a car.
            Use a carpool to save fuel.
            Insulate your home to save fuel.
            Move to save medicine.

          • John H. Ruszkowski

            Buy a gun to protect yourself from criminals.

          • Priszilla

            Here in uk not even the police want guns.

          • northernconservative

            This isn’t the UK babe.

          • Priszilla

            yes sounds more like somalia

          • northernconservative

            No. I don’t find that interesting. Why would I. Communism is not interesting at all. And somalia? I don’t think somalians are stealing energy drinks.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            The UK is rethinking that scenario.

          • Priszilla

            Just recently the police voted against guns. They don’t want them. If you have a gun you become a target for people who want a gun.

          • Priszilla

            Use physics.
            Be in a different place than criminals.
            Stay away from America, Somalia, etc.

          • Arno Krause

            Nice concept, but not realistic. When you have a disaster befall your house, like a massive flood, and you need your furnace, hot water tank, restored or replaced, but have no cash, but you have a credit card, whatsya gonna do ?

          • Priszilla

            It’s a bit late then, isn’t it? You buy long johns in spring when they are heavily discounted because there will be another winter in 9 months. And the same for everything else. Don’t live in a woodshed in hurricane area.

          • Flindutchman

            If these people looting we’re working instead of being lazy and living off the government then we wouldn’t have a Mexican problem.

          • Priszilla

            First step: reduce the size of the army. Reduce government spending on weapons, ammo, fuel, missiles – do you even realise how many people depend on government handouts? NSA CIA FBI mitre lockheed general dynamics and the list goes on.

          • SRVES339

            stop making sense

          • SRVES339

            most illegals came in on visa’s… like those the cia arranged for the saudi hijackers… and they’re not mexican

          • Priszilla

            For large bills I could always use online banking.

          • jack nichols

            better to be white there sambo

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            Because the government isn’t doing its job and regulating these people. Why? Because money talks and we have professional politicians who listen.

          • laura m.

            Best thing these business can do is shut down, collect their insurance for damages from looting then file a lawsuit against the police dept. for not responding to the looting. Police didn’t respond to other looting elsewhere during past riots either. After Katrina looting in New Orleans, businesses incl Wally mart should have packed up and left for good. No use calling the police if you see a crime since nothing will be done anyway. But if someone’s injured call 911 and move on.

          • Arno Krause

            Yes, that’s what happened in Detroit after the ’67 riots. 45 years later, you can still see the empty store fronts. And then they complain that there’s no stores in Detroit.

        • Priszilla

          In the US,
          on average twice a week,
          a white policeman kills a black citizen.

          • Mike Smithy

            What is your point? Are you suggesting that racism is the motivator? If so, where is your evidence to substantiate your claim?

          • SRVES339

            yup no racism in america… even rush agrees

          • jaxon64

            In America, 8 whites are murdered PER DAY by blacks–this from FBI and DOJ statistics.
            Also, 32K white women are raped per year by blacks…last year there were less than 10 ( a statistical 0%) blacks raped by white men..
            In America, white people are prey.

          • Bruce

            But some how these statistics will be denied and you’ll be labeled a racist for even bringing up FACTS.

          • SRVES339

            and 30,000 americans die each year by gunfire


          • afchief

            That’s because BLACK Male Youths who while comprising LESS than 5% of the population of the USA nevertheless manage to commit OVER 55% of all the MURDERS and OVER 65% of all the VIOLENT CRIME in the USA. And nobody can profile this obvious group of criminals because it wouldn’t be PC (politically correct)

          • Bruce

            and therein lies the real problem. Denial of the obvious!

          • Slim

            Avoid big corporations too. All nestle loreal Johnson and Johnson. Go with small locally produced goods. Avoid loans avoid paying interest it’s keeping us under their thumbs. Liberte egalite fraternite

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            17,000 people were killed for “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. Not to mention 300,000 arrested.

        • SRVES339

          ok… bigots… u r welcome

      • Hammerstrike

        Broke, desperate people tend to loot things like food, not flat screen TVs and sport shoes.

      • SRVES339

        wow… nice little faux news fairy tail there

        pretty sure the “broke and desperate” part came long before the Obama part… be hey who am I to spoil a bigots fun

        and look at all those white little “likes”… hannity must be bursting at the seems

    • Priszilla

      Maybe they work daytimes so they are out at night?

      • afchief

        Yeah right!!!

        Criminals behaving as criminals behave

    • SRVES339

      did mom & dad make u wear those funny white sheets… is that where you get all that angst

      why don’t you have issues with police… i”m guessin’ u r white

  • stealthman5

    Because you condemned Israel for being so militaristic in its response to thugs in Gaza shooting rockets at it, G-d is preventing you from responding to thugs in your own backyards as they steal and pillage. I should not say “you” to refer to all Americans, just to the 65% of Americans who think that Israel responded with too heavy of a hand.

  • peace angel

    According to a DHS whistle blower on Before It’s News DHS is not only in the SWAT gear and tanks but they are also in plain clothes inciting the riots and looting. It has also been reported that DHS agents in SWAT gear actually put a barrier around the stores being looted and stood and watched them do it after they were told to stand down by HOLDER and OBAMA.

    It also is being reported that Holder and Obama were the ONES who told Ferguson police NOT to release the pics/video of Brown bullying the store owner and stealing from him.

    THEY are baiting these black people to start riots.

    It has also been reported that Black Panther members in PLAIN clothes were also among the rioters inciting rage and rioting.

    Obama does this.

    ANOTHER big question is WHY are the Ferguson cops NOT reviewing all the video tape of the looters and rioters. MOST of them are on tape and all over the internet. THEY are not doubt repeat offenders and cops probably KNOW most of them already due to the fact that NONE of them work, thus most are career criminals.

    • alan

      Likely the drones are hard at work above.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      Totally plausible. I’ve told people in conversations it’s as though the looters and the “cops” ( domestic soldiers ) are on the same side here. They want unrest period and they don’t care how they get it. They are pretty opportunistic

      • peace angel

        I have watched our government do this for forty years from a DC inside position and have heard lots of politicians use the phrase “thinning of the herd” and we start every war with a false flag and we are having false flag attacks ALL over the world.

        I have learned that whatever the White House says the TRUTH is a 360 degree turn in the opposite direction. WE are the most propagandized nation on earth.

  • alan

    I reckon they will let the insurance companies sort it out.
    The upside is plenty of shovel ready jobs.

    After a week or so looting become survival.


    Now let us imagine the consequences if the shopkeepers had been disarmed via UN treaty…

  • takemeouttotheballgame

    why do these events always take place in areas that are democrat?

    • crumbling

      You can give the answer, but they’ll call you a liar.

  • pulltheweeds

    Soylent Green Baby here it comes

  • Rafael Marcelo

    Let the blacks kill each other!No need for police, except for white people of course!

  • jakartaman

    This is a microcosm of what will be heading our way sooner than a lot of folks believe. The “authorities are not here for the protection of the people – they are here for the protection of the government and the elite. You are on your own and should plan accordingly.

  • Jackie Milton

    We will see this chaos everywhere when the government is forced to discontinue entitlements. That’s when “we the people” will have to take things in hand and bloodshed will follow.

  • pfe

    Very simple…Warren vs. District of Columbia. The police have no duty to protect you or your property.

  • Rachel

    Purging perhaps? The people are mad @police for shooting a teen; and have become enraged; yet still want the police to save them. ( other than the business owners who are on the police side) if they want to act like idiots and kill each other; go for it. The police are being referred to as militia. .they are men and women, fathers and mothers; they wear protective gear they are not out to kill innocent people.


    From the info I received from people I know locally, the “looters” weren’t even from the area. The “hands in the air” street protesters were the people from the hood. In fact, it could be seen on a video that a molotov cocktail was thrown by an unknown individual, not from the street, and a fire ensued outside a Chinese Restaurant. Street Protestors ran to put out the fire.

    In other words, in quite evident THEY want chaos and disorder. They WANT civil unrest. THEY have sent, like they did in Sanford, FL, provocateurs to help insight unrest and racial divide. Their job ito prevent the REAL story from getting out. That’s why they arrest the news crews. The day will come where they will have to use all this military might, as we get closer to the tipping point.
    It’s been said on more than one occasion, this will be the last President we see in this country. I don’t know if this is true or not, but if they can escalate a situation (false flag/psy-op) that calls for martial law, or the likes, it WILL result in a suspended election for 2016.

    • grumpyhillbilly

      I can totally believe the locals aren’t the looters. What would be the point in destroying local businesses that they use? They always seems to be the same pattern to rioting. Seems like there are professional rabble rousers, who in all likelihood get government financing, that do the rampaging.

      • Pencilmein

        What would be the point in destroying their hood? Are you even remotely serious?.. WOW.. just take a look at Detroit..and the countless other geographic locations they inhabit.

    • danbax

      Well someone finally said it
      Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, said in an interview on MSNBC that President Barack Obama should “declare martial law” and “federalize the Missouri National Guard to protect people as they protest.”
      That’s how they do it.. repeat something enough to condition it in people’s heads


        Well that was perfect timing. I just heard they ordered the National Guard to report to Ferguson to help crowd control.
        We’re now one step closer.
        Even if this whole thing dies down and justice is served one way or the other, consider it just another test run for future civil unrest. This is all just a part of a bigger plan.
        In the end, it’s a win-win for them, and a no-win situation for the people because they’re banking on the human nature of people under duress to sooner or later, snap.

  • TheRoyal1

    This is nothing new, throughout “Law-Enforcement” history they’ve always attacked ppl of color, not jus black but other minorities as well…it gets to the point where ppl of my skin color feel they have no voice or their voice isn’t being heard, so they resort to violence…do I always agree with it, no, but I do understand where its coming from….In my opinion the Police was never designed to protect and serve but to divide the people and enforce the unjust laws of govt….yes we’re told that they work for us but who can believe that when on a daily basis they are treating us all as if we’re scum?….Its just now that America is seeing what the police are really about, especially with the militarization of the police “force”….It may just be me but from what the “Founding Fathers” were saying my understanding is that we the citizens were supposed to provide our own protection to keep things like this from happening….Freedom should never be “Forced”, it kills the whole idea of Freedom….and this is jus the tip of the Iceberg.

  • Mike Smithy

    They were ordered to stand down, just like the Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down. When SHTF do you really expect that the cops will around to protect your life and property? This is precisely why the gun grabbers want to disarm law abiding citizens. If they have their way, you will have no means to protect yourself from looters, killers and a tyrannical government.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Democrat gov and senator came in and took over and set up this policy to be nice and back off. Now its the guards turn to be controlled by the same idiots.

  • YH

    Non-intervention can serve a very useful political purpose when the desired outcome is chaos. Police and corrupt politicians cannot justify a military armed ‘police’ presence in the absence of a suitable level of chaos. If the chaos does not exist, it must be allowed to manifest to justify strong arm tactics against the population.

  • HumbleAmerican

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been military aid given to the protesters yet. As usual, the US government is playing both sides again, just like the situation in the Middle East.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    “descended into anarchy”

    Please don’t use anarchy for this. You give it a bad name. This is chaos, not anarchy. Anarchy involves voluntary civility.

    • Priszilla

      Yes, anarchy is absence of hierarchy. Or absence of government and police.
      In this case – no police shooting blacks – no riot.

  • Stan

    If police try and stop massive amounts of looting, all it will do is put themselves at a personal risk of injury. In addition, if they do manage to chase them away, they would be forced to guard each business they confront. There are not enough police officers to do this, so they ignore the problem…

    Too risky and no long term real solution to guard it.

  • TheSmokeGuy


  • Muh Dik

    Gibs ME Dat!

  • DerpDerp

    Who said that there is no Class Warfare in the US?

    Class Warfare has existed in the US for several decades.
    Only thing is, the poor & middle class haven’t realized that there’s class warfare going on until just recently.

  • DJohn1

    Any idiot out there that loots should know they need to smile. Why? Because you are on Candid Camera. No one is safe from Candid Cameras. That means you are legally caught stealing. That means you go to jail, you do not pass go, do not collect your welfare 200 dollars.
    That of course assumes the police actually do their jobs.
    Most police are payed by the city in which they work. They are in fact civil servants. As such, they are often understaffed because no one wants to pay for more police than they actually have to with their Real Estate Taxes and Income Taxes enforced by the cities.
    So that 3 hour wait you have for a police officer is probably due to understaffing. When the police department is undermanned they have to cut corners.
    Here is the key. There are probably 2 to 3 pieces of paper involved in an incident report. There are probably 32 pieces of paper involved if someone gets killed. All of this painful.
    So if a civilian kills a person robbing his store, they have a lot of paperwork to fill out. That the police do not want to do.
    The most likely thing that will happen is the police will attempt to take away all the store owners guns and let the thieves alone.
    I don’t own a gun. Don’t want one in my home. If I wanted a deterrent, I would get a good predator type dog or dogs. They will leave a place alone that has dogs on site. It is too much trouble to get around them. Especially if the owner has weapons as well.
    I am a firm believer at night in the use of crossbows. One bolt in a telephone pole will deter any looter out there. Gettiing a bolt out of a telephone pole is another story. Unlike a gun, it is a very visible graphic aid to motivate someone to go somewhere else. I can make very little noise with a crossbow. Yet no armor out there is made to take a bolt. It has the thrust of an elephant gun.
    Years ago I shot a bolt through a straw bale, through a Sunday Newspaper, and through a piece of 3/4 inch plywood into a hill. The teens in the neighborhood watched me do it. They asked me why I use a crossbow instead of a gun. I told them at night, I could get off 6 shots before anyone realized I was shooting. They never found the bolt in the hill. It was buried too deep. It was 150 pound crossbow. I sold it years ago. I use a much lower power pistol crossbow these days. It is more mobile. I have never had to fire it once.
    For at least 5 years after I made that one shot, we had no theft in the neighborhood.
    Never had to do anything except feed the German Shepherd.
    That is many years in the past. I was young back then.
    You want to stop Fergusons from happening? Close down every retail grocery store in the area. Lock them up tight and allow no one to buy anything until the looting stops period. Lock every gasoline station down as well. Then go over your camera tapes. Go home to home and arrest anyone on those tapes that you find has been looting. Put them in jail for 5-10. The serial numbers on the equipment they have sold is evidence enough to put them away.
    That takes real police work. And it is going to take only about 30 people before the rest realize this is not going to work out for them. They will most likely permanently leave Ferguson and go elsewhere.
    At that point, the stores can open back up. You put an all night curfew in place if necessary and arrest anyone that does not belong on the streets. There are people that work nights. They are exempt.
    As for the guy that started all this by shooting a person in cold blood, I think he needs a manslaughter charge against him and it needs to be an honest court room.

    • dontblamemeborn1981

      About the not wanting to pay a large amount of property taxes to fund the police, I would like to point out that I would, in fact, like to earn more money than I presently do so that I can afford a house that warrants property taxes. There are many other things that I would like to be able to afford, but I am not going to get a credit card and rack up tons of debt to obtain those things. Right now I am typing this from my apartment on my day off from work, and I am struggling financially. So please try to understand that there are people who would like to be rich through hard work and smart work but who are having extreme difficulty achieving that goal and who would like as a result of having achieved wealth the obligation of paying more in taxes (to fund the police, among other reasons). I have a disability as well as a job, and very few disabled individuals are filthy rich. (I’ve never heard of a self-made disabled billionaire.) Not only are many of the disabled poor, but disabled poverty has never been a concern of the government and getting out of poverty is very hard with a disability.

      • DJohn1

        I have an eye disease that I have had since I was about 8 years old. They did not discover the “lazy eye” until it was too late to do anything about it.
        That didn’t stop me from doing anything I wanted to do including going in the US Air Force at 19 the day after the Cuban Crisis started. Once I was in and of airman 3rd class rank, they kept me.
        I have failed at more things in my life than I care to think about. I never ran from a problem nor gave an excuse.
        My vision is 20/400 in my left eye and 20/15 in my right eye. So I guess you could say I am disabled though I don’t feel disabled.
        There is absolutely no relationship between how hard you work and what you make in the way of wages for a living.
        I know a kid of 15 that made over a million dollars before he was 16. He invented individualized pixels on a computer and sold them to people for about a dollar a piece. His parents flipped out and took him to a lawyer because they were sure what he did had to be illegal. It wasn’t illegal at all. But he was set for life.
        You go out there and sell something to the world whether it is your talents or your back.
        Even today it is possible to make a lot of money if you know how.
        The real problem is education. They educate people to be poor.
        They educate people to do factory work when there are no factory jobs to be had.
        Other places educate people in how to go into business for themselves and make it.
        That is only one of hundreds of ways to make a living.
        My friend’s father made it inventing safety equipment to keep people from getting ground up in the gears of industry., He was a Christian man and had a deep belief in tithing. He often tithed 30% of what he made. When he passed on at 89 with diabetes and complications, the man was worth 4 million dollars.
        He was ready to meet his maker.
        His son still tithes a lot. He also is a Christian.

        When I was hurting financially I started this same tithe on anything I had left over at the end of the week. Whatever I had left went in the pot.
        I can personally say that things swung completely around after I did that. You have the right idea by not getting in the credit card trap. Lots of luck in the future.

  • dontblamemeborn1981

    I want to point out a problem regarding the fact that sales of guns are going through the roof. (I oppose gun control given what is going on in Ferguson right now, but even before Ferguson it was painfully obvious that gun control just doesn’t work.)

    Although it is permitted in many jurisdictions for the blind to own a gun, there are many gun control advocates who want to take away the right of the blind to protect themselves despite the fact that there is probably at least one blind resident of Ferguson (I am going to assume that that person is not one of the looters). So if liberals are so opposed to the blind having any means of protecting themselves, why won’t liberals, and only liberals, cough up the money so that blind people can establish themselves in lower-crime areas if they currently live in, say, the South Side of Chicago? As crime rates rise, they can help the blind move to a different low-crime area.

    Also, the problem with denying the mentally ill who take their prescriptions as they are prescribed and see the doctor on a regular basis the right to bear arms is that they also are not able to protect themselves. Liberals clearly do not feel that the mentally ill should have the right to self defense, but are not willing to help the mentally ill move to lower crime areas. If liberals wanted to put up or shut up about helping the blind and the mentally ill who take their prescriptions and see their doctors as scheduled, they would help them move to lower crime areas instead of have them be at the mercy of people like the looters in Ferguson, MO.

  • Randy Townsend

    Go back to 1992 – remember LA police cars speeding past the animals looting shoes, TV’s, and booze in the name of “justice”… The store owners with their own guns stop it – remember that the next time “first responders” are praised…

  • piccadillybabe

    Sounds to me like the PD/LE were the perpetrators in the looting/chaos. Why else would they not go and disperse the looters?

  • Mondobeyondo

    The people in the streets of Ferguson doing the looting and burning are not protesters. Neither are they terrorists. They are hooligans and thieves- opportunists who were just looking for the perfect opportunity. With the death of Michael Brown, they got their opportunity.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s been said often enough, but it’s true — “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away”.

    And when they do show up, it’s likely to be in full military riot gear, with assault rifles, shields, police dogs, teargas, concussion grenades, smoke bombs, etc. Yes, in the United States of America. You’d think this would be Gaza or Iraq or Afghanistan, huh? Don’t count on it. The days of Barney Fife on patrol in the neighborhood are long gone.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    I don’t just think, I am absolutely positive that those in power who control the police, i.e. mayors, city councils, governors, etc, would rather see their business community decimated than run the risk of being labeled racists for allowing one more black criminal to be killed by the cops. Many business owners in the area would no doubt agree. Up is down, good is bad, black is white and wrong is right. That’s the change progressives and their complicit media have brought during these “post-racial” times.

    • Ubwart

      You said it. better dead than racist right.

  • Priszilla

    BTW, how much did you spend this year to weatherproof your home?

    Summer is almost over, soon the Autumn storms start and then rain and snow. The flu season isn’t far away either. Australis already has 30% more flu cases than last year at this time, with a resurgence of the swine flu.

    Are you doing it yourself with Made in China material from DIY stores, or with local craftsmen?

  • gumby

    Please rethink the problem.

    -In the Los Angeles riots of the early 90’s the police returned to the station to protect their arsenal.

    -Do not presume the cops are lazy or stupid. The legal system is crooked and the cops know that some Attny General will fry someone, if not several to many.The goal is not to be one of those winding up in the slammer.

    -A lady from the justice department was just on CSPAN with her new book on how crooked is the department, witholding exculpatory evidence. She might be discounted, except an appellate court judge stood with her on her findings. She said all of the [justice dept] should be fired. She noted the government prosecutors even threaten witnesses for the defense. Her detractor, a university type law person, currently employed by the Attny General admitted to most of her findings, only suggesting the crooked was not as deliberate as suggested.

    -This attorney general prosecuted home-schoolers who fled Germany to the USA, trying to overthrow their amnesty, yet grants amnesty [by default] to hordes of violent criminal felons, and releases drug dealers from prison. Is he making room?

    -I would not be surprised that some or more provocateurs were in the area.

    -Gov. Rick Perry needs to take his current trouble very seriously, Gov. Christie narrowly escaped.
    The unelected court judges triumph over the people. The mandatory sentences allow the prosecutor to triumph over the judges. Some suggest even our highest justices are not free from coercion.

    -It is clear there is no logical connection “A cop hot a civilian” so to “get even” by “robbing the store of somebody uninvolved”, other than personal desire to steal.

    -Two Thousand years ago Jesus predicted that because of the [increase] in lawlessness the love of many will [grow] cold. One could think of this as a [very] negative spiral. Think of the so-called “game” of knockout as a manifestation.

  • Jolene Robinson

    You either want the police to be there or you don’t you people need to make up your minds! If idiots are going to rush a cop you best bet you’re going to get shot. If you disobey the curfew you’re going to get arrested, you act stupid with them while they are trying to control a situation. You people expect to be treated with respect but you don’t earn it. I don’t blame them for standing down.

  • StarResident

    In a sane world, Holder would be going to Ferguson to determine why the cops were not shooting looters.

    • mary

      in a sane world Holder would never have a position or authority. He should be in jail.

  • Mike Smithy

    I don’t deny that white cops have and will continue to be in shooting incidents involving blacks. However, your USA Today citation does not prove racist motives on behalf of the cops. I’ll ask you once again, where is your proof to back up your insinuation.

    • SRVES339

      a recent video showed a white guy walking along in an open carry town with an assault rifle… cop pulls up asks why, says it’s his right… cops asks for id, says no his doesn’t have to… cop leaves (very cordial)

      same force… but black guy with the AK… cop stops (middle of street emergency like) pulls his gun hiding behind the open door… orders man to the ground, asks no questions… calls for backup & four more cars show up with lights flashing

      the black man (and his wife who was just filming) are handcuffed and arrested

      no racist actions there right smitty… and i’m sure you support every move they made


  • The Man in the White Fedora

    Cops are encouraging crime, and encouraging looters to come from miles around to steal with impunity. Cops have no problem going six-on-one against an unarmed man, shooting people like dogs in the street, or beating and killing those who truly present no menace, but when there is even the slightest chance that they themselves might get hurt, then they do what all bullies do, run away like scared children.
    I used to look up to cops, but now I see them for the useless bullies they are. Time for everyone to stand up and protect themselves, because you know you can’t count on the police.

  • SRVES339

    Wonder where Mr. Snyder’s outrage was when the Feds backed off as white, anarchist snipers pointed high powered rifles at the Bundy Bunch crowd?

    Oh wait… they were white… my bad!

  • K2

    Seems like that movie obama2016, is on the path to come true

  • JI

    I think the police knew that, if they had attempted to stop the looters, then they would have been attacked by said looters and would have ended up shooting them. Which would have inflamed the anger even more, and Holder would have been prosecuting the police.

    • Ubwart

      And they should have stopped them, the NAPA doesn’t understand anything but force.

  • Jeffe

    Yes White People Are Prey, But So Are Blacks. Truth Is That Most Black Violence Is Black On Black. Of Course That Never Hits The Media Circus.
    The Law Makes White People Deeply Afraid To Be Caught Mistreating Blacks. Fear Of Being Called A Racist Drives Whites Insane. The Most Dangerous Human Alive Is A Frightened White Man, And They Take Their Hateful Abuse Out On Other White People. After All No Diversity No Crime. My Ethnicity Is Strongly Native American But With Blue Eyes And White Skin, I Look White, And That Insures That The White Boss Can Do Anything To Me That He Pleases And There Is Nothing I Can Do About It. Its The Same With Black Bosses & Black Employees. But you Never Hear That Side Of The Story.

  • Ubwart

    Call me racist if you like but whites don’t burn down their
    towns and riot and rob every time a white is attacked and killed by a black
    animal. The statistics show that blacks
    on white murder is something like 25 times as prevalent and when population
    size is taken into account, something like 200 times as high. Yes there is a problem in America and its
    name is black people.

  • guest

    The police could have easily stopped the looters nonviolently. All they had to do was to throw work boots and job applications at them.

  • aussiegirl

    In all of this anarchy no one is mentioning that a BLACK cop shot to death a WHITE perk a few days after this business, in Salt lake City.

  • mary

    Frankly, Michael, you have HOPELESSLY naive. The ptb are paying people to loot to make the protesters look bad. The cops are then told not to stop the looting. duh. same thing happened during the LA riots.

    And please, please, PLEASE do NOT confuse the words anarchy and chaos. It would be a huge improvement to have anarchy in the streets. Look the word up and use it correctly.


    Violent protests from those who protest violence? Garbage wants free things, no working for them. They find violent injustice in a rainfall in order to oot and get things unearned!

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    And once every two weeks an officer is killed. What is your point? I don’t rob stores while wearing obvious clothing like a red cap and yellow shoes, walk down the middle of the street, and then assault the officer such actions are bound to attract.

    • Priszilla

      Maybe officers should be trained in deescalation.

      • SRVES339

        no they send them to Israel to train them on how to brutalize brown people… it’s the amerikan way

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