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Will North Colorado Be The 51st State In The Union?

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North ColoradoThere are ten counties in northern Colorado that are discussing plans to secede from the state of Colorado in order to form a new state that would be known as “North Colorado”.  North Colorado would have a population of more than 300,000 people, and it would be the 42nd largest state in the country by land area.  The county officials that are leading this movement say that a “collective mass” of issues has resulted in this desire to leave the state of Colorado for good.  In recent years, the Democratically-controlled state legislature has been pursuing new regulations on the oil and gas industries, it has imposed strict new renewable energy standards throughout the state and it has adopted new gun control measures that are highly unpopular with rural voters.  The desire to be independent of the meddling bureaucrats in the state capital is certainly a commendable goal, but there are some obstacles that will make establishing a new state very difficult.  Hopefully the challenges will not cause those pursuing this new state to lose heart.

Recently, representatives from ten Colorado counties held a meeting in the town of Akron to map out the boundaries for the new state…

Ten counties, including Weld and Morgan, started talking about seceding last month. Now some people Lincoln and Cheyenne counties say they want to join a new state they’d call “North Colorado.”

Organizers of the secession effort say their interests are not being represented at the state Capitol. Representatives from the 10 counties held a meeting on Monday in the town of Akron in Weld County to begin mapping the boundaries for the new state they say will represent the interests of rural Colorado.

Agriculture and the oil and gas industries would dominate this new state.  In fact, right now about 80 percent of the oil and gas revenue in the state of Colorado comes from the counties that are talking about seceding…

“I say 80 percent of the oil and gas revenue in the state of Colorado is coming out of northeastern Colorado – Weld, Yuma County, and some of other counties,” Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said. “Seventy percent of the K-12 funding is coming off the state lands in Weld County alone. I’m telling you we are economic drivers.”

So the state of Colorado may not be very eager to see those counties leave.

But water rights may be an even bigger issue.  Four of the five counties that do the most farming in Colorado would become part of North Colorado.  But the farmers in those counties are heavily dependent on the water rights that they rent from cities that would not be a part of North Colorado.

A new state could make getting the water that those farmers need much more difficult.  The following comes from a Huffington Post article…

“A water right is the livelihood of many, many people in northeast Colorado … and if you put the security of that right at risk at all — as starting a brand new state might do — that could be enough to convince people they don’t want to go forward with this (new state),” said James Witwer, a water attorney in Denver, who represents various municipalities and agricultural water users in northeast Colorado. “It would be problematic and risky.”

Eight major U.S. rivers flow from Colorado’s mountains and into surrounding states and, because of that, Colorado has agreements in place with its neighbors — compacts that require certain amounts of water to flow across state lines.

Such an agreement would have to be made between Colorado and North Colorado.

There are also significant political issues that make a new state a long shot.

Even if the voters approve seceding from the state of Colorado, the new state must also be approved by the Colorado General Assembly and the U.S. Congress.

And getting approval from Congress seems extremely unlikely.

First of all, Democrats in Congress would be fundamentally opposed to this new state for the same reason that Republicans won’t let Washington D.C. become a state.  Democrats would not want to allow two new Republican senators from the state of North Colorado to shift the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

Republicans may not like the idea of North Colorado either, because it could significantly hurt the Republicans in future presidential elections.  Right now, Colorado is considered to be a swing state.  If North Colorado was formed, the Republicans would always win that state, but Democrats would always take the much larger state of Colorado.  It would shift electoral college math even more in favor of the Democrats.

So it is definitely a long shot that we will ever see the state of North Colorado become the 51st state in the Union.

But without a doubt there are a lot of people that are very passionate about the idea.  In fact, those organizing this movement say that a few more Colorado counties may join and that even a couple of counties in neighboring Kansas have expressed interest.

And organizers hope to have something on the ballot this November possibly.

It will be very interesting to watch and see what happens.  No new state has been created out of an old state since West Virginia seceded from Virginia in 1863.  And of course that was during the Civil War.

According to the New York Daily News, there have been lots of attempts to create new states out of old ones in U.S. history, but the vast majority of them have ended up failing…

This process has been successfully used in the past to create five new states — Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine and West Virginia, according to the National Constitution Center.

But the road to statehood is mostly littered with failures. There have been more than seventy-five unsuccessful attempts at statehood, including the fantasy states of Forgottonia, Texlahoma, Nickajack, Absaroka, and Long Island.

The odds are definitely against North Colorado.

But they should be applauded for stepping up and taking action.  You will never accomplish anything if you just sit on your sofa eating chips and watching television all the time.

So what do you think about the possibility of a 51st state called North Colorado?  Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

North Colorado

  • Kent Harris

    Well, liberalism quite simply is a mental disorder. In another year or two we will see the country completely implode. TPTB believe they have control but in the end they will destroyed like the rest of us. A parasite kills its host and in doing so they too will die.

    • IAN

      right…like all those other liberal countries that are doing so horrible, like Germany, Sweden, Denmark etc……oh wait, they are doing fine. o.k. let’s try conservative countries. Hmmm never mind, because THEY DON’T EXIST!!!! LOL!

      • Copperhead Joe

        They are not doing fine. They are masking the problems with debt, like the US.

        It is temporary.

        • IAN

          failed to supply me with an example of a country that has survived. ZERO!

          • ian

            oops…..i meant to say conservative country.

          • Jacob

            What is your definition of conservative?

          • Kyle

            Because all of them have central banking and allow people with poor credit to borrow loans well beyond their means to payoff.

            This only kicks the problem down the road for the next elected leaders to deal with which may be you. but I hope not as you will pass laws that extend those problems to the next line of people.

            Summer tourism is still going strong in the countries you describes which helps minimize the output of the debt issues but when there is a shortage of tourists the problems will spring out of nowhere.

            Here in the Soviet States of Amerika

            We won’t begin to see the seriousness of the problems Obama is creating until the next election takes place and if it’s a new group of leaders in charge.

            If that happens there will likely be a false flag terrorist attack which will lead to further rights being taken away.

            Bill Clinton actually introduced the mini patriot act known as the 1996 Anti Terrorism bill that was the first domino to knock down since Jimmy Carter.

    • BoulderBiker

      Thinking that liberalism is a mental disorder shows how much brain power you have. Regardless of the fact that you post is in no way correct. Do you really think that we would have a better would with the people only having one set social and political views? Look at ANY country now or in the past that has that type of system and you will find a place you would not want to live in.

      • Kent Harris

        Actually, I would say that conservatives like stability. In the past 6 months alone, Bengazi, IRS, NSA, DOJ stealing phone records from a reporter, Verizon handing over their phone records to the government and the Supreme Court striking down the 5th Amendment and the governments desire to eliminate gun ownership. Ok. Now if this is what liberals call progress my God this country is so darn screwed.

      • Jacob

        Falling into the revolving door of two party politics is a mental disorder, which is compounded by the boiling frog syndrome.

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    how about a state called confusion. everyone can live in a state of confusion

  • BlackDog

    Let’s just divide the country at the Mississippi. Liberals to the east, conservatives to the west. See how long that welfare state lasts!

    • Rodster

      The problem is libs love to screw things up and when it gets so bad, they can’t take it anymore they decide to leave and move to another State. Only to do the same thing when they get to their next State.

      It’s happened here in Florida.

      • WM

        You are right. There should be a law that says, if you change laws in your state, so as to shred the Constitution, you can never leave, we could call it the “Hotel California Law”

        It seems everywhere democRATS are in power the entitlement population increases, crime increases, (partly because of draconian gun laws). taxes increase, industry leaves…..

        Then all the liberals want to move somewhere else because they see the fruits of liberal, progressive, Constitution unfriendly atmosphere.
        It happens so slowly that you won’t even realize you are loosing freedom until one day when ots too late.

        • BoulderBiker

          That’s not true “entitlement”, and you are using that word wrong, increases in Republican control states and decreases in Democratic states.

      • God bless Texas

        That’s exactly what’s happening here in Texas!! All the liberals messed up California and now they are running to new prosperus territory so they can mess it all up again! Liberals are the reason for the majority of the problems this great nation is having! As a PROUD TEXAN I say to the liberals, KEEP OUT OF MY STATE!!!!

        • Kyle

          Or more like KEEP THE F**K OUT OF MY STATE!!

      • Mathew Silva

        You could not be more wrong, ignorant, and just plain stupid. Liberals have been cleaning up your republican mess every time you screw up! Just stop, and go watch FOX news in your hole, you fascist republitard.

    • markthetruth

      Who controls the river then !

      the end…

      • kHRIStu4

        The old man from scene 24!

    • Mark Caldwell

      You better be including Kentucky in the ‘West’ category, as we ARE the ‘arsenal of freedom’

      7 million guns bought by Kentuckians between 2010-2012.

      2011, one of every six background checks in America originated in Kentucky.

      In 2011 Kentuckian bought 86,442 per 100,000 residents(multiple guns were purchased by same people). Kentucky is #1, Utah is #2 and West Virginia is #3.

      2010, 2011, 2012 Kentucky is #1

      God I love this Commonwealth. 🙂

      • Chef

        are ya’ll planning on kicking out the 900,000 (21% of all) Kentuckians on govt assistance?

    • Gay Veteran

      you do know that the red states get more in federal benefits than the blue states

    • Mudpie

      Within a decade the West would look like the USA of the 1950s in terms of economic production (if the GOP actually acts pursuant to constitutional principles, which may never happen), and the East would look like the old USSR and figuring out how it could invade the West and use its resources in order to make up for its own productivity shortfall.

      • Kyle

        Wow! Our own mini cold war.

        East America vs West America. This has gotta be sweet for the weapon manufacturers of the Easter Soviet States of Amerika.

    • abby725

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  • PW

    I’ve lived in Colorado all my life. Colorado has become too liberal socially and elected officials are all too happy to dismiss second amendment rights. Our section of Interstate 25 (I-25) is a joke. It is still two lanes through most of the state. Priorities are not right. I think we’re becoming a police state as well. I had a very disturbing run-in with Jefferson County Sheriffs in which they pulled me over for a lane change without signaling, then proceeded a DUI check in which I was harassed. He made me use the ‘breathalizer’ three (3) times as he told his partner, “I wonder what’s wrong with this?”. Nothing! One sheriff outright lied and and when I questioned him, his partner threatened to take me to jail. Long story, but I’ve heard other stories very similar to mine. Go North Colorado!!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      As Alex Jones points out, Democraps are OK with the abuses of the police state as long as it’s “our guys” doing it.

    • ian

      said any conservative country that existed never. (sorry, forgot hitlers Germany.)

      • Mal Reynolds

        Hitlers Germany was SOCIALIST. National Socialist German Workers party.

        • Gay Veteran

          guess you didn’t know that Hitler came to power in a conservative coalition, and that the German socialist party opposed him

          • ian


          • Jacob

            Hitler was the head of the NSDAP, it was hardly conservative.

          • Gay Veteran

            AGAIN, Hitler came to power in a conservative coalition, and that the German socialist party opposed him. The word “socialist” in NSDAP did not make it socialist

          • Jacob

            Again, the party held socialist ideals. Hitler was a conservative, not the party itself. The party also held Nationalistic tendencies, which Hitler used to his advantage to spur hatred and draw people in with the socialistic side of the party. So yes, it was a socialistic party led by a sociopath with very strong Nationalistic conservative ideals. They did a lot of socialistic things while in control of the German government, and Nationalistic things; which spurred fascism. They took the appealing side of socialism and mixed it with hatred, to make socialism for those who they deem worthy of breathing, or being human, which doesn’t make it any less socialistic.

          • Gay Veteran

            The Nazis only came to power because the German conservatives let them into their coalition. The Nazis were fascists. Fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.

          • Jacob

            Wait isn’t socialism and communism the merger of state and corporate power?

          • Gay Veteran

            were there corporations in the Soviet Union?

          • Jacob

            Hardly conservative, but very extreme.

          • Gay Veteran

            and yet his coalition partners were conservative, not like they were willing to join the actual Socialists in a coalition

    • ian

      And DUI checkpoints and police state mentality is the fault of liberalism ……how exactly?

      • Mal Reynolds

        Shake down for $ to fund the Big Gummint Machine. $14k around here for a DUI all goin’ to the Man.

        • Guest

          Why, there’s a simple solution there, Buttercup. Don’t drink and drive, no fine.

          • Jacob

            Most of the arrests and tickets made at DUI checkpoints, aren’t for DUI.

        • Kyle

          Yet hardly any road or bridge is fixed from those 14K fines.

          Instead it’s used to build bigger jails and new courthouses.

          Forgot schools and libraries.

          We need to bring back the *Books not Guns* campaign from the 90s.

  • K

    Michael I would call long shot, an understatement. In a truly free Country, this might be possible. But then again we are not a truly free Country anymore. D.C would never approve it for fear of what it would start. If allowed how long do you think, Detroit would still be in Michigan, or Chicago would still be in Illinois? Each state would take its’ problem city and a few surrounding counties and declare them a new state. Interesting thought, but probably not workable.

    • JoeD

      The Chicago area should be so lucky if it could secede from downstate Illinois, it funds the lion’s share of the lion’s share (~75%) of the state government.

      • steve0321

        Chicago (and Detriot) just need to be nuked. Start fresh if 40 years…

  • JailBanksters

    Won’t this just create a Ride side and Poor Side.
    Sounds more like a TV Show

  • GSOB

    Colorado –

    Trying to get a mile ahead
    cause we’re already a mile hi.

    I love the land, despite you’re a criminal when collecting water that falls on your property.

    This is really a battle over resources, clothed in evening attire for sheep slaughtering politicians.

    I’m inclined to think that 51 will not happen because of the entrenchment of TPTB,… surely, they will not do well with a smaller geographical area.

    Either way, it’ll cost Colorado citizens.

    If it does happen,
    that’ll be two 51’s.

    One will be for the public.
    – Aurora CO

  • markthetruth

    ” You will never accomplish anything if you just sit on your sofa eating chips and watching television all the time. ”


    The other thing instead of disusing and blogging about Areas in what we agree on. We need to take it one step more and organize. I know that’s a slim chance since were in different states, have jobs, and families, but it is a little self defeating that we are not doing anything constructive of what we write and agree on. Yea we can prep on our own. But the political and economic travesty is frustrating that we can take the next step as a group.

    the end…

    • James York

      The problem is essentially economic. The majority (98-99%) of people who have the will to organize, don’t have the means. What we need is the Weaver Family to donate a million or two to the cause, the families of Waco that won their settlements to donate to the cause, each and every family who won a settlement against the states to donate to the cause.

      I would personally go to these people, ask them for money to support revolution, and risk arrest for the* rest of my life* as a ‘terrorist’…but just like everyone else–I don’t have the means. No car, no money for a bus ticket, no jobs in my area = no fighting back. Cant fire a gun with no ammo, and you cant wage a war without a war chest.

      If you can’t beat em, join em. The revolution will be fought by desperate fools, especially people like me who never had a chance to even enter the job market and so never had the opportunity to materially prepare. It will be obey or starve.

      The war will be fought by competing international interest over how to slice up the last piece of the pie. The result– Balkanized America, for Russia and China to eventually carve up using ‘strategic alliances’ and ‘foreign aid missions’ with strings attached.

      Welcome to the American dream. It is about to become a nightmare, one you can’t wake up from.

    • Had enough


  • MeMadMax

    Do it to california too. Only the entire state. Sink it into the ocean…. But wait until I leave it first ^.^

  • markthetruth

    Give them Foreign Aid !!!

    the end…

  • Roger Smith

    If North Colorado does in fact pull this off, I think you will see a stampede of other state regions doing the same: Northern California, Eastern Oregon and Washington, Every inch of Nevada outside Vegas and Reno, Upstate New York, etc.

    • Jeff G

      Excellent. I’ll pack my bags for Eastern Oregon the day after secession.

  • Graham

    In which “counties” do the following exist:-

    1) Denver International Airport
    2) NORAD and Cheyenne mountain?

    Just curious as I don’t live in the USA.

    • Brian V. Sitterley

      DIA is in Denver County. NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain are in El Paso County, neither of which are in the proposed boundaries. El Paso is pretty conservative and if more counties joint this, they might too.

      • Graham

        Thanks Brian.

  • Jim Davis

    These people should forget about seceding from CO. They need to secede from the United Socialist States of Amerika or else what’s the point?

  • Gregge K Johnson

    Acts 17:26 ( if you believe ). That The Lord has set the exact boundaries of all lands to be! Well see if North Colorado is to be —–

  • Makati1

    Last time I looked, Conservatives, you helped to put in power the government we have.

    How many of you didn’t bother to vote?

    How many of you got off of you fat … and physically promoted your choice during their campaign?

    How many of you have done so in the last 30 years? 20 Years? 10 years? 2 Years?

    How many of you are actively fighting against what you call ‘liberalism’ and not just whining about it?

    Lets keep in mind that 20 of the last 32 years have had Republican Presidents, not Democratic.

    Why didn’t you put Republicans into Congress?

    Now it is too late. Reps & Dems are the same…

    • steve0321

      If Conservative voters don’t like who’s running in the “R” party they stay home out of conviction. Liberals just vote for anybody with a “D” after their name. Unfortunately, Conservative voters staying home has as you said made things worse.

    • ian

      conservatives like to bitch, but they are pathetic at organizing and getting their message across. The reason? their message is unrealistic and fails the test of reason and logic and therefore is completely false and based on lies and propaganda. Therefore they are failing and an entire generation of young people are moving away from their message. The Republican/ GOP party is dying and it will die like the rest of their archaic and outdated world view.

      • Kent Harris

        Liberal policies have given us a huge national debt, high unemployment, an out of control trade deficit, a growing food stamp populace and ever encroaching government who spies on its citizens. We are no longer a Constitutional republic. Ian what you consider archaic and outdated for the most part allowed for the most freedom and prosperity.

        • ian

          Conservative views these days have nothing to do with freedom and prosperity. ll about greed and linig your pockets.

          • fabio

            Right… thats why every conservative voter is a billionaire and there are no rich democrats.

        • Shiloh Mississi

          No, fool, that’s what we got from conservative policies and beliefs … the total meltdown of the economy from lack of regulation and a blind belief in idiotic economic theories … like trickle-down.

          • subo

            We’re being regulated now..the country is a virtual poli ce state.

      • Had enough

        We won’t die without a fight!

      • subo

        Young people are discovering they don’t have a job to pay off the OB student loans and are becoming a bit disillusioned with Ds. Detroit turned out well for the liberals…in fact, most of the big city failures have had Ds running them for quite awhile.

  • JoeD

    Absolutely out of the question, the US Congress would never allow a region containing only 340,000 people to break away from an existing state because it would mean they get two US Senators. Such an arrangement would not only dilute the power of current US Senators but it would also give the citizens of N. Colorado a radically disproportionate amount of representation in Washington when many are starting to question why the smallest states, all with populations much larger than N. Colorado, enjoy the power that they do in the US Senate.

    Time for those upset with the gun control legislation to start writing letters and making phone calls, secession will never happen.

  • Bruce

    Who cares about seceding from a particular state. We should all want to secede from the United States.

    • steve0321

      The Civil War ended the possibility of secession.

      • subo

        There’s always a chance of another that will open the door to possibilities.

    • Shiloh Mississi

      Yeah, you ought to join Russia. Or maybe just join Alabama and set a new record for collective stupidity.

  • chilller

    The big cities full of liberal cow pies run roughshod over the rest of
    any state. They should be fenced off and not allowed to associate
    themselves with country folks. They take our taxes and eat our food then
    with their mouths and pockets full tell us what to do.

    • Shiloh Mississi

      You worthless ignorant hicks ought to be run out of the state.

      • subo

        Detroit turned out well. A liberal stronghold since 1957.

        • Kyle

          They need to build a wall mounted with machine guns if they want to feel safe from Conservative fascism.

          Actually scratch the machine guns and replace them with peace bricks like they are doing in Seattle where they melt down guns and put out peace bricks.

          The corrupt criminals will read those bricks and like a light switch suddenly think

          “Geeze I really shouldn’t shoot anybody over a drug deal in this city tonight so I guess I better go turn in my illegally modified gun and stop abusing drugs so I can be a productive citizen”

  • seth datta


  • RarefiedSnotress

    North Colorado will secede around the same time that USPS stops Saturday delivery.. Never..
    But you’ll hear about it ad nauseum.

  • Ralfine

    If the rebels get into difficulties, we could sell them guns.

  • Undecider

    How about institute a “sovereign citizen” program of people belonging to a virtual sovereign state. That way we’re not limited by borders. Not as though the U.S. government would recognize it.

    Might makes right. If you can’t defend it, you can’t keep it.

  • akitawoman

    I know northern California and southern Oregon have talked for years about forming the state of Jefferson. Neither geographic area is represented well at the state assembly level.

  • michael mangine

    So dumb…backwards people.

  • Chris Surfman

    If they can secede there are no laws that say they can not become their own country.

  • ian

    please tell me what country has ever survived ultra conservatism. Please do. I am curious.

    • CounterRevolution

      Ian, Defintion: Troll Drone. End of Story

      • ian

        Troll, Definition: anyone who disagrees with you and with whom you cant argue with because your argument holds no ground.

    • subo

      Ultra anything is dictatorship.

      • Kyle

        Unless it’s ultra rights and minimum government interference on society.

        That would be the name of the political group of my country is the Ultra Rights and Minimum Government Interference On Society group.

        I hope it’s not too big of a banner to carry.

  • BoulderBiker

    More conservative upset because they didn’t get there way. HAHA I still love Colorado though.

  • John

    Want to become part of Nebraska? We’d welcome you.

  • dfsmshsm

    Lets have a constitutional change on the composition of the US Senate. The 25% of states with the lowest population get no senator. The next 25% get 1, the next 25% get 2, and the highest 25% get 3 senators. North Colorado would have no senator, so the senate problem is solved! New York, California get the more generous helping of senators their populations warrant. And by the way, isn’t it interesting how the “rural” republican states get more federal benefits than they pay in, benefits disproportionally provided by the “urban” democratic states? It is human nature, of course, to curse and despise your benefactors.

  • Had enough

    Secession by force, the only way it’s gonna happen!

  • PW

    I need to clarify. I didn’t meant to tie the police state that Colorado is becoming to liberalism. It came across that way. Democrats and Republicans are both complicit for different reasons. Liberals would prefer citizens not have guns at all, get rid of the second amendment, and leave the citizenry unarmed. Republicans (RINOs) are more than happy to implement unconstitutional means of ‘protecting’ Americans by spying on us, using pat-downs at airports without cause, drone attacks, etc. Liberals cry foul at these ‘appalling’ ways in their campaigns (Obama), then expand on them when the are in office to increase their power and further enslave the citizenry. Different methods, same objective. Power and more centralized authority over our lives.

  • Mudpie

    I’ll move there.

  • Dee Walker

    Let them go but don’t give them any of the water. The need to work that out for their own “state”.

  • Dee Walker

    Great idea black dog, but I say lets divide the country along the mason Dixon line and see how long all that inbreeding keeps you southerners viable. The blue states SUPPORT the southern states. Inconvenient FACT.

  • Brad

    If N. Colo. can annex enough counties to secede with enough electoral votes to keep the electoral balance, Great !!! Sounds like my kinda place.

  • Hawkeye52

    Go for it. Hopefully it will start a trend.

  • N Martinez

    Time to form a new perfect union.
    I think there should be a state where if you are not a strict Constitutionalist, you are not welcome. In fact, I wish all the states were so…..

  • madmemere

    A State of North Colorado would be a wonderful improvement, especially to the farmers and ranchers in those northern counties! They could regain their 2nd Amendment Rights, direct their own public schools. They would still draw water from the North Platte River and other tributaries in the area AND they would be able to use “their own” irrigation wells again and “thumb their noses” at Colorado Supreme Court! The use of their wells has been “forbidden” by the Colorado State Supreme Court, because the “libtard beehive cities of Boulder and Denver “demanded” their “senior water rights”; even in a drought, they insisted they should have “their water”, so they could water their lawns and pretty posies, wash their BMWs and fill their swimming pools- -those fools don’t know enough to know you can’t grow enough produce to feed a state in your pool, your BMW, or on your lawn! Boulder and Denver could “demand” their water rights from someone else, OR drill their own artesians. The comment by “boulderbiker”, below, is “typical” of their “mindless set”!

  • Kyle

    *Punches self in the balls to remove the Federal Reserve. OUCH! Guess that didn’t work.

  • kiki

    I’m from Colorado and this us absolutely absurd no northern Colorado should not become a state all their own my god if you don’t like what’s going on here then MOVE simple as that and if you refuse to do that then how about you do something to better your community as best you can instead of pissing and moaning and running from the problems they’ll just follow you anyway

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