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Will The Bottom Fall Out? 15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing

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If you still have a good job, you might want to hold on to it very tightly because there are a whole bunch of signs that unemployment in the United States is about to start getting worse again.  Over the past several weeks, a substantial number of large corporations have announced disappointing earnings for the third quarter.  Many of those large corporations are also loaded up with huge amounts of debt.  So what is the solution?  Well, the favorite solution on Wall Street these days seems to be to lay off workers.  In fact, it is almost turning into a feeding frenzy.  Since September 1st, we have seen more job cuts announced than during any other two month period since the start of 2010.  These announcements represent future layoffs and job losses which are not even showing up in the unemployment numbers yet.  So needless to say, things don’t look very promising for the end of 2012 or for the beginning of 2013.  If this race to eliminate jobs becomes a stampede, will we see the bottom fall out of the employment market?

If you are concerned about whether or not you will still have a job 12 months from now, you might find the numbers posted below to be quite alarming.  We have not seen layoff announcements come this fast and this furious since the gloomy days of the last recession.

According to Bloomberg, job cuts are well ahead of the pace set last year…

North American companies have announced plans to eliminate more than 62,600 positions at home and abroad since Sept. 1, the biggest two-month drop since the start of 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Firings total 158,100 so far this year, more than the 129,000 job cuts in the same period in 2011.

So what happens if the economy really starts sliding rapidly and this loss of jobs becomes an avalanche?

Can the U.S. economy and the American people handle another major economic downturn?

Some of the biggest names in the business world have announced job cuts in recent weeks.  The following are 15 signs that layoffs and job losses are skyrocketing…

1. Dow Chemical has announced that it will be closing about 20 plants and will be letting about 2,400 workers go.

2. Colgate-Palmolive has announced that they will be eliminating about 2,300 jobs.

3. DuPont has announced plans to eliminate about 1,500 jobs.

4. Ford has announced that it will be eliminating 6,200 jobs and will be reducing production capacity in Europe by 18 percent.

5. Hewlett-Packard announced last month that they plan to eliminate 29,000 jobs.

6. Chip maker AMD has announced that they will be getting rid of about 15 percent of their workers.

7. Sony has announced plans to reduce their workforce by about 2,000 workers.

8. Electronics manufacturer Sharp reportedly plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs.

9. Engine maker Cummins Inc. has announced that they plan to get rid of about 1,500 jobs by the end of 2012.

10. Earlier this month Applied Materials announced a plan that will eliminate up to 1,300 jobs.

11. Zynga (known for making video games for Facebook such as FarmVille) has announced that they are reducing their workforce by about 5 percent.

12. Lattice Semiconductor has announced plans to eliminate about 13 percent of their jobs.

13. Alcatel-Lucent recently announced a plan to eliminate more than 5000 jobs all over the globe.

14. Siemens AG has announced that the number of positions being eliminated may reach 10,000 by the end of the year.

15. Banking giant UBS plans to eliminate up to 5,000 jobs.

Please keep in mind that these job cuts do not show up in the unemployment numbers yet.  When big corporations announce the elimination of jobs, it often takes a while before those job losses actually take place.

Sadly, I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am convinced that the layoffs and the job losses are going to get a lot worse.

In fact, 2013 is already shaping up to be a very difficult year for the economy no matter how the election turns out.

Those of you that read my articles regularly already know that our economic system is becoming increasingly unstable.  We could literally plunge into another major recession at any moment.

Not that we need any more economic trouble.  Tens of millions of American families are having to fight tooth and nail just to make it from month to month right now.

There aren’t enough jobs and the middle class is rapidly shrinking.  Even if you do have a job, that does not mean that you are doing okay.  About a quarter of all jobs do not even pay enough to lift a family of four above the poverty level, and entry level wages for those with just a high school education have been steadily declining over the past 40 years.  If you doubt this, just check out this chart.

So what is going to happen if we do have another avalanche of job losses like we saw back in 2008 and 2009?

Will even more of us end up dependent on the government?

We are told that we are in the midst of an “economic recovery”, but the number of Americans that are dependent on the government just continues to soar.  In fact, at this point it is at an all-time high.

If the economy is getting better, then why does the number of Americans on food stamps just keep going up?  To get an idea of just how massive the food stamp program has become, just check out this infographic.

One of the most frightening things about the possibility of another major economic downturn is the loss of hope that it could bring.

At this point, most Americans still believe that things will get better eventually.

But what is going to happen when large segments of our population lose all hope?

How desperate will they become?

When people become desperate, they tend to do desperate things.

Just check out what happened to a family down in Woodstock, Georgia the other day.  They had just lost their home to foreclosure, and they were getting ready to move out.  So they posted an ad on Craigslist for people to come over and get some things that they were planning to get rid of.  What happened next is a glimpse into the kind of desperate behavior that we may see during the next major economic downturn…

Their online post was just a well-meaning ad for a giveaway in their driveway outside the small house, a giveaway scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

But big crowds showed up and ended up taking practically everything inside the house, too.

Wednesday night, Michael Vercher walked 11Alive’s Jon Shirek through his family’s almost empty soon-to-be former home.

“Well, when we got to the house, I mean, pretty much — this,” he said as he stepped from the foyer into the living room.

Their home — ransacked, ravaged, raked over.

Almost everything inside — gone.

My wife and I once used Craigslist quite a bit, but incidents like this make one question the wisdom of inviting strangers to come to your home.

Sadly, the truth is that society is rapidly decaying, and the worse unemployment becomes the more desperate people are going to get.

So what do you think about all of this?

Do you have any stories that you would like to share?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

  • Washington

    Milton Friedman uses a pencil to illustrate how the free market price system promotes cooperation and harmony among those with no common interest.

    “The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.” Milton Friedman

    • Zero

      You are correct Micheal. The long term effects from all theses layoffs are huge.
      We have a mess on our hands for sure.

      Site for you to keep up on

      • My Generation

        Thank you for the link. It will be very interesting to check it. Depressing though, just saw a town I grew up near is closing a grocery store that has veen open for over a hundred years.

        Thanks again.

    • View from Abroad

      Did not watch the video, but if you are indeed a fan of Milton Friedman, you are good advised to have a look at this article:

      Now THIS is one of the best analyses of the current situation I have read up to this day!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Lo and behold. Helicopter Ben, supreme expert on the Great Depression, has handled this crisis the same exact way that failure FDR did.

      • Gay Veteran

        THIS is the system we live under:

        “…Beginning sometime around 1970 the U.S. and most of the ‘free world’ have diverged from traditional “free market capitalism” to something different. Today the U.S. and much of the world’s economies are operating under what I call Monetary Fascism: a system where financial interests control the State for the advancement of the financial class. This is markedly different from traditional Fascism: a system where State and industry work together for the advancement of the State.

        Monetary Fascism was created and propagated through the Chicago School of Economics. Milton Friedman’s collective works constitute the foundation of Monetary Fascism….”

    • Randome-11

      Haha, ************! The federale reserve is controled by private banks, its scams where directly responsible for the Wall Street Crash.

      • k

        To be more specific it is controlled by a few banking families.

        • “To be more specific it is controlled by a few banking families.”

          Right. Those with 7-branched candelabras. But we’re not allowed to mention, let alone criticise, them.

  • Louise in MO

    The awful story of the ransacked home could possibly have happened because of desparate people. However, it could also have happened because of nasty, evil thugs who took advantage of the family.

    In today’s “me first” society, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter.

    • Tel

      I would argue that the police, who should be protecting all property rights, are instructed to protect corporate property as a higher priority than the protection of individual citizen property.

      Yes I understand that the police can’t be everywhere, but I would have thought that they could very easily set up a sting operation by finding a vacant house, putting up a very similar advertisement on the Internet and then having plenty of undercover cops hanging around to nab the looters. Do that a few times and the trouble makers start to get the hint. It’s a matter of focussing on the basics.

      Do a search on “Kenneth Chamberlain” who was an aging Marine veteran, no threat to anyone, killed in his own home because some stupid medical alarm went off — that’s where police resource are going these days. You can’t blame the individual police, you have to blame the lack of leadership and whacked out priorities.

  • Georgiaboy61

    We are now reaping the bitter fruits of decades of free-trade, globalist economic policy as our economy is hollowed out and sent to China and other overseas locations. Free trade makes sense, in theory – the trouble is that we live in the real world, where theories don’t often apply. Free trade works in a world where everyone practices free trade, but we do not live in such a world. Almost every nation on earth practices economic nationalism, whereby it places the welfare and prosperity of its people above that of foreigners; the sole exception is the USA. The result has been that our trade rivals, such as the PRC, have grown extremely prosperous as we have sunken to depths our forebearers could not have imagined. China and others have exploited our naivete even as they have maintained their policies of trade protectionism. The result has been nothing less than a disaster. Coupled with out of control govt. debt, it is destroying the American Dream and with it, the nation. Worse, many major corporations have elected to use robotics and automation instead of people. This isn’t going to end well.

    • k

      Well said….free trade and globalisation works only when everybody practices it. But if only a few practice it but others play protectionism, the practice will backfire on countries practising it.

  • tappedops

    Yes unemployment will top 40% by the 2nd quarter,…but the media will call that 9.6 so no foul there. Its the printing of 40 bill a week thats going to hurt us at the market and the pump… expect 22+ inf by the end of the first Q— thats almost a doubling of prices since 2010. If your not doing so already, think neighborhood…think DIY…think small cash biz…think barter—forget trad job…youll be laid off in a matter of months…

  • joshc

    theres a story on the drudge report about Chrysler possibly moving all jeep production to china shutting plants in ohio michigan Illinois… the *recovery* is well on its way….

  • Rodster

    Oshkosh Corp a truck manufacturer announced that it will lay off 450 employees in January.

    • Rodster

      “8,803,335: Another New Record for Disability—Up 975 Per Day Under Obama”

      • none

        It is such GOOD NEWS:

        A sign that things are picking up !

    • Michael

      The hits just keep on rolling in, eh?


      • k

        Are these job losses limited to america or are they happening the world over??

        • Michael

          Europe is seeing even bigger job losses that the U.S. right now.


  • 11110

    The Tree of Liberty is really due
    for refreshment.

    • Be careful what you wish for.


  • Washington

    I apologize I messed up above this post. So here is the good link!

    Milton Friedman – Lesson of the Pencil

  • Mad Max

    Can the U.S. economy and the American people handle another major economic downturn?

    We don’t have a choice now. It’s too late. The good news is, the downturns will force us to deal with reality and our own poverty. Then we will have to make some important decisions. It really comes down to this. Our government, big business and politicians can’t fix this mess with their lies and manipulations. We need a totally new type government and leadership for the 21st century. Scientists and Engineers will be the new leaders. They are the smartest people on the planet with real knowledge and tools. I hope we learn this before it’s too late.

    OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

    • “Our government, big business and politicians can’t fix this mess with their lies and manipulations.”

      Oh yes, they could – if they wanted to!

  • William

    “Waging War on Complexity Cost” is the new large corporation mantra to cloak ongoing layoffs (also the title of a book on Amazon). Every large company envisions transforming themselves into the ‘Apple’ of their industry by reducing themselves down to a set of simple products or services, which requires less people.

  • Paranoid

    Vac Sealed another 3 gallons of dried soup this week: Carrots, Pot, onions. cel, peppers. Don’t know what else to do. Just tired

  • VegasBob

    I think the bottom is already starting to fall out of the US economy.

    I went to the grocery store tonight. As I went into the store, I saw a guy in the parking lot carrying a one-gallon gas can to his truck.

    As I came out of the store, I was approached by a different guy in a different vehicle, panhandling for gas money.

    Anybody who believes any of this “economic recovery” crap from the Obama Administration is a complete fool.

    • Michael

      Good comment. Things are getting crazy out there.


    • El Pollo de Oro

      I concur. But for those who are naive enough to believe that “economic recovery” will come from either Marack “Goldman Sachs” Obama or Bitt “Wall Street” Romney, I have a proposition. I’ll give you a very good deal on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which takes you from a pricey, touristy area of Philadelphia to a not-so-touristy place called Camden, New Jersey. I can only accept cash.

      On second thought, I retract the cash part. Given the major devaluation that awaits the BRA dollar, I will only accept payments in gold. So how about it, Marack and Bitt supporters? The Benjamin Franklin Bridge can be all yours, along with hopelessness and no change.

    • Randome-11

      Have you seen the end of the eraserhead film? Some retard removes the diaper/bandages of some hideous deformed baby and the nasty thing´s body open in half, revealing its inner organes, lol!

      The baby is the “western” economy (not just the US & A), as it have become under “liberalism” and the bandages are deficie spending and the confidence in this system.

    • I agree, you have to peel back the onion some (or go to the right neighborhoods) to see it the true despair. On the surface the MSM would have people believe everyting is great. Go to any strip mall, restaurant row, big megaplex mall and theater this weekend and they will almost all be packed. People spending money left and right, plenty of late model cars jammed in the parking lot. People dropping $100 on lunch and $150 tabs on dinner, that’s BEFORE going out to the bars. These aren’t “rich” people by any means, just your everyday middle/upper-middle class people and there are plenty of them (with enough credit cards to go along). Ask those people how the economy is doing and they will say just fine, ask the guy who is panhandling for gas and he will have a different statement.

      The divide in our country between the have and the have-nots is becoming very noticeable.


      • SFC_Swede

        Sir, I understand what you are saying but I see something completely different in my area (Philadelphia). Go to the mall, and you will see many stores closed with “for rent” signs on the store front. Same goes for the Strip store fronts in the area.

        I do see many restaurants filled, but others arent. Its trendy and people going where they are comfortable. As someone who does the food shopping for our home, I dont think I need to tell you that prices are ridiculous, especially for meat products. Now we arent on any form of assistance and live modestly, but I see plenty of folks swiping their access cards at the grocery store.

    • Excalibar

      The scary part is, what might happen if you tell the panhandler no? Could you be the last straw of their bad day?

  • Bill M

    Here’s an article about what it’s like to have breast cancer in Greece these days. Social safety net is gone:

    If you’ve got cancer and live in Greece, you may as well be living in the heart of Africa given the treatment you can expect. It used to be a modern country. No longer.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “Greece is being driven into the ground, and I think, frankly, that when it comes to chaos, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These policies are driving Greece toward a revolution. They need to be set free. If they don’t get the drachma back, you will be responsible for something truly, truly horrible.”—Nigel Farage, leader of the UK’s libertarian UK Independence Party, addressing the European parliament and the banksters

      In other words, Farage is saying that when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it (as Gerald Celente would say). That’s true in Greece, that’s true in Spain, and it’s true in the rotting, decaying Third World fascist/corporatist nightmare that is The Banana Republic of America. When a country’s middle class is annihilated and millions of formerly middle class people become the hungry neo-peasants, the blood flows like rivers. I agree with libertarian Farage that “something truly, truly horrible” will develop in Greece. And I would add that we can expect the same thing for the BRA and Spain.

  • The E.Nigma

    Another fantastic and well written article Michael. The truth for many is truly a bitter pill to swallow. And the numbers you have mentioned does not even include the layoffs the that are going to occur when the military budget cuts come into play at the end of the year.

    • Michael

      A very good point.


  • Alasha

    they say Europe is 6mths – 1 yr again of us …if that is true we then have this 2 look 4wrd 2 –

    MILLIONS MUST WORK FOREVER:THE pensions crisis means millions of Britons will never be able to retire!

    • Alasha

      smile – meant to say – 6mths – 1 yr AHEAD of us

  • ScoutMotto

    Alcatel-Lucent – I used to work for a spin-off of Lucent a few years ago. I used to think the spin-off was a huge benefit and insulation from their bad progress, but I learned otherwise as I watched coworkers get axed every quarter.

    We hear all the time about places laying off thousands. Is there any place hiring thousands? I doubt it.

    Back in 1993, I participated in a picket against the Federal Reserve, particularly the branch in my city. The woman who led this picket/eduction drive educated millions of people with her booklet about the Fed and the NWO. She warned if the problem was not fixed (abolish the Fed), we would continue to have massive layoffs.

    Well, here we are..

  • cannuck21

    Take a few moment to watch this excellent YouTube article on the US economy. It is very well worth the time.

    This is a non-partisan video produced by an accountant, Hal Mason, who retired after 27 years with IBM. He looks at the budget, its revenues and expenses, and very simply illustrates the financial problems of the U.S.

    Amazingly, we get all the media talking heads blathering and shouting for hours and never give us clarity. This guy does it in a few minutes. The message seems to be very clear. Where Greece is today, we will be tomorrow, unless our representatives in Washington start to take some very decisive steps.

    • thanks for the link.
      the changes wont happen in time.

    • jayjay

      Cannuck21…I don’t think there is a savior for our economy at this point.
      It’s too late.
      Too many trillions of unfunded programs. There’s no way to come out of this.
      Prep like you and your loved ones lives depended on it.

    • Washington

      Thank you, for sharing this video. This is everybody’s wake up call if they already did not know. Thanks’ again for sharing! In peace!

  • Sam

    No matter who wins this election – we are headed for hard times. (probably the understatement of the century). The path we have been going down for the last 24 years has come to the inevitable end. Be prepared folks. Put away as much cash as you are able. Invest in PM’s that you can hold in your hand. Invest in a store of food in case you are laid off or cut back at your job. If you have a job, do the best job that you can so when layoffs come, hopefully you will not be part of the “deadwood” that is cut by upper management. Learn to live frugally NOW. Learn other skills so that you can make do with less. Start a garden. Learn to make things you would normally buy. Repair the things you have instead of going into debt for a new car or other major item. Pay off debt. Learn to budget. Don’t waste anything – food, money, clothes. Make up your mind now that you will survive this mess (survival is 90% mental and 10% physical). Create a backup plan if you or your spouse lose your job(s). Realize how much you have and how much you have to be thankful for. Count your blessings. Help others that are less fortunate than you. Even if you have little, remember there are others that have less than you. Life’s worth is not measured by how much we have. Strengthen yourself spiritually. Pray. Trust in God.

    We used to be a strong nation. I fear that we are weak emotionally, physically and spiritually. When things get tough, Americans used to shine. Now they turn to booze, drugs, prescriptions to dull the pain, food. We are from tougher stock than this. We survived countless tragedies and hardships as a nation. We can see the rot and decay of our moral fiber. A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take away everything you have. When the government goodies are gone, all hell will break loose. I don’t think this nation is ready for another blow larger than 2008. And this time the government will not be able to pump a couple of trillion into the economy without severe repercussions.

    Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Eric

    And what are the statistics for public sector employees?

    If they started to lay off government workers at the first sign of an economic downturn you can bet they would have a very strong incentive to make things a lot better for the private sector.

  • RainyDay

    I think people really need to be more careful with all the crazy and desperate people out there. You need to be careful having garage sales too. I’ve caught people stealing from my garage sale a few times. My aunt just told me that on Tuesday, around 2 in the afternoon, 3 houses were robbed on her street! 3 houses all on the same street and this used to be a really safe neighborhood for years. The cops were there and she asked what she should do because she lives alone and he said get a gun and a big dog. People, I really hate to say that things will get way worse, because I really want to believe it will get better, but things are speeding up…prepare if you can and pray. The mentality of the sheep astounds me at times. My co-worker is about to lose his house and he mindlessly jabbers on and on about how he just went out ad bought the newest gadget or cell phone. I came back from lunch and he was shopping online during work for his wittle Halloween costume! The guy is in his 40s and is buying crap like that? It’s not my business but I wonder what is wrong with a grown man acting like a child and risking his family’s future and shelter because he wants to play dress up at 40? I’m 30 and have to work hard to take care of my small family…I struggle and have cut out all the extras to make ends meet and this guy texts on his phone all day and I help do his work sometimes (complicated boss likes him and I need my job so I keep quiet and dont make issues out of the fact that the guy constantly wastes company time and I help do his work). I’d say something but it’s not my place…I just pray these idiots wake up before it’s too late.

  • Paul

    Everybody needs to get his house in order. The government, the companies and everybody else.
    Since I lost that job, I weeded the garden, built a plant shelter to protect them from wildlife, especially cats and birds, I donated unused things to charity – I dropped them off there personally – to free space and reduce possible removal volume.
    I fixed broken things, improved cooking and shopping skills. I have a good savings account, that could bring me along for a few years.
    End of the year I will start looking for some volunteering, some part time jobs and maybe even a real job.
    Until then, here at home there is still so much catching up to do. Stuff left for “later” during all that working frenzy. Now is “later”.

  • Paul

    How about an alternative?

  • GA

    Michael – I am glad you posted this on Friday because it motivates us even more to work on preps over the weekend. It is really hard to believe that the average American can’t comprehend what is going on, or worse…do not want to know! We are heading into very perilous times. We were recently visitng our in-laws who live in what used to be a normal middle-class community. In speaking with their neighbors we learned that every single one was taking some type of federal assistance. I wasn’t really surprised but it sure helped wake up the in-laws some more. Now is the time to get prepared while there still is some precious time left. Don’t hesitate, your existence will be dictated by how you prepare today.
    “God helps them that help themselves.” Benjamin Franklin

  • Mondobeyondo

    There are no guarantees in life.
    You may think there are. Not so.
    I repeat: There are no guarantees in life.
    Ask the family of any car-crash victim who unfortuately lost their life. Don’t believe me? Tune in to your local radio or TV news this morning. Or this evening. Tomorrow. I guarantee you’ll hear about a similar story.

    I do not know where this country is headed for certain. But even with my cracked crystal ball, I can see it is not going to be a pleasant place. We are headed towards a deep, dark hole. And you thought 1933 was awful. (It was.)

    There is always hope though. Don’t give up. Do not give up.

    On March 4, 1933, the United States economy essentially hit rock bottom. The national unemployment rate was 25 percent. One out of every four people of working age – jobless. The Depression had pretty much wiped out the savings, and the spirit, of everyone. Some guy named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, newly inaugurated as our President, made his inaugural speech. He said, in part:

    “Let me assert my firm belief – that the only thing we have to fear is – fear itself! Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which turns needed efforts of advance into retreat…”

    We desperately need that faith, and a similar leader, in these trying times.

  • TMal77

    That Woodstock story is an eye opener. If that is what people will do during relatively calm times I do not want to even think about what will happen during a major crisis….and that folks is where most Americans reside in a state of denial. “That will never happen to me.”
    As Americans we are told to be prepared for everything…. you must have car ins. medical ins. home ownners ins. etc. yet when it comes to self protection and being prepared for a crisis most Americans are unconcerned/unprepared. Even the govt says you need to be prepared to be self sufficient for two weeks minimum. But most Americans ignore that as well. Like we used to say in the military “complacency kills!” Unfortunately that may become reality for a lot of people. Hope I am wrong though. But back to the Woodstock story, what would you be willing to do if you arrived home and some mob was ransacking your house???? I had never really thought about that scenario so once again this site provides a valuable service.

  • J.F.Bowles

    This Exporting American jobs has been happening for 25 years, thanks to our dysfunctional, Bought Congress. Americans are fooling themselves if they think Capitalism is working. If it were, then why are we always having to bail it out? Who is winning with these new rules, like Citizens United, which is no accident folks. Your government is Bought. Until you face it, you won’t fix it. Germany is doing fine. Check out why. There is more shared sacrifice in their system. And corps can’t export jobs and rape the workers like they can in the once good old USA. Like Craig Huelette says, the Corporations are running the governments. Happy Halloween!

    • k

      It is said that ”United states has the best government money can buy”

      Sad but true…

  • markthetruth

    Like i said before, if you listen to all the software company’s and robotics and mobile device companies talking about speed and becoming more and more efficient and data collection hogs.

    Well the faster and more efficient machine become they are taking our non labor work jobs as they can be automated, and it does not look like it is slowing down .

    also work used to be 9 to 5 clock in clock out your finished.

    now they expect you at 8 and to stay late , and take on calls. So with travel you could be taking about a 12

    the end.

    • k

      Another good point.

  • Kraig

    Diebold cancels construction of new 100 million dollar headquarters near Akron, Ohio.

  • dwain

    If we elinated government regulations on business this country would see robust times.

    I have a friend that he and his partner plan to open a resturant. After 20 months of red tape they are ready to open except for the alcohol license they have been waiting for over three months. There is no end to red tape.

    • k

      And both democrats and republicans are responsible for this…..but they blame only the other side 🙂

  • M. Devlin

    “But what is going to happen when large segments of our population lose all hope?
    How desperate will they become?”

    Michael, many readers of your numerous articles get caught up in the same line of thought based on loss of so called “Freedoms”, an economic collapse followed by chaos and anarchy. These are based on the belief that the USA is the centre of the world. Your quote above is happening all over the world, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc. Numerous countries have been overthrown by their own people or are embroiled in a civil war trying to. Everybody is focused on the frontal attack, the stockpiling of billions of rounds of ammunition, anti-terror laws, economic collapse, what will happen afterward, etc… Think outside the box. This is nothing new it has happened before and the outcome is the model that will be adopted. Blame someone else and distract the population. Basic and simple.

    How? There are three pillars of worldwide society, government, commerce and religion, these three have been in bed with each other for thousands of years and never more so than today. Yet all three are collapsing whether due to incompetence, greed or hypocrisy, this is where the war will be fought. Governments need a stable commercial system which needs a stable government, simple. The governments of the world are looking after their own nationalistic interests, trying to preserve their own sovereignty and they need a strong economy to do it. Before the people of the world turn on their own governments these rulers will come up with a tactic not foreseeable. Under the banner and with the blessing of the United Nations the world rulers announce True Peace and Security, how will they achieve it? The total destruction of organised religion. They will invite all peoples of the earth to unite and destroy the one pillar of society that prevents all mankind from finding true peace and security. Seize all assets, destroy all places of worship, execute all religious leaders. Easy. Let the pent up frustrations of the populace vent their anger elsewhere. It could be done and all over in 48 hours thanks to the organisational skills of Twitter and Facebook. Follow this with a full propaganda campaign showing the benefits to society and the world. Say the wealth amassed by these religious organisations will be distributed and give people a sense of unity and freedom they’ve never felt. Problem solved. Will it work, no, but that won’t stop them trying.

    Don’t believe it could happen. Think again, Hitler did it and the German people loved him for it.

    “National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel.”- Joseph Goebbels

    “When people become desperate, they tend to do desperate things.” – Michael

    • k

      i believe so too

  • milou

    Good morning

    What do you think about this data :–15425828/

  • steven

    Read your Bible daily for extended periods of time. Pray to God always. Repent from sins and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Try to live holy in the unholy world. May God protect the righteous. Time is short, only whats done for Christ will last.

    • Michael

      Great advice Steven.


  • sharonsj

    To those who think Romney will solve the jobs problem: While he is running for president, Bain Capital is shipping more factories and jobs overseas to China. And Romney himself has personally invested in Chinese plants.

    Every time someone tries to introduce a bill to stop giving tax breaks to companies that outsource, the Republicans block it.

    The Romney/Ryan budget gives billions more to the Pentagon while taking away money from food stamps and health care, and it privatizes Social Security and Medicare. If you are poor, old, disabled, a widow with kids, you are screwed.

    Finally, if you are already on SS and Medicare, be prepared to pay a lot more for a lot less. In order to pay down the country’s debt, your Social Security is going to be cut and your Medicare deduction will double or triple (ditto for veterans). The average SS is $12,000 a year, so if you can’t survive on even less, may you rest in peace.

    No wonder the government is buying up ammunition and body bags.

  • Donald Wilson

    Let the good times roll brother. Best of luck.

  • Priscilla J. Jenkins

    Just what is a “free market system”? Unrestrained capitalism leads to many many social abuses.

    A century ago during the muckraking period, immigrants and unskilled workers were very badly treated leading to stories like that told in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”. (Sorry – my elite education really wants the book title to be underlined but I don’t know how to do that in this comment section.) Life was miserable for many though I don’t know what percentage it was. If you got hurt at work, tough. If you got sick, tough. Your wife and children and you had little or no access to medical care- even in emergencies. Childbirth killed mothers and babies routinely. Workers’ housing often left much to be desired. Mortgage abuses were rampant. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    These abuses led to anti-trust legislation and eventually to worker’s comp and unemployment insurance and other worker protections. Controls on capitalism are necessary to protect human rights and health and certain services.

    Sure, some of these capitalists eventually provide some good- Carnegie and libraries is one fine example- but talk to the men who helped him accumulate his wealth about how he might have shared more earlier. Etc.

    Some of today’s wealthiest provide good environments and benefits for their workers, eg. Microsoft and FaceBook (speak up if you know otherwise). But many decide that using the labor market outside the US is better for them and their bottom lines and – oops, there go the jobs. Others decide that environmental laws are stifling and aren’t imposed in other parts of the world – who cares what happens to that area’s environment – and they go offshore.

    Bottom line for me is that if standard of living is a measure of a country’s progress, we (U.S.) are neither at the top nor do we protect the low income humans who work in some of the industries sent overseas. Not exactly a global model I want to provide.

    • Randome-11

      There is no “free market” beyond small businesses.

    • Tel

      100 years ago, “childbirth killed mothers and babies routinely”, but then again since the dawn of humanity childbirth also killed mothers and babies routinely, so how are you going to blame capitalism for what people have suffered since the dawn of time?

      Now we are better off (in Western nations at any rate, not all the world is better off) and what made us better off? Not because government decreed the babies stop dying, government decree can’t stop death. We are better off because our medical technology has improved. Who improved the medical technology?

  • T-Bone

    “U.S. economy accelerates to 2-percent growth in third quarter”, this was the head line today in the Chicago Sun-times. They also think more police will solve the shooting problem in Chicago. The police spin to murders is if there are 10 shootings at one location they report it as a shooting incident. The weekends in Chicago we are seeing 10+ killed and 50+ wounded every weekend social decay is ripping the city apart. Keep up the good work Mike…

  • NobodysaysBOO!


    MILLIONS of INSURGENT MEXICAN ALIENS destroying schools,hospitals, neighborhoods and property values,roads and voting rights and still OBUMMER wants MORE MEXICANS! ENOUGH!

    • Paul

      Who is employing them?

      They probably work for less. THAT’S the reason they get employed.

      Good old American companies make more money by employing cheap labor. And if you close that border, they move those jobs to China. That’s the way to get rich.

      And those poor blokes who get fired are the first to protect the rich and attack the Mexicans and Chinese.



    • SuperBigHuge

      Also,secretly lying in wait:

      1) Drug Cartels
      2) Black Panther separatists
      3) Bill Ayers wanna-be’s
      4) KGB sleeper cells
      5) Chinese sleeper cells
      6) Marxist terrorists
      7) Environmental terrorists
      8) Islamic jihadists
      9) Etc.

      This nation is a bee’s nest of waiting groups intent on collapsing the USA.

  • SuperBigHuge

    It is going to get MUCH worse than this article indicates. I suggest reading “Survivors”, a novel of the coming collapse. It gives insight into what we’re really looking at. The economy collapsing, jihadists sleeper cells in the USA (50k+), communists, mexicans who believe that this is their land, gangs, civil war (unlike the war of northern aggression) and the chinese invading…this is a snapshot of what we are really facing. Don’t ask an American about any of this, though. The dumbest, most listless sheeple in the history of the planet. Even the citizens of the former USSR were cognizant that the news and most of what their government told them was pure BS. Not in Amerika. Our country has been dumbed-down to the point that we couldn’t get any stupider if you lopped off our collective head. Just pathetic.

  • john jackson

    Thanks again Michael for the truth. It is nice knowing I can go to at least one website and receive the factual information. Another fact is that the whole financial system is on the verge of an epic collapse. You owe it to yourself and your family to prosper from the fiat collapse so you can prosper in the future:

  • Snoopy_The_Economist

    Why would you advertise your home address on Craigslist? Not much intelligence there.

    2013 thru 2015 will be very difficult…come to think of it, why should 2016 thru 2020 be any better? When will the jobs stop being outsourced?

    • jayjay

      When we stop buying towels from Indonesia, and lotion and canned strawberries from China.
      Yes, I have stored 6 years of food and many years of other supplies, vitamins, and such..and am guilty of concentrating on quantity instead of quality.
      I used some canned strawberries and discovered they were from CHINA!!!!
      Can we not can our own?? can we not sew any longer?? Did we screw ourselves with all those unions and litigations for mashed fingers?
      Don’t laugh..I know a couple that made a few thousands that way.
      In 2010, my husband started drawing SS–and every cent of that money when not used for emergencies was used for preparing for what is coming.
      No haircuts, clothes from yard sales, flea markets or on sale. Lower the water and electricity usage to get a bag of rice.
      Vacations are a memory. I stay at home and list my needs, never any wants here, and save gas….all to be used for prepping.
      I’m ready and call me what you want—I have no sympathy for the bling collectors in my community.
      My door will stay closed.

  • Worried citizen in Georgia

    Michael, I just found your website today. Here in Georgia, we are being told not to worry about the economy.

    Athens unemployment rate continues to fall

    • Michael

      Welcome to the site. 🙂

      And let us hope that the current period of stability lasts as long as possible. We could use it. But things don’t look promising.


      • Rusty

        “Athens unemployment rate continues to fall..”

        Things don’t look promising? He said the UE rate is falling, not increasing and all you can retort with is,”But things don’t look promising.”

        So even if someone tells you good news about their part of the US, all you can do is engage in misdirection???

        Doom and gloom, at all costs.

  • Alasha

    Dailyjobcuts com

    • Marc

      Thanks….I try to keep informed as we head into REVELATION

  • WM

    Great article Michael. I will share with some of the sheeple I work with who believe obummer when he said he has created jobs. These are the same people who know every detail about each American Idol episode……you know the ones I am talking about.

    I work for one of the companies on your list in a blue collar, manufacturing division. This job has been an answered prayer after over 2 years without a job, ( it was at this time that I found your websites).

    Well, the division is for sale, and we are on a hiring freeze, and overtime is slowly disappearing. It is a very large global company, but it seems as though they are going to be cutting the divisions that are not as profitable as they want, and/or cost too much money to run and keep up with increased regulations.

    We are in for some very rough times ahead.

    • Michael

      Keeping hanging in there WM.


  • erheault

    It dosent seem to bother the government as they have the power to tax and that is the power to destroy also, we have a totally out of controll government and there is no way to stop the madness that is decending on the nation We will have a economic crash no matter who or what is leading the country so best bet get out of debt, Store some rations and stand back and enjoy the madness.

  • mike o

    Well…today is another day of lay offs at my company. I guess in a few more hours I will find out whether or not I am employed. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who made this bleak reality possible. Keep up the good work. In a few more years, maybe we’ll surpass the unemployment rate of the Depression…if we haven’t already (with our modern way of measuring unemployment rates).

    (Sorry for the depressing post…it’s just hard to keep a happy-go-lucky face on when you know the world around you is crumbling.)

    • Michael


      I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you. Please keep us updated.


    • Mondobeyondo

      Sorry to hear that. I’ve been there, and still doing that…
      I’m praying for you, bro.

    • Susan

      I am praying for you also. Hang in there.

  • Wally Gator

    The collapse will come and when it does what are you going to do? For me I am thinking my wife has dual citizenship in Mexico as well as here and she owns some land in Mexico. I think it will be safer there than here. Even if a collapse hurts Mexico’s economy at least the people there are used to living with nothing or very little. The case is not the same here, people are used to having everything they want, when they want. When the collapse comes here I think the consequences will be much much worse. People will riot and crime will jump at an alarming rate. Those in large cities I fear will face the most problems. The government will have no choice but to declare Marshall Law. Curfews, mass arrests. It could be like that for weeks, months or years? We have nothing to compare it too. Other economies have collapsed but nothing on this scale. Hope is fading fast for millions of Americans, may God have mercy on us!

    • Randome-11
    • El Pollo de Oro

      I have a friend/former business associate who used to live in Manhattan but is now retired and lives in Mérida, Yucatan, which she chose because she felt it was safer than other parts of México. She felt that the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (kidnapping, carjacking, violent home invasions, etc.) isn’t as much of a problem in Yucatan (and this is a white woman in her 70s). Much of Latinoamerica can be extremely dangerous. But The Banana Republic of America will be equally dangerous, if not worse, when it collapses and all hell breaks loose. Most Americans aren’t used to living in Third World conditions, but they’re going to find out what they’re like—and when that happens, it won’t be pretty.

      “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood begins to flow in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

  • Dirk

    Friedman was right to a point. During the Great Depression, critical systems remained in place and healthy; plenty of cheap raw materials and cheap energy in addition to a robust manufacturing infrastrure. We also had the luxury of a vibrant and productive rural farming community to which displaced workers could return. We have non of those luxuries now.

  • Randome-11

    Much of the “west” has become like that mutated creature in eraserhead, if you cut its diapers, its guttes are prolly going to spill out.

  • Sean Taeschner

    How did we make it in the days of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett? We circled the wagons, did barn raisings, held town picnics, dug wells and built homes for and with each other. Where is the pioneering spirit, folks?
    Take a look again at the old Shaker hymn, We Gather Together.
    Let us get back to Godness and goodness and helping one another again. Let go of selfishness and give from one’s needs, not wants. Then, sit back as hope unfolds with the blessings from Jesus, our Christ and Savior. He will again multiply our food, our homes, and each others’ hearts to giving unconditionally…as He has for us since His birth. Call on Him. He is Jeshua Yamashia. Oh, Strength of God. We are sorry. We do need Your help. Amen

    • jayjay

      Every night, 8 central..the nation is praying.
      I have been about two weeks now.
      We pray for our nation, for Christianity to grow in America, we pray for world peace regardless of the religion practiced, and we pray for chrisrtian leadership, for the Boble to be the basis for our laws.

    • Susan


    • Paul

      dont forget, you also killed all the bisons just for fun and so that the Indians lose their food.

    • Paul

      daniel Boone? Wasn’t he the forefather of all illegal immigrants?

      • John W.

        Nope. he was born here. However you are in the running for father of many idiots.

  • Econman

    The US economy is in a depression.

    Without the Fed dumping trillions into the economy, GDP would’ve lost 10%+. Simple, take the deficit & divide by the US economy’s $15 trillion per year. If U take the real deficit number ($4.5 trillion+) & divide by $15 trillion U get 30%.

    The government & Fed are replacing 30% of the economy with monopoly money borrowed or created out of nothing. This is not real demand. That’s a Depression.

    People don’t have enough money to drive demand & the imbecile Bernanke is trying to trick us into feeling wealthy so we’ll spend more.

    If he wants to make me feel wealthier, send me a few million.

    • Randome-11

      It creates confidence, which is what it needs to inflate the value of the dollar.

  • Econman

    & the government & media say unemployment’s 8%!

    More like 25 to 30%.

  • Mondobeyondo

    – “Mayday! Mayday!”
    – “But today is October 26th. Shouldn’t you be saying Octoberday?”
    – Now is not the time to get into specific details!! Mayday! MAYDAY!!

    • Mondobeyondo

      If you are ever driving around looking for the nearest Walmart or whatever, and you get stuck offroad in the Arizona desert, or in a French forest, it helps to know the Morse code for “SOS”. I don’t know Morse code – just the bare bones basics. If your BMW or Cadillac Escalade breaks down (don’t laugh. My cell phone got cut off, too), and help isn’t immediately available, here’s what to do:

      SOS – Three short beeps, followed by three long beeps, followed by three short beeps. Use your car horn:

      Beep-beep-beep. Beeeep, beeeep, beeeeep. Beep-beep-beep.

      If your first responder, or anyone else who understands Morse code, hears it, they will immediately understand.. But don’t count on it. Most people out there on the interstates and highways (at least in Arizona – can’t speak for elsewhere) are totally clueless. Maybe 3 percent will understand. The other 97 percent of drivers – well… They will just keep driving, and scream at you to please stop honking.

  • Washington

    Flawed Monetary Policy: “QE Infinity” Won’t Work, What the Banks Are Really Afraid Of … By Global Research News Global Research, October 20, 2012

  • Polarbear

    Thank you to View From Abroad for the link – he used the names that have sunk our ships around the world and perpetuate this mess for their own gain – my thoughts exactly – Grrr

  • scott

    Does anyone really believe that the collapse of America that we are witnessing is really accidental? The housing bubble and resulting great depression 2.0. Oops we accidentally gave mortgages to people with no jobs, assets or prospects. Sorry our bad. Come on people, when did 1 + 1 stop equaling 2? Oh sorry we accidentally made policy so restrictive for business that they all left. Sorry, we didn’t know all this would happen. But we promise that we will be a more productive competent government from now on. Trust us, we really do have the interest of American citizens at the top of our list. Oh and from now on 1 + 1 equals 69. WAKE UP AMERICA. THE GREATEST THEFT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD IS HAPPENING RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

  • Islandgirl

    I think that the bottom is falling out right now. I had someone begging me for money this past week at my home. This person came to my home. There have been recent burglaries that have never happened before. A relative on the mainland was just hit with a burglary. People are getting very desperate. What is really scary is this is just the beginning. I read someone’s comment about the gas can in the parking lot. I saw someone carrying a gas can and walking to their car not that long ago as well. I don’t want to even see what it will be like when things start speeding up and it all comes crashing down. We are headed for dangerous times.

  • Gary2

    The new “talking point” for republicans is “Four years ago we were all enthusiastic about voting the first black president”. This is wrong: WE WERE DESPERATE ABOUT GETTING RID OF GEORGE BUSH”. Plus, Obama is smart and offered a good choice. But many people hate intelligence; they prefer mediocrity a la Romney.

    Repubes are so low information.

    • Randome-11

      If trickle-down economics works so well and the wealthy creates jobs and wealth, how comes the whole scheme have to be bailed out again, again and again? How comes the UK have nearly 5 times its GPD in debts?

      Rememeber, Reagan put the entire US economy on welfare at west German and Japanese expenses with the Plaza accords, no one complaining that taxing the rich is socialism have complained about that yet.

    • Jane

      You are a miserable puke.

    • Don’t you get it? R’s and D’s are on the same team. Presidents, Justices, Congresses, etc, are used up and thrown out like yesterday’s newspaper by the elite bankers that loan money to national treasuries.

      They pick and choose who they want in office; we have no say anymore. They rig the elections, they shut out any third parties. Whether Obama or Romney wins is up to them; it’s already been decided.

      They simply allow us to vote to make believe that we’re “free,” and that we have a “choice.” We’re not free, and there is no choice. No matter who wins, though, it’ll be Bush’s fourth term.

      • jayjay

        Yes, great post.

  • Michael A.

    To Mondobyondo(great name by the way) and others who happen to be in the cesspool at this moment…as lame as it may sound to a “rational” non-believer who may frequent this site, you guys are on my prayer list. The Lord IS still in the drivers seat, He ain’t ever NOT gonna be there, and He’s coming back for us soon. For the rest of you who don’t want to believe in my “skygod”, I could care less. He DOES provide every need, He DOES know every need, and He WILL answer. To the believers…stay strong. to the doubters…good fortune…you’re gonna need it. One last thing. Pray for the East Coast. Theyre really gonna need it.

  • Old Man

    I visited about 4 guitar shops in ‘guitar row’ of my city. I am an amateur guitarist and own 5, now looking to replace 3. I have not been shopping for guitars for a decade.

    I was shocked.

    I saw at least a thousand guitars in the 4 shops. Every design, shape and techno-glory that blows my mind. A few you can even disassemble into a little pile to be carried as handheld luggage on flights.

    I swear every single one of them are made in Asia. About 75% in China, 15% in S Korea, 15% in Indonesia. All of the famous brand names are there, especially American.

    But there are about 30 in total that are made in US and Japan. Handcrafted and exquisite, they are locked up in a special A/C room and carry price tags ranging from $2000 to $10,000.

    Only the Gibson top models got the big label that says “Made in America”. Get ready to cough up a few thousands.

    One of the shop managers told me that Asia made about 95% of all guitars, and that is about 15 million units per year. Every one of the US guitar manufacturers except little custom shops now make their products outside of America. I checked out a few dozen models. I can tell you these guitars are of very fine quality; they play well and sound great. The wood, the finishes are all first class. But at 1/2 to 1/5 the price of US made models I that saw a decade ago. So Asian craftsmanship is certainly world class. Therefore producing their own designs and marketing them globally is just a matter of time.

    We have Samsung brand smart phones, TV and tablets all over today, very high tech and very wonderful. Projecting, I expect to be able to buy a designed and made in China ‘Red Rock’ brand ultra guitar complete with built-in digital signal processor, modelling preamp, optical and WiFi output for $250 next year. They will be made by a bunch of dissatisfied Chinese factory workers who quit their jobs building iPad’s and strike out on their own.

    OK, so that’s the point? The point is America does not make things. It makes money, by enabling others to make their things. But it does make one thing – it makes the world biggest, grandest, most fantastic monetary Ponzi cake. When American eat this cake, all the money and profits they made will get flush down the toilet. So, there is no point.

  • Michael, it’s still ok to use Craigslist, you just have to meet people OUTSIDE of your home with a gun on your hip 🙂

    Great article as usual.


  • Marc

    And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

  • Mondobeyondo

    “Ohio” – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, July 1970:

    Get ready. It’s coming. Again.
    Only it’s going to be worse this time around.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Kent State University, Ohio, May 4, 1970.
      For those who aren’t old enough to remember.

  • Rusty

    “The facilities to be closed are in the U.S., Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K. and Japan, the Midland, Mich.-based company said in a statement released after it inadvertently e-mailed a draft copy to Bloomberg News earlier yesterday”

    Sorry, many of these “Layoffs” are of international offices, not necessarily of their offices in the US.

    Just because Europe sneezes doesn’t mean we in the US catch a cold.

    Less hype, more factual reporting please.

  • Rusty

    Here is another example, from Michael’s own link:

    “Ford Motor said it will reduce production capacity in Europe by 18 percent, or 355,000 vehicles, and cut 6,200 jobs to bring its European operations back into profit.”

    Sounds like those 6,200 jobs you mentioned in the story your wrote, Michael, are not of concern of the US, but of Europe. You confound the readers of this blog with fanciful comments such as this:

    “there are a whole bunch of signs that unemployment in the United States is about to start getting worse again.”

    Then you use the Ford job losses, failing to point out said losses are in Ford’s European division.

    Michael, there is plenty of bad news to go around, but you’re using bad news in Europe to scare Americans about their job prospects. I’m not saying they are rosy, but you don’t have to mislead the readers of this blog with obfuscation and misdirection.

  • redoubt

    Millions of people around the world with no jobs,no prospects ,no future ,no money ,no hope, only going to get worse ,a powderkeg waiting to go off, big time .FEMA coffins

  • Fred

    Once the election is over, maybe the real number of people unemployed will be revised. I would not be surprised, if the real unemployment rate is 8.5% or higher by the end of May 2013.

  • Rusty

    And UBS will shed 5,000 jobs. UBS is a Swiss banking company.

    Again, more European bad-news designed to feed into the doom-and-gloom of this website.

    Look, there is lots of bad news for many in the US, but no need to lie about it.

  • Those who said the recession ended in June 2009 were right. Welcome to Great Depression, the Sequel. The next crash is gonna make 2008 look like a kid’s Chuck E Cheese party. Next time, the Western governments won’t even be able to bail themselves out.

    Past governments throughout the ages have always failed, just as the West’s are about to. Wealth is moving back East, where it started out, again.

    Asians in particular today are distrustful of governments. Myanmar (Burma) is rising; so is Mongolia. People gladly accept gold and silver in payment all over Asia because fiat currencies have destroyed their economies and their governments over and over again.

    It appears that they have finally learned their lessons about money, and yet they still seem to think that government is necessary. It is not.

    Egypt’s is a good example. Theirs was overthrown, only to get something worse than before.

    Ultimately, to survive, people will have to forget their childhood school indoctrinated training that governments somehow provides valuable services. They can, for a time, as long as they remain small. Small countries with small governments are good places to live, such as San Marino.

    The death knell comes when politicians become greedy, and begin to provide those services at citizens’ expense in the form of direct taxes.

    No matter how well intentioned they might be in their beginnings, governments always take freedoms away for “the common good,” until no freedom is left. They always fail, they always become abusive, and they always financially cannibalize their own citizens until they crumble to dust.

    We have to learn how to do for ourselves again if we want real, true freedom, and forget about the myth that government is needed for anything at all.

    Only when there is no more government and no more politicians, can there ever be true freedom. It won’t come in any of our lifetimes, but I believe it can and will happen.

  • Sunshine

    C’mon on people now, smile on your brother everybody get together and love one another right now.

    The world is abundant and there is enough for everybody and then some. The greedy selfish
    “owners” as George Carlin labeled them, you know, the ones who decide to create all this mayhem in the world are just nuts! Love money and power more than mankind. By their fruits you shall know them.
    How do they sleep in good conscience?
    Good morning chemtrails. I believe that when these go away the world will begin to heal.

  • Alan

    I think a lot of bad news has been supressed for the election and bogus good news substituted.
    There was a story going around if Obama lost the election there would be riots. I heard the DoD was going to cut a million jobs after the election. Its hard to put much faith in any story, we’re over whelmed with a continous flow of bad BS. I often wonder how this mess will unfold, but I suspect when the Army is put on the streets that will signal the end is near.

  • Graham


    Here is one to read and watch very closely. The major cracks in the phoney corrupt system are beginning to appear on a broader range of sites. This is just one of “many things” that are coming to the surface for “all” to see. After a thorough “clean out”, hope will return. You know my position and what I have said all along. It is an almighty sized jigsaw!

    [Will post this to your other 2 sites as all need to know what “should” be coming].

  • davidmpark

    One of these days we’ll all finally learn NOT to make psychopaths, narcissists, progressives, and utopian groupies our leaders.

    One of these days, maybe we’ll grow up.

  • Washington

    Published on Aug 21, 2012 The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation headed by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants. The result is a travesty riddled with sterile, non-contentious arguments which consistently exclude alternative voices that Americans want to hear.

  • MeMadMax

    I have more faith in Romney being able to turn things around, or, at least being able to “pull back on the stick”, so that instead of plowing nose first into a field, we will do a rough belly landing instead… It’s pretty much a done deal that we are finished, but at least we will have something to rebuild afterwards…

    Unlike the ego-maniacal-in-chief that we have now, who, if you take my visualization from above, is busy trying to get the stewardess’s to protest(among other things), instead of being busy up in the cockpit trying to save the plane…

  • jhon

    was glad to get the sense that people are wakeing up this morning. when i heard on fox radio the host defending 401ks when 3-4 callers called in to say get your money out of the 401k asap…. it is a scam, a ponzi scheme, the mareket will collapse, the government has no intetions of you ever recieveing that money. lol what a joke this guy was defending them.

    best news site

  • 11110

    you’ve got to check the
    comments on this


    seems like the sheeples are waking

  • Got Zimbabwe?

    At least we have that economic genius, the Chicago Jesus as president to usher in a golden utopia on earth. Forward comrades! Yes we can!

    • buttburger

      Are you like the openly racist guys on SHTFplan? They tried to pretend the reason they didnt like Obama was policy, then they really let it all out they were racist too.

      • Gomer Wumphf

        How racist do you have to be to think everyone that opposes the Marxist idiot in the White House is a racist?

        • Gomer Wumphf’s outer

          We’ll See if you like him when YOU are living in a dump or speaking Chinese.

      • Jaybird7

        Boy that cried Wolf again? Everytime O-Hole is criticized it’s racism. Sorry but that ******** is old and tired.We don’t like Nasty Piglosi either for basically the same reason and last I looked she’s a Caucasian. She’s a Communist as is O-Hole.

      • MUSASHI

        Nobody is obligated to like this president…for any reason or no reason including his tan skin.

      • jellobiafra

        He’s a Communist Islamist who hates Americans, genius. THAT’s why we hate Obama. Plus, he’s a fraud. I mean, how many names and social security numbers does the guy have, anyway?

      • Gomer Wumphf’s outer

        ‘bama sucks, you know it, everyone here knows it. he can’t do the job, knock off the accusations of racism and hate, goes for all the other ‘bama supporters too. Especially since you won’t be saying that when your living in a dump.

      • buttburglar

        no one has to like him at all, when your sleeping in your own filth, you’ll wish you didn’t support him.

  • Virginia

    We all need to be very vigilant these days. At many traffic intersections these days, you see people standing with signs mostly men)”I am homeless, please help.” These people are desperate and if your car doors are not locked what is to stop them from jumping in and taking over your car, wallet and then dispose of you? I saw a man today holding up such a sign, luckily my doors were locked. We have a local homeless shelter, a few food pantries and soup kitchens so he could have gone there.

    Michael, I look forward to reading your columns. You do the research and get the facts and then we read to get a reality check because what we hear on CNN is mostly fluff.
    Even the stores have low inventory, just not the selection or variety. I have been giving to charity for the last year, decluttering my home and just getting rid of it all. The more I pack up and take over to salvation army, the better I feel. Eventually, I hope to just have a minimalist bugout pack and be ready for whatever. Yeah, it’s just not safe to be selling stuff from one’s home these days.

    • Michael

      I am seeing a lot of troubling signs all around me these days too. Usually I would dismiss them as “coincidences” but they are really starting to add up.

      Good comment Virginia.


    • buttburger

      don’t be paranoid. You might be there too one day.

      • Klingon Wiper

        Buttnugget you don’t have to reply to every comment. Maybe run along to huffpoo or a comrade meeting at the collective?

  • Jo

    Layoffs have started already. My brother just got let go from a plant that handles defense contracts. He’s been there since Clinton was in office.

    • buttburger

      Its sad. Its manufacturing sector that has been decimated.

  • Awake

    Mondo, in a rural area and possibly else where 3 horn blasts, whistle, gun shots what ever. spaced appox 1 second apart is the general rule for a distress call. A visual distress call is a x. When signaling with a light or mirror 3 flashes. I recommend to read any book by Cody Lundeen. Live simple and good luck.

  • Cinderella Man

    Well hello again everyone! I hope everyone is ready for the *******storm that is rapidly aproaching because if you havent learned to think on your feet by now then God have mercy on you. First off Mondo hang in there brother i sincerley hope you got your power turned back on. You know from my story that i know how bad it is to be down and out. I admire people the most that barely have anything but share nevertheless. You want hope for a new job? I discovered that when you stop imposing your will on the situation the better off you are. I was without work for two years. I put out app after app and nothing happened. When i gave up and let God take the wheel things started happening. Im done with my job at the grain elevator. My dad had to liquidate his herds. Is it the end or just the beginning? I dont know but thru all my series of unfortunate events i have always found a way to survive. When there are no jobs invent one. Thats what i mean by learning to think on your feet. If you need a job bad enough you will find a way. I have become a fan of the show The Walking Dead. Those ppl are in the ********* situation imaginable and yet they always cling to hope. Do you not have hope? Is it darkest before the dawn? I hope. I know im gonna get my people thru this mess before its all said and done.

    • Michael

      It is good to hear from you again. It had been a while. 🙂


    • Nobody

      Cinderela Man,

      My wife and I have also been watching The Walking Dead, season 2. Being a survivalism author, consultant, and gun show vendor, I have been watching from that perspective.

      The bigbest take-away that I draw from that show is that survivalist groups are already pre-arranged groups of highly-skilled friends, of equal temperments, personalities, etc. They know how to shoot, move and communicate, for starters.

      The group of survivors in The Walking Dead are forced together out of circumstance, and as the series does a good job of depicting, this group can’t find its butt with both hands, where there is no group cohesion, too much emotion, etc. Every episode is based on the mistakes consantly being made by various group members. I loved one episode when this owner of the property they were staying at finally told them, “I can’t believe you people have survived this long.” LOL!!

      Please no spoilers from anyone, but I wonder if these clowns will ever bump into a group of true survivalists, who truly have their game-on? That would be fascinating to watch.

      In closing, in a more realistic scenario, people like the main characters in The Walking Dead will get eaten for dinner, literally. Look at what is happening with Hurricane Sandy: Once again, even with the US Govt’s emphasis on preparedness, people are still mobbing the stores, buying-out all the bottled water (instead of filtering it themselves), canned food, etc.

      I totally agree with Jim Rawles’ assessment: An 80-90% die-off within the US, in the event of a nationwide, or global emergency.

  • ed

    Hey, if you are hard up for a job the oil industry in west texas (midland odessa) and in north dakota is exploding. there are help wanted signs everywhere. mechanics, truck drivers, field hands, its all going begging for people. all the fast food and service places are begging for people to work there. rents are high, but theres lots of work and it generally pays fairly good.

    • jayjay

      Our friend worked there and is no softy, mamsy-pamsy, mama’s boy. He’s seen rough times.
      He said the living expenses were not worth it. I believe him.

    • CharlesB

      Six-figure salaries, but homeless

      Chasing the American dream in a Walmart parking lot

      Walmart In North Dakota Boomtown Evicts Squatting Oil Workers From Parking Lot

      Why I’ll Never Move To North Dakota, No Matter What The Experts Say

      “We’re sitting in a Walmart parking lot because there is no housing whatsoever in Williston, North Dakota. We’re hoping to be able to find jobs — something that offers housing — we’re just shooting for that. We hear that as an oil rig floorhand you can make $18 to $24 an hour starting out.”

    • CharlesB

      I just thought that I would post one more article. Here’s a more recent piece about the lack of housing, the high prices rent such as $700 a week, the high crime, and that folks need to be skilled like in carpentry, welding, or have their CDL.

      Thanks Ed and jayjay for your posts. Can either of y’all make some more posts about workers’ experiences out in Texas or North Dakota? Thanks!

      “Unemployment is virtually non-existent and promise seems to be oozing out as fast as the oil. If you get a job on the oil field, Rolfstad says you could be making a six-figure salary. (You) don’t shower for a week. No food. It’s rough. Trying to find a place to go to the bathroom you wouldn’t think is so hard,” he said. This 24-year old father from Minneapolis came here looking for work. The only problem, if you don’t have experience in the oil fields, finding a job at one of the oil companies is almost as hard as finding a place to sleep. Both eventually found a place to stay, living in a tent at a campsite 15 miles outside of town. Although both had jobs at McDonalds, they could not afford much when we met up with them, eating maybe once a day. Pavlacky says he’s lost 15 pounds so far.”

      Minnesotans experience the good and bad of North Dakota oil boom

  • variabletime

    Many companies survived the recession,but couldn’t survive Obama’s “recovery”

  • Mindy

    My husband is a programmer for a company outside the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. He was laid off in 2010 for nine months and has been working full-time since then but the signs that things are going to get slow are showing again. His machine shop builds plastic injection molds for some big companies ; Kimberly Clark, Medtronics etc.. and the companies are pulling projects left and right that they hired my husband’s company to make. This exact same thing happened in Dec. of 2009 and Jan. 2010 and his company had a huge round of layoffs. We have eight children and I am trying to do what I can to prepare for him being laid off again. Gone are the days of feeling like you have a secure job.

  • Ian

    Yadda yadda yadda yadda.

    Next year will result in the same articles written over and over and yet no collapse.

    I will continue to see people buying the latest iphone, spending money on overpriced concerts and festivals, and hotels filled to capacity.

    Nothing new here.

    i recently watched the documentary smearing Obama (forgot the name) and all the people they were interviewing were overfed wealthy obese people living in half million dollar homes. They had the audacity to be complaining that a president has made life hard for them.I have spent much time in third world nations and i have experienced poverty like you would never believe. Americans are a bunch of whiny spoiled little babies, and if a collapse does eventually happen (which i highly doubt) then i think it is rightfully deserved and i hope Americans learn to truly suffer a little. Disgusting parade of pathetic ingrates we have become.

    • Albert

      I believe there will eventually be an economic collapse as there has been in every historical instance with this same econ background, but I agree with you on spoiled, whining americans (small “a” intended). I dose of reality and difficulties will bring some sorely needed humility.

      • JMorcan

        Screw humility. I hope it brings the understanding that saving a dime at WalMart isn’t worth losing your job.

    • buttburger

      agreed! Chill out, Obama didnt cause all of your life’s problems.

      • mojo

        Obama didn’t cause all my life’s problems, just all the ones in the last few years, after he nationalized the industry in which I am employed hah!

    • Jaybird7

      And the rest of the 3rd world you love so much will suffer even more if the US economy does collapse. How about the riots,death and suffering here in the US? What you’re wishing on the country is evil and so are you . A pox on you and your family.

      • “What you’re wishing on the country is evil and so are you .”

        He doesn’t have to be evil. He might be terribly stupid, plain and simple.

  • Washington

    There is allot more! Check these photos and videos inside this link!

    Are American Troops Protecting Afghan Opium? U.S. Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields In Afghanistan (Photos)

  • Old Man

    As the big election draws near, I feel compelled to remind all that presidents make little difference in the best of times, and make no difference now.

    The U.S. Constitution stipulates that president hold the title of sovereign, and run the executive branch. Well, he runs the exec branch but just about everything he can do in that management is specified by laws in great details. He can’t make any changes without Congress approval.

    On fiscal powers, the president has just enough to sign the checks, but all disbursements are controlled by Congress. He collect the taxes, but he can’t change the laws that govern everything about taxation and revenue.

    On monetary powers, the president has none. Absolutely zero.

    On trade and commerce powers, he has none. Everything he does is delegated by Congress via special laws, which last short-term. Congress can stop the delegation and the president can go to trade and economic summits looking like a chicken without a head.

    The president of the U.S. has NO economic, trade and monetary powers. And of course, he has no legislative powers.

    The only areas he has substantial powers are foreign policy and waging wars. But even in defense, he has no say in the military-industrial complex. Congress do, and the military men run the show. Dare he says no to the Joint Chief? Which is why once a president is elected, he immediately looks for excuse to start a war. This so that he is occupied for the term for things to do, get to be loved by the brass, and go down in history. Go down either way.

    Alas, there is one, ONE, area where the president has absolute power. As sovereign head of state, he has total, absolute and unchallenged power to conduct state dinners.

    Think about that on election day – who do you wish to hold state dinners in the White House.

    By the way, GW Bush held one freaking state dinner during his 8 years. Just too occupied by wars.

    • John W.

      You are either a fool or a liar. FDR had no effect on the country? Obama is not working overtime to screw things up with his Eo decrees?

    • Modern Patriot

      What you describe is actually what the framers intended the president to be, not what the president is now. Legislation through executive order and the countless executive branch agencies who have managed to skirt the legislative branch (and often the judicial branch as well) enforce the legislation via their “interpretation” of it; add it all up and we have a dictator at the helm whenever he feels like taking the title. Especially with the NDAA, patriot act, ad nausea.

    • jellobiafra

      You may be old, but you sure don’t know much. The president’s powers have been expanding rapidly since the days of FDR. Bush was plenty bad enough. Obama has written over 926 executive orders, many of which went against direct constitutional law – such as invading Libya without Congressional consent, releasing drones to kill U.S. citizens overseas and making it a felony to engage in political free speech within a certain number of feet of a secret service officer (which can now be assigned to anyone the president doesn’t want questioned by citizens or the press). Obamacare is the greatest example of usurpation of citizen’s rights – a wholly unconstitutional law, it manages to insult religion (forcing church-affiliated hospitals to pay for and perform abortions while exempting Muslims from Obamacare altogether).

      Obama despises the American Constitution and ignores it. He gave blanket amnesty to illegal aliens and said that he would not uphold the defense of marriage act and don’t ask don’t tell. He has simply been going to George Soros- run and funded NGO’s to write legislation he wants, such as the Responsibility to Protect doctrine. This is a dictator and he cares not a whit for your Constitution or for limits on his power in general.

  • Dezmo

    This economy is all about big bonuses for CEO’s and shareholders during bullish period and layoffs during bearish period.

  • Tami Kilmarx

    I lost my job of 7 years Oct 12. It was really ugly what they did to me to “force a resignation,” though I did not resign nor was I “fired.” The company cut my salary Sept 2011 to attempt to save themselves, at least this is what I was told. Now age 54, what do I do now? I am a registered nurse (of 28 years). What’s my reality? My husband has also been unemployed for the past year, (and has 2 BS degrees in his field.) We are prepping our nearly 18 year old son for college….what is his reality?

    • expatTexan

      move to Australia! Nursing jobs by the hundreds in every city/major hospital. Work as many shifts as you want and good pay too.

      Stable, prosperous, relatively crime-free country: kids can play outside safely, women can walk at night in safety, no one carries guns.

      and they speak English! sort of :))

  • Washington

    Fiscal cliff ahead: What it may mean Risks to the economy and stocks are high if all tax hikes and spending cuts take effect. FIDELITY VIEWPOINTS – 06/28/2012

  • Paul

    According to a survey, Germans would elect Obama.

    I would choose jill.

  • Washington

    RT to host final US presidential third-party debate Submitted by legalizeliberty on Thu, 10/25/2012

  • Gary2

    There are many forces giving rise to this high and rising inequality. But the fact that America’s inequality is greater than other advanced countries’ says that it’s not just market forces. After all, other advanced countries are subjected to market forces much like those confronting us. Markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Government policies — or their lack — have played a critical role in creating and maintaining these inequities.

    Joseph Stiglez.

    • Modern Patriot

      getting close gary, just leave out “-or their lack-” and you will have made your first factual post on this site

  • JMorcan

    Trade with SE Asia has destroyed the U.S. economy. It is exceedingly unlikely we will see a meaningful recovery in our lifetimes, or even in the next generation. The Yuan will be world currency within fifteen years, and the U.S. will soon resemble more a Third World economy than an industrial superpower. Every president starting with Nixon has unwittingly worked toward this end, and the American people – generally speaking – have been all too happy to oblige. People in China understand this, but incredibly, people in the U.S. still aren’t getting it. I’ll be in China again next year to congratulate the many old-time acquaintences who once couldn’t afford a wristwatch, but now have millions in the bank. It’s a helpless feeling to see my country, once the economic and moral light of the world, dying such a painful death.

  • Washington

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates

    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns By MARK HALPERIN | October 15, 2012

  • DRS

    Should this not boost the economy by creating more work to repair the storm damage?

    BTW the title of this blog is 5 years out of date – The economic collapse happened way back in 2007.

    • JMorcan

      How can it boost the economy when no new wealth is being produced? The rest of us will have to pay the salaries of those who do this work.

  • Washington

    How central banks collude with corporations to control the government.

    Corporatism Explained

  • SMASH THE CONTROL MACHINE!!! A sign of the underlying stress and tension that has built up in American Society. If this is the response to victory, just imagine the social fallout when things really start going south.

  • Timo45

    What I dont get is people no matter how much evidence you show them on how bad things are getting. They still dont want to face reality. Its very sad whats happening and what the future looks like. I try to be as positive as I can but the truth is the truth things are really getting bad and if people dont wake up they will wish they did. Baskeball,football,movies,sex or any of that stuff is not going to save you if we dont pay attention and start preparing for whats coming.

  • WM

    Just a personal update on whats happening in my life. I am home early today, ( I am supposed to be working 2nd shift), it is 4:05 pm and I just came from a meeting at work. They are closing the manufacturing facility December 31st of this year. It was quite a shock indeed. I have no idea what I will do now, but I do trust in the Lord that somehow something will open up for me. My company is a global energy leader, and although very stable, they are restructuring several of their North American divisions.

    I wanted to thank you Michael for your websites, ( which I found during my 2+ years of not having a job), they have been a real blessing to me and have kept me “in the know”. Actually, this news today of my work closing does not really surprise me that much, and I can thank your work on these websites for keeping me up to date on what is really happening to America and how our economy is dying a slow death, especially manufacturing.

    My knowledge of Biblical prophecy has also played a part with me being at peace with these things, knowing that the end time prophecies of a one world government & leader, cashless society, and the world becoming more “global” is all a part of the prophecies that we are starting to see really fall into place like no other time in human history.

    I encourage all that are going through tough financial times to not get too discouraged. The devil will try to steal any hope from you. Get your hands on a Bible and start reading it and look to the Lord.

    I have a saying that I say to myself when things are going bad or you are in the valley of uncertainty: “In 100 years all of the troubles I am facing are not going to matter”

    I know it does not help the here and now, but it defiantly puts life into perspective. Stay healthy and safe!!!

    • Michael


      I am so sorry to hear about this. So you will be looking for a job once again?

      The stories that so many people share on this site are absolutely heartbreaking. I wish I could promise that the economy was going to get better, but I cannot.


  • Tappedops
  • Pat

    Perhaps the saddest thing I heard after the election were the sobs of my 91-yr-old cousin, a WWII fighter pilot and founder/owner of his own constuction company. He still goes in to his office 6 days a week. But, when the economy tanked 4 years ago,he could get hardly any work, yet he vowed to hold on. He quit taking a salary and was putting his own measly SS check into his payroll to try to stay afloat. When I talked with him after the election, he was devastated. How could “we the people” see what the man has done and reelect him, he wondered aloud. He’s liquidating and laying off ALL his employees, some who have been with him for over 40 years. He held on, hoping a businessman would be elected, not a socialist who has done nothing for him but add more regulations. “I have nothing on this earth left to live for,” he choked. There’s another load of jobless for you. Wake up America, wake up.

  • “Will The Bottom Fall Out? 15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing”

    Simultanously, the enormously prosperous USA recieves large numbers of immigrants (legal as well as illegal). Massive inflation (why not stagflation?) is to be expected. What could possibly go wrong? The Weimar Republic sure got a happy ending…

  • 25 years ago, you had Ronald Reagan, Stewie Wonder, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Steve Jobs.

    Now you have Barack Obama, no wonder, no hope, no cash and no jobs.

    Are you happy with all this “change”?

  • Hi,great post and perspective. As you point out the potential strain on B of A, I think we all hope they know what they’re doing. Rescuing them, it seems, would be the back-breaker.

  • M.O.

    I went to a leading retailer two days ago to get some cardboard boxes to use for packing. There were hundreds of cartons there and I grabbed about 20 of them and whilst doing so I took particular interest in the labeling on each box where it says country of origin or made in …. and every single carton I took and every one I looked at which I didn’t take all had Made in CHINA printed on them. There were none made anywhere else but China. This is a leading Australian retailer and it clearly represents what is going on in our economy. We are buying everything from China, shutting down all our factories slowly one by one and giving all our wealth and work to China. China is buying America and Australia house by house and farm by farm slowly and eventually we will find ourselves under Chinese control. Do you think thats a ridiculous statement? You can all scoff at it and deny it, but everyone knows its true. Our lying governments are running the biggest cover up in history. We had government that looked after us with tariffs once, but of course governments are greedy and want the big dollar projects offered by China and so destroy our manufacturing base to allow mining. So much for the mining boom, it is ending now as the Chinese have almost maxed out their debt as well, but in the process they have made us dependent on them for manufactured goods. Our government is a lazy government who only see the big businesses. Its the small businesses which employ people and make goods which make the country self sufficient and insulate us from overseas markets. When the depression eventually hits it will be because of the days our government sold out to China. We all know cheap is not best. Chinese goods have high failure rates, the products don’t last long and most of it just ends up in landfill. So why are our retarded governments allowing this and allowing our nations wealth and factories to be exported to China. China has become exceedingly wealthy. This wealth did not come out of the sky, it came out of our country and is continuing unabated as we sink into financial destruction. The Chinese are way smarter than any charismatic elected fools in our government. They are able to subdue our government whenever they like because they are smarter than us. They are winning the war… the economic war in which they will own us and you hand the keys over to China. Wake up Australia and America.. The Chinese Are Coming.

  • anonymous

    what we need to do is use that anger and inequality and shape it into something honorable. We need it as fuel for change and equality. We are creatures of habit ruled by a system that has control of us through paper. Paper covers rock but we need to be sharper and re condition ourselves into people who believe in change, equality, happiness and true peace.

  • We are on the verge of completely disintegrating the worth of the American dollar. The UN will shut us down, (much to the delight of many countries), and “McAmerica will be a tourist attraction… Once prosperous land, owned and governed in quadrants, by large corperations; Most (or all) of which will not be American. And as a Superpower…. While we may be able to take on ANY individual country… We cant take them ALL on… And thats who we’re pissing off.

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