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Anti-Trump Protest – Photo by Ted Eytan

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  • Mark Spencer

    My money is on the bikers, even if, as one pundit put it, they aren’t ‘real’ bikers, but suburban biker wanna bees. Wanna bees will prove to be tougher and more astute than the never will bees.

  • Shame on every single person who wished to disrupt Trump’s inauguration. I love how the left accuses him of hatred and look at what they are doing! They are showing hatred toward Mr. Trump and treating him with complete disrespect. Why? Because he doesn’t agree with illegals breaking the law and entering our country demanding rights? Or how about they hate him because he refuses to bow to communists! They hate him because he wants to make America great again? Trump is a good man whether you like him or not. He actually cares about the U.S. He has already added jobs and plans to keep his word unlike Obama who spent most of his 8 yrs going on vacation or golfing! I have never seen so much hatred coming from the left in my life. I have never seen so many sore losers who are basically stomping their feet because they can’t get their way! Well get over it! Get a life! Deal with it! And if you don’t like him then you are welcome to leave! God is watching all of you filled with hate and you will regret what you are going to do to disrupt the inauguration. When you do mean things you get it back worse than when you dished it out. Shame on you!!!

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