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Will This Generation Of Young Americans Be Able To Make It In Hard Times?

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Our recent article entitled “A Record Number Of Young Americans Are Unemployed – Are They Just Lazy Or Are There Simply No Jobs Available?” has generated some absolutely outstanding comments.  We have held back on publishing the best of those comments until now because we wanted to feature them all in one place.  The truth is that this economic downturn is having a disproportionate impact on young Americans.  So why is this?  Well, that is what we want to explore.  In today’s economic climate, it can be very difficult to get that first job.  In fact, in some areas of the U.S. today it is close to impossible to get a great job even if you have tons of experience.  But there are some young Americans who are making it out there and who are doing very well despite what the economy is doing.

Certainly when you talk about any very large group of people there are going to be exceptions.  There are some young adults in America today who are absolutely shining examples of what it means to be a hard working American.  But are they the exceptions or are they the rule?

Some would argue that we have raised a generation that is spoiled, lazy and who expect everything in life to just be handed to them.  Of course one could very easily say that is now true of the American people in general.

The American people have had it so good for so long that most of them have no conception of what it means to suffer.  This is especially true of our young people unfortunately.  But now hard times are coming.

Will our young people be able to make it?

Will we be able to make it?

The following are four excellent comments that were left by readers of this website.  They all make excellent points and they all touched us on an emotional level.  Especially Brian’s story.  Never give up Brian.

After reading the comments below, we encourage you to add your own comments at the end of the article.  Do you think that Americans (especially young Americans) are going to be able to make it through the tough times that are ahead, or are we in really, really big trouble?



I can definitely see many people having temper tantrums. I see it on a small scale now.

I managed a retail establishment last year that is seasonal. All of the employees that the owner hired that were under 40 I had to fire. The first half were lazy obsessively texting internet surfing junkies or illegal aliens I had to fire. Oh boy did they think I was a bitch, but I got the job done, on time and under budget.

The 2 best employees I had was a 40 year old white man and a 65 year old Columbia woman. The man was a class A employee. He made slightly over minimum wage but he was grateful to have a job. Worked anytime I asked him. If I were to call him, he’d be on the next bus to show up for work. Wanted to work, needed to work. Stellar employee. Anytime I get a call in regard to a reference to him, I gave him high accolades.

The Columbian woman, same thing. Showed up on time, dressed professional, spoke professionally on the phone and interact with the customers like a class act.

The Nintendo generation (boy that’s a good one) is full of lazy, obese, low IQ brain dead people. There are few good young people out there, but they are far and few between. When I go to a retail store, I purposely try to pick a register that has a baby boomer working it. If I happen to get a younger man/woman, it’s a joke. They rarely make eye contact and mumble intelligible. I leave the register and don’t even know what they said.

Just to screw with them sometimes I mumble something stupid like I’m being beamed up to Mars after I leave here to see if they’re really paying attention.

The entitlement mentality is the worst. All of these kids want a $100K job or something close. Those days are over unless you get a cushy government job. I’ve been in and out of work for the last 3 years. It’s been rough for me. I’ve worked minimum wage jobs, scavenged for cans and bottles to sell for money, held garage sales, etc…to put food on the table. Many people would think they’re too good to do what I do.

Recent College Graduate:

I recently graduated with a BBA in finance from prestigious university. I wanted to comment of this article because I can completely identify with the subject, in fact, when I saw the picture I laughed to myself and was like that’s me, kinda sad huh. I now live with parents and have no intention of looking for a job. I have been highly motivated my entire life and was well on my way to getting a job in a hedge fund or private equity firm within the oil and gas industry. However a couple months before graduation, something snapped and I became very depressed and lost almost all motivation. I think its because I really woke up the the reality that the the path that the US is on economically speaking is unsustainable. I don’t feel like there is any money to be made anymore. Of course in the short term I could be making about $75,000 a year (typical starting pay for classmates of mine), however I don’t see a point. The dollar will most likely be gone in the next two years and honestly we are on the verge of social and political chaos…I think the best use of my time presently is to prepare myself and get my family prepared for what lies ahead. So from the horses mouth so to speak, as a 22 year old college graduate, that is my opinion.


Many recent college grads move back home for two reasons.

First, the education system has become absolutely addicted to debt. Look at the cost of tuition over the last three decades, and then look at the number of loans issued by Sallie Mae. As soon as demand went through the roof, the universities started doubling and tripling tuition rates, while offering in-house consultation on how to maximize student loans. Twenty years ago, most college students didn’t graduate $40-60,000 in the debt.

Second, it’s a tough job market. If you’ve got a tuition payment to make, and you can’t get a job, then it’s reasonable to move back in with mom and dad for a while. That’s what family is for. They have every right to expect you to pull your weight, including doing chores and getting a part-time job to help pay for food and utilities. Of course, when mom and dad get old, they have the right to live at *your* place for a while, at least until they require permanent care.

I don’t dispute that there are a lot of lazy punks out there. I also happen to think that kids go $40-60,000 into debt while majoring in dead-end subjects that offer no chance of repaying their loans. But there are also plenty of responsible young people who get stuck between a rock and a hard place, and there’s nothing wrong with taking a little family help as long as it’s appreciated and repaid in kind.

Just my two cents.


I am 31 year old male, but everyone says I look 17-20. I had a son at 18 and never had the money to go to an expensive college to get a degree and got turned down for a federal grant/loan, but I did save and go to community college for paramedic. The above article really bothered me because for years I have been put down by older adults, Friend of court, and places I applied to for work for taking care of my grandparents who have been married almost 60 years, and my mother who has MS. My grandmother has never had a license and my grandfather has had emphysema for 20 years and is on oxygen, and my mother uses a wheel chair or a walker on her good days. (the bad are spent crying in pain in bed, sleeping, or bed ridden for days, sometimes weeks at a time.) FOC says I don’t send enough directly to her and taking care of my family is not a “real” job since I do not pay federal tax’s or get paid a weekly check they can commandeer(that’s a whole other story, I guess they didn’t get the memo that woman are to pass men as family “breadwinners” this year or next.), other older adults say I need to look out for myself and get a real job, and the jobs I do apply for,(to work nights or part time) also say it is not a job and therefore I have a huge employment gap on my resume. I have lived on and off between my grandparents and mothers in Michigan my whole life. I stayed with grandparents because my mom waitress-ed full time at night when I was younger.I do not care what they say, I love my family and will help them no matter what, until they pass or they can afford a home nurse. On the nights and weekends that I don’t have my son, I sit home and reading and learning programming and web design. I am willing to work hard anywhere for any (legal) pay. Everyone complains about everyone else and thinks it is so easy to get a job until it happens to them. I glad I don’t care about money and I do not have anything worth anything, so it can’t be taken away. Maybe all the people who were doing the complaining on the board up there should give me and people like me a chance. We might just be the most kind, loyal, hard working person you ever had working with or for. I just would like to let you know, Not being able to financially support myself makes me feel like a loser and maybe I am just a burden on my family and it would be better of if I just”went away”. If it would not hurt my son and family so much, I would be gone.

Survive After Collapse

  • Kate

    A great movie that shines a positive light on the tried and true American work ethic, the entrepreneurial spirit and the young worker today is ‘Sunshine Cleaning’.

    Here’s a synopsis of and a few links to more information about the movie:

    Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) finds herself a single mother attempting to support her son Oscar (Jason Spevack) and her unreliable sister Norah (Emily Blunt) while working a mundane job as a maid. Once the head cheerleader in school with plenty of prospects, Rose now has little to show for her years, and while she still sees the former lead football player (Steve Zahn), it is little more than a despondent affair. When Oscar is expelled from public school, Rose takes a job as a bio-hazard crime-scene cleaner to help pay for a private education, and brings Norah on to help in her steadily growing business. As the sisters work to clean up the messes left behind by the chaotic lives of others, they must learn to reconcile their own differences and overcome a troubled past if they hope to prosper in their newfound venture.

  • Everyone is this country needs to wake up. Our children are our future. We need to encourage them, nourish them, and see to it that they make it. They should not give up. They should tell their stories and WE should listen. People like Brian just don’t exist and can be the best for any company looking for loyalty, dedication and trust. This young man is what his generation should look up to. If children are lazy and no good, it probably came from home. I don’t blame them. There are some parents out there that should be hog-tied and thrown to the dogs. These children need rescuing. It is up to those of us who are older to help them. We cannot give up. They will run this country one day. I had dedicated my life to working for the past 30 years. I never thought I would see the day that I would stop. I never had a break and went from job to job. Today, we are struggling to make it as I was the main income source. My husband’s pay does not cover our expenses. My children, who are teenage boys, are experiencing this time with me and I hate that they have to go through it. They too are into the video games and whatnot, but I demand performance from them in their education. Both my sons are straight A students and both have received many scholastic awards already. My oldest has been in the top 1% to 4% of kids in the nation since 2nd grade based on State testing scores. They are both in band and one is very involved in show choir and sports. You have to teach your children to be responsible. They will argue and fight, but it’s for their own good. You cannot give up on them. My oldest, who is now in 8th, can cook several meals. As a mother and wife, I cannot give up. I keep looking to get back to work. I have children, and because of them, I try hard every day. Yes, there are days in which I want to give up. It’s depressing.

  • I think it’s sad to equate what is supposed to be higher education with how much money it will allow you to reap (and so pay off the loans) when you’re done. No knowledge is ever dead-end knowledge. The problem is with too-high costs of higher education and the consumerist attitude on the part of students. Choose to go to a less expensive school – it doesn’t necessarily mean your education is lower quality. You will still be taught by Harvard profs who couldn’t get a job elsewhere, because there is a PhD bubble, too.

  • John Kolbaska

    As a carpentry contractor I would first like to respond to the main question “are these young americans lazy?”

    For the past 25 years or so, I have seen the illegal mexicans standing on the streets every morning looking for any kind of work. Though I do not believe in hiring them myself, there are many contractors who do. Why is that? It’s because the american young men want no part of it. Many are home sound asleep while these illegals are taking their jobs, and their country away from them. With these sleeping young men, it’s not because of low wages. These illegals get paid anywhere from $100 $150 cash per day. That by itself tells you it’s a lazy issue… PERIOD!

    This country and economy are both in big trouble as I see it. It is very possible that we could be witness to another 1930’s style depression. All the markers are surely there to support it.

    These young adults today are not prepared for such an event. Hell… even most baby boomers are not really prepared, but that’s another story.

    The difference between todays young adults and the young adults from the great depression era is surely a lazy issue from being spoiled beyond belief. Today those young adults would be useless in that kind of situation, and would only be a burden to their parents. The young adults of the great depression were there to help with every chore that needed to be done. Listen to the stories of the children who grew up on the farms of america… How they worked from sun-up to sun-down. Do you think there are any children or young adults who would do that today. Yeah right… good luck finding them. If you did happen to find a small handfull, they would spend the whole day complaining form sun-up to sun-down. Hell, they would probably even carry on in their sleep.

    Now my second point is about this young man BRIAN from the above story. He sounded ashamed of himself for his being trapped in his current situation, but on the contrary. He should be proud of himself because he would be one of those hard working young men just like from the great depression should another depression come along.

  • Caitanya dasa

    really excellent article, sir! It makes me feel better to know that there are many people out there who also feel the same way that I feel, that America is on the edge of collapse and the whole society is about to degrade into anarchy. Anyway, I said to hell with America and moved to India. I am now very happy. So, you might want to consider travelling a little bit and seeing the rest of the world. America is a really hellish place, and the rest of the world is actually quite nice, the people are so much nicer than Americans.

    Anyway, this is all simply the sinful karmic reaction of Americans catching up to them. You cannot expect to be happy and sinful at the same time. Because America and the rest of the western modern society is such a sinful civilization, their end is coming soon.

  • Desriee

    Be very clear about your goal, once your vision is clear and you have a set of well-defined, reasonable objectives and milestones to reach!Film documented some of the top entrepreneurs of this generation in US.
    ”The YES Movie”made by Louis Lautman

  • I think the young people have been hit hard because our retirees are finding they cannot retire and have stayed in the job market taking jobs that previously were taken by those entering the workforce. Couple this competition with the disappearance of all kinds of sales jobs that because of commission based pay structure have traditionally been more suited for people without others to support and the overall decline of all jobs and this becomes a recipe for disaster for the new young job seeker without education or experience. Post collape I anticipate a surge in agricultural jobs because food production will be a very real problem and with energy prices soon to rise it will be an area of American if not world focus. See my Blog for lots of information on the immenent economic collapse and survival for you and your family at and my youtube channel with videos loaded with information at

  • Johnny

    John Kolbaska – Yeah, too bad workers in the US aren’t reduced to the same level of desperation as illegal immigrants who fled from a third world country! If they were, you could hire ’em on the cheap, and your business would be a lot more profitable!

    Save me your Protestant work ethic b.s. There is no honor in work just for the sake of work. Work has to be accomplishing something worthwhile in order to be meaningful.

    How many of the jobs out there that you deride these lazy kids for sleeping through are even worth getting up for? The country would probably be better off if most people just slept through their jobs, anyway. Most of them involve selling people worthless crap that they don’t need, or tricking them into thinking they need it, or shuffling papers around. Mostly in order to line the pockets of some rich jackass, who won’t even share a little bit of the profits with his own employees, much less contribute anything lasting to the society which enabled him to succeed (but oh, I know, I know – all you libertarian small business owners did it all yourselves, with no help from anybody!).

    Its not like those illegal aliens at the day labor site are building a cathedral, a children’s hospital, or are working on the Grand Coolee Dam or sumthin’. More likely, they are put to work building strip malls to hold a few more dog grooming businesses or tanning salons. Or maybe a corporate chain store! Or maybe building some McMansions! Most capitalist activity in America today actively works to make life worse. What a waste of resources, energy, and yes – hard work!

    Sleeping in is a more noble pursuit than most facets of American capitalism today. I’m sure all the guys on Wall Street who helped cause the current financial crisis thought that they worked really hard. We would have been better off if they had all been slackasses who didn’t get up until noon.

  • Nancy

    Could this also be the result of our nations high abortion rate? The current generation is not being parented because many parents themselves are struggling with the symptoms of “tramatic child loss”. In addition, there is the millions of our population that are missing to abortion and unable to full-fill their role and take their place in society. Making jobs, doing jobs & caring for family.
    These are the effects of a self-made problem.

  • Caitanya dasa

    LOL! I just read this news article. A 23 year old teen in America smashed 23 TVs inside a Wal-Mart with a baseball bat.,2933,585423,00.html?test=latestnews

    People are really starting to flip out, it seems.

  • Wow

    22 yr old Recent College Graduate wrote:

    “I really woke up to the reality that the the path that the US is on economically speaking is unsustainable. I don’t feel like there is any money to be made anymore. Of course in the short term I could be making about $75,000 a year (typical starting pay for classmates of mine), however I don’t see a point. … I think the best use of my time presently is to prepare myself and get my family prepared for what lies ahead.”

    Wow, I’ve heard a lot of excuses but I think this one takes the cake. If you really think the dollar is about to collapse, you’d do everything necessary (even taking that worthless 75k/yr job you mention) to start preparing for your family now… 75k/yr can buy a lot of food, water, clothing and land. No matter what happens, you need to eat and drink to survive.

  • John, that story you told about contractors hiring illegals because Americans are lazy is a load of crap!

    These contractors hire these illegals because they can exploit and work the S*** out of them with no breaks and no consequences. Americans demand a first class standard of treatment on the job and in life. ANY contractor who hires an illegal alien over an American is a traitor. These type of people put profit over American loyalty.

    Yes there are lazy Americans but many illegals in my area of the country commit a lot of crime, document fraud, ID theft, drunk driving, etc. a huge percentage of criminals in LA County jails are undocumented aliens, not the “poor hard working immigrants” that the left makes them out to be.

    I have immense empathy for our young people. No question about it. But this nation has been living in a false economy for years. We don’t make things here anymore. And it’s up to we baby boomers (like myself) and elders to fix the mess we’ve left behind to our young people.

    The first thing the US has to do is deport ALL illegal aliens. All of them! If the immigrant rights groups or organized religion open their big mouth and lobby to keep them here, then we’ll deport them too. They can help these poor people in their own country. Then we halt ANY immigration for at least 5-10 years until this mess is cleaned up. We don’t need any more leaf blowers, gardeners or nannies, thank you very much.

    Slap huge fines on any employer who hires an illegal aliens. Any company who outsource their jobs offshore (i.e. call center rep for the major companies) would be closed, assets seized and sold to an American who knows the true value of American loyalty.

    Abolish the federal reserve. Eliminate the income tax and replace it with a flat tax. Repeal all stupid gun laws, Americans have the right to defend themselves. (If a criminal knows most Americans are packing a piece at home and on their person they’ll be less likely to hit Grandma).

  • Caitanya dasa

    What a little Sadhu you are! (eyes rolled). I’m really glad you moved to India. America certainly doesn’t need people like you.

    Americans are getting their karma? Hmmm. Who is the first country that comes to help when there is an earthquake (Haiti), tsunami or other natural disaster. Personally I wouldn’t give one penny of aid of comfort to most of these other countries.

    Most of our men are dying overseas for an ungrateful Middle East (Iraq and Afghanistan) hell holes! Most of these cave dwellers have been living in squalor most of their adult lives. If it weren’t for Americans many of these third worlders would be squatting in a straw hut eating their own turds.

    America is sinful? Really? People in India are so holy? Many of your so called spiritual leaders have been caught screwing everything in sight all in the name of tantric yoga.

    I see the American capitalist system allowed you to earn a living so you can live in a third world country. Well if you happen to be a in natural disaster and the natives start looting and rioting tell me how happy and unsinful your third world neighbors will be once the food and electric is gone.

  • John Hamptin

    Nancy said:
    > there is (sic) the millions of our population that are missing to abortion and unable to full-fill (sic) their role and take their place in society.

    Dear Nancy, you are a whack job. We don’t have jobs for the millions already here, would you be willing to give your entire family’s jobs, food and homes to these unwanted millions? Would you be willing to pay double your taxes to pay them unemployment and food stamps?

    Wake up honey. When the coming tidal wave hits you won’t last a minute unless you get your head out of the clouds.

  • Art

    I have a number of observations from a very depressed rust belt town. Point 1: Yes, it is hard to find a good job. No, there are no promises. But when, basically, has that been different? Point 2: I found, GENERALLY SPEAKING, when starting a small high tech business that young people applying for the job were a) unwilling to work, b) had the common sense of an earthworm, c) despite having an undergraduate degree could not read, write, or comprehend simple concepts while at the same time were so sure they “knew everything”, and d) they expected executive salaries and perks on the first day. Not going to happen. Point 3: There is a general attitude of apathy, extreme entitlement, supreme arrogance coupled with absolute stupidity in a large portion of our young people. You’ve seen David Letterman asking college students simple questions on our city sidewalks. It’s a disgrace. So, with all those factors… despite my desperate need, I have NOT been able to successfully hire one individual. Either they will not accept a decent starting salary (“too low”), they lied on their resume (“Well, so… everyone else does.”), or they aren’t willing to work.

    And we’re speaking of a whole generation (or more) of people.

  • >>>Work has to be accomplishing something worthwhile in order to be meaningful.

    “Accomplish something worthwhile” — the words of someone spoiled.

    Going into a public toilet and finding it clean means someone did a WORTHWHILE and MEANINGFUL job that ACCOMPLISHED something.

    Walking down a street and not having to dodge trash means someone did a WORTHWHILE and MEANINGFUL job that ACCOMPLISHED something.

    If you can’t see the point of a job, maybe you can’t see the point of life itself, either.

    And when the **** hits the fan, you’ll be one of the first crybabies to crack open like a rotten egg.

  • Dody

    Ugh…listening to you baby boomers bitch and whine about my generation makes me sick. I am so glad you guys will be just as screwed as the rest of us, instead you’ll be bitching at US to fix your mess up! Ha ha ha fat chance.

    As far as for me…I live in a rural area. There are NO jobs. I work three self employed contracts, somewhere around 40 to 70 hours a week to average about 1 dollar per hour I put in work. If I lived in a city I would be at a local Labor Ready at 5 in the morning like I was when I had no work before. Stop whining how we suck. You raised us. If we’re so bad, it’s YOUR fault…isn’t that what you say to us about OUR children. So you should fix it.

  • Johnny

    @ Mike Crane – Ha! Yeah, picking up trash and cleaning up a bathroom ARE jobs that accomplish something. That’s not the jobs I was talking about. Being a janitor used to be a job that you could raise a family on, by the way. Not anymore.

    No, as I clearly stated in my post, the jobs I was referring to are those that “involve selling people worthless crap that they don’t need, or tricking them into thinking they need it, or shuffling papers around. Mostly in order to line the pockets of some rich jackass, who won’t even share a little bit of the profits with his own employees, much less contribute anything lasting to the society which enabled him to succeed.” So, I see that your reading comprehension scores were quite low in grade school, perhaps? You see, I was talking about jobs like investment banker – ones that leech off of the work of others and produce nothing in and of themselves. Or ones like working at Wal-Mart – selling plastic crap that people don’t need that makes life worse.

    As long as you are casting broad character aspersions based only on a few lines of text, let me do the same with you. If I’m going to “crack like an egg” because I’m so entitled, YOU are the type who has had everything handed to them their whole lives, or who has had the luck to be in the right place at the right time, and who then believes that this is proof of how much smarter, more motivated, and how much better they are than other people.

    When “**** hits the fan” as you so eloquently put it, you will be one of the ones flailing about to find others to blame for your own failures (such as those lazy youth of today, illegal immigrants, the government, etc.) rather than being grateful that you happened to be born and raised in an era of relative prosperity rather than in one of decline. People like you are not the ones who are going to do anything innovative to make the world a better place, but only rail on those who are different from you and blame those worse off for their own situation, even as you fall into one similar yourself.

    You are the equivalent of those aging Russians who would cling to their images of Stalin after the fall of the Soviet Union. Except you will probably have a sad little shrine to Reagan in your home instead.

  • Baltic girl

    To Brian: My heart really goes out to you. I’m from Latvia and my country is on the verge of default and undergoing austerity measures. The unemployment is 20%. I’m really lucky as I have a very safe job, but many of my compatriots are having a very hard time. My heart really goes out to you, Brian. I wish you a lot of strength and all the best to your family.

  • LNR

    To be bluntly honest, I am one of the ‘lazy, un-motivated, spoiled brats.’ (At the prime age of 18 and should be going to get a bloody education.) I’m an only child which, in away makes it worse in the way that. Although, I do work for things, things have definitely been easier for me in that sense.

    I really don’t know where I’m going to be going with this post but, hopefully that will be figured by the end.

    I dropped out of high-school in the middle of grade 10; though, I was doing grade 11 and 12 courses, because I see no point in learning things that rarely apply to me. Don’t get me wrong, after I dropped out I decided to take my learning into my own hands. So, it’s not like I’m draining my brain of knowledge. (Reading my dads old school texts, going to the library etc.) I feel like I have learned a lot more valuable things than sitting in a desk for six hours, smoking weed at lunch and then taking a test on graphs. Obviously my form of learning isn’t going to get me into a University seeing as I have no piece of paper to back me up. I do see as somewhat unfortunate that I still have the means to finish high-school get a degree and move on but, choose not to. There’s probably quite a number of people that would kill to go to school. Ah well… With that being said, I along with a lot of others (or at least I’d hope), really don’t care about how much money I will have in my pocket. I want to be a tattoo artist for crying out loud. For quite a number of years I will be the ‘bitch’ of the parlour and not see a cent. So, I’ll be having to get part-time jobs to support myself of course but, as long as I can get by and still have a smile on my face. I’m okay with that.

    Perhaps, being ‘spoiled’ in a sense is clouding over my judgement with this my decisions but, I managed to save enough money to move to Japan for a year to further things with tattooing and still get by and take care of my Grandma for the winter because the rest of the family is too busy making money. That’s a start; I’d like to think? Yeah, tattooing isn’t a respected job but, it’s something that I have always wanted to do and I have a passion for art. Having a passion for something means more to me than making an extra buck in my pocket. (Hopefully that won’t turn on me.)

    (Oh, and being in Japan right now I couldn’t get a job in the retail area, even with the 5 years of experience because I lived in Canada my whole life. ((I am a dual-citizen thank you very much.)) This confuses me but, whatever, can’t play the ‘gaijin’ card everywhere?)

    I don’t know where this post went but, it was good to type out.

  • The bigclownhunter

    John Kolbaska is dead right and he said that he doesn’t use illegals. I too am a building contractor who has the same experience with Gen-xers and the like. I left my father’s home when I was 15 in 1970’s and lived in the wood’s, gas station bathrooms where ever I could. Times were very similar to now, it was almost impossible for a young man to find work as most jobs were given to family men first (as they should be). My first job was $1.65 an hour carrying lumber for a residential framing crew of 5 carpenters, we worked 10 hours a day with 30 minutes for lunch which I almost never had..that went on for years until I learned the trade enough to demand a higher wage but I and all the other guys my age knew that life was tough and we had to be tough to live it.

    Fast forward to today and I have had young guys quit after a week because they didn’t get a raise or because I yelled at them. Just last month I had two 20 year olds struggling with a job that a 50 year old Honduran guy was doing with no problem and later I had to re-do everything they did.

    To dody who is complaining that we raised them..he’s dead right too. I’ve got friends who won’t even make their kids mow the lawn, they pay illegal aliens to do it. Its pitiful. I saw this coming and decided that I needed a wife who could handle the coming hard times so I traveled to the old Soviet Republic and married a girl from Uzbekistan where life is so hard that they made the young girls pick cotton for their college tuition and families live on $200 a month. My children volunteer for chores and respect their parents, they understand how hard life can get. I promise all the young people that are reading this…these times are coming to America and you better be prepared to struggle or you will be used and abused and thrown away like so much trash. Pray that you will be found worthy and be prepared to give 100% or be prepared to go hungry and without shelter.

  • Baby Boomer

    Yes, it is difficult for the younger generation. However, I must admit that a lot of young people lack any sort of ambition or drive. I also realize that the economy is crumbling and there is less opportunity than ever before, at least in my lifetime and I am pushing 60.

    I am a high school graduate (barely) and am self-taught. I worked in a factory for 20 years before they shipped all the factory jobs to the slave gulags in Asia and Mexico (thanks NAFTA). In the mid-90s I learned HTML and web technology (on my own; they didn’t teach this stuff in college back then; I hit the books) and after a long period of knocking on doors got a job with a web technology company.

    I moved to a larger city where there was more opportunity and within two years more than doubled my income.

    But then the bankers decided to pull the plug on the wildly exuberant (thanks to the bankers and Wall Street investors) internet boom and by 2001 my income had dropped by a third and I was working for the government (a state university), mostly because I had no choice (all my former coworkers were unemployed, replaced by Indians and Chinese programmers who worked at half or less the salary). Believe me, working for the government is hell, you are considered less than whale dung.

    A few years later I transitioned my flagging internet skills and my self-taught writing and editing skills into a decent job with an online news site. I work 70 hours a week (including Saturday and Sunday) and earn what I did in 1998. Needless to say, inflation has taken the shine off it all.

    I don’t mind working 70 plus hours a week, although my body is beginning to complain (I have arthritis, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel from all those countless hours before the computer).

    I have no illusion of retirement. By the time I am 70 there will be no social security. I will probably work until I drop. That’s the way it is.

    Things could be a lot better, but we have no political will and much of the younger generation is politically brain dead. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and take control of our money and get back to the Constitution. I think we are going in the opposite direction.

    I tell young people to find a niche and fill it and you will be alright, for now. After the bottom falls out, though, I think we will all be screwed.

    Unfortunately, it no longer matters how hard you work. We are becoming a third world country like Mexico and that includes the mentality of the populace.

    That’s my two cents.

  • Baby Boomer

    A postscript: Younger people are going to be confronted with a lot of older people living in the streets in the not too distant future. This will be difficult to deal with unless you have a heart of stone.

    There is absolutely no political will to deal with the large Baby Boomer generation that will in a few short years not be able to work anymore. Most of them will not have the option of living with their children (if they have children) because their children will be unemployed or outright impoverished. In most third world countries there is a strong family sense; we don’t have that here, so expect to see granny dumpster-diving (or fighting for a position at the dumpster, if there will be a dumpster to be had).

    Sorry to be a downer. We have about five years (or less) to take back the country, get the money system right, and get rid of the bankster criminals (I dream of Nuremberg trials).

    Short of that, expect to be worse off than a sharecropper or serf on some duke’s estate (the new royalty consists of transnational corporations and as Mussolini said, corporatism is the essence of fascism).

  • Chad

    Ok so first off I’m a 20 year old from Canada so I can be labelled as part of your so called “Lazy ass generation”. And honestly from what I’v observed from reading the comments posted by baby boomers I’m a bit pissed off! A lot of you are taking the results of a few bed encounters with lazy ***** at the store or at their work place, and you’re using those to label a whole generation of people as useless, lazy, arrogant self centered, angry, bitchy little pricks. You’re passing judgement on a generation due to the actions of a few dumb asses.

    Why your most likely labelling me as you read this if so let me tell something, DONT YOU EVER label me as a lazy ass who is unwilling to work. I would honestly bend over backwards for a minimum wage job right now and not complain, man I applied for 2 jobs as a GRILL COOK and they did an interview and asked me if I’ve had relevant experience! Relevant experience to cook greasy food all day for minimum wage you’re telling me I need EXSPERINCE to do a job that a 9 year old could learn in two days! That is just one example of the ridiculousness of the current system.

    Today I went to a fish processing plant for An interview they were willing to train it was all going well until the end she asked for BUSSNESS REFENCES when I had clearly stated I DO NOT HAVE SERIOUS LEGEL WORK EXSPERINCE THAT IS RELEVENT TO THIS JOB, I applied under the assumption that WILL TRAIN meant WILL TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!! But no no of course not they mean we will train you if you already know how to do it!

    What is the point of this you ask the point is that you people have to STOP saying that it’s because this whole generation is worthless and lazy.

    You have to STOP and think about this I don’t have any experience so I don’t have a job you won’t give me a job because I have no experience, and because of that you label me a lazy worthless spawn of the so called “Nintendo generation” as someone so rudely put it earlier, and thus must be worthless.

  • jaison

    I am a young unemployed from a third world country. I have been off from work for a year and works seems to be hard to find. I have a masters degree but have been poor in luck with finding employment. Earlier I was working in a American funded aid organisation, I know there was millions of dollars being funded and a good share of it goes into some of the american and Indian organizers of these development programmes. I was paid a meagre 165$ a month for my work. Things didn’t look up. I search work after work and attend interviews which ends up not at all hearing from prospective employers. The job search and rejections had a high degree of toll on my self esteem and worth. I almost cried reading Brain’s last words about him being a burden to his family and him thinking he should leave them. I too feel all the same how Brian feels. I am way too depressed as days go by. The last, a girl from my college who was sympathetic towards me had given me a lead to a part time work which which would pay 110$ a month, which is even less paying than my previous work. People who have never lost a job or had a hard time finding a job never understand our plight. They just label us lazy. I don know about bigger national politics or economics or America or third world or whatever. I just know I am just tired of being unemployed and I will really lose my mind if this persists. I really hope god saves people like me and Brian and scores of others who are seriously thinking of just ending it all

    • Michael


      Please do not give up.

      I know things are hard out there.

      But there is hope.

      While things are never going to be easy in this world, the truth is that God loves you and wants you to have the ultimate happy ending.

      But you have to be willing to turn to Him.

      I encourage you to check out the following article that I wrote on another website….

  • Jim

    Interesting comments. Having first hand experience at being cut, there is a third side to this story and situation. I found that I’m not alone in this. While I am older (53), I have found that in the name of profit and bottom line, many companies are importing labor from SW Asia. Places like India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc. You get the picture.

    I myself was replaced by 4 Pakistanis, because the company thought they could get more work out of 4 people as opposed to one that made 4 times as much. Info from insiders, tells me that that company has still not met their deadlines, and they would have met them long ago with me on board.

    I have known people who in a similar situation, sued the company, and got 5 years of salary plus court and lawyer fees. It is still illegal to replace American citizens with foreign H1B or L1 workers. It is supposedly illegal to hire H1B or L1 workers if you can hire an American citizen. However, I believe most corporations are ignoring these rules, just as many ignore the rules against hiring illegal aliens.

    Unfortunately, corporations don’t care nor screen these workers very well. And considering what countries and what part of the world they come from, one would think a thorough screening would be wise (ever hear of the “Intel 6”?). In case you hadn’t, Intel in Portland Oregon hired 6 middle-eastern men to work for them. Some months later, authorities raided and found stockpiles of rocket launchers, grenades and anthrax spores in their shared apartment.

    Our illustrious leadrship shake their heads in disbelief and exclaim: “Where in the world did all these terrorists come from, and how did they get here?” Must I really connect the dots and lead them from point A to B to C??????

    People in this country wonder where all their jobs are going? This is not hard to figure out when armed with the facts.

    Regarding H1B employment etc. some INS facts:

    Even though they are legally mandated to do so, the INS has publicly and willfully refused to deport H-1Bs with expired visas. Although the law says that H-1B visa holders must leave the country immediately after being laid-off or fired, the INS has said “no one will be forced to leave, keep looking for new jobs”.

    What is the INS’s policy toward illegal immigrants in the U.S.? According to INS manager Nina Moniz, “Our job is to explain to people why they are here illegally, help them change that, and help them to get benefits.”
    (7/23/2001 Interview on Denver’s KOA radio.)

    INS commissioner James Ziglar’s only law enforcement experience is serving as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Senate.

    The H-1B program (for temporary high-tech work) admits about 500 “fashion models” visas for employment in the U.S. every year.

    A telephone company that serves a 14 state region in the U.S. makes it a policy to fire American computer consultants, and replace them with cheaper H-1B consultants. To add insult to injury, they first force the American computer consultants to provide on-the-job training for the H-1B that is replacing them, under the guise that they are not being replaced, but are training an assistant. This same company replaced one of their Sr. IT executives with an H-1B. The new executive promptly cancelled numerous software development projects that American citizens were working on, and fired them. Then the executive hired TATA Consultancy (an infamous H-1B sweat shop), to restart the cancelled projects under new names using H-1B workers.

    Companies who are laying off H-1B visa holders frequently inform the INS that the person’s status has changed to “unpaid leave” rather than “unemployed.” The H-1B worker is then free to search for another job indefinitely (and compete with American workers in the high-tech job market) without fear of deportation.

    Illegal immigrants who enroll in the University of California system are charged in-state tuition.

    According to several universities, the INS routinely takes 6 months to respond to notifications from their registrars that foreign students are not attending classes.

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had openly declared that he will not enforce U.S. immigration laws. “…those people who are undocumented do not have to worry about the city government…” Amazing turn of face after 9-11??

    Studies estimate there are approximately 350,000 people who have become illegal immigrants by overstaying their visas. Because of its failure to implement an entry-exit system as required by a 1996 law, the INS has no way to identify or locate them. As more H-1Bs lose their jobs in the recession, and remain in the country until they find work, this number will no doubt be significantly higher.

    The Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General could not find any evidence that the INS was capable of locating visa violators still in the country. Washington Times 11/07/01

    The INS spent $31.2 million on a computer system to track visa holders that overstay their visas. The system still does not work, and the INS says that it needs an additional $57 million for the system. Your tax dollars hard at work??

    State Department form DS-156 — the official nonimmigrant visa application — asks the following question: “Do you seek to enter the U.S. to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose? Are you a member of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State?” The footnote to the question states that “A YES answer does not automatically signify ineligibility for visa.”

    Fraud within the H-1B non-immigrant visa system has become so rampant that an entire industry of “body shops” has sprung up in America. The body shops sponsor foreign workers’ visas and then place them in jobs with American companies for significantly lower wages than American high tech workers.

    “The US government has authorized the issuance of 295,000 new H-1B visas for 2009.” (Washington Post.) This in the face of this continuing recession.

    While this may be somewhat shocking, I haven’t even started on the “Student visa red carpet giveaways” yet.

    Anyone feel a cold chill up their spine?

    Sleep well America!

    Dr. James Bradley

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