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Will Thousands Of Police Layoffs Unleash Chaos And Anarchy Across America?

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Thousands of police officers have been laid off all across America since the current economic crisis began.  Thousands more are getting ready to be laid off.  So could we be on the verge of a new era of chaos and anarchy in America as crime runs wild and there are just far too few police to respond to it all?  That is the message that one blood-smeared billboard in Stockton, California is trying to get across.  Paid for by the Stockton, California police union, the message of the billboard is chillingly clear: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops.”  As state, city and local governments across the United States continue to be devastated by the ongoing economic crisis, budget cuts are becoming much deeper and police forces have suddenly become a very popular target.

Officer Steve Leonesio, the president of the Stockton Police Officers Association, has announced that the police union plans to spend approximately $20,000 on at least 20 more billboards.

Why is the union putting up all of these billboards?

Well, it turns out that Stockton has been considering a plan to lay off 53 police officers in an effort to eliminate a $23 million budget deficit.

But law enforcement in Stockton has already been cut to the bone.  Recently, the Stockton Police Department dropped this bombshell….

“We absolutely do not have any narcotics officers, narcotics sergeants working any kind of investigative narcotics type cases at this point in time.”

Do you think drug dealers will be flocking to Stockton after they hear that?

But the truth is that so many of these local governments around the nation are just flat broke at this point. 

Even major cities are having to admit that they have accumulated such large debts that they cannot even afford to provide the most basic services any longer.

In Oakland, California the battle over police layoffs has made national headlines over the past couple of weeks.  Oakland has laid off 80 police officers, and now the police chief says that there are some crimes that his department simply will not be able to respond to.

In fact, Chief Anthony Batts has compiled a list of exactly 44 situations, including grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism, that his officers will not be available to handle any longer.

What in the world?

Once upon a time in America you could get a police officer to come out for just about anything – including for getting a cat down out of a tree.

But those days are long gone.

Today it is very hard to get a police officer to come out for anything short of murder. 

The following is a partial list of crimes that police officers in Oakland will no longer be responding to….

  • burglary
  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • grand theft
  • grand theft: dog
  • identity theft
  • false information to peace officer
  • required to register as sex or arson offender
  • dump waste or offensive matter
  • discard appliance with lock
  • loud music
  • possess forged notes
  • pass fictitious check
  • obtain money by false voucher
  • fraudulent use of access cards
  • stolen license plate
  • embezzlement by an employee (over $ 400)
  • extortion
  • attempted extortion
  • false personification of other
  • injure telephone/power line
  • interfere with power line
  • unauthorized cable tv connection
  • vandalism

Not that Oakland wasn’t already a mess, but now how long do you think it will be before total chaos and anarchy reigns on the streets of Oakland?

But Oakland is far from alone.

The sheriff’s department in Ashtabula County, Ohio has been slashed from 112 to 49 deputies, and there is now just one vehicle remaining to patrol all 720 square miles of the county.

So what are the citizens of that county supposed to do to protect themselves?

Well, when asked about what they should do, Judge Alfred Mackey gave this stunning piece of advice….

“Arm themselves.”

So is that what we are left with?

Is American society degenerating into a “Road Warrior-style” wasteland where we are all left to fend for ourselves?

It gets really frightening when you start considering just how many police are actually being laid off across the United States….

*Acting State Police director Jonathon Monken has announced that the Illinois State Police will lay off more than 460 troopers and close five regional headquarters by this fall.

*Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford has proposed a plan to lay off 40 police officers.

*The police department in Vallejo, California will temporarily suspend its K-9 and SWAT programs at the end of the month in a move to delay officer layoffs.

*Last year, 18 special police units in Toledo, Ohio – including the gang task force and the mounted patrol – were eliminated or downsized in an effort to replace the 130 patrol officers who were laid off because of a $20.7 million budget deficit.

*Of 315 municipalities the New Jersey State Policemen’s union canvassed, more than half indicated that they were planning to lay off police officers.

*Four police officers in one town in New Jersey were greeted at work this past Monday morning with notices informing them that they will be laid off on August 31st.

*Police in Phoenix, Arizona have been told that more than 400 officers could be impacted by layoffs if “the worst case scenario” plays out.

*Police and firefighters in Flint, Michigan decided that layoffs were preferable to taking a 15 percent pay and benefits cut.

*The city of Maywood, California laid off all 68 of its employees July 1st and is now “contracting out” police services.

*In Colorado Springs, dozens of police positions are going unfilled and the police helicopters were put up for sale on the Internet.

The sad thing is that as local police forces across America are being stripped down or dismantled, many communities are opening their arms wide to increased federal law enforcement “assistance”. 

In recent years, we have seen a large number of examples where the U.S. military is being used for domestic law enforcement, which is supposed to be against the law.  In addition, federal government agencies are increasingly taking over the financing, training and even command of local police.

But is this “federalization” of local law enforcement a good thing?

Of course not.

Unfortunately we live at a time when almost everything is being centralized under federal government control.  Of course this is completely contrary to everything that our founders intended, but most of our “officials” don’t seem too concerned about actually following the Constitution these days.

So what are you seeing in your own local community?  Is the police force being slashed where you live?  Is crime on the rise?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

  • MrPotato

    Most chilling blog-post I’ve read here so far :O

    If that starts happening in UK then we are really screwed, since here only criminals have guns the rest of us aren’t legally allowed to own even pepper-spray

  • vinnya

    Maybe if the cops didnt have ridiculous salaries, benefits, and pensions we could afford to keep them. And also maybe if they were not sitting on the side of the road harassing the working people writing tickets they could respond to the real crime. Its their own fault! I dont know about the rest of the country but here in New Jersey they have an us against them mentality, treat people like garbage and consider everyone a criminal.

  • Charles

    We will soon see the so-called illegal drugs decriminalized, which will allow for the layoff of thousands of police jobs. With the coffers all running dry, there is no other choice.

  • kolchack

    While I understand your main points I do have a little bit more of a balanced view of this. Police unions don’t do themselves any favors by refusing to take pay and benefit cuts at a time when those in the private sector are facing both. Departments also waste huge amounts of money purchasing military-type hardware for their SWAT teams that leads to abuses like commando raids on the homes of non-violent offenders. Then there is the whole War on Drugs BS which results in thousands of non-violent drug offenders being locked up at tremendous expense to the taxpayers.

    Eliminate all that garbage as well as the considerable routine wasteful spending that is inherent in any government bureaucracy and maybe you won’t have to lay off the officers.

  • yojo

    Facinating America can spend Billions on wars but cant keep a few cops on the streets. Cant keep a few cops on the street but can get Federal agencies to get involved. Smells like centralisation, NWO, and FEMA camps. Run forest run! Cops will still go after hookers it seems?

  • Kate

    I live in South Florida. Over the past 15 years we have had increases in the size of all of our departments with increased training in S.W.A.T. tactics and armament. I am not alone in thinking that we need to have less of these armed men on the streets. They are brutish, overbearing, rude and aggressive. Enough already.There are too many of them. They nitpick. Get off the beach by 9:00. (used to be open 24/7) I have seen them harrass young people unnessarily over and over again. I am 55 with NO criminal record of any sort, a Sunday School teacher and mother of 5 grown children and I would like to see the police force halved.

  • michael

    I live in the state of Vermont were we have some of the country’s most lenient gun laws. We need no license or registration for are guns. We also can conceal carry in are state. We are the second safest state in the country. So I ask you is it such a bad idea that we as a people do more to arm and protect are self’s? I think we live in a police in forced totalitarian government. Less police is just what this country needs. Community and people need to come together and help protect each other. This country is changing and we need to change with it.

  • The original definition of “Anarchy” (Greek) is merely No Ruler, thus also implying no GOVERN-ment. Many centuries later “chaos”, was appended, not by thinking people, but by the proponents of Force who cannot accept Liberty as a moral alternative.

    Historically, all GOVERNments have failed, as America is failing today. Your good article clearly shows one of the many components of that failure, so why would you muddy-up your point with that ill-chosen headline?

  • GQ

    Finally, a positive out of the depression….a rolling back of the police state.

    No jobs at all need be lost, accept lower wages and benefits and everyone can keep their jobs! The bully unions who have been getting their way for decades will not go without a fight….so I say good riddance!

  • Grumpy

    While some of the ‘worst-case’ scenarios do sound bad, I wonder how many of them are little more than union scare tactics to goad the populace into accepting higher taxes for police ‘protection’. Considering that SCOTUS has ruled that an individual, NOT the police, is responsible for his own safety and self-defense, police are only there to clean up the mess – and maybe investigate – AFTER the SHTF. The police have no culpability, according to law, if they fail to respond in a timely manner to a call, or if their tardy response (or lack of response) results in greater loss or injury, or death.

    All of which leaves me wondering what the difference is between the state of modern publicly-funded policing and being forced into a mob-style protection racket. At least with the mob you’ll get some measure of justice, which is highly questionable when participating in the ‘justice system’.

  • stegiel

    I say wait and see. Police are not often a deterrent. Seldom are they overly helpful. Bus service is probably more important and armed citizens with automatic weapons create a more civilized situation where criminals think twice knowing the police aren’t there to give them Miranda protection from angry neighbors. Gangs indeed can run wild and do today with full-time police enforcement so the option of public enforcement remains a reasoned alternative.

  • peasantrock2

    In my humble opinion, I think it’s about time our local legislators & Sheriff’s quit asking for federal assistance all around the board & start dealing with these issues locally!!! The feds are like vampires, once you invite them in, they show up at will & you can’t get rid of them. Every single time the feds are asked to help, they think they need to stick around & dictate the rest of the what that state, county or city does, IT NEEDS TO STOP!!! We need to get the federal puppets out of our local & state governments & we need Sheriff’s who aren’t afraid to use their deputizing authorities to hire deputies & raise local militia’s. This is how the founders set it up & this is how it needs to be handled, period.

  • Frankly, this IS the time to get armed. The dominos will continue to fall and law enforcement is ONLY part of the picutre. What happens when the courts are reduced in staff?
    Even the crminals that get caught will be delayed in processing and/or prosectuion-meaning they will have LOTS more time on their hands to do even MORE crime!

    We will face chaos in some places and martial law in others. If things get really out of hand…then summary execution on site of the crime just to control the chaos…of course, the first few times, civial rights activists will be loud to complain…only to shut up after their houses are burned down by angry citizens OR the same gangsters they were speaking out for.

    Until then, we need to follow the laws, get knowledgable about overt and covert ways to protect ourselves and support what remnants of police that still exist.

    Food for thought.

  • “Is crime on the rise?”

    That is hard to tell hereabouts since, in New York, everything is illegal

  • With economic collapse comes chaos in some places, anarchy in others. In my community, we’re already deeply entrenched in the latter. If you’re lucky or careful about where you live, you’ll get there, too.

  • Laticia

    I take a radically different view of this. Police, as numerous cases of brutality show, are, by end large, enemies of individual freedoms. I used to live in Detroit, and yet I found myself more nervous encountering a cop than a burglar. Thousands are being framed, and the USA has the largest, by far, Gulag. Most “criminals” have done nothing more than violate their own bodies by consuming drugs. I hope all police departments across the nation are dissolved. Instead, I would like to see citizens arm themselves and organize volunteer, community-controlled, police associations.

  • Carl

    Supopse your house gets burglarized, or your daughter gets raped, or you are the victim of a traffic accident. How many of you who would like to see your local police departments shrunk or disappear altogether will be happy of one of those things happens to you, and the police don’t respond to help you because they don’t have enough officers? By the way: fire departments are being dismantled too. Perhaps you’d like to see your neighborhood burned down.

  • William

    Maybe if the cops didnt have ridiculous salaries, benefits, and pensions we could afford to keep them. And also maybe if they were not sitting on the side of the road harassing the working people writing tickets they could respond to the real crime. Its their own fault! I dont know about the rest of the country but here in New Jersey they have an us against them mentality, treat people like garbage and consider everyone a criminal.

    Vinnya, I don’t about the benefits and pensions part, but your average cop makes about $35 – $40,000 a year salary; not bad, but hardly excessive. As far as the us against them mentality, I agree completely. Finally, the ticket situation got screwed up when it changed from a punishment tool to a revenue stream. I do feel sorry for anyone who gets laid off.

  • Lennie Pike


    In the UK you all don’t allow yourselves to own guns? Why not?

  • lostinmissouri

    Missouri has great gun laws. Conceal carry permits are easy for non-felon, non-dwi, law abiding citizens, of our state. Missouri’s CASTLE LAW is patterned after Texas’, plus ours includes your auto. Plus, in Missouri, a criminal cannot sue you, if you make the mistake of not killing him.

    Remember this: “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life” Robert Heinlein (from “Beyond This Horizon”,1942)

    IMHO, it is way past the time to tell the Feds to take a hike, when it comes to local law and order.

    Give me a strong County Sheriff and Law and Order County Judges, and you will have, a near crime free County.

  • The funny thing is that well Flint cuts its police force, the city council wants to ban residents from openly carrying a gun. It violates the state law, but they don’t care.

  • Joe in JT

    When times were good municipalities hired many police officers. Now that times are hard some of them have to be laid off.

    Hey what do the police do most of the time anyway? They write tickets for going 5 mph above the speed limit so they can generate revenue for the city. Personally I don’t mind less police. It’s time for American citizens to handle their own problems when it comes to burglery, or vandalism. You’de be amazed how far a 12 guage Mossberg goes it detering punks.

  • tyler

    The police shouldn’t advertise to the criminals that theyre laying off cops. That guy in oakland is an idiot and told the criminals what crimes to commit. I think the reason they are posting billboards and telling everyone that crime will pay is because they want to keep their jobs, they don’t really care if crime increases.

    I think most people are civilized and won’t do anything bad. Part of me is happy these cops are getting the ax. There are to many cops and often times they only go after the law abiding citizens. Hopefully this will keep the hundreds of innocent people cops arrest on a daily basis at home with their families and not in a 4 by 5 cell.

  • My town here in NY has like 11 part-time officers and i think 1 full time, they have 1 SUV, 1 cruiser and 1 unmarked car.. for a town of 5,000. seems alittle much to me and they arent friendly by any means. they have a sh*t reputation. This article is downright spooky if you ask me. ive never been more convinced as i am now that its ONLY a matter of time before the SHTF. be safe evryone

  • VegasBob

    Unfortunately, the purpose of the police is no longer “to protect and to serve.”

    Their purpose is to collect as much money as they can for as little work as possible.

    You can bet that they will not be laying off any of the armed tax collectors with radar guns, or anyone employed by any kind of traffic court. Those are all revenue-producing jobs, at least during those times when the cops stop eating donuts at the Krispy Kreme and get up off their fat asses to go round up hapless speeders.

    No, the police will now announce in advance which laws they will selectively choose not to enforce.

    There’s nothing quite like telling criminals exactly what crimes they will be able to get away with, is there?

  • Matland

    Cops spend most of their time writing chicken**** traffic tickets anyway. Citizens should arm themselves and police themselves. We can’t depend on government agencies to handle every aspect of our lives anyway.

  • Pangea

    The forces do need trimmed. Plus, nearly every home in America is heavily armed. You’ve got to be pretty desperate to attempt a breakin after dark…or KABOOM! But really there’s just too many officers sitting around where I live. They make over $40k, burn a lot of fuel and eat too much. All in all I’d say each officer costs the tax payer over $80k/year with benefits, etc. Each person they convict costs the tax payer $36k/year to confine. You do the math, this country is going broke in every direction. I’ve found you can reason with the police. They deal with so much scum, it’s a wonder they don’t tazer every person they stop. All I know for certain, is that I want to own one of those tazers!

  • JLouise

    I’m with Carl. You people who are praising these layoffs–what the hell are you thinking?

  • John ONeill

    Well folks, you might want to take a look at the big picture. What we have here is real simple. It’s called the federalization of local police. The article above points this out quite clearly.

    The article states, “The sad thing is that as local police forces across America are being stripped down or dismantled, many communities are opening their arms wide to increased federal law enforcement “assistance”.

    In recent years, we have seen a large number of examples where the U.S. military is being used for domestic law enforcement, which is supposed to be against the law. In addition, federal government agencies are increasingly taking over the financing, training and even command of local police.

    But is this “federalization” of local law enforcement a good thing?

    Of course not.”

    Of course not indeed folks. Before you start saying yippy yahoo get rid of the police, you might want think about your wish, because when the Federal Goon Swads come in, it’s game over, folks. Welcome to the Soviet Union.

  • bluestone

    Less police is all good news in my opinion. I can’t extinguish my house if it’s on fire, or give myself emergency medical care if I have a heart attack, but I can defend my life and property without the help of the police.

    This is something Americans have been robbed of for at least a century: the duty to protect their own lives and property. Further, police interdict or prevent very little crime. Police are good at doing reports after the fact, and in many cases detecting and apprehending criminals. This needs to be done. But if every citizen is armed and does for himself in this area, and if we eliminate victimless crimes such as drug violations, crime will be greatly reduced. If drugs were legal the price would drop so drastically (along with the risk of being in the business) that robbery and other related crimes would be unnecessary. As you never see anyone rob a gas station so he can buy a drink, or a pack of smoke, you won’t see it for drugs either once they’re legal.

    Also remember that for every govt employee gone, a unit of liberty is restored to people.

  • john Donohue

    I live in Los Angeles. I haven’t heard of any reduction here in the police, in fact today I saw two cop cars on my street investigating something. When I approached going to my apartment the cop in the car looked at me in a surly, aggressive way. I would have no problem with a reduction in police at all. I think it’s best to arm yourself and deal with it. The police aren’t your friend. When I had a group of gang guys hanging out above my apartment I just went up there and told them it wasn’t cool and they complied. The cops are no help, assume you are a suspect first even when requesting help, and they are usually not very interested in protecting citizens. Only the super rich here get good help from them. They are lazy, incompetent, and overly aggressive. This story is one that is a positive. I say good riddance!

  • John ONeill

    Bluestone, I understand what you are saying and I can truly empathize with your position, but the fact of the matter is more police are coming. Read the article! Local police are being federalized and/or replaced by the military. Don’t think so? Oh yes, it is happening. We ARE turning into a police state. We need to keep the local police and not let the Goon Swads (Squads) come in and voila! Welcome to the Soviet Union.

  • Not so Mad Max

    Cops are Para military there’s a thesis out there cops enjoy pulling people over and writing tickets. If the local administration tells the cop on the beat “We need 20 tickets per officer per shift” guess what the cop on the beat gets his 20. On salaries most of the high salaries have been back office people, I would bet most of the layoffs have been beat cops.
    I would guess this is s concerted plan by some municipalities to stampede people into paying more taxes. What will happen is some where down the road a bunch of people will get killed because the cops where 15 minutes away, this will not stampede people this will make them mad. My guess this will happen in California.

  • Richard

    I make the strongest home security bar in the country, can be seen at, Thank You

  • John C

    The bullies won’t come to my house?
    The Police are here to help us NOT

  • jack nichols

    who cares the police only arrest for drugs anyway. When seconds count the police are only minutes or now hours away. I don’t need the police, I have guns ammo and know how to use them. bring it on. Kinda hard to have a police state with no police. It will be interesting watching this so called anarchy unfold. My guess we will find out how worthless they really are.

  • Ana

    This is very disturbing. I am a cop’s wife. My husband currently works for a Sheriff’s office who is extremely understaffed and the county wastes money like there is no tomorrow. They threaten the Sheriff with more layoffs if they don’t write more tickets on the highway. My husband has often had to patrol the entire county by himself for a full 12 hour shift. It is a bad situation for everyone.

  • concerned reader

    Say what you want about cops and the fact that they getting laid off the job, but the fact of the matter is that the people of our society do not fear, nor obey, the the law anymore. More and more I see people scoffing at the law and the police do very little to challenge that scoffing. People of all races and ages are quickly looking upon police officers as nothing more than a joke.

    What I fear is that we may be entering a period of total anarchy where people will be free to do what ever they want to whom ever they want at their own leisure. The only way for people to defend themselves is with their own wits, weapons and know how. You will not be able to call up the police for defense, you will have to defend your self.

    This is why we are seeing sales of guns and ammunition sky rocket across the country. People are buying up this stuff in mass drove because they fear that there will come a time when the only thing standing between you being raped, robbed, or murdered by some criminal is the hand gun or AR-15 at your disposal.

    This is compounded by the fact that concealed gun carriers are on the rise. This is truelly dangerous because we have people who could be unstable with guns at their shoulder. SEcondly, what happens when some mentally unstable person notices that a concealed carrier has a gun and starts trouble because he wants to be shot and killed?

    Unless some kind of immovable force does not stand up against the darker side of people there will always be chaos.

    There is no denying that police are jerks, but they are a neccessary evil. Most of them are put their lives on the line and handle people so filthy that it would make me vomit at the thought of having to handle them. For example, I recently watched a cop arrest a guy who looked as if he had not bathed in atleast ten years and the cop loaded him into his squad car. This is truelly bravery.

    As for the police getting laid off, at a near by grocery store there is a cop that stands near the entrance of the store and harasses people who get their carts because he wants to get them himself. He bags peoples groceries and gets easily offended when people say that they are still using their cart after their groceries are bagged. He is also black and really likes to harass white people in the store. This would all be some what not a problem, but he makes the store seem vulnerable to attack when his job is to do the opposite. He even walks around the store talking on his cell phone and not watching the front of the store.

  • jw

    Funny, that list of crimes no longer enforced doesn’t include speeding or any traffic-related offenses. So basically they’re telling criminals to go and do their thing, meanwhile drivers can still expect the speed traps to remain and tickets (ie. fines – ie. revenue) will still be handed out.
    Does this make sense?
    Meanwhile, the picture that emerges is that the bankers have loaded up state and municipal government with loads of debt they soon cannot pay, and therefore the bankers can impose their will on broke communities, privatizing water/sewer, roads, as well as deciding what laws are enforced.
    I don’t know about the NWO, but corporate/banking fascism is nearly here.

  • Randy

    Sounds like you live in Southwest Virginia. The Floyd County sheriff’s office is equally understaffed and at night there is only one deputy on duty for the entire county and only volunteer firefighters as well. Your on your own out here, we keep the yard gate closed most of the time to keep people from just driving up to our house and have a dog as well as appropriate firearms to deal with any problems. I don’t expect any support from the sheriff’s office if anything does go down out here.

  • Judge Mental

    @concerned reader,

    You said:
    “This is compounded by the fact that concealed gun carriers are on the rise. This is truelly dangerous because we have people who could be unstable with guns at their shoulder. SEcondly, what happens when some mentally unstable person notices that a concealed carrier has a gun and starts trouble because he wants to be shot and killed?”

    Let me assure you that people in most states that are legally carrying a concealed firearm have been subjected to local, state and federal background checks. They have been completely vetted by law enforcement agencies as stable, responsible, law-abiding clearheaded people. Otherwise they aren’t issued that license to carry. The “people with guns at their shoulder who could be unstable” are called criminals, that don’t really care if it’s legal to carry a gun or not. Surely you realize that they’ve been amongst us for some time now. It is the licensed and trained armed civilian you’ll be glad to have nearby if hell breaks loose.

    As for the remainder of your statement, “SEcondly, what happens when some mentally unstable person notices that a concealed carrier has a gun and starts trouble because he wants to be shot and killed?”

    Um… concealed? Means you don’t see it? How will they know? Case in point, how many fellow citizens have you seen carrying a concealed firearm where you live? If you live in a free state, I assure you there are plenty.

  • Big Bill

    Take a look at the Kentucky State Police. 10 years ago they were the go to be law enforcement agency in the state. For years they have not gotten any pay oncreases with health insurance tripled in out of pocket cost. The manpowere for patrol troopers is lower than it ever has been in its history and they just got hit with forced days off without pay. They did it all, 911 calls, highway enforcement, undercover drug units, now they can’t even schedule a single trooper in 1/2 of the states counties. It sucks for them and really sucks for the public that needed them. Crime and fatal accidents are already on the way up with little to no response.

  • jay

    I have seen articles online showing that many cops and detectives are making over $200,000 per year with overtime (separate articles covered Miami Beach and Boston). They are a state sponsored racket which exist to keep the Establishment protected and in power, because they certainly don’t exist to protect the rights of individuals as ten million police brutality videos on youtube show. When they’re making $200k in a bad economy, they know who butters their bread. I live in a very bad area of a large northeast city and know what crime is like – I see it daily. When vandals broke several windows of my and another person’s city buildings, the cops never showed up when called. When we flagged down a patrol car, the officer said something along the lines of it’s up to owners to secure their buildings and, essentially, why should he care about broken windows when one of his fellow praetorian guards was shot and killed the previous week. He didn’t even get out of his car. We had a good idea of who did the damage but he wouldn’t even talk to the person because we did not see the person actually do it. Furthermore, it’s true that cops simply will not show up in the city for things they consider minor infractions – people shooting heroin in their cars or on doorsteps, drunkards getting into their cars, etc. More and more, I see black-clad ‘thuggish’ type cops in unmarked SUVs pulling up to groups of people on the street, jumping out, lining everyone up and demanding ID’s and doing searches, all without any probable cause. Unfortunately, the people do not know their rights so go along with it.

  • Eugene

    It’s about time. Police in most jurisdictions earn $32/hour in base pay and $58/hour in overtime pay, plus retirement after just 20 years (5 years on seldom-questioned “disability” claims), plus a large assortment of privileges (like free health care) and tax deductions not available to us mere mortals, plus all sorts of discounts and freebies and contributions to “police charities” from intimidated merchants. Police salaries and pensions are among the biggest costs facing any cash-strapped local government. Cuts are long overdue. Maybe with the money they save local governments can open up free community health clinics or hire more teachers or just pay off their (our) debts.

  • Sunny Meadow

    Go back a hundred years ago, and there were very few police in the USA. And they were mostly confined to the big cities. There weren’t state police until the 1930’s, when federal money was made available for them.

    If the police are so great, why don’t they go arrest Obama and his banker friends? Oh, I forgot; that’s who the police really work for. Not the people. Police are flunkies for the rich and elite. They are there to protect and serve the system.

    No, there won’t be chaos and anarchy without the police. That’s just a slave/dependent attitude. Would disease wipe us out without doctors? Would we have no rights without lawyers? Would we have no eternal salvation without preachers?

    Come to think of it, there are a lot of professions we would be better off without.

  • Fred W

    It’s time for citizens to secure their own streets. Get to know your neighbors. Arm yourself, 911 help is 3-15 minutes away when you may need to defend yourself and family in 30 seconds. Turn off your TV and hang out with friends and neighbors in your front yards the way people did before TV. If you see suspicious activity, call your neighbor and make your presence known. If I see an unfamiliar car with people parked out on the street scoping the neighborhood, I shine a light on them and they depart.

  • Hrm. How will this effect the reserve cop forces?

    sounds like some Dr. W stuff.

  • tom martin

    The police don’t really protect citizens do they? They rarely stop a crime in progress or prevent one from happening. In 95% of the cases police look for the perps AFTER the crime has happened — and what percent of those are ever solved? Modern day police are REVENUE collectors. They spend most of their time generating revenue for the city or county by harassing and ticketing upright citizens for ordinance violations. Police forces could be reduced drastically around the country without having a real affect on our lives. How is a cop gonna protect you from a home invader or mugger? He is not. But the union will scare you into thinking he will/ does to keep there jobs.

  • John

    The police need to be scaled back. Just look at the nine offices from New Orleans that have been charged with murder & execution during the Katrina Hurricane. They are out of control & obey no laws, just like the scribes & politicians that they serve.

    People need to abide by their constitutional & bill of rights & be armed. Americans were supposed to make up the militia also. We should have no police or military, they are bankrupting the country.

  • Jim

    Quick! Sell the fear!!

    Without the police we will be over-run by the wild hoardes!

    What nonsense. We survived for quite a long time without the ‘benefit’ of the huge, para-military arm we now call POLICE. We can certainly get by again without them.




    judge mental just does’nt get it at all, thank god for concealed carry.

  • well lady liberty has been raped, defiled and robbed. and she,s passed out on the floor.

  • soooo funny

    this is the best news ever. i worker as an special investigator for CPS for years and saw govt protection over and over for rich SRA cases swept under the rug. cops are wood shop ex military crap. i quit for ethical reason and went into the private sector. sorry woodshop boys, no education, bad attitudes, no jobs for you. ha ha. more is coming. they will replace them with military, that is the plan. i was offered oakland pd job and said no. my fiance did anyhow. corription, opportunist, no morals, that is a cop, oh, and no education. dogs. put them on the street and into a camo. karma yes sir. everybody remember them and stone them to death, they deserve it, low grade following satanists.

  • Jim Shores

    Odds, like BP (Bildeberg Pricks)stopping their attrocity in the Gulf, are a million to 1 fiat Amero dollars that Obummer plans to use his millions of foreigh troops and Blackwater brown shirted thugs to provide the citizens with good ole Nazi/Commie martial law. As his fellow illegal aliens in his Cabinet (medicine chest) say; “we don’t need no stink’n law, we make it up as we go”. Hey cops who violated the Constitution, do you think the citizens will want you back? You were just as bad.

  • Buhlah

    I guess Democraps in Sacromental will have to stop giving welfare to illegals, so that real citizens can get police protection from illegals.

  • JT

    You noticed the sign for Stockton, Ca which is good. You’ll also notice that it is the second most dangerous city in California. Fully staffed with police. Maybe the remaining cops will start doing their jobs in hopes of keeping them.

  • LockNLoad Girls

    I noticed that some of those articles are kinda old…but still from this year, since the announcement from the whitehouse a couple of days ago about there will be no stimulus money given out by the fed to states, counties and cities…watch the news articles about layoffs on each of these…it will make your head spin

  • bill brown

    OF COURSE THERE WILL BE CHAOS!! THAT’S WHAT IT’S DESIGNED TO DO! Oh, I can just see the sheeple quivering with fear! Just like on 9/11 when the jets were circling New York City(with a HUGE population!) making the sheeple quiver! You KNOW where You are headed, don’t You, all of You sheeple?! You are gonna get sheered! You are ALL ignorant and apathetic! You need a Messiah to come save You from Yourselves! Well, they’re gonna give You that too!!

  • bluestone

    John O’Neil, you make a good point. We don’t want federales taking the place of locales who are laid off. What I’m reading though is that smaller towns are disbanding their local depts and the sheriff’s office is taking over. They save a lot of money. I think, hope and pray that the worm is slowly turning. It appears that the dems have nixed cap and trade. That’s a hopeful sign.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Nuestro amigo libertariano Gerald Celente has predicted that The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is headed for a major increase of violent crime and that American cities will become as dangerous as Caracas, Rio de Janeiro or Mexico City. He is absolutely right, of course. The Third World horror movie that used to be the USA is now a banana republic, and in banana republics, one finds an extremely affluent minority and a dirt-poor majority. Combine cutbacks in law enforcement with ever-rising unemployment rates, and you have a very toxic brew. Get ready for kidnappings, armed robberies, gang violence and drug violence galore.

    But there are some folks who are still hiring: Mexican drug cartels. And when Americans are poor enough, hungry enough, cold enough and desperate enough, they will accept the dangerous jobs that los carteles narcos de Mexico have to offer. You know a country is seriously screwed when the only growth industries are drug trafficking, kidnapping and debt collection.

  • mindshift

    It is very difficult for me to feel sorry for laid-off police. Police, in general have set themselves up as an elite class that is above the laws imposed on society. In Central TX, I’ve seen Police Union officals attempt to portray male and female cops, killed while drunk and speeding on a motocycle, as victims of the bar where they and their fellow cops were partying. These cops drove their cycle into the bar and left a tire burn on the floor before riding off to their doom. Why didn’t their fellow cops stop them from committing DUI? Why weren’t they arrested for property damage to the bar? It was because they were fellow cops!

    Police have an us-versus-them attitude towards citizens. Police think everyone is guilty; they just haven’t arrested us, yet. I think this is becoming more prevalent due to the hiring of ex-military personnel. The military indoctrinates soldiers to view everyone not in uniform as a hostile. Shoot first is quite valuable thinking in a war zone, but not in dealing with citizens. A local cop tasered an old woman who could barely walk because she argued with him over signing a ticket. I could continue with many more examples of bad cops that literally got away with murder.

    Citizens abet police abuse by seldom holding them to reasonable standards. Even the most egregious abuse results in little more than being fired. Juries routinely find cops not guilty, even when there is video evidence to the contrary. After all, if a cop is guilty the local government would likely lose any civil case filed by the person harmed by the cop. This emboldens police to contined enforcement excesses.

  • TheRealityChecker

    Here in Connecticut, we could easily do without about 50 percent of the police. If you look at the court dockets here, probably 70 percent or more of the charges are for “victimless” crimes: possession of marijuana, possession of other drugs, public displays of “inappropriate” behavior (someone was too loud, set off fireworks while a neighbor was sleeping, etc etc) and – well – low level misdemeanors.

    It is common for police to stop young people on a ruse like “your tail-light is out”. Getting out to look is obstruction of justice, and if it’s working after the police leave they will just say “it was not working when I stopped the vehicle”. Once stopped, they bring in the drug-sniffing dogs (unless the kid is somehow connected) hoping to find enough to to make an arrest. A stub of a joint is enough to be charged with possession here.

    The reality is they have nothing better to do. They arrest drug users because there is no coordinated effort to even look for the drug dealers, much less find and arrest them.

    The result is a huge cost in maintaining judicial system capacity to deal with all these cases. Plus the cost of maintaining the police capacity to create the cases.

    I am sure that in major metro areas, cuts in the police force create an unsafe environment. But here in CT, the result would be the exact opposite. Since the police do nothing except react when violence occurs (gang, drug, robbery or domestic-related), and they do not investigate anything that does not leave someone either crippled or dead, most of their time is spent on petty stuff.

    The kind of stuff that now results in an arrest, reams of paperwork and case processing, and several court appearances? 40 years ago the police here would have ignored them or, at the most, given a stern 5 minute lecture about.

  • JimInNevada

    The best thing that will come out of this depression is that we will rationalize police work just as large corporations rationalized corporate jobs in the early part of the decade. For starters, stop buying the doomsday talk about the negative effects of fewer police officers. Except for a few dozen high-crime zip codes, most police are little more than crossing guards and armed insurance clerks. Comparisons of communities with and without police forces show no statistically significant different crime rates. The problem of runaway police costs can only be solved at the local level. If you are a member of or candidate for a municipal office take a close look at your community’s budget and add up the total coast of policing, including fuel, equipment, insurance, payout to settle wrongful arrests (the dirty little secret in the business), overtime and most important pensions and retirement healthcare. Then compare your town’s hourly cost for crime control agains the actual cost of crime. Also keep in mind that most of the “good works” for which police claim credit is actually done by volunteers who give their time tolocal fire departments and EMS units. As for decreases in break-ins, thank the folks who use private alarm services.

  • Ian MacLeod

    I think we had far more cops – and far more “victimless crime” laws – than we needed to begin with. In cities we’ve forgotten how to walk over to a neighbor’s and ask them to please turn the noise down, it’s almost midnight. And if Smalltown America out in the boonies start getting an influx from the cities, I suspect we’ll find that rural areas are sufficiently well-armed to take care of themselves.

    Anyone else see something wrong here? The gov’t just offered $25 BILLION for a new nuke power plant, but can’t help out with a shortage of cops – unless we want some free foreign troops and US military taking their places under martial law and a suspended Constitution.

    How about we just say “HELL no!”?


  • Philip

    I live in canada so sorry to you country down

  • Charles

    With all the dirty cops we have in Memphis, TN, we could lay off about half of them and not miss them at all. IN fact the city would make money. the **** cops we got here total a police car a day doing stupid stuff like speeding without going to a call; pulling out of a service station and hitting another cop head on (happened last week 7/23/10)- that totaled two cars; then there are the times they elect NOT to use a siren and run red lights and broad side civilians… so in short, Memphis, TN would be better off without all the cops. If we need a cop now days, you better have the phone number of the local Krispy-Kreme doughnut shop in your back pocket!

  • Dreamer

    The police have NEVER had a duty or legal obligation to provide protection for individual citizens. The US SCOTUS, as well as Federal and State courts have ruled on this in over a dozen cases–the benchmark is “Warren v. District of Columbia”. So having fewer (or more) cops on the street will NOT have ANY statistically significant effect on the number or types of crimes committed. It will ONLY effect the speed of arrest AFTER the crimes are committed, and the number of citations that a department can write. I have concealed carry permits in 3 states, and I Open Carry wherever legal (which is about 99% of the time). I value my own life, and that of my family too much to trust it to some minimum-wage dispatcher, and the average 15-minute response time for a 911 call… When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

  • EX COP

    I am prior law enforcement…notice the key word ‘prior’. Much of what has been stated in the replies to this article are fairly correct. Sad to say, the days of law enforcement upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States (which is what we as officers do when sworn in) are a bygone era. Yes corruption is rampant. Yes a lot of cops are egotistical and arrogant. There are some good reasons for it, but….is there really a good reason for everyone to be a suspect? To continually use authority to bait and switch the general public into jail? Oh yes, there are those who are always walking the line of crime, full of lies, always manipulating, basically low life. But I have experienced police tactics after retirement – namely the Oklahoma State Troopers. I was profiled as a potential drug runner (I was driving a 2000 ford 250 truck with a 100 gallon fuel tank in the truck bed). The trooper found that I was driving to close to the car in front of me….barely, just enough to warrant in his eyes to stop me. I know all the tactics and he did everyone of them. It all ended with me not consenting to a search of my truck, so he used the drug dog for a sniff, then let me go. Here is a law abiding citizen about his legal business getting stopped by an over zealous trooper. Since then I’ve repented from how I was as an officer and feel sorry for everyone I see with their affects strewn along Interstate 40.

    My point is this: Citizens of America – Arm yourselves, hold all government officials accountable for what they do, get involved at all levels, put YOUR FOOT ON THEIR NECKS! And when all else fails let us take our country back!

  • Nancy

    Police are not required (by law) to do anything that does not directly involve the protection and enhancement of the “system”… People are just now finding that out..
    So, people are beginning to understand that THEY.. the taxpayers could do with a whole LOT LESS police who are bullying, harassing, beating, shooting, and scorning the man on the street.. the taxpayer.
    Government generally has deliberately created a “dependency state” a mind set that dictates that we the sheeple must have someone else “do it for us”… NOT SO~!
    Time to start doing “it” for ourselves.

  • Nancy said, “Government generally has deliberately created a “dependency state” a mind set that dictates that we the sheeple must have someone else “do it for us”… NOT SO~!
    Time to start doing “it” for ourselves.”
    Reply: Absolutely right! It’s time for citizens to become self-sufficient, self-reliant, and relearn self-defense. This used to be the individual’s responsibility–if they wanted to survive. Now, self-defense has become the major condition for each of us to survive the out of control, monstrosity the government has created.

  • Jonas Harbaugh

    The sheeple need to stop sending their money to the federal government. Your income tax funds this monstrous empire building and police state. I am urging everyone to stop withholding and stop giving your money to these thugs. Keep the money local and you will see a rebirth. It’s tie for the states to say no more, we’re keep ing our revenues so we don’t have to beg to get it back.

  • This article is written like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic. Cops are bullies and thugs. We live in a world where personal security is cheap and readily available. I’m not talking about guns like these hicks that want to tote firearms like the very thugs they despise — I’m talking home alarm systems, security cameras and locks.

    • @ mene tekel

      you realize that is there stupidest thing ever.who do you think responds to the security system if they brake the lock..the police you idiot or looks at the video footage to find the perpetrator.jeez do you even hear yourself talk.

  • Brian

    Scientists discovered long ago if you put too many rats in a cage they will start eating each other. America is a society divided by religion, politics, and prosperity. We are a motley crue. Like Rome, we are doomed to fall. And the rest of the world has been watching with anticipation as if though this is a TV drama show. When the German society broke down between 1933 and 1945 the colapse happened in part by the lack of consistency in law. The laws changed on a daily basis in an effort to wipe out 6 million of their citizens. The winners of war get to write history. So the atrocities of the American and Russian governments will never be known. But this will come back to haunt the governments when the troops return home from Afghanistan and Iraq. The troops will beat their wives. The troops will fill empty slots on USA Jobs (an internet site for government hiring). These screwed up military will end up in job where physical altercations be their method of resolving conflicts. I see this already in the police officers that have been hire over the last 3 years.

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