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Will War With Syria Cause The Price Of Oil To Explode Higher?

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F-16 Photo by TMWolfAre you ready to pay four, five or possibly even six dollars for a gallon of gasoline?  War has consequences, and a conflict with Syria has the potential to escalate wildly out of control very rapidly.  The Obama administration is pledging that the upcoming attack on Syria will be “brief and limited” and that the steady flow of oil out of the Middle East will not be interrupted.  But what happens if Syria strikes back?  What happens if Syrian missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv?  What happens if Hezbollah or Iran starts attacking U.S. or Israeli targets?  Unless Syria, Hezbollah and Iran all stand down and refuse to fight back, we could very easily be looking at a major regional war in the Middle East, and that could cause the price of oil to explode higher.  Syria is not a major oil producer, but approximately a third of all of the crude oil in the world is produced in the Middle East.  If the Suez Canal or the Persian Gulf (or both) get shut down for an extended period of time, the consequences would be dramatic.  The price of oil has already risen about 15% so far this summer, and war in the Middle East could potentially send it soaring into record territory.

We can always hope that cooler heads prevail and that a conflict is avoided, but at this point it does not look like that is going to happen.  In fact, according to Richard Engel of NBC News, a senior U.S. official has admitted that “we’re past the point of return” and that a strike on Syria can be expected within days.

Obama is promising that the U.S. will “take limited, tailored approaches”, and that we will not be “getting drawn into a long conflict, not a repetition of, you know, Iraq, which I know a lot of people are worried about”, but how in the world can he guarantee that?

Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have all threatened to attack Israel if the U.S. attacks Syria.

If missiles start raining down on Israeli cities, the Israelis are not just going to sit there and take it like they did during the first Gulf War.  In fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, “Israeli leaders are making it clear that they have no intention of standing down this time if attacked”.

If Israel is attacked, their military response will be absolutely massive.

And then we will have the major regional war in the Middle East that so many people have been warning about for so many years.  Hundreds of thousands of people will die and the global economy will be paralyzed.

So what will Obama do in such a situation?

Will he pack up and go home?

Of course not.  We would be committed to fighting a brutal, horrific war that there was absolutely no reason to start in the first place.

And we are already starting to feel the effect of rising tensions in the Middle East.  This week, the price of oil rose to a 10-month high

U.S. oil prices soared to an 18-month high as traders worried that a potential military strike against Syria could disrupt the region’s oil supplies.

October crude futures surged 2.9%, to $109.01 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, their highest close since February 2012. Brent futures ended up 3.2% at $114.28 a barrel, a six-month high.

Posted below is a chart that shows how the price of oil has moved over the past several decades.  Could we soon break the all-time record of $147 a barrel that was set back in 2008?…

The Price Of Oil

And of course we all remember what happened when the price of oil got that high back in 2008.  The global economy was plunged into the worst downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

A major conflict in the Middle East, especially if it goes on for an extended period of time, could send the price of oil to absolutely ridiculous levels.

Every single day, a massive amount of oil is moved through the Suez Canal.  The following is from a recent Wall Street Journal article

To the southwest is the Suez Canal, one such chokepoint, which connects the Red Sea and the Gulf of the Suez with the Mediterranean Sea. The canal transports about 800,000 barrels of crude and 1.4 million barrels of petroleum products daily, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Another regional oil shipping route potentially threatened by the Syria crisis is the Sumed, or Suez-Mediterranean, pipeline, also in Egypt, which moves oil from the Persian Gulf region to the Mediterranean. The Sumed handles 1.7 million barrels of crude oil per day, the EIA said.

And of course an enormous amount of oil moves through the Persian Gulf each day as well.  If the Suez Canal and/or the Persian Gulf were to be shut down, there would almost immediately be global supply problems.

So how high could the price of oil go?

Well, according to CNBC, some analysts believe that $150 a barrel could easily be hit if the U.S. attacks Syria…

Some analysts believe even U.S. crude, West Texas Intermediate (WTI crude) could get close to the $150 zone. “If oil prices spike on the Syria attack, and surge above $120, the next logical upside target is going to be the 2008 high of $147, which could easily be taken out,” said John Kilduff of Again Capital. “It’s the retaliation to the retaliation that we have to be worried about.”

If the price of oil soars up to that level and keeps going, we could see the price of gasoline go up to four, five or maybe even six dollars a gallon in some areas of the country.

You better start saving up lots of gas money.

It looks like you are going to need it.

  • Rodster

    If this thing really gets out of hand Jesus may need to step in before we all kill each other. 😛

    • Basil_Bullion

      Or the Easter Bunny or Santa.

      • Rodster

        I prefer Santa. He gives out presents.



          • Ralfine

            I got my life from my mom.

          • Boo-urns

            BS. Mystical drivel from a few thousand years ago.

        • davidmpark

          I dunno. Some old, fat guy sneaking into my home in the dead of night and watching my children sleep… leaving them gifts if they behave… seems creepy.

        • MT

          Obama gives out presents too. Do you believe in him?

      • Matt

        Right, but every human being alive over the age of like 8 agrees that the Easter Bunny nor Santa exists; so they probably won’t step in. Jesus on the other hand has continually been believed in for two thousand years by millions based on testimony and personal experience. You do understand that Jesus isn’t comparable to Santa; right?

    • SODE

      That would make this Jesus-guy responsible for that gas-attack in Syria as well then? Bleh, I don’t like that guy. Prefer the easter bunny, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They are nice..

      • Angel Peace

        Jesus had NOTHING to do with Syria, Sode. All this hatred and violence is Man-Made…

  • Rodster

    And good luck woth $4-6 per gallon. I’ve read several articles that indicate there would be NO price ceiling. So gas could be $15/20/30 per gallon and that’s if you can find it.

    That’s about when the Global economy goes into meltdown mode.

    • Syrin

      Egypt shut down the Suez Canal to US military ships. Eventually they’ll use oil as a weapon (as they should).

      Remember when the media and liberals used to pretend they hated war to the point of being feral? Liberals stand for nothing. They choose a team, and their team could commit genocide as long as it was their team doing it.

      • Kevin

        Stop talkin about the liberals…I’m an american and an INDI…move to the middle …you will feel better

        • myrna652

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    • Ralfine

      The current price in Germany is EU 1.60 / litre.

      Makes you wonder how they become such an economic power house.

    • Orange Jean

      Some people keep saying they’d love to have gas prices skyrocket, as it would meet their “green” agenda… what they are not thinking about is how this affects the price of EVERYTHING that had to get shipped from point A to point B, including food!

      Where I live, I have to drive to get to work and everything else (no alternative – I’m about 35 miles from work and there is no public transportation at all). I’m also what I call “semi-handicapped” and cannot walk more than about 1/8 mile or 15 minutes, and that slowly … and that with pain and my cane.

      I tried riding a bike a few years ago (I used to ride a lot!) but I could not physically put my leg up high enough to get onto the seat. So for me an increase like that would be devastating. Moving closer to work is not an option as far as I’m concerned because I work in a very high crime area.

  • Bill

    When gasoline “explodes” so will everything else—we are doomed for sure. Complacency has taken over as you could see in today’s markets. As soon as the first shot is fired panic will take over. Be ready to grab what’s left when you hear the first shot.

  • Bill

    Breaking—Is Cameron’ Change of heart a game changer ?

  • K

    My question is the Putin quote real? Did Putin say, if we hit Syria, he hits Saudi. All I know is the story is a day old, and I have seen no denials issued from Moscow. With that many assets in the area, sooner or later there will be a misstep. Or a misinterpretation of an action, and things will go bad real fast

    • maddog

      Its real, the Saudi’s threaten terror attacks at the games in Russia if they did not allow ocommie to boom Syria.

      • K

        Then things should de escalate. The Saudis are pushing for this attack more than anyone. I doubt they will continue, if they might be hit themselves..

        • Gay Veteran

          the Saudi royalty are tyrants and of course the U.S. supports them

    • Gay Veteran

      read that the Saudis threatened to unleash Chechnyan terrorists against the Olympics in Russia. You just don’t say that to an ex-KGB

  • Ghost11111111

    Who Cares. Shut up. Your making money scaring People. Just like the “Y2K” era of the year 2000.

  • JailBanksters

    How many think, with war comes cheaper petrol?
    Well, cheaper anything for that matter.

    • Tobias Smith

      Lower? I don’t get it

  • Tobias Smith

    for a lib, oil is evil, if the price hits $6, they don’t give a hoot.

    • Ralfine

      Yes, the market will solve the supply problem. Remember: there always will be oil, there just won’t be people who can afford it.

    • Bright Light

      Oh please, stop it with the partisan stupidity. Libs and Cons rely on oil the same. Saying that libs won’t care if the price of gas hits $6 is stupidity at its climax.
      Get a clue, we’re all on this sinking ship together. Instead of point the fingers at other passengers that have about the same power as you do is useless. Thinking that “your guy” will fix the problem if they were in charge is naive.
      Fact of the matter is, no matter if a democrat or a republican is in the White House, the same steps would be taken. Because both parties are controlled by the same puppet master.
      Stop being a sheep. Stop falling to the divisive drivel you’re being spoon fed. Wise up to the ways of the world. The only “Them” in the “Us vs Them” face off are the people running the show behind the scenes. Not libs, not cons, not democrats, not republicans.

      • Gay Veteran

        totally agree

      • Orange Jean

        I agree with your statement that “Libs and Cons rely on oil the same…” but haven’t you ever heard some liberals who say should all walk or ride a bike everywhere and “save the planet?” … with comments often about how they would LOVE the price of gas to rise to a level it would be nearly impossible for the average person to afford it?

        Although not all liberals are quite so naive, I personally have not ever heard a more conservative person say that.

  • markthetruth

    China has been making all their allies all over the world in the Past couple of Years and with Russia as their Big Brother … And are prepared for what ever happens as they will not be part of it and will put them in a better position in the World .

    the end..

  • yes we can

    barry cracks me up, he’s outraged bout syrians using gas, but got no problem wiping out whole villages with drone strikes. men women ,kids, even double tap anyone that come to help,sick stuff

  • davidmpark

    Just for perspective; here’s a partial list what comes from that crude oil:

    Solvents, ink, upholstery, bicycle tires, dresses, dvd’s, helmets, curtains, electronic devices, vitamin capsules, dashboards, putty, percolators, skis, tool racks, mops, umbrellas, roofing, denture adhesive, tennis rackets, nylon rope, water and sewer pipes, shampoo, guitar strings, antifreeze, clothes, combs, vaporizers, heart valves, enamel, anesthetics, dentures, cold cream, fan belts, refrigerators, diesel fuel, floor wax, sweaters, super cars, tires, dishwashers, caulking, faucet parts, food preservatives, antihistamines, cortisone, dyes, life jackets, furniture, car batteries, slacks, book coverings, yarn, toilet seats, linoleum, plastic wood, rubber cement, candles, hand lotion, wheels, inter-tubes, luggage, toothbrushes, balloon’s, crayons, pillows, artificial turf, concept cars, old-fashioned films after 1970’s, car enamel, golf balls, motor oil, pens, boats, nail polish, golf bags, tool boxes, petroleum jelly, antiseptics, basketballs, purses, deodorant, panty hose, rubbing alcohol, shag rugs, epoxy, insect repellent, fertilizers, fishing rods, ice cube trays, blankets, fishing boots, trash bags, mopeds, scooters, backpacks, paint rollers, aspirin, awnings, ice chests, paint brushes, sun glasses, parachutes, dishes, artificial limbs, folding doors, soft contact lenses, shaving cream, toothpaste, bearing grease, football cleats, insecticides, fishing lures, perfumes, shoe polish, transparent tape, clothesline, soap, shoes, footballs, refrigerant, linings, electrician’s tape, paint, oil filters, hair coloring, lipstick, synthetic rubber, glycerin, dice, house paint, surf boards, shower curtains, safety glasses, eyeglasses, detergents, tents, telephones, cameras, bandages, hair curlers, drinking cups, ammonia, gasoline…

    There’s more, but I don’t have time to find it all. This is just an example of what will skyrocket.

    We’re so #$%&ed!

    • Rob Kinney

      Diesel fuel is probably the most important on the list because all these products and everything else have to be transported to the store to begin with, mostly by diesel trucks, which will drive up the cost of almost everything, as it becomes more costly to bring them to the consumer.

      • davidmpark

        It will compound on itself. The price of drilling/fracking, refining, chemical treatments, transportation, retail, and all the taxes paid at each step. Bad enough as it is. Now add the higher cost of the raw material due to low supply and we are all screwed!

    • davidmpark

      Need to add that I am building a wood gas / electric hybrid engine for a horseless carriage. At this time – it is NOT a solution to the gas prices. It’s a cheap setup built with junk and leftover bits.

      Even if I get it to the benchmark 900 miles to the tank, there is no chance that the Dept of Transportation will sign off on it, or the State of Utah will either. No manufacturer will buy it. And even if everything did get passed, would there be enough fuel around for everyone so that there’s no shortage of plant materials. Most commercial methanol comes from… oil wells!

    • James Vaughan

      It is not true that society cannot be run without oil or oil-based products, as was done in past times – but it is true that it is going to be “one hell of a job” adjusting to an oil-free or even a reduced-oil environment!

      • davidmpark

        Yes, society did run without oil-based products about 100 years ago before standard oil introduced the world to kerosene. But not at the productive levels nor at the population we have now. Nor can old-fashioned methods support some the technologies we have today in communications, electronics, medical, or transportation.

        If this goes to SHTF level of crisis I believe there will be higher mortality rates.

        • Ralfine

          But you can use new technology and new knowledge to help old industry.

          When you need less people in production, you can put more people into teaching, nursing, caring, research.

          When productivity is higher, then you don’t need to work 12 hours a day, only 6 hours, or 4 hours to get the same results?

          If you reduce 12h shifts of nurses to 8h shifts, you can employ 50% more nurses. And all nurses in work will have more time for their children and parents.

    • Orange Jean

      Thanks for the list David… you make one of my points better than I have.

  • Captain Canuck

    Maybe unatainable oil is what we need to move towards prosperity.

    • Orange Jean

      … I think extreme poverty is more likely.

      Please explain how you figure we could prosper with unattainable oil?

  • Killer Virus

    The European and U.S. economies are collapsing, their solution, start a world war and reset it.

    • Sequoia

      And get ready for MARTAIL LAW and a forced MILITARY DRAFT. Bush & Obummer put everything into place so the corrupt criminal government can force all uf us to fight and participe.
      The NDAA,Patriot act.National recources act,FEMA CAMPS and others are in place for the American people to be forced to serve this criimal government or we will be eliminated.
      As Gerald Celente said (paraphrased).if there is a false flag attack on AMERIKAN soil,the majority of the Amerikan people will rally behind the presdent and start putting up the ribbons and waving the Amerikan flags(that are made in China of course).
      If this war heats up,you Canadians will also be forced drafted into the military,and possibly Mexicans from Mexico,because there are military treaties between the three countries.The North American Union.

  • Ralfine

    Anything is welcome to increase the profit.

  • Ralfine

    Just think about it for a while.

    You work to get money.
    For the money you buy gas to power your car.
    You need the car to get to work.

    • davidmpark

      I work as a machinist and can tell you that 3D printers are not a replacement for many kinds of manufacturing – especially when it comes to many necessary parts functions. Most folks don’t know that metal has a grain just like wood does. Without that grain, the metal is too brittle and will fracture under strain.

      Companion planting is a good way to keep insects off your plants, but only for a month or two. Since many plants that are companion planted mature and are harvested at different times, it’s a method of reducing pesticide use – not a complete replacement. Also, it doesn’t stop a lot of pathogens or a total solution to soil depletion.

      And there’s many kinds of plastics that can’t be recycled. Tempered plastics and those with low elasticity cannot be melted again.
      Burning gasoline is necessary to further progress and will be necessary even if there are advances in other areas. I’m looking at wood gas as a way to power a small car, but I don’t think it’s going to replace petrol.

      • Ralfine

        I am an engineer and can tell you that “3D- printers” come in different forms. I have seen them in action in China almost 20 years ago. Now they include them in Lego-sets. Material science is an interesting subject. But we need lots of kids to study and get your and my knowledge and develop new stuff and think a bit more about crystalline structures and forces between atoms, and all kinds of properties of alloys and composites with different types of treatments, like tempering and etching, etc.

        • davidmpark

          That we can agree on. Composites are fun to mess with!

  • Steve

    And then maybe the American People and Congress will finally, finally grow the balls to tell the Liberals/Eco Freaks to shut the H up and we will finally drill our own oil !!!

    What a concept !! Becoming self sufficient and free of OPEC by drilling and using our own oil.

    • Sequoia

      I agree with you 100%.We should do it and at the same time do it in a way that it won’t hurt the enviroment and make the cars and industries more energy sufficient.

    • Gay Veteran

      that’s a fantasy, much of our oil would be extremely expensive to bring to market

  • Dave’s wife

    Michael, I live near a deep water harbour in Britain and overlook the sea. In 2008/9 there were 3 or 4 big ships on the horizon. They would stay there at anchor because they had nothing to transport and couldnt afford to park up in the harbour. Today I woke up and saw 4 big ships at anchor out there. I havent seen this since 2009. But markets are up. Is it because of the threat of action against Syria do you think? Or are they the canaries in the coalmine of the world economy?

  • jakartaman

    Our punk Prez is going to fold like an accordion.
    As usual he is all mouth and lies.
    Going to mess with Syria was a dumb move even to suggest. We have Muslims killing Muslims

  • Adrian

    Huffington Post had an article last week about how surprised Obama was about how his foreign policy goals weren’t turning out as expected, to which I conclude he has no clue what he’s doing. He backs pro-al Qaeda forces in Libya, and is then surprised when they kill our ambassador. He treats Russia like a puppet state, and is shocked when they don’t fall into line, and behave like a sovereign state, and a great power instead. He’s been aiding the pro-al Qaeda rebels in Syria for some time now, and now is tripping over himself to launch military strikes without hearing evidence as to which side was responsible for the chemical weapons attack. As for the dumb public, the titillating Cyrus dance scene will have Americans enthralled for weeks. Bread and Cyruses…


    Obama is planning his surgical, limited strike but he does not appear to realize that THE ENEMY HAS A VOTE! As 911 demonstrated, the Enemy is full of surprises. Now put me in the category of those who hope gas prices shoot to the sky! Gas at 10 or 20 a gallon will focus America’s mind like nothing else. It will also blow the Environmentalist Cant right out the window as the People will demand we FRACK our way to Energy Independence. The best thing that could happen to America is to suffer a Persian Gulf cutoff. It is long past time we sever our links to this area of the World.

    • squashpants

      Never thought of it like that, but there could be merit to that scenario.


        No doubt, things would be very hairy in the short term but the long term would be brighter, much brighter!

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah, let’s pollute all our water, brilliant


        If the price of independence from the Middle East is a little pollution, I’ll take it. Frankly, I believe whatever problems might result from fracking could be finessed. As it stands, we will send 7 trillions to the Persian Gulf over the next 10 years. We need that money at home, badly. BTW, the costs of these endless wars is easily in the trillions and it is all about the oil. Let’s bring it on home.

  • SafetyViking


    The normal gas price increase for labor day will stick around for awhile.

  • Colin

    I will be paying less than the stated price for gasoline, regardless what happens. Safeway has this great program in where you pay for groceries with your club card and you get points for gasoline. You can get up to 10 points for gasoline. What this means is that I can save $1.00 for every gallon of gas. On my last trip to the gas station, i paid $2.83 for gas.

    • maddog

      Keep thinking like that colin, it leaves less people to feed.

  • David Fuhriman

    Now I just read that Russia is sending ships to the Mediterranean. The Russian bear is about to swat the American eagle out of the sky.

  • pissobama

    Barry is a clown! Syria is no different than a gang war between Mexicans and Blacks. The only thing to do in that situation is make sure each side has enough ammo!

  • Trailer Park Investor

    They got to have some excuse for the higher prices, it sure aint the politicians fault.
    My wife started at Walmart 7 years ago, then a can of Tomato soup cost 48 cents NOW TODAY that same can of Tomato soup will cost you (advertised sale price) $1.44. That same can of soup has gone up in 7 years almost $1.00.
    WOW print more money Mr. Bernake debase our currency even more PLEASE!
    OH and while you are at it start a major war to take our minds off the real reason why everything is so high…

  • ArigatouGozaimas

    I’m counting on Israel to be restrained in their responses as they were during the Gulf War. If the U.S. is striking Syria they should take care of any sites that are threatening Israel as a matter of common sense. Though with Dear leaders ineptitude that is not a one hundred percent certainty.

    You mentioned approval from congress, since when has that meant anything? Either you get approval after the fact like Clinton did for the Serbian strike or you just ignore it completely like Obama did for Libya. And if our own congress doesn’t matter, then why should the U.N. matter? Although I assure you, to these people the U.N. is more important than our own congress.

    I don’t see any good coming from this, but I’m not entirely sure it will be a worldwide disaster. There is a good point about Chine, but I’m not sure how much the Chinese care about Syria. It is highly unlikely Syria will have anything to counter U.S. forces, our country seems to pick its targets based on their inability to fight back. However, I do agree that dropping and deposing Assad leaves a power vacuum that will most likely leave Syria in worse hands.

    You could have also mentioned the destabilization of Iraq. The two countries are quite closely linked and have a porous border. If the Assad regime falls to terrorist supporters, then the shelf life of the current Iraqi government will become suspect.

    I don’t believe this will happen, but, If we put boots on the ground and engage in nation building that changes everything, and this becomes much worse. I don’t see world war three or another assault on Israel, but I do see a costly mess in both blood and treasure for the U.S.

  • Undecider

    Will in Syria will be the excuse used to raise the price of gas closer to what they’ve always wanted it to be.

  • BlackDog

    This is 100% Obama’s fault. He drew a line in the sand. Remember how well that worked for Kadahfi? The Big Mouth POTUS is drawing us into WWIII. Your article mentions Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq — what about Russia, China and their allies??? You think they are just going to turn the other cheek? If a shooting war starts, it will escalate into a major conflict, including Nuclear War. Just Effin’ Great. And btw, what happens when China starts dumping our debt, all $800B of it? I’ll tell you — the dollar will collapse, our allies will quit answering the phone, and we, the Citizens of the USA, will take it on the chin. THANK YOU, WASHINGTON, CONGRESS, THE SENATE — ALL YOU FREAKIN’ BOZOS WILL BE ON OUR HIT LIST IF THIS COMES TO PASS!

  • DJohn1

    I think they should put gasoline at 10-12 dollars a gallon. Then all the competitive forms of energy would bankrupt them!
    At $12 a gallon, using natural gas for a car becomes a real possibility. I think we might be looking at converting vehicles for less than $500 a vehicle if it becomes profitable to do so. Natural gas is locally produced. So we cut the Arabs completely out of the equation. It is also dirt cheap compared with the current rates of a gallon of gas.
    We also have huge natural reserve of natural gas in Washington, D.C. to exploit. (grin)
    I find it very interesting that Russia and China walked out of UN talks the other day and are prepared to enter the Middle East and attempt to bully everyone into doing as they say.

    • Gay Veteran

      more like Russia and China are disgusted at our arrogant actions

  • Carlos Danger

    This can all be avoided if the community organizer would suspend his ego. He’s in waaay over his head. He shot his inexperienced mouth off about a red line. Now he’s worried about his credibility, as if he has any left.

    The US cannot go around moral policing the world while the abortion rate is over one million per year.
    But that’s just a thinly vailed excuse. It’s all about control. Notice how Obamas gun grabbing campaign has suddenly been reignited.

  • davidmpark

    We should have this debate.

    All those materials did work for their intended purpose. I agree that I like them for thee purposes and I build things at home out of them to maintain a decent lifestyle.

    The problem is that many people don’t. Their lives are set in a way that the markets will respond to their needs. The markets don’t respond much to mine in our interesting situation – so, I participate where I can, and make do with what I’ve got to build with.

    Petroleum-based products multiplied the supply of these products – lowering the price, and making life more abundant for people that couldn’t afford such things before. And the supplies of ceramics, wood, and such are much lower today due to government restrictions. How will people get what they need when it’s cheaper alternative isn’t available?

    And what about antihistamines and cortisone? You said we can do with less of it. People with severe allergies need it to save their lives if they get into anaphylactic shock. Should we tell them at the ER, on their deathbeds, that they can’t get the medication due to politics? Those medications will be too expensive to manufacture.

    • Ralfine

      “How will people get what they need when it’s cheaper alternative isn’t available?”

      Like in all the centuries before: from their parents, from their grandparents, from friends at their wedding, birthday, christmas.

      As my mom is getting older she is clearing her closets. Last time she gave me a pack of unused towels she bought at least 30 years ago.

      And I retired last week a dish towel I got from my mom 20 years ago. But I think it is still good for polishing.

  • Carlos Danger

    I’d suggest topping your tank off ASAP. Fill a few cans as well.

  • 2Gary2

    We are not the “richest” country in the world by any modern measure. truth-be-told we are barely on par with most of the ‘second world’
    nations at best, and headed for “third world” status if things don’t
    change very drastically and very soon.

    When the CEO of my company “earns” 265 times what the average working
    Joe (or Jane) does for simply lending his name to the company letterhead
    and glad-handing with others of his privileged existence and yet my
    contributions of actual physical product that pays all our wages is
    somehow viewed as being less important and therefore not worthy of the
    same level of compensation it makes for a confused and unhappy labor

  • sre

    Want to fix that? Want to fix the economy, too? Bring back the trains! Not the diesel engines that are in use now, but the coal burning steam engines. They pollute, you say. Yes, they did, but modern technology can fix that. Or, if it can’t put the same effort into r&d for that problem as we do now on weapons research.
    Also. there used to be far more rr track in this country than there is, now. The effort to bring back the trains would create many good paying jobs, both on the manufacturing side and the actual railroad company side.

    There is also much more coal than oil in the world.
    Coal can be used in many other applications. A major reason we don’t use it is pollution. We have a project. Let’s start.

    • Orange Jean

      … I don’t know where you are living, but in many parts of the US there are no rail lines at all (including some places that used to have them, but which were removed). So not as practical option as you’re suggesting.

      One of the times when I moved cross country (from Boston to California) I did my traveling by train. But to get there I had to first go down to Florida, take a bus to New Orleans, take a train to Chicago (with an 8 hour layover), then over to CA. I arrived 11 hours late due to the weather (when crossing the desert they had to slow down to <30 mph lest they derail… they said because the heat distorts and warps the tracks temporarily).

  • Cyber Revengeance

    don’t worry war will be brief and limited.

  • Ray

    I hear all this chatter over every situation if this, if that, maybe, maybe not – i don’t see much changing either way – until a major catastrophic incident brings the U.S. to its knees.

  • davidmpark

    We could go on for a long time. But I have to say this is the most civilized, structured debate I’ve ever had here and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  • Bruce

    5 or 6 bucks for gas would KILL the sick economy. PERIOD

  • rockclimberscott

    Israel is stirring this pot in the Middle East. Is Israel worth it? I say no.

  • Kevin

    I didn’t pay anymore for gas today than I did 2 weeks ago…I know It can go higher but I filled up today…C’mon…It has been this way for a-whyle…we live by the ones who spec-U-late

  • Kevin

    Yes..I filled up today…just because

  • Orange Jean

    I do like things that are made of non-petroleum products (especially fabric and sweaters) and I use them when I can… but they are often cost prohibitive. I’m guessing a lot of why we use petroleum for so many things is at least at the time it allowed those things to be manufactured much more cheaply.

    Also, trees can be grown again after you cut them down… but it takes a lot of time and careful management of woodlands.

    But really Ralfine, do you have a wooden computer you’re sending that message out on??

    • Ralfine

      No, this computer is about 5 years old. The previous one was second hand and lasted 5 years in my home before it broke.

      In regard to petroleum you have the choice of making things from it or just burn it.

      I have a leather briefcase in my possession which over 50 years ago my father saved from being thrown away. They said it was already old and worn. After my father got it my mom used it in college, I used it in school and university and I still use it to take lunch to the office.

      We usually do not need as many things as we have.

      Try to pack your luggage for a holiday in Hong Kong. Plan for theatre, restaurants, hiking and the beach. Now assume your luggage gets delayed and take only the most essential things into hand carry.

      See what I mean? Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Cyber Revengeance

    is there no way to end Syrian war. what does obama means when he says limited war.

  • DISD2013

    hahahahaha is sow funnyyyyy !!

  • disd2013


  • robert

    The economy is in deep crap. Recently there was an article that the major retailers were starting Christmas discounts 129 days early. If the economy is wonderful they would have waited until Black Friday for the deep discounts. The CEO of a number of companies have been selling off their shares big time. The head of Barnes and Noble just got rid of 80% of his stock in the company. If the economy is so good, and share prices are going to stay up or increase, I doubt he would have gotten rid of 80% of his stock in the company.
    With a major war in the middle east I have no doubt that oil will go up, which means gas will go up. However the big lie is that the price of oil is tied to the price of gas, or gas is tied to the price of oil. When oil went up to $147.00 per barrel a few years ago gas went up to $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon, in some areas more. Oil is $108.00 per barrel and we are paying $4.00 per gallon. Which means that the folks speculating on the price of gasoline or somebody in the supply chain are making a killing and or getting their money out first. It won’t take much for oil and gas to go up, which may collapse an already weakened economy, or at least severely damage it. I could see $6.00 to $9.00 per gallon easy if it does go up.
    Even at that, the price of everything from shipping a purchase from Amazon, to food, clothing, shoes everything else will jump almost instantly because of higher fuel prices.
    The major retailers will be at a total loss while gas is up, sales will dry up as people will put money in their gas tank before buying product from the retailers. They will even sacrifice food, eats (as people did when oil went to $147.00 per barrel and gas was at $4.00 per gallon) in order to put gas in the tank so they can get to work.

    If this drags on, you will see the major retailers doing 50-80% off to get people in the store. Good if you have some extra money but not many people will.

    You will hear economic crying and howling (understandably) people begging for the government to step in. You probably will hear some Senator/congressman saying they want to investigate the high price of gas and why the consumers are paying so much. They really don’t and don’t end up doing anything, but I have heard these stories every time gas goes up dramatically since 1973 and gas prices were .35 cents per gallon.

    Key thing to note is that war never quite goes as planned and is generally more involved, expanded and greater then what the Administration officials say it is. I don’t think they are telling a lie, they are simply presenting the information as they believe they know it, however they have no idea what the consequences of the strike will be, if Syria or Iran hits Israel which instantly widens the war, if Syria or Iran hit Israel with chemical weapons, Israel could understandably responds which opens up a wider war.

    Truthfully I don’t think we should be hitting Syria, but if we do, I hope we are in and out as opposed to some lengthy conflagration. Being in and out, with no mission creep or problems is not likely, meaning a 95% chance it won’t happen.

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