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Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks

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Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks - Photo by Julien JorgeIf you still have money in European banks, you need to get it out.  This is particularly true if you have money in southern European banks.  As I write this, the final details of the Cyprus bailout are being worked out, but one thing has become abundantly clear: at least some depositors are going to lose a substantial amount of money.  Personally, I never dreamed that they would go after private bank accounts in Europe, but now that this precedent has been set it should be apparent to everyone that no bank account will ever be considered 100% safe ever again.  Without trust, a banking system simply cannot function, and right now there are prominent voices on both sides of the Atlantic that are loudly warning that trust in the European banking system has been shattered and that people need to get their money out of those banks as rapidly as they can.  Even if you don’t end up losing a significant chunk of your money, you could still end up dealing with very serious capital controls that greatly restrict what you are able to do with your money.  Just look at what is already happening in Cyprus.  Cash withdrawals through ATMs have now been limited to 100 euros per day, and when the banks finally do reopen there will be strict limits on financial transactions in order to prevent a full-blown bank run.  And of course anyone with half a brain will be trying to get as much of their money as they can out of those banks once they do reopen.  So the truth is that the problems for Cyprus banks are just beginning.  The size of the “bailout” that will be needed to keep those banks afloat will just keep getting larger and larger the more money that is withdrawn.  Cyprus is heading for a complete and total banking meltdown, and because the economy of the island is so dependent on banking that means that the economy of the entire nation is going to collapse.  Sadly, similar scenarios will soon start playing out all over Europe.

So if you hear that a “deal” has been reached to “bail out” Cyprus, please keep in mind that the economy of Cyprus is going to collapse no matter what happens.  It is just a matter of apportioning the pain at this point.

According to the New York Times, it looks like much of the pain is going to be placed on the backs of those with deposits of over 100,000 euros…

The revised terms under discussion would assess a one-time tax  of 20 percent on deposits above 100,000 euros at the Bank of Cyprus, which has the largest number of savings accounts on the island. Because the Bank of Cyprus suffered huge losses on bets that it took on Greek bonds, the government appears to be taking  depositors’ money to help plug the hole.

A separate tax of 4 percent would be assessed on uninsured deposits at all other banks, including the 26 foreign banks that operate in Cyprus.

Does that sound bad to you?

Well, if a deal is not reached, there is a possibility that those with uninsured deposits could lose everything.  According to Ekathimerini, EU officials are telling Cyprus to choose between a “bad scenario” and a “very bad scenario”…

The main question surrounds the future of the island’s largest lender, Bank of Cyprus. If unsecured deposits (above 100,000 euros) at all Cypriot banks are taxed then large savings at Bank of Cyprus are likely to be taxed between 20 and 25 percent. If the levy is not imposed on deposits at other lenders, the haircut for Bank of Cyprus customers will be much larger.

The option of a full bail in of Bank of Cyprus depositors is still on the table. As with the Popular Bank of Cyprus (Laiki), which is to go through a resolution process, the full bail in option could lead to deposits above 100,000 euros being lost. The only compensation for unsecured depositors will be shares in the “good” bank that will be created by a possible merger between the “healthy” Laiki and Bank of Cyprus entities.

When asked by Kathimerini how the Cypriot economy will survive if all company and personal deposits above 100,000 euros disappear from the country’s two biggest lenders, the EU official said: “Unfortunately, Cyprus’s choices are between a bad scenario and a very bad scenario.”

So what percentage of the deposits in Cyprus are uninsured deposits?

Well, nobody knows for sure, but according to JPMorgan close to half of the total amount of money on deposit in EU banks as a whole is uninsured.

Do you think that some of those people will start moving their money to safer locations after watching how things are going down in Cyprus?

They would be crazy if they didn’t.

And if you think that “deposit insurance” will keep you safe, you are just being delusional.

According to CNBC, very strict capital controls are coming to Cyprus.  These rules will apply even to accounts that contain less than 100,000 euros…

Financial controls are coming. Depositors with less than 100,000 euros may not lose their money outright, but they won’t like the restrictions–no matter how much they have in the bank. Limits on withdrawals, limits on check cashing, and perhaps even outright conversion of checking accounts into fixed term deposits are coming (translation: you don’t have a checking account, you have a bond from the bank).

A lot of people are going to lose a lot of money in Cyprus banks, and a significant percentage of them are going to be Russian.

And as I wrote about the other day, you don’t want to have the Russians mad at you.

According to the Guardian, Moscow is already considering various ways that it might “punish” the EU…

However, with Russian investors having an estimated €30bn (£26bn) deposited in banks on the island, the growing optimism about a deal was accompanied by fears of retaliation from Moscow. Alexander Nekrassov, a former Kremlin adviser, said: “If it is the case that there will be a 25% levy on deposits greater than €100,000 then some Russians will suffer very badly.

“Then, of course, Moscow will be looking for ways to punish the EU. There are a number of large German companies operating in Russia. You could possibly look at freezing assets or taxing assets. The Kremlin is adopting a wait and see policy.”

Could this be the start of a bit of “economic warfare” between east and west?

One thing is for sure – the Russians simply do not allow people to walk all over them.

Meanwhile, things in Cyprus are getting more desperate with each passing day.  Because they cannot get money out of the banks, many retail stores find themselves running low on cash.  In a few more days many of them may not be able to function at all…

Retailers, facing cash-on-delivery demands from suppliers, warned stocks were running low. “At the moment, supplies will last another two or three days,” said Adamos Hadijadamou, head of Cyprus’s Association of Supermarkets. “We’ll have a problem if this is not resolved by next week.”

But do you know who was able to get their money out in time?

The insiders.

According to the Daily Mail, the President of Cyprus actually warned “close friends” about what was going to happen and told them to get their money out Cyprus…

Cypriot president Nikos Anastasiades ‘warned’ close friends of the financial crisis about to engulf his country so they could move their money abroad, it was claimed on Friday.

Overall, approximately 4.5 billion euros was moved out of Cyprus during the week just before the crisis struck.

Wouldn’t you like to get advance warning like that?

Well, at this point it does not take a genius to figure out what to do about any money that you may have in European banks.  The following is from a recent Forbes article by economist Laurence Kotlikoff…

Whatever happens, no one is going to trust or use Cypriot banks.  This will shut down the country’s financial highway and flip Cyprus’ economy to a truly awful equilibrium in a replay of our own country’s Great Depression, which was kicked off by the failure of one-in-three U.S. banks.

Cyprus is a small country.  Still, the failure of its banks could trigger massive bank runs in Greece.  After all, if the European Central Bank is abandoning Cypriot depositors, they may abandon Greek depositors next.  A run on Greek banks could then spread to Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy and from there to Belgium and France and, you get the picture, to other countries around the globe, including, drum roll, the U.S.   Every bank in each of these countries has made promises they can’t keep were push come to shove, i.e., if all depositors demand their money back immediately.

We’ve seen this movie before.  And not just in real life.  Every Christmas our tellys show It’s a Wonderful Life in which banker Jimmy Stewart barely saves his small town from economic ruin arising from a banking panic.

Others are being even more blunt with their warnings.  For example, Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament, is warning everyone to get their money out of southern European banks while they still can…

The appalling events in Cyprus over the course of the past week have surpassed even my direst of predictions.

Even I didn’t think that they would stoop to stealing money from people’s bank accounts. I find that astonishing.

There are 750,000 British people who own properties, or who live, many of them in retirement down in Spain.

Our message to expats now that the EU has crossed this line, must be: Get your money out of there while you’ve still got a chance.

And Martin Sibileau is proclaiming that if you still have an unsecured deposit in a eurozone bank that you should have your head examined…

What are depositors of Euros faced with today? Anything but a clean bet! They don’t know what the expected loss on their capital will be, because it will be decided over a weekend by politicians who don’t even represent them.  They don’t really know where their deposits went to and they also ignore what jurisdiction they really belong to. Finally, depositors are paid mere basis points for their trust in the system vs. the 20% p.a. Argentina offered in 2001 (thanks to the zero-interest rate policies of the 21st century). In light of all this, I can only conclude that anyone still having an unsecured deposit in a Euro zone bank should get his/her head examined!

So where should you put your money?

I don’t know that there is anywhere that is 100% safe at this point.  But many are pointing to hard assets such as gold and silver.  The following is what trends forecaster Gerald Celente had to say during one recent interview

“People always say to me, ‘Mr. Celente you are always talking about gold.  What are you going to do with gold when everything collapses and there is no money?’  Well, let’s say you are a Cypriot and all of the ATM machines are out of money and the banks are closed?  Do you think those pieces of silver are going to buy you what you need?  Do you think that ounce of gold is going to get you what you want?

That’s the real money.  There is no other money.  When it all comes down, gold and silver are the only things you have to buy what you need, get what you want, or even get out if you need to.”

I used to tell people that putting their money in U.S. banks was safer than putting it other places because U.S. bank deposits are covered by deposit insurance up to a certain amount.

But now we see that deposit insurance means absolutely nothing.  If they decide to “tax” (i.e. steal) your money from your bank accounts they will just go ahead and do it.

So what should we all do?

Personally, I think that not having all of your eggs in one basket is a wise approach.  If you have your wealth a bunch of different places and in several different forms, I think that will help.

But as the global financial system falls apart, there will be no such thing as 100% safety.  So if you are looking for that you can stop trying.

Our world is becoming a very unstable place, and things are going to get a lot worse.  We are all going to have to adjust to this new paradigm and do the best that we can.

The Euro Is Falling

  • Here in the UK on Sky News today they had a special report from Detroit.

    Is it really as bad as that?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Yes, it is, unfortunately.

    • Rodster

      Michael has written many articles about Detroit. It’s pretty bad in Detroit.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Very true – you can find some of my articles about Detroit right here…


        • K

          New development. ATF is now assisting Detroit police, on street patrols. Foot is in the door. Check Huffington post.

    • frugal man

      andy – i live two hours north of detroit. it’s ground zero. governor brought in an emergency financial manager (emf) to take over the city and lead it out of financial ruin. we all know that will not happen. north of detroit about one hour is the city of flint. another ground zero community. same as detroit. as rodster stated: it’s pretty bad. i go a little farther: it’s VERY bad. all h*ll is just waiting to break loose…

    • Alasha

      a 6 yr old committed suicide recently sadly

      • Lulu012

        No. Please be lying.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Andy Williams: In my area of The Banana Republic of America, there is a place that gives Detroit a run for its money in the “crime, dilapidation and decay” department: lovely Camden, New Jersey, right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Philly runs the gamut, ranging from some really nice, upscale, pricy areas like Rittenhouse Square and Olde City to war zones like West Kensington. But in Camden, it’s war zone after war zone.

      That said, if I had a choice between visiting Camden at night or visiting Ciudad Juarez at night, I think I’d take my chances with Camden.


    I read a story about how Texas is going to open there own Fort Knox and take their citizens gold. For one reason people are afraid that the government will do what they did back during the great depression, by making everyone turn in their gold. This has worried a lot of people.Also people are saying it is setting Texas up to leave the union..What ever the reasons this is something to keep a eye on..

    • Tim

      Gold was not confiscated in the 1930s. FDR ordered Americans to turn in their gold in exchange for dollars. The only gold the government received was from those who voluntarily complied with the order. Americans were threatened with jail and fines for not complying. However, no one was ever arrested and no one was ever fined. It was a government order that some obeyed and some didn’t.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Well, by definition of a government “order”, you are required to turn in your gold – silver – handguns – Betty Crocker cake mix – whatever, or face penalty of fines or possible imprisonment for not doing so.
        If this in fact did not happen (the confiscation of gold under FDR’s watch), it was a rather weak “presidential order”.

        • Tim

          Many Americans owned gold at that time. Remember, the dollar was backed by gold then, and you could exchange your dollars for gold at the bank. Some Americans complied with the order. The smart ones didn’t. And no one was fined or imprisoned for not turning in their gold.

      • Syrin

        You’re splitting hairs VERY finely. They CRIMINALIZED possession of monetary gold meaning those who did not comply with this illegal act by our government were committing a crime. Plus, people who DID comply were paid HALF of what their gold was worth.

        • Tim

          Actually, Americans who turned in their gold were paid $20.67 per troy ounce. The price of gold was then raised to $35 an ounce resulting in a loss to those who turned in their gold. Furthermore, the Executive Order permitted any person to own up to $100 in gold coins. Many Americans who owned large amounts of gold at that time transferred their holdings to foreign countries like Switzerland.

  • Mondobeyondo

    GET OUT NOW!!! While the gettin’s still [relatively] good.

  • Syrin

    ** Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of BANKS

    -fixed your title for you. No need to thank me

    • Mondobeyondo

      Walk – DO NOT run – towards the exits.
      Running will start a panic. And like all good sheeple,they panic, and they do what everyone else is doing. Stampede time.

      • DownWithLibs

        Are we getting close to “Katy-bar-the-door” time (as you put it about a year ago) as far as metals are concerned?

        • Mondobeyondo

          We’re getting very, very close.

    • glamandvampallround

      How do you feel about US credit unions though? Safe or the same as banks?

      • Makati1

        When the IRS wants your money, no-where is safe. If you live in a foreign country, that country has to report your accounts to the IRS. Ditto for 401k, etc. EVERY asset you own is known by the IRS or will soon be. And unless you are the rare American that actually owns their home, the banks own everything else. But don’t miss a property tax payment or ….

        • DownWithLibs

          I agree, the mattress is the best place…at least for as long as the dollar matters.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Glamandvampallround: The banksters and the thugs who do their bidding (including the Internal Rape Service) will leave no stone unturned when it comes to bleeding the American people (or in many cases, sheeple) dry. As the situation in Cyprus demonstrates, the evil of the banksters knows no limits.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Local credit unions are in my opinion, safer than local/national banks.

        But do some serious research beforehand.

        – How much money are you planning to place into said credit union account?

        – Will the FDIC insure your money? Is it even insured by the FDIC?

        – If you are setting up a banking account with your credit union, how much interest would they pay on your savings?

        As a general rule, I personally think local credit unions are much safer than major banks such as Chase, Bank of America, etc, blah.

        BUT — before you take my word for it —
        Do Your Own Research!! Please!! i
        Google it!

        You’ll get your best results that way.

    • DownWithLibs

      Funny. Sad, but funny.

    • 2Gary2

      I actually agree with you. I am in the process of moving to a credit union. Do you think these are safe?

  • Mondobeyondo

    File this comment under “Totally Irrelevant Stuff and Such As” :

    On the Beatles track “I’ll Follow the Sun” (on the “Beatles for Sale) CD –

    Does George really sing, “One day, you’ll look, to see a gun?”

    Wow. How violent, George.

  • Tomburst

    Well,it’s not as though we didn’t see something like this coming,is it? It had to be someone,and it turned out to be Cyprus. We are,of course,seeing the first domino start to fall in this latest stage of the unavoidable meltdown,and over the coming weeks and months the others will no doubt topple and fall too. It will be interesting to see how things develop as what is destined to occur unfolds. You know,the more water a sinking boat takes on board,the faster it sinks. The crew try to bail it out,but what they scoop up is little in comparison to the amount swamping the vessel.
    Money is like seawater,the more you drink the thirstier you become. A thirst that cannot be quenched. Those with much will be sweating now. It will be twitching like a rabbits nose. Those with little will be less concerned as they have relatively less to lose. Those living on the streets won’t notice any significant change. Other than the increase in competition.
    Other than that,everything is doing just fine 🙂

  • Mondobeyondo

    Cyprus –> Greece –> Italy –> the Euro.
    Wonder what Angela Merkel has to say about that.

    In the words of the incomparable Howard Cosell:
    “Down goes Frazier!! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! *DOWN…GOES… FRAZIER!!!” *
    Time to walk over to Jack in the Box and order another Hot Mess sandwich – because this is what it’s turning into.
    * Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, January 28th, 1974

  • saintmatty

    I just got down watching Satan on The Bible. Satan is Obama. It is an Obama look alike because Obama represents big government coming to help you when you are down and out. Man shall not live by government alone is what Jesus was saying. Then we as Jesus did must tell Satan (government) to get behind us! Government is evil folks. Satanic. Did you not forget what Herod did when his grip of power was threatened? He killed innocent children. Leaders and out of control government is pure evil and awakens mans evil sinful attributes. Watch out people!

    • ian

      wont you feel stupid in 4 years when he is just another past president and we have a new one and things are going fine ?( which by the way, is going to happen.)

      • wildflower82

        Won’t you feel stupid in 2 years when things are so hellish that you can’t find solace anywhere and you are begging for God’s mercy on you because you were such a stupid moron sheep who ignored facts and told others that everything was just kittens and rainbows? Get a life and wake up.

        • ian

          that wont happen, so i am not concerned. When have right win conspiracies ever been correct? Howzabout never?

          • ian

            …and you lose credibility by resorting to name calling.

          • ian

            Also, i am in god’s hands, and i know he doesnt prefer fear over common sense and logic.

          • PeaceAngel

            I have told you more than a few times that in the US conspiracy theories about our government are more than 90% true. You should check out some of them.

          • wildflower82

            What is a right win conspiracy? Sorry, I don’t understand ebonics. It’s okay, you believe whatever your little sheep brain tells you to believe…or better yet, just keep watching and believing your TV. I dont care anymore about waking up people who choose to be idiots. When the societal crash happens no one will help people like you. Like the people who laughed at Noah as he built the ark….they all drowned once the flood happened.

          • ian

            wing you moron

          • ian

            and i dont watch t.v., so enough with your pathetic assumptions.

  • Ralfine

    i guess you can still use money without banks. in china i always got my rmb from the black market. much better rates than at the bank, and it was much faster.

  • The banks are not backed up by the Fed Insurance because they do not have the funds to do so if the entire house of cards comes down.
    Surprise! Surprise!
    It has been well known for many years.
    I used to believe that modern banks were safe. I thought the old people were just being old people. The experiences from the depression caused them to be this way. After all back then if a bank went down they lost their money.
    The game is backed by the government. So why is it all going bad?

    Perhaps we should be looking at criminal charges against the banks going bad. But then they might tell tales on the government . . .
    The banks and the governments are in bed together.
    No wonder no one goes to jail. No wonder they are ready to steal all of our meager savings.

  • saintmatty

    The ship has been sinking. God is shaking everything to produce a deeper faith in Him. Build faith now. Trust God and keep tight lips. Loose lips will sink your ship.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      By the way, I would like to wish everyone a very blessed Passover.

      For hundreds of years before Jesus came to this earth, God had His people gather in the exact city where He would die on the exact day when He would die. On the day, God had them celebrate a festival which precisely foreshadowed the death of Jesus on the cross.

      The festival is called Passover. It was a dress rehearsal for the crucifixion of Christ that happened every year for hundreds of years on the exact day when it would happen and in the exact city where it would happen, and yet most people still missed it.


      • NorthernCanuck

        Michael, with all due respect, the Passover was simply the typical precursor of the Lord’s Supper. It is that latter ordinance which we should feel blessed to celebrate. Celebrating the Passover merely Judaizes Christianity.

        That excellent commentator Matthew Henry, ‘first among the mighty for general usefulness’ according to the great C.H. Spurgeon, said of this in his commentary on 2 Chronicles 35:1-19: “Many were the feasts of the Lord, appointed by the ceremonial law, but the passover was the chief. It began them all in the night wherein Israel came out of Egypt; it concluded them all
        in the night wherein Christ was betrayed; and in the celebration of it
        Hezekiah and Josiah, those two great reformers, revived religion in
        their day. The ordinance of the Lord’s supper resembles the passover
        more than it does any of the Jewish festivals; and the due observance of
        that ordinance, according to the rule, is an instance and means both of
        the growing purity and beauty of churches and of the growing piety and
        devotion of particular Christians. Religion cannot flourish where that
        passover is either wholly neglected or not duly observed; return to
        that, revive that, make a solemn business of that affecting binding
        ordinance, and then, it is to be hoped, there will be a reformation in
        other instances also.”
        A truly blessed Easter to everyone!

        • Ducks pond

          Which is precisely why JWs have spent the last 25 days inviting the whole world to the celebration of the Memorial of Christ’s death/”The Lord’s Evening Meal,” celebrated this year on March 26 after sundown.

          • Alasha

            and I have had a last inviting my neighbors in the NJ area Ducks pond… I am expecting my Muslim mom to attend with me…I am pretty excite..

        • brokenarrow

          First of all thank you Michael! My family and I are celebrating Passover this evening!

          Second of all, Northerncanuck, there is no such thing as ceremonial law. search for it in the scriptures. you won’t find it. You can also look for Easter, you will find one occurence, herod observing it (a pagan). Easter has been around much longer then the resurrection of Christ. It’s a pagan fertility holiday that has been adopted by pagan rome.

          Observing the commandment known as passover, doesn’t judaize christianity. judah is one of the 12 tribes. the commandment gvien in leviticus 23 was giving to all 12.
          Paul told us in romans that we are Israel. The church = ekklesia in greek. ekklesia in the greek old testament was translated as congregation or assembly.
          Thus ekklesia should have always been translated to congregation. which would give more continuity to the ‘old’ and ‘new’ testaments.

          the church isn’t new. It’s consistent.
          easter is and always was a pagan holiday to celebrate fertility rites. (easter = estare = astarte = ishtar = queen of heaven) rabbits and eggs = fertility symbols.

          When the messiah told of to ‘do this in remembrance” of him, He spoke of Passover.

          In the end, do as the Messiah did. For no other reason than the fact that he did it. He kept Passover. The feast of redemption. We can remember Him in this celebration, and the deliverance of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh.

          • J.M.

            I will mean no disrespected, but your lack of education in matters concerning the history of Christianity and the bible is astonishing. First off, Easter doesn’t come from Astarte, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary it comes from: Middle English estre, from Old English ēastre; akin to Old High German ōstarun (plural) Easter, Old English ēast eastFirst Known Use: before 12th century.

            How ignorant does one need to be in order to make such claims (Easter=Astarté) when your ancestors (if you are from North European extraction) had never contact with anyone associated with such rites?

            And for Michael and the rest, yes you are Judaizing the Christian practice with the celebration of the Jewish Passover. As Christians we should commemorate the death and Resurrection of our Lord, not the liberation of people of Israel. I am not trying to dismiss the miracle and divine intervention that occurred that day in order to release God’s people from Egypt, but our Lord Jesus Christ death and resurrection are the most important events in the Human history, not to be overshadowed by anything.

      • Read “The Bible Unearthed.” by Prof. Israel Finkelstein. There was no “exodus” (Passover) no Moses (that was the story about Sargon the Great. mixed with the story iof Hammurabi being inspired by God to inscribe The Law on rocks) and there was no Solomon – unless they meant the wise Amenhotep 3rd. and the definitely was no temple other than a DESCRIPTION of an EGYPTIAN temple in the OT
        The “Passover” story is completely untrue just as the story about Esther and the Persian king called Ahaseurus. They call it “Purim.” There was not Persian king calledAhaseurus – ever! Further more, Christianity was the religion of the ancient Egyptians. “IUSA the KRST wsa born on the 25th December (Winter Solstice) of a Virgin called IsisMery. He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptizer – who was beheaded. He had 12 companions. He walked on water and he healed the sick and raised the dead and he was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock – ane he was resurrected, of course, naturally.”

        • DownWithLibs

          I would rather go with what 2000+ years of history tells me (plus all accompanying evidence!) than what some guy with a made-up sounding name has to say.

        • Tomburst

          Er……yeah. Ooookaaaayyy. That’s that then. No need for further debate eh. Oh,didn’t you forget king Amen Demoodfurdancin? He had all the moves. Hey,there is some truth in what you say tho,dec25 is indeed saturnalia,the birth of the sun. ‘Christianity’ became apostate and has retained many pagan teachings to this very day. Don’t reckon Jesus would recognise it now. Don’t remember him being carried round on a sedan chair wearing a Dagon fish mitre.

    • Mondobeyondo

      “Are the liferafts ready, sir?”

      “Liferafts? What liferafts, sir? We don’t need lifefiafts, sir.”

      “With all due respect – we’ve received a message from you, saying you are on the verge of sinking. Your passengers need to be rescued, if the need arises. Shall we send an SOS?”

      Oh, naaah, No need for that. This ship is unsinkable.”

      “RMS Titanic, are you certain of that? It appears you may be at great distress, from reading your prior dispatches. There is a ship in your area, and it is approaching as fast as possible, but even so, it is still at least 10 hours away from your location.u. How many lifeboats on board, sir?.”

      “Um, lifeboats?

      “Yes, sir. Lifeboats, sir. In case the ship sinks, sir. Yes, a sufficient number of course, sir.”

      “And how many people on board, sir?”

      I guess about 2,300 souls, who know? Uh…uh-oh. Um… hmmm.. This ship was never supposed to sink. So we never, um, planned for that…ughhh.”

      “um… oh may heaven help you! Okay then!..”

  • Roonster

    I think the stampede has already started, most Americans are to busy watching “Dancing with the stars” to notice. Oh yea, A friend goes to the Detroit area regularly, it’s that bad !

  • K

    Gerald Celente Is a fairly rich man. His solutions are not for most of us. Whether it is cash or gold or silver. How do you protect it? You going to bury it in your yard? If it is gold or silver a metal detector will find it. A truly decent safe will set you back, about twenty grand. But lets just say you find some way to secure it. How do you spend it. In a chaotic situation, how do you safely exchange gold or silver for some product you need. You are more likely to be robbed in the attempt. Think of it this way. Right now how many of you would go shopping, with 4 grand in your pocket? I doubt most of you would be comfortable doing that. And it is safer now, than it we be then. If you are poor like me, stock up on everything you will need. Chances are there will not be much money left over after that. If you still have some cash, then buy some silver. But you better hide it well, and not put it all in one place. Some people think things can collapse, and yet everything remains civilized. I do not think that is a likely outcome.

    • Rodster

      Exactly, it’s better to USE your money NOW and buy some food and ammo for when times are tough. When things really meltdown you can pretty much guarantee that you will take your life in your own hands when you are desperate for food and water and you are in the thick of chaotic events.

      Criminals will be roaming the streets looking for their prey. You will probably need body guards and that requires.a lot of money.

      • glamandvampallround

        I live in Arizona, what about getting across the border and giving things a go in Mexico? There are still parts that are safe and are unlike the media portrayal of Mexico….or barring that, getting on a plane in Mexico and leaving for somewhere further away? Or maybe fleeing to the countryside? It does seem that if things get really bad that living in the city is probably not a good bet…..

        • Rodster

          There won’t be any such thing as the safe place to be when the world goes into full meltdown mode.

          As Gerald Celente likes to say: When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT:

          I agree that leaving in a big city is not the best place to live.

        • Rodster

          And you wonder why Ben “The Rat” Bernake wants to bail before people realize he had a lot to do with the mess he created, due to his incompetence and willful negligence.

          • PeaceAngel

            Bernanke is a Bilderburger. His mess was very deliberate.

        • somelittleguy

          Mexico is a god bet if you can find a remote location with a community which still lives a simple, self sustainable life and willing to let you join them.

          Another alternative is to start yourself a self sustainable community in a remote location, but that takes years and it could be too late.

          I’m in a third year now in such a remote location and still not 100% self sustainable, but I think we can handle the big collapse.
          Good Luck!

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Hola, Glamandvampallaround: Tu tienes razón. Todavía hay algunas regiónes de México que son seguros (pues, relativamente seguros). Todo el país no es tan peligroso como Ciudad Juarez, aunque es cierto que hay mucha violencia en México. Miles de mexicanos han muerto por culpa de la guerra entre narcocarteles rivales.

          If you understood what I just said, you’ll have a major advantage in México. If not, take some Spanish lessons because there are many campesinos in the small towns who don’t speak English.

          Some parts of México have turned into a major war zone. If you’ve read my rants, you know that I’ve had a lot to say about The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (which includes kidnapping, carjacking, violent home invasions and all the other things poor people do to survive in el tercer mundo). The DPDDTT is aggressively collected in parts of México, but there are some parts of the country that don’t have the DPDDTT as much and don’t have all the narcoviolencia. I have a friend who retired in Yucatan (an older American who is very light-skinned) and feels fairly safe in Mérida.

          Parts of Latin America can be VERY dangerous. The crime problem in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is no joke. But three countries that are relatively safe are Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Argentina used to be much safer before the banksters raped their economy.

          • gracias por su palabras. yo no comprendo todo pero comprendo bastante. la problema es que latinos hablan muy muy muy rapido!

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Es ciero que la mayoría de latinoamericanos hablan muy rapido (españoles tambien). Y algunos puertorriqueños no solo hablan rapido–también pierdan muchas letras cuando estan hablando.

            Some Puerto Ricans where I live will drop letters or even entire syllables from words, making it hard to understand if you aren’t used to their dialect. The Mexicans and Central Americans I meet down in South Philly also speak fast, but I have a much easier time understanding them because they don’t drop the letters or syllables as much.

          • Mondobeyondo

            You should hear how some people in Phoenix speak. It’s almost one constant run-on sentence!

            (Hint: You need an earbud attached to a smartphone for the full effect!!)

            “So, last night Jerry and I were at this bar, y’know, and we were eating shrimp and cocktails and stuff, but maybe we just eating the cocktails and drinking the shrimp, I was too drunk to tell, well anyway, Andre came up and slapped me in the face cause he thought I was a ho, and I said, you mean the garden tool, and he said no, he thought he was cheating on me and then he said”

            Sorry, editing duties, y’know…heh

          • Mondobeyondo

            Es porque estas mirando todas esas telenovelas en la TV, con sus mujeres bellas!

          • Rodster

            I’m spanish and for the reasons you cited, I would have nothing to do with Mexico. It’s too dangerous with all the rival drug cartels fighting each other and taking out civilians.

            And finding a remote area would require to communicate in spanish.

          • PeaceAngel

            All this violence is on the hands of the American politicians and uninformed American citizens for buying into the super failed war on drugs.

            It is our fault that all these countries are war zones. All roads lead to the US but because of Agenda 21 the US is intent on killing off 90% of the world population in order to create the New World Order designated by Agenda 21. I have lived in Mexico 3 times and miss it, but things have changed and I am aware of the “tax” you speak of. It is just a matter of time before the countries you mention are under siege as well. They supplied guns many times like Fast and Furious to aid in the depopulation by the cartels. Soooooo SAD. I love Mexico, but will not even visit. Americans have a target on their backs there.

        • Wally

          I do not necessarily agree with you Rodster. I think there will be places you can go that will be relatively safe. I am with you glam. Mexicali is as safest of a city that you will find in Baja and it is close enough to you to get there quickly. There is a relatively large group of Expats from Canada and the US in San Felipe. They are a bit territorial so bring something to offer and they will welcome you in. Puerto Penasco is also a good bet. I think that Mexico will survive better then anyone else as they are used to living life with not much and find a good neighborhood or an Ejido to live in. Bring something to the table. A skill like farming or building and you can fit in. The only thing that where Rodster might be correct is the cartels could cause issues with a full US collapse they will be seeking to get food and water from wherever they can which could be a bad situation and there is a possibility that Mexico locks down the border in the event of a full scale collapse here in the US preventing you from getting there at all but by all means get out of the city.

          • PeaceAngel

            The plan is to open all the borders from the north pole to the border of South America. It is to create the NorthAmerican Union, like the EU and this is why the US has never even tried to close the border. Mexico does not have the resources to lock down the border or they already would have to stop the cartels from taking over the border towns.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Um, don’t know if that’s the best idea right now. Not with folks like the Zetas and MS-13 running around. Those guys are Brutal. And with all the assorted “narcofamilias”… But the Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles aren’t much better (no doubt, much of the profits these street gangs earn come from Latin American drug gangs), so – what the heck.

          • K

            Mondo, I agree with you. The collapse will be blamed on America. The only Americans who will be safe in Mexico. Are the ones who have been there long enough, to be accepted into the community. It is the same in the rural areas in the U.S. It took me almost three years, before I was accepted in my current location.

      • Robert (qslv)

        When I was in Manilla in the 90’s, I befriended a soldier who was guarding the hotel in Makati. He carried a nice 12 Ga with a drum magazine and a sidearm 45 ACP. Every day I brought him lunch and some food to bring to his family. I didn’t need his services after hours that trip, but could have easily hired him for a small sum. It’s impossible to prepare for every contingency, but if you simply use common sense and think on your feet, you may be able to remain secure in a very bad situation.

      • ItIsWellWithMySoul

        What ammo? Where I live you can get all the guns you want but you can’t buy the ammo for them. We stored plenty of food but it would be easy for someone to come steal it as we will not be able to protect it for long. I will be watching Cyprus closely to see how people in these times react when their economy falls into depression. I personally believe the Great Depression in the past will look pleasant for what’s to come. Crimes will be much worse.

        • K

          OK last time, because my sources are just about out. Sportmans Guide has Shotgun slugs, 45 auto, 7.62x54R. Also those of you that have firearms that take 327 federal, or 32 H&R magnum. Remember they will also fire 32 SW long, which many places still have.

    • markthetruth

      ” 4000lb Safe in the Basement.”

      the end…

      • K

        I have considered it, two problems. Having a large safe delivered, at this stage of the game. Just paints a big target on you. In my case, I would have very little left over, to put in the safe. Supplies, water, firearms, low profile, remote location. And most important a belief in God. That helps you stay calm and focused, when others are in panic mode.

        • markthetruth

          Less of a target then having to go to the ATM machine and being followed and robbed even with a gun when the streets are in ciaos.

          the end…

          • K

            No, once I hunker down. Will not come off the mountain, until things greatly improve.

          • DownWithLibs

            You do realize that you will be up there for a VERY LONG time.

            Can’t believe that they are confiscating the bank accounts. These are dark days indeed!

          • K

            Yes, I have assumed a minimum of a year. You know what the difference is between a banker and a thief? Trick question, there is no difference.

    • guest

      Invest in American pre-1965 silver coins. dimes and quarters are safe bets they aren’t counterfit and the small value will be easy to use as barter.

    • piccadillybabe

      I heard one radio show host say that small silver change like dimes are a good thing to collect and just put it away and forget about it.

      • K

        Problem with old U.S. coins, getting as hard to find as ammo. But if you can find any pre-1965 U.S. coins, that do not cost an unreasonable amount. Then Guest is correct, they are quite useful. Remember they are 90% silver. So not worth quite as much as pure silver. But far more easy to identify.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Great, IF you can find them.
        Most pre-1965 coinage was gone from circulation by 1972-1973.

  • krebdoona

    so, is everyone saying that this is it? time to put 10,000 in cash in our home safe?

    • Ayn Rand

      Yup. I don’t think things are gonna get much better. I wouldn’t suggest cash though. Bullets, food, water, other trade items, they will be more useful.

      • wildflower82

        You do realize that you can’t hardly get ammo, right?

        • Ayn Rand

          If you can find it I mean. Of course I know DHS is purchasing billions of rounds, which freaks out civilians, who buy even more.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    It is the inevitable destiny for Germany to rule Europe. The USA made a serious mistake a century ago in preventing the Kaiser from winning the war (Hitler, on the other hand, was too evil to allow to win). This time once the Obamessiah is done filling out his NCAA bracket, he should assist the Swabian housewife Merkel in making Deutschland uber alles. That means pay up Cypriots and English retirees and time to take care of the Russian mob guys…got a nice spot in the New Jersey Pine Barrens for these interior decorators.

    Cyprus banks: You guys get billions in deposits and you invest them in Greek bonds??? Are you just STOOPID???

  • markthetruth

    Don’t Trust Any ” Insurance ” they are all based on a Ponzi Scheme. How else can they operate. And their objective is ” Not to pay out Period “….

    the end…

  • muddy1

    The article was fine until you quoted Celente. Where is his gold?

  • I’m a “Conspiracy Theorist” and we have been saying this like for ever. Banks in Cyprus are not going to open . The elites are evil but not stupid. They know, once, you open the banks, all money will be gone for them to loot.

    They are just buying time and messing with you. They don’t enter a game, unless, they control both sides of the equation. They want 100% of your money.

    “Conspiracy Theorists” know the game already… To all NON-Conspiracy Theorist. Get your freaking money out of banks now, They are coming for your A** next. you are screwed unless you don’t listen to a “Conspiracy Theorist”..We have spend our entire life for this moment, we know its coming..Now just listen to us..Get all your money out NOW.

    • Paul

      Agreed. I was scoffed at well before the last meltdown for saying this was the direction they wanted to take things. Cypress is a test run. They have bigger plans.

    • Aegil

      Your last 3 comments seem too pessimistic about our power as a collective. People can be sheeple but when pull the rug away from their feet, a revolution can start.

      Some people are not stupid too. At some point we say “Enough is enough.” A threshold has been reached when faith on the banks is broken.

      The disadvantage with conspiracy theories that they may reveal truths, but they seem to emphasize the victimhood mentality. Not too much emphasis what we are capable of:

      Just simple counting and numbers led to the creation/invention of money. Preppers grow their own food and herbs. It just that we need more people to grow food. We need to overpower the elite. They have overpowered us for too long.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Remember, walk, don’t run, to the nearest exit. Running will panic the ignorant sheeple, and they’ll get the message, ignorant though they are. “Something’s wrong here! Everyone is running! Maybe we should run too!”

  • glamandvampallround

    What do youall think of leaving your money in an American credit union? Are credit unions any safer than banks? I don’t know what to do….I don’t have much money gut it galls me that the government could come and take part of it, but I don’t feel safe having it at home…..What a nightmare indeed. This is something my looks cant bail me out of either, makeup and clothing be damned, there is no immunity from these issues…..

    • Graham

      Exchange your cash for more glitter. Some might be tempted by fools silver.

      Oh.. and there is far more happening, but that is another story.

      Watch out for QEII abdicating. Also checkout the international arrest warrants.

      • glamandvampallround

        Seriously, glitter is better than cash? So you see a meltdown of the currency then? Not a pleasant thought, it might be like Gone with the Wind after the Yankees arrived and everyone was hungry. International arrest warrants, I’m sorry I don’t see where they come in?

        I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack but I am getting very concerned about world events and a general feeling that things are not right. I don’t know what to do as what I can do seems so trivial and small…..

        • Bruce

          unless you are flat broke you can do something. Often scoffed at but rice and dried beans are cheap, store well and will fill your belly. Who can’t afford an extra bag of rice and a package of dried beans when they shop? Anything is better than nothing when hungry. I wish you luck and wisdom.

          • glamandvampallround

            Thank you and this sounds like good advice, this little bit is something I can so and it is better than nothing. Cheers!

        • PeaceAngel

          According to a DHS whistleblower who is spilling to the Canada Free Press, the time to crash our banks is upon us NOW. He sites the Bilderburg group as the crashing party and he is recommending getting your money out NOW. Read his interviews.

      • NorthernCanuck

        Queen Elizabeth has stated repeatedly that she will never abdicate. She dedicated herself solemnly to the service of her people at her Coronation, following the example of her much-loved father, King George VI, and is one of the few remaining pillars of the old ‘Great Britain’ that can still be truly admired. The genuine affection and respect for her around the world, throughout the Commonwealth and particularly here in Canada has simply grown exponentially as the years have passed. The wounds caused by the abdication of King Edward VIII have had a lifelong influence on her. Thank God that she’ll remain as Monarch for as long as she breathes. We are fortunate and blessed to have her as our Queen.

        • Graham

          The recommendation, or suggestion, originated from a member of the House of Lords and Privy Council. Members of the latter advise the Monarch.

          Pope Benedict claimed to abdicate on the grounds of “health”, yet no Pope has abdicated for over 600 years, let alone John Paul II, who was “extremely” ill.

          Several things will come to light shortly as to what is really going on. Consider what the outlook was within America just six years ago. Where are things at today?

    • Ayn Rand

      If you don’t feel safe in your home, get some kind of weapon. There is going to be a lot of looting, so any kind of protection is better than none.

  • Beanodle

    This crisis is a long way off being sorted.
    Fuel has become scarce on Cyprus. Food is becoming scarce. Shopkeepers are demanding cash from buyers. Suppliers are demanding cash from shop keepers.
    There will be anarchy in a couple of days.
    This will probably spread to Greece and then the ball will start rolling.
    British expat retirees as well as the Russians are going to lose a lot of their savings or investments.
    The die is cast.

    • Rodster

      This crisis is has not only started but could very well be the match to light the fuse. No one, not even the experts can answer that. The warning signs are there for escalation in Cyprus.

      I read there is a hint that they could raid pension funds and that’s because they SAID they WOULD NOT raid pension funds.

      Russia will not sit idly by. Expect them to retaliate against the EU with tarriffs and HIGHER prices for food and oil exports.

  • K

    Report out of Cyprus.Improvised explosive device exploded at a branch of Bank of Cyprus in Polemidia.Opos recorded by closed circuit monitoring of the bank after the first blast, two people with siderolosto crush the main entrance, we entered into the store, and then placed inside the basket homemade crackers or which was taped with flammable material. Created small fire which katasvistike from the Fire. Sorry it does not translate word for word. But a small bombing has occurred..

  • Paul

    Some the of the Sheeple might think a “bank run” is an olympic event.

    • Jodi

      lol…the sheeple don’t know any better.

  • ScoutMotto

    Well, all I can say it that it’s simply a matter of time before this happens in the US. During the panic, I plan to do what Ferfal did when panic hit Argentina: stay low, make a snack, and watch my favorite movie.

  • Paul

    I can see it now. The mainstream media will proclaim the Cyprus crisis is solved.

    They will ignore the fact that the trust in worldwide banking systems has been destroyed,Greece and Spain have unemployment rates over 25%, most European countries are drowning in debt, and that suicide rates in the soutern European countries are soaring.

    • germanycalling

      MSM here is doing that right now, solved, done OK, bring your money to the next bank.

      I am starting to believe thats what the sheeple want to hear, and as such will consume anything that sounds at least half good. No other rational explanation.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Paul : That’s exactly what the presstitutes will say. Problem solved. But truth be told, things are only going to get worse in Europe and the BRA.

  • Paul

    I believe in thesaying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”

    That is why I still watch the mainstream media news.

    The mainstream media is the enemy by keeping people in the dark about how dire the economic
    situation is in the United States and elsewhere.

    I want to understand the main news outlets manipulate and pacify the masses

    That way I can give friends and family concrete examples of how the mainstream media spins bad
    economic data into good news.

    I had a friend that was adamant that the economy was getting better because the unemployment
    rate dropped to 7.7%. He obtained his information from CNN. So I had to show him page 4 of the February 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed the employment participation
    to population ratio of 58.6%. No improvement compared to February 2012. I also told him there cannot be economic improvement when median household earnings are plummeting combined with soaring food and
    gas prices.

    Perhaps I prevented a friend from being blindsided by the inevitable economic collapse. He does not blindly accept what the mainstream media reports as absolute truth anymore.

    Due to distortions, bias, and outright lies, people worldwide now have to get news
    from alternative sources in order to obtain an open and objective view of many important global issues.

    For example, news outlets such as MSNBC and CNN did not report how the Constitution was desecrated when Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act.

    It takes diligence and time to piece together what is happening to our world in an economic, cultural, and environmental sense.

    It is important to use the mainstream media’s lies against them. Take apart their assertions piece by piece in order to expose the truth. Then let make
    everyone you care about aware of lies perpetrated by the mainstream media outlets.


    • DownWithLibs

      Yes, it’s very good to keep one ear to the tracks no matter how hard their propaganda is to hear.

      • robert (qslv)

        Just make sure you pick your head up if you hear a train coming! Make sure you have a seat by the door when the theatre starts burning. Keep an eye on the man behind the curtain.

    • Patriot Alice

      I’m Italian, but I never understood, “Keep your friends close,and your enemies closer”…I keep my enemies as far as possible..Why closer?

      • Bad Kitty Cat

        So you know what they are up to 🙂

    • Paul

      Patriot Alice it means to make sure you are aware of what your enemies are doing so you do not get surprised by them. Yes I cannot stand the mainstream media but I feel it is my duty to know what they are doing.

    • PeaceAngel

      CNN has perpetuated lots of determined lies on TV with Anderson Cooper as their best go to guy. His mom is a Bilderburg and it is undeniable that CNN set up the hoaxes to include Sandy Hook and Columbine and Aurora among others by using “crisis actors” and previous “trial runs” or ” drills” as is said by one of the actor kids on Dr. OZ, who is also a Bilderburger who does not vaccinate his kids. A man was recently arrested on Dr. Oz because he pushed him to admit that kids vaccines in America are filled with poisons and metals.

  • germanycalling

    The politicians here in Germany are of the opinion that whoever has 100,000 € or more in an account did so by illigal means and must be taxed. Schäuble, ( Finance minister) wont stop there, no sir he will come after more European cash piles. Stick my neck out and say that Luxembourg will be the next Cyprus. Buy silver or Gold , if I was in Cyprus right now I wouldnt go hungry or have to go without anything.

  • chilller

    You can have the best safe money can buy…but if someone invades your home and points a gun at a loved ones head and says, “Open it”…you will. There are endless secure places in a home to hide PM’s without getting a safe. A safe that screams, “All the good stuff is in here”.

  • seb

    Can you teach a rock how to swim ? … then Cyprus’ doomed

  • bobcat

    “Cash withdrawals through ATMs have now been limited to 100 euros
    per day, and when the banks finally do reopen there will be strict
    limits on financial transactions in order to prevent a full-blown bank

    It’s too late to be telling people to withdraw their money. The banks have already throttled withdrawals to a dribble.

  • Hank

    Micheal, I like your articles and advise, but this one is kind of late. I knew for quite a while, that banks would at some point, start taking people`s money. And it will happen here in America when it starts collapsing.

    • PeaceAngel

      Operation Thunderdome is the proof of what you say.

  • Patriot Alice

    The problem? Living beyond one’s means, Whether within a family or a country..We borrow and spend too much, and there is no recourse..When will we learn?

  • jox

    anglosaxon media is very interested in spreading fear about the euro. They mix the punctual problems of Cyprus with the rest of Europe. And then some English (and Americans) add their own hatred against Europe.

    I insist, Michael, take the data, the raw figures, and don’t let the bias against Europe influenciate you. You will see that the problem is small, say 20 billion euros. The ECB can print this with two clicks of a mouse. Remind that the Fed prints 85 billion EVERY MONTH. This bias make you to fail in your predictions against EU and the euro.

    Now look objetively: wich country is progressively isolated, with a currency that nobody wants? United Kingdom! You understand their interest in divert the attention against others? My prediction is that all the finantial system will collapse, but it all will start in the City.

    • NorthernCanuck

      Nonsense. The advantage that the Brits have with sterling is that they can adjust its value if necessary in an emergency economic situation to stimulate trade and reduce demand for imports. No European country in the Euro bloc can do that. All are tied together to sink or swim – and right now, they are sinking! The other advantage that the UK has is that its population has thoroughly woken up and a huge surge of votes to UKIP in the next election will no doubt lay the groundwork for a tull UK withdrawal from the EU. The sooner the better!

      • jox

        You know, it’s funny, because most of Europe want UK to leave the Union, but the Britons never leave! They protest, make noise, everything, but never leave! Decision makers know perfectly well that is fatal for UK. But, as you said, the sooner the better!



    • Tomburst

      America isn’t Babylon the great. False Religion is. The governments (ten horns) will very suddenly turn on religion and strip it bare. Its wealth/assets will be taken by the political system in its dire financial need. You can see it coming. Tax exempt status?! For how much longer??

    • wildflower82

      I strongly to urge you to visit watchmenscry. com
      America is Babylon. False religion is not babylon….


    Christians have long expected that the final “beast” system will be the most evil, oppressive, wicked system in world history. This may eventually occur, but the opposite may initially occur. The world’s populations, oppressed by the debts and financial chaos of Babylon the Great, might hail the arrival of a more equitable economic system implemented by the new beast system. Christians have seen so many TV documentaries about the Nazis and Hitler that we are programmed into thinking the “beast” system will be even worse than Hitler and the Nazis. Again, that may occur, but I think biblical prophecies indicate something else is more likely.

    It is an unfortunate happenstance that the word “beast” is so close to the word “bestial,” which has a wicked connotation. We automatically assume the worst because of this similarity. However, the beginnings of the “beast” system may be a great improvement over the previous system of Babylon the Great. The “Gog-Magog” nations of Russia, China, Iran, etc. may cooperate with European / western nations in the establishment of this new global system. Indeed, it may usher in a pseudo-millennium where all nations subscribe to a new economic / political system which promotes and/or promises “world peace and prosperity.” Revelation 19:19-20 prophesies the world’s nations will fight Jesus Christ and his heavenly armies to defend the beast system so vast numbers of people will think the beast’s rule is just fine.

    Revelation 17:9-16 prophesies that a beast system with “seven head and ten horns” will overthrow the global world system of “Babylon the Great.” Revelation 13:1-3 prophesies this same beast with “seven heads and ten horns” will emerge much to the world’s surprise, and that one of its seven “heads” will be healed of a “deadly wound.” If the “seven mountains” are the G-7 nations, one of these nations has to be the one which experiences the “deadly wound.” The USA is one of the G-7 nations. Current world events should compel us to consider that the “deadly wound” referred to by the Apostle John in Revelation 13:3 is the same great wound John saw inflicted on one of Babylon the Great’s hub cities in Revelation 18—the two great “falls” within “one hour” amidst “fire and smoke” on “one day” in a “seaport city” which is also a commercial / trading hub. If the G-7 nations are, indeed, the “seven mountains” of Revelation’s prophecy, we will have to await the final fall of Babylon the Great’s system to learn the identity of the “ten horns” responsible for her overthrow.

    I Thessalonians 5:2-3 warn that a deceptive time of global “peace and safety” will immediately precede an outbreak of “sudden destruction” at the very end of this age. I believe this “sudden destruction” will be the World War prophesied in Ezekiel 38 which will occur at the very climax of this age. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that a climactic attack by Russia, China, Iran, etc. will surprise the targeted nations of the West when it occurs so the western world will apparently be lulled into thinking that the Russian-led nations are not about to attack anyone. Even Christians are prophesied to be susceptible to the siren song of the beast’s system. Matthew 24:24 warns that the deceptions of the latter days will be so powerful and pervasive that “if it were possible,” even the “very elect” would be deceived. The “beast” system can’t be persecuting and martyring Christians in Hitlerian fashion if even large numbers of Christians will be attracted to the new global beast system. The new global system may ooze “tolerance and diversity.”

    These prophecies argue that the leader of the final “beast” system will not enter the world scene as some monstrous ogre who is even worse than Adolph Hitler. Far from it! Revelation 12:9 warns that Satan will succeed in deceiving the entire world in the latter days (except for those “very elect” spoken of in Matthew 24:24). II Corinthians 11:13-15 warns that Satan can dupe people into thinking he is an “angel of light” and his false human servants can appear in a most appealing guise. The traumas of the Nazi-era manifested Satan’s wicked, maniacal form, and it created a perfect foil for the final deceptive system which Satan intends to create on earth to oppose Jesus Christ at his return. Biblical prophecies indicate that the final world system, though energized by Satan himself (II Thessalonians 2:9-11), will have Satan manifesting himself and his human underlings as deliverers and messengers of light. So many Christians will “fall” for it that only the “very elect” will see through the deceptions. Biblical prophesies argue that the global leader of the final “beast” system is likely to be a popular, charismatic world figure who will rally support among all nations.

  • Wally

    I have been thinking that maybe having most American’s clueless will buy us a few more days to enact our personal escape plans. While most people are busy planning summer vacations and going to Vegas and hooked on Dancing With the Stars and hooked on who’s wearing what and Lindsey Lohan going back to rehab when the collapse hits it will take a few days for people to realize that somethings bad is happening and that gives us all a few days to head start. Look get your money out now, convert it to something sustainable. I agree that you will not be able to trade gold and silver immediately and you probably won’t want to as you will be a target but get food and most importantly water. You can live without food for a quite a while but going even three days without water you will be in the hurt locker. Stock up on water and something to purify any water source (ie. Aquamira Water Treatment Drops). Don’t assume that any water source is clean. Buy rice, beans which can be stored for a long time and can keep you fed and energized. Buy honey which will last forever. If you haven’t got ammo by now you may be out of luck. It makes sense to me that the government would force gun control by creating a choke point and that choke point appears to be Ammo. Buy all the guns you want but if you can’t buy ammo then what good are the guns?

  • buzz


    Please remember your oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

    Before you fire on Civilians, remember we are NOT your enemy we are you and you are us, we are your family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers etc. Only the uniform is the difference. And to knowingly follow an illegal order is NO excuse for obeying an illegal order, Remember Nuremberg?

    They were ONLY just following orders too!

    • PeaceAngel

      You can see it has already happened in Katrina here. Our military stood outside the superdome and was ordered by BUSH to imprison the survivors and under no circumstances to AID any of them EVER.

      Hundreds of ppl were coming off of prescription drugs and street drugs and were dying and were being gangraped in that dome and our military stood outside and NOT ONE OF THEM crossed Bush’ orders to not aid them. And only a few blocks away, the Red Cross was held back from reaching the dome for 7 days by our military under BUSH’s orders. Katrina was a test run to determine if our military would comply. He also ordered them to disarm NOLA and they did.

      Recently a national guardsman told his whole story about Katrina. He and his unit were the first boots on the ground and there was NO instruction to help anyone. There first assignment and all other assignments were to go in the middle of the nite and KICK DOWN doors and take the guns in each house and NOT to help anyone. Some of the cops who were disarming the folks raped the residents as they stole their guns. Many law enforcement agencies and military installments did all this without one ounce of resistance and today a few are speaking out.

      There were hundreds of Katrina babies produced by the rapes. Girls as young as ten were gangraped by gangbangers and screamed for help and none came. This was just a test as was 9/11,Sandy Hook, Aurora and Columbine and many more gov. made tragedies and this is only the beginning.

      I tell every single LEO or military person to join Oathkeepers and none of them know what it is.

  • if this goes down as a lot of you predict, this is going to be one major sh*tstorm. Remember though, the revolution will not be televised. our friendly tv will show snookie and cooking shows and blah blah blah until, I guess, they simply stop broadcasting. Can this really be happening or are we all dreaming this?

    • jaded

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I asked the same question about the media a few articles ago, someone said they’ll keep reporting the crap as long as they’re getting paid.

  • Let’s expand the suggestion given in the title: “Get your money out of ANY bank.”
    Start learning to deal with cash in hand, and only giving the bank what little you need to transact with. They will be applying the Cyprus Tactics to everyone, eventually. Get your cash converted into some hard asset, land, buildings, silver, gold, whatever.
    What ever you do, don’t leave cash in any financial institution.

  • 2Gary2

    I’m still here-just going through some personnel issues. I am guessing everyone knows what my solutions to most problems are anyway.

    • DB200

      Gary, Cyprus was a tax haven for the rich and a great place to avoid tax. That means that normal people pay more tax than they should have if there were no tax havens. Now the rich stand to loose everything above 100k euros, personally it feels like justice. Because isn’t it strange that taxpayer’s money is used to save tax dodgers? So a factory worker in Genk Belgium (were Ford is closing down its factory and workers have hijacked about 7000 new cars to successfully negotiate a social arrangement) should pay to help Russian crooks? This is the world upside down!

      More banks in Europe have gone bankrupt in recent years and people lost their money above 100k. So everybody (including Michael) is screaming now about Cyprus like this is a first but it has happened before e.g. DSB bank in the Netherlands in 2009. When this bank collapsed it was not saved by tax payers money (rightly so) and people with accounts above 100k euros lost everything in excess of these 100k euros.

      I think that the solution to Cyprus in case of bank failure is right:

      – first the shareholders of banks

      – then the bond holders of banks

      – then savings in excess of 100k euros

      – and then, only then, the help of tax payers.

  • mleblanc138

    Under the mattress is starting to look like a much better place to put money than a savings account that yields one fifth of one percent interest annually if you’re lucky.

  • chilller

    I find this a very good thing that the banks are “taxing” (stealing) their depositors money. It’s just what the world needed to show people the true nature of the delusional people running the planet and their blind greed when their little world begins to unravel. Remove everything you can at banks and…this is important…STOP your contribution to any 401k or retirement accounts you may have. You are not only feeding the beast but contributing to a black hole where your hard earned money flows into and may never be seen again.

  • strangewalk

    Celente is wrong about gold. For all practical purposes gold only has value in relation to paper currencies. In Weimar Germany people who had gold were able to trade for pounds or dollars after their gold was assayed. But without a currency reference, the value of gold is purely arbitrary, not entirely liquid and situation dependent. It’s much better to have tangible things you can eat or wear, and sleep in–a small farm might be attractive–until they come for it.

    • winniekate

      Didn’t gold have value prior to paper currency?

  • K

    For those of you following this story. There is the beginning of a similar problem, in Slovenia. Wash. post.

  • rotagen5

    Kindly spare me the “god” horseshit.


    • Tomburst

      Hmmm. A thought experiment: imagine a marble table in front of you. Do you think that given enough time,it could ‘acquire’ life,become conscious,aware of its surroundings,then aware of its own identity,referring to itself as ‘I’?
      Nope. Didn’t think so. What’s good for the table is good for all matter. Once you understand the basic makeup of matter,you realise that it would never by accident acquire these things.
      You’ve got to take your hat off to atheists. They have tremendous faith.

  • BlackDog

    I think many people are missing the obvious — currency is an arbitrary thing. You get out of cash and into gold, they will confiscate the gold. You get out of cash and into silver, they manipulate the exchanges and control the price. You get out of cash and into tangibles, you better do it quietly and discreetly. Putin will not stand by and watch the crooks and banksters of the West steal his wealth. We are so close to another world war! Mike talks about a currency war — that’s just one precursor.

  • 2Gary2

    I wish I had money to put in a bank, then I could worry 🙂

  • PeaceAngel

    That’s hilarious and sooooo true. Ian is a Cyber Warrior for Obama who uses the internet for anger management and to hear himself speak. Even he does not believe the crap he says.

    • ian

      i never voted for Obama. I am just a realist and i dont live in a constant state of fear. You guys keep shouting that the world is collapsing around you and that is not the case. You have fear tinted glasses on and cannot see the beauty in the world and see that we may be going through a rough spot in history, but things will be just fine. Living your life in fear and dread is not how you are supposed to live.

      • PeaceAngel

        When low information people like you talk the information is worthless. I am not living in fear and never have. I fear nothing. The world is not collapsing only the US. We are the targeted number one test case for the creation of the NWO and will be the first to get a whole nation into the camps. Fear tinted glasses??? When you run out of information you just start to make stuff up like a grade schooler. I have traveled and seen amazing beauty in the world and in the US one only sees dead when looking into the eyes of our citizens. The government has been very successful in getting the nation dumbed down and drugged up and stupid. This is NO rough spot, it is the end of the United States and the making of the Banana Republic and I blame the hysterically uninformed who follow and praise the NAZI’s who run the world like you. Remember when the German,Chinese and UN troops come to take you away that you were warned to get out.

  • 2Gary2

    Cops aren’t out there putting their lives on the line to keep us all
    safe like they claim, they are out cruising around looking for the
    “low-hanging fruit” they can go after easily, with minimal risk.

    motorists is big business and a huge $$$ source for the state.

  • Blackhawk

    Regardless of the any outcome in this whole Cyprus affair, two important precedents have been created for the advancement of the globalist agenda:
    1. The fact that a central unelected bunch of banksters and politicians can impose whatever they want on a local population and their leaders ( this thing happened before unofficially and out of sight, but officially in your face it’s a first for modern times).
    2. Capital controls are now in place and control over your own property is extended to all aspects of one’s life.
    One question remains:
    How much freedom we still have left?
    Somebody please “ILLUMINATE” me because I don’t see any.

  • Washington76

    Report Raises Questions About Central Bank Gold Holdings Thursday, November 08, 2012 – by John Browne

  • ian

    Not a buffon at all. I just dont buy into fear and negativity. Live your life in fear. Go right ahead. Your life must be rather pathetic.

    • Tomburst

      I’m not a pessimist or an optimist. Just a realist.

      • Tomburst

        By the way,what’s a Buffon? Do you mean buffoon?

  • ian

    it’s always darkest before the dawn. So chill.

  • Brenda Thompson

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