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Karen Hudes

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  • Kaleta

    So glad to see Karen on YouTube…and her information is invaluable to Americas. I dearly hope they begin their preparations, buy some metals, etc. AS she says, we are trying to work together…but the Fed Reserve will fight this tooth and nail..and they have lots of money. We have the people numbers… In the long run..when money has no value…the public numbers will tower over this situation…

  • Ian

    Yes the more people wake up the better chance we have against this evil, There have been many books written, going way back, but in those days people laughed at the message.
    To day with every thing happening wars, the economy, no work, people starving, we are putting it together and now know, that what is happening is being planned and has been for a long time. If we are to free ourselves, we need to wake up on mass, and remove those responsible including the robotic puppet governments. People will rise up soon, this is when those blood lines will run and hide in their underground cities. There is no escape for them in fact their fate is sealed. God will deal with them. At the moment they think they will bring about their satanic world controlled by devil but he will be removed. To get America back on track would take the will of the people, stop going to wars, take back the money which belongs to the people that means getting rid of the reserve bank. No one can make this kind of wealth unless it is stolen from the people by means of loans high interest rates, collapsing the stock market, and many other methods used to enslave the rest of us. They think they are above the law because their wealth controls everything and people cower to them. The time is coming soon when we will see how very low and evil they really are.

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