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Worst Case Scenario: Hurricane Sandy Is The Biggest Storm Ever To Hit The Northeast

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The biggest storm to ever hit the northeast United States is creating a tremendous amount of havoc up and down the eastern seaboard.  It is hard to describe how gigantic this storm actually is.  From end to end, Hurricane Sandy is more than 1000 miles across.  It is twice the size of the state of Texas, and meteorologists are calling this storm a “worst case scenario“.  It is currently coming ashore in New Jersey, but this is just the beginning.  A winter storm approaching from the west is going to combine with Hurricane Sandy, and the combined storm is projected to hammer the northeast with wind and rain all the way through the end of the week.  Meteorologists all over the nation are saying that they have never seen anything like this.  Hurricane Sandy is the biggest storm in modern U.S. history, and earlier today the storm pressure was recorded to be even lower than the Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938.  In fact, Hurricane Sandy has the lowest pressure ever recorded for any storm north of the state of North Carolina.  On Monday evening it was packing maximum sustained winds of about 90 miles per hour, and hurricane-force winds could be felt as far out as 175 miles from the center of the storm.  To say that this storm is a major disaster is a tremendous understatement.

On Monday night, it is projected that wind speeds in New York City could reach 80 miles per hour.  But that is only part of the story.  The higher you go, the more intense the winds will be.  For example, if you live 30 stories above New York, a gust of wind at 80 miles per hour on the ground will be close to 100 miles per hour for you.

New York City has never seen anything quite like this.  Anything that is not completely secured is in danger of being picked up by the wind and hurled down the streets.  The damage that will be caused by flying projectiles alone is likely to be immense.

On Monday afternoon it was being reported that a giant crane working on the top of a new skyscraper known as One57 had broken because of the wind and was in danger of totally collapsing.  One57 is going to have some of the most beautiful apartments in New York City.  In fact, the penthouse recently sold for $90 million.  But this just shows us that despite our great advances we are more vulnerable to nature than we might like to think.

But of course wind is not the only problem that New York City will be facing.  Hurricane Sandy is pushing a massive wall of water in front of it.  It is being estimated that water levels could reach up to 11 feet above normal along Long Island Sound and in New York Harbor.  A lot of areas that have never been under water before will experience tremendous flooding as a result of this storm.

Overall, it is being projected that 60 million Americans will be affected by this storm.  So far, about 14,000 flights have been cancelled and more flight cancellations are anticipated.

More than 2 million homes and businesses have already lost power, and by the end of this disaster it is estimated that up to 10 million people could lose power.  Once people do lose power, they might not get it back for a week or more.

Essentially, the entire northeast will be shut down for most of this week.  This is going to be a storm that nobody will forget any time soon.  It is going to take many months to clean up the mess that this storm will create.

But if you don’t live near the coast don’t think that you will be able to escape the worst of this storm.  The center of the storm is projected to stall somewhere over Pennsylvania, and some areas to the west are going to get tremendous amounts of snow.

For example, it is being forecast that some areas in the mountains of West Virginia could see up to 3 feet of snow before this is all over.

This is an extremely unusual storm.  Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says that this is “the most catastrophic event” that his state has had to deal with…

“This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes.”

Stu Ostro, the senior director of weather communications at The Weather Channel, says that this is “the big one” that meteorologists dream of…

“When I was a young boy growing up in the Northeast (New Jersey) and obsessed with the weather, I used to wonder what it’d be like when the big one comes. Well, we’re about to find out.”

The storm is just now starting to come ashore, and it has already done a tremendous amount of damage all along he east coast.  For example, earlier today an 80 foot section of the Atlantic City boardwalk was spotted floating free down the streets of Atlantic City.

In New York City, large sections of Battery Park, Brooklyn and Wall Street are already underwater.  There are some that even believe that parts of LaGuardia airport could be underwater before this is all over.

The New York Stock Exchange will be closed once again on Tuesday, and many are hoping that it will be able to reopen on Wednesday.  But at this point that looks like it will be quite a challenge.

The power of this storm is being felt over a vast area of the country.  Just check out what meteorologists are saying conditions will shortly be like along the Great Lakes

A gale warning has been issued for Lake Huron from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, with waves expected to reach a maximum of 17 to 24 feet. The National Weather Service in Chicago on Sunday issued a gale warning for Lake Michigan, predicting waves as high as 33 feet by Tuesday. Vessels were advised to seek safe harbor.

33 foot high waves on Lake Michigan?

That is crazy.

And obviously the economic impact of this storm is going to be absolutely massive.  Some are projecting that this storm will cost the U.S. economy 10 billion dollars a day.  Others believe that it will be even worse.  As I noted yesterday, one meteorologist believes that this gigantic storm could potentially cause a total of 100 billion dollars in damage to the U.S. economy.

If you live in an area that is in the path of this storm, please do your best to stay safe and stay dry.  This is definitely not a storm to be taken lightly.

So what are you seeing in your area?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts on the storm below…

  • Jay

    Physicist Paul Beckwith explains here how this ‘Frankenstorm’ is a result of anthropogenic climate change:

    ” All storms veer to the right in the northern hemisphere due to the spinning of the earth (1 revolution per day). Except when there is a tilted high pressure region northward and it has to go left and there is a massive low pressure region left that sucks it there as well.
    Why the high pressure ridge and massive low pressure? Because the jet stream is wavier and slower, a situation that is happening more and more often, because of massive sea ice decline this summer. Which is due to Arctic amplification feedbacks. Which in turn is due to rising greenhouse gases. Which is due to humans.”

    • SmallerGovNow

      WRONG, false, there is no manmade climate change or global warming, period. Look at history, ice ages, warming trends, all throughout our history. The world is much more complex than the green bs junk science. The world is flat….

      • Paul

        Manmade or not – I am prepared.

      • k

        Yes but they happened over hundreds of years, and with human contribution now its happening in decades.

    • Paula New Zealand

      HISTORY OF HURRICANES1821 Hurricane: Without modern technology, the hurricane in September, 1821, caught New Yorkers off guard when, in one hour, the tide rose 13 feet. The East River and Hudson River breached, with their waters meeting across Lower Manhattan. The area was not largely populated then, so there were few deaths
      1893 Hurricane A Category 1 hurricane completely destroyed Hog Island, a resort island in southern Queens
      1938 Hurricane Nearly 200 people were killed when the Category 3 hurricane swept over Long Island and into New England. It caused millions of dollars of damages in NYC, where it killed 10 people and destroyed hundreds of trees in Central Park
      1954, Carol The hurricane, which had sustained winds of more than 100mph, hit eastern Long Island and caused major flooding throughout New York City
      1955, Connie and Diane Rain from the two hurricanes caused flooding across the city. There were more than 200 deaths in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey
      1960, Donna The hurricane created an 11-foot storm tide in the New York Harbor, inflicting extensive pier damage
      1972, Agnes The tropical storm flooded areas from North Caroline to New York and caused 122 deaths and more than $6 billion in damage
      1985, Gloria Serious damage was inflicted on Long Island
      1996, Bertha The tropical storm washed out the city in July 1966
      1999, Floyd The tropical storm hit New Jersey and New York with 60mph winds and dropped up to 15 inches of rain. Flash flooding forced residents from their homes
      2011, Irene The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm just before hitting the city, which had issued mandatory evacuation orders for those living along the coast. Up to 7 inches of rain fell as winds reached 65 mph. It inflicted an estimated $100 million in damages
      Source: Information from the New York City and Nassau County Offices of Emergency Management

      So was man made global warming activated back in the 1800’s?? SURE pull the other leg.

      • foxhunter

        If you take a look at the frequency of the storms you just listed you will see that they are happening more frequently now. Of course climate has always changed;that is a given. But either the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere causes warming or it does not. And the greenhouse effect is real. Now it might be offset by solar diminishment or some other offsetting factor or it might be bolstered by a warming factor. But aside from volcanic activity and meteors, other factors take centuries to take hold.

    • Sunshine

      Could be more specific as to which humans are responsible for anthropogenic climate change. Geoengineers?
      The sky is a mess.
      Weatherwise, the last 4 years under the current prez have been TERRIBLE. I do hope if Mr. Romney wins he will put an end to the madness of climate change.

    • FreeMan

      Horse Crap Jay. Solar and Lunar cycles are what effects our weather, not people. Although such drivel does effect our economy and the lives of people everywhere.

    • k

      Every body accepts anthropogenic climate change…..except a few lunatic fringe elements who deny it due to political/ideological reasons.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Yup. And “everyone” accepted globull warming, too until it was discovered to be a fraud. Now you “lunatic fringe elements” just rebrand it as climate change (*Snore*, the climate is constantly changing) and try to continue the fraud.

        • Gay Veteran

          poor climate change denialists, probably still believe smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer

          now relax and listen to more corporate propaganda that would put Big Tobacco to shame

          • Paul

            Let them be.

            Don’t smoke, don’t second-hand smoke and prep your house against the weather change as long as constuction material, labor, and transport are cheap.

            Watch a movie and have a glass of wine when all the others scramble in wind and weather to fix their roof.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “poor climate change denialists, probably still believe smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer”

            And you probably dont believe being gay causes AIDS. Hat tip Eisenreutz.

          • Kevin2

            I fail to understand how cutting carbon fuel by one unit in the developed world while facilitating the developing world to increase by two units cuts the net global carbon to atmosphere.

            The answer is that it doesn’t. All the reduction by taxation (carbon credits) proposed by Mr gore and company does is lower the cost of coal and other fuels so more is available for global development. in the meantime the bankers have something new to trade, carbon credit hedge funds.

            China has surpassed the US as the greatest carbon to atmosphere producer in the world and they’re putting on line two new coal fired electrical generating plants per week according to Power Magazine. The developing world was specifically exempt from carbon reductions in the proposed international treaty. Therefore the proposal WILL NOT reduce net GLOBAL (we breathe the same air, vive on the same planet) but will increase your cost for energy.

            The environmental movement to a great degree has be co-opted and used when and where the globalists desire. They were recently unleashed upon the Canadian Oil Pipeline proposed in the US. The intent has zero to do with “the environment” and everything to do with geo-political control.

        • k

          what, it was discovered as a fraud??

          It must be you. I told you not to stop your meds.

          I wouldnt be surpirsed if tomorrow you say gravity is a fraud.

          • Malcolm Reynolds


          • Gay Veteran

            Malcolm Reynolds: “And you probably dont believe being gay causes AIDS. Hat tip Eisenreutz.”

            Uh, you do know that AIDS is caused by a virus, don’t you?

            probably not, just another ignorant person wasting oxygen

      • FreeMan

        I would 100% agree with your “statement” with the following few changes.. 2 to be precise.

        “NObody accepts anthropogenic climate change…..except a few lunatic fringe elements who believe it due to political/ideological reasons.”

    • jayjay

      What about the gulf damage by BP?? Didn’t reports surface– or not with LSM incompetence–that the current had almost stopped in the Gulf??
      Surely we can see this as a cause of pressure anomalies?

    • TtT Engine

      Climate Gate was the climate summit cancelled in Copenhagen in 2009 due to fraudulent data that was cooked to promote the myth of man-made Global Warming. There is currently record ice accumulation in Antarctica. If you honestly expand your search and look at the real data, the Earth is cooling, not warming. You can’t just look at the northeast of America in 2012, conclude that we are currently having more heat waves than previously and then hastily conclude, the Earth is warming. Weather is cyclical and well beyond the power of man. The Global warming crowd, lead by Al Goreleonie, is a world governance organization that will “put us all in chains” via pagan environmental control/regulation and oppressive taxation. I suggest you consult Richard Lindzen at MIT or Meteorologist Bill Evans before you push the falsehood of man-made global warming. Remember Newsweek in the 70’s predicting the coming ice-age ? Christi Fidelis !

    • uncurable wound

      Hey Jay go sell crazy somewhere else..Were all full up here…. we have Gary2!

    • OLdFART

      Jay you are a dufus. Ever notice how the answer to “global warming/climate change” is always to pick my pocket?

  • College Kid

    thanks for covering the hurricane michael.

    • Michael

      You are welcome. 🙂 It is certainly very newsworthy.


  • Michael

    What are the conditions at or around the nuclear power plants?

    • Vin Lava


      “The biggest problem, as I see it right now, is the Oyster Creek plant, which is on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey,” says former nuclear executive Arnie Gundersen, noting it lies in the projected eye of the storm. “Oyster Creek is the same design, but even older than Fukushima Daiichi unit 1. It’s in a refueling outage. That means that all the nuclear fuel is not in the nuclear reactor, but it’s over in the spent fuel pool. And in that condition, there’s no backup power for the spent fuel pools. So, if Oyster Creek were to lose its offsite power — and, frankly, that’s really likely — there would be no way to cool that nuclear fuel that’s in the fuel pool until they get the power reestablished. … The most important lesson we can take out of the Fukushima Daiichi and climate change, and especially with Hurricane Sandy, is that we can’t expect to cool these fueling pools.”

      • OLdFART

        What numbnuts came up with the idea of just warehousing spent fuel rods?

      • Kevin2

        I have been in fossil power plants servicing an oil refinery the majority of my adult life. I can’t understand why the final back up cooling supply is not from directly coupled diesel powered pumps with no intervening motor and generator. Diesels are very forgiving and reliable.

        We had steam turbines, motors and as a last call diesel pumps for emergency cooling water.

        A diesel will save your bacon.

  • Mondobeyondo

    For those of you on the east coast, living along the path of this storm – please be careful. Even though Sandy is “only” a Cat 1, it’s still nothing to play around with.

  • annie

    I live on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Yes, we are going to get 25 to 30 ft. waves tomorrow, with wind speeds up to 60 mph. We have many million dollar homes in jeopardy. I feel very sorry for them..I’ve heard fresh water is denser than salt water, so the waves will create much more damage when crashing up against their homes. So far still have power, but that will probably change when the winds start to howl. Please pray for everyone being affected by this storm!

    • Jake

      Salt water is denser than fresh water. Consider that salt water is essentially fresh water carrying extra molecules. Whatever the case, it’s still going to be hectic for you guys! Good luck.

    • Anon

      Why does it matter if the homes are million dollar ones or caravans? I hope you also feel sorry for those less fortunate.

      • OLdFART

        I feel less sorry for the asswipes who built mansions on the beach.

  • nowwthen

    My family and I have spent a lot of time in Ocean City, MD over the years. One thing that always impressed me is that the OC inlet from the Atlantic Ocean into the bay was formed by a hurricaine in 1933 that washed away part of what was once a continuous strip of barrier island. Sad to see much of the fishing pier we spent some time on last summer was destroyed by Sandy last night. The coastline from Virginia to New England might look a whole lot different after Sandy has run her course the same way that new inlet was washed into existence back in 1933.

  • Rodster
    • Eisenkreutz


  • Rodster

    “Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter”

    • Eisenkreutz

      Come and get it, suckers. I got somethin for em.

    • Rhynn

      Yeah. “Gangs”. I love the gangsters with the wire rimmed glasses and geek chic that look like they might be looting the 5 and dime store for pocket protectors and Trapper Keepers, at best. Middle of your link page my friend.

      Nice try though.

    • Jodi

      And this is what the media is not talking about. Crime will be out of control. The media is content with mocking people that prepare for the worse.

  • djc

    We live on the shores of Lake Erie and just took a drive down to the lake and the waves are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime-and I’ve lived here for a looooooooong time. And the worst is to come tomorrow. I really feel sorry for those with lakefront property.


  • Tatiana Covington

    Six months hence it’ll be completely forgotten about. It’s just a lot of whirling air and water. Like a billion before it!

    • Alan

      I live in Florida and this is bairly a cat 1 storm. I would not have made any preperation for a storm this small. I think a lot of the problems are tree related. When I look at a tree I don’t see beuaty I see what will it hit when it falls!

    • Paula New Zealand

      Do you really think people are that shallow they would forget the 100 people who died.?
      Do you think 6 months after 9/11 it was forgotten?
      It is shameful I even hve to ask you!!!!

    • RainyDay

      Well, looks like you should stick to your day job…your weather forecasting skills FAILED.

  • das

    This is crazy. I live near Clevand OH and its been raining for two days. The wind has picked up, its cold, and we have yet to see the storm!!! Were far from the coast and its just starting to get bad here. I really feel for those on the coast. Most places around here are sold out of generators, and all the power is still on. Some stores have taken all the generators off the shelf to ship them to the coast. Crazy. I know a few people that are freaking out already, hitting the panic button. I am not a big time prepper, but always have the tools to make it a few weeks with out help. Wish more people would think this way. Check list-1)water 2)food 3) firewood 4) generator and plenty of gas 5) ar-15 6) beer. Looks like I be fine for a while!

    • Mondobeyondo

      I was thinking more along the lines of…
      1) Bottled water
      2) Non-perishable food (beef jerky works, if you’re a carnivore)
      3) Dry ice (for the perishable food in the fridge)
      4) Firearm (9mm Glock, .45mm, whatever) to head off looters
      5) Couple bottles of Jack Daniels
      6) DVD of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” (works if you have power)

  • Eisenkreutz

    4 Million without power. Empty store shelves! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Make fun of preppers now, you turkeys! My three homes in Maryland, including one waterfront cottege on the Bay, are certainly going to be battered and beaten severely. I dont really care. I sit here in FL, comfortable with all my prepper supplies, untouched by any hurricane in the years Ive been here, while the commies in NYC, MD, and NJ get hammered. What an awesome Xmas present! Yet I know when this is over it will be forgotten about and hardly anyone will be converted to the prepper lifestyle. My friends sent me videos of the idiots running around WALMART desperate for supplies. This is a prelude for the real thing.

  • Gary2

    Michael–I got to hand it too you, you are really getting a lot of mileage out of this storm. Guess what, Its clear and cool here in WI and the trick or treak weather was perfect.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “the trick or treak weather was perfect”

      LOL. You already ran around scaring everybody with your calls to redistribute wealth? That’s funny. Back here in reality, we dont go around until tomorrow.

    • Paula New Zealand

      Suppose you think the 100 who died, got a lot less mileage.
      Cannot believe the heartlessness who give Americans a BAD name.

  • carlos

    En New Jersey…..82% de la poblacion sin energia….

  • gnfrfan

    I’m from Detroit, Mi area and it’s rainy and very windy but that’s it. So far there’s 34,000 people without power here in Michigan. I’m just hoping they keep that nuclear power plant under control!

  • Rusty

    Gee, what do you know, the Hurricane was all hype. CAT 1, not CAT 2, 3, 4, or 5.

    More “We’re all gonna die hype” bovine fecal matter.

    • Me

      Yes but it’s so much fun when we’re all gonna die! We can pull out the old M-14 and oil it up and watch re-runs of John Wayne and generally feel like all our problems will be swept away and we’ll live in the woods like the Wolverines and no one else will ever have this idea, it’ll be cool.

      Ok we’re not all gonna die. I know all the global warming people would be ecstatic if we did (all of us), because then the Earth would be happy and wouldn’t exist for all proactical purposes because there’d be no sentient being around to observe it… interestingly pointless…

      How about that nuclear power plant built back in… I dunno, 1859 basically… that’s staffed full of DMV employees?

      That one… yeah now I’m worried…

    • Paula New Zealand

      WOW .. All hype !!!
      Were the 38 deaths just collatrol damage ?

  • Cinderella Man

    Between this summers drought, Honey Boo Boo, reckless money printing by Uncle Ben, and Frankenstorm America is dying a death by a thousand cuts. Told you guys the world is gonna end this year! Time to think on your feet.

    • RainyDay

      Honey boo boo?
      That was pretty funny…


    Tax the rich! Spread the wealth!

    • It’s NOT going to happen! Most of the American people are against it, even the poor!

      • Gary2

        false–79-82% of Americans want to tax the rich and make them pay their fair share. Turn off fox. What you said is incorrect

        • RainyDay

          Wow Gary…yeah the “rich” aren’t the creators of jobs. Silly me for thinking that! You’re so right…the poor create
          obs. Boy, you’re really smart.

          • Kevin2

            Rainy Day

            Don’t be too quick in your disagreement with Gary2.

            If the bulk of goods are manufactured outside of the US and the new wave is foreign investment explain to me how “the rich” create jobs IN THE US? If you buy a BMW you did slip a few bucks to the salesman, importer and prep guy but in reality it’s pretty insignificant. Your clothes? Well Norma Ray no longer sweats to make the fabric because that $12 / hr job went to Asia. Ok well Asians get employed, but not Americans.

            The old ideas we were raised to believe to a great degree no longer apply in this globalized world economy.

            If the rich in the US created jobs in the US we would have jobs up the yazoo because “The Rich” are richer now holding a greater percentage of wealth than ever before. We did a lot better when that delta was not that large.

            I call it as I see it and facts support what I see not old axioms.

          • Paul

            Oh really? The rich create jobs?

            Tell me how.

            Tell me why.

        • OLdFART

          Make the poor pay THEIR fair share. USA now has almost as many people riding in the cart as pushing it.

          • Kevin2


            They are dismantling the cart as we speak and have been shipping it to 50 cent labor overseas.

            You think a husband and wife making minimum wage needs to pay more? Oh the first reaction is “they don’t pay taxes”. Well property, and sales are taxes are taxes. Maybe we will starve the kids so their fair share of Federal Income Taxes? Actually considering the protection the Federal Government has done to protect Wall Street outright theft with the abandonment of Glass-Stegall their Uncle Sam might not deserve a dime. They protect the likes of Jon Corzine that “oops I misplaced” 1.2 billion of investors (that be U and Me) money. They allow an investment firm to raid private accounts and use it as collateral on a loan that can’t be met and let the other bank keep the money that was illegally acquired. Yea with the protection your getting maybe they don’t deserve any tax money.

            A few decades ago before they promoted Free Trade with slave labor nations people made enough money to support themselves and their families and paid significant Federal Taxes at a higher rate than “The Rich” do today. Before they deregulated the Financial Industry putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop we did not have as many poor.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Or as Gary2 would say, “Tax the wealth and spread the rich”…

    • DownWithLibs

      I see you have been drinking Gary2’s special blend of Kool Aid!

  • false idols

    The chicago Jesus, the messiah and savior of all humanity should have stopped this storm by parting the waters.

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t mind the snow. Cold weather and rain and flood is far worse. The houses over there sure look pictoresque. But ever since I experienced those typhoons in Hong Kong, swaying in the wind in the 20th floor I prefer solid construction, above the street and away from rivers.

    Once I stepped into a seemingly clear street after a typhoon. Only after the water hit my foot and splashed up to my chest I realised the street was a raging river of clear water 4 inches deep.

    I had to change my shoes and suit before going to the office. In the city people were wading through knee-deep water down on the street. Luckily in Hong Kong Central there are everywhere covered walkways 30 feet above the street. If you choose your way carefully you can get almost dry to the office, even in heavy rain (up to 12inches per hour).

    If you don’t work in Central, or live somewhere more basic, better use sandals and shorts and change in the office. If in China, alsways use wellingtons, you never know whether the street is flat and clean.

  • Paul

    Actually Michael, I’m a bit disappointed.

    I expected more a headline like:

    “Never before Obama we have seen such a storm.”

    • Mondobeyondo

      Yeah, haven’t seen a storm this bad since that Jimmy Carter tornado outbreak…

  • K

    Let me give you a storm progress report. In the N.E. Tennessee mountains, 17 inches on the ground, heading to 3 feet before it is over.

    • Michael

      Ouch! I actually love that area of the country. The Smoky Mountains are a wonderful place to visit.


    • Paul

      Lovely. I bet the kids like it. Have some Winter sport over there? People hiking, crowding the sauna, staying over night and having hearty meals in restaurants?

  • Shanna

    In northern Indiana where I live the winds started yesterday evening in earnest & are projected to get up to 60 mph today. We also are having rain & Lake Michigan in our area is expected to get waves up to over 20 -25ft. I do not ever remember that happening before. They are telling ppl to stay off the beach & out of the water. On the news this morning though there were ppl out on the beach & piers taking pics & a guy who said he was going surfing. Crazy you bet!!! But when has it ever happened that you could surf on Lake Michigan?? I’m thinking maybe never!!! LOL Just hope these crazy ppl stay safe. As for me & my family we’re not getting anywhere near the beach.

  • Denier

    Is it anthropogenic climate change or anthropogenic global warming? Actually, its called weather, and its been happening on our planet for billions of years. Don’t forget what a money maker climate change is for all these “green” scientists and engineers who are supposedly above being intellectually dishonest just because they’re scientists and engineers. Overall the Earth is actually accumulating ice (see Antarctica).

    But yes, do pray for all the people being seriously affected by this huge storm.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “green” scientists

      Otherwise known as watermelons. Green on the outside but alllll RED on the inside.

      • Paul

        Red inside signals health.
        Black spots signal death.

  • A J

    I live in eastern Pennsylvania and this was one frightening storm. We were north of the eye and we got very high winds. I was fortunate and only lost some roof shingles. Much of my family lives in NJ and the flooding at the shore has been devastating. It’s going to be a long time getting back to normal and the Jersey Shore may never be the same. It seems looking out my back door and then watching the news this morning, the damage was severe, but not consistent. Overall my neighborhood is ok, but some got hit very hard with falling trees. I was shocked none of mine came down. Anyway, thanks be to God for prayers answered. Hope you all out there who went through this are ok!!

    Michael, again many thanks for these informative and valuable articles!!

    • Michael


      I am glad that you are okay. 🙂 I hope everyone out there is staying safe and warm.



  • Incriminally Sane

    After this storm it will be determined that the documents in this 43 trillion dollar lawsuit will have been destroyed and therefore the case can no longer move forward just like the Enron case that was in building seven and the missing three trillion from the pentagon that was destroyed on that day.
    I find it simply incredible the unique circumstances that surround the mysterious disappearances of vital documents that cover for the criminal cabal that prevent the truth from being revealed in reference to their massive crimes in the looting of YOUR MONEY!

    • jayjay

      ouch–now we know the reason HAARP was put to work..thanks..I never connected the dots.
      There could not have been important papers relating to the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit stored in computers on the west coast?? Nahh, that’d be too responsible.

  • I don’t care who you vote for, what clothes you wear or where you are from. Please, those going through this hurricane…work together and help each other out. These are the times when we Americans need to Unite and be there for each other. Show the world that we are kind, helpful, good neighbors. God bless you all on the coast – wish I could be there to help out.

  • jhon


    What do you know/think about Chemtrails, HAARP, and weather modification?

  • Paul

    I’m sure Obama will pour money into the disaster area, and in battling diseases and staffing overloaded hospitals.
    And then he will be crucified by Romney for increasing the debt.

  • Kim

    I’m so over reading insensitive comments all over the internet that the people in Stanton island and elsewhere are “stupid”, “lazy”, for not evacuating. These are people in their own homes we are talking about. They are stranded. Not everyone has a car (I don’t) not everyone has relatives they can seek refuge with, not everyone has cash on hand to help get them by. I can’t believe people can be so cold and blame these poor victims of time and chance for their horrible predicament.

    • liberranter

      Stanton island


      • Kim

        Staten Island, sorry!!! I’m from Oregon.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You make a very important point.
      Not everyone has a vehicle, or relatives to stay with, or the money to stay in a hotel. They’re stuck. What are they to do? Swim??

    • Paula New Zealand

      I heard the authprities BEGGING these people to leave for safety..
      They were told in the rescusers lives would NOT be on the line for the DEFIANCE.
      They were stupid to have the attitude like many comments on here, ‘Oh its no biggie..stuff the authorities I will do what I want, when I want, and NOBODY is going to tell me what to do…even when it endangers the lives of the rescuers.”
      due to their defiance and rebellion.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS: Micheal

    It looks like everybody’s prayers where finally answered with this storm!
    This will end the immediate threat of a drought. Also it will have the effect of cooling the oceans.
    This will help with the winter snows.
    If we are very lucky it will be a record busting snow season.

    Do you remember a film called Forest Gump? It was a documentary on how a man was able to brave a Hurricane, and be able to be the only shrimp fishing boat left on the delta.
    Then things got real good for him. Ended up doing very well in life.

    • GK

      What the hell are you smoking??

  • Me

    No HAARP comments…?

  • Steveo

    This will end soon and be over for most in a couple of weeks. Just like when I was in Charlotte when hugo blew through. We lost a ton of trees and lots of roof damage. We were without power for 2 weeks. It took neighbors one day working toghether to clear the roads with chainsaws, trucks and axes. We pooled our food and had a neighborhood BBQ for a week until all our freezers were empty. I had gas heated water, so I had numerous visitors for showering by candle light. They brought me more candles…If neighbors work together, most of the Northeast will come through this pretty easily. Yes, along the coasts there will be huge damage and lost homes….why we allow homes along coasts and hills tempting nature is pretty foolish. So they signed up to get destroyed and probably paid a huigher price as well. It should be expected and I don’t feel anything special for those that tempt nature. They reap what they sowed.

  • Steveo

    This might be how ice ages start

  • Vicky

    Made it through in northwestern Ohio. We got about four inches of snow and lost a few trees, which will become next year’s firewood. Lots of wind, howling like a banshee, and a small, icy blizzard for a few hours. Nothing nearly as serious as the coast, but I’m surprised it made it over the Appalachians with that much power remaining.

    We did buy extra milk and eggs, in case the girls were disturbed and stopped laying for a while. We heat with wood which came in handy as we lost power for a few hours, but everyone in our area seems to fine, power restored and roads plowed.

    Anyone see a connection between the 7.7 earthquake on the Juan de Fuca plate and the 3.9 or 4.9 on the New Madrid today? I’m trying to track those as the Anna fault runs about a hundred feet east of our house and is connected to the New Madrid. We haven’t felt anything, but it’s getting busy, geologically.

  • Washington

    A new low from the Repressive Tolerance Party:

  • DownWithLibs

    Hey, wasn’t Obama suppose to send back the tides and heal the land? Looks to me like “someone” has been asleep at the switch.

    Second term, yeah right!!!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Don’t laugh. George W. Bush was voted in for a second term in 2004.
      So it’s not impossible.
      Obama 2012?? Umm…

      • RainyDay

        Yeah, exactly and he could barely tie his own shoelaces!

        • YOLO


  • I agree there are risks to the economy. Flooding a few large banks and insurance companies with hundreds of billions in liquidity is a very bad strategy.

  • Hi thеre juѕt wanted to gіve you a quick heads up.

    Τhe woгds in yοur post seem to be running οff the scrеen in Internet еxplorer.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d poѕt to let you κnοw.
    Τhе layout loоk greаt thοugh!
    Hoρе уou get the pгoblem solνeԁ soon.

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