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Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

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The rebels in Libya are in the middle of a life or death civil war and Moammar Gadhafi is still in power and yet somehow the Libyan rebels have had enough time to establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company.  Perhaps when this conflict is over those rebels can become time management consultants.  They sure do get a lot done.  What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night without any outside help whatsoever.  If only the rest of us were so versatile!  But isn’t forming a central bank something that could be done after the civil war is over?  According to Bloomberg, the Transitional National Council has “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”  Apparently someone felt that it was very important to get pesky matters such as control of the banks and control of the money supply out of the way even before a new government is formed.

Of course it is probably safe to assume that the new Central Bank of Libya will be 100% owned and 100% controlled by the newly liberated people of Libya, isn’t it?

Most people don’t realize that the previous Central Bank of Libya was 100% state owned. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s article on the former Central Bank of Libya….

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) is 100% state owned and represents the monetary authority in The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and enjoys the status of autonomous corporate body. The law establishing the CBL stipulates that the objectives of the central bank shall be to maintain monetary stability in Libya , and to promote the sustained growth of the economy in accordance with the general economic policy of the state.

Since the old Central Bank of Libya was state owned, it was essentially under the control of Moammar Gadhafi.

But now that Libya is going to be “free”, the new Central Bank of Libya will be run by Libyans and solely for the benefit of Libyans, right?

Of course it is probably safe to assume that will be the case with the new national oil company as well, isn’t it?

Over the past couple of years, Moammar Gadhafi had threatened to nationalize the oil industry in Libya and kick western oil companies out of the country, but now that Libya will be “free” the people of Libya will be able to work hand in hand with “big oil” and this will create a better Libya for everyone.


Of course oil had absolutely nothing to do with why the U.S. “inva—” (scratch that) “initiated a kinetic humanitarian liberty action” in Libya.

When Barack Obama looked straight into the camera and told the American people that the war in Libya is in the “strategic interest” of the United States, surely he was not referring to oil.

After all, war for oil was a “Bush thing”, right?  The Democrats voted for Obama to end wars like this, right?  Surely no prominent Democrats will publicly support this war in Libya, right?

Surely Barack Obama will end the bombing of Libya if the international community begins to object, right?

Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize.  He wouldn’t deeply upset the other major powers on the globe and bring us closer to World War III, would he?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has loudly denounced “coalition strikes on columns of Gaddafi’s forces” and he believes that the U.S. has badly violated the terms of the UN Security Council resolution….

“We consider that intervention by the coalition in what is essentially an internal civil war is not sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council resolution.”

So to cool off rising tensions with the rest of the world, Obama is going to call off the air strikes, right?

Well, considering the fact that Obama has such vast foreign policy experience we should all be able to rest easy knowing that Obama will understand exactly what to do.

Meanwhile, the rebels seem to be getting the hang of international trade already.

They have even signed an oil deal with Qatar!

Rebel “spokesman” Ali Tarhouni has announced that oil exports to Qatar will begin in “less than a week“.

Who knew that the rag tag group of rebels in Libya were also masters of banking and international trade?

We sure do live in a strange world.

Tonight, Barack Obama told the American people the following….

“Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.”

So now we are going to police all of the atrocities in all of the other countries around the globe?

The last time I checked, the government was gunning down protesters in Syria.

Is it time to start warming up the Tomahawks?

Or do we reserve “humanitarian interventions” only for those nations that have a lot of oil?

In fact, atrocities are currently being committed all over Africa and in about a dozen different nations in the Middle East.

Should we institute a draft so that we will have enough young men and women to police the world with?

We all have to be ready to serve our country, right?

The world is becoming a smaller place every day, and you never know where U.S. “strategic interests” are going to be threatened next.

The rest of the world understands that we know best, right?

Of course the rest of the world can surely see our good intentions in Libya, can’t they?

Tensions with Russia, China and the rest of the Arab world are certainly going to subside after they all see how selfless our “humanitarian intervention” has been in Libya, don’t you think?

In all seriousness, we now live in a world where nothing is stable anymore.  Wars and revolutions are breaking out all over the globe, unprecedented natural disasters are happening with alarming frequency and the global economy is on the verge of total collapse.

By interfering in Libya, we are just making things worse.  Gadhafi is certainly a horrible dictator, but this was a fight for the Libyan people to sort out.

We promised the rest of the world that we were only going to be setting up a “no fly zone”.  By violating the terms of the UN Security Council resolution, we have shown other nations that we cannot be trusted and by our actions we have increased tensions all over the globe.

So what do all of you think about what is going on in Libya?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh, sure. The new Central Bank of Libya will be run by Libyans and solely for the benefit of Libyans.

    Just like the Federal Reserve is run by American citizens, and solely for the benefit of Americans.


  • mondobeyondo

    Barack Obama told the American people the following….

    “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.”
    Ummm… with all due respect, Mr. President:

    The Kurds in Iraq

    To name just a few.
    And what did the U.S. government do then?

    [crickets chirping]

  • Peter E

    “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.”

    Thats right. The “school of the Americas” installed its own despots in South and Central America. Ahhh! for the good old days of Norriega and Pinochet. No way are they going to stand for someone else’s despots -especially when oil is involved. Why would America be interested in Syria (has oil been found there?) After all we saw how fast the US acted to stop the massacre in Burundi years ago. (Clinton was in power so you cant blame the Republicans)

    So what will the US do when the new Libyan rebel government shows its true colours and becomes part of a Muslim caliphate or installs a fundamentalist Islamic government?

    What surprises me is the number of weapons that have been fired! Its been reported that Libya had less than 120 aircraft (including helicopers) and yet have fired over 150 tomahawk missiles, along with a lot of other weapons. Are they loosing their aim or just having “generic” target practise?

  • gentile

    Welcome to WWIII kids!!!
    (it just hasn´t been oficially announced)

  • I am not surprised that our govt, which is headed up by obama & crew, are in this for the oil & banking to some degree. Most likely money will go to some big business that is slob-knobbing the politicians (or visa versa).

    What ticks me off is that our govt is IGNORING the constitution! Does not congress have to vote & agree to a war? Last time I checked… YES!

    I feel that our country is passed the point of no return. We no longer have the republic our forefathers established. The massive, run away debt, ignoring the constitution & the rights of citizens will eventually lead to a complete overthrow of our republic, which is happening from the inside out. Our politicians have sold their souls to greed & corruption.

    If ever there was a time to prepare, its NOW! Get a supply of water, food, medicine, guns, ammo, etc because when the cradle falls it will hurt a lot of ppl.

    I pray this can be turned around, but I fear its too late.

  • Maria

    What is happening in Libya is happening everywhere.

    The state of the world is no accident.

    The new Central Bank of Libya was formulated by a banking apparatus which has been perfected through generations of trial and error and experimentation in virtually every country around the globe.

    Central banks do not operate independently of each other. They operate in unison and with diabolical precision.

    The world is waking up to this realization.

    The world fiat economy is not broken. It is working perfectly. It is and always has been the key to success of the central banking system. Fiat currency and fiat debt are the weapons of the elite used to build and destroy whole nations. It is their legacy perfected over time. Economically and politically, the fiat economy is accomplishing exactly what it was designed to do…rob every nation of its sovereignty and bring each nation to its knees at the altar of a one world government…all of the people under one authority to be ruled by a single body through the use of fiat currency. This is the only way to ensure the perpetual success of the New World Order.

    The wealth of nations is being confiscated by the most powerful individuals of the world who choose to remain anonymous cloaked behind central banks and extremely powerful corporations.

    What would happen if we just burned it all…every fiat currency up in smoke?

  • RICK

    Well, I kee reading that Libya had a great public health and education system and that people there were pretty well off. So how horrible a dictator was he?

  • Cybertronic

    Unfortunately, most folks will still brand you with the ‘Conspiracy theorist’ mark after pointing out a few clear-as-day facts, for example:

    Who was most eager to get into Libya and ‘free people …for humanitarian reasons’, would I be wrong if I said it was France, UK and US?

    Now lets look at the six largest, non state-owned energy companies.

    Trading under various names around the world, they are considered to be:

    BP p.l.c. (BP) – United Kingdom
    Chevron Corporation (CVX) – United States
    ConocoPhillips Company (COP) – United States
    ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM) – United States
    Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS) – Netherlands & United Kingdom
    Total S.A. (TOT) – France

    And still people deny it has anything to do with what’s going on in gets tiring at times.

  • I shall be linking again because you are, as always, right on the money.

    So….coin toss: BIS or IMF?

  • OldPhart

    Prediction: 03/29/2011 1:21 AM PDT

    While I disagree with Obomba’s unconstitutional intervention into the Libyan Civil War, I have to play the devil’s advocate on a couple of points.

    Libyan oil is less than 2% of the total middle east output, furthermore, the majority of it goes to Europe, particularly France and Italy. The majority of middle eastern oil coming to the US comes from Saudi Arabia.

    All wars are intigated and funded by banking cartels. Libya had a state owned and managed bank, similar to the Constitutional Operation of the US Treasury, which we haven’t enjoyed since 1913. The Libyan bank HAD to go, hence we see an immediate central bank being created by the banking cartel replicating the model of the Federal Reserve Corporation.

    Funding and assets for this central bank are initially based on oil sales, and contracts are being drawn up to kick start the bank. In the next few weeks we will be seeing headlines of IMF and Central Bank support in recognition of the “Free People of Libya”. This support will be in the form of loans mortgaging the future oil production and GDP of the nation.

    The billions of dollars that american banks have laundered for a known terrorist will be quietly repatriated to Libya after substantial fines and fees.

    One of the first, if not the first, items addressed in the new Libyan Constitution will be the establishment of direct taxation to fund repayment of highly inflated expenses incurred, and to fund reconstruction and subsequent maintenance and administration.

    We are there because our owners have ordered us to support their brethren in the European Central Bank.

    Foreign troops, largely made up of American forces will set foot in Tripoli following the “accidental” death by “errant” bomb of Quaddaffy Duck. Marines will have to revise our anthem. The mission will be to minimize the blood-letting between loyalists and rebels and to mitigate the damage to newly mortgaged Libyan Central Bank assets. The US will be held responsible for the loss of such assets.

    AQL- Al Quida Libya and the Arab League will denounce the US as Crusaders trying to seize the oil wells we attempt to protect for the Libyan Central Bank.

    Libyan loyalists and rebels unite to fight the invading forces, linking with AQL. We incur heavy casualties as our “coalition” slinks away while we secure oil export facilities for the Libyan Central Bank and ensure oil supply to France, et al.

    Iran annonces the discovery of the last Imam, igniting religious jihad throughout the middle east against all things non-muslim.

  • none

    Hello everybody,
    Those are not wars against Sadam or Gadhafi, those are wars against you.
    When the oil cartel will be in place all over the world, you will pay for the oil as much as they like.

  • Looks like Obama’s business ventures are off to a good start. Of course it’s causing the death of our children that he keeps killing so his blood soaked money can increase his profits plus the lives of thousands of innocent people every time he makes another one of his fascist public announcements.
    We already have Obama motors now he owns the Libyan national bank. Maybe he should be honored by naming the Obama national bank of Libya. Think he might consolidate his business ventures and head the board?
    Don’t forget “war is peace.”

  • jox

    I’m sure Obama cannot turn a blind eye to atrocities in Bahrein. Beware Al Khalifa, America wont tolerate this. Leave the country! But wait, USA Military needs the base for the Fifth Fleet headquarters. Ouch! Quick, send some saudi troops to protect the Bahrein king. Perhaps Obama can bear with some atrocities. It only depends on what country.

  • john w

    I agree with a lot that you say in this post.
    However, there is a difference between Libya and many other countries.

    A) Virtually every government/despot in the world hates Ghaddifi because he has done so many atrocious things. This is probably why so many countries were okay with some kind of action being taken. Saddam Hussein at least kept the shenanigans at home – Ghaddafi likes to export them whenever possible.

    B) What happened in Libya has happened in a new global environment. We have entered a new world what with the internet and social networks. Real people (not talking heads) can go online and appeal to other real people for help. Look at the internet, listen to the BBC, listen to Libyan friends / acquaintances if you have them. The people in Libya were begging for an international intervention to prevent a massacre in the east of the country. We might start seeing this kind of appeal for international intervention more often now.

    So, should we be intervening? Is it our responsibility? You tell me. If you knew for a fact that your neighbor was severely beating or sexually abusing his children, would you intervene and call the police. Or would you just say – Hey, it’s not happening in my house, so it’s none of my business. The little buggers can take care of themselves.

    There is a lot of conversation/outrage on this site about what other people should or should not do. How about some conversation on what we, as civilized people or as Christians, should or should not do. Am I my brother’s keeper?

    In this particular case, most of the complaining about the intevention is coming from China, Russia, certain Arab regimes, and other countries that are careful to reserve their own right to slaughter their citizens whenever it is convenient.

    When thugs come to your own house, loot it and burn it down, do you want your neighbors to look on and say “this is a fight for you to sort out”.

  • john w

    One more comment. In all the outrage and complaining about “them” on this site, I rarely see comments about “our” responsibilities. How do your own daily decisions and your own lifestyle impact other people, at home and around the world? Do the products you buy, the politicians you support, and the lifestyle you lead help prop up unjust societies? Are your pleasures in life acquired through the pain, misery and sense of hopelessness suffered by others?

  • dizzyfingers

    Sounds like some right things are happening.
    Libyan power on the upswing.
    Meanwhile, US power definitely on the downswing because we have very stupid people in government and very lazy people among the citizenry. US will to survive apparently is nonexistent.
    Why: AMERICA ALONE, Mark Steyn

  • Ivan from Soviet Union

    They can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night —
    ——–Yep, because now westerners do most of the fighting – Libyan opposition seem to have to do little, just waiting for NATO bombs clear the road and then advancing westwards to the capital
    situation is different from Egypt where Americans missed the moment with albaradei as a puppet to replace Mubarak//// now they make it up with Libya – to overrun people’s opposition to Gaddafi with their own puppets whose name we are to know next weeks or months as Kaddafy (good or bad ) fall/

    But I don’t think the puppet regime will hold last… phaps greedy for oil they will be able to order round Libyans for couple of years and get 2-3 years of cheap oil – but then???? How long can Americans puppets live in MODERN Arab world???

    American and NATO support is a bad start for the profile of any polititians nowadays specially muslim one/
    Who knows maybe Kaddafi was right – Libya will be taken by their people and Iran-like rulers … it’ll be good for Lybiand but for westeners???
    And Worst – Arab migrant invasion through Libyan-(new Somalia) black hole-???
    Digging own grave – that’s the name for it

  • Suetonious

    The administrations of the Western world, mere puppets in actuality, are getting quite cavalier in tossing out their supposed justifications for their pathetically transparent moves. There is a Quickening to world events, IMO – brought about by Sun-Earth changes NOT under the control of the PTB. Hence, their accelerated schedule of sovereign takeover’s in their never-ending quest for a global financial system and government. Unless I’m missing something about current economic and geophysical trends, though, they’re likely to become Supreme Overlords of a world of medieval serfs barely scrapping out a living. But they might covet that nonetheless.

    In any case, as the schedule is accelerated, they seem to be just going through the motions of establishing policy coherence and justification for their brazen actions. It’s like they don’t even care anymore how it looks to the public, either because they think we’ve been sufficiently dumbed down to not give a damn before we switch back to “Reality Idle”, or they’re ready to shove their mafioso mugs in our faces to ask “Whaddyagonnadoaboutit, huh?!”

  • Silver Bean

    Well written, short and to the point. I just read about the exports of oil on Drudge a few moments ago, but didn’t learn about the bank until I read this article. Lightning fast, guess the banksters and oil men are behind the scenes. Has anyone seen Bush or Chenney lately? There are so many places where human atrocities are occuring and nothing is done. I guess when our supply of rare earth metals dries up Bill Gates and Michael Dell will ask for a “kinetic humanitarian liberty action” against China to secure a supply for the computer industry.

  • Dear economiccollapse, I got here via Prison Planet.
    This is good reportage with an ironic slant flavoured with sarcasm.
    I’m requesting permission to reprint this, the world needs to know that this is a state bank and state oil versus cartel bank and cartel oil war.

    • Michael


      Yes, please feel free to reprint this article. I always encourage others to use these articles because as far as I am concerned, the more people that see them the better.

      So please feel free to reprint articles from this site whenever you would like. Just please link back so that people know where you originally got the article.



  • Bob

    I believe that you can boil all the talk about Libya down to one concept: If this situation leads to Al-Qaeda control over Libya, and if our intervention can be proven to be the catalyst that brought it about, President Obama should be impeached for treason (aiding and abetting the enemy during wartime). Can anyone prove me wrong?

  • PatriotRider

    I’m just waiting for this “total collapse” that everyone is talking about…

  • mik

    get ready! we arn’t the only ones with tomahawks!

  • Ft.Gazy

    Great article! I’m baffled by the lack of outrage from the American people.

  • Jim Goff

    As a baby boomer vividly remembering the Viet Nam protests and the slaughter at Kent State in the ’60s, I often wonder what became of our national moral outrage as we once again experience a series of outrageous idiocies of our governments foreign policies.

    I will quote what you wrote in your previous story. This should be burned into our collective brains and should be the mantra of your website and proudly displayed on your homepage….”That is life in America today. We are taught that we should never try to do anything on our own. Instead, we are all encouraged to just give up, work for the system, and when we are not working for the system or shopping at their stores we are to stay in our homes watching the endless hours of “programming” on television”.

    Wake up America!!!


  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    In reading the piece I thought surely the Lybian people would be denounced as lazy and slothful for letting their oil and banking sectors fall into the hands of the internationalists or so it would seem. I guess different rules apply to them than the ones that apply to the American people. As this is the exact type of subterfuge that has been going on in the U.S. for a long time now. Look at the vast changes in US Government and (our world) during and in the first several years after the first Depression and WWI and II. Institutions like the U.N, World Bank, IBRD and the IMF were all created after massive upheavals and calamitous events.

    The mission statement of these institutions states, “The nations should consult and agree on international monetary changes which affect each other. They should outlaw practices which are agreed to be harmful to world prosperity, and they should assist each other to overcome short-term exchange difficulties.” The IBRD was created to speed up post-war reconstruction, to aid political stability, and to foster peace. This was to be fulfilled through the establishment of programs for reconstruction and development.

    The IMF starts their web page with the following, ‘‘The International Monetary Fund (IMF) works to foster international monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. Created in 1945, the IMF is governed by and accountable to the 187 countries that make up its near-global membership.”

    “The 44 governments represented at that conference sought to build a framework for economic cooperation that would avoid a repetition of the vicious circle of competitive devaluations that had contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s.”

    “The IMF’s primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system—the system of exchange rates and international payments that enables countries (and their citizens) to transact with one other. This system is essential for promoting sustainable economic growth, increasing living standards, and reducing poverty. ”

    Nothing even remotely akin to these mission statements is occurring around the world. In fact the reality is quite the opposite. My point is the American people have been and are being deceived, tricked, bamboozled, hood winked, coerced, etc. just as the rest of the world is and has been. America’s politicians, along with many others around the world have been bribed, blackmailed, extorted, set up, coerced (thinking bank bailouts) and seduced, etc. into going along with the scheme’s that have brought the U.S. and the rest of the world to were we are now, which can be summed with one word, disastrous.

    Surely the pens will turn on the Lybian people though too. Eventually they will be the blame for the inevitable economic disasters which will follow the formation of their central bank. The incidents that caused them to end up were they are will eventually not be relevant, like it has become for the American people. The Lybians eventually will have a mainstream press apparatus, establishment tools and talking heads that will blame them, like Americans currently have in place. It is not enough to steal everything the little people of the world value but they have to blame us for it too I guess!!

  • Lennie Pike

    It’s obvious the U.S. is in the business of war for profit. Who is making these decisions to attack other countries on false premises? It is not Obama. He is a teleprompter reading emotionally and spiritually sick egomaniac. So was GWB – sick people are easy to control.

    He who has the gold makes the rules and the people who have it are not even Americans. These days, Western fiat paper and electronic money is gold and is the main reason we have idiots as Presidents and all our other problems as well.

    The MSM obviously serves as the propaganda department of this war business. Where and how does the MSM come up with all of these new journalists we’ve never seen before and who are then never seen again after the conflict subsides? These journalists all have the same traits – very hard and tough with a pokerface stare – like they have gone through Army Ranger or Navy Seal training or something similar. Maybe the CIA or Mossad has a pretty tough journalism class. Of course your run of the mill talking head is not going to be trusted to give a live report from the battleground with so much money at stake.

    Public opinion is being formed and Americans are conditioned on what to think……SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!, GADAHFY IS THE BAD GUY!!!!!, OUR FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTION ARE BEING THREATENED!!!

    Wake up, this isn’t WWII anymore Americans, your freedom and Constitution is already gone. It has been taken by the very ones warning you of the threat from “your enemy?” Your traitor politicians have sold them to your enemies in exchange for being able to stay in office so that they can satisfy their sick egos, hear themselves talk, and have an audience to listen to it.

    If I could make a big bet that Donald Trump will be the next President, I would, but Romney seems about the same type to me. I would love to be able to put money down on both at the same time. If Ron Paul or anyone like him made it in alive he wouldn’t last long.

    The very real and tragic rape of the American journalist in the Egyptian uprising struck a nerve with Americans. I am accusing the MSM of knowing the value of the emotional outrage that event generated, and using it to either manufacture the same outrage by fabricating this second rape, or intentionally reporting it ONLY to create the same outrage so that Americans will support anything these criminals decide to do.

    America has become a land of ignorant spineless zombie addicts (not only drugs and alcohol) occupied by demons of all kinds. It’s an opportunity these criminals will not pass up, of course America has been taken over.

    The world will not let these criminals keep on punching it in the face repeatedly and keep turning the other cheek. Read Revelation 17, 18, 19 and learn the consequences for America.

    The rigged and totally fraudulent financial markets these criminals operate that the rest of the world is controlled and abused by are much more harmful and cause more resentment than the suffering caused by tomahawk missiles. These rigged markets caused the food inflation that caused these uprisings in the Arab World in the first place.

    These market riggers didn’t have enough wealth, they had to take away half of the crumbs of the people who were willing to live peaceful lives even under authoritarian dictatorships if only they were allowed to survive on crumbs.

    There are none more blind and ignorant than those shouting – “I support the troops” and those that hate and want to kill Muslims either in support of Israel or because they are not Christians. Killing them is not the Christian thing to do if I read the words of Jesus Christ himself correctly. Sure (we?) should support Israel, but stealing the wealth of the World and attacking without being attacked first, and killing millions of people is not necessary to do it.

    Just as in the U.S. – these exact same criminals are in control of Israel. All Israelis are not in agreement with the actions of these criminals, but a sufficient number live in enough fear of their enemy neighbors to cede control over to them. To their controllers, it’s only about the money, they don’t even live in Israel either.

  • There is big money to be had in military warfare. Besides, next we will be hearing about the GDP and economy rising. Of cource with all that selling of war machines.

  • Jack Nichols

    Looks like the Libyan people had a little help from Lord Rothschild in setting up their new central bank. Very convenient someone that knows something about banking to the rescue.

  • me

    I love the sarcasm in your post. Obama is worse than Bush. Nothing suprises me anymore really.

  • On 24 February 2011, resigned justice minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil stated that Muammar Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing, Pan Am Flight 103 Wednesday 21 December 1988. All 243 passengers and 16 crew members were killed. Eleven residents of Lockerbie also died. In my view the attack against Gaddafi was long overdue. On 29 May 2002, Libya offered up to US$2.7 billion to settle claims by the families of the 270 killed in the Lockerbie bombing, representing US$10 million per family. Jim Kreindler of New York law firm Kreindler & Kreindler orchestrated the settlement. Compensation for the families of the PA103 victims was among the steps set by the UN for lifting its sanctions against Libya. On 5 December 2003, Jim Kreindler revealed that his Park Avenue law firm would receive an initial contingency fee of around US$1 million from each of the 128 American families Kreindler represents. The firm’s fees could exceed US$300 million eventually. There is a lot more on Wikipedia.

    Once the sanctions against Lybia were lifted the US-Libya Business Association formed in 2005. Bilateral trade with Libya totaled $2.7 billion in 2010, compared to practically nothing in 2003 when sanctions were still in force. Some of the biggest oil producers and servicers, including BP, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Chevron, Conoco and Marathon Oil joined with defense giants like Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, multinationals like Dow Chemical and Fluor and the high-powered law firm White & Case to form the US-Libya Business Association in 2005.

    The rebels are more than a rag tag group, they include professionals and others. I think we should help anyone willing to stand up to Gaddafi and his perverted big business interests.

  • You nailed it, except you should include; ‘defense of israel’. Bibi wants us to control all Muslim counties in the Mediterranean. When Bibi calls, Barack jumps (com’on, lots of campaign donations are at stake; be practical; give Barry a break)


  • Stewie

    Excellent article. It’s also interesting this humanitarian driven UN coalition has no time for the Japanese.

  • Ken

    Oil, Central Bank, Arabs in Virginia for 20 years, Qui Bono?

  • Amy Tuttle

    This whole nasty habit of the US imposing its own FAILING social, economic and government systems onto foreign countries, especially oil rich countries, is absurd. We act as if it’s our job as the biggest, richest bad asses on the globe to spread our policies like melted butter on a toasted planet.Well, in case you haven’t noticed, our own country is FUBAR and in a state of failure on every level. Don’t you think it’s time for us to rope in our resources, stop flushing money down the toilet, recall what’s left of our Military home and tend to our own frickin’ problems? Why can’t we let other countries sort themselves out? I don’t see any other foreign countries rushing in to bail us out of impending economic collapse. Do you?

  • Larry

    Rebels in the middle of a messy civil war have the time and resources to put together a central bank, national oil company, and an oil deal with another nation.? Who would have thought it was just that easy with bombs and bullets whizzing nearby…BRAVO!

  • flek

    The globalists and Soros, and Rothchilds, and on and on and on….

    We’re in the midst of world war three, and global government is the plan to save us from the chaos they orchestrated.

    What a sad state of affairs. We repeat this over and over and over, and never ever learn.

    Now we’ll pay for our inability to move on, grow up, and stop acting like spoiled children.

  • According to you guys the US should just stick its head in the sand and forget that there is more to the world than just us. If that were the case in 1775 or there abouts France would not have bothered helping the US win the revolutionary war and instead you guys would be ranting about the King & Queen. This mentallity was prevalent in the 20s & 30s just prior to the 2nd World War,it was described as isolationism, when the US was so deverted with a World Depression that men like Hitler was able to rise to power and plunge the world into war. The US learned that lesson,or should we not have gone to war with both Germany & Japan since it was only Japan that bombed Pearl Harbor. Instead you guys would be ranting in German about the Chancellor.Getting back to your article, the reasoning for establishing a Naional Bank for Libya now instead of waiting until after the rebels win this war is to give international recognition to their cause, money talks,and right now the international community is telling what’s his name that all he has left is the shirt on his back and nothing more. Nobody in their right mind wants him around and the sooner the world is rid of him the better.One more thing, oil,for all its bad points,international trade brings money into the country of which they will need in the near future to rebuild the country when this mess is done with. The international community is giving the rebels and the people of Libya a future, a future of their own design,like or not.

  • Mo . Me

    Thanx for the Q’s and other points that you mentioned in here . my view is very simple about it ! . Don’t Worry Be Happy as long as you still have your computer & etc. – Peace !

  • Abdul

    I remember when the rebels in Somalia deposed our dictator Siad Barre everyone was happy…for about 3 weeks until we all realized the “rebels” were far worse than our iron-fisted dictator and 2o years later we are a failed state, home to pirates, terrorists, and the chosen place for target practice by the US and Ethiopian administrations. Are you telling me that if the USA did not participate in this war the French or the British couldnt do it? Then why in the world are we participating? To make sure we blow through the $14 Trillion debt ceiling before 04/15? Or to just piss off the rest of the Muslim world. A No-Fly Zone is one thing, but to assist a rebel group in overthrowing another government. What the hell, folks! I live in Texas and we are all eyeing to Secede if this crap continues. Good luck to the rest of the 49 states.

  • Michael, the link I gave is wrong. The correct one is –
    thanks again.

  • Tarnel

    I believe in a free world!

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    What is happening in Lybia, in my humble opinion are prime examples of Naomi Klien’s, Shock Doctrine–The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and Rahm Immanuel’s comment about not letting a good disaster go to waste. Wars and disasters are being used to camouflage strategies that enhance global domination by a handful interests.

  • marielynne

    Your article is very astute. I think you’ve got it right.

  • Where are the TEA Party Congressmen? Obama should be impeached and now before more harm is done.

  • Preceptible Future

    We live in the “United State of the World”, and servant to our Masters… Come on people… Wake UP!!!

  • Robyn

    EXCELLENT article! You nailed it.

  • Emery

    I’d love to go die in a foreign country so they too can be enslaved by the Rothschild’s bank. Thats what we call freedom here in America. And if thats not enough we got some GMO’s for your people too!

  • PaulF

    Spot-on once again, Michael!

    It is amazing how easily the sheep are fooled, isn’t it? Back to American Idol!

    A great read on this general subject (oil-driven imperialism) is William Enghal’s “A Century of War”.

  • Russia. Period. Forget about Libya. The U.S.
    has rushed headlong into a trap, set by our
    KGB friends. Once we put ‘boots on the ground’,
    Russia will intervene. Libya is a piece on the
    chessboard. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder about
    what Russia is thinking or doing? I suppose
    everyone is lulled to sleep thinking Russia is
    a ‘has-been’. Russia is preparing a surprise
    nuclear war on ‘the West’ (Israel included).
    Armageddon will commence shortly thereafter.

    • red brick

      Gosh, I hope so! Time for me to bail, huh?

  • Piglet

    A new central bank and an oil deal, and this was supposedly done by an incompetent, disorganized, ragtag “army”? (Yeah, right.) Who will be surprised if the victorious rebels show their thanks by allowing the US to re-open Wheelus Air Base near Tripoli and possibly giving the US a home on the continent for its US Africa Command? Oh, you never heard of that base? Read on:

  • Dano

    This is awful journalism with loaded questions and insanely biased wording. Reminiscent of yellow journalism during the Hearst days. Just awful…

    • mike

      But did he said something untrue?

  • Virginia

    It’s pathetic the way we bow and scrape to the Middle East. They are all just a bunch of renegades flashing their peace signs to the cameras with machine guns slung over their shoulders hanging out of pickup trucks, grinning and shouting peace as they shoot up everything in sight. Makes you wonder if our leaders are dealing with a full deck of cards with he stupid comments about humanitarian efforts and strategic interest. Whose side are they on anyway? They love conflict over there. They thrive on it, like nothing better than shooting, killing and maiming people. It’s like sustenance to them. When we get involved, it’s like a big party to them as they laugh and flash their peace signs and shoot with the other hand.

  • Kathleen Bushman

    Where indeed is the outrage from the American voter? If GW had done what the Bomber is doing, peace demonstrators would fill the street, but blue corporatist pols are somehow less disgusting than the red ones. Do Dims just have an aversion to the color red?

  • colin caley

    the coalitions intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds is a slap in the face to the citizens in ZIMBABWE,SIERRA LEONE,RWANDA,SENEGAL,UGANDA,to name but a few where attrocities have been carried out on a daily basis over decades.
    Where was the Humanitrian Task Force for them When they Needed it MOST?
    United Nations Hang your Heads In SHAME!

  • The Libyan crisis has been totally used to create an unrest in the global market. Completely true, when Obama looked straight at the camera and mentioned about ‘strategic interest’ in Libya, he certainly was not referring to oil. The crisis has deepened and with it uncertainties aggravated even further by the Japanese nuclear crisis and its threat to the global economy.
    Find out more on the latest trends and know about the future trends..
    URL :

  • It just shows you who the true rebels are…. Oh, sure. The new Central Bank of Libya will be run by Libyans and solely for the Libyans.:)) Just like the Federal Reserve is run by American citizens, and solely for the benefit of Americans. What a bunch of ****************!……….

  • hillbilly88

    Hey Dano, apparently you do not understand the difference between journalism and commentary. This is a blog you big dummy!

  • The only currency which is equivalent to barter in fact is mathematically perfected currency, thus it is only by way of the PEOPLE eradicating Intrest %%%% altogether removes the manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and inflation or deflation… that is it possible to replicate barter in the form of a truly immutable currency we call it MPE or Libyan PEOPLES Perfected Economy – To find out more visit

  • Shanna

    I am so sick of all this greed for oil. As a American I am ashamed once again of the military and their invasions. I do not get why war seems to always be the only solution as the death rate is so high and ridiculously unnecessary. I understand every human is entitled to freedom, but look at the whole picture! Look at the natural disasters occurring. Look at the starving children who have nothing. If ppl cant be civil and maturely handle their differences why go and feed that crap? There are children dying all over the globe because their voices cant be heard…

    • Abraham Thornton

      It wasn’t for the oil with Libya! It was to help oppressed and savagely treated people! KaDaffi was BAD. They are anew to their freedom. like anything in a richer recource producing country, there is a recource that the whole world is going to need! Could be, poppy seeds or potatoes if it were somewhere greener. I’m glad that we spent money out of that money we have to pay back to other countrys, like the U.S. is in with it over Chinas loan, To see a good power change in a country that they have needed help doing what they finally did, for a long time! Who desighned that Economic plann for the new Libya Central Bank? How long did the oil Co. generate for the new Gov. planns? I want to say, Its about time, World. Libya has been waiting on you! Kudos, Economics Doctors!

    • Kenny

      I totally agree with you. We destroyed a perfectly good place for corporate gain. & Abraham, You need to do a little research. You’re totally wrong. We went in & killed a good man that his citizens loved. Stop believing the main stream media. They tell nothing but lies.It wasn’t Gadaffis military that was killing his citizens, it was our CIA. They go into a country that they want to cause civil unrest or overthrow the government. Get some locals on Opium & give them weapons & tell them what to do & call it Al-Qaeda. The truth is out there so stop believing the TV. Gadaffi was a good man.All you have to do is listen to him address the UN

  • joeyman9

    RE: This is awful journalism with loaded questions and insanely biased wording.

    Dano, how about giving us a little more to go on here point by point. Otherwise you are just saying stuff without any supporting arguments.

  • You know these guys are bad, but I have to agree with some of the comments, we let this happen… Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a whole lot we can do now, but we could have not elected Obamaboo. This will probably get me thrashed, but the only reason he was elected is his race. Honestly take a step back and look at it. Black people finally had a chance to have a black president, as well as progressive Caucasians who thought it would be wrong to vote for a Bush lookalike.

    I am not racist, I do not hate Obama because of his race, I hate him because he is either consciously, or ignorantly taking our country to the cleaners. Our national debt has gone up more in his administration than EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!!!! But we can afford to send BILLIONS of dollars to Chile and MILLIONS more to the oil war in Libya and how about going golfing at least as many days as he’s in the White House? Or maybe a unspoken moratorium that is still in effect for the Gulf, or what about helping Japan, or doing anything productive with our country. Well, as long as he has his priorities in line…. I could go on to list all of his STUPID mistakes in the last 3 years, but I don’t feel like typing anymore.

  • outline

    Obama won a Noble peace prize. Russia is about to strike nukes at peace loving americans. You guys are pathetic. Those forces fighting Gaddafi are another Alqaeda.
    Obama with his fake birth certificate should stop printing money in billions and get US army back where they belong.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Obama is more peaceful than any republican alive. Of course you only attack democrats here. One currency will stabilize all countries and lead to a better planet.

    • mike

      lol, you’re funny.

  • Colin

    I have sympathy for the Libyan opposition and I support the cause, I am however a realist. I don’t see the rebels winning, and I predict that very soon that pro-regime forces will enter Benghazi and will decimate the opposition. The coalition is failing at removing the Libyan leader. They may destroy his equipment, they may freeze his assets, and they may ostracize him in the world community. In the end, though, he will be standing on the corpses of his opponents and will stay in power.

  • Dan

    It is all part of the plan for the New World Order. Now that the Monetary System is in the hands of a member Bank of the World Bank they care not who is in office, for it is the Bankers that will rule the country from behind the scene.

  • Teknikid

    Before we invaded Iraq, there were six nations which did not have a Rothchild-controlled central bank. Post-Iraq and Libya, we now have four such nations: Sudan, North Korea, Iran and Cuba. Who are we invading next?

  • arhiprofesor

    After America bombed itself the WCT we all had to know that this is the beginning a New Era when every horror made by man against man is possible. About America being the first criminal of the New Era I knew from the moment when they bombed in the middle of Europe one of the most marvelous cities – Belgrade, the capital of the most developed east-European country. And please notice that there is no oil in Belgrade. But Yougoslavia was too powerful and had to be destroyed.

  • Obama’s lack of an exit strategy is nicely matched by the absence of an entry strategy. What fascinates me was when he said “dark forces” in Iran. Some Bush speechwriter clearly stuck around for that line.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • The world is never enough

    The world bankers spend their time plotting out how to gain more and more control of an ever expanding regime.

    What do you spend your time doing?

    When we are not busy trying to make a living, half of our country is watching American Idol and the other half is watching one of the various ball games with a beer.

    Who is going to be better at chess.

    Governments, corporations and bankers rely on the ignorance of the people.

  • braindoc

    @ impeachRonPaul

    Either you are a brilliant satirist or your comment is one of the most naive assessments I’ve ever read! Do some thorough unbiased research and then get back to us.

  • April

    not to mention the healthy dose of depleated uranium falling down on Libya by US forces. even if they are not aimed at the civilians, they are the ones that will pay with their health and childrens’ for many more years to come. just like Iraq’s people are suffering from it now. special interest is all it boils down to!

  • Madtekwriter

    Who is this “we” to whom the author repeatedly refers? I think he must mean “the US government.”

  • Ed

    When do the wars against Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and China begin? They kill their own citizens.

  • Usually the debt fist of Wall Street is enough to bring foreign countries to their knees, but without a mainstreadm indigenous bank in there they have no power over a country. So they have to send in the military to put one in and then they can steal their resources at their leisure.

    It’s absolutely repugnant that Wall Street psychos invade sovereign nations. They show the basest of hypocrisy and deceit when they make out they are on a humanitarian mission.

  • NATObama Peace Prize

    Contrary to others, I don’t have much sympathy for the Libyan rebels. They decided to pick up weapons and they should expect to be shot back at.

    By backing them (and not the *peaceful* protesters in Bahrain, for example), the United States has sent a message to the world. The message states that the US believes that those who disagree with their government should take up arms and begin shooting (all this despite Rep. Giffords, btw). The USA will support and arm guns-ablazin’ militias, but will gladly watch as others who have chosen peaceful methods are gunned down. That’s the message. NATObama is a hypocrite. It’s Imperialism sporting a new mask. This is all about control and dominance of the region.

  • Time to vote out the DINOs, especially DINO Obama, in next year’s Democratic Primaries. Vote only for Progressive Democrats.

  • This is truly disgusting, War for Oil and for Greed. bring out troops home

  • WeAreChange

    Wow, we can see who the paid shill trolls are. Funny when paid troll shills like Dano and impeachronpaul come out and play

  • Libyan

    Whether or not we are now selling our own oil or have a central bank is all irrelevant. Why does everyone think that the west is only interested in the oil?!?

    To be frank, the Libyans never got it, Gaddafi used the oil for his own self interest and projects. Western oil companies were free to do business in Libya, and foreign companies were acting in Libya!

    So the west and the oil companies were already doing very nicely thank you! Protect ourselves? Well how? The west and east — Russia & China — had already trained and armed the Gadaffi’s private militia at the expense of our army and the volunteers who are now fighting! We didn’t choose to go all out and fight, we were being butchered and massacred and had no other option.

    So let’s cut the crap and BS that you’re printing and have a little respect for the 1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s that have died. and the 10’s of thousands picked up tortured raped and beaten!

    Life for Libyans in Libya at the moment aren’t doing too well. Yes there are people who support him, but then there were people who benefited and supported Hitler & Pol Pot!

    • Common Cents

      Libyan, you are either a Hannity follower, a paid shill or both. You are on the wrong side pal.

  • Canadian

    BS Libyan!
    Libya was one of the last Utopias left in the world! Free Education, Medical, zero Interest banking and cheap gasoline… The rest of the world should be so lucky…

  • Nothing to say what will happen in Libya in the next days. There are many interests and strong power is coming out.
    Let me show you that Turkey, the biggest Otan’s ally, has put on hold its business on F35 plane with Usa. The country was reportedly concerned that the US was not sharing its source code for the plane, and that these code secrets could be turned against Turkey if they attacked a US ally.
    If Tukey walk on this road, let me say something is going on very quickly.

  • awkingsley

    It is rather obvious that we want control of not only the oil, but the “oil money”. Maybe this deal was actually structured by the Bernank. Something is going on here all right, and we should have never been involved. Obmama’s crass disregard for American interests, incurring more debt by warring in Libya is unthinkable. The American people are being scammed until they do not have a dime left.

  • subee

    Yes, oil is a big part of this picture, but even bigger is setting up the places for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over . Then you will have radical regimes like Iran and the power to move forward and conquer….
    Obummer is just “helping out his friends”
    Look around folks we are surrounded by the Brotherhood too.
    All of this is setting up the New World Order…..

  • U_LIft_Behind

    all is b’coz of GREED!!!! US Government is a puppet of an GREEDY SATANIC PUPPETTERS!!!

  • laskdjf aljdfl

    Hopefully this war for oil will be more effective at getting oil and less costly than the last one.

  • steve mawson

    It is a civil war. Let them all be left to their own devices. America has enough problems. I thought the nation awoke to decide that being world cop was (a) impossible and (b) too expensive. Of course, no American or Nato intervention has ever occurred in Zimbabwe, and there have been WORSE atrocities there over the years of Mugabe’s rule. No oil. QED. Shame USA shame.

  • Bob Marshall

    Seem like everytime i mention the CIA involvement in war with third world countries my message is removed, I don’t blame them .I wouldn’t want the world tro know they are responsible for more than six million deaths since 1947. In every goverment that is overthrown and their leaders replaced. Sometimes by assination. Alway with leaders who serve Washington. If they are no longer useful to our goverment they are places. I am amazed how easily American people are duped into believing that these wars are not about power and control of the middle. Power and money is the aim of Washington. Don’t dare look at the CIA records and their involvement in countries where leadership has changed. many dictators were trained in Fort Benning, Ga. at their training Center. This is no secert. look it up. many terroist are trained there fo covert operations. All in the interest of corportate control of these nations. I foolishly thought Obama was different. sold us out just like Bush. How long before CIA has us in Iran. Don’t be concerned! Young people because you will pay for these wars as long as you live.

  • Kay

    You know what “We the People” we act like we have no responsibility as the people for the people we put in office!!!! We put them in office year after year!!! We are terrified to elect a Donald Trump or to elect independents or to put Sarah Palins in Office! We keep voting in the same trash year after year and keep getting the same results….so who’ to blame for our Country? Wake Up ‘WE THE PEOPLE”

  • max deadwood

    wswhen you have idiots like max hardwood blurring the real issues with ludicous accusations about russia, you understand why many people do not know how to repond to the apparent hypocrisy of the U.S. government under the past two administrations

  • TruthSeeker

    I thought Alqaida is #1 enemy that we still morn our mistake with when we helped militarize them against the Russians! We out of a sudden see bad dictators like Qaddafi and Saddam much worse than Alqaida suspects like the Libyan revolutionaries! Are we going to morn our mistake again when time comes to blame it all on the Alqaida again? Apparently, Muslim fanatics are NOT our main enemy as long as we could use them in our struggle to control the money and wealth of other nations. Who cares if they hate us or if they abuse their women? Right? Oil and money is our business, and anyone who is not a threat to our business is not our enemy. I must be more specific and accurate when I say “ours” as it mainly means only the “elites'”

  • Libya- It’s only less than 5% of Libyans that oppose Qadaffi. And you can’t class the rebel forces as civilians if they are armed with anti-aircraft/ anti-tank weapons, machine guns, rifles and pistols.
    It seems that this is another grab for oil using standover tactics by the UN and puppet master USA.
    America is going down the sh*t tubes economically so fast that they will take down the rest of the world with them.
    How many billions of dollars are they going to waste this time, and send the USA further down that sh*t tube and closer to starving their own people and economy??
    The good people of the USA should wake up to themselves and overthrow their own oppresive government and send their leaders to The Hague to be tried for war crimes against humanity that they’ve been doing since the Vietnam war.
    What do you think?

  • eyesark

    Libya was one of the few countries that had no Rothschild central bank; now it has one. And in all honesty, I think the bank is more important than the oil, so the US is getting a raw deal as the murderous illegal state that annexed Palestine, Israel, establishes another bank backed by the owners of the world, the Rothschild.
    Iran and North Korea will be next. And the whole plan will fall into place.

  • Now that Libya is being subjected to a news blackout of some kind, its very difficult to get any current reliable updates from there. The last I heard, the new NATO backed regime is practicing genocide on Libya’s own dark skinned citizens as well as the guest workers from tropical Africa.

    The prison that was busted open by Libyan “REBELS” was full of prisoners incarcerated for Al Quada activity, were all released and many were known to take sides with the rebels upon their release. That means NATO employed Al Quada, the same guys they have been telling everyone is the biggest enemy to freedom in the world. But that small point is beyond the interests of any major media outlet to report on, and so most people have no idea.

    Personally had a number of friends who lived there and no longer have the ability to contact them, nor can I find out why that is. The real terrible truth here is that the thing the west fears most is a united Africa. Our culture would not exist if it wasn’t for the resources we get from Africa. Iron, alluminum, gold, silver, rubber, diamonds, cobalt, all come from Africa. Things like Coca Cola would not exist if it wasn’t for the Kola trees that are indigenous to Africa. Yet Africa is the poorest continent in the world?

    Not to mention, Mr. Gaddafi was seen as a hero by his own people and many Africans because he had the balls to stand up to the west and because his bank made interest free loans to its neighbors. How do you think that went down at the Bank of America board meeting?

    Gaddafi was a charismatic and dynamic figure on the African continent. He very likely also had a very clear vision of events in the world just because he had the distinction of being a head of state longer than any one else had ever been. He had to be aware of things that the current leadership in the world only has some clues about. That alone made him a dangerous possibility.

    But I think it was the added attraction of the plan to initialize and execute a standard African gold coin combined with many of these other things that made NATO commit the crimes they did there. For one, it ultimately would have shown that the dollar isn’t worth the paper its printed on. The federal reserve hasn’t had a single ounce of gold since 1932. Nor is an audit of Fort Knox permitted.

    if anyone wants to continue believing that NATO is a good guy and on the side of the oppressed, then they are ignoring the fact that in Burma alone, where the the worlds longest running civil war has been going on for over 50 years, where atrocities are taking place that that no one ever dreamed of accusing Gaddafi of.

  • Strayhorse

    With IBS, IMF and CIA, opium money.

  • Jeannette St Amand

    And now the chess game is being played in Syria at what point will the centralized bank move in?? They want Syria so that Qatar can run a pipeline through to Europe for who’s benefit is that???

  • PatheticCritic

    The Holy Prophet (Allah’s grace and peace be upon him) has also
    condemned the dealing with USURY in any manner. He said, “The man who
    accepts usury, who gives usury, one who writes the document on usury and
    those who stand witnesses to it, are all condemned as accursed.” He has
    also said that though superficially the usury/interest gives increase
    in the wealth but in consequence and in the longer run it cause
    diminution/decrease in one’s assets.

    Yes good job ISLAMIC rebels. You are very ISLAMIC.

  • Theresa Saunders-Priest

    repeal the 17th amendment … we need stronger states … they are our only defense in times like these … but these demons and liars covered their bases … with the election of senators rather then states appointing they could buy each and every senator and keep them in power for a lifetime …

  • Theresa Saunders-Priest

    more and more people are waking up to this!

  • Winning

    Vote Rand Paul

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