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You Call This An Economic Recovery? 44 Million Americans On Food Stamps and 10 Other Reasons Why The Economy Is Simply Not Getting Better

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When Barack Obama, the Federal Reserve and the mainstream media tell us that we are in the middle of an economic recovery, is that supposed to be some kind of sick joke?  According to newly released numbers, over 44 million Americans are now on food stamps.  That is a new all-time record and that number is 13.1% higher than it was just one year ago.  So how many Americans have to go on food stamps before we can all finally agree that the U.S. economy is dying?  50 million?  60 million?  All of us?  The food stamp program is the modern equivalent of the old bread lines.  More than one out of every seven Americans now depends on the federal government for food.  Oh, but haven’t you heard?  The economy is showing dramatic improvement.  Corporate profits are up.  The stock market is soaring.  Happy days are here again.

It just seems inconceivable that anyone can claim that the economy is improving when the number of Americans on food stamps continues to set a brand new record every single month.  But the food stamp program is not the only indicator that the economy is still having massive problems.  The following are 10 more reasons why the U.S. economy is simply not getting any better….

#1 Some recent statistics actually indicate that the number of unemployed Americans is still going up.  According to Gallup, unemployment in the United States rose to 10.3% at the end of February.  That is the highest number Gallup has reported since early last year.

#2 The housing industry is still a complete and total disaster.  In fact, new home sales in the U.S. in January were 11.2% lower than they were in December.  Not only that, the number of new home sales in January was 18.6% lower than the number of new home sales in January 2010.  That is not a sign of improvement.

#3 There wouldn’t even be much of a housing industry at all at this point if it was not for the U.S. government.  Right now the U.S. government is either writing or guaranteeing well over 90 percent of all mortgages in the United States.  So what would the housing market look like in 2011 if the government was not in the picture?

#4 In 2010, more than a million U.S. families lost their homes to foreclosure for the first time ever, and that number is expected to go even higher in 2011.

#5 Due to rampant economic decay and record numbers of foreclosures there are areas in most of our major cities that now look like “war zones”.  For example, the Huffington Post is reporting that there are now approximately 15,000 vacant buildings in the city of Chicago and there are approximately 60,000 vacant houses and apartments in the city of Las Vegas.

#6 According to the Oil Price Information Service, U.S. drivers spent an average of $347 on gasoline during the month of February, which was 30 percent more than a year earlier.  This represented 8.5% of median monthly income.  So what is going to happen when gas prices go even higher?  Sadly, the average price of gasoline in the U.S. has risen another 4 cents since yesterday and it is likely to go much higher from here.

#7 The U.S. trade deficit continues to grow.  The trade deficit was about 33 percent larger in 2010 than it was in 2009, and the 2011 trade deficit is expected to be even bigger.

#8 The CredAbility Consumer Distress Index, which measures the average financial condition of U.S. households, declined in every single quarter in 2010.

#9 The number of Americans that have become so discouraged that they have given up searching for work completely now stands at an all-time high.

#10 The U.S. national debt is growing faster than ever.  The Obama administration is projecting that the federal budget deficit for this fiscal year will be a new all-time record 1.65 trillion dollars.  It is hard to even imagine how much money that is.  If you went out today and started spending one dollar every single second, it would take you over 31,000 years to spend one trillion dollars.  Long ago the U.S. government should have been getting these deficits under control, but instead they are just getting even larger.

So in light of the statistics above, can anyone really claim that we are in the middle of an economic recovery?

The truth is that there is no sign that any of the long-term trends that are destroying the U.S. economy are even slowing down.

Millions of jobs continue to be shipped overseas.

The U.S. dollar continues to be devalued.

The federal government continues to go into more debt.

State and local governments continue to go into more debt.

Our trade deficit continues to grow.

Our cities continue to be transformed into wastelands as they are being systematically deindustrialized.

The number of Americans that are dependent on the government continues to soar.

The U.S. middle class continues to shrink.

I know that I harp on these themes over and over, but it is vitally important that everyone understands that the mainstream media is lying to us.

The U.S. economy is dying a very painful death and there is no hope on the horizon.

Things are not going to be getting better.  Well, they may get a bit better for the boys down on Wall Street, but for the rest of us our standards of living are going to continue to decline.

The best days for the U.S. economy are already behind us.  What lies ahead is a whole lot of pain.

We are going to pay the price for decades of corruption and incompetence.

An economic collapse is coming and you had better get ready.

  • Mel

    That’s why Bernanke cannot take the step off QE accelerator..If any politician try to stop FED from printing money, the US economy will collapse immediately!! I wonder why everyone is cursing at Bernanke. Without him , America is gone for good!

  • bobinsherwood

    I subscribe to many to different Christian, Buddhist, and other religious philosophies including “Love Thy Neighbor”, “I am my brother’s keeper”, and others. I try to help out where ever I can and with as much as I can afford.
    If the collapse does come, I do not think that I will care to live in a World where I have to hoard food, water, gold, and silver. I do not think that I will be able to turn away ANYONE who comes to my door for help especially if children are involved.
    I know that I will NOT use violence or implied violence with the business end of a gun to deter desperate people, so I guess I will probably meet my maker sooner than others but I will NOT devolve into an ANIMAL just to stay alive!

  • Adrian

    Correct Mel. I was hating this Bernanke, but I have learnt that he has no choice. He can’t drop the ball and let the economy to collapse. He has to continue to act like a dummy. He has to say printing money is fantastic for the economy, and he is not worry about the inflation. Such a good actor.

  • as long as the U.S. has the military might and is ready to use it in order to steal abroad thus protecting the dollar, this agony will continue.

  • Mike..

    We’re Doomed! We’re All Doomed!!!

  • rash

    why everyone cursing at bernanke:

    1.because he n his allies lied to the world.not only american for centuries

    2.bcoz he made billion while u eat stamp food.

    3.bcoz of him and his allies,all of u american hated by the world(u r gonna die in the most hated country in the world)

  • There is an incredible disconnect between the US media and what is going on in most of the country. Economics, I guess, has much to do with it. Those who still buy papers and are the targets of the ads placed within, are doing relatively or extremely well. They don’t want to constantly read about the swelling number of disgruntled and dispossessed. Most of the best reporting on the U.S., comes from the foreign press, who see the country with its warts and all.

  • Patriot Alice

    If he cannot take the step off of QE accelerator, then what is it, we are speeding fast forward too? Is this the right solution to high debt, high deficits, unbalanced budgets throughout the nation, that will only get a lot worse in the years to come? If this was the solution, it should have solved the problem by now. This QE is the reason for hyperinflation, while we are watching our country’s wealth just evaporate by the day. Are we supposed to have faith that the people/culture who’ve created this problem, will have the solution too? Is that equivalent to letting the bankrupt find their way out of bankruptcy on their own? If they were that smart, we wouldn’t have entered bankruptcy from the start………………………………………… If Print, Borrow and Spend was the problem, are you telling me that Print, Borrow and Spend is the solution too?????????? So what you are saying is that, we were not Printing, Borrowing, and Spending enough? Really? Do you give an alcoholic more alcohol to CURE him? If that is the case, then Charlie Sheen is on the road to recovery, if he’d only take more of whatever brought him to this point!!!!!!!!! You can hide the insane, by making everyone else insane, and then everything will look normal!

  • I would not consider the “housing industry still being a complete and total disaster” because of new home sales still dwindling…

    Simple supply & demand = value should help explain that.

    For markets like ours… resale is far cheaper then new. You can’t build them for what you can buy them on the resale market.

  • 60,000 vacant homes and apartments in Las Vegas?

    If there was any truth to that then put more on the market. We only have 2,615 REO (aka bank owned homes) on the market for sale right now and that includes North Las Vegas, Las Vegas and Henderson.

  • There is a growing trend of multi-generational families living under one roof (as was the case before the general economic boom of the 20th century) as college graduates can’t find work, their parents struggle to maintain mortgage payments and grandparents (baby-boomer’s) begin to retire with much less of a retirement income than they expected.

    The housing, student loan, and employment crises are forcing families to revert back to the old days (or RECENT days if you consider that most people in the developed world live in extended families).

    The good ole boom days of the United States are over everyone. The wave has run its course through the U.S. and is now moving on to other areas of the world (ex. Asia). Instead of being appreciative of what we had (and realizing that all good things come to an end) most Americans expected the party to go on forever and did not take the necessary steps to prepare for the collapse.

    Hopefully the fallout of this mess will be humbling for people and force them to reflect on what is really important in this world.

    Join The Resistance!

  • Matt

    A revolution and/or civil war is coming. It will be us ordinary folks vs The Elitetists which are Big Govt and Wall Street. We will win.

  • YHVH

    Soon He shall be returning to destroy this kingdom and to transform it into a
    righteous and everlasting one!

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    Am I really supposed to be upset when this system, that’s eating people alive, finally implodes again?


    Likewise, I am supposed to really believe fat, lazy, complacent, ignorant, self absorbed/involved average Americans, facetiously speaking of course, are to blame for probably the biggest economic crime scene in the history of humanity?

    Are logical thinking and means to reasonable self preservation illegal now too? What about self determination and the right to the pursuit of happiness are these concepts illegal now too?

    I guess over lord Bush meant it when he said the Constitution is just another piece of paper, “George W. Bush reportedly espoused a very low opinion of the Constitution, calling it “just a goddamned piece of paper.”

    In fact it looks like they used the constitution to start the raging economic blaze destroying the social fabric of America and the world.

    And is anyone really surprised by President O’Bushma, I mean Obama? Really? I guess there are because a lot of people were duped again in believing this is a country for and by the people. The hope and change mantras hypnotized lots of people into becoming emotional lemmings. I wonder what his reelection mantras will be this time. I wonder if the campaign gurus have even thought about this yet. What a joke it will all be. The protest poster depicting Obama as the Joker in the Batman movie is really ringing all to true.

    What’s even more hilarious is they believe they can keep pulling the wool over the eyes of the masses. Especially, since the wool they are using is coming of the backs of the sheople. I mean we do realize that they have us about all shorn out. There’s almost no more wool to give!! So much for stimulus spending, tarp, bailouts, etc.

  • mondobeyondo

    Most of the sheeple who listen to the mainstream media, are being spoon fed happy, chirpy stories about how everything’s turning around, economy’s improving, jobs are coming back, stock market’s booming, etc.

    These sheeple hardly ever hear about the 44 million being on food stamps – although deep down, they know something’s wrong. They don’t hear that 1 million people lost their homes last year – on the contrary, they hear foreclosures are slowing down! They are on food stamps, and so are their neighbors and friends. They are still unemployed. Food is going up in price. Gas is going waaaay up. These are all signs of an improving economy! Right?? Uncle Walter (Cronkite), where are you when we need you?!

    So they think something must be wrong with THEMSELVES, because everything is (supposedly) so much better now. They get depressed, and drop out of the job market. These people aren’t counted in the unemployment reports.

    And THIS JUST IN… the national unemployment rate is down to… (drum roll please) – 8.9%!!

    So, what’s the matter with you? Get out there and get a job! Let’s get back to work again! Come on, let’s bag some burgers and fries! Mop those floors, clean those toilets, greet some grumpy neighbors at Wal-Mart! Your job is waiting for you! (humming along to “Happy Days are Here Again”)

    Um…if our economy were in Nirvana, Kurt Cobain would be President. Unfortunately, he’s dead, and so is the U.S. economy that created the greatest middle class in history. What’s left is the economic equivalent of a strip mall.

  • germanguy

    @Mel: Defaulting on lenders followed by immediate bankruptcy would be less painful than a slow and not ending decay due to inflation and possible hyperinflation followed by an even harder economic collapse.
    What is happening right now in the US will take years or maybe even decades.
    High Inflation is the worst thing that can happen to an economy.
    Facing the inevitable and acting accordingly is simply the best thing to do.

  • Gary2

    I am seeing more and more people agree-Tax the rich spread the wealth. Check out USUNCUT-make corporations pay their taxes.

    The Phony Budget Crisis: Forget Austerity, Tax the Rich
    by Ted Rall

    The budget “crisis” is a phony construction, the result of right-wing “starve the beast” ideology. There is plenty of money out there—but the pols don’t want it.

    There is no need to lay off a single teacher, close a single library for an extra hour, or raise a single fee by one red cent.

    Every government can not only balance its budget, but wind up with a surplus.

    The solution is simple: tax the rich.

  • Gary2

    and yet some more:

    The explosion of income and wealth among America’s super-rich, the dramatic drop in their tax rates, the consequential devastating budget squeezes in Washington and in state capitals, and the slashing of public services for the middle class and the poor.

    All of this can be solved by simply taxing the rich HARD. Yes its that easy.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Evidence of the nation’s economic comeback – the latest unemployment numbers!” (ABC Radio, verbatim, 7AM MST, March 4th)

    (*sigh*) Some things which the lovely Miss Katie (CBS Evening News), the lovely Miss Diane (ABC) and the Handsome Hunk Brian (NBC) aren’t likely to tell you, or try to twist the facts to make them more palatable:

    Millions of jobs continue to be shipped overseas (true, but that’s a good thing! It helps our domestic economy! Huh??)

    The U.S. dollar continues to be devalued. (Of course it is! It makes our exports cheaper! More Europeans buying American products)

    The federal government continues to go into more debt. (Yes, it’s over $14 trillion. But once we cut about $60 billion this year, everything will be fine!)

    State and local governments continue to go into more debt. (Let’s not worry about that right now.)

    Our trade deficit continues to grow. (That concerns big business. That’s not important to you common folk.)

    Our cities continue to be transformed into wastelands as they are being systematically deindustrialized. (Have you seen the new Chrysler commercial with Eminem? How dare you say Detroit is a decaying trash heap?)

    As you can see, everything is just fine. Don’t listen to those paranoid people who say our economy is dead. Now go back to watching American Idol.

  • handog


    FYI the Federal reserve played a huge part in creating this mess. Ben is only concerned about his fat cat buddies on wall St. That’s why.

    Oh and I watched the Today show this morning.
    Manufacturing is up. Consumer confidence is up. It’s all sunshine and lollypops. The long lines for food assistance are just a mirages.

  • Patriot One

    Spot on again Michael. The fact is that the MSM, Government and Wall Street are doing a wonderful job with the propaganda. Most Americans are clueless to the fact that America is Bankrupt.

    Some on Fox News say we are bankrupt, but its just a sound bite. No details and they roll right into lets spend another 53 Billion on high speed rail. So while they put the disturbing news out there, they immediatly sugar coat it with spending.

    I guess my real question is why are so many, so unaware of the truth? Maybe we are just paranoid people who are misinterpreting the signs and facts. I don’t think so, but many friends and family think I’ve blown a gasket.

    Time will tell. I just hope they all don’t show up on my door step WTSHTF.

  • Kevin


    Unfortunately you speak the truth. The industrial / manufacturing engine has been replaced with the debt engine. The engine must run or everything stops.

    “If any politician try to stop FED from printing money, the US economy will collapse immediately!!”

    The collapse can be postponed the same way the US Middle class increased their debt to maintain a false unsustainable standard of living. The major difference is the US middle class has no legal printing press. A classic collapse is probably not going to happen. The currency will just keep loosing value with an associated rise in prices and a reduction is standard of living. This is predicated upon the USD maintaining reserve currency status. If that is lost look out. Those dollars held worldwide come home to roost and a destabilizing price rise will occur. Expect a futile “wage / price freeze” and other governmental nonsense in a vain attempt to stop one plus one equaling two. Expect everyone from business to labor being blamed for prices rising as they try to play catch up. It’s a replay of the 1970s on steroids.

    The good news is you will get your $200,000 car and million dollar home. The bad news is it will be the present car/home you now have. The only question is if all the above happens very quickly or more gradual.

  • impeachRonPaul

    The red states get the majority of the welfare. They pay little taxes and demand the most aid. Farmers paid not to work, and WIC payments in the south.

    The churches want us poor and dependent and then want tax dollars so they can “distribute” aid. The christians want to control us through the goverment. Republicans are on board.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Good news! Good news! The government reports that the unemployment rate in The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is down to 8.9%! Happy days are here again! Woo hoo! Well……not so fast.

    That 8.9% figure is bogus because it doesn’t take into consideration all the Americans who have been unemployed for so long that they have simply fallen off of the government’s radar. Economist John Williams has said that the REAL unemployment rate in the BRA is around 22%, and he isn’t the only one who realizes that unemployment is higher than 20% in the BRA. Also, that 22% is the BRA population in general; among African-Americans, it’s even higher.

    High unemployment, record deficits, an anemic currency, a dying middle class, violent crime galore, a decaying infrastructure, budget deficits left and right, ever-increasing poverty while the top 2% get richer and richer—the BRA is diseased on so many levels. Let’s face it: The Banana Republic of America is now a Third World country.

  • sharonsj

    Except that Bernanke is contributing to inflation and speculation, neither of which will help Main Street survive. The U.S. economy is already terrible and the banks are lying about how much money they really have. The collapse is probably here and everyone is trying to hide it.

    I stopped believing any government numbers when they claimed no inflation two years ago and didn’t give a cost of living raise to the elderly and disabled. I watched supermarket prices go up and the size of packages go down–and the media never said a word. So I don’t believe them either.

    They’ll all in cahoots to pretend everything is improving so they can steal what’s left of the country’s money before it goes up in smoke. And if you want jobs, don’t depends on any Republican to help; they’re too busy giving more tax breaks to their rich friends and if you’re like me, you are too poor to bribe them. And by the way, most Dems can go to hell with the Rethugs.

  • captain obvious

    *Gasp* The government stenographer media is lying?! I am shocked.

  • Mel is it better to see a dentist when you first suspect you have a toothache and get it fixed? Or wait and suffer until it begins to fester and you have to go through a round of antibiotics first before the dentists hast to pull your tooth? Or just suffer and let it rot completely until your whole mouth is infected and you loose all your teeth, or maybe your life through blood poisoning? It’s far too late to save the actual tooth now but if we were to get the affected teeth pulled it would be painful for awhile but would eventually heal over and recover. But it appears we’re all heading for a long slow suffering death from bloodsucking from which their is no return to real health…

  • Martin

    Why people are cursing Bernanke becaus The fed
    part of the problem why America is in its current state. Because its a corrupt institution who is never been audited.
    Watch the movie Fall of the republic[Alex Jones] and you will get it a lot better.
    What`s bernanke gonna do keep printing into oblivion?
    Sooner or later the bubble is gonna burst.
    And the paper the money is printed on is worthless without a goldstandard toe back it up!

  • Gabrial Singh

    well, this is all of your republican strategy for trickle down economy. whatsa matter, it isnt trickling down fast enough?? I love you tea baggers, say no to any fixes, give trillions to your boys at the bank, while they dont modify but instead foreclose on the homes they were bailed out of debt on. Obama did what you right wingers wanted, whatsa matter, arent you getting your share of the spoils?? I see a revolution coming, and you right wingers better watch out, So. America doesnt want you anymore, so I dont know WHERE you plan on going this time. Maybe out to Sea??

  • Freemen

    The sign of empire in decline can be seen in food prices. Through out history when country is getting ready to collapse you see games with food. Here is quick example Folgers coffee use to come in 34.5 oz cans today 27.5 ozs cans and more expensive then a year ago.
    As we are all aware of the price of gas and diesel is going up. The Government is trying to inflated us out of debt with QE2. Learn some old skills now hard times are a coming our way.

  • flubadub

    There is no single answer or cure. One BIG part of the solution is to reduce our trade deficit by breaking our habit of importing oil from people who’d like to exterminate us along with our way of life. We have all the energy we will need for decades in the ground below our feet and anyone who thinks that solar, wind and biofuels will solve the problem before we sink into financial ruin is dreaming. Those technologies will have their day but that day is a long way off. Meanwhile, and soon, someone in Congress had better find the courage to address the oppressive agencies that have wrangled control over – and this is not hyperbole – our very existence as we know it. Making use of our own oil and natural gas resources would go a long way toward improving the employment situation while helping to reduce both the federal budget and trade deficits.

  • tgus

    people need to stop thinking of themselves as americans and think of themselves as global workers

  • I

    Just add bankrupt and near-bankrupt US towns and cities: – Broke Town, U.S.A – NYTimes

  • I have said this many times. It’s no other than the Chinese who are responsible for setting off the “spiraling down” of the U.S. economy. Any overflow from the Chinese holding capacity gets into India and the other Asia-Pacific region and in its wake carries the blood with it. Before the U.S. turned anymore anemic, its organs like the CIA, the NSA and the FBI could perhaps think of unleashing many of their field proven tricks to subvert these regional interests.

  • Here is an agenda to REALLY turn things around (below). By the way, I love your writings. Great stuff. Keep it up.

    NEW AGENDA FOR AMERICA: Preliminary Planks
    Help Influence the 2012 Presidency
    [More info: and click on topic]

    (1) Universal Health Care for All American Citizens
    (2) A 20-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States
    (3) Legal Marijuana for all Adults and Medical Patients
    (4) An immediate reversal to the Offshoring and Inshoring of American Jobs
    (5) A strict enforcement on issues of Separation of Church and State
    (6) An immediate move from so-called Free Trade Agreements to Bilateral Trade agreements
    (7) A major R&D project to bring energy independence to the United States and the World through recycling, reuse, ending hyper-consumerism and investing in the development of sustainable energy sources (e.g., solar, photovoltaic, wind, geothermal)
    (8) No further ownership of US Assets (businesses, homes, ports, stock exchanges) by foreign governments or individuals!
    (9) Replace the Federal Reserve with a People’s Reserve which allows public oversight
    (10) Absolute support for Net Neutrality

  • @Mel:
    Slow, painful economic deaths are worse than sudden and catastrophic ones. With the MSM lying about the current state of the economy, and the continued “pumping”, people are living in a delusion that all will be better tomorrow. This does nothing but ensure that we’ll have no true hope for recovery.

    The American people need to wake up to what’s happening before we can make moves to fix it. Continuing our slow-motion drive off the cliff is undercutting America’s entrepreneurs. Millions of American’s wont even be planting a garden this spring.

    Millions more will continue protesting against anyone who rallies for meaningful change in this country, as evidenced by the latest Wisconsin “left vs right” media circus.

    Without the hard kick in the rear that only a sudden and catastrophic economic death can provide, we American’s are basically remaining hog-tied and blindfolded while Bernanke et al slowly drive the American short bus over the economic cliff.

    “Without him , America is gone for good!”
    Ask yourself this: Is this really the version of America you want to keep around for future generations?

  • Golden Child

    America has been on top of the world for so long. But most Americans who aren’t homeless or dirt poor living in a secluded rural area or with a dysfunctional family in a violent inner city ghetto, have always had it good. Collectively, as Americans, we fail to realize that a huge percentage of the world is a ghetto. Over one billion people are malnourished worldwide. Also, this same amount of people don’t have regular access to clean drinking water. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have improved sanitation. People die of the common cold in countries like Haiti because healthcare is so scarce and inadequate. Although America has always had pockets of quasi-third world poverty in the inner cities and sparsely populated areas, the vast majority of Americans don’t know what absolute poverty looks like firsthand. But near 25% real unemployment rates. the massive outsourcing of living wage jobs and the rapid de-industrialization of former manufacturing powerhouse cities like Detroit show that America, as an entire nation with the exception of the ultra-rich and what is left of the richest luckiest segment of the endangered upper middle class, is headed its way towards third world poverty, the likes never seen in American history, at a blinding pace with more Americans getting more desperate with every passing month.

  • T Bonham

    Hey Gabriel
    The Fed is not a creation of the right wing, it has been used sine 1913 by both parties to spend us into this mess. Don’t point fingers at the right and I wont point fingers at the left. But if it is a revolution you want against liberty and freedom then bring it on because I beleive the last reports I read that all you on th eleft abandond your second amendment rights long ago, and the right are the ones armed and ready to defend the republic!

  • milo

    time and money enough to get an electric bicycle that can be carried on the plane to wherever and whoever that we get brainwashed and indoctrinated to hate is, and running on sunlight or sewer waters or illegal non leeched upon by registers, insurers, regulators, licencers,thus non affordable like feet soon to be……….

  • foldenfan

    Mel asks,”Why should we hate the Bernank?” Because he & the Fed are responsible for all of this misery, not to mention both the Dems and the Republicans in govt. They are ALL culpable. Most people do not know that in 1921 a depression began that was even worse than the crash of 1929. It ended in 1923 after a mere 18 months. Why did it end so fast? Because the Fed & the Govt. did absolutely NOTHING about it (probably the last time in history they did anything right), and free market forces were allowed to clean the mess up!

    As for impeachRonPaul, he/she/it must be one of the dumbest people(?) in America! Get a life!

  • T Bonham

    1)I’ll decide on my Healthcare don’t need the Government to do so!
    6)Fair Trade agrrements make more sense
    7)The United States has plenty of Oil that would supply our needs for the next 300 years, Green technology should be market driven.
    9)Sounds like the Peoples Republic of “some communist’s delution”….GOLD STANDARD makes more sense
    10)Net Neutrality equals government control on Freedom of Speech

    No problems with 2 and 3.
    Hard to enforce number 5 since it really doesn’t exist in the Constitution.
    Numbers 4 and 8 open for discussion and debate

  • David

    I just want to cut the chase and get to point! The End is here already!

  • Mel, it appears that you just don’t get the import of the situation we have been pushed into by the whole government and the FED. This entire economic mess is the results of government and FED intervention into the economic process, causing massive distortions in economic calculation and the underlying structure of pricing. The truth of the matter is that the economy will collapse under Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing because it is a process of monetary debasement. The money substitutes, we call erroneously so: Dollars, are nothing more than securitized debt instruments which are “backed” by nothing more than other debt instruments called U.S. Treasuries…one fiat paper security backing another fiat paper security, neither have actual value unless they maintain their viability as a means of exchange or debt monetization, once that viability is erased through overt inflation of the monetary unit, the value as money decreases exponentially, eventually leading to a complete collapse of the monetary unit’s usefulness as a medium of exchange. Guess what happens to the economy when the money fails to be accepted as a medium of exchange? You got it, the entire socio-political economy crumbles.

    A good study for you can be found in the study of Weimar Germany…The FED is basically following a very similar path as was followed then…only a million times larger. I hope you and your family are prepared.

  • Patriot Alice

    No need to lay off anybody, just keep raising taxes to pay for it all, and GIVE guaranteed jobs, benefits, pensions health care to all those who want a paycheck regardless of performance. We all deserve it, because we are all Americans! Welfare for all I say, the heck with responsibility. What a wonderful world it can be, just keep printing, borrowing, and spending! Where will it end? Who cares, let the party continue as long as we can! And while we at at it, legalize drugs nationwide, we are not accountable to anyone anymore! Stupid!

  • mel

    Some people here are deluded to think that FED is cause of your economy misery..There are million of reasons for your economy misery..Since the early 20th century, millions of American have voted politicians that have put this corrupt and illogical system in place. All these entitlement program,banks bailout,corporate subsidies , foreign aids and military spending (> 10 wars in 1 century and 700 bases across the world) are based on debt because there was never a time your tax revenue can pay for all these and more. Now, with more than 14 trillion $ in the hole and you want FED to stop printing and cut all spending, the end result is immediate collapse!! Look, US economy is now like an end of life patient, you can’t pull the plug without knowing the consequence, it is immediately death. No dead has been resurrected in human history unless you believe in bible fairy tale. American is really afraid of the unknown after death..That’s why the current situation will keep on grinding till its last breath!

  • Kevin


    “Slow, painful economic deaths are worse than sudden and catastrophic ones.”

    I’m not too sure about that. Riots and civil disorder are fertile grounds for the likes of a Hitler coming to power. As fragmented as the US is ugly may be an understatement to describe the ramifications of a sudden collapse.

    There is no single fix if there is a fix at all. The US has an abundance of Natural Gas. Any government help (outside of direct money infusion) like fast tracking permits would be very helpful to harvest this resource for both domestic consumption and badly needed export. The promotion of the old WWII “Victory Garden” should be encouraged. Here is seed and know how, go to it. Your kids will be graded on it in school. A value added tax on luxury goods imported would tend to keep more money in the US without endangering the public with higher prices for necessities and increase revenues for the vitally needed assistance the poor need. Pound sand with any carbon tax when the developing world avoids such restrictions. Because of that fact one has to question the purpose of such a tax. It’s my contention that it’s intent is to decrease the carbon fuel use in the developed world so more carbon fuel is available for global development.

    I don’t think Uncle Sam should willy nilly spend money we don’t have in a futile attempt to maintain the status quo. Neither can we “pull the plug” and balance a budget right now. As they say, “The devil is in the details”.

  • Davidm

    We just started offering chapter 7 bankruptcies for 1,000 plus filing fees. Get em while they are hot. Need a bail out? This is the only one you will ever get. Better take it before they outlaw it.

  • Davidm

    Don’t forget over 60% of the jobs make less than $550.00 gross a week. One he’ll of an Obama economy.

  • Bhaktidev

    Contrary to the Lame Stream Media, municipal, county, state and federal levels of government in this country are not “broke” but are awash in money, hidden in plain sight. Sound crazy? Read on…

    Dear Reader, please consider what Walter Burien is doing over at . He traded in derivatives for 30 years, has a gift for comprehending the big numbers in government financial statements, and is educating people about the fact that collective “government” now literally owns controlling interests in all the Fortune 500 companies and more through thousands of investment accounts held at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.

    The proof is revealed in the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” in the public domain. Thus when government bails out various corporate entities, taxpayers are unknowingly simply rescuing government investment portfolios. Naturally, no one explains this to the public; they only get the usual half-truths, lies and obfuscation from New York and Washington D.C.. The profits from these government investments are not shared with the very taxpayers whose money was used to create them.

    Fascism, American style.

    According to Walter, “taxes” account for a mere third of the money collective government takes in; the rest is obscene levels of profit from investments, carefully not talked about in the mainstream media. All the talk of “budget deficits” does not take into account the “profits from investment” revealed only in the CAFRs that every level of government issues as required by law, and are in the public domain for anyone to look at.

    States “going broke” is only partly true; yes, they are usually spending more than their budget funds. However, the profits outlined above are carefully not mentioned to the public. The purpose? To scare the public into putting up with their present tax burden, and to prepare for more because, after all, “the government is going broke and needs our money”.

    It is identical to me pulling my empty pocket inside-out and saying to you “See? I’m broke! Please give me money!” while every other pocket is stuffed full with one hundred dollar bills.

    Walter Burien explains what I’ve stated here in a new 1 hour 14 minute online documentary he created called “The Only Game In Town”. A 48-hour pass costs $3.00 available here:

    I watched it twice. Walter ends his video proposing a smart simple way to address the issue of taxes: create “Tax Retirement Funds” (“TRFs”) that are financed by a small percentage of the profit that every level of government is already making.

    Here is the truth about Wisconsin’s finances, taking into account the above information:

    May truth and compassion prevail…

  • Paul Dangerstein

    “Impeach Ron Paul” is a dunderhead of the top shelf. His statements are inane, his catch phrases devoid of context, and his logic vacant. He is probably a troll paid by the Obamazombies to distract people from any meaningful discussion.

    Yes, Virginia, the end IS near!

  • jimmy

    This is starting to get scary now. Especially with what is happening in lybia.

    I listen to the FFT guys over at they called the stockmarket crash back in 08 and this middle east crisis. Well worth having a look at.

    They also have a controversial ebook coming out next week called U.S. SECRET HIDDEN TREASURE MAP! looks intresting

  • Tatiana Covington

    Robotics is advancing so swiftly, that I quite seriously expect most human labor to be obsolete by 2060 or so, especially in industry.

    Robots already are making more robots.

    Thus what do we do with 6 billion unemployed?

  • James

    The U.S. and the World are experiencing the, “Reverse Industrial Revolution” were city folks will be forced to adopt a more agrarian lifestyle if they want to eat. The factory work that most of the middle class relied on are gone, and according to some people will never come back. So, the only alternative is to go back to our agrarian roots and derive our livelihood from farming. As cities start to lose residents and businesses like Detroit and other once key industrial cities, they will begin to tear down houses, old abandoned factories, and warehouses and return them to rural communities. This isn’t a bad situation in that people will begin to work again, and most likely regain their health from physical labor. The rural communities will become more closely knit communities where people will get to know their neighbors and develop a sense of belonging where they actually care for one another again. As time goes by and the legislators get their act together and decide to make our country oil independent,either by law or by circumstances, these communities will be joined together by sustainable mass transit and railroads.

  • Thanks again for keeping interested Americans at the forefront of the soon coming Economic Collapse!!! I’m going to give you several different reasons why nothing now can reverse America’s total economic collapse from happening.
    Our government has lied about everything and the trash they put out on the news media makes me sick to my stomach because of all the deceptive lies and subterfuge they currently use on people. God has been watching every move that mankind has taken and He is about ready to step into the affairs of mankind because of sin has finally overflowed its cup and extended mercy is no longer going to be available because people have turned their back on God and His righteousness for centuries and the grandfather clock is about to chime midnight!!! Here is a possible scenario that I personally believe is going to happen very soon: The Great Tribulation will begin suddenly. It will begin with a global earthquake that effectively disrupts the activities of the whole world. (Revelation 8:5) God has a few things to say to the human race, and He intends to arrest the attention of the whole world with a massive earthquake that literally stops everything and everyone in their tracks. The sudden s cessation of life as we know it will force everyone to stop and wonder what is going on. The coming earthquake is particularly interesting because geologists theorized a “global earthquake” was physically impossible until the early 1990’s. Now physical evidence is proving that Earth’s tectonic plates go much deeper into the core of Earth than previously thought, and this information has caused geoscientists to change their thinking.The book of Revelation predicts there will be a total of four global earthquakes. (Revelation 8:5; 11:13; 11:19; 16:18) These earthquakes will increasingly rip up the surface of the world, and the infrastructures of travel, communication, and manufacturing will collapse during the Great Tribulation. These earthquakes have no equal in recorded history. Each earthquake will have greater strength than the one before it. The final earthquake will be so violent that it will literally move all of the mountains and islands from their places. (Revelation 16:20; 6:14) Friends, start now and read and ask God for understanding in the Scriptures. Take a serious look at this web site because there is over 200 free studies that will encourage and inspire you to study even deeper into God’s saving grace and His plan of salvation for each person, because He loves you that much that He sent His one and only Son to give His life so we could have eternal life.

  • mondobeyondo

    The best perspective as to how things really are in the U.S. is through the foreign press.

    The BBC and Guardian in England, Excelsior in Mexico City, La Nacion in Buenos Aires, Le Monde in Paris, Der Spiegel, Al-Jazeera, etc. The Google toolbar translator thing is invaluable for visiting sites in foreign languages.

    Quite interesting to see the U.S. through other peoples’ eyes – not through the ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN bubble we live under.

  • mondobeyondo

    And just WHY do we have over 700 military bases all over the world? It’s a huge military expense.

    World War II ended in 1945. Yet we still have military bases in Germany. To protect against potential terrorists, I suppose? Perhaps it was a deal we made with NATO. That’s fine. Send NATO troops to Libya then, just leave the U.S. out of it!! Europe is closer to Libya than we are, anyway.

    The Korean War never really ended. An armistice was signed in 1953. Technically, North and South Korea are still at war. So yeah, we’d better keep U.S. troops on South Korean soil. OK, I get it. American power is still very important.

    But still… gee whiz, aren’t we overextending ourselves a bit here?! Iraq, Afghanistan, possibly Libya, Norway and Switzerland (that’s for shore leave, ha!!) …we don’t have the people to send anywhere else. The U.S. can NOT keep being the world’s policeman. What’s next? Do we have to send soldiers from North Dakota to defend penguins in Antartica?

  • The Unicorn

    44 million on Food stamps,lets say the average amount equals about 105$ per person that equals 4.62$ billion a month X 12 equals 55.44$ billion year.I’ve read where alot of the food stamp money delivery part of the program has been outsourced to banks like Chase to save money.So now its in the banks best interest to have higher food prices,high unemployment,food shortages,and anything to get more people on food stamps or raise the amount alloted.They could even manipulate food prices with that kind’ve money.And of course our tax dollars are paying them to be able to do this.Am I missing something here or what? isn’t this to help people?

  • Tim

    Food stamp recipients rose in the month of January by 394,916 and by 486,530 in the month of February (that is not healthy. The number of persons dropping off the labor force is increasing continuously and the number of persons that haven’t had a job for 26+ weeks is also increasing (re: ). As of last week, we were ahead of 2009 and 2010 for the number of banks that had failed. These are all not healthy things, the stock market is not a good gauge of economic health as it is mainly held up by the FED and its primary dealers through POMO operations as attested to when billions were flowing out of domestic stocks per week over the last year (only turned around in the past 1.5 months, due to some not wanting to miss the ride up the FED was providing).

  • Owen

    This is another classic example of creating a crisis to impose a preplanned solution. There will no revolt from anything they impose on us, this is self-evident to what we have already accepted: The Patriot Act, especially the violation of our rights at airports. Save your solutions to our current global problems because the elites are ready to implement their solution: The New World Order. I foresee planned population reduction on a massive scale, global warfare and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. No matter what happens now, only those who follow Christ will prove victorious. Make getting right with God your top priority in dealing with this global crisis. For those who have already done so, God’s peace with you.

  • While I agree with most of your conclusions and have little doubt of the accuracy of your statistics, I did notice one glaring error. “We are going to pay the price for decades of corruption and incompetence.” The error is attributing our problems to “incompetence.”

    The key to understanding the why of what is happening to us comes in the simple sentence, “Follow the Money.” Those who dominate the economy, with rare exceptions (I can’t name any), dominate the politics. Moreover, as their economic interests spread over larger geographic regions, they seek to take political control with them.

    The Constitution, as reported out of the Convention, was a blueprint for a nearly unlimited national government. It was the product of economic royalists like Hamilton who sought a political power base to serve the interests of interstate commercial interests.

    Unfortunately, those whose economic interests once lay on a national level, now operate on a global level and, true to form, seek to bring the political power with them. The world government they want will be a Communist, Socialist, or Fascist government. All are slightly variant forms of socialism and all represent the ultimate capitalist monopoly in which the state owns or controls everything and the capitalists own the state. Such a socialist world government would mean redistribution of the wealth, something the American people and other peoples of developed nations won’t want to see if it’s their wealth being redistributed. So it became necessary to first redistribute our wealth. Third World America won’t be as resistant to global governance when they don’t have much left to lose. The American economy is being destroyed with a frighteningly high level of competence.

    “Our efforts to create a sustainable world society and economy demands that we diminish the profligate lifestyles in the industrialized countries through a slow down in consumption–which may, in any case be forced on us by environmental contraints.” — from “The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of The Club of Rome”, Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider, Pantheon Books, (1991).

    And, of course, we shouldn’t forget the words of former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, “The standard of living of the average American must come down.” Who would be in a better position to effect this than the chairman of the fed and member of America’s ruling party, the Council on Foreign Relations and its Trilateral Commission Stormtroopers.

    Garet Garrett dealt very effectively with charges of incompetence hurled at the New Deal in his treatise, “The Revolution Was.” The same arguments apply today. You can find an excerpt in my blog:

  • not-a-geek

    Out of all my friends that I told to invest in precious metals, two listened. One is $17,000 better off and the other is $6,000. It is NOT too late. Invest every dime you can in silver! Gold is OK but silver is no where near the top with QE2 going on and if the dollar collapses, it (PM) will be the only money there is.

  • Solomonpal

    Bring it Gabrial… You don’t have the means, numbers or the brains.

  • The dollar is already dead.
    The new universal currency is oil.
    Unfortunately, with the current Middle East crisis, everything is going amiss…

    “Retire or work in Asia – we can help.

  • Steve

    Reading through these comments i see the blame for this put in alot of places…and they desreve some of it,what is missing are the people who

    Bought homes they couldn’t afford driving up the price of houses,if people had not been willing to sign away their soul for a house and to aquire the status of “home owner” even in places where they have property taxes and the person never truely owns their home,home prices would have remained low.

    The fact is Americans because of their greed will do almost anything to have what they lust after….the government and buisness sector just gave us what so many of us wanted….a lifestyle of constant consumption,buy,buy,buy,more,more more 24/7…people think they have to have the newest,the best of everything or somehow life is not worth living.

    They blame the banks yet fail to recognize that they were the ones who accepted the credit cards and maxed them out,they were the ones who agreed to be the slaves in order to be able to live like their rich celebrity heroes.

    The government and the banks are to blame for taking advantage of fools but the fools bear most of the blame.

  • The Beast

    #7 The U.S. trade deficit continues to grow. The trade deficit was about 33 percent larger in 2010 than it was in 2009, and the 2011 trade deficit is expected to be even bigger.
    33% is one-third. If the trend continued for three years then the deficit will be doubled. No wonder people are keep losing their jobs….

  • rick moss

    Of course non of these trends tend to be turning around. We haven’t done anything to turn them around. What has happen to the spirit of this country. Was it all just lies. Are we really that great. We need direction for america. We need a shot of new blood.

    **** A New Vision for America ****

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


  • mondobeyondo

    “Yes, I believe it’s getting better
    It’s getting better all the time
    (can’t get no worse)”

    Beatles, “Getting Better”, 1967
    On the contrary, things are NOT getting better, and it can certainly get much worse. In fact, it WILL get much worse. You will all soon see.

    Hear me now, and believe me later…

  • Gary2

    America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash. It’s just that it’s not in your hands. It has been transferred, in the greatest heist in history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the uber-rich.

    Today just 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

  • Luciano

    What we need is fair trade. If they want to sell their goods to us 50% of the added value of the product has to be made here no ifs and or buts. The reason that our leaders are not promoting fair trade is because of complicity to turn us into a third world country. Just look how they’re attacking freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to own guns, freedom of conscience, the natural family of one man and one woman and the right to life of the unborn those challenged and don’t forget the elderly for they’re next. In other words they’re turning the lend of the free and the home of the brave into the home of the scheister and the land of the blood suckers where everyone preys on one another.
    Don’t let the politicos forget that we need and want FAIR TRADE NOW even if the product is made in a factory owned by Americans in a foreign country otherwise kiss your job good by and become a serf.

  • Mike

    Wasting away again in ignoranusville, looking for my last dollar bill. Some people claim that there’s a banker to blame, but I know, it our own damn fault.

  • epicure3

    I am surprised that all you here, posters and author, haven’t slit your own wrists yet. Sure, things aren’t great for a lot of people but this article is pure negaitivity. Just like all of them that I have seen. Find something positive in your life. I find it hard to believe you can’t find one thing in your miserable, pathetic, negative lives. The only collapse coming is all of your mental health.

  • The media, inclusing the Catholic press, fail to convey truths vital for family life, and human life. Download Humanae Vitae via Zenit, Rome as key to end holocaust of abortions. Solzhenitsyn distilled from Gulag horrors “Freedom is self-restriction”- as why illegals invade America when greedy major landowners deny opportunities to families. Start with ultimate of all freedoms,==”self control.” Focus on sex and marriage and doing God’s Will in light of official advice from our Popes –despite silent bishops and priests! Muslims say Jesus was never crucified, so focus on Turin Shroud major website. Fatima was Mohammed’s favorite daughter. Mary advised saying the Rosary which meditates on Truths and God’s love.

  • milo

    quite the epic life. life is epic

  • Linda Hart

    thanks for a great article

  • Rex

    Everyone wants to know what’s going on! Have you ever asked yourself, with a church on nearly every corner of America, why are things STILL happening to us, and the world? WOW! I’m going to tell you, the reader, why things are going on and will eventually lead into the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” That is better known as “The Great Tribulation,” to Christians.” It is simply because mankind has mocked YHWH (God), and trampled on His Commandments. Christianity claims to have a relationship with the Almighty, but refuse to have a Covenant with Him. They don’t even know His Name, they call Him “God.” Well, shoot, the Muslims say, “God”, Hindus say, “God” and so do the Christians. So which god are they talking about? The ONE and ONLY True “God” has a Name, and that’s YHWH. Christians have given his Son a different name than what it is, they think it’s “Jesus” which it isn’t. His REAL Name is Yeshua, and yes it makes a difference in which name you use. Read Acts 4:12, Yeshua is the name Kefa (Peter) was referring to. Most Christians are taught that the Law of Mosheh (Moses)has been done away with, but without a law there is no sin (Ro. 5:13). They preach every Sunday morning that the Sabbath is on Sunday, but by following this teaching one is only holding onto the Catholic Doctrine that the Pope can change things in the Scriptures.
    Look, my point is, if people will trample on the Law (Torah) of YHWH then they are NOTHING to Him. They sin and do not even know it. Is eating pork sin? Preachers will throw someone out of their church for listening to rock n roll, and go home and eat a ham sandwich. They sin and don’t even know it. They eat ham on TDay and Xmas. They sin, and teach others to sin and not even know it, or believe it. Wake up sheeple, don’t let people lie to you, the Torah is in effect just as much today as it was 4,000 years ago. If you have questions, look at my website, and stop sinning, and REPENT…

  • 007

    EVery one out there getting your welfare, foodstamps and other government checks, how is that working out for you.? Have you noticed your food stamps are buying less and less. That is the Obama two step. Promise. To you on the one hand and steal it back with inflation. He must make you feel so proud as you fight for your life to survive.

  • David

    Rising of food prices could drive up race of hunger! Please go to this link! America is in trouble to feed their own!

  • Eddie

    Now we try to understand what the geoscientists say about the tectonic plates that float around the magma core of Earth. On expanding and contracting, sudden changes move the solid matter of the continents or the waves of a tsunami. One global earthquake, the greatest of all is in the prophecy for the last day. (Rev. 16:18-20) To survive it,it is necessary to make plans with the Savior, for a lifting hand of an angel. And then you can look down to Mountain Everest and see its top under sea level. Incredible! For your advantage, visit

  • Dennis…

    You all have it wrong. The fault lies in the Federal income tax code. It is a tax code that motivates people to avoid it. It works hand-in-hand with the Federal Reserve; both of which came about…when? 1913? Coincidence? Between the fractional reserve system of banking, printing of fiat money, and then taxing to collect that money back from every possible source associated with economic productivity.

    Why do you fault anyone for trying to cheat the system so that they can provide for themselves (unless you’re a socialist)? If you knew that government “social security” (I use that loosely) wasn’t going to be there, wouldn’t you try to make millions gaming the system? If you knew the currency was getting ever worthless, wouldn’t you try to make millions gaming the system?

    Stop hating the players and start hating the game. End income taxation, then end the Federal Reserve. Stop being distracted because someone else has figured out how to cheat a crooked system and you haven’t.

  • Outsider

    Americans are chumps. as an outsider looking in the signs were there ages ago. All those conspiracy authors must be shaking their heads, no one listened.

    America started out as a constitutional republic, was subverted into a democracy and is now a synarchic oligarchy or to use citigroup terminology, a plutonomy.

    Since the end of wwII you have been in a one party state run by The CFR. The coupling of corporate, banking and political power has now yielded by definition a fascist state with democracy as a a mere facade.

    This is all by design. The government does not make mistakes and neither does the fed. Thinking otherwise draws the conclusion that they are grossly incompetent and just keep making mistakes. No, The former is true, they are acheiving all their aims. All these events are set to a timetable with a stated end goal. FDR said “nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happened you can guarantee it was planned”. Disraeli said similar things. No one seems to make the connection that the old world aristocracy were seething that their serfs took back so much freedom. Now they have teamed up with the new banking aristocracy to take it back. They have never stopped and will never stop trying. We truly do live in “the matrix” which no one really can conceive even exists and it’s done just to rob you blind.

    Lets examine how it is according to conspiracy 101. As stated above the old worlders were seething they lost but they had 1 ace up their sleeve. the king and other investors never renounced their right to receive tribute and this was never challenged legally. Obviously if this came out overtly the people would kick up a stink so they went about acheiving their aim by legal subterfuge.

    There are actually two united states, The physical continental united states made up of the sovereign states, people and land, these are under the constitution and bill of rights and the second is US Incorporated. Us Incorporated (CEO being the prez) exists in the paper world and in the physical world only exists in washington DC as the district of columbia. This district of columbia along with the “city of London” and vatican city make up the trinity of empire or “empire of the city”
    with america being the military arm. The paper “united states” is basically the federal government.

    There was a problem however. Legally a fictional entity cannot interface with a physical one so they had to be coupled together somehow. this is where the system comes in. When you use their privately owned system you have legally entered into a contract and agree to be bound by the laws of US Incorpoated.This means you cannot be protected by the constitution or bill of rights because you are not party to it. Now to the really evil part….

    The federal government is really just a middleman acting for the owners of US Incorporated who in turn own you. The Gov
    borrows money from the owners to run the system -note i said system not country- and the citizens (which is the paper title for what used to be sovereign people) are obligated to pay back the debt, principal and interest, all while receiving zero benefit, So the private owners of US Incorporated can now use the actual physical people,infrastructure, technology, military etc to satisfy their personal needs and furthur their “for profit” imperialistic aims. Any services or infrastructure for the serfs are always paid for with new borrowed money ensuring perpetual indentured servitude and a steady income for the owners. The citizen picks up the tab while they reap zillions. Neat system eh.
    Obviously the question “why is our government doing this”? now takes on new meaning. Obviously It’s because either willingly or unwittingly they’re in on it. Bankers, Politicians, judges and Lawyers are the principal beneficiaries of the system while being “in” the system.
    (60 % of the house of representatives are lawyers). Judges and lawyers are licenced to practice law by their ultimate headquaters in the “city of London”. The Judges, lawyers and cops and IRS are enforcers of the system.

    The above makes you realise why the north American union is being planned. The united states as a country will be destroyed but US Incoporated will expand or to use business terminology they are just engaging in “takeovers”

    Now that the owners have their corporation humming along nicely it is apparent that it’s bloated so it will be necessary to streamline the operation by culling oops i mean laying off some of the employees, read citizens who are a drain on the system.This is why the support infrastructure of the serfs is being systematically destroyed. It is no longer required.

    Any serfs that will remain will receive a furthur reduction in status to that of slave once the streamlining is complete.

    As the mafia says nothing personal it’s just business.

    Does this explain why Americans are chumps?

    Since 1913 there never was any such thing as true freedom. Does anyone want to shout USA, USA now?

    America light of the world, what happened?

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