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Young Girls BANNED From Selling Girl Scout Cookies On Their Own Front Lawn

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Once upon a time in America, if you were a couple of little girls and you wanted to sell lemonade or girl scout cookies at a little stand in front of your home nobody would give you any problems.  In fact, most of the people passing by would have smiled and would have seen it as a sign of hope that the next generation was being so industrious.  Well, that is not the way that it works anymore.  Today, all across America nightmarish control freaks are seeking to micromanage every single aspect of our lives.  That includes banning young girls from selling girl scout cookies on their own front lawns.  Yes, you read that correctly.  In Missouri of all places, two young girls named Abigail and Caitlin Mills were recently taught a lesson on how to be good citizens in the emerging totalitarian control grid going up all over the United States.  After a complaint from a neighbor, the city of Hazelwood cracked down on the two girls and told them that they must shut down the girl scout cookie stand that they had been operating in their front yard.

So were the girls doing anything wrong?  No.  There are very few things that are more “American” than selling girl scout cookies.  In fact, they had been operating the stand during this time of the year for the past 6 years.  It had become a community tradition.  But according to the city of Hazelwood, the girls were violating a city ordinance that bans “the sale of commodities” from a home.

You see, the truth is that there is a “rule” for almost everything today.  In fact, we have so many “laws” and “rules” and “regulations” in the United States that it is literally impossible to be in compliance with all of them.

However, this incident with the girl scout cookies would probably never have exploded if a nearby neighbor had not snitched on the girls.  Apparently the neighbor did not like the fact that the extra people coming around to buy girl scout cookies made her dogs bark.

This is what America is turning into.  We are all being taught to be suspicious of each other and to “inform” on our neighbors.  Instead of living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are suddenly living in a country that more closely resembles East Germany or Soviet Russia with each passing day.

Well, fortunately this story had somewhat of a happy ending.  Philanthropist George “The Shoeman” Hutchins bought the remaining 36 boxes of girl scout cookies that the girls were trying to sell.  He even had the girls deliver one of the boxes to the angry neighbor for free.  But even that turned into a bit of an incident.  A local news report about the story put it this way….

After “The Shoeman” bought the remaining cookies he wrote a special note on one box for the neighbor who had the stand shut down.  The box of Shortbread Cookies read, “Have a nice day.  Sorry for all your troubles.”  Mills says the neighbor refused the cookies when her daughters brought it by.  But the girls eventually convinced the woman to give the cookies to a child in the home.

But that is not the end of the story.

The city of Hazelwood is not backing off.  They still insist that those girls (and all other girls in the city) will be banned from selling girl scout cookies on their front lawns from now on.

That is life in America today.  We are taught that we should never try to do anything on our own.  Instead, we are all encouraged to just give up, work for the system, and when we are not working for the system or shopping at their stores we are to stay in our homes watching the endless hours of “programming” on television.

In the old days, the streets of America were teeming with life.

In America today, how many people do you see out and about enjoying life in our neighborhoods?

The country that so many of us once loved is dying.

Unfortunately, the incident in Hazelwood, Missouri is far from an isolated incident.

For example, last year a 7 year old little girl in Tulare, California had set up a little lemonade stand because she wanted to raise money so that she could go to Disneyland.

How could anyone have a problem with that?

Well, apparently the authorities had a problem with that.  They came in and shut her down cold because she did not have a proper business permit.

That is the way it is in America today.  You have to have a “permit” to do almost anything.

Sadly, a growing number of Americans are buying into the idea that life will be better when we allow government to micromanage our lives.

One example of this that I wrote about recently is the new federal regulations regarding light bulbs.  The old light bulbs that have worked so wonderfully are being totally banned and are being replaced by new bulbs that are more expensive, that are more dangerous for children and that are actually worse for the environment.  The following is a brief excerpt from an article I recently posted about these ridiculous new light bulbs….

Back in 2007, President George W. Bush signed a law that mandates the following: “Manufacturers will no longer be able to make the 100-watt Thomas Edison bulb after Jan. 1, 2012, followed by the 75-watt version in Jan. 2013, and the the 60- and 40-watt bulbs in Jan. 2014.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  Federal bureaucrats are running wild and the nanny state has decided that you are simply not going to have the choice to buy traditional light bulbs anymore.  So why the change?  Incandescent light bulbs have not been proven to be unsafe and consumers still want to buy them.  The new CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulbs are more expensive and are actually worse for the environment.  So why was this law passed?  The feds passed it because they decided that existing light bulbs use too much energy and have too large of a “carbon footprint”.  Instead of giving us choices and attempting to persuade us to change, the federal government is ramming their will down our throats.

Now that the government has banned us from selling girl scout cookies in our front yards and is telling us what kind of light bulbs we have to buy, what is next?

Will they arrest us for not recycling properly?

Don’t laugh – the city of Cleveland has announced plans to have “trash supervisors” go snooping through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

Will they arrest us for smoking in a public park?

Don’t laugh – in New York City they will.  The New York City Council has voted to ban smoking in all public parks and on all public beaches.

Will they arrest us for trying to do good to others?

Don’t laugh – in Houston, Texas a couple named Bobby and Amanda Herring that had been feeding homeless people for over a year has been banned by the city from doing so.  They were told that they needed a permit to feed the homeless and city officials said that they are not going to get one.

Sadly, the American people do not really speak up much about these ridiculous regulations on the local level.  Instead, we all just keep going back to the ballot boxes and keep sending the same control freaks back into positions of power over and over again.

If there is not a major shift in the political culture of this country, the crazy regulations are just going to become more and more suffocating.

Someday will we need a “permit” or a “license” to take a breath of fresh air?  Will we need a “permit” or a “license” to step outside of our homes?

Wake up and take a look around you.  Our society is being turned into one big prison grid.

Is this really how you want to live?

  • dandiar1

    That’s sucks…

  • Ed

    I Recycle everything I can. BUT if I happen to miss something and a trash Nazi tries to fine me then its on. I will find a way to Never recycle again.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Here Here.

    Now republicans want to legislate reproductive rights. They want to regulate marriages. They want to ban medical marajuana. They want total control. They trust corporations not to be regulated but wont trust their own people to make personal family decisions. Back off republicans! We want to be free.

  • flubadub

    It’s in the DNA of lawmakers to make laws but we’ve already got way more laws than we need. To keep the meddling control freaks busy we need one of them with libertarian leanings to step up and introduce a bill that states: Congress shall enact no new laws for a period of ten years unless that legislation is for the purpose of repealing existing laws deemed repressive and counter to that Constitutionally guaranteed right of all Americans to the pursuit of liberty. State and local governments should follow that strategy as well. Sounds like a pretty good campaign promise anyway.

  • VyseLegendaire

    Great summary of the times we’re living/going into.

  • Dan McDonald

    The rule of law is the hallmark of civilized nations, but the multiplication of laws is a sure sign of a corrupt society. We are now ruled by oligarchs intent on wealth and power, and their loyal minions are the bureaucrats who rule by the law without a shred of human decency, common sense, or desire for justice.

  • Doc Holiday

    It’s a sick evil society that we have become and even worse when we continue to allow such insanity.

  • PaulF

    Girl Scouts and Ron Paul have been working together in secret with right-wing Christians to take over the country and force everyone to like country music and NASCAR.

    I will probably be killed shortly after posting this so someone please feed the cat.

  • PaulF

    Michael, despite my previous facetious reply, this essay is once again-spot on. It’s downright scary what we’re becoming and what we’ve already become, and the fact is that most people really just don’t care. If most people did, we wouldn’t be here.

    This is definitely a result of the (forced) secularization of our society. One thing that most atheists have in common is a love of big government, conscious or not. When God is removed from people often the state becomes God, in many sense. Indeed, of course, communist and other totalitarian regimes virtually always try to snuff out religion because they don’t care much for the competition.

    • Michael

      Thank you Paul – I appreciate the compliment.

  • mondobeyondo

    This is extremely scary. The concept of your neighbors “ratting you out” for doing something “illegal”, and then telling a local government official…

    That’s how Anne Frank and her family and friends were discovered in their hiding place and apprehended.

  • Simon Roth

    The problem here is that people who labeled themselves as true Americans, patriots and those who fervidly worship the Constitution still hallucinate that this country is the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” and that the so-called “Founding Fathers” are demigods (besides adding Christianity to the equation). Better go back to school and take REAL LESSONS OF US HISTORY, because these people are definitively brainwashed by the overwhelming bullshit the government and mainstream media put in their incipient brains. That’s why the majority of Americans a bunch of ignorant and uneducated brutes easy to manipulate and subdue. The author of this article should change the subject and focus on REAL ISSUES instead of posting baloney.

  • Stephen

    I once joked to my stepdad that soon they would be taxed for the water they take from their own well. Sure enough….

    When you hear your rights being referred to as privileges, look out.

  • JJ

    That’s the bad part about municipal government. They can run cities in a completely totalitarian way & they are generally not held accountable to rights & laws that are in the US consitution. For example, any municipality could ban Islam within their city limits & freedom of religion would not apply to them.

  • Maria


    You are spot on again, and I agree with PaulF as well…It is downright scary.

    Most people don’t understand, don’t care or have given up trying to do anything about our declining freedoms. It’s like we are living in the land of zombies.

    Immoral control freaks have sabotaged our constitution, our schools, and our economy…even our sources of entertainment. Everything has been ruined by the lack of integrity in society. Anybody living a Christian life in this country today is living in contradiction with the society around them.

    The really sad part is, as the economy worsens, so will society.

    • Michael

      What you say is very true Maria.


  • rob

    CONTROLFREAKS Run the show.

  • walkertee

    Hey, its about safety. How do we know them supposedly girl scouts weren’y really terrorists? Yea that’s right, there could have been radio active iodine in them cookies. Why was there no mention of a health permit or tax ID # of the girl scouts? Its a conspiracy I tell ya! Them girl scouts in them little green dresses corrupting the morals of good corporate workers like my self…uh up until my job was outsourced overseas and I’ve been jobless for over two years. Hey maybe I could make and sell cookies from my front lawn to get money to pay for health insurance. How much could a standard policy cost a healthy 57 year old?

  • Welcome to the land of no choice, home of the oppressed!
    People say if we don’t do something soon we will loose our freedom but WAKE UP people freedom is already lost.
    Welcome to the land of McCarthyism, home of the fascist.

    The article asks the question “how do we keep electing these cranks to office?” Well I keep asking the same question but have never been given an answer.

    The terrorist state of America has circled the globe and come home to roost. Now we allow our children to be attacked by these same hypocrites that have taken away the rights of adults and we sit back and cheer on the crime lords for their actions.
    In one state you are not allowed to feed the homeless and hungry without a permit and if you apply for a permit you are told you will not get one.

    Americans have to be the most hypocritical bigots ever put on the earth.
    Christianity does not exist in America just a bigoted slime ridden version people use to justify their criminal actions.

  • The woman’s own dog disturbed her by its barking and she believes the reasonable response was to dictate how her neighbors use their own property. Seriously this problem isn’t going to take care of itself. People such as this ‘neighbor’ need to know in no uncertain terms that they aren’t welcomed to live near us. Simple ostracism isn’t sufficient.

  • Freedom Dying

    This is disgraceful… We need to post this on MSM to EXPOSE this tyranny!

  • No Oppressive Big Government

    By hiring trash nazis they are only oppressing people. That is just more big government waste.

  • It’s almost incomprehensible the extent to which the government controls us. Girl Scout cookies… are you serious? It makes me fear for my home-based business which supplies quite a bit of income for me and my family.

  • karen

    I live in northern florida, in a small area, but I live way out of town, most people are pretty nice out there, but nut cases end -up out there. The police will run you off the side of the road if you are selling anything, There still are some nice folks around but the ones who don’t have a life seem to out number the good folks.

  • People no longer go out in their neighborhoods
    because they’re scared…we’re afraid of
    offending someone’s sensitivities: we’re afraid
    our home will be burgled while we’re out: we’re
    too broke to afford to go out, anyway. Ever
    hear of the word ‘anarchy’? No government,
    every man for himself. Well, that’s what we
    have, now. Every one knows he’s on his own out
    there, now, and we’re all scared to death. I
    hear people out practicing with their weapons
    daily, here in the rural areas. Instead of the
    government being there to serve our needs,
    we are now required to serve the Govt’s needs.
    We’re paralyzed with fear now. Each die the
    noose tightens on our freedoms, the U.S. gets
    closer to Collapse. Oh, well, martial law
    is coming soon, so we won’t be allowed to
    leave our home!

  • john

    The more corrupt a society is, the more laws it has. The US has more “laws” than any other country….what does that tell you?

  • MichaelR

    It happened at work. A lady tried to help her daughter sell Girl Scout cookies to fellow employees. Our corporate masters said “no soliciting”. Myself and the mother were the only ones to voice objections.

  • Power and control. We can defeate it. It is in the works. The complete destruction of our society will happen and we will rebuild for the better. Till that happens, it will only get worse then improve with time. Thankfully I will not see the worse of it.

  • Once people in this country followed the laws because those laws were generally regarded as the agreed-upon boundaries necessary for a functioning society. But a small group of greedy people started gaming the system, following the letter of the law while trampling all over the spirit, in order to enrich themselves at the expense of everybody else. As a result, more laws had to be enacted in order to regulate those behaviors, only to have the bad guys focus their energy on gaming those rules, creating an ever-escalating arms race between the rule-makers and the rules-lawyers. Eventually we ended up with so many rules, including mutually contradictory ones, that even the law-abiding people became cynical about the whole process of law.

  • This is crazy – it seems that more and more idiots are creating laws that are limiting citizens in their “Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness”. I am getting tired of this. I live in a small town and you still see the lemonade stands & the girl scouts still sell cookies. I think that as our society gets more in debt & limits it citizens more and more, it drives ppl apart. Ppl become objects instead of ppl.

    If America collapses there will be a lot of lonely, scared & violent ppl. Time to prepare is now.

  • andrew

    hi from italy guys

    excuse my poor english

    from what I read …..welcome to italy:D:D:D

    where everything is forbidden but nobody check out so we can get by…..for now

    in europe have been banned the old bulbs too

    weird coincidence……….;)

  • Bob

    Paul F – I would really like to feed your cat, but I have been told by the government that I can’t.

  • Gary2

    All this while large corporations pay no taxes-GE, BOA etc. Think of all the programs that help people that would not need to be cut if these scumbag corporations paid their fair share.

  • DownWithLibs

    @ PaulF

    LOL! You made my day (as I like to start it off with a good laugh)

    There is a bright side to the downfall of America. The world burns our flag and hates on us (even countries that wouldn’t be around if not for us)and tells us to go away. So I say: Let the world try to get by without us and our help. Let them cry to Russia or China if someone invades them or if they have a drought and are starving. Let other countries step up to the plate (yea, right!) and let the world get a good look at what will happen without the United States of America!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Here’s the web site of Hazelwood, Misery( aka Missouri); This site has contact e-mail addresses. There apparently isn’t a mayor or city council there, so I sent my comments to the city mangaer about their shameful oppression of these two industrious Girl Scouts! I’m delighted that I don’t live in the People’s Republic of Misery ( aka Missouri )! I’ve urged everyone on my mailing list to avoid visiting and/or doing business with the ” serfs ” who live in Misery; who are ” governed ” by morons such as those in Hazelwood!

  • Dale

    This is why we have city councils and mayors. Take your complaint to the city, and get other people involved. Instead of lamenting that “this is what America has become”, ask your neighbors and fellow citizens “is this what America is to be?”

    Hah! I guess that’s what Bobby Kennedy meant when he said “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

  • Marie

    Isn’t this why the dude in Tunisia set himself on fire? He needed a permit to sell vegetables?

  • sharonsj

    to PaulF: Here we go again with crazy religious people. The problems we have today are not the result of atheists. Nor can we have God as part of the state–obviously you never read the Constitution.

    This reminds me of when I listen to right-wing radio: they blame everything on the liberals. The problem is that politicians pass more laws than we need in order to feel that they’ve accomplished something. These laws cover every aspect of our lives to the point of ridiculousness. And I bet if you asked these politicians about their religion, almost none would say “atheist.”

  • Eric Arezzo

    Imagine it’s 1910 and your neighbor called the police on your 8 year old for some total BS like this? They would certainly pause first and consider “maybe he will assault me” and it would probably crush the notion right then.

    These days? They are probably PRAYING to get assaulted so they can sue.

  • Jason

    To Ed
    If a trash nazi tries to fine you then
    recycle him – stick him in the bin.

  • Thanks again for the very informative article!!! This country we live in is no longer free, we now live under communism. Almost every right we had is gone, the constitution has been stripped away to where a person cannot even say or do anything without fear of being put into jail or fined a big sum of money!!! Wake up folks!!! There is a big REVOLUTION coming to a neighborhood like yours real soon!!!

  • liberranter

    The woman’s own dog disturbed her by its barking and she believes the reasonable response was to dictate how her neighbors use their own property. Seriously this problem isn’t going to take care of itself. People such as this ‘neighbor’ need to know in no uncertain terms that they aren’t welcomed to live near us. Simple ostracism isn’t sufficient.

    I agree. The nice thing about living in the state/town where I live is that it’s VERY 2nd Amendment-friendly (as well as rural), the end result being that 1) all of us are armed, and 2) people take great care to be polite and respectful of their neighbors and to MTOFB. The snitch bitch in this case wouldn’t have dreamed of pulling a stunt as stupid as this one in a neighborhood full of assertive neighbors.

  • liberranter

    The more corrupt a society is, the more laws it has. The US has more “laws” than any other country….what does that tell you?

    Along with the fact that we also have the world’s largest prison population, it tells us that we are a dead nation walking.

  • PaulF

    impeachRonPaul: “Now republicans want to legislate reproductive rights. They want to regulate marriages. They want to ban medical marajuana. They want total control. They trust corporations not to be regulated but wont trust their own people to make personal family decisions. Back off republicans! We want to be free.”

    Are the unborn babies killed in your abortion mills free? To someone with a conscience and the ability to reason, they count too.

    No society on earth – none, *ever*! – has recognized a homosexual relationship as “marriage”. It is a totally nonsensical concept, in violation of natural law and basic logic. If such can be “marriage”, than so can “marriages” involving more than two people (there are groups that support that) or a “marriage” of a man and an animal (there are groups fighting for that too). Marriage, be its very nature, is something the state sanction – there is no purely “neutral” stance. It is defined as the union of one man and one woman because that’s not only how Judeo-Christian culture defines it, it’s how *every* culture in the history of the human race has defined it! (Even cultures that had no stigma against homosexual behavior, such as ancient Greece, never even thought to enshrine homosexual relationships as “marriage”.)

    All society must have *some* laws – they must support the common good. Laws protecting the unborn and laws respecting marriage in its natural form support the common good.

    You might as well complain that Republicans won’t let you be “free” to rob banks, paint graffiti, or do whatever other destructive actions your improperly formed conscience would allow.

    And why can’t you ever stay on the freaking topic? Every single one of your comments is directly or indirectly about the “evil Republicans” trying to stop abortion and gay “marriage” even though the essays you’re commenting on have nothing to do with these things.

  • PaulF

    I am starting to wonder if impeachRonPaul is a paid operative of the DNC. Or a stoner in his parent’s basement. Or both. What else is he doing here? Does it seem that he has any real knowledge of or concern for the economic collapse we’re living through?

  • PaulF

    sharonsj: “Here we go again with crazy religious people. The problems we have today are not the result of atheists. Nor can we have God as part of the state–obviously you never read the Constitution.
    This reminds me of when I listen to right-wing radio: they blame everything on the liberals. The problem is that politicians pass more laws than we need in order to feel that they’ve accomplished something. These laws cover every aspect of our lives to the point of ridiculousness. And I bet if you asked these politicians about their religion, almost none would say “atheist.””

    So I’m ‘crazy’ because I see some correlation with support and tolerance for intrusive big government and the absence of God in peoples’ lives? Whatever. I hope that made you feel better. Somebody on the other side of the fence is clearly not going to get it. The fact remains that, as I pointed out, totalitarian regimes usually quaff religion and teach people to think of the state as their god. And it is *very* obvious to me that many modern “liberals” think this way.

    I don’t care much for “right-wing” radio nor hard distinctions of “conservative/liberal”. The problems Michael discusses here were created by both parties.

    The religion people report when asked doesn’t really have much to do with how they actually live their lives and how important God is to them.

    I’d say *you’ve* never read the Constitution nor referenced our founding documents! What does the phrase “endowed by our Creator” mean to you? You clearly have no idea what you are talking about because the existence of God and respect for natural law was part of our founding fathers’ legacy. No, we are not a theocracy, and the founders were not observant Christians. What they did do was present the state from endorsing any *specific religion*, and nothing more. Like, say, declaring the U.S to be a “Baptist” nation as England was an Anglican one. This is very basic stuff – very basic stuff that the average “liberal” goes through life in total ignorance of.

  • James

    The bottom line on all of these permits that the cities require have nothing to do with anyone’s best interests. It is another way for them to collect more money for government coffers.

  • James

    This is why I don’t live in a city or town. I can shoot my gun anytime I want, burn my trash outside, spit on the sidewalk, I can have a rooster where in the city they are banned because of their crowing. What the government doesn’t see, they can’t harass you. I don’t go blabbing my business to the neighbors either.

  • The Unicorn

    So its illegal to sell commodities from your home.I guess that would mean its illegal to sell you house/property from your home.Its a commodity,include the grass,some trees,topsoil,maybe even a storage shed,and you’ve got alot of commodities.

    With goverment offcials like this who needs terrorists?

  • Otown Right Guy

    ImpeachRonPaul: You are the dumbest, most irrational, most irrelevant, most off-topic and most ill-informed poster I have ever seen on the internet. Congratulations!

  • Absolute control. Have any of you heard of the United Nations Agenda 21? What about the United Nations Re-wilding of America project? Sounds crazy, but, take a look at all that is happening to us. It all ads up.

  • PaulF

    sharonsj, a little more for you.

    I didn’t assert that the problems being discussed were “caused by” atheists – I merely suggested some correlation between lack of religiosity and toleration for big, intrusive government. Such a correlation can be empirically demonstrated. It seems misunderstanding and oversimplification are your habits when dispatching insults against the “crazy religious people”.

    Nor did I in any way suggest that government should actively promote religion, making your “retort” on that sub-topic curious. You should take my response to heart, though, and my previous responses to RonPaulLover as well, since you do appear to have a lack of understanding of the role of theism and basic natural law in the founding of the nation and the history of our laws.

  • Virginia

    In this day in age, it is not wise to sell anything in one’s yard. Even girl scouts can attract the wrong kind of element.

  • Jason

    Pull out your old copy of the book 1984 by George Orwell. My wife just read it again and now my teenager is reading this eye-opener. BIG BROTHER IS HERE!

  • 007

    The taxes, over regulations, trade laws, over litigation is killing our economy. The regulations like this are not only ridiculous, they also kill new businesses. Can you imagine investing your life savings to open a new business in this country. The lawyers, beuracrats, regulators and tax collectors are perched like vultchers waiting to pick your bones clean. The odds used to be only 20% a new business would survive 5 years. The odds today are closer to 10% now. It’s better to take your money to the casino. Your odds are much better.

  • Maria

    Otown Right Guy and PaulF,

    Swing for the fences! LOL! Glad to see your posts and hope to see more!

  • Peter E

    Yippee! I’m glad these looney laws aren’t confined to Australia. Recently, a former sports star had his face emblazoned on newspapers for having taken hard rubbish (an old desk or something) from a curbside and was charged with theft! Yes, once something is on the curb it is council property, so you can be charged. The council said that he might have sold it to a second hand shop and profited from it! I had a dog chase my cat across our yard and received a threatening letter from the council allowing an unregistered dog to “roam at large”. The fact that it wasn’t mine seemed to be immaterial!

    Welcome to the Communist states of Australia!

  • Clear Headed

    Educated people know how to characterize the ravings of the rule breakers: Anarchy (i.e., the absence of any formal system of government in a society). Rules are necessary for a safe and harmonious society. Without rules the minority of rule breakers would subject their self-interest at the expense of everyone else. And competing rules breakers (THEIR preference is not consistent with the preferences of other rule breakers) add to the chaos. Beware of the people who tout, “leave me alone; let me do anything I want.”

  • Martin

    It seems to me that the folks who are in charge seem to turn out as real criminals and little dictators.
    They want total control over the civillians so they can squeeze every penny out of there pockets.
    What is wrong with these people? It looks like the rich and greedy are afraid of what common people might do and they want to protect there whealth at any cost.
    I say ******* them we the people can not be caged and tied down we are strong and free.
    And we will stand up and fight for our rights!
    If we dont then we dont deserve our freedom,we just be kneeling down to tyranny!
    People we dont accept dictators and tyrants from other countries to invade us and tell us what to do so why accept it from our crazy goverments?
    Wake up and smell the damn coffee!

  • impeachRonPaul

    The religous right is always the one pushing for restrictions. They are against marriage equality, womans right to choose, medical marajuana. Republicans want control over your personl life. They will not regulate corporations but think our families can not be trusted. Republicans dont just hate the middle class, they hate our freedom.

  • Great post, its a sad day when Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies from a stand in front of their house. In my view the legalization of our lives can be traced to the legal profession, which operates like a computer virus attacking an otherwise smooth-running machine. It’s gotten worse in the past thirty years or so. Allowing lawyers to advertise changed a scholarly profession into a business model that often promotes bad behavior, ambulance chasing and the lottery mentality. Court inspired television programs like Judge Judy bring this to our living rooms and make it seem normal. Too bad the Girl Scouts didn’t have a high-powered legal team. To often the legalization of America only applies to the little people. With the right legal team one can beat a murder charge, or escape paying any taxes at all like General Electric. The rule of law has replaced common sense.

  • laura m.

    I don’t trust any political party; they all want more controls and regulations. Even tea party folks can be control freaks. Stock up on light bulbs before they quit making them. I want to use both old and new bulbs depending on the lighting I want in each room. I have enough of the old to last many years and they’ll be an antique to my heirs. I sold stuff in front of my house decades ago. America is hopeless.

  • mondobeyondo

    Can’t sell Girl Scout cookies from your front lawn.

    Can’t sell lemonade from a lemonade stand.

    They are trying to squash any incentive for our young children to start their own businesses and experience free enterprise at work firsthand. Next, they’ll be telling us that Girl Scouts are “terrorists” and can not sell anything anywhere. (Those green and brown uniforms are dead giveaways… definitely Al-Qaeda, for sure!)

    But you know, maybe that’s the whole idea. Just work for a “company” or “boss” your entire life.

  • mondobeyondo

    Up next: Weekend garage and yard sales!

    File a permit with the city or county to sell those unused items from your front porch, and add a 15 percent tax to the local government for each item sold. You are a private business, after all, and you will need a business license.

    An extra tax shall be applied for selling pants, dresses and other clothing articles. 30% tax for Levi’s. There is a big international demand for jeans.

    Used televisions and computers? An even higher tax. 50 percent… nah. Let’s try 53 percent, because it’s a prime number (remember those from grade school arithmetic?) and besides, it sounds cool!

  • PaulF

    impeachRonPaul: “The religous right is always the one pushing for restrictions. They are against marriage equality, womans right to choose, medical marajuana. Republicans want control over your personl life.”

    What you fail to note is that such things have ALWAYS been regulated by the state. When you say “religious right” what you really mean is “virtually every American citizen in history up until 1960 or so”. For before that time you could not find any sane person who believed that the state should allow and even fund mills to destroy human life in the womb or call two men having sex with each other “marriage”.

    You seriously come across like you’re operating on about five brain cells. You post the same off-topic drivel over and over and over again and never respond in any way to the essays you’re commenting on or the people addressing you.

  • Steve

    Thanks. I could not have said it better myself!

  • impeachRonPaul

    Paul and Steve sound like redneck bigots with no education

  • Professor Tiki

    Next thing will be that the comic books by Carl Barks with stories of Huey, Dewey and Louie selling lemonade will be burnt at the stake. Good night everybody!

  • vlk

    Sounds to me like Germany in the 30s of the last Century…

    The ” BlockWart ” was the man to protect people and check the laws and rules…

  • olde reb

    The Constitutional phrase of Liberty, secured as a Right, has included the pursuit of a livelihood for over 200 years. Such Rights are not suitable objects for revenue confiscation or restrictions. I took the city to court after they tried to make me buy an occupational license to do business within the city. They could not tell the court of appeals any legal reason why the tax/license was not improper. People do not know their rights or how to claim them. Laws are set up to trap people.

  • Ben Dover

    Impeach paul, this entire article is all about you and your kind, now get up and change yer diaper’

  • Freeme

    The article is FANTASTIC for bringing the POLICE STATE to light. The comments here are
    well thought out with exception to few who do not know history OR the person they whine about…ie: impeachronpaul. This person must be a Nazi or a commie? Ron Paul is the ONLY one pushing for auditing the Federal Reserve and one of FEW who still gives a damn about
    The Constitution (please sheeple, dont let THE VIEW influence you) it’s just another
    propagenda machine indoctrinating you via
    If you are not aware what these two mentioned are…please DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  • Hey,…I lived in Hazelwood for a few years, and am from St. Louis, where Hazelwood is a suburb…..they are not so bad folk,…but once a “law” is “on the books”,…and then some idiot “complains”,…..the folks in office are supposed to act,….if not,…get the stupid “law” off the “books”,….imagine if they did not “enforce the law” and some kid gets hit by a car while delivering cookies to the curb? It is stupid,…but it isn’t always the “government agents” who think this stupid crap up,…they just enforce it,…

    btw,…if you want to read a funny memoir about living in St. Louis…you should try,..
    Webster Groves- The Life of an Insane family Living in the Perfect American Suburb….

    you will laugh your ass of,…


    RJ O’Guillory

  • j r

    This is what happens in a police state dictatorship, which is what the US has now become. So many needless laws that almost everyone is a criminal, even little girls. And what other system of government allows one person to order the military to attack a foreign country that has not attacked us.

  • Fred54

    The sad part of this post is that the general
    perception seems to be that that just because
    some fool passes a law you have to obey it!!
    You don’t. Laws are only effective when
    people obey them. The girls should have
    continued to sell their cookies. Teaching
    your children to question and if necessary
    defy authority is the only way you can teach
    them to be good citizens.
    Government works for them. How can you
    possibly have a free and democratic nation
    with a population who just do what they are
    told like sheep??

  • Jesse

    I say we donate money to buy that house, then rent it out to the biggest, most ruthless gang in Missouri. Then see if she’s stupid enough to call the police on their drug dealing.

  • Whaaatt a bitch. You literally crushed two little girls’ dreams because you can’t stand your dogs barking.. get control over your effing dogs not your neighbors

  • Murf Oscar

    Just as well the West was won years ago. Never happen today.

    “Sir, do you have your permit in triplicate to draw water from any river you may cross?”

  • This is to prevent the ‘Lolita effect’.

    Every spiritualist knows that baking cookies for a person was a sexual gesture. Now if pre-pubescent girls keep making and selling cookies, you’d wonder if they were SPIRITUAL WHORES.

    So yes this IS indeed how we want to live unless a contract of affidavit overseen and witnesed or blessed by a priest is done OVER the cookies with an intent to remove sexuality from cookies and the girls aware while making, there is no way I’d want to eat any girl scout cookies either.

    The spiritual protocols of food and drink outlets must also be changed accordingly, we do not know what portions of what not get on that food.

  • Dj

    It used to be $1.50 donation to Girl Scounts got you a box of cookis. Of corse a larger donation was always accepted. If towns have regulations regarding selling from your home without a permit I.e. Business license- which most cities do and organizational leaders should be aware of such rules which we as citizens vote on…or in some form agree to. Had this been done properly the whole problem for the two girls could have been avoided. Now if someone showed up at 11 pm to donate and get a box of cookies someone could have called in re dogs barking and disturbing the peace. Then we would have a different dialogue.

  • Marilynn

    A similar incident happened some years ago in Mendocino County, Calif. The anal retentive health inspector (whose only satisfaction in life seemed to be finding violations of nitpicking rules in our local food-related businesses) came across a girl selling homemade cookies in front of her home. He was actually flushed with pleasure as he related how he put a stop to such a grave offense against all that is civilized and decent!

    He’s probably thrilled about all the food safety laws & regulations coming down the pike…

  • Marilynn

    BINGO, Fred54! Your comment bears repeating:

    “The sad part of this post is that the general
    perception seems to be that that just because
    some fool passes a law you have to obey it!!
    You don’t. Laws are only effective when
    people obey them. The girls should have
    continued to sell their cookies. Teaching
    your children to question and if necessary
    defy authority is the only way you can teach
    them to be good citizens.
    Government works for them. How can you
    possibly have a free and democratic nation
    with a population who just do what they are
    told like sheep??”

  • Nice Post 🙂

  • It’s all about the power. They want to dismantle the constitution and create a one world government. People are being manipulated to “take the blue pill”. The system is all around us. People are being drugged with additives in food and water. You can’t filter out the fluorine in the water. They install spyware in at least 1 out of 3 computers. Get an electric pen, shock yourself, and stand up against this tyrrany. “Take the red pill.”

  • You know, this isn’t the least bit shocking. Its called a CONSEQUENCE, ppl! What goes around, comes around. What this nation has done to others, is now being to done to us. But, really did you expect any different? “Manifest destiny” is a joke. A nation cannot destroy other nations in the name of “national security” and then sit back and not expect the same treatment…that is just mentally sick thinking. This government in the usa responsible for financing the communists in russia…and, no surprise, now its being done here.

  • Senor Boogie Woogie

    Hello, it’s me!

  • Senor Boogie Woogie


    This is my first real post, the one above was a test.

    The author wrote:
    ‘You see, the truth is that there is a “rule” for almost everything today.’

    I cannot agree more. Everything is a law, a rule and a policy. There are different rules and laws depending on what community one lives in. The government does not want people selling things out of their homes because they will miss out on the tax revenues.

    This happened about 20 plus years ago, but my family (my parents) have a house in the nicest suburb in the city, and my father was an airline pilot and made a good living. However, he was something of a workaholic and had lots of hobbies and whatnot.

    Anyway, he had a 20 foot long log truck in the driveway. Working condition, wasn’t new but wasn’t a POS. Well, some POS neighbor called the cops and they wrote up a warning that the log truck could not be parked on the property.

    My parents actually thought it was rather humourous, I was the only one pissed off. I learned a lesson that your property is not yours and the government can, without recourse.

    I lived in that suburb, outside a bigger city. I was 17 and had a driver’s license. Got a ticket in the bigger city. So, I just went and paid the fine. Got another ticket in the suburb. The damn suburb refused to allow me to pay the fine, only my parents could, or I and my parents could appear in court. There is nothing in state law that required that, it was just their own stupid rule. So, because of them, I had to tell my parents, who yelled at me, and of course would not just let me pay the ticket (because they said it was cheaper just to go to court and pay there, my parents love doing things the most incovenient ways possible) and so we got into our best clothes to kiddie court on Thursday night. (and missed Cheers, Night Court and Hill Street Blues, and no kids, there was no internet, Netflix or whatever back in the good old days.)

  • Jack Myswag

    Well, those girls interfered with my REGULAR cookie selling business! I pay taxes, and fees, why shouldn’t they? This cookie selling thing is killing the small business owner, I tell ya.

    Sure, there are some ridiculous laws, but how about a small business owner’s interests?

  • Tatiana Covington

    It is not, it is never, “You must…” or “You need…” but is and always, “They demand…” and “They force…”

    To believe that *you* must or need, because a bunch of people get together and say so, is to believe that you are their property and they are your owners.

    Don’t fall for it. All that stuff is their doing, not and never yours.

    I reject majority rule, including the “unanimous” decisions of juries. They’re just a bunch of people in a box. So they vote 12-0 that something is true… so what?

    What business is that of yours?

  • John

    I wonder what political group recieves the proceeds for these girl scout cookies? I undestand planed parrent hood and the homosexual groups recieve these funds using them for bribes and goverment kick backs. I would say taking a child to church and christian related programs would be a much better objective.

    • Birdie

      Planned parenthood is an issue for you? Teaching young girls to help with health care for the needy is wrong? Or is it that you don’t believe that young girl should be taught that their bodies are their own and have nothing to do with you and your beliefs? Bet you believe girls asking to be rapped to.

  • Hillary Dembowski

    If I might perhaps you ought to take into account adding some images. I dont mean to disrespect what youve said; its very enlightening, indeed. However, I believe would respond to it a lot more positively if they could be some thing tangible to your suggestions. Maintain it up, but put just a little far more into it next time.

    • Aidan F


      Once again, everything is illegal in America. Like inserting pictures into blogs.

  • juli

    Holy Crap!!!! I just was told my friends 3 year old granddaughter is going to start selling Girl Scout cookies. That isn’t the issue-the issue is Colorado and the US Government require she goes and gets a permit to sell cookies! A 3 year old??? I think she knows how to PRINT her name but would that stand up in court as a legal document??? As Americans we need to take back our country and put every polluted government official in that prison in AZ where they have to wear pink panties…..

  • Truth Teller

    You are dead wrong on the light bulbs. Perhaps that is why you offer no proof of your assertions. Here in Brazil, CFL are over 90% of all home lighting with LEDs startingto become popular also.

    Incandescent lights are becoming rare because no one will buy them. The reason for this is that, while they cost more to buy, CFLs are much cheaper to use and last far longer than incandescent bulbs.

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