Why Are Online Banking Services Suddenly Being Disrupted On A Massive Scale All Over The United States?

Should we be concerned about all of the problems that are suddenly erupting at our banks?  U.S. banks have been shutting down hundreds of branches, they have been laying off thousands of workers, and as I discussed yesterday vast numbers of customer accounts are being unceremoniously shut down without any warning whatsoever.  If all of that wasn’t bad enough, now endless “glitches” are plaguing our banking system.  For example, the glitch that caused paychecks not to be deposited at many banks on Friday still has not been fully resolved(Read More...)

It Appears That We Have A Major Problem With The Banks

In recent weeks there have been numerous high profile bank “glitches”, accounts are being shut down without warning at a staggering rate all over the nation, and more institutions continue to get into very serious financial trouble.  For a while, I was ignoring some of these reports because I thought they were isolated issues.  But when you step back and take a bigger picture view of things, it really does appear that we have a major problem with the banks. (Read More...)

This Is Now A Two Front War

Over the past few days, there has been a tremendous amount of speculation about whether or not the conflict in the Middle East will soon become a two front war.  But the truth is that there shouldn’t be any speculation at all.  As you will see below, the conflict in the Middle East has already become a two front war.  The IDF and Hezbollah have already been exchanging fire day after day, and Hezbollah just conducted “19 simultaneous strikes on Israeli army positions on Thursday”(Read More...)

The Global Explosion Of Hate Is Yet Another Sign That We Really Are Living In The End Times

What we are witnessing is truly frightening.  In my entire lifetime, I have never seen as much hate as I have over the past few weeks.  It is almost as if a very large chunk of the global population has suddenly gone mad.  But of course all of this hate did not come out of a vacuum.  It has been simmering for many years, and now the war in the Middle East has brought it to the surface.  Humans were created to love and to be loved, and so if you find yourself consumed with hatred you are part of the problem.  Of course we knew that this global explosion of hate would be coming.  The Bible warns us repeatedly about what the condition of humanity will be like in the end times.  One example of this can be found in Matthew chapter 24(Read More...)

Living Paycheck To Paycheck Has Become “The Main Financial Lifestyle” For U.S. Consumers

Despite the fact that our politicians in Washington have been borrowing and spending trillions of dollars that we do not have in a desperate attempt to prop up the economy, living paycheck to paycheck has become a permanent lifestyle for most Americans.  In other words, well over half of the country is literally living on the brink of financial disaster.  When you are living paycheck to paycheck, there is no room for error.  A job loss, a business failure or a medical emergency can mean complete and utter financial ruin if you don’t have a cushion to fall back on.  That is why the results of a brand new survey are so alarming.  According to a report that was just released by LendingClub, 62 percent of all U.S. adults were living paycheck to paycheck last month… (Read More...)

This War Will Push Rapidly Escalating Global Food Prices Into Overdrive

The only way that we can continue to have cheap food is if we have cheap energy.  We use energy to grow our food, to harvest our food, to produce our food and to package our food.  And transporting all of that food from the farm to the factory and then to the stores takes lots of energy.  Of course it isn’t just our food supply that depends upon cheap energy.  Ultimately, our entire way of life is predicated on a cheap energy paradigm.  If you take cheap energy away, everything changes. (Read More...)

Now That Israel Has Entered Gaza, All Eyes Are On Hezbollah, Iran And Turkey

Now we are going to find out who was bluffing and who was not bluffing.  Israeli troops have gone into Gaza, and we are being told that this is a war that could last for months.  Of course it could easily last a lot longer than that.  If the stated goal is to eliminate Hamas, that certainly won’t be easy.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling this a second war of independence, and he just told the world that “Never Again is now”(Read More...)

We Are About To Witness One Of The Most Pivotal Moments In Modern History

Most people don’t seem to realize that one of the most important moments that any of us have ever witnessed is about to happen.  When the Israeli invasion of Gaza officially commences, nothing will ever be the same from that point forward.  The entire Middle East will erupt in flames and the global economy will go completely haywire.  But Israel doesn’t have a choice in this matter.  If our babies were killed, our women were raped and our grandmothers were kidnapped, we would be going to war with Hamas too.  Unfortunately, much of the Islamic world is uniting behind Hamas, and so Israel could soon find itself literally fighting a war of national survival. (Read More...)