Here Are 5 Examples That Show Why There Is A Mass Exodus Out Of Major U.S. Cities Right Now

Once upon a time, our major cities were highly civilized places that were filled with highly civilized people.  In fact, there was a time when even our largest cities were sparkling clean and people dressed up in their best clothes would leisurely stroll through downtown areas without being concerned that they might be suddenly attacked.  But now everything has changed.  Crime rates are surging all over the nation, open air drug markets have become commonplace in many communities, an epidemic of homelessness is rapidly growing from coast to coast, and there are countless predators that fearlessly roam the streets searching for their next victims.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why so many Americans have been fleeing our urban areas in recent years.  Our once great cities are degenerating into crime-infested hellholes, and it is getting worse with each passing day. (Read More...)

Their Economy Is Collapsing All Around Them As Europeans Head Into An Extremely Cold And Bitter Winter

Last winter, Europeans were looking forward to yet another year of peace and prosperity.  This winter, Europeans will find themselves right in the middle of an economic collapse.  It is often said that energy is the economy, and energy is going to be in very short supply in the months ahead.  Thanks to the war in Ukraine and a number of other factors, energy prices in Europe have shot up to levels that would have once been unthinkable, and several European governments are already preparing to ration energy.  This is going to have a tremendous impact on economic activity, and it is going to mean that this winter is going to be extremely cold and extremely bitter for millions upon millions of Europeans. (Read More...)

Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening To America In 2022?

Have you ever wondered why we just keep getting hit by one thing after another?  I grew up during a time when it seemed like America was endlessly blessed, but now everything around us seems the opposite of blessed.  Our economy is imploding, inflation is out of control, the housing market is starting to crash, our weather patterns have gone completely nuts, the western half of the nation is enduring the worst drought in 1,200 years, we are dealing with three major pandemics simultaneously, we are losing our proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and it looks like war with China is just around the corner, and on top of everything else our political system is failing because liberals and conservatives deeply, deeply hate one another.  And if you think that there is hope on the horizon, you are going to be severely disappointed.  The current crop of politicians in Washington is the worst that we have had in our entire history, and all of the “solutions” they give us just seem to make matters even worse. (Read More...)

Is The 1008 Point Stock Market Crash A Sign That Another 2008 Is Coming?

In 2008, we experienced a nightmarish financial crisis that was felt in every corner of the globe.  Is such an event about to happen again?  On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 1,008 points as panic swept through Wall Street in the aftermath of Jerome Powell’s dramatic speech in Wyoming.  Powell made it exceedingly clear that interest rates are going to continue to go up, and that deeply alarmed investors.  Some very vocal influencers in the financial community had been anticipating that the interest rate hikes would be ending soon, but now Powell has completely dashed those hopes.  Wall Street is going to have to finally face reality in the weeks ahead, and it isn’t going to be pretty. (Read More...)

European Natural Gas Prices Are 6 Times Higher Than Last Year, And This Is Sparking Widespread Civil Unrest All Over Europe

This is going to be a bitterly cold winter for a whole lot of people.  In particular, things are likely to get really uncomfortable in Europe.  Soaring energy prices and concern about potential shortages are causing anxiety all over the continent, and widespread protests have already started to take place.  The cost of living has become extremely painful for those on the bottom of the economic food chain, and people want their governments to do something.  Of course this is what always happens when nations embrace socialism.  There is an expectation that those in charge will solve any and every problem, but this time around the limitations of the socialists running Europe will become very clear. (Read More...)

828 Million People Go To Bed Hungry Each Night, And That Number Will Soon Be Much, Much Higher

Will you go to bed hungry tonight?  Probably not.  Most of my readers are in the western world, and for now just about everyone in the western world still has enough to eat.  But in other areas of the planet, hunger is spreading like wildfire.  Multiple famines have already begun, and they are only going to get worse in the months ahead.  As I have been carefully documenting in recent weeks, global food production is going to be way down in 2022.  And the food that is not grown in 2022 will be a major global issue in 2023. (Read More...)

Are We On Some Sort Of A Cycle? Exactly 14 Years Later, Another Housing Crash Has Arrived

Do you remember what happened precisely 14 years ago?  In 2008, the housing market collapsed and the subprime mortgage meltdown made national headlines day after day as unprecedented panic swept through Wall Street.  To many of those that were working in the financial industry at that time, it seemed like the world was ending.  Of course the world was not actually ending, but without a doubt it was an extremely painful episode for our nation.  Countless Americans lost jobs or homes (or both), and the ripple effects of that crisis can still be felt today. (Read More...)

The Layoff Tsunami Has Begun: 50% Of U.S. Companies Plan To Eliminate Jobs Within The Next 12 Months

If half of the firms in the entire country really do cut jobs over the next year, what will our economy look like afterwards?  All over America, companies are anticipating that a major economic downturn is coming in 2023, and a lot of them are already planning to shed workers in order to cut costs.  Of course this sounds so much like what we went through back in 2008 and 2009.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs during the “Great Recession”, and it was truly a very dark time in our history.  So are we right on the verge of seeing a repeat? (Read More...)