Securely Store Precious Metals Outside The Banking System

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Secured storage of precious metals outside the banking system in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong

With investors can store gold and silver in 3 different politically safe locations and economically sound countries : Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Secured storage in Switzerland: Old money and new money from the world over, store their wealth in Switzerland because it’s a stable and independent country. Security of goods is a tradition in Switzerland. This country offers one of the highest personal and property safety in the world. Switzerland has also a good geographical situation. In Switzerland, all conditions are fulfilled to make your investments more secure.

Secured storage in Singapore: As a major international financial center, Singapore is rapidly becoming THE place to invest and do business in Asia. Regulation is minimal, corruption is among the lowest in the world, and the tax structure is very friendly to businesses and investors. Singapore is an ideal place to store gold.The storage location in Singapore is brand new and served with the latest security technology. Storing gold overseas is a smart strategy for anyone interested in international diversification.

Secured storage in Hong-Kong: Hong Kong is the freest economy in the world and one of few countries with no currency restrictions in or out of the country. China’s emergence as a major destination for gold imports has reinforced the traditional role of Hong Kong as a gateway to the second- largest economy in the world. Highly-secured storage facilities are typically unregulated and don’t fall under a host of a various government inspection agencies.

The Principles for Wealth preservation:

– Gold and silver have to be legally owned by the account holder

– Investors must have access to their precious metals

– Gold and silver must be stored outside of the banking system

– Storage has to be in a politically-stable country

– Eliminate counterparty risks, and no leverage of any sort

Gold & Silver Investment Solution offers an investment solution that enables investors to buy and store gold and silver bullion bars outside the banking system, with direct ownership and access to their gold and silver:

– Own real PHYSICAL gold and silver

– Full ownership (no mutual ownership) in your own name

– Storage outside the banking system in ultra-secured warehouses located in g.Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

– Investors have direct access to their gold and silver bars

– No penalty or exiting fees

– VAT exemption on physical silver (VAT-free zone)

Why should you Store your Gold Outside the Banking System?

Risk of bankruptcy, risk of confiscation, inter-connectedness of the banking system, rehypothecation, price manipulation… Those are real risks that one has to take into consideration before deciding where to store one’s physical gold.

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