Almost Half Of All Young Adults In The United States Are Living With Their Parents

When are we going to wake up and admit that our system is failing?  If close to half of our young adults find themselves needing to live with their parents, we have a major crisis on our hands.  Yes, there are some young people that are simply lazy and don’t want to work hard enough.  I definitely understand that.  But most young adults in America today don’t actually want to live with their parents.  Given the opportunity, they would love to have their own homes.  Unfortunately, home prices have risen to absolutely absurd levels and housing in America is now more unaffordable than it has ever been before. (Read More...)

This Is The Worst Global Food Crisis In Modern History, And It Is About To Go To An Entirely New Level

Hundreds of millions of people are desperately hungry all over the world, and by the time you are done reading this article more children will starve to death.  Earlier this year, CNN actually admitted that we are in the midst of “the worst food crisis in modern history”, but because the mainstream media rarely features images of the tremendous suffering on the other side of the globe most Americans don’t even know that it is happening.  Here in the western world, the primary way that the global food crisis is manifesting is through significantly higher prices at the grocery store.  Those higher prices are certainly painful, but we can deal with that.  But when you don’t have enough food to feed your family on a consistent basis, that really is a nightmare scenario.  According to the official UN website, 735 million people were in a “state of chronic hunger” last year… (Read More...)

They Are Openly Admitting That We Are On The Brink Of “The Final War”

Most Americans have absolutely no idea how close we are to the unthinkable.  Even though leaders all over the globe have developed a really bad case of war fever, the vast majority of us here in the United States are entirely convinced that everything will be okay somehow.  Most of us believe the talking heads on television when they assure us that our politicians have everything under control and that it is extremely unlikely that a nuclear conflict will happen.  But on the other side of the globe they see things very differently.  On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the United Nations that the world is being pushed to the brink of the “final war“… (Read More...)

When People Can’t Take Care Of Themselves They Start To Go Nuts

The rapidly growing chasm that exists between the ultra-wealthy and all the rest of us is not good for our society.  In recent years, our leaders flooded the system with enormous mountains of money, and all of that money greatly enriched those at the very top of the economic food chain.  Unfortunately, all of that money also created a tremendous amount of inflation which has been crushing the standard of living for millions upon millions of hard working Americans.  We just witnessed the largest decline in real median household income since 2010, the child poverty rate in the U.S. has more than doubled, and this year homelessness is rising in our nation at the fastest pace ever recorded.  So many Americans are deeply suffering right now, and we need to remember that they are real people with real emotions. (Read More...)

This Extremely Important Indicator Is Absolutely Screaming That A Recession Is Coming

A lot of the talking heads on television seem to think that the threat of a recession has passed.  So exactly why have these talking heads come to such a ridiculous conclusion?  Well, they figure that if a recession hasn’t started by now we are probably in relatively good shape.  In other words, they are speculating instead of conducting a hard analysis of the numbers.  And the numbers are clearly telling us that economic conditions are rapidly getting worse.  Of course the U.S. economy has been on shaky ground for quite some time.  We had a recession in 2020, we had another recession in 2022 (although the Biden administration refused to officially acknowledge it), and now it appears that we are entering yet another one.  In fact, if the Biden administration was giving us honest numbers, they would show that we are already in a recession right now.  But it won’t be too long before things will be so bad that even the numbers given to us by the Biden administration will clearly show that we have entered a new recession. (Read More...)

The Child Poverty Rate In The United States Has More Than Doubled

If you take an honest look at the numbers, the obvious conclusion is that the U.S. economy is rapidly going in the wrong direction.  Delinquency rates are soaring, sales of previously-owned homes have declined by more than 32 percent over the past two years, inflation is starting to rise at a frightening pace again, large companies all over America are laying off workers, and we just witnessed the largest decline in real median household income in more than a decade.  Sadly, it is often the most vulnerable members of our society that get hit the hardest when economic times get rough.  According to the Census Bureau, the child poverty rate in the United States more than doubled from 2021 to 2022… (Read More...)

The U.S. Is Setting All Sorts Of Crazy New All-Time Records This Year

You have got to admit that 2023 has been a really wild year.  Donald Trump has been indicted four times (an all-time record for those that have served in the White House), our proxy war with Russia seems to get even more intense with each passing month, economic turmoil has been a constant theme, and it seems like we have had a major natural disaster somewhere in this country almost every week.  In fact, with more than three months to go, we have already set a brand new all-time record for the most billion dollar disasters in a single calendar year… (Read More...)

The Middle Class Is Increasingly Becoming “The Impoverished Class”, And The Poor Are Increasingly Being Pushed Into The Streets

America’s middle class is being systematically eviscerated.  When the Federal Reserve pumped trillions of dollars into the financial system during the pandemic, most Americans didn’t realize what that would do to them.  That money certainly made the wealthy a whole lot wealthier, but it also dramatically increased the cost of living for the rest of us.  So now inflation has been rising much faster than paychecks have, and the cost of living has become exceedingly oppressive.  In fact, last year we witnessed the largest decline in real median household income in more than a decade(Read More...)