The Percentage Of Americans That Worry They Won’t Be Able To Pay Their Bills Is Higher Than It Was During The Great Recession

Do you remember how painful the Great Recession was?  2008 and the years immediately following were definitely a very dark chapter in our history, but a new study has actually found that the percentage of Americans that worry they won’t be able to pay their bills is actually higher today than it was back then.  Slowly but surely, our economic strength has been fading and our standard of living has been falling.  Unfortunately, now we have reached a point where a very large portion of the U.S. population is really struggling.  According to a CNN poll that was just released, almost 40 percent of all U.S. adults “say they worry most or all of the time that their family’s income won’t be enough to meet expenses”… (Read More...)

Could It Be Possible That This Was Their Plan All Along?

More than anything else, the elite want a president that is easy to control.  That is why they love Joe Biden and that is why they hate Donald Trump.  It all comes down to control.  No matter what happens, the elite want to feel confident that whoever is in the White House is going to be a team player.  So the elite are really excited about the possibility that Kamala Harris could become the next president of the United States.  Whenever she makes a public appearance, it is clear that she is in way, way over her head, and if she actually makes it into the Oval Office she will be exceedingly easy to manipulate. (Read More...)

This Is Why Joe Biden’s Decision To Drop Out Of The Race Is A Nightmare Scenario

There sure has been plenty of chaos during this election season, hasn’t there?  Joe Biden’s decision to drop out of the race is a nightmare scenario for Democrats, Republicans and for the country as whole.  First of all, if the Democrats pick Kamala Harris she will be the worst major party presidential candidate in the entire history of our nation, and that is really saying something.  Biden would have had a much better chance of beating Trump, and the Democrats will literally be committing political suicide if they choose to go with Harris.  Of course the Republicans are facing a nightmare scenario too, because now the Democrats have the opportunity to pick someone like Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro that would have a real shot at winning the election.  Trump and his team were cruising toward an easy victory, and now they will have a couple of very nervous weeks ahead of them as they wait to see who the Democrats will select.  In the end, I think that it will be Kamala Harris, and that would be a nightmare scenario for all of us.  If she is the nominee, she will have a legitimate shot at becoming the next president of the United States, and if that happens it would be difficult to overstate how disastrous that would be for our country. (Read More...)

The “Blue Screen Of Death” Could Throw The Global Economy Into A State Of Chaos For Weeks

It has become glaringly obvious that we are way too dependent on our computers.  The “largest IT outage in history” has thrown the entire global economy into a state of chaos, and we are being told that it could take “weeks” to fully recover.  Countless flights have been canceled, hospital services have been disrupted, online services are down for a number of big banks, and we are being told that millions of workers may not receive paychecks this month.  If a single software “glitch” can cause this much insanity, what would happen if the Internet was suddenly not available for an extended period of time? (Read More...)

Just Like Joe Biden, The U.S. Economy Is Sick Once Again

When you look at Joe Biden, you are also getting a visual picture of what is happening to our economy as a whole.  Both have been getting artificially propped up for a long time, both are now sick once again, and both are starting to decline very rapidly at this point.  There is lots of speculation that Joe Biden is not going to be able to make it much longer, and of course the exact same thing could be said about the U.S. economy.  Sadly, the truth is that the clock won’t stop ticking and time is not on the side of either one of them. (Read More...)

Did Trump’s Shooter Have Help?

Okay, so we are supposed to believe that a 20-year-old kid “who was turned away from his high school rifle club for being a ‘comically bad’ shot” and that had no military training whatsoever was able to pull this off all by himself?  We are being told that it was “a mistake” that the ideal location for a sniper to be located was left unguarded, and somehow Thomas Matthew Crooks was able to identify this oversight and position himself accordingly.  Just 150 yards away from where Donald Trump would be speaking, Crooks was able to climb on to a roof with a rifle and stay there for nearly half an hour before he finally started shooting at Trump.  Either this was a cataclysmic security failure, or Crooks had some help somewhere along the way. (Read More...)

8 Shocking Details That Have Just Emerged That Are Sparking New Theories About The Attempt On Trump’s Life

New information about the attempt on Donald Trump’s life that has just been revealed within the past 24 hours is causing major shockwaves all over the country.  In this article, I will attempt to make sense of the new details that have emerged.  Please share this information as widely as you can, and if you come across new details that I have not covered yet, please let me know.  There is so much about the attempt on Trump’s life that does not smell right, and the American people deserve the truth. (Read More...)

Why Did It Take The Secret Service So Long To Protect Trump?

The more we learn about the attempt to kill Donald Trump, the more questions we have.  Over the past couple of days, I have been digging very deeply into what just happened.  To be honest, what I have discovered is extremely alarming.  At this point, there is a growing consensus that either the Secret Service was grossly incompetent or some sort of very insidious plan was being carried out.  I am going to share facts that have been documented, and I will allow my readers to come to their own conclusions. (Read More...)