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12 Shocking Clues About What America Will Look Like When The Next Great Economic Crisis Strikes

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Crime Scene - Photo by JRLibbyThe collapse of American society is accelerating.  For the moment, much of our social decay is being masked by the tremendous level of affluence that we are experiencing.  It has been reported that 4 out of every 5 adults in the United States “struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives”, but in general Americans still enjoy a debt-fueled standard of living that is far beyond what most of the rest of the world enjoys.  When that debt-fueled standard of living permanently disappears, it is going to unleash chaos unlike anything that America has ever seen before.  Right now, economic conditions in this country are not anywhere close to where they were before 2008, but this is just the beginning.  We are in the midst of an ongoing economic collapse which is going to get much, much worse in the years ahead.  When the next major wave of the economic crisis strikes, millions of people are going to become extremely desperate.  And desperate people do desperate things.  We are already starting to see this play out all over the nation, but this is only a preview of coming attractions.  What we are going to witness in future years is going to be almost too horrible for words.

So how can I be so sure that this is going to happen?  After all, the United States didn’t descend into complete and utter chaos during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Wouldn’t an economic depression unfold in a similar manner today?

Unfortunately, a lot has changed since then.  A lot more Americans were self-sufficient back in those days, and the truth is that the character of our nation has been rotting and decaying for decades.  In a previous article, I described it this way…

“We are simply not the same country that we used to be.  Americans are proud, selfish, greedy, arrogant, ungrateful, treacherous and completely addicted to entertainment and pleasure.  Our country is literally falling apart all around us, but most Americans are so plugged into entertainment that they can’t even be bothered to notice what is happening.”

Just last weekend, there were “mini-riots” in several U.S. states when “technical issues” caused the food stamp system to go haywire for a few hours.

What would have happened if there had been an extended outage or if the political crisis in D.C. had caused food stamps to be completely cut off at some point in November?

Let’s be thankful that we did not have to find out.

But even though major food stamps riots may have been averted (at least for now), there are a whole host of other signs that America is going to become a very unstable place during the next major economic downturn.  The following are 12 shocking clues about what America will look like when the next great economic crisis strikes…

#1 Would you continue to work as a bus driver if you were stabbed while driving or if a passenger poured urine all over you?  Just check out what has been going on in Detroit lately

After two drivers were recently stabbed and another had urine poured on her by an angry rider, union officials representing bus drivers for the city of Detroit are set to protest in front of city hall at 10 a.m. on Monday.

#2 We are starting to see a lot of “group crimes” happen all over America.  For example, just the other day in Brooklyn, New York a gang of 10 young thugs dragged a young couple out of their vehicle and brutally beat them…

Ronald Russo was dragged to the ground. Then he was punched and kicked in the head. He felt more blows all over his body, investigators said. He suffered a fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder. He was treated and released from Beth Israel Medical Center.

In the midst of the attack, there was a steady chorus of epithets. “White motherf—–!” screamed the attackers, who ranged in age from 12 to 18.

Alanna Russo, 30, was calling 911 when the 12-year-old girl pulled the woman’s hair and threw her to the ground. The victim’s head slammed into the concrete. She suffered a black eye, bleeding and difficulty breathing, prosecutors said, but she refused medical attention.

#3 A lot of people assume that they are perfectly safe inside their own vehicles but that is not the case at all.  A story in the New York Post about a gang of bikers that ruthlessly hunted down a young family that was driving an SUV made national headlines a few weeks ago…

A gang of bikers terrorized a dad driving with his wife and baby daughter on the West Side Highway — chasing after their SUV and then dragging the man out and beating him to a pulp in front of his horrified family, authorities said.

When the bikers caught up with this family they showed the father of the baby daughter absolutely no mercy…

One biker can be seen on the video ripping off his helmet and using it to bash in Lien’s driver’s-side window.

The crew pummeled Lien on the pavement in front of his wife, Rosalyn Ng, and their 2-year-old daughter, police sources said.

Lien, who also was slashed during the melee, was rushed to Columbia University Medical Center. He needed stitches to his face and chest and had two black eyes.

#4 We are living at a time when hearts are becoming very cold.  Some Americans are becoming so desperate for money that they will do almost anything to get it.  In fact, one couple in Tennessee has actually been charged with selling their four daughters for use in sex films

An East Tennessee couple is facing a list of charges, accused of selling their children to take part in sex films.

Connie Sue McCall, 40, and her husband, Ronnie Lee McCall, 61, of Johnson City have been charged by a federal grand jury.

Paperwork shows the couple was selling their four daughters.

Prosecutors say the four girls were between the ages of 5 and 16 when this happened.

Could you imagine such a thing happening in your neighborhood?

Perhaps it is happening, but you just don’t know that it is going on.

#5 And it is not only older people that are having their hearts grow cold.  It is happening to young people too.  Last week, a 17-year-old girl was caught carrying around a dead baby (which she probably gave birth to) in a shopping bag in a Victoria’s Secret store right in the heart of Manhattan

The dead baby found in the teen’s shopping bag at a Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan was born alive and then asphyxiated, police said Friday, as the macabre discovery turned toward a possible homicide case.

Police believe 17-year-old Tiana Rodriguez gave birth to the baby at a friend’s house and that the infant was later asphyxiated. However, the city medical examiner’s office said an autopsy was inconclusive, and more tests were needed.

Who does something like that?

#6 Sadly, a lot of mothers appear to be losing the natural affection that they should have for their children.  Just check out another incident that happened in New York City recently

So much for no child left behind.

A stroller-toting mom who used her 1-year-old son as cover during a massive candy shoplifting spree at a downtown Duane Reade used the tot’s pram as a battering ram when workers confronted her — and then ran away without the baby, the NYPD said.

#7 One of the clearest signs that American society is decaying is the fact that groups of kids are banding together and agreeing to commit absolutely horrible crimes.  We have seen this with the “flash mob” robberies that are plaguing many cities, but what is even worse is when groups of kids band together to commit violent acts.  In Pennsylvania recently, a group of teens cheered on attackers as they beat up a 15-year-old girl…

Speaking exclusively to CBS 3, a 15-year-old high school student, whose identity we are concealing, described a terrifying attack by a gang of at least nine teenage boys as she was leaving an Interboro High School football game Monday night.

The teenage victim described first being taunted by the attackers, who followed her down a neighborhood street, cursing and spitting at her, before she was repeatedly kicked and punched, suffering at least one blow to her head.

The attackers even tried to throw her in front of a passing vehicle and nobody tried to stop them…

The victim says as at least two of the teenagers pummeled her, the others cheered them on shouting, “Come on, let’s get her!” At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her.

What is happening to this country?

#8 We have also been hearing about a lot of “gang rapes” lately as well.  The following is an excerpt from a first-hand account from a 14-year-old girl in Missouri that experienced this type of horrible ordeal…

About five shots tall, I drank it. I guess I didn’t know how badly it would mess me up. But the boys who gave it to me did.

Then it was like I fell into a dark abyss. No light anywhere. Just dark, dense silence — and cold. That’s all I could ever remember from that night. Apparently, I was there for not even an entire hour before they discarded me in the snow.

You can read the rest of her sobering story right here.

Are you starting to understand why I am so convinced that we have a major problem with our young men in America today?

Instead of raising young gentlemen, we are raising wild animals that seem to have very little self-control.

#9 And sometimes the public does not do anything to stop sexual assaults even when they happen on public streets.  In a recent incident in Athens, Ohio, not only did the public not stop a sexual assault, many actually took photos of the assault and posted them on social media websites…

Horrific photos of an alleged rape in progress have been shared on social media after crowds at a college homecoming celebration chose to take pictures and videos of the sex act rather than stopping it.

Would such a thing have happened in our country 50 years ago?

Of course not.

We need to come to grips with how far we have fallen.

#10 In America today, young kids can beat a homeless man to death and it barely even makes a blip on the news.  I’ll bet hardly any of you have heard about what happened recently to a homeless man in New Jersey

Three teenagers were in custody Saturday morning, on charges of beating a homeless man to his death in Hoboken, N.J.

As CBS 2’s Janelle Burrell reported, Hudson County Acting Prosecutor Gaetano T. Gregory said two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old were charged in the Sept. 10 death of Ralph Eric Santiago, 46.

What would cause 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds to behave so savagely?

Could it be because we are raising them in a society where basic morality is not taught any longer?

#11 Our young people certainly do not have much respect for the very elderly anymore either.  Instead, the elderly are looked at as “weak” and “easy prey”.  Just check out what recently happened to a 70-year-old man in upstate New York…

A 70-year-old man was seriously injured early Saturday morning after being attacked outside of a 7-Eleven in Syracuse.

Police say James Gifford had just left the store at the intersection of Valley Drive and South Street just after 6:00 a.m. and was attacked by a group of five or six black males, according to Syracuse Police.

Police also said this appears to be an unprovoked incident with an innocent victim.

#12 In this day and age, it is very hard to tell who you can trust.  You might meet someone on the street and they might smile and seem very nice, but inside they may be full of all kinds of garbage.  For example, just check out what one man in the Boston area planned to do

A Boston-area man, who was planning to kidnap children, lock them in a basement dungeon, rape and eat them, should be imprisoned for at least 27 years, federal authorities said in court documents filed this week.

Geoffrey Portway pleaded guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 17.

“Portway has pled guilty to some of the most vile and heinous crimes known to our society,” federal prosecutors wrote in a sentencing recommendation.

This is how twisted and perverted our society has become.

A lot of Americans believe that if we could just elect “the right politicians” or if we could just change our economic system or if we could just fix one particular issue that everything would be right in America again.

Unfortunately, what we are facing is not so simple.  Our problems are not just in Washington D.C. or on Wall Street.  The truth is that our biggest problem is what is going on inside of us.

America is rotting and decaying on the inside, and the next great economic crisis is going to reveal just how bad things have gotten.

Or could it be possible that I am overstating things?  Please feel free to share what you think about the ongoing collapse of our society by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    The next crisis comes in January so buckle up. Not only will we experience horrific economic pain but so will the rest of the world. WHEN our economy goes down what will the Chinese do with idle or stalled factories when 10’s of millions of iPhones, iPad’s, computers, and other consumer goods and electronics can’t get sold in the US.

    What will the Chinese Govt do? Their economy is not as great as we are led to believe. Wll their economy crash as well.

    Gerald Celente thinks that it will be lights out for the global economy. Why?

    Because every nation is using fiat currency and have central banks and they are all interconnected. Add that everyone including the Chinese are debasing their currency has all the makings of an economic disaster the world has never seen. Why are we getting closer to the inevitable? Because the Elite can no longer hide the fact where this is all headed and they know it has the potential to wipe out their economies as well.

    My fear is that TPTB will go to war and it could go Nuclear because no one wants to give up power or lose.

    • Jimbo

      Every country will suffer with debtor and net importer nations suffering the most. The elite will be OK because they will have protected their wealth and will have the ability to move around to wherever is safest (the apartment in Monte Carlo or the private Caribbean Island). Even very poor countries have elite people who are unaffected by the poverty around them. The USA, Britain and most of the west will just become like India where an impoverished working class supports a small group of very rich people. When people are poor and hungry there can be a tendency to revert to animal like behavior as described by Michael.

      The big problem today is that many people have lost touch with their sense of community and we live in an “every man for himself” society where being wealthy is the goal by whatever means.

      Criminality is glorified in video games, movies and by some of the music industry.
      The financial re-set or collapse will impact mainly those who always suffer in any crisis. Ordinary people. The non working underclasses will just steal more, the rich will retreat to their boltholes and the average law abiding people will suffer.

      • Rodster

        As world economies collapse there is hope that people will become awakened that we are being ruled by gangs. There is hope because you are beginning to see mass protests in different parts of the world where people have had their fill with lying politicians who only look to grab hold and maintain power.

        That’s why progressives want to rein in the collective. They fear the people the most when they don’t need or want them. We shall see but I hope one day will realize they DON’T NEED GOV’T to survive.

        • ConcernedAmerican

          Instead of using tax dollars for the good of the people, or for the good of the poor, our tax dollars go to line politician’s pockets and wallets.

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          PSYCHOPATH gangs.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        The elite will be hunted down and hung for being the traitors to humanity that they are.

      • seth datta

        Lucifer and his deceptions actually exist – it is truly a shame that people cannot see this. The Ten Commandments were a great organizing principle for a civilized society and even non-Christians would have to admit that. Without it, the organizing principle has become MONEY. And we all know how that is going to end. In tears.

    • ProtectThe Kids

      Gerald Celente is the man! “When people lose everything they lose it”.

      But the identured slaves will go haywire they will never go into the gated communities or wealthy areas to cause trouble because they know the police will stop that at all costs to protect the elite class—-wealthy corporations, banksters, wealthy public sector workers, politicians are all part of an elite class.

      • Rodster

        Yup Gerald is dee Man !

        • alboland

          Need more people like him, especially more Americans like him. Common sense, passion, intellect, great guy.

          We need solutions, too.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gerald Celente is definitely the man.

        “Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little. So when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

        • GSOB

          So his insight into the fallout of indecisiveness leadership entices you?

          Is it the incitement that he panders that attracts you?

  • Rodster

    This decay has a lot to do with the Govt pushing for a secular society where God is made meaningless or relegated for the nut jobs. No one says you have to be a Bible thumper but when society is conditioned and behaves like they don’t have to answer to a higher power and there is little meaning to life these things tend to happen more.

    • ProtectThe Kids

      In Canada, they are preparing for Agenda 21 just look at all of those concrete jungle glass condos they are building in the cities while the government takes away people’s lands for “progress”.
      In Canada they teach and groom students for s*******ual relations with adults that is why you hear so much about teacher-student scandals on the news. The New World Order is about concentration of wealth, rat cage living and being obedient to a Satanic agenda.

      • Rodster

        There are many who are totally oblivious or don’t care about Agenda 21.

        • markthetruth

          Obama is implementing it !

          the end…

          • Overman18

            Look at

            Dailyjobcuts com


        • Piet

          I can see no problem with Agenda 21. It makes really good sense to me. Has anybody here read it?

      • Hansel Currywurst

        Do you mean SEXUAL relations? Is that a forbidden word? Sexual? Sexual! SEXUAL! S-E-X-U-A-L !!!!!

      • seth datta

        You should look at the trash becoming parents in the UK. A dumbed-down society ripe for conquest, and if needs be, genocide.

      • Chris Lehman

        How could Canada be preparing for Agenda 21 when we currently have the most anti-environmental government in Canada’s history! They are nullifying as many environmental laws as they possibly can; some laws even dating back to the 1800s.

    • Syrin

      Even more basic is the destruction of the family structure. Anyone want to marry their truck’s tail pipe? Sure, why not? Want to marry your cousin’s goat? Go for it. Someone got pregnant after an orgy with 2 midgets and a few circus clowns? Kill the fetus. All designed to create loyalty to the gov’t, not to family. It’s textbook for transforming society.

      • davidmpark

        Nobody’s doing unnatural acts to my goats! I don’t care what the gov says!

        • Gay Veteran

          better watch out, syrin is looking at YOUR goats

          • davidmpark

            Being their owner – I do not give consent.

      • seth datta

        UK’s daily mail newspaper showed an Aussie marrying a bridge. Does marriage even mean anything to society any more??

        • Gay Veteran

          and how do you marry a bridge? how does a bridge say “I do”?

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Want to marry your cousin’s goat?….”

        gee, and is the goat going to give consent? eyeroll

        and sorry, but abortion has nothing to do with creating loyalty to government

        • davidmpark

          You just shake some grains in a can. That’s how to get it to the milking parlor. The nanny then gives consent to milk…

          • Gay Veteran


    • YH

      You are 100% correct. When any society removes symbols which represent good virtues and values (i.e. The 10 Commandments), a void is created, and something will eventually back fill that void. That something is always evil in nature. This is precisely what we are seeing evolving right before our very eyes. Turn off the light, and darkness fills the void.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        So why isn’t China falling into chaos? They don’t have the “ten commandments” displayed anywhere.
        And BTW…there are a number of commandments that the injured party couldn’t defend itself in court.

        • YH

          @ Mark Are Reynolds

          “So why isn’t China falling into chaos?”

          The answer is obvious, they’re a tyrannical communist nation. They are already in chaos.
          Don’t be fooled by their seemingly well ordered society. The Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in 1989 where Chinese soldiers butchered thousands of unarmed civilians proved to the world that China is a brutal dictatorship.

        • Airedale

          Apparently you don’t know much about China, past or present.

        • barry oldwater

          by the gun to the head of it’s people in case you didn’t know it, that is how they keep control in China, hey that is slowly happening here.

        • Frederikahere

          You obviously have never been to China.

        • Bruce McDonalds

          The Buddhist doctrine is every bit as moral as the Christians doctrine, the Chinese work hard and have a hard life, no entitlements, there.

      • Gay Veteran

        sorry, religious indoctrination is the responsibility of parents

        • YH

          @ Gay Vetreran,
          A growing number of parents have abdicated that responsibility to MTV and other forms of entertainment outlets. That’s a big part of the reason why kids today are totally messed up. They have no concept of right/wrong or limits.
          The U.S. was originally founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. Strip that away and society falls to the mercy of wanton ugly human nature IMO.

          • Gay Veteran

            the republic was not founded on Judeo-Christian values

          • YH

            @ Gay Veteran,

            >>The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of

            When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to
            dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to
            assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which
            the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the
            opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel
            them to the separation.

            We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
            they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
            these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.<<

            What God and Creator do you think the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence? It sounds Judeo-Christian to me!

          • mjh49783ab

            Punishing a child for wrongdoing these days can result in serious legal problems for the parents.

            What are the parents supposed to do but abdicate? The government already thinks it can do the job better, and it has since inserted itself into that role.

        • Frederikahere

          Agreed! So that should include the schools not indoctrinating the kids with their socialist, secular humanism crap. Excuse my redundancy.

          • Gay Veteran

            what “socialist, secular humanism crap” did you have in mind?

        • WM

          Right. Indoctrination of “alternative lifestyles” AKA homosexuality, is not the job of the schools.

    • laura m.

      Back in the 70’s there were serial murders: Ted Bundy, Manson, Speck who strangled eight college women, Gacy, Corona, Bukowitz, Dahmer, hillside strangler, woman raped in NYC while others watched, missing kids, etc. As a young couple then, we chose not to breed kids..Far worse forty some years later so no reason to breed now, as there are no guarantees kids won’t be murdered or killed in cars – I know eight families who lost teens in wrecks. The gov. schools are cesspools of depravity to incl teachers caught for statutory rape, drugs suicides, etc..focus on preps and stay low key. Voting is rigged and a useless activity run by the top dogs of banking and Industry.

      • Rodster

        Of course those things have taken place throughout history. Lest not forget Lizzie Borden. Most of those that you cited took place when American society was already in decline.

        The difference between then and now is that these horrific acts of evil and violence are occurring more frequently without little or no provocation.

      • Norges Salg

        So you gave up on your chance to experience parenthood because the world isn’t perfect? Well, at least those genes were weeded out of evolution…

        • laura m.

          Norges: you obviously never lived in major cities, or know risks and expenses of raising kids, or have friends and siblings who are divorced. With no win wars constantly, why breed cannon fodder? Do you know how trashed this country really is? Many will live under slavery incl youth today in gov schools, as so few care. Ignorance is bliss.

          • Norges Salg

            I grew up in one, and lived in an immigrant ghetto as one of the very, very few whites there for years, I know the score, sis. Your defeatistic, paranoid attitude is that of a loser and weakling. Nothing will change unless people take action, by the way. Nobody forces you to kiss the buttocks of the megalomaniacs in power and fight israel’s wars. The strong cannot be forced. Maybe it would be the best option to just shoot yourself, since, you know, life’s not a rose garden and hard at times?

          • laura m.

            Norges: If you want to breed kids go for it. Life has no guar. When they turn 18 they can join military even if you don’t like it. Many men and women come back with missing limbs and other long term health issues. I’m a realist, not a defeatist; many I know will stand up with Oath Keepers and women will back them. Will you stand up or is it all talk?? Close friends have lost sons in various accidents too to incl a bro. and hubby’s cousin. breeding today is a selfish act. Over pop. is another issue that you probably don’t comprehend.

          • piccadillybabe

            Laura, unbelievable that people spew hate and anger when all they know how to do is breed in this world. Education may not get you a job these days but at least it teaches you to read and listen to what is going on in the world.

          • Norges Salg

            You’re extremely pessimistic and defeatistic, I think. Learn to type before accusing others of lack of basic comprehension when they’re obviously smarter. Overpopulation is one thing I do agree with, but, the thing is that it’s the non-productive, feral races who are reproducing, those who’ll never elevate the world to new, spiritual heights, while the bloodlines containing the potential to do so are declining, numerically. Anyway, the original reason you gave for not having kids were not concerns about overpopulation and my original reply was based on that. To prevent conceivement of a child because there are serial killers out there, as first stated…is madness and pure paranoia. I pity you, you’ll descend into old age as a lonely person.

          • laura m.

            Norges: Many adult children dump their parents in nursing homes then forget them. Life has no guarantees is the main reason not to breed. I simply gave examples why not to breed. Go breed up a storm, there are plenty of women willing even without a marriage licence. If you can feed them, then go breed them and support them.. Expense is really the main reason. Most men don’t want kids now days, as many marriages fail. Kids are a trap.

        • moon

          Just a reminder — evolution is a ‘theory’…..

          • jeff

            Man evolves intelectually, to evolve is to elevate towards a higher conscience of thought and morality

          • jeevelporse

            Many other areas of science are considered ‘theory’, such as gravity, relativity, quantum, and so on. Yet there are clear truths to these “theories” and we find applications for them in every day life. The screen you’re staring at now works on principles derived from a “theory”. In the future, please do not try to discredit something based on its title, rather than its applicable worth and logical construction. The evidence for Darwinian evolution is staggering. Personally, I feel religion is standing in the way of it’s complete “acceptance” more than a lack of proof.

          • mcrazie16


      • piccadillybabe

        Society was circling the drain even back in the 70s. Breeding in this world today is almost a selfish act. You certainly are not doing them any favors so you must have your own self-interests for doing so.

        • swiggin-swag

          Never thought of it that way

      • JP

        Youve got a good point there, industry is the real power in our country now, and voting is a farce.

    • Chris Lehman

      False. There probably isn’t a single perpetrator in the list that Michael gave, who is an atheist. Atheists don’t need violence. We have a better weapon: Education.

      • Bill

        The fool says in his heart ” There is no God ”

        Athist Education, and fool seem to go hand in hand.

        Just because you can not see air, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

        • overtherainbow

          You are an idiot.

          • zak

            Umm no hes not. Its a perfectly good analogy. Just because we cannot see our creator doesnt mean we cant prove hes there.

        • Nlouise

          That’s why they get their own holiday on April 1st.

    • Gay Veteran

      how can government make religion meaningless? if government has that power then your religion must be pretty weak

    • 1autumn

      Too late for that now. Hate to think it but I do.

    • mjh49783ab

      Nah. I’m not buying that.

      In my view, parents can’t even be parents anymore without government interference. Isn’t it any wonder why kids these days are so out of control?

      Kid having a tantrum? Spanking him these days might result in the police and protective services knocking at your door.

      • marvin

        Spanking is abuse. From the time kids are born to the time they are three years old a child is hit thousands of times by the very people who should be protecting them. This trauma doesn’t just go away, it teaches children that hitting is normal and violence is the only way to solve problems. Please stop hitting your children. There are better ways to handle a child’s out bursts and, relative to the child’s “disobedience”, hitting is not and should never be punishment ever. if you ever feel that need to hit your child hit yourself instead because you are the reason they are in this world they didn’t ask for it and they cannot protect themselves. children should never be hit ever for any reason whatsoever If you can’t raise your kids without laying hands on them then put them up for adoption, give them away, it’s better than the alternative. Our government honestly does not really care about stopping child abuse because they need these broken people, when they become adults to join the military, and then put into practice what they learned as children which is that violence is the only way to solve anything if you think that spanking your children is OK you a part of the problem, children are defenseless.

        • mjh49783ab

          Spanking is abuse? Funny. I never felt like a victim growing up.

          But yeah, Since the state feels like they can be better parents than the parents, I chose not to have any kids. Therefore, you’re barking up the wrong tree, and spare me this ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ bull****, too. The village already has enough idiots, and it shows.

    • Derek

      I think this is silly, think of all the destruction done in the name of religion. Also, I am in no way affiliated with a religion, and I don’t feel inclined to harm anyone.

    • Rob

      The constitution is based on a secular America.

      The religious right are the most heartless, amoral people I have ever seen.

      Religion separates people and has never accepted people with differing opinions. It is hypocrisy at its best.

      Studies have shown atheists are more accepting moral people.

  • Alasha

    “when 10’s of millions of iPhones, iPad’s, computers, and other consumer goods and electronics can’t get sold in the US” speaking of electronic devices….. i wonder why can’t i comment on the site with my tablet… . smile i am on my laptop to type this comment but cannot comment on my tablet which i am on on alot on this sie but can on other sites. i click the likes tho which i eagerly do. i am signed in with Disqus. .Oh well maybe i will try with my FB bcuz i really do miss sharing my two.cents. smile

    Godspeed, Michael! Excellent as always…

    • davidmpark


  • RarefiedSnotress

    ” 4 out of every 5 adults in the United States “struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives”
    I hate that quote.l. it’s so meaningless. I mean, yes, unless your family owns a business or you strike it well as an entrepeneur, you are likely going to struggle w/joblessness at some point. It’s a given, not a surprise. It’s the way of the world, not a new thing.
    I’ll read the rest of the story which looks good, but I hope I never hear that stupid quote again.

  • markthetruth

    # 13 What happened to Syria ,

    # 14 Do you See who Get the Noble Peace Prize these Days it’s Ridiculous.

    # 15 Every state Wants Gambling now for Revenue Casino’s , Sports Betting, Lottery’s Galore , Ext. before you know it legalized prostitution !!!

    # 16 Morals and Ethic’s , and Ten Commandments exchanged for the Money and Devil .

    the end…

    • ConcernedAmerican

      The Emperor of Rome ran a brothel right of the government building.

      “History always repeats itself.”

      Guess the place in America that has the most escort listings in the phone book.

      • markthetruth

        He sat back and they ” Fed ” him grapes .

        the end…

      • seth datta

        Our financial chancellor in the UK has a previous girlfriend escort ratting him out in her new book. Good to see his oxford education wasn’t wasted.

  • ICanUseGoogleToo

    This whole article is pretty biased, the deranged ppl of this world are no indicator of a government or economy wtf?

    • Tim

      I think you completely misunderstood the article. As the collapse progresses, we’re likely to see more of this kind of behavior.

      • ian

        how do you know people wont form communities and begin working together to start creating a better world. Oh wait……this is a conservative website……. no room for positivity and faith in human ingenuity and kindness.

        • BeenSmiling

          How do you know people will? Your last line is a conservative line and not liberal nor leftist. How could you claim faith in human ingenuity absent from conservative base when that is the very essense of freedom and private property rights.

          • ian

            provide me an example of conservative values making the world better for the globe over the lat one hundred years. It has been liberal ideas which gave women the right to vote, racial equality, end to wars, the list goes on and on. Liberals have provided more freedom to everyone, and property rights are not a god given right……..sorry.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You are one misinformed lib.

          • ian

            i am not a liberal, i am a free thinker who sees the fallacy in right wing thinking.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            BWAAAHAHAHAHAH! Denial doesn’t fool anyone. I’ll just chalk you up to another ridiculously misinformed anti-constitution leftist.

          • Gay Veteran

            too bad you didn’t rebut Ian’s first post

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Why would I waste my time trying to change his mind?
            Like the old adage says,
            you can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. Changing a libtards mind is impossible.
            For someone that denies they’re a leftist, boy you sure argue FROM the left and defend leftism a lot.
            But go ahead and prove him right for me. Name me the democrat stronghold that pioneered women’s suffrage.

          • Travis Anderson

            Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who put for the Emancipation Proclamation you ignorant fool

    • ProtectThe Kids

      in Canada it does! When pedophile teachers in higher authority jobs keep on leeching more pay raises while they do nothing about school bullying….it causes problems for both the school bully who will grow up to be a criminal while the victims have to endure PTSD and mental issues.

  • Billy

    Maybe you could write about something positive man. The garbage you write about only contributes to the decay. I think you like it and you are looking forward to our decent. You must be a very depressed dude.

    • david odowd

      And just what ‘positive’ issues would you like to inform us of?

    • ProtectThe Kids

      Knowledge is POWER! If people do not know, then you can easily refer to how Bollywood makes thrash movies these days to sedate 1 billion Indian peasants or how Hollywood operates in a similar manner to sedate roughly 300 million debt slaves while Hollywood influences the remaining 6.7 billion people worldwide with pro-Hollywood Steven Spielberg propaganda.

    • markthetruth

      What are you Nut’s we live in a Country where everyone is just Hoping to win the Lottery , The Last Hope to Become a Broke Millionaire !

      the end…

    • Das

      Maybe you didn’t know this site is called the economic collapse. So… Not all sunshine and rainbows….

  • ProtectThe Kids

    The teachers are messed up in Canada. I was informed by some Toronto District School Board teachers about students being bullied and some of the Vice Principals and Principals having $xxxx with these school bullies and sharing child form to students. Moral decay is spreading in Canada,
    and because Canada is a collectivist society filled with sheep, no one gives a darn of hay about the insidious conduct by teachers in publicly-funded schools.

    Here is a copy of an online post by concerned citizens from freeforum101 dot com /tsaa.

    “Get some students or undercover people to use spy
    pens and spy sunglasses to take recent photographs of these TDSB
    pedophiles. Picture of these pedophiles’ homes, cars, husbands, wives,
    etc are useful:

    -Vivian Mavrou, Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate.

    Biography of accusations: Vivian Mavrou had s*****al relations with a
    school bully while she was VP of Silverthorn Collegiate Institute.
    Vivian Mavrou in addition, made discriminatory slurs towards students
    with disabilities.

  • ProtectThe Kids


    -Gordy Stefulic, Chair of the TSAA.

    Biography of accusations: Gordy Stefulic was accused of having inappropriate relations with students back in 1997 while she was in her
    30’s. Recent allegations have surfaced that she distributed child p***ography to 14 year old students in exchange of those students
    getting a chance to fondle her on TDSB property.

    Reason for photographs: There are little amounts of images of Gordy Stefulic. Only one photograph of her supposedly being with teenage
    students in an inappropriate manner are circulating online, but the image is too small.

    Veena Mukhi, a teacher from Kipling?

    Biography: Rumours are circulating that she wasin India when she graduated from Teachers College in the early 1990s. Veena Muki is
    suspected of performing (f3llatio) on students a few years ago.
    Reason for photographs: There is none photographs of Veena Muhki on the internet.
    Potential risks: Same as with any female teacher working in the TDSB—THEY CLAIM VICTIM-MENTALITY COMPLEX.

    Varla Abrams:Reason for photographs: Most of the photographs of Varla Abrams are dated since 2005. Need newer photographs.
    —–Who is willing to take up the challenge or spread the world ?

    Potential risks: Gordy Stefulic, as any white female in authority, will
    likely raise the victim-complex mentality to the police once newer
    photographs of her are surfaced.

    Wade Vroom- The S**-Ed teacher who tried to groom students into kinky sxxxxx at Delta Alternative high school.
    Reason for photographs: To prevent using his professional photos in order to avoid copyright infringement claims.
    Potential risks Wade Vroom might contact a lawyer to remove any images which places him and the TDSB in disrepute.”

    The schools are training grounds for lawless behaviour and societial decay.

    I’m not surprised that people in authority have become heartless, perverted and immoral.

  • K

    Michael as I have said before, you can just see the darkness spreading throughout the Country. You have said in the past, you believe the collapse will come in waves. I believe that first real wave, will be so massive, few will see the waves that come after it. The insanity and violence, will be like in the days of Noah.

    • davidmpark

      Coming in waves; so true.


      The tsunamis that hit Crescent City, CA, in 1964 are a perfect metaphor. The first three waves that hit caused some dislocation and inconvenience but people had seen it before. The fourth wave, however, struck at midnight and took out half the town.

    • laura m.

      K: will be far worse if gov passes immigration bill along with overcrowded cities, roads, more gang activity, welfare, a dysfunctional run gov. by moron puppets controlled at the top by elites.

      • K

        Agree it will just worsen unemployment. But sadly, that is part of the plan. Keep increasing the pressure until the lid flies off. If they hope to take total control. First they have to set the groups, at each others throats.

    • seth datta

      I am not joking, but there have been several references in the Bible and other works referring to the ‘madness of humanity’ in the end days and of people ‘running for the hills to find some semblance of sanity’. It truly seems like these things are coming to pass.

      • K

        Yes it does. So much so, some of us already live in those hills.

  • stopthesocialism

    Kinda makes you want to go out and stock up on ammo.

    • Das

      Should of done that a long time ago ; )

  • ProtectThe Kids

    “America is rotting and decaying on the inside, and the next great
    economic crisis is going to reveal just how bad things have gotten.”


    CANADA is rotting and decaying on the inside, and the next great
    economic crisis which starts in America is going to reveal just how bad things have gotten for the working class while the wealthy elite class in the corporate, banking, public and political sector are busy taking summer vacations in the tropics and being protected by New World Order police.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    hell, you aint seen nuthin’ yet! wait until the 10 percent of adults in america that are on mood-altering drugs can’t get them anymore. read up on what happens to a person when they go off those drugs cold-turkey….PFFFTTT! it’s gonna be EPIC!…. hope you got popcorn and a good seat to watch it all from!


      I recommend One Second After by Forstchen, an excellent novel that describes the coming apocalypse exactly.

    • ducrider900

      No wonder the popularity of, and fascination with, “zombies”…sounds like we will have some to contend with…

  • Tim

    #4 is one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard! What kind of people would do that to their own children?

    • davidmpark

      It’s more common than one would think.

      • Tim

        I just read an off-site article about #4. According to that article, the parents were strung out on bath salts. The children have been neglected. One of the daughters has ringworm, lice, rotten teeth, etc. I really wish I hadn’t read about the article. It only reminded me of what a sad, sad world we live in.

        • davidmpark

          Exactly why we need to know about these things. Constant vigilance of good, honest Christian men willing and able for action is what we need. The fact that it shocks us is good – means we have our heads on right and willing to stop those things!

  • Libsare Ajoke

    1. these were perpetrated by liberals
    2. liberals create scenarios where you can not defend yourself. Oh my goodness, you have a gun? gosh!
    3. libs commit the vast majority of felonies
    4. libs are feral
    5. shun libs

    • Gay Veteran

      shun idiots like you

  • davidmpark

    The Lord will act for those who have done their best to prepare, to be industrious, and be faithful disciples.

    “I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” D&C 82:10.

  • Runningdog

    You have destroyed God in our society, you have abandomed and humiliated the family structure and have widley relinquest self responsibility… ANYONE surprised????

    • markthetruth

      Nobody can destroy God !!! Abandon Yes.

      the end…

      • ericpearson

        They destroy God from the hearts and minds on men.

  • Eddie Lutz

    America’s Wild West was a pretty brutal period too. We survived. The barbarians not so much.


      Brutal but Magnificent.

  • SonOfTheRevolution

    I lay the blame solely on the man who caused all of our misery…George W. Bush! Think about it!! He caused Katrina and Rita!!! OBAMA IS JESUS!!!! PRAY AT THE ALTER OF AUTHORITARIANISM AND BE CLEANSED!!!!! WORK SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!

  • Syrin

    This is best case scenario. I had lunch with an anesthesiologist who fled Cuba during the Castro years. The stories he told me makes your hair raise while listening. If anyone spoke even remotely negatively about the gov’t, they just disappeared over night. Rampant poverty, starvation, malnutrition, etc. In other words, GARY’s and every other liberal’s utopian dream/

    • Guest2

      Thanks for that info Syrin. Sounds true to me. And its also interesting, the one person I know well who fled from Cuba is a staunch Republican and also loves the US.

    • Chris Lehman

      You’re probably correct, but in my experience, I’ve only known one person who is Cuban. She actually loves Cuba and wants to move back there. She had moved to Canada because she fell in love with, and married, a Canadian man but now regrets having moved out of Cuba. She would tell me that it’s not nearly as bad there as our media portrays, and that it’s a lot of fun to live there.

  • Vermaphax

    You are your Government. This is our fault, this is your fault, this is my fault. We vastly outnumber the powers that be we didn’t have to allow this, but we did…you are your Government.

  • amongoose

    We have removed God from our society, paid for and encouraged the moral disintegration of a race who now have a 70% out of wedlock birthrate. Baby daddys instead of fathers and you expected anything else. Our children do not even learn our countries history.
    To destroy a country you remove it’s morals, religion, dumb down the population and then you can remake it after it destroys itself, we are there.

    Got guns? Your gonna need them, and the will to do what is necessary. Because those that roam the streets now will have no mercy, no compassion, only a desire to take what they want.

    • lvdol

      Actually, removing religion does not dumb down a population. If anything, it should increase the intelligence. (Organised) religion is very limiting. Give the people a bunch of gizmos and they don’t care about anything else.

      • amongoose

        No, removing religion removes your moral foundation and produces the flash mob, violent prone youths you have today. State education dumbs them down,

      • Chris Lehman

        Actually, I think that it would be a good idea for all schools to have Comparative Religion courses. They should give equal time and emphasis to all of the world’s major religions. This will increase their intellects even moreso than removing Religion completely, and it will make students more skeptical of all supernatural claims.

        • GSOB

          So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Children do not learn our country’s history because it is not a revered STEM topic. All that matters is churning out “cookie cutter” scientists and mathematicians. Americans make fun of Liberal Arts and Humanities, which is where History falls, and Americans say that a Liberal Arts or Humanities education is a waste of money.

      This is what happens when people forget history. Why would children learn what nobody wants to teach them?

  • mar1950

    “For the day of the LORD draws near on all the nations. As you have done, it will be done to you. Your dealings will return on your own head” (Obadiah 1:15)

    How many of these innocent victims were cheering, waving the flag, and singing “God Bless America” in recent years when bombs were falling on defenseless innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere?

  • bonnie

    We have failed becuase everything is tolerated and accepted ,taking the place of accountability by suffering a consequence and paying a price for your wrong which is where structure comes from,good behavior ,manners ,morals but when we have a justice system thats completely useless actually creating failure and political leaders so corrupted and full of greed and self seekin agendas along with a society so weak and demoralized we end up in a disaster and act as though we dont know whats happened to our lives our world the people and its ridiculous and pathetic ,Man happened to this world ,the greed and starvation for more and more always want want want and take take take believing that a dollar makes who u are or the power u have like as if it s a crown of graetness above all others and in the mean time it has destroyed the foundation needed to have a safe place to call home ,we have taken the demands of the lord and rewrote his truth to fit the life of today and actually kicked God and his word out completely and set rules decided by corrupted men of authority and justify it as the new way and go so dar to preach that changing the bible and god s word is ok to do and live out doing everything he is not as if it was voted in and makes any difference ,its so sad completely sad what man has done to lead and to allow his selfish ways to ruin gods creation and atn the expense of the people …..Murderers are multiplying not because of desperation of times s they multiply because they are allowed by example and release by a failed pathetic system of corrupted fools ,i saw recent a man was released from prison after 6 years for murder was out a week or so and took another life and how is that justice how sad it is to live in a world with no justice at all how does anyone ever justify this death and face no consequence for the failed system that gives a.lie that took a life the oppurtunity to take another life its not only a disgrace it is this behavior and way of mans bright idea and how dare we act stupid to any of this ,fathers are raping there own kids and having babies and without remorse instead feelin great because we allow it and tolerate it then wine because nobody has any morals or values its pathetic its ridiculous and allowed and we all say we are christians saved by gods grace …Funny hes been kicked out of ruled against until disaster then first thing we do is pray then gods ok when u fail ,we have all allowed this to be what it is …I however am.sickened i do not follow mans way of living man has destroyed only those who allow him that destruction some of us like me i follow God and his word his way and i will be brought to my knees one dat when we meet at the end of days the one fact or rule man wont or cant change and will make no difference in that day god is god and i promise all the weak souls the lost souls those who chose man rules and changes made disregarding gods word and living lifestyles and abiding by rules he distest believing man has that right i feel real sad for your choices and for the moment gods truth shows you the difference of who is god and who is only man and i assure u that wealth of money or any uhails full of gathered earthly treasures and meaningless things will not factor into a place in eternal life but will only show who followed man living a life so empty yet believes he s worthy in the end of his doing and will see then that he never changed gods commands he merely chose hiself and will face god and be shamed

  • Gankfest

    I would comment, but Jesus wouldn’t approve…

    • Boo-urns

      Jesus doesn’t read the comments. In fact, he doesn’t read anything because HE DOESN’T EXIST. He was a man who lived a few thousand years ago, started a cult that eventually hoodwinked much of the world.

      • Gankfest

        I was being facetious…

  • Ralfine

    Taxi drivers in South China are housed in a cage and have no contact with the passengers. In England they are separated by a partition built right into the London Cab from LTI in Coventry. In Shanghai, there is a plastic partition between driver and passengers.

    In Hong Kong buses have TV screens installed so people can watch commercials. In UK these TV screens are used to show the live images of the inside of the bus to all other passengers and the driver.

  • Ralfine

    Would this have happened 50 years ago? Of course not, people didn’t have cameras with them all the time.

  • TB

    #3 is actually wrong. The SUV driver wanted to push through the bikers (probably because he was annoyed) and ended up driving over one of the bikers who is now lying in a hospital with a broken spine. It’s why the bikers got so pissed and started chasing after him.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Isn’t it amazing how motorcycles can be as loud as they want to be but 18 wheel trucks have noise restrictions on them? It is amazing to me how motorcycles are so revered nowadays.

    • whteshark

      If that was the case why did the police refuse to charge the SUV driver?

      The normal process in a vehicle accident is to get out of the car, assess the damage, and exchange insurance information. A simple process.

      Not with these low life’s on motorcycles. The biker who got run over got what he deserved.

  • Ralfine

    This is not so new. I probably have a book, or two, at my parents’ home in the attic that describes America. and the decay of the capitalist system.

    Did anybody here read “Oliver Twist”? Or Jack London?

    Victor Hugo?

    “Papillon” ?

  • MAL3313

    Detroit has aptly been called a canary in a coal mine with good reason. In this city of approximately 700,000 the legitimate unemployment rate has been pegged at about 50%. The rate of functional illiteracy was also pegged at 50% in a university study and that was using a very generous definition of what constitutes being literate. If there are 400,000 working age people in the city that would mean 200,000 jobs would be needed to bring the unemployment rate to 0%. What are the chances of 200,000 even minimum wage jobs appearing in Detroit even if people would take them any time soon. The answer is clearly 0. Most people who are working are doing so at or near minimum wage already. The rate at which students drop out of high school has been well over 50% for years as has the number of children growing up in single parent homes. The bottom line is that the majority of the city’s residents many of whom are 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients aren’t “unemployed” so much as they are UNEMPLOYABLE. Detroit’s emergency manager recently caused a stir when he noted in a reference to city employees ” these people with their 8th grade educations still think they are entitled to a $20/hr. job with a defined benefit pension”. The sad reality is that Obama’s racist description to a self anointed “elite” group of San Francisco Democratic millionaires and billionaires of rural Americans as people who “watched the jobs leave 25 years ago and cling to their guns and religion with antipathy toward anyone not like themselves” was an accurate description of very large portions of every major city in the United States , not just Detroit. These are cities that are littered with storefront churches and plagued with violence. Chicago’s police chief recently even went so far as to blame Sarah Palin for his city’s epidemic of gang shootings because she goes hunting in Alaska. WTF? Like Chicago gang members watch documentaries about Alaska hosted by Sarah Palin. Yeah right!


      As accurate a summary of the situation as I have ever read.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…These are cities that are littered with storefront churches and plagued with violence….”

      just what any city needs, more preacher leaches

  • Ralfine

    children are cruel. they behave like this if left to their own devices without guidance. thats why they are so feared as child soldiers.

    cut education, and there you are.


      Until America ceases to reward young women having children out of wedlock, this will not change. Until America rewrites its tax structure to support young, intact families, this will not change. Until America cuts of welfare for the able bodied, this will not change. Indeed, it is going to get worse before it gets worse.

  • FounderChurch

    It is democracy run amok.
    It the tyranny of the majority.
    It is the destruction of hierarchy.
    It is runaway self esteem.
    It is Birth Control murder.
    It is killing God.
    It is the death of the family.
    It is total disrespect for everything & everybody.
    It is the proliferation of hate art.
    It is written hate.
    It is non stop lying by everyone about everything.
    It is government composed of total hate.
    It is education as a hate machine.
    It is literature that is pure hate.
    It is medicine that hates the patients.
    It people that hate nature & anything natural.
    It is hate for ones country.
    It is children hate.
    It is self hate.
    It is media hatred for the truth.
    It is teachers hating students.
    It is students hating teachers.
    It is a hateful curriculum.
    It is a world of omnipresent omnipotent hate.
    It is all consuming hate.
    It is the hate of lucifer triumphant.
    It is Democrat Party hate.

    • rentslave

      Now who can argue with that?Where have you gone,Joe McCarthy?


      When the levee breaks….

      • FounderChurch

        Where are you Commie Democrat? I see, right here on this forum……

        *”Life And Life More Abundantly”*
        Google “FounderChurch” for Teachings


          You got the wrong guy. No Commie Demo here.

        • You sound like an impotent little punk (and most probably are one)

  • Patriot Alice

    When some politician tries to reverse the course we are on, they get demonized…We are on the borrow and spending binge and 17 trillion in debt isn’t enough for many people, and when there is talk about balancing the budget, the present establishment wants do it with higher taxes…Our very high taxes are already killing businesses and jobs.THE SOLUTION IS: Cut taxes 30% all across the board at all levels , (30% of Government “Workers” are non-essential anyway”) and you’ll see a big change occur in confidence, investments, jobs and hope…

    • ConcernedAmerican

      It is not up to the politicians to reverse us. It is up to us; all of us.


    In the Great Depression, historians have remarked how calm the people generally were in the face of a total economic calamity. We have all seen the pictures of the lines of hundreds, thousands of men lined up patiently in the bread lines. I have talked to survivors of the period and they remarked how people pulled together. Anyone think that kind of behavior will be the norm next time?

    • Scared Economist

      That’s because there were no “Entitlements” back in the 30s. If a charity provided a soup kitchen you were thankful someone cared and provided you a meal. There were no Food Stamps — excuse me EBT cards (Food Stamps is demeaning).
      Back in the 30s families would pack up their belongings and relocate across the country to find work. They would take back-breaking meanial jobs to make a few dollars. Today they’d rather sit in front of the TV and collect Unemployment.
      If / when these handouts get cut it won’t be pretty.

      • condaggitt

        sacred after having to get food stamps and going through a back to work program and forced to do menial work for the ebt card a few years back….

        My take is if we really wanted to crack down on welfare fraud and abuse you would make it mandatory that all recipients sit in class 20 hours a week and learn how to read write and speak English..

        It will clear the rolls by millions because EBONICS has such a stranglehold on their lives it will be extremely hard for them to break the shackles.

        • no what i mean vern?

          Sheeet! You try to take mine EBT and I fuk’n cut you, mo fo son beatch!

      • no what i mean vern?

        They be a fire next time, bitchez! Done you be touchin’ mine EBT!

    • no what i mean vern?

      Nope, they be a fire nex time.


        I can not disagree

  • Justme

    You conveniently overlooked the obvious race and class issues involved in all of these points you made.

  • condaggitt

    Plea deals for hate crime lynching of US Marine in Cobb County, GA

    Zach Gamble was a white US Marine who was beaten to death at random by a black mob in Cobb County, Georgia. Gamble had been invited to an all black party by a long time black friend. Shortly after arriving, he was chased out of the residence and kicked and beaten to death in front of an apartment complex.

    No explanation or motive has ever been given. It was a hate crime/thrill killing undoubtedly motivated by a hatred of white people.

    If the races had been reversed, it would have been the biggest news story in the USA and the media would have screamed “racially motivated
    hate crime.”

    topconservativenews (dot) com/2013/10/plea-deals-for-hate-crime-lynching-of-us-marine-in-cobb-county-ga/

    • no what i mean vern?

      Bad. bad , mistake for him to go to an all black party. In my ‘hood, I can’t walk down the street without getting hit up for a dollar or “sum change”. Happened twice just a few hours ago. One black man and one black woman, both looked to be about 30 and in very good health.

      There are no jobs out there…period…black or white. I’m over 50 and have been unemployed since ’09. Very grim times have arrived. Sooner or later the PTB’s games will no longer work. Duck and cover if and when those EBT cards stop working. Jes sayin’, ya’ll.

  • Cincinnati Dave

    Michael: you are absolutely right about the decaying of our society. I’m 58 years old. This is NOT the same country I grew up in. Not only are we bankrupt economically, we are bankrupt spiritually as we’ll. Our ONLY hope is the soon return of Jesus Christ who will rapture his true followers unto Himself and we will escape the coming chaos and tribulations that will soon be unleashed upon this earth. It is coming! It is not IF, it is WHEN. Keep writing! The articles you write exposé the TRUTH and there are plenty of people out there yearning for the truth about what is happening in our country and around the world. Most people SENSE that something BIG is about to happen. We need to WATCH and PRAY!

    • Keq

      Sorry, but there will be no white knight riding in to save us. No one is going to rapture you. The only way you’ll escape the coming chaos is by putting a bullet through your skull just as it starts.

      We created these problems and now we have to deal with them. See you out there!

      • WM

        Are you absolutely sure that there will be no “white knight” as you say, to save Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?? The Bible seems to differ with your confidant statement that you made.
        Just make sure you are right, and be humble enough to admit that juuuuust maybe, you may be wrong.

    • Tim

      Well said, Cincinnati Dave. Keep looking up.

    • Jason

      keep drinking the coolaid… Jesus lol

    • JAFO425

      Hi Dave: interesting point on the rapture you may like. Look at the 6th seal events in Rev. In order they are major earthquake, solar eclipse, blood moon, meteor shower. So, I checked the upcoming feasts in 2014. The feast of Tabrinacles next year is preceded by a full solar eclipse, with a blood red moon and meteor shower on the feast days. So, a major earthquake before the eclipse would tie them all together. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti out of Australia believes the seals are pre wrath. The final events to warn the earth. He has utube lessons on it. I know it’s different then the norm – but it’s interesting. He feels the sky’s rolled up in the 6th seal is a metaphor for the rapture.

    • Chris Lehman

      If our ONLY hope is the return of Jesus Christ then we’re screwed. 🙁

      • WM

        Again, just maybe Cincinnati Dave knows something you don’t. Isn’t that possible??? It is also, possible that you may be wrong.
        Just make sure you are right, because if CinncinatiDave Is right, and you are wrong…then unless you open your eyes, mind and heart to the possibility that Jesus is The way the truth and the life, and that he is the only way to eternal life…….well….I will pray for you that you realize what you are saying.


    Spot on. 20 years ago I would have said you were off your medication. No more.

    • no what i mean vern?

      Agreed. Completely out of control. Up until about ten years ago I laughed at people who I deemed to be “conspiracy theorists”. No more. It all makes sense when you put the people and the pieces together.


        My sixth sense tells me we are about to lose it all.

      • Citizen

        I told people things I read in the alternative media five years ago that have already happened or are about to. I was called every name in the book. They aren’t laughing now.

  • Mal Reynolds

    Welcome to the age of Mammon!

  • jokyjo

    Michael unfortunately I don’t believe you are overstating things. I believe the situation in the United States of America will be much, much worse than anyone could possibly ever imagine. We blew it as a country and it won’t be long until we pay for our moral, social, and political decline.

  • Galileo

    Yup it’s happening. Someone tried to pick a fight with me yesterday at the bottle return at a local supermarket. She accused me of trying to pick a fight with her. I walked away even though she tried to call the manager and tried to physically block me from leaving the store. The PTB want this to happen. Divide and conquer.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Galileo: The devils who run The Banana Republic of America want Americans to get into violent altercations. If someone gets rough, you defend yourself and you wind up incarcerated, then you become slave labor for The Prison/Industrial Complex. The BRA incarcerates more people than any country in the world, hands down. As Alex Jones says, we are in deep, deep tyranny.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    You ask why the kids are such a mess; it is because the adults are a mess. Children learn from adults. Adults need to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves about who they are and how they treat others.

    For example, how many people warrn others that during a collapse they will be armed to the teeth? Yet, how many people do you hear saying “I am teaching my neighbors how to can food, save seeds, grow food, etc. so they can be self-sufficient too?”

    Yes, America has changed. Who are the people responsible for these changes?

    I remember asking an older person for a job, a long time ago. They immediately referred me to someone that was hiring and offered to teach me what they knew so I could be good at the job. That older person was a stranger. Now, people don’t even help their own families. In fact some families will even steal from one another. Some families help strangers before they will even help their own families. Some families could offer jobs to their hard-working family members, but they don’t. Why are kids so cold hearted you ask? Look at the families in America today.

    Then, there are the people that purposely torment co-workers every day, and then to top it off, the tormentors/bullies are promoted and given raises. When people try to warn others, they are punished and made fun of. For some reason, people reward bullies and punish hard workers.

    People have few manners anymore. They drive awful as if they are the only person on the roads. People reach over others, crowd others, don’t say “thank you” when the door is held for them, and the list goes on. Why are American kids this way too? America’s answer is looking at them in the mirror.

    When you ask someone for a job, they often act as if you are asking them for a handout. People like that they are doing better than their neighbor is. When you ask someone to teach you something, they tell you to go to school, even though many Americans can not afford school. Also, Americans work so much that our familes are falling apart since we have no time to spend nurturing these important relationships. In an article on Natural News, it is noted that many other countries have laws for a maximum work week in hours. Yet, the USA has no law to limit how long an American worker must work per week. Americans have sacrificed everything for our careers because we are such hard-working people.

    People’s hearts have waxed cold just like Matthew 24:12 said they would. People are so busy judging others and competeing with others that there is no time left to be a decent human being.

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world. No one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy

    • GSOB

      Not possible to change yourself. You just progress, grow, learn, evolve and die.

      Jesus Christ is the perfect man and Lord.
      The Lord loves Christians not because they are good, but His love makes them good. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, so that those who believe in Him will have everlasting life.

      “And in as much as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, so Jesus Christ also, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him.”

      Christ will return.

  • jakartaman

    It’s been about 2000 years since Christ walked the earth.
    God’s wrath is here and it WILL get much worse.
    We have turned our backs on God and He is not pleased.

  • jakartaman

    Michael seems to indicate that this will be a slow economic erosion over multiple years.
    I disagree – I believe that the world economy is so fragile that it will take just a straw to send us all back to the middle ages quickly.
    The straw?Israel bombing Iran? euro collapse?
    Japan collapse? US derivative bubble burst?

  • Blake

    2 Timothy 3….

  • James94708

    I’d like to see some gangs of thugs try to carjack people from their vehicles in Texas here where it’s legal to carry a gun in your vehicle even without a concealed permit. Of course this crap happens in NYC where they ban guns. Of course Chicago is the death capitol of the United States, of course gang activity is crazy high in the worst sectors of Washington, D.C. And these idiots think getting rid of guns is the answer? I’ll never agree.

    • Citizen

      Many people in Connecticut are waking up about Sandy Hook and how the government got the families to prostitute themselves for quick gun control laws.

  • usmcmailman

    Just your basic Trayvon problem. Zimmerman had the correct solution!

  • Takuto

    Same here in Europe. Alois Irlmaier predicted all this (cell phones, drones, decline of morale, European bad currency etc.) in the 50s, and then the third WW and the three days of darkness. After that a good time begins, so let us hope for the best and prepare accordingly.

  • Dave Webb

    That woman needs guidance and compassion. I refer to the woman with the dead baby. She is so sick and she needs so much help for what has happened to her. Would that she were a true Christian, then it might not have happened.

    At the start of the great depression, many people jumped out of windows rather than face a life of poverty. Face Jesus or face the Devil?
    It costs money to house prisoners. A lot of money like about $40,000 per year per prisoner.
    Courts notoriously sent people to the armed forces instead when they were young. A lot of these people straightened out their lives and became good citizens.
    Now the armed forces will not take them.
    What has to happen is that we need a solution to the future shock of the changing world of jobs. Instead of paying people to stay home and be lazy we need to train them in new careers and new professions. If it costs $40,000 to house a prisoner, what could we do with that money that is more constructive? Some people are beyond redemption and for those we have no choice.
    Before they get to the point where a jail is the only solution, we need to invest in all our people and train them to do jobs that will work for them.
    The degeneration is a result of our entertainment industry. Go check what videos are available. What are their suggested solutions to problems? I don’t even watch videos much anymore. It is so disgusting.
    How many of those cases mentioned are people on drug highs? 50 years ago a very good psychologist wrote a book about what makes us decide to do things the way we do. He described manipulations from the tobacco industry. How many out there smoke? Do they know why? Or drink?

    Well, he said it was because of national psychological manipulation by people making a lot of money to manipulate the public to do things.
    Those of us trained in advertising know what is happening and how people are manipulated. If you want to stop it, you have to change the manipulation away from the constant need for violence.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      “$40, 000 per year per prisoner.”

      Yet, that money could be spent on education, job training, and job creation. This is just evidence that many Americans enjoy having the highest prison population in the world. Many Americans love knowing they are better off than their neighbor and will gladly pay to put and keep their neighbor in prison. In the “most free country in the world,” almost everything is illegal. Many Americans love controlling their neighbors. Do as the majority says or we will put you in jail.

  • HadIt

    BLACKS are guilty of 98% of these crimes!! We need to stand up for ourselves SOON and start taking our country back from that disease!!

    • Sandbagger

      Um, yeah.

      What color is the face of the Federal Reserve, IMF, etc.? White.

      Color of the skin, hair, eyes, or teeth haven’t a thing to do with the core problem.

      • HadIt

        Um, yeah, well carrying that race for as long as we have has cost BILLIONS, and will cost BILLIONS more before it is all done. So, say what you want, the same thing happened in the 30s WITHOUT all the blacks, and people did what they had to do to survive WITHOUT resorting to violence like the BLACKS. Oh, and there would be no “federal Reserve” or prosperity without whites. Go, take all of your family and move to Africa (or to any predominantly black area here-same thing) if you think blacks are so great. Let us all know how that works out for ya..

        • Gay Veteran

          riiight, and during the 100s of years of slavery in America it was blacks carrying whites, that cost them BILLIONS

          • HadIt

            WOW, should’nt gay retard be your name?

          • Gay Veteran

            no, should it be yours?

          • GaysSuck

            RIIIIGHT yeah, If it was even a fraction of that. Besides that was a rent for them to be here! Look at what we have now as a result!!! I’ll be the FIRST to admit we should NOT have EVER brought that pitifully useless race here!!!!

      • Guest

        Bolshevik Leninist Marxists don’t like to be called or referred to as “White”. They even have a song about it. And, they are the enablers of the ones committing almost all the crimes.

      • Boo-urns

        Right. The color of one’s skin doesn’t determine the behavior. The culture one grows up in does, however. The problem is culture. It’s a very very very important distinction.

    • Son Goku

      Dude!!! How ignorant can you be? What about the crime white people commit on a global scale. Look at what white Americans did to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ivory coast, etc. You people instigated wars, poverty, famine, etc. Look at what your own white incompetent elites did to America. They shipped jobs over seas. They bring in a flux of illegal immigrants. They bankrupted this country into massive debt, etc. The list goes on and on. Stop being a bigot lumping all blacksinto a group. You are another backwards racist bigot. That’s why the western world is suffering because of the crimes against humanity Europeans had and still continue to commit. What goes around come around bob the bigot.

      • HadIt

        You are an idiot DUDE and obviously a young, dumb brainwashed fool. Yeah “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND”..

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    Interesting…the writer avoids mentioning the RACE in many of these incidents. Like the first one for example. Go to World Net Daily and you can read all about the black mobs that are robbing, murdering and pillaging all over the country. Take away their source of food and yes, they will revert to savage behavior. We will stick together and get through whatever happens. We always have. I hate these types of articles that pick out the dregs of society and act like that is what we are all like lurking under the surface…BS.

    • RatedBestComment

      I don’t go to that site too much anymore as they are a racist site.

      Huh, you say? You cannot call obama a negro, a man/child, a foreigner, etc., he will delete your comment.

      In another words he is protecting the house negro. Very strange. Yet he ridicules them by calliing them the very negative “black”.

      Also, you can criticize whites and he allows that. So something very odd about Mr. Farah and WND site.

      Yet, he just wrote a narcissist piece about how he is the most “tolerant” man around.

      Yeah, Mr. Farah as along as you don’t call the traitor in office a negro, a man/child or a foreigner.


    The biggest threat to society are Atheist!

    • Boo-urns

      Why is that? I’m an atheist, and I’m quite proud of the fact that I have a very strong moral compass. Yes, the divisions I hold between good and evil certainly have their origins in religion, I do not deny that, but I uphold them without fear of retribution from the little man in the clouds. I do good and live good of my own volition, entirely self-motivated.

      It is not impossible to instill a strong moral sense of right and wrong without religion.The problem is that it needs to be instilled somehow, the parameters of behavior that is acceptable and unacceptable by our society need to be ingrained in our children, and at the present moment no one — not even the religious folks — are doing an even barely adequate job of that.

  • Dave of OK

    a lot has to do with several generations of indoctrination with the theory of evolution. We are not made in the image of God, rather we are just animals, so what can we expect from people is animal-like behavior.

    • Gay Veteran

      wow, your religion is really really weak

      • Travis Anderson

        At least he has a belief system. You’re simply a faith bigot

        • Gay Veteran

          nope, pointing out the facts

  • blackciti_fo5

    People don’t want to obey the word of God so they must obey the word of man. And the man made laws only benefit those men who made them. The rich are getting richer, the poor poorer. GOD HELP US!!!!!

  • lucille rothstein

    It’s darkness, it is taking over the people of the USA. The interior light is turning off for good and I don’t think that any amount of preaching or teaching can reverse that. The only thing and best thing a person who has light can do is to distance yourself from them. They are destined to die in darkness, they chose to live in it, and in God there is no darkness. God is light and those that belong to light, will gravitate to light, and those like themselves. Being close to darkness and or married to it will only ensure that you also will partake in the judgement to come. Don’t stand to close to them, they will burn, and burn away into a faded old memory that will be forgotten. Those that belong to God will go to God and be with him forever, these will go on to experience life and in abundance and forever. If you read the Bible it will explain it to you more clearly. Don’t listen to TV preachers or even go to church, they will misguide you into all kinds of perversions. It’s really simple, it is good against evil, light against darkness. Right and wrong.

  • cherylmeril

    Dear Michael: Can you please do some research for us on the approaching comet and an alleged Planet X? With the shutdown of NASA we need more credible people researching this topic. There are a couple very good videos with the data on this topic that it appears this is what the gov’t’s planning for, that it knows this comet will bring a lot of disturbances to the sun to affect earth not to mention the junk from the tail.

    • Boo-urns

      Crackpot conspiracy theories. Very much in line with the rest of what gets talked about here, though.

  • Tom L

    I think you write good stuff. but by definition collapse has element of speed and abruptness in it. so what will happen and what is happening now is not really a collapse. its just a slow change in quality of life over time. TPTB habe played so many games they can probably keep it going for long long time. they change the #’s and lie about the numbers over and over. I wish reset button would come but I really don think it will.,,,,but there really really is brutal moral and social decay out there. but I think many folks will adjust to it over time and it wont feel like drastic change or collapse.

  • Swampadash

    Before his passing someone made a video of my grandfather, in it he talked about growing up in rural Kentucky, he was teenager during the depression. Of that era he said that everybody had everything but money. A garden for vegetables, fruit trees. A hen-house for eggs and a rooster now and then for dinner. A milk cow for butter, cream, etc. A couple of pigs for bacon and such. What you couldn’t get from your farm you could barter for, gunpowder and kerosene or cloth, manufactured stuff.
    Now we have millions living in apartments and condos, hardly more than a box with plumbing and lights. A depression for them will be far different from the one experienced by my grandfather, he never really had any money anyway so depression was no more than an abstract concept. The next one, whenever it happens, will be quite visceral for almost everyone. Expect far more suffering and chaos.
    Be humble and prepare diligently.

    • Joe

      I read an old article. It said people were queuing up peacefully for their food during the depression. It was a kind of controlled chaos.

      With the quality of people running the current government, it will be a lot more worst than great depression.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    When SHTF people will start eating their pets, squirrels, rats etc. But when these run out they will start eating the neighbors kids.
    Hunger is a rabid driving force and requires that you do anything to fill your belly or die trying.

  • Wally

    2 Timothy 3:1-5

    But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

    I don’t think there is a way out. If there was, prophecy would be wrong and God would be a liar. Just as Jesus was hung on the cross to fulfill God’s will this will happen as well.

  • seth datta

    That surveillance is actually part of a control grid.

  • Bill

    Just read this: ” America now has more workers on welfare (101 million) as opposed to actual full-time workers (97 million)”. If that doesn’t sum up the state of America, what does?

  • Byron

    Michael, I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Ayn Rand.

  • otter1111

    Great article, Michael. The real root of our problems are spiritual and moral.

    • MrsBulldoggy .

      I agree, Otter. However, try telling that to the masses and they will call you a prejudiced, bigoted racist. The days of personal responsibility and integrity have gone to the wayside. It is now up to each person to walk a moral, spiritual road.
      “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” H. Ford
      Just take out quality and insert integrity for H. Ford’s quote…

  • Doxa

    this behaviour is not out of the ordinary and not unique to the time we are living in. the difference we have is the ability to become aware of it through mass broadcasting and a structured law & policing system of sorts. the numbers of people that exist on earth today have greatly increased so given the multiplier perspective there will be a lot more crimes because there are a lot more people. there will always be a minority of ‘A’moral perpetrators as there are charities and philanthropists. the debt fuelling has brought about great leaps in research and development and bettered the living standard of the masses. America is just in a kingdom cycle, that kingdom batten will be passed to the emerging next super power as has been the case throughout history

  • Boo-urns

    And yet with all of these absolutely heinous crimes taking place all over, not to mention all of the other major and life-and-lifestyle-threatening issues we face at the moment, our politicians in Washington and in state legislatures across the land are spending an inordinate amount of time, energy and money bickering over same-sex marriage, something that will harm… wait for it… absolutely no one at all.

  • djvita

    US will look like North Korea, poverty, no rights totalitarian state and no trade becuase of a worthless currency

  • Houtex77

    The increase of lawlessness and wickedness is clearly an indication that we are in the last of the last days.

    • Chris Lehman

      We’ve apparently been in the last of the last days for about 2000 years now.

  • no what i mean vern?

    The big fat elephant in the room is that young, feral blacks are celebrating the vicious attacks on white people, old and young. No one in MSM will admit to this, being that it’s not PC to point out black on white crime.

  • Joe

    One day, America will look like some of the South America countries. Things will get worst as the racial divide is getting more serious. When anger & hatred meet guns, there will be a lot of blood bath.

  • Southern Sage

    You did not once mention the race of the people involved in most of these incidents. It is relevant and should not be swept under the rug. People are not fooled.

  • Patriot One

    The best advice I can give is to always be alert, know what’s happening around you and if you see two or more blacks hanging around get out of the area.

    Always legally carry your weapon with a minimum of 3 high capacity magazines and a laser sight just in case you can’t get proper aim with your sights.

    Routine repetitive weapons training is the only way to know how you will react, but it’s no guarantee. Even the best most elite troops see things so horrific they lock up.

  • wnddll

    Sounds a LOT like Romans 1 starting at verse 18 but I started at 28 because of reasons I will not go into here: “Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents. 31 They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy. 32 They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.”
    New Living Translation

    • Mountainhiker

      End times prophecy come to life! The Democratic party has become the party of hate and racism, an engine to fuel the fires of the end times.

  • JulietteofOhio

    Nothing will change until people can feel shame for their actions, and that shame will prevent most of the awful actions we now see every day. There were few out-of-wedlock births in the1950s, because it was shameful. Most people didn’t go on welfare or food stamps because they were considered shameful. You were “moral” because of true religious belief and because you didn’t want to shame your family or yourself. Now, shame is considered child abuse and self-esteem is in fashion so you never have to feel guilty about anything, ever, no matter how heinous.

  • Roderick Bateman

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  • Johor

    Unlikely as it may seem to most folk, following a long study I made about ten years ago into the side effects for many young children who are vaccinated according to the general protocols, there is evidence that there is impairment of the capacity for empathy. fellow feeling is somehow corrupted and the result can be the examples of socio/psychopathic behaviors given above. Any normal capacity to care for others or what they do is gone. And the sense of right and wrong is destroyed.

    Those who push vaccination programs are in the profit making business. Vaccines are manufactured products like cars or CDs are ore no good left on the shelf. They have to be marketed and sold. They are sold through government backed programs with the added spin that they provide immunity from certain diseases and are intended to achieve what is curiously termed HERD IMMUNITY. This would be understandable if it were cattle, sheep, pigs or chicken being vaccinated but human beings????
    That just shows what the PTB think of the general public.

    The result – the least able to rise above the consequences of such treatment do descend to the level of beasts. In this was the great experiment in democracy collapses just as the great Soviet experiment in communism, collapsed.
    God save America. No one else can.

  • FounderChurch

    Everybody talks about WHAT is happening, but no one talks about what needs to be done other than crawl in a hole and try to survive like a rat in a rainstorm.

    Our problems are caused by:

    Best and Brightest Americans killing nearly all their children with Demonic Murderous unGodly Democrat Birth Control. If we can’t fix that forget the whole thing we are going down into the sewer, all of us. No need to move to step two as there is no step two.

    The reason we are killing our own children with Birth Control, (abortion is incidental as mostly Democrats have abortions, and who wants more Democrats.) is we have abandoned God and He has abandoned us. Religion of the right sort is the only want out of this demographic hole.


    Google “FounderChurch”

    • GSOB

      You have a certain unattractiveness in your
      evangelizing. You realize that?

      • FounderChurch

        It is intended. I don’t want sheeple I want cadre who can take it straight without sugar coating and a pablum chaser. Time for sweet talk later, but I wont’ be doing it.

  • FounderChurch

    It is democracy run amok.
    It the tyranny of the majority.
    It is the destruction of hierarchy.
    It is runaway self esteem.
    It is Birth Control murder.
    It is killing God.
    It is the death of the family.
    It is total disrespect for everything & everybody.
    It is the proliferation of hate art.
    It is written hate.
    It is non stop lying by everyone about everything.
    It is government composed of total hate.
    It is education as a hate machine.
    It is literature that is pure hate.
    It is medicine that hates the patients.
    It people that hate nature & anything natural.
    It is hate for ones country.
    It is children hate.
    It is self hate.
    It is media hatred for the truth.
    It is teachers hating students.
    It is students hating teachers.
    It is a hateful curriculum.
    It is a world of omnipresent omnipotent hate.
    It is all consuming hate.
    It is the hate of lucifer triumphant.
    It is Democrat Party hate.

  • Daystrom2012

    It should be painfully obvious to anyone with eyes to see that this is the generation that Paul was describing in 2Timothy 3:1-5. I blame the church. Where are the preachers? Where are the pastors and priests? Having seminars on how to grow your church and get your needs met instead of preaching the hard truths of God’s word. And it falls also on those who sit in the pews who want to have their ears tickled, but not for too long on Sunday morning(if they go to church at all) so as not to miss the kickoff to the game that afternoon or get the best seat at their favorite restaurant. We’ve gone too far and I believe that God has removed his protective hand from this nation and we are now under judgment and have been given over(Romans 1:28). There is hope but I believe it is on an individual basis and not on a national scale.More protective laws for the sodomites will bring more fires,floods,tornado’s and the like and economic ruin that will bring this nation and the people down to a point where they are looking for a savior be he man or devil. Soon the agreement will be signed and the man of sin will come on the scene and have the answers that the world is looking for only he will be one who will bring the world to near total destruction and death and make Hitler look like a school boy. Repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. This is it, there is no more time to play. The king is coming.

  • Norges Salg

    If you’re unhappy with how the world is developing…change it…that simple.

  • William Rothschild

    First, the government and society removes God from everything. This leads moral relativity where there’s no absolute truths, only what’s true for you. At the same time, parents do nothing to stop or curb the amount and type of video games that their kids play with most of it being very violent. And sad, but true, most churches are becoming irrelevant because they’ve changed their services to be more like the world, instead of remaining true to the bible and God.

  • nekksys


    Your commentaries are spot on. I’d like to see a Big Picture article from you. You have touched on several excellent points and I would love to see how you paint the entire picture of where America is now, the directions we are heading as a nation and what the end result will be if we don’t pull our collective heads out and get busy fixing our country.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I will see what I can do. 🙂


  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Why ignore the racial angle? Many if not most of the violent incidents involved blacks.

    One of the biggest reasons things are going to turn bloody is the incredible racial and cultural diversity that did not exist in the 1930s.

    Not only has America imported hostile non-White populations, but these groups are encouraged to hate Americans and to act on those racial grievances.

  • frank1569

    ‘Or could it be possible that I am overstating things?’

    Yes, it’s possible. A few anecdotal stories in a country of 300M+ people doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

    Everyday, hundreds of thousands of Americans teach others, put out fires, save kitties from trees, care for our elderly, battle ‘bad guys’ in at least a half-dozen countries, rescue accident victims, feed the poor and needy, etc.

    None of which Big Corporate Media cares about – because ‘good news’ doesn’t spike ratings. But, in the broader scheme, the good news far outweighs the bad.

  • Glomerol

    Governments-cum-corporations/corporatocracies are pimps to the wage-slaving public. Wakey wakey. Slavery never went away and democracy doesn’t exist.

  • Rick

    Things have always been bad. In the sixties, about age 10, I read about a Chicago attack on a woman in public where nobody helped. I called the onlookers cowards but my mother said “Why get involved? You could get killed.” I replied, “I don’t think I want to live in a world where nobody cares enough to get involved in a situation like that.” My wife worked in Chicago Heights ER for most of the 60’s. Rough area, several times a week an elderly person was brought in severely kicked, dozens of times or more, all over their body – often fatally. So while I agree that things appear to be getting slowly worse, it is only honest to admit that evil and cruelty have always been a part of human nature.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Our troops do their best to make the rest of the World free….”

  • abinico

    Decay – ha, what a joke. This country has been decayed from the very beginning – learn about the perversions of our founding fathers over 200 years ago.

  • BlackDog

    Michael, what happened to Germany at the end of WWII? After we fire-bombed Dresdin, after the Russians slaughtered everybody? That was terrible, horrible, for everybody involved. But we got passed it. Things changed, but not really. The population splintered and wove itself into the fabric of Europe. Germany remained, and rebuilt, and re-treatised with The Good Guys, and now 70 years later, they are the powerhouse in Europe. The terrible and the horrible will happen, but life goes on, you know?

    • Hammerstrike

      Nope, sorry, the war was not to save democracy or Poland.

  • YH

    @ WM
    Great information. Thank You!

  • Fredrick Toben Adelaide

    Oswald Spengler’s >Untergang des AbendlandsFrom Dawn to Decadence< make the same predictions.
    The big worry is how to implement proposed solutions – or just go down with the Titanic and listen to the fiddlers calming and soothing our fear of impending inevitable death!

  • Christine

    Do you see America and our current world in this prophecy? It’s straight from the Good Book. Shows just how close we are in these last of the last days, before Christ’s return. But those of us who love Him and believe He is who He says He is, do not have to fear. Christ Himself tells us not to be afraid. We know in our hearts the glory that’s coming, and if we humble ourselves before God, ask His forgiveness, and do what He says in our hearts, we can be assured of His unfathomable love and protection. And when true chaos strikes, rather than be just out for ourselves, we can choose to be a blessing for others, a comforting light for those who have no faith or hope at all, who truly do have something to fear: eternity without God. We can point them to their loving Father. It’s all part of the plan, and the Lord will never leave us or forsake us. So, prepping for emergency necessities for our physical needs is good, but prepping for our spiritual needs will be even more important. Pray! Get into the Word, love your heavenly Father! And trust Him through it all!
    Matthew 24:1-14 (NKJV):
    Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. Mat 24:5 “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. Mat 24:6 “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Mat 24:7 “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. Mat 24:8 “All these are the beginning of sorrows. Mat 24:9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. Mat 24:10 “And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Mat 24:11 “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. Mat 24:12 “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Mat 24:13 “But he who endures to the end shall be saved. Mat 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

  • jamesB

    and love of many shall wax cold…….
    The End times are upon us, may God have mercy on us all. The Prophetic dominoes are falling and there is nothing at this time to stop them, ironically, not even prayer.
    The Holy Bible

  • jaxon

    the bikers where first hit by this “innocent” dad. please stop the drama and if your going to pick something don’t pick something where both sides are wrong. If that idiot would have hit me on my bike I would have cleaned his clock to!

  • Hammerstrike

    That is “diversity”, “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” for you!

  • GetThemOUT

    They ARE and have been since their existance! YOU are just uninformed.

  • HadIt

    And you can’t help but be stupid. Too bad there are more like you than not.. YOU and people like YOU are the reason this country has gone to SH*T.

  • HadIt

    Go back to CNN where you belong you little liberal trash bag of sh*t.

  • Bruce McDonalds

    I think Obama has been able to issue two Thanksgiving proclamations without mentioning GOD, now that’s a real challenge. I think in one he was thankful about being thankful.

    • slz

      Figures. I heard on Fox News the other day that Thanksgiving hasn’t been a religious holiday for decades. Well it is in my home.

  • Nobody

    There are hundreds of millions of people in this country. Of course there are going to be stories like these.

    How about Great Depression II will be worse for these reasons:

    In the 1930’s, the US was an oil exporter. We now import half of the oil we use (US oil production peaked at roughly 9.5 mlb/day in December, 1970).

    In the 1930’s, we were a creditor nation. We are now a debtor nation.

    Most people still farmed back then. There is hardly any self-reliance now, amongst roughly 300 million.

  • GSOB

    Starting Friday Nov 1, 2013 – food stamp benefits will be cut for more than 47 million people.

    That’s about 15 percent of the U.S. population, which is up from 8.7 percent in 2007.

  • mikeymike61

    we should ask the individual who posts on this site under the name 2gary2 what should be done.
    He is a liberal and is the smartest man in the world.
    He should have all the answers.

  • GoldenEagles

    There is a substantial basis for concern in this area. And I want to explain why.

    When Mr. Synder says that this is not the same country that was in existence during the Great Depression, where year after year tens of thousand of people stood in soup lines in a peaceful and organized manner, and for the most part, did not ransack the grocery stores of their day. We live in a different country today. The difference is explained by the level of Divine Providence which America qualified to receive in that day to stop the most egregious forms of evil from using the frustrations and anger of the people as conduits through which these forces of darkness could act, and thus multiply, by many orders of magnitude, the destructive nature of their outer conduct.

    These forces of darkness, which take advantage of the weaknesses of the people, weaknesses of character that produce the inner fractures of fear, frustration, and anger, are represented by the demonic hordes which live within the astral plane, which is the same frequency spectrum as the lower emotional frequency of the polluted feelings of mankind. These creatures are organisms of pure hatred and malice. The demonic hordes are comprised of the angels who rebelled against God long ago, and their ever-multiplying descendents, who are raised up, in their domain, in the tradition of pure hatred unto God, and tremendous anger unto God. And because they cannot attack God directly, they attack the Purposes of God in the earth, primarily the redemptive program, which is designed to awaken the Children of God unto their divine origins, and to call them home, and to prepare them to return home, to transform them sufficiently so that they are deemed worthy to return home. Worthiness in this respect is simply the judgment of God as to the potential of a particular soul to comply with the standards of the heaven world once returned to the heaven world. As no one is allowed to return home to the heaven world who carries with them seeds of the original rebellion. The forces of darkness attack this program of redemption directly, primarily through the manipulation of the feeling worlds of embodied souls, creating divisions, polarization, hatred and war among the peoples of the earth. All of those qualities are the seeds of the original rebellion, and if a soul cannot transcend them, they must stayed tied to the redemptive program until they are sufficiently cleansed of these tendencies.

    The Master Jesus Christ included in the body of Teaching that he brought to the Children of God in the earth, the knowledge of the existence of the demonic hordes. In dozens of places throughout the four gospels, he indicated the need to identify the influence of these manipulators, and to cast them out. Of course, mankind err greatly, when, in confronting this important body of the Teachings of Christ, their response is to laugh and mock. But we dot no condemn, but have only pity, which is realization of the need to extend compassion to those who are instruments of the very mockery of these darkside forces. After all, as it is written, the slave is our brother. After all, when the Master said, that blessed are they who are not offended in him, he gave us an essential point of understanding. Why are these individuals blessed who are not offended in Christ? It is because they have the protection of the Angelic Host, which blocks this mockery from being transmitted through them by these demonic entities. How does an individual gain this blessing of protection? They follow the Teachings of Christ, not just in word, but in deed. They weave the Teachings of Christ into the very fabric of their lives by the study and the practice thereof. They are not the ones who strut around declaring that they are saved, and look down their noses at those they believe who are not. They are the ones who allowed the Master to come into their hearts, to be transformed from the inside out, into conduits of the very Love of God. The Power of Love is within them. Within their blood streams flow a deep respect for Christ, a quality of being, composed of a Light that flows out of their own hearts, which is the first defense against any encroachment of mockery.

    Inner city attitudes were much more stable during the 1920’s, 1930’s, and the 1940’s. Why? Because the Angelic Hosts were given, as a general rule, the authority to safeguard the feeling worlds of the people from the most direct and destructive manipulation from these darkside forces. The Angelic Hosts do not have that authority today. As a general rule, they do not have the authority to give that assistance today. This is the most important point to understand. They do not have this authority today. Why?

    During the years of the Great Depression, the institution of School Prayer was operative throughout most of the nation. The practice of public prayer in the public schools was an organic mechanism of national devotion and supplication that allowed the Angelic Hosts to intercede in the collective affairs of the nation. The public square, as it is called, is a special domain of freewill. It is the domain of the national freewill. The Angelic Hosts cannot operate in the public square unless they have national authorization to do so. Back then, through the practice of school prayer, a practice that was founded in the consent of the governed, these prayers could be answered within the public square to a great extent. Therefore, stability and order were the general characteristics of the American Public square in those years. Even in years of great stress, stabilility and order prevailed.

    There were exceptions of course, because there are other factors that come into account, in the decision process that determines what level of Divine Intercession would be allowed in a given circumstance. If all factors are fulfilled, God’s protection of a culture is total, peace is maintained, and abundance and prosperity are the experience of every citizen. To the extent that various factors in this equation are not fulfilled, or only partially fulfilled, then the level of Divine Intercession that God is able to give to the people will fall short of the ideal. The bottom line is that America is not a perfect nation. But traditionally, and in those years as well, America was in the process of fulfilling many of the important criteria factors that allowed a substantial level of Divine Intercession to be given to the people. One of the major factors, that of prayer in the public schools, was present, and it was activated and operating. The level of reverence unto God in the culture as a whole was substantially greater than it is today.

    In 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court banned the practice of prayer in the public schools. This cut back by about 90% the amount of Divine Intercession that God could authorize in the domain of the public square.

    It is no a coincidence that we saw in the decades of the 1960’s the public losing it will to fight for freedom in Vietnam, and what is more, taking on an attitude of mockery in relationship to the fight for freedom itself, and to express a willingness, a willingness Americans have never before showed, to to throw away, and make worthless the sacrifice of tens of thouands of Americans who had given their lives for the cause of freedom, and to subsquently abandon an ally nation (South Vietnam) into the hands of an officially Atheist totalitarian power (North Vietnamese Communism).

    It is no coincidence, as well, that we saw in the late 1960’s gargantuan levels of race riots in the inner cities of America.

    It is no coincidence, as well, that we saw a movement towards the legalization of abortion, which is a loss of the will of the American people to stand up and fight for the right not just for freedom, but for life itself. 55 million children in the womb have been slaughtered since that time.

    The shield of light that the Angelic Host could place around the people, around the mindspace that related to the conduct of our affairs in the public square, was no longer there. The influence and pressure of the darkside was felt directly by millions who have never felt that invludence before. They lost touch with their founding principles. They lost touch with the American ideal. And they accepted defeatism as a substitute.

    I can tell you that the opposition to Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative has its origin in these darkside forces that mock the idea of American exceptionalism, and induce the spirit of defeat into the hearts and minds of those who have no shield of light around them. Compare and contrast, to see if this particular opposition was wise, or nearly fatal, as we contemplate, that while Communist China does not have hundreds of nuclear weapons today, but only dozens, that a well-advanced and operational missile defense would protect us from being manipulated by this threat today, the glaring lack of which will have significant implications in the near term, unfortunately.

    Wherever mindless hate operates in the public square, you see a place where the Angelic Hosts could offer a shield of light, for the guarding of that public square, between these vulnerable individuals, and the great power of hatred that the demonic hordes can send through them. Every successful attack on the American public square that we have seen since 1962, which includes the Ford Hood, Texas, mass shooting on November 5, 2009, the Fort Hood, Texas, hiccups shooting on September 25, 2012, U.S. Navy Yard, Washington D.C., mass shooting September 16, 2013, and all the school shootings, and all workplace shootings.

    In response to the latest mass shooting at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington D.C., CNN published this interesting compilation of data: “25 Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Fast Facts”, which I will summarize here, with the addition of three which they missed, one in 1963, the assassination of JFK, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and the assassination of Martin Luther King both in 1968, which I include as mass shootings because each one basically shot the heart out of millions and millions of Americans.



    1968 (2)


    1982 (2)

    1984 (2)





    1999 (2)


    2007 (2)

    2009 (4)



    2012 (2)


    Summarizing the above numbers, we have Four (4) mass shootings in the 1960’s. One (1) mass shooting in the 1970’s. Six(6) mass shootings in the 1980’s. Four (4) mass shootings in the 1990’s. And twelve (12) mass shootings since the year 2,000.

    The above does not include bombings, and acts that are defined as terrorism against the United States, foreign or domestic. Wikipedia has some useful data that will give us a rough idea of the price we have paid for eliminating the practice of school prayer: List of assassinations and acts of terrorism against Americans. Altogether, Sixty (60) incidents are listed from the year 1837 to the year 2013. Twelve (12) incidents are listed from 1837 to 1954, a period of 117 years. This equates to an average of .1 incident per year. Forty-Eight (48) incidents are listed from 1963 to 2013, a period of 50 years. This equates to .96 incidents per year. This represents a nearly a ten fold increase in terrorist attacks against America’s public square for the years following the banning of school prayer.

    Getting to the primary point of Mr. Snyder’s article above, all the points he brought up are symptoms of this lack of Divine Intercession that is available to America at this point in her history.

    Things are more crude and violent today because the force of the demonic entities have an unobstructed path to operate through now, especially in mob situations. This lack of Divine Intercession in America today, makes it increasingly unlikely that a lid can be kept on the people’s emotions when conditions become very severe economically.

    If situations are so tense and fearful as to powerfully tempt people to choose the path of violence, if the individual character is not able to provide this counterbalancing force by virtue of his own character resources, derived from his relationship to God, there must be a counterbalancing force. This is the where the Angelic Hosts come in to play. Under conditions like this, they can extend strong forcefields of Light into the temples of these souls, reminding them that there are always alternatives to violence, and equally important there are consequences associated with violence.

    There are people who have, in their relationship with God, this counterbalancing force established in their own character, a force of light sufficient, as noted above, to block the temptation, which the demonic force would to try to apply, to escalate the situation.

    However, there are those people who do not have this counter balance force already established. And the intercession of the Angelic Hosts is required to help them to hold the balance, and thus the balance for peace in the public square. This balancing force is not available to us today within the domain of the public square.

    While survival food is a necessary consideration, the most important survival mechanism you can have is a strong prayer momentum already established, that will allow the Angelic Host to give this kind of assistance to you, where the demonic hordes will be blocked from amplifying unto death, the feelings of fear, anger and hate, in those whom you will come into contact with during the trying times ahead. As it was said of old, there but by the Grace of God go I.

    Given the central cause of our problem, and the fact that the path to the solution must involve the restoration of prayer to the public schools of America, if a person resists the TEMPTATION to only look out for himself, but would devote a certain amount of his time and energy to promoting the solution, to encourage American to return to the path of reliance upon God for every good and perfect thing, that would give that person clearly, an added level of protection during the trying times ahead.

  • jack

    Propoganda–you leave out so much stuff in your articles you cite. You fail to mention in the biker gang the he ran over a biker and paralyzed him. Don’t be like hitler in your articles…….

  • Kieran Smith

    Was considering emigrating to the US in order to escape the damage wrought by the evil EU. Seems you have more issues than us.

  • Mike Smithy

    Did you happen to notice that nearly all of the cited references of animalistic behavior occurred in the Northeast corridor. Too bad we can’t rename it Crapistan and let Canada anex it as a new province.

  • yhwhzson

    I find it interesting that from your previous article you stated the following:

    “We are simply not the same country that we used to be. Americans are
    proud, selfish, greedy, arrogant, ungrateful, treacherous and completely
    addicted to entertainment and pleasure. Our country is literally
    falling apart all around us, but most Americans are so plugged into
    entertainment that they can’t even be bothered to notice what is

    …because that sounds lock and step with what the WORD OF GOD says:

    Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    Rom 1:29 Being filled with all
    unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness;
    full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    Rom 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    Rom 1:31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    Seems that the U.S. has embraced wickedness. Proof of which JFK was killed 50 years ago this year and not a word was mentioned about it until recently. Because they have to. So who was able to keep the nation in amnesia for 50 years the conspirators who took over the country with the result of the murder and cover-up!

    So no wonder why we find ourselves in the spiritual decay of today.

  • michelle

    Obama needs to die! HE sucks the government sucks and this country is getting really depressing on how evil people are these days….I wish things could all be good for once especially since the government is basically doing the holocaust behind our backs. this country is built on secrets yet I still love it here 🙂

  • slz

    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon as we are often called). The Book of Mormon (yes we study the KJ version of the Bible too) reads in Helaman 12: And we may see that the very time when He (the Lord) doth prosper his people,…doing all things for the welfare and happiness of his people; yea then is the time that they do harden their hearts and do forget the Lord their God, and do trample under their feet the Holy One.. He is the one who allows us prosperity. He is the one who deserves our thanks.
    Unless, and until, we repent as a people and return to a love for our God…and teach the same to our children…we will march steadily down this dreadful road.
    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  • HudsonH211

    You’re report is as biased and manipulative as one from the Government. You clearly did no research into all of the examples you did, or you just used only the bits that supported your point. You are a good example of social decay. Learn a little self control why do you.

  • Gage

    Humanity is pretty savage and messed up on its own, independent of moral training or not. I completely disagree with everyone who keeps citing the decline of Christianity as the reason for America’s problems. That notiondemonizes seculars and ignores the fact that money was a much more driving factor than gods in the founding of the country. The first amendment from the very beginning established a secular government. God wasn’t even mentioned in the pledge or on money until the 1950s. It’s ridiculous to me because Christianity itself is just a mechanism among many created and used by social elites to control people. The life of Jesus exactly mirrors the life of Horus, the ancient Egyptian sun god, in the Book of the Dead which was around for at least a thousand years before Christianity. Rome is alluded to in the Old Testament but was never explicitly mentioned, then all of a sudden in the New Testament it is a huge deal, and coincidentally much of that new testament parallels Roman astrological myths. I’m getting way off topic, though.

    Our country isn’t on a moral decline. We have much more immediate media coverage than ever before, so we hear about these types of incidences more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they occur any more often than ever before. We are on a huge decline in intelligence, education, and on a huge incline of apathy and complacency. Corporatism is completely to blame.

    Corporate interests own and control the mainstream media, arms manufacturing, food production, the fiat money banking system, and by extension the US government. The rich corporate elites care nothing about the welfare of anyone but themselves and their own families. Once it all collapses, they’ll be long gone with anything of real intrinsic value. They use mainstream media to distract and propagandize and brainwash, then take advantage of mass ignorance to systematically steal from all of us and demonize or kill or imprison anyone who dissents too loudly.

  • Failerella

    you people forgot your tinfoil hats, it seems…

  • Trippopolis

    The school systems don’t educate, they condition kids to compete with everyone and just obey. This causes anxiety and stress; high school drop out rates have skyrocketed. Kids no longer want to learn because “education” is now about regurgitating information to pass a test. Same with college, and corporate professions that require degrees. Who wants to be in debt and have to work 40+ hours a week just to get by? Crime is increasing, people are confused and desperate. Main steam media certainty is making things worse; terrible music(break ups, drugs, money, demeaning to women) News (perpetuating government propaganda, and showing deaths/murder/rape as though that is all that ever happens). Forget religion, religion is a tool of government to control the people. Doubt me? Do some research about Constantine and the Roman empire. Teach kids (and adults) about outside/nature, get them engaged with the real world, local parks and creeks clean up. Education is key, but genuine learning is discouraged; cookie cutter people to work for corporations.We need to get educated (not mainstream) and become responsible for our lives and local communities… Eventually we need to become a true democracy, and not abdicate our power to a few hundred politicians(who set their own agenda or the agenda of their largest campaign contributors). I have 3min video on YouTube highlighting the merits of Direct Democracy.

    “There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance.” Ali bin Abu-Talib

  • Socrates

    lol what a joke. if you cherry-picked the 12 worst news stories from 1930, you would see stories that are utterly more disturbing than the ones above. See the Valentine’s Day Massacre, OPEN political affiliation with mobsters, the trial of Gordon Stewart Northcott, brothels operating in open daylight, abortions with clothes hangers; the list goes on and on. To claim that people are more immoral now than they were in the 1920s is a joke.

    If the lower and middle class would struggle more with a depression now than they did in the 1930s, the sole reason is that most people in the 1930s were already accustomed to a life of doom, desperation, and despair. If such a life is what is necessary to prepare for a great depression we aren’t sure is coming, I think I’ll pass.

    • Thomas Brown

      you don’t have to look too hard for bad news stories in the US.

  • lp

    funny how i get a seed vault ad at the end of the article…

  • David Reischer

    Do androids dream of electric sheep? No empathy

  • The witness

    America will fall

  • John Aaron

    If our last two presidents, Bush and Obama, had been wise and prudent, they could have lengthened our tranquility and headed off this approaching catastrophe. Instead, their polices are bringing it on full force.

  • kenfrombayside

    Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
    – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
    – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
    – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
    – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
    – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
    – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
    – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.
    – text everybody in your cell phone queue now.

  • Badger Badgerism

    time to shoot all black males…at random
    you see a group of black males…empty the clip
    I am totally for killing as many blacks as I can
    and when shtf..I will be mowing them down!

    • Badger Badgerism

      and next I will be putting down the black females too…in fact soon
      I will just start executing all black people
      until I run out of bullets then I will start using my bowie knife to cut their guts out

  • knifemare69

    What do you expect, when the two police officers who beat that homeless man to death in Fullerton got off scot-free? Why are you bitching about youth crimes when they CLEARLY are taking their lead from the authorities? Police shoot family dogs dead in this country more often than they hit the local doughnut shop – and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! Want to kill someone just for fun? Get yourself a badge and the world is your target practice.

    The rot started at the top; you did NOTHING to stop it because you, like most Americans, worship power and ‘authority.’ Well, you have the society you wanted now – deal with it!

  • T.j. Thomas

    “Just last weekend, there were “mini-riots” in several U.S. states when “technical issues” caused the food stamp system to go haywire for a few hours.” Ditto in several places in West Virginia over water after the chemical spill there.

  • Aaaron

    While not good listing of actions. these in no way are indications that the country is on a slide to fall. There are a lot of good gun carry laws passed that will allow self protection from thugs, plus are taking actions to prepare for thugs and unruly folks.

  • jack nichols

    F**K you faggots

    • mcrazie16

      You are what’s wrong with world! You are no better than anyone else!

  • Tico

    what have they provided its not just them who are screwing the society up.

  • WishingRealist

    I do believe lines should be drawn…America is getting to lenient in all the wrong areas…We the people should be able to trust one another and feel safe. Its very sad.

  • Tchevy

    It’s time for America to STOP fighting with each other and band together. We should never forget God on who this country was founded.

  • Eric

    So crazy and twisted that the violent crime rate is at the lowest level in decades. And still declining… Sorry, how were you trying to scare us again? Try a different set of lies.

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