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15 Signs That Obama Has Already Made The Decision To Go To War With Syria

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Obama Nobel Peace PrizeThe Obama administration seems absolutely determined to help radical Islamic jihadists that have beheaded Christians, that have massacred entire Christian villages, and that have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda topple the Assad regime and take over Syria.  Yes, the Assad regime is horrible, but if these jihadist lunatics take control it will destabilize the entire region, make the prospect of a major regional war much more probable, and plunge the entire nation of Syria into a complete and utter nightmare.  It has been estimated that somewhere around 100,000 people have already been killed in the civil war in Syria, and now it looks like the U.S. military and the rest of NATO plan to become directly involved in the conflict.  The Obama administration is actually considering an attack on Syria even though the American people are overwhelmingly against it, Obama does not have Congressional approval to start a war, and he will never get approval for military action from the UN because it will be blocked by Russia.  This is setting up to become a colossal foreign policy disaster for the United States.

A potential war with Syria has been brought to the forefront because of a chemical weapons attack near Damascus last week that killed as many as 1,400 people.  The Obama administration and several other western nations are blaming this attack on the Assad regime.

But others are pointing out that it would make absolutely no sense for the Assad regime to do such a thing.  They appear to be winning the civil war, and Assad knows that Obama has previously said that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red line” for the United States.

So why would the Assad regime launch a brutal chemical weapons attack against women and children just miles from where UN inspectors were staying?

Why would Assad risk war with the United States and the rest of NATO?

Assad would have to be extremely stupid or extremely suicidal to do such a thing.

The ones that benefit from this chemical weapons attack are the jihadist rebels.  The odds of foreign intervention in the conflict just went way, way up.

We will probably never learn the real truth about who was actually behind that attack.  And even if it had not happened, the U.S. and the rest of NATO would have probably come up with another justification to go to war anyway.  They appear absolutely obsessed with getting rid of Assad, but they have not really thought through the consequences.

The following are 15 signs that Obama has already made the decision to go to war with Syria…

#1 Syria has agreed to allow UN officials to inspect the site of the recent chemical weapons attack that killed up to 1,400 people, but a “senior U.S. official” says that such an inspection would be “too late to be credible“.

#2 According to ABC News, the White House is saying that there is “very little doubt” that the Assad regime was behind the deadly chemical weapons attack last week.

#3 Four U.S. warships with ballistic missiles are moving into position in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. If the command is given, they will be able to rain Tomahawk cruise missiles down on targets inside Syria within minutes…

U.S. defense officials told The Associated Press that the Navy had sent a fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles into the eastern Mediterranean Sea but without immediate orders for any missile launch into Syria.

U.S. Navy ships are capable of a variety of military actions, including launching Tomahawk cruise missiles, as they did against Libya in 2011 as part of an international action that led to the overthrow of the Libyan government.

#4 CBS News is reporting that “the Pentagon is making the initial preparations for a Cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces”.

#5 On Saturday, Barack Obama met with his national security team to discuss what actions should be taken in Syria.

#6 U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says that Barack Obama has asked him to “prepare options for all contingencies” as far as a conflict with Syria is concerned.

#7 After a phone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron about the situation in Syria, the White House announced that both leaders expressed “grave concern” about the chemical weapons attack that took place last week.

#8 Military commanders from the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, Italy and Canada are meeting in Amman, Jordan on Sunday to coordinate plans for upcoming attacks on Syria.

#9 According to France’s second largest newspaper, rebel forces that have been trained by the CIA have been pouring toward Damascus “since mid-August“…

According to our information, the regime’s opponents, supervised by Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos moving towards Damascus since mid-August. This attack could explain the possible use of the Syrian president to chemical weapons.

According to information obtained by Le Figaro , the first trained in guerrilla warfare by the Americans in Jordan Syrian troops reportedly entered into action since mid-August in southern Syria, in the region of Deraa. A first group of 300 men, probably supported by Israeli and Jordanian commandos, as well as men of the CIA, had crossed the border on August 17. A second would have joined the 19. According to military sources, the Americans, who do not want to put troops on the Syrian soil or arming rebels in part controlled by radical Islamists form quietly for several months in a training camp set up at the border Jordanian- Syrian fighters ASL, the Free Syrian Army, handpicked.

#10 The U.S. military moved a significant number of F-16 fighter jets to Jordan earlier this year for military exercises, and kept them there afterward “at the request of the Jordanian government“.

#11 According to a government document that Wikileaks released back in March 2012, NATO personnel have been on the ground inside Syria preparing for regime change since 2011.

#12 The Times of Israel is reporting that an internal military assessment has concluded that “Washington is seriously considering a limited yet effective attack that will make it clear to the regime in Damascus that the international community will not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction against Syrian civilians or any other elements”.

#13 U.S. Senator John McCain recently said that if the U.S. military does not hit Syria, it will be like “writing a blank check to other brutal dictators around the world if they want to use chemical weapons”.

#14 According to the New York Times, “the NATO air war in Kosovo” is being studied “as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations”.

#15 The White House has released a statement that says that the Obama administration has no plans to put “boots on the ground“, but it did not rule out any other types of military action.

This is not a conflict that the U.S. military should be involved in.

And we should especially not be on the side of the rabidly anti-Christian, rabidly anti-Israel and rabidly anti-western forces that are attempting to take control of Syria.

The terrorists that the Obama administration is backing are absolutely psychotic.  Just check out the following example from a recent article posted on the Blaze

New video posted on YouTube purports to show the graphic murder – execution style – of three Syrian truck drivers who did nothing more than belong  to a minority faith the local Al Qaeda affiliate does not like.

In the video, a small band of Islamist radicals with the Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) group is seen waving the tractor trailers off the side of an Iraqi road and then proceeds to interrogate the unsuspecting drivers about their prayer habits, trying to discover if they are Sunnis or members of the Alawite minority in Syria.

When they “fail” the Sunni jihadis’ pop roadside quiz, the truck drivers are seated in a line in the median of the road and shot in the back of their heads firing squad style by the self-appointed law enforcers, jury, judge and executioner.

Why in the world would the United States want to arm such people?

Why in the world would the United States want to go to war to help such people take power?

It is utter insanity.

And as I mentioned earlier, most Americans are totally against getting involved.  According to a stunning new poll, 60 percent of all Americans are against U.S. military intervention in Syria, and only 9 percent are in favor of it.

So in light of all that you have just read, why is the Obama administration so determined to help the rebels in Syria?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    “Trade wars, currency wars, world wars”

    – Gerald Celente

    History is repeating itself. What better way to get the attention away from the depression like US economy than a war? Wars boost the economy in the short term but in the end this will as the article states, will DESTABILIZE the entire region.

    Expect higher gas prices at the pump and a showdown with Russia. And if I was Odumber, I would not test Putin. He ain’t playing with the US anymore.

    • Rodster

      According to Wikileaks, this military intervention was planned as far back as 2011.

      Link below:

      • K

        This battle plan, yes 2011. The overall plan far older.

        • Syrin


    • JustanOguy

      Russia will just sit back and watch the U.S. eventually go BK.

      They learned a lot from their little trip to Afghanistan… Playing world police costs too much.

      • indigenous

        russia will be around they are good people unlike you colonial mutts on my land illegally!get lost!

    • Cyber Revengeance

      gerald celente is an old and experienced man. he sees farther. he is correct.

      regarding war usa is ready and plans are made years ahead if any war. looks like despite any event Americans are not supporting war. planners must be stunned that everything is not going as planned. laughable are these Muslim countries that are always in conflict mode.

    • cannuck21

      Yep agree. And all the time the innocent civilians pay with their lives.
      Shame on the war mongering b…….’s

    • Gay Veteran

      Celente also says when all else fails they take you to war.
      Our “leaders” are nothing but war-mongering psychopaths.

      • indigenous

        and you pieces of sh**! are nothing but racist illegal unwanted immigrants on our land get out!

    • indigenous

      history will be you! whites! history is going back to when non whites were in their indigenous places with no stinky white germbags around.

  • xander cross

    Who benefits from this? Oh. I know who, white supremacy. How else can white men plunder again from other countries.

    • Rodster

      Is that you Louis Farrakhan?

      • Syrin

        It’s Eric Holder, white man.

        • xander cross

          No, it’s Ron Paul taking donations from don black again. It’s also rand Paul trying to assault white women again.

      • Joe Kleinkamp

        It’s a Gary Coleman look alike posting from his mom’s basement.

        • xander cross

          It’s alex jones fleecing you for money again for another money bomb.

      • xander cross

        No, it’s Ted cruise. You know the guy with two birth certificates and has has dual citizenship.

        • Rodster

          So you are a white guy after all, troll? That’s how dumb you are. You walk into your own trolling remarks.

    • Syrin

      So what color is your metrosexual in chief who will sign the order to go to war? I bet you’re even dumber than your posts even suggest.

      • xander cross

        That would be your posts that makes you dumber by the moment. Face it, you and the majority of white men love war and even pray for it every Sunday before its kickoff time.

  • Tim

    The U.S. is so overextended that this might be the war that finally does us in. The final straw if you will. We couldn’t afford the (illegal) wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And we certainly can’t afford to get involved in Syria. Our economy is on the brink of another major downturn, millions of Americans need work, our infrastructure needs repair, the statutory debt limit has been reached, etc. We have no business getting involved in another foreign entaglement. None. But TPTB obviously have an agenda. It grieves me to see what’s going on in the world. The only consolation I have is that a time is coming when there will be no more war.

    • Rodster

      I was reading an article today that the City of Richmond, CA is trying to stop Wells Fargo from hundreds or maybe thousands of home foreclosures. The city wants to exercise their right of eminent domain.

      • Tim

        It seems that there’s no good news anymore.

        • cherylmeril

          Believe me, Jesus Christ is the best news you’ll ever want to know or hear.

          • Tim

            Oh, I agree.

          • disgusted

            Fairytales…..for the gullible

          • indigenous

            jesus christ isnt the true lords name fool! get it through your head dummy! his real name is Yeshua…….

        • indigenous

          want to know the truth why? answer is because your white ****** are here that’s why!!!!!

    • cherylmeril

      If that’s you’re only consolation you’re truly doomed. We are part of fallen humanity, there is no hope at all without Jesus Christ.

      • indigenous

        what jesus christ? the social construct you white devils made his name isnt jesus stupid its Yeshua and the lord was never white either you people are sinners and going to hell for altering the lords image and identity which the bible states non e shall alter.

      • indigenous

        why believe in someone elses religion pagan? you white people killed the lord Yeshua which you so called devils call the lord jesus.

    • Gay Veteran

      totally agree

    • Mudpie

      I cannot imagine we are going full scale into Syria.

      What this President has done to this nation – with lots of help of course – will go down in infamy as, well, words fail.

      • Ron Chandler

        Let this be a lesson to Americans: Stay away from Indoneezians!

      • indigenous

        naw what you people have done is what will make an economic collapse i believe republicans are fully responsible for the shut down. as well america owes a 17 trillion dollar deficit because of you white illegals on my land who made a nasty debt like you already did in europe stupid!truth hurts!its not possible to raise that kind of debt in two terms retard!

  • xander cross

    White men creating another war. That is all they know. I do not believe for one second that 60% of white Americans don’t want a war with Syria. That is a lie.

    • Barry

      Xander, I’m white. I’m completely against this. Based off your assumption, I’m for war – but you couldn’t be further from right. So what makes you think you’re not wrong on the rest of the 60%? And America is composed of a lot more than white people. 60% of Americans are against it. Face it.

      • xander cross

        Not true at all because the majority of people that support war in Syria are white men. They control the media and thus, the opinions of Americans. Your numbers are false.

    • itiswhatitis

      Isn’t there a war right now among the blacks in Africa? I personally don’t think middle east people look white. Isn’t there all kinds of wars in the middle east? There is warmongers in every race. Your statements are ignorant.

    • Syrin

      You do understand what color your metrosexual in chief is right? Your racism is making you color blind in that even black men look white to you. What color were those gang bangers that killed that Australian student?

      • xander cross

        Your president is bi racial, see, this is what I am talking about. You say he is black even though he has a white mother. Who is the racist here? That would be you.

      • xander cross

        What color was the guy that was trying to shoot up a black elementary school? What color is Amanda Knox that perform a satanic ritual on a guy in Paris? What color is Jodi arias? You white men like Amanda Knox even though you’re a Christian and she worships satan. You love wars, because you make money from it by plundering its resources.

        • Louise in MO

          You must have a lot of time to waste. No one here is buying what you are selling.

  • xander cross

    The hypocrisy from white men that do not believe anything the media says, but quotes polls saying that people don’t want war. Correction, white America lives war and destruction and continue to destroy other countries in the name of white supremacy and Christianity.

    • Huh?

      I’m a white Christian that despises war . Don’t be so quick to judge people as it only shows your ignorance.

      • Pauly

        The Christians are silent and there is no anti-war protests of any kind. They even pray for our barbarians, I mean troops.

        • xander cross

          Exactly. Remember John hagee prayed for the war in Syria and prayed for Israel and the u.s to destroy it. He has millions of followers that believe Israel should nuke Syria and Iran and yes, all of his followers are white men and white women.

    • rentslave

      White supremacy makes the world go round.It’s the one thing that world cannot do without.

    • Syrin

      Wow, you’re a racist and a bigot. So are you a peaceful muslim member of Al Qaida or the Muislim Brotherhood? Maybe one of the peaceful black North African slave traders?

      White Supremacy? Blacks can kill whites all day long and no one will blink. Whites can’t get jobs they are better qualified for than blacks. It’s so cute how you base your bigotry on something that was true over 50 years ago. So a black man and his black assistants such as Holder are pushing white supremacy? So cute how stupid the left is.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      Why are you so angry, and why would you want to judge people by the color of their skin?


      • K

        Michael,I suspect a shill. Just trying to stir up hate. Hoping to derail and distract folks, from an informative exchange of views

        • xander cross

          Not at all. I am just telling the truth about this economy and wars for profit that are created by white men. Not angry at all. It’s the truth finally coming out about white men who love war to profit from it.

          • chilller

            And the US president mongering for war THIS time is…..NOT WHITE!

          • xander cross

            His mother is white. Again, you prove my point how racist white men are.

          • Angel Peace

            Funny, Obama wrote about how he ABHORRED (HATED) his WHITE Mother. He NEVER, EVER mentions his White Mother, EVER in public. He EMBRACES his black heritage and NOT his white heritage. His white self-hatred is evident, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
            BTW, you are the racist, Xander Cross, just look at all your nasty posts. They prove the point…

          • xander cross

            Stop lying because he never hated his mother and yes, I read his book to know that. He never wrote it at all. Stop listening to Fox News.

          • K

            How sad. You seek a unifying reason behind all that is happening. But you miss the target. Evil is the universal reason. I assure you evil transcends all racial, ethnic, and gender boundaries. The love of money, is the root of all evil. When money is worshipped, as it is in todays world. Evil grows quite rapidly.

          • Rodster

            Now my brotha, you’s speaking like a white person. It’s not TRUTH, it’s TROOF. You know’s it’s like we talks in the hood hood,like our brothas with the 5 gold chain’s hanging off they necks, with the FOE gold teeth in their mouths and the sideways peace signs.

            Come on my brotha you wants to be black but you sho is talking white. You got’s to be speaking like a brotha which you ain’t.

            Man you ain’t no brotha you’s white talking like that, fool. We needs to be hearing moe down with whitey and cracker be foe we accepts you as as black.

          • xander cross

            Your comment proves to me how racist you’re truly are.

    • MeMadMax

      White people invented the toilet you take a s*** in….

      Have a nice day!

      • English Kev

        What? we invented bushes?

        • Gay Veteran


    • Guest

      Sander floss you should hook up with flounder church. You’d both make an awesome tag-team!

      • Gay Veteran

        ROFLOL, good one

    • Pauly

      Right, it would seem Americans love war.

      • Gay Veteran

        our elites certainly do

    • im4truth4all

      What do you have against the truth?

    • BonusGift

      Ah, the hypocrite calling others hypocrites. I would suggest you look up the term psychological ‘projection’. In short, you have it backwards. A majority of white Americans are clearly against attacking Syria and a majority of blacks are likely for it, especially if Barry is for it. In addition, the most violent countries on the planet are those run by blacks not whites (merely a fact).

      • xander cross

        Not true and you’re lying. The majority of whites are for war and the majority of them pray for it. Most violent countries are controlled by whites and 85% of crimes are committed by other whites. Does the Huntington Beach riots ring a bell?

        • JustanOguy

          Somalia and the Darfur region in Sudan are run by whites?

          • xander cross

            Yes they are run by whites. Have been for many years now. They pay and ship guns to African nations and plunder her resources that you white men benefit from so much.

          • JustanOguy


    • jox

      We have a saying: for a person with a hammer, everything look like nails. In your case, you look at everything as if it were a problem of race, and it’s not. Unfortunately all races are equal in every sense, including the human miseries of greed, hate, violence and so on.

      • xander cross

        White men don’t believe that at all. They think that they’re superior than every other race thus the wars all over the Middle East. White men get mad at black women getting food stamps when they created it for black women in the first place. The two most powerful people in this world is a white man and an asain woman thus why white men/asain women marriage increased and white men are leaving white women in mass numbers

        • WO

          Who are those 2 most powerful people???

    • otter1111

      comment deleted

  • K

    As I have said before, all part of the plan. Syria first, then Iran. Obama is just a puppet, as well as a majority of the rest of the Government. It would not matter if 100% of the American people disapprove. They no longer serve the people. The plan will go forward until it is finished, or until it is stopped. The build up by DHS of weapons and ammo, is to make sure no one objects too loudly. The Republic has fallen. Just amazing how few even notice.

    • MeMadMax

      I don’t know why they think they can install a new government in syria now… The FSA/rebels/terrorists/al-nusra/whatever have lost all credibility to the syrian people. If assad’s government is removed from power it will guarantee perpetual war in syria for a long time… The truth of all of this in syria has been out for a long time, but because they speak a different language, nobody knows whats really going on en-masse, this leaves english speaking people to be vulnerable to progpaganda efforts put up by our tyrannical governments… There is one russian news crew in syria named newsanna on youtube that gives NO BS daily reports of whats going on in syria. And they even have their videos translated. This small but powerful stream of information is so important, I cannot emphasize the need for people to translate these types of videos, and for people that speak english(or any other language for that matter) to SHARE these videos as much as possible. Language barriers have started wars before, we must prevent this kind of crap…

      • K

        Max perpetual war in Syria, might just be what they are after. If you want to make sure no one bothers their neighbors. You keep them busy within their own boarders. First Iraq, then Libya, then Syria, finally Iran. No more challenges to the petro dollar.

        • Makati1

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but both China and Russia are already challenging the petro dollar and so are an ever larger number of other countries that the US cannot stop. The days of the dollar are numbered.

          • K

            Very true. But if the major players in the middle east are no longer pushing it. They hope it will die on the vine. Not saying it will. Just reporting what the psychos in charge believe.

          • Pauly

            Right, they will burn the world to the ground before they give up their free $ scheme.

          • energizedmortal

            The days of the dollar may be numbered but whoever is running the show will not give up their power. People in power rather there be no world than to relinquish control which is probably why most of the world will be at war soon and people are losing more and more freedom everyday.

          • myrna652

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          • indigenous

            all because you colonial unwanted white european immigrant guests of scourge are here illegally resided thats why.leeches! go back to europe!we should have a petition signed by all races if they want you off non white soils.this is native land!

        • cherylmeril

          What right do you have to be writing such outdated information? You think you know it all and clearly haven’t done your research. Know-it-all, it’s frustrating when people like you write whatever they “think” is true but haven’t at all done their reasearch.

          • kathy k

            I know we are all entitled to our opinion but K is one of the most informed poster on this sight.

          • K

            Thanks Kathy, you are a kind person.

          • patricia666

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          • indigenous

            you are not entitled to f all you are entitled to LEAVE! and get off my land!seems everyone you people oppressed and dehumanized are going to wipe you out before your extinction.we call it genocide and thank god its becoming true.every race is peed off and will harm you severely.

          • K

            Odd you offered no updated info. What is your source? Please share with the group.

      • Ralfine

        You can sell guns and ammo to everyone.

    • joepotato

      Well that about said it all… (most of it anyway) This is bound to escalate…. and it wont be pretty.

    • markthetruth

      There is no Draft , so most Americans Have no Lives in jeopardy so in the end they just continue on and don’t have time to Stickup for the ones that do !!!

      the end…

    • markthetruth

      The US will not go into Syria , it is a Trap and they know it, with no out . It will be all NEWS MEDIA Period.

      the end…

    • 22yearsfrom03

      Syria/Iran have “mutual defense pact” There is no ‘attacking Syria’. Cue Russia/China to protect trade/imports. Prepare EMP strike U.S via China. Fast track to Stone Age…

      • indigenous

        north korea and india dont like you either white Trash!

    • Terence McKenna

      Sadly, I agree with you 100%. We are going to suffer due to the lack of caring by the average American. We live in a delusional society that cares more about “Dancing with the Stars” than who is running the gov & the lame stream idiots give the gov lie and collect their 30 pieces of silver! RIP America, the republic is dead.

      • indigenous

        thank fn god now get lost!white illegal turd!

  • will

    Alas, for our sins we shall pay

  • Syrin

    This is all about trying to preserve the US currency as the means of international exchange. The bankers are behind this in large part, but there’s more.

    Obamugabe, the Nobel Peace prize winner, and American Fuhrer, will enter this war to try to distract America from the shambles he’s left at home. Then, in the next few weeks he’ll sign the UN Small Arms Treaty. Russian troops have been training WITH US soldiers here in the US to take guns from individual homes. This means that all in one fell swoop the US will secede all sovereignty to an international ruling body, destroy the US Constitution and become the USSA with Obamugabe playing the role of Stalin. All endorsed by the no information liberals.

    • Gay Veteran

      it’s a SICK JOKE that Obama got the Nobel peace prize

  • I think we could be sowing the seeds of Obama’s eventual impeachment. 60% is quite a significant number of individuals to get angry.

    • M

      Yeah great, impeach the j*rk. But what comes after? Just another Manchurian president, who is a puppy of the Gldman-Sachs military-industrial complex.

    • markthetruth

      Will Never Ever Happen !!! He is Protected .

      the end…

    • Gay Veteran

      if we didn’t impeach Bush and Cheney then we are going to impeach Obama.
      There is BIpartisan agreement on all important things in DC

  • Be careful guys….only poor, middle class Americans, Russians and Syrians will die….while the elites in all these countries enjoy the show..

    Russia and America are the Best Friends For EVER. Whenever they want to destroy a country they come from opposite sides in the name of Communism/Democracy – Socialism/Capitalism aka any opposite ideologies with a common ground on Freedom. This is the same tactic they
    used for over 100 years now.

    List of countries they have divided and ruled and butchered millions of local population.

    1. Germany

    2. Korea

    3. Combodia

    4. Vietnam

    5. Yugoslavia

    6. Afghanistan

    7. Libya

    and Now

    8. Syria

    Is their any doubt looking at the past history of these two countries involved in so called peace and freedom of its local population and then murdering millions and quietly leaving the scene as Russia has done often in the past with America staying to butcher more.

    Good Cop = Russia

    Bad Cop = America

    Match Made In Heaven

    • English Kev

      Absolutely spot on lavista. pure theatre as per Albert Pike’s demented ‘vision’.
      Quite how Britain can ponce around on the world stage as a military force anymore is a source of immense hilarity here in England.
      We couldn’t even regain the Isle of Wight if it was invaded by the Cornish.

  • Bill

    Are we not maxed out on the debt limit?
    Not if we fire some missiles.

  • gfmucci

    It boggles my mind why our out to lunch Congress goes along with this insanity.

    • M

      Not only fan and advocate. Face the fact that muslim Obama indeed is a member of the Muslim Brotherhod.

      • WO

        Says who?

      • Gay Veteran

        please! Obama has been using drones to murder Muslim civilians

  • Pauly

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • John Blythe

    While a majority of Americans are against military intervention in Syria, I think also a majority of them do not seem to understand the repercussions or the issues at stake as a result of US and/or NATO intervention in Syria. This has the possibility of developing into a much larger regional war, if not a world war and the equation is simple. Syria and Iran have a mutual defense treaty. So if Syria is attacked, Iran as well as Hezbollah terrorists from Lebanon will likely come to Syria’s aid. Also, Russia and China need Syria as a geopolitical interest in the Middle East. Let’s say the US or NATO does attack Syria and Iran comes to Syria’s aid. Well, the US and NATO might want to wage war in Iran as well. Iran, like Syria is also heavily backed by Russia and China. Iran is also a member of China’s security alliance, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and is also a candidacy member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which is the military alliance Russia has with former Soviet/Warsaw Pact nations like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Turkmenistan.

    So you can tell were all this is likely headed. US/NATO intervention in Syria = Iran, Russia, China, and the CSTO nations coming to Syria’s aid.

    Russia and China I can probably guarantee you are not going to tolerate the US or NATO destroying its most important allies in the Middle East. Take a look at what the US and NATO have done as a result of militarily waging wars in the Former Yugoslavia to overthrow Milosevic, or Iraq to get Hussein and alleged WMD’s and in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi. All that has brought us is nothing more than more Islamic extremism, terrorism, destabilization and more humanitarian problems:

    In the Former Yugoslavia (specifically Kosovo) you have Christian Serbs and Kosovo Albanian Muslims still at battle with one another and there is a continuation of growing Islamic terrorism and organ harvesting. In Iraq, you’ve now got a larger al-Qaeda presence and car bombs going off on a daily basis; and in Libya, what used to be a beautiful country that restored diplomatic relations after decades of isolation is now turned into another Middle East hellhole, also a breeding ground for terrorism; we have four dead Americans and a silent genocide taking place against minority groups such as Coptic Christians and African tribes.

    Now they’re wanting to repeat the same tactics in Syria.

    I’d also like to remind people that the US/NATO wars in the Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya were all done in violation of international law, as well as NATO’s own charter under Article 5 since none of those countries ever posed a threat to the national security of the United States or to any NATO member country, and furthermore the wars were not approved by the US Congress. Syria is also no threat to the United States and this “chemical weapons” propaganda like they spread about in Iraq in 2003, has no capability of attacking the United States or our interests.

    This government is run by psychopaths like Obama, Kerry, McCain, Graham and Hagel. They’re putting the American people last on their priority list (as usual) and spreading war mongering for a country that is no threat this country. And I don’t buy their notion of ‘protecting’ Syrian civilians. If this was true, then the US or NATO should have intervened in… let’s see… the Ivory Coast, Congo, Rwanda, Myanmar, Darfur… we’ve got a major drug cartel war right in our back yard in Mexico that’s left over 60,000 people dead and its spilled over into the United States and no intervention by the US or NATO. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    • Marianne Terrell Morton

      Well said John…I’d also like to add that Assad knows what happened to Qaddafi and Hussein–the images were not pretty. This is a man who is going to go down with bullets blazing before he allows some disgraceful hanging or his mutilated body paraded by insurgents.
      Syria has over 100,000 rockets ready to be fired—let that sink in for a moment—100,000 !! Budapest, Anbkara, Tel Aviv and most of Israel and possibly Beirut will get shelled by everything he’s got. Remeber Sadam Hussein and his scorched earth policy as he left Kuwait?–wait until Assad makes his closing move.
      If Israel gets hit with a chemical weapon or two?–all bets are off–Damascus may end up as a smoldering rubble…
      Hagel preparing “for all contingencies” is alluding to the fact that the US has also included at least 2 nuclear subs with those 4 destroyers ( and air bases essentially surrounding Syria)–this is a message to Russia to stay out of it–
      I pray that a surgical strike will cause all involved to desire a more peacable solution–but this not escalating appears to be the more far-fetched probability…
      PS: I still wonder why we are against Assad instead of supporting him? The “rebels” are Al Quada, mercenaries and a ragtag group of Islamic extremists—Assad’s family has peacefully governed a nation consisting of secularists, sunnis, shiites, alawites, christians and even jews with little internal conflict–the minority Baath party has allowed for a simple balance and freedom of belief in Syria–now we will be supporting a chaotic overthrow, a prolonged internal war and probable extremism with sharia in the end…..makes you go hhhmmmmmm

      • John Blythe

        I’ve noticed that U.S. foreign policy has been reckless ever since the end of the Cold War (although in my opinion, the Cold War has just been dormant, not over and Syria living proof), but you are correct in your assertion as to why Assad is already deemed the enemy and why we are not supporting him. While Assad is a dictator, I think I’d feel more comfortable with him in power, just as Mubarak and Gaddafi were in power. You take a look at what has happened to these Middle East government as a result of them being removed: Egypt is in turmoil, and thankfully the military came in to push Morsi out and to stop the radical Muslim Brotherhood; and Libya is in ruins, becoming a breeding ground for al-Qaeda just like what happened to Iraq. In Syria, these are the same al-Qaeda linked terrorists or affiliations with the same organizations.

        The United States doesn’t seem to learn from history or its mistakes. We armed the Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviet Union, which became al-Qaeda. In the 1990’s when Yugoslavia fell apart, the US and NATO armed Muslim extremists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which later moved over into Kosovo which the US and NATO bombed Serbia/Yugoslavia, even though it was verified later on that several of these Muslim fighters in the Yugoslav Wars participated in the 9/11 attacks. In Iraq, there were no WMD’s and no al-Qaeda and now that entire country is ruins and shambles and there are car bombings on a daily basis. And of course Libya, again another country destroyed for no reason, we armed al-Qaeda terrorists even the top Libyan rebel commander Abdel Haskin al-Hasidi told the London Telegraph he was a member of al-Qaeda and his rebel fighters fought against Americans in Afghanistan before coming to Libya. One country after another destabilized and becoming a haven for terrorism.

        And the US keeps repeating this over and over again.

        I thought under the NDAA people that associate with terrorists would be detained indefinitely without due process… hmm… I guess this law does not apply to Obama, Kerry, McCain, Graham or Hagel.

        As for Russia, I think right now they’re just waiting to see what happens and not acting too quickly. There was a report recently that stated President Putin was planning on deploying more naval forces to the Mediterranean Sea and Russia has an important naval base in Syria. For all we know, Russia might already have its own nuclear submarines near Syria as well.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…I still wonder why we are against Assad instead of supporting him?….”
        because the more terrorism there is the more Big Government can frighten the people into giving them more and more power.
        See “V for Vendetta”

      • Gary

        Isaiah 17

      • Dawn Street

        He is also very intelligent and is an MD. Seems like he is a surgeon. This man is not a wimpy little community organizer. And he KNOWS his Daddy!!

    • Gay Veteran

      totally agree!
      plus we’ll back any dictator, king, emir or tyrant so long as they do our bidding

  • TtT Engine

    Ok, “fundamental change” is our mantra. We must topple all regimes that are not in align with Soros/OB/ new world order. We must turnover all the old guards ruling the middle east. Why, who knows, who cares ? Our Navy is on WW I level, who cares ? We are feminizing/reducing the military and the U.S. Marine Corps, who cares ? Mubarak down, Gadhafi down, Assad to follow. Question-> What if Putin backs Assad BIG and fires on the U.S. warships ? Does this ignite WW III, who cares ? How does this effect the Russian troops hired to keep the U.S. citizens in alignment, who cares ? Congress ? Who needs Congress, who cares ? Who needs or cares about the Constitution ? We got OB/Soros, marginalized Christianity, an impotent enabling Catholic Church, gay marriage, mega abortions, open borders, multiculturalism, enviro-pagans, the Federal Reserve/Wall Street. That is all that matters. Wow, this fundamental changing of the U.S. is starting to spread around the world. This is getting VERY EXCITING, eh ? Satan now, God gets the last word ! Christi Fidelis !!

    • xander cross

      All of this created by white men with money.

      • TtT Engine

        That is ignorant racist babble. There are good and bad people in every race. C’mon you have to do better than that.

    • Gay Veteran

      the world would be better off if the Pentagon’s bloated budget was slashed so much we could only protect our own borders.
      the rest of your post sounds like you want a theocracy, move to Saudi Arabia is that is the case

      • TtT Engine

        Anyone who stands up for our Judaio-Christian and Constitutional beginnings you demagogue into being a supporter of a theocracy. We cannot even declare English as our national language much less declare a national religion. You fundamental changers, seculars, enviro-pagans and homosexuals, et. als. should go visit/live in an Islamic theocracy and see how welcome you are. How about some honesty here Mr. Gay Veteran ? You lefties want to effectively eliminate Christianity, you are not fooling anyone. Christi Fidelis !

        • Gay Veteran

          “…much less declare a national religion….”
          is that what you want?
          btw, a lot of people have more to fear more “chistian” fundamentalists than an Islamic theocracy
          But so ahead and believe in you pie in the sky. I don’t care so long as you don’t try to use the power of the state to impose your version of chistianity on everyone else

          • TtT Engine

            So long as you don’t use the power of the state to eliminate freedom of religion. Freedom of Religion is a First Amendment Right. Separation of church and state is not even in the Constitution and has been bastardized by the left to effectively eliminate Christianity and our Judaio-Christian ethic. JFK, a coward catholic, started the falsehood of separation of church and state. A true religion is based and starts with free will, unlike many forms of Islam which are based on violence, domination and the suppressing of women. Christi Fidelis !

          • Gay Veteran

            “So long as you don’t use the power of the state to eliminate freedom of religion….”
            Freedom of religion is alive and well, can’t say that about the rest of the Bill of Rights.
            “…Separation of church and state is not even in the Constitution and has been bastardized by the left to effectively eliminate Christianity and our Judaio-Christian ethic….”
            Eliminate? How? Where? When? Are churches were padlocked? Pastors pulled from their pulpits?

          • TtT Engine

            MARGINALIZED/Defanged, for now. Elimination is the goal. Christianity’s freedom lives in the closet. Woodstock was the starting point. No, the left/government was devious in their planning and delving out of the “30 pieces of silver”. Pastors/Priests tip toe through the daisies routinely in fear of BIG G. 9/10 Catholic Mass sermons are soft ball grade B performances for the 54% of sell outs voting for abortion supporting politicians and gay marriage. These are deep offenses against God’s laws and Commandments. Christi Fidelis !

          • Gay Veteran

            how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

          • TtT Engine

            So murdering a baby is justified if there is no adoptive parent waiting with open arms in the delivery room ? Immoral, my good man. I’ve done my share in responsibly preventing negative population growth as exists in Europe and Russia. I was raised modestly in a big family and now live modestly in one also.

          • Gay Veteran

            impressive how you didn’t answer the question:

            how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

  • im4truth4all

    In my opinion this is simply just a distraction from the problems here in the USA.

  • davidmpark

    Okay… so who are the players here, what are possible scenarios, and possible out comes.

    Syria is in with the Sunni Muslims, siding with Iran (ruled by the Twelver’s). Allied also with the Asian Leftists; Russia, China, and their allies. The rebels are Shi’ite Muslims that side with Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They are also allied with Britain, France, and the Rest of NATO… and us.

    Here’s what’s interesting… why is Israel’s interests not considered in these allied confederations? Both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, along with a lot of Europe and Russians, are calling for Israel’s demise followed closely by ours also. And with that in mind, why are we siding with the same people that we’ve been fighting for the last 12 years that have killed about 10,000 Americans?

    Here’s something interesting also… why is there a red line established by Obama if they also claimed there were no chemical weapons in Syria earlier? And the rest of the buildup since 2011?

    I want answers to these questions. This is not right.

    If Barry orders a missile attack targeting the Syrian government, what retaliation could we expect? They, or the rebels have chemical weapons – what are the odds those same weapons are here on American soil? Our government’s negligence of our borders has allowed a lot to enter already. They go off in one US major city and all panic would break loose. Also, their allies in Iran, Russia, and China may make some economic moves. Cut off the Straight of Hormuz, or terror attacks on the Suez Canal, or cut exports to the US even just a little and we would be in a would of pain!

    Barry decides not to act, and our NATO and European allies would make issue of that and could lead to financial market problems for us (not very likely, but possible). The worst would probably be a British comedy spoof of how we’re trying to outshine the French for how fast we can run from conflict. The biggest problem would come from Shi’ite’s that would demand punishment for our lack of action against the Sunni’s. Worst thing would be financial terrorism in the form of causing problems with the Suez Canal and forcing our markets into free fall in high oil prices, or sell off a lot of our treasury’s and bonds too fast – panicking the system.

    Best thing to do right now, and I know this will not happen but I have to say it. Is to call back our troops from the region except for Israel (they’re our best friends there), and immediately reopen all of the oil wells here in the US; overturn Obamacare and a lot of other restrictions; close the border. It won’t be immediate relief and in short term our financial markets will take a major hit, but in the long run it leads to more stability and we can transition our dollar to hard assets and slowly off of debt.

    Again, that’s the best idea I’ve got! Wish I knew more about it all, but that’s my best.

    • Saint

      Hey Dave, you seem to have Sunni And Shia mixed up. Syria and Iran are Shia and the rebels are Sunni. Your post has some decent content, but you need to do some research before commenting if you want to ensure your posts seem credible.

      • davidmpark

        Fixed. And yes, like all mankind I’m prone to error.

    • BonusGift

      The answer is that Israel wants it that way (i.e., not all but at least the ones in power today).

    • BonusGift

      And U.S. politicians represent AIPAC and other related interests.

      • davidmpark

        I don’t really care about AIPAC. All I’ve seen is Israel’s had our back a lot; we need to return the favor, they have been a good trade partner, and the Islamic people’s that call for death to Israel also call death to America. Good friends are hard to find.

        • Gay Veteran

          had our back??? they’re just an ally of an imperial power

        • BonusGift

          Like the USS Liberty? They are hardly a friend of the US.

    • Gay Veteran

      NO more foreign aid while the American people are suffering

  • markthetruth

    We will lose all Credibility if any is left and Iran will sit back and watch the Mess Unfold without the need for a Nuclear Weapon.

    the end…

    • jakartaman

      The bear is not the problem – Its the dragon we need to fear!
      There will be no military reply from Russia or china – It will be economic.
      The reason military action is being taken is that a lot of the world still live in the middle ages.

      • markthetruth

        Exactly , are economy is in the Dump and It has to Compete with the “BRICS ”

        the end…

        • WO

          Did you mean “…”our” economy is in the Dump…”
          or what???

          • markthetruth

            no, it’s are economy .

            the end…

          • WO

            Such a sentence as:
            “are economy is in the Dump?” can´t be constructed, it´s impossible to dechipher what you mean.
            (I´m Swedish by the way, but seem to know English a slight bit better…strange)

          • doring


          • WO

            Ha, you got me! 😉

      • Ron Chandler

        You’re living in the past. Syria is the front of the Bear’s cave, and he will defend it! The part of the world living in the Middle Ages is Washington.

      • indigenous

        the reason why millitary action is taken is because you white *** stole from everyone lands natural resources raw materials and bloodshed raped their people and now they are going to genocide you and ONLY YOU!thats why you cant let your guard down. eventually it cant be helped that you will inevitably be attacked killed and cremated . all those burial rights of plots you pplaced your dead war terrorist veterans on our land will be dug up and burned to ashes on a burner in a mortuary.nobody gave you the right to bury any of your cancer fossils on our soil.

    • indigenous

      you have no business anywhere stupid just like you have no business in KA-NA-DA and AMERICA now get back on your mayflower and row your stinky ***** out of my land!

  • It will be very interesting to see what Assad spent over $4 billion on for weapons. I assume it was not all spent on small arms.
    If could get very ugly real quick.
    Especially if Assad has the S300 antimissile system.

  • JohnO

    The US Military should REFUSE to follow these insane orders of a commander in chief who has clearly LOST THE PLOT, or…is taking orders from a shadowy organisation that somehow benefits from yet another war in the middle-east….

    The main question Michael needs to ask is who is going to benefit from this!?

    The Military-Industrial Complex? The world banks? Some secretive doomsday cult trying to bring in World War III?

    Before all this started I hardly knew anything about Syria, other than that they didn’t get along too well with Israel.

    Why was Libya destroyed? Why was Colonel Gaddafi killed off? Why was Saddam Hussein killed off? Why did we spent a decade tromping through Afghanistan only to hand it back to the Taliban?

    Sorry people, there’s something that we’re not seeing, there has to be a REASON that the West is pouring the entirety of our wealth and military power into this part of the world, and with Shale Gas, the oil no longer looks to be the reason.

    What the hell is buried out there in those desert sands that millions have to die for those in power to get their hands on it!? Sound a little weird, just go and look at the ANCIENT history of this region, the long forgotten buried cities, the legends.

    They (the powers that be) are after something, or they’re trying to make sure that nobody else gets it, whatever it is they’re prepared to take us to the brink of world war III to get it.

    • franco

      “Why was Libya destroyed? Why was Colonel Gaddafi killed off? Why was Saddam Hussein killed off? Why ”
      ……because this is an easy way to get the Nobel piece price?

    • English Kev

      The rebuilding of the Temple and the arrival of the Anti-Christ?

    • JasonD

      I suspect it must be the spice melange from the Dune series of books, JohnO. Nothing else but the Illuminati gaining the ability to fold space and populate the entire visible universe and have intergalactic commerce could explain the odd behavior! Look for purple stains in the sand of Syria on Google earth for evidence of little makers and the tell-tale characteristics of spice blows…

    • Gay Veteran

      Why? no war profits without war; no seizing more and more power without scaring the people by yelling terrorists!

  • erheault

    The rise and fall of the imperial American empire ig starting to fall apart potting from the inside out.

    • erheault

      OOPs spelling goofs is and rotting instead of ig and potting.

  • 16. They found huge oil reserves in Syria years ago. Surprisingly, insurgent groups sprung up after that discovery.

  • Bruce

    There are MANY things I totally agree with on this site, However, this time we do have a difference of opinion Michael. There is NOT enough proof for me as of yet that we are supporting the terriorist in Syria. We should send in special ops and just take Assad out. As of this writing I do beleive Assad released the gas on Syrias citizens. We as a nation of compassionate people HAVE to do something about this atrocity. We should NOT stand by and watch human being be slaughtered. Innocent children gasping for their last breath, this is beyond comprehension and decency. I say just take the dictator out and then see if that stops the killimgs. No question he is a dictator so no wrong will be done by eliminating him..

    • jox

      Who has given you the right to take out the governor of another country? You american really believe you are above everybody else? That you don’t need to respect international laws? What would you think if people in other countries think that POTUS is a grave danger for the world (which he is) and sent a command to take him out?

      • Gay Veteran

        totally agree

    • Gay Veteran

      “…We as a nation of compassionate people HAVE to do something about this atrocity. We should NOT stand by and watch human being be slaughtered. Innocent children gasping for their last breath, this is beyond comprehension and decency. I say just take the dictator out and then see if that stops the killimgs. No question he is a dictator so no wrong will be done by eliminating him..”
      you talking about Obama?
      compassionate people? what a sick joke after our war of aggression against Iraq.

      Pure garbage! We support any blood-thirsty dictator, king, emir or tyrant that does our bidding.

  • jox

    The governments of USA and Israel are the most terrorist in the world. They have no problem about killing hundred of thousands of people, if this serve their obscene interest. Once again they are going to start a war over fabricated lies. Have the American people forgot the mass destruction weapons of Irak? Please, I really hope you people can stop your government.

  • Steve

    First Obama, the UN, and NATO look stupid. Reagan did not stop but helped the Iraqis use chemical weapons against Iran. Now we protest??

    Second even this blog with the rest of the world is ignoring that Syria is a puppet State of Russia and equipped by Russia and has Russian Troops on the ground. With the latest put down of Obama by Putin you really think Russia is going just sit there?

    Third if the Russians get involved we could very well have the making of WW III. I wonder if all these “experts” are considering this? Putin knows Obama is just all talk and zero action.

    Fourth Syria has been a conduit for arms from Iran to Hezbollah, Hamas , et. al. Does anyone believe that Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas won’t expand the war to a wider arena?

    Fifth do we really want more wars not only draining our finances but killing, maiming, and wounding American Troops?

    When is enough, enough?

    • Tobias Smith

      the obama doctrine is instability

      • Steve

        Perhaps but Valdimir Putin, a former KGB Agent, is not someone Obama should take lightly. Putin has zero fear of Obama or the U.S. at this moment.

        While your term instability is adapt it is perhaps redundant as war itself is instability personified.

  • M

    It’s not only that the Syria Opposition Army slaughters Christian, they kill other Muslims, too!

    That mercenary army (suported by the CIA, Turkey, UK and others by the way) consists of Suni muslims which hate al other streams of muslim cult (i.e. Shiith and Alevit).
    Muslim is a “religion” of the devil, the scum of he world!

    • WO

      “Islam” is the name of the religion!
      A “muslim” is a believer of that (evil) faith.

  • Vince

    I think if Obamatolla does this without a direct vote of the Congress, he should be impeached post haste and turned over to the International Court as a war criminal.
    Syria has not attacked the US, it is not a threat to the US either. Those are the ONLY two legal prerequistes for an attack on a sovereign country. HIs magnificance received a Peace Prize, time to live up to it.

    • Gay Veteran

      Iraq wasn’t a threat either

  • Vlad Lenin

    There’s only one country that needs regime change now and that’s America. The sooner her people wise up to that fact, the easier it’ll be to stay alive and have something to pass along to their children. America is currently following a script that was been used over and over again and the ending is always the same… a has been nation in financial ruin with scores dead at their own hands.

  • amazed

    This President is a Criminal!!! He needs something to blame the coming crash of the US economy on and this will be part of it!! Every one must come to realize we have never had a recovery since 2008 and this is really going to be ugly! Good Luck, Everyone

    • joepotato

      Welcome to the party….

  • grumpyhillbilly

    War gets the patriotic flags waving, and then people tend to forget the bad news at home. Obama’s poll ratings are plummeting. Obamacare is making us a nation of part timers who will be responsible for buying inflated personal health care. Our local streets are getting more violent. The computers are not secure, and our economy is getting ready to sink to the abyss. Starting a war makes perfect sense for our political elite.

    What mystifies me is why does Israel want their region destabilized? I understand their mentality of getting rid of the dictators for doing them wrong, Do they really want fundamentalist Islamist for neighbors? This one baffles me.

  • markthetruth

    Where are we headed ???

    Robin Thicke ” Doggy Styles ” Miley Cyrus and she ……. ” Fingers her self ” on LIVE Primetime VH1 TV !!!

    the end…

    • markthetruth

      I Guess some Dummies like to watch this Trash !!!

      the end…

  • SafetyViking

    Ehhh…we had to attack somebody. That’s our #1 export…killing brown people. It’s apparently what we do best.

  • Bushisugly

    If this comes through, I think we might be surprised by how succesfull such an opperation will be (note that I use the word might, and I would also stress that I ment succesfull in the eyes of Obama and his voting cattle). What matters to the American public is not really what comes next in Syria, or what will happen to the Syrian people, but rather how many American soliders died. If Obama can oust Assad just using cruise missiles and stealth bombers, his popularity will skyrocket. It really depends on what Russia and Iran has in mind.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    As I’ve stated on another post, the military is the most bloated of the US Govt divisions.. it seeks any seemingly noble cause and has been only too happy to overextend itself.
    Of course I feel sorry for the people of Syria.. war is always ugly.
    I think it’s one of those psychological oddities that we deem chemical warfare so much worse than bombs. I guess it seems more noble to leave maimed wounded people than quietly destroyed people because in some sense it gives a “fighting chance”.. a twisted sort of “fair sportsmanship”.

  • FounderChurch

    OUR MILITARY…Search “FounderChurch” for more information…. ALL militaries in the history of the world represent the beating heart of their nations. They are the only citizens who lay down their lives for the nation. Everyone else are freeloaders. This is true even when the government is dictatorial tyrants. So we should never have destroyed the rank and file of the Iraqi military to only force for law and order in the country. We paid dearly for that with 5 years of bloody insurgency and are still paying.

    That said, we should not destroy the Syrian Army unless we want to unleash chaos for a hundred years.

    We do need to decapitate the regime, and use the CIA, which we are going to do, with our allies including the Saudi Kingdom.


  • FounderChurch

    The world will be well served by America adroitly handling this matter. Russia needs a continued presence, the Sunnis need to control Syria, the Isrelis need peace on their border, and Syria needs a country run by their military with regime elements removed. Everyone wants a stable Syria including the Syrian people. No one needs a war there, or continued instability like we have in Libya.



  • david odowd

    All of the recent actions we’ve seen over the past five years are but the prefix of WWIII.

  • Dennis

    I find it disturbing how our leader is so quickly set on unleashing unwarranted chaos upon an already war torn country of people fighting amongst themselves and has done nothing to disarm Iran from building not just one but many WMD’s that present a much greater threat to all the world.

    • Gay Veteran

      Iran poses NO threat. We are the ones bringing death and destruction around the globe.

      • TtT Engine

        Yes, of course. Iran working 24/7 to complete their nuclear program is for health/medical reasons only. Iran repeatedly threatening to wipe Israel off the map is just rhetoric. Those rockets streaming into Israel are just pretend. Ok, head back into the sand. Thank you.

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, Israel has a lot to fear. After all it’s not like Israel has over 100 nuclear weapons and REFUSES to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
          But that won’t stop psychopathic warmongers like Obama, etc.

  • Undecider

    Read up on “Albert Pike Three World Wars.” Search that one! Let’s sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Cyber Revengeance

    one solution assad should take military action and finish the war asap. the longer the war the more casualty.

    americans are business minded. at the end they want more billions out from anything than they had spent on that. just the method varies how to achieve it.

  • A D

    Look at his ring it is Muslim and why would he change his name to a Muslim name if he was not one of them.

  • maddog

    Syria is in the way to get to Iran. It is just a stepping stone to the prize – Iran. Iran is selling oil for gold and this will not be tolerated by TPTB.

  • DJohn1

    I wish I could say I am surprised. I am not. The big problem is that once again we bypass the Congress and go to war without their approval.
    There is a draft law on the books still. It is terribly prejudiced against males with a healthy body and mind. It draws in an entire generation of people. Those people are the common people and it includes people of all racial origins.
    The Elite do not get drafted very often. They are the ones that hide in Canada. They hide behind college as well. Often influence of powerful VIPs keep some from getting drafted.
    Mr. George Bush, former President of the United States, is one example of how it really works. If it had been anyone else, they would be in prison for desertion. Going AWOL for months at a time because he had orders for Vietnam . . .

    What has happened to equality of sexes when we produce such a draft law?
    Females should also be eligible if it is an equal opportunity draft. So should all the illegal immigrants that want to be pardoned. They are not part of the draft. I guess none of them have ever legally registered for the draft, and that makes them criminals even though they are foreigners.

    Syria is the opening shot of World War III. That is the only way I see this ending. It is important to ask the right questions before this occurs.
    My first question is will it require a draft if we step in and take Syria?
    Second: How much will it cost?
    Last: How equal is the draft law and is it legal by today’s equal opportunity laws?
    I do agree the entire thing is a distraction to keep a President from being impeached. If you were President, what would your choices be?

    Three: Where does this money come from when we have a bankrupt economy.

  • The left wailed for YEARS about US involvement in Iraq/Afghanistan: “Bush’s War”, “War for Oil”, etc. Now, it’s those same leftists that demand we “get involved” in Syria because “they’re killing people”. Really? Hussein killed people in Iraq for years, the Taliban killed Afghans by the hundreds monthly – not a peep from the left then. We have no national interest in Syria, we are hated no matter what we do/don’t do. Arm Israel and let them take care of themselves. As for the rest, it’s NOT OUR PROBLEM.

    • Gay Veteran

      the “left” are hypocrites, at least the “right” believes in their dogma

  • joinot

    The way of Qatar’s desire (and Saudi Arabia’s support) to run a Natural Gas line through Syria and up through Turkey so they can become Europe’s main supplier and not Russia. Currently Russia controls this resource and pipeline.

    Others were not at all reticent about aiding and abbetting the murder of countless more by Qatari mercenaries.

    The irony is that as has been known for a long time, and as the FT itself reported ten days ago, the Syrian “rebels” who actually have been Qatari mercenaries, have been receiving weapons shipments for years from the wealthy Persian Gulf country, with the implicit knowledge of both Europe and the US.

    So why the rush by France and Britain to allow weapons armaments to resume by official channels, even if it means even more weaponization of the Assad regime by Russia and China, more bloodshed, and more death? Simple: natural gas.

  • joinot

    A battle is raging over whether pipelines will go toward Europe from east to west, from Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of Syria, or take a more northbound route from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Syria and Turkey. Having realized that the stalled Nabucco pipeline, and indeed the entire Southern Corridor, are backed up only by Azerbaijan’s reserves and can never equal Russian supplies to Europe or thwart the construction of the South Stream, the West is in a hurry to replace them with resources from the Persian Gulf. Syria ends up being a key link in this chain, and it leans in favor of Iran and Russia; thus it was decided in the Western capitals that its regime needs to change. The fight for «democracy» is a false flag thrown out to cover up totally different aims.

    A gas pipeline from Iran would be highly profitable for Syria. Europe would gain from it as well, but clearly someone in the West didn’t like it. The West’s gas-supplying allies in the Persian Gulf weren’t happy with it either, nor was would-be no. 1 gas transporter Turkey, as it would then be out of the game. The new «unholy alliance» which formed between them shamelessly declared its goal to be «protecting democratic values» in the Middle East, although logically speaking the U.S. and its allies ought to begin this with their own partners in the coalition against Syria from among the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, which are questionable in this regard.

  • krinks

    We are the Evil Empire. Anyone that would other throw this wicked gov’t would be welcomed with open arms.

  • Patriot Alice

    It’s a civil war…Let’s keep it civil…Why do we have to stick our nose everywhere?

    • Gay Veteran

      it is not a civil war, we are giving funds and arms to foreign terrorists like al Qaeda in Syria

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Those who listen to Gerald Celente will know where I’m going with this.

    When the politicians want to distract Americans from the miserable economic conditions, they—you got it—take you to war. The economy of The Banana Republic of America (the Third World hellhole that used to be Les Etas Unis) is not getting better. So get ready for an imperialist war.

  • Piglet

    Q: [So in light of all that you have just read, why is the Obama administration so determined to help the rebels in Syria?]
    A: Because a Syria that descends into chaos poses no threat to Israel’s domination of the region, and the US government’s Mideast foreign policy is decided in Tel Aviv, not Washington. See who gains by what the Obama administration plans to do and it’s easy to determine who is pushing for a US and NATO attack.

  • The End is Near

    Fed will end QE4 and Obama will begin the Syrian War the week AFTER Merkel gets reelected. By XMAS, major stock markets will cut in half. 10Y UST will rise to 4.5% on the news of ending QE4, but, interest rates will fall from mid Oct thereon, to return to record low mortgage rates once again as the US economy continues the Great Recession

  • A D

    BILLIONS most likely TRILLIONS of dollars funneling to these countries off the backs of tax payers. Redistribution of wealth, the USA is morally & financially bankrupt. It is only when they get ready to call it quits and go to a 1 world currency – as planned.

  • A D

    QE is nothing more than creating money from nothing, 100 BILLION a month ALL into the stock market period.

  • A D

    The BIBLE is foretold Israel becoming a Nation overnight, as it did. Along with countless other prophecies happening before the worlds eyes.

    • Angel Peace

      Isiah 17:1 – The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from [being] a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

  • Carlos Danger

    Weapons of mass distraction. I meant Destruction. Sounds familiar.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Why in the world would the United States want to go to war to help such people take power?….”
    no war profits without war. Plus the more terrorism there is the more Big Government can scream TERRORISTS to frighten the people into giving them more and more power

    • Tobias Smith

      and I thought obama said we had them on the run,ha

      • Gay Veteran

        he lies

        • Tobias Smith

          i think worse, he is in bed with them ideologically

          • Gay Veteran

            how so?

  • GuestGuest

    One more thing: that meeting last Monday with Obama and all Fat Cats of the financial sector in the USA. Something is brewing behind the scenes.

  • Gay Veteran

    thanks, that was a really interesting article

  • Pamela

    REMEMBER: God is in control. The pieces of the puzzle are being put together.
    And when the puzzle is done, it’s over. We’ll be with the Lord God Almighty forever. The world’s corrupt leaders and all unbelievers will be gone. Seek the Lord while He may still be found before it’s too late. God bless you all!!!

  • Mudpie

    This man we call President is a Savage. There is no intellectual consistency to his governance, just emotionalist political appeals to maintain power, pandering to whichever group he thinks will keep him at the helm. What a catastrophe for the U.S. and the world.

    • Thatguy

      Haha! You forget that you elected bush and him twice. Now the rest of the world must suffer.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Let them kill each other. Better them dead than me taxed.

    • Thatguy


  • Absolutely Absolute

    Is it absolutely necessary to use the word “absolutely” four times in this article? Your use of the word “absolutely” is absolutely absurd!

  • Arizona

    Oct.1,2013,…will be the start of FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS,by OBAMAS terrorists,they will be taking YOUR CHILDREN,and you will never see them ever again,some will be sacraficed,to their daddy LUCIFER,but most will be sold to china,some will be killed in their house,when the parents refuse to allow the kidnapping of their children,and the police gangs will just open fire on the whole family,REMEMBER THE PRACTICE TARGETS of pregnant women and little kids……’ve been warned, ignore it at your own peril…and don’t kid your self,they WILL, find a reason to take your children………………

  • Arizona

    JUST REMEMBER,the FEMA camps are death camps,NOT vacation resorts,you will have your head chopped off, their NOT A PLACE OF SAFETY,there a place of DEATH,they don’t have gas chambers to keep you warm on a cold winters night………………

  • Jim Davis

    Israel-firsters are driving this. What the hell is the US interest in supporting Al Qaeda-backed rebels?

  • Rebecca

    It’s a distraction.

  • Andrew Carl

    First of all, I disagree with the assertion that Assad regime is terrible. There is no evidence that Assad is doing or has ever done anything bad to the Syrian people or to anybody else.

    I also disagree that Syria in a civil war. The so called rebels are not Syrians at all. This is actually an invasion by foreign, NATO backed terrorists for the purpose of overthrowing the good Assad regime and installing a US friendly puppet..

    As far as the chemical attack. It was clearly a false flag operation carried out by the foreign, NATO backed terrorists.and is being used as a justification
    to get NATO involved.

  • Mike Smithy

    Wake up American sheeple and smell the tyranny.

  • sbenard

    There are NO “good guys” to back in Syria. It’s a den of demons! The fact that Obama backs these barbaric rebels proves only that he’s one too!

  • Howdie

    You have no proof of anything u say where is the proof christians were beheaded. Where is the proof the rebels are trained by cia or whatever. You have none.

  • Ralfine

    From a comment in the Guardian:

    “If we are so determined to help the Gulf States install a very radical Islamic regime in Syria, could we save this country some money elsewhere and end the “war on terror” on the grounds that we have changed sides.”

  • Ralfine

    Did anyone else notice all those war and end of world movies lately in the cinemas?

    Preparing the sheeple?

  • manich

    Do you really think BO makes these decisions? Why would the bankers and oil barons put their interests/money in the hands of a wimpy community organizer?

  • Rufus TFirefly

    Brilliant plan to stir up Muslim rage since Russia borders on several Islamic “Republics” and China has a large population in its borders. Who says you don’t come up with good ideas while golfing or windsurfing?

  • ArigatouGozaimas

    Not something the U.S. has any business getting involved in.

    Though it will most likely play out something like this:

    Drop a few missiles, spend a few billion, kill Assad, and the regime can declare a major foreign policy victory while leaving the mess to sorted out for posterity. Libya Ad Nauseam.

    Since Russian-U.S. relations are already at a low and the Arab world hates the U.S. regardless, such a scenario won’t have much of a deleterious effect for perception of the U.S. It would further confirm Arab resentment of the U.S. as meddlesome.

    One radical regime would likely be replacing another, or instability will replace instability in another form. So whatever treasure is spent on the adventure would be wasted. Bombs won’t solve Syria’s problems.

    The less likely possibility would be something like this:

    U.S. troops on the ground engaged in nation building for Syria. Right next door to Israel, in the middle of a hot bed of intractable conflict.

    Iraq Ad Nauseam on cocaine. No good can come of this.

    • Colin

      Or Syria could turn into a proxy war, with the United States supporting one side and Russia supporting the other side.

      • ArigatouGozaimas

        That is already case. Iran and Russia are supporting the Assad regime while the west supports the FSA.

  • A D

    Socialism is brought in by total chaos, the same methods used to create the Soviet Union, CHINA and other Atheist GULAG countries.

  • Gay Veteran

    pure BS. we have been lusting for war with Syrian (and Iran) for years

  • Jon


  • Kevin

    10 reasons why we should…OK…just one…This isn’t Iraq…bush …made a big mistake and this is where we are…I said it all along and I worked with TSA…they were so gun-Ho…I said NO

    I say this needs to be done and I hate WAR

    BUT…I think it is time to either put this to rest or show what all that money WE Americans have been payin for

    We need to solve this problem now or you know how they escalate…plus the FED sucks…Zup…now

    We all saw this cummin

  • TC

    Why do you say “the Assad regime is horrible”? Assad was working as an ophthalmologist in London when his brother died and the military asked him to take charge to avoid a civil war. He realized there was a great deal of resentment against his family’s rule, and put together a commission to rewrite the Constitution which was approved by over 60% of Syrians by an over 80% majority. The army of Syria is made up mostly of Sunni conscripts and enjoys the support of the vast majority of the people fighting against terrorist mercenaries paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. If left alone, Assad’s government would be the model of a secular democratically elected constitutional state. What else could Assad do to convince you that he’s OK?

  • indigenous

    good with this war kill all whites which are illegal in north america…

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