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20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities

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Lady Gaga In Toronto - Why Would U.S. College Students Study This In Class? - Photo by Robbie VWould you like to know what America’s young people are actually learning while they are away at college?  It isn’t pretty.  Yes, there are some very highly technical fields where students are being taught some very important skills, but for the most part U.S. college students are learning very little that they will actually use out in the real world when they graduate.  Some of the college courses listed below are funny, others are truly bizarre, others are just plain outrageous, but all of them are a waste of money.  If we are going to continue to have a system where we insist that our young people invest several years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars getting a “college education”, they might as well be learning some useful skills in the process.  This is especially true considering how much student loan debt many of our young people are piling up.  Sadly, the truth is that right now college education in the United States is a total joke.  I know – I spent eight years in the system.  Most college courses are so easy that they could be passed by the family dog, and many of these courses “study” some of the most absurd things imaginable.

Listed below are 20 completely ridiculous college courses being offered at U.S. universities.  The description following each course title either comes directly from the official course description or from a news story about the course…

1.What If Harry Potter Is Real?” (Appalachian State University) – This course will engage students with questions about the very nature of history. Who decides what history is? Who decides how it is used or mis-used? How does this use or misuse affect us? How can the historical imagination inform literature and fantasy? How can fantasy reshape how we look at history? The Harry Potter novels and films are fertile ground for exploring all of these deeper questions. By looking at the actual geography of the novels, real and imagined historical events portrayed in the novels, the reactions of scholars in all the social sciences to the novels, and the world-wide frenzy inspired by them, students will examine issues of race, class, gender, time, place, the uses of space and movement, the role of multiculturalism in history as well as how to read a novel and how to read scholarly essays to get the most out of them.

2.God, Sex, Chocolate: Desire and the Spiritual Path” (UC San Diego) – Who shapes our desire? Who suffers for it? Do we control our desire or does desire control us? When we yield to desire, do we become more fully ourselves or must we deny it to find an authentic identity beneath? How have religious & philosophical approaches dealt with the problem of desire?

3.GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity” (The University Of Virginia) – In Graduate Arts & Sciences student Christa Romanosky’s ongoing ENWR 1510 class, “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity,” students analyze how the musician pushes social boundaries with her work. For this introductory course to argumentative essay writing, Romanosky chose the Lady Gaga theme to establish an engaging framework for critical analysis.

4.Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” (The University Of South Carolina) – Lady Gaga may not have much class but now there is a class on her. The University of South Carolina is offering a class called Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.  Mathieu Deflem, the professor teaching the course describes it as aiming to “unravel some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavours.”

5.Philosophy And Star Trek” (Georgetown) – Star Trek is very philosophical. What better way, then, to learn philosophy, than to watch Star Trek, read philosophy, and hash it all out in class? That’s the plan. This course is basically an introduction to certain topics in metaphysics and epistemology philosophy, centered around major philosophical questions that come up again and again in Star Trek. In conjunction with watching Star Trek, we will read excerpts from the writings of great philosophers, extract key concepts and arguments and then analyze those arguments.

6.Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond” (The University Of Texas) – Why would anyone want to learn Klingon?

7.The Science Of Superheroes” (UC Irvine) – Have you ever wondered if Superman could really bend steel bars? Would a “gamma ray” accident turn you into the Hulk? What is a “spidey-sense”? And just who did think of all these superheroes and their powers? In this seminar, we discuss the science (or lack of science) behind many of the most famous superheroes. Even more amazing, we will discuss what kind of superheroes might be imagined using our current scientific understanding.

8.Learning From YouTube” (Pitzer College) – About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments.  Class lessons also are posted and students are encouraged to post videos. One class member, for instance, posted a 1:36-minute video of himself juggling.

9.Arguing with Judge Judy” (UC Berkeley) – TV “Judge” shows have become extremely popular in the last 3-5 years. A fascinating aspect of these shows from a rhetorical point of view is the number of arguments made by the litigants that are utterly illogical, or perversions of standard logic, and yet are used over and over again. For example, when asked “Did you hit the plaintiff?” respondents often say, “If I woulda hit him, he’d be dead!” This reply avoids answering “yes” or “no” by presenting a perverted form of the logical strategy called “a fortiori” argument [“from the stronger”] in Latin. The seminar will be concerned with identifying such apparently popular logical fallacies on “Judge Judy” and “The People’s Court” and discussing why such strategies are so widespread. It is NOT a course about law or “legal reasoning.” Students who are interested in logic, argument, TV, and American popular culture will probably be interested in this course. I emphasize that it is NOT about the application of law or the operations of the court system in general.

10.Elvis As Anthology” (The University Of Iowa) – The class, “Elvis as Anthology,” focuses on Presley’s relationship to African American history, social change, and aesthetics. It focuses not just on Elvis, but on other artists who inspired him and whom he inspired.

11.The Feminist Critique Of Christianity” (The University Of Pennsylvania) – An overview of the past decades of feminist scholarship about Christian and post-Christian historians and theologians who offer a feminist perspective on traditional Christian theology and practice. This course is a critical overview of this material, presented with a summary of Christian biblical studies, history and theology, and with a special interest in constructive attempts at creating a spiritual tradition with women’s experience at the center.

12.Zombies In Popular Media” (Columbia College) – This course explores the history, significance, and representation of the zombie as a figure in horror and fantasy texts. Instruction follows an intense schedule, using critical theory and source media (literature, comics, and films) to spur discussion and exploration of the figure’s many incarnations. Daily assignments focus on reflection and commentary, while final projects foster thoughtful connections between student disciplines and the figure of the zombie.

13.Far Side Entomology” (Oregon State) – For the last 20 years, a scientist at Oregon State University has used Gary Larson’s cartoons as a teaching tool. The result has been a generation of students learning — and laughing — about insects.

14.Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross-Dressing” (Swarthmore) – Do clothes make the man? Or the woman? Do men make better women? Or women better men? Is gender a costume we put on and take off? Are we really all always in drag? Does gender-bending lead to transcendence or chaos? These questions and their ramifications for liminalities of race, nationality and sexuality will be our focus in a course that examines dramatic works from The Bacchae to M. Butterfly.

15.Oh, Look, a Chicken!” Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing (Belmont University) – Students must write papers using their personal research on the five senses. Entsminger reads aloud illustrated books The Simple People and Toby’s Toe to teach lessons about what to value by being alive. Students listen to music while doodling in class. Another project requires students to put themselves in situations where they will be distracted and write a reflection tracking how they got back to their original intent.

16.The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur” (University of Washington) – The UW is not the first college with a class dedicated to Shakur — classes on the rapper have been offered at the University of California Berkeley and Harvard — but it is the first to relate Shakur’s work to literature.

17.Cyberporn And Society” (State University of New York at Buffalo) – With classwork like this, who needs to play? Undergraduates taking Cyberporn and Society at the State University of New York at Buffalo survey Internet porn sites.

18.Sport For The Spectator” (The Ohio State University) – Develop an appreciation of sport as a spectacle, social event, recreational pursuit, business, and entertainment. Develop the ability to identify issues that affect the sport and spectator behavior.

19.Getting Dressed” (Princeton) – Jenna Weissman Joselit looks over the roomful of freshmen in front of her and asks them to perform a warm-up exercise: Chart the major moments of your lives through clothes. “If you pop open your closet, can you recall your lives?” she posits on the first day of the freshman seminar “Getting Dressed.”

20.How To Watch Television” (Montclair) – This course, open to both broadcasting majors and non-majors, is about analyzing television in the ways and to the extent to which it needs to be understood by its audience. The aim is for students to critically evaluate the role and impact of television in their lives as well as in the life of the culture. The means to achieve this aim is an approach that combines media theory and criticism with media education.

Are you starting to understand why our college graduates can’t function effectively when they graduate and go out into the real world?

All of this would be completely hilarious if not for the fact that we have millions of young people going into enormous amounts of debt to pay to go to these colleges.

In America today, college education has become a giant money making scam.  We have a system that absolutely throws money at our young people, but we never warn them about the consequences of all of these loans.  The following is an excerpt from an email that one reader sent me recently about the student loan industry…

For example, one woman told me that her and her husband sat down and thought of every possible expense they could when they were applying for parent/student loan for their daughter. When the approval came back, they were approved for 7k more than they asked for…how about ****! Of course at 7%, why not! Funny thing is they kept the 7k, because she’s in wealth management and said she could “easily” get more than 7% in the stock market……awesome! I have another example of a younger friend of mine who graduated law school from Vanderbilt with 210k in student loans. I asked if tuition was that much there. She said kind of, but they kept offering more than the actual tuition, so she took it and used it for a better lifestyle. Now 20% of her income goes to pay those loans, and it’s still not enough to touch one dollar of the principal…so all she is doing is paying interest, and building on principal…like a revers amortizing mortgage. To make it worse, she was able to save 25k, so she is going to buy a house somehow. Having explained to her that the best investment in the world is to pay off a high interest loan, she said I’m tired of waiting to have a life.

In a recent article entitled “The Student Loan Delinquency Rate In The United States Has Hit A Brand New Record High” I detailed how nightmarish our student loan debt bubble is becoming.  According to the Federal Reserve, the total amount of student loan debt has risen by 275 percent since 2003, and it just continues to soar.

A college education can be a wonderful thing, but right now we have got a system that is deeply, deeply broken.

So what do you think about our system of higher education?

Please feel free to express your opinion by posting a comment below…

  • Tim

    I graduated from a public university in Maryland in 1999 with a degree in accounting. One time, during my tenure there, I was looking through the university catalog when I noticed that the curriculum for the major in Philosophy had a course called “The Problem of God.” I thought to myself “they better believe that’s a problem.”

    I like what David said: “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.” (Psalm 119:99)

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    are any of these the result of Conservatism? libs are total unadulterated garbage

    • Gay Veteran

      remain ignorant

      • Shmeggle Marxist

        remain like you? effeminate and stupid, serving your corporate master(bates)?

      • Robert (qslv)

        I don’t think you will find foolish courses like these at a Christian or Conservative colleges.
        The danger in Conservativism is apparent when you see the membership list of The Council on Foreign Relations. There are many on this list who claim to be conservative, but work side by side with the liberals on the CFR plan to rule the world. Dig deeper. I think the Lib-Conservative conflict is a divide and conquer strategy devised by these very same people (CFR).

        • Gay Veteran

          no, just religious and conservative indoctrination.
          And yes TPTB do use left-right to keep us divided

        • meatwad_SSuppet

          Well then you are the moron for not knowing that number 2 is at a catholic university.

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      I doubt its a conservative vs liberal thing…

  • kathym2

    Why are colleges wasting time and money? Why cant you just take the courses you want to do? If you want to cook, you should be taking all the cooking classes and not waste a year taking classes you took already in high school like English, math, phys ed. etc.

    • DownWithLibs

      I’ve always wondered the same thing. It is definitely a big “money-grab”!

    • Stuponitronic Helmet

      Trust me, if you graduated from high school any time after 1981 or so, you didn’t really learn much of anything.

      • ceamaehan

        Actually, the public education system has vastly improved compared to that of the earlier decades. Your statement is unfounded.

  • Jedi

    Secondary and Post Secondary Education=Overpriced Baby Sitting Service.

  • K

    Now that the Government has admitted to reading our e-mail, and listening in, on our phone calls. Are you sure speaking, and writing Klingon is useless? I might get a good laugh, picturing some Government low life trying to translate that. Remember the Navajo code talkers of WWII?

    • Tim

      Some of the brightest people in America work for the the National Security Agency (NSA). I wouldn’t be surprised if they have employees who are fluent in Klingon. 🙂

      • Shmeggle Marxist

        fluent in Klingon? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were Klingon

        • K

          Maybe. I do hear the Fed and other major banks. Are learning the Ferengi rules of acquisition..

        • ukfred

          Only if they’ve employed Sheldon Cooper and his friends.

        • RageHard84

          Screw it, maybe I should try learning Elvish or Vulcan.

      • seth datta

        Are you sure they are THAT BRIGHT?

        Also, they could be smart as chips, yet there is always room for massive improvement. There are all sorts of different kinds of intelligence, not just IQ.

      • Timbo

        hitler was a clever lad too

  • markthetruth

    #21 How the Kardashians can help you succeed in college.

    the end…

    • Ayn Rand

      #22: Underwater Basket Weaving
      #23: Zombie Survival
      Zombie Survival might be useful with all the television zombies out there!

  • markthetruth

    10 Dumbest College Classes In America

    Total cost for the 2011-2012 academic year. All Over $50,000

    Google it.

    the end…

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    #22-infinity. All classes in Womens Studies

    • Martin

      The feminists are winning. They are forcing male German professors to take female titles, Professorra.

  • Martin

    Higher education protects the older ones in the workforce from the competition for jobs.

  • saintmatty

    I kinda wish I did not go to college. I am 35,000 in the hole and it may tale a while to find a job in my field of education. I will be going back for more education. It does not make sense to get a masters, cost 10,000 plus to get a 300.00 raise. I can make the payments as of now, but what does the future hold? These courses are a joke sounds like Jr. High or younger. Sometimes, I don’t want any part of being an educator. I just pray that God will lead me to the place he wants me.

    • saintmatty

      Correction: I won’t be going back for further education.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      No matter how dark things look, God can always lead you to a better place.


      • Defiant

        LOL! I just wouldn’t recommend WAITING for God to lead one to a better place…

        • Be positive

          Exactly. God helps those who help themselves.

  • Smart Money

    Lady Gaga is a puppet to the music industry. The music industry tells her how to dress, what songs to sing and setting up her videos/brand.

    Those Lady Gaga courses are promoting consumerism. Can’t believe people pay for courses to spend money.

    • Smart Money

      Cant’ believe people pay for Lady Gaga courses to teach them in spending money to promote the Lady Gaga fabricated culture*.

    • jeffJ1

      Why do you assume that a course about Lady Gaga is promoting her or whatever cultural trends she represents? The whole point of spending a semester studying something like this is explicitly to dig under all that stuff and figure out where it comes from, not just to chat about how much you like her songs.

      • Gugo

        answer: Satanism. I just saved you the price of the course 😉

        • Leebo

          no you wrote off something you dont understand.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I know there are a lot of people out there that have very, very tight budgets right now, and so I wanted to let you guys know that the Kindle version of my new novel has been temporarily reduced to $2.99…

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    If you have any questions about any of this please let me know.


  • rat28

    The only ridiculous course is bible studies

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      You know it, the study of a plagiarizers fraud. There is no truth in that pack of lies.

    • learner

      Not really! This book has survived thousand years and will continue to exist million years.

  • Tosheba

    I especially loved the ‘Feminists Critique Christianity’, as if hypocrites are qualified to critique religion, much less ‘feminism’.

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      Agreed. People who teach such courses should be practicing that faith, IMO. Otherwise they teach all their misunderstandings an opinions!

      • Defiant

        I guarantee the teacher of that course DOES practice that faith. Oh, you meant Christianity? I was referring to Femanism…

  • jeffJ1

    I don’t really get it. None of these seem especially crazy to me as ideas for classes, although some of the titles and some of the descriptions are poorly thought out. I think the problem is just that some people see entire huge fields of inquiry, like sociology or feminist studies (or anything that might end up examining sexuality or analyzing song/rap lyrics – because those DEFINITELY aren’t literature!), as wastes of time. In my experience these tend to be people who have never taken a class in such topics and would probably even have trouble defining them.

    Ok #15 is really bad unless this is in a program for students who want to be kindergarten teachers.

    • Thompson

      As long the Rockefellers and banksters support the feminist groups (who lobby for “equal” hiring practices), a woman graduating with a Women’s Studies degree has a higher chance of gaining employment than a male with a finance degree in politically correct 2013.

  • ian

    What’s wrong with number 2? That is the essence of Buddhism

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      At a catholic school. That is what UC San Diego is.

  • Sandbagger

    No Child Left Behind. ‘Nuff said.

    • Thompson

      You know something? Nearly every week, or maybe every other day, some teacher is busy getting charged with student relationships. Female teachers make up the majority of cases. The education system is sin.

      • Defiant

        I PRAYED for a female teacher to have relations with me when I was in high school! No such luck…

        • learner

          it happens to many like you, no surprise!

      • learner

        what is your advice to those who love sin

    • uneducated genius

      More like “No behind left behind.”

  • AzDesertRat

    Truth be told, I did learn how to tie a full windsor knot off a youtube video…

    • JulRan

      So did my son!

  • Thompson

    Youtube: The College Conspiracy. The video has some interesting facts. Basically, an interviewee was saying he is concerned about what a person could do when hiring, but having a piece of paper which nearly everyone and their grandma has is not a first priority criteria to get employed.

  • Susanne Waller

    These sound like fun classes to take after you have specialized in something useful and have a job and can afford them. Most classes designed to make college students (and high school students) ‘well rounded’ should be not be required. Also, in this digital age, classes should teach people how to think and use information not just memorize it.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    The specific knowledge required to do most jobs is learned by employees on the job. As an employer I would view a Liberal Arts degree as a four year long aptitude test and not a reason to believe the graduate has gained much knowledge beneficial to my company. An employer might find better talent by contacting a high school guidance office and asking the counselor to recommend young achievers with outstanding attitudes and character who lack the means or desire to attend college.

    • learner

      This is what a good employer would do. Many employers prefer to hire slaves what universities can deliver.

  • BillRind

    what a waste of time and money, only the ignorant fools teach these type of rot gut classes along with stupid and dumbed down young kids.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Oh well… robots are developing **VERY** quickly.

  • Ric

    Most of those courses are fine, they are just exercises for the brain and interesting niche subjects for geeks 🙂 I would certainly do the Star Trek one!

  • disqusraton

    Recent congressional testimonies suggest course #9 appears to have been popular with politicians…possibly even those who were students and/or instructors of constitutional law.

  • Jessica Sanchez

    I could easily learn the stuff in the courses you mentioned on my own. In fact, I feel ripped for going to college at all. I was basically forced to go and I hated every minute of it.

    • learner

      Appreciate your expression

  • K

    I see nothing wrong with a wide array of courses. I see nothing inherently wrong with most of these courses. Pushing the boundaries of perspective should be praised. What a negative article on this low-life blog.

    • Timbo

      maybe you should take a class and learn how to spell your name

    • allen

      Than go waste your money and take these garbage classes!

      • Rob

        “Then” not “Than”. Thanks for an example of the uneducated sniping at the educated. It’s the French & Bolshevik Revolutions in micro.

  • Undecider

    Actually, these courses could be used to expose the New World Order, quite easily. For example, Star Trek is a surreptitious attempt to program the viewer into accepting world government. It’s basically a propaganda show for the United Nations.

    • allen

      but the classes are still pointless and promote stupidity and immoral views.

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    Dear God Almighty, what a comeuppance from the young people we traditionally relied on to make matters better in future! We are well and truly had, 150%.

  • madchatter

    I have to agree some of these classes are a bit much. However, in regards to “What If Harry Potter Is Real?”… at fist glance I laughed, until I read the description. “This course will engage students with questions about the very nature of history. Who decides what history is? Who decides how it is used or mis-used? How does this use or misuse affect us? How can the historical imagination inform literature and fantasy? How can fantasy reshape how we look at history?” I think this in an ingenious way to teach people to think critically. It is well know that history is written by the victor…. and all too often the “history” we learn in school isn’t honest to say the least. In an age where public schools base everything on standardized testing and not on actually learning or thinking , the class sounds like a wonderful way to captivate students attention while actually learning to think critically and outside the box. And perhaps these kids will utilize this analysis of History and think twice when they watch the news on main stream media.

    • Leebo

      my thoughts exactly

    • Really?

      Most of these courses are just that. They’re courses about a topic that would’ve 20 years ago, just been called “Game Theory” or “Ontology” or “Intro to philosophy” or whatever, and they’re just being marketed to freshman in ways that they are more likely to take them. They’re using something the student is familiar with and interested to teach them something that academics think they should care about, usually the really dull theory part of their field. I don’t see what is so bad about teaching kids by using examples from sources they’re interested in? I thought it was academics that were supposed to be the elitist snobs…

  • John

    They forgot economics.

  • Uncle_Meat

    It’s old news that socialists have long taken over higher ed. They’ve won and the results are living all around us today as unemployed debt slaves.

  • Leebo

    I usually agree with you on economics but this is a little much. Some of these classes are rediculous but the harry potter class, believe it or not, if an extremely good one. I learned more about philosophy and the way the world works from metaphors, symbols, and allusions from those books than i have from any science or history text book. To devalue classes without having taken them you are judging a book by its cover. I actually went to App State to study geology and most of the teachers there are free thinking and really care about education. They find lessons and meaning within all forms of information. I understand the issues of the world make some of these classes seem pointless but as an intelligent free thinker i find answers and reason in everything i take in, as we all should. Harry Potter is a craft of a human being no different than yourself who related the cruel yet beautiful world she imagined to the world she was a part of. Those books are nothing short of art. Criticize what matters and let the simple stuff slide

  • Squacko

    At least those classes teach kids not to plagiarize. I saw this list in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader a few years ago.

  • Cez who

    I think the article author and many commenters fall into the trap of judging a book by its cover. A good majority of these are traditional liberal arts classes with titles to catch the eye and engage students who are over-stimulated, bored and easily distracted.

    These appear quite silly as a group but generally most students might, keyword might be able to fit in one such class as many majors do not leave much wiggle room for electives.

    Rather than deriding class titles based on very little imagination I appreciate that these folks are *trying* to spark something. — a little off track maybe but I would prefer that over some of the mostly dead and terminally stiff profs I had.

  • Roderick Bateman

    Racist is a hate word. In the 60′s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • PoT

    Studying at university is a waste of time even if it’s free. I studied medicine in good old socialist central europe where taxes are high and education is free. And you know what? Everything I learned at university, I could’ve learned faster, better and more efficient had I organised it myself, but I’m not allowed to do that. University is essentially a monoplistic organisation and if you want to be a doctor you have to go to university, there is no way around it. Even if the university is inefficient, unnecessarly restrictive, a massive waste of time and productivity and thereby a also a massive waste of personal motivation and mental health. F*** university! I recommend to anyone who plans to go to university, take another route if you can. Get a job in a company or organisation that does what you want to do, work hard, study diligently and you’ll end up better prepared and smarter than anyone who went to university.

  • Highway Heavy

    OMG…Courses that actually might make you think “out of the box” (yes, I know it’s an old cliche). A tragedy.

    • allen

      thinking out of the box is not always good especially when its dumb or evil things. These courses would only make someone dumb and more immoral.

  • MazieMae Hethcoat

    I was never able to take the underwater basket weaving classes at UKentucky because I was pre-med. I would now sign up for the Harry Potter course in a heartbeat!

  • tacomatuttle

    yet these losers taking these courses can’t understand why their degree has no market value

  • Rob83

    Anyone stupid enough to take these classes deserves to be ripped off by the college system.

  • allen

    Great article because colleges have turned evil and are pointless. The schools are all Secular they constantly attack christianity and any good morals. And waste peoples money and time with pointless classes and not just these but also others like Gen Ed classes.

  • Ian Da Ous

    learning from youtube isn’t stupid 🙂 I learn a lot from youtube. I’ve saved thousands of dollars learning how to do things for myself, rather than hire someone to do it.

  • WynstonSmith

    Education isn’t being dumbed down sit down and get educated slave!

  • Fu

    These classes sound great. Anyone who has taken an actual college course understands that the real lessons are going to go a lot deeper than the course names and descriptions. These courses seem like they would offer interesting analyses of various facets of our society.

  • I am 27 & went to college (I have a background in journalism, mass communications), but I decided to go back and take up technical writing. That is a writing field hardly no one goes into. It is also the MOST paid. Compared to some of my fellow students who are going into creative, literary studies, etc. I think I have a leg up at least.

  • JJP

    IMHO: Genius does not need a degree. Stop subsidizing and you will see the true market value of these degrees. These things are marketed to teenagers because they are gullible. Having a degree to secure a bright future is false and propaganda. The whole system is unsustainable and will collapse, just like the housing market.

  • Freedomfreak1

    $30 grand in student loans & no jobs….These kids wonder WHY???

  • KWDragon

    As is obvious from many anti-academic diatribes on this thread, the point of these courses–critical thinking–is lost on many of the people who need it most. For all of the wailing about the evils of higher education, I wonder how many comments come from people who have not experienced it? I am not saying that you have to be educated to be smart, but higher education does encourage critical thinking. It’s not all about job preparation.

  • ViviWannabe

    I fail to see how a few ridiculous classes are bad for the economy, as long as they are taking these classes as fun electives in a legitimate degree program. It’s when stuff like this is offered as a major that we have issues.

  • Kathy Biederstadt

    Classes like these are part of the reason people my age don’t want to pay for free college with our tax dollars.

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