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25 Quotes About The Coming War With Syria That Every American Should See

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Aircraft Carrier - War With SyriaIf Barack Obama is going to attack Syria, he is going to do it without the support of the American people, without the approval of Congress, without the approval of the United Nations, and without the help of the British.  Now that the British Parliament has voted against a military strike, the Obama administration is saying that it may take “unilateral action” against Syria.  But what good would “a shot across Syria’s bow” actually do?  A “limited strike” is not going to bring down the Assad regime and it is certainly not going to end the bloody civil war that has been raging inside Syria.  Even if the U.S. eventually removed Assad, the al-Qaeda affiliated rebels that would take power would almost certainly be even worse than Assad.  Even in the midst of this bloody civil war, the rebels have taken the time and the effort to massacre entire Christian villages.  Why is Barack Obama so obsessed with helping such monsters?  There is no good outcome in Syria.  The Assad regime is absolutely horrible and the rebels are even worse.  Why would we want the U.S. military to get involved in such a mess?

It isn’t as if it is even possible for the U.S. military to resolve the conflict that is going on in that country.  At the core, the Syrian civil war is about Sunni Islam vs. Shia Islam.  It is a conflict that goes back well over a thousand years.

Assad is Shiite, but the majority of Syrians are Sunni Muslims.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been pouring billions of dollars into the conflict, because they would love to see the Assad regime eliminated and a Sunni government come to power in Syria.  On the other side, Iran is absolutely determined to not allow that to happen.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have no problem with using Sunni terrorists (al-Qaeda) to achieve their political goals.  And as a very important ally of the Saudis, the U.S. has been spending a lot of money to train and equip the “rebels” in Syria.

But there was a problem.  The Syrian government has actually been defeating the rebels.  So something had to be done.

If it could be made to look like the Assad regime was using chemical weapons, that would give the U.S. government the “moral justification” that it needed to intervene militarily on the side of the rebels.  In essence, it would be a great excuse for the U.S. to be able to go in and do the dirty work of the Saudis for them.

So that is where we are today.  The justification for attacking Syria that the Obama administration is giving us goes something like this…

-Chemical weapons were used in Syria.

-The rebels do not have the ability to use chemical weapons.

-Therefore it must have been the Assad regime that was responsible for using chemical weapons.

-The U.S. military must punish the use of chemical weapons to make sure that it never happens again.

Unfortunately for the Obama administration, the world is not buying it.  In fact, people are seeing right through this charade.

The U.S. government spends $52,000,000,000 a year on “intelligence”, but apparently our intelligence community absolutely refuses to see the obvious.  WND has been able to uncover compelling evidence that the rebels in Syria have used chemical weapons repeatedly, and yet government officials continue to insist over and over that no such evidence exists and that we need to strike Syria immediately.

Shouldn’t we at least take a little bit of time to figure out who is actually in the wrong before we start letting cruise missiles fly?

Because the potential downside of an attack against Syria is absolutely massive.  As I wrote about the other day, if we attack Syria we have the potential of starting World War 3 in the Middle East.

We could find ourselves immersed in an endless war with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah which would be far more horrible than the Iraq war ever was.  It would essentially be a war with Shia Islam itself, and that would be a total nightmare.

If you are going to pick a fight with those guys, you better pack a lunch.  They fight dirty and they are absolutely relentless.  They will never forget and they will never, ever forgive.

A full-blown war with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah would be a fight to the death, and they would not hesitate to strike soft targets all over the United States.  I don’t think that most Americans have any conception of what that could possibly mean.

If the American people are going to stop this war, they need to do it now.  The following are 25 quotes about the coming war with Syria that every American should see…

1. Barack Obama, during an interview with Charlie Savage on December 20, 2007: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

2. Joe Biden, during a television interview in 2007: “The president has no constitutional authority … to take this nation to war … unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked.  And if he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him.”

3. U.S. Representative Ted Poe: “Mr. President, you must call Congress back from recess immediately to take a vote on a military strike on Syria. Assad may have crossed a red line but that does not give you the authority to redline the Constitution.”

4. U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader: “I see no convincing evidence that this is an imminent threat to the United States of America.”

5. U.S. Representative Barbara Lee: “While we understand that as commander-in-chief you have a constitutional obligation to protect our national interests from direct attack, Congress has the constitutional obligation and power to approve military force, even if the United States or its direct interests (such as its embassies) have not been attacked or threatened with an attack.”

6. The New York Times: “American officials said Wednesday there was no ‘smoking gun’ that directly links President Bashar al-Assad to the attack, and they tried to lower expectations about the public intelligence presentation.”

7. U.S. Senator Rand Paul: “The war in Syria has no clear national security connection to the United States and victory by either side will not necessarily bring in to power people friendly to the United States.”

8. U.S. Senator Tim Kaine: “I definitely believe there needs to be a vote.”

9. Donald Rumsfeld: “There really hasn’t been any indication from the administration as to what our national interest is with respect to this particular situation.”

10. Robert Fisk: “If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.”

11. Former congressman Dennis Kucinich: “So what, we’re about to become al-Qaeda’s air force now?”

12. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem: “We have two options: either to surrender, or to defend ourselves with the means at our disposal. The second choice is the best: we will defend ourselves.”

13. A Syrian Army officer: “We have more than 8,000 suicide martyrs within the Syrian army, ready to carry out martyrdom operations at any moment to stop the Americans and the British. I myself am ready to blow myself up against US aircraft carriers to stop them attacking Syria and its people.”

14. Khalaf Muftah, a senior Ba’ath Party official: “We have strategic weapons and we’re capable of responding.”

15. An anonymous senior Hezbollah source: “A large-scale Western strike on Syria will plunge Lebanon virtually and immediately into the inferno of a war with Israel.”

16. Ali Larjiani, the speaker of the Iranian parliament: “…the country which has been destroyed by the terrorists during the past two years will not sustain so much damage as the warmongers will receive in this war.”

17. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “Starting this fire will be like a spark in a large store of gunpowder, with unclear and unspecified outcomes and consequences”

18. General Mohammad Ali Jafari, chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: (an attack on Syria) “means the immediate destruction of Israel.”

19. Israeli President Shimon Peres: “Israel is not and has not been involved in the civil war in Syria, but if they try to hurt us, we will respond with full force.”

20. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We are not part of the civil war in Syria, but if we identify any attempt whatsoever to harm us, we will respond and we will respond in strength.”

21. The Jerusalem Post: “The lines between Hezbollah and the Syrian regime are so blurred that Israel will hold Damascus responsible if Hezbollah bombards Israel in the coming days, Israeli officials indicated on Wednesday.”

22. Ron Paul: “The danger of escalation with Russia is very high”

23. Pat Buchanan: “The sole beneficiary of this apparent use of poison gas against civilians in rebel-held territory appears to be the rebels, who have long sought to have us come in and fight their war.”

24. Retired U.S. General James Mattis: “We have no moral obligation to do the impossible and harm our children’s future because we think we just have to do something.”

25. Syrian refugee Um Ahmad: “Isn’t it enough, all the violence and fighting that we already have in the country, now America wants to bomb us, too?”

  • Westy

    If we (He) attacks, this globe will change for the worse,,,,,at least forever.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    What do all of you guys think?


    • Ayn Rand

      As you have said, I hope cooler heads prevail.

    • krinks

      I think the whole affair is sad. When did objective journalism morph into becoming whores for the power elite as seen by the many outlets that agree with the script? What is worse is even so called Christian outlets are going along with it.
      You would think at least one of them would ask the question; who has the power to force the President, Congress, and the Media to lie about events in Syria in order to get us to attack; without so much as one of them admitting the whole thing is a lie? After all the only ones known to have Sarin Gas were the Syrian rebels on the Turkish border.

      • Gay Veteran

        the corporate media have been pressitutes for decades, always spreading government propaganda

    • Bill

      Michael, I think you have some very smart people on this blog making very intelligent comments. They see through the smoke and mirrors, and they are well aware of the hidden agendas and lies that go with them. When you hear a noise to your right, turn left if you want to see what caused it. If you have time listen to a half hr video by Bix you will get a good picture of the whole mess.

    • Adrian

      I think it’s a good thing blogs such as this exist to challenge the corporate media and the elite power structure. I wonder how long before they start shutting you guys down? Just look what they’re doing to whistleblowers.

    • davidmpark

      Congress must act to stop Obama and his entourage, or they are just as guilty.

      This Administration has gone on long enough. If there is anything in my state about halting the Feds activities, even if there’s recalls and impeachments, I will sign on.

      This is criminal and treasonous. It must be stopped by Congress now!

      • Adrian

        Funny how Bush (or his cronies) was never impeached or tried for his illegal war in Iraq. 4,500 dead Americans, 30-50k maimed, over 100,000 Iraqi dead, over a million displaced, $ 2-4 trillion in cost.

        • Gay Veteran

          that’s because there is bipartisan consensus on empire abroad and the national security/surveillance state at home.

        • GSOB

          Yes. I hope you agree though, in reality – ………’s not funny.

  • Annie from Indiannie

    The attack on Syria will happen. The globalist that are controlling Obummer, need to bring in the New World Order. NOW!

    • Syrin

      Yeah Valerie Jarrett, de facto ruler of the US seems hell bent on killing innocents. At least the NYT supports an unjustifiable war now that we have a black liberal Kenyan in office.

      • Joseph E Fasciani

        You just named the names and smacked the PoS on his pointy head! Congrats, citizen!!

  • K

    Does not make much sense does it? Unless the economy is not collapsing fast enough. Even a limited exchange will boost oil prices. Egypt has already closed the Suez to U.S. warships. What if U.S. bound tankers are next on the list. No politician would ever make such an unpopular move. If it did not destroy them, it would cripple their party. So why would he do it? To me, it would be the final proof he is nothing but a puppet, just following orders. Notice more executive orders on gun control, also signed today. The plan continues.

    • JimB

      Obama makes perfect sense once you view all his actions from the perspective of destroying America.

      • If Obama goes through with this stupid plan, the American people will go through Obama.

        • Adrian

          You give too much credit to the people. What did the American people do when they realized the WMD in Iraq were all lies, and that that war had been planned since the 1990s? Nada.

          • An unprovoked attack on Syria will very likely result in blow-back against America directly. It will get personal at that point.

          • Adrian

            No doubt, just as the last 65 years of US foreign policy has resulted in blowback, a large reason why we’re now fighting an unending ‘war on terror’.

          • 007

            Nobody has realized this

          • Adrian

            Well, if that’s the case, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      • cateye

        Yes, it took me a while to arrive at the same conclusion. Is he an economic illiterate or are his policies designed to be destructive? I now know that his actions are on purpose, and he is accomplishing that what he wishes to accomplish.

      • Richard O. Mann

        Dats a fact.

    • BonusGift

      They say there are three keys or rules to real estate: (1) location, (2) location, and (3) location. Similarly, if you have any question about U.S, foreign policy that seems senseless, especially in and around the Middle East, there are three keys: (1) Israel, (2) Israel, and (3) Israel. Essentially, AIPAC and related travelers determine the U.S. military’s target list. It really does get tedious trying to point out the obvious as people run around like chickens with their heads cut off asking why? “If you want to know where the power lies ask whom you cannot criticize.” Not talking about Jewish influence in subjects like this is like not using or talking about chocolate when teaching how to make chocolate mousse.

      • Sequoia

        Well said!!!!!

      • BrushArc


    • K

      Ron Paul calling gas attack a false flag. Mint News reporting gas attack, an accident by the rebels, claims Saudi supplied the gas. Not saying this is true. But with the record as of late. More believable then the Government.

  • Uh-huh

    What do we think? The logical thing would be for America to keep its nose out of the world’s business and quit destabilizing it. AND we really need to figure out who’s pulling Obama’s puppet strings, such as who controls Jarrett’s puppet strings? Finally, what I don’t understand is why so many people in some position of power feel so powerless to stop the rolling boulder called Obama. How can they let Obama order anything? Immediate articles of impeachment for any Syria strike should be called against Obama….Der Fuhrer Amerikaner goes too far.

    • Stephanie S

      Puppeteer: George Soros

      • Adrian

        It’s a lot more than just George Soros.

    • Adrian

      Simple: Wall Street is pulling his strings, along with big Pharma, the big banks, and the health insurance lobby. Just look at who his big donors and backers are, and that tells you who he is beholden to, and has been since being elected the first time.

  • Syrin

    The Israeli press says the bombing start Friday night/ Saturday morning. Maybe I’m being naive, but the UK just voted no to war, China and Russia walked out of the UN Security Council, and the alternative media such as this web site has done such a great job informing people that there is NO justification to attack Syria in any way shape or form, that even our American Fuhrer appears to be giving a moment’s pause. Maybe he’ll see the light, but I doubt it. He needs a distraction to allow the engineered economic collapse that liberals keep voting for to happen.

    • Ayn Rand

      i have thought about this too. Even Congress is growing a pair and saying no. I heard Obama is now having talks with Putin to negotiate some sort of “deal.” It may not happen, and I hope it doesn’t.

      • GSOB


        • eric blair

          If you’re so gung ho for war, then why don’t you buy a ticket to Damascus and see how hard you really are. Not wanting an undeclared, illegal war with a sovereign country doesn’t make one a socialist, but merely shows one to be a human being.

          • GSOB

            The collective of socialist minds can only lead to socialist ideas.

        • Ayn Rand

          Read my User name and call me a socialist again.

          • GSOB

            Socialism is in us all by default, we must not cling unto our own understanding nor the collective minds of those that can implement it.

          • Ayn Rand

            What I am saying is that Ayn Rand, the author I based my user name upon, is the opposite of a socialist. Her novels, Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, The Fountainhead, are about as anti-collective as they get.

      • markthetruth

        John Kerry will bash syria at 12:30 today but will double talk about the Obama Red Line statement . As is one the slandered the Vietnam Veterans in the 70’s for doing what they where sent to do.

        the end…

        • Nola_Navy_Vet

          John Kerry is a rodent!

          • markthetruth

            That even to generous , he some kind of Scum of the Earth.

            the end…

          • cherylmeril

            Kerry’s a dead man walking, a zombie who follows the orders of demonic entities.

          • myrna652

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        • Thomas

          “And As he is one that slandered the Vietnam Veterans in the 70’s for doing what they where sent to do.”

          Were they sent to murder babies….??????????

    • cherylmeril

      It’s not up to Obama but his keepers.

    • Kevin

      yes…you are naive from the posts I have seen but I still read your posts…YES…there is a reason to attack Syria…but I also wish we had more approval…I think pissin off China and Russia is a bad idea but they have a different agenda…KILL THE DOLLAR…how does that make you feel

    • Jagrick

      Crickets. It’s Saturday and all calm and the latest is trying to get congressional approval so all you people can stop your hand wringing.

  • Stu

    I don’t think this has much of anything to do with Syria…I think it’s a backdoor way to pull Iran into the fray as their ally, thus having justification for Israel to attack and attempt to take out their nuclear enrichment facilities without condemnation from the global community.

    • Mondobeyondo

      That’s a possibility. Any Western military action against Syria would give Iran a good excuse to jump right in….

  • alyn

    The World has changed, the game has changed. The USA needs to understand that it does not have Paternal rights to control the “naughty” kids out in the playground, never did – but imagined it did. What would you do if some other kids parent whacked your kid because he/she kicked it’s sibling? What’s happening in Syria is unacceptable, it needs to stop – but the Cop is the United Nations – negotiate at that level, fix your own relationships (e.g. Russia). I am an Aussie who is fed up with BB America assuming it can speak for the World.

  • Larry Garcia

    American citizens do not support attacking Syria. Well except for Obama and McCain.

    • Adrian

      Hell, most Americans can’t find Syria on a map, and they’re still salivating over the Cyrus titillation on TV the other day. Talk about Bread and Cyruses…

      • cateye

        “Bread and Cyruses” …..sad but true.

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Obama is NOT a US native-born citizen, and I believe McCain is also in question, as he was born aboard a ship in the Panama Canal Zone. Maybe someone can verify this for us, please, as I’m late for an important date: my Pom’s birthday party!

  • Louise in MO

    Dead is dead. One hundred thousand Syrians have been killed by their government, killed by weapons of war. Why is the death of a thousand by chemical weapons suddenly the flash point to which Obama needs to respond. It makes no sense.

    Let the Syrians take care of their own problems. We have had poor results in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Enough American blood has been shed.

    • Adrian

      The 100,000 haven’t all been killed by the regime. An untold chunk of that were killed by the rebels also. I’d like to see strong EVIDENCE (for a change) of who was responsible for this attack.

    • Pauly

      If the Syrian Gov killed anyone, it was done to protect law and order. The same thing any gov. would do, besides the rebels are funded by the great villain, the US.

    • Gay Veteran

      “… One hundred thousand Syrians have been killed by their government….”
      PROOF please. Or were many of these deaths caused by the terrorists/rebels that we and Saudi Arabia are backing?

      • Louise in MO

        Of course I wasn’t there each day to count the dead, but I’m sure you weren’t either. Some of those killed were probably due to rebel gunfire. 100,000 civilians killed reported by every news outlet. So do we not believe anybody? Or are we keeping a scorecard?

        • Gay Veteran

          perhaps you meant to write:

          One hundred thousand Syrians have been killed by their government OR the terrorists/rebels.

          • DALTOWN22


          • Gay Veteran

            totally agree

        • jaxon64

          Louise, I believe that the point is not the number of dead civilians–but the erroneous conclusion that the government has killed them.
          Your point about why we draw a line on chemical weapons as unacceptable and are unmoved at the thousands killed in general is a valid point however.
          To take it a step further, one must then ask–where was our “moral” outrage against the murders in Darfur, Rwanda, Sudan, Boko Harem in Nigeria, O’s cousin Mugabe murdering thousands of christians in Kenya…etc etc etc..Why is Syria more important?
          The answer to that question is the crux of the entire situation…anyone got their theories?..proximity to Israel? Another entrenched Nepotist in the way of globalism aspirations? Petrodollar?..Russian gas lines?…WHY do we care about dead Syrians and not dead asians, Africans, South Amnericans or even Mexican citizens at our backdoor ( 50,000 dead there–and counting)–someone please explain why…

          • GSOB

            Your use of ‘christians’ uncapitialized, in this context – is an index for us into your soul,.. at least to me…. a fisher of men.

            Are you born again?

      • Seth Oest

        Pat Buchanan: “The sole
        beneficiary of this apparent use of poison gas against civilians in rebel-held
        territory appears to be THE REBELS THEMSELVES, who have long sought to have us
        come in and fight their war.”

        • Gay Veteran

          yep, cue buono (to whose benefit?). The attack benefits the terrorists/rebels, not the Syrian government.

  • markthetruth

    Watched the Video Walt Blitzer Ran on his show with a women expert. He warned of the Horrifying clip were going to see. Not !!! a bunch of guys squirming on the floor and the expert pointing out twitching as proof that they are not faking it and then said anyone one touching them or the clothing will be poisoned although there were people rubbing them down with bare hands and she came up with some lame excuse why they weren’t going to be poisoned she was definitely caught of guard .. The Video did not convince me of nothing , I’ve seen bombings scenes with body parts all over now that Horrifying !!! and proof.

    the end…

  • Vermaphax

    The problem is if Obama attacks yeah we impeach him, but the damage is done and we can’t come back from the brink…I say they should give a vote of no confidence. Show Obama the door.

    • Nola_Navy_Vet

      Make sure Moochelle does not steal any food, china or light bulbs when they leave.

    • Louise in MO

      They will NOT show Obama the door. A race war would start immediately.

      • Joseph E Fasciani

        No, because the stand-up Afro-Americans of character and ethics will be glad to see the PoS gone.

        • Drago Lord

          the 2% that didnt vote for him?

  • Rodster

    Typical liberal thinking. What good will lobbing a few STATEMENT bombs do? The answer is nothing, other than purposely destabilizing the world.

    Maybe they think by destabilizing the world, other countries economies will be hurt and therefore they run to the safe haven known as the $USD.

    In the long run it will backfire, as the world economies will accelerate their push to collapse the dollar and remove it from it’s world reserve currency status.

  • HE2

    Someone needs to call Syria and tell them we have a rogue president who is acting on his own.

    • Adrian

      As if the world doesn’t already know this! Remember Bush and Iraq, 2003? Clinton and Yugoslavia? Bush and Panama? Reagan and Grenada? I could go on and on…

      • Joseph E Fasciani

        Plato remarked that the first requirement of a philosopher [lover of wisdom] was that he have a good memory. It appears yours is at least as good as mine!!

        • Adrian

          Thank you, sir!

  • Kim

    It’s crazy. Why does the Whitehouse want Assad out? There is so much we don’t know- huge missing pieces of the story. how would obama possibly benefit from a war with Syria. I tend to think it’s about oil in some direct or indirect way.

    • Adrian

      Syria is a Russian ally, and toppling the regime would decrease Russian influence even more in the ME. That’s one reason, but by putting these hard core Islamists in power, he’d be opening Pandora’s Box, just like he did in Libya.

    • K

      Here is your answer. No military ever likes to fight a war on two fronts. When we attack Iran, we would prefer the Syrians were not attacking us from the opposite direction. So we neutralize the Syrians first. Notice I said when, not if we attack Iran. All part of a plan, that has been going on for a long time. Those who pull the strings, on elected officials. Are some very evil people indeed..

    • Donald Wilson

      Its all about Control. The banksters wabt to take Control of many countries and put in place central banks its all about power and control.

      Good Luck and Good Night…

    • Nola_Navy_Vet

      Barack Hussein Obama II is a Sunni Muslim.

    • Boo-urns

      If it was about oil I could at least understand that (since oil is a VITAL resource to our entire way of life, not just automobiles). But I doubt it has anything to do with oil. More likely it has to do with our so-called ally in the Middle East, the one that we blindly support regardless of the repercussions, and from whom we get absolutely NOTHING in return for our allegiance. You know who I’m talking about.

  • GSOB

    Addressing the article, ….proxy wars carried out through covert operations, that is what we are seeing here.

    Obama is not the enemy.

    The Honorable President Obama HAS the authority to make a strike within these covert operations. You folks need to wake up.

    So go help someone.

    You all think you know everything and don’t reflect our President in the way that is appropriate – because you don’t have the information he does –
    but you assume you do and thus are quick to judge him – based on your limited insight.

    CHAOS and a bit of racism there to.

    • Human

      Alert… Koolaid drinker…thinks the criminals who are bleeding the country and constitution dry are telling the truth.

    • Sequoia

      Obama,just like Bush are just puppets that work for the intersests of the money changers AKA the banking cartel, the industrial war complex , big farma and others.
      This is not racism to call them out on their evil deeds.
      All of them are evil and corrupt and it doesnt matter about their skin color.
      They, in the govrnment are all evil black and white alike.
      Bush Obama, the same old drama, and Obama is jst as bad as Bush. There are no difference between the two.

      • GSOB

        And you Sequoia – don’t stand for any of it. Got the message.

        Go help someone who needs it.

    • Gay Veteran

      go join the army you coward

      • GSOB

        Served in both the Corps and the Army. Managed to keep dicks like you to their own unnatural devices too.

        • Gay Veteran

          LOL, serve in the Air Force too and Navy too?

  • GSOB

    I wish I could go fight.
    But I am old and my glory days are over.
    Christians getting slaughtered is par for the course.

    God help us.

    • cateye

      The fight may come to you, so be ready.

    • Gay Veteran

      coward, leave us out of your psychodrama

      • GSOB



        You are right. Why even compete with your user name?

  • DJohn1

    Sadly, Americans will go get killed.
    Since Obama is Commander-in-Chief of all of this, I think it is only right that he lead. I think he should lead the first battalion to invade Syria. Definitely right up front of all of his troops. Straight into the thick of battle.

    But if we did that, there would be no wars from any President of this country. They are all cowards.
    As for disobeying the constitution of this country and the Vice seeking impeachment. That was just words.
    Those words have no meaning in real life. It was a political speech telling people what they wanted to hear. Might remember that next time you vote for him in any capacity other than dog catcher.
    I would definitely vote for him as dog catcher. Only because it is likely the dog would win.
    When you call on this bunch to vote remember the security agreement that 300 of these people voted for that is in violation of the Bill of Rights in the name of security.
    What makes you think this Congress will change its mind and vote to get rid of this guy?
    I am for calling a card by its real name. That means I want to know what party these 300 people actually belonged to. I am sure it isn’t Democrat or Republican by their voting records. For a bunch of lawyers, they sure claim a lot of ignorance of what the Bill of Rights actually says.
    Might be informative to know what law school they all attended. Are they actually members of the Lawyer’s Bar?
    If we attack Syria or anyone else, then our people resources will become in short supply in a real big hurry. That means there will have to be a draft real quick.
    It means also that any one with any past military experience will be subject to a recall to service.
    Hopefully I am all wrong about this.

  • DJohn1

    PS: That is how we can resolve the welfare system. Exempt them from the physical and draft them all.

  • JailBanksters

    I can smell a another False Flag coming up.
    And I’m picking Cyber Terrorism on the US Financial Markets on the 6th Sept 2013

  • Dee

    I was hoping that Snowden will reveal something new about pre-planed Syrian attack and stop this madness. It is heartbreaking that in one lifetime person witness so many wars.

  • markthetruth

    Here’s the answer to the question WHY ! They want Obama !!!

    Some locals regarded as fanciful the idea that Farouq and other group would ever again have the strength to rise up and throw out Jabhat. But most proclaimed defiantly that Syria would not become a radical Islamic state.

    “This is all just for the war,” said Mr al-Khalil, the town leader, who is happy to cooperate with Jabhat as he tries to re-establish schools and keep the water running.

    A former human rights lawyer once jailed by the regime, he said he could tolerate the black flags for now. “But I think the modern Islamic project
    will win in the end,” he added, using a phrase commonly used to refer to a civil state with a Muslim ethos, like booming Turkey next door. He added a refrain repeated now across rebel Syria: it will be harder to keep the Islamists out if the West does not come to the aid of this “modern” project.

    As a follower of Abu Deeb, the arrested militia leader put it: “This is a pact with the devil. We would rather ally with Obama than Jabhat.”

    the end…

  • 2Gary2

    Why don’t we forget about Syria and fix Detroit? you know that depressed town that is part of this country.

    • Tobias Smith

      why don’t we use all the bombs on Detroit and kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

  • John Nikson

    Here people are forgetting history of brutality by Islamic nations,, attacked on any other religions n massacre, loot,,, Its always better to Attack on Muslim nations,, if not they will do in any future days,..

  • AliBabaBlackcat

    Sorry solder I miss that which oil company are you fighting and how much Oil Trade dollars are they paying you to dead?

  • Matt

    With the Arab League against the attack, and the UK, and the American people, is there something going on in the head of Obama that we don’t know about?

  • Mondobeyondo

    Strange… back when Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons (late 1980’s?) and was gassing Kurds, the U.S. wasn’t so gung-ho about invading Iraq. We turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. If I’m not mistaken, Schwartzkopf and Powell wanted to keep marching from Kuwait City right up to Baghdad, during the first Gulf War. Had they done so, there likely would never have been a second Gulf War.

    What should we do about Syria? Well, obviously no one should just sit back and let some two-bit dictator use chemical weapons against his own people. As far as U.S. military involvement goes – does the end justify the means? We fire missiles and air strikes at Syria, Syria fires missiles at Israel (“Hey, no fair! What do WE have to do with this?”) – and things could get out of hand very quickly.

    As John F. Kennedy reportedly said during the Cuban missile crisis, “This is the week when I earn my pay”.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Had they done so, there likely would never have been a second Gulf War….”
      True, and the results would be the same: total disaster for U.S. and Iraq.
      The Egyptian military murders over 1000 civilians and we do nothing.

  • Ralfine

    Cameron defeated in Parliament. The Brits don’t want to go. “Cut wars, not welfare”

    Germans say: if you want to go, go, but without us, we have other problems.

  • FounderChurch

    It is all about good management of the national interest. Obumbler is totally incompetent. Remove him. We need a Reagan team to run this country and there needs to be a negotiation with Russia to restore things to where they were.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Can’t understand what’s wrong with good old-fashioned napalm from Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos or depleted uranium from Iraq.
    Can’t we organize a petition to the Nobel Committee to withdraw Obama’s prize?

  • Boo-urns

    The quicker everyone in the middle east kills each other (without our intervention) the better off the rest of the world will be.

    We do not need to be involved, we do not need to be the Defenders Of Israel (what exactly do we get for this allegiance? Nothing but trouble…), we do not need to defend Syrian citizens or rebels or anyone else. Let them do what they will, unimpeded.

  • gifteconomy

    DEPLETED URANIUM BOMBS will pollute the entire Nothern Hemisphere for 50 000 years, at least!

    Only PSYCHOPATHIC SATANISTS would like to see such destruction, misery, horror.. all over the world!

    One has to STOP them – there is no other solution for to save lives, people, Earth…

  • Truth

    When you think about it, this sort of thing (genocide, mass killings, use of chemicals and weapons on civilians, etc) has been going on in Africa for decades. What are the 100,000 dead Syrians compared to the millions of dead in Africa?
    Why hasn’t the US acted on their behalf now or in the past? Oh wait, I know…Africa has no oil. The Middle East does. The only reason the US is involved with the Middle East is to secure its hold on oil. If the Middle East ran out of oil tomorrow, the US would pull out and leave them to their own fates…just like it has done with Africa.

    • SnakeArbusto

      Africa does have oil, and the US is not leaving it to its own fate.

  • djc

    Beautiful column as usual with one caveat though. The Assad family are Alawite Muslims which aligns more closely with Shia Islam than Sunni Islam but are certainly not Shia’s. A key point to remember is that Assad has protected Syria’s very substantial Christian minority (much higher than the 10% normally stated). The Christians play a very key part in Syrian life, both civic and economic and are heavily indebted to the Assad family. If Assad falls to Islamic Radicals the Christians will be absolutely butchered “a la” Iraq.

    My brother spent several years living in Iraq working for the US government and has only good things to say about the Syrian people and the Assad family’s protection of the Christians. If this illegal and unjust war does happen I fear for the future of Christianity in the Middle East and the stability of the entire world.

    I will give Obama credit for one thing–He’s making many people pine for the days of George “W” Bush……..

    • Gay Veteran

      “…I will give Obama credit for one thing–He’s making many people pine for the days of George “W” Bush.”
      while I totally detest Obama, at least he hasn’t gotten over 4000 Americans killed like Bush the Stoopid did in Iraq

      • DALTOWN22


        • Gay Veteran


      • Silence Dogood

        No, Obomba the stoopid has killed em all in Afghanistan.
        At twice the rate Bush did in half the time.
        Still denying you’re a leftist of the first order?

        • Gay Veteran

          Thy shalt not lie. Obama is as big a scumbag as Bush ( and probably worse), but U.S. combat deaths under Obama are way lower than under Bush the Stoopid

  • Carlos Danger

    The Russian Deputy Prime Minister has likened Obama to a “monkey with a hand grenade.”

  • Stefan

    While you may be completely correct in stating, “At the core, the Syrian civil war is about Sunni Islam vs. Shiite Islam.” It is definitely not about a Sunni government coming to power in Syria. This is another follow the money scenario.

    First Obama is stirring up the hornet’s nest in the Middle east with Syria, to kill a Gas Pipeline deal.

    A major problem is, it is also Russia’s only Naval foothold in the Middle East, and located in the Syrian Port of Tartus. This is a real line in the sand for Russia. They also have enjoyed friendly relations with Syria for decades, and this will tip the balance of power against them, so it really becomes a national security issue for Russia.

    The US, absolutely has no moral Authority for the warring in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and other countries that we are planning on knocking out. All this, so a few energy execs can own and dominate the middle East?

    Since Russia will have the Moral Authority to prosecute a hot war with the US, as they are being directly threatened, this is a dangerous game Obama is pursuing.

    Why are we dying for some corrupt Bankers, Energy Execs, and Money Interests?

    Here is the real story.

    Qatar wants to run a gas pipeline out of the Persian Gulf and into Europe. The originally planned route ran through Iraq and Turkey. Iraq, though ended up as a problem since they already signed a
    deal with Iran for an identical pipeline out of the Gulf. Plan “B” goes through Jordan and Syria, and provides Jordan with free gas for the favor.
    The problem is Iran on the opposite side of the Gulf has already inked a deal with Iraq and Syria, and construction has already started, so logically, according to Western thieves, Syria’s got to go. The Boys from South Pars Iran, want to lay some
    serious cash rich pipe, through Iraq, Into Syria and hit a coastal port in Lebanon.

    So, there is a war, but Sunni Islam vs. Shiite Islam is only the cover story.

  • rentslave

    Obama must be gotten rid of.Ditsooner,the better.

    • Carlos Danger

      You can expect your door to be kicked it following a stun grenade in 3..2…

  • Richard O. Mann

    Da Big O is being guided by the Brotherhood who have may reps with in the current admin. I really think that O is a card carrying member of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is looking bad right now after Egypt. They may push O into Syria just for giggles. Guess we will have to wait and see.

    • Syrin

      100% accurate

  • Wakulla Prepper

    Hedge your bets…fill-up all vehicle gas tanks and portable fuel containers.

  • Oline Wright

    If Obama starts a war with Syria aiding the rebels he should immediately be removed from office and tried for treason since the rebels are linked to Al Qaeda and the “war on terror” targets them as an enemy then Obama would be aiding and abetting the enemy.

    • GSOB

      On the surface level, that is MSM possible.

  • Nola_Navy_Vet

    Barack Hussein Obama II is a Sunni Muslim; Obama showed this when he kissed the ring of the Saudi KIng.
    Barack Hussein Obama II needs to be impeached.

  • ian

    expect a false flag on our soil very soon with mass casualties.

  • Carlos Danger

    Secy Kerry live with split screen showing select war footage designed to stir emotion. So break out the yellow ribbons. These psychopaths are going to start WW3.

  • Randy Townsend

    This is what you get with a President 1) serving his second term and never having to face voters again; 2) facing a Congress from whom he has absolutely no fear of reprisal – The Senate will NEVER vote to remove him; 3) absolutely convinced of his infallibility, surrounded by people who feed his ego 24/7 and 4) with a nation, a majority of voters that are apathetic and ignorant at best, supportive of whatever he does at worst. The voters put him in twice – don’t complain. Those of us who told you that this was what he was made of were ignored. You got what you asked for. Now, US blood and treasure will be wasted in the sands of a land most of us care not one bit about.

    • DALTOWN22


    • SnakeArbusto

      Don’t you care about the innocent civilians that will be killed there? I do.

      • Randy Townsend

        Of course! Assad has been killing people for more than two years and that won’t change no matter what The Fearless Leader does with the ordnance at his disposal.

        • SnakeArbusto

          Right. And that ordnance will kill more innocent people.

  • Benjamin Spurlock

    This is truly terrifying stuff, and I hope that we won’t get involved in this civil war, especially considering the enormous risk of escalation. A single “shot across the bows” is not going to be an option, I don’t think, and it does concern me that the United States seems to think that attacking a country is all right as long as it’s not too major an attack.

    Carl von Clausewitz must be shaking his head in his grave at these things.

    The one minor correction I would offer is that Assad, and the majority of the ruling party, is Alawite, not Shiia- think of it as the “Gnostic” Islam as opposite to the Sunnis and Shia being “Protestant” and “Catholic,” and you have a pretty decent comparison. The Alawites are thus a minority in their own country here, and hence the fury that Al Qaeda and the like have for them. Other than that, your analysis seems spot-on to me.

  • 2Gary2

    The real question is: Who cares who used the chemical weapons? it has
    nothing to do with the United States, and while people starve and live
    on the streets here, the economy is horrific, races are as divided like
    it was the ’50s again our government wants to cost untold more American
    lives and spend countless more billions of dollars to fight a war in yet
    another Middle Eastern hell hole.

  • YourNameHere

    Demoncraps, hypocrisy is thy name.

    Corruption, is thy last name.

    Coveting, however, is your REAL name.

    • Boo-urns

      Ditto for the Republitards. BOTH parties are chock full of idiots and assholes, and BOTH parties are equally dangerous to John Q. Citizen.

      • YourNameHere

        Far as I know the Republicans have NEVER put in an illegal unqualified foreigner as president. Who is currently endangering 300,000,000 million people with ineptness never before seen, and if we are lucky he might endanger a couple of BILLION more!

        And why is it Demoncraps are so sexually immoral? Rape, adultery, etc. Rarely happens on the R side.

        You would think that would be a clue to low information voters.

        • SnakeArbusto

          What does “low information voters” mean?

  • Big Tex Bubba

    The Qataris want regime change in Syria to run a pipeline from their country to Turkey to supply Europe with natural gas. Why do you think Russia wants to keep the regime in place in Syria. They have to protect their revenues

  • stmess

    The puppets are jiggling a show.
    The BANKsters are pulling all the strings.

  • Tosheba

    Why do we put up with this crap?

    • GSOB

      because we are law abiding serfs.

  • AskingWhy

    I have been reading as much as I can find about this and still don’t fully understand why the US would get involved. Isn’t the current ‘conflict’ enough war? What is the up-side of joining the violence further? What special interest wants us to sponsor Syrian rebels (and Saudi Arabia) even more?

    • jiggly

      Upside? The BANKsters need a reason to explode old bombs to give space for new models in stock.

    • Adrian

      1) Eliminating a Russian ally in the ME, 2) eliminating a regime hostile towards Israel (only to replace it with one perhaps more so), 3) Hoping to gain favor/influence with the new regime in the region, and 4) war is always profitable to the good ol Military Industrial Complex.

  • piccadillybabe

    A lot of the so-called “intelligence” is gotten from the media. They have very few “boots on the ground” over there, if any reliable sources. This all could just be “smoke and mirrors” for the most part to draw in the US and other nations to further deplete their resources and make them more vulnerable. It all sounds horrific but who really knows what is really going on IMHO? Our rogue imperialistic lawlessness in the Middle East has caused these civil wars in the first place.

  • Adrian

    This is very troubling. I just read two stories about the number of civilian deaths from the chemical weapons attack in Syria on 21 August. The estimate from doctors without Borders, an independent and unbiased group, estimates the dead at 355. John Kerry’s estimate is almost exactly 4x higher, at 1426. I will post the links to these two stories in a reply below to this comment for all to verify what I am talking about for yourselves. Beware the lies.

    • Carlos Danger

      Of course it’s lies. Obomba the peace prize winner is chomping at the bit. It’s all a distraction. He doesn’t care about the kids who were gassed.

      Remember the Gulf of Tunkin, WMDs…..

      “When all else fails they take you to war”
      Gerald Celente

      • Adrian

        Yes, but people should arm themselves with this information, as it is right here in black and white, and available. I wonder how long it will be before they realize that both stories contradict each other and take the first one down?

  • Piglet

    [Why is Barack Obama so obsessed with helping such monsters?] Look at who benefits. A Syria thrown into chaos and ruled over by local warlords along the lines of Libya, would eliminate another of Israel’s regional competitors. Certainly the US has nothing to gain here.

    Also, isn’t it odd that we’re short of money that we can’t pay for this or that (in fact we’re horrendously and hopelessly in debt), yet when possible military action comes up, the sky is the limit?

    • Orange Jean

      His half-brother apparently is holding the purse strings for the rebels.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    John “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran” McCain has been criticizing the administration of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama for not taking action in Syria. So we have Arizona’s favorite GOP war hawk bashing a very militaristic gang of Democraps for not being militaristic enough. In other words, a Gambino is attacking a Bonnano for not whacking enough people. As Gerald Celente says: how the hell can anyone vote for these people? Between the Gambinos and the Bonnanos, The Banana Republic of America is truly screwed. So get ready for World War III, and it won’t be pretty.

    It isn’t hard to imagine how it will go down: the BRA attacks Syria and Iran, Israel and others jump in on the side of the BRA, other Middle Eastern countries jump in on the side of Syria and Iran. The unrest and economic misery in big chunks of Europe exacerbates the situation. It will be an absolute bloodbath that will make the two previous world wars look like a high school soccer game.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    When members of the Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama Administration talk about taking limited military action in Syria, I laugh at the absurdity. Yes, limited as in Vietnam. Limited as George “Dumb-Ya” Bush, Dickkk Cheney and the rest of the neocon peanut gallery lying us into Iraq. Yeah, right! And if the BRA’s involvement in Syria escalates as Gerald Celente and Justin Raimondo have been predicting, don’t be surprised if the draft makes a comeback. Should that happen, I urge parents: please don’t let your kids become cannon fodder for the filthy, corrupt banksters who run this banana republic. The banksters offer the BRA nothing but poverty, hunger and misery, and they are not worth dying for.

    Take your kids underground if you have to. Don’t let them spill a drop of blood in support of this filthy Third World junta of criminality.

  • Adrian

    As they always do: grovel at the feet of the Democrat, even though he’s indistinguishable from his predecessor.

  • cherylmeril

    What will MS do if there’s no war? Nothing’s for certain at this point.

  • Kelly

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the US gave the rebels chemical weapons and some leaders are just really sore losers.

  • enzo

    Just one small correction, Assad is not Shia, he is Alawi.. He is supported by Iran n Hezbollah who happen to be Shia..Alawi is a sect of Islam not that known.

  • Enzo

    Just one small correction…. Assaad is Alawi and not Shia. It is a small not very well-known Islamic sect. He is supported by Iran and Hezbolla, who happen to be Shia…They share the fear/hate of/for Israel, hence the support.

  • Kevin

    Where was all the hate when bush was stupid…I can’t help but say….I give up…but there is the fact I still have to live….ya’ll make me crazy…I don’t care about the current…I have lived a while but ….I am at least consistant

    • DALTOWN22



    Obumma, being the good muslim that he is, wants to get us into a war. If we drop just one bomb on Syria, all the Muslim countries will immediately attack us. At the same time, they will attack Israel, knowing that we will be unable to fight on two fronts. Ordering such a bombing SHOULD cause the Joint Chiefs to send troops to the White House to place Obumma under arrest. But we doubt that those spineless generals and admirals have the intestinal fortitude to honor their oath of office in such a manner.

    • GSOB

      ‘Obumma, being the good muslim that he is, wants to get us into a war’

      This is totally inappropriate. My neighbors are Muslim you azzhole.

  • Patrick

    The Alawites are not Shia muslims and are not muslims ,only since 1972 did Hafez al-Assad decided they were muslims ! They are a sect closer to the christians and the Druzes ,believe in reincarnation,drink alcohol,believe in St.Peter and the Holly Gost ,do not have mosque,and also believe in many other things .

  • Drago Lord


    Sorry but the jews are supporting the terrorists

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    “He needs a distraction to allow the engineered economic collapse that liberals keep voting for to happen,” wrote Syrin.

    Exactly, so why not at least attempt to stone two birds –al Asaad & We, the Sheople–with one kill? It’s the least we should expect from the worst Pres in US history, and one of the Ten Worst Rulers in World History. Never have so many been impoverished so quickly for so few. NEVER. Dear God, I sure hope the Obamination thinks his wreckage –I mean, WORK!– here is nearly done, ’cause we sure as Hell are.

    • SnakeArbusto

      And Bush and all of his predecessors had nothing to do with it? You think we’re ready to believe that at this point? Read what Dave said: “The Americans are too lazy to research for themselves and realize this
      war has been planned out for YEARS before Obama was even in office.” he’s absolutely right. But go ahead. Blame it on Obomber and vote the Republicans back in. See if the economic collapse turns around, and if your civil liberties are given back.

      • Joseph E Fasciani

        From your response, it appears that your major form of exercise is jumping to conclusions. If you’d bothered to research who I am and what I write, you’d not have written such pointless remarks. Until the Obamination arrived on the scene I had thought Bush 43 to be the worst USSA [not a typo] Pres, but this dark horse from Chicago has that fool beat by a mile. How do I know this? I was born and raised in Chicago, 1943, and before I was 15 yrs old I understood that every politician out of that Hell-hole is bought, sealed, and delivered long before s/he is presented to We, the Sheople, for our consumption. If a 15 yr old can ‘get it’ why can’t you?

        • SnakeArbusto

          I do get it. What I (still) don’t get is whether you’re for or against Bush’s invasion of Iraq, Obama’s bombing of Libya, and Obama’s planned bombing of Syria. And I’d also like to know who or what has bought both of them.

          • Joseph E Fasciani

            As I wrote earlier, READ my articles –posted millions of times– condemning Bush 43 and all his neo-kon fascist cronies, all based on careful historical factual research, something I was trained to do at university in my studies in history and political process, among other matters.

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    It’s that damned ‘fog of war’ again! Better get some fog machines out of Hollywood storage and set them on the front-lines ASAP.

  • Joseph E Fasciani

    Sorry, but I beg to differ: our Commander-and-Chief Fool knows how to supremely bring the nation to its knees, perfectly, first time and every time.

    • Adrian

      How so? He may be a good liar, but I can say that 1) people are starting to see through his lies after 5 years, and 2) he knows nothing of foreign policy, having admitted himself that he is surprised at how foreign events have turned out, completely contrary to his own assumptions.

      • Robert Zraick

        I wish you were right, but the American people have been played by Obama before.
        Let’s see if they have rally had enough.

  • Robert Zraick

    Now is the time to watch out. Obama says he wants to talk to congress. Forget it. We might see a false flag attack in the States. If they can do it in Syria, then why not here?

    I have nothing against our soldiers. They are victims of this as well. I know that there are many Americans who care about our country. But there are many who have been brainwashed or bought by the government. they have been conned. They have been duped. They must wake up.

    I do not trust Obama. He has never done anything to earn trust. The U.S. government has been supporting regime change all over the world for the wrong reasons. It is time for the U.S. people to demand regime change here in the U.S. before we are destroyed.

    It took the world many thousands of years to get to the point where a country like the U.S. was even possible. And now in less than a century it has all but been destroyed.

  • Robert Zraick

    I agree. I think the only reason Obama has temporarily changed his tune is because he was about to get caught in his lies.

    We must not be fooled again.

    I would watch for a possible false flag event in the States.
    If they can do it in Syria, they can do it here.

  • GSOB

    ‘absolutely’ is a bad word.

  • tacoma

    What is it that make recent presidents of the United State so sick?

    The last sane US president was Ike. That’s because he’s a 5-star general who played a big role in defeating 2 of the Axis and won a large part of WW2. He has seen rise of the 20th century most dangerous epoch – imperialism, militarism, economic depression. He was given command of the European theater at time when defeat was a real possibility. He has seen the most horrific devastation and human insanity. Which is why he is so sane.

    But Ike’s winning performance set the stage for future presidents to be arrogant, careless and even reckless, boastful, triumphant, self-righteous, global policeman of self-assigned high morality. The results are hubris and national disasters, total loss of reputation and goodwill, loss of global leadership – so hard earned by the Greatest Generation.

    The result is superpower in name only.

    Today, even a black president of humble beginning wants to conduct preemptive military strike on a war-torn foreign state who posed absolutely no danger to the USA. In utter violation of UN Charter. Because their civil war violates *his* moral red line of how things should be conducted. American presidents since Ike have been brainwashed by victory culture, that president can make somebody else business his business as he sees fit. That an insanely large military always looking for war and glory, to test the latest weapon designs by actually killing people, must be given every opportunity.

    Why are American presidents so sick?

  • GSOB

    Good to see u

  • PithHelmut

    Obama is showing his true colors to his devoted voters.


    Just terrific information! Keep it coming! Anyone with half a brain can see how HYPOCRITICAL the U.S. Government has become.

  • Seth Oest

    Amazing tabulation of information. Great work. I reposted this to facebook and copied individual comments to pertinent YouTube videos. Kudos. Please keep it up.

  • Gay Veteran

    JUST Afghanistan, probably true. Overall, NO.

    • Silence Dogood

      And how much responsibility do you give to Clinton? hell, 911 and everything that followed is his fault.
      prolly none, because you’re still denying left winger policy is ever bad.

      • Gay Veteran

        uh, there’s NO difference between “left winger policy” and “right winger policy”.
        There IS bipartisan consensus on empire abroad and the national security & surveillance state at home.

  • Sharon Elam Smith

    If we aren’t directly threatened, then leave it alone! Don’t we have enough problems for this administration to address right da&n here?? No decent jobs, no benefits. The middle class of America has imploded, Mr. President. Don’t be like Bush and hide your head in the Middle East sand. Help us here at home!!

  • goerge golfth

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