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30 Shocking Quotes About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill That Reveal The Soul-Crushing Horror This Disaster Is Causing

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It is incredibly hard to put into words the absolute horror that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico right now.  The millions of gallons of oil that have gushed into the Gulf of Mexico and BP’s efforts to fight the massive leak are turning the Gulf into a lifeless toxic stew of oil and chemicals.  The damage caused to wildlife in the Gulf by this spill will be incalculable.  Entire species are at risk of being wiped out.  Scientists are telling us that the primary dispersant being used by BP ruptures red blood cells and causes fish to bleed.  This is by far the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history, and there is no end in sight.  It is a worse environmental and economic disaster than all of the hurricanes of the past ten years combined.  The great wetlands and beaches along the Gulf of Mexico will never be the same in our lifetimes.  The seafood and tourism industries in the Gulf are being completely destroyed.  The thousands of jobs and businesses being wiped out by this disaster could potentially throw the entire Gulf coast region into a depression.  The damage already caused by this oil spill is beyond measure and yet the government tells us that up to 19,000 barrels (798,000 gallons) of oil a day continue to flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

Federal officials have expanded the “no fishing” area in the Gulf of Mexico to 75,920 square miles.  That is 31 percent of all federal waters in the Gulf.  As the oil continues to spread out there may soon be nowhere to fish.

And the oil is starting to come ashore in more places.  Red-brown oil was found on Alabama’s Dauphin Island on Tuesday.  As Gulf coast residents slowly watch this oil destroy everything around them they are starting to realize that this is it.

Life along the Gulf of Mexico will simply never be the same again. 

The following are 30 shocking quotes about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that reveal the soul-crushing horror this disaster is causing….

#1) Councilman Jay LaFont of Grand Isle, Louisiana:

“As long as you have something to look forward to, a little glimmer of hope, you can move on. But this just drained everything out of us.”

#2) Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish:

“They said the black oil wouldn’t come ashore. Well, it is ashore. It’s here to stay and it’s going to keep coming.”

#3) Prosanta Chakrabarty, a Louisiana State University fish biologist:

“Every fish and invertebrate contacting the oil is probably dying. I have no doubt about that.”

#4) Marine toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute on BP’s use of chemical dispersants:

“They’ve been used at such a high volume that it’s unprecedented. The worst of these – Corexit 9527 – is the one they’ve been using most. That ruptures red blood cells and causes fish to bleed. With 800,000 gallons of this, we can only imagine the death that will be caused.”

#5) Dr. Larry McKinney, director of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies in Texas:

“Bluefin tuna spawn just south of the oil spill and they spawn only in the Gulf. If they were to go through the area at a critical time, that’s one instance where a plume could destroy a whole species.”

#6) Carol Browner, Barack Obama’s adviser on energy and climate:

“This is probably the biggest environmental disaster we have ever faced in this country. It is certainly the biggest oil spill and we are responding with the biggest environmental response.”

#7) Richard Charter of the Defenders of Wildlife:

“It is so big and expanding so fast that it’s pretty much beyond human response that can be effective. … You’re looking at a long-term poisoning of the area. Ultimately, this will have a multidecade impact.”

#8) Reverand Mike Tran:

“We don’t know when this will ever be over. It’s a way of life that’s under assault, and people don’t when their next paycheck is going to be.”

#9) Louis Miller of the Mississippi Sierra Club:

“This is going to destroy the Mississippi and the Gulf Coast as we know it.”

#10) Dean Blanchard, owner of a seafood business:

“I hold Obama responsible for not making BP stand up and look at the people in the face and fix it.”

#11) Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

“The day that we’ve been fearing is upon us.”

#12) Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, about BP CEO Tony Hayward:

“We ought to take him offshore and dunk him 10 feet underwater and pull him up and ask him ‘What’s that all over your face?”

#13) Former Clinton adviser James Carville:

“The country feels like it’s entitled to abuse this state and forget about us, and we are sick of it.”

#14) An anonymous Louisiana resident:

“A hurricane is like closing your bank account for a few days, but this here has the capacity to destroy our bank accounts.”

#15) U.S. Representative Edward Markey:

“I have no confidence whatsoever in BP . I think that they do not know what they are doing.”

#16) Gulf coast resident Marie Michel:

“Immediately, it’s no more fishing, no more crabbing, no more swimming, no more walking on the beach.”

#17) Brenda Prosser of Mobile, Alabama:

“I just started crying. I couldn’t quit crying. I’m shaking now.  To know that our beach may be black or brown, or that we can’t get in the water, it’s so sad.”

#18) Qin Chen, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge on the possibility that a hurricane could push massive amounts of oil ashore along the Gulf:

“A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico this year would be devastating.”

#19) Retired Army General Russel Honore on the effect this spill is having on residents of the Gulf coast:

“I’m sure, every time they hear a negative word, their skin crawls, ’cause they need these jobs. … This is what’s going to put their kids in school, and what pays the rent.”

#20) A group calling itself “Seize BP”:

“The greatest environmental disaster with no end in sight! Eleven workers dead. Millions of gallons of oil gushing for months (and possibly years) to come. Jobs vanishing. Creatures dying. A pristine environment destroyed for generations. A mega-corporation that has lied and continues to lie, and a government that refuses to protect the people.”

#21) Louisiania Governor Bobby Jindal:

“There has been failure, particularly with the effort to protect our coast and our marsh. And that was the biggest topic of discussion in a very frank meeting we had with the president.”

#22) BP’s chief operating officer, Doug Suttles:

“This scares everybody — the fact that we can’t make this well stop flowing, the fact that we haven’t succeeded so far.”

#23) Doug Rader, chief ocean scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund:

“You simply cannot make more (reefs), unless you have a few thousand years to wait.”

#24) Public Service Commissioner Benjamin Stevens:

“You get hit by a hurricane and you can rebuild. But when that stuff washes up on the white sands of Pensacola Beach, you can’t just go and get more white sand.”

#25) Wilma Subra, a chemist who has served as a consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency:

“Every time the wind blows from the south-east to the shore, people are being made sick.”

#26) Hotel Owner Dodie Vegas:

“It’s just going to kill us. It’s going to destroy us.”

#27) Louisiana resident Sean Lanier:

“Until they stop this leak, it’s just like getting stabbed and the knife’s still in you, and they’re moving it around.”

#28) White House energy adviser Carol Browner:

“There could be oil coming up until August.”

#29) Marine toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute:

“We’ll see dead bodies soon. Sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, whales: the impact on predators will be seen in a short time because the food web will be impacted from the bottom up.”

#30) Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser:

“We will die a slow death over the next two years as this oil creeps ashore.”

  • Trevor

    The United States has turned into an economic, cultural, educational, physical and moral wasteland. Now, it is an ecological wasteland.

    The oil pressure gushing out is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 p.s.i. A fire hose is about 200 p.s.i. There just seems to be no way of stopping this catastrophe. It can’t be capped. It can’t be plugged. If the pipe bursts further down, a worldwide disaster will be inevitable.

  • Charles Moreira

    Good point, Trevor.

    There’ve been suggestions to detonate a nuclear device down the hole to plug it.

    Will that work or will it make the situation worse?

  • 1stguess

    Looking at whats happened before, a time of crisis like this is when some will try to smash and grab. Profit from the chaos. They sure sold a lot of that toxic dispersant. They knew it was toxic before using it in Gulf. Sickening. What EPA?



    The oil pressure gushing out,is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 p.s.i. A fire hose is about 200 p.s.i. There just seems to be no way of stopping this catastrophe. It can’t be capped. It can’t be plugged. If the pipe bursts further down, a worldwide disaster will be inevitable.
    Trevor, Maybe, you haven´t been told there, but there are multiple gushers all around the main hole now…
    this is NOT A SPILL…this is a volcano of black liquid poison….
    eVERYBODY that can, should evacuate the gulf coast now….don´t wait for help…there will not be any!….don´t believe ANYTHING that a politician tells you….they are BORN LIARS!

  • Despite the ongoing horror show, of which the disaster in the Gulf is only a small part, nearly everybody is clamoring to further the industrial age. Instead, let’s bring it all down. That’ll not solve the current problems, but it’ll prevent millions of others.

    The immorality of the industrial economy is described here and here, and a ten-step plan for its termination is provided here. Please join me in stopping the culture that is making us crazy and killing us.

  • Seamus MacNemi

    I think that this disaster is the result of great ignorance compounded. A general lack of understanding about conditions at the sea bottom and an assumption of our ability to cover all the bases when something does go wrong. Both reflect a hubris that should astound even the most jaded of minds. It’s one thing when you can admit your mstakes and correct them before they become a liability and somethng entirely different when the mistake is not realized until its effects have taken hold and canot be corrected.

  • Matt

    I blame:
    1) Obama – for not doing anything
    2) Hollywood – they are rich environmentalists – where are they when you really need them?
    3) Sierra Club – doing nothing to stop it
    4) Carter & Clinton – M.I.A

  • green shots

    And its all by design. Absolutely no doubt.

  • saysaysay

    Sad but ironic that this is a metaphor of the US economy except that the gov’t is interested in stopping the unchecked flow of oil (rightfully so) but not the unchecked flow of $.

  • Kathy

    Bp oil spill is horrendous for all. But the horrors of Abortion are far greater. Over 44 million babies are slaughtered in the womb; making it a the largest holocaust of all time. Perhaps the oil spill is an awakening of the American people; start waking people from your Spiritual comas! Having concern for the fragile wildlife and ecostystem ,the poor people that have lost their livihoods, the destruction of beautiful beaches etc.. only pales in comparison to the destruction of human life that continues to go on every day in the world. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the oil spill, but my heart aches for those that are being slaughtered unmercifully each and every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God’s purification is coming. Now is the time to prepare our souls for conversion. Pray that the Lord does not find you unprepared.

  • No doubt this story is completely going unreported in the news.

    Anyone care for a tuna sandwich with oil?

    By the way, what does abortion have to do with this story?

  • C’mon, Michael … you allow Kathy’s rant about abortion but you’ve blocked my comments on this post and previously. What’s up?

  • i still cant believe its been a month and they havent been able to stop the leak this unreal with all the technology we have the cant stop a oil leak!!! not saying much for our govt.

  • Glers

    How’s that Capitalism working out now???

  • Glers

    June 2nd, 2010 at 12:59 pm
    I blame:
    1) Obama – for not doing anything
    2) Hollywood – they are rich environmentalists – where are they when you really need them?
    3) Sierra Club – doing nothing to stop it
    4) Carter & Clinton – M.I.A

    WOW no blame goes to BP I guess that what happens when one gets brainwashed by a Limbaugh

  • I can’t imagine the troubles we face as a result of this oil spill–and it WILL be the people who suffer. BP shares may continue to plunge, but what the really means is that eventually BP simply won’t be able to afford to clean up this disaster (or so they’ll claim), and then Obama will be expected to step in with a plan that costs m/billions of dollars that don’t exist. People along the coast will be forced to leave their homes and livelihoods as oil, toxic water, and dead animals continually wash ashore. To add insult to injury, the hurricane season has begun. BP dawdled around for over a month, with the blessings of the President, and was lucky to have clear weather, but that will soon end. The horrors of this oil spill have only just begun, and unless we FORCE the government and BP to justly address this catastrophe by protecting PEOPLE and not PROFITS, we will see no end to these horrors.

  • Scott

    “I blame:
    1) Obama – for not doing anything
    2) Hollywood – they are rich environmentalists – where are they when you really need them?
    3) Sierra Club – doing nothing to stop it
    4) Carter & Clinton – M.I.A.”

    uh… really? I blame the oil company.


    I’ve said this was by design from day one.

    Another website who is bringing all the facts on this one below.


    Wonderful isn’t it. Our government can spend one thousand billion dollars attacking & occupying Irag & Afghanistan as it professes to keep us all safe from some ragtag phantom enemy (never mind with friends like Israel, who even needs enemies) and yet twice in a row now has been powerless to actually protect the state of Louisiana.

  • Tom

    This our modern day dust bowl….

  • Learn Your History

    I wonder how many of you Americans know that the main corporate contributor to “Barack Obama’s” presidential campaign was non other than BP?

    You didn’t know that?

    Do you know that Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro?…..and that he was BORN in Kenya?

    Do you watch mainstream media?…..That’s why you don’t know.

  • Rob

    The corrupted evil greedy souls have plunged a knife deep into Mother Earth. She is now bleeding and we weep with sorrow. The biblical seal has been broken and a third of all sea life will be lost. The Greed runs deep and there hearts have been waxed. I am afraid and sad that this is just the begining and that the world will tremble with fear. Those who are responsible still have a chance to repent and make things right. Time is running short.

  • dontbeblind

    kathy i agree with your sympathy for those affected by the oil spill, and bp should definitely have all its shares split up and given to every person who’s been hurt by this. BUT dont bring abortion into this. In my opinion its one of the greatest breakthroughs in biological innovations of our time, when used for the right reasons of course.

  • Devin T

    Kathy please keep your religious ideologies off this blog. We’re discussing a serious topic here and do not need you using it as a podium to selfishly promote your own beliefs. Religion and abortion may be your beliefs, but they sure are not mine. 44 million “babies” stopped from being brought up in an unjust world that will show them no mercy….what a shame.

  • Kathy

    To dontbeblind: YOU are blind. The killing of innnocent babies is NEVER BIOLOGICALLY INNOVATIVE! That is the worse excuse for abortion that I have ever heard.

    To those of you that coldly asked what does abortion have to do with this? That is what is wrong with this country. Many believe that the issue of life has nothing to do with the economy or politics.

    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are what are found fathers built this country on. Life should always matter to all American people.

    Why is your life more important than the unborn? If you actually SAW an abortion procedure or what a dead fetus butchered beyond belief looked like you would be horrified. If not then you are in a deep slumber( it is time to wake up) and are morally “numb.” beyond belief.

    To the author of this blog: Awesome job!!!!! Keep up the good work. May God continue to Bless you!

    • Michael

      Thank you very much Kathy!

      I very much appreciate the kind words.


  • Babs

    I think Kathy is right on track with her abortion comment. We as a nation have turned our back on God and His Commandments that we are to live by. We can’t expect to go on sinning without any consequences. This oil spill could be an awakening! Most people only think of God as love and kindness, but he will get our attention one way or another, even if it causes great pain. Most will not like or survive the outcome. Now is time to get on our knees and repent and ask God what we need to do for him. That is the ONLY way this we will be protected from events such as this. The future will be very grim if not. God is the only way of salvation. He will not be ignored.

  • sheepdog

    Things that make you go,….

  • dontbeblind

    wow kathy, im sure an open heart surgery/lung transplant wouldn’t exactly look to great either… lol and im blind? the only one who agrees still believes in the fairytale of god. Come back and talk to me when you realize earth wasn’t made in 7 days… i strongly support your right to believe in it though =)

  • Babs

    dontbeblind, you will soon realize that God is no fairytale. I just hope it’s not too late.

  • Tone

    Thanks Sheepdog – There can be NO ‘spin’ or faking Rachel’s report – she’s there showing it to you, standing in it. Not to mention the 1979 footage.

    This is the most damning evidence of 40 years of neglecting a “doomsday well” scenario in the drilling industry. Nothing has changed except the depths and quantities of the wells.

  • Dear Father,
    Please help stop this oil flow, and please help people understand that you love them and are coming back to earth soon, and thay need to get ready.
    I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

  • Paul

    “dontbeblind, you will soon realize that God is no fairytale. I just hope it’s not too late.”

    God also helps those who help themselves doesn’t he? I haven’t seen too much evidence of Americans standing up and helping themselves lately. Was voting for Mr “Change you can believe in” as rebellious as it gets over there? Got suckered on that one didn’t you all, they didn’t even have to rig the vote this time.

  • dontbeblind

    i never voted for obama… and with mccain as an alternative there wasnt much choice between either. I was going for ron paul =) look him up he knows a few things about fake morals/economics.

    So im guessing god just happens to miss a few million starving people in gaza or africa. I mean last time i checked trying to survive was certainly in the area of “trying to help oneself”.

    Or lemme guess god doesnt support them cause they believe in another one… Last I checked that completely went against all the morals of what god “teaches” (such as being KIND, ACCEPTING, AND “HUMAN” to each other…) thx anyway though

  • Allesandre

    What can we do to help? We who live in other areas of the country want to help but we don’t know what to do. What do you need?

  • I don’t think even being Canadian will spare me from the ruination of this oil spill…

  • What i see happening is an hope it doesnt. If we have very bad hurricane season. Which in turn causes this oil float to be pushed into the actual inland soil. Not just feet iam talking miles. When leves are again breached like in previuos huge hurricanes. The lawsuits will be so high then BP will be a goner. Thus i see the u.s. gov taking over all pbs oil interest. I see an feel 85% sure before this is all over the u.s. Gov will own bp. Any bets people? my opinion

  • Hello, religious morons, what’s worse; abortions, or bringing a bunch of unwanted children into a civilization in decline?

  • Riza

    Hmm… How about we leave God out of the discussion. This is based around politics, economics, and environmental concerns. God has no place here. No ones God does. Turning such a tragedy, such a harrowing chain of events into your personal religious soapbox is a slap in the face for those people affected, and draws the attention from the main issue into another one of those religious rants/debates on how all the sinners are suffering for doing something you dont agree with. The Bible has been too warped by man to be valid. We destroyed two gospels, most likely more in our editing of Gods word.

    So, lets stop making this all about YOU and your God, and get back to the topic at hand. How can we help? What can we do? We know B.P. is to blame. The safety violations are enough proof for me. When corporations go unchecked, this happens Republicans. And Democrats! Full of empty hope and promises. Grow a pair and move it!

    But what can we do to help? Where can we donate? Where can we send supplies? I dont live near the coast, many of us dont… But we want to help! Hell, I shaved my German Shepherd and sent his fur to help absorb oil, but I would like to know of more options if anyone knows of any. Thank you.

  • Glenn

    Riza,ya shaved ya dogs hair and sent it but ,not your own…Thats brillant.

  • Anthony

    I agree, Riza. An unprecedented event happens and then people want to get on their personal religious soap boxes. Its just that people are scared and the only way they can cope is to escape into whatever it is they may find solace in. Abortion and the spill? Give me a f’n break already. Like the bastards that are protesting dead soldiers’ funerals because they believe that god is punishing America for being apathetic to gays. Such nonsense!

    This is only the beginning people. We are going to see some unbelievable things coming as a result of mindset and policies put in place long before most of us were even born. Put your fear and anger into something that will be productive to your existence and give some meaning of what it is to be a human being… A reflection of the creator…and one with each other and our earth.

  • Faulkner

    I blame our policy of not allowing us to access oil that is on land. Why are we working a mile under the ocean where we can’t get to the damn thing with the proper equipment. We have plenty of resources above ground. The other bad news for some of you, oil is here to stay. So lets increase our odds of safely getting it out of the ground.

  • has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation: and pass this along to as many people as you know.

    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.

  • Dave

    This is not that big of a deal. They will eventually plug the leak. They will eventually clean up the mess. We get 80% of our seafood from other countries. We don’t need any seafood from the Gulf anyway. People can vacation elsewhere. It’s not the only spot in the world that has some beaches. Who cares about the wildlife – what did it ever do for us anyway? All of this cleanup, etc. will actually spurn economic activity – when it’s all said and done, we will probably be better off as a nation economically between supplying and spraying dispersant chemicals, cleaning up oil, plugging the leak, etc. The whiners in AL will move somewhere else – which will probably leave them better off anyway. Everyone worries too much! You all need to learn to relax. It is too bad about the 11 dead, but on the flip side, they knew the risks before they signed on a floating time bomb. Go out and enjoy the summer, all.

  • I wouldnt put alot of believe in high technology in drilling. Since i remember a great treasure story about oak island. Where they couldnt reach a treasure that was only 3000 feet down on a island that had traps that opened up into the ocean. Leting ocean water in. All comers gave up in anger. They chased it with millions of dollars to. An never reached the treasure

  • Thanks Sumin, this is interesting – exactly what we need, SOLUTIONS.

    Here is another one for the oil that comes ashore:

    Regarding hurricane season, I haven’t heard anyone’s comment on the effect of oil on the generation of new hurricane. As hurricane thrive on hot water, and as black fluid in the water will help it to absorb sunlight better and get hotter, I think we might be on board for a nasty season.

    @ Tom, you are right regarding the dust bowl, which I understand still has consequences nowaday. Striking to notice that the dust bowl happened during… the great depression.

    Are we witnessing USA’s twilight?

  • Danny

    Not a big deal?
    Wow. I would say more, but, wow. Are you high? Serious question.

  • Andrew

    At all these people saying “everything is going to be fine”, and to “calm down”, you seriously need to look at the situation closer.

    The government had already admitted that more than 40,000 barrels a day are being leaked into the Gulf, and most of you should know that that is most likely a light statistic.

    This event will wreak havoc on more things than most realize.

    You want to know why they haven’t plugged it yet? They can’t plug it, they drilled so deep into the reservoir that the pressure is keeping them from plugging it. And now there has even been footage of the sea floor leaking oil, this means that the reservoir itself is punctured – the only way to resolve the problem is to drill a relief well to equalize the pressure and put a cap on it, which will take months.

    I’m telling you, if the don’t do something soon (tactical nuke seems like the only timely option), **** is going to hit the fan and it won’t be pretty.

  • Pandora’sBox

    ‘icanseeclearlynow’ struck a nerve when he pointed out that it would be wise to evacuate now before they would’ let you. he may be right. let me say first that i live on a Bayou in the gulf. i drove to Gulf Shores[AL] the other day to look at one of my favorite inlets for Loon watching and was realized the smell of heavy oil was in the air. within 5 minutes of standing there i got a headache, and my throat became raw feeling. needless to say, i left. what if : lots of people start getting sick, folks start fearing for their children, the children start getting sick, stores close, gas stations close, food places close. boats can’t get in with supplies. no tourists= no business. do you see a mass exodus from the the 4 states united in oil? the gov’t would declare martial law locking these places down. the BUBBA EFFECT [look it up] would start as a survival mode kicks in. think this is all BS? BP has hidden the oil under the water with dispersants, when it does come full force, it will be too late to evacuate. i fear that they have opened Pandora’s Box……

  • skittles1

    Dave you are a piggish moron, you should go see the devastation for yourself after you shut your big fat mouth

  • decent human being

    Hey Kathy,

    Abortions in very early pregnancy can be humane and ethical in carefully selected cases.
    It is a big world out there, Kathy, so you cannot be judge of everyone else’s souls or there most personal and difficult decisions.
    Also,this is an oil disaster thread. You have been spamming us with endless abortion/christian propaganda.

  • Randy Nelson

    Look on the positive side. There still is a silver lining to all this. Now that we have oil literally coming out of our ears, we do not need to send our kids across the world to kill brown people to secure the oil for the large corporations (like BP).

  • Jerry

    U.S. Representative Edward Markey:

    “I have no confidence whatsoever in BP . I think that they do not know what they are doing.”

    I believe you are wrong sir, “British” Petroleum knows exactly what they are doing and that is to destroy this country and it’s way life while our useless politicians give lip service to US. We need to go back to the 1950’s when this country had real leaders that put America and Americans 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  • Gary B

    I have been reading everything available (that is not blacked-out) on how to fix this oil disaster. Analogously, our government is standing inside a burning house and attempting to determine the cause of the fire, rather than calling for help to extinguish the flames that are surrounding them.

    Recently, it has been alleged that oil is leaking from several areas on the Gulf basin floor. However, neither the public nor trustworthy scientific resources can determine the extent of the damage to the well site because our government and BP are attempting to hide the facts, which is like trying to hide an elephant in a broom closet.

    If the Gulf basin floor has become unstable; with cracked, sedimentary layers of compressed salt & sand – then any deep well pipe that is imbedded in this stratum will only have the sealing capability of a long pin that has pierced a thick soda cracker (for lack of a better layman’s description). Furthermore, the idea of using a small tactical nuke to close the well hole could also collapse a large portion the entire Gulf basin. Since any restrictive cap that has been used to close-off the pipe has caused the oil to leak around the outer well pipe sleeve or leak from localized floor fissures which are in close proximity to the well head – – then the idea of slowly sinking a large battleship to cover the surface area of this well site may be the best option. If this ship forces the oil to escape from another location, then we shall need to drop another ship to close that cavity also. At best, this will at least slow the amount of oil escaping to a manageable level, and we can start the clean-up process.

    Regardless of the amount of oil that will rise to the water surface, we need to stop injecting chemical dispersants underwater at the well and on the surface of the Gulf. Corexit dispersant is more toxic than the crude oil and Corexit shall also inhibit the only option we have to remove the oil from the seawater.

    The only promising fix that I have seen is an organic microbe that will eat the oil quickly, and create a non-toxic by-product waste that won’t harm the water or whatever marine life may still exist.
    And see:

    I must digress though, because BP only wants to collect the oil from the well – they do not want to plug the well, let alone introduce a harmless micro-organism that shall eat the oil toxins. Our government’s lack of oversight to at least prevent the oil from entering the sensitive marshlands along the coastal waterways shows that they would rather see these communities and wetlands destroyed, condemned, and de-populated, rather than attempt to maintain this priceless infrastructure.

  • Scott

    In 1979 the same thing happened to the rig Iktok. They never were able to stop it. 2 relief wells had to be drilled just to reduce it to a seep. They tried the same techniques 30 years ago and they all failed then as well. This is criminal neglect, as far as I’m concerned. Thirty years and you haven’t advanced your ability to stop catastrophe that you KNOW will happen again? Willful, intentional disregard. They don’t value our way of life, our lives, our heritage, nor our future. And Dave…you’re a moron.

  • john

    BP has the original engineering reports about how many barrels of oil this well would produce which is what we should expect will eventually spill out on to the planet.

  • Falesteeni

    I enjoy seeing the United states of Terrorist BURN from COAST to COAST what a beautiful site , burn you Amerikkkans BURN , I’m LUVIN IT…BURN AMERIKKKA BURN God answered my prayers the worst is YET TO COME, BURN BITCH BURN.

  • Watchman

    You nailed it Pandora. I f people had had their eyes open to the world outside the idiot box of DWTS and American Idol they would be able to tie it all together. When did Goldman-Sachs sell off the BP stock? Or what was Haliburton’s timing on the purchase of Boots & Coots? Coincidence? Or is it too neat? Move North out of the Gulf now. Benzene and Corexit are two nasty problems. All dispersants are poisonous to some degree. This does not even address the natural gas going into solution and displacing the oxygen in the water…Ho Humm change the channel. Numerous prophecies foretold the destruction of anywhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the life in the sea or the oceans turning to blood (coagulated?). I’m no Bible thumper and the references come from places other than those with Judeo-Christian roots some far older. I hope I’m wrong. Way wrong. Move north folks.

  • yaridanjo

    We went into iraq to steal its oil and planned or built appeline from Northern Iraq to Haifa ( Now God is rewarding us for our nobel efforts and has given us lots of free oil. It is right there in the Gulf ready to be scooped up. God loves us and is shedding his grace upon us.

  • Everything you need to know about the ‘doomsday’ clock that’s now ticking in the Gulf of Mexico — and soon the rest of the world you can find here…

    It ain’t pretty but it sure is funny. NOT!

  • Pagan

    Kathy you prove just how stupid humans really are how is it that “humans” are way more important than all the life in the sea? Humans are proving to be a virus to the planet and to ourselves. I can’t stand these born-agains…can’t you people get anything right the first time?
    Louisiana, HUMANS and yes fish/mammals are going to die because of STUPID money whores who would not even listen to their hired specialist.
    The life on this planet was here long before we showed up and look what they have done. Turtle Island is dying. We can’t even turn the page on slowing down our use of oil, we can’t use our own technology because BIG BUSINESS tells us no and fools like you are the reason why.
    Humans will be aborted by the hydrogen sulfide and benzene that is being released into the air wait until the hurricanes starts…people, fish as well as other life forms are being aborted RIGHT NOW there will be a huge impact on PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE in the next 5 to 7 years.
    Now they talk about dropping a nuclear bomb down the shaft? We are so far over our heads and yet we are to trust the very people, the very BIG BUSINESS that caused this? Gads, we are stupid.
    My heart breaks for the life in the sea, my heart breaks for the people along the coast, my heart breaks that money whores caused this.
    I love my planet and yet I have no voice, none. Why? Then to hear that this was by design? I am SUPER pissed.

  • Deborah

    Dave you must be a shill…not to worry. You are one of the significant reasons why this country is in such deep ****…don’t worry have a beer and hey let’s watch sports. Stupid.

  • John

    We are now on the receiving end of some nasty Karma. Wasn’t long ago it was “Drill Baby Drill!” The Bush administrations were owned by big oil and so is Obamas. We started two false unjust wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) to secure oil and are making plans to steal by domination and war the oil in Iran and Venezuela. Now we are literally drowning in oil. Our disaster is biblical in proportions and our folly utterly disgraceful in the history of mankind.

  • It’s not the worst disaster in US History. Forget History, actually. It’s the sign evident that Earth Destiny can be crushed by successful morons. It’s no more a US “thing”. It’s a planetary catastrophe.

  • Unless the government takes strong action against BP to recover our lives and our property, this is what our future looks like.

  • Andrew Trupin

    Construct a telescoping set of drill pipes of
    increasing diameters from 8 inches up to the inside diameter of the casing (23 inches):shaped like
    the cone shaped applicator on a tube ob bathtub caulk. Use a shaped charge to cut the well head off the casing, and insert the “cork” into the casing. Use supertankers to skim surface oil.
    And do it soon.

  • Chad Jones

    We are really concerned about the idea of “nuking” the well-head–would this create a radioactive tidal wave? Also: would a nuclear device that was intended to stop the oil eruption actually work in that particular geologic setting, or, would it create even more openings for the petroleum to escape from?

  • Kathy

    Hey decent humnan being,

    Abortion is NEVER humane or ethical. It is not spam or Christian proproganda; it is MURDER! Wake up from your slumber.

  • PeaceLanese

    Kathy- Thank you.

  • the only one awake?

    Let’s see: just before 9/11 people govt crooks dumped stock, oild spill – dumped stocks just before too. And…40 nukes reported to be in U.S. that came aross us/ mexican border via MS13 gangs. Despite all the fears the people of the world have, the largest newspaper in London puts out operation Blackjack showing nukes going off in US cities. The movie Knowing shows Gulf catastrophe just before it actually happens. Because of terrorists we have had are american rights taken away, but bin laden’s parents were dining with Bush’s daddy just before 9/11. Chemtrails, morgellons, our water and food poisoned on purpose and we are not allowed to grow our food anymore. hmmm. i wonder what they r up to, and outside of Atlanta u have the georgia guidestones. And here we are trying to figure out what is happening. Obama esculates wars, clinton and bush hanging out at bohemian grove with small children. 1980’s 5 seperate cases of child abuse swept under the rug involving hundreds of children. A Social worker investigating them is shown on TV stalking Jennifer love hweitt and steven spilberg. lady gaga puts out videos (telephone) showing her poisoning americans because she is under monarch mind control which operation odesa nad paperclip nazis brought to america. hmm, i wonder what is going on? i feellike i am in that movie invasion of the body snatchers.

  • this is aguilty of humaniterian that america is doing in the muslim world so in my opinion the price should be paid and america should face the trouble peace peace !!!!!!!!!! plz
    god pls us all!!!!!!!!

  • John Clarkson

    Pure hypocrisy by the Americans. Who demands oil? America. They use more of it than any other nation. When America outlaws petroleum, diesel vehicles, and kerosene fuelled aircraft then they won’t need the likes of BP to try to extract the hardest stocks of oil left over. (They after all have already exhausted the easy cheap to get at oil stocks, which have been burnt mostly by Americans.) If you want to blame anyone, and you are an American automobile owner, BLAME YOURSELF.

    • Whitney Crawley

      Yes because we are all the same. Just like youre EXACTLY the same as every human being that has done something wrong from the country where you just happen to reside. Ignorance, smh

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