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9 Shocking Examples Of Black Friday Violence – Is This A Foretaste Of The Economic Riots We Can Expect When The Financial System Collapses?

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It seems with each passing year the madness on Black Friday gets even worse.  This year, there were reports of fights and rioting from coast to coast.  It was estimated that over 180 million U.S. shoppers headed for the stores on Friday, and whenever you get that many people together there are going to be problems.  But just how crazed ordinary Americans are getting over saving a little bit of money is deeply disturbing when you really start thinking about it.  If people will go this wild just to save 40 percent on a television set, then what in the world are they going to do when they have been without food for a couple of days?  If Americans will act like psychotic animals just to save 50 bucks, then what in the world will they do when they have lost everything and are desperate to survive?

All of us had better hope and pray that an economic collapse does not happen any time soon, because it is becoming increasingly apparent that the American people are not morally equipped to be able to handle one.  Greed and selfishness have become so rampant in America that large segments of the population have totally forgotten how to be any other way.

If the United States ever experiences a really, really bad economic downturn, this nation could very quickly start looking like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina from coast to coast.  Most Americans would simply not know how to handle it.

The following are 9 shocking examples of Black Friday violence that should make all of us wonder what is happening to America….

#1 At a Target store in Buffalo, New York the crowds waiting impatiently outside suddenly became a chaotic mob once the doors opened at 4 AM on Friday morning.

One man that was lying on the ground remembers thinking “I don’t want to die here” while he was being trampled by crazed shoppers….

#2 Crowds were becoming so violent at a Wal-Mart in Sacramento, California that the police actually evacuated the store early Friday morning.

#3 Three women from West Palm Beach, Florida said that $1,000 in presents that they had just purchased at Best Buy were stolen from their vehicle on Friday morning within minutes of being purchased.

#4 One U.S. Marine reservist that was collecting toys for children was stabbed with a knife when he attempted to stop a shoplifter in eastern Georgia on Friday.

#5 Blogger Lynne Elder-Blau has posted about overhearing police officers describe a huge brawl that erupted this year at one well-known store on Black Friday….

Well, the girls and I were in a popular convenience store in Garden City last night while a store employee and a Garden City Police Department Officer were visiting. They were conversing about a large group of customers who got into a knock-down brawl at a nationally-known variety store in Garden City yesterday morning. Several police officers were brought in to break up the ball of adults who were pulling and tugging at products and actually punching other customers in their faces and stomach areas! We’re not just talking about a few people who were involved in this violent non-sense. The officer said that there was a large amount of people involved in this particular altercation. Ridiculous!!!

#6 A 21-year-old woman from Middleton, Wisconsin was arrested when she threatened to shoot other shoppers while waiting to get into a Toys R Us store for Black Friday.  The other shoppers had objected when she attempted to move to the front of the line.

#7 The following is video of customers literally tearing apart a store display at a Wal-Mart in Douglasville, Georgia as they pushed and shoved each other in an attempt to grab the best deals….

#8 The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department actually “locked down” a section of a Cerritos, California shopping mall after a wild fight broke out in the food court.  There were even reports that some people were  flinging chairs at other customers.

#9 At one Wal-Mart in Texas, a near-riot broke out right in the middle of the store as a huge crowd of customers pushed and shoved each other to get a handful of Black Friday deals that were being wheeled out to the floor….

If you want to see even more videos of Black Friday craziness, check out this and this.

Remember, the products that these Americans are fighting over are not free.  This is how crazy people are willing to go just to get a deep discount on an item.

So what is going to happen someday when people are desperate for food or shelter?

If this is how people act when the sun is shining, how are they going to behave once a really bad storm arrives?

In America today, fewer and fewer people are treating others the way that they would like to be treated themselves.

Instead of showing others kindness and respect, in 2010 most Americans would seemingly rather trample anyone who is in the way of getting what they want.

So what do you think?  Are Americans becoming more greedy and more selfish or are they basically “good” and “decent” people most of the time?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

  • J.D.

    This is why I avoid shopping during the holidays. Try as I might, my kids still get the gimmies so I buy online. If my local grocer delivered I’d rather do that than go there as well. The only reason I get the Sunday paper is to avoid stores on days with deep discount sales. I am sick of foreign crap. I go to great lengths to weed out domestic or at least higher quality European products. Black Friday SUCKS!

  • this is something to think about for sure sounds like a good reason to arm yourself

  • The Beast

    So this is what a “Developed Country” society behaves?

  • JWF

    This is makes me want to cry. I never expected to see these kinds of things happen in my lifetime.

    The world has crumbled down around our ears and society has de-evolved to a such a terrifying degree that I can only shake my head in disbelief and ask myself:What happened? Who are we? What have we become? Most importantly,where are we heading?

  • Concerned Reader

    Everything shown in this blog seems to indicate to me that the economic collapse is pushing people to the brink of desperation. They feel as though the abundance of material goods is vanishing, and in some sense it is vanishing. Within this desperation people are begining to lash out like an animal being slowly backed into a corner. This lashing out is there way of saying, “Get the hell out of my way! I want the best deals for myself.” As time goes by and people get more desperate, violence is going to escalate much worse then what is shown in this video.

    Let’s face it, the last couple of generations have been brought up with the idea that the more stuff one owns, the more they will be excepted and feel good about themselves. The economic decline is making it harder for people to enjoy material happiness and they realize the void within themselves and rather than face it down, they would rather fight tooth and nail for any product. Heck, I would not be surprised how people actually shopliftted this year and still had some amount of money.

    “In America today, fewer and fewer people are treating others the way that they would like to be treated themselves.”

    Mike the author, I agree with what you say one-hundred percent. I am not sure how to define why people enjoy mistreating others, but it seems to me that we are becoming a nation sadists. We enjoy making people suffer in all forms to just make ourselves feel much better. I still realize that the vast majority of Americans are good people, but I still can not shake this feeling as though we are also becoming a conglomorate of anarchy.

    “So what is going to happen someday when people are desperate for food or shelter?”

    The answer to this is very simple: People will simply over run each others dwellings in the same manor those folks did to that man while trying to get into the Target store. Make no mistake, ardoues times are coming and when the shit finally hits the fan many of our homes andpantries will look like these department stores.

    I leave with two final questions: How did we get into this shape? What kind of civilization are we becoming?

  • Overfed sheep go on a rampage!

    If one watches closely the first video, one can see that 80 or 90% of the sheep, forcing their entry into the shop, are way overweight!

    In the meantime, decent, lean and ultra-poor Haitians wait, patiently, in mile long lines, to get their daily plate of rice!

    Having said that, let’s go to:

    #10: What were the American shepherds doing on Black Friday?

    Don’t tell me they were all busy stroking the sheep’s in the airports!
    This is the work of the gestapo, sorry, the nice TSA agents.

    But what about other agencies, such as Homeland Security? Don’t they have their own goons to maintain…security in the homeland?

    Clearly, there appears to be a lack of law enforcement forces in the US!

    To compensate for this worrying situation, the Administration should immediately rapatriate all the Blackwater mercenaries, actually waisting their bullets in Afghanistan, and put them in charge of national herd control.

    The future of America is at stake! Act now or next time, the country might face a stampede!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • ATL Heat Holder

    Nothing but sickening greed and selfishness. When will the sheep wake up?!?!

  • josh

    In the last video it’s total lemming mentality – they don’t even know what they are fighting over. I see one box for a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and they’re fighting over the Chinese made $15 piece of shit like it’s the last drink at the fountain of youth. Maybe FEMA camps for these people are not such a bad idea.

  • Gary2

    great article as always. Seeing as I have almost no money, regardless of the discounted prices, I can not buy anything. Hey lets give more tax cuts to the rich! If the wealth were spread around then the economy would be stimulated. TAX THE RICH!

    I think the retailers are mainly responsible for this mess. Quit having only 3 items for the low price. We need government to require these scum bag stores to have many many of the items and to provide rain checks. If they don’t like those terms then they can go out of business. They are causing this feeding frenzy by only having a limited number of the items for sale.

    This in no way excuses the customers but I mainly blame the retailers for 90% of this.

  • By definition, we have become a kleptocracy. I can see no way out. I expect this to get far worse than a bunch of idiots stampeding each other to save a few bucks. Comparatively, I see this insanity as virtually nothing. Except sick and demented. Very sad.

  • When the financial system collapses, this is what we will have instead of riots:

  • those idiots live for that crap. So what…

  • “Greed and selfishness have become so rampant in America that large segments of the population have totally forgotten how to be any other way.” I think this will become an especially telling point.

  • Maria

    So what you’re saying is…sometimes we act like animals, but most of the time we’re human. BUT when the financial system collapses…sometimes we’ll act like humans…mostly we’ll be reduced to animals.

    Maybe you’re right. I hear you, El Pollo de Oro, but I still pray not.

    My brother has a saying, “The more stuff you own…the more your stuff owns you.”

    I know he’s right.

    We thought we were getting a deal buying all this cheap Chinese stuff…until we woke up one day and realized the Chinese now own us.

  • Dino

    This is just beginning. I could not believe that so many stupid people live in this country. Developed country, may be 20 years ago. What a shame.

  • Save the Republic

    They should have the military waiting inside the store to enlist these sheeple. If these “people” want to stampede toward something, raise the bar in their pathetic lives. Instead of storming over people by knocking them down from behind to get a piece of electronics that encourages more buttock-growth, force them to storm over an enemy to serve the country.

  • bob

    We deserve everything coming to us. What a disgraceful nation.

  • SLR

    Repulsive. It is incredible to see so many fat, ignorant people in one place fighting each other in order to celebrate the holidays. That’s the spirit! I am embarrassed to be an American watching these videos and reading this blog.

  • William

    The moral collapse of America began in earnest in the 1960s and received a huge boost from the Smirking Chimp and war criminal BUSH. Bush showed the citizens that the rule of law did not matter, and he got away with that. The author has this right. I have read that the economy of Latvia collapsed about 25%. I do not know what that means in terms of unemployment, but it must indicate something over 30%. If the economy in America suffered a 25% drop in GDP, there would be blood in the streets. Will that happen?? I do not know. But, what I do know is that there are many wolves and a lot of sheep in our society. Are you ready and willing to deal with the wolves? Finally, if/when Americans are disarmed, you will know that the end of the union has arrived.

  • Jason

    Having worked retail during black friday there is no way in hell this would happen at any of the stores i worked at.

    First off, 24 hours stores like walmart or meijers need to close down at least one hour before sale time to prep and stage. the video where they are bringing out product to the mob is ridiculous!

    Second CROWD CONTROL CROWD CONTROL CROWD CONTROL. I worked at one store were the manager brought a few thousand feet of rope and created roads. and all big ticket items were corralled at the end of isles so people would have to form a line to get to them.

    Third, CROWD CONTROL CROWD CONTROL CROWD CONTROL, why in the name of which ever deity you chooses green earth would you let more people into your store at a time than fire code allows? (Cities think about the revenue from ticketing stores!!!!) you must stagger the line, fine let people be pissed and sit in the cold a little while longer.

    I mean what costs less the 2 or 3 people who will stomp off angry plus the 1 or 2 that will demand to see the store manager for the injustice of being forced to wait outside 5 minutes longer? or the multimillion dollar suit that target is about to get hit with because a guy got trampled and an employee put the video on youtube?

    We can all argue about the quality and quantity of product in the sale, but that in no way is the choice of the store, but it is completely within the stores ability and should be there responsibility to create a safe shopping environment. after all these years stores still act like they had no ideas the crowds would be so bad.

  • el_incr

    2 Tim 3

    1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. 9But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

  • John B.

    “Maybe FEMA camps for these people are not such a bad idea.”

    I agree.

  • flash

    Beware Mad Sheep stampeding on the path to slaughter.
    Warning: Disturbing Video

  • John Thomas

    The store managers should have the option to install massive flame throwers to torch these animals when they start this crap. I blame Gary2 for 103% of this. If Gary2 doesn’t like this, he can go get a job and earn his own money and quit trying to steal from others.

  • Clem

    I really understand why this takes place. It is the anticipation of getting that new gizmo or gadget. Being able to say “I got my kid one of those.” What a reward ! For us it was a mission to replace a vacuum cleaner that we have had for 15 years. This was the first Black Friday that we had ventured out and the last. No problems but I would have rather spent the money via Amazon, stayed home, reload ammunition and have a few beers.
    Cheers! Ho Ho Ho…

  • Handog

    The videos only confirm what I already know. There is a serious lack of common courtesy in the our increasingly uncivilized society.

    Notice there is a high percentage of fatties trying to squeeze through the door which tells me their gluttonous consumption does not begin nor end on black Friday. I can see things getting real ugly if their food supply was to suddenly get cut off.

  • Bruce

    Wow Gary it is people like you the selfish self centered tax the rich welfare queens that only care about themselves causing the problems. Of course you would blame the stores instead of the lazy thinking you are always talking about.

  • Adelle

    They act like a bunch of idiots – laughing and screaming while putting their own lives, and the lives of others at risk.

    All it would take is someone to yell “fire”, or a bomb-threat, for the simple idiots to trample anyone in their way as they try to make it out.

  • Adelle

    Another fine example of Walmart GREED – putting their EMPLOYEES AT RISK of being trampled to death, or attacked by a mob of idiots angry because the foreign junk they came to buy is sold out.

  • Adelle

    In video 1, the large men who were trampled have difficulty breathing.

    If children, small adults, or elderly people had the misfortune to be in that line, they would have been been killed by the ME, ME, mentality of the crowd.

    Notice a couple of large males GO BACK into the crowd to pull forward their friends, all the while IGNORING the man laying on the floor being trampled.

  • Adelle

    Gary2, I agree – the retailers are just as selfish and greedy as the crowds of idiots.

    I imagine upper management sits back and laughs about the success of their cattle calls.

  • Ohio Loan Officer

    I hear Blockbuster stores are losing BluRays by the hundreds to shoplifters. One friend told me her store lost 2800 BluRays in a 2 weeks period. They just run in, grab an armfull and run out like it’s nothing.

  • Klingonwork

    Many of those who were grasping for the boxes had no idea what it was, they just wanted the box. If not evil then the mob mentatlity takes over. In the coming collapse we are preparing more for the mobs than the government. The truly sad part is the gift giving is supposed to be a representation of what God did for us.

    I noticed most of those in the videos were past well fed. Imagine what those people will do when starving.


  • Gregg Riggs

    While the videos are sickening, the ensuing comments are a sign of hope. Americans have become a sick joke, a laughing stock. Americans are as shallow on the inside as they are obese on the outside.

    Don’t like my comments about fatties? Stop eating processed foods, stop drinking diet drinks. Heck, stop drinking any and all sodas! Grow your food from heirloom seeds, drink filtered water, eat wholesome sprouts. Quit eating out. Make your own pizzas! I am 6 foot 2 inches and weigh 175 pounds. I do not work out. I simply eat healthy and eat in moderation. You can do it too. The absolute worse thing you can do is drink diet sodas! They make you fat! My wife quit drinking Diet Coke and quickly lost 20 pounds! That is no joke.

  • sharonsj

    Yeah, things are falling apart and maybe the mentality is: buy it now because later it might not exist or maybe you’ll be too broke to buy it. But it’s senseless. You can’t eat a TV and you can’t use the coffeemaker if you haven’t paid your electric bill.

    I’m starting to see posts from people who can’t afford to heat their homes. I wonder if the media will even bother to cover that news?

  • T&B

    They can’t help it. They have been programmed to act this way. Slowly over time.
    You are entitled.
    You deserve it.
    You’re less of a person without it.
    You’re missing out if you don’t have it.
    Do what you have to, to get it.

    Sickening!! Is is not?

  • Degaz

    Exactly correct. Picture those not as video games they are fighting over but loaves of bread and you start to see a picture of our near future.

    The Walmart videos bring to mind the clips we’ve seen from 3rd world countries where the UN comes in with bags of rice and water and people fight over them.

  • Why is anyone surprised?

    C’mon folks, are ya really surprised? Shouldn’t be. Decency and morals? They’ve been tossed out for quite a long time now. The way I see it, if you are dumb enough to go shopping on this weekend, (especially Black Friday), then don’t whine, cuz ya should’ve known better. If this is how ya act over silly coffee makers and other items, then you had what was coming to you. Notice in the Target video how pathetic some of these folks were acting, raising their fists in the air and shouting after having almost trampled some folks to their death. Complete moronic, embiciles. Bunch of retards who complain of everything in life, but when it comes to almost trampling a fellow human to death, its considered Target’s fault? Blame the retailers? Excuse me, retailers did not raise you to have morals and ethics. That’s YOUR JOB!! Sick of cheap trash Americans like this. Please, if anyone looks at this video from overseas, please don’t judge all Americans by the dumb trash you see in these videos.

  • Gary2

    If a billionaire had 95 % of their assets
    taxed away, this would leave them with
    $50 MILLION. They will still be rich,
    their children and grandchildren will still
    be rich. They need not work a day in their
    lives. They will continue to live very
    comfortable lives in a nice mansion with
    healthcare, education and all the necessities
    of life, and also a great many luxuries.

  • mondobeyondo

    If people will fight tooth and nail like this just for a TV set, imagine how these sheeple will behave when corn, rice and beans are in short supply! Fighting over cheap Chinese crap isn’t a survival skill. Fighting over food… takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

    Scary, scary, scary.

  • mondobeyondo

    The real fireworks will be at the liquor aisle, if alcoholic beverages are ever rationed. Imagine the mob fighting over the last bottle of Jack Daniels available.

    “Give it to ME, or I’ll stab you!”
    “Here’s my blender, and my car too! Give me that bottle!”
    “I’ll trade you my iPhone for it!”

  • FallenTree

    Great article on what may be in store for America should there be any downturn of the economy. There are riots in England/Ireland/ France/Greece/Spain/Portagual in the past few weeks.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Right now I’m reading a book which I would advise everyone here reading, including you Gary, to read. Also you, writer Michael.

    Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

    His chapter entitled Social Morality, is highly relevant to the above blog.

    “A Christian society is not going to arrive until most of us really want it: and we are not going to want it until we become fully Christian.”

    He also describes seven virtues; four Cardinal virtues (“which all civilized people recognize”) and three Theological virtues (“which only Christians know about”).

    “Cardinal” by the way, means “that on which things are hinged”.

    The four Cardinal virtues are: Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortutude.

    “Prudence means practical common sense.”

    “Temperance refers to not especially drink, but to all pleasures; and it means not abstaining, but going the right length and no further.” Perhaps the sentence ‘having a well balanced character and life while paying attention to what is truly important first’ would best describe true Temperance.

    “Justice means much more than the sort of thing that goes on in law courts. It is the old name for everything we should now call ‘fairness’; it includes honest, give and take, truthfulness, keeping promises, and all that side of life.” He means this in regards to EACH INDIVIDUAL, who make up the group we call civilization.

    “Fortutude includes both kinds of courage – the kind that faces danger as well as the kind that ‘sticks it’ under pain. ‘Guts’ is perhaps the nearest modern English. You will notice, of course, that you cannot practise any of the othe virtues very long without bringing this one into play.”

    The three Theological virtues, are Faith, Hope and Charity.

    ‘Charity’ first; the original meaning of the word is now distilled down to what ‘alms’ once meant. The true meaning is “Love, in the Christian sense… (which) does not mean emotion. It is a state not of feelings but of the will; that state of the will which we have naturally about ourselves, and must learn to have about other people.”

    “Hope is one of the Theological virtues. This means that a continual looking forward to the eternal world is not (as modern people think) a form of escapism or wishful thinking, but one of the things a Christian is meant to do. It does not mean that we are to leave the present world as is.”

    C.S. Lewis then devotes two full chapters to the two aspects of Faith. Go read the book!

    In his Sexual Morality chapter, he also discusses the additional virtue called Chastity. “…(which) must not be confused with the social rule of ‘modesty’ (in one sense of that word); i.e. propriety or decency.” “Chastity is the most unpopular of the Christian virtues. There is no getting away from it; the Christian rule is, ‘Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence.’ Now this is so difficult and so contrary to our sexual instincts, that either Christianity is wrong or our sexual instinct, as it now is, has gone wrong.” No points for guessing which is which, guys. The point also being – are we ‘animals’ steered by instinct; or higher beings?

    Finally, this. “We may, indeed, be sure that perfect chastity – like perfect charity – will not be attained by any merely human efforts. You must ask for God’s help. Even when you have done so, it may seem to you for a long time that no help, or less help than you need, is being given. Never mind. After each failure, ask forgiveness, pick yourself up, and try again. Very often what God first helps us towards is not the virtue itself but just this power of always trying again. For however important chastity (or courage, or truthfulness, or any other virtue) may be, this process trains us in habits of the soul which are more important still. It cures our illusions about ourselves and teaches us to depend on God.”

    One of the profound statements in the book is “Before we can be cured, we must want to be cured.” This operates on a national as well as a personal level.

  • glock23

    It’s high time that they bring the big sales on black friday to a close. This business of herding hundreds of people in front of doors like cattle waiting to get in, they know damn well that their going to push and shove and trample to rush and get the good deals. As far as I’m concerned, it needs to stop. The stores should be charged for the injuries, because trying to sue the brain-dead individual who trampled you is going to be next to impossible. If the economy totally collapses, these vermin are going to be ridiculously evil in their search for food and other necessities.

  • OLD MS Miller

    As long as most of our tax dollars are given to foreign countries and the United Nations our American people will find it necessary to fight for bargains to make ends meet. They obviously are convinced that they need to be there in the middle of chaos to try to budget their money. No person with adequate funds would place themselves in harms way like this. Imagine what a salary would be like if just 3/4 of the taxes stopped and your pay check was increased by that amount.

  • Jerry E. Conner

    This is just a mild example of what is to come when everything crashes and all the global currencies become worthless – literally worthless.
    What do think will happen when the local, state, and federal governments of this country no longer issue social security check, payroll checks, retirement checks, welfare checks, food ‘stamps’, and unemployment checks? What will happen? This is nothing!
    The majority of the people in this country will respond much in the same way or even worse than what you witnessed in these videos when the grocery store shelves either become empty – or – when money has become so worthless, they can’t afford to buy what’s on the shelf.
    At, the NIA is predicting that in the not too distant future, a loaf of bread will cost almost $25.00, a 32oz jar of coffee will cost $77.00, and a 32 oz. box of sugar will cost $ 64.00. Their projections are based on historical data – not fear speculation.
    The list goes on….and all of this is thanks to the Federal Reserve and Congress.
    So far, all of their predictions about what is coming have been correct… and it’s only going to get worse… much worse.
    Over the past few years, I’ve studied the formats of how most riots work, and New Orleans was one of the best case examples. Things only get worse when the sun goes down.
    Charlton Heston lived in LA at the time of the LA riots… he remembered that the Hollywood stars that gave him the most grief about his pro-gun stance were the very people knocking down his door wanting firearms when all hell broke loose over the Rodney King issue.
    Again, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming… get ready, the mobs will be coming, and this time, they’re headed straight for your home, to take what they need and want in order to ‘survive’ one more day.
    The DHS has come out said that there are only 9 meals in the average home. When the animals start to starve, they will come looting… and they will take no prisoners!
    If you think these people were acting like animals in these videos, “…you ain’t seen nothing yet!”.
    To answer the question of what has happened to America, how did we get to this point and where are we heading… that’s easy. Back in 62, and 63, we kicked God out of the schools, told the teachers they could no longer read morning devotionals from the Bible, took the 10 commandments off of the school walls, and outlawed prayer in the class room – we basically said “…hey God, we don’t want you”. He said, “fine, go it alone”… and here we are… tah-dah! We got exactly what we asked for… go figure….

  • keith bruner

    This is the result of man putting his faith in Caesar and Mammon and not God.

  • Kevin

    I bet 90% of these people are on food stamps too.

  • Mary Grace

    I think it is a combination of forgetting/not knowing the Golden Rule and fascist designs to create more chaos in order to bolster their plans for complete and total dictatorial control over our lives.

    I think corporations like WalMart are well aware of the psychological conditions for mass hysteria they are creating.

  • Cape Cod Fart Mist

    Those were some of the best comments ever. It even gave me hope for a few seconds. An increase of personal rudeness and lack of civility in society is an indicator of collapse.


    Television and Flouride are working as intended these people are the proof.

  • John O’Neill

    This is why the United States is going straight down the toilet. I have no doubt that the United States will go down; of course, I don’t blame it all on the American people, because we all know the banksters are the main culprits. With that said, the American people will definitely need a quick attitude change before the final implosion takes place, hopefully later, rather than sooner. That way, I’ll have more time to prepare myself (I’m still lacking on some important preparations, particularly – storable food). I’m sad for most Americans who have absolutely no clue about how the world turns or anything about geopolitics and/or economics. It’s a shame, but apathy is no different than ignorance. Both are unfortunately a choice that most Americans seem to have made. Too bad. They have no idea what price they’re going to pay and it certainly won’t come with the any of the discounts they were fighting for on Black Friday. Their misery is going to come with a BIG premium – a very hefty big premium and then let’s see how they behave.

  • Realoldcrow

    Watching these videos reminds me of Filene’s basement and their running of the brides, which has been going on since 1947.

    I would have to disagree with the author that this is something new, since the bad behavior has been going on for generations.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

  • SAD

    Guarenteed the majority of those purchases were put on their CREDIT CARDS… yea! more debt!

  • gibby62

    Hubby and I have been noticing the same mentality on a daily basis for years when driving. People driving their cars in the “faster” lane to get ahead of others who obeyed the signs to be in one, correct lane and then getting upset that you won’t let them in front of you. Probably the same people who use their children’s strollers as battering rams.

    BTW, I’m a “fatty”. I don’t act like the people in the videos and am just as digusted by their behavior. I wasn’t out shopping on Black Friday for the very reasons featured here. Weight has NOTHING to do with being discourteous or having a “me first” mentality. I’ve seen plenty of thin people who are regularly discourteous, possess a frightening sense of entitlement, are rude and very much all about themselves. Most people in India are thin and they get trampled in stampedes all the time. I also know of many overweight people who regularly give more of their time, talents, money and yes, food, to help others than other who are clearly in a position to do more.

  • Mike

    If you have anything of value in your home don’t tell anyone. Even the people who you consider your “friends” will turn on you when things get hard.

    P.S. Buy a gun

  • Allen

    Everyone will become a target and the NWO will come closer as marshal law becomes real from the police state we are already in,
    Merry Christmess.

  • All hail the pallet of imported junk. Mindless consumerist culture, nothing more.

  • DA

    FRIGHTENING!!! I have to say that I didn’t see any of this–but I went out at 8am. I even decided to stop by WalMart just in case it wasn’t a zoo. I figured if the parking lot was crowded and I saw tons of people, I’d pass. Instead I got a spot quite close and the clerks and other shoppers were super helpful. FYI-the people who had their carts really piled high looked like they were the ones who could least afford the items. And we wonder why our monetary system collapsed?

  • DA

    PS–this is what people think “CHRISTMAS SPIRIT” is??? Clearly our society (at least the sheeple) is going to hell in a handbasket!

  • Microcarl

    The collapse is eminent. I think everyone knows that something is terribly wrong but, haven’t a clue as to what. The general relief is the gouging one’s self with pleasures and things. The U.S. population has largely become obese and materialistic. Where character and ethics use to abound in the American public, greed, selfishness, lying, steeling and coveting of things have replaced our once high standard and virtues.

    But yet, some of us won’t participate. Some of us are preparing for the coming repercussions of the infestation of materialism and corporate/political corruption.

    The few examples shown in this article should be a warning bell to all who see it. Times are going to become far tougher then they are today. If a sale will cause these pathetically lost creatures to act as animals, rather then humans – over meaningless trinket junk – how will they react when they have to pay increasingly higher prices for bread, milk and other necessary staples that are required to keep them alive?

    We are throwing our future away on meaningless things, when we should be building our future with things of value.

    If you see these things happening and they scare you, they should! If you see these things happening and you don’t take steps to preserve your chances of survival in the coming collapse, they you are simply a part of the problem – delayed. If you do not make haste to prepare for the coming collapse, you too, will be among the mindless creatures that you observed in the materialistic feeding frenzy this past Thanksgiving day holiday weekend. And rather then a feeding frenzy of material things in a big-box store sale, when the collapse comes, it may well be you – your stuff, even your very flesh that the feeding frenzy is about!

    So you think I’ve gone mad for saying these things? Look at those videos again and then respond by telling me that these creatures haven’t already devolved into animals! Do you think they will become more civilized when daily survival is a daily life & death fight for their survival? They already have the animal instinct. How will you compete with that, unless you become prepared, and quickly?

  • Sam

    It’s a good thing I shop S-Mart. Completed my Christmas shopping 3 weeks prior to insanity (Black Friday) day. “What is the likelihood of a food shortage? It is an excellent possibility. If you don’t have much money, an extra two cans is good enough. In 2011, we will see food shortages in the US. It is already hitting the third world. Parts of the world that will be affected: Africa, parts of Asia, the poor in western Europe and the United States. Latin America & Mexico: no problems; you stick something in the ground and it grows.” Bob Chapman in quotes.

  • Stupid is as stupid dose, you got to be a fool to think you are going to save enough money for the battle that waits,as far as things to come. Do not think there will be anything to fight for.



  • oilsander1

    When I see a line-up at a store, I leave and go somewhere else. I have better things to do.

    These people must be on food stamps.

  • Tim

    There is a saying in California “When the going gets bad, the bad gets going”…its already started to happen.
    Next domino to fall- Lawyers, professors and doctors.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the change!

  • Wayne

    Microcarl is right! Our society is rapidly evolving into lower forms of animalistic behaviors. Reminds me of life on the farm when the chickens and pigs would come running at feeding time. How well we have been conditioned and fed the food of greed, pride, and self pleasure. When the chickens were ready for the pot and the pigs were fat and ready to be butchered, the farmer brought out the ax and the gun. How much time do you think we have left? Not much–I’ll bet! Be ready like it will be today and pray that it will not happen soon because all heck will break lose on the farm.

  • Amos

    People are by nature animals. It’s the small small majority that care less about material possessions than other people. If this is not apparent than you’re missing a few wars and millions of displaced, injured and killed people in the last decade alone.

  • Richard

    I see mad animals grabbing and clawing their way to the stuff. All the way through each video I thought of what we are seeing is a example of how it will be when food, shelter, and electricity is gone..woe to those in the cities..stability will be gone in a nano second.

  • Louise in MO

    Prepare, prepare, prepare. Store food and essentials, medications. Rice, dry beans, powdered milk, cammed meals, e.g. beef stew, canned meats, tuna, pasta, canned veggies and fruits, things that take up little space but provide good nutrition. Store Ensure, high energy bars, multivitamins, etc. Most important….hide it.

    It’s time to get serious!

  • Wilma

    You will eat your babies in the coming storm.

  • AmeroConned

    Makes ya proud to be AmeroCon, don’t it??? A country of degenrates.

    The chinks or the rooskies would be doin’ us a favor if they nuked are assess.

  • BHK

    A few thoughts.

    First, I’m a big guy, but some of those people look like they could go a few days, or weeks, without food.

    Second, I always hear how we need government education in order to properly socialize children. If this is an example of the effectiveness of socialization in government schools, then it’s time to separate school from state completely.

  • Jim

    Fat slobs all. There is no hope for you Americans.

  • gabriel76

    The stores and their managers are to blame. Why would the store wheel out on a pallet-jack a pallet of new merchandise for deal-seeking customers–it is Black Friday, after all–right in front of the check-out stand? That was stupid. It is like bait, and the tired, vigilant shoppers dove for something that they may not have wanted anyway. Shoppers have been primed the week before to get a deal. They got a deal alright, an ordeal.

  • parks guthrie

    I would never shop on Black Friday…stupid is as stupid does. I’m a single mom on a tight budget, but have no interest in giving into the greed that motivates the sellers and the shoppers that day

  • Austin

    We will always have to deal with that 10% and hopefully no more . . .

  • Rocky

    Realoldcrow is right that these things have been happening since God created mankind, however, I disagree that the degree that it is happening today is constant. Yes, there is nothing new under the sun, but this degree of immorality, apathy and willful ignorance besets mankind in cycles. It is NOT A CONSTANT.

    Yes, Americans have been transformed from a religious and just people into the base element you are viewing in the videos. It has been a satanic attack engineered by evil men. But Americans are not without guilt, as they are responsible for their behavior.

    It is too bad that many of the people you see in these videos WILL BE invading your homes and assaulting you on the street in the next year or two. Take a good look at them. Many will be your neighbors. Will you be willing to take care of business when the time comes to save your family? It will be like the night of the living dead…or Helter Skelter. The blood WILL run in the streets. Get ready.

  • Ben Gedalecia

    This sickens me. These people are my countrymen?

  • Bruce

    IMO, this is just a display of abundance and stupidity — they can’t wait to get rid of their money. Aside from isolated cases, which always exist, there are no “hard times” in America today.

    My parents were young adults during the Depression, and what they endured most younger people today do not believe.

    Moving away, at a young age, to another town and selling homemade cookies on the street corner to scrape a few dollars together, because there were no other options.

    Repairing shoes yourself, over and over, because there was no money to buy new shoes. And back then, shoes were not a fashion statement, they were to protect your feet.

    If you wanted fresh meat, you had to raise and butcher it yourself. One year my brother-in-law got an orange for Christmas. Nothing else.

    Those were real hard times. Today everybody has plenty of money to live on, they just have their priorities mixed up.

    When true hard times hit, this will all change. Suddenly food (ANY food), potable water, gasoline, guns, used car parts, hand tools, etc. will be much more important than new TVs and all the other various, un-needed junk we see on these videos.

  • Jim

    People are ordinarily reasonably well-behaved, but cease being so the instant the necessary conditions for that behavior are removed. In other words, most human beings are wild animals unless constrained by custom, social pressure, threat, law, and the like. Few people are able to control themselves in difficult situations. Homo lupus hominem (man is a wolf unto man).

  • RichardL

    I moved to another country that has a very healthy Christmas season. Very non-commercialized. It really makes a difference when the emphasis is not on gifts. The USA has become a poor example of what greed does to a society and to their fellow men. How can this commercial course be corrected? I fear the only way is when money is taken from the equation of American lifestyle.

  • Gos

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

    There was this guy once, about 2,000 years ago, who walked into a church and found a bunch of retailers and merchants hawking their wares in the house of God.

    This pissed him off so badly that he picked up a weapon, and declaring in a loud voice, “My Father’s house is not a den of thieves,” he proceeded to kick the living snot out of those merchants.

    The Bible recorded this as the only thing that ever drove Christ to violence (and bear in mind that he didn’t even lift a finger when they crucified him.)

    …Guess how we celebrate this guy’s birthday…

    Can you appreciate the irony? Might as well celebrate Martin Luther King day by burning a cross in some interracial couple’s front yard.

    How much more proof do you need that modern Christianity has lost its way and that Christ himself wouldn’t recognize his so-called “followers”? (Matt 7:21-23)

  • the violence is a byproduct of the ‘moral hazard’ of a society that looks to gov’t for support (entitlements, welfare, etc), rather than friends and fanily. Your personal reputation (honest, courteous, responsible, etc) no longer matters, so you don’t feel the need to be ‘nice’ in public. Same as student riots in France and England, or people in Greece. Sad but predictable.

  • Here in Asia,when people are on the brink of starvation, everyone is considered “Long Pigs’! That is to say that anyone can be served up for dinner!!

  • I live here in the Philippines and in my last comment about “Long Pigs”is true! If you only knew what people eat here you would “throw up”.

  • “All of us had better hope and pray that an economic collapse does not happen any time soon, because it is becoming increasingly apparent that the American people are not morally equipped to be able to handle one.”

    Very true. How many Americans snidely criticized the French for rioting when the government raised the retirement age? Look not at the mote in another’s eye, take care of the beam in your own.

  • FollowsTheWay

    2 Timothy 3:

    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    It’s over folks … darn right I’ll be clinging to my (King James) bible! Come, Lord Jesus.

  • kate

    This IS government school “socialization”! “Darwinian survival of the fittest, let the games begin”. That is the DOCUMENTED (Blumenfeld, Iserbyt, Havelock, Dewey,)purpose of “school”, it is why they do not educate. Behavior modification and de-civilizing people as children into herd animals through “peer group”, sports, and other group dynamics. Add the conversion to state worship from Christianity (Dewey), let a few generations pass and enjoy the chaos, death, and’s the Brave New World of the Marxist social engineers.

  • Stephanie

    Why do the heathen rage? Because they are heathen!

    We must take into consideration that the roots of Christmass are pagan to the core. It has always been filled with drunkeness and debauchery since it’s inception. Why be shocked when the pagans raise their ugly heads?

    May God have mercy on us if there is a total economic breakdown!

  • DayOwl

    The sorry state of public behavior is a reflection of the sorry state of affairs in DC and on Wall Street. The stupendous greed displayed by the bankers is bound to have an effect.

    That said, the behavior displayed by these shoppers is truly revolting.

  • Brett

    I have to agree with Realoldcrow above. I’m not sure this is a new phenomenon, just one that is now captured on video routinely. My mind immediately pictured comic characters being trampled into the ground by a horde of women in front of a “Sale!” sign in many old comics and cartoons. It’s been a trope for a long time. People behave badly whenever something causes a mob to form, and sales create mobs. Do these videos really represent something more extreme or more common these days?

  • The store is most to blame because of their sale going on and not preparing for the issues that could arise…even at concerts in our younger years could be faced with issues like these because of people who become crazy on some occasions. I am in the Philippines at this time and Sale or no sale every Friday and Saturday people create crowds and you can easily tumble and fall just like in the videos presented here.

    Economic crises or not when you see the signs that something is not right it is important to face them early not late…most of the crises going on is caused from lazy people letting the government get away with their trash and electing people like Obama who is not legal to run as president since his father never gained American citizenship when he impregnated his American wife.

    Democrats has always been trouble for our country…it is time to wake up conservatives.

  • zack

    I think that the Black Friday shopping crowd is mostly composed of the same vacuous people that appreciate escapist garbage rather than confronting reality and accepting responsibility. As far as I’m concerned, they deserve to reap what they sew from engaging in such an absurd group-think mentality.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Gary

    It starts with the State Church that is public education. It teaches that the government is your master and the hell with everybody else.

  • Why don’t we ask the Iraqis the answer those questions?

  • H. P. B.

    As a Canadian, I cannot but help to be a keen observer of the great US of A, and the dichotomy of Americans never ceases to amaze me. Individually, I have found you to be unbelievably friendly, helpful and entertaining. Yet I see instances of mass behavior that is more appropriate in a gang of adolescences. Though I cannot speak from 1st hand knowledge, I do not recall seeing mob scenes after the Asian Tsunami, yet after Katrina we were swamped with similar stories of “me at any cost” behavior (as well as heroic). I have read a lot of American literature from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and this was not the way the American people conducted themselves in those days. I hope you soon find your true character again, because you are too important to the World to fail. I wish you luck.

  • Been hearing Glenn Beck saying to store at least 40 days of goods lately, kind of funny to hear that on mainstream news. Take a look at what familyradio is saying –

  • This reminds me of watching a pack of wild dogs fighting over a carcass. I watch this and think, we really are no better than wild animals. We are not rational.

  • As far as I could see, all these things happened in large cities. Have you ever even been to rural America?

    I went to our local store on that Friday, and it was pretty much like every other day. Saw lots of friends and neighbors – no enemies.

    Get out of the cities if you want to survive.

  • detroitjoe

    “civility”, “society”, these things are illusions… just thin veils, paper tigers if you will… barely covering the true nature of humans, which is inherently evil…

  • RunVampRun

    time to WAKE UP!!!

  • Vince

    There is hope! The younger Walmart mobsters may be recruited as part of a “Civilian Security Force, just a strong and just as well funded as our military.” They might even be tasked with monitoring energy usage and recycling violations in our neigborhoods–AKA, GreenShirts!

    If a church service had this type of violence, the place would be shut down and CNN/HLN would carry round-the-clock coverage of religious fanaticism on the march from those evangellycals!

  • What I see in these videos is a sub-culture mindset. We “Americans” have allowed this culture to take root and flourish. We have allowed the courts and the psueudo-conservatives in this country to dictate the majority of the American people this way of life. While many of us say we live quite a different life than what is seen here, we have , by our own apathy and ARROGANCE, LET THIS HAPPEN. Let me repeat, let this happen. If you don’t see this then we as a people get exactly what we deserve by not standing up against those things. Edmund Burke said that “All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do NOTHING!” We see here the folly of our ways…..

  • Mike

    I wonder if any of these bargain shoppers can remember what they bought on last year’s Black Friday?

    Probably falls into one of the categories:

    1) It can be purchased today for much less
    2) The children have broken it already
    3) The children lost interest in the “must
    have” toy/gadget and it gathers dust in
    the corner.

    Pretty sad – I stay away. Perfer to shop on eBay or Amazon – it is not worth the risk and hassle.

  • Erich

    When you have a buildup of anticipation that is induced by insanely early store openings…4 am?!!…plus the standard seasonal news reports regarding campouts at store fronts for 3-4 days before the event…plus the presence of huge, rowdy crowds – fresh from a Thanksgiving piss-up…what do you expect?

    I’m not particularly amazed by any of this; other than the fact that no one died.

  • Roland

    “Instead of showing others kindness and respect, in 2010 most Americans would seemingly rather trample anyone who is in the way of getting what they want.”
    Having observed how American “drivers” act for 40 years, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.
    If you want to find out how friendly a person really is, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday; just watch how he treats others on the highway every day.

  • Lib203

    This behavior is a product of welfare socialism – – the “entitlement” mentality. Another example of the deterioration of American character and morality. Naturally, this deterioration has paralleled the rise of the state.

    In many ways, Americans were better people before the “Progressive” movement and the “New Deal” replaced individual responsibility with collectivism. They were thriftier, more self-reliant and independent, harder-working, more charitable, less covetous, and, of course, far less litigious than they are now.

  • Paul

    I agree with the “nothing new under the sun” comments. There have always been idiots and lowlifes. The point is, not to be one yourself. Oh, and buying a battle rifle and a couple thousand rounds of ammo wouldn’t hurt…

  • charles chapman

    the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all of the nations that forget God.

  • mark edward marchiafava

    Where can I buy a t-shirt which proclaims
    “Ashamed to be an American?”

  • Carlucci

    I know the stores that open in the wee small hours want to make money, but they are partially responsible for this mayhem. It’s like holding a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey (and these ignorant people were clearly making asses of themselves just to save a few bucks). A few days or weeks after Christmas, most of those gifts will become meaningless and just turn into more junk – a field day for a hoarder. My family started a new tradition last Christmas – the Chinese Gift Exchange, with a $15.00 limit. I used to play this game at office parties and thought it was lame, but for some reason it was a blast with my family members. We all agreed that we are blessed with just too much stuff, and this game was a blast. I highly recommend it.

  • discerning

    All readers do yourself a favor a read Camp of the Saints, by Raspail. Very prescient

  • Ned

    Civilization is a very thin veneer. These videos are a good illustration.

    Good Lord. All this for “stuff” that most of these people probably don’t need. Imagine how much worse it would be if there was a food shortage.

    Good nite nurse…

  • roxana lucan

    In a lot of rural areas, Wally Mart is THE only store and THE only entertainment. No movies, bookstores, nada. Everyone wears the same ‘style’ and haircut. So…I would guess, a big sale is BIG ENTERTAINMENT for all the BIG SLOBS who got fat eating at the same, one and only, source of food in town except maybe for fast food joint or two. Rural US has sunk into what I call ‘Wally Mart culture.’ As small farms have disappeared as well as manufacturing, whole areas subsist on SSI and fixing each other’s cars and houses. Landless peasants, essentially.

  • Timothy

    I don’t believe that the majority of Americans are like this, but a significant portion ARE. We’re witnessing the ugly, ugly reality of a culture that is obsessed with consumption.

    What’s even worse is that this culture of consumption has taught many people that they can buy stuff that they don’t need and really can’t afford. I won’t say that they’re living outside their means, because to me the examples that you’ve posted are not examples of “living” in the human sense. What it does remind me of is watching livestock. I grew up in the country and worked at a local livestock center, and the people that I see in these videos have a look in their eyes that reminds me of the cattle as we herded them down alleys and into their pins…

    You’re probably right about how a big chunk of the population will react when the long delayed economic collapse finally happens. Just be prepared, be well armed, and be ready to defend yourself and your family.

  • Thomas

    thats not good, we watched this here in berlin and thought omg, those people makes americans look like idiots.
    sry for those words.
    sure this will happen here in europe soon too

  • stinky

    “how are they going to behave once a really bad storm arrives?” We saw this in reality in Houston TX during the Ike hurricane (and many others in my time) Grocery stores use “just in time” inventory. ALL shelves empty within 3 to 4 hours. An enemy of the U.S. could kill 80 percent of the population just by inserting small teams of commandos to disrupt trucking. This is why oil is a vital national interest. Not for your car. For your food truck.

  • comnenus

    Well, Gos, you should know what happened to that guy less than one week after he pulled this stunt!

    November 30th, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

    There was this guy once, about 2,000 years ago, who walked into a church and found a bunch of retailers and merchants hawking their wares in the house of God.

    This pissed him off so badly that he picked up a weapon, and declaring in a loud voice, “My Father’s house is not a den of thieves,” he proceeded to kick the living snot out of those merchants.

    The Bible recorded this as the only thing that ever drove Christ to violence (and bear in mind that he didn’t even lift a finger when they crucified him.)

    …Guess how we celebrate this guy’s birthday…

  • Noel

    This is why I have a AR15 rifle. What would these people do if the economy failed and they were a couple of days without food because they didn’t properly prepare for a disaster? They would definately try to kill me for my food. I would be forced to defend my family and my food storage. Very sad people act like this just to save a few dollars. Very sad to see this in the USA. I pray I will never have to use my battle rifle against fellow Americans.

  • Gary2

    Customers who act like this are putting the lives of other people in jeopardy. They need to take the responsibility to be more careful and considerate of each other.

  • shawn

    I have a 62 year uncle who is a professor at a major university and a communist. When I explained to him that Social Security is a ponzi scheme and in order for him to get his money my children will foot the bill for his retirement. He replied have more kids. This sums up the Average American to me greedy and lazy. I can only Imagine the uproar when people like my Uncle find out there is no money for SS like screaming spoiled children.

  • stinky

    Re GOS: YES! Not a coincidence that they put up with Jesus UNTIL he beat the crap out of the bankers with a whip. Jesus died to impress this message on us: “Resistance is futile”. Follow the rules, love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, render unto Caesar, Forgive. If you do otherwise, you will wind up on that cross. (or at least, you will wind up quite unhappy)

  • GregY

    Just more examples of how society will not last long without Judeo-Christian ethic as the glue to tie us together.
    In practical terms, I pray for a GOP Administration (Mitch Daniels / Paul Ryan come time mind) who is serious about getting our spending under control and avoiding a financial collapse that you talk about.

  • karl

    capitalism=oligarchy=plutocracy=sub culture

    when the masses have little, what goes around…

  • LC

    Thank you for posting… examples like this serve as a wonderful catalyst for others to perhaps rise above certain behaviors if they so choose.

    On a larger scale talk of economic collapse and war only act as yet another indicator to millons to get their “house” in order.

    Why give into the “illusion” of society?

    Why not simply look behind the cutain of yourself and see the real truth?

  • There’s a scene in 1984 where Winston Smith hears a riot breaking out. He rushes to the street to see if it is a rebellion against the Party and it turns out to be — women fighting over some cooking pans.

    That’s where we are today in Airstrip Two of Oceania. Americans may fight over consumer goods, but when it comes to anything serious, like resisting the TSA idiocy at the airports, they line up like good little sheep for the shearing. As for an economic collapse, well, we are pretty much there and aside from some well mannered Tea Partiers, there seems to be little in the way of interest beyond who is on “Dancing with the Stars.”

  • If only these frenzied individuals would seek knowledge instead of things! Well, when ‘things’ are no longer available seeking knowledge may become more of a way of life.

  • Elaine

    In addition to the stupid, inconsiderate Black Friday mess, the tail gating drivers that ride right up onto my bumper instead of just passing me are a significant dangerous and hostile force.

  • We should have more of these episodes so the hoi polloi will kill themselves off. I saw nothing like this while shopping in my favorite wine store in Washington DC.

  • DavidL

    There is no one “good,” no, not one.

  • andy

    if this is really an representation of america, you can see the MSM all over the cause. It looks any modern rap video or mass marketed movie. and it’s reinforced every day on the local and national news. Who is really promoting this stuff anyway?

  • Political Pammy

    What can we expect when over 1/2 of all Americans 18 and older are taking psychotropic pharmaceutical agents?…..Behavioral problems will continue to escalate, just as Big Pharma has designed…..

  • Dave

    Disgusting….go read Robert E.Howard’s take on so called “civilization” vs. barbarism

  • david

    Two comments: One, this is exactly the kind of behavior I would expect of people outside the developed world. Been there, seen that.

    Two: the writer’s thesis is naive. No, we’re not “basically good and decent”. We have to learn those things. The bad and indecent come naturally. And yes, there IS a “good” and there IS a “bad”. Otherwise, this whole conversation is absurd.

  • ME Banon

    Just got back from a week in Rome, Italy. What a civilized LARGE city that is. The overall impression was one of a caring, polite society where they care deeply about each other, even strangers.
    Rampant comsumerism is just not apparent in that country.

  • Wildman Willie

    The more you know, the less you need.
    Dumbasses, many over weight, fighting for crap…If they’d work as hard at being productive as they are struggling for whatever crap Walmart sells, maybe they’d see that they don’t need this crap in the 1st place. Americans are fat, lazy, and ignorant, while all along they think they are the smartest and best. They have become the crap they seek, and their lives are wasted by their greed. Ignorance breeds ignorance !

  • Concrete man

    Twenty years ago when I left the US I had a bad feeling about the place. Those feelings have proved to be right, sadly.

  • Abby

    I didn’t go to any stores on Black Friday, because I ran out of money on the 18th. That’s okay, when I get my paycheck on the first, there will be plenty of bargains. Oh yeah, I won’t be able to afford those either. Oh well. Still don’t miss it.

  • scrambolo

    You are quite right in your assessment of the potential for violence when a critical percentage (25%) of people of our country get to the point of hunger and/or homelessness. With the current economy sinking fast, this could come sooner rather than later. It will indeed be a very dangerous time. This time could be in the near future, 5 to 10 years, and will be very much of a threat to our entire country. Revolution, perhaps violent, seems to be the direction we are headed as a cuntry. This is due in large part to the inequitable distribution of wealth in the country. the top 1% of workers earn more than the bottom 50%. The statistical trend is for this to skew even more in favor of the rich and GREEDY 1%! However, “shuffle shopping”, although dangerous physically is not the proper example of what may be on the economic and political horizon of the USA. I think (not know) that people want to save for a “gadget”, especially at Christmas, just because of the “tradition” of Black Friday shopping. Also, because this shopping date gets much more media attention and therefore attracts many more people than any other shopping day of the year, violence can and does occur more on this date. But, it also occcurs on days when there are no special pricing available. People are more rude and violent today in totality! The kind of violence I am speaking of will truly be the result of the disproportionate allowcaton of basic assets, such as food, water, housing,opportunity, and etc. due to lack of jobs, let alone meaningful jobs and wages. Most people I talk with actually believe this reallocation of assets in this country is coming sooner rather than later, and I speak of people in all income classes and all educational backgrounds. It will truly be a DISASTER when, not if, it happens!

  • Rod

    I know a couple of Americans who “fled” 2 years ago to where I am (not saying where !) and they’re just shaking their heads in disbelief when they see what has happened and what is happening in the USA. It’s just totally out of control in all respects & it resembles a wild animal in its death throes.
    It’s going down and nothing will save it.
    Black Friday is going to be pleasant to what it will be like when the sheeple are REALLY starving and desperate, but there won’t be any help forthcoming.
    Time has run out for these crazy people – their priorities are totally wrong and they have no idea about anything. They’ll be the first to go when SHTF. It’s “survival of the fittest and best prepared” time, so just shake your head in disbelief at these crazies and know you’re better than them.

  • I was in Havasupai Arizona in 2008 when a dam upstream broke, flooded the town and campground, cut off the escape route, and stranded a couple hundred people.
    Fortunately there were no serious injuries like broken bones or gaping wounds. Some people did lose everything they had with them and were left barefoot with nothing but a bathing suit. There were also several minor injuries like bruises, sprained knees and ankles, etc.
    Even though there was plenty of water, good weather, and enough supplies to be comfortable, some people completely lost it. Although they were fully clothed, fully equipped, and completely without injury, they ran, pushed, and whined to be the first people rescued. Their violence and hysteria in the face of no real danger was an ominous view of what they might do in a real crisis.
    Even though there was no moral obligation to give deference to the slightly injured and destitute, the fact that there was no need to push to be first in line, other than slight inconvenience, shows me their character and their willingness to use violence against innocent people to get what they want. Not the kind of people I would want as a neighbor in turmoil.

  • American

    Why do those of you who fled to other countries refuse to say where you live now? Seems selfish and odd..

  • Steve

    Black Friday looks like this to me …

  • Motherof5

    Why I don’t shop black Friday,I put up the Christmas tree instead. Went out on Saturday and the only thing I came home with was food and some ammunition. After seeing this crazyness, maybe I should go back for some more (food and ammo).

  • Scout

    When I turned on my 6 yr. old laptop this morning to check the road conditions (we had a winter storm warning) my laptop cooling fan made a horrible bearings-going- out sound. We were going to check out Cabela’s Black Friday sale and there is a Walmart nearby. Pretty much on a whim I stopped by the Walmart at 0445 hrs. to see if by chance I could snag a doorbuster deal on a new laptop. There were no rude, pushy people, just very orderly lines -and to make this story come to an end I was back in my vehicle with a $298 HP laptop by 0520; And we went to Cabelas afterward and found all the items we were looking for without any hassle (including Herters 7.62×39 154 gr. soft point for $3.99/box). Not saying all Black Fridays are like this, just my experience this morning.

  • Chris Harish

    Ya these kinds of problems are more in our society. This is the time to wake up.

  • T

    It’s all Mexicans doing the rioting- just like the 1990s rioting in LA after the Rodney King affair.

  • Mick

    What a bunch of SAVAGES!! I would rather pay full price than take part in that mess. Shame on all of those POS!

  • DP

    I don’t care about tearing up a display or emptying a skid of items being wheeled out. Those people are just playing at drama. I remember trying to track down the last few Xbox’s for sale in town. There’s a thrill of the hunt involved. It’s silly when we’re not hunting to survive, but we’re wired for it.

    I do care about trampling people. If it had been a smaller person that fell, this would be a story about a death. I hope department stores’ legal departments have a come to Jesus meeting about not purposely creating bottleneck rushes.

  • brnzn

    Great post. Watching these clips is like a vaccination against unnecessary consumerism.

    The feeling I get watching these clips is similar to after watching the documentary “The Century of Self”. It really lays bare the psychology behind consumerism and gives you the perspective to avoid falling into it. Highly recommended.

  • WebAnalyst

    The sad thing about all of these stories is that it’s not like the deals were really all that great. The deals keep getting worse by the year and it seems as though people trying to get those mediocre deals keep getting crazier by the year.

    As an aside, I used to work for Best Buy and they by far have the best system out there for Black Friday.

  • Melissa

    OMGosh! this is absolutely absurd ! What has happened to this country? I am all for saving money but not to the point of being hurt by others! I actually got the same deals on line that others were waiting in line to take advantage of. I know that one day we will have to face an economic collapse and I WILL be prepared for that as well. May God, help all of us!

  • Biff Malibu

    I’ve always opposed eugenics but… it might be time to cull the herd. 🙂

  • Ron/GA

    Obviously, you all are too young to remember Cabbage Patch dolls and the “savage” rush for the door when new shipments arrived.

    Look, out of over 300 million people, this indicates stability more than it does disaster.

    Can it get worse? Yes. Will it? Stability lasts until you or your children are hungry. This destabilization seems to be the plan of the current administration.

  • patty

    silly me, i thought Black Friday was all about that baby

    Jeremiah 10:1-4:

    “Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the HEATHEN . . . for the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

    They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not . . . be not afraid of them for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good. “

  • Lyn

    I think most Americans now excell only in stupid, greedy and lazy. I think most Americans now think they are “entitled” to something for nothing even when it’s clearly robbing the pockets of others for the things they think they are entitled to. They are in fact, as parasitical and disgusting as the State itself, voting themselves a free ride somewhere, off someone else’s back, with every election that rolls around. Let some parasitical politican promise them more “free money and benefits” (like anything other than breathing is free) and they are all for it just like the politician who likewise hopes to line his own pockets with someone else’s money while never having to work for it. There is no cradle to grave utopian free ride. You work or you die. There is no endless living host for you to feed off of.

    The bigger the parasite becomes the sooner the living host dies. That living host is called the PRIVATE sector who is paying for your theft of what you think you are entitled to (not the government, not it’s “employees”, not Welfare receipeints – all of which are euphemistically referred to as the PUBLIC sector – and which the PRIVATE sector all pays for the subsistance of).

    While watching these videos, I wondered how many of these barbarians fell into one of those PUBLIC sector categories? I wonder where they got the money to spend on their WANTS, not necessities? The PRIVATE sector, of course, who is always robbed by the State to pay for their PUBLIC sector, with the State and it’s employees at the top of the entitlement list.

    If you’re a government employee, a welfare recepient, a bureaucrat, a politician or one of the mindless utopian nutcases known as a statist, you ALL disgust me. I challenge any of you to try competing in the private sector with whatever skills YOU’VE freely chosen yourself to develop or not, on a mutual exchange basis of VALUE FOR VALUE that only a healthy, truly free market economy would support (meaning that without State intervention).

    Let me guess, you really have little of value to exchange for your entitlement-minded demands in a market, which if truly free, would find that what you personally could offer in exchange would be either obsolete (no longer a demand for), overpaid in terms of your skills, or an over supply of, such as PUBLIC employment (government jobs). A healthy economy requires a balance of supply and demand that is not found within the PUBLIC sector. Now why else would you support, and continue to support, a cradle to grave maintenance for your own life at someone else’s expense?

    I concur with the feedbacker who indicated that perhaps it’s time to revisit Eugenics and cull the population, starting with the State. They do after all, breed the Keynesian/Marxian lies.

    Without apology.

  • Philip M.

    Well, we are living in a 24/7 media world, so the pre-Black Friday excitement started already early on Thursday night, because all the news stations like CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. were obsessing about it!

    Nonetheless, times are tougher that’s right, Sears opened on Thursday night for the first time in 100 (hundred, it’s not a typo!) years!

    Nouriel Roubini explained it quite well in his latest book:

    Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance

  • What is interesting is that these things are leading to the prophesied end of our once great nation. Hard to watch and sad to see nevertheless what has to happen to a nation that turns it’s back on the One who has blessed it with everything it has been given.

    Don’t think so? See The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy

  • I see these scenes of people trampling and pepper spraying others just to get at something they want. Just goes to show you the precursor of how they will act when they are desparate for something they need, like food.

    Search for food riots and you will find a great deal of info. That’s why I started buying and selling survival food so when, not if, it happens I and my fortunate friends will already be prepared.

  • I actually cried while watching one of these videos. I sit at home and think to myself that those of us that are watching this are the ones left in America that treat one another as they would like to be treated and it scares the heck out of me because 152 million people running to the stores is alot of people. I think these stores should be held liable if somebody is hurt or killed in this chaos. They are creating this mess. But then again, you find out what is in people. We get to see how a real life situation will play out when hard times really hit. I’m going to protect myself from this and am preparing for a fallout so that I don’t have to be involved in this. I’ve been storing food, etc. I don’t need to be a part of this and I won’t be a part of this.

  • Ca Dan

    Normally I don’t agree with you but in this case I agree 100% what a shame

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