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Americans Gone Wild

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Gerald Celente is known to love to make the following statement: “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose – they lose it.”  Sadly, Celente is exactly right about this.  As the U.S. economy continues to collapse, Americans are going to becoming increasingly frustrated, and this frustration will inevitably boil over into rioting and violence.  Could we be starting to see the start of this already?  The number of Americans that have “gone wild” seems to be escalating.  Years ago, losing a job was not that big of a deal.  Now a job loss is enough to cause some Americans to snap and go over the edge.  We are seeing restaurant brawls and open violence in the streets that would have been unthinkable 50 years ago.  All over the nation people are losing it and are literally going crazy.  The news stories and the videos posted below of “Americans gone wild” are very graphic and very shocking.  There is a reason for this.  These examples are meant to show you that the very fabric of our civilized society is falling apart.  It won’t matter who ends up leading us politically if this is the kind of people we become.

Sadly, it appears that we are not the same kind of people that we used to be.  Something has changed in America.  Something is different.  We have forgotten many of the things that made us great as a nation.  We no longer live by the same principles.  We no longer value the same truths.

There are examples of “Americans gone wild” all over the nation.  The things  you are about to read about below are not just isolated incidents.  The truth is that I could have easily included dozens more examples.

As the economy continues to crumble this trend is going to get even worse.  The following are just a few examples of how Americans have been freaking out and losing it recently….

*One elementary school teacher in the town of Monroe, Georgia was arrested recently for something very unusual.  One day he made the decision to walk around the halls of his school completely naked.  So why was he naked?  Well, it turns out that he learned that he was going to be fired and so he snapped.

*As I have written about previously, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day” and about a million Americans showed up to apply for jobs at McDonald’s restaurants all around the nation.  Well, in Cleveland a horrible fight broke out between some girls and it ended up with three people being run over by a car.  Do not watch this video if you are sensitive to graphic violence….

*In Sioux City, Iowa a 41 year old man recently walked into the office where his boss worked and beat the living daylights out of him.  The boss suffered four chipped teeth and needed surgery to repair his nose.  Apparently the boss was planning to fire the man.

*At a McDonald’s restaurant in the Baltimore, Maryland area two young girls recently beat and kicked another young girl so brutally that she started having seizures.  The following video is very graphic and has some very strong language….

*Recently, one gold thief was so desperate to get into a jewelry store that he rammed his truck backwards through a wall of the store at very high speed.  The thief got away with a bunch of gold and jewelry and the owner is scared to death that he is going to come back and do it again.

*In the following video from a Denny’s restaurant, young women are actually throwing plates and furniture at each other….

*In Brooklyn, New York a security camera recently captured chilling footage of a cold-blooded execution right in the middle of the street.  One resident has named that particular street “body-a-week avenue”.

*In Atlanta, two dozen teens violently assaulted two Delta flight attendants on a train recently for no apparent reason.  The following is how a local Atlanta newspaper described the attacks….

Their “Clockwork Orange” style blitz was over soon after it began. The teens boarded the train, headed to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, at the Garnett station a little after midnight seemingly intent on instilling fear. They succeeded.

“There was blood everywhere, people were hollering and screaming,” a witness told Channel 2 Action News. “We were intimidated. People were terrified. People were trying to run. But there was nowhere to run.”

Sadly, there are hundreds more examples like these.  There are so many restaurant brawl videos up on YouTube that it would take an entire weekend to watch them all.

You don’t think America has changed?

What does it say about America when the murder rate in Flint, Michigan is worse than the murder rate in Baghdad?

There are some areas of the country where people simply do not go out of their homes at night.

We refused to discipline our young people and demand the best out of them so now we are reaping a bitter harvest.

According to one recent report, approximately half of all the people that live in the city of Detroit are illiterate.

Can you imagine that?

Half of the people that live in a major American city can’t even read?

Can that possibly be true?

What does that say about the way that we are educating our children?

Sadly, due to harsh economic conditions up in Detroit, about half of the schools in the city are being closed down for good.

That certainly isn’t going to make anything better.

But this is where we are at as a nation.

We borrowed and borrowed and borrowed and we never thought that we were going to pay the price.

Now the “credit card bills” are coming due, and state and local governments from coast to coast are completely broke.

There are signs of economic decline all over the United States.  More than 33 percent of our men do not have a  job.  Over 44 million of our fellow citizens are on food stamps.  Our country is literally falling apart.

So is there any hope for our nation or are we going to see even more “random acts of violence” as frustration comes to a boiling point for tens of millions of Americans?

  • Concerned Reader

    After reading this article, I am in full agreement with what the author has written about the subject. I realized first hand during my time working for Krogers that people appear to be more vicious today than ever before. Many times people were short fused and easily agitated and eager for confrontation. In most cases it was unwarrented, but I always believed that it had something to do with the fact that we are a heavily medicated/drug addicted society that believes in venting our anger and frustration onto people we deem inferior to ourselves. We do this to make ourselves feel better and by harming others we hide our insecurities by making ourselves stronger.

    The fact of that matter is that America is becoming a more violent society. Look at the fact we have military bases spread around the world and we seem to be at war every single decade. Americans are more or less projecting our country’s foriegn policy on a interpersonal level here at home. I do not mean to denigrate or society, but it seems like the possibility of this nation bursting from the seems thanks to massive civil unrest seems ever increasingly likely as the days and years go on. What does this country look like in ten years?

    If we continue on the ecnomic path that we are currently on, chances are that austerity measures, which will become increasigly severe, will cause massive eruptions of civil unrest in our major cities. Idles hands are very dangerous and with so many people out of work the prospect of increased crime seems highly probable.

    Why are we this way? Why are so many people killing and maiming each other? Why does it seem as if the bystandered effect has taken hold onto people? It appears to me that the consequence of raising children with the belief that they can never do anything wrong is now coming back to haunt us. We call these kids the “Generation of Me” and their parents, or helicopter parents, are to blame for their actions.

  • VegasBob

    As long as we refuse to prosecute the criminals who destroyed the US economy, we have no rule of law and therefore we have no hope of recovery.

    Recovery will never come until the bankster criminals such as Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner, Blankfein, Dimon and Mozilo are indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms for their crimes.

    We also need to withdraw from the World Trade Organization and repudiate all of the so-called ‘free trade’ agreements that have destroyed the lives of millions of hardworking Americans so that corporate CEOs and their cronies could collect tens of millions of dollars in bonuses and stock options, year after year after year.

  • rick

    To bad we failed these people and ourselves. Some of feel safe or isolated. but you are not. Is this what America is all about?

    To be great, America has to do great things, smart things and real things.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this. “Spread the News

  • Nexus

    It is sad that the US is in such decline and its population has been ‘sold out’. I grew up in the UK and admired the US ‘can do’ and the legacy of WW2 – the fight back across the Pacific, the vast productive capacity of the US and the fight to liberate Europe. My parents had nothing but good to say about America and the Americans they met during that period of history. I myself have driven across the US in the mid 90’s and met many friendly people and the country is stunning in terms of the changing landscape. Last year I worked in Boston and traveled to other parts of the US and the decline is all around you – it is not just infrastructure but the way people are treated and their feelings about things around them.

  • Richard L

    Wow, living up in the hills is beginning to sound more appealing everyday! This article was touching to me on an emotional level. It is hard to fathom that the great USA is going backwards and following the path of the Romans.

  • Anne

    I agree with the article. I think many factors are resulting in the situation today. Youth are not taught values, morals, ethics, or kindness anymore in our schools or at home. Many people are raised in completely dysfunctional homes in fact. Also, society (TV, movies, magazines, advertising, sports and Acting stars and politicians, corporations) all teach to live for ‘enjoyment’ and the get rich quick scheme. Its okay to hurt someone else if they were too dumb to see it coming. Certainly our media has been brainwashing everyone with crime shows and gratutious violence for years that the way to answer a problem is with your fists. The media is also brainwashing everyone that if they are not a perfect 10, they are not worthwhile. Our society socially isolates anyway who is not ‘mainstream’. So, inner sense of failure/rejection for many manifests many ways that include deviant behavior (addictions, disorders, rage, crime, depression, etc). 50% of Americans are on prescription medication says alot in itself. It is going to take a return to basic morality and decency and for the law to actually be justice. Not sure that is possible anymore. I pray alot.

  • Davey Jones

    “Sadly, it appears that we are not the same kind of people that we used to be. Something has changed in America. Something is different. We have forgotten many of the things that made us great as a nation. We no longer live by the same principles. We no longer value the same truths.”

    16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
    (Proverbs 16:16-19)

    “And I will punish the world for [their] evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.”
    (Isaiah 13:11)

    “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”
    (Proverbs 13:34)

    Believe what you will, but the people are toast..

  • William

    This is what happens to a country that kills for no reason; starts wars for no valid reasons, just LIES; and allows the wealthy to run the country to the detriment of the average citizen. YOU believed the Smirking Chimp Bush’s false flag, inside job, attacks on America on 911……now, you see the results. Hey, did you see that 100 ton Boeing commercial airliner disappear into the 16 ft wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon, and leave no debris field??? Yeah, Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld!!!

    • Do your research


      It certainly is jarring to be reading post after post containing thoughtful, grieving remarks and then come upon a post where a loony is vomiting up BDS. Please. That’s what we’re talking about. That attitude and the lack of thinking your post shows. Grow up.

      Sigh. That’s exactly the kind of thing we wouldn’t have read/heard 10 years ago.

  • Chilling.
    Ironically, the Dept. of Justice states crime stats are down in America. Are they not reporting everything? With many cities laying off police and fire personnel, it will only get worse.

  • Oz Boy with Attitude

    Interesting article it appears that you seppos are just starting to realise that no other nation, group or organisation on earth has killed, maimed, tortured or abused more Amercians than America.

    • Do your research

      Oz Boy, do you believe that you are adding to the conversation with your inane remark? Well, yes, I suppose you are, as you demonstrate exactly the type of “I’m proud I have a nasty attitude” that is wrecking the world.

  • justanoguy

    Interesting… I would probably be more perturbed if these videos were middle class Americans acting like animals…

    But they are not..

    People have obviously been stressed out… but in this stage of the game… I’ve come across more people who have relaxed and focused on the more important things in life.

    The videos you show…. are just hooligans and more of an indication of something else.

    Here is one to add to your collection:

    It has more to do with something else then what you are suggesting in this article.

  • Owen

    Without Christianity, America is just another gangster nation.

    • Michael

      That is very true Owen


  • yawk

    After visiting death, destruction & mayhem on Iraq & Afgan. for a combined total of 20 years or more did you really think that the USA would escape unscathed???!!!???

    This is known as the “Law of Karma”,
    or in common usage as: “Payback is a Bitch”,
    “What goes around comes around” etc

    As the Good Book says:
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”- Galatians 6:7 (KJV)

    Well folks, the chickens are now coming home to roost. Rest assured – you ain’t seen nothin yet.

  • bobbobbobbob

    why do the republicans and the blue dog democrats continue to support the tax credits that pay to export good high paying jobs???? because the usa is a failed state CHINA RULES

  • It takes a village idiot

    I am having a hard time. When I go to work all my bosses ever want me to do is work. They never ask me what they can do for me or how I feel about things or tell me how well I’m doing or that I am a valuable employee. When I was in school my teachers always made sure that they spent enough time supplying me with self esteem. My opinion was valued there. My interpretation of things we studied was always respected and recieved with praise. Except for this one time. I had this algebra teacher who got mad because I said I felt my solution to an equation was correct and his was wrong. Why couldn’t he value my opinion? What a tool! My mom even went to the school after that and told the principal how unreasonable that teacher was. She said the principal was laughing uncontrollably, probably because the teacher was so ridiculous, and said he’d make sure that algebra teacher heard all about her complaint. Anyway, no matter what job I get, and I’ve had, like, three of them, nobody wants to give me a raise. I wait at least two weeks before I ask and they usually tell me that I have to wait 90 days for a review. Can you believe that? That’s almost 5 months or something! Who has time? Oh yeah, they all seem to think I’m supposed to go until break time without texting my friends. Don’t they know that some of us have a life? Duh! But I know I’m a good person and I deserve a good life. Sooner or later someone nice will hire me and pay me what I’m worth!

  • “The Culture of Narcissism” by Christopher Lasch predicted this in 1991! We’ve become a nation of narcissists, the entitlement society, and we’ve elected a perfect representative, the Narcissist-in-Chief.

  • Matt

    Perhaps the Taliban and the Saudies have it right afterall.

  • karen

    This is so very sad, but very true people have become souless they don’t care for nothing but themselves. And it will only become worse even the adults where I work want to see bin ladens head blown off, they play a game on the computer where there blowing him up, and they say young people are bad. A survey was taken of the US and a few other countries about if you believed in a higher power, God and only 20% of the young people in the US agreed to this the rest only beleived in themselves, where in for a he** of a ride.

  • Mr Carpenter

    We live in a nation run by a cabal of criminals (in New York City and other corporate HQ’s), in the courts (which have for all intents and purposes “handed over” our government to corporate powers that be) and the puppets in Washington DC and to a slightly lesser extent, state capitals.

    We criminalize decency (Christianity) and encourage evil (for two examples, the bloody murder of innocents in their mother’s wombs, as well as the anti-humanism of homosexuality).

    We not only run away from Jesus Christ, but arrest and persecute those who still attempt to adhere to Him, as so many other failed nations and empires have done over the past 2000 years.

    I heard on (Christian) radio the other day, about a once highly placed professional educator who essentially has changed his life-long opinion about educating our American youth, and who essentially described the current crop as being “unable to learn”. UNABLE TO LEARN. I had to agree. Most adults that I meet with on a daily basis (i.e. when driving amongst them in my car) appear to be unable to learn. Unable to learn about the rules of the road; about stop signs; about courtesy; about decency. Same problem.

    I was reading something a few weeks back wherein a gentleman was lamenting the state of humanity in our country, America (and by extension, all of ‘western civilization’). Needless to say, the Muslims have their own, possibly even worse set of handicaps, but that’s another story for another day.

    He described the average American as quite literally, the exact dictionary definition of a psychotic.

    Sure that he’d gone too far, I looked this evening in the Websters School Dictionary.


    Psychopath: n. a person with a clear perception of reality but lacking a sense of societal and moral obligation so that personal gain is sought by criminal acts, drug addiction, or sexual perversion without marked feelings of guilt; also, a mentally ill person.

    It is the first definition which is what he was talking about, though if looked at through different lenses, both definitions could well be one and the same in any case.

    Another, online, dictionary ( went even further with several additional synonyms and additional definitions, some of which are:
    antisocial personality, drug user, emotionally unstable personality, escapist, immature personality, moral insanity, sexual psychopath, sociopath

    Well, let’s look at the facts. As of 10 years ago, 41.7% of U.S. Americans have used or were using illicit drugs. In the then 18-25 age group (now aged 28-35), fully 55.6% had or were using illicit drugs. drug users (Put another way, without this drug use, there would be no drug lords murdering Mexicans and Americans, would there?)

    Supposedly, some 17% of the male population accesses online pornography regularly and according to Pew, 15% of online teens and 25% of older boys online have lied about their age to access a Web site. This is one indication of how many teens have accessed online pornography. (The real probability is that only a few percentage points of boys and men have NOT looked at porn; in fact, in Europe, a study was planned recently to examine the differences in thinking between men who have and who have not seen online porn, and it was abandoned when no men could be found who had not accessed porn). I guess there are few Christians, and even fewer Amish and Mennonites in Europe.

    sexual psychopath

    How does the following relate to many people surrounding us in the early 21st century? C’mon, let’s be honest. I think the “average American” easily exhibits 8 of 10, especially the young and the ‘progressives’ who apparently made up a majority of the citizens in November 2008….

    Diagnostic Criteria for the Immature Personality:

    1 – Disparity between the chronological and mental age.

    2 – Lack of self-awareness.

    3 – Emotional Instability.

    4 – Little or no sense of responsibility.

    5 – Limited or distorted view of reality.

    6 – Absence of life goals (love, education, career).

    7 – Lack of emotional maturity.

    8 – Lack of intellectual maturity.

    9 – Little or no self-control.

    10 – Lack of firm moral values and ethics.

    How about this?
    the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc.

    Does escapist well describe a people who cannot apparently function without constantly being entertained by fantasies, such as gaming, movies, DVD’s, ipod music, etc?

    Or, how about this? In fact, this well describes our own government as well as a majority of citizens…
    unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people. He’s not antisocial, just shy. ((Why do ‘moderns’ seemingly have an inability to socialize in person? They apparently must text or use cell phones instead of normal social person-to-person contact))
    antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing; threatening: an antisocial act. ((What about the behavior that is regularly seen in the cities? ‘Nuff said.))
    opposed or detrimental to social order or the principles on which society is constituted: antisocial behavior. ((If our grandparents were to see current day society, would they cheer our of joy, or be speechless with shock?))
    Psychiatry . of or pertaining to a pattern of behavior in which social norms and the rights of others are persistently violated. ((emphasis mine – relating to our government, which ‘represents the wishes’ of the majority because otherwise, it would be changed by voting))

    What about criminal acts?

    At first glance, there is a disparity: 16% of blacks, 9% of hispanics and 2% of whites are incarcerated. But given the fact that “white collar” crime (such as occurs in companies, banking, politics and on Wall Street) rarely if ever ends in incarceration – these figures are obviously skewed. In any case, the United States of America has the dubious distinction of having the highest percentage of its overall population imprisoned in the world.

    Given also that in the 2010 census, only 47% of Americans now consider themselves to be a part of Jesus Christ (down from 72% 10 years prior)…. on balance, I’d say the man wrote truth. Unfortunately.

    Now, go read Psalm 32!

  • Stinky Pete

    I live in Atlanta. My ex-girlfriend unknowingly took a young black woman’s spot outside a high end department store. The woman followed my ex into the store (at 2:00 P.M. on a Saturday afternoon) and beat her violently in the make up area. Nobody stopped to help her and the security guards never showed up. The woman got away.

  • 005

    just a quick agreement with “Concerned Reader”
    We have an entire generation of kids raised with
    “self-esteem” as the no. 1 priority, and so everything done ok as long as no one felt they
    had their “self-esteem” hurt.
    Now, a generation later is a group that has no concept of bounderies and so there is no “right or wrong”. The violence is just “fine” because,
    well… just because. That’s reason enough

  • 2 Timothy 3 (King James Version)

    2 Timothy 3
    1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

  • Randome-11

    Revolution, the only solution? 🙂

    Hardly, CR, individuals that goes berserk cares little about insecurities and that kind of snatch. They don´t think too much, they just act.

    Ideals, ethic have been disregarded, those so eager to bring it down have not understood the house will collapse on them too.

  • When I was in second grade, I went to school
    wearing a pair of sunglasses one day, to hide
    my black eye. I told the teacher I had ‘fallen
    out of a tree’. The truth is, whenever I was
    ‘bad’ (which was often, I guess), my dad would
    grab me by 1 ankle, turn me upside down, put his
    foot on my head, and beat me with a 2″ square
    rubber hose about 18″ long. I had several
    concussions, was starved on occasion, and some-
    times locked in a closet for days. THIS is how
    many of us were disciplined, back in the ’60s &
    ’70s. Nowadays, you can’t even spank your
    dog without going to jail. Maybe mine is an
    extreme case, but, the old saying, something
    about ‘sparing the rod’, comes to mind.

  • Spare the rod, spoil the child, that’s it.

  • DownWithLibs

    I’m starting to hate this planet.

  • jane

    I have another theory to all that we our seeing concerning bizarre behavior patterns. Vaccines. Such as ‘flu shots’, “anti-cancer” vaccines for little girls and God knows what else. Google the Minamata Disaster [Japan] to see what happens when people and animals clash with chemicals such as mercury/plastics. They go mad, get sick, die. And listen to this. I recently went to the ER for a bad laceration on my hand. They asked about my last Tetanus shot. The Nurse said ” the Tetanus shots are better these days because they contain the Pertussis Vaccine”![whooping cough] AYFKM? I was stunned. They are hiding vaccines in shots for other heath issues! Why? Why is everyone acting “strange”? There is a crew of young people working at the local Dunkin Donuts that are truly the poster-child of strange. It appears they can’t focus or think clearly. Not one, but all of them. [the last crew had violent tendencies and all quit on the same day] I gave up on the library due to it being a loud hang-out type situation. Recently, in a cafe, I was watching the news when a employee turned the station to the “royal wedding”. I nicely asked her to turn it back, then looked over and there were 4 employees gathered around her glaring at me. When I mentioned the situation to the manager, he told me to take my business elsewhere!? [I asked him if he had taken the flu shot but didn’t get an answer]. Anyway, it makes me feel a little more sane to read an article like this. Now I know it is not just me seeing America turning into Looneytoons….

  • Blame the violence on video games and porn. That’s what they did in past years! Much of what is happening in the U.S. mirrors what occurred in the former Soviet Union right after that collapsed. After that a ton of criminal organizations sprang up and ran things. I would imagine if a full blown collapse occurs, and that is a big if, a similar type of “society” will emerge. My advice, own gold and buy a gun.

  • Maria


    Did you catch the interviews on Alex Jones over the last couple of days with Dr. Steve Pieczenik?

    The awakening is quickening.

    • Michael


      I did catch a bit of that – very fascinating stuff.


  • This bad behavior,or as Mr Celente puts it,”people lose it”,is just a symptom of a failing monetary system.If one follows the rabbit hole to its twisting,turning end,one will find the Federal Reserve at the end.This fraudulent money system is the root cause for the many economic ills which we face and the problems will get worse in my opinion.

  • Jack

    It’s just another sign of the last days before the soon return of Jesus Christ. Read 2 Tim. 3.

    It’s time to get your house in order folks…

  • 1angrywhitemale

    Gerald Celente predicted in 2009 that Christmas 2012 would show Americans something few if any of us have ever seen—gifts of FOOD replacing games, clothing, jewelry, etc., because food will have become that precious. I’m wondering if he should have predicted that for 2011.

    There’s ZERO chance that our country can avoid a MASSIVE economic and (perhaps) systemic collapse—it’s baked into the cake. The Federal Reserve is desperately trying to postpone the day of reckoning, hoping against hope that SOMETHING it’s doing will prevent calamity. However, since it and the rest of the government continue to do all the WRONG things, just as Hoover and FDR and Congress and the FED did in the 1930s, it’s only further ensuring disaster.

    I know of a woman in the Dallas area who frequently complains that her SS disability check doesn’t cover her living expenses. I wonder what she’ll say when the checks either STOP ARRIVING, or their purchasing power will rapidly shrink as costs of necessities accelerate but the dollars on the check do not?

    Our society’s thin veneer of civilization is disappearing. The perceived ability of the banksters, crony capitalists, drug dealers, government employees, etc., to prosper while the honest and hard-working among us suffer more and more, is contributing mightily to this sad phenomenon.

    Most people I know are still stuck in the matrix of Conventional Wisdom. They watch GMA or Comedy Central for their “news”, and escape reality in other ways. Meanwhile, our central government and controlled press do all they can to keep the sheeple asleep and docile for as long as possible. This is compounded by the millions who sense something is VERY wrong with this CW picture, but are too cynical, tired, disgusted, or apathetic to deal with it.

  • David N

    And don’t forget:

    Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store

  • wardback

    It seems that every other heavily-trafficked street corner has sign-wavers. How can people survive on sign-waving wages? Other corners have persons begging for handouts. I can only wonder how long it will be before we have children coming up to our car windows as we wait at stoplights – attempting to sell us newspapers and candy – as they do in 3rd world countries. How long before resting your arm on an open car window is to risk having your wristwatch/jewelry stolen by a passing motor bike? I think the coming poverty is what will shock people the most.

    There has always been violence among certain segments of society. That’s not new. Maybe recording bad behavior and posting it on YouTube just brings us a new awareness of what is going on. But these incidents are not the norm.

  • Susan

    When you champion the murderer rather than the victim, when you champion the “illiterate” rather than those who can read, when you champion the victim, rather than the person who refused to be a victim or to be called one, then you end up with a self-entitled society who thinks that their cause is the just cause and those who don’t agree, deserve to die or support them.

    We created this mess believing that if everyone was made “equal” then everything would be okay. We refuse to face reality that there are smarter people than ourselves, there are people who will work harder than ourselves, that there are people who THINK rather than FEEL.

    We keep lowering our standards because they are not “inclusive” and there are people out there that can’t conform to the standards. We have gotten a wastrel and and thief in the White House because of these standards and still the people think he is a great president. I am saddened and sickened by what has happened to our great country, but we did it ourselves by believing everyone had the right to be sloppy, degenerate, and disgraceful if they wanted. After all, who are we to judge? Isn’t that what all liberals believe?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and this insanity is a symptom. Until we decide to impose right and wrong and taking responsibility for our own actions again, we will continue to decay as a society.

  • Stinky Pete

    Most of the behavior in the videos is what my black friends call “hood culture.” The more violent you act, the more street credibility that you have from your peers. Just check out worldstarhiphop – it’s the go-to site for this type of stuff. Basically, it’s just a manifestation of poverty. A good scapegoat is often the “white man.” Likewise you see the same type of accusations from the poor white communities, i.e., the blacks are lazy, etc. My more enlightened friends and I know that black versus white is all just red herring. It’s ONLY about the oligarchs versus the peasants in the United States. The bad part is that I don’t think too many Americans will understand this, ever, so racial violence will get much, much worse.

  • Marks2Much

    Is it any wonder? Try watching television, on almost any channel, that doesn’t feature programming filled with violence, excessively foul language, gratuitous drug use, and more types of sexuality. Video games and rap play a roll, too. The uncritical thinking mass have been programmed by all this. Think about it if you’re old enough to remember how society reflected “entertainment” in the fifties and sixties.

  • SM

    One important factor is that most “little people”
    have little power, are taken advantage of daily
    and have no remedy when wronged. I was recently
    the victum of a “hit and run”. Car was totaled
    and the ambulence showed up. The cops actually
    paged through their laws books to find something, anything to write me up on. Such
    things push folks over the edge. There is
    NOTHING surprising to me in what I’m seeing.

  • Kevin

    I read a book about the economic collapse in Argentina and how otherwise normal respectable people started to behave. It looks like the US population is in an incipient stage of this anti social attitude. No doubt as things get worse economically socially it will follow suit.

  • hmmm.

    If we place blame, lets start with ourselves. We are a selfish, greedy,and dumbed down society. We want instant gratification. We want jobs were we do very little and get paid tons of money. We don’t want to be held accountable for anything, nor do we hold our handlers accountable. We take no responsibility for our won actions, it’s always someone else’s fault. We look for free handouts, welfare, food stamps. Unfortunately sometimes we are well meaning and have to accept this federal aid. Most self-respecting people that I know try to get away from this aid as soon as possible. Some see it as a “their” money when it really belongs to society.

    Now lets look at our handlers; liars, unaccountable, frauds, cheats and that is just the politicians. What about the people who manipulate our finance and banking, our corporate interests are trumping basic societal needs, like the need to have fresh water for example. Look at the people who control our media, programming for our TV sets, our radio waves. We have come to a point where all of our Rights are under attack by the very instutions which are supposed to be upholding these rights. Go to the airport and ask yourlself is all of this security really necessary? Don’t more people die from second hand smoke than terrorists? Why does our military and foreign plicy behave they way it does? Why are so many of my fellow Americans more concerned with American Idol than American rights? We have become living, sometimes tax-paying, zombies. Did the fact that 75% of us were against bailing out the banks stop them from being bailed out? Does our voice really matter? If we don’t make our Government fear us, then they will be sure to make us fear them.
    All of this violence is the blow back, this is what happens when spoiled children don’t get what they want when they want it, when they are over-leveraged b/c they took on too much liability. They can’t hold themselves responsible so they beat up their boss for firing them. Did you really need that Mercedes Benz and $500,000 house? Let’s clean our own house first then go after our handlers. Lets stop buying stuff because they put a commercial on, lets not buy their ARM’s and their get rich quick schemes. Guess what, we can also educate ourselves and learn about finance, debt, assets, and we can go to church or search for some spiritual type of release. Feel how bad the people in Haiti, New Orleans, or even Japan feel right now. they had everything taken from them and look how the Japanese responded vs. the needy Americans in New Orleans. Poor Haitians, who are today dying of cholera from a tsunami that happened a long time ago.

    I personally believe that the book of Revelations is what we are living in today. We are about half way through. Maybe more.

  • When we start putting the real criminals in jail that have been stealing in the billions and trillions, then maybe people might settle down and behave like normal people.

    Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

  • michelle

    get your security gates and window guards up now while supplies are still there.

  • They are immitating their trainer…the inhuman machine they watch in the dark for night on end where violence is the excitement and understanding is shallow and its stacatto delivery reinforces uncalm mind. TV. TV is the unifying mind control device of our culture. This society will pay the price for letting it raise our children – now going on third generation and the material is degenerating further. All would be wise to learn to deal with violence for their own sake and for the sake of their neighbors. TV teaches apathetic inactive absorbtion of violence but we can overcome that with real world skills paid for in the dojo and training hall. There are many of us who care and will act…join us.

  • ayo

    if this economy crashes like I believe…………hide ya kids hide ya wife…..

  • mondobeyondo

    What is happening to us as a nation?

    This behavior from our fellow citizens is not indicative of a country which helped win a world war, created the largest middle class in world history, and landed men on the moon.

    We have lost our way, and the abyss beckons.

    You will get on your knees. I suggest you do it voluntarily (while you still can) and pray to God. If not, a totalitarian U.S. government – and don’t think it can’t happen here – will force you to your knees, and demand you do what they say… or else.

    “Or else what?” you ask.


  • Living 12 miles outside of SmallTown America on acreage I can say that there are numerous advantages. This entire county of <19,000 has been on the leading edge of poverty for many years.

    With that distinction, we've all learned to not acquire debt, to live in unfinished homes, to not have mortgages, and we know how to grow gardens, do without the latest techie gadgets, not wear designer anything and to actually cook real food.

    People would be surprised to realize how much living can be had for so little when you cut out the things that you can live healthier with when you don't have them.

    Cut out the false foods, cut out the sodas, the espressos, shop 2nd hand, trade with friends, trade tools, plant a garden or grow some portion of your food. You'll be amazed.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Black Friday” has morphed into “Black Every Day of the Week”. And that’s just for hamburgers and fries!

    Imagine what these people would do to get their hands on a laptop or big screen TV, or worse, little unimportant things like FOOD and WATER.

    Scary, scary stuff.

  • The problem is that the United States isn’t a nation. It is a collection of several nations; some not being geographically contiguous. What had previously held it together was rising prosperity and an enforced cultural homogeneity. That homogeneity was basically white, Christian, the nuclear family and heterosexual. Now however that cultural homogeneity has been broken by mass immigration, enforced diversity, denigration of Christianity, no fault divorce and elevation of homosexuality as a celebrated ‘lifestyle’. In the absence of a common culture disputes are resolved either through violence or through a police state. Additionally many people no longer believe that their children will have a better life than themselves. People have lost hope.

    I am reminded of how some left wing revolutions occurred through anarcho-tyranny; specifically in southern Africa. A budding police state increases crime so that people will forfeit their freedoms for safety.

  • Excellent article as usual!!! The Jesuits have throughly planned the demise of the US and the world on a 25 and 50 year plan!!! Everything they have planned is coming to fruition!!! Jessie Vantura and Alex Jones have hit it right on the head, economic collapse is imminent!!! Nothing can stop it now!!! Places in the remote country is looking better all the time. Remember, for your physical needs go to: and for your spiritual needs go to: You will be eternally glad you did!!! Plan now and act!!!

  • realist

    Not to be un-PC, but you do know a number of the incidents you shown above have African American perpetrators right?

    Violent behaviors and crimes being committed by impoverished Blacks (and Hispanic) are really nothing new, but have always been suppressed by the Main Scream media to avoid labels of “racism”.

    A lot of this being shown now is simply due to the availability of portable camera phones and youtube proliferation. While the current degradation in the economy has definitely exacerbated the trend, black-on-black as well as black-on-white crime is anything but a novel concept.

    And before any of you brand me as a racist…. my half brother is mulatto and so is my grand-daughter so save your liberal PC crud for someone else.

  • comnenus

    Nobody cares for others. So one has to care one’s self.

    Grace and chivalry died long ago. Those who practice them always lose out.

  • wayne pacific

    This not new in my hometown of Los Angeles. It has been like this for over 100 years in parts of this City. Nothing new here, except that people have cell hones now and can take videos and photos.

    I am a college educated white guy from the poor parts of town and I have witnessed these types of things at least ten times. I myself have been beaten unconscious on two occasions by gangs and on one of the occasions, the police arrive later and arrested me. That’s justice in poor LA. If the bad guys don’t get you, the police surely will.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    It all began about 4 decades ago. When I was 10 I saved up my chore money and clipped an ad from a Field & Stream magazine. Next I went to the local post office and bought a money order for $14.98 and mailed it away. About 3 weeks later the USPS delivered a bolt action .22 LR rifle to my house. No background check, no FFL involved. I took that rifle and 2 boxes of shells to school (via a school bus) every Friday for the next 4 years to use at an after school marksmanship class. It was all perfectly normal, and there was never a problem with misuse of our rifles.

    I haven’t changed, firearms are still firearms, but society has changed. We have forgotten who we were.

  • The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

  • WM

    Mckinley Morganfield….Great comments and story. Yes, things have been going on forever, but it seems that it is increasing more and more. People that say this has happened in America for 100 years, true but in very small pockest of society, in ganagland, and organized crime, etc. But, today, the depravity, and calousness that is witnessed is a testament to the fact that there has been a loss of respect and value towards one another. Sure I blame tv, music, bad parenting, video games, relative thinking, etc. but I also blame the kicking out of God in this society and also the brainwashing of evolution into our kids minds. No wonder they beateach other up, rape and kill one another, they have been brainwashed into thinking that there is no God and that we are all just animals who evolved from slime, there is no moral absolute because there is no God, and no authority and only the strong survive.

    This behavior does not surprise me in the least, given what we are teaching our kids today. Gee…. I wonder if we taught them Christain moral values, like Love your neighbor as yourself, do not kill, do not commit adultery….that your actions will be accounted for by a Holy, righteous God……wonder if that would be better than the current way????????

  • Lilly

    Come on people. They have flooded our nations with foreigners at such a rate, we are overwhelmed socially and economically. People have not had time to assimilate as wave after wave have come over the border. We are like foreigners in our own country.

    We have Hizbulah operaters with trained terrorists right across the border of San Deigo. We have them in Houston. Our elected leaders could care less what happens to us or our country so why are the most stupid/illiterate among us going to care? We have been divided and conquered and invaded.

    Uncle Sucker is tapped almost dry.

  • CholaBlack

    “realist” do you ever think that the very real institutionalized disadvantages these people face has anything to do with their behavior? Let me tell you, in Mexico and Africa those people didn’t have the massive scale of issues of violence, sickness, and poverty like after white colonization. Having more melanin doesn’t mean you’re more prone to violence, it means that you have a higher chance of being marginalized, exploited, and ignored by system of white domination which leads to chaos within their communities. And who gives damn if you have some black in your family? It doesn’t mean you can’t be ignorant about whats really going on with race in America. And understand that only idiots use the term liberal to describe another person you don’t know who may sniff your bigotry. The TV done got you splitting yourself with that “us and them” crap, having you picking sides between pepsi and coke, when you fail to realize that you are one the losing team along with the rest of us slaves. The “media” and your government doesn’t give a shit about you. I suggest you dig a little deeper within yourself to find whats really going on because you are clueless.

  • This is all by design. Its going to get worse, the US will shut down and then you will all be part of the NAU. Enjoy.

  • Wage Slave

    We live in the land of the racket. Everywhere you look in finance and medicine you see grand larceny as a business model, with no prosecutions. The little people didn’t destroy the rule of law, but they dutifully went along with it. So now we’re all gangsta.

  • Frank

    Robert Stout, the Jesuits are not your enemy. No! Its those Baptists! Yeah! Go get ’em, Robbie.

  • Aldo Nova

    “The wicked prowl on every side, When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” ~Psalm 12:9

  • Gary2

    This is the result of our gross wealth and income inequality. Read “The Spirit Level”.

    More equal societies are better in just about everything worth measuring.


    This is a huge winning issue in 2012 as 82% of Americans say that the first thing we need to do to help solve the financial problems is to TAX THE RICH! I bet you could not get 70-82% of the country to agree on which day of the week it is but they all agree, TAX THE RICH HARD!

  • Gary2

    Consider the polling results. Between two-thirds and three quarters of voters think asking the wealthy to pay more in taxes is a dandy idea, and far preferable to cutting Social Security or Medicare.

    President Obama has made it clear that his central 2012 campaign theme will be socking it to the rich. As he tours the country, the president hammers away on the need to make “millionaires and billionaires” pay their fair share of taxes – a proposal that most Americans endorse with enthusiasm.

    This makes me so happy!

  • What is needed is a resource based economy. This movie will explain all the reasons why for it necessity.

    Please take the time to look at it for technological unemployment is not going anywhere nor is the ecology getting better.

  • Look here, we do not need a 200K-2M education. We just need land like in frontier time. Gun and bibles (or whatever religious text) optional.

    And in USA land costs from 200-20K per acre. And thats all a person needs to survive. Plant a seed and see it grow, then eat the crops. Plant trees for material. Make your wife learn to use the loom. Pound your own paper, or toilet paper for that matter.

    Metal will be the only truly valuable thing, so stock up on fittings you will need. No need for nails though, read up about nail-less construction.

    Finally, vote for people in government who will make subsistence living TAX FREE. (i.e. who will table a bill that states that no taxes or repos will be carried out on people not making a profit off their subsistence plots or maybe even up to a earnings level of 10K yearly to remain tax exempt.

    Finally, make sure your family does not exceed your land’s capacity to support you. Simple.

    On a macro level, vote ONLY for 401K types and make sure that the next set of Congressmen and Governors and President will stop maintaining 1000s of military bases around the world.

    If 1 base costs 50 million a year to maintain, that would mean 50 Billion yearly saved. There are only 200 million people in USA, divide that alone and that would mean 5K dividends for ALL Americans of all ages. So you won’t be a ‘superpower’ poised to murder the world, but the American people would be well off like never seen before – as in ‘do not work and still have a fine time’.

    Grow your own livestock and with the military out of the way, get rich doing nothing. That is how great USA could be, but keep doing what you are doing, and USA is FINISHED.

    So vote carefully. 401K types ONLY. Everyone else will never understand ‘the poor’ least of all Governors or Congressmen or Mayors worth several hundred million or billions each.

  • The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of
    misinformation. In the eyes of those in control, America is nothing more than a
    large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World
    Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters;
    everyone else is considered by them to be their

  • Golden Child

    Very good article. This is a very accurate observation. However, this article fails to acknowledge the fact that America was much more dangerous as a whole in the 80’s and 90’s. Things go in cycles. Whenever there is a really bad economic downturn, widespread violence, murder and mayhem ensues in the following years. Every major city in America was much, much more dangerous in the 80’s and 90’s. Washington, DC had over 400 murders in 1991. I could not imagine that happening in DC today because I live in the DC Area and DC is definitely weathering the economic downturn better than any other region of the country. DC has more overpaid college educated government workers than crack dealers today.

    I grew up a pocket of San Francisco in the 80’s and early 90’s that had a murder rate of 200+ murders per 100K. We used to hear gunshots everyday and night when I was a kid. There was nothing but liquor stores and corner stores where thugs loitered day and night in my old neighborhood. We didn’t even have the freedom to walk down the block when I was little because we lived literally a few feet away from one of the frontlines of one of the bloodiest civil wars ever fought on American soil known as the Crack epidemic. One year, 12 people were gunned down over the course of the year on a single corner that was less than a block away from our home. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. My siblings and I had a normal childhood and we didn’t even know we lived in a violent ghetto as a kid. Americans need to grow a pair and stop b*tching so much. There is something called “street smarts”. I know people who grew up homeless in Liberia in the jungle during bloody all out civil war without their parents, dodging bullets, stepping over mounds of dozens of dead bodies and scavenging for food hiding in trees. I don’t know if America will ever get that bad in our lifetimes. I hope not.

  • Igor Strabinski

    So…….. Anyone with half a brain has seen it coming for decades. It is planned, purposeful, and will come to be the end of this great country very soon. Now you know why government has never wanted the people to just “off” the bad guys. There would be no government or bad guys, and that is just not profitable for the bad guys….. who are about to win.

  • Titus

    I’m in Australia and I have a Facebook girlfriend from San Diego CA. She seems keen to come out to me. It could be she has a desire to get the hell out of the US, while she still can, as much as her desire to be with me. If she does get out, she might never want to come back!

  • Archie1954

    What the US is suffering is a Bush hangover. It is much worse than the biggest bender you can imagine because it never ends and two aspirin are not going to cure it. If and when the people decide that being the number one military power in the world isn’t doing anything for the majority of Americans and is not benefiting any of them personally, a change will come but it is a long difficult process to wean Americans of the foolish myth that they are exceptional in the world. It has been proven by the last fifty years that it isn’t true and isn’t even close to the truth. So start controlling the government instead of the government controlling you. It’s the only way out of this mess!

  • J

    The color is Green and when you can’t get it? It creates these situation everywhere and anywhere, Know it is by design. When your access to money is curtailed or prevented? All of the following you see above occurs. They have made money a GOD which rules over the system. If we eliminate the Feds fiat currency? We eliminate it’s control over the populace. If they have control over the money spickett so to speak and the common person struggles with how to get something to eat? How else do expect people to react. It has everything to do with color, but not the color you think. Its from the lack of green.

    Peace May YAHUWAH open your eyes and wake you up from your racism deep sleep, economics of poverty changes things, simple and basic experiment. You feed these rats and not those, what do you get? Reverse the experiment. Don’t feed this group and feed the other. What do you get? The very same thing. Wake up people.


  • Rex

    Well, the economic policies set by the corrupt and unaccountable business world (including the Labor depts. and various Chambers of Commerces across this nation) has led to disaster.

    1. BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES refuse to end or revise the Disasterous trade policies of NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (Central AFTA), GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tarriffs) and the WTO (World Trade Agreement).

    These policies are why almost nothing is Made in the USA anymore. This is so bad, we lost our textile industry and we do NOT even make our own thread anymore. I was in a fishing tackle store recently and the vast, vast majority of items were MADE in China.


    These TREASONOUS entities (including CARL GUARDINO of the SILICON VALLEY LEADERSHIP GROUP) and his members call for MORE IMMIGRANTS and MORE VISA WORKERS for (innovation, etc). Apparently, they’re the only ones that can achieve anything. They also call for MORE foreign students to train and work here…In the meantime though, in the LOWER SCHOOL GRADES, (the schools are too busy teaching students to be good GLOBAL CITIZENS, gay marriage and multiculturalism and RECONQUISTA for the ILLEGAL ALIENS).

    3. TAX BREAKS must be ended for ALL businesses who: Offshore, outsource and hire VISA WORKERS and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    4. E-VERIFY must be forced on ALL employers and ALL employers caught with ILLEGAL ALIEN employees must be harshly punished!

    5. End CORPORATE PERSONHOOD LAW. I can’t think of any entities more undeserving than the TREASONOUS BUSINESSES who think only of the GLOBAL AGENDA and an upcoming GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and who HATES their own nation so much, they’re betraying this nation.

  • Rex

    So, please folks, get after the politicians (of BOTH PARTIES) and Prez and demand the things I mentioned be addressed and corrected. Ask them why they talk so much about the economy and yet they adamately refuse to address these things and rectify this situation. I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m only one person. Collectively, we might get something done.

  • Xander cross

    There is no such thing as Christian morals especially the old testament.

  • Xander cross

    All of these crimes are being committed by Christians. Most of these people believe in god and obey the bible. Most of these tea party members, bankers, governors, politicians, mayors, and pastors are christians that commit crimes and then pray to a god for forgiveness. Christians have the highest divorce rate, murder rate, sex crimes rate, and high collar crimes as well. So these people that are saying that the bible views are being neglected, they have not read the old testament.

  • Bob

    “We should bring back dueling… it would improve manners.” Edward Abby

  • Its in the cards

    Well, with manufacturing being sent to China and India, and Social Programs substaining people to have babies (that really should be sterilized), with no jobs, and Technology reducing jobs, this was bound to happen. What America will have is many Killoffs in Major Cities, probably biological that will be started by the our Government (or whomever is in charge) or let other so called terrorist groups do biological hits in the USA, that will kill Millions upon Millions. And Marshal Law will be declared, within the states. You’ll see, its all in the cards.

  • David

    Their are numerous examples of white on others.They aren’t teenagers or 20 somethings either.The inner cities isn’t the only place,numerous cases in suburbs.

  • buy

    The realist made an observation that most people see but many people are afraid to comment on. I have a better explanation – the problem isn’t racial, it is cultural. We all know white, hispanicc and black people that are well educated, have excellent morals, and would never participate in any activity like that. We also know or have known of white, hispanic and black people who are immoral, troublemakers and seem to be attacted to that type of activity. The problem therefore has nothing to do with skin color or ethnic background, it has everything to do with culture. One of my older sons decided to clandestinely join a group of peers as a teenager that were troublemakers. When the police called me telling of his drug dealing and attack on another teen with a knife, I was in shock. We were a middle class, respectable, church going family and there was no way I could ever imagine my son involved in activity like that. However, the gang/rap culture was his secret life and it was a culture he chose.

    It is unfortunate that a larger percentage of black youth are drawn to this culture for some reason and having worked with these youth in the past, I don’t believe there is any solution that the government is capable of providing, especially in light of their current economic conditions.

    In the years to come we will have to live like the rest of the third world, with bars on our windows and doors, afraid to go out at night. There is a big shock coming to our “Brady Bunch” culture many of us grew up in. You can complain all you want, but it won’t change the tide of our country…

  • Grover Lembeck

    The fact that we have fallen so far we actually had a debate on whether or not it’s acceptable to torture is, to me, a far better indicator of where we’re headed than a bunch of cell phone videos. These people are only acting the same way as the folks at the top, the only difference being they have to do it themselves instead of having others act on their behalf.

  • Animals

    Ok, so I don’t care about what ‘color’ a person is when the commit a crime. A crime is a crime, and by doing stuff like this, MAKES the person committing the crime an ANIMAL.

    Don’t focus on the color and make sure that the CRIMINAL is prosecuted.

    Stop looking at people as a ‘color’ and racism will stop, as race cards cannot be played anymore. It’s about taking responsibility for what a person has done – being ‘colored’ or not doesn’t mean anything.

  • CitizenKate

    Good call, Aldo Nova.



  • Joshua

    The difference is narcissism. Americans are more self-centered, shallow, and arrogant than ever. Like spoiled children.

    Sadly, we shall all soon see just how little we are entitled to.

  • timo44

    These fat cats in the white house and congress can come on that demon box called a tv and say they are going to do this or that. All they are doing is destroying our country. How they even speak out of their mouth to say they are trying to help this country, when our jobs,schools, infrusture are all falling apart. I hope people realize what is really happening. I watch a video of North Korea and I felt so sad,the sad thing is im feeling the same way about our country. It’s really falling apart. I can only hope that God will come and save us.

  • Dian

    Canadians going Mad to…
    We are definitely living in a terrible nightmare. No need to watch all youre video to realise that. Now humans are treated like cattle.
    I often wonder if this global shit politic originated from this planet.
    To me it seams so unreal that humans can destroy their own planet
    with no other place to go, it just does not make any sense.
    As we are treated like animals its not surprising that we start acting like animals.
    People are so scared and frustrated that they don’t even reproduce anymore…like animals.
    In my 62 years of living, I never have seen so many peoples killing their children’s.
    To me, that is definitely the saddest sing of a very sick society.
    Since the takeover by the Globalist, the entire Planet as gone,
    not wild, but MAD of despair.
    I don’t believe in God. To me, he is just an other political oppressor,
    and a puppet of consolation for the mass.
    But I think that very very soon…
    I will fall to my knees wishing that he would exist !
    After fighting so hard to save this planet, now its time to preserve our own sanity.

  • mondobeyondo

    When the perpetrators behind this atrocity finally meet their fate, let us hope Satan does not ask them, “How would you like your punishment? Original recipe – or extra crispy?”

  • steve mawson

    With videos like that, one wonders what was wrong with the old law, “shoot first, ask questions later”. I would have happily shot and killed the two brutal black women, and then probably done the same to the cameraman who’s only pathetic contribution to the situation was to stand there and film some poor woman have seizures. World gone mad and the less that are in it like this lot, the better !

  • Truth

    LOBBY = Let Our Business Bribe You…………
    This was inevitable with lobbying (legalized bribery).. Only the rich matter now, not the poor.

  • Gary2

    A Harvard Business Professor just released a study where he would show a unlabeled pie chart of the income distribution in both the USA and Sweden. An overwhelming 93% choose Sweden’s wealth and income distribution over the USA. Many people were not aware that the top 20% has 84% of the wealth and income in the country while the bottom 40% have only .3% (yes I said .3%) This was the same regardless of him telling them that the more equal pie chart had higher taxes. The 93% includes both right and left and center folks.

    This level of inequality in unconscionable and as more and more people come to understand this they will demand that we TAX THE RICH! Hard! and spread the wealth.

  • Xander cross

    God has been in schools for quite some time. These young girls that are pregnant in school believe in the Christian god and are encouraged by the bible itself to have many children. The fact that the divorce rate among Christians is very high (50% higher) and the murder rate among Christians are high as well proves that this is indeed a Christian nation that enjoys destroying each other in the name of god.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Another thing Gerald Celente has said is “When the money stops flowing down to Main Street, the blood starts flowing on the streets.” And he’s absolutely right. History bears that out. Before the French Revolution, you had a situation in which a lot of formerly middle class people became dirt poor—and the uber-rich French aristocracy were totally indifferent to their suffering. Sound familiar? It sounds a lot like The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) in 2011. The suffering of millions of neo-poor Americans who used to be the middle class is very real, and the anger out there is very real. It’s downright explosive, and if the tension in the BRA is this bad now, just think how nasty things are going to get when, as Signore Celente predicts, the’s BRA economy goes from bad to worse and the country enters The Greatest Depression (a depression even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s). It won’t be pretty.

    God help the rotting, decaying, collapsing empire that is The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA).

  • If you don’t already own a gun or two, owning a gun is a must.If there is one thing you can take away from this article, is that americans will kill when times get rough. Protecting your family should be the most important thing to you.

  • ozzy

    More benefits of Diversity.
    Lets all celebrate.

  • The common man cares only about the price of three things; food, energy, and housing. They do not give one shit at all about the markets and are growing weary of the bullshit policies of the FED and U.S. Government which continually reward the very behaviors which have brought us to the precipice of financial ruin. That ridiculous game has only served to keep everyone busy arguing over things that don’t really matter. Meanwhile, those in power have built a world that serves their own interests at the expense of everyone else’s.

    Too busy for your job search? Human job search assistance –

  • Question Everything

    Who made these videos and why? What is the anticipated result?

    Life imitates art. (yes, it’s very bad art)

    In my opine it is manipulative media. Media is overun with filth.

    Go on over to youtube and search for the Fifth Dimension performing the song Aquarius. Indeed, let the SUN SHINE.
    Tune out the hate and violence and you’ll feel better.

  • Russell

    To be something more than a fact-free rant, you need something better than example after example. You need crime statistics. And you don’t have those, because they don’t show the fictitious trend you want to rant about.

  • Randome-11

    “Whenever there is a really bad economic downturn, widespread violence, murder and mayhem ensues in the following years.”

    Did that happen in the 1929-1941 period? Nope.

  • Randome-11

    What teh hell are those dopeheads just standing there watchin´ that young lady being beaten like that

  • Rudy

    Sad what “progressives” have done to this country and it’s people since the early 20th century. They have intentionally destroyed our public institutions our churches and our social\moral values. The left can not exist without immorality (read about Germany’s social/moral collapse in the 1920’s), poverty and hate-thats why they’ve spent 90+ years creating it here. Now we are seeing the fruits of their labor. God help us!

  • Michael

    Gee, don’t recall hearing about that McDonald’s hate crime on the news.

    Oh yeah …I forgot, only white people can be racists which explains why the police cannot connect the dots at the end of this story.

  • Gary2

    Rudy-I would say the same about conservatives. They have ruined our country by redistributing all the wealth to the top. I would call that the immorality problem with the country!

    • Freddygutty

      This is the second post on which I agree with you, Gary2.
      Sadly, there are so many causes for the state your country finds itself in that it would take a week to enumerate them all. Suffice to say that the U.S is not only financially broke, but also morally, responsibly, perceptively, educationally, diplomatically and in many other ways too.

    • Nick Fortune

      So Gary2, let me understand, if these people who were fighting had lot’s of money in their pockets they never would’ve fought in the first place?

      People are looking to blame Christians, conservatives, the Tea Party and every group other than the obvious for what is happening.

      This is not a racial thing it is a cultural condition. In order to properly deal with a problem one must first acknowledge it.

  • anon

    Not ‘progressives’ my dear friend, just satanic sell outs …

  • Gary2

    Norwegian moms have an extra special reason to feel proud this Mother’s Day, as their nation has just been ranked the world’s best place to be a mother, according to a new report.

    In fact, Scandinavian nations dominated most of the top spots in the State of the World’s 2011 Mother’s Index. Prepared by Save the Children, the 12th annual report analyzes health, economic and educational conditions for women and children in 164 countries.

    USA=31 in ranking. You family values conservatives make me sick with you gross hypocrisy. All you want to do is give tax cuts to the rich.

    This is what a true social democracy looks like=Norway! I want this country to be like this and we can start by taxing the rich hard and spreading the wealth.

  • mondobeyondo

    Yes, color does matter, but it’s not what you think.

    It’s not white, black, brown, yellow or red that matters. It’s green. As in Federal Reserve Notes.

    Everyone needs at least a little green to survive in America. Regardless if you’re black, brown, yellow, red, blonde, brunette, etc. As a matter of fact, the other colors are irrelevant if you have enough green. Green (with tints of pink, red and yellow) are all that matters.

    Buy your turnips. Buy your tomatoes and eggs. Buy your justice. Buy your freedom. Yessss (in deep Yoda voice). You can buy your freedom.
    You didn’t think you were a slave, did you? Really? Do you? Working 9 to 5 in an enclosed cubicle, calling your fellow hapless Americans to pay their debts, and earning for yourself slightly less than minimum wage. Allowed 2 weeks of vacation time per year, and that’s being generous. Your boss constantly telling you what you can and cannot do. You are not a slave? Well what are you then??

    In my opinion…. no. There will not be a second American Revolution. The people are too busy listening to Justin Bieber to spark a revolution. Unlike Paul Revere, they are sound asleep. Two lanterns will not help them. A tornado siren will not awaken them either.

    My prediction: Lady Gaga will emerge sometime later this year in her famous “meat dress”. The public will shout at her, “Sirloin steak! Meat! Meat!” Lady Gaga will respond, “You bleeping perverts!”

  • Freedom Lover

    Xander cross
    May 7th, 2011 at 12:31 pm
    All of these crimes are being committed by Christians. Most of these people believe in god and obey the bible. Most of these tea party members, bankers, governors, politicians, mayors, and pastors are christians that commit crimes and then pray to a god for forgiveness. Christians have the highest divorce rate, murder rate, sex crimes rate, and high collar crimes as well. So these people that are saying that the bible views are being neglected, they have not read the old testament.

    The worst post ever no facts just a bunch of assumptions Shut off your TV your brainwashed drone.

  • unkeyspunky

    Sadly, much of what’s recounted within this article is known by most out here. While I intuit that the pathology of violence is seen as a ‘black’ thing, it endemic throughout our society. In fact, if you listen closely to the video background audio, the comments are interspersed with nervous affirmation of the convulsive violence of the scene. I also noticed someone cradling one of what I can only assume is a dying victim. There is much love within all of us, but it’s also a love that can be easily outraged by injustice.

    Still, I must compliment the author of this article for his stoic presentation of the facts. We are, collectively, in deep trouble.

    Quick aside: Some are aware, the ‘third horseman’ is just over the horizon and almost upon us all. Upon his passing, we will be returned – albeit in great pain – to our true nature and destiny. Be not filled with fear for yourself or those about you. Know that the only injustice is that which is allowed into your heart.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It is incumbent on others to control themselves at all times, **EVEN IF THEY CANNOT**.

    That they are broke, jobless, and desperate does not set aside the rights of others.

    It is none of my business if they are broke, jobless, and desperate: or not.

  • Glench

    Rudy… I wouldn’t say this mess started at the beginning of the 20th century… the decline started with the drug drenched ‘hippy / me’ generation of the 60’s demanding a more libtarded and ‘just’ way of life for all…

    As part of the ‘just’ society we have ‘free trade’ such that our factories have an opportunity to compete with ones overseas that pay their workers 2 dollars a day.

    Personally I gave up warning people of the dangerous road the libtarded fools in washington were taking us down decades ago.

    I guess you could say I got tired of being called a ‘racist’ when I warned of the dangers of immigration, tired of being called a ‘nazi’ when I warned others of the dangers of unions, tired of being called ‘square’ for taking a concervative outlook…

    And still the government just keeps printing more cash…

  • Owen

    Xander cross, there are many who claim to be Christians, but are Christians in name only. It is up to every individual to searh his heart to be if he is one of God’s own. Sometimes mere men may have difficulty in recognizing who are wheat and who are tares, or dividing the sheep from the goats, but I assure you King Jesus always knows His own, and so will everyone else when He returns.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Randome-11 says, “Did that happen in the 1929-1941 period? Nope.”

    That is correct, for the most part. Although the New Deal did not revive the economy, the ND did put the kabosh on class warfare. If/when the next collapse occurs there will be little if anything the thieves/whores in DC can do to forestall civil unrest. They’ve kicked the can of easy credit and fiat currency right up to the edge of the abyss. It will be a choice between hyper-inflation or hyper-inflation on steroids.

    Does anyone think we are the same society as the generation that lived through the Great Depression? Back then we were 50% rural or small towns connected to a rural economy. Many people knew how to grow and preserve food. Most people were not afraid of hard work and were willing to live a frugal life. Back then there was much more social cohesion; people assumed they had to take care of themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

    Now, 75+% are in large urban areas. Now, nearly 50% live on government handouts and expect this as their due. We have devolved into a tribal society, and if/when the SHTF the majority will expect DC to rush to the rescue and suddenly discover they are in the New Orleans’ Super Dome surrounded by a flood.

    • Nick

      I agree with you 100%. During the great depression those had the opportunity to atleast be self sufficent being in a rural area and didnt have the “needy” personailty Americans do now. That is why it is ever more important now a days for Americans to be able to be self sufficient if everything fails. Be able to live with just the necesities because when this economy collapses it is gonna be chaotic. Riots and looting.

  • Kevin


    Well lets not forget to include the generally right wing idea of “Free Trade” with virtual slave labor nations which offer low cost goods at a tremendous social cost in the US. In and of itself it has been the number one contributor to the downslide of the middle class into lower class poverty and therefore becomes the driving force for increased entitlements.

    Granted the Democratic party embraced “Free Trade” with slave labor nations with virtually the same percentage as the Republicans. OBTW I’m “Pro Choice” as in I wish I had a choice.

  • Jason


    Then you go take your worthless socialistic/communistic/marxist a_z and go to Norway and sucjk of the tit of the producers.

    While your at it, take all the thrid world welfare recipients with you also.

    And take Hollywood and their “Anti-family” values also.

    It’s progressive scum like you that has destroyed this nation.

  • If you watch the money masters 3.5hr video on their website you will learn about the satan worshiping international globalist bankers who are working overtime on their agenda. What you don’t know about is their electronic mind control that influences each of us on an individual level. Has your short term memory been nearly erased? Have the honey bees nearly disappeared? Have individuals and whole regions like the Islamic nations gone bonkers? Why does no one see the real cause? Because they don’t understand the technology. They can take any sane and rational and loving man and turn him into a mind controlled monster killing his wife and children without giving it a thought.

  • I’ve been to Flint and Baghdad and I can tell you for a fact that Baghdad is worse.

    When cities are on fire like they were back in the late 1960s, then we can truly say Americans Gone Wild. Right now, it’s a bunch of isolated incidents.

  • Howard Beale

    It sickens me to no end how the liberal sheep continue to bleat and parrot the “tax cuts for the rich” propaganda.

    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for these animals to behave they way they do. This is completely and undeniably the “ENTITLEMENT” mentality. These pieces of human debris don’t have to work for anything, therefore they have no appreciation for anything. Welcome to liberal lala land of compassion and freebies for all who want it. Look what it has done to society and prepare yourselves because it will only get worse.

  • Fed Up

    Rudy and Gary2;

    It is BOTH parties that have betrayed and destroyed this country. The most productive thing Americans can do right now is jump out of both parties and register as INDEPENDENTS (the smart people already have). This sends a loud and powerful message to the politicians—they already are spending MOST of their time worrying about what the Independents want.

  • Phil

    Hey Rudy,don’t pay attention to liberal illiterates like gary2.Progressive democrats love people like him,because the more informed and educated people won’t vote for liberal democrats.

  • Jay

    Just goes to show ya. Ya gotta live with what you are willing to “TOLERATE.”

  • We’re very lucky…we are already in a place and a lifestyle where when TSHTF, we’ll be out of the way and it will just be the next day for us. Bad enough having to see the degradation of the American people from a distance…I’d have to have to be surrounded by it! place of refuge 2012 dot com

  • Gary2

    there is no parroting the “Tax the Rich”. It is simply a fact. Obama will tax the rich and spread the wealth. 81% plus agree-tax the rich.

    Jason-I am sorry the facts are upsetting to you. The Nordic countries beat America on just about EVERY measure. I do not want to move, I want to remake America into a country like them.

    I want to take back my country from the conservative imbeciles who are destroying it.

    Why don’t you move to Somalia and try to be a self made man (or woman) if you do not like government taxing you. She how that works for you. The sheer absence of critical thinking skills from those on the right is very dismaying. The fact that all you can do is call names and tell me to move must mean I am right with my facts and you are wrong with your name calling.

    Thanks for making my case for me. The best thing to happen to us progressives is the right wing nut repubes.

  • Gary2

    I thing taking from the poor and giving to the rich is anti-family values. DUH

  • Kim

    I am tired of everyone blaming someone else. Blaming the dems, the repubs, the christians, the blacks, the whatever. I know good people in all of these groups and bad too. Its the individuals that get caught up into group think, its people not wanting to get involved to help stop the people gone wild. Its the laws that have been passed that we the people have not bothered to read and understand. Its people, individuals, us that need to pay attention to the bad news and do something about it, we need to pay attention to who we elect and we need to quit group think. 9 out of 10 politicians are in it for themselves, not for we the people like they should be.
    We have to stay informed and fight back and quit letting the elite, the politicians and big business/corporate donations decide our fate. Start thinking, start doing.

  • Glench

    Howard, I don’t see too many libtards asking for ‘tax cuts for the rich’, I think you must be referring to their ongoing support of ‘free’ trade and their commitment towards defending government workers unions…

    I agree with Ron Pauls idea that the government should quit nickle and diming companies to death with taxes… I also believe that ‘if a company wants to sell a product in the U.S. then they should have to build it here from start to finish, none of this final assembly crap’..

    The U.S. has to go back into protectionism mode, or it’s game over by the end of this decade…

  • anon

    There is chance. Just the fact that alternate news site thrive in this country proves there is a chance to reclaim ourselves…but even among the comments here, there is still to much division and blame being tossed around.

    First of all, our problem is not one group, whether it be dems or repubs, christians or not, immigrants or not. We all know plenty of good and great people that fit each of these descriptions…it is not their is all of our fault together for tolerating our political and social leaders. They are the scum…we are the sheep that are too busy saying it is the fault of the others sheep that don’t think like us….politics is not a football game though we treat it as such….without the fun of a tailgate.

  • Nancy

    I have stated this COUNTLESS TIMES, but it bears repeating. When God is taken out of our schools, our government, and even our homes, what do we expect? Many have lost their “Moral Compass,” and are reaping what they have sown. May God have mercy on this once great nation.

  • Pattie

    We have so given up our ability to think and have let the media do most of that for us in the guise of news reportage.
    Do we ask WHY Norway is the #1 in the recent survey, “best country for mothers”? Norway has obtained one of the highest standards of living in the world largely by having a huge amount of natural resources compared to the size of the population. Thus because they are a small nation (4.9 million) and quite a rich one, they have the capital to support lots of social programs. They are rich with resources, especially natural gas and petroleum, and their source of energy is readily available in the form of hydroelectric power. 25 % of the country’s wealth comes from the petroleum industry.
    4.9 million people…

  • Jason


    Do you know what a sub-human maggot looks like?

    Go look in the mirror boy. Without those corporations and small businesses in America aka…(The producers)…Their would be..”No Welfare Dole’s”

    Without them the “parasites”…”The sub-human magggots”..aka..”Generational welfare recipients” could’nt exist on the perpetual dole…

  • MD

    It’s not the fact that I have to pay taxes that bothers me, it’s the way my money is being wastefully and recklessly spent! This to me is truly immoral and unacceptable. Our government is no longer a democracy, but a greedy, unintelligent bureaucracy.

  • Lady J

    Ms Kim & Ms Nancy, the only two most intelligent comments I found on this page. You should re-post again and again… Maybe someone will listen. I wonder if they can handle the truth.



    Thanks for the info on the Mother’s ranking. Health and Happiness to all you Norwegian Mothers!

    BTW: Could you take Jason (May 9th, 2011 at 3:32 pm)?

    We don’t want him. He doesn’t belong. Anger management issues.

    Ya know?

  • Hall

    An interesting article, my two cents-
    We are definitely NOT the people of my parents generation. The social and familial cohesion of the great depression era is gone turkey… thank you progressives, for the gender and identity politics that have balkanized the USA.
    “Drug drenched hippies” had nothing to do with it, despite what the Savonarolist above says. Heck, ex hippies are the only people I trust! I hate Obamas vision for our country, but I hate the vision of the neocons even more.
    These are not isolated incidents- 17 weeks ago I purchased a used scanner, and for 17 weeks there has been a steady increase in robberies, assaults (sexual and non), public drunkenness and “wilding” behavior. This is a small isolated farming community with NO minorities.

  • Nam Marine

    Once we threw God under the Bus. Our Country was destined to doom and failure! We deserve what is coming! Think about it!

  • Covington

    Oh. By the way Gary…. I think as I recall you’re the guy advocating taking from the rich and giving to these folks (the poor). Why not let churches do that. Its not the governments responsability. And what prey tell would these folks do with the money anyway.

    FYI Gary what you advocate is the reason why this country is doomed. Margret Thatcher once said “Socialism fails once the people who contribute most stop contributing”.

    So heck Garry lets just keep raising taxes on the middle class and the rich. Real smart.

  • Rednano74

    @ Gary2

    Your tired propaganda of hate and class warfare is pathetic. The rich don’t and can’t steal from the poor. It’s the other way around idiot. The rich pay 80% of the income taxes and those evil corporations pay 50% of the stupid, job destroying payroll taxes. The bottom 50% of earners pay only 3% of the federal incomes taxes (most pay nothing and get a welfare check that doesn’t get counted as welfare in the budget) yet consume 90% of the social services. They don’t even pay anything toward the military that is suppose to keep us safe.

    There have been massive amounts of wealth transfer from the rich to the poor/middle classes to the tune of 20-30 trillion over the last 50-75 years. Yet greedy Socialists like you aren’t happy.

    The liberal fascist plan of tax, spend, and destroy is working. Democrats pushed the FED. Democrats pushed the IRS. Democrats pushed SS. Democrats pushed the Great Society. How is it all working out despite taxation going through the ruff? In 1910, total combined government spending was only 10%. Today it’s hovering around 50%. It’s not sustainable. It’s why Europe’s welfare state is collapsing! Again, it’s all in the liberal fascist plan to enslave as many to the State. And once they got you, they GOT YOU!

  • Gary2

    Rednano74—Could it be that the top 20% have 80% of the wealth and income???Could that be why they pay this much ? (They do not pay this much only in your ayn rand distopia.)

    Sorry to let facts get in the way but when you factor all taxes everyone pretty much pays the same roughly 26%. Please stop letting Rush Limbo think for you and think for your self.

    As for the class warfare–The rich have been waging this on the rest of us for years and pretty much won. How else could someone like Ryan even propose cutting programs for the poor and needy and take that money to use for further tax cuts for the rich.

    How about all the taxes GE paid???You either have the IQ of a carrot stick or your post is in jest. No one could possibly believe anything you said as it is 100% wrong. All you need to do is look around.

    The bottom 40% on;y have .3% of this nations wealth and income so by your own wrong numbers they are paying too much taxes.

    Liberal fascist is an oxymoron. Again turn off faux news and think for your self. I am really dismayed at your lack of any thinking in your post.

  • Gary2

    covington-churches do a lot of good and help a lot of people, however, the problem is way too big for voluntary organizations to make much of a dent even though they try hard.

    We need to go where the money is and that’s taxing the rich HARD and spreading the wealth.

    It is people like Rednano74 and their thinking that have caused our country to not hardly be ion the top 10 ranking in quality of life indicators.

    (I still can not believe someone could spout such stupidity like Rednano74. I have to assume he/she is posting in jest, I would like to think no one is that dumb but I am obviously wrong)

  • Paul

    America burns yet most of you still drone on about the media-driven “liberals vs conservatives” paradigm as though it still means anything. You are fast ending up with the country you deserve while you waste your energies shouting across the aisle at each other.

  • Garyt1205

    Rednando and others
    Facism is government controlled by corporations and industrialists, it is right wing, not left. Educate yourself.

    Facism is indeed where we are headed thanks to the Ayn Rand addicts who cannot see that their free market, enlightened self-interest, worship of so called job producers and put downs of the poor as bums is putting us there. The IMF said that the next president would be the last. The top 1% control 23% of the income and 45% of the wealth, the highest disparity between rich and poor in our hx. The economic distribution has taken place to the rich, not to the poor as you claim.
    Here’s a quote from the father of capitalism, read it,
    “The subjects of every state ought to contribute toward the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state. As Henry Home, Lord Kames has written, a goal of taxation should be to ‘remedy inequality of riches as much as possible, by relieving the poor and burdening the rich.”
    ~ Adam Smith

    Here’s another one from Eisenhower. Sad that this doesn’t happen today

    “We did not fall into bitter, irreconcilable factions which in other nations have paralyzed the democratic process. Rather, “we worked together, and the business of the nation went forward, and the fact that it did so is… a credit to the… sense of duty displayed by the Congress.”
    Eisenhower, 12/21/1960, who was a republican president with a democratic congress

    Secondly, it would be nice if corporations did pay their taxes, but when companies like GE get refunds and most of the fortune 500 pay next to nothing, there IS something wrong. Lastly, This current group of Birchers, tea partiers is exactly what WIlliam F. Buckley often warned in the national review would be the end of conservatism and possibly the republican party. This is why I am no longer a republican after most of my adult life. You fox news addicts don’t see what’s coming and it won’t be pretty.
    The reality is Americans are greedy, selfish, self-centered, lack compassion for others and this is to be our downfall when the you know what hits the fan. Everyone is responsible for this, you and me. While the media keeps us distracted and fighting each other, the facist corporations get more control over us and how we think
    “…under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights.”
    Albert Einstein 1949

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequenc¬es of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    – Joseph Goebbels, Who worked for Hitler
    And finally this

    1. Powerful and continuing expression¬s of nationalis¬m
    2. Disdain for the importance of human rights
    3. Identifica¬tion of enemies/sc¬apegoats as a unifying cause
    4. The supremacy of the military/a¬vid militarism
    5. Rampant sexism
    6. A controlled mass media
    7. Obsession with national security
    8. Religion and government are intertwine¬d
    9. Power of corporatio¬ns protected
    10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated
    11. Disdain and suppressio¬n of intellectu¬als and the arts
    12. Obsession with crime and punishment
    13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
    14. Fraudulent elections

    That’s the truth

  • Mark

    I am a 30-something white guy from the suburbs, so take this for what you will, but my black friend in her 50’s from West Philly told me something once that really stuck with me. We work in a neighborhood with a lot of Jews, and she commented on how they really seem to stick together and help each other out, which in turn makes for both a strong community as well as successful individuals. This is an upper-class, very nice area we are talking about. Guess what? There are no black people there. Sure, maybe, LITERALLY, one or two here or there, but I’d say calling it 1% of the population is pushing it. She said that most black people would rather stab one another in the back than work together to have something good, and that’s why they live in shitty ghettos still to this day. Jews used to live in ghettos (talking about in the USA here) but they struggled and worked and moved themselves on to better places. Sure there are lots of successful black people, but there are many more who live and behave like ignorant animals, I see it all the time. Is her statement a little bitter? Sure, and definitely generalized. But she and most of her family and friends are successful, respectable black people, many with high-level executive positions in big name companies and organizations, so it’s not like she’s just some disgruntled hood rat bitching about reparations or something. It was with real sadness that she said this, like look at what we could have if we’d just stop victimizing each other. She has a nice life, nice stuff, money, all that, so the sadness wasn’t for herself as an individual but for herself as a member of a race that just beats itself down. I don’t mean to harp on the blacks here but all the violence in these videos is being perpetrated by black people so I don’t think I’m too off base with this, really whenever you see a video of some crazy public violence it’s almost always black people. It may be a shitty thing to say, but I’m glad I’m not black so I don’t have to be associated with this kind of thing. I feel bad for my friend and others like her.

  • Gary2
    I didn’t bother to see how many other posts you put up besides the first couple at the beginning of these comments starting with May 8.

    Norway? Silly comparison. To compare such a tiny country with the US or any other countries that small is an apples and oranges comparison. Norway could likely support their population with the sale of sardines alone. We have cities with more population.

    Socialism and Communism doesn’t work and it’s our (the US) getting away from real free market and handing the reins over to the policicians WHO HAVE HANDED THE REINS TO THE BIG BANKS that has caused our mess. Blaming this on conservatives only makes the blamer look stupid.
    Obama, the liberal’s darling is more connected to big banks than any other president.

    You could tax every person 100% and we’re still going down the tubes.

    But more important than these facts I mention is that those who are so hung up on the left-right, liberal-conservative, republican-democrat illusion are being fooled by this spectator sport of politics and fail to look up the puppet’s strings to see who is holding them and making them dance for us to cheer for and to argue about.

    Think it’s anything about humanitarian anything in the middle east or Africa? We are drawing lines to keep China from getting our spoils and WW3 is likely on the horizon. Like Celente says, think we’d be there if they had brocolli?

    So Norway as a good example of a peaceful nation is something I can agree on. Turning us the rest of the way, because we’re already halfway there to socialism is a bad idea.

  • McKinley Morganfield


    Your solution is simple; move to utopian Scandinavia. Once you arrive and settle down you will find something distinctly different than your ‘statistics’. Bon voyage!

  • Dolorosa

    I’ll bet not one of these people is a Christian. If they claim to be it is in name only. Now anyone has a right to defend themselves but to start stuff like this is wrong.
    It was a atheist communist who helped take prayer out of the schools. Man has rejected God and so as a result we have chaos. There is a key to peace:

  • Lone Wolf

    First of all let me say to ‘Boomers Caboose’, your’s is about the only real post on this site. The Washington folk are sitting in their high seats laughing at all the crap that is slung around in the name of defending our government. In fact, our government, all of it, both sides (in whatever terminology you choose to use) is the part of the reason that we are in the shape that we are in. The American people are the other reason. We sit and let our so called leaders dictate to us what we need to do, and we do it. We will bitch and moan about it, but nobody wants to step out and call down our government, we just let it get worse. Conservatives are big business, Liberal are big government. Neither one of them are going to fix the problems that we have now. Turn off all the news in this country, for it is all spun either left or right. Like the saying goes, take it with a grain of salt, because that is about all it is worth. We have a bunch of rich people at the helm of this country, and what they are really worried about is their power and money. The little people don’t matter to them at all. If you have not written the people who represent you and put pressure to do the right thing now, you are part of the problem. We all need to quit being part of the problem.

  • Don from Scotland

    It’s nice to see that everyone is happy and getting on well with eachother.
    Don in Scotland

  • walt

    Owen- You said it before me. Too many people use the word “Christian” to describe themselves that go to church once in a while, yet know nothing or little of God and his word. These are not Christians- they are false witnesses and those who don’t know better will call them Christians- giving Christianity a bad name. Actually “Christian” is a man made word- it just means “To follow Christ”.
    When we ignore and separate ourselves from God or as some might better accept- Spirituality, we leave open the door to evil or lack of morals in our lives and the Love we all have inside of us. Ego’s block our senses. We loose the ability to make proper choices- and choices is what guides our lives in the direction we go. The further we distance ourselves from our spirit, the greater the ego controls us. You’ll notice no one just got up and left the fighting, but stayed to continue a non-win situation because the ego took over, pride and the like.
    Families are broken down because ego wants money, fun, partying, illicit sex, drugs, material things- so they can compare themselves to be better than others. With this, Love is left behind and nothing but empty pain is gained and it accelerates.
    I don’t and never will hate people, but I do hate what they do, I hate the world as it is becoming.
    Our common enemy are those who would have us fight amongst ourselves and soon destroy ourselves- then our enemy has won without lifting a finger. If we became united, we could change the world which has become an evil created by governments of people who want power and control. Why do people go to war because a man says to? Why do we do their will and not ours? I believe people want peace, yet governments prevent this by convincing us we must make war with anyone who thinks differently, believes differently, looks differently, lives differently.
    If we haven’t learned by now, how to get along and that wars result in Nothing and no one wins, then we are destined to fail again and again. In this case, mankind is useless and will soon be consumed and destroyed since mankind is nothing but a weed in a garden- an infestation.
    The earth would not miss humans at all.
    But if we all loved one another and helped one another- all would have plenty on this earth. There would be no rich, no poor, no hungry, no homeless, no evils. Then the earth would be for a purpose. Mankind would be for a purpose.

  • walt

    I speak to the believers;
    Has anyone thought that it must be this way? That these people in power are doing what they do by design?
    Remember when Jesus was crucified and he said something like “This must be done”! In other words Jesus Had to be crucified for his job here to be completed.
    Now think that in revelations it tells of the horrid future. Perhaps these evil people are doing their job to make what must happen- happen.
    Perhaps we can’t do anything about it. Perhaps the system must crash before it can be repaired.
    Makes sense if you think about it. Makes one think…………

  • Kate Brierley

    These people are a product of a selfish, uncaring society, who over-pamper their children and spoil them rotten, do not teach them to think for themselves, and teach them to always put themselves first.

    The dumbing down of schools, the flooding of countries with uncontrolled numbers of immigrants, is deliberate. We are all being herded like sheep, controlled in every way, totally brainwashed by the TV and Hollywoo’s sick idea of how life should be. It is nauseating to watch what is happening to people. Our enemies are the Federal Reserve Bank, the ACLU, the United Nations, Monsanto, Big Pharma – really dangerous – disgusting trash labelled as art (what a joke that is, the way we accept such mindless trash as art, because we are too frightened to stand up and say – what a load of old junk). One day history will show that Henry Kissinger is an evil manipulating power mad nutter, like a lot of his friends. I am wide awake to what is happening and have been for over 30 years, unfortunately not a lot I can do about it as an individual, but at least me and my family and those who listen are prepared. Get seeds put away, dried milk, oil, wheat, NOT SOYA OR CORN, cans of food and pray that you don’t need to use them in an emergency, that they are just like insurance. Your money will be worthless if China and Russia and a couple of Arab states have their way. So open a non-US bank account with some of your money, while you have still got time. Whilst the dollar is the world reserve currency the USA is Ok, but others are planning to change that. then America will be owned by China and Russia and a couple of Arab States – Kinnally We have been betrayed by our own Governments.

  • Money is not redistributed to the top. It is earned by the people at the top, then taken by the government to give to people who didn’t earn it. And, no, my income doesn’t put me in that top category that the President whipping up hatred and envy towards. It is thinking like this that is leading us to a complete collapse in this country. I recommend two books by the great economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell, “Basic Economics” and “Applied Economics,” for those with the intellect to understand them. Sowell grew up in a poor black family in NC, supported himself from age 17 on, worked his way through Harvard (before affirmative action) to a PhD in economics from U-Chicago, and has taught at major schools and published dozens of books used in educating people about these issues. Unfortunately, so many voters are ignorant of basic economics they have voted for politicians of both parties who make promises that cannot be kept, who borrow our children’s money to buy our votes. One fact worth knowing. Since WWII, ever $1.00 in tax increases has resulted in $1.23 in additional government spending. We cannot tax our way out of the coming disaster.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

  • My voice is small but raucously politically incorrect. TMI is worse than none. This information is brief, bold, and true: RTGOD: ‘Return To God Or Die’!
    Should we willfully conduct a fast, be humble before our beneficent Creator, and ask Him to help us; or shall we non willfully feast upon poisonous food peddled by predaceous governments? How can we live with in the milieu of egregious laws writ large by men and not from God?
    SIN = Sufficient Information Necessary = Jehoshaphat and 2 Chronicles 20:3-13.

  • Nick Fortune

    I hope these video’s portraying uncivilized people fighting do not teach you to be a racist.

    If they affect you emotionally and you form an opinion from what you see, it could condition you to become prejudiced.

    It is wrong for you to make conclusions about what you see; even if it means your self preservation.

    Liberal progressives would have you to become sheep amongst wolves (;-)

  • Wiccanwolf

    Conservatives believe in giving a hand up, while liberals give a hand out and keep their foot on your head or neck in order to have a underclass, so they can feel better about being immoral. They have severe mental problems and a need to feel superior to others, maybe it is something genetic, but some people grow out of the disease called “liberalism”.

    I have never in my life gotten a job from a poor man. So does that mean to a leftist piece of trash? It confuses them to no end because it takes a brain to figure out that the poor have nothing in which to create jobs. So they are tricked in to the trap of welfare and social programs that are the new “Slavery”!

  • Ron

    The reasons are that kids have (a) way too much free time, (b) unlimited access to the Internet, 24/7 where they are encouraged to be violent and think it’s cool to hurt someone else, and (c) the plague of liberalism in the schools. The disease of pseudo-intellectuals.

    Kids are taught that there is no God. That logic is the meaning of life. That there is no such thing as absolutes like Good, Evil, Right, Wrong, Truth, Falsehood, or Morality. That the world owes them a living. That they can do whatever feels good if it does not hurt anyone. That it is not cheating if they never get caught. That none can tell them what to do UNLESS it does not fit into someone else’s worldview.

    Personal responsibility is a thing of the past. It is far easier to blame someone else.

    The behavior of parents is what deteriorated first. Parents who turned the job of parenting over to the government-run schools who intentionally want to dumb down kids so that they will keep them in office when they reach voting age.

  • Alice

    I am hoping we get the thieves out and turn our economy around.
    As a Christian we are also not teaching the young to be godly. Nor are we teaching them about the founding of this country. Yawk, I do not believe in karma. I would call it American imitating parts of the world and doing what the muslim world does. I have a feeling it will get worse. To be honest September 11 marked the changing of the world.

    • Do your research

      Alice, brilliant post. You are exactly right. I had known it, but hadn’t ever come right down to it and told myself what you just said, that everything changed on 9-11.

      Since then, everything has sped up, has stopped making sense, has become almost fictional in a sense. The country has, in 10 years, become unrecognizable, with all the values we grew up on gone…nothing to hold onto anymore.

  • ZBK

    As the economy deteriorates, bitch fights will become more common.
    American women have been conditioned to do a job, get a pay-check, and then spend it away partying, shopping and having fun. If they can’t do that for some reason (as in an economic collapse scenario), they’ll lose it and their inner-bitch will manifest.
    This is exactly what’s happening. It’s as simple as that.

  • ZBK

    By the way, all American women working in corporate America like media anchors, bank tellers, retail managers, reporters, phone operators etc, etc are trained and conditioned to behave in a certain manner.
    These slaves are easily molded. They will also be the worst sufferers when they lose their jobs in the coming depression.

  • wyattearp

    Too Many RATS in a CAGE, is what is wrong with AMERICA & the WORLD!

  • carlhasz

    One thing about these videos if you watch closely, is the displacement of articles of value, such as clothing, that seem to magically transform in front of your eyes. The world I grew up in, these magic tricks are not something that is possible, at least that’s what I was taught in school. They also taught me buddhism is not a religion, hinduism is not a religion; and there needs to be a separation between religion (christian church members) and the state. But, the notion that magical members of society actually possess superhuman powers, nah, that’s pure myth.

  • These truly are the end times as described in the Bible. “Moral decline”. Ever since the early 70’s: prayer and Bible taken out of the schools–so where’s the moral/ethical teaching? Then add abortions was approved and now over 50 million abortions, life is now cheap. Many of our leaders are corrupt and breaking laws, and so many of our young are saying to themselves, so why can’t we do it too? These immoral leaders are bad examples. We need good examples.

  • ChristianTruth

    Well with our commander in chief getting nobel peace prizes for starting new wars, in a relative world what are common foks sposd to think? Sides it is intriguing watching peeps run over by cars

  • Ron Lappreau

    When the USSR still existed there were always those who liked to point out similarities in the Soviet and U.S. central governments. Glaringly obvious were their huge non-productive bureaucracies that were steadily draining the economic vitality of both. For the Soviets it proved to be fatal. Anyone who was paying attention knew that this could eventually happen to us. I can’t say how the current crisis will play out but I can offer an analogy. Earthquakes often render buildings irreparable (unsustainable). The only course of action is to dismantle them completely and replace them with stronger ones. Americans are very accomplished re-builders.

  • knowledge about classical liberalism and the classical progressive movement are growing. and we’re not talking about the rockefeller foundation, william volker fund, and peter thiel funding of ron paul, the austrian school of economics, and the liberatarians. people are becoming educated on the truth. go to for some real classical liberalism.

    The problem:

    1. Fractional Reserve Banking (money issued as debt to benefit the usurer)

    2. National Debt (see #1)

    3. Taxation of labor and capital. Leads to outsourcing and offshoring.

    The Keynesian Solution:

    1. Stop bailing out banks. Use the public money to create real jobs to build infrastructure.

    2. Implement a sin tax on usury like the Robin Hood Tax.

    The Ideal Classical Liberal/Progressive Solution:

    1. End fractional reserve banking with something like the Zarlenga plan or scale it back to something like a 1:5 to 1:3 reserve ratio which Lincoln suggested. As reserve ratios are scaled back, the government should print debt-free Greenbacks to pay off the national debt and create public sector jobs in order to prevent the deflation that scaling back reserve ratios would cause.

    2. End income taxes, capital gains, and payroll taxes, which act as a negative trade tariff, sending jobs overseas.

    3. Use sales taxes, which act as a uniform trade tariff, taxing domestic and foreign production equally. They also tax consumption, making natural resources more affordable since excessive demand is reduced by the taxation. Make the sales tax progressive with a citizen dividend, like the Fair Tax, which is promoted by people like Thomas Paine and MLK.

    4. Use land value taxes or property taxes. These taxes encourage efficient use of land and makes land more affordable to citizens. Make these taxes progressive with a citizen dividend. Property taxes are supported by most all classical liberals, including people like Thomas Jefferson, and modern day conservatives like Milton Friedman and David Nolan. States like New Hampshire are funded strictly on property taxes.

    5. Implement progressive taxes on the monopolization of capital and usury. Small business should not be taxed. Large corporations should be taxed. Banks should also be taxed.

  • Crazy J

    When will the American corporations stop spewing all their toxic trash on the American people???

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