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Are These The Last Days Of The U.S. Marine Corps?

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MarinesAre the current personnel cuts the beginning of the end for the U.S. Marines?  Could these actually be the last days of the U.S. Marine Corps?  A decade ago, such a notion would have been absolutely unthinkable, but times have changed.  The Marine Corps was already in the process of drawing down from a peak of 202,100 Marines to 182,100, and now Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is warning that the sequester cuts may force the Army to be cut down to a size of 380,000 and the Marine Corps to be cut down to a size of 150,000.  Unfortunately for the Marines, even larger cuts may eventually be coming.  Many in the Obama administration and in the Pentagon are now openly questioning whether there will be an important role for the Marines to play in the future.  After all, the U.S. military has not conducted a major amphibious landing since the Korean War.  As our politicians look for even more ways to cut military expenses in the years ahead, the Marines may end up being very tempting “low hanging fruit” that the bureaucrats can’t resist.  And unless another major conflict erupts, it seems clear that more cuts are probably coming.  In fact, even the New York Times admits that “deep reductions” to the U.S. military have long been an important goal for Barack Obama.

So does Barack Obama plan to go after the Marines?  Well, for now Barack Obama is publicly praising the Marines.  In fact, Obama made the following promise to the Marines during a recent speech at Camp Pendleton

“After all you’ve given to our nation, you have to know your nation will always be faithful to you.”

Will Obama keep that promise?

Well, considering his track record perhaps you should not hold your breath.

In any event, the Marine Corps brass is certainly bracing for very deep budget cuts right now.  Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Jim Amos says that the Marine Corps is going to do “the very best we possibly can” with what they are given…

Amos said he assumes the Corps’ planned shift to more operations in the Pacific will continue, but the size of the force and the number of missions it will be able to undertake will be reduced if the budget cuts stay in place.“We’re going to do less with less,” Amos told the House committee. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to do it poorly or we’re going to do it inadequately. We’ll do it the very best we possibly can.”

Unfortunately for the Marines, they are being given less and less these days.

You see, the cuts to the Marines did not start with the sequester.  The truth is that plans to reduce the size of the Marines started very early in the Obama administration.  For example, the following are recommendations for cuts that came from the 2010 Force Structure Review Group report

• A 13 percent drop in ground combat forces, including an 11 percent reduction in infantry, 20 percent reduction in cannon artillery and a 20 percent reduction in armor

•A 16 percent drop in fixed-wing tactical aviation squadrons

• A 9 percent drop in logistics

• A 7 percent drop in Marines assigned to non-operational billets

• And a 12 percent drop in the civilian work force.

And back in 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated that the Marines had “gotten too big” and he also publicly questioned the future of the Marines

“All of the military services have been challenged to find the right balance between preserving what is unique and valuable in their traditions, while at the same time making the changes necessary to win the wars we are in and prepare for the likely future threats in the years and decades to come,” he said. “Looking ahead, I do think it is proper to ask whether large-scale amphibious landings along the lines of Inchon [the Marine’s invasion of the Korea peninsula in 1950] are feasible.”

Of course part of the problem for the Marines is that they are still considered to be a part of the U.S. Navy.  The following is from a recent Fiscal Times article

The Marines, while considered a separate branch of the military, are actually part of the Navy. They’re often referred to as the “infantry of the Navy.”

“The Marines don’t have a separate fiscal existence. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Navy,” Adams said.

When it comes time to cut the Navy budget, it is often the Marines that feel the most pain…

But the Navy has authority over the Marine’s personnel budget–expected to be $12.9 billion in 2014. This means that Navy brass can decide how it pays to train, house, feed and maintain readiness of the troops.

Because of this, according to Adams, the Marines often find themselves the victims of Navy spending fights.

And right now the U.S. military is experiencing a spending squeeze that they have not felt in many, many years.  In addition to personnel cuts, a whole host of other Marine programs could be cut back significantly because of the sequester

Fewer F-35B Joint Strike Fighters, MV-22 Ospreys, AH-1 Cobras, and UH-1 Hueys. No Marine Personnel Carrier. Maybe no Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to replace the Humvee. 8,000 fewer Marines on active duty. The Marine Commandant has put all that on the table as part of his proposal to the Defense Secretary’s Strategic Choices and Management Review. If sequester goes into effect in its full 10-year, $500 billion glory – and all signs so far are it will – then Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos stands ready to sacrifice almost everything except the Amphibious Combat Vehicle and combat readiness.

As the size of the U.S. Marine Corps gets whittled away, we need to be very careful that we do not lose a very important part of our culture.  The Marines have a very special place in U.S. history, and we should never forget the blood that so many of them shed to defend our liberties and our freedoms.

Unfortunately, our liberties and our freedoms are being eroded at an astounding pace today, and even the Marines themselves are quickly becoming an endangered species.

After surviving the Japanese and the North Koreans, it is a shame that many old vets may have to watch the Marine Corps that they love fall victim to Barack Obama and the bureaucrats.

The few and the proud are rapidly becoming fewer, and it just doesn’t seem right.

  • Bushisugly

    The army is to big!! Cutting down in the army personel and budget will be nothing but good for America. Back in 1940 the US had an exceptionally small army, and when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Hitler celebrated because the thought the it would be an easy victory for the axis powers. But that was not the way it turned out, was it?

    A small Professional army is what the US needs. Then we can spend more money fixing other things that really need to be fixed, instead of feeding the money to the arms industry. History has shown is that the size of any army can easily be multiplied in short time, whenever needed, if there is general trust in the system and a well organized civil infrastructure.

    • smallergovnow

      “if there is general trust in the system”…
      well so much for your argument, trust is zero…

      • Bushisugly

        If the goverment made sure we had a healthy and prosperous middleclass instead of spending billions, not so say trillions, of dollars sustaining a ridiculously large army, trust in the system would have been much, much greater. And yes, in a war situation, being able to trust the goverment and the system you a suposed to fight for matters a LOT.

  • V-MAX

    the truth is we don’t need much of a standing army… a serious world conflict would be fought with tactical nuclear weapons…

    • Tobias Smith


      • V-MAX

        if the cold war had turned hot… the soviet union had planned to use nukes against out surface navy… no reason to believe that strategy has changed with either the Russian or Chinese military… an aircraft carrier battle group vaporized in the blink of an eye… without even a direct hit… if a war with either the Chinese or Russians breaks out… all bets are off…

        • GOM

          China/Russia joined at the hip. First strike by China via space. Knocks out and scrambles all computer codes blocking U.S defense. Nuclear attack on American soil. Truly there is not much use for troops except security civilian use. The 4th World War will be fought with bows and arrows…….

          • Hammerstrike

            No, US army fights with bows and arrows, Chinese uses equippement from factories currently hidden from US satellites.

  • Rebecca in TN

    We still have the draft. If they give the volunteer troops the axe, they can always draft the rest of us when they feel like starting another war, just like Vietnam.

    • Jim Davis

      You don’t actually want the draft do you? And I doubt 18 year olds today would sheepishly go off to fight another senseless neocon war.

      • jaxon64

        Vietnam was started by Kennedy—just as the first 13 wars in our US history were also ALL started by Dem presidents….you really do need to do some reading and quit the blind anti-semitism…

        • Gay Veteran

          hmmmm, so a Democratic president started the first Iraq war? and the second? and Afghanistan?

          • Louise in MO

            OK change it to the “majority of wars”, you know the ones that had hundreds of thousandsd of casualties.

          • davidmpark

            They were progressive republicans – close enough.

          • Gay Veteran

            riiiight, because just like communism, conservatism cannot fail it can only be failed.
            and back in the day you conservatives loved you some George W. Bush

          • davidmpark

            Um, I’m not conservative. Nor Libertarian, Liberal, Marxist, Leftist, Rightist, etc, etc.

            I think my brother-in-law put it best; politically, I’m a (cuss word).

            Bush is a progressive republican. Obama is a radical narcissist.

            I won’t side with those who targeted and harmed me and my family. A lot of Leftists and progressives did and we have the evidence to prove it.

          • Gay Veteran

            my point remains: back in the day conservatives loved them some George W. Bush

          • davidmpark

            Yes; that must remain.

        • davidmpark

          Well, not really. Most of the wars of the 20th century were started by progressive democrats who lust about human carnage – so you’re right on that count. The CSA/USA war was complicated enough, but technically the CSA under democrats started it – Lincoln and Grant finished it. Before that it was Barbary pirates, Revolutionary war started by mad King George, and another war in 1812 with Britain (which they started.) Then there was a civil war of the United States vs The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which was started by the US (both federal and a few states) to kill their own countrymen who fled to Mexico (later the western US).

      • Louise in MO

        The 18 year olds today could care less about their country. They rather care about their iPhones and other gadgets. I hope to God we never have to count on them to help save our country.

        • guest

          Why should we ?Why should young people go to die for a country that you old people have selfishly bankrupted and allowed to be destroyed ? If there were even a glimmer of hope left here, I might consider it, but even that would depend on having young women standing right next to me.
          Send your daughters, because your sons have no vested interest in this misandric country or it’s morally and financially bankrupt society.

    • guest

      Good luck with that. If a draft were instituted, I just don’t see young men lining up to die. I would expect there would be a demand for young women to share the misery. Why would any young man go defend this misandric country that blatantly discriminates against us and privileges blacks and women ?
      I know if / when the orders arrive to me, I won’t be going. Send the women, give them some responsibility for all those special privileges.

  • K

    This Country needs a peace dividend. All the services need to be cut back to peace time levels. This so called war on terror, needs to stop. If you read what the U.S. calls a terrorist, it is about 1/4 of the earths population. That includes about 1/4 of the U.S. population. The war on terror. is about to become, the twin brother to the war on drugs. A never ending battle, that will bleed this Country dry.

    • markthetruth

      What goes on in Mexico is genocide if Mexico was anywhere else not connected to the land of the U.S. we would of bomb it already.

      the end…

    • kfilly

      The war on terror is a sham. I have a few questions for people who think I am a crazy conspiracy theorist. The attack on the Pentagon:
      How did a civilian airliner circle a building, that had air defense systems installed, after the attacks in New York had already taken place? The plane also flew its circle through restricted airspace.
      Most amatuer pilots would have probably just dove the plane straight down at the building. How did a pilot that was deemed by his flight school instructor manage to make expert manuvers and fly such a large plane just feet off of the ground?
      Our Airforce had a perfect record of intercepting potentially dangerous aircraft (I believe they had 60 plus successfull intercepts). How did NORAD go 0 for 4 that day?
      How did the amateur pilot fly all the way across the state of Virgina and find Washington DC without help of air traffic controllers? Expert level stuff there.
      New York:
      How did both of the Twin Towers fall straight down like a controlled demolition? One of the towers was hit near the edge of the structure. Why didn’t the floors above that weakened area tip toward the area weakend by tge impact similar to the way a tree falls when it is being cut down?
      How was it that beams from the World Trade Center looked as if they had been cut perfectly straight across at a 45 degree angle?
      How did Building 7 fall so quickly to fire and it was not even hit by an aircraft? It was the first steel framed building to fail by fire alone in history. It also had SEC documents inside that were evidence of Enron’s wrong doings. There was a fire in Philadelphia and one in Russia that burned for over 19 hours in a steel frame building, and neither of them came close to falling. Watch videos of controlled demolitions to see how those fall.
      How were areas of the rubble pile hotter than the possible temperatures the fire could have produced a day after the incident? Was it possible thermite was used to cut steel support beamsof the towers and create molten steel? Molten steel was found in the rubble pile and jet fuel fires don’t burn hot enough to do that.
      Why was evidence destoryed so soon after the incident?
      Why was a ton more money spent investigating Clinton’s affair than on 9/11?
      Supposedly cell phones don’t work while on a plane that was over 8,000 feet (or at least they didn’t back then). How did we get cell phone communications from people on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania?

      A lot of stuff doesn’t add up about 9/11. I also encourage people to google Operation Northwoods. That was a plan by our gubernment to use gubernment sponsored terrorist attacks on US citizens and our military to go to war with Cuba during the 1960’s. JFK never signed off on the plan. Look what happened to him. The gubernment declassified documents pertaining to that plan. A gubernment by the people and for the people doesn’t blow up the people.

      • kfilly

        I forgot to mention our gubernment just brought out Operation Northwoods a few decades later than intended, but the effects were still the same. Go to war for profit and restrict people’s rights and take away liberties. Don’t fall for anymore false flag attacks (ones that push an agenda–ie gun control). Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and Aurora shooting all had gubernment involvement.

        • Louise in MO

          I DONOT believe there was government involvement. in the 9/11 tragedy And, if I did as you seem to believe I would LEAVE the country!

          I do believe, however, that on the night of the Benghazi attack, the President gave a “stand down” order and went to bed, and our people received no help! I beleive the IRS was told to hold back tax free status on conservative groups. I do believe that Attorney General, Eric Holder perjured himself before Congress…twice! I believe and know he signed the warrant to grab James Rosen (of course, FOX news)email, cell phone calls, etc. I believe the then Secy. of State, Hillary Clinton is part of the Benghazi coverup.

          This administration lies so much I believe absolutely NOTHING that they put forth. They are a radical bunch of sleazy anti-American jackasses that should be literally run out of town.

          • Obersvationist

            So, basically, you’re saying you trust a republican led government, but not a democratic led government.
            A wise person would trust a government based upon its actions (or inactions), not on what party is leading hte government.

          • Graham

            Well picked up on.

          • Louise in MO

            No, I did not say anything about trusting one party or another. I said I do not believe that the then existing government had anything to do with 9/11.

            Some on this site seem to make any comment into a democrat or republican statement.

            I do not trust the present administration NOT because it is a democratic one, but, rather, because it has shown numerous times TO ME that it cannot be trusted!

          • Graham

            Re 9/11, I would pack your possessions tonight and leave first thing tomorrow. I base that on the plethora of evidence that is available.

            Re Benghazi, forget the President and focus on Valerie Jarrett. Research every known aspect about her, in addition to what power she wields.

      • Gay Veteran

        no war profits without war, no increased government power without the use of fear to frighten the public

        • Mudpie

          Decent point but we need a strong military.

          • Gay Veteran

            but we don’t need an imperial military which is what we have now

      • jimha

        Geez get with it. Do you think that we all don’t know this stuff already

        • kfilly

          You would be surprised. See a comment below.

      • rentslave

        Simple:Larry”Lightning”Silverstein had the TNT planted just in case the Muslims he hired screwed up

      • MeMadMax

        I highly doubt that it was a government conspiracy… why? The government CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT… COME ON DUDE, are you serious?

        • Paul Patriot

          The government cannot do anything right, as it appears from our perspective. But, all their incompetent programs and policies that seem to make no sense to us, are actually not by mistake, and are a part of an agenda to destroy this nation and align it into the global community.
          I don’t think the US government in itself planned and excecuted 9-11, but there were global elite, and the banksters (who really run everything) who used people in our government to allow things to happen so 9-11 would happen and thus set in motion a plethora of liberty killing laws and policies, Homeland Security, TSA, Patriot Act, etc. all in the name of keeping us “safe” but the real agenda I fear is the suck our sovereignty away and graft us into the global, New World Order.
          its all so much bigger than us and I fear too far in motion to stop.

          • MeMadMax

            Dude, whatever…
            I used to work for the gov… Imagine a 15 minute job taking all day to get done… or a week, month, year… never…
            That’s the gov.

      • Graham

        I take it you are referring to the fact that the Pentagon’s air defence systems were “stood down” under Cheney’s watch, whilst Bush read from an upside down book to school children in Florida?

        Note the sense behind keeping such a buffoon well out of the way. If every American understood the truth, their would be a civil war beginning tomorrow and many, if not all “dual citizens” in government, would likely be the first to run.

        I’ve spent well over 5 years looking at every piece of 9/11 data and for those who still believe the “official” story, it is very clear they are not fully aware of what the “official” story actually consists of, never mind anything that goes beyond it.

        You forgot to mention that the only people who were arrested that day were “Israeli” citizens. Another group were being watched by the FBI in Florida. America at large fails to recognise the enemy and the reasons don’t take very long to work out.

        “Through deception, thy shall do war.” Mossad

        • Human

          The synegog of santan, (international bankers), Rothchild, Rockafeller, Openheimer et al! Mossad, CIA, FBI, all owned by the bankers. Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Reagan et al… all owned by the bankers. the federal reserve, owned by the bankers.

      • BillRind

        very simply, and you are right. this entire thing was planned from the beginning long ago , just think back to the 1993 bombing and how it all just happened, they were thinking then the bombs they planted in the sub level would have taken the building down, but they were wrong. so the our evil government and the evil mastermind new world order people bin high level positions in our secret government, placed highly explosive charges in these buildings and waited it out another eight years and bingo, look what happened. so in my book this is a conspiracy of the highest order and it goes straight to the top of the food chain. they used the Islamics as an excuse it was them who caused this and even till this day we dont kn ow the names of the people on board those flight who crashed into the two towers. just one more note, if you look on line at the pictures of the jets flying into the towers you will notice a different belly of those planes and those type of bellies are only used on Military jet liners, so their you go, you know as well as I who did this.

      • Paul Patriot

        Right on man, I am in agreement with you. Too many refuse to believe that our government had anything to do with 9-11. Well, like you, I have done a lot of research, and there are a LOT of unanswered questions and things that don’t add up.
        It was the event that allowed the door to be opened for loss of freedoms via homeland security, TSA, Patriot Act, etc. And the American people said “whatever, just keep us safe”
        Hmmm……… If I recall a certain Founding father who said something to the effect,
        ” Those who would give up freedom/liberty for some security, deserve neither”
        It is all part of the globalist plan to destroy the Constitution, our sovereignty, nationalism, and they are doing a pretty good job, thanks to all the brain dead sheeple in this nation

    • octavian

      If you want whats bleeding this country dry, look at the expense for entitlement and social programs. None of them produce much; at least the military produces peace.

      • K

        Sorry, I can not agree the military produces peace. Handing the politicians that big stick, leads to war. The founding fathers warned against large standing armies. When you do not have to raise a larger army, or build additional ships. Going to war becomes way too easy. As to the other programs you mention, I agree some, are too expensive.

        • Paul Patriot

          Really good point. Although I agree that the entitlement/socialism mentality and programs are sucking the life and future out of this nation, I also agree with you regarding the military and how having that “big stick” as you call it, at the governments whim, is very dangerous indeed and makes it easy to deploy troops around the globe to fight political fights and loss of life,
          I think this is why the militias, as described by the founders are more important and more necessary more no than ever, If citizens were well armed and WE were the military, well, things may be a lot different.

      • Hammerstrike

        And technology too or at least, used to.

  • SafetyViking

    Maybe…just maybe…if we didn’t act like the Policeman of the World, we wouldn’t need such a large military?

  • markthetruth

    Drones are replacing most our forces little by little just the way technology is destroying most jobs.
    No profession is safe.

    the end…

    • Mudpie

      Of course, one day it is going to turn out that we are involved in a conflict that cannot be addressed via drones. So what happens then? We will once again get our buts kicked by a Vietnam or Afghanistan or other “third world hellhole.”

      • Sueychop

        More likely invasion in the U.S.

    • Boni Biggun

      This is all about the planned destruction of our nation. After the USA became a Corporation in 1871, under the Washington DC Act & after the federal reserve Act of 1913, We as a People lost our once great nation to the banking cartels. Just as in the fall of the Roman empire, “THEY” will gut the military, spread them far & wide & hire FOREIGN TROOPS & MERCENARIES, to fight the inevitable back lash.

  • Taos60

    Time to start cutting the armed forces.We can’t afford to police the world anymore.Let’s focus on this country.Could use alot of repairs here!

    • markthetruth

      We are not policing the World anymore we want to keep controlling the World .

      the end…

    • Belle1

      You cut military and we open ourselves to inside attacks…. But you are right about one thing. Pull out of Europe why are we protecting them with American money. Half of them hate us and most definitely do not respect our White house but why should they? I believe we now have about 66 Muslim Brotherhood in office. History has shown them that it opened them up to many terrorists in there country and now we are following in there liberal thinking. When are we the people going to stand up or are you okay with the direction in which we are headed??????????

    • Mudpie

      True but of course scarce military dollars are now spent on sensitivity training, making sure women are in combat, and any other number of insane politically motivated matters.


    • Fred Swenson

      Then pack up your tools and get started. You also might want to grab a shotgun while they’re still legal to buy, since you might need to defend yourself since there won’ be enough Marines and soldiers to fight the enemy on their turf and you need to pick up the slack.

  • zardoz911

    As America collapses, the federal goverment will become less and less relevant. big goverment will end sooner than anyone will believe, just keep watching. they cant hide the reality much longer…

    • kfilly

      I wish I could say you were right. I believe in a slightly different theory. Itnis my opinion that the collapse is 100 percent intentional. It is being done to weaken the population and thin the herd. The gubernment wants people to battle none another after the system collapses. Don’t worry though. The people behind this will go to their bunkers and wait for the free for all killings to end. They will then come out with communism. The starving sheep will do anything they can to get a square meal. It is a theory I have. I changed preparations as a result. More ammo, more weapons, more armor, more things to evade thermal detection.

      • Rodster

        I’m also of the belief that this is also being done intentionally. There has been too much talk regarding a new world order, one world financial system as well as Agenda 21. Now the new US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers is one who beliefs the US should abdicate it’s authority to the UN.

        • Paul Patriot

          Did you know that this was tried in the late 1940’s but the overall resistance of turning over our sovereignty to the UN was unthinkable. Our population is a whole lot different now, and it would not surprise me if we see another serious attempt at handing over US authority o the UN

      • They are also actively trying to replace the American population through the immigration invasion in order to get a people more receptive to tyranny. The middle class is being destroyed for this purpose and 90% of any new jobs created are going to foreigners.

      • Hammerstrike

        No these are the symptoms of their objectives.

        They prepared for a “soft landing” around 2025, not quiet realizing the extent of the damages.

        Of course, China would take advantage of a US collapse, which would be the end of the new world order.

  • Jim Davis

    Stop fighting wars for Israel, stick to defending OUR BORDERS, and the entire military can be a lot smaller.

    • Tobias Smith

      you are very funny

    • Jim Davis

      Funny? Why exactly did we invade Iraq? We were lied too. It had nothing with defending American freedom. You must be one of the idiots that think Saddam was behind 9/11.

      • jaxon64

        I suggest you do some studying on the “Petro-dollar”. Iraq was in the process of striking a deal to accept payments for oil with non-dollar currencies.
        Just as Libya was trying to set-up a gold dinar backed trading set-up for their oil and then…whammo….Quaddafi is all of the sudden an evil threat again who needed to be eradicated…

        • Jim Davis

          I am well aware of this. You are right, this is most likely the real reason for attacking these two nations, along with the evil AIPAC/Israeli pressure/influence from slithering-types in and around our government.

      • Louise in MO

        We were never told that Sadam Hussein was behind 9/11. What ccountry are you from?

  • T

    Interesting that there is so much talk of cutting the military during the day and age of expanded funding to militarize the police and “drone” programs.

    Those in charge could really be doing that to turn against the civilian population could they?

    • Hammerstrike

      In Tunisia, at the time of the revolution, the military was smaller than the police.

      When the governement demanded the military side with it, the answer was no.

  • Richard

    As a foreigner, I’m not sure I get the significance of ‘Marines’. You have those who fly planes. They’re the air force. Those who fight in boats – they’re called the navy. And those who march on terra firma. Aren’t they the Army?
    Why does it matter which branch of the armed forces the fighting men and women belong to when it comes to praising them for fighting? Isn’t it all the same thing? I guess what I’m asking is, why does it matter if they close down the ‘Marines’? The soldiers (can I call them that?) can just join up with the army, no?

    • Hawaiianfive0

      Here is the difference below between the two…interesting if they really wanted to save money and that is what it is about they would just get rid of NOAA Corps…I would rather have the Marines (God Bless Them) any day than the NOAA Corps. The NOAA Corps are not going to protect us. It’s been Obama’s plan from day one to dismantle our military and then what do we do when the tyrants want to take us over. They also want gun control in our country…what a coincidence. We are left one weak country who can no longer defend ourselves. I don’t see any other countries dismantling their military…only making them stronger, which we know very well Obama is not making our military stronger, but the opposite.


      As the main ground force of the U.S., the Army is set up to protect and defend the interests of the country using ground troops, artillery, armor, helicopters and tactical nuclear weapons.


      The Marines specialize in amphibious operations. Primary purposes of the force include the attack, capture and control of lands near waterways, known popularly as “beach heads.” In this way, the Marines operate as the “Navy’s infantry.”

      • GSOB

        True, up until 1953

    • Louise in MO

      I can tell you have not personally known a U.S. Marine. If you did you would not have asked these questions.

      • Richard

        Is this because (to use the definitiion of the previous poster) there’s something special about people who “attack, capture and control lands near waterways”? Thank you for your helpful comment, Louise.

        • Louise in MO

          No, actually I’m talking about the 300,000 that gave their lives to guarantee that Hitler didn’t kill one more jew, torture one more jewish child, and operate on one more set of jewish twins without anesthesia. Those are the Marines I’m talking about!

  • seth datta

    Rothschild banking dynasty and their shills want to weaken America so they can turn the world against each other, before the dynasty imposes its One World Order. They must take out noble American in the Corps and other areas before they can progess their plan. Disarming Americans and google/NSA dragnet spying, the TSA and drones are also key.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Just at the time when the world enemies against the US are mounting the US military is apparently ‘winding’ down. Does this make sense? Is this wisdom?
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” -Isa 5:20-21 (KJV)

    • Gay Veteran

      you do know that our “defense” budget is greater than the rest of the world’s “defense” budget.
      no enemies but the ones we make

      • john_koenig

        Never heard of Russia and China, have you? THEY turned on us, in 1917 and 1949.

        • Hammerstrike


          Russian revolution, international expedition force against the bolcheviks.
          1947-1949 China, US gave tanks to the “nationalist” scumbags.

          • john_koenig

            Keep stroking to your portraits of Mao and Lenin, comrade.

          • Hammerstrike

            Oh no, I rather support a famous Austrian that lead a revolution further west, it is just that his rise to power was far too bloodless to be mentionned to be comparable with the near future.

        • Gay Veteran

          you do know that we invaded Russia near the end of WW I.
          and what did we have to fear from China?

          • john_koenig

            Big fan of Communism, are you?

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, no

            guess you never heard of the American Expeditionary Force Siberia

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Almost – US=39%, China=9.5%, Russia=5.2%…+++
        Take a look-

      • Louise in MO

        The only enemies we make these days are the fanatical jihadists. They despise our way of life and our freedoms. Especially freedom for women.

        Last I recall there are one billion possiblly ready for jihad. And you and other foolish people think we should close down our military to just a few hundred thousands??

        • Gay Veteran

          “… They despise our way of life and our freedoms….”
          yeah, our freedoms, what a sick joke
          What, are the “fanatical jihadists” going to board their mighty navy and invade? ROFLOL.
          you need to quit wetting your panties. When did this nation become a nation of cowards willing to give away their freedoms?

    • K

      The only mounting enemies I see. Is the U.S. against its’ own citizens. What is it you think you see, that makes you so afraid.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Well, let’s see: terrorists of all flavors, Russians in our country, China (in our country too), Islam, all kinds of faction groups… Need I go on.
        And BTW, I am not afraid for the power of God rests with those who trust in Him. Shalom.

        • K

          My friend, using the military against the few Russians or the Chinese in this Country. Is like using a bazooka on a fly. As to the few terrorist within the Country, not really a job for the military. The job of the military, should be to protect the boarders. We could easily do that, with half what we have, if we choose to do it. No this huge military has us sticking our nose all over the globe. Fear was the wrong term, concern would have been better. I apologize.

        • Lennie Pike

          Israeli terrorists also.

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Proof please!

          • Lennie Pike


          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Not Israeli! They were Muslim terrorists!!

          • RonMar

            Lennie is a Truther, like the Marxist Van Jones that Obama had to fire as one of his Czars when he got caught saying such silly things about 9/11. Makes you wonder if Lennie is a Marxist-Islamic too.

          • Lennie Pike

            I am a Christian. So that makes me a lover of the truth. It also makes me a lover of individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

            As to your analogy – satan believes in God’s existence – that does not mean they are allied – obviously.

          • RonMar

            I have no doubt you know Satan well and what Satan believes about all things including God.

          • Lennie Pike

            Since you obviously enjoy making a fool of yourself in public, I suggest you change your name from ronmar to marron.

            Not a very Christian thing to say, but us Christians arn’t perfect – that’s why we are what we are.

          • RonMar

            I have not seen any evidence at all that you are a Christian. What I have seen is your calling Israelis terrorists, referring to 9/11/01 as if someone other than Islamic jihad terrorists did it, and attacking me, a Christian.
            You are the one making a fool of yourself on a worldwide-available, public site. So your new name is pennie like, but you are not worth one red cent, a Christian or too bright.
            In your posts you are looking like a Muslim, an Islamic jihadist and a real stupid one at that.
            That’s the way you are.

          • Lennie Pike

            I forgive you for that one my brother, but you do have many things still left to consider and understand.

          • RonMar

            Forgive me for what? If you have something to say worth my reading say it, about the “many things still left to consider and understand.”

          • Lennie Pike

            I did say it already (catch the way I said that?) – consider the BBC video a little why don’t ya schmuck. Check my spelling of that last word.

            Or do you already know everything about it that video already?

          • Lennie Pike

            Or if you truly believe in what you said, which proves you know nothing about critical thinking – forget about it and believe what you”re told.

          • RonMar

            I’ll try to go real slow and by the numbers for you:
            1. Forgive me for what? Describe it – my offense against you, sin.
            2. How did you get power to forgive?
            3. Are you imagining you are God?
            4. What is there left for me “to consider and understand?”
            5. List them please.
            6. What BBC video?
            7. Where is it?
            8. What does it say?
            9. Come call me a schmuck
            to my face please.
            10. What is your chronological and mental maturity age for you to engage in such childish name calling?
            11. Your spelling of what “last word?”

            12. Again, what video? Where is it? What does it say?

          • Lennie Pike

            What BBC video? Where do I get the power to forgive?

            It is not possible for someone to make those two statements or any of the others that you made in a serious manner. Your purpose in saying those things can only be to anger probably because you derive some power for yourself when you are successful in angering another. See, you are correct, I do know somethings about satan – actually I know a lot – so does God.

            If possible, please go find someone like yourself to argue with, this just isn’t working and as opposed to you I only argue when the reasons for doing so result in a positive outcome.

            I do have the power to forgive. If you do not believe that you do, then you never have forgiven anyone for any offense ever made against you – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth type.

            You were the first to offend and call names here – and I have forgiven you for that whether you like it or not.

          • Lennie Pike

            No need to respond again – I will not read anything you have to say.

            Strange that you didn’t take offense to my accusation of you working for the enemies of Israel and the U.S. – you did to everything else that I had to say. Bye, and keep up the “good” work for the losing side.

          • RonMar

            Answer what I asked you or never post to me again. Oh, go ahead and do it. I will ignore you pennie.
            Only the Lord, God, Jesus the Christ has the power to forgive and judge.
            Obviously you are not likely to be forgiven or judged well at all by the true forgiver and judge.

          • Lennie Pike

            Either the above, or you are not who you claim to be and instead work for those enemies of America and Israel that I spoke of surveiling websites such as this one rebutting the most threatening comments (the most truthful ones) in an effort to sway the opinion of the lesser informed.

            I know who you are because the video of the BBC report is a very touchy subject with you people and not many are willing to enter into a debate about it other than those who know that the official explanation of 9-11 is pure bs.

          • Lennie Pike

            Absolute proof does not exist – only evidence does.

            Look at the entire world situation – historical, Biblical, present financial, and political. If you can get past the misinformation and connect the thousands of dots correctly yourself the evidence will have a profound effect on your present opinion. I can not do that for you.

            During the “attack”, as the BBC was reporting live that Building 7 had collapsed, it was clearly visible still standing behind the reporter.

            I concede this video could have been faked – but if you analyse the reasons why, that would have been very close to being next to impossible.

            If that video could be absolutely proven to be true fact, then it would represent the same level of evidence that it now is (very very strong) – that the PEOPLE! who control “our” government were not telling the truth about 9-11, just as they did when that airliner of the east coast was shot down by a missile, and like hundreds of other incidents they have lied to us about over the last century. To the year exactly, as a matter of fact. It is now 2013.

          • Lennie Pike

            What I said would probably lead one to believe that I am an enemy of the Israeli people. I am not.

            One thing that the Israeli People and the American People have in common are that their enemies control their financial system and government. These in control are the exact same people.

            Forming a true and correct opinion based on evidence is not child’s play.

      • Louise in MO

        This comment wasn’t directed to me, but I have a few words. When the US has to close down embassies in 20 different cities in the Middle East due to serious terrorist threats, you actually have little credibility.

        • K

          They had no such serious terrorist threat. They closed those embassies because of our renewed attacks on Yemen. And since they are leaving them closed for a while. I assume we must have more people we want to blow up over there. First rule, if D.C. says it, 98% chance it is a lie.

        • Hammerstrike

          I can imagine the arabs and pakis sniggering as they make empty threats over the internets, knowing it will scare the syth out of the NSA and CIA and laughing outright when abed Obama Closes those embassies.

    • Louise in MO

      Excellent Post!

  • jakartaman

    Ya – We need to cut the military and spend more on green energy like pour progressive smart president wants. Could you imagine what kind of respect we would have in the world if we stopped being “THE” major military super power? I mean our economy is growing and we make so many things – what do we have to worry about?
    Its not like a huge major religion has as it primary goal of world domination and the empowerment of sharia law. Its not like the world in on the cusp of a huge financial crisis with resulting resource wars for food , water, oil etc.
    America is so bad – we need to curb our imperialistic enterprises – all the land we have taken over in foreign countries to bury our dead needs to be returned.

  • J

    I love your articles, typically, though this article is confusing. America spends more on military expenditures than any other country in the world. And what is the sole purpose of the military? Right exactly, to kill other humans.

    In all honesty I read this article as a good thing which is highly ironic from my view given all of my friends and relatives that have served. And though I totally understand the context in terms of how the US’s current situation begs for a smaller military, I would suggest that this is actually a good thing. How many bases do we have all over the world? Come on mannnnnn. And besides, we all know who the real threat is in this country, middle-aged white guys, not some abstract foreign body or some ‘terrorist’ treat.

  • jsmith

    The Soviets had a great military machine, but when it went broke, it had to mothball its navy, retreat from its satellite East European countries, accept an Afghan defeat, and go home with its tail between her cheeks. When you are broke, you are broke.
    If it wasn’t for China lending us money to keep those aircraft carriers floating, we would be mothballing our fleet as well. It’s all very simple, if you don’t have the money, you cut back.
    Insanity is that we are putting the finishing touches on a new aircraft carrier costing us $14 billion with money borrowed from China. I would like to ask every politician in Congress to reach down to their bonehead dead brains, and contemplate some common sense.

    • Hammerstrike

      It never went broke, rather the politicans and bureaucrats lead by Gorbatchev that organized its dismantlement.
      Under the new system, there was simply much more wealth, more power and less accountability for them.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Could see this coming when they agreed to hold obama’s umbrella.

  • sev

    Good riddance!

  • Gay Veteran

    The empire’s bloated Pentagon budget needs to be cut by 70%

    • cracker

      You are clearly insane. It is true the military cane reduced to a nominal size. But so can the federal government as well as the corporate welfare, social welfare and all the free handouts that have been destroying this nation. All those same lines lets stop all of these useless wars who only benefit the corporations. We also need to close at least 1/3 of the overseas bases and cut funding to those countries that hate us. In the end leta first take care of our own problems first. In the end we would be much better off as a nation if we quit trying to solve the problems of the world.

      Good Luck and Good Night

      • Gay Veteran

        I’m insane but you basically agree with me. oooooooookkkkkkkkk

  • ArigatouGozaimas

    Is the U.S. no longer wealthy enough to maintain a top class nuclear arsenal, a large infantry force, and a two ocean navy while operating a massive welfare system along with political patronage for the wealthy?

  • trojanguy

    Of course Obama wants to downsize the entire U.S. Military. He and the Far Left Democrats in this country HATE the military. How else is he going to come up with the money to pay for all the entitlements for his Obama Zombies and the 30+ million illegal aliens he wants to grant amnesty to? Bill Clinton did balance the Federal budget in the 90’s….and the way he did it was through huge cuts to the Pentagon and military budgets of the armed services. Obama is a lying, devious, hypocritical, Far Left, America hating, Muslim loving, Marxist Rat….and so is Hillary!

    • guest

      Watch as your mother, sisters, and every female you know runs right out there to vote for her. For no other reason than because she’s female. The consequences be damned.
      It’s good that breathing is involuntary, otherwise females would have went extinct millions of years ago.

      • trojanguy

        Just like 98% of blacks voting for Obama simply because he’s black (half anyway)….a dangerous voting trend I’m afraid.

      • Orange Jean

        Not me! I cannot stand Hillary, I think she’s pure EVIL (… and oh BTW, I am female).

        • Guest

          We’ll see.

  • Kent Harris

    Keep the personnel. As far as foreign bases those countries should pay us for it. Foreign countries need to pony up the money to pay for their defense. Korea comes to mind. If Korea wants us there then they have to pay for it. I would say militarize the border and get rid of the border patrol. The role of the military is to provide for the common defense and the Mexicans are wrecking havoc on the US by them destroying our wages and our benefit system.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Face it: people are becoming obsolete. I have known about that for 50 years now.

    And about time.

    • guest

      From a natural standpoint, old people have no value. They reproduced. So if what you say is true, then we should probably start with that ‘low hanging fruit’.

  • A D

    Both parties are both corrupt, Obama is following in his fathers footsteps of Communism. The USSR said over 50 years ago the USA would be taken over without firing a single bullet….

    • kfilly

      I agree that both parties are corrupt. I think the plan for us to undergo an economic collapse. That is the reason we have been spending so much money without budgets. There is little proof as to how the money was spent. The politicians will do what they do best. They will cower in a bunker while people die. After the segregated factions of our country duke it out, the gubernment will re-emerge with totalitarian communism or fascism. I am leaning towards communism as I believe UN Agenda 21will be in effect. The gubernment will probably not have to spend a lot of money or effort committing genecide to be compliant with Agenda 21 as the people will take care of that. Good luck everyone.
      I also suggest getting some cheap gen 1 night vision. Use it in the passive mode to look for drones at night.

      • Jeremiah Diehl

        I actually find what you say interesting, but when you say “guberment” it makes me think you’re a quack. Other than that I agree with you 😛

  • davidmpark

    Why not just stop all the foreign aid to countries that hate us? We send billion upon billions to people that really hate our guts and to dictators that only use to prop up their man caves. I understand the old idea of “better to feed than fight,” but our people need feeding and a strong military. The other nations… if they want peace and security, then maybe they need to earn it, too.

    And while were at it, if Columbia wants to cut the military budget so much, then cut almost all of the BATF, Brady, and other weapons laws also. If we have no decent military, then the unorganized militia must fill the gaps.


    There not shrinking the Navy. I think we’ll see the government reinstating the draft here in the near future.

  • GSOB

    Jay Jay did tie buckle.

    These are the Marine Corps leadership traits:


    J- Judgment
    J- Justice
    D- Dependability
    I- Integrity
    D- Decisivness
    T- Tact
    I- Initiative
    E- Endurance
    B- Bearing
    U- Unselfishness
    C- Courage
    K- Knowledge
    L- Loyalty
    E- Enthusiasm

    Another fine organization being shot to hell by our wise leadership with the DOD.

  • Captain Canuck

    Hillarious. You demonize government spending on universal healthcare for a penniless population, yet you champion continued excessive millitary spending.

  • Eat It Feinstein

    If I was a globalist puke, I would want to cut the Marines too. Think about it. With Gods’ help and a few Marines, they can keep heaven filled with plenty of fresh souls of our hidden rulers. If I were them, I would be very very scared.

  • trojanguy

    unfortunately you are correct…..the Hildabeast following eight years of Obama will be the end of America as we know it.

  • Vermaphax

    Don’t you do it…don’t you dare think that being booted means you are not a Marine…don’t you dare think that code, that feeling of honor, that feeling of brotherhood, that feeling of ownership is not yours forever. You where sent out because you were honest because you had honor…we need you. I need you, I am an ex medic and I got your back. we wait…we rest..we watch….we plan……we bring it back

  • RarefiedSnotress

    My opinion is that the military is the most bloated of government agencies. It’s been a favorite refuge of goofball guys,hicks,addicts,and those from dysfunctional homes who can’t make it in their hometowns. Oftimes we can make use of the many useful idiots and they deserve their glory, but it comes as no surprise about the real reason behind the high number of homeless vets is because they had oft-times unfixable problems to begin with.
    p.s. of course you hate this.. “You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”!!

    • cracker

      My friend ifit wasn’t for those soldiers. sailors, marines and airmen who have sacrificed some the ultimate sacrifice you wouldn’t have the opportunity to flap your mouth spreading all that crap. These individuals returned from combat all screwed up all they are asking for is what was promised nothing more . The dead beat bureaucrats, welfare dead beats those are the one’s who are a drag on society. This group needs to get off their lazy arsses and contribute to society instead of being a drain.

      • RarefiedSnotress

        You are of course partly right, but your blind intolerance neglects the fact that the government with their over-extended wars and oftimes false sense of purpose have turned the military into an Over-Glorified MoneyPit sort of homeless shelter/salvation army teaching intolerance and carnage at huge tax-payer expense.


      says nancy boy poofter who watched his sister get a nice boning from a jarhead and suffered envy.

  • jox

    It’s a shame that a lot of people in this blog want to terminate the government expending on the poor (calling it ‘liabilities’) while at the same time want to maintain the US imperial war machine. You prefer the poor to starve before than release the world the military opression from the US. What a shame!


    Before we throw out the Marine Corps I would suggest reading First to Fight by Lt. General Victor Krulak. The Marine Corps has proven itself time and again. More to the point, it is the one branch of the service that attempts to inculcate the Old Values. Had I had it to do over again, I would have been a Marine.

  • Observationalist

    Michael, you have to remember that the Marines are a subset of the Navy. What supplies and support they are not given directly (spoken to your statement in cuts), there are still supplies and support from the Navy side of the equation.
    There may be a reduction in forces in the Marines, just as there are reductions in the other branches of the service. That’s because the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are done, or winding down.
    Also, keep in mind that the Pentagon is taking a pretty big hit from the sequester. It’s pretty rough on military families, as well as the people that support the military. And guess what, come October first, it’s only going to get worse because of Congressional inaction; not solely because of Obama.
    It’s pretty easy to blame Obama for the problems. But when Congress sits on its hands, does nothing but argue like school children, it’s pretty hard for things to get done. So please, spread the blame judiciously where it belongs.

  • Hans Zandvliet

    Scaling down the US’ standing army is long overdue (68 years to be precise). As President Eisenhower already stated in his valediction to congress, “standing armies are the biggest threat to democracy”. So, the sequester is at least helpful in this respect.

  • Concerned Boy

    I am deeply concerned

  • Randy Townsend

    The U.S. has long used the Navy as the primary force projection instrument. On board those ships are U.S. Marines that have consistently been the first boots on the ground in any hot spot requiring American firepower. As the louse that currently infests the White House mouths the lies of fealty to the USMC, is there any reason to believe either he, or the cowardly, leftist advisers surrounding him, intend to keep strong America’s tip of the spear? The world is not inherently peaceful, and despite all the criticism the lefties heap on the US for “imperialism” and self-serving militarism, without this nation and the men and women carrying rifles, flying aircraft, and shooting the bad guys, the world would be a much worse place.

  • gbon

    Being a person of age, I’ve known this country thru thick and thin far better than you brainwashed punks that think you have all the answers and really have none. America is being destroyed and will never again be what it once was. YOUR “freedoms” are being destroyed and you’re too stupid to see it.
    Hope you like living in the gulag!!

    • Louise in MO


  • Joe Palladino

    Face the facts people! The US is collapsing under it’s own government waste and ineptitude. Too many looters and a decreasing number of producers.

  • E. Rommel

    As their amphibious warfare role becomes less pertinent, there still remains a role for the combined-arms heavy assault potential of a Marine Expeditionary Brigade. I could see the USMC being rolled into the Special Ops Command, with primary role being punitive raids over short time periods. The Army Rangers are too lightly equipped to perform this function and are best structured for commando raids, while the Seal and Delta units are better suited to rapid insert-extraction missions. The MEB would be the go-to unit for a short-term military expedition, with the larger Army units following on with their superior support networks, if the situation warrants a prolonged combat presence.

  • RapidRay01 .

    The F-4 Phantom was designed as a stand off fighter , using missiles as the future . That is until the Viet Nam War came along ! It took several air craft and crew losses before the mistake was admitted by the Brain Trust at the Pentagon and politicians ! Same mistake is taking place ! Ex F-4 driver ! Politicians and the Brain Trust at the Pentagon will get you killed every time !!

  • Graham

    Perhaps begin with the research on Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    Also checkout Pilots for 9/11 Truth and then Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.

    • Human

      What you are both missing is that the international bankers are in charge of the government. Every war the US has fought has been a benifit to the international bankers who finance both sides, then swoop in to steal the resources of the defeated or desimated country. People in the US are idiots that can’t think for themselves anymore. What brought down the twin towers was a free energy weapon… research Nicola Tesla!

  • BillRind

    Obama honors nothing and pure evil is just that, pure evil

  • dan

    Soon many of us old timers will see to it that an end to attacks on our freedom and liberty and Constitution will cease……Semper Fi

  • Mondobeyondo

    If this is true – then how much longer will it be before the Air Force, Army and Navy go the way of the Marines?

  • kiwi and a diaper

    There must always be a US Marine Corps. America just won’t be America without it. Unthinkable. BTW, I was in the Army. And I still can’t help but admire the Corps. It would be like taking away a star or stripe from the flag.

  • King Lear

    Obamao is a criminal piece of trash. He has been systematically destroying Amerika and by the end if his dictatorship will have accomplished what the Libtards have wanted for so long.

  • Common Sense

    The only strength troop numbers provide these days is for the purpose of occupation. In the case of a major conflict, nuclear weapons would most certainly be the deciding factor. Fortunately, nuclear weapons and the tie-in of the global economy all but ensure peace between the large nations.

  • mh53j

    Out of all the services I think the USMC would have a higher percentage of personnel stepping up to defend the Constitution and the citizens. Not saying the other services wouldn’t but the honor, tradition, history, etc, of the Marines is high. In this case, who would you get rid of first if you were intent on “change”.

  • CraigG

    The Marines are basically a division of the Navy. The Commandant of the Marine Corps reports to the Secretary of the Navy. Only the National Security Act of 1947 gave the Marines full military-branch status. There’s no reason for that to continue as the geopolitical conditions on Earth are now vastly different than in 1947. Fold the Marines fully back into the Navy. While we’re at it, fold the Air Force back into the Army – this would probably save us over 100B a year in bureaucratic overhead. If we’re SERIOUS about cutting the debt and deficit…this would be an obvious place to start.

  • max da

    Hum, sounds like we need a war to justify the military, fire one!

  • Piglet

    [“After all you’ve given to our nation, you have to know your nation will always be faithful to you.” Will Obama keep that promise?]

    He didn’t mean he would do the Marine Corps, as an organization, any favors. I interpret this as meaning he’ll add those discharged to the ever-expanding welfare roles, too, which will meet his definition of being “faithful” to individual Marines. Besides, he’s a government official, so we know he’s lying anyway.

    [… we should never forget the blood that so many of them shed to defend our liberties and our freedoms.]

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. When was the last time this country’s military actually fought a foreign foe for preserve liberties and freedoms? Those in the military are employees of the same government that has been stripping away our civil liberties and putting us under surveillance. While all this was taking place, the military did exactly what to stop it? Nothing, of course, except to participate in it. And no, I am not a pinko, hippie, liberal, gay, commie, Muslim, [add favorite despised group here], blah, blah, blah. I was in the military for several decades, active and reserve, enlisted and officer, combat units, support units and staff jobs, in the US and overseas (twice), and I would cringe whenever I would hear someone say, “Thank you for your service” or thank me for protecting their freedoms because I knew full well it just wasn’t true.”

    It would be very wise of us to end our occupation of foreign lands, close all US military bases in foreign countries, and bring the forces home where they might actually defend the US. (And I mean “defend” in the true meaning of the word, not labeling everything the military does as “defense,” which it clearly is not.) Many would be appalled at the idea because ending the occupation other countries, both friend and foe, as it is seen as a symbol of power and influence. Those in foreign lands appreciate foreign military occupation as much as we would here. A good place to start would be Okinawa where Marines have had a long history of brutalizing the civilians since 1945.

    Even if you like occupying foreign lands, if for no other reason than it gives you a surge of nationalist pride and even a woodie behind your zipper, if you’ve been reading these columns for a while you know that we’re beyond broke and simply can’t afford an empire any longer. We might as well shut it down in an orderly fashion than have to do it later when the collapse has taken place.

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