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CNN Is Dead: Network Loses All Credibility As Producer Admits That The Entire Russia Narrative Is Fake News

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Nobody else needs to dig a grave for CNN because they are doing it themselves.  There has been scandal after scandal at the network, and now one of their producers has been caught on undercover video admitting that CNN has been pushing fake news stories about a connection between Donald Trump and Russia in a desperate attempt to get ratings.  In other words, CNN’s entire Russia narrative has been a complete lie all along.  Unfortunately for CNN, they are going to discover that once your credibility is gone it is incredibly difficult to ever get it back.

On Tuesday, Project Veritas made headlines all over the world when it released undercover video of CNN Producer John Bonifield admitting that CNN’s Russia narrative is fake news.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view the entire video right here.  Now that this video has been made public, I don’t see how CNN is ever going to recover from this.  When one of your top producers admits that the story you have been pushing for months is basically a load of cow manure, it is impossible to maintain the pretense that you are a legitimate news organization any longer…

Project Veritas has released a video of CNN Producer John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative.

“I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.”

He confirms that the driving factor at CNN is ratings:

“It’s a business, people are like the media has an ethical phssssss… All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”

And of course this comes on the heels of three reporters being forced out of CNN for publishing a false story that attempted to link a Russian investment fund with Trump…

Three CNN employees have handed in their resignations over a retracted story linking President Trump to Russia, the network announced Monday.

The article was removed from on Friday after the network decided it could no longer stand by its reporting.

“In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on, CNN has accepted the resignation of the employees involved in the story’s publication,” a network spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement.

President Trump has taken a lot of heat for referring to CNN as “fake news”, but after the events of the past several days he has been completely vindicated.

And once news broke of three reporters being forced out of the network for a false story about Russia, he took a bit of a victory lap with this tweet

Wow, CNN had to retract big story on “Russia,” with 3 employees forced to resign. What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!

This is such a shame, because I always liked CNN’s election coverage compared to the other networks.  John King always did such a great job breaking things down county by county, and Wolf Blitzer always made things seem so dramatic.

But now it is exceedingly difficult to see any sort of a future for the network after all of this.

And of course other major news outlets have been guilty of pushing fake news about Russia too.  The following comes from the Intercept

Over and over, major U.S. media outlets have published claims about the Russia Threat that turned out to be completely false — always in the direction of exaggerating the threat and/or inventing incriminating links between Moscow and the Trump circle. In virtually all cases, those stories involved evidence-free assertions from anonymous sources that these media outlets uncritically treated as fact, only for it to be revealed that they were entirely false.

But with CNN it has always been on another level, and we now have a top insider on tape admitting that a connection between Trump and Russia is being pushed even though there isn’t any evidence.  In fact, Bonifield says that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker has been personally pushing this angle himself

“Just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords and for a day and a half we covered the climate accords. And the CEO of CNN (Jeff Zucker) said in our internal meeting, he said good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with that, let’s get back to Russia.”

I can’t imagine that Zucker gets to keep his job now that this has been revealed.

It may not happen immediately, but look for him to be shown the door in the not too distant future.

All along, Trump has insisted that this whole thing with Russia has been a “witch hunt”, and that is what I have been saying too.  And it turns out that Bonifield feels the exact same way

“I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging. And so I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”

If this doesn’t kill “the Russia story”, I don’t know what will.

This whole thing has been a massive charade from the very beginning, and the big news networks have been endlessly pushing it for ratings.

In their zeal to destroy Trump, they have “jumped the shark” and have destroyed their own credibility instead.

Once upon a time, most mainstream journalists at least attempted to pretend that they were being objective, but those days are long gone.

Today, it is absolutely imperative for all of us to understand that everyone has an agenda.  In other words, every single person that you see on television is trying to get a message across.  So instead of taking in news and entertainment passively, we need to have our filters up and we need to be thinking for ourselves.

Fortunately, episodes such as this one tend to awaken a lot of people, and more Americans than ever are sick and tired of the lies and misinformation that they are constantly being fed.

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    Too many CNN viewers WANT to believe their lies. That is why they are not going away anytime soon. At best they “re-brand” themselves, but that is really pushing it.

    We believe what we want and avert our eyes from what we do not want. The networks know it. They could care less about anyone who does not want to believe them.

    They are going nowhere. Period.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      The Clueless Nonsense Nitwits hardly have any views left and as the author says here: CNN IS DEAD.

    • In Landica Veritas

      Oh, hey, you’re back! After you made those ominous and hysteria-induced threats at me (still saved in my inbox), you disappeared for 2 whole months! I wuz worried ya dun gave urself a coronary!

    • William Lutz

      The people who quit buying CNN’s bull**** are going to be at war with the criminal elite and the sheeple who still believe their lies. Either way, CNN is done.


    CNN, the most rusted name in “FAKING NEWS” a division of the DNC UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED

  • Liberty First

    Is not CNN the network where Donna Braizile handed Hillary the debate questions, before the debate?!!!!!!

    This is rich…if they EVER have credibility again, it will rival the miracle of the Second Coming…..


    • SoCalBeachDude

      Yep, that’s the one over at Clueless Nonsense Nitwits!

    • JC Teecher

      You don’t need credibility if your following is blind goats, and all are after the same objective…..more of the “we hate trump” rhetoric. They will continue to tune in and chant along with Rachel Madcow.

      I thought about her today in the grocery store, and it actually made me laugh to myself. Yea I know, it sounds strange, but what sparked the strange thought was when I saw a young man, maybe late 20’s wearing a bright red T-shirt with these words on the back, in big bold white letters…..

      “I’m always on Tranny Patrol”

      If that ain’t sick enough, he was toting around a six month old baby. We got a messed up world right now, and the sad part is, it ain’t gonna get better any time soon.

      • Gay Veteran

        Rachel Maddow?
        you mean Richard Madcow

  • SoCalBeachDude


    O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN! CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative ‘Bullsh*t’…
    3 CNN Staffers Resign Over Botched Report…
    New ‘investigative’ unit rocked…
    TRUMP: What about all other phony stories?
    ZUCKER: Viewers trust more than ever…
    GREENWALD: Latest example of media recklessness…
    Outlets publish false claims over and over…

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Many of us have been clearly stating this backed by evidence against the BS LIES from the CLUELESS NONSENSE NITWITS, the WaPoo, the New York Slimes, MessNBC and the other BLATANT LIARS IN THE so-called MSM and yet nearly a YEAR HAS PASSED before it all blew up in their disgusting smarmy little whining faces. Why did it take so long before this whole AFFAIR OF BLATANT LIES blew up?

    • William Lutz

      All those news outlets are obsolete and untrustworthy.

    • Stuey

      There lies seem to have worked with you. You parrot everything they say about Trump.

      • SoCalBeachDude

        Where do you come up with such utter nonsense?

  • abc

    I am worry about Mr. Bonifield’s personal safety. He should said to the public: “I don’t have suicidal thoughts, and I am living in a peaceful neighborhood. And my house is fire proof”.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    CNN – The Most (Dis) Trust (ed) Name In News

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Assange Criticizes ‘Doomed’ Democrat Party For Stirring Russia-Trump ‘Hysteria’

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Democratic senator who claims she never met the Russian Ambassador went to a black-tie dinner at his residence

    Claire McCaskill, the Democrat Senator from Missouri, claimed in a tweet that she ‘never’ met with ambassador Sergey Kislyak, but has since admitted attending an event at his residence.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    PIERS MORGAN: Trump’s media enemies know that bashing him makes them big money but CNN’s greediness and desperation to get him has cost them dear

    CNN’s high moral ground has crumbled beneath it in spectacular style. In a humiliating moment in its history, CNN just accepted resignations from three of its top journalists for a fake story. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for CNN, or involved a worse kind of story. Its war with Trump has escalated on an almost daily basis since he won the presidency. Last Thursday, blasted out a new ‘bombshell’ exclusive about Trump and Russia – but it wasn’t true.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Senate will NOT vote on healthcare until after July 4 in fresh blow to Trump’s pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., plans to delay the Senate health care vote after a handful of senators within his own party refused to vote for the measure.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    ‘What about all the other phony stories they do?’ Trump lashes out at CNN after ‘massive f**k up’ story linking official to Russia is retracted and three employees are forced out

    The president launched a new attack on CNN Tuesday after three of its journalists were forced to resign over an anti-Trump story that the network retracted. ‘Wow, CNN had to retract big story on “Russia,” with 3 employees forced to resign. What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!’ the president tweeted. Trump also retweeted a Photoshopped version of CNN’s iconic logo – remade to read ‘FNN – Fake News Network.’

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude

    Google News – which claims to be selected entirely by computers – is also JUST AS BOGUS in the junk it puts out as the 5 companies which control the so-called MSM and today got slammed with a huge $2.7 billion fine from the EU which related primarily to it manipulating searches on products, but Google needs to be gone after by regulators on how it manipulates news articles on Google News. Also today, Google News just changed its page displays on Google News and is now a hideous mess and total disaster.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Bernie, Jane Sanders Investigated For Bank Fraud

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude

      You need to get laid………..if all people in this blog who hates yours crappy posts gives a donation of one dollar to a fat ugly wh#re to remember you, that the little thing you have between your legs have other purposes than expell the water out of your body…….would you stop for that desesperation of atention?

      • Cinderella Man

        LMAO!! Get him Castiel

        • SoCalBeachDude

          Oh, please, dude. Get a clue.

      • Voice Over

        Well… talking of crappy posts, re-read your own.

        Hardly a shining example of intelligence & wisdom, is it.

        Whilst I disagree with a lot that the Dude’s says, at least he’s (fairly) consistent and stays (pretty much) on topic. His links are (generally) relevant and can be informative.

        He reminds me a bit of Sheldon in that he’s very bright… but has a personality disorder.

        I think in a future episode, Sheldon ends up chained in a basement, with a computer.

        Hmmm. Watch out Dude. You don’t want Sheldon next to you in your basement.

      • SnodtBlossom

        Você é um saco de sujeira portugese

        • CASTIEL

          Bark in english…..cant understand the crap you are writting…..

  • SoCalBeachDude

      Good lord SoCalBeachDude. 21 posts in 20 minutes.

      Take a deep breath….. count to 100 then slowly release it.

      There. Now doesn’t that better.

      Moderation. 🙂

      • Cinderella Man

        Well he is so desperate for attention he just has to be at the center of it or he won’t feel complete today. He was just scared I was gonna show up and get top post again!

        • SoCalBeachDude

          What utter BS nonsense, dude.

      • JC Teecher

        He must of re-upped on the meth and it’s a master blaster cook.

        • Cinderella Man

          I just wish everyone would block the dumbsiht I seriously couldn’t read this blog anymore without it

          • SoCalBeachDude

            Get a clue, dude.

          • JC Teecher

            I do have him on permanent block now.
            I was using Kill File blocking on him,snotty, and Carrie, which gives me the option to “unhide” temporarily, to see what idiotic blatherings they have going, so I can use them for fodder for my “truth cannon”.

            As I have found myself reaching a new page in my journey, that, isn’t a priority, So those two, plus the antichrist carl, have now been put on permanent block.

            Their material is beyond old and stale, and I am beyond discussions with fools, for the most part.
            Hope you are living large in the great state of the Big Sky Country. The back country there is where I go in my mind when I need solitude.

      • MathCapitalist289

        Unfortunately for such people who post tirelessly on blogs of any time, it makes it seem as if they have an absence of original ideas (excessive linking) and are bored or unsatisfied with their job. I know, the assertion that such people have jobs is, course, pure speculation.

    • Richard O. Mann

      Control healthcare, and you control the people. Once it starts it will not stop until the whole system shuts down.

  • im4truth4all

    Just simply change its name from CNN to DNC (Democrat News Network) and the ratings should improve.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      CNN stands for the Clueless Nonsense Nitwits.


    “Today, it is absolutely imperative for all of us to understand that everyone has an agenda.”

    Never has a truer statement been made.

    • JC Teecher

      I’m retired so I don’t have an agenda anymore, but I do have an angle most days.

      The good thing about retirement and old age, is that you can go through what days you have left without having to work on any agenda, and most days you just could not really give a sheet if you pizz people off.

      I never want to hurt innocent people but for the most part I am like an old curmudgeon when pizz ants like ScBeechDud plays his liberal handed jabs, and have this for him……..
      ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

      • TheRunningMan

        He/It clearly has no life. I’m a few years from retirement, God willing. Enjoy your freedom!

        • JC Teecher

          Thanks Runnin Man. I hope you are protected from the thing that has been predicted to wipe out trillions across the globe, which is the coming worldwide collapse. In regards to your retirement funds, I hope you are not 100% invested in a pension or 401k stock plan that could be wiped out, “IF”????, the big econ collapse does happen sooner rather than later.

          I thought the big one was going to hit in 08/09, and made adjustments in 07. I did not play the markets heavily after selling off some real estate retirement holdings, but only dabbled in day trading for a while.
          My biggest move was to pay off a small mortgage debt early, with my profits from the “well timed real estate sell off, and a couple other debts like clearing the title on my F-350 Crew.

          If you are debt free, other than a small CC payment on unsecured debt, than you are truly free from the bonds of capitalism.
          We can never be truly free from taxes with ownership of anything more than a bicycle and a tent, but we can adjust to make those burdensome property taxes, lower and lower, as they soar higher and higher.
          Good luck with your future plans.

          • TheRunningMan

            Don’t know if I would say that I feel protected, but have been debt free for over a decade having paid off my mortgage early. My portfolio has VERY little exposure to equity markets at this point…all very low risk, and sadly low return, instruments now…and some of the shiny stuff. I just need to stash away for a few more years. Who knows, maybe I can exploit the market reset for some nice gains at some point. Honestly, I figured I would have had that opportunity a couple of years ago. I’ll just play it safe from here forward. Thanks for the well wishes.

          • JC Teecher

            Good work, and good planning!

          • aldownunder

            Low returns are alright at this uncertain stage better to protect what you have than to risk it for high return and lose 50-80% of what you have.
            Be patient the time will come when a lot of people have just about been wiped out to get back into the market and make a very good profit.
            Keep stacking the shiny stuff also, an excellent insurance against uncertain times.

        • SnodtBlossom

          there is no god

          • Jason Samuelson

            Says the drooling troll hiding in the darkest corners of his basement …

      • SnodtBlossom

        you’ll be dead in a few years.. I look forward

        • JC Teecher

          You will be alive in a few years, so that will make death so much sweeter, where I don’t have to see your ugly mugg. If you do, someway somehow, humble your prideful self and repent,and receive JC, you would not be so ugly in Heaven.

          • JC Teecher

            Now back in your little “jack_in _the box”

          • SnodtBlossom

            there is no god

        • whteshark

          We look forward to your demise as well.

          A Civil War would be a good way to solve this once and for all.

          The armed right-eous against the pansy left-(elit)ist.

        • Jason Samuelson

          You keep running your gums and you might be first, Candy… Classic how the keyboard badasses run their mouths while hiding behind fake screen names and in dark basements. Grow a set and say something like that to someone’s face, and then give them a big smile with your bloody mouth…

          • SnodtBlossom

            I live on the second floor.. I still havent taken the surgery I was told I absolutely needed 14 years ago. JCT is a pusssy.
            I guess you are the Jason Samuelson accused of being under the influence of Oxycodone after a hit and run.
            Women don’t grow a set.
            JCT lives in dumbass Tennessee Appalachia.. I’m not spending the airfare.

          • Jason Samuelson

            You live in an inverted second floor basement, troll. Nobody cares about your smith and Wesson, it’s no match for my artillery…

    • SoCalBeachDude

      Yep, and for some of us the agenda is TRUE FACTS which is supposed to be the core of all true journalism.

    • yep

      i agree with you on agenda, but it goes even deeper than that…it’s call greed…..and with this greed, they want to start ww3….period

  • Cinderella Man

    CNN your most trusted source for fake news. LMAO. Ever since Big Don told Jim Acosta your news organization is terrible you are fake news it’s been a riot. I haven’t watched CNN or PMSNBC since the crysacks were bawling on election night. I never ever thought that President Trump was guilty of Russian collusion. That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Their denial is so BAD that had to find any excuse they could for the loss. No it couldn’t have been Hillary a terrible candidate. No there was no way the election of Trump was a referendum on President Obama. Nope. He cheated. He stole it from us! Also Obama knew about Russian interference since August! I’m gonna watch Rachel Madcow tonigh just to see what excuses they have tonight. But it’s most likely they will pretend this didn’t happen…but it’s too late the genie is out of the bottle. And I hope this will destroy their credibility from here on out!

    • JC Teecher

      If Rachel Madcow and Ellen Degenerate could make a baby girl, what would be a good name for it.

      MadCowse Imma Degenerate.
      Yea, its a corny joke, but it “is” a slow evening.

      • aldownunder

        I liked that one you told quite a while ago about the grandmother with the old TV and the local preacher

        • JC Teecher

          I posted a couple more funny true stories, but the owners didn’t like me sharing a funny moment because they are not fun loving people. They are stuck in the mud, over the top, too serious kind of people, with no sense of humor. They were removed. I am on their “hit” list, and that is OK, because that is the kind of self-proclaimed Christians they are, you know the types, all holier than thou, “dull” people, that have a tendency to look down on others, most of the time.

          That is OK, because they own and operate the site, but keeping people interested with an occasional joke or two, is a plus in my opinion, but they want all strictly puritanical liberal based stuff.

          When I get my site up and running later this Fall…hopefully, we can have plenty of discussion without the likes of ScBDud, and his lying accomplices such as Carl, snottly , and Carrie.
          I promise we will have fun as well, and the ECB will be a distant memory of mine.

          • aldownunder

            And hopefully a “joke of the day” or two

          • JC Teecher

            Oh yes, there will be laughter. God likes laughter. He likes it when his children have fun without sinning. Some think talking about sex is sinful, well it could be if little pictures with big ears are around, but no sex is natural and should not be shunned because of a few old fuddy duddies.

            Pro 17:22
            A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

            Ecc 10:19
            A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry

            We don’t always have to get down right graphic, especially when talking about fa-QQots, (nasty), butt, we can still use a little salty language and get the point across.

      • SoCalBeachDude

        The only thing that is slow is YOU.

  • William Lutz

    Good riddance! Whenever something like CNN is apparently on the verge of collapse, I get a jolt of euphoria.

    I would actually like to witness the disastrous end of this phony, dishonest media outlet. When it happens, peoples’ jaws are going to drop on the ground and the elite are going to go bezerk. At that point, the war that I’ve been hoping for will be accelerated. The collapse of CNN will add fuel to our fire.

  • A.S.

    I do not watch any news on TV now, neither cable or satellite. ALL OF IT is fake news. I get my news from trusted sources like alternative media, conservative talk shows, youtube channels like Kevin Johnston, and even foreign language online newspapers (with the exception of Arab/Muslim countries). I alway knew CNN was fake news the moment they defended “poor Palestinians” as victims, when if fact they are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. Good riddance to bad TV. I hope everyone in CNN never gets a job of any kind ever again.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      No, not all of it by any means, but a whole lot of it including ALL OF THE SPIN these networks put on the news that they do report.

  • Scott Comin

    Credibility and facts mean nothing if the story meshes with your opinion. If you present an opinion as a fact it will be believed by most people regardless!!! CNN is entertainment!! Entertainment will always be around!

  • Paul Patriot

    CNN can burn in the fire of hell. I hope they go out of business, and other mainstream media sources follow suit.

    Hope the globalist owners of such institutions lose millions of dollars over this.

    Its about time the lies and agenda have been exposed.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      That is indeed happening right now.

    • Lois Petersen

      Change that millions to billions.

  • TheRunningMan

    CNN hasn’t had credibility in well over a decade.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      100% correct, and they lost all credibility when they fired LOU DOBBS who was the best reporter and commentator they ever had on CNN.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Exactly why they fired him…

  • Larry Pike

    CNN is reporting Hillary Clinton is the winner of the 2016 presidential Election

  • Leif Erickson

    CNN has definitely fallen to the depths of depravity.

    I remember well when CNN Baghdad correspondents Bernard Shaw, John Holliman, and Peter Arnett showed the world what modern warfare was like from a hotel room during the first Gulf War. It felt as if we were there with them. We felt the fear along with Bernard Shaw as he reported the bombing nearby and the anti-aircraft fire shooting in all directions. It was a news coup that was the envy of all the other news agencies.

    Now CNN is nothing but a political stooge of the Left. It doesn’t let the facts stand in the way of a good leftist political agenda.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      I remember the days in the early 2000s when I got DirecTV just so I could watch Lou Dobbs on CNN. My how they have totally collapsed to ZERO in credibility over the intervening years.

  • guest

    CNN was Hillary’s water boy. Six months ago CNN was reporting that there were Russians hiding under her bed and reporting directly to Trump.

    • SoCalBeachDude

      They still are at FNN.

  • ISA41:10

    People who watch CNN are welfare bums, food stamp sellers, union goons, goat humpers, pot smokers, pill poppers, lesbians, scumbags, turd eaters, nose pickers, the dead, murders, God deniers, Climate delusionists, Eugenists… sodomites, lesbians, abortionists, transgenders, transsexuals, convicts, parolees, illegal immigrants, drug dealers, arsonist, New Yorkers, feminist, Leninists, Trotskyists, Castroists, porch urinators, police car defecators, and man haters. psychopaths and sociopaths, prisoners, criminals, rapists, child molesters, liars, cheats, thieves, looters, rioters, the fringe, believers in ghosts, alien abductions, immaturity, irresponsibility, mooching off others, drug addicts, people who like to smell their own farts……….

    • SoCalBeachDude

      Oh, puleaaase. Get a clue, dude.

      • Daddyotis

        Get a clue, dude. That is laughably false

      • ISA41:10

        Sorry, I forgot a few!!!

        People who watch CNN are welfare bums, food stamp sellers, union goons, goat humpers, pot smokers, pill poppers, lesbians, scumbags, turd eaters, nose pickers, the dead, murders, God deniers, Climate delusionists, Eugenists… sodomites, lesbians, abortionists, transgenders, transsexuals, convicts, parolees, illegal immigrants, drug dealers, arsonist, New Yorkers, feminist, Leninists, Trotskyists, Castroists, porch urinators, police car defecators, and man haters. psychopaths and sociopaths, prisoners, criminals, rapists, child molesters, liars, cheats, thieves, looters, rioters, the fringe, believers in ghosts, alien abductions, immaturity, irresponsibility, mooching off others, drug addicts, people who like to smell their own farts……….

    • Gay Veteran

      bet you got all “excited” typing “sodomites”

  • Bob

    Since the mainstream media reports false or one-sided information, what should we study to obtain reliable news? Shall we turn off our TV’s and internet news? How do we find the truth?

    • SoCalBeachDude

      Read the news here and on a number of credible news sources which both the author and I link to posts. The real information is very much out there, but ignore most of the MSM including its cable news sources such as FNN.

      • Bob

        Is Zero Hedge the only reliable news source? Who writes the Zero Hedge articles? Does anyone edit them for reliability? What other sources do you recommend? Give us some hot links.

        • SoCalBeachDude

          There is nothing even vaguely reliable from the clueless dolts over at ZeroBrains who do NOTHING BUT SPIN THE NEWS to suit their own interests. I wouldn’t – and don’t ever go there – for anything. I use the author’s site here, the WSJ, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, DollarCollapse, Rense, DrudgeReport, and an array of other sources to check out actual news including Google News (which is now at total mess as of today), and DailyMail which is the best overall source for news out there. Every source has its faults, however, and none are perfect at all, but that is to be expected these days.

          • Daddyotis

            Laughably false. ZeroHedge is one of the best news sites out there.

          • SoCalBeachDude

            ZeroBrains is one of the MOST FAKE NEWS sites out there when it comes to reporting and is JUST AS FAKE IF NOT MUCH MORE SO THAN CNN. ZeroBrains is the very epitome of SLANTED YELLOW JOURNALISM.

          • Daddyotis

            100% false.

            Get a clue, dude.

          • SoCalBeachDude

            ZeroBrains has no clue about anything and is just a bunch of anarchist liars and pot stirrers with ZeroCredibility.

          • Daddyotis

            What utter nonsense.

          • SoCalBeachDude

            What I stated is 100% true and correct.

          • Daddyotis

            Laughably inaccurate. I’m merely presenting an extremely bright and wonderful future scenario for all Americans

          • SoCalBeachDude

            ZeroCredibility is about exactly the opposite and attempts to present “news” in the bleakest and most absurd spins possible – and is nearly always proven to be dead wrong within just a few days!

          • Daddyotis

            So what? What business is that of yours? I take it you don’t live here in beautiful and prosperous California and know absolutely nothing about our glorious state.

          • SoCalBeachDude


          • Daddyotis

            Absurdly false. Detroit is a very minor issue in the US and its problem are ALL LOCAL
            and caused by the people in Detroit itself and are none of the concern
            of the rest of the USA.

          • Daddyotis

            Get a clue , dude

  • SoCalBeachDude

    REVEALED: CNN retracted inaccurate story on Trump’s ally Anthony Scaramucci and his alleged links with Russia ‘after being threatened with $100million lawsuit’

    According to anonymous sources cited by The New York Post on Tuesday, CNN retracted its story after being threatened with a $100million lawsuit by its subject, Anthony Scaramucci,

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Fake news! Doctored Time magazine front cover with Trump’s face on it is spotted hanging in five of the President’s golf clubs

    In at least four of President Trump’s golf clubs hangs a framed Time Magazine cover from March 1, 2009, featuring the reality star and the headline: ‘The “Apprentice” is a television smash!’ But Time never published an issue on March 1, 2009, and a closer look at the magazine’s famous red border reveals the cover, which hangs in golf clubs as far flung as Scotland, is a fake. It remains unclear who made the cover, but Time is now asking Trump’s businesses to take down the phony mock-up, according to Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold.

  • Zaphod Braden

    C.N.N. COMEDY News Network ……. making a JOKE out of journalism

    • HadItWithThem

      I prefer Crappy News Network..

      • SoCalBeachDude

        I prefer Clueless Nonsense Nitwits.

  • jakartaman

    Next up – NYT

  • billtheguy

    The news outlets should only be allowed by law to report verifiable news. And then, only that news. No opinions, analysts or any other thoughts. Where’s Walter Cronkite when you need him?

    • HadItWithThem

      I am not very confident that even ol Walt told the truth all of the time. The Jews owned all of the major news outlets by then. 1000 thumbs up to your post otherwise!!

      • SoCalBeachDude

        What does one’s religion have to do with correct and accurate news reporting?

    • SoCalBeachDude

      Allowed by whom? You want the government to police what is allowed in news reporting? Really? Seriously?


    Trump 2020

    • SoCalBeachDude

      JERRY BROWN 2020.


        Not a chance.

        • SoCalBeachDude

          There is an excellent chance that Jerry will run and that he will become the next President of the USA. Most people – particularly here in California are beyond fed up with the contentiousness of DJT and want him gone whereas we absolutely love Jerry and Ann Brown who have done a wonderful job managing the State of California. The chance of Donnie winning for a second term is very, very low to non-existent.

          • aldownunder

            SoCalBeachDude 2020

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            I don’t think the MoonBeam brand will play beyond CA but we live in strange times. Now, to be objective, I think a Harris/Bernie ticket would be very competitive.

          • SoCalBeachDude

            Those fools would be laughed off the ticket the moment they announced candidacy, whereas Jerry would go on to win the Democrat Primary and the national election.

  • MathCapitalist289

    Exhibit A of CNN logic is: A or B, B ¬ A. Both A and B could be true. A reinforces prior beliefs; ergo, A is true while B is false.

    This is non sequitur. People (e.g. communists, zealots, and apparently reporters) use this all the time to propagate their own narrative, but a news medium should not use such lousy fallacies in their reporting.

  • MathCapitalist289

    Later, assuming CNN still exists, I will purchase them from their parent company (market value will be low due to waning viewership, a few million dollars might work) and double the salaries of the more repugnant reporters.

    Why would I double their salaries?

    They need an incentive to dress up in jester costumes and tell jokes about debacles the old network was involved in. After all, capitalism requires people to offer a service to consumers and investors, and this would be the optimization of these individuals’ potential.

  • Richard O. Mann

    So, who will the people turn to now when they want to know the latest news and what is going on in the world? Once people have lost confidence in the media and the government, what will they do? Who will fill the void? I guess we are about to find out.

    • JC Teecher

      They should only watch the news long enough to catch up on “current events”. Watching any news channel long enough, especially cable news such as PMSNBC, Clinton News Network, and Faux News, will eventually cause one to freak out with unintentional outbursts of anger at family, friends, and neighbors, and complete strangers with road rage.

      My friend was driving through town last week, and a guy on a crotch rocket moved to the near center of the lane markers, (no turn lane) with his left arm extended as in signaling to turn left across traffic when it cleared.
      As traffic was only about 20 mph, my friend slowly moved past the motorcycle but had to stop for vehicles ahead of him. The guy on the bike cussed him and told him he had no right to pass him until he turned, and my buddy said he had every right, and the guy on the bike cussed him back, and my friend showed him he was “number one” as he drove away. Shortly after when traffic cleared in another section of town, here comes the motorcycle on it’s rear wheel right beside my friends vehicle, and the rider took his fist and slammed the passenger side mirror and busted it.

      Road rage 101. He must have overdosed on PMSNBC. Hope he broke his hand in that idiotic move of rage.

      • SoCalBeachDude

        So you have a “friend” who is a HIGHLY OBNOXIOUS DRIVER who goes around inciting road rage and you report that here in detail ? Really? Seriously?

  • Pattie Kelly

    It’s amazing when our President makes comments like “fake news” things always seem to be correct. Well I am glad CNN has be ousted and I hope they have learned a valuable journalistic lesson.

  • tacoma

    I knew CNN and others are a big ‘load of cow manure’ long ago. I stopped watching them years ago. Not only waste of time but a danger to my mind.

    What still surprising about this expose is how many Americans are surprised by it. They have been watching these network ‘news’ for so long the do not have the mental capacity to understand have been brainwashed by BS propaganda. Whose directors are the unethical CEOs and the deep state war, intelligence and money machines.

    Some headlines say this expose is the ‘American Pravda’. Don’t insult Pravda. The headline reflects years of deep anti-Russia (and anti-China) brainwashing. These propaganda campaigns, which the corporate media CEOs have been directed to join, serves the interests of the war hawks and their machines, line their own fat pockets.

    Such a degradation of society and intelligence is sign of an arrogant warring empire in decline. This is good.

    Now if only Micheal do something about the trolls.

    • JC Teecher

      It sure is nice to read another post with pure intelligence and common sense, but, ” you know who”, will never do anything about the trolls, especially his beloved BFF, scbd.

      • SoCalBeachDude

        CNN Pure Garbage – ‘Special Report On Russia’

      • JC Teecher

        Hey Scbeech dud, you are on 100% block, and I am never listening to your ignoramus talk again, You are dead to me.

        so you might as well go outside and tell the little birds what you want me to read, because you have a better chance at them getting me to listen, than me reading another one of your brainless rants, libturd.

        You and snotty are now in the same boat as christless carl and carrion carrie. On a boat sailing into the abyss, and far, far away from this ole mtn. hick, with an IQ, that when all four of you pervs IQs are added up, it still doesn’t pass my numbers.
        Pizz off punk.

        • aldownunder

          Wow …..what happened to your post about the adds and computer speed? it was there twice and now I can’t see it

          • JC Teecher

            Moderated and possibly deleted, but that was to be expected. I am on the “watch” list. Or better said; the “do not watch list”, as some truth might come out, and we can’t be having that.

  • chris

    ”Has the internet now become a place where there is no speech excepted but liberal speech so that the antichristian spy agencies can seek out patriots and christians, record their words, and then squelch them out?”

    Yep, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • JC Teecher

      You got that right.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Trump associate Scaramucci gets a job in the White House: Businessman who was subject of the retracted CNN story is appointed Chief Strategy Officer of the Export-Import bank

    Hedge fund industry executive Anthony Scaramucci, an advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, has been named chief strategy officer of the US Export-Import Bank.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    You are a self-admitted bird murderer.

  • SoCalBeachDude


    How Trump Knows There Will Be Another Chem Attack

    Syria Refutes US Claims Of Chem Attack Plans

  • SoCalBeachDude

    That site is yet another totally FAKE NEWS SITE.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    What utterly bogus nonsense, dude.

    • aldownunder

      I’m not so sure
      Anyway I’m off for some Turducken and plenty of vegies

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Trump holds on to his base but loses independents as his approval numbers plummet among centrist voters

    Four months ago, in February, four in 10 independents gave Trump positive marks for his performance in office. A new survey captured just 31 percent support among independents.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Trump’s ex-campaign boss Paul Manafort finally registers as a foreign agent – and reveals $17 MILLION payday from pro-Russia party

    Paul Manafort, registered Tuesday with the Justice Department as a foreign agent for political consulting work he did for a Ukrainian political party. He got $17m from the pro-Russian political group.

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude


    Pelosi appears dazed… stops speaking, stares at audience…

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude

    Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger” — American Pravda: CNN Part 2

  • SoCalBeachDude

    The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting

    In the sixth month of Donald Trump’s presidency, we are witnessing an unprecedented meltdown of much of the media. Standards have been tossed overboard in a frenzy to bring down the president.

    Trump, like all presidents, deserves coverage that is skeptical and tough, but also fair. That’s not what he’s getting.

    What started as bias against him has become a cancer that is consuming the best and brightest. In rough biblical justice, media attempts to destroy the president are boomeranging and leaving their reputations in tatters.

    He accuses them of publishing fake news, and they respond with such blind hatred that they end up publishing fake news. That’ll show him.

    CNN is suffering an especially bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even trying to make a virtue of its hostility to the president. In doing so, executives conveniently confuse animus with professional skepticism, and cite growing audiences as proof of their good judgment.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    CREDIT CRISIS: The BIS and the global debt bubble

    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is to be applauded for its candor about the serious debt related vulnerabilities in today’s global economy. At a time when a great sense of complacency pervades both global markets and policy making circles, the BIS has had the courage to suggest in its recently released Annual Report that the emperor might have no clothes.

    It has done so by pointing to the large increase in global debt levels and the large reductions in global interest rate risk premiums that have been spawned by years of ultra-unorthodox monetary policies by the world’s major central banks. It has also done so by flagging the existence of a series of asset price bubbles and poor bank practices in a number of important countries.

    The BIS’s principal concern is that global debt to GDP levels today are some 40 percent higher than they were on the eve of the 2008-2009 global market meltdown. Equally troubling to the BIS is that debt levels have increased by even larger amounts in a number of systemically important countries. It notes that since 2008 overall debt-to-GDP levels are up by 190 percent in China, by 70 percent in Canada and France, and by 50 percent in Japan. The BIS is also warning that credit-to-GDP gaps have reached levels signaling elevated risks in a number of important emerging market economies.

    The BIS does us a service by pointing out the basic choice with which the world’s central banks are now confronted. They can either get serious now about normalizing interest rates from their artificially low levels, even though this is likely to cause some immediate painful disruption in the global financial markets; or, alternately, they can delay the normalization process at the risk of creating an even greater debt bubble down the road. That course of action would lead to even greater market disruption when that bubble eventually bursts as it will inevitably in the end do.

  • SoCalBeachDude
    • aldownunder

      Who cares what anybody from the incompetent Fed has to say

      • SoCalBeachDude

        There is nothing in any way “incompetent” about the Federal Reserve which is the best run central bank in the world and has done a superb job and is now clearly stating that it will significantly tighten and reduce its balance sheet by around 50% by the end of 2018 and is in sync with the global financial matters of excessive credit as clearly outlined by the BIS which is the central bank of central banks.

  • Liberty First

    Was it Three Dog Night who played the song LIAR!


    OH MY G0D!! I cant believe that went into moderation. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • JC Teecher

      I know, ain’t it funny when you speak truth and it hits close to home, people that are supposed to be about freedom, and leading people to freedom via a political seat; they become liberals and self centered, and start trying to silence people.

      sounds like the Ahab and Jizzebel couple we have had to put up with for the past 30 years.
      “Silence your critics, and anyone that knows too much” here here!


        Here JC Teecher. Since your post was blocked I will post it for you…….
        Tell me? I suppose someone is really pizzed at me for helping with the movement to fully expose scbdud and having about 20 or so regulars vote up for banning his copy and post links everyday.

        All I typed in response to your comment regarding your wife’s love of birds, and scbd’s being a good person because he “claims” he loves birds was this….0MG!.

        Sometimes we know scbdud lies to make himself “appear” normal, … the reason for the 0MG

        Personally, I think the only things he loves are his meth pipe, his stale cheap doughnuts, and himself.
        Authored by J C Teecher

        Now back to my post…
        Actually, I have no issues with SoCalBeachDude or you at all. Two different people with two different views, but my favorite was ALWAYSTOMORROW. Remember him? 🙂


          How do you like that J C Teecher. 🙂

          • JC Teecher

            I am cool with it, and you as well.

            I think I’ll go have some chilled ambrosia salad w/ cranberries added.


            Enjoy. I just finished an absolutely delicious fruit salad.

    • JC Teecher

      Worse than moderation AT, it was completely deleted/removed. Only the owners can do that.


        0H MY G0D


        Why isn’t it moderated now?

  • alan

    CNN isn’t going anywhere. They will just need to be a little more careful in their fake stories. They will be back stronger than ever by next week. There is no shortage of stories to run for them.

  • DJohn1

    CNN is guilty of slander.
    Or are lies protected under the bill of rights?
    I would say that Trump could own them over this.

  • Common Ground

    …the Russian secret police hacking of the American election of 2016, should be investigated!

    • SoCalBeachDude

      The Russians did no such thing at all.

  • only losers watch tv

    who even watches tv?i can’t remember when I watched a tv show,i doubt if I can name a single tv show (not one lol),Between the saturation of commercials and relentless sell sell sell of pure junk u don’t need,life short folks.ditch the boob tube

  • SoCalBeachDude



    GINGRICH: CNN Should Bring in Independent Counsel to Investigate Fake News!
    PAPER: AT&T Will ‘Neutralize’ Zucker After TIMEWARNER Buy…
    ATTKISSON: ‘Well-Funded Actors’ Manipulate News…
    ATLANTIC Editor In Chief: Trump Going To Be Responsible For Violence Against Journalists…


  • SoCalBeachDude


    NYT Editors Decry ‘Humiliating Process’ Of Layoffs…

  • SoCalBeachDude

    CNN is mocked and accused of turning Elmo into a ‘propaganda puppet’ after the beloved Sesame Street character is featured in a panel on Trump’s travel ban

    The popular Sesame Street character appeared alongside CNN journalist Clarissa Ward and International Rescue Committee activist David Miliband to discuss Trump’s travel ban.

  • Defiant

    TCEC is behind the times…CNN has been a debacle for more than a year. As for election coverage..EVERY network “does a great job breaking things down county by county” (it’s their only job on election night), and Wolf Blitzer SHOULDN’T “make things seem so dramatic” because injecting drama into the news is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM!

  • Awaiting moderation

    Hey CNN, go get your shine box.

  • Da vid

    They hired amateurs to do a man’s job

  • Bob

    CNN certainly isn’t the only media outlet spewing the “Russia hacked the election”or the “Trump colluded with Russia” stories. As far as I’m concerned they should all die a corporate death for their lies.

  • SoCalBeachDude



  • SoCalBeachDude


    Donald Trump is accused of encouraging violence against reporters after tweeting a bizarre wrestling video of himself ‘beating up CNN’

    President Donald Trump tweeted an edited video clip of himself hitting Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23, but the CNN logo was slapped over McMahon’s face. The 71-year-old president captioned the tweet he sent around 9.45am with ‘#FraudNewsCNN #FNN’. The official @POTUS handle also retweeted the video that appears to be a literal embodiment of his assault against the media. CNN’s Jim Acosta fired back and tweeted, ‘Isn’t pro wrestling fake?’

    Trump retorted, ‘Yes, just like your coverage.’ The tweet comes one day after Trump publicly pondered over ‘changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!’ and claimed his use of social media was ‘MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.’ But three days prior, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed ‘the President in no way, form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence.’

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude


    While many of the president’s supporters online reacted to the video with humor, the consensus among journalists seemed to be that Trump was inciting violence against the media.

    New York Times reporter Alan Rappeport called the president’s tweet “A call for violence against the media.”

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Trump Tweets Video of Himself Attacking CNN

    President Donald Trump is continuing his feud against the media. On Sunday morning, he tweeted a video showing him punching a man with the CNN logo superimposed on his head during a WWE wrestling match.

    The video follows Trump’s series of tweets Saturday where he renewed his resentment against what he called the “fake and fraudulent” media. He defended his amount of tweeting as “modern day presidential” and called out CNN saying, “I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!”

    The original video footage is from WrestleMania 23 in 2007 when Trump went up against WWE CEO Vince McMahon during a “Battle of the Billionaires” match. Both Trump and McMahon chose wrestlers to represent them in the ring.

  • SoCalBeachDude


    Bizarre moment CNN’s Jake Tapper aired fake National Enquirer cover during his segment covering claims that Donald Trump tried to blackmail Joe Scarborough

    Just five days after CNN laid off three journalists amid a ‘fake news’ scandal, the channel reportedly made another slip-up on Jake Tapper’s show.

  • SoCalBeachDude


    Trump doubles down on Morning Joe attacks and tweets that Mika Brzezinski is ‘dumb as a rock’, Joe Scarborough is ‘crazy’ and both are ‘dominated by their NBC bosses’

    Despite the outcry over his recent online attacks against Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, President Donald Trump has taken them to task again. On Saturday morning he tweeted: ‘Crazy Joe Scarborough and ‘dumb as a rock Mika’ are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!’ That came as part of a string of ranting tweets against the so-called ‘fake news’ – and despite the fury he’d kicked off with his earlier tweet about the hosts on Thursday.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    CNN Flashes Fake National Enquirer Cover…

    Let’s call this one “‘F***!’ news.”

    We’re told CNN flew into a panic on Friday after it accidentally aired a fake National Enquirer cover during Jake Tapper’s broadcast.

    Tapper did a segment on his “The Lead” show about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s claim that Donald Trump tried to blackmail them with a hit piece in the National Enquirer.

    During the piece, it showed a cover from the tabloid, which seemed to be about a scandal involving GOP senator Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz.

    Unfortunately, the cover is — literally — fake news.

    The cover — which has the headline “Heidi Cruz: Betrayed by Cheating Husband!” and promised details on a “sordid threesome, sleazy love letters and sensational photo proof — has never appeared on the National Enquirer, according to sources at the magazine.

  • SoCalBeachDude

    Fake News: Associated Press Engulfed in CNN-Level Scandal as It Covers Up Invention of Imaginary Pruitt Meeting

    The Associated Press is at it again, pushing more fake news. Sadly, the once-great news wire service is trying to cover up its mistake—nearly the exact mistake that cost three editorial staffers at CNN their jobs in a scandal that first exploded a week ago today.

    A Breitbart News investigation has led to the correction by the Associated Press–which originally resisted–of the fake news it printed as deeper questions of responsibility, accountability, and journalistic ethics consume the AP heading into Fourth of July weekend.

    This time, the Associated Press invented an imaginary meeting between EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, and then alleged that some kind of impropriety happened as a result.

    A Breitbart News investigation uncovered that no such “meetings” took place, the Senate Intelligence Committee was not investigating the matter, and the Treasury Department had already—at the urging of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to now Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin before Trump’s inauguration—looked into it and determined the matter to be entirely “without merit.”


  • SoCalBeachDude

    New York Times Retracts Rumor on Russia-Gate Following Ridicule

    The New York Times has finally retracted its assertion that 17 US national intelligence agencies had unanimously agreed that Russia organized cyberattacks against the US.

    On Thursday, the New York Times issued a correction of a June 25 White House Memo report by correspondent Maggie Haberman: “The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.”

  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude
  • SoCalBeachDude

    Trump Vows To Keep Right On Tweeting To Speak To The People About The Vile Media

  • Gay Veteran

    poor sCarrie, still bu tthu rt Hillary lost

  • MaxRockatansky33

    What about Foxy News? CNN is sponsored by Saudi Arabia?

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