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Do You Now Understand Why You Need To Prepare For Emergencies? This Has Been The Worst Year For Natural Disasters In U.S. History

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There has been a natural disaster that has caused at least a billion dollars of damage inside the United States every single month so far this year.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there have been 10 major disasters in the United States this year.  On average, usually there are only about 3 major disasters a year.  At this point, disasters are happening inside the United States so frequently that there seems to be no gap between them.  We just seem to go from one major disaster to the next.  Last year, FEMA declared an all-time record of 81 disasters inside the United States.  This year, we are on pace for well over 100.  We just got done dealing with Hurricane Irene, and now we are dealing with historic wildfires in Texas and unprecedented flooding up in the northeast part of the country.  This has been the worst year for natural disasters in U.S. history, and we still have nearly four months left to go.  Hopefully after everything that has happened this year it has become abundantly clear to all of us why we need to prepare for emergencies.  The world is becoming an increasingly unstable place, and you never know what is going to happen next.

Thankfully, the U.S. has not experienced a disaster on the level of Hurricane Katrina so far this year, but what makes this year different is that we have never seen so many major disasters happen so rapidly.  Since the beginning of the year we have had to deal with record-setting winter storms, nightmarish tornadoes, “once in a century” earthquakes, historic flooding all over the country, severe drought and some of the worst wildfires the U.S. has ever experienced.

Is there a reason why the United States is being hit by major disaster after major disaster or is all of this just a really unfortunately coincidence?  The following are just a few of the nightmarish natural disasters that the U.S. has had to deal with so far this year…..

Texas Wildfires

At this point, the state of Texas has been on fire for nearly 300  consecutive days.  This has been the worst wildfire season that Texas has ever experienced.

So far, an astounding 3.6 million acres has been burned.  Vast stretches of Texas have been transformed into desolate wastelands.

Over the past week alone, the Texas Forest Service has responded to more than 180 new fires.  The incredibly dry weather and the scorching temperatures have combined to turn the state of Texas into a tinderbox.

One massive wildfire near Austin, Texas has burned approximately 1,400 homes and continues to spread.  The state desperately needs rain and it needs it now.

To get an idea of just how fast the fires in Texas are spreading, just watch this video.

Historic Drought

Right now, approximately 81 percent of the state of Texas is experiencing “exceptional drought” conditions.  Not only has this created an ideal environment for wildfires, it is also absolutely crippling ranchers and farmers.

Farmers in Texas have lost over half of the cotton crop so far.  This is likely to cause clothing prices to rise substantially in the months ahead.

Ranchers in Texas have been forced to slaughter huge numbers of cattle because the drought has made it incredibly difficult to feed them.  Sadly, the number of U.S. cattle is now down to its lowest level since 1963.

You might want to stock up on beef.  In the coming months the price of beef is likely to go significantly higher.

It is hard to describe just how bad things are down in Texas right now.  Overall, it is estimated that the drought has caused  more than $5 billion in damage to the agricultural industry so far.

But wait, there is more bad news.  In fact, if things don’t improve soon we could see massive problems with winter wheat.  Just check out what an article recently posted on Yahoo news had to say….

The bad news does not stop there. Winter-wheat-planting season runs from September through October and rain is vital to germination. Texas and Oklahoma produce almost a third of winter wheat in the U.S. – the hard wheat used in bread products. This week, Bloomberg financial news quoted wheat economists predicting a 50% jump in winter-wheat prices. If the dearth of rain continues and there is no moisture in the soil to germinate the wheat, prices could climb higher still.

Flooding In The Northeast

We just got done with Hurricane Irene, and now Tropical Storm Lee is dumping huge amounts of rain all over the northeast United States.  In fact, there has been so much rain up in Pennsylvania that more than 100,000 people were evacuated from the Wilkes-Barre area on Thursday because of rising waters on the Susquehanna River.

Rivers and creeks all over Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey are flooding.  The region desperately needs a break from rain, but it does not look like that is going to happen quite yet.

The big problem is that many of these areas had already been hit really hard by Hurricane Irene.  As a result of Hurricane Irene, millions of people lost power and dozens of people lost their lives.  Hurricane Irene caused the worst flooding that Vermont had experienced since 1927, and the total economic damage from Irene could reach as high as $16 billion.

Now there are three more storms in the Atlantic that we will have to keep an eye on.  Hopefully Tropical Storm Nate, Tropical Storm Maria and Hurricane Katia will not cause major problems, but with the way this year has been going you never know what is going to happen.

Disturbing Earthquakes

As I have written about previously, the number of major earthquakes around the globe is significantly increasing.  Back in 2001, the world had 1361 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater.  This year, we are on pace to have over 2800, which would be the highest number this decade by far.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the U.S. experienced two of the weirdest earthquakes that it has seen in ages.  The earthquake in Virginia that made headlines all over the nation is being called a “once a century” earthquake.  The east coast very rarely sees anything like this happen.

The earthquake in Virginia was felt all the way down in Georgia  and it was felt all the way up in Ottawa, Canada.  It was felt as far west as Cleveland, Ohio.

In Washington D.C., the earthquake caused quite a bit of panic.  Congressional buildings were evacuated and so was the Pentagon.  The earthquake actually cracked the Washington Monument and it also caused significant damage to the U.S. Treasury building.

That exact same day, there was another very “unusual” earthquake in another area of the United States.  A magnitude-5.3 earthquake shook the area along the Colorado/New Mexico border.  That was the largest earthquake that region had experienced in more than 40 years.

Sadly, it is not just the U.S. that has been hit by significant earthquakes this year.  Just check out what a recent article in the Guardian had to say about what has been going on around the globe so far this year….

6.2 or above earthquakes have hit New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, the Fox Islands, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Indonesia, Fiji, Thailand, Burma, Vanuatu, Argentina, Chile and Iran in the first six months of 2011.


With all of the other natural disasters that we have had recently, it is easy to forget that we just went through one of the worst tornado seasons of all time.

In a recent article, I discussed the incredible damage that some of these monstrous tornadoes did….

The United States experienced a truly bizarre tornado season this year.  In April, there were approximately 600 tornadoes all across America.  That is the most tornadoes that have ever been recorded in a single month inside the United States.  Usually, we only have about 1,200 tornadoes for the entire year.

The massive tornado outbreak in the southeast at the end of April is being called the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.  One F5 tornado that ripped through the Tuscaloosa, Alabama region was reportedly a mile wide and some scientists estimated that it had winds that exceeded 260 miles an hour. By the time it passed, Tuscaloosa resembled a war zone.

The tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri a few months ago is being called the deadliest single tornado in more than 60 years.  It ripped a path of destruction more than a mile wide and more than 6 miles long directly through the city.  One British newspaper has some amazing before and after pictures of Joplin that you can view right here.

After viewing pictures such as those, what else is there to say?

Sadly, there were a lot of other major disasters this year that deserve be discussed as well.

For example, I have not even mentioned the nightmarish flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.  River systems all over the central part of the country experienced “hundred year floods” this year.

So why is all of this happening?  Is there a reason for all of this chaos, or has it just been one of those years?

Whatever your opinion is, what we all should be able to learn from this year is that it is imperative that we all get prepared ahead of time for emergencies.

Natural disasters can strike at any time.  Whether it is a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, an earthquake, a volcano or a wildfire, if you wait until the disaster strikes to prepare then you are going to be too late.

But most natural disasters are only temporary.  Even more frightening is what an economic collapse, a war, a deadly plague, a nuclear disaster, an EMP strike or a weapon of mass destruction could mean.

As we have seen during so many disasters in the past, when something really bad happens food and supplies vanish from store shelves almost immediately.  If transportation is cut off, you could be on your own for an extended period of time.

Our world is becoming a highly unstable place.  If someone had told you all of the crazy things that were going to happen this year, would you have believed them?

It seems like with each passing year things are getting crazier and crazier.  Yes, we can all hope that things will return to “normal”, but we would be foolish if we also did not take precautions.

As I have written about before, the global economy is starting to collapse, the fabric of society is coming apart and the earth itself seems to be going crazy.

We certainly do live in interesting times.  The years ahead promise to be some of the most exciting in human history.  But those that are unprepared could end up going through a massive amount of pain.

So please prepare while there is still time.  You will not always be able to run out to Wal-Mart and buy up all of the cheap stuff that you need.

Anyone with half a brain can see the dark storm clouds gathering on the horizon.  Very, very difficult times are coming, and you do not want to enter them unprepared.

  • Jase

    It’s not just the US. If we experience something of the magnitude of the Japan disaster with earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident all at once can you imagine the chaos? Another thing is there seems to be so little news on the Japanese disaster recently.

    California has been spared so far with the earthquakes, but when it does hit San Francisco and it is the big one or close to the big one or is a series of quakes California will quickly catch up on the disaster ladder.

    Exciting times indeed. Personally I wish I was living in normal, safe, and stable times vs., having all these crazy things happening all over the place in so many different areas of life.

    One thing I’d suggest is to also buy first aid, survival, local plant life/medicinal plant books.

    All our cell phones, computers, tablets, TV’s etc., will be just about useless in a disaster.

  • dmitry

    thank you so much….you’re the man!

  • The current upsurge of natural disasters, along with the political, economic and other types of upheaval plaguing today’s world, are birth-pangs of the coming “holy age” foretold in Scripture. My website – – offers six free essays in PDF format that discuss these matters in detail.

  • r.bitting

    Folks, God’s almost through giving you chances to turn back to him and recieve forgiveness of your sin. You are turning your back on his grace, his only plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground, not to choose, is to choose. Everything that’s happening should be enough to make anyone, even the most hardened skeptic, to at least consider what the odds are of all this happening, everywhere, and all at once I’m not just talking about the natural disasters, i’m talking about all of it. Use your head people. God created man with a conscience because knowing right from wrong matters to God. God gave man a desire to see justice served because justice is important to God. These two facts alone ought to point you to another fact, THAT GOD WILL HOLD EACH ONE ACCOUNTABLE. That should point you to the reality of a Heaven and a Hell. Jesus Christ redeemed you from the curse of the law ( God’s commandments ) by taking our punishment for us, but you must accept this gift, it’s not forced on you. There are two kinds of people in the world, those that say to God, “your will be done” and those to whom God says ” your will be done “. Jesus said, ” I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but by me “. Please consider the times you live in folks. there’s more happening here than you think.. And time is about to run out on your window of opportunity.


      There is no god, there is no satan, there is no heaven and there is no hell. These are all figments of the human imagination used to scare and control people, not to mention to con people into giving up their money and their children to be molested by priests and bishops. Good gig for the pedophiles, bad of course for children. Get a grip people! Organized religion is a total complete farce!

      • DownWithLibs

        Good luck to you, Dude. You’re going to need it!

      • Where is your proof that there is no God? I need you to prove it to me so I be free of my bondage.

        Please do put it back on me, I need to see your proof that there is no God

  • Colin


    The editors at Automatic Earth have written a powerful article that has relevancy to your blog. Here is the article:


    • Wiseguy

      That is funny. How ready are you if you are on a bridge, on a second level of freeway, or under tons of bricks and other debris? How useful are all the stock piles of supplies if you are flat as a pancake? Sure, be prepared, but don’t depend on our preparedness.

  • Sometimes I wonder if the weather is in an end-times pattern and rapidly increasing in devastation or is our technology so much better now that we can communicate any weather event to anyone, anywhere at anytime? Communication happens at break-neck speed these days.

    In any case purchase extra food, water, cords of wood, camping supplies, items to barter with, ammo and anything else that would be important… learn outdoor skills (hunting and fishing). You just never know. Being a dependent bag of flesh is sad:( Don’t go there. You CAN do it all:)

  • Hosanna

    It is hard to imagine what it would be like to go through one of these disasters. I pray to God that if/when it happens to us I will handle it with dignity and graciousness. My possessions don’t seem as important as they once were because I know that any day they could disappear in some catastrophe. It is people and animals who matter in these circumstances.

  • mondobeyondo

    At this very moment, there is a huge power outage in the southwestern U.S., affecting millions of people from Yuma, Arizona to San Diego, California.

    Allegedly, some guy at a utility sub station in Arizona pressed the wrong button or something, and caused all this mayhem. If human error could cause something like this, what would an earthquake do? Or a major wildfire threatening an interstate power line?

    We are so reliant on electricity, more than you may think. I had a power outage last week, for an hour and a half. No TV. The refrigerator wouldn’t work. Same with the microwave oven. It was hot, but the fans and air conditioner were out. Had to rely on the battery powered clock and my cell phone for the time. Electric clock radio – kaput.

    And this was just a minor inconvenience!! Less than a couple of hours. The poor folks in the Northeast hit by Hurricane Irene – some of them are still without power. Not to mention, the flooding, and the tornadoes, the wildfires, etc. Please say a prayer for the people still suffering under nature’s wrath.

    What a rude wake up call to our comfortable, cozy, convenient lives.

    • prosperity for all

      Wristwatches are reliable time keepers.Throw the cell phones away, we were far more a productive people without electronics tying us down 24/7.
      Astonishes me how lost people become without their electronic toys. Might learn the freedom, creativity and productivity of an unencumbered life without cell phone etc baggage.
      When tv went from analog to digital I said forget it. Decided a long time ago that there’ll be plenty of time for tv when I can’t get around anymore. Too much living to do in an able body to waste it watching tv. Incidentally, curious coincidence how the weather changed to the consistant extremes when analog went out, huh. If one thinks the weather isn’t manipulated, go ahead and keep on believing that. If you expect power to go out for a day or two, sounds like the perfect time for a backyard cookout.
      I think Eisenhower had his own little windmill to generate power at the Eisenhower farm in Gettysburg. Americans were like that, stood their ground and pulled up their bootstraps in adversity instead of milling around helplessly waiting for someone else to save them..

  • Just like the US, the EU (European Union), as mentioned in your earlier articles, are so critical to the econmic situation at hand. Get ready for the Debt crisis as well as disaters. Here is a round up of the European Debt Crisis and it’s importance to everyone.

  • Highspeed

    I really don’t know much about emp’s, but have heard that some older vehicles will still be able to operate if one were to occur. Is this true. Does anybody have a good link I can go to for further study. Maybe I need to get that old ford up to speed.

    • uncurable wound

      Allright Highspeed,but thats two cans of beans you owe me.E m p damage to vehicles is hard to determine,the right spare parts kept in a faraday cage would be a good idea.This is a pretty good article!

      Peace to you…

      • Highspeed

        Uncurable wound,

        You are dam man. Thanks a ton. I have my second crop of crowder(hercules) peas coming in. If you need some seed, I’d be happy to send you some. Everyone keeps telling me about crop failure of this particular variety, but I’m not having that problem. These peas remind me there is a God every time I eat them.

        • Highspeed

          I am so sorry, I meant da man.

  • Mark

    This is another great article. It is very important for folks to discuss these topics. I have advised people to be prepared for any of these events for years. If a collaspe occurs most will not be ready. At least the items I have stored will save me from inflation on them if they are not needed for a emergency. I think when I am doing chores of how I could do them without using fragile technology. An EMP strike would be real bad. I have thought about installing a combination micro-hydro/ solar system. The technology is very expensive and fragile. Maybe low tech is a better way to go. Do try to be prepared for the different problems that might come your way. You will need to help family, friends and neighbors. Get to know your neighbors and talk to them about getting prepared. The more that are prepared, the better.

    • Michael

      Good comment Mark


  • liberranter

    I love the photo you included at the top of this article, that of the American flag in the foreground, in front of a lot of rubble and destruction. I’m sure most people don’t read into that the same symbolism I do. The only picture that would better sum up such symbolism would be one that showed a giant Amerikan flag flying over Detroit.

  • Ian

    The United state is Babylon as foretold in the bible. In the Bible, god does say he will smite this nation. I am not even a full fledge christian, but the more i study the bible as it relates to prophecy, the more is see its relevance to todays events.

    • Wiseguy

      I think Babylon is Babylon. The old city in Iraq. I do not remember the bible saying that America was Babylon. Saddam was actually trying to rebuild the real Babylon-remember that?

    • KP

      You’re almost there.

  • r.bitting

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ” Romans 3:20 “….. ” For whoever shall keep the whole law and stumble in one point, he is guilty of all ” James 2:10.. For he ( God ) made him who knew no sin ( Jesus Christ ) to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him ” 2 Cor. 5:21… ” For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. He who believes in him is not condemned, but he who does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God ” John 3:16-18… ” But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkeness, and the cares of this life and that day come on you unexpectantly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole Earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man ” Luke 21:34-36…. Better pay attention people and see these times for what they are, your last chance to turn and be saved.

  • Big Dave

    I’m in Texas and I had a wall of fire come within 100 feet of my home. Gratefully and more accurately, divine intervention had the winds going the opposite way. The grass fire burned 1600 acres just in my neck of the woods. Part of our preparation means being obedient to God and knowing he is still in charge. Preparedness is not only physical and financial. It’s spiritual. If we prepare in all these areas, especially spiritually, we should not fear.

  • Paul

    Wealth shall not be measures in the amount of Gold stored away in some vault, but in the infrastructure kept standing and functioning after a weather change.

  • rabbifromisrael

    and of God

  • doorman

    Im not religious but it looks like the wrath of god is upon us. This is insane.

  • Jimminy

    For someone new to prepping building a Bug Out Bag can seem like a big task. Everybody you read about has been tweaking theirs for months or even years and has a pile of gear built up. It’s hard to know where to start, but if you cover just all of the basics in a survival situation you will still be much better off that 99% of the people.

    We started with one of the kits (Expedition Extreme) from and added copies of important papers, extra clothing and an emergency radio too. It takes only a few minutes to pick out a kit that works for your family and have it shipped to you, instead of driving all over town trying to find all the items you need for a good bug out bag. Then spend a day reviewing the contents and adding your extras. Put it in the hallway closed by the door and it’s ready whenever you need it. Total time spent probably 2 hours = Lifetime of Peace of Mind!

  • Sailor Trash

    When the economy started to tank in ’08, we made some major adjustments: sold our house and cars and bought a run-down little 33-foot sailboat. Now we live aboard full-time, with solar power, wind power, and a very small footprint. We’re basically ready to get away from whatever disasters may come, be it a hurricane or a massive uprising. We always keep canned food, bottled water, extra batteries, ammo, and such stowed and ready to go. Everything we physically own fits on the boat, including a little skiff for shore runs, an emergency generator, and a bicycle.

    • Wiseguy

      Ready for a Tsunami? I get a kick out of people that think they are all set up to escape a disaster. Things happen quickly, sometimes before you know it all your stock is blown to the next state by a tornado or washed out to sea by a tsunami, or burned up by a wildfire. Our trust should be in God. Yes, prepare. But, all that stuff could be gone in seconds.

  • karen

    Folks I hope you take this very seriously, I get alerts sent to my e-mail from the USDA and you would not believe all the counties and states that have massive crop disasters, beyound your belief. After the huge rain we got from Irene, the rain was acid, acid rain tree leaves where full of acid spots and this rain is killing the birds I feed the birds and I noticed many different types where missing, and still are missing. No more song birds and the squirrels are losing their fur and look mutated, that is from toxic rain there is a film on youtube about acid rain you should see it. And like the man said take things very seriously and prepare.

  • Dan

    So far here in western New Mexico we have had nothing happen except weird weather. A long monsoon season, but what I’m seeing else where make me glad that we are prepped.

    Food is the key, with out it you won’t last long or find your self in a government cheese line. Even the Susquehanna river is at flood stage, the same it true about Vermont, its still flooding in MT on the Missouri river Texas wildfires etc, you can almost hear in the background “coming to a town near you soon”!

    Get ready, there is a false flag coming soon,
    get food, water, meds and most importantly have a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • karen

    Me again!!! If I may offer some help to those who would except it, first for your garden heirloom seeds all natural I order them and they are awesome, and print out all the info they offer on planting which is a lot. Next chickens need meat and eggs, McMurrey Hatchery they send live chicks through the mail I order them alot for a meat chicken which takes less than three month before ready to eat is the X Jumbo heavy meat bird you can call or e-mail them, you must have an info-red heat light to raise them they need heat like all baby chicks. Go to you nearest feed store and as whom has adult laying hens for sale they are already grown and you don’t have to wait for eggs, chicks take months before they are ready to lay. Always live where you have plenty of wood for a fireplace or pot- bellie stove, 16% of the population lives in the country compared to over 300 million people, so ther are LOTS of places in the country and much cheaper too. Always have a well many places still have deep wells NEVER depend on some company to supply you with water, having a well you have access to your own water anytime. NASA and solar storms the sun as we speak has been sending off huge magnetic flares which cane and will shutdown all power grids at any given time. And if you are head-over heels in debt walk off from it, it has been done before get your family and pack-up and leave the citites and large towns because desperate people in desperate times are going to hurt you and your family, so do some deep soul searching and do the smart thing. It’s better to be prepared than not.

  • Tripseven

    “Just a couple of weeks ago, the U.S. experienced two of the weirdest earthquakes that it has seen in ages. The earthquake in Virginia “… The epicenter was in a cemetary. It has been determined, was actually caused by our founding fathers rolling over in their graves….

    P-Bo has declared against Israel, As for me and My house we will stand with Israel.
    Choose this day whom you will serve.


    • r.bitting

      Amen…well said.

    • Highspeed

      Great post!

  • Our society is definitely collapsing, physically and economically.

    We are heading back into bondage.

    • Therrion

      I really enjoyed the link you posted and sent it to all my friends. It seems like all our wise men are long dead and gone with the exception of Ron Paul.

  • knightowl77

    Anyone (and I know many) that is not preparing for at least the minimum 3-5 day disruption that a small natural event can cause, is a fool.

    The chance of something more or worse occurring grows with each passing day. At the very least you should prepare, to protect yourself from the inevitable rise in food/commodity prices that are coming.

    The days of summer and plenty here in the world are rapidly coming to a close.

  • Karma is a bitch.

    Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror at all the Death, Disease, and Destruction that have been caused by the United States, not only in your country but around the world since WWII.

    Death . . . the millions of innocent people killed from the air by your military since WWII and from the GMO seeds of death coming from your companies like Monsanto, ADM, etc.

    Disease . . . the root cause of AIDS and all the degenerative neurological diseases manufactured by the U.S. Army since 1941 coming from Fort Detrick. The so-called “war on cancer” initiated by Tricky Dick was really a war on “cancer,” i.e., all the “useless eaters” “overpopulating” this planet. Google MYCOPLASMA.

    Destruction . . . look at all the destructions of infrastructure caused by your illegal and genocidal wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Haiti, etc., etc., etc. Google DU.

    STOP what you are doing.

    • JayJay

      DaVid..have you not noticed…it’s Congress gone wild..we lost control decades ago.
      We’re all just waiting for the next theft from CONgress whether it be taxation or pension/401/savings…prepping best we can.

    • DownWithLibs

      Please return to your planet of origin. We do not need you here.

  • silver bean

    Very well done article. Hopefully this moves people to act no rather than react when it’s too late. Thank you for this article.

  • Dawn Smith

    Comment to the planned monthly Disasters-usually weather oriented. Are you not aware of the government’s private a-b-c agencies (private corporations-not part of USA at all) like Darpa, Haarp? Weather modification capabilities per published NGO and government agency declassified reports exisit since early 1900’s. Shock and Awe..constant fear since we are little short of real, genuine terrorists. Real terrorists are less than 1% on the entire planet. so through weather modification-food is lost so the masses have to eat monsanto (word means: mon-my, santo-satan)GMO food, Don’t forget about the toxic, metals they have sprayed upon all of us since 1990’s as well on a regular basis. Chemtrails.

  • JR

    I understand that there are no atheists in foxholes and all but, can you bible thumpers stick to knocking on our front doors on Saturdays please. If people want to find God and are ready, they will. If they are never ready, they won’t. Stop hitting us over the head with your bible. It’s not appreciated and it’s totally rude. Do you like your religion? Do you like going to church on Sundays & Wednesdays? Do you feel good about it and does it make your life more fulfilling? Good! Let the rest of us be happy the way WE want to be happy and stop shoving your religion into our faces. I believe in God, but I don’t try to cram it up peoples butts at every turn. It’s YOUR Religion. Be happy with it and allow the rest of us to be happy with our God Given Right to chose our own path. Freedom of Choice is American. Respect us and we will respect you by not pushing our religion/spirituality on you. Nuff Said. **And if you chose not to prepare for the worst, you’re an idiot considering what the entire world has been going through in the past few years. Hope for the Best, But…..Prepare for the worst. It’s just common sense, not rocket science.

  • Doomsday is already here

    Total Economic destruction is occurring right before our very own eyes.
    Most of you on here think preparing for a disaster is the same thing as preventing a disaster.
    My friends nothing could be further from the truth.
    You can do nothing to prevent a disaster of this magnitude or its impact on you.
    Like an ant hill about to be crushed, there is nothing the ants can do. No amount of food hoarding, gun and ammunition stock piling will prevent the greatest global collapse that will be recorded in history if there is a future to tell about it.
    Be spiritually prepared to leave this world.

  • Kathryn

    6.7 quake off coast of Vancouver today. Another reminder.

  • Klingonwork

    I think someone may be trying to get our attention…

  • JD

    I feel like God is getting us ready for the big act next year. I never put much stock into the whole Mayan thing, but damn we sure are being tested right now. Im glad Ive made my peace with the Lord cause this is getting serious. We had 100 yr flooding up here in Montana this spring. Some of the roads are still damaged from it. My Dad told me he had to pump out the well for 3 months afterwards. Im not looking forward to winter. I hope God takes it easy on us.

  • JD

    The sad thing Michael is that most people cant stock up on beef. Its already very expensive in the store. My suggestion to folks in town is to try to find a local rancher who might sell you a half a beef.

    • mondobeyondo

      Beef jerky is always an option….

      But seriously, I’m afraid that meat will be a high commodity in the years to come.

  • old soldier

    Highspeed, Uncurable wound, and any interested in EMP effects. Get and read two books: EMP Survival:How to Prepare by Larry Poole and One Second After by Wm Forstchen. The latter is fiction, but it is written by a historian who uses ,in the book, disaster stats of life after a disaster based on actual historical events (scary). Re: a Faraday Cage. Per an internet article ,where the Indian govt did their own study, it does not protect the electronic device completely. Not only that, but 10-15 minutes after the EMP attack there is a power surge that destroys what the inital attack left.
    Michael, great article.
    where I live yesterday, within a 36 hr time frame, 17 inches of rain were dumped on my county. It was enough rain to erode a major interstate highway making it impassible. With that in mind and what the article said, we have had an above number of disasters so far this yr and the remaining four months, ………be prepared.

    • Michael

      Ouch – 17 inches of rain?

      I bet that made quite a mess.


  • Gary2

    Michael-the real question is how do we prepare for the unnatural disaster that is the republican tea bagger party? That disaster is destroying this country and their immoral policies are killing more people way more than any natural disaster ever could.

  • Year 2008,Norway Begins Construction Of There Seed Bank And It Is Supposed To Survive AnyThing. This Bank Is Being Filled With Seeds
    From Around The World, Millons Of Them, This Is Being Done To Reintroduce Agriculture In Cause Of Drought, War, Whatever. Why Wait Until Now To
    Put This Plan Into Development? This Is A World Seed Bank Not A Single Country Seed Bank. Why Was This Not Created 10yrs Ago? 20Yrs Ago? Why The Concern Now? If Nothing Terrible Was Going To Happen They Sure Would Not Be Spending The Money on This. I Personally Do Not Like What I see On The Horizon, The United States Government
    Does Not Believe In telling People The Truth Because They Truly Believe That People Could Not Handle it. There Arrogance is Hard To Accept. Alot Of People Could And Will Handle Any
    Disasters because they know how To React To Such
    By Preparing And Getting Together And Helping Those Less Fortune Because of There Ability To Survive. Being A Believer Of The Bible And Nostradamus And If What They Wrote Is True Than
    i Will Close With “When The Going Gets Tough The
    Tough Get Going” God Bless.

    • JayJay

      alreadyGone…I read a theory that the seed bank is going in now because Monsanto is ready to destroy OUR seed stock and destroy our fertilizers with their artificial, disastrous efforts that were said to enhance our crops??
      Those seeds are not for us–for he elite class…and I didn’t get the memo.

    • Your doomed

      yeah really now, ask your self this question silly head.
      if the government told you truth about a impending disaster, such as a huge meteor heading our way, or a total collapse of society or a raging virus that’s about to kill off 2/3 of the population. They told you this and that they are storing seeds seeds for a future generation to rebuild the world, and they are building arks for a few elite to repopulate the earth. lets say the government knows all of this but it might not happen for lets say 2 months or 2 years or 2 decades.
      Who the hell would continue paying their mortgage? Who would continue to go to a crappy job that pays poop? who would consider giving birth? who wouldn’t keep paying visa master card Citibank? The society would collapse in seconds upon the revelation that we are heading into disaster.
      The Government needs to make the transition to repopulate the earth a reality.
      There’s an old saying, “need to know basis”, You and I are not important enough from the governments point of view to know how we are to die and when..

  • American Poverty

    I can see everything coming to a head, like a festering boil about to rupture.
    In other words it is almost time.

    • Bert

      Yes but are they counting on Americans going after Americans? Probably. They divide us while they will hop on their jets and fly off to Switzerland. This is why we must reject the dividers. There is a whole cadre of narcissists running the media and the world right now and guess who they care about the most? Note the term “narcissists.” They feed one another, in all ways, and pick the lice off one another while they tear us apart. Don’t let it happen. Americans must stand by fellow Americans. Don’t buy into it.

  • American Poverty

    It’s death out there. Can you feel it?



  • It really has been amazing. And it’s hard not to wonder if God isn’t trying to get someone’s attention as has been mentioned in the comments here. I suggest people watch the move The Road and consider it.

  • Bert

    It is amazing listening to the “natural” disaster victims in the east complain because they don’t have electricity for three days. What a bunch of spoiled babies American’s are.

  • That Sojourner

    Very simple. God has given the nation enough time to turn from sin. We continually turned our backs on Him, so He has now turned His back on us. We are past the point of no return. Expect tremendous problems until the Second Coming of Christ.

  • kalord

    I can see you guys still havent gone to and read the last 5 or so dreams that predicted all these things and the worse is yet to come. Pleasssssssse go there right now and read the dreams and see how they match up down to the minute detail!!!!!!!

  • JayJay

    Last year we bought half a beef for the freezer and when picking up the order(same time frame) maybe 3 other people were at the processing plant.
    Saturday, we couldn’t get in the door; no problem; went to lunch, toured the city a little, returned; we couldn’t get in the door.
    Left our order and will pick up later.
    Folks…they know…they are stocking up on meat.

    • Michael

      Wow – who was buying all the meat?


  • DownWithLibs

    We’ve turned our back on God and Israel, now we get to pay for it! Yes, it’s that simple.

  • Not only natural disaster but the financial disaster too because the whole economy is stretched to its full capacity for the debt and its verge on the default ..In such a situation , there is no relief to the they should be well prepared for the bad times to come..
    To avoid the risks, I follow they give an accurate predictions about the market and other happenings

  • teaj

    there has been 2 hurricanes this season one of them didn’t come close. Usually there are a crap load more hurricanes that don’t comes close to hitting us. Yall are crazy “the end of the world occurs on my birthday” pretentious douchebags.

  • Aleksandra R

    I am just so scared for my children that will have to live in this ruined world. What is going to happen to them should something happen to us, their parents and relatives? I have a child with special food needs. Just being a parent during this crisis is a scary thing. May the Lord help us all and help our children to survive somehow and see a better future someday. May he teach us to provide for them the best we can when the time comes when the crime starts soaring. May he help us prepare to meet the upcoming crisis with faith and dignity and stay true to our Christian beliefs. When you don’t have enough food, no money, no place to live and no medicine, you will want to do anything to provide for your children. I am afraid of that. How will I act when the time comes that there won’t be an honest way to provide enough for them? When there is no other help in sight, how far will I go to get them some food? Will the Lord forgive me? I pray the Lord won’t let me fail him. I pray we keep our honesty and faith during the disaster that is approaching.

  • TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
    Judgment Continues
    Thus far in 2011 we have seen catastrophic tornadoes, catastrophic floods and catastrophic wildfires. Now we have an extreme drought in fourteen southern and southwestern states that will be a catastrophic event as well. In today’s news this weather event was said to be leading to another Dust Bowl like the one in the 30s. The weather forecasters blame it on a La Nina weather pattern, they have no idea that it is part of God’s judgment upon this nation. This drought is similar to the one in the 30s that hammered an already weakened nation. We recovered from that, but we will not recover from this.

    The latest news regarding this drought is quite alarming because it means that crops are not growing which means food shortages and higher food prices on the horizon. Also caused by the drought are shortages of hay used to feed cattle and corn used to feed pigs, as well as water for these herds, which means that ranchers will be forced to sell their herds because they cannot afford to feed and water them. That will mean temporarily lower meat prices, but only for a very short time, then prices will skyrocket. Chicken feed will become more expensive thus raising the prices of chickens and eggs. Cotton crops are being devastated which means higher prices for clothing and other cotton products.

    On the other side of the nation the effects of the extremely heavy snowfall this past winter in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are still causing problems in those states because of the great amount of water still coming from the snowmelt in the mountains. The damage from the recent floods up there was great, but the effects are still lingering. The rivers are still high which means that fishing up there is almost non-existant and raft tours are virtually impossible. Business up there in these areas is dramatically off because of the lack of tourists who usually flock to those states for summer vacation fishing and rafting. More businesses will close, more people will lose their jobs and eventually their homes. More people will be in need of social services which will add to the already great economic problems of our nation. This nation will not recover.

    These things are simply more of God’s judgment upon this wicked and perverse nation – and His judgment will only get worse. You must continue to press into the Lord for wisdom and guidance in what are becoming very perilous times.

  • Degaz

    These weather stories make you wonder about all the talk about Nibiru..

  • A.S.

    Why is this happening??? Because Americans don’t follow G-d’s laws anymore. Stop gay marriage. Stop sexual education in schools. Stop other immoral behavior. Stop the hate. Stop the illegal wars. Take out office all dishonest politicians. Take your children out of the evil public schools. Help your neighbor when they are really in need. Is that enough advice to make the disasters stop?

    I know what some pro-GLB people will say–“you are the one that is hateful.” Well, lets look at the 50s or before…were there so many natural disasters happening all at once? NO! It is our own doing. And you know what is truly ironic? It is the believer in G-d that is viewed as being strange, weird, abnormal, hateful, evil…how the world has turned upsidedown. G-d help us that still believe in you and keep your laws.

  • “The way to understand all of this is to realize that it’s part of a broader syndrome,
    in which wealthy Americans who benefit hugely from a system rigged in their favor
    react with hysteria to anyone who points out just how rigged the system is.”

    Panic of the Plutocrats

    Organizer Labels Own Poll Irrelevant After Ron Paul Wins
    (Results only count if establishment Republican is victorious)

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Think: “No electricity, no running water”
    Think: “Made in USA”
    Think: “Solar powered” or “Hand-crank” (for cloudy days)
    Think: “Prepared for any weather, any environment, and situation”

    I’ve included some links, just as EXAMPLES – I think it’s good to do
    a little research, find the best quality and price – and Buy American-
    made, as much as possible…

    1) Food is second to water, and never forget it. WATER. Rationing is a
    must for both Water and Food.
    – Make sure you have one pot dedicated to boiling water.
    – Water purification tablets will work, but be sure to follow directions.
    – A small water purification unit works as well as boiling does.
    – If in your home, and have no running water – there are “Dolphin air2water” devices ( that extract drinking water right out of the air. As a last resort – you can drink water right out of the toilet “tank”. Be careful of mold around fixtures. One tank of water should last for approx. 2 days for 2 people. In the greater outdoors – find a way to collect (and purify?) rainwater…
    – “Air2water” devices need to be kept sanitary/clean, before use, as well, to avoid ingesting any mold!

    2) FOOD. Dry or Freeze Dried food is best.
    – Mountain House is a popular brand for storeable canned food items.
    – Get a couple boxes of MREs. They are great sources of calories and
    one meal can last for 2-3 days. (A person CAN survive for 3-4 weeks
    without food – not recommended – but, no two people are exactly, the same.) Ration as or where possible.
    – Get a good book on edible plants (native to the region you’ll be ‘exploring’).
    – Some foods may be eaten raw, however, cooking is always preferred.
    Refrain from eating pork, chicken, or ground beef, raw. Some suggest
    using a small Coleman stove/grill that is powered by a small propane
    tank. My only question is – what will you do, when you run out of small
    propane tanks? ( No fuel needed, except Sun-light! Remember, it won’t be bright and sunny every day, so have an alternative for those days. Insects and larvae are a source of protein. One rule of thumb: if you can’t identify it – don’t eat it. Some insects can make you very sick, and/or kill you.
    – If you are the game-hunter-type: Get a book on field-dressing animals.
    – Salt.

    3) First Aid Kit. Be sure to have a ‘top notch’ first aid kit.
    – It should contain sterile bandages, anti-biotic cream, burn cream, anti-bacterial wipes, insect repellant (citronella is a good, natural anti-wood-tick/deer-tick item), or NEEM oil repellant, insect bite (and/or snake bite) kit, aspirin or non-aspirin (acetominophen), sewing kit/thread/needles, sharp scissors, etc. Get a knife/scissors blade-sharpener.
    – Make sure you have at least 60 days of vital, necessary medicines (such
    as insulin, or aspirin, etc.), and/or vitamin supplements.
    – Get a good book on home remedies.

    4) Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver, shave cream/soap, anti-bacterial soap, deoderant, shampoo, haircut scissors, comb, skin lotion, lip balm, sunscreen, etc.
    Also: Think hearing protection, safety/sun glasses, N95 or similar (respiratory) masks.

    5) Clothing.
    – Be sure to have both warm, and cold weather gear.
    – Be sure to have rain-waterproof gear. (Boots, gloves, rain-suit w/hoodie, etc.)
    – Durable, and long-lasting clothing is best, especially in terms of work boots, jeans, shirts. (I like Duluth Trading Co. – most of their stuff is imported, though :~(
    – Sewing kit, 35mm film case, with extra boot/shoe laces.
    – Waterproof/rain-proof poncho(s).

    6) Shelter.
    – Obviously, a durable water/rain-proof tent, large enough to house the
    required number of people, and sturdy enough to withstand high winds, rain. ‘Bath-tub’ bottom, separate ‘rainfly’, aluminum poles.

    7) Bedding and linen.
    – Make sure your bed is OFF the ground (ie, cot with mat, and sleeping bag, or air mattress, bed-stand, or hammock, etc.)
    – make sure you have a safe, effective way to clean your clothes and
    bedding/linen. This prevents ‘bed-bugs’, insect infestation and/or disease.

    8) Lighting.
    – Some say propane lanterns are best. I say solar-powered or hand-crank lanterns are best.
    The more self-reliant you can be, the better. I wouldn’t rely on propane…
    – Flashlight(s). An absolute necessity, when there’s a power failure, during
    a storm, or electrical outage. A durable, aircraft-grade aluminum LED flash- light, with long-lasting (common-sized) batteries, is recommended. Also, a hand-crank flashlight, or a shake-light flashlight is handy. With all
    battery-powered tools, re-chargeable batteries are the key. You have to
    have an alternate source of power, to re-charge your re-chargeable batteries. (Solar-powered battery-chargers, is one example: Also, a ‘tactical’ flash-light, that has a dis-orienting ‘strobe’ effect feature, is good for self-defense.
    – Having said all of that (about flashlights) – a ‘head-lamp’ is even better – because putting the light, on your forehead, frees your hands for other necessary work.
    – The most reliable source of light (and cooking) is fire (candles, fireplace), if you have a place to find wood, or fuel for a fire, and a place to safely burn.
    – Fire needs a source of ignition, such as a Brunton Waterproof Stormproof Lighter.
    It operates on butane, however, but is small, durable, good up to 30,000
    ignitions)(1,000 before needing a refill)… Otherwise, keep water-proof matches and some bic lighters in abundance. Bic lighters work for about 4 months, but break easily. Be sure to blow out candles when not in use, or there’s no one around to monitor them, or before falling asleep. There is a solar-powered fire-starter, however – go to: and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Of course, there are other, less expensive ways to start a fire, without matches or a lighter: – you’ll just need a magnifying glass.

    9) Power. Generators are good, but not necessary.
    – A DC power-inverter will (supposedly) power just about anything in your house. It will work, but only as long as you have ‘juice’ in the car battery. Remember, the old-time pioneers lived by fireplace-light, and/or candle-light. We can, too. For warmth in the winter – there’s always warm (fleece) clothing and bedding, absent electricity. Solar-powered generators that are compatible with and operate vital, necessary equipment, such as an “air2water” device – may be the best option, for power outages. Store enough water for cloudy days…

    10) Personal defense accessories/self-protection.
    – Non-lethal – pepper spray. For women – you can get it, in a lipstick-like container.
    (This is a clever way for women to protect themselves – by not alerting the
    potential attacker to a more obvious cannister of pepper spray)
    – Non-lethal – stun gun. Is another option.
    – A hand-crank NOAA weather radio is a must, for power outages, due to storm conditions.
    – Knives. A person should consider having minimum of 3 durable, and very sharp knives in their possession, at all times (during a camping or survival situation). Buck knives are very popular, and likely the best. Also, have a knife-sharpener, that doesn’t take a lot of the metal off the blade. You’ll want the knife to last as long as possible (even after the camping outing or survival situation is over).{end_use:%27O%27}
    – Warm clothing/bedding is vital, especially in cold environments, with no power.
    Fleece (undershirts and bed-covers) retains warmth, extremely well.
    – Consider small two-way radios with at least a two-mile range, for communicating with family members (not sure if they have these with rechargeable batteries).
    – If you opt for firearm(s) – for hunting or self-protection – make sure that you know how to fire, clean and store the firearm correctly and safely. Also, keep plenty of ammo for your weapon.

    11) Remember, take it easy on your-self. Don’t overwork for anything – ie, make sure the benefit outweighs the cost, as hiking/running requires A LOT of energy. Energy = Food. Avoid dangerous situations – trust your ‘gut’/instinct – it’s usually right.

    12) Tansportation. A 4×4 vehicle is obviously preferable to a conventional car.
    – A 4×4 can get you around/over debris, much more readily than a car, and
    is better, in more remote terrain. Or, a moped? Something electric? Bicycle? Hoof it?

    13) Get a good, durable, quality watch. (I like Timex, they ‘take a licking – and keep on ticking’!)

    14) What to do, if there’s no running water, in order to use the ‘rest-room’?
    – If outdoors, you can always have a small, folding, compact shovel, such as are used by the military:
    – In an urban environment, without access to an outdoor ‘port-o-potty’ or ‘port-o-let’ you’d absolutely, for sanitary and other reasons, have to find an alternative…such as sealable containers to stop bacteria or the buildup of bacteria…
    – X-tra TP…

    15) Other tools: Kershaw Camp Axe:
    Camp Saw (even better than an axe)
    Magnesium Fire Starter
    Duct tape: (made in usa)
    Trauma Pak w/QuickClot:
    Work gloves.

    16) Additionally, you’ll need to think about having:
    – identification
    – important documents (& something waterproof to keep them in)
    – minimum of $100 cash (small denominations – less change)
    – “smuggler’s belt” (made in usa)
    – large zip-lock (slider-lock) type “freezer” bags/disposable
    – thumb-drive in a small, waterproof container
    – chewing gum – no aspartame
    – pet?: emergency kit, water, food for your pet
    – entertainment: cards, book(s), puzzles, small, portable chess set…
    Survival websites:{end_use:%27O%27}

  • What can Americans do to fight the New World Order?
    1. Turn off your T.V. (Better yet,throw it away)
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’(Especially big banks,big oil,big weapons manufacturers,big government,multinational corporate interests,big media,and anything you were taught in school)!
    4. Get out,and/or stay out,of debt! (Try to not charge for things that you can just as easily pay for,with cash)
    5. Use cash as much as possible,rather than debit cards and/or credit cards,which allow companies to track what you are buying,and where you are buying.
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union,or any alternative to the ‘Too-Big-To-Fail’Banks,that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout. Don’t do business with ‘the Beast’.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals –especially silver,and gold.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm,to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products that indicate “Made in America”–whenever possible. You’d be surprised to find out how many necessary,practical,every day products are still “Made in America”!
    11. Buy food at a local Farmer’s Market
    12. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate –reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book to read:Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical,jazz,ambient,or alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki
    (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’book,entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World),pp. 322-329. “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’
    (Instead,jog,meditate,read,or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY –if there is something you must have,purchase items whose packaging,ingredients,and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    Write letters telling Monsanto,De Beers,ExxonMobil,Adidas,Ford,GE,Coca-Cola,WALMART,and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
    why you refuse to purchase from them.
    DOWNSIZE (your car,home,wardrobe) –everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need) SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits,radio stations,and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers,producers,and suppliers.
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money –banks,pensions,mutual funds,companies –make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Better yet –invest in precious metals (silver/gold).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’–a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES,and loses it’s place,as the world’s sole reserve currency. The ‘globalists’(European Central Bankers,like the Rothschilds,and the Rockefellers,as well) are planning to reduce the American Middle Class to the status of the Third World poor. That is,they are going to wipe out the American ‘Middle Class’. That is why they shipped our jobs overseas. That is why they engineered the current economic ‘downturn’. That is why no bankers have gone to jail,over their financial crimes –they are immune. There is no ‘justice’in this system. It is owned,and operated by European Central Bankers,and their Allies in London,in Frankfurt,and on Wall St.
    27. Did I mention invest in silver (and gold)?
    28. Global,non-violent,NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer,of We the Plebs,to the ‘elite’New World Order!
    29. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up,to entrap you in THEIR system. (Become a serious ‘prepper’)
    30. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes,in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    31. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    32. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    33. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’society. Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

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