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Extreme Hypocrisy! Obama Orders Federal Workers To “Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can”

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Barack Obama On The Phone In The Oval OfficeWhy would the president of the United States try to purposely hurt the American people?  Well, in 2013 this is done in order to score political points and force the opposition in to doing what you want them to do.  A few days ago, an angry Park Service ranger publicly admitted that he and his fellow rangers have been ordered to “make life as difficult for people as we can” during this government shutdown.  That Park Service ranger would never have received such an order unless it came from the very top.  Apparently the Obama administration plans to cause as much pain as possible until Obama gets everything that he is demanding.  In many cases, it is actually going to cost far more money to put up barricades and use guards to keep Americans from visiting open air memorials, driving on roads, and fishing in bodies of water than it would to put up a “closed” sign and simply go home.  As you will see from the examples posted below, the Obama administration is being extremely spiteful and vindictive.  And the level of hypocrisy that we are now witnessing is hard to fathom.  For instance, the National Mall has been totally closed to the public, but the Obama administration is specifically reopening it for a massive pro-immigration rally that will benefit the Democrats politically.  The abuse of power that is taking place is absolutely staggering, and the American people need to demand that those that are abusing it be held accountable when all of this is over.

The following are just a few examples of how Obama is using this shutdown to make life as difficult for people as possible…

#1 The Obama administration is doing all it can to keep Americans from even getting a glimpse of Mount Rushmore, but Barack Obama’s chefs have been deemed “essential” and are still preparing his meals.

#2 Small businesses cannot get loans, but the exclusive gyms that are only for members of Congress have been deemed “essential” and remain open.

#3 The National Mall has been closed to the public, but it will be opened for a huge pro-immigration rally being held by Obama supporters.

#4 Last chance cancer treatments for children with cancer have been suspended, but the IRS continues to collect taxes from us.

#5 The NIH has stopped therapy dogs from visiting sick children, but Obama and Congress are still getting paid.

#6 The USDA website has been shut down, but Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website is still operating.

#7 A runner has been fined $100 for jogging through Valley Forge National Historical Park, but the military golf course that Obama uses regularly is still open.

#8 The Obama administration has shut down the Grand Canyon, but the new two billion dollar NSA spy center is still spying on all of us.

#9 The federal government has forced an elderly couple out of their home on Lake Mead during this shutdown, but the operations of the Federal Reserve have not been affected at all.

#10 In South Carolina, the Obama administration is actually using Park Service rangers to keep people away from a privately-owned hotel.

#11 In Tennessee, the feds have totally shut down the Foothills Parkway, a major thoroughfare that runs through Blount County.  At this point the feds are not even letting people visit the graves of their dead relatives.

#12 The Obama administration has actually removed all of the well pumps along a 184 mile trail that goes from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh just so that anyone that decides to use the trail will not be able to get any water to drink.

#13 The Obama administration is actually attempting to close 1,100 square miles of ocean off of the coast of Florida.  It is going to take a tremendous amount of time, money and energy to keep fishing boats out of that area.

#14 According to one news report, “Gestapo tactics” were used against one tour group made up mostly of senior citizens at Yellowstone National Park…

Pat Vaillancourt went on a trip last week that was intended to showcase some of America’s greatest treasures.

Instead, the Salisbury resident said she and others on her tour bus witnessed an ugly spectacle that made her embarrassed, angry and heartbroken for her country.

Vaillancourt was one of thousands of people who found themselves in a national park as the federal government shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1. For many hours her tour group, which included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States, were locked in a Yellowstone National Park hotel under armed guard.

The tourists were treated harshly by armed park employees, she said, so much so that some of the foreign tourists with limited English skills thought they were under arrest.

When finally allowed to leave, the bus was not allowed to halt at all along the 2.5-hour trip out of the park, not even to stop at private bathrooms that were open along the route.

#15 Of course one of the most disturbing abuses of power is how the Obama administration is using barricades and guards to keep military veterans away from open air memorials such as the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial that are normally open to the public 24 hours a day.

It is beyond disgusting for Barack Obama to take these memorials hostage for political gain.

And a lot of military veterans have decided that they are not going to take this slap in the face.  In fact, one group is organizing a “Million Veteran March on the Memorials” this weekend.  You can find their Facebook page right here.  According to their page, a mass protest is being planned for 9 AM this Sunday morning…

“Join fellow Veterans at the war memorials in Washington DC on Sunday October 13th at 9 AM and at memorials across these United States.”

And veterans will not be the only ones in D.C. this weekend.  An organization known as “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” will also be there.  You can find their Facebook page right here.  The truckers are planning a three day strike and protest which will stretch from Friday to Sunday…

“The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a national protest in support of our nation’s truckers on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers! Truckers will lead the path to saving our country if every American rides with them!”

Many truckers are even planning to take their trucks right into the heart of Washington D.C. itself.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.

Personally, I have never seen anything like what we are witnessing right now.  The president of the United States is actually trying to purposely hurt the American people in order to put pressure on Congress.  He isn’t even being subtle about it.

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, you have got to be absolutely disgusted by what Obama is doing.  He is showing an astounding lack of respect for the American people.

It is one thing to play hardball with Congress.  That is acceptable.  It is quite another thing to spitefully abuse the American people in order to get what you want.

What Obama has done goes way over the line.  If the American people are not outraged by this, what will it take to wake them up?

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Are all of you as disgusted by this as I am?


    • Orange Jean


      I am especially disgusted by the thing they did to take promised money for families of deceased service members to help them with the difficult transition to being without their loved one… and not pay them.

      They also lied to me (Fed civilians who got furloughed were at one point told we would get at some time back pay for those furloughed days), but I would MUCH prefer that they take the money they had promised me and donate it instead to help families of deceased service members.

    • GSOB

      What will wake them up? you ask..

      A default on their own vault.

    • davidmpark

      This is what tyranny looks like. And this is who Obama and his entourage really are. Impeachment and trial for these assaults on the American people and treason for aiding Al Qaeda in Syria is necessary.

      • Guest

        I agree, David. But he’ll never be impeached. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached for war crimes. It seems these people are above the law. And I’m afraid that the tyranny is going to get much worse.

        • davidmpark

          This is exactly why we must put the pressure on them now. Congress and the States is where the fight should be right now. The administration and courts cannot act without them, and they are next.

    • Syrin

      Keep in mind, these are the people that will make the decisions about YOUR health care, and they are showing us RIGHT NOW how much they HATE the citizens of this country. Who here wants THESE people literally making your life and death decisions? Once you are viewed as a cost center, those death panels that they said didn’t exist while mocking Palin, will be used very liberally, pun intended.

      When it is all said and done, Obamacare will likely go down as the single worst piece of legislation in the history of the world as it simultaneously destroys a sixth of the biggest economy that ever existed, destroys medical innovation in the most technically advanced society ever, changes a nation from a liberty based freedom loving society to a tyranny where the gov’t MANDATES what people must purchase or be labeled a criminal, AND destroys the most medically advanced society to ever exist. It completely decimates this nation on so many levels. Future historians of great societies will look back at this piece of legislation as the marking point of the fall America. I thoroughly believe this.

      • GSOB

        Well said.

      • Dr. Dave

        Future historians? Really? You think there are going to be future historians after America goes down? This is the last go round, Syrin. Their aint gonna be anymore man-made, human-governed societies after America goes down. This country was God’s last great gift to governance in the mortal existence of earth. This world is moving very quickly to its climax and change to a new celestial existence and they likely won’t be any historians, at least not the kind we have today, toiling away in libraries, comparing events and values of different eras. Once America goes, so goes terrestrial earth.

        • El mico

          I hate to alarm you but the USA is not the center of the universe. History is full of examples of great empires that failed yet life goes on. USA, get over yourself.

          • flemsnopes1

            Could you supply some examples of these other great empires? Did they have a written Constitution with a Bill of Rights? In what respects were they great? Just curious.

          • Gay Veteran

            Great Britain was as free as we were in the 1800s and 1900s

          • flemsnopes1

            Great Britain is a fairly good example of a once great nation, and did, after a long period of time, adopt a type of Constitution, but I don’t think they have ever had any equivalent of the Bill of Rights, although the Magna Carta did contain some seeds of the ideal. Nice try though.

          • Gay Veteran

            Great Britain basically has (had) the same freedoms as America. If you have proof otherwise then provide it.

          • Alson

            Yes the UK had a Bill of Rights . A lot of the US’s rights are adapted from it.

          • flemsnopes1

            Although you’re technically correct, this act passed by their Parliament does not appear to rise to the level of the U.S. Bill of Rights, which is part of the original U.S. Constitution and thus not easily subject to change or abolishment by subsequent government machinations or the whims of future demagogues. It may have been an inspiration for the U.S. Bill of Rights, but it is clearly not the equivalent.

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, as if our Bill of Rights still exists

          • flemsnopes1

            And, therein lies the crux of the problem as we accede to taking the final few steps on this socialist path to serfdom here in our once exceptional U.S.A. You and I have actually touched on a point of some agreement, my E.C. friend.

          • Gay Veteran

            the merger of corporate and state power is called fascism

          • Hammerstrike

            Switzerland, have been free before the americas where even discovered.

          • flemsnopes1

            Perhaps the most successful of of all the socialist failures.

          • Hammerstrike

            More successfull than the US.

          • flemsnopes1

            With respect to socialism, I pray you’re correct.

          • Angie

            You, sir, have no idea what America means to its people, and we are a nation built on trusting in God, but satan has finally been elected into office, and is tearing down our beloved country. We were once a beacon of light to people all around the world who wanted to come here for all our freedoms and a chance at a better life. So sad to see what has become of our nation!!!!!

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Once America goes, so goes terrestrial earth.”

          oh lordy, quit wetting your pants

          • GSOB

            I know,,, you can’t help yourself.

          • Gay Veteran

            sorry to turn you on by writing about pants wetting

        • Josh

          Actually there will be another. The bible calls it the Beast, many here call it the NWO or one world order.After the Beast/NWO is destroyed by Christ at his second coming there will be another kingdom on Earth. The only thing is that that kingdom will last forever and will not be governed by foolish mortals who are self centered hating their fellow man. That’s right i just said Christ will reign on a physical Earth, for 1000 years! Don’t believe me?
          Check out Revelation for yourself, not to mention most the books of prophecy like Isa, Ezk, Daniel etc.

          • GSOB

            Christ rules even now.

        • Josh

          I might also add that after that 1000 years there will be an unspecified period known as the “Great White Throne Judgement” where all who have ever lived will be resurrected and either live or die eternally by the book. Christ’s reign will not end it will continue forever over both physical and spiritual beings on both a physical earth and eventually over the new heavens and new earth. Read your bible, I didn’t make this up.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…I didn’t make this up.”

            no, someone else did

        • Gay Veteran

          “…This country was God’s last great gift to governance in the mortal existence of earth….”

      • RarefiedSnotress

        Yeah, they really hate people.. that’s why they’re working on a system that will allow everyone to get health insurance vs snubbing those w/pre-existing issues

        • Peace Angel

          The only people signing up are the ones with preexisting medical issues which is why Obama refuses to talk about who is signing up. You cannot pull ONE part from a 12,000 page disaster and claim it is a good bill. He hired more than a hundred thousand people to SET UP this online system. Lots of them are making 6 figure money with all the sick days and vacation days and health care our federal employees always get. THAT would have paid for a lot of health care and for a year health insurance companies have pressured the White House to get it up and running and they DID NOT and CANNOT get it up and running.

          I spent two decades selling health insurance to self employed people and 9 out of ten of them COULD NOT AFFORD insurance. THEY knew they would face huge consequences to their business and personal assets in the event of a catastrophic illness in their families to include losing their homes and their businesses. Yes, the government has always allowed attorneys to take people’s assets to pay hospital bills and IF they have no assets the gov. goes after money and homes and land from their extended family members. I saw Blue Cross destroy families on a regular basis.

          Also the idiot liberals forced insurance companies to add “well care” to everyones coverage and all those extra bells and whistles have raised premiums in most states and the others will follow suit as they understand and see how costly this program will be.

          In many states health insurance rates have doubled and tripled and ALL states will have to do the same.

          The people who have never had a job and who have always been on welfare and whose fathers and mothers have always been on welfare and whose grandfathers were also on welfare WILL NOT BE BUYING health insurance today and they are a much bigger drain on the system than are sick people. Sick people have never been able to be covered because of the huge drain on the system from not poor people but from lazy unemployed government dependent leaches on the US economy since the welfare system changed from being a system to cover mentally and physically disabled Americans to a “baby mama” system. I have lived all over the US and did volunteer work among those who were supposed to be “poor.” THEY were usually doing far better than the working people of the US. THEY will still fill up the hospitals every day with domestic violence issues and with gun shot wounds and free baby birthings and more and they WILL NOT BUY insurance. We all will still have to pay for them.

          A huge number of young Americans under 30 MUST buy insurance at the rate of a car payment monthly in order for this to work. A third of them cannot even find a job making $10 dollars an hour and still live with their parents and a huge amount of them have a couple of decades of student loans to pay for. Michael JUST wrote about that!

          THEY will NOT and CANNOT afford to comply with this marxist dictatorial mandated nitemare of a health care bill. You don’t know what you are talking about and like 80% of all Americans you have NO CLUE what this will do to our already disastrous economy. It will make millions broker and it will cause and already has caused millions of full time workers to become part time workers BECAUSE even major companies are going to pay fines and not insurance. THIS is a huge fail and the only good thing about it is that Obama will still be in office when the whole thing goes down in flames and then what????

          • Gay Veteran

            “…this marxist dictatorial mandated nitemare of a health care bill. …”

            it is precisely what the insurance companies wanted.
            and remember, fascism is the merger of corporate and state powers

          • Hammerstrike

            Before ____ is fascism, try knowing fascism actually is.

            BTW, US medical technology isn´t that advanced.

          • Gay Veteran

            “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

            Benito Mussolini

          • Hammerstrike

            When, where and according to whom?
            Beside, if you sincerely believe that such is the case in your country, you are quiet mistaken.
            It is a bit deeper than that.

          • Gay Veteran

            Can you read?!?!?!?
            The quote is by Mussolini. Gerald Celente repeatedly points out that we now live in a fascist state.

          • Hammerstrike

            There are plenty of bogus quotes attributed to Churchll, Hitler, Chamberlain, Stalin, Roosevelt and pretty much every widely-known historical figures there is.
            It may even be more common than rule 34, lol!

      • Gay Veteran

        cost center? you do understand that insurance companies for decades have viewed people as being precisely that.
        You want lower medical costs? According to Karl Denninger (one of the founders of the Tea Party movement) you have to stop the monopolistic practices of the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

        • nekksys

          And yet the ACA plays right into the hands of those same insurance and pharmaceutical corporations…

          Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

          • Gay Veteran

            no, it was all worked out with the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
            Fascism = merger of corporate and state power

          • GSOB

            Put a rubber on and you won’t get sick.

          • Deborah C

            GSOB – you’re a jerk.

          • Gay Veteran

            no sh*t, sherlock

          • Deborah C

            That’s because the House refused to accept President Obama’s original plan: single payer, NO insurance companies involved. What a surprise that the repubs wouldn’t turn their backs on the insurance lobby. I don’t think that’s funny, nekksys.

          • nekksys

            I wasn’t trying to be funny…

            Please, point mr to a document that shows Obama wanted a single payor system. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it.

            I do, however, find it quite interesting the ACA included a provision to repeal anti-trust laws against the insurance industry as a whole. THAT in an of itself is a detriment to the free market.

            Mark my words, the final step in this whole fiasco will be a complete agglomeration of all insurance companies into a single Federally run corporation where no one gets sufficient healthcare and the elderly and the otherwise infirm will be deemed “useless” by some strange, politically correct description and who will then be herded off like cattle and slaughtered.

            If this is what you want, sit idle and do nothing.

            But if you want to regain your liberty and remain a free people, get up and take ACTION. Vote out the incumbents. Start a roundtable discussion group, desgined to get folks thinking and talking so as to urge them to action based on what is truly right and not what feels good. Go to a PTA/PTO meeting and demands answers as to what is being done to improve education in your district. Find out what is really going into your local water supply. Form a local watchdog group which questions everything your local and county / parrish governments do. Join me in getting out and doing SOMETHING before it’s too late!

      • seth datta

        The NSA is actually the real cause for the fall of America. They use the technology against the population to identify dissidents and real leaders, before ‘silencing’ them.

      • Gay Veteran

        try 9/11/01 as the marking point of the fall of America, with subsequent “Patriot” Act, war of aggression against Iraq, torture, murder (often by drone), NDAA, etc.

      • 2Gary2

        i do not want some capitalist insurance exec making my healthcare decisions. insurance companies are the real death panels.

        Tax the wealthy to keep us healthy

        • GSOB

          I love you man, I really do appreciate you..

          so I wonder,
          and ask myself….

          how did Gary ever get attached to this site? Years now has it not?

          • 2Gary2

            Maybe I am really Micheal’s alter ego…

            No seriously this is a really good question. I stumbled across this bizarre right wing conservative love fest of a site and felt it needed, desperately needed, balance and also to have more than a passing acquaintance with facts.

            The sheer ignorance of conservatives is absolutely stunning. I think it is more of a response to their world view going down in flames and this and other sites are a last gasp attempt to try to prove conservatism is even relevant anymore (if it ever was). I actually find people like syrin entertaining (a little disturbed but still good for a laugh)

          • Hammerstrike

            And do you believe that Michael is actually right about a coming economical collapse?

          • 2Gary2

            yes I do believe Michael is correct. I think he was 100% right on when he said it would happen slowly as opposed to a big dramatic event.

            I do however believe it will usher in a second new deal and hopefully move us in a more socialist direction so we can be more like the Scandinavian countries.

            I believe with the accelerating decline of conservatism and its give tax cuts to the rich as their solution to everything the republican party will be little more than a bad memory sort of how we remember joe mcarthey and the communism witch hunts.

            Once wealth and income is more evenly distributed the 1% will not have such control.

          • nekksys

            So… Wealth redistribution is the solution? Taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots will resolve this whole issue? Please, name on instance from history where this worked. I patently defy you to name a single, successful instance of wealth redistribution within a debt-based economy.

          • 2Gary2

            See the Scandinavian countries. There are many examples. See the history of this country.

          • nekksys

            The Scandinavians aren’t socialist and there has been no wealth redistribution within Scandinavia. I think you need to take a longer look at, a) how prevailing culture in Scandinavia has been shaped by historical culture and events; b) what “wealth redistribution” actually means within regard to economics.

            Let’s save time and I’ll school you…

            Within Scandinavia, the prevailing way of life is one of cultural sharing. They see no issue with sharing anything they have. This stems from their history of sharing openly. Drawing from history, in a land where the collective surviving the winter may be dependent upon everyone putting something into the “kitty,” sharing is an absolute necessity. This has remained firmly embedded within the cultural mindset.

            Let’s use Norway as the example to represent the whole of Scandinavia…

            As we know, sharing breeds community which in turn lowers crime rates. For example, Norway’s per capita incarceration rate is 8.9% that of the US. In Norway, 64 out of 100,000 people live in Norwegian prisons. In the US, that number rises to 715 per 100,000. Not only that, their prosecution rate per capita is 0.008% of the US rate.

            Now, I know you’re going to argue that sharing is a form of socialism. Possibly, but the government of that region is NOT socialist. In fact, they are more capitalist than the US. Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged by the government in Norway. Tax rates are higher, yes. However, Norwegians actually get what they pay for rather than having some pork-barrel, pet project sucking money out of individual governing regions. Again, this is due to a culture of sharing.

            Let me sum up this way:

            Within a culture built on community and sharing, distributing the burden of social responsibility isn’t looked on with disdain; it is embraced and encouraged.

            In my view, should the world’s debt-based economies collapse, Norway will emerge as the world power because they are better equipped as a nation to shift to a resource backed economy.

            So while we in the US and elsewhere squat over what we claim and squabble over “me, my and mine” in a post-collapse world, the Norwegians will be happily rebuilding their society and continuing on with life in pretty much the same way they have for millenia.

            As for wealth redistribution… It literally means to take from one and give to another. In other words, if you make more money than I do, the government will take from your paycheck and give it to me. To put a finer point on this: If you have 2 nickels and I have none, they will take one and give it to me. Doesn’t sound so good now, does it?

            I would much prefer to have $20 worth of food and GIVE $10 worth to you because you truly need over having someone FORCE me to give it to you. (Keep in mind all humans resist being forced to do anything by nature…) Doesn’t that sound like a much better option?

            There is no reason why we cannot share the social burden of retirement, healthcare, et al, among the collective within a Democracy. Yes, we can have our cake and eat it too but for this to work, we must fundamentally change how Americans view themselves and their surroundings. Simply put…

            “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’…”

          • 2Gary2

            Thanks for your very informative response. You did a masterful job explaining this and I appreciate your doing so.

            I think there is way too much focus on the mythical rugged individual here in the USA. I say mythical as no one ever succeeds entirely on their own. There is no self made anything.

            I have received the following reason for Norway (and other ) successes-they are by and large a homogenous people and are not burdened by diversity. (no blacks/browns or other) If you take the black and brown out of the stats for the USA we look way better. The black/brown drag the rest of us (White and Asian) down.
            I am not saying I personally believe this, however, I do believe diversity has been way oversold.

          • nekksys

            Yes, the homogeneity within each of the various Scandinavian countries does conribute to an overall unity and stronger sense of community in the smaller scale of villages, towns and neighborhoods. However, it does not displace culturally driven sharing which makes them so successful.

            Using this cultural sharing as a pattern for improving our own nation, it would be quite simple to change our country. By simply making a point of sharing simple, small resurces when we are asked and not keeping score of who gave whom this or that, we could see a turn around almost immediately. The difficult part for most is the not keeping score…

          • 2Gary2


          • nekksys

            BTW, can I get a bag of flour from you? Baking bread for the neighbors…

          • 2Gary2

            when I was growing up we always used to borrow and lend eggs/butter etc to our neighbors.

            You can borrow flour from me if you are in the Milwaukee metro area.

          • nekksys

            Actually, I’m WAY south of you and I was expecting a tongue-in-cheek “No.” as a response…

            “Never take life too seriously, kid. You’re not gonna make it out alive anyway.”

          • Deborah C

            Yeah, Gary, how dare you bring the voice of reason, facts and figures and common sense to this site?

        • nekksys

          And I don’t want the government making my healthcare decisions.

          I will make my own health decisions, thank you very much…

          • 2Gary2

            so you want the ceo of a big insurance company making your decisions? That is currently what we have. Every penny they spend on your and other peoples health care comes out of profit. Guess what they think is more important to them?

          • nekksys

            Your first sentence shows you didn’t bother reading the whole two sentence post… Allow me to re-post sentence two:

            I will make my own health decisions, thank you very much…

            Does that make things clear enough?

          • 2Gary2

            You must be fairly well off for you to be able to make all your own healthcare decisions and not need to rely on some insurance company.

            Is that is the case I am happy for you as obviously everyone would most likely want to make their own healthcare decisions.

          • nekksys

            It costs nothing to make a decision. It only costs to act on those decisions.

            The fact that I require such little outside healthcare; meaning doctor visits, both routine and diagnostic; isn’t due to wealth, status or friends. It stems from my education and training. I can diagnose and treat the vast majority of common illnesses using albeit archaic, but none-the-less effective, skills: a talent hard won from military duty and raising children. A talent which everyone on this planet can enjoy if they but put their minds to the task of learning how to care for one’s self, family and friends.

            Overall good health is a rather simple task but it isn’t something we should put into the hands of others to decide for us. WE must take the responsibility and initiative to develop and maintain our own good health through effective health practices. Allow me to be the example in this case.

            For me, preventive care is paramount. It is far easier and cheaper to wrap up well before going into the blizzard than it is to be ill-dressed and suffer influenza. It’s less expensive to buy soap and wash my hands frequently while cooking than it is to treat botulism or listeria. It may be more time consuming to use proper cooking methods and temperatures but it beats getting salmonella.

            The only things I do not handle myself are optometry and general dentistry; not for a lack of knowledge but because of a lack of equipment (such as the measurement devices used by an optometrist) and specific medications (such as Lidocaine and Novacaine for pulling teeth).

            So, you see, with education and a willingness to be proactive, good health, and the decisions necessary to acquire and maintain it, need not be costly. With that in mind, why do we even need Obamacare???

            One word: LAZINESS.

          • 2Gary2

            I got my CPR certification last summer. I even convinced my company to pay the cost by showing them how this knowledge would make me more valuable to the company. It worked-they paid the class and let me go during the week on work time.

          • nekksys

            Nice job!!! And kudos on the CPR cert!!!

      • 2Gary2

        Obamacare was designed to fail and give us single payer. How many times do I need to point this out?

      • Spot on

        Quite brilliant. I agree.

      • Hammerstrike

        Medically advanced? Not so much, really.

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, we should just take your word for it

          • Hammerstrike

            Please, keep on buying the corporate propaganda! -D

      • Gay Veteran

        “…destroys the most medically advanced society to ever exist….”
        IF you can afford it. Our current system is sheer extortion. Incredibly high prices due to the monopolistic practices of the insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, etc.
        Real Karl Denninger at market-ticker to find out how medicals are well over 50% higher than they should be.

    • bobco

      Disgusted does not come close to
      what I feel.
      My Grandfather flew (12) missions in a
      freezing cold B-17 bomber during WWII.

      He never spoke of the horrors he saw, or the
      consequences of the carpet bombing of Europe to the cities and people on the ground, but he knew. At the end of his life,
      I, as a grown man was able to sit with him
      and ask questions, and talk about it in detail.

      We both shed tears, and let me tell ya, I gained a level of respect that humbled me
      to my soul, and made forged me into a better person! Its hard to explain, but I will give an
      example: I recently was in a large outlet store with my wife when I noticed a stout eldely man wearing a Special Forces cap from the NAM era. I managed to catch his eye as he was leaving, his head was way above mine. As I did, I took a step forward and asked him, excuse me sir, did you serve
      Our country? His reply, “Yes I did”. My reply,
      did you see much action? His reply, “well, I saw a little bit” as he got a strange look on
      his face and his mood seem to go from happy to somber. I looked him straight in the eyes and said ya, I bet you did, offered my hand and gave him hearty handshake as I thanked him for his service and sacrifice sir,
      and God Bless you.
      A heart felt thanks from a complete stranger,
      He got watery eyed and so did I as he walked away. I could tell he was a hero, the real deal!

      Michael, I have an eye for these guys, not intentionally but I can feel them in my presence. They are nearly always gentlemen
      Wearing a hat, and out of the blue I say thank you and offer my hand!

      Back to how I feel about the shutdown crap, in regards to the WWII memorial, when I first started reading about the honor flights being blocked off to the WWII memorial, I had tears
      Running down my face as I paced around my garage and the back yard with my fists clinched, and my teeth grinding. The average person, even my wife can’t understand how I feel.

      My grandfather never got to see HIS memorial, but trust me he would have been on an honor flight. And had he got there, with me, and not been allowed to enter, a once in a lifetime chance, I can say with confidence that I would have ended up in jail or dead!

      Thats how I feel. Beyond disgust.

      One word to describe this administration,

      Thanks Michael!

      • Gay Veteran

        sorry, but we committed a monstrous evil in Vietnam

        • Piglet

          And anyone who doubts your statement need only pick up and read a copy of “Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam” by Nick Turse. It’s an accurate and horrifying account of what went on in Vietnam for years.

        • WM

          Sad but true.

      • Hammerstrike

        Evil? Petty and pathetic fits even better.

      • Peace Angel

        I started counseling our war vets during VietNam after they got off of airplanes and were “stoned” by the American ppl,. who as usual had NO CLUE what was going on over there and NO CLUE our troops wanted out from the first day we sprayed Agent Orange on the whole nation that eventually killed almost 2 million ppl. The book just mentioned in a previous comment is THE TRUE history of Nam. and totally opposes the government 90% version.

        ALL the useless desert wars have been just as horrifying for our vets and we accomplished NOTHING but more lost lives. 90% of ALL the kills in every war back to Nam have been civilians. The purpose was only ever to depopulate the world by 90% which is now law in the US and to create the New World Order. Agenda 21 makes that law and the US is the test case for the world and already they have legislatively overturned the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence in order to create the NWO.

        The NDAA act of 2011 labels ALL our war vets back to VietNam as “enemies of the state” and as “psychotic” and as “domestic terrorists” and law enforcement is doing horrific things to them daily from coast to coast. THIS plan has caused the government to create 800 FEMA concentration camps nationwide and our war vets are being herded off to those camps. Check out the story of marine Brandon Raub and see the video that Obama had banned everywhere that a Conspiracy Theory episode titled “Police State.” The video only appears on infowars as the “banned video” because Obama shut down the whole thing after this video was filmed of people living in a concentration camp here in the US. ALL the episodes proved that 90% of US conspiracy theories are not theories but the truth. I am a die hard patriot of this once great nation but evil forces have for a hundred years been planning to destroy it and I have been writing about and witnessing this occurring for 6 decades and now I am expatriating like 3 million Americans are doing every year. I won’t spend my retirement in a concentration camp and the US is NOT going to wake up in time to prevent that.Twenty one of our courageous war vets who have served in all these ludicrous wars are taking their own lives every day in American and no one cares. God Bless you

        • Hammerstrike

          “The purpose was only ever to depopulate the world by 90% which is now law in the US and to create the New World Order.”


          This is the era of ICBMs and biological warfare, 20-30% of the world population can be killed-off within a hour and only weeks before biological warfare deals with the next 70-60% (with the remaining 10% being vaccinated in advance, officially against minor things).

          • PeaceAngel

            This machine has hundreds of ways to kill off 90% of the population but this wasn’t about biological warfare. THEY have not done this according to DHS whistle blowers is because they continue to need workers and they continue to need their money in all their greed. One of them reported they wanted to put up road blocks at the same time coast to coast and stop and herd all the traffic into the camps under the auspice of forcing them to get a vaccination to ward off their newly created virus and then the road goes to a zombie camp. THIS sounds to me like CRAZY but these ppl. are NOT sane.

          • Hammerstrike

            It could all have been done many years ago.

            But the current system is not a meritocracy but a parasitocracy, those in charge knows that if the useless eaters go on account of being useless eaters, then they themselves are next.

            If anythong, they are against the 10% of the population that have the higher intelligence.

    • jakartaman

      Barry is such a little man and tiny president

    • djc

      Michael, do you ever get worried that the Obama administration will attempt to make your life, and your family’s, as difficult as possible for exposing, in such a cogent way, the corruption of the government. These are very scary people with long memories.

      • GSOB

        Silly question.

        This is where the 2nd Amendment comes in.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…#2…the exclusive gyms that are only for members of Congress have been deemed “essential” and remain open….”

      and this is Obama’s fault how?

      • GSOB

        Lots of shady deals are made there.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…#5…Obama and Congress are still getting paid….”

      and how is Obama to blame for Congress still getting paid?

      • GSOB

        There is honor among thieves

    • Orlando Smith

      Yes, and this is why I donated twice to The People’s Voice & am looking forward to the unbiased tv news station due soon. David Icke has been predicting and battling this on our behalf for years to much ridcule.

    • Rainbow7Warriror

      Keep in mind Obama’s agenda all along has been to divide and destroy the USA as he admitted by the total transformation of America and his Executive Order giving himself the power to declare martial law as he is trying to do. Then he becomes the dictator like Hitler. Remember Hitler also took from the rich, took the guns, encouraged the gays, lesbians and transsexuals to be his army. Just as Hitler , Obamanations is the next Hitler.

      • Gay Veteran

        hey moron, German gays were murdered in the concentration camps

      • Walt

        You obviously do NOT know crap about the reality of Nazism. Reap up before you pipe up. Ignorance is NOT liss.

        • Walt

          READ, that is.

      • Hammerstrike

        Actually, it was the “Weimar” regime that established tought firearm laws and Hitler who eased them, because he didn´t fear the German people.
        Night of the long knives, homosexuality in the SA wasn´t overlooked.
        Hitler wrestled power from the banks and their prostitued politcians, revived the German economy, modernized infrastructures and industry, made Germany into a great power once more.
        German military came to defeat better-armed foes in 1940 and 1941, making even Roosevelt (who tried to copy his policies) and the US governement wet their collective pants.

        So you know, if Obama reindustrialized the US, have the infrastructures rebuilt, jail the banksters (with his fellow blacks and a few soaps) and make the dollar a national currency once more, put the productive back in charge and end the parasitocracy once and for all
        IE everything the US people could have done for decades but didn´t, then he would actually deserves to be called Great Dictator and have his portrait over the entry of every school.

        You do it, you keep it.

    • clementinesalmassi321

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      working part-time online. published here J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Rodster

    That’s a progressive for ya !

  • cateye

    This cretin holds the American people in utter contempt and why shouldn’t he? He was given the keys to kingdom not once but twice despite not having anything near the minimum qualifications to run a small business. The mainstream media worships him even as he kicks them in the teeth. His despicable actions during the shutdown will do very little to dim the enthusiasm of those who think he walks on water. He is punk, a small minded bully who never had a father figure in his life to teach him respect for the truth, respect for his country and how to take responsibility for his actions.
    The spiteful closing of the WW II memorial was the last straw for me. I am not sure what that means just yet, but it was the last straw.

    • cateye

      “a punk”…

  • Jodi

    If this doesn’t anger the American people, I don’t know what will. We are in trouble.

  • K

    Disgusted yes, surprised no. Do you not recognise a test when you see one? . So far this Country is failing this test badly. They push, we obey. So they push even harder, and we still obey. A very dangerous message is being sent to D.C. I guess between TSA molesting you at airports, and various other Government overreaches. You all are mostly used to being abused by people who work for you. Hopefully the Vets and Truckers save us from a totally failing score this weekend. Otherwise you have answered D.C.s question. At what point will the American people resist tyranny? Most will not resist at any point at all. If they decide that is your answer, you have not seen anything yet.

    • cateye

      Good point. The pressure is building though.

      • K

        Yes, but pressure that builds too long, causes an explosion. It is sad more have not refused these orders. Many have said orders like this, would not be followed by most of the feds. So for people who thought that way. I hope you are paying attention.

    • Hambone

      Right on. There are times I can’t believe the people he’s been making do this stuff haven’t revolted. I have to think at some point, people who work for him might mutiny. I realize that’s their livelihood, but at what point do they refuse to work for this clown?

    • Hammerstrike

      What is even worse is the limp resistance to these overreaches.
      At least a few veterans and bikers are trying to save their country´s honor.

  • markthetruth

    This is like watching the ” Little Rascals ” in reality !!!

    the end…

  • Russ

    Just think of the power to inflict physical pain on a populace dependent on Obamacare. I can easily imagine hospitals in strong Republican locations getting closed due to lack of funding and families being turned away from life-saving care. The abortuaries would stay open of course as they would be deemed essential.

  • condaggitt

    Its official Ohbewanna is COLORED… longer shall he be referred to as black African American mulatto white or anything other then what he is COLORED!

  • garand555

    Time for another Boston Tea Party type of event. Or, rather, civil disobedience in general, because, in this day and age, I could care less about tea and those who import it. But, since those national parks are supposedly public land, I do care about access to them. It would be nice if we could get masses of people to dress up like old west bandits (instead of indians like in the original Boston Tea Party) with faces covered and all descend upon our national parks.

    • davidmpark

      How ’bout in cheap suits from Wal-Mart? Go to the closed down memorials and neatly stack the barriers into a plinth?

      I like where you’re going with this.

      • garand555

        Sure, but a cheap cowboy hat and a bandana is, well, cheap. It need not cost much at all.

        I’m just coming to accept more and more every day that our way of life is going to change, and that the world is going to change, and that we cannot stop this. What we can do is take some control over the direction of the change. We can figure out what is needed for possibly our futures to be livable, and what is needed for future generations to live lives where they at least get to pursue happiness.

  • GSOB

    JB is doing the right thing, I stand with the libertarian spirit, which is at the core of true conservatism and the heart of a republican ideology. JB, he is trying to represent that.

    Yes,.. it’s good to see that there is a formidable, and gutsy stance, an opposition to the reckless spending from such spirit filled men, being heard in this way from the hill. JB and the house did not shut down the government though.

    ACA funding is provided by how many people get enrolled, paying into it. We are to suppose to believe that when this money changes so many hands, someone won’t bilk the till some way or another along the way, lends itself to increase cost.

    The government has shutdown because it’s out of mula, just about. The house wants to negotiate a spending budget but the demos want a clean bill, promising to discuss after a clean bill is granted. It’s all about money, the lack there of.

    The dems, the POTUS and much of the MSM blame JB and the repubs for the shut down.
    Go figure.

    We have a stalemate because everyone knows we are bankrupt, broke, need to raise the debt ceiling to meet our obligations, and ACA is the below the belt shot to our economy…. They know whats in it and soon, so will everyone else.

    The Aca is the democrat’s attempt to save the economy and the hard core conservatives that he JB is trying to represent, and doing it well, is trying to cut spending. ( We are broke!)

    We have prepped for this have we not?. I mean, the prepper philosophy is best suited for the libertarian spirit, isn’t it?

    The collapse has been going on, is present and will continue. Aca left unhindered will ensure that. One year delay creates a gaping hole for more wasteful spending while gloom continues to slow economic growth. Either way, are economy will continue to go down hill.

    I suspect this fiasco will be behind us no later than the 23rd of Oct. I would be very surprised if it runs past that, but I hope it does to tell you the truth, as stupid as that may sound.

    • Syrin

      I fully view Bohner as a card carrying member of the authoritarian party. I can only name 15 members in our federal gov’t I would consider libertarian.

      • GSOB

        Agree but it would take an idiot to not recognize the fact we are bankrupt already.

    • Rene Girrard

      I disagree that libertarians are the true conservatives.

      • GSOB

        That’s because you have two left feet.

    • Gay Veteran

      “I stand with the libertarian spirit, which is at the…heart of a republican ideology….”

      since when?

      • Mike

        Agreed. The Rethuglicans are no better. Us REAL libertarians are not in either of these sick parties. The ONLY one was Ron Paul and even he finally got sensible enough to leave. Politicians are vultures and parasites. nothing more.

  • End Time Gal

    Go online folks and watch the hundreds of visions and dreams regular people are having about this man then you will know who he is and what is coming.

    • Rene Girrard

      99% of the Christians on the internet who are “prophetic” are total complete whack jobs. Thank you very much.

  • 2Gary2

    A report … by Oxfam International revealed that the combined income
    of the richest 100 people in the world is enough to end global poverty
    four times over, and that the gap between rich and poor has exploded by
    some 60% in the last 20 years. … Money … tends to be translated up
    the income ladder in times of financial distress. ”

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth now!

    • davidmpark

      Wrong subject, Gary. Try again.

    • Syrin

      Spongebob’s pet hits the play button on the only record he has yet again. History cannot reach the depths of idiocy this “person” shows us. Zimbabwe implemented his plan down to every last detail, as pointed out many times over, but he’s absolutely intellectually incapable of even basic thought processing. A 100% income tax would get mere pennies from those 100 people he is so jealous of, whose property he greedily desires for his own, but HIS policy would prevent EVERYONE else in the entire nation from achieving wealth from their own industry and ability. In fact, it would solidify the wealth of those 100 people for generations and guarantee perpetual poverty for the rest of society, but his grasp of economics doesn’t extend beyond, “Oh, penny!! SHINY !!”

      Gary, enjoy your last hateful bitter filled months, maybe years, on earth. If anyone truly deserves what is coming, it is you.

      • 2Gary2

        ok Hoss. As usual you completely missed the point.

    • Libsare Ajoke


    • Mike

      Lenin did that in the old Soviet Union and millions starved. Moron.
      I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we just try liberty for once, eh?

      • 2Gary2

        the total depth of stupidity in your and other posts is breathtaking. How do you remember to breath?

  • Wally

    The whole thing is like a bad nightmare. Everything from Benhazi to NSA to the IRS, etc. I am asking myself everyday can this possibly be real? What is going on?

    Intentionally closing privately owned restaurants that happen to be in a national park. Closing WWII memorials and on and on.

    I have to believe something very dark and sinister is about to hit the USA and an economic collapse will be the least of our problems.

    Today the Japanese are finally asking for help with Fukishima. Too late when those cores melt down it will be a 100 times worse than Chernobyl.

    I think the end is upon us….

    • GSOB

      More gloom for sure.

    • Syrin

      Avoid Chicago and FEMA region 3 for the next 6 weeks. Look up Dave Hodges thoughts about Chicago that he posted today.

      • wally

        I just read that. Scary stuff is coming. Yep test one is shutting down half of Boston to look for 1 person next is a huge test, maybe a nuke or something and they shut down the a whole county. Go to war…put the whole country on lock down.

        • Walt

          Wally: I think you are a bit whacky…

      • Hammerstrike

        No, there have been plenty of time for a false-flag operation, it has been over 12 years since the attacks on the Twin Towers, even Obama´s cronies would not take that long.

    • Hammerstrike

      Fukushima, the disaster that DIDN`T kill millions.

    • Walt

      So, you’re a nuclear expert? IF and when the cores melt they will go into the ground. Chernobyl had explosions that sent radioactive material flying into the air in huge amounts. So your analysis is apocalyptic and a bit off base methinks, but at least you know about Chernobyl. The bulk of writers on these responses are blithering idiots.

  • davidmpark

    Impeachment is necessary now. All progressives and radicals – out, now!

    It’s not the tiny government shutdown nor the debt ceiling that will create the SHTF scenario – it’s government tyranny that will do it.

    The shutdown is barely effective. The only things that were shutdown were supposed to be unaffected in order to punish the little people to drive them against the emperor’s enemies. The debt ceiling is a another false panic. It means we can’t create anymore inflationary debt – it does not mean we must default on previous debt.

    When it comes down to it: if there is a rebellion, the rebels will be no better than the Feds. Most of the time, if the rebels win they’ll be worse than the despots they deposed.

    Armed revolution is not necessary and is exactly what obama wants – he wants to be conqueror of the US to impress his dead polygamist father who abandoned him. We must take back control of Congress via State’s rights, recalling members who do not behave themselves, supporting media that does tell the naked truth, and behave afterwards as the owners of these governments.

    • Gay Veteran

      oh yeah, because “conservatives” aren’t part of the problem

      • Donald Wilson

        All politicos must be removed from office, replacements elected and term limits put in place. Furthermore, the Fed must be exiled and the President, Treasury and the Congress MUST be forced to comply with Constitution as well as comply with the oath they took prior to assuming office.

        • davidmpark

          Like what you’re saying! Full replacement legally must wait ’til next two election cycles – unless there’s a recall vote in their respective states: that’s what we should be aiming at right now. Add the Supreme Court and bureaucrats to the term limits list. And it’s pressure from us, the people, that will force them to adhere to the Constitution.

      • davidmpark

        Some of the local Utah conservatives are being a problem. They’re getting nervous and acting like progressives. I like Mike Lee but will keep an eye on him, Orrin Hatch needs to go, and Matheson is questionable as to where his sympathies are these days.

        That’s why I don’t trust any of ’em. The only one’s I trust are devout disciples of Jesus Christ – they won’t shoot first and blame you later.

  • davidmpark

    NO! Armed revolution is exactly what they want. Civil war and cracking down will lead to the ruin of the Constitution and our rights.

    Any and all sides in a civil war today would be oppressors.

    We must behave like Americans; the enemies in congress were already weak minded and are now scared to death. Keep up the pressure – they’ll crack, or we’ll impeach and punish.

    • Syrin

      How so? What exactly will make them “crack”, and what does that mean? The gov’t loving, Obama felating media? No. The brain dead gov’t dependents that grow daily and repeatedly vote for the authoritarian party? No. The impotent Supreme Court will legalize tyranny. They virtually did so when they “ruled” that the obviously illegal Obamacare could stand. Show me more than 15 people in federal government who DON’T belong to the authoritarian party. Sorry, your solution is the frog in the pot, and it doesn’t end well for the frog.

      • davidmpark

        In that case, if there is an armed revolution: give me and my family warning to get out of the way. Okay?!

        You guys wanna kill each other in a fit of political zealotry, fine – your choice.
        We will be in an undisclosed location; eating pizza and food storage, having a laugh, watching Disney classics, and studying scriptures while your blowing up your posterity and heritage.

        When it’s over, I’ll give your glorious corpses a decent burial and then rebuild the nation alongside the LDS Church. 🙂

        • Syrin

          Who said I was going to fight them or even BE here? It’s a small mind that makes such big assumptions.

          • davidmpark

            Okay, we’ve agreed and gotten along with each other pretty well for the most part. This time I disagree for plausible reasons and your answer, I thought, implied you would be here. And you go into I’m a small minded person defense. The Leftist’s say the same thing when I disagree with them, too.

            Know what, do what you want.

          • GSOB


          • davidmpark

            Um… money?

          • GSOB

            LDS has lots of money so, I thought money is what Syrin would like from you.

          • Gay Veteran


          • davidmpark

            🙂 Funny! But Syrin is pretty well off – I just misinterpreted his comment.

      • Bloodlights

        I am a DoD civilian and I can tell you that virtually every person I talk to in my building (large center of 2,400 people) are disgusted by this administration and their tactics. None of them desire an authoritarian and more of them can quote the Constitution they swore to defend than any Constitutional Lawyer in our administration. They swore to obey but even there the pressure is building.
        We are not yet at the tipping point but don’t believe everyone who is a Federal employee is not unhappy about how things are going.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…None of them desire an authoritarian and more of them can quote the Constitution they swore to defend than any Constitutional Lawyer in our administration….”
          and how many saluted smartly and obeyed George W. Bush?
          and no, Obama is not less evil than Bush

      • Gay Veteran

        the authoritarian party? which one? the Demopublicans? the Repubucrats?

    • GSOB

      Believe it or not, it does not take courage to be a stiff pacifist.

      • davidmpark

        I’m trying to work within Constitutional boundaries. You guys want a war – have it, without me.

        • GSOB

          You were jumping to soon, though everything is on the table for discussion.

          • davidmpark

            Yeah, I was. Going to bed.

          • GSOB


            I got your back.

        • Hammerstrike

          And if that becomes impossible?

          If they wanted a civil war, why the massive ****ification efforts and efforts torearms for the population?

          They sure as heck doesn´t want an armed insurrection against them.

  • Tosheba

    How did this goof EVER become (P)resident?

    • GSOB

      How did WWilson become prez?

      • Hammerstrike

        He got backing for his campaign for selling-out his country to the banks, of course.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      I voted him in.

  • RagingVoiceOfReason

    Barack Obama is the absolute worst kind of president the USA can possibly have right now. He is pushing all the wrong buttons. I am a Canadian presently in southwestern Ontario. Today I was listening to a radio station from Detroit, and I heard an Obamacare ad announcing, “you can be fined by the government for failing to choose a personal health care plan”. I immediately thought, “That is a free country? Something is very broken here.”

    A shame that he is less than one year into his second term as president. Our American neighbours can’t get rid of him soon enough.

    • Gay Veteran

      as a Canadian don’t your taxes pay for the Canadian national health care system?

  • rentslave

    Never mind Mount Rushmore:No one has ever seen his birth certificate.

  • Marc

    Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.

    Alexander Haig

  • Jay Clayton

    This administration has declared war on us – especially veterans, children, the unhealthy, families, and non-government employees.
    Are we being pushed to take stupid actions to further bad policies? I think so. Mass peaceful protest is our only choice – record your activity, send it out immediately before seizure, and shame employees who are “only following orders.” Something big will happen in the next 2 weeks – it should be us that initiates the peaceful action to drive freedom & liberty.

  • Tailfin

    My increasing level of disgust over the last several days peaked when reading the story about the tour bus in Yellowstone. This is absolutely chilling… the fact that this administration can propagandize PARK RANGERS into such irrational and despicable treatment of tourists, makes me wonder what is going on in the bowels of other agencies such as DHS. I am no conspiracy theorist. However, common sense tells me we are only a very small step from the ability of federal thugs to commit real atrocities against the people, justified by “only following orders.”

    And the removal of the well pumps along the hiking trail is oddly reminiscent of the behavior of the other Hussein, torching the Kuwaiti oil wells upon his retreat. Same mentality, only a difference of degree. When I survey this current landscape and ponder what this “president” is capable of and his utter contempt for the people of this nation, I fear that we are all in great peril.

    • Sequoia

      All foreign tourists should boycott visiting the USSA. This is the cruel treatment you will recieve,visiting this Fascist hellhole.
      If you visit the USSA, under NDA and others, you can be detained here forever,dissapeared and never return to your home country.
      The beautiful ex-USA is dead.
      This is now the USSA,and nobody is welcomed here anymore.Not even good American patriots are welcomed here anymore in this hellhole.
      This is how a brutal dictator on a power trip treats everyone.

      • Nic

        Yep I left. Gave up green card… Now I am free.

    • Donald Wilson

      The answer is for all tourists and visitors to boycott all parks and museums etc..
      hurt them where it counts. No tourists no tourist money …period

  • Rene Girrard

    Obama is acting as a dictator. But I guarantee you the wimpy spineless pathetic republicans lead by the wimpy cry baby John Boehner will cave to Obama. You wait and see.

    • GSOB

      There is always hope, while we wait.
      (Oct.9 2013)

      Pray for our leaders.

  • winstonS

    The Emperor does what he pleases, when he pleases.

  • Ralfine

    What’s the problem? Isn’t the market supposed to solve all the problems, with private companies faster reacting than the government, and even being more efficient?

    So, let the market solve the problem. Shouldn’t be too difficult to fill a demand, right?

    • Gay Veteran

      the medical “market” has been rigged for decades with monopolistic practices

  • Ralfine

    “The NIH has stopped therapy dogs from visiting sick children”
    “Last chance cancer treatments for children with cancer have been suspended”

    Isn’t Obamacare supposed to be bad? Isn’t it supposed to be better if everyone cares for himself?


    “Small businesses cannot get loans”

    Is it the duty of the government to provide loans or the business of banks?

    • davidmpark

      it is good for everyone to care for themselves. At the same time, we also care for those who truly cannot care for themselves. That’s part of being human.

      Problem is we have government people that want to compete with charities and religion to claim themselves as being benevolent and worthy of praise and glory they never really earned.

      And I agree about the small business loans. It used to be the duty of your widowed aunt with the fattened mattress, the trusting parents, the frugal older brother, and your old high school buddies who would loan the money for a small business – reaping the benefits of dividends and discounts afterwards.

      How sad this all is.

  • Ralfine

    Park Rangers just following orders instead of using their own brain and common sense?

    Reminds me of certain countries.

    It isn’t just one Fuehrer’s fault at the top, It needs a whole population and mindset to make a country unliveable.

    It looks like the Park Rangers enjoy their new power over the common man. I guess they’d be happy to shoot any trespassers, too.

    • Sequoia

      Everyone should Boycott and avoid visiting the USSA.There are many other countries that don’t treat guests and other people like trash. The USSA has been conquered by foreign off shore banks and others.
      To everyone in Britain,Europe Canada Mexico and all over the world,stay away,because nobody is welcomed here and by the actions of this criminal government,you can see how tourists are treated here.

      • Ralfine

        The Patriot Act was introduced before Obama, I guess.

        And already then your border agency could copy laptop data from tourists without court order.

        The guns alone in everybody’s hands is reason enough for me not to go to the US. I liked Canada, though. And New Zealand.

        • Nic

          Even thailand is much better than the USA

      • Hammerstrike

        Remember Andrew Jackson he knew how to dela with these scumbags.

    • WM

      Correct and well said. It is NOT one tyrant, it is a large population that has a changed mindset, and that is the scary part.
      I have heard it said ” Change peoples thinking, beliefs, worldview, etc. and you can change society”
      This is what happened here. Americas thinking, beliefs and worldview has changed.
      Guns are not the problem. Years ago, it was a million times easier to legally buy guns, and the legal gun owners are statistically the last thing you need to worry about. You need to worry about criminals who have guns illegally, and do not care about the laws when it comes to using. ( Its always nice to have a firearm and know how to use it very well, should some homeboy decide to rob you with a gun that he couldn’t hit the side of a barn with, or the militarized police…)
      I digress…
      I have always said and will say till I die, the brainwashing of Evolution that has been shoved down peoples throats for 80+ years in this nation, has caused more damage than we can imagine. The damage does not seem to be evident, but becomes very clear, when you see how it affects peoples beliefs and worldview.
      If you believe that humans are just evolved creatures that are a product of a Godless accident, then there is no accountability to a Creator and his moral standards. Add to that sinful human pride….and we wonder why tryrants do what they do, and police and park rangers act like superheroes with no regard for right and wrong.
      What this nation needs RIGHT NOW is to repent of its pride and sins and seek the Lord Jesus Christ, get back to the Republic and the princples that were formed by Godly men and fearless Patriots.

      • Gay Veteran

        figures that you’re an evolution denier

  • chilller

    Why is this man not undergoing impeachment proceedings?!?!

  • JailBanksters

    I am so glad I don’t live there.
    This Government is so hypocritical about everything not to mention sadistic. But I still haven’t read about anyone going postal about it, just the usual loonies trying to find heaven.

  • JohnB

    This is what you get when you elect somebody whose major achievement by the age of 40 was to write 3 books about himself. There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we elect our “leaders”. Maybe our system worked OK before tv era, but since tv came along, charismatic charlatans win elections 90% of the time at all levels. I don’t know if there is a solution to that.

  • RD_Mercer

    Hypocrisy, not really, he’s being the thug he has always been.

  • ax prepper

    And yet it continues, and we continue to complain and NOTHING gets done. This country is done, and we all allowed this to happen Shame on us all.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    Michael mistakes a flubber lead park ranger w/Obama. “he and hisfellow rangershave been orderedto “make life as difficult for people as we can” during thisgovernment shutdown. That Park Service ranger would never havereceived such an order unless it came from the very top.
    Goofy article.

    • otter1111

      How can you say you have not read the rest of the article, and then go on to say it’s one of Michael’s stupidest articles yet? Can you refute all of the facts he has listed?

      • RarefiedSnotress

        It starts off on a stupid premise. ..That’s enough for me.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    This is Chicago style politics. That I get, but it costing money to shut what he is shutting down. Yeah he is hitting white folks, and that probably excites President Stompy Foot, Stopping welfare payments and food stamps would likely have ended this charade in 24 hours.

  • Gankfest

    How much do you need to take before putting down the tissues and doing something about it… All I here is a bunch of people whining and complaining, but haven’t lifted a finger to solve the problem. We all know what to do, and really need to start doing it.

    • Mike Sharkey

      You first.

  • dan

    I’m sure there will be another false flag event prior to the truckers and Vets march this weekend. Let’s see how much corporate controlled media covers this!

  • jakartaman

    What we need is a nation wide passive disobedience movement.
    disobey all federal laws – do not pay taxes, cross barriers at parks, do not sign up for Obamacare etc.
    I am sure there are a lot more smarter folks that could come up with other protest actions. Boycott MSM advertisers.

  • Hank

    He is a DICTATOR! Period.

  • steven

    why doesn’t the whole country go on general strike no protests, no fighting, just bring the country to a stand still, what’s the point of being the leader of a nation when there is nothing to ruler over

    • Gay Veteran

      THAT is the only thing that would work.

      • Sequoia

        You and Steven are 100% RIGHT!!!!!!!

    • Donald Wilson

      Excellent idea…

  • Gay Veteran

    “Truckers Ride for the Constitution”
    what are their demands regarding the Constitution? looks like their main gripe is low pay, and I certainly want them to make a wage they can live on

    • MyCorduroyPony

      You guys are still buying this prank? The trucker protest was something created by one single individual for publicity.

  • Harv

    The actions of a cry baby not getting his way, how infantile…

  • dumbassdc

    Extreme Hypocrisy! You continue making lots of money scaring your dumbass followers

  • otter1111

    Obama is sounding more and more like a dictator. It’s scary.

  • JailBanksters

    As each day goes by, I get more certain that Obomba really is the Antichristt that nostradamus wrote about.
    The Destroyer of Worlds, he’s already burned so many bridges there’s only a few left.

  • Seen2013

    “It is one thing to play hardball with Congress. That is acceptable. It
    is quite another thing to spitefully abuse the American people in order
    to get what you want.”

    Many people have decided to place more emphasis on the party affiliation with a person’s name; than, the conduct/actions the person has taken.

    Personally, I fail to see the distinctive difference between the W. Bush and Obama administration. The only distinctive difference that the center, left, and right political ideologies is the underlining power structure when all is said and done, and their view towards people who support individual natural born rights, liberties, and freedoms which are the two sides of their bi-partisanship.

    “If the American people are not outraged by this, what will it take to wake them up?”

    Probably, when governmental enforcers start showing up and forcing compliance by using others as an example:
    1). Disappear people.
    2). Rape or otherwise sexually assault their loved ones. As far back as ancient civilization, women have always been viewed as the key to conquest. Get women to take your side by rhetoric or fear, and you have the children and there goes the men. There is a reason in mythology and symbolism that women are often symbolized through myth and literature and so forth to be the civilization being protected.
    We already have cops humiliating women through spectator searches, stripped naked through suicide watch, rape/molestation, and so forth.
    Lets be perfectly clear by historical precedent unless you are deemed an enemy of the State; the people who are the main targets of governmental oppression tend to be the female and children of the populace.
    It should also be noted that Gitmo not only remains open, but it is also an equal opportunity detainment center. Care to guess how the prison guards and their interrogators conduct enhanced interrogations?
    3). People possess too much blind faith in celebrities and political figures that happens to hold the D, I, or R affiliated to their names. It has gotten quite disgusting. It’s only a matter of time before you have to do X to dear old living god for citizenship.

  • DJohn1

    You asked a question. “Why would the president of the United States try to purposely hurt the American people?”
    My answer is he is a lame duck President and there are no consequences for acting as he does because he can no longer be President of this Country after the next presidential election. No personal consequences are evident.
    But this is the wrong attitude. Because the people coming after him as democrats have to be elected by the people and if he leaves enough of a stink they will not get elected or re-elected.

  • byebye

    This site is getting increasingly ridiculous. Removing it from my bookmarks.

    • Libsare Ajoke

      huffpo has lots of interesting stuff for you

  • tiredofthisBS

    There is only one real leader in the political world today and that man is Vladimir Putin of Russia. I say this because even though Russia has seen worse days, their economy is booming and they have a strong leader that stood up to President Obungo durring the USA attempt to bomb Syria! Im not saying that Putin is the best around but he has more balls and wisdom than our dear leader President OBUNGO!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      some people think Obama backed off on Syria because Putin and the Chinese threatened to dump their U.S. treasuries bonds on the market. That’s the fate of heavily indebted empires.

      • GSOB


    • Hammerstrike

      Yeah, pretty well done by Putin.

      Again, he is able to learn from his mistakes, he got promises aht where later broken.

  • Undecider

    This is mess is just getting started.

  • followurownadvice

    If Britain had all of these rights and freedoms that our founders modeled our very constitution and bill of rights on then why pray tell did we feel we weren’t free and went to war for our freedom and why pray tell did France do the same thing? Hmmmmm

    • Gay Veteran

      you think nothing changed in Britain since 1776?

      • followurownadvice

        the comment was we modeled our constitution and basically our country after Britain. You say you don’t think Britain changed since 1776 doesn’t matter how much they changed since then what they were In 1776 was what we fought against! So why would we make our country like theirs. We wrote the constitution and bill of right to prevent what britain did. Even though we’re winding up just like them, the founding fathers were trying to keep us from that. Not model us from that!

        • Gay Veteran

          it was flemsnopes 1 that said “Could you supply some examples of these other great empires? Did they have a written Constitution with a Bill of Rights? In what respects were they great? Just curious.”
          Great Britain, especially late Victorian and Edwardian Britain, would answer his question.

  • Brian Harrington

    hey obama Heil hitler seek Heil

  • CHHC

    People really find this information credible?? Ay-yi-yi – the problem with America is this kind of backwards “reporting” that people are actually reading. That is what is disgusting. People PLEASE take the time to learn more about the issues facing our country before reading articles like this that paint such a distorted, and inaccurate landscape.

    • K

      Odd you do not point out what is inaccurate.

  • Chuck Grantham

    Truly alarming stuff.

  • Elihu Wygant

    I am as angry with these despicable orders as one can be; however, I’d be willing to bet that “THE ONE” will not budge one iota…

  • Howard Treesong

    Hey pumpkin, #9: The Federal Reserve is a private entity. Why would they be affected by a government shut down at all?

  • Kim

    Makes me sick. I didn’t read this list, I just can’t stomach it today.

  • jim_robert

    BTW, does anyone know where Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obummer is vacationing THIS month? Is it true that she has rented out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her corrupt Chicago leftist cronies? Just asking….

  • jim_robert

    Obumbler White House: A Fully Owned Div. of Goldmun Suchs

    • Gay Veteran

      just like the Bush White House, and just like the next president

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    What a public relations blunder for the Administration.

    (I don’t buy the anonymous Park Ranger hearsay bit.)

    Putting a fence around a statue and telling people they can’t look at it is not going to focus attention on the Tea Party.

  • Rick Caird

    This is just more playground bully tactics. But, with the decline of the MSM and the rise of the Internet, they techniques just don’t play so well.

  • KTen

    Right now Obama and his top aides have gone underground to the White House bunker, from all I have been hearing a Major Even is going to happen. Be aware!!!

    • Libsare Ajoke


  • KTen

    A major event is to happen!!! Sorry

    • Libsare Ajoke

      please, do tell. is gary2 going to marry a horse?

  • George

    The time has come for this idiot to resign

  • Jason7189

    I still feel, he’s at least the precursor to the antichrist.

    • fleabug

      He is, and according to 1John he definitely has a spirit of ac.

  • Tank

    The man is a savage. I for one HOPE that the GOP acts like it has actual principles and refuses to cave.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Don’t send a monkey to do a man’s job.

    • GSOB

      That’s vile

  • GSOB

    John Calvin’s teaching had a major influence.

  • fleabug

    This man is A TYRANT. This financial catastophy that this president has given us…..this cannot be fixed and Mr. President wants to finish flushing we the American people down the toilet…..what a Richard Noggin.

  • tyrone

    Before president was ever elected a photograph was taken of him with a book on how to destroy a nation and replace government with an islamic government. Looks like hes succeeding. Picture on internet

  • Denny Swain

    America has slaughtered 56 million of its own babies. America started falling once abortion was legalized

    • Gay Veteran

      and how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?
      then STHU

      • Libsare Ajoke

        how many babies have you molested

        • Gay Veteran

          about as many as your father

        • Gay Veteran

          project much?

  • flemsnopes1

    A once vast and great empire, yes. A great nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, no.

  • ronald

    i am 68 yrs old and have seen our great country go down the tubes for many years now.i truly believe o ‘bama hates white people, especially rich ones, and i have said for years he is purposely trying to destroy can american’s be so stupid and blind.just look at the evil preacher he listened too for 20 yrs .i could go on, but why?all the younger generation cares about is their cell phones.anyway i think it too late to save our country now.i am very sad inside.

  • PissedOffWithNoDirection

    Ok, so now we’re disgusted, pissed off, etc. What specifically can we do? Many Americans are wanting to do *something*, but most don’t know what we *can* or *should* do. I am pretty sure that walking into the Capitol and slapping people would not be acceptable. What can we do that is within our rights as citizens?

  • Sandbagger

    Just wonder when the schools will be shut down. Perhaps that is the Obama Admin’s “Ace in the Hole” in their “Let’s put the thumbscrews on the American Public” game.

    Should they shut down the schools, that would hit so many HARD. What to do with the kids when one has to go to work?

    Blame the Republicans for this? Riiiight.

    • stopthesocialism

      Schools are state funded. So why do we need to spend $71.9 billion for a federal DOE? Government waste.

  • Ralfine

    could we see a copy of that order?

  • Arno Krause

    Magna Carta was a private deal between certain powerful Barons and the King John. It was never a formal constitution benefiting the common English people. However during the proceeding centuries afterward, it serves as a pseudo constitution, but still not a formal one.

  • Defiant White


  • MarlaM

    So disgusted and sick of this administration. No other president could get away with half of what this man does. I think the majority are uninformed and have no desire to be informed. Current events and world news blow me away, truly… and apathy and laziness rule in America. But those of us who watch, those of us who know, we are told to “watch and pray”. If there is anything I can do its that! I pray and I pray hard. Whats coming is going to be so much worse and the majority will long for the ‘good ole days’

  • paulthecabdriver

    I’m just Wondering when they are going to shut down the other 83% of the government.

  • Airedale

    The Magna Carta was set up to put limitations on the King over his lesser nobles. The common serf need not apply.

  • Spanky

    But who promised you Progressivism/Fascism treated its enemies gently?

  • roycerson

    How many park rangers have openly refused to “Make life as difficult for people as we can?” Zero? Than there is no hope. get over it. The Fascists are in charge now and the people will do nothing to stop it.

  • Smokeman

    It’s funny about this site. I placed a post the other day that showed that retail stocks are actually doing quite well. There was a link to Yahoo Finance. It was never posted. This is a paranoia site promoting “prepper” supplies.

  • Jean Bush

    This was a test run to see how we will react. I don’t see any screaming marches on Washington. Most people will just roll over and take it. Then when they finally impose Martial Law, you won’t hear a peep from anyone. God help us all.

  • EarlGrayHot

    That’s really stupid. More nonsense from the whacko right. This did not happen.

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