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Is America Becoming The Land Of The Part-Time Job?: Most Of The Jobs That Are Being Created Are Part-Time Jobs And Some Companies Are Going To A “Part-Time Only Policy”

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Do you need a good job?  If so, there are millions of other Americans that are just like you.  Unfortunately, most of the jobs that are available in America today are either part-time jobs, temp jobs or are “independent contractor” jobs.  The “full-time job with benefits” is a dying breed.  There are so many desperate unemployed workers in America today that companies don’t have to roll out the red carpet anymore.  Instead, they can just hire a horde of inexpensive part-timers and temps that they don’t have to give any benefits to.  But isn’t the employment situation supposed to be getting better?  No, it really is not.  Yes, the U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs in March.  However, the truth is that approximately 290,000 part-time jobs were created and about 80,000 full-time jobs were actually lost.  This is all part of a long-term trend in America.  Good jobs are rapidly disappearing and they are being replaced by low paying service jobs that do not pay a living wage.  In many American households today, both parents have multiple jobs.  Yet a large percentage of those same households can’t even pay the mortgage and are drowning in debt.

Whenever a new government jobs report comes out from now on, try to find out how many of the jobs that were created were actually part-time jobs.  Most Americans that only have part-time jobs are living around or below the poverty line.  The truth is that it is really hard to get by if you are only making a couple hundred bucks a week.

As mentioned above, the U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs last month.  The Obama administration and the mainstream media heralded that figure as evidence that the U.S. economy is recovering nicely.

But is that really accurate?

Rebel Cole, a professor at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, says that when you take the time to do a closer examination of the employment numbers they don’t look so good….

“If you look deeper in the report, there were 290,000 new part-time workers, which means that there were 80,000 fewer full-time workers, that’s not a good sign. Things are getting worse, not getting better.”

Unless you are a teen or a college student or a retired person, most likely you would prefer to be working a full-time job.  Most people do not actually have the goal of working part-time.  Most part-time jobs pay very poorly and offer very few benefits.

Unfortunately, that is why so many big companies like part-time workers and temp workers.  There are so many more rules, regulations and laws that pertain to full-time workers.

Hiring a bunch of part-time workers is so much easier and so much cheaper.  Without a doubt it is definitely more profitable in most situations.

Today, there are millions of Americans that have part-time jobs that would love to have full-time jobs.  In fact, the government says that there are about 8 million Americans that are currently working part-time jobs for “economic reasons”.

One such worker named “John” recently left a comment on another article I did entitled “How To Find A Job: Just Be Willing To Flip Burgers And Work For Minimum Wage“.  John says that the restaurant chain that he works for has implemented a “part-time only policy”….

“Could your family survive on $505 a week?”

If only I could make HALF that much! The dirty secret is McDonalds needs to add 50,000 workers to increase the headcount in every store. The goal is to have no full-time employees who qualify for health benefits. So these 50,000 jobs will pay $174 a week BEFORE taxes, and have no benefits, no vacation days, no holidays off, call in sick and get fired, but they will have 52 mandatory weekends each year.

And how do I know this? I work for a national restaurant chain that already has gone to a part-time only policy. I am scheduled for 23 hours next week. The threshold for benefits is 26 hrs.

Of course I would assume that there are perhaps a couple of full-time workers at the restaurant that John works at (such as the manager).  But the reality is that we are seeing this kind of thing more and more around the nation.  Companies are being careful to keep hours low enough so that the majority of their employees do not qualify for expensive “full-time benefits”.

Another commenter on that same article said that it is possible to get by on a low wage but that doesn’t mean that it is easy….

I make about $400 a week; my wife nothing. Rent is $500 a month. Credit card bills (run up back when I made about $1200/week) run about $200 a month. Other expenses run us another few hundred dollars. We quit tv. We’re a litte cold. We eat ok. Try to fill the gas tank just once a month. We’re getting by, but able to save nothing, nor do we go out and have fun. Well, fun has become walks on Saturday morning. Those are free. And, as we’ve learned, rather nice.

$10 an hour stinks, but it is livable if you don’t mind admitting that you are poor. I know I’m poor now. It’s just the way it is. If I tried to keep living as i did when I was a middle class manager, I’d be extremely unhappy. I cant say I’m happy about being poor, but my wife and i are finding that happiness isn’t about having “stuff.”

This is the new “American Dream” for millions of American families.  They are learning to scratch and claw to get by on what they have.

As I have written about previously, the standard of living of the middle class is being pushed down to third world levels.  We have been merged into a “global labor pool”, and what that means is that the standard of living of all workers all over the world is going to be slowly equalized over time.

Translation: your standard of living and the standard of living of virtually everyone that you know is slated to go way down.

Right now America is rapidly losing high paying jobs and they are being replaced by low paying jobs.  According to a recent report from the National Employment Law Project, higher wage industries accounted for 40 percent of the job losses over the past 12 months but only 14 percent of the job growth.  Lower wage industries accounted for just 23 percent of the job losses over the past 12 months and a whopping 49 percent of the job growth.

So yes, jobs are being created, but most of them are jobs that none of us would really want under normal circumstances.

Unfortunately, times are not normal and millions of desperate people are having to take whatever they can get.

What makes things even worse is that really bad inflation is coming.  There are less good jobs for American families and at the same time the cost of basic necessities is going up.

Have you been to the gas pump lately?

As I wrote about yesterday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is now $3.70.

A year ago it was just $2.83.

For average American families on a tight budget that is a huge difference.

Food inflation is already here as well.

During the month of February, the price of food in the U.S. increased at the fastest rate in 36 years.

Are you starting to understand why so many American families are feeling squeezed right now?

Times are tough and they are going to get tougher.  If you still have a good full-time job you should be very thankful, because there are millions and millions of people that would love to trade places with you.

So do the rest of you believe that America is turning into “the land of the part-time job”?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Golden Child

    The land of the part-time job? Ha! If you’re lucky. Most young college grads are over-qualified for such low-paying part-time Mcjobs and older experienced laid off workers over age 50 have joined the ranks of the permanently unemployed if they don’t find a new job after being laid off for more than three months even though the average duration of unemployment currently stands at almost an entire year.

  • Bob

    “The goal is to have no full-time employees who qualify for health benefits.”

    If this is what a major company can get away with, then we are headed for debtor’s prison as a country.

    If people can’t find a full-time job, they will have to work two minimum-wage jobs (if they can find two, and if they can hold out under the stress).

    I fear for this country. I feel like I am watching it die.

  • Kevin

    We need to step up to the plate and show the world what an American can do. You work 16 hours a day at 50 cents per hour and we will work 20 hours a day at 49 cents per hour. It’s a global race to the bottom.

    After a hard days work, “light up that joint, crack open that beer turn on the circus box and worship the sphere”.

  • Gary2

    Michael-you are 100% correct on this post. Nice to see more posts on underemployment. I think that for the most part this is a very under-reported issue (present company excluded).

    I posted on this blog before that simply creating a bunch of low pay crap se4vice jobs is not progress and nothing to celebrate. The quality of the jobs is what is most important.

    I really believe the way to solve this would be to unionize these service jobs and make them into good family supporting jobs. This is what was done to make the manufacturing jobs into good jobs. These walmart/mcdonalds etc could triple their wages to employees and still be highly profitable. And no they will not triple prices as no one will shop there. They will simply have to make less profit. Cry me a river… The Walton’s are rich enough…

    Whether or not you like unions they do serve a purpose. Owners want to get the most work for the least money from their workers while workers want to also get the most money for the least work. Right now the employer (by design) has too much power in the employment relationship. There needs to be a more level playing field.

    Unions brought you the 40 hour week/weekends etc. Employers would not have voluntarily given workers these things.


  • Bobcat

    Besides the shift from full time jobs to part time jobs, the other reason the employment numbers look better is so many workers dropping out of the workforce and no longer being counted. The main stream media today is little more than a ministry of propaganda.

  • Johnson

    “The goal is to have no full-time employees who qualify for health benefits.”
    This is why we need a single-payer healthcare system that would remove the need for companies to pay for healthcare. Why doesn’t anyone connect the dots with this?

  • Johnson

    Michael – You publish nice rants with lots of statistics. But the weakness of this blog (and most others) is there is no call to action.

    How can we get the government to provide us with real statistics instead of doctored stats like CPI that eliminates food & energy from the “Core” measure or lowers unemployment by eliminating people from the count, among many other examples?

    What can people do to change things? Or is venting on blogs all we can do?

  • David

    Today, My thought for America:

    Some people believe in so called the land of opportunities, on the other hand, many people disbelieve that ! So much for higher education! Millions of people will be in debt for the rest of their lives in so called Student loan, which is supposed to better one´s future. Unfortunately, Corporations . . . . . . .supposed to invest for the future of America but rather profited from it by means of predatory lending practice. I am deeply disturbed about the future of America in general and specially for younger generation. We are living in a very very uncertain time and future that may be ahead, that goes for everywhere else I am afraid!

  • Emily

    It uses to be (back in the old days of the ‘90s) that if you lost your job or you didn’t like the SOB you we’re working for, you started your own business. That’s what made America so strong; each of us had the freedom to become an entrepreneur. I will say that word again, FREEDOM, it wasn’t easy and not everyone could, but the opportunity was there. I know because I was one of those who started her own business, sure the regulations and taxes were oppressive but it was possible.

    Today, taxes, government regulations and tight credit that not even Bill Gates could get a loan, has stolen our FREEDOM, LEBERTY AND OUR PURSUIT OF HAPPNESS.

    That’s my one and half cents (inflation!)… on this subject.

  • Oz Boy with Attitude

    Ok Seps you need to learn three phrases if you wish to have some money to eat something and stay out of prison, fema camps, gitmo whatever.

    1 “do you want fries with that”
    2 “welcome to walmart”
    3 “Yes sir! special agent [insert name] can i have another sir!”

  • shypuffadder

    So why won’t our government tell us the truth? These convoluted lies only hurt us more.


    We are doomed.

  • krzekaro

    Unions are broughts me nothing. Are unions in this companies who lost that 80.000 full-time jobs not exists?

  • People love their freedoms these days, especially flexible jobs. I’m down with it, and McDonald’s 50,000 new McJobs is pretty awesome. let’s go, we can do this America.

  • Matt

    Dear Gary2, Do Chinese workers have unions? How about Thailand? Indonesia perhaps? India? No. We are in direct competition for alot of jobs now with those workers. Unions are only accelerating our demise. We have done this to ourselves and most people are too dumb to realize it. We asked big daddy govt to take care of us and then not watch what they did with that license. We turned our backs and they then scre*** us in the ***. They’ve handed $Trillions to their buddies in the big banks and have destroyed almost every other business with their heavy-handed regulation. So if you want someone to blame, blame ALL GOVT and ALL BIG BANKS. Jefferson was so right.

  • M

    Where is it written someone owes any of us a job with a “living wage”? I invented my own (legal!) ways to make money, I refuse to be a part of this dead end job market.

  • andres olguin

    I read your articles from Chile in South America. What is going on in America shocks me. Do you think that USA situation is going to be exported to other areas in world? What could be a good piece of advice? Go to the countryside to milk cows or to farm? The only hope I have is these are sings of the end of times and Jesus comes finally.

    • Michael

      I urge all of my readers to try to become “independent” of the “system” to the extent that it is possible

      For everyone that means something different, but we can all work hard to prepare


  • Joe Vignolo

    The situation I’m in could be called “full time work with part time wages”. I work about 60 hours a week and take home an average of $250 to $300 for all that time spent. The companies have figured out ways around the minimum wage laws or they simply ignore them because there is no enforcement. Welcome to the third world. Please send me back to the 50’s and 60’s where the middle-class was thriving.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder writes that “the standard of living of the middle class is being pushed down to Third World levels.” Absolutely right! And Michael isn’t the only one who has acknowledged this painful reality. Everyone from liberal Arianna Huffington (author of “Third World America”) to libertarians Gerald Celente and Alex Jones has said that Third World economic conditions are becoming a fact of life in The Banana Republic of America (BRA), formerly the USA. In Third World economies, one typically finds a filthy-rich minority, a dirt-poor majority and little or no middle class—and sadly, the BRA has been going in that direction.

    But there will be some growth industries in the BRA, and they are the same growth industries one finds in Mexico: kidnapping, armed robbery, drug trafficking, extortion, murder for hire. There are some very affluent people in Mexico; go the Condesa or Polanco sections of Mexico City (orale, guay!), and there are some well-heeled chilangos who make more in a day than most of neighbors here in Philly will make all year. Some parts of La Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal are as nice as Beverly Hills, only the signs are all en español (porque se habla español en aquella ciudad, guay). But most of Mexico’s population won’t be moving into Condesa or Polanco anytime soon. Para la mayoria de mexicanos, Condesa y Polcanco are the exception rather than the rule. And when legal businesses don’t want to pay a living wage, the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Zeta or La Familia Michoacana are always hiring. Los carteles de los narcotraficantes have plenty of openings because when employees get beheaded (which happens a lot), they need new employees to replace them. And in BRA, formerly middle class Americans who get sick to death of working three or four crappy part-time minimum-wage service jobs will inevitably resort to crime. Things are going to get really nasty in the BRA; I’m talking Tepito nasty, Hillbrow nasty, favelas of Rio de Janeiro nasty, slums of Caracas nasty, Trenchtown, Jah-Maica nasty (ya, mon, cool runnins inna Trenchtown…..I remember when we used to sit, in the government yard in Trenchtown).

    The Banana Republic of America is a rotting, decaying, collapsing, dying empire, and the collapse won’t be pretty. I know I quote Gerald Celente a lot, but I can’t help it because homie really gets it. Signore Celente, straight out the Boogie Down Bronx, is definitely the man. So I’m going to quote him again: “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” And folks in the BRA will be losing it big-time. God help The Banana Republic of America, formerly the USA. Que dios nos aiude.

  • C

    I just boycott corporate everything. Inflation won’t be to bad, they’ll just drop the quality of the food, or make the box smaller again. America cannot afford itself, it’s no secret. Learn to be resourceful. Yes, it’s to bad the GOP is killing the last of the unions off, but it’s a new America now.

  • I see barter making a big comeback.

  • There is a good anecdotal book called “Nickel and Dimed” written by Barbara Ehrenreich a few years ago that everyone should read.

    She went through 3 or 4 jobs described in this post, as part of writing her book, and chronicled what life is like in GD2, i.e., those Americans who are working multiple PT jobs.

  • Kevin


    Unionize McDonald workers? Good idea but it will not help at all. The service economy does not create wealth although it may spread it around. Wealth creation fled with globalization; that is the heart of the problem. The US is bleeding off 50 billion dollars per month with the balance of trade.

  • McNamys

    Every newly employed person making a barely livable wage like the former middle class manager who used to make 1200 a week and now scrapes by is one less consumer buying all those items that made the economy float along. Multiply this by MILLIONS and its obvious we won’t be recovering, ever. Welcome to a Steady State economy where a lower level of living is the new reality. Frugality is the new Reality.

    I fail to see how 50,000 McJobs is an economic recovery. Its the same everywhere, even Target got rid of department managers and now everyone works part time save a few at a clerks rate.

  • Patriot One

    As usual you are correct. Back in the late 70’s in the NE grocery stores started the part time craze to curb unions, benefits and pensions. Today its the norm for service and retail employees.

    I’ve discribed this economy as a downward cork screw that is getting wider and deeper. The farther down we move the more people are sucked into the vortex of dispair.

    Until we stop moving down the spiral we can not stop the downward trend. Its my opinion that without manufacturing and housing construction we can not recover.

  • You make people feel better by informing them that they have a lot of company in their misery. Why don’t you run ads and find books for entrepreneurial activities so people can pick themselves up?

    I do agree with your article, but believe that things are going to get much worse before they get better. Historian Neil Howe says that if we are now at a pain level of 2, then it will ultimately reach 10 before we are finished. Why? Because America (and other countries too) follows a cycle based on the beginning of the last big crisis: Revolutionary War, Civil War and the Depression + World War II. Excesses build up over time since the last big crisis, and about the time most people have died that directly experienced the last big crisis, we become susceptible to another one.

    How do you go from a 2 to a 10? Check out this article:

    Winter’s Coming for the Boomers: Part 1 — Seeking Alpha

  • Mr Carpenter

    Honest to God, if my father hadn’t given up on the family construction business during Jimmy Carter’s years, and had I continued on, I’d have closed it down faster than you could have counted to 10, the Wednesday after BO was elected.

    Nobody in their right minds (except the people who are “in bed” with BO and co.) would start, run or continue anything like a small business in this environment.

    Fascism = the confluence of corporate and political interests to the exclusion of the general population.

    So, what have we got now? Socialism + Fascism.

    In other words, we lost HOW many men in WWII to fight the Nazis only to adopt their ways?

    The German acronym NAZI = National Socialist, and it is obviously well known that it was a fascist-socialist state.

    People are IGNORANT when they perceive fascists as “right wing” and socialists as “left wing”.

    Let’s be honest. What do we have in our country that the Nazis had?

    Controlled and compliant media. Check.
    Eugenics. (Abortion, and in Oregon also the elderly may be eliminated at will) Check.
    Militarization of the police. Check.
    Elimination of the rule of law. Check.
    Continuous spying on the public as a means of control. Check.
    Humiliation of the public as a means of cowing them and controlling them. Check.
    Sowing divisions between portions of society to divert attention away from what is happening to them. Check.
    Hugely increased income opportunities for those very few “in the special circles”. Check.

    Get the picture, everyone?

  • ramblo

    the main reason companies are going to temp and part time is fairly obvious, they ain’t makin no money!if u resort to temp only you’re in panic mode.companies are scared, the most prifitably market (u.s)is collapsing, and unfortunately taking them right along with em

  • Politicus

    Welcome to being part of the global peasant class. Will things get bad enough that the peasants decide to revolt? That was always the greatest fear of the noble class… the peasants may only have pitch forks, torches and rope but there were a lot more of them than there were nobles or men at arms.

  • david
  • DownWithLibs

    “Do you want fries with that new normal?”

  • impeachRonPaul

    Thank the Tea Baggers. The white trash red staters insist that employers pay for healthcare. That drives jobs away.

  • Hello,

    I have heard numerous successful individuals tell of themselves of people they know having to settle for part-time employment, often after an extended period of searching.

    It seems many people in the United States are choosing entrepreneurship as a tool for developing greater financial security:

    Thank you,


  • Jacob Messer

    This shit has to be planned. We lose all.these free trade, Mexicans have dibs on just about any low end job, and now big biz is getting out of the insurance racket. We are shifting towards third world employment standards . And even though unions aren’t what they used to be, they’re being systematically removed so that we don’t have that backstop.

  • Michael

    In an attempt to find any evidence of the government’s claimed 230 K private sector job growth in March, I came across this article.

    The biggest gain by far is McDonald’s which is adding 50 K mostly minimum wage jobs. “Defense” contractors, Wal Mart, Kohl’s, and a few tech companies plan to hire a few hundred workers.

    I can’t find any evidence of the claimed 17 k manufacturing jobs, or the 17 k Paramedic and EMT jobs that were supposedly added. I have an EMT certificate and have been looking for months all over the contry, and it’s pretty dry….

    Why would companies be hiring, when higher gas and food prices are bringing down demand for everything else, and operating costs are higher? I think they are fabricating job growth with seasonal adjustments.

    Read more:

  • The Unicorn

    The jobs numbers are just pure BS look around if you live near a Borders Book Store more than likely its closing its doors.Whole industries are shutting down.Most of the part-time,temp jobs have a high turnover rate which looks like theres alot of hiring going on,thats just not the case.The US of A is losing jobs there is no gain.The only jobs being added are goverment make work jobs.So a few tax return jobs popped up they’ll be gone after April the 18.Its all B.S. and lies.

  • Kevin

    What drives jobs away is a decent wage and benefits. That standard however is relative. The US southern textile industry fled to the developing world and for they most part the US textile industry paid barely above our minimum wage. Remember the movie Norma Ray? Even that damn poor standard of living was too much compared to an abundant supply of 50 cent labor.

    Thank both parties…yep both in about an equal percentage too. So much for the Democrats being the party of the working class. In that regard they are no different than the Republicans.

  • John S

    I wouldn’t have a problem of working two part-time jobs, but try and find two sympathetic employers willing to mesh two random and ever-changing schedules. I’m looking for a part or full-time 3rd shift position, because I know it wouldn’t interfere with the cooking job hours. But that means working 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And worst case on weekends I might have to work 24 or 36 hours straight. Hell of a way to make $500 a week.

  • PaulF

    Johnson, you’re a fool if you think full government takeover of health care is a solution to anything.

    Why don’t statists ever look at the whole picture?

    How difficult is it really to understand why government will always be intrinsically inferior at anything to private enterprise?

    Or to understand why planning at the most local level possible is always the most efficient?

  • PaulF

    Matt, it was “free trade” – or more properly the globalists that stuffed it down our throat – who “did this to us”. Mostly.

  • PaulF

    C, the public unions that exist now are raping the half of us that DON’T work for government. Thank God somebody is finally reining in the thugs.

  • PaulF

    BRAVO, Mr Carpenter, for your excellent post!

  • PaulF

    impeachRonPaul: “Thank the Tea Baggers. The white trash red staters insist that employers pay for healthcare. That drives jobs away.”

    So, Mr. impeachRonPaul is racist as well as Christophobic and a pervert. I’m surprised.

    Oh, I almost forgot ‘incredibly stupid’ above.

  • Terry

    It is not the GOP vs. the wonderful Democrats. They are in bed together. When some of us lose our jobs, we will become self-employed outside the tax system. Many of the more wealthy among us require someone else to fix their roof, etc. and cannot resist saving a few bucks by having it done “under the table”. The amount of money saved is often quite small. a case in point is the Zoe Baird episode. The woman made $500K (in the early 90’s), but hired an illegal alien as a nanny to save about $1300 in taxes (including penalties). ( I am pretty sure these figure are somewhat accurate)
    The gubmint becomes the loser, and has less of our money with which to oppress us. This type of thing has been an ongoing problem in the FUSSR. A large portion of their economy is “off the books”.

  • J

    If you are looking for a job please go browse these sites:

    I have a BS in physics from UCSB and an MS in physics from SDSU and I had some difficulty finding a job so I am now teaching physics abroad.

    There is no shortage of jobs in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) industry. There are many web sites with regards to teaching abroad. Here are some of the most popular ones:

    I would love to write an article about my job hunting experience if I can post it on this web site. I had a happy ending since I am willing to teach abroad.

    God willing everybody will find the job they want.

  • Davey Jones

    @Johnson You say this website lacks a “call to action”. My friend….there is, unfortunately, no action which the readers of this blog could take to remedy or effect ‘any significant’ change in the destruction playing out in our economy.

    To say that it is ‘backed into the cake’ seems too simple, and too generic and macro, as it turns out, it is a painfully and quintessentially suitable phrase.

  • Nick
  • My awareness of what was happening began in the 80’s and 90’s Ronald Reagan’s trickledown theory. If we just bless Wall Street with tax advantages and free trade agreements they will trickle down on us. There was a rash of hostile corporate takeovers during this period. These takeover guys were worshiped as financial genesis. They got controlling interest in the company; placed themselves in as the corporate management; demanded wage and benefit concessions from their employees; sold off company assets to put more cash on the balance sheets. This gave the appearance of profits. These guys then gave themselves large salary increases and bonuses. After a few years the companies began to crumble and they moved on.

    Free trade agreements and our right/left politicians giving manufacturing companies tax incentives to move their factories somewhere else, like south of the border, china and south America. These guys broke unions and destroyed good paying jobs and benefits. Employee pensions and benefit plans were sound until the economic crash. Who caused the crash?

    What’s behind the economic crash; what’s behind the outsourcing of American jobs and other unexplained events? Globalism, the goal of world government; can’t merge America and Mexico together with the rest of the world when Americans earn $25 an hour and Mexicans earn only $1.50 per hour. We are being equalized. What we see is a redistribution of wealth. Twenty years ago, who would have thought the Chinese would be where they are today. Americas off-shored manufacturing made them what they are.

    There was a time in America when all supplies and products and contracts furnished to any government agency or building project had to be produced in America by Americans. This made America independent and rich with high paying jobs. Not today. This was taken away from us by both political parties.

    I am a union man. My union did everything it said it would do for me. However, I have a different concept of my relationship to my union. I didn’t complain, whine and snivel to my union. Let’s talk about conservative. If you want to see real conservatives go to a plumber’s union meeting, iron workers union meeting, pile drivers’ union meeting or a carpenter’s union meeting. My carpenters union didn’t put contractors out of business. Every contractor I worked for or met was a millionaire.

    All of this pain didn’t have to happen. It’s being done to us slowly.

    Try this link for some new insight: They Own It All Including you.

  • Otown Right Guy

    I am so glad I listened to Ron Paul and Mogambu Guru and bought silver, gold and oil instead of a McMansion!

    Unions are for no-talent, no-work-ethic losers!

  • Fed Up

    When you write these articles about job losses, why don’t you EVER mention the thousands of jobs being lost to illegal immigrants??
    Sadly, I live in a sanctuary city and state, and I can’t tell you how many jobs are being taken by illegals. They are getting paid $10-$15 an hour for construction, landscaping, restaurant, housecleaning, etc jobs. Our city was caught hiring them for road work!!

    These are jobs that Americans WILL do, but are being taken by illegals. Not to mention the billions in social services we as taxpayers are paying for them.
    Read some of these stories and weep:

  • Paul Dangerstein

    ImpeachRonPaul is a troll…the illogical nature of this statment: “…insist that employers pay for healthcare. That drives jobs away.” Forcing employers to pay for healthcare will encourage them to look overseas or elsewhere to set up shop. ImpeachRonPaul is probably a paid schill and Obamazombie.

    To the Repulicrats and Demonrats: “a pox on both your houses!”

  • macdee

    Unemployment and working under the table is so much better then working a dead end part time job with no future.
    I mean can you imagine how depressing it would be to ask everyday “would you like fries with that burger” and doing it at min. wage?
    Slit my wrists now!

  • jude

    The top 1-2% are realizing 40% of the wealth. CEO salaries have increased 27% plus bonuses. The newest thing is: If you are unemployed you need not apply! I watched a news program on a room full of those with Bachelors’ – Masters – PhDs all out of work.

    So much for getting that education. Approx 60,00 mfg plants have closed.Meantime President Obama, when not on vacation and now fund raising/ tells people ‘everybody has got to sacrifice!’ At a windmill plant he chided the workers ( they asked about gas being $4.00 a gal) for still riding around in SUVs and pickup trucks.

    He said to one man – You probably don’t have a big enough family for an SUV. The man replied he had 10 kids (1/2 foster). The President always ‘joking’ told him to buy a Hybrid van (not made in USA).

    These places he goes out to pay $12.50 an hr ( some $10 bucks an hr)Someone should inform him that you CAN’T maintain a family on this let alone BUY a new car! Meantime Google Photo Obama’s Convoy in Brazil. Dozens of SUVS are shipped to every place he goes.

    He used Air Force One like a golf cart for fund raising etc. For his 7 min talk in Cophenhagen ( Olympic bid for Chicago)8,100 miles (round trip) he used 3,378 gallons per hour! Air Force One gets FIVE GALLONS PER MILE. This was the same man who could NOT afford a rent a car at the 2000 Convention.

    He’d maxed out his credit card. And he and Michele (lawyers) were making approx $193, 000 a year. This sky rocketed in 2004 when he was chosen to be main speaker at Democratic Convention- the book ‘Dreams’ took off and Michele got a 263% raise to $316,000 per year… then told laid off steel workers wives in OHIO (campaign) how she could identify with them – expenses for kids camp, dancing lessons, private school and all!

    Is it any wonder folks get into politics. Clinton didn’t have a pot to urinate in when he got there. His last salary in Ark was $35,000 and now he’s almost a billionaire with investments in Dubai – Oil – Gas – paid $250,000 per boring speech. Same with Bush who never held a REAL job.

    Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves. BOTH parties are sold out to corporate interests / as long as people buy into one party or the other caring, we are LOST.

    When a company in my area closed – I tracked it down. It moved to a nearby state that had ALL Somalians working ( 1/2 wages – no benefits) GUEST workers/ H-1B visa workers are replacing professionals ( IT workers etc). A master carpenter/ plumber/ steel worker/ electrician is told to RETRAIN as if his years of experience meant nothing.

    Recall Scully the hero pilot who saved (due to experience) 155 lives landing on the Hudson. He had taken a 40% cut in his pay and they eliminated his pension! The elite/ wealthy – politicians don’t care. They are flying around in corporate jets. The bankers/ Wall Street in the Great Heist were bailed out ( foreign and domestic) to the tune of trillions!

    Reward for their criminality. Politicians , OUR EMPLOYEES, work 3 days a week/ Two weeks on & one off! WE pay 72% of their health insurance premiums. Family members are gotten lobbying jobs/ board members for $$ -obscene staff salaries, expense accounts for gas. They say they’ve frozen their salaries.

    So what. They get an automatic yearly cost of living increase in their salaries and OBSCENE pension plans. The Gov of Maine now wants to pay teens $5.25 an hr. Great huh – even cheaper labor for McDonalds (where I’ve NEVER eaten) – competing with parents. SEE photo essays of the implosion of a once beautiful nation:

    Also read the real nitty gritty in the ridiculous health INSURANCE bill ( not CARE).
    They neglected to report that a big piece of it was HIDDEN in the STIMULUS Bill (none of them read the legal mumbo jumbo 2,700 pages. There’s your ‘death panel’ only its a 15 member commission. They will decide WHO gets treatment/ that operation, according to an AGE formula. SEE Sausage Making – Culture of Corruption:

  • Kopernikus

    As individuals there is not much we can do to stop this mess. I suggest focusing on ways to cope and survive. I encourage everyone to figure out ways to make cash money by performing various services for people. Also, study the welfare system and learn to milk it just like so many of our new arrivals do.

  • TruckerMark

    If everyone works part-time or as an independent contractor, then American business will not have to supply healthcare insurance to its workers, but the alternative, no healthcare reform, will also eventually lead to less and less affordability and more and more people without health insurance too. I too favor a single-payer healthcare system, which would lead to the demise of our healthcare insurance industry, much as doing nothing eventually would too, as competition for a declining market would surely cause some winners and losers over time too.

    Back during the 1979-1983 recession it was quite common for many new hires to work part-time, and this era was also when labor unions began to use 2-tiered labor contracts too, which discriminated against new employees so that established employees could continue to enjoy a higher standard of living, at least until the companies that employed union workers began to collapse. Also during the 1980s there was a substantial movement toward the use of “independent contractors”, essentially only hiring someone if they agreed in writing to give-away their rights as an employee. While our Federal and State courts eventually in the 1990s did away with some of the excesses of those who would only hire independent contractors, this form of legalized slavery is making a comeback currently too.

    Under neoliberal economic globalism, without any tariff protection of our domestic industries, capital will always seek out the lowest possible production costs and the friendliest environmental regulations in search of the greatest possible profit, and the welfare of the bottom 80% among us is of no concern whatsoever. It has been my experience going all the way back to Jimmy Carter that most neoliberals tend to be wealthy conservative Republicans, who will fight tooth and nail for the establishment of free-trade policies which will allow them to seek-out the lowest possible production costs while seeking to circumvent our own Clean Air and Clean Water acts, our Acid Rain legislation too. What we, the 80% majority, need to try to do here is to vote to return to a Keynesian social democrat economic model that favors the rights and needs of everyone, rather than favoring just our wealthiest citizens and their addiction to raping the greatest possible profit away from anyone who gets in their way, and vote to protect our domestic industries and the jobs that they provide too.

    Here in the near future, as oil, clean water, food, and other raw materials become in increasingly short supply, there will be two political extremes that will emerge. The one extreme will favor the basic needs of everyone over the current policy of wealth addiction favored by our rich, such as in Brazil and Venezuela currently, and the other extreme will favor the ability of an ever-smaller elite to attempt to maintain their living standard by policies that allow the elite to dominate and fleece an ever-larger underclass out of everything that they have, such as is favored by our current neoliberal globalist crowd.

    If it was up to me, I would very much prefer the former economic and political extreme, which would seek to guarantee a minimum standard of living and basic human respect for the 80% majority among us, many of whom have worked hard their entire lives to increase our productivity to make our wealthy employers wealthier, thinking that by doing so, that our own lives would continue to improve too.

    How many here favor the right of our wealthiest citizens to continue to destroy the rest of us in search of more profit than the next rich guy???

  • Nickelthrower


    I can read the desperation in many of these posts and I suspect that much of it comes from being isolated, confused and scared. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Step One: Talk to your neighbors. Talk to anyone that is willing to listen. You’ll find out that most people are scared as well. I talk to all my neighbors and I know exactly who has what should an emergency arise.

    Step Two: You make yourself rich by reducing your needs. My wife and I sold pretty much everything we owned and moved on to a tiny sailboat. Our bills have dropped to next to nothing and we are fairly self sufficient even to the point of generating our own electricity. If things ever get really bad then we have the means by which to escape. This brings me to step three.

    Step Three: Escape. You very well may end up homeless but wouldn’t it be better to end up homeless with a nice mountain bike, a good tent, stove, sleeping bag and survival gear? Even though my wife and I have our boat and we know that all we need is some wind (no fossil fuels for us) to escape we can’t 100% depend on the boat. What if something happened to it? That is why we own great bikes and really good camping and fishing gear. At least we wont starve.

    It isn’t going to get any better tomorrow or the day after so it is best to start today. Cut out the cable Tv, sell the extra car and everything you own that you do not absolutely need. Start making plans for the worse because the sh*t is headed for the fan.

  • Louise in MO

    Everyday Donald Trump makes more sense!

  • haarp

    Folks, if want to know how the US will end up then read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. It was written in 1906 but it’s just as relevant today as when it was written. I’ve read this book about four times over the years and it never fails to make a huge impression on me.

    For those unfamiliar with it I’ll give a thumbnail sketch. It was about the meat packing houses in Chicago and how the workers were cheated and subjected to the most abject conditions. And a modern version of thse days are coming back, my friends.

    You can get the book for free (a legal free download, I should add) from Project Gutenberg as a download so you can be reading it literally in seconds.

  • morpheus

    This has been going on for the last 20 years or so. No one wants to deal with the real reality in this country. We have to change. Because closing our eyes and crossing our fingers just don’t cut it. Wake up people. This is our future.

    Wake up America. It’s time

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    “Spread the News”

  • We’d have packs of out-of-work accountants roaming the streets, fighting with unemployed lawyers over scraps and terrorizing children.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Tom Baxter

    There’s no depression. We have just had the two most profitable quarters for corporations since 2008. There are plenty of jobs out there. I’d hire hundreds at $5.00 hour. So would most that read this. $5.00 is even more than I pay my Chinese workers. Make it crime again to be a vagrant and rent the criminals out. Re-criminalize unions as they were for most of our history. Our forefathers knew how to make a profit.

    • lisa

      if i get what i think you’re saying, then eff u.

  • EXCELENT post… I agree with you 100%. I count myself as one of the fortunate ones that still have a fulltime job that pays well. I see people every day trying to ignore the impending disaster. What’s the average person to do? NOTHING IS GETTING BETTER… Stock market too risky… banks not lending and companies not hiring. That’s why I got involved and started my own telecom/energy savings referral business. There’s nothing like showing people how to SAVW MONEY WHILE I MAKE MONEY. I EVEN SAVE MONEY AND PAY MYSELF BACK out of what I get billed on every bill I would have and have to pay anyways. Its and ingenious concept and soon I’ll be able to give up my fulltime job for someone else to have…

  • James

    We can use a thing called bartering. The IRS can’t tax you on things you trade for since there won’t be a paper trail for the deal. The IRS couldn’t afford to hire people to oversee every deal made or monitor people who do this. This could be used to supplement the lower income levels that the underemployed or unemployed are now receiving. Bartering is a process where the item is here one day, and over here the next day. The IRS would have a really hard time with this.

  • Discouraged1

    I have had a string of contract jobs since I lost my permanent one when the company closed down in 2008, and right now I can’t find any job (I did just have a brief contract but it was only 6 weeks, then nothing again).

    I am beyond discouraged, I think our government has ruined this country.

  • Phil

    I can,t stand mcdonalds anyway,their food taste like it destined for the garbage bin.But if that’s their strategy,how will they stay in buisness or any other slum company when nobody or atleast the majority won’t go to their resturants because they can’t afford to.Wow what a bunch of corporate morons,i mean geniuses.Not to mention our highly intelligent crooks in the democratic and republican parties,and obama’s cleverness of not allowing more drilling in this country.People will do less shopping because of higher gas prices,we have already done so.Whatever we need from the store i get it on my way home from work and nowhere else.Yeah,you go obama,thats good for the economy.

  • Kay

    I am so lucky right now anyways, I make real good money my job is fairly secure. However, I am still making plans to move to about 5 acres of land, be debt free, even learn to raise some chickens for eggs and food. I expect the economy in the next ten years to become HORRIFIC! Every persons situation is different, there is not a one plan fits all. For the person who lives on the boat good for you! Everyone needs to figure out what will work for them based on their abilities, and mental/emotional makeup. The thing is you must have a plan, and implement it, to be prepared for the coming harsh/harsh economic years.

  • morpheus

    It’s a shame that the people in this country don’t know how wealthy they are. We’ve made ourselves slaves to big business, banks and government. It’s our own faults. Technology says we only have to work 3 days a week for full time wages and good benefits. And what do we do? We chose slavery.

    Don’t be sucker all your life.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

  • Pigbitin Mad

    We have to destroy the corporations. There must be enough people who work there that are angry as Hell. I would start compiling a dossier and email the lot to the company’s competitors. Let them all drive each other to ruin….the race to the bottom and the lowest price. They are all a bunch of idiots competing head to head on the exact same thing. Just look at these stupid ebook readers. How many of these things do you need. Two of them will end up bankrupt. So stupid.

  • that’s right

    “As individuals there is not much we can do to stop this mess. I suggest focusing on ways to cope and survive. I encourage everyone to figure out ways to make cash money by performing various services for people. Also, study the welfare system and learn to milk it just like so many of our new arrivals do.”

  • that’s really a disaster for the employees
    and that means that America goes down

  • Jason

    I’m sick of this economy! Who’s arm do I have to twist to get a job? which employer should I hold at GUNPOINT to get a freaking job?

    I used to make $200,000 in a good year, and I’m only 20. Apparently that doesn’t mean a thing, since I’ve lost my business (thanks to 9x the competition in my industry and lack of investment capital, thanks to age discrimination).

    Now I’m going to get my degree, and my school doesn’t even offer loans anymore. Next bet is to join the military, but they’ll be laying off 100,000+ troops in 2013 if Obama gets re-elected. Government spending is the only way to get through a depression, and world war 2 was the miracle that saved us!

    It’s time our country rob pillage and plunder like empires of old. Not give our jobs and lifestyles away on a silver platter!

    Poverty in my town is nearly 70%. Virtually EVERYONE is unemployed! Now what?

    I’m about to start printing my own currency…

  • lisa

    this country is a scary place nowadays. this written piece did make me feel better (as in i now know that i am not alone). my husband and i have 4 jobs between us and still live at the poverty level. we can only pay basic bills. if anything happens outside the norm, like the car breaking down, it screws up everything and we can never get caught up. i worry for my 17 yo and what the future economy will do to make her life miserable. this government has ruined this country and PLEASE stop letting/bringing “refugees” here. they suck up the few precious resources we have. i can’t go to the doctor, they can. i don’t have a newer car but they do. i have to pay rent and they don’t. i have to pay for all my groceries while my tax dollars pay for their food stamps. sickening…

  • The greed of companies with no regard or care for their employees as the real benefit and seen as assets is hard to watch…We could create even better things than what we have if we would just work together cultivate positive change…the sad thing is the people who had good intentions when starting these businesses have gone so far away from the way it use to be…What will these businesses do when the majority of people that go to eat at them like McDonalds as an example cant afford to…they are really just killing their own business slowly because of greed. Money is only good when it is circulating, when that stops everything stops…its a ripple effect and we better start changing this or there won’t be books to buy, programs to teach people. If the audience you are targeting cant pay the rent, who is going to buy your product or service? The real issue is we don’t have good leaders anymore and the social proof is seeing whats happening on a global scale…what is the good of this situation? how can it be turned around? there has to be a way right?

  • Em

    hello can anyone help me answer this question:
    What are some jobs that only take part time workers?

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