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Nearly At ‘Full Employment’? 10 Reasons Why The Unemployment Numbers Are A Massive Lie

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What - Public DomainOn Friday, we learned that the official “unemployment rate” has fallen to 5.5 percent. Since an unemployment rate of 5 percent is considered to be “full employment” by many economists, many in the mainstream media took this as a sign that the U.S. economy has almost fully “recovered” since the last recession.  In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, some Federal Reserve officials believe that “the U.S. economy is already at full employment“.  But how can this possibly be?  It certainly does not square with reality.  Personally, I know people that have been struggling with unemployment for years and that still cannot find a decent job.  And I get emails from readers all the time that are heartbroken because they are suffering through extended periods of unemployment.  So what in the world is going on?  How can the government be telling us that we are nearly at “full employment” when so many people can’t find work?  Could it be possible that the government numbers are misleading?

It is my contention that the official “unemployment rate” has become so politicized and so manipulated that it is essentially meaningless at this point.  The following are 10 reasons why…

#1 Since February 2008, the size of the U.S. population has grown by 16.8 million people, but the number of full-time jobs has actually decreased by 140,000.

#2 The percentage of working age Americans that have a job right now is still about the same as it was during the depths of the last recession.  Posted below is a chart that shows how the employment-population ratio has changed since the beginning of the decade.  Does this look like a full-blown “employment recovery” to you?…

Employment Population Ratio 2015

#3 The primary reason for the decline in the official “unemployment rate” is the fact that the government now considers millions upon millions of long-term unemployed workers to “no longer be in the labor force”.  Just check out the following numbers

The number of Americans participating in the labor force has been on a decline for the past few years. Nearly 33 percent of the Americans above age 16 are not part of the workforce, the highest number since 1978. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report issued recently has found 92,898,000 Americans above age 16 not a part of the labor force of the country as on February 2015.

When President Obama took over the office in January 2009, nearly 80,529,000 Americans were not a part of the labor force. The number has increase by nearly 12 million over the last few years.

#4 Over the past couple of years, the labor force participation rate in this country has been hovering near mutli-decade lows

The labor force participation rate hovered between 62.9 percent and 62.7 percent in the eleven months from April 2014 through February, and has been 62.9 percent or lower in 13 of the 17 months since October 2013.

Prior to that, the last time the rate was below 63 percent was 37 years ago, in March 1978 when it was 62.8 percent, the same rate it was in February.

#5 When you add the number of “officially unemployed” Americans (8.7 million) to the number of Americans “not in the labor force” (92.9 million), you get a grand total of 101.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.  Does that sound like “full employment” to you?

#6 The quality of our jobs continues to decline.  Right now, only 44 percent of U.S. adults are employed for 30 or more hours each week.

#7 Millions upon millions of Americans have been forced to take part-time jobs because that is all they can find, and wages for American workers are at depressingly low levels.  The following numbers come directly from the Social Security Administration

-39 percent of American workers make less than $20,000 a year.

-52 percent of American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

-63 percent of American workers make less than $40,000 a year.

-72 percent of American workers make less than $50,000 a year.

#8 The average duration of unemployment for an unemployed worker is still about twice as long as it was just prior to the last recession.

#9 Most Americans feel as though the Obama administration has done little to nothing to help the middle class.  Just consider the following poll numbers

According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, Americans see government policies under the Obama administration as having mostly benefited wealthy people, large corporations and financial institutions.

Seventy-two percent of respondents said government policies have done little or nothing to help the middle class, and 65 percent said they have done nothing to help the poor. Sixty-eight percent said the policies have done nothing to help small businesses.

Meanwhile, 45 percent said the policies have done a “great deal” to help large banks and financial institutions, 38 percent say they have helped large corporations, and 36 percent say they have helped the wealthy.

#10 If the unemployment rate was calculated honestly, we would all be talking about the horrific “unemployment crisis” that we were currently enduring.  According to John Williams of, the real unemployment rate in the United States right now is above 23 percent.

Our politicians and the mainstream media are attempting to convince us that everything is just fine.

But what they are telling us simply does not match the cold, hard reality on the streets.

And since the talking heads on television are proclaiming that we are nearly at “full employment”, that just makes millions upon millions of Americans that can’t seem to find work no matter how hard they try feel even worse than they already do.

If jobs are “easy to get”, then those that are chronically unemployment must have “something wrong” with them.  That is the message that we are being given.  If the mainstream media says that unemployment has gone way down, then anyone that is still unemployed must be really “lazy”, right?

When you are unemployed for an extended period of time, it can really suck the life right out of you.  It can be really tempting to believe that you are viewed as a failure by your family and friends.  And for the government to lie to us like this just makes things even harder.

If you are unemployed and can’t find a job right now, I want you to understand that you are caught in the midst of a long-term downward economic spiral which is going to get a lot worse.

When the government tells you that we are in a “recovery”, they are lying to you.

And when the government tells you that things are about to get a lot better, they are lying to you.

Everyone has times in their lives when they get knocked down.

The key is to always get back up and to never, ever stop fighting.

Yes, we are facing some really hard economic times.  But that does not mean that your life is over.  Never give up, and never give in to fear.  Just do what you can with what you have today, and tomorrow get up and fight with everything that you have got.

The truth is that the best chapters of your life could be just around the corner.

Just don’t sit back and wait for the government to save you.  If you are waiting for the government to save you, then you are going to be deeply disappointed.

  • Erik Bergum

    The sad reality is that many people are deceived thinking the economy is getting better. Thankfully I work at my dad’s office though there is not really much work to do. I have been busy applying for different jobs and though had interviews, no offers. Thankfully I did get two job offers though one-was a part-time and the other was a full-time. Both minimum wage. Though I’m from California, the two job offers I had were in Arizona.

    • Revolt to save America

      SEE MINIMUM WAGE, so we are just a world full of minimum wages jobs. and people are happy to have even that, we have SO settled. PEOPLE are not as stupid as they where a year ago, people are aware but most can’t do anything, what do we do, take to the streets, WE ask ourselves this what would our grandfathers or great grandfathers do ?????

  • K

    The numbers are not misleading. The numbers are a bald face lie. Sometimes a lie, needs to be called a lie. All I know, is friends continue to loose jobs. Businesses continue to close.And D.C. would not know the truth, if they tripped over it.

    • Revolt to save America

      I’d say unemployment is 20 percent and probably 50 percent are under employed by either reduced hours or reduced pay or jobs that are taken out of desperation.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Time to fix the unemployment rate like FDR did…get involved in a war, draft 11 million men at gunpoint, throw 125,000 Nisei in “internment camps” and censor the press, most of which were happy to do it.

    • Bill

      Looks like I’m censored already as I wait for approval of my comment a few minutes ago.

  • Paul

    Something that troubles me is going on with U tube or with AT&T. U Verse. I use U tube to view alternative media news. I did a search titled World War 3 to get more information about what is going on Ukraine.
    I clicked on a story tilted “World War 3 Russia Prepares for War with the USA. It was by United Against New World Order. Three minutes into video my AT&T U verse internet connection is lost. Therefore the feed to the video was lost. A few minutes later my AT&T U verse internet connection is working. I did nothing to restore the connection. I went to bed.
    The next day, I once again to a search visiting U Tube and clicked on a story Buildup to World War 3 by Economic News TV. About 5-6 minutes into video my internet connection is lost. A few minutes later internet connection comes back. However, I lost feed to the video I wanted to watch.
    I rarely have problems with my internet connection. I had not had an internet connection issue for at least a couple of months. Also it had been quite some time that I visited U tube. It seems too coincidental that my internet connection would be lost right in the middle of watching these two video about WW3.
    I decided to do a U tube search about Taylor Swift and Kim K like the millions of zombies who do not even know who the VP of the US is.
    It was an 11 minute video about how Taylor Swift got hacked. I was able to watch the nauseating video without internet interruption.
    I think this is really creepy. It was like someone was deciding which videos I could and could not view.
    Also one final note I have found out that a number of alternative media sites on U Tube that discuss government corruption or economic problems have been hacked into and shut down for a while.
    I will keep you posted and let people on here know if I have further trouble.

    • jaxon64

      This happens to me also. I have a powerful computer, -terabyte type thing–custom built with 32 GB and terahertz processor or something. The point is, my computer works perfectly 99.9% of the time. I never lose internet because of 2 tower WiFi backups also-EXCEPT with certain alternative media content or videos about globalism, the NWO, or international perspectives on world news.
      I always just figured that maybe someone was jumping in real quick to check my IP address to add to a “watch list” or something. Usually if I go back 2 or 3 times then I can read/watch the info without further blocking/interference

      • Revolt to save America

        again what a disturbing story, so the PEOPLE who are awake, alert, aware and preparing are the enemy. This is what this tells me. We are simply concerned people and WOW… well please keep sharing. For people who are good and who report news and are trying to help others, I wish there was a way to not have an IP address sometimes, FOR THE USE OF GOOD.

    • rushmore

      Your story matches mine precisely. Very, very scary!!!

    • Revolt to save America

      WOW, this is very troubling, thank you for sharing, I do believe rather we like some of who I’m about to mention or not, Glenn Beck, Info wars, etc…. that they run a risk of being hurt for speaking up. Things have become so out of hand it’s a game. THEY want everyone to shut up. Sad, keep sharing, I will follow you. REMEMBER WE CAN CLICK ON NAMES AND FOLLOW people willing to all a follower.

      • englishvinal

        Sleezo Glenn Beck never “risked anything” much less his “life”… If he wasn’t “working for the MAN” he would have had “an accident” long long ago.
        …. And you had BETTER do some research on Alex Jones associates.. and who funds him.
        Grow up. Quit sucking the santorum.

        • tony

          relax and at-least that crook Glenn Beck is a much better than those disgusting liberal snakes.

    • El mico

      I’ve had this happen while reading this and other similar sites as well as you tube. Any other”normal” crap is fine.
      We are all being watched.

      • DVG

        Same here

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Use proxys to view things online. If it persists, get an flv and mp4 file downloader and save the video as soon as it comes up (Real Player has a free downloader – save it off the cloud). Keep on a separate hard disk with encryption.

    • Priszilla

      Usually my tablet crashes when connecting to American websites, especially this one.

    • janef

      Get a grip. Obama is dedicated to protecting your rights of free speech.

      • Martin

        Still being the government equivalent of a cheerleader janef? Sad I must say.

    • Donald Reid

      Sue the bastards.

      • rltmlt

        The best solution can be found in the old joke that ask the question, How do you make a Hormone ? The answer, don’t pay her !

    • Mickey’O

      Try the TOR browser. It was built precisely to get around government censorship.

  • steven

    My youngest son, 35 years old, has been working 24 hours a week. He is told that business is slow. So there is a business slow-down as well as an employment crisis..

    • RageHard84

      The American consumer is tapped out, we can’t buy as many goods and services. Especially since many of us are out of work and can’t afford to buy very much.

      • Revolt to save America

        exactly, you buy food and MUST have stuff, I see that slowly as more sites on facebook have local BUY SELL sites and people trying to get 10 and 15 for things they don’t need. People are watching every penny. Hours for my son are 17 a week, and he tells me some barely make ends meet for food, my sons broke but lives at home so he is always ok, keep sharing,

        • Random-11

          Yes, you must buy as much reserves as possible because of inflation and when SHTF, there will likely be severe food shortages.

      • It´s happening.

        Imagine what happen after SHTF, when tens of millions can´t even buy that much food anymore.

  • RageHard84

    Should I share this? Or do you think people will still refuse to see the truth?

    • Revolt to save America

      Share everything, we are all a bit similar in our thinking, we may differ but we are concerned. I would like to hear what anyone is willing to share. Matter of fact, I appreciate it, THANKS RAGEHARD84

      • guest

        I’m willing to share just about anything I have. If you have need of it, then you’re welcome to use it.
        One thing though, I’m not sharing my wife.

      • bbtruth

        Sharing? That’s your strategy? That won’t work for shi t. I’m not sharing a damned thing with anyone who isn’t interested in value for value trade.

    • Genada

      The truth is all around people, they just are either too busy to notice or do not wish to know the truth. You go into a Walmart and stand in line to pay, you will see a large amount of people using ecb cards. People ask, “where’s the soup lines?” It’s right there, in front of them. You can read stories about what happens when something goes wrong with the ecb program and it’s near riots.

      Simple questions either do not get asked or get brushed aside. If were close to full employment, then why is it there’s no wage growth? Why is the amount of people on some form of benefits program not going down?

      Half the nation is unable to sustain it’s self and depends on the other half to live. That can not go on forever.

      The real scary thing is, this is suppose to be good times. If this is good times, then what will it all look like during the next downturn?

  • Robert

    Most Americans have always been “sheeple”. The few at the top have always run the show. Americans get their historical view from Hollywood propagandists. As long as they can get Monday night football or The View, they are content. Do not look to your fellow citizen for help or truth. American freedom is a myth. Your freedom is proportional to your social status which is dictated by your wealth and position in a local community.

  • BeenThere

    No wonder you rushed into print with this one. How anyone could call the existing situation “full employment” or even “near full employment” absolutely beggars me

    • Revolt to save America

      Should we have back up, are CB radios still around, what should we have ASSUMING internet stops reporting or allowing you tube. Stopping us from news ?? alternatives ?? ANYONE ????? I think we need to start sharing ideas, respecting others ideas because this dooms stuff is NEARING us, it’s closing in. Aside from the ocassional troll, can we please share ideas that are NON traditional because when SHTF we need back up plans. THANK YOU

      • K

        If it all goes down. Your best bet is a radio, that receives the shortwave bands. You could at least get some info that way. At least until they jam the signal. Learn and prepare now. Later,will not be possible. CB can be found. But it is only good for short range. Also they can lock on the signal pretty fast.

      • englishvinal

        Ebay.. lots of CB’s…. reasonably priced. They work.

  • Genada

    We have become very good at sweeping the problems out of sight. They are all around us but we go on ignoring. Millions and millions are depending on the government for everything. The rolls do not go down, they go up. If the economy is nearing full employment, then why are not more people leaving the dole?

    This ties into the phony mystery of why wages are not going up. How can you have raising wages if there’s massive amounts of unemployed? You cann’t. There’s no mystery, there’s just refusing to see the facts as they are.

    • Cindy

      yeah yeah yeah. yes tptb are massive liars….but it will go on forever. the lies are proven. but yet the collapse/reset never comes!, so annoying!!!

  • Revolt to save America

    one of many big lies. Americans are suffering,working twice as hard for half the pay, taking low paying jobs just to eat. And what’s more amazing is food and rents are going up, STAGFLATION ! never trust the numbers , look at real people , look around, that’s reality ! !

    • victor

      tried to friend you on facebook

  • losermagnet

    To many goods to buy and only bankers with money. It’s starting to cause deflation. So put half this work force to 24 hours and maybe we can get to 3% unemployment, and boost their earnings and get the dow higher.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    I am a industrial maintenance mechanic of 30 years. I have been at my current company a little over 10 years. I work 40 hours weekly and turn down overtime every week. My company just added on and built a multi million dollar formulation building. I honest know no one that does not work that wants to. Everything everywhere is not bad.

    • T.

      I am glad for you that you have experienced longevity in your field and at your work place. And you are correct that everything everywhere is not bad – for if it were there would have long ago been rioting in the streets. Those riots will be coming as wages and work do not keep up for the growing numbers (yes millions) who are either under employed or unemployed. Generally speaking – Those who are in your position go about their daily lives with No Awareness of those many millions who are unlike you employed and turning down overtime and who are hurting very badly because of the lousy job market.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        My father grew up in small town in South Carolina piss poor. He told me stories of going into the army and feeling rich because there he ate well and had clothes that were new.

        He spent 6 years in the service, got married, moved to Chicago with no money and got a job working at U.S.Steel.

        His childhood poverty stayed in his mind as he worked for 30 some years and saved and spent considerably less money than he made.

        God bless him for passing along good financial sense to me and my sister.

        I am not one of “Those who are in your position go about their daily lives with No Awareness”…..I am completely aware of the current situation this country is in.

        I have always lived below my means so that I could get ahead. From the time I started working I, like my father, spent much less than I made. I use to see other coworkers spending on anything and everything, I did not. I drove junk cars until I could afford to pay cash for better and finally new ones. I paid off my home. I always new that times could get bad and that at any given moment I could be unemployed. Thank God for what I have.

        Make no mistake that I am aware of the millions who are unemployed and I feel bad for them, but I made financial decisions years ago that if that happens to me know it will make little to no impact on me.

        If while people were working they would spend less, regardless of the sacrifices, when they were without work the financial impact might be less.

        • Tim

          Your father was very wise, and so are you.

        • apeiron

          I’m of a similar background & thrifty mindset as you with one difference; my wife frivolously divorced me when I was nearly debt free & put me back nearly to square one. The high divorce rate has a lot to do with our economic maladies & isn’t something most of us consider protecting ourselves against…one can do right the best they know how & things can still go askew for them. Be thankful…as I know you are.

          • englishvinal

            Remedy… don’t “get married” in the Un-tied States. It is a TRAP designed by the controllers. Seriously.

          • apeiron

            I won’t!!

        • T.

          You are Not one of those in the “Generally speaking” category I spoke of and are to be commended. I too have lived in similar manner as you and have not felt the crushing impact of this lousy job market. Nevertheless, the economic situation for many in the country is extremely bad and many were doing All the right things. These Government figures on unemployment along with the food stamp numbers (47 million) Conceal from the public at large the Depression-like circumstances millions are living under. God bless.

    • barry oldwater

      You must be in the midwest, yes plenty of jobs. Manufacturing in america will only work if its on time, fresh/ short lifespan or transport cost makes it prohibitive from other countries. We cannot sustain more people with an almost stagnant job creation, service jobs cannot support each other, so something has to be created/manufactured and the only thing being created right now is money.

      • englishvinal

        The shale oil boom-bust-laa-laa-land… is vanishing like the mists over a meadow….
        So all the “I’ve got mine” crowd are about to get a taste of the real world.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Yes I am in Indiana but work in south Chicago suburbs. We formulate herbicides 98% of which is used on farm crops. Food is something that usually is not affected by the economy.

    • englishvinal

      Hey always….
      You don’t SEE the people who are not working… you are too busy working. (And you are far too self-interested.)
      And you have swallowed the propaganda that “anybody who WANTS to work can find work”…. So, tell you what, why don’t you go back to the Oklahoma dust bowl days.. the years after the stock market crash of 1929-30-31-32-33……. LOOK and SEE the pictures, READ the stories …..
      ……….. and tell us all that all those sluggards and slackers COULD have had a job if they hadn’t been so damned lazy.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        My dad was born on April 25th 1929. His story is above.

        I found the job I have by looking. Anyone who wanted it could have applied and they would be there and not me.

        As mentioned above I have been a industrial mechanic for 30 years. I have been through 4 plant closings. I have never been out of work for more than a month.

        I would rather not look at pictures and read stories about the bad times. I would rather enjoy what I have.

        I do believe you are right, I an Far to self-interested.

        • bbtruth

          No such thing as too self-interested. Anyone that tells you otherwise is evil.

  • Revolt to save America

    bill it seems because people that speak up are taken out . I’m noticing the guy last week shot, he was at rallys, even other events, when people speak they are silenced one way or another. read up on it, 40 bankers killed last year, irregardless of liking them or not, my point is, being quiet is the safest place.

  • jsmith

    The other night I saw the movie “1984” with John Hurt and Richard Burton, and I can’t help but notice how similar our times have become. I can see how the government is outright lying and trying to convince people to spend more money than they have, and what clicked with me was that the population in the movie was kept in perpetual war, just like with us now. Looks like 1984 is finally catching up with us. Ingsoc!

    • janef

      Countries like North Korea, Iran, and Russia disrespect
      human rights. America on the other hand is an open society that protect humanrights and privacy. If one works hard, a person can obtain any type of job they

      • Martin

        I know that everyone has the right to post an opinion, but when the opinion is nothing more than government taught propaganda, it isn’t worth the internet bandwidth it takes to show it. So don’t waste the space posting it, when those who aren’t brainwashed know better.

        • fukkinrockin

          Best comment I’ve seen

      • Lulz

        Don’t worry…we are catching up to those other countries quickly!

      • john

        totally true , if you work 18h a day at lying (lawyer) you will become president of the United States.!

        • rob6065

          Not quite correct but your close. You need to be a closet gay and do coke and weed also when your younger. Also you must have a passion for being a Professional Pathological Liar to get to the top of the pile. Hahahaaaaaaaa.

          • Hey You

            Hahah? That really isn’t funny.

        • acates11

          So true. Both Obama and Moochelle had to turn in their law licenses or face criminal prosecution. Hillary was fired from the Watergate Investigating team for bad ethics and lying. She almost lost her license.

      • jox

        Manning, Snowden and the people in Guantanamo agree with you! The people killed by US all over the world with drones and bombs would agree with your comment too, but they can’t. And Merkel appreciate very much your respect for privacy.

        • Drud

          Not to mention Michael Brown, Eric Garner the long list of homeless/mentally unstable (yet harmless) people, and plenty of non-violent minorities killed by your friendly neighborhood policeman in ever increasing numbers. I would think that even to a brilliant person, being shot down in the street by a gang of armed thugs in uniform would qualify as a human rights violation.

          • bbtruth

            Michael Brown? non-violent, harmless? The guy attacked a cop after committing robbery. Even the racial activist DOJ couldn’t find anything to charge the cop with.
            With respect, your so-called increasing numbers are a statistically insignificant. That said, I too believe the police state is getting out of hand. Armored military vehicles, SWAT teams increasing in numbers and in places with no need for them, no knock raids, FEMA camps etc.
            My point is, save your outrage for the right people and situations. Try to be objective. Supporting the cause of a violent criminal lends no credibility when you do point out legitimate evils.
            The people of Ferguson turned into a rioting mob that destroyed their own homes and businesses based on the same opinion. That mob negatively affected more innocent people than the one criminal that was justly shot and killed.

          • Drud

            Agreed on the point of being objective, and certainly Michael Brown was nowhere near a saint, but there is still tremendous question in my mind whether said attack really happened and certainly whether it justified his being killed. Police clearly get the benefit of the doubt from courts. Your last paragraph emphasizes what is wrong with our culture, and I am certainly guilty of it from time to time as well…I said NOTHING in defense of the rioting in Ferguson…there is no defense.
            Also, I do not think it is statistically insignificant to go from <1000 SWAT raids/year to over 80,000/year during the past 25 years. That is an exponential growth curve. There are many great cops in this country, true public servants and protectors, but there has clearly been a cultural shift to where far to many of them have become thugs with guns, itchy trigger fingers and virtual impunity from justice.

          • hoepper

            Plenty of non-violent minorities? Did you ever look at crime statistics?
            I don’t like a police state just like you, but direct your anger first at the real killers.

          • Drud

            I did not say all minorities were non-violent, nor did I make any mention of crime statistics, I simply have seen one to many videos of unarmed people getting mowed down by a group of cops. Also, there worst type or “real killers” are those that can kill with impunity.

      • refuse2lose

        You need to leave that fantasy world you live in and join us in the real world…

      • guest

        Freedom is slavery, evil is good, black is white and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

      • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

        I wish people would look at Russia with their own eyes, not through the mainstream media. You would find that Russia does respect human rights more than most Western countries.
        Please make an effort to check the facts, See what the Russians actually do, how they live, what they say, what they think of their leadership.
        I always think that if people knew Vladimir Putin, what sort of man he really is, what the other leaders are like, this would make them happy. Happy to know leaders who really care for their people – and are careful not to upset whatever little order now left in the world.

        • englishvinal

          Thank you… Geeze a woman who has neurons that still speak to each other… I had come to the conclusion that in the Un-tied States that was passe.

        • apeiron

          I’d trade an Obama & two Clinton’s for a President who loves America as much as Putin loves Russia.

          • rob6065

            I agree with you 1000% YEAH baby, yeah

          • cassius46

            Sorry, but 1 Obama & 2 Clintens not enough to trade in for Vladimir Putin.

          • Hey You

            I’d even throw in a couple of senators, Menendez, Menendez , , . anyone?

        • Bob332

          Go live there IF it’s so rosy.What’s stopping you?

          • hai

            there maybe too many reasons that she cant go live there. your response is utterly uncivilized, classless, uneducated.

          • rltmlt

            A standard reply from the Neoconservative playbook, I would have expected that you people would have eventually gotten a little creative but It appears that sheep are incapable of breaking away from the herd even when they are being led to the slaughter !

          • rob6065

            You are absolutely correct. The SHEEPLE are none to smart here in Jewmerika, Land of the Unfree, and Home to the Slave. Hahahaaaaaaaa

          • John Pallyswine

            A Jew cured polio you filthy muSSlim

          • rob6065

            You have drank way tooooo much of Odumbos koolaid it seems. Did you actually vote for this POS Clown? Hahahaaaaaaaa

          • Yanni Sorolov

            I live in Moscow and I like it. You telling me to go live in Washington. No a cat me would be mugged.

        • DarkStarAz

          “Back in the US,
          back in the US,
          back in the USSR!”

      • Karen McKim-Altman

        Not any more they can’t.

      • Idiotland

        This a joke, right?

      • englishvinal

        You survive in “the high employment – economic Shangrila – recession-cum-DEpression Un-tied States..
        Where Fergerson and all the Fergerson clones PD forces keep picking off the citizens… and are held UNaccountable………..
        janef.. aka jsmith…….
        AND YOU HAVE THE GAUL to lambaste Russia????
        You deserve what you will get.

      • Gay Veteran

        are you high?

      • True Grit

        I’ll take a government job sweeping the hallway in front of an “officials” office for $80,000 a year.

      • bbtruth

        There are no such things as civil rights or human rights. There are only individual rights.

      • rob6065

        Do you really believe that horse sh it they are feeding you?. Take some more meds and dumb down some more please. Hahahaaaaaaaa.

      • Tim Dean

        Did you know that marijuana contains at least 37 different harmful chemicals. Maybe its time you stopped smoking it.

      • Richard T.

        A lot of people are bashing your comment below. However, Your first statement is definitely true to a great degree. Especially concerning North Korea and Iran. Try to practice the freedom of religion or conscious in those countries and you will very quickly how much freedom we still have here in the US.
        Yes, there’s many things wrong with the US, but the fact that I can sit here and being free to worship God and use the internet to voice my opinion and do not need to be afraid of the secret police hauling me off to the death camp proves America still has freedom.

      • majorx

        That’s less true today than before the Socialists started corrupting our government and society.

      • GeorgyPorgy

        ”If one works hard, a person can obtain any type of job they want.” Does this include drone operators who wipe out Afghan wedding parties for example?

      • Carl Hopkinson

        Uh, did you go to sleep in 1962 and wake up just now….this is not the country where your statement USED to be true.

      • wakeupscreaming

        You can also be anyone you want to be in Cuba — as they have free education right up to doctorate degrees — unlike the U.S. or other western countries which have decided indebting students is far more profitable than actually investing in their own people/nation.

    • Fireplace 1

      I like the 1950s version of 1984 with Edmund Obrien better.

    • Bruce

      Got any razor blades to spare? – Fellow Oceaniac

    • GeorgyPorgy

      Yep, its here alright. Ministry of Truth (i.e.,) lies, newspeak, double-talk, double-think, perpetual war, ongoing rectification of history, duckspeak, disappearances, (vaporizations), shortages of everything, daily two minutes hate with Putin as Emmanuel Goldstein, torture chambers, thought police (the media). I would call it Ingcap rather than ingsoc.

    • wakeupscreaming

      Being in constant war means there’s a constant crisis, which rationalizes extraordinary measures.

  • Rocketman

    RT just ran a story that that quoted the BLS stating that the employment rate in this country stands at 67%. That’s 33% out of the work force.

  • victor

    My son’s been working for 3 years part time, around 24 hours a week. The only good thing is the company gives him benefits. It’s just a matter of the waiting game till he gets full time.
    They had a full time position open up in his department, then management decides to make two part time jobs instead.
    Plus more and more people are getting squeezed at work, and not like the old days of that Johnny Paycheck song. You don’t have the option of telling them” take this job and shove it,” unless your highly skilled and can find something just as quick.
    Employment today, is a different beast from what it was in the past,, say even in the last 10-15 years.

  • Chuck

    What about people that are retired, students, or too sick/I’ll/injured to work? Or even stay home men and women by their choice? How are these people aaa counts for?

  • Chuck

    How are people who choose not to work or can’t work accounted to, like retirees or sick/I’ll/injured people?

    • Whisper

      The Labor department changed what constitutes the unemployed and employed a while back. All I can reason why the changes is to make any administration “look good”. It is pure propaganda, and every president including Bush used it.
      Independent research polling data shows different stats than what this administration wants you to believe. They ask a larger group and more widely dispersed. If you noticed, the Dept of Labor stats always change after their announcements because they always set low unemployment numbers for the BIG announcement, and higher unemployment number correction a few days later in a blurb, unnoticed in the public eye.

  • usmcmailman


    • victor

      Semper Fi, are you a letter carrier?

  • janef

    I am appalled and dismayed at most of the responses to my
    posts on this site. First of all, I am a brilliant person who is majoring in communications at a top-ranked school in my state.

    Right wing zealots have revealed their true colors by
    calling me retarded, delusional, low information, and most hurtful of all insane.

    I am a proud member of the Sierra club. Also, during the
    mid-terms I manned the phones during the mid-term elections at my local
    Democratic headquarters. I am also completing
    an internship with a media organization that supports Obama’s policies.

    I am driven to succeed and strongly approve of the job Obama
    is doing handling the economy. His foreign policy decision making is impeccableas well. Most importantly though, he Is in touch with the needs of the middleclass.

    Rest assured every now and then I will keep posting on this
    site in order to defend our great president. Both Obama and Yellen ascension top ositions of critical importance prove that the American dream is alive and well.

    The number of job openings is at 14 year high. Yes it is sad
    that a few Americans cannot find work. Perhaps they should go to school to update and acquire new skills. That way they would be qualified for one of the millions of job openings.

    It is also worth noting that most economists believe that
    2015 will be a good year for the U.S economy. So who should I believe? A few conspiracy theorists or Ivy league
    economists with a formal education? I
    think I will side with Ivy league economists who have put in countless hours to truly understand America’s economy.

    My goal is to change minds on here about Obama. Finally, if the Republicans did not obstruct every
    piece of legislation proposed, the economy would be even stronger. Obama has successfully navigated America
    though a time when hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost each month. America has enjoyed over 60
    straight months of private sector job growth

    • jakartaman

      History is already written
      Obama is the worst proven lying president that our great Republic has ever had.
      And you are of the same ilk – A self proclaimed narcissist

      • Gay Veteran

        Bush-Obama has destroyed this country

    • Robert

      Assuming u r a paid “troll” I will nonetheless reply . First, you have a level of personal arrogance that is breathtaking. Second, the economic numbers in no way support your views so you are either deluded or dishonest. Third, in the area of foreign policy, often it takes years before results can be evaluated. I personally think any foreign policy that involves US troops fighting abroad is a failure regardless of who is president. Lastly, no president has much influence over national economics. They just get undue credit or blame. My view of you is that your high level education is one sided and therefore you will live and work with blinders.

      • K

        No doubt about the troll part. But it is a good sign, they feel they need to be here. In short, we are a lot closer to the truth, than they are comfortable with.

        • Martin

          I totally agree with you on that. They just can’t stand the fact that more and more people have stopped buying into the propaganda they want everyone to believe.

    • Martin

      First of all janef, being book smart does not make one wise. That plainly shows in your posts, especially this one. You do however, remind me of someone who has been brainwashed into believing everything that the government wants you to believe. Oh, and by the way? I find your little piece about the 60 straight months of private sector job growth to be total hogwash BS. Do come to my part of the country and try and sell that line of crap, and see how long it is before you get run out of the area on a rail. You can try and feed the people a line of government taught BS, but you sure aren’t going to get them to swallow it.

    • Paul

      I have seen some sickening posts in my time on sites like
      Yahoo etc. However, your post is one of the sickest I have ever seen. For many reasons. A “few” Americans have been out of work a long time?? If you read Michael’s article it stated that over 100 million Americans are out of the workforce. The labor participation rates are at historic lows. What is most infuriating though is you marginalize people who are suffering due to being out of work. There are thousands of people with impressive credentials
      that think the economy is collapsing. A few that come to mind are Peter Schiff, Donald Trump, and Gerald Celente. The aforementioned individuals are certainlysmarter than I am. From what I can tell from your posts, you have as much understanding of economics as a roof shingle.
      You are not brilliant. A brilliant person does not blindly
      accept what the government feeds to them.
      Your nauseating insanity and hubris comes out in full bloom. You label anyone who questions the government was a wack job conspiracy theorist. Obama’s shadow of crisis comment was callous. There are over 44 million Americans living in poverty. How would you feel if you had kids tosupport and were out of work?? Would you feel that the shadow of crisis had passed. This sad story repeats millions of times over in America. Sorry to burst your bubble but Obama is not intouch with the middle class. You are very dismissive of other viewpoints. I went to college. However, I realized that going to college is not a substitute for practical experience. Sadly a lot of people like yourself think they are betterand smarter than everyone else because they are in school. Your arrogance, incessant regurgitating of Obama talking points, and refusal todiligently analyze economic data show that your are narcissistic, dismissive,and brainwashed. All I want is leadership that is transparent, is not arrogant, respects human rights, is committed to helping the lower and middle classes. Instead of being “appalled” by the responses learn to think for yourself. There are millions ofAmericans suffering and their plight should not be ignored by people like you.

    • Drud

      As a self-proclaimed brilliant person, I suppose you will have no problem answering one very simple question:
      If the recovery is in full swing, and we are already nearing, if not at, full employment, why has the Fed not raised interest rates? It is easy to do the slightest research and see that five years into every single recovery of the past 70 years interest rates have ALWAYS risen, and never before have they been as low (and I mean never in the 5000 year history of money.) Also, the slightest bit of research will show that the Fed has insisted they will raise interest rates in the not too distant future after each meeting for the past five years. To many this disconnect would seem to be illogical to the point of outright falsehood, but to a brilliant person such as yourself, I am sure there is a very valid reason.

      • Michael J

        You nailed it. There are so many in your face inconsistencies that anyone capable of critical thinking knows almost everything being presented as fact by the Government reports numbers and assertions, the MSM and Wallstreet are boldface lies.

        • Drud

          Thank you, Michael, most of all for noticing I was speaking to only one of many logical inconsistencies and outright fallacies being perpetrated by elites and eaten up with a spoon by all the brilliant people like our jane.

    • Michael J

      “Democratic headquarters. I am also completing
      an internship with a media organization that supports Obama’s policies”, Wow….Holy Cow. This sentence says it all, you are so steeped in Progressive Demoncrat Group Think and mind control that you just can’t see reality for what it is. I bet the Media Organization you refer to, that supports Obama’s policies is probably George Soros funded to boot.
      People like you disgust me.

    • old geezer

      janef you are about 3 weeks too early for your april fools joke!

    • jsmith

      “Yes it is sad that a few Americans cannot find work.” A few, did you say a few? That in itself tells me you are either isolated from reality or you believe that blue blood runs through your veins. It is always easy for the well off to look down condescendingly on the rest of us peasants. It’s almost like Mercedes Benz drivers that think they are too good to use toilet paper!
      Yeah, too bad all those unemployed people can’t go back to school and learn brain surgery, or land a job printing money at the Fed, further devaluing the dollar, but instead of helping Main Street, helping the termites of Wall Street and the sons of Benedicts at the Banks, who are the recipients of those well earned millions of “our” dollars.
      Oh, and your kudos for the Obama regime, which seems to be checkmated at every turn by Putin’s master chess playing tells all. You wonder which imbeciles are giving Barry advice, because it’s all bad, and it’s turning every decent country against us. But the worst injustice is for our troops that are being sacrificed for the elite of this country, and are dying in vain for company profits.
      Funny, you mention you belong to the Sierra Club, and sure enough you are saving the purple sage frog or some other rodent, but being a sofa samurai you have no interest in having a country that is at peace with the rest of the world. Maybe if we stop bombing them, they might just stop committing acts of terror against us.

    • bbtruth

      All I have to say is, ha ha ha….you retard. You are the worst of what is wrong with this country and why we fail. Your self-proclaimed brilliance is laughable. Econ 101 isn’t what it used to be. One constant is math, which you seem woefully incapable of understanding.

      I don’t mean to insult your brilliance(yes I do), as I am sure you value emotions over reason. My lowly 138 IQ surely doesn’t put me in the same level of cognitive ability as you.
      I too, have revealed my true colors and will stick to them, as I don’t believe I am wrong. You are retarded, delusional, and insane. I would not say you are low informational. Instead I would say you have embraced an ideology in which the collective is valued over the individual, mandatory self-sacrifice is a virtue, and moral relativism is a means to justice.

    • Molon Labe Girl

      You are either:

      1. A paid troll (my money is on this)
      2. An asylum escapee with delusions of grandeur
      3. A muslim
      4. a teenager who likes to stir up sh&@ on the interwebs.
      5. All of the above, a.k.a. a democrat.

      Nonetheless, it concerns me greatly that there may actually be people who think like this. A very dangerous position indeed, much like an islamic terrorist.

      • Islam is opposed to the usurious forms of debt relations that have gotten us in the current rut. Don’t attack Islam, when in reality the culprit is our immoral monetary system created by European aristocrats to grow their idle wealth.

        • Molon Labe Girl

          Seriously? You took that as an “attack” on some lunatic religion? You have no idea what a real attack is. ALL religions, not just islam, are the root cause of all suffering on this planet since the beginning of anything.

    • Always Tomorrow

      Why try to change minds? I, like you have my own thoughts. Some people will agree some will not.

      Most of the time I like to play the roll of the student, sitting back and listening to all sides and then I make my own decisions.

  • Megalon

    Good article Michael, right on the money. Every nation is fudging the numbers. 23% sounds about right for U.S and Canada. Temp work is also a big chunk of the jobs that are being created, so it’s a couple weeks of work, then nothing . It is funny jsmith, I too recently re-watched 1984 and we are totally there, just the way language and words are manipulated by the fascist(merger of state and corporate powers) govt and the way people are brainwashed. Punishment for thought crimes are in our midst.

    ” In times of universal deceit,telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  • disqus_lsSGzxBypZ

    USA Government = Maggot Dung

  • kbrockm

    “Full Employment” is “Full-BS!” Share this story with everyone you can, however you can!

  • Arizona

    EVERYONE is in a country thats PLANS to murder everyone,THEY can see the police gangs readying their WAR machine,they don’t care as long as they can keep kissing their butt,THEY murder the children,their dogs,the wildlife,AND yet still no one cares,OH,WE LOVE THE POLICE,WHY JUST THE OTHER DAY,THEY BLEW OUT MY SON’S BRAINS,all over the living room floor,YOUR GOVERNMENT will murder you in mass and NO ONE will care,as long as their allowed to keep kissing the governments ass………

    • bbtruth

      I have several policemen, SWAT members in my family. I am convinced there will be a day when they will have to choose where their loyalties lay. They took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. It seems that already, they break their oaths. They display the same cognitive dissonance our double speaking politicians practice. I wish it were otherwise. It seems the ends justify the means. When chaos breaks out, when people they know and care about are to be kept under marshal law or worse, will they fight for the people or the government? I don’t know.

  • rb

    Every Administration — Democrat or Republican — claims good jobs reports even though it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    • blubaljim

      Well, they’re certainly not going to admit that their unanimous by partisan position on “free trade” has totally destroyed the American work force. Now are they?

      • guest

        They knew what they were doing and what the end result was going to be, before they took their 30 pieces of silver.

  • guest

    Because it;s not fair to everybody else. I think the rest of the World ought to have some of this obama prosperity, don’t you ?
    Who are we to hoard him all to ourselves ????

  • Mary Kay

    I’m an RN and I have had to take part time work, LOW paying, slave labor nursing jobs. The healthcare field has been severely hit by Obamacare. The last nursing home I worked had a census of 86 while a capacity of 110, so to survive the business had to cut staff, two nurses for 86 patients instead of four nurses for 110 patients! Many people can no longer financially qualify for nursing home care under Obamacare. So their family struggles with their care at home, usually one person quitting their job to take care of their loved one.
    Obamacare is destroying our healthcare system!! MK Mason RN

    • guest

      Obamacare is – artificial debt creation. It is about control and dependence (slavery).
      It is doing exactly what it was intended to do.
      Eventually the elderly, mentally challenged, less than optimals will be euthanized, or left to die.
      Soc. Sec. is bust, even if it wasn’t, they have no intention of honoring the contract with the boomers.
      I guess that would be justice though.

  • Siloo Kapadia

    Of course it is all rubbish. I only wonder what USA real unemployment rate is.

    • blubaljim

      A documented 92 million Americans between the ages of 24 and 64 no longer participating in the work force. Do the math.

  • New Man

    both parties voted to pass nafta and cafta and other “trade agreements” that off shored jobs at the sound of speed…no one cares accept your mama

  • victor

    Praise the Lord that You got blessed with that job, and didn’t give up, and kept the faith, He is faithful.

  • TGMY

    With Obamacare firms employing more than a certain number of people have to provide healthcare. So, guess what? Many firms have downsized jobs to part time (less than 30 hours/week.) Which presumably opened up many new part time jobs. So the figures we’re seeing could actually be a result of “job sharing”–several people sharing a formerly full-time job!

    • Molon Labe Girl

      And the two or three jobs they hold count as two or three “employed persons”, even when all three are held by the same person! At this point, I’m looking around for Alice and the Queen of hearts…

  • Bob332

    The ONLY time this Regime is telling you the truth is when they DON’T open their mouths….period.

  • Bill H

    If you repeat the lie enough, it becomes the truth. And the truth teller, becomes a conspiracy theorist.

  • blubaljim

    Damn right it’s just all one big huge lie, one right after another. Once NAFTA and CAFTA were signed into law sending what remained of our manufacturing capabilities overseas to be performed under slave wages and conditions the American dream went right along with it. The new normal is here and now folks, so get used to it. And on top of that, be prepared for living conditions to only worsen going forward. Our gov’t has been bought and paid for and their directives are to totally destroy this nation AND it’s people.

  • sharonsj

    I just read that the oil industry out West let go 10,000 workers. I also read that IBM is firing 150,000 people and replacing them with foreign workers. Nobody believes the official unemployment numbers.

    • rltmlt

      The march toward America becoming just another low wage third world country in a one world Plutocracy remains firmly on track. Many independent economists give it another ten years to become a reality. All those unemployed will likely be sequestered to fight in the coming Neocon war against Russia, a war for economic dominance that is now threatened by the newly created BRICS international trading group that is poised to take control from the West and their collapsing reserve Dollar currency system. Considering that this conflict will most likely involve nuclear weapons, maybe the next appearance of an intelligent species on this planet will evolve and arrive at rational solutions that don’t involve inflated national hubris that has accelerated the current march toward complete annihilation !

  • DarkStarAz

    10,000 baby boomers retire every day which is consistent with an “increase of 12M extra unemployed in the past few years”

  • Tatiana Covington

    I’m all right, Jack.

  • Mickey’O

    “If you are waiting for the government to save you,…” you wait to die!

  • dujaa74

    Psst…. Our $$$ money $$$ is not real…..shhh…it’s a FED secret debt slaves.

  • lastredoubt .

    We simply cannot afford the rich in a world of increasing population, decreasing resources and increasing climate chaos. Limits to growth has barely been acknowledged while the harsh realities of the decline that follows have already manifest. The gov is going to have to pay people not to work and that income is going to have to come from the rich.

    • Instead of paying people not to work, reduce the retirement age to 60 for men and women and decrease the length of the workday. Much of our income goes not to anything that enhances quality of life, but to useless production of things that we truly do not need (excess automobiles, suburban housing, etc.). Ultimately the reason for this is the support of corporate shareholders to enhance their dividends and buybacks, and to banks to pay the interest on our currency: in other words, usurious and coercive arrangements that were not agreed to by the working people concerned.

      Will our economy go down in size as a result? Yes, by 20% or 30% more. Suburban housing will most likely thin out significantly as more people move to denser towns and city centers accessible by public transit. This will merely be a symptom of our no longer producing to meet the costs of our enslavement to the bankers, and will harm nobody but the idle rich.

  • Bruce

    So, at 23%, we;re STILL Almost at the 27% WORST of the Great (Republican) DEPRESSIONH!

  • huh ?

    The problem is most of the job postings are fake and don’t actually exist ! Most employers are not really hiring, but apparently are being given a tax break or something for each completed employment application they turn in, thus, creating the illusion of jobs. They’re skewing the job as well as the unemployment figures to fool the public into believing there’s recovery taking place !

  • William Ripskull

    The simple questions are this: If we are at full employment, why do we still have tens of thousands of people living in hundreds of tent cities around the country, and why has food stamp usage still yet to peak and start to decline? All lies, and a testament to how clueless and complacent our electorate has become. Real Housewives of Atlanta, anyone???

  • majorx

    I don’t know how long we the people have to put up with the lying creeps who claim they are our leaders. But the fear level is increasing in DC because soon they wont be able to hide the truth about the economy or their constant lying, the economy will collapse. But guess what instead of resigning in shame they are preparing to make war on their own people to protect themselves and their stolen wealth. Are we going to take it people of America?

  • teller123

    It is so sad that there are a handful of people in this world that have destroyed everything and everyone for greed and power. It would be kind of fun to see them turn on and destroy one another and ultimately themselves in the end. Eventually they will run out of victims to steal from and enslave, therefore I expect them to turn upon one another. God will deal with them in the end and I sure would not want to be one of them. ; Those of us that know what’s coming should be prepared to help those that do not. We can’t take it with us so we should spend it all on supplies to help those we love and care about even though they think we are a little crazy. God will reward us for helping our families, friends and even strangers in need. Be kind to one another, love and help one another and help others find the Lord. In the end that’s all that really matters.

  • lucid

    read the book

  • Lightwire

    So, 92,000,000 or more unemployed, 50 million on food stamps that cannot feed themselves or probably pay for housing, allowing more unemployed, uneducated, people into the country, if the gov’t ever stops paying welfare we will have a massive riots which is probably by the gov’t actions is what they want for a total takeover as if they don’t already have it.

  • LSO

    I agree with this… I had read all these jobs reports that the economy is soo good, but then no one is responding to my applications. Makes no sense.

  • Carl Hopkinson

    Shout that out to all the empty parking lots at Bell Labs and Motorola in the Chicago suburbs…Chicago used to be the telecomm capital of the corporate world…now there are only wind-blown dust bunnies cavorting on vast hagar-like empty cubicle farms that used to employ American engineers. I know because I was there in Motorola Schaumburg helping the handful of engineers that were still there on various problems. You are blissing out on your surfeit of ignorance.

  • Carl Hopkinson

    And what about the other 49???

  • A. Crusader

    But…but….but….obama said everything is better, and if you disagree, you be racissss….because he is the first negro president.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Think it’s bad now? Wait till high-level robots are commonplace and even self-reproducing. Don’t laugh. Machine self-reproduction is being worked on, and there already are factories in Japan, where robots produce more robots. Also recall, that a robot can learn as much in 1 minute or less, than can you in 30 years, without the utter uselessness of infancy, childhood, and adolescence lasting for 20 years combined.

    We won’t stand a chance. People are far too slow in every sense.

  • Yanni Sorolov

    Forbes is just Propaganda for the mindless

  • Yanni Sorolov

    The difference between an American and a Russian, is that an American is brainwashed into thinking that living in a cardboard box or under a bridge is perfectly fine.

  • Yanni Sorolov

    It is really true that that streets in America are paved with gold or is that just fake gold paint? Is it really true that Fort Knox has gold or is it really salt?

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