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Russia Threatens To Abandon The U.S. Dollar And Start Dumping U.S. Debt

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The Kremlin - Photo by Pavel KazachkovThe Obama administration and the hotheads in Congress are threatening to hit Russia with “economic sanctions” for moving troops into Crimea.  Yes, those sanctions would sting a little bit, but what our politicians should be made aware of is the fact that Russian officials are promising “to respond” if economic sanctions are imposed on them.  As you will read about below, one top Kremlin adviser is even suggesting that Russia could abandon the U.S. dollar and start dumping U.S. debt.  In addition, he is also suggesting that if sanctions are imposed that Russian companies would not repay the debts that they owe U.S. banks.  Needless to say, Russia could do far more economic damage to the United States than the United States could do to Russia.  The U.S. financial system relies on the fact that the rest of the planet is going to use our currency to trade with one another and lend gigantic piles of it back to us at super low interest rates.  If the rest of the world starts changing their behavior, we are going to be in a massive amount of trouble.  Those that believe that the United States is “economically independent” are being quite delusional.

In order for U.S. economic sanctions against Russia to be effective, Europe would also have to get on board.

But that simply is not going to happen.

As I noted yesterday, Russia is the largest exporter of natural gas on the planet.  And Russia is also Europe’s largest supplier of energy.

There is no way that Europe could risk having Russia cut off the gas, especially considering the economic condition that Europe is currently in.

To get an idea of just how incredibly dependent the rest of Europe is on Russian natural gas, check out the chart in this article.  A whole bunch of European nations get more than half their natural gas from Russia.

And according to the Telegraph, even the UK has already completely ruled out economic sanctions…

Europe would be pushed back into recession, Russia into financial meltdown. This is not the sort of self harm Europe is prepared to contemplate right now. Indeed, thanks to the indiscretion of a UK official, who was snapped going into Downing Street with his briefing documents on display for all the world to see, we know this to be the case. Trade and financial sanctions have already been ruled out.

So the U.S. can do whatever it wants, but Europe is not going to be any help.  Perhaps Canada will stand with the U.S., but that will be about it.

On the flip side, the Russian Foreign Ministry is promising “to respond” if the United States does impose economic sanctions…

Russia said on Tuesday that it would retaliate if the United States imposed sanctions over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

We will have to respond,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement. “As always in such situations, provoked by rash and irresponsible actions by Washington, we stress: this is not our choice.”

So what would the response look like?

Lukashevich did not say, but top Kremlin adviser Sergei Glazyev is suggesting that Russia could abandon the U.S. dollar and refuse to pay back loans to U.S. banks…

“In the instance of sanctions being applied to stated institutions, we will have to declare the impossibility of returning those loans which were given to Russian institutions by U.S. banks,” RIA quoted Glazyev as saying.

“We will have to move into other currencies, create our own settlement system.”

He added: “We have excellent trade and economic relations with our partners in the east and south and we will find a way to reduce to nothing our financial dependence on the United States but even get out of the sanctions with a big profit to ourselves.”

Glazyev also stated that Russia could start dumping U.S. debt and encourage other nations to start doing the same.  The following comes from a Russian news source

“We hold a decent amount of treasury bonds – more than $200 billion – and if the United States dares to freeze accounts of Russian businesses and citizens, we can no longer view America as a reliable partner,” he said. “We will encourage everybody to dump US Treasury bonds, get rid of dollars as an unreliable currency and leave the US market.

Clearly Russian officials understand the economic leverage that they potentially have.  In fact, Glazyev seems fully convinced that Russia could cause “a crash for the financial system of the United States”

“An attempt to announce sanctions would end in a crash for the financial system of the United States, which would cause the end of the domination of the United States in the global financial system.”

On that last point Glazyev is perhaps overstating things.

On their own, the Russians could do a considerable amount of damage to the U.S. financial system, but I doubt that they could completely crash it.

However, if much of the rest of the world started following Russia’s lead, then things could get very interesting.

Just yesterday, I wrote about how China has chosen to publicly stand in agreement with Russia on the Ukrainian crisis.

If China also decided to abandon the U.S. dollar and start dumping U.S. debt, it would be an absolute nightmare for the U.S. financial system.

And keep in mind that the Chinese were already starting to dump a bit of U.S. debt even before this latest crisis.  In fact, China dumped nearly 50 billion dollars of U.S. debt in December alone.

The only way that the current bubble of debt-fueled false prosperity in the U.S. can continue is if the rest of the world continues to lend us trillions of dollars at ridiculously low interest rates that are way below the real rate of inflation.

If the rest of the world stops behaving in such an irrational manner, interest rates on U.S. government debt would rise dramatically and that would also mean that interest rates on virtually all other loans throughout our financial system would rise dramatically.

And if that happened, it would be a complete and utter nightmare for our economy.

Unfortunately, most Americans have no understanding of these things.  They just assume that we are “the greatest economy in the world” and that nothing is ever going to threaten that.

Well, the truth is that we are rapidly approaching a “turning point”, and after this bubble of false prosperity pops things will never be the same in the United States again.

The Kremlin - Photo by Pavel Kazachkov

  • Hillbilly

    Things could start to unravel quickly time to double check your stock pile.

    • xander cross

      Will do.

  • K

    The trouble with a global economy. When you shoot someone in the foot, you feel the pain as well. I believe the curtain is about to go up, on a show no one is going to forget. Except the stars in this show, are mostly puppets..

  • Abingdon

    Russians tested a missile today which landed in Kazakhstan. I wonder why they would do that in a time like this? Is it a show of muscles? A threat? Just a normal exercise ? That really has me puzzled . What does everyone think about it? You can see the article on zerohedge .

    • R.A. Brown

      The Russians advised the U.S., in advance, about the test.

      • cateye

        …so it was reported. I believe very little of what is reported these days by the formerly independent US media.

      • K

        Yes, the treaty I believe requires 14 days notice. But consider this. Do you really think, 14 days ago Putin did not know he was going to do this? The West is acting like, Putin woke up 1 day and said lets attack the Crimea. No, I suspect the message of the missile is two fold. One, this has been in the planing stage for a while. 2. You should understand, Russia is deadly serious about this.

        • davidmpark


    • jaxon64

      Coincidentally, the trajectory and distance of flight of the missile launch is near exact to what it would take if the missile were aimed west at Kiev instead of south toward kazakhstan…yes, rest assured that it is no coincidence that the missile’s targeting would have hit in Maidan square in Kiev if the launcher had been pointed west…

  • CharlesH

    While the ‘official’ in Russia is not in a leadership position that spouted off today but you can rest assured, he has the full confidence and backing of the leadership or he would never have spoken out and said the things he did. He’s the mouthpiece. Beware.

  • robbie

    The Frankfurt school must be so proud of Obama.

  • Top Gun

    US is responsible for the coup in Ukraine. Installing the Neo-Nazis. I only worry about overnight hyperinflation if interests rates go up. Prepare.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Installing the Neo-Nazis”
      Who exactly did we install?

  • Mondobeyondo

    If ANY nation with a large holding of U.S. dollars in their treasury, decides to dump them – we are in a world of hurt. Doesn’t matter if it’s Russia, China, India, Sweden or Swaziland.

    The U.S. dollar is already incredibly devalued, compared to its worth even 30 years ago. More dollars floating around will devalue them even more. You’re adding even more water to the soup, and the soup is already mostly water now.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      I got my first taste of dollar debasement when I went to Europe during Dumb-Ya’s reign of terror and saw how weak the dollar had become against European currencies. That was eight and nine years ago, and in the era of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, Dumb-Ya’s failed policies have only accelerated. Adding gasoline to a fire doesn’t exactly put out the flames.

      • Eric Quintero

        You need MORE GASOLINE, if you dump enough of it all at once it’ll totally drench the fire, right?

      • Guest

        The US is the largest consumer nation in the world,what will these other countries do when are worthless money won’t buy their warehouses full of needless junk,their citizens have to eat just like we do.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It boils down to faith and trust, As in, “How much faith, confidence and trust do you have in the American financial system?” There are no hard assets backing up our currency. No gold, no silver, no nothing. It’s totally based on “fiat”. (i.e. “Do you trust us?”)

    Well, based on our current reckless fiscal spending, it’s no wonder so many countries are having second thoughts. There are probably more than a few presidents and prime ministers who are thinking, “Maybe it’s time to unload all these American dollars, before they become totally worthless…”

    • Rodster

      The question should be. How much faith do you have in the “global financial system”? The entire financial system from East to West is being played out the same way. China is no better than the US. It’s all the same.

      Even if you have a Country willing to back their currency with gold, you have to ask yourself. How long will it take before that gold back currency suffers the same fate as the rest of the gold back currencies?

      As long as Govt’s continue to use their Central Banks to fund their debt levels all gold back currencies will suffer the same death.

      • Mondobeyondo

        That’s true as well. It’s all tied in together. Global currencies will not be tied to gold anytime soon, because they know.. how dramatically different it would be.

        A currency tied to a tangible asset…

        You can’t print your way out of a crisis. Not without serious consequences. That’s like me going to the corner grocery store, and buying milk with my $20 Monopoly money.

      • Syrin

        Yep, and here the state media violently attacks any politician trying to reign in spending, but now our debt is literally threatening our national security. A borrower will always be a slave to the lender. True in Biblical times, true now.

        • GSOB

          True. That’s only part of Proverbs 22:7…. check it out.

          “As to the things of this life, there is a difference between the rich and the poor; but let the poor remember, it is the Lord that made the difference.”

          • davidmpark

            St. James 2:5-6 (KJV)

            “Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

            But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?”

          • Tim

            I love that passage of Scripture, David. Thanks for sharing. That’s my hope.

          • FirstGarden

            Amazing. I was just reading this exact passage last night.

          • ConcernedAmerican

            This and James 5.

          • Syrin

            I’ll be the first to admit I am far from a Biblical scholar. Thanks for the quotes guys

          • dadelaw

            That’s enough with the “God”-talk, please. Let’s keep on-topic, shall we?

          • Guest

            Many of this site’s readers are Christians. Scroll to the very bottom of this page and you’ll see that Michael wrote “If you came here looking for hope, you just found it.”

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Not only Christians seek understanding and solace in God either.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            How was that NOT on topic?
            I’d say, that’s enough with the militant atheism. You don’t like the post, pass it by. *gasp*

          • dadelaw

            Apparently, in “the Land of the Free”, “free” speech is tolerated until it casts aspersions on the national fantasy. Then it becomes “militant atheism”. When I read all the posts above in response to my initial one, I shake my head in disbelief at the delusions you poor people suffer from. It would be funny if it were not so scary.
            Right. Let the venom roll!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You mean you weren’t trying to shut down other’s free speech?

            What exactly does this statement mean, you dolt?

            “That’s enough with the “God”-talk, please”

          • dadelaw

            In the same way I wouldn’t want to receive a lesson in Cajun cooking, I find it obtrusive to have to endure someone’s pet religion being foisted onto me when I’m trying to read a post on Russia. And by the way, I didn’t deny you the right to free speech, it was YOU that criticized my right to object to your particular brand of religion being thrown at me. I repeat, religion has no place here. So continue to be prepared if I object.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            LOL. Be prepared to have my pet religion foisted on you.
            LOL. Dumb just doesn’t describe you well enough.

            Psalm 14: 1
            The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

            How about Job 15: 16

            How much less one who is detestable and corrupt, Man, who drinks iniquity like water!

          • TRUTH

            you mean whites have no place here! I believe north America is indian land not white land now get out!

          • meek

            Stop spouting rights that you clearly don’t recognize. They have the right to say it.. you have the right not to read it. But you don’t have to right to silence them….

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            And clearly you have a right to not understand what’s going on.
            Might I suggest you try reading twice for comprehension before commenting.
            Have a good one.

          • TRUTH

            shut up and go back to Europe and get out of indian land north are all illegal . illegal for only a few centuries in KA_NA_TA, KA-NA-DA and ILLEGAL IN America since 1492′ .

          • Elsie

            God is the mind behind every topic…

          • Think about it

            Ooh yeah,let’s not mention…er….’God’. Hey,didn’t ya know? Light beams that came from an unexplained explosion of energy have by purely random processes become self aware beings that can love,and enjoy symphonies. *Eye roll*

          • davidmpark

            No. 🙂

          • Guest

            Man has certainly screwed things up probably to the point of no return,if God doesn’t turn things around,then who will? Do you have any faith whatsoever in any politician on the planet? If so you are a total fool.

          • dadelaw


          • Guest

            I don’t,that was a rhetorical question.

          • FirstGarden

            If you remove God from the equation, when evaluating life’s situations, you have no ultimate reference point, or absolute by which to understand.

          • ukidding

            Prov 22:7 says no such thing. In fact, no such verse is anywhere in the Bible.

          • GSOB

            Please read Proverbs 22:7
            Check it out….

            Then I quoted Matthew Henry from his commentary.

            I hope you understand.

      • Guest

        Gold is nothing but shiny metal,if you were starving to death,would you rather have a burger or an ounce of gold?Gold is like diamonds,it’s value is set by jews and it’s really not good for much besides looking pretty.

    • Felbak

      Three days later, at New York opening time, someone dumped a huge amount of gold and silver EFTs on an illiquid market with intent to lower the price.

  • Eric Quintero

    We have a power tripping dictator in the White House that has no clue about diplomacy nor military strategy.

    Everything Obongo does shows how much of a newbie he is when it comes to Global Affairs.

    I really dont know whats going to happen. Are we going to see the start of WW3? I dont know.

    The Chinese have been positioning themselves accordingly for an offensive on the Pacific. The Russians have been re positioning units/ ships around the world, placing some ships near Cuba and establishing a base on the North Pole?

    From the looks of it we could see a multi-directional attack/ invasion here on U.S. Soil. (North, South, East and West).

    A nuclear false flag to get us into preemptive war against the Russian/Chinese is a real possibility. I think the Russians and Chinese expect this, too.

    Our tyrannical leaders have shown us how reckless they are with all the money printing and reckless spending. I wouldnt put it past them to make extremely ill-advised war plans, which they seem to be doing already…

    There is also a real possibility that we might not even see a HOT war. China and Russia could sit back and crush us economically like this article suggests.

    If this happens, then Americans will just shoot each other. Less work for the enemies….

    • Mondobeyondo

      Part of the problem (and this is just the Mondo view here, your opinion may, and probably will, differ) – is that living in a foreign country qualifies as “international experience”. Ha ha ha. You’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, and you know all about France. Hee hee.

      Okay, so Obama had lived in Indonesia as a child. Does he know who the current Indonesian prime minister is? Neither do I – but I spent my childhood in Arizona. I’ve only read about Indonesia in history books. You can’t really expect me to know about Indonesian affairs. Obama was (allegedly, according to some people) actually there. He saw it firsthand. He should know.

    • Miss.Bridget

      Personally I would like to know who this man really is.

  • Selaretus

    Certainly the entire free world is sick to death of American hegemony, imperialism, lies, manipulations, bullying, unfounded invasions of sovereign nations and saber rattling about ‘economic sanctions’. I know I am. It would be a watershed if Russia started dumping the worthless toilet paper dollar and the rest of the world saw it as a chance to say ‘F you!’ and followed suit. As the saying goes, we would be screwed, blued and tattooed.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “America is going to crash big time. And the rest of the world will be thankful. America, along with Israel, is the world’s most hated country. Don’t expect any foreign bailouts of the failed ‘superpower.’”—Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

      And this is coming from The Father of Reaganomics.

      • Rodster

        Or as Egon von Greyerz recently said. We could easily enter into a hyper inflationary depression where you have global civil unrest, wars, famine and Nations unable to decide on what currency will replace the $USD.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Rodster: That’s a good point because the devil you don’t know can cause even more damage than the devil you do know. As Gerald Celente says, “Currency wars, trade war, world
          war.” So even though, as Paul Craig Roberts says, there is much disdain for BRA imperialism in the world, the currency war that follows the dollar’s collapse could be brutal.
          Peter Schiff has said that he thinks the BRA will win the currency war, but I don’t see how the dollar can survive the nonstop assault by the Federal Reserve.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Or, I should say, the dollar’s formal devaluation. I agree with Signore Celente that we can look forward to a formal devaluation of the dollar, although some preppers are even more pessimistic than I am and think the dollar will cease to exist.

          • Rodster

            When the whole global economic system collapses there’s an equal chance you could see an IMF/SDR currency being introduced.

            We don’t know because we haven’t crossed Rubicon, yet. But you can bet the Globalist are chomping at the bit for mass global chaos so they can trick the world into a Global Currency and forever seal the fate of man. Because once they control the worlds money they control life on this planet.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            And that’s exactly what the globalists are all about: control and raw power. As Alex Jones says, the globalists love raw power so much.

          • Miss.Bridget

            As regards the EU, its aim was to introduce its own currency, Its did…… the Euro. Total control by the EU is control of all the occupied countries fiscal policies. This was the easy part, indebted to the European banks and IMF with huge loans they then told them how to manage their fiscal policies by the use of austerity measures to be able to pay the huge loans back…………Clever stuff.

          • Rodster

            EXACTLY !

            It’s like the credit card companies wanting you to increase your credit line until you are drowning in debt. It happened to Greece, Spain, Italy and throughout the EU.

            Nigel Farage is one of the few brave politicians in Britain who saw thru this crap and has been calling out the EU. Which is strip Nations of their sovereignty, loan them cheap money until they are drowning in debt. When they get to that point, make their lives miserable.

          • Eileen Kuch

            Very well said, Rodster. Who owns the EU? The Banksters.

          • Bosss

            More debt than the money in the world.

          • Koshmar

            Oh please – Fartage is another megalomaniacal rightwinger who is desperate to be taken seriously by political heavyweights, when all he has on the UKIP manifesto is:
            1) Leave the EU
            2) Stop immigration
            3) Leg it when the economy collapses
            4) Er…. that’s it.
            I wouldn’t trust him with a toilet roll; I don’t want the likes of Godfrey f**king Bloom in power, thank you.

          • Dicey

            He is the best we have at the current time, unless you want it to continue as is???

          • Koshmar

            Are you serious? The party that has senior members referring to women as ‘slags’, blaming floods as retribution on Cameron introducing same-sex marriages, and led by a man who admitted he hadn’t read the party manifesto at the last General Election? And let’s not get into the fraud and expenses charges in the European Parliament. You must think we’re all as brainwashed as you lot. For the record, I despise the current lot as much as the next man, but I pray this lot won’t get back in or it’s going to be a disaster that the working man will not recover from.

          • Adam Baum

            It’s not a when question.We crossed the rubicon when we signed on with the federal reserve bank.The globalists already own this toy of mass destruction.They have fed off the US citizens by way of illegal taxation,Usary high interest credit, our military’s blood letting,and false religious dollars they collect on Sundays for a hope of some redemption they created.America has bought the very wrath they allowed with the false pretext that they were superior and therefore justified in their misdeeds for the sake of profit. By following the lead of puppet leaders who are paid and bought for as shills, They blindly sealed their own fate.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          If the economic wizards (witches) don’t replace the current system with a useable one in short order, they will find themselves being shut out of the economy which will continue without them.

          What the controllers and dabblers in the false parasitic economy need to remember is that they are just parasites and that the real economy doesn’t need them, they need it. The real economy is making things people need and the buying and selling of them as well as services people really need and the buying and selling of these. Such things as food will be grown and it will be sold or bartered and if the idiots who seem to have forgotten which comes first the horse or the cart will find they are redundant. I run a manufacturing business and whilst we would face hardship in an economic collapse, we have contingencies for everything given my own awareness and level of preparation. We are quite prepared to buy our materials and sell our products for any currency or barter system and are somewhat flexible already today. Frankly the collapse of the banking economy would delight me and inevitably be nothing other than a new phase in how we do business.

      • GibbyD

        The Fair Tax will super-charge our economy , bring back manufacturing and jobs so that we can produce our own goods and not need communists and dictatorships to trade with and borrow from . Vote Mike Huckabee 2016 if is not too late already .

        • thedevil

          Republicans and Democrats are the PROBLEM, they will never be the solution.

          • GibbyD

            The LORD Jesus Christ is the ultimate solution to man’s greatest need and His soon appearing for His Church and then His coming again to the Earth to Reign , is the only final answer that solves all the problems . ( Acts 20:21)KJB.

          • David

            You’re a nutcase

          • GibbyD

            David , How do you explain the virtually impossible mathematical statistical probability of 333 prophecies being fulfilled by one man ? The LORD Jesus Christ fulfills them all. Many of those prophecies were recorded thousands of years before His birth in Bethlehem . There were also thousands of eye witnesses of His resurrection. People don’t willing sacrifice and even die for something they thought was a hoax or untrue . You and all would be best to , ” repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21; 16:31; John 3:3; I Peter 1:23; 2 Corinthians 5:17)KJB

          • voice in the wildeness

            I agree with GibbyD!
            All of mans’ troubles began when he rebelled against Gods’ rightful rule back in eden. Man chose for himself the right to determine for himself what was good and bad.God has permitted the invisible element behind that rebellion(Satan the devil), to bring into existence every form of government and technology to demonstrate mans’ utter inability to rule over himself. Just look at the sorry state this world is in.
            Only Gods’ Kingdom,, in the hands of his appointed king Jesus, can and Will rid the earth of all the obstacles to real peace and security namely human rule and those who prefer it.
            All world events point to Gods’ active involvement in the overthrow of the current leadership. The economic collapse is the leading edge of His wrath against this system, and only those who put their complete trust in His universal soveriegnty have any chance of surviving the greatest tribulation the world will ever know!

          • GibbyD

            complete faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ and what He did to make available our salvation. He bore our sins in His own body while on the cross. He suffered , died and was buried according to The Scriptures . On the third day He arose from the dead and then ascended up into Heaven where He has gone to prepare a place for all those who have and will trust in Him. He will come to receive us up unto Himself and we shall see Him face to face . Nobody will love us more than The LORD Jesus Christ . We might disagree on some points of doctrine ( I don’t know) , but we agree that Jesus is God and that He died for our sins and that He is coming again . I personally believe that The LORD will appear to catch away His Church , the body of Christ , BEFORE , “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” spoken about in (Jeremiah 30:7)KJB. We as Christian in America and around the world may see persecution till that time but it will be nothing compared to when God pours out His wrath on an unbelieving and rebellious world that rejected Him. I am thankful that God loved so much that He would bear our sins and pay for them so that we would not have to suffer in Hell for them in all eternity . He is worthy to be praised . He is so patient and merciful toward us who do not deserve it . When it comes to the Gospel , Believing is seeing . But we must believe by obeying from the heart this doctrine that is delivered unto us . ( Romans 6:17)KJB. It takes more than just head knowledge , we must truly obey from the heart. Jesus said , ” Marvel not that I say unto you must be born again . ( John 3:3-7; I Peter 1:23; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Philippians 1:6; I John 5:13)KJB.

          • Mike

            jesus Christ is not his name now lay off perverting Christianity. that was not white pagans religion

          • Incognito Jay

            Yeah Christians complain about Pagans praying to “wood” yet pray to a wooden cross themselves. If not wood then they pray to absolutely nothing, which is far lazier than a well crafted statue.

          • TRUTH

            white people are the devil why couldnt your people stay in your own land and not bring diseases lies and bloodshed as well false patriotic beliefs. you are only leading further condemnation on your own filthy race with all the crap you spew out your mouth as well all the immoralities and global atrocities white devils have caused to the globe through theft ruined infrastructure leading to political instabilities over whiteman’s atrocities.

          • TRUTH

            jesus Christ is a fake name to the Christian lord made by white devils the lords true name is yeshua messiach and he is not white

          • GibbyD

            Yes , Yeshuah is the Hebrew name for The Messiah . The name Jesus is a transliteration from Joshua and Yeshua and both and all mean Saviour. Christ means anointing, similar to what Messiah means. I speak English . He is also called El-Ellon , El-Roi , El-Shaddai Jehovah , I AM, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, Counselor , The Mighty God( Isaiah 9:6), Jesus is God , The GOD incarnate and He did and arose from the dead . He bore our sins in His own body while He was on the cross of Calvary, Repentance toward God (Holy Love) and faith toward Yeshua Messiach ( God incarnate) ( Acts 20:21) , is what saves us from Hell and The Lake of Fire. . Yeshua said , ” Ye MUST be born again ” ( John 3:3-8; I Peter 1:23)KJB . It is more than likely that the Lord Jesus otherwise known in the Hebrew as Yeshua Messiah , was more of a darker olive skin tone much like those in that region of the country are now. Yeshua came though to save any and all “whosoever’ will trust in Him alone for salvation . ALL ARE SINNERS and need salvation . White , Black , Brown ,whatever , ALL are sinners and need to be born again as The Yeshua THE MESSIAH has said . He also will save both Jews and Gentiles if they come to Him in faith and believe on Him . ( Acts 16:31)KJB. Stop believing the lies of cults and false religions and doctrines of men and believe what God has said in THE HOLY Bible . Since I speak and read English , I trust only the King James Bible as was properly translated from the copies of Greek koine and Hebrew manuscripts . If you repent toward God and place your faith and trust in Yeshua Messiah ( Jesus Christ ) then it does not matter what color of skin you are , you will be my brother in Messiah . .

          • Mike

            Pontius pilates and the romans who are white killed the true lord the lords name is not jesus at all.why do you white people distort true religion. the jews of today are not the true jews

          • GibbyD

            NO , it was our sins that sent the Son of God to willing go to the cross to bear our sins in His own body . The pain and suffering of that would be equal to what it would be like to burn on fire forever. THE LORD did this so that you and I would not have to suffer it because of our sins. God incarnate , Yeshuah Messiah , then arose from the dead . THE LORD said , YE MUST be born again. ( I Peter 1:23; John 3:3)KJB. You can play word games all you want and pretend to know a little Hebrew but that will not save you from going to hell . Either you trust that God became a man and died and then arose from the dead to pay for your sins , or you trust someone or something else . If you trust anything or anyone but THE LORD , you will end up in Hell forever. ONLY HE CAN AVE YOU !!! Your MUST ” repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward Yeshuah Messiah . He is also called The LORD Jesus Christ by we who used to be Gentiles . . You are in an evil devilish cult if you do not know that Repent of your pride and your self -righteousness and hate toward other races and people of other skin colors or God cannot save you. Yes , Yeshuah Messiah was dark skinned BUT that was only His earthly body . Before His incarnation He was and is THE WORD OF GOD !!!!!!! HOLY HOLY HOLY , HASHEM. If you knew what LOVE was then you would know who and what God is ( I John 4:7,8).” 7Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 8He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 9In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him. 10Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 12No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. 13Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit. 14And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.” ( I John 4:7-14). Even though the nation of Israel is in unbelief as a whole , God will still in the future , open their eyes and they will look upon Him Whom they have pierced and mourn. A nation will be born in a day . Today, individual Jews and Gentiles need to personally repent toward God and place their faith and trust toward Yeshuah Messiah , if they want to be saved . Evidence that you are saved is when you love the brethren . ALL your brethren no matter what size , shape and skin color they are . God is NO respecter of persons . “For there is no respect of persons with God.” ( Romans 2:11)KJB.

          • Incognito Jay

            Funny how people always speak on “God’s” behalf. Care to tell him to speak for himself? Shouldn’t be too hard for an allegedly omnipotent being.

          • GibbyD

            He did speak for Himself . It is called The WORD Of God , The Bible. All you have to do is read what He said. IN this last days , God spoke to us through The LORD Jesus Christ , The Son of God , meaning God incarnate . God became a man spoke and it was written . Jesus said , “Ye MUST be born again ” ( John 3:3; I Peter 1:23)KJB. ( Acts 16:31)KJB

          • Incognito Jay

            True religion, there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

          • Mike

            Hebrews are not white

          • Mike

            the name jesus is a lie and same with whites changing the lords image which is a sin he is not white as the bible speaks ‘f wooly hair’

          • mike

            the lord jesus Christ is a devil name given by white edomites as the lords true name is Yeshua ha messiach and he wasn’t white, true Hebrew Israelites are NOT WHITE!

          • INDIGENOUS

            no you white illegals are the problem GO BACK TO STINKY EUROPE and get out of indian land north america

          • Incognito Jay

            I agree. From Columbus through today whites have accrued massive debt. Backstabbing the Natives after Thanksgiving, small pox blankets, consciously violating peace treaties and stealing land, banning the traditions that actually belong in America, cultural genocide via missionarying, etc. They may try to say that their is no “debt” because Manifest Destiny, but that’s just trying to make coveting and theft into virtues and doesn’t wash away any of their accrued debt. They may say it all happened in the past, but if one’s parents owes debt when they die the debtors will ask the next of kin to pay up, so why should the debts owed to Natives and Blacks be any different? Make them pay what they owe factoring in the obscene loss of life that inspired even Hitler, broken treaties, unfair trades, etc.

          • GibbyD

            God is not respecter of persons . It does not matter what your race, color of appearance is . God looks on the heart . ( Samuel 16:7)KJB. If you are born again and your heart has been cleansed by faith in the shed blood of The LORD Jesus , then you are saved . If you have rejected God’s only provision for your sins , then you are lost and headed for hell

          • GibbyD

            (I Samuel 16:7)KJB ( Acts 20:21 )KJB

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Huckabee is a big-government neocon. You couldn’t pay me to vote for the

          • GibbyD

            You do not know what you are talking about . Go to Huckabee’s site and see his history in Arkansas and his plan .

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Huckabee is a big-government neocon. You couldn’t pay me to support the Republi-Con or Democrap wings of The War Party.

          • GibbyD

            are you use to talking about things you know nothing about and making up lies? Huckabee cut taxes in his state and left with a surplus .

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Fiscal “conservatives” who keep supporting the Republi-Con wing of The War Party and Obamabots who keep voting Democrap are a lot like battered wives who keep thinking that if they just stay with their abuser long enough, he’ll eventually quit smacking them in the face. There will be no happy ending for the BRA with the failed two-party system (which is why
            most of the posters around here are libertarian/independent paleoconservative prepper types). Ron Paul tried to warn us time and time again when he was in office, but Americans ignored him at their own peril.

          • GibbyD

            Ron Paul gets 47% of the vote in the general election and loses . HUCKABEE is not a party favorite because he goes against the grain of the GOP with ideas that work and would turn the United States back into the respected economic powerhouse that it had been in the past . HUCKABEE would win in a landslide because he would get the votes of conservatives , Independents and Reagan democrats . Huckabee gets 60%+ and would be the winner !! WE ALL WOULD BE THE WINNER IF HUCK WINS !!! Huckabee / West 2016 !

          • Incognito Jay

            Yeah but cut taxes for whom? It doesn’t count if he only does so for the rich or corporations. How is that going to benefit the majority? It’s like when people don’t shut up about Wall ST doing good. Yeah, so what? That’s good for me how? The damn thing could crash for all I care.

          • GibbyD

            look at the record . Huckabee cuts taxes for EVERYBODY that paid taxes .

        • Eileen Kuch

          Vladimir Putin already did that in Russia – a 13% fair tax rate and NO Rothschild-owned banks, either. Is Mike Huckabee promising to abolish the one such bank here?

          • GibbyD

            Elimination of the IRS and any income tax . Only a fool would no want that. Russia cannot compete because of too much Government regulation , graff and other corruption .

      • Hammerstrike

        Mufh freedums! Muh freedums down ur throat!

    • piccadillybabe

      Well said. Hillary is now making comparisons with Putin and Hitler. It takes one to know one as the saying goes.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Well, if Zio-Hillary’s comparing Putin to Hitler, Hitler brought Germany out of the Deep Depression five years after he became Germany’s Chancellor.

        • Eileen Kuch

          FDR destroyed the gold standard, making the dollar less secure; and unemployment didn’t drop until 1942, when war production went into full swing.

    • prestodo

      I hope Russia starts dumping all the debt right now!

    • Melissa Hafez

      The whole world wants Yankee go home. Intimidation and manipulation at the behest of U.S. corporate goons.

  • pulltheweeds

    the kenyan has no clue
    strategic thought is beyond him

    • cateye

      This is what happens when elections are nothing more than high school popularity contests. We handed the keys to the kingdom to an unqualified pretender not once but twice….lots of us deserve what is coming, many do not, but it is coming nevertheless.

      • guest

        I have no respect, or use for Obama. The fact is, he is nothing more than a puppet as was bush / clinton /bush before him. Is he incompetent ? It doesn’t matter. He does what his masters tell him to do. Just like his predecessors did.
        I stopped at bush sr. because that’s when I remember it beginning to become obvious.

  • Ben

    Even as an American I stoped holding U.S.Dollars years ago as they are not backed by nothing,not silver,not gold,nothing but a private institution trying to act like it is the government but it never was. The federal reserve came into being in 1913 the same year as federal taxes. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington,and other founding fathers would not have accepted it

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Today I read about several different states that want to secede because Americans in areas of several states say that the representatives do not represent their interests. So, I wonder if other countries realize that many Americans are tired of the endless wars and feel that we need to fix the problems in the USA, our own country, before we even start to think about fixing other countries. I

    • Eric Quintero

      Americans from all 50 States have petitioned to secede.

      Texas has the best chances of doing so. They were smart and never seceded their lands to the Federal Government 😉

  • Mondobeyondo

    There are no guarantees in life.
    Please remember that.
    You. or a loved one. could be in a hospital tomorrow.
    The odds are small, but nevertheless…..

  • BS1986

    Dominoes Falling ladies and gentlemen.

  • P.F

    In america you have over 55 million (murders) abortions. Now stop, think on this: Over 55 million innocent lives murdered. America as a whole has allowed this and now this country has been given over to the sin it serves. America wants sin and YAHWEH has allowed sinful people into a position of power, What the government represents if the soul of america. Yes, there are many who still stand for justice and truth, but when you see the media broadcasting a demonic performance by an evil singer at a place called the grammy’s instead of letting the voice of real americans be heard, you see the real face of america being shown. We are living in a garbage dump now, kicking around, still trying to find something worth having. The time is short–very short–for this country. america is not exempt from YAHWEH’S WRATH, and when that days arrives, I will rejoice, Does that make me sound like a bad person because I will rejoice those who killed over 55 million babies will face justice? Any country that allows this deserves destruction and destruction is coming. I am not a citizen of the usa–I am a citizen of Heaven. If I were in Heaven now and looked down on america would I dare claim it as my own country? No, I would vomit and pray for its destruction. While evil people like katte perry sing demonic songs innocent babies die.

    • P.F

      I said YAHWEH has allowed sinful people into a position of power–this is my opinion. No man should ever speak that he knows YAHWEH’S mind. I feel that because america wants to serve sin that YAHWEH has allowed sinful people into a position of power.

      • Guest

        “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” Daniel 4:17

        • GSOB


          Daniel 4:28
          All this was fulfilled and came upon King Nebuchadnezzar.

      • Kent Harris

        Actually, God did speak after 9/11, but no one listened. We told God just try to stop us. We are the greatest country and we believe that God himself will never punish us. All you have to do is look at Israel and see what happens to a rebellious nation.

        • GSOB

          Romans 11:22-23

          Behold then the kindness and severity of God; to those who fell, severity, but to you, God’s kindness, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you also will be cut off.

          And they also, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.

          • 35 wormhole

            god is a IFOFIB(imaginary friend or foe irrational belief)

          • GSOB

            Why are you telling me this?

          • 35 wormhole

            because god is a IFOFIB(imaginary friend or foe irrational belief)

          • Richard

            GIVE UP THIS GOD-CRAP PLEASE. It’s offensive to those of us who want nothing to do with these bizarre superstitions and it is utterly irrelevant to the matter-in-hand.
            Thank you.

          • Guest

            It is NOT irrelevant to the subject of this article. History is His Story. If you find it offensive, go somewhere else. Remember, the owner of this site is a Christian.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            If it’s offensive to you, I think you still have the freedom to FOAD.

          • Elsie

            You already said that… When Judgement Day comes, I’d like to see your face when God sends you packing !!!

          • davidmpark

            Ignore this wormhole. Seriously, he’s just wanting to get some kind of emotional reaction high off someone. Great reference, though.

          • GSOB

            Bible study is the most meaningful thing to pursue. It helps me to embrace my mortality.

          • davidmpark

            Scripture and prayer are the best quick medicines for despair. 🙂

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            The notion of a benevolent all powerful govt is IFOFIB, but the anti-God people usually believe that. So meh, pick your own truth and stop whining at those that have made their choice.

          • Uh-hUh

            troll alert, troll alert @ 35wormhole…Alert, alert, alert

      • GSOB

        All have sinned….

        • davidmpark

          That is why we need a Redeemer. After we have done all we can to repent, the Atonement will justify the sinner and allow us back into the Father’s presence.

    • Jack Donald

      How can you advocate the destruction of all people in a country of 350M? You claim its an atrocity to kill 50M unborn children and I would agree with you. But calling, praying and hoping for the death and destruction of 350M people is outrageous, wicked and ungodly. The people of this country are powerless against the oligarchy that controls the seats of power. The richest of the rich control everything and they only account for <1% of the population. Stop praying hateful thoughts and stop wishing violence on people you dont know. Christ commanded us all to love God, and to love our neighbors. I dont see anywhere that Christ instructed us to hate people and pray for their deaths. Christ fills people, who believe in him, with love note anger and hatred. You need to do some soul searching.

  • BenguluruHuduga

    Nah, fear mongering. What will they substitute it with ? Euros ?
    38 billion trade doesn’t sound much so from a trade perspective makes sense to go with zero dependency on US. But to say they can live w/o the dollar is extreme. What will their trading countries accept ? Rouble ? Keep dreaming.

  • Mondobeyondo

    If there is a currency that’s able to take over from the dollar, I don’t
    know about it. The dollar is universally recognized as a global
    currency. Are there other options? Sure! Bitcoin, for one. But most alternative options have proven shaky at best, and Bitcoin is among those.

    The euro? It has its own problems. And like every other currency on earth, it’s a fiat currency, backed by nothing.

    • garand555

      Who ever said that there had to be a global reserve currency?

      • Tim

        Under the Bretton Woods system, which was set up in 1944, currencies of foreign nations were pegged to the U.S. Dollar, which in turn was pegged to gold. Foreign nations could convert their dollars to gold at $35 per ounce. This system worked well for a while. However, in the 1960s, growing public debt due to the Vietnam War and monetary inflation by the Federal Reserve led to a drain on U.S. gold reserves as foreign nations demanded redemption of their dollars for gold. In 1971, Nixon ended the convertibility of the dollar into gold, in effect ending the Bretton Woods system. The dollar became a purely fiat currency. However, foreign nations continued to use the dollar for trading purposes.

  • Eric Quintero

    As I see it…

    A deal was made at some point.

    The politicians and bankers are looking to save face here. They likely negotiated a deal with Russia/China for a win-win-win. Russia officially gets Crimea after having long been occupying it with forces. They also get more control of gas resources and pipelines. The U.S. gets to self sacrifice for the world, sinking its money into allegedly saving Ukraine and imposing sanctions leading to economic ruin caused by…. The “evil Russians!” The Sleeping Bear finally awakens and acting as a scapegoat sends us into the worst bear market in history. A war with China may or may not be initiated. However, whether war or economic collapse, the United States will suffer greatly and China will move in once our currency is devalued, buying up real estate and assets all over the country.

    The bankers and politicians get away and everyone else is sold out to deal with the massive Chinese influx. The United States will fragment and certain parts of the country may become socialist and some may even become Chinese.

    We’re witnessing the “theatre of war” ladies and gentlemen….and we’re almost at the climax.

  • GSOB

    If we know whats coming and don’t do anything about it,
    what good is there in knowing whats coming?

    America should embrace it and even encourage it.
    Knowledge is power.
    The USA don’t need the world.

  • 2Gary2

    More immoral give to the rich and take from the poor. All you conservatives need to read this as it is the reason there will NEVER be a republican president again ever. Shilling for the rich was a loosing plan for 2012 (ask Mittens) and you fools are doubling down on the same failed plan.

    led by Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan intend on enacting a replacement 2015
    budget that focuses on reforms. If Americans are wary of what
    Republicans mean by reforms, they have a good reason. Ryan is proposing
    sweeping reforms on welfare and complete overhauls of all social
    programs including Head Start, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, housing
    assistance, and anything helping the poor; or as Ryan calls them the 47%
    he considers “takers” and “moochers.”

    Yesterday Ryan released a 204-page rebuke of the government’s
    anti-poverty programs that questions the concept of helping poor
    Americans by deriding initiatives that assist the poor struggling in
    low-wage jobs; if they have a job. As is usually the case when
    Republicans talk reform, Ryan specifically cites consolidating and then
    slashing all anti-poverty programs

    • davidmpark

      Cite your cut-and-paste sources, please.

      • Killer Virus

        Lol …2gay2 did cut and paste,he was to lazy to even edit it from note pad to make it look legit.

      • 2Gary2

        nyt magazine

        • davidmpark

          About time! Thank you!

          • 2Gary2

            its no secret that I frequently cut and paste when I see my point articulated in a good manner. The fact that I do not always list the source never seemed important.

          • davidmpark

            I don’t agree with the vast majority of your views, but a plagiarism charge is serious business these days. Best to avoid any legal issues, right?

          • 2Gary2

            read the post-do not get hung up on where it comes from.

          • davidmpark

            Source is important – helps determine credibility.

    • chilller

      How about this Gary…instead of telling someone how to run their blog site, start your own blog featuring others like yourself who have the IQ of a cookie and mentality of a Muppet. The onslaught of exchanges between fellow psychopaths and schizophrenics would be entertainment for the rest of us…

      • 2Gary2

        The onslaught of exchanges between fellow psychopaths and schizophrenics would be entertainment for the rest of us…

        Yes this is true of conservatives on this site. They are very entertaining with the amount of sheer stupidity they display.

      • davidmpark

        Gary doesn’t work. He likes the welfare.

    • Malcolm Reynolds


  • 2Gary2

    Michael-move on from Russia–no one cares. Did you not read my lets fix the unacceptably high child poverty rate IN THIS COUNTRY before we care about other countries? What part of that did you not understand? Move on. Ukraine is old news.

    • Ted Kennedy

      What is the cause of the unacceptable high poverty rate for children? Single motherhood! Thank Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society”!

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        No kidding. That Gary for his moronic voting practices.

        • davidmpark

          Reap what they sow.

    • davidmpark

      This Russia stuff is very important. And a lot of people care. As for child poverty, do something about it. You’re a grown man.

      • 2Gary2

        I do but childhood poverty is way too big for one person.

        • davidmpark

          Absolutely – that is why as many people as possible are needed to fight it.

          Best thing to do is rotate your food storage and donate what’s older but good to the shelters, pantries, and kitchens. It’s a good method.

  • Jim

    Well said this seems to be a form of economic terrorism, and your right, most people haven’t got a clue. As long as they got low interest rates to manage their debt and an artificially inflated stock market to provide their ‘wealth effect” life is good!

  • MeMadMax

    None of the crackheads that are running this country into the ground have a clue about how our economy works. The only thing they know is that voters don’t like taxes and want free stuff…

  • Saintmatty

    Things heating up again. Another birth pang and rumor of war. Getting to be an almost daily occurance. Mmmmmmm?

    • michaelbme

      The world has always been pretty bad. Nothing new here.

  • DJohn1

    This was in an AP article.
    “The Obama administration announced a $1 billion energy subsidy package in
    Washington as Kerry was arriving in Kiev. The fast-moving developments came as the United States readied economic sanctions amid worries that Moscow was ready to stretch its military reach further into the mainland of the former Soviet republic.”
    Who is signing off on $1 billion when they do not even have the decency to give Social Security more than about $6 raise a week?
    They owe $50 billion? Where is the money coming from to pay these things off? I think there is a good case that these people in D.C. are insane.
    As for the military, there are plans to reduce our armed forces to 1940 levels? None of this news makes a whole lot of sense. Especially if we are going to go head to head with the Russians or the Chinese or both.
    I confess that I do not see the logic of any of this.
    The only thing that would make sense to me is someone is planning a national bankruptcy.
    I have been against giving away money to foreign aid to any country because we are not the rich country we once were.
    Yet these people continue the practice even when we are heavily in debt to the world.
    What I do see is the Congress failed to renew the tax breaks of the Bush Era. So every one of us will pay more taxes on existing incomes because they neglected to do the job they were paid to do.
    They will skim us on health care because the Obamacare law will do just that to everyone that has to have health insurance.
    Well, things are changing. I suspect this is the last act of a very desperate Demoncrat party. When the pendulum swings back the other way a lot of people in this Congress will have to answer for what they have been doing. I suspect when the numbers change in the Senate, that is when the house of cards will come tumbling down.
    If all fails, try sending everyone to War! That is the only thing that makes sense about the entire Ukraine problem. Send our people to war so that everyone is too busy to notice the kind of leadership we have had recently.

    • GSOB

      It is called discretionary spending.

  • The American system is based on the future taxation of its citizens.
    If anything jeopardizes the citizens ability to pay, it all crashes.

  • davidmpark

    And reports are coming in that Russia has test fired an ICBM as sabre rattling.

    Okay, narcissistic amateur time is over. Congress must bring impeachments and charges brought against this administration – right now. And if Congress won’t; the states must via Convention of the State’s.

    And Utah is doing just that. I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually kinda pleased with the Legislature right now. A lot of state’s rights bills and a lot of pro-federalism. A plethora of law enforcement bills that pretty much makes County Sheriff’s as primary law enforcement – including authority to supersede all federal agencies. Cuts to the arts, socialized loan funds, and even cuts to libraries and GSA’s. And a lot of bills to grab control and possibly force sales of federal lands! Over 70% of Utah is federally-controlled and possessed lands that was supposed to come under our control after the 1890 treaty, but never was honored by the feds as they wanted to control us LDS folks.

    They are even looking at multiple avenues to end the problems they caused our family. The state is looking into bills that restrict cities’ draconian zoning regs and targeted legislation to assist disabled folks AND their caregivers! They actually listened!

  • If sanctions are imposed all bets are off. This would start a major trade war collapsing the world economy.

    • Killer Virus

      ..and trade wars leas to world wars.

  • The realist

    My wife and I are on the verge of a move to another country outside of the US, wish us luck!! All I can do is move and paying my tax dollars to the government as a “screw you” tactic!
    Good luck America! I’ll pray for you and all of my unfortunate friends that remain!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Foreigner

      Where you going to go? What are go to you doing? What plans have in mind to survive?

    • RoaringStorm

      go to a middle eastern country and marry three more wives.

  • WeThePeople

    If China decides to dump our debt, then we should stop buying their crap. We will reboot to sustain ourselves, and let Walmart go out of business. Long live the Republic!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Stop buying Chinese crap?
      Ha ha ha. HA! HAAA!
      Do you realize how much of the U.S. population buys Chinese trinkets from WalMart? K-Mart?

    • Eric Quintero

      Thats a pretty giangantic “IF.” Lets be real here. No ones going to do that. Especially in today’s economy.

    • Richard Martin

      And again, another American that thinks that without the US, the whole rest of the world is screwed. The EU is China’s biggest trading partner, not the US. The US is rapidly sliding as far as being the biggest dog in the fight. Get used to it.

  • a

    I think its Saudi Arabia which is mad at the US, for not initiating any action in Syria, also equally responsible for the rubbish happening in Ukriane. If I remeber correctly their prince tried to bribe the Russians which was refused and which was later follwed by bombs going off at some rail station in Russia.

  • Bruce

    As unusual as it mght sound, I think all this mess is planned. Yes, even the Russians moving into other lands. The PTB have to collapse the economy. What better way then to make it look like they didn’t do it. One hell of an acting job but the possibility that ALL of this mess is scripted is very high.

  • deciodantas

    Since the beginning of conflict I was a little bit against Putin. Since that information came clear that it was another side effects of one more riot supplied according to them by CIA money in other words USA, I changed my mind.
    That USA never changes it is everywhere with their coups de etats, Chile and South America during the 60′ s 70 ‘s….even a possibility of a invasion of Brazil as per a conversation between John Kennedy and his ambassador in Brazil, really the US is a shame as friendly nation bugging everybody..
    Now it is within a mess…I d like to know if they will bully with Russia, don t play games with them….

  • jakartaman

    Putin – check mate

  • GibbyD

    THE ONLY ANSWER is to go to a Fair Tax , manufacture and produce our own goods and stop all trade with communist and dictatorships .

    • davidmpark

      Flat tax is better!

      • GibbyD

        but the “Fair” or what is also known as “The Consumption Tax”, does away with the IRS .

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Watch out for Russia! They will play a major part in world affairs in the days ahead according to Bible Prophecy. A huge coalition of Russian/Islamic forces will come against Israel as recorded in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This war may not be far off. Keep watch!

    • davidmpark

      Okay, just for some clarity. The Russians are BELIEVED to be where Gog of Magog will come. The issues are that historically, we don’t have accurate genealogical records. Many of the people in ancient times moved around. There is a lot of debate as to whether it’s a Russian who will be Gog, or someone from the EU, or for all we know he could come out of Antarctica.

      That is why it’s the traits outlined all throughout scriptures of this guy that are most important. He will come to power as the world’s friend at first – might even fool the Lord’s faithful; a lot of people will love him. He will worship a god of forces (Baal?), and will have no interest in women. After a little while, he will reveal his true self and will start killing a lot of folks.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Let’s keep in mind that Gog will not be the Antichrist which you described in paragraph 2. Gog according to scripture looks like a demonic prince (Eze 38:17) that will control the leader of the lands described in Eze 38:2.
        Thanks for your reply. Shalom

        • davidmpark

          Ah, well I’m LDS and we take a different view on this. We believe that there won’t be one great Anti-Christ, but thousands. These being preachers who preach the philosophies of man mingled with scripture. Acknowledging the Christ but denying the power of Christ.

          We do believe that there will be a separation of the world’s population into three major powers: the empire of Gog with the 10 lesser kings in the old world, Israel, and the City of Zion built upon the American Continent. That’s why I lumped together what many consider two separate problems.

          It’s vastly different from most Christian sects beliefs. But still results in the same end of Christ personally ruling the earth at His Second Coming.

          • GSOB

            “These being preachers who preach the philosophies of man mingled with scripture. Acknowledging the Christ but denying the power of Christ.”

            Joseph Smith, of course, excluded…. and others that have contributed to the LDS’s Mormon doctrine.


            You should take the 5th.

          • davidmpark

            We don’t deny the power of Christ. Look it up.

          • GSOB

            Mormons ‘add to’
            the sufficiency of God, His Christ, His redemption, His word…

            simply by adding
            doctrines to arrive, over and above Christendom, which they boast about, like you do, which is really a hook in the fleshy mind of the unlearned and unsuspecting.

          • davidmpark

            2 Nephi 29:6-14

            6 Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews?

            7 Know ye not that there are more nations than one? Know ye not that I, the Lord your God, have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea; and that I rule in the heavens above and in the earth beneath; and I bring forth my word unto the children of men, yea, even upon all the nations of the earth?

            8 Wherefore murmur ye, because that ye shall receive more of my word? Know ye not that the testimony of two nations is a witness unto you that I am God, that I remember one nation like unto another? Wherefore, I speak the same words unto one nation like unto another. And when the two nations shall run together the testimony of the two nations shall run together also.

            9 And I do this that I may prove unto many that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and that I speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And because that I have spoken one word ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man, neither from that time henceforth and forever.

            10 Wherefore, because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains all my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written.

            11 For I command all men, both in the east and in the west, and in the north, and in the south, and in the islands of the sea, that they shall write the words which I speak unto them; for out of the books which shall be written I will judge the world, every man according to their works, according to that which is written.

            12 For behold, I shall speak unto the Jews and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto the Nephites and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto the other tribes of the house of
            Israel, which I have led away, and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto all nations of the earth and they shall write it.

            13 And it shall come to pass that the Jews
            shall have the words of the Nephites, and the Nephites shall have the
            words of the Jews; and the Nephites and the Jews shall have the words of the lost tribes of Israel; and the lost tribes of Israel shall have the words of the Nephites and the Jews.

            14 And it shall come to pass that my people, which are of the house of Israel, shall be gathered home unto the lands of their possessions; and my word also shall be gathered in one. And I will show unto them that fight against my word and against my people, who are of the house of Israel, that I am God, and that I covenanted with Abraham that I would remember his seed forever.


            You got a problem with God or His works, you complain to Him. Won’t do any good to complain to me – I don’t make the rules. If you said this to try shaming me or stir up negative feelings, then that’s your problem also. Christ has already proved Himself to me. Your words are just words, compared to the actions He’s done for me and my family. And normally, a Christian wouldn’t try and create contention as that is not of God, but of the Devil.

        • GSOB

          Eze. chapters 38 & 39 on the battle of Gog and Magog was fulfilled in Ezes’ time.

          Christians are to watch for Christ appearing,… not Russia in geopolitics.

          No one know’s when Christ will return…. but He reigns NOW and will continue to do.

          The Kingdom is progressive and Christians will overcome because He has overcome. This is God’s way.

          Stay focused on Christ, the Gospel of God… not some fulfilled portion of scripture, as tempting as it may be.

          Preach the Gospel!

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            But don’t you believe that the things described in Rev have already occurred? Therefore Christ must have come already… Where is He then?
            Don’t you know that Christ is prophecy – Rev 19:10. The Gospel is all about prophecy. Approx 1/4 of the Bible is prophecy. Preach the full council of God, sir – Acts 20:27. Don’t pick and choose what you like to preach.
            You had better pay close attention to world politics for God has spoken to the nations in prophecy and will deal with the nations has they have dealt with Israel. Read the Bible and know the truth.
            Please give me evidence of God raining fire and brimstone down on the nations described in Eze 38:18-22 in Ezekiel’s time.

          • GSOB

            “But don’t you believe that the things described in Rev have already occurred? Therefore Christ must have come already… Where is He then?”

            What is to come is the second coming of Chirst, the final resurrection and judgement.

            Don’t you know that Christ is prophecy – Rev 19:10. The Gospel is all about prophecy. Approx 1/4 of the Bible is prophecy. Preach the full council of God, sir – Acts 20:27. Don’t pick and choose what you like to preach.

            Define “Prophet” in NT times.
            Define ‘this generation” as it is used in the NT.
            Define “kingdom of priest’ in the NT.

            There you have it.

            You had better pay close attention to world politics for God has spoken to the nations in prophecy and will deal with the nations has they have dealt with Israel. Read the Bible and know the truth.

            Is that what we are to do?… pay close attention,,,
            How close is to close? Answer,… when you try and predict Jesus’s return, more concerned with lining up world news an OT fulfilled prophecy to accomplish nothing.

            Please give me evidence of God raining fire and brimstone down on the nations described in Eze 38:18-22 in Ezekiel’s time.

            It’s in the Word… Scripture with scripture, and not Scripture with MSM.

            You should be ashamed of yourself…. you have lost sight of the calling to which you were called to.

            That’s Satan’s work… to lie and deceive.

  • thedevil

    Again, nothing but meaningless fear-mongering. Sanctions have already been ruled out. Nothing is going to happen, the sky is not falling down. Big surprise there.

  • Blue star

    President Putin rose through the ranks of the KGB as a young man, his life’s goal was too bring his country back to life and to throw the west and there oil barons out of his country. He brought Russia from tyranny to one of the most economically stable countries of the world. He is one of the smartest men in the world, he knows all to well how the US the EU and are allies work. He has covered every route, every position the west will take. His plans cover anything and everything. He knows exactly what he is doing. And above all he is a man of his word and a true hero!!!

    • Viking Sales Tracker

      You mean Jewish Oligarchs. Quit masking the truth.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Anyone remember the open mic incident that happened just before the last pez elections, between Obama and the rep from Russia? Hmmmmm……

  • ian

    Sigh….everyday i go onto this site and read and yet another ‘sky is falling’ piece. And yet nothng ever happens and life just continues on unabated.

    • It is obvious

      Why go onto this site everyday then? What exactly are you looking for?

      • ian

        for laughs

  • Kim

    The whole thing is a joke.- especially the mainstream media reports. And putins “detente” meme isn’t fooling everyone.

    Thanks Michael, for proving an outlet of truthful reporting.

  • Donald Wilson

    Michael you are half right the Russians and Chinese can do considerable damage to the US economy but unfortunately we have madmen in Washington and the psycophants would unleash the gates of hell. More than likely the world would be pushed into WW3 with nuclear weapons being unleashed. The end game will not be good for mankind. In the end everyone loses…The end.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    Meanwhile Wall Street Casino take an advantage on the whole situation and speculate with stocks even more. In Greed we Trust.

  • One world leader is girly, who rides a girls bicycle with a plastic helmet and elbow pads while another world leader wrestles with bears.
    I think the country with the girly leader needs to be worried about the future of their country and get a real leader.

  • disqus_F4LAnhGEIL

    The American sanctions would take a long time to bite into Russia. The Russian response would create almost an overnight economic disaster in the U.S.

  • Adam Evenson

    It makes one wonder. What maniac, other than a Hitler or Napoleon, would attack Russia in any manner, even with impotent name-calling tactics? The Russkys are some fierce warriors when they ‘wannabe.’ World leaders, nearly all of them, appear to be clinically insane today. Putin, pretty much alone, seems to have a grip on reality and he cares about his and Russia’s enduring image. The United States of Buffoons in America are simply clinically insane, engorged with inflated money, hubris, and political power, and bottom-of-the-line sense of self-worth. People that behave as most of the world leaders do, have to be devoid of any sense of self-worth. If it has to be war, I would like to see it done in the streets, beginning with the top leaders and descending to the lowest, and that they BE REQUIRED to do battle person-to-person with the enemy, as any buck private must do on any battlefield. Let Obama and Putin have a martial art match. Whichever one kills the other, let him be matched with the next opponent in line. I believer Putin would retire undefeated.

  • Jason7189

    Global crash of the Economic system…..then mark of the beast. The timing would coincide with the countless Prophecies of the Bible. Here’s just a few major ones happening now, in some regard:

    Isaiah 17 & Jeremiah 49:23-27
    Isaiah 19
    Daniel 9:27
    Zechariah 12:3
    Joel 3:2
    Psalm 83
    Ezekiel 38

    Make sure your Spiritual house, is in order too.

    • GSOB


  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    It is a little known fact that 5 million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression of the 1930s and that was during a lawful, more agriculturally based era. When (not if) another Great Depression hits America, things will be much, much worse… Become as self-sufficient as you can and do it very soon. I believe that time is almost upon us.

  • HANS

    I’s about time that France and Germany join with Russia as a joint Europe. Forget about the USA and England.

  • FX ofTruth

    If the US wants war then, the Russians will begin THEIR first direct hit into Wall Street! They will blow a hole a mile wide in our already sinking, depressed economic ship. No defense against that salvo. So if the limp-wristed, spoiled kids in Washington don’t shut up and quit trying to bully and piss-off a real man like Putin, the real man can put a real economic hurt on all of us!

  • JailBanksters

    Credit where Credit is due….
    This would be like a Fart in a Hurricane, Russia has that much.
    Now if China and Japan started dumping that would be a different matter.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Islam is awesome you wretchedly ignorant bigot.

  • Guest

    If Russia and other countries decide not to pay the US what it owes,what is going to stop the US from doing the same thing?How many trillions of dollars does the US owe the world?If they renege on their debt to us and we stop paying our debt,stop giving away all the foreign aid,and stop buying Chinese junk,it is going to crash the entire world economies.We are living in very dangerous times and if the world governments don’t start acting like responsible adults,it’s going to be full blown world war III.Many countries are praying for the US to fall but aren’t considering what the cost will be to themselves,GOD help us all.

  • Guest

    When these brainwashed kids are starving to death and the government is powerless to help them,they might start thinking for themselves.

  • omegafile .

    Crashing the whole system would be great. if have nothing to lose so go for it.

  • Ken5745

    “Unfortunately, most Americans have no understanding of these things. They just assume that we are “the greatest economy in the world” and that nothing is ever going to threaten that.”

    What the American public needs to understand is that if the US dollar is no longer a reserve currency America is toast.

    And the reality is no reserve currency status lasts forever because since circa 1430 there have been six reserve currencies starting from the currencies of Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Britain and now the United states. See link:

    See more at www (dot) azizonomics(dot)com/2012/01/04/a-history-of-reserve-currencies-in-one-graph/

    But the writing is on the wall for the US dollar because the National Debt is $17.6 trillion, rising by $1.2 trillion every year and on top of this there is an unfunded debt of $205 trillion. And the FED is printing $75 billion a month to keep the US economy afloat. The time is coming soon for the US to vacate the seat.

    See more at //investmentwatchblog(dot)com/205-trillion-in-unfunded-liabilities/

    Now whether you are in the US or a foreign country you are able to use the dollar which Obama says is as good as ‘Gold’.

    Yes, the operative word is gold. It gave legitimacy to the US dollar when it was pegged to gold at $35 an oz at Bretton Woods. But Nixon defaulted on 15 Aug 1971 and removed the peg.

    Today the US dollar is backed by nothing but Obama’s promise to pay and many folks trust him as far as they can throw him. Putin is threatening to abandon the US dollar when push turns to shove.

    The BRICS are in the process of getting their own acts together with the opening of a well-funded Development Bank to boot.

    Where too many folks make the mistake is to accept a fiat currency (like the US dollar, euro, pound or yen or RMB) as MONEY. This is furthest from the truth.

    At best the fiat currencies are legal tender in their own countries of issue.

    A reserve currency has an advantage for the US as it is its currency but other country’s problem.

    The US can write checks like there is no tomorrow and no one dares to refuse them (except Saddam, Gaddafi and they are dead) or cash them (Japan, China, Saudi, UAE, Russia, etc)

    The reality is the fiat currencies are not MONEY but only money substitutes. Gold (and silver) is the real MONEY for the last 5,000 years and all fiat currencies, bar none, should be measured against it.

    John Kenneth Galbraith once said that “The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to *disguise* the truth or to *evade* the truth, not to reveal it.”

    When Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant mathematician at Oxford he was familiar with using units to measure length and height (as in miles or yards or feet or inches), area as in sq yards or sq feet or weight as in lbs or grams etc at the material time.

    When he was appointed the Master of the Royal Mint in 1669, the first question he asked his staff on his first day at work was if they knew the units to measure the value of money. No one knew the answer. They only knew that one pound was 20 shillings and 1 shilling was worth 12 pence.

    So when Parliament asked Newton to value an oz of gold he extrapolated it from the price of silver as he knew that gold was more valuable than silver by 30 times at the material time. (now its is about 60 to 1 when the ratio of gold to silver has been about 16 to 1 for thousands of years)

    As a brilliant mathematician Newton worked out the value of the Guinea, then a (22 carat) gold coin and set the price at 20 shillings and 8 pence but Parliament rejected his odd number and set the Guinea at 21 shillings even.

    With that the price of an OZ of 22 carat gold was set at 77 shillings 10 and ½ pence, a price which endured for 200 years after he moved the pound sterling to the gold standard in 1717.

    IMHO the first currency that is pegged to gold will replace the US dollar as the reserve currency because of the Maxim that “He who owns the gold makes the rules”.

  • Rzhayutik

    Only naive simpletons in America trust in major Liberal media. They don’t realize that Obama;s sanctions will hit America and not Russia.

  • Matt Clary

    Hemp oil, screw Russia and their gas. De-schedule, legalize, tax. Problem solved. For people who think it would not get us away from petroleum, or end the national debt, Google is your best friend.

  • haroldcrews

    I don’t know that Russia would cut Europe off. Europe is its primary source of income after all. What it could do is stop accepting dollars from Europe for its energy exports.

  • Just Sayin’

    Well, no surprise in this article. American politicians have been playing political games for too long. If Obama was a dog, he would be one that is small with no teeth. Putin, on other hand would be the opposite – huge dog w/vicious teeth. Putin has obviously out-maneuvered Obama & the gang. Pains me to say this, but Putin has been more honest than American politicians have. We may not like Putin, but at least you know where you stand with him. When he’s fed up with American crap, he’s man enough to say so. BTW, don’t forget that it was Putin who exposed Obama’s agenda for Syria. Yep, Putin knows what’s going on and is sick of Obama’s S–T.

  • JMO

    This is exactly like a scripted play that is being executed. A play for WW3. The bankers want a one world government, but first they need a giant war and a global economic collapse. Out of those ashes will come a NWO. We are on the verge of a world changing event. The bankers are getting ready to crash this planet.

  • Nick Woodley

    You’re all so scared of the ‘globalist boogeymen’.

    I guess you aren’t any smarter than them.

    Maybe they can control you….

    You show the same propensity for narrow, piggish thought.

    Only they are lemmings; and you are the sea which holds them up.

    Drown them already, why don’t you?

    – N

  • charkee

    Do not underestimate Sergei Glazyev, he understands economics far better than any politician in the EU or the USA. He actually understands the history of American economics better than any American or EU professor. They guy is sharp and he knows how to do it.

    Its not a good idea for a weakened and hungry Uncle Sam to taunt a hungry bear.

  • peace angel

    THE whistle blowers from many gov. agencies who are regularly on the Blaze and infowars and the honest financial advisers are ALL screaming that this is all a dog and pony show and that Obama has known this was coming for a year and that he handled Syria the way he did so this would happen.

    THEY are saying that when the FEDS were NOT able to collapse the economy in 2008 that they have been really pressured to get it done, by those they all puppet for.

    THEY say that there has been a very strategic plan in place for some time to make this happen and to collapse the US dollar.

    THEY are still saying that the FEDS will do a Friday collapse of the computer banking industry and by Monday will be coming to take you away.

    THEY have a big push on to get this done THIS spring. Looks like they are right on schedule.Obama DID know that Europe would not and could not back his insanity.

  • Greg

    I live in America, but my grandfather came from the Ukraine. Based on the evidence here, I really, really hope that our government and banksters get justice served to them. I will pray for my people (Ukrainians). God have mercy on us all.

  • Jean Bush

    Look at the big picture, guys: The Elites WANT the US to crash and bring everything down with it. That way, they an do a currency reset, basketing everyone’s currency and tie each country to their resources. That way the NWO can control everyone’s money and resources throughout the world. The first major step towards a one world currency.

  • mladefer

    You don’t know what you are talking about and I’m here by accident anyway.

    The interest rates wouldn’t go up because the FED wouldn’t allow it. Also, the rest of the world isn’t “lending” the money irrationally. They simply don’t have any better options than to buy treasuries with the dollars they already have. What would be more rational, to take zero interest instead? In any case, those dollars are not needed at all to finance the US debt and everybody who knows how the system actually works knows this. Just ask your local FED.

    When and if the rest of the world stops selling you real stuff for dollars to develop itself and when and if the dollar stops being a convenient way to do trade, then your standard will decline. When and if that happens, your currency will devalue. Which will make you more competitive. You’ll have to start giving more real stuff for real stuff, as opposed to giving paper instead. Your real production will raise. Even then, it will be business as usual for all the floating fiat currencies out there. The dollar will always be one of the strongest ones, if not the first one someday far into the future. Good luck with your doomsday tales and your book.

    Nothing much to worry about and it is all a slow process anyway. The Russians are just showing muscle here, they would hurt themselves as well by trying to ditch dollars. In the end, those are their assets too which they don’t really want to devalue. They are just telling the US not to mess with them too much.

    • Sinbad2

      Who owns the most US treasury bonds? Not China and the Japan, but the New York Fed, 3 trillion, more than Japan and China combined. The US prints money and then lends it to itself, insane.

  • Diane

    This has all been planned by both sides. We were sold in 1913 now they are just closing the noose. “But Jeshrun waxed fat and kicked, thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, and has forgotten God which formed thee. KJV Deut 32

  • Adam Martin

    lol at Russia winning an economic war with the United States. I know you guys are desperate to be right about one thing, after getting everything wrong after the last six, but give it a rest.

    $132 billion is going to collapse the economy? Foreign holdings plus the Feds holdings are over $8 trillion. Did you see how the United States responded? The rating agencies downgraded their outlook. Who is going to lend the Russians any money after European and US banks cut the cash flow? I wonder how far that will make Russian stocks tumble? The Chinese must be dying to destroy one of their biggest export markets. I’m sure that will be the lift that a country that is starting to slow in growth needs.



  • Top Gun

    Svoboda, supported by US

  • Keith Bosthen

    WE all know U,S will collapse because of Russia or not. 17 Trillion Dollar debt aint just gonna dissapear. Do the math how many years it would take to pay its debt back even if all americans paid 1 dollar per day. Its close to 30. 000 years.

  • Byronic Fate

    For shame to all who would impose on the sovereignty of the people of any nations. You guys can argue over Putin, Obama, etc, but at the end of the day these big suits are all raking you over the coals and disrupting trade and peace. When will we start acting like a planet of humans and cease to act like hairless apes proselytizing nationalism every which way we walk? The governments of the US, China, Russia, EU, and many other places all seek to throw away your livelihood for war, abusing your patriotism to lay wonderful individuals into the bloody grave of the earth. Look beyond simple generalizations of what every person must be like because of their nation of origin. Instead learn to see that the people within any nation are no different from ourselves. This gentlemen might be overstating one country’s power over the other, but the general point is that sanctions and war will benefit no one. Remember who benefits from war and who ultimately suffers.

  • klarg

    In retrospect this article appears even more foolish! Just a bunch of defeatism by people without an inkling of economic knowledge.

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