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The Mayor Of Detroit’s Radical Plan To Bulldoze One Quarter Of The City

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How do you save a city that is dramatically declining like Detroit?  Well, for the mayor of Detroit the answer is simple – you bulldoze one-fourth of the city.  Faced with a 300 million dollar budget deficit and a rapidly dwindling tax base, Detroit finds itself having to make some really hard choices.  During the glory days of the 1950s, Detroit was a booming metropolis of approximately 2 million people, but now young people have left in droves and the current population is less than a million.  The true unemployment rate for those still living in Detroit is estimated to be somewhere around 45 to 50 percent, and poverty and desperation have become entrenched everywhere.  In many areas of the city, only one or two houses remain occupied an an entire city block.  In fact, some areas of Detroit have so many vacant, burned-out homes that they literally look like war zones.  And yes, it is true that there are actually some houses in Detroit that you can actually buy for just one dollar.  According to one recent estimate, Detroit has 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots.  So what can be done when an entire city experiences economic collapse?

Well, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing believes that the answer is to downsize on a massive scale.  Bing believes that Detroit simply cannot continue to pay for police patrols, fire protection and other essential services for areas that resemble ghost towns.

So his plan is to bulldoze approximately 10,000 houses and empty buildings over the next 3 years and direct new investment into stronger neighborhoods.  In the areas that the city plans to bulldoze, the residents would be offered the opportunity to relocate to a better area.  For buildings that have already been abandoned, the city could simply use tax foreclosure proceedings to reclaim them.  Of course if there were some residents that did not want to move, eminent domain could be used to force them out.

So which areas would be bulldozed and which areas would be left standing?

Nobody knows yet, and those decisions could make a lot of people angry.

Also, the city of Detroit simply does not have the money to purchase land and relocate residents without federal assistance.

So there are problems.

But other smaller cities are already doing this kind of thing on a smaller scale.

The city of Youngstown, Ohio has been bulldozing a few hundred houses a year since 2005.

Flint, Michigan has already torn down approximately 1,100 houses mostly in outlying areas.  The program in Flint was actually the brainchild of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, which includes the city of Flint.

In Flint, no residents are forced out of their homes unwillingly.  Instead, the city has been buying up houses in more affluent areas of Flint to offer to those in areas that the city wishes to bulldoze.

The program in Flint has been so successful that Mr. Kildee has been asked to help implement it in other cities that are in decline.

And there are a whole lot of U.S. cities that are in a serious state of decline – mostly in what is known as “the Rust Belt” of America.  Because of reckless U.S. trade policies, the once great U.S. manufacturing base centered in the Rust Belt has been dismantled and those jobs simply are never going to come back.

So now cities like Detroit and Flint are faced with either dealing with the economics of decline or going bankrupt for good.

But the truth is that Detroit and Flint are just on the cutting edge of what is happening to America as a whole.

The U.S. is experiencing a very painful economic decline, and what is happening in Detroit and Flint could happen in your city very soon.

Are you ready?

Getting Prepped!


  • Concerned Reader

    I live in Louisville, KY and from what I see we are not that far behind from being like Detroit or any other city that is facing decline. Our roads and infrastructure are in disrepair. The lines seperating the lanes are begining to fade from view and there are pot holes and alligator cracks all over the place. I would ay that about ninety-percent of our roads will have to repaved or they will unable to drive upon. Our sidewalks, bridges and over passes are not looking good either.

    Most of the major employers in the city are General Electric,Humana, UPS and Ford. Most of the employers are small buisnesses or small corporate entities. Louisville is too dependant on such things as Churchill Downs and the sports arenas to attract out side tourists. But what do you do when the tourist have no money thanks to the recession?

    I have seen entire neighborhoods that looked like Detroit. Burned out strucutres with boarded up windows and doors. Detroit is a microcosym for what the entire country is experiencing. A once prosperous place that fell from grace.

  • Dan0711

    Simple solution….BRING THE FACTORIES HOME !!!

    • economic collpase this is happening now everywhere u look u see extreme hardships duress gun shots shootings people have no money so the next best thing is steal it thank god i have guns but will martial law come to pass will there be an election or will obama declare himself king and have troops fire on americans. remember kent state
      ???? u want the jobs home then vote every encombant out of office send a real message. remember wen MADE IN AMERICA MEANT SOMETHING stand on the mall in washington and pennsylvania ave bearing arms the real way is repeal nafta and charge all those co. that shipped jobs overseas 100,000 a day fine till all stops our country is in decline and obama does crap to help it just slings crap at romney romney is not our savior we need a strong 3rd party. its time the americans of this great country be heard and changed. familys are living in cars state parks wall mart shopping centers its time to bulldoze wallmart avoid buying anything from them sure its cheap so is everthing coming out of asia screw them enough enough time we fight and refresh the liberty tree havent had a good party since 1776 all the people in the cities when the money runs out they will be on our doorsteps beggen for anything or trying to take it from you. defend yourselves protect your familys band together better in numbers. and have lots of bullets screw the king and socialism never worked in russia would never work here all the governors passing bills for civil unrest and taking over your city time to get the gov. you think maybe im too radicle but i believe in democracy and the constitutiuon. well its time to step up and be americans

  • bill rind

    why don’t you bulldoze city hall where all you miscreants work via corruption and scandal.

  • Jim Shores

    In Ft. Worth the damned Water Department charges to remove rain water if it falls on concrete. The head of the Water Department is the son of our Con-Gress thief Granger who has bull dozed all businesses in this boom town north of downtown to build a lake. I am sure Katrina victims who fled here are confused that we are going to flood for profit. Ain’t socialism/facism great?

  • Richard Farnsworth

    WHats wrong with this idea?The only people who use these are derelicts,thugs and dope heads….tear them down,make park-like areas out of them…greeen-up the city anyway….also it denies the use of these old rat and criminals infested buildings to undesireables….they are moldy,rat and roach infested health hazards…just GET RID OF THEM…Great idea

    • Dr. Ogden Wernstrom

      I give your comment the worst grade imaginable: an A-minus-minus.

  • David L

    You can only mend a fence so many times, soon you tear it down and rebuild it…it’s the first step in rebuilding the city and with the right leadership it should work.

    Do it right, when you build it, they will come.

    • oh another corrupt person humm how much will i make bu giving this contract to whomever

  • Jorge

    The U.S. is fast becoming a Third World country: no manufacturing base, just service sector, along with falling wages, no savings, and overwhelming debt both public and private. Oh yeah, almost forgot, we have a government swimming in corruption and graft. All we need to complete this sad picture is a military junta..

  • Great idea to remove urban blight. Once was a great city, but must make way for new life. Put the street thugs to work on the clean-up…they are currently rebels without any cause!!

  • Robert G

    Detroit is a perfect example of what Unions have done to American Industry. As long as Unions have a strangle hold on the American Auto Industry Detroit will continue to decline. In order for American Industry to have a chance to compete with the rest of the world, This strangle hold must be removed or at least controlled.

  • Spook45

    I hate this because of the politics behind it but other than that, Detroit is a HOLE; it should have been bulldozed 20yrs ago.

  • Dimarco

    Every City has a Master plan for Urban development. But I have yet to see any, ANY politician or committee/board make decisions that served the interest of the community, more for business interests. And that’s fine considering the potential economic investments… but MONEY is not KING people!! Treating each other with respect and helping hands is what makes us civilized NOT economic riches or technological gadgets. I say this on my advanced computer… but you know what, I would try and communicate with you otherwise.

    The idea that our leaders know best is a crock! They are NOT our leaders, they are our representatives, and for 90% of the time they ignore us for the all mighty dollar and re-election dreams.

    Sure Detroit needs to be rebuilt… but this city should of been a re-developed city long ago with new technology and industry… ONLY, ONLY if these ‘leaders’ did NOT export our JOBS along with American industry abroad!!! But it was for competitive advantage in this neo-liberalism economic global market.

    A destroyed country where once our founders were entrepreneurs and innovative jacks of many trades and agriculture.

    Hail to the Chiefs: Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush deux, and the finale, OOObbbaaaaammaa, as we sheeple like to say.

  • blueseagle

    bull dozers don’t sound so bad. that’s amuch better way to convert detroit than what are enemies have in mind.

  • Unions and Socialist politicians are a large part of Detroits problems. But as so many of the previous writers have so eloquently pointed out Detroit is just the most glaring example of the decline of the American city. Nothing happens by accident. The West and the US in particular are being deindustrialized and reduced to thrid-world status so we can be mereged into a one-world government.

    This is all part of the UN’s Agenda 21 and the rewilding project that is intended to revert much of the US back to wilderness areas that will be restricted from the most of the new serf class of the US.

    Here is a quote from an Agenda 21 site.

    Agenda 21

    This global contract binds governments around the world to the UN plan for changing the ways we live, eat, learn, and communicate – all under the noble banner of saving the earth. Its regulations would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas. If implemented, it would manage and monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system

    This agenda for the 21st Century was signed by 179 nations at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Among other things, it called for a Global Biodiversity Assessment of the state of the planet. Prepared by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), this GBA armed UN leaders with the “information” and “science” they needed to validate their global management system. Its doomsday predictions were designed to excuse radical population reduction, oppressive lifestyle regulations, and a coercive return to earth-centered religions as the basis for environmental values and self-sustaining human settlements.

    The GBA concluded on page 763 that “the root causes of the loss of biodiversity are embedded in the way societies use resources.” The main culprit? Judeo-Christian values. Chapter 12.2.3 states that-

    “This world view is characteristic of large scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a world view that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes in nature, a characteristic that became firmly established about 2000 years ago with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions.

    “Eastern cultures with religious traditions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements.”6

    Here is a map of the US when Agenda 21 is fully implemented.

  • John Galt

    In a recent story featuring the 20 worst cities to live in, all were Liberal Democratic strongholds.

    You wanted change?

    You got change!

  • lk

    an even simpler solution, stay away from walmart, dollar store, anything with ba chinese label on it put it back on the shelf. do it for your kids. buy american. china has become a serious national security threat, worse than afganastan, iran, north korea put together

  • 31337

    The problem with people of a certain political slant to the left don’t understand things as simple as this. In the parts of the city where large parts are abandoned you give low dollar amount tax credits that are spread out over a few years to local companies who come in and bulldoze the lot and clean it up and make it into forest land or farm land. Of course make laws to prevent fraud (ie one company coming in and doing it all). The next thing you do is give the local people opportunity to “claim” the land for no fee, they are limited to how far from their primary residence they can claim and are responsible for clearing the lot and returning it to forest or farm land. Detroit is a mess but parts can be saved.

  • Cod Father

    You know, if you look at the GM Building in downtown Detroit with the sun light at the right angle, even it looks like it is rusting out!

    Pack your bags and head for Fort McMurray. There is work to be done and money to be made.


  • daniel

    3rd world country all by vote, yer the change we all needed

  • The roads in Baghdad are maintained better than the roads in Detroit.

  • To all you dopes who are blaming the good people of Detroit for this disaster wake the hell up. It was your dirty traitorous THUG Congress that allowed this to happen.Don’t blame the UNIONS…it was your BASTARD DEMON CONGRESS THAT GOT IN BED WITH THE CORPORATIONS AND SHIPPED YOUR JOBS ALL TO CHINA..ARREST CONGRESS PUT THEM IN PRISON AND GET THE CORPORATIONS UNDER PENALTY OF JAIL TO RETURN TO AMERICA..

    • repeal nafta charge compinies 100k per day in violatoion or shut them down enough of them make lots of money



  • max


  • max


  • Ann


    simply solution would be to stop over-regulating the factories out of existence. jobs go where they’re wanted not where needed. get the government out of the economy.

  • Will

    Abandoned and derilict cities are a part of any socialist country. This is just a part of the big picture, comrad!

    Hey union heads, how’s that SEIU rent a crowd doing for the upcoming elections. It got Obama into the white house, why not use it to clean up your devastated city. Opra might pay for the busses to move the crowd to Detroit!

  • hinckleybuzzard

    Nothing to do with “trade policies.” Everything to do with union thugs who were determined to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs, and finally succeeded. Nice work, democrats. Hope you enjoy eating your own.

    • your butt its all government and the ass lobbyists ask stabenow shes taking enough for reelection

  • Mike Constitution

    It is a complete myth that the US manufacturing base is disappearing due to trade policies. The fact is the US still leads the world in manufacturing. A larger portion of our GDP is made up of manufacturing now than ever before. The change is the moving of manufacturing from high tax, high regulation, unionized states to places that are more business friendly. The trend has also been to higher tech and higher productivity. Many fewer people are needed to produce much more. Not a bad thing unless you are completely dependent on obsolete jobs.

  • desertrabbit

    I agree with all of it except using emminent domain. If someone is barely living in some nasty house, paying their bills, don’t force them to live somewhere that they can’t afford. I like the house swap thing in Flint, that could be good deal, but VOLUNTARY.

    Anyone here remember that guy that wants to buy up a bunch of land in Detriot and turn it into a farm? Hahah, I bet he’s influencing the local legislature to get them to say this.

  • Mel Torme

    “The fact is the US still leads the world in manufacturing.”


    Ever been to China? Ever found a product on the shelf that was NOT made in China this year or the last few (OK, 98%, the rest was from Vietnam and an occasional T-shirt from Honduras or Ceylon)

    “A larger portion of our GDP is made up of manufacturing now than ever before.”


    Employment in governments alone is higher in the US now than employment in manufacturing. Manufacturing employment is < 10% of employment now.

    Where do you come up with your thoughts, Mike?

    • what are u talking about oh the leaders in pez makers what a fool they have sold us out but before u can get a world bank u must bankrupt countries

    • probably works for the government disinformation

  • keith

    If bulldosing a couple of burnt out shacks that the drug dealers and rapists have taken over as their headquarters is the answer than im all for it. I mean how manny of you drive through these areas with the windows open? not me! does this seem “un American” to take away homes from our citizens who may want or need them? Ask your president… Oh yea he is not an American. Is he?

  • Dave

    I was there yesterday for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Mile after mile of almost nothing other than abandoned, boarded, uglified, graffiti-ed buildings. Or what’s left of them.

    You could probably very easily bulldoze two-thirds of it or more — my guess anyway.

  • zippythepinhead

    I agree with the vast majority of the comments here, MeatDawg is the closest to the truth. We have been signed sealed and delivered over to the one world order. I’ve preached and preached to my friends here until I’m blue in the face. It’s not the REP/DEMs it’s all of them. Two sides of the same coin. Read the road to serfdom by FA Hayek and you’ll see where we’re going. Next to fall is our currency. Yay this is going to be fun!

  • joe

    I live in Cleveland and I wish they would bulldoze. I think Mayor Bing is a genius if he can pull this off.

  • tyler

    if you want to see what detroit looks like check out the youtube video called a tour of detroits ghetto. its shocking that an american city can look like this.

  • I grew up in and around Detroit. For the most part, this sounds like a very good idea. That is, until you get to the part where they are talking about eminent domain being used to steal people’s homes from them.
    Also, consolidation alone is not going to help Detroit. Substantial tax incentives for buying homes and businesses in the borderline areas are desperately needed. I know many, MANY people who want to buy homes and businesses in Detroit, but can’t because of the prohibitively high taxes. Another thing that should be tried in some areas is a “lot next door” program, like they’ve started in Saint Bernard Parish, La. Bulldoze abandoned properties in neighborhoods that aren’t thriving, but still have enough residents to keep them viable, then offer those lots to owners of neighboring lots for very little money.
    There are still many things that can be done to save Detroit, but the city has to be aggressive in implementing them!

  • Uncle B

    For net-stumblers not from Detroit, here are some pages to educate you as to this monument of Corporatism, Capitalism in the American style:
    Please note that the forests that provided the wood for these buildings have yet to re-grow and we bulldoze resources we cannot replace! These remnants of the Great Hulking American Neanderthal: spawn of corporate breeding and force-feeding, from the best stocks of Europe and Africa, genetically selected by resume for strong backs high emotional endurance and great bulging biceps, tailored for service in exploiting the easiest resorrces of a new America, and bred in the millions as cannon fodder in WWII style battle, is no longer the prefferred beast of burden in the 21st century and has been forsaken by the Capitalists and Corporatists of America who fled with capital collected from the efforts of the Great Hulking American Neanderthal, and secreted away to Beijing, Shanghai and Hang Seng stock markets, to build factories and idustries there, for the new labor nodel, and much more plyable, 89 pound Orienta female who lives on veggies and rice and lives in in-factory dormitories months at a time working 7 day weeks 12 hour shifts under contract, even fed in in-house cafeterias, clothed in “company uniforms” and pooping in factory floor ‘slot’ toilets, for a pittance, not enough cash in a month to pay a days meat diet for the Great Hulking American Neanderthal! Detriot City, Great Monument to American Capitalism died because of the movement aof capital away from home for the exploitation of these ladies! Asian cars are all built by them!All things marked”Made in China” are built by them – and with the pittance they earm they send sons and daughters to school – China has more post-graduates with IQ’s over 130 than the U.S.A. has high school students, including drop-outs! Most are Multi-disciplined, Multi-lingual, and intend even further studies as well as service to their country, for less wages than an America Plumber! China, our communist inferior, according to our popular propaganda, has, up and running, electric bullet train networks – free from oil prices in the world! and they build ten new reactors as we speak! We buy Nuclear Energy created products from China with oil based dollars and lose every damned time! We tear down or bulldoze our newer cities while China tears dowm three and four hundred year old squalor to re-build the newest, the latest in well studied human habitats! The folly is ours and we die! Killed by our own exploitative barracuda and vulture Capitalism and corporatism just as the think-tanks of the U.S.S.R. predicted before their own deaths! It is too late for America! the “Rust Belt” built by our forefathers failed in continuity, as did the Automotive prowess of the U.S.A. and followed by the “Smoke Stack Era” and in concert with the end of the Light Sweet Crude Cheap Oil Era” of America – all failed in a desperate America in the 21st century facing a devaluing of the American dollar that spells disaster for the peons – rich or poor – regardless of class – the great Depression is soon upon us all, and as the dollar falls and the politicians lie we creep ever downwards, smaller cars poorer employment bad education standards, no cars, walking, eating road kill in some cases, then Anarchy and total corruption!

  • They’d make a ton of money if they opened up the ruins as a tourist attraction, sort of like the Mayan ones.

  • Do you know how bad it looks after you bulldoze. That’s not a solution, that’s a nightmare. If the mayor bulldozes the city, his own home MUST be bulldozed as well. I bet it will take half a century to repair all that damage!

    The FASCIST CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA need’s to quit blaming the people and treating them and presenting them like homegrown terrorists and get their little butt’s out there and indict the real criminals–elected officials who broke their oath of office, and get an army of 10,000 FBI agents to prosecute the banks!

    Get in the face of these officials who break their oath and lie. I want to see when an official lies, they are immediately challenged by an INFORMED POPULATION.

    Keep playing this (D) vs (R) game along with the corporate owned media and the next stimulus package will be to build tent cities, soup lines, and grave digging!

    This is outrageous, and yet there’s still no cops indicting officials or the banks who made these fraudulent loans. The people who got these bad loans already are punished by loosing everything.

  • TAS

    I like the bulldozing idea especially if the land can be used to help people earn a living farming. There’s always a demand for food and with today’s technological advances learing how to do this could from the internet how’s to’s, like how to grow corn, how to milk a cow, how to raise a chicken, how to grow cabbage,etc..

  • Dr Tim Norris


    People generally respectfully appear to be unaware of “peak oil” and Olduvai Theory that predicts economic collapse, unless a paradigm shift in energy technology occurs. This issue is not only relevant for Detroit, but also other parts of the World. Without a paradigm shift in energy technology, the World does not have the resouces to support around 7 billion people. Just like Detroit is depopulating, there is a need for the whole World to undergo a degree of depopulation to reduce human population from around presently 7 billion people to a smaller population in a range of 500 million to 1 billion people within the next 25 years. Hopefully, such reduction can be achieved voluntarily without suffering. If human beings are so poorly disciplined that this is not possible, then nature will act for us by disease/famine/war.

    Detroite either should be allowed to reduce in population and shrink, else new technologies should be promoted at Detroite, namely:
    (a) advanced electric vehicle battery manufacture;
    (b) component suppliers for US civil nuclear reactor industry for electricity generation;
    (c) components and system for renewable energy systems.
    All these areas of new technology builds on technical expertise presently to be found in Detroite, but sadly soon ebbing away as Motown fades away. The tragedy of the situation is that the leaders of Government and industry in Detroite should have been aware of these issue long ago and acted upon them. Dick Wagoner (former CEO of General Motors) wanted to continue to manufcture gas-guzzling large SUV’s. Heaven help us from such short-sighted perspective and lack of vision.

    Please, only intelligent serious responses to this entry. If you write a stupid flippant response, it just goes to show how shallow and brainless you are. The issues are real and serious, and require great wisdom to address them.

    Best regards

  • Virginia Padgett Jenkins

    Americans need to stay focus on their Nation, their Country, their Land, their Cities, Towns, and Villages. Too many Foreign Flags in America and too many Foreign Languages on the Store Shelfs in some Big Stores in America. How can America and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION last with too many Diverse Foreign Cultures destroying America inch by inch. All these Foreign diverse Cultures will make America disappear forever inch by inch, just one bad Culture will spoil the Nation of America in all things. Freedom in America means the Right to Enjoy, be Happy and Live with the Constitution of America not destroy it ! America is a Nation of English, The American Flag and Our Laws Only ! WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must redo, remake, redesign, and replenish a new America with new cities based on the New Technology Millennium age. Jobs for Americans to have benefits for their Old Age ! Food Stamps are not jobs ! Homeless Shelters are not Jobs . Work, Employment, Payroll Checks are Jobs .
    In Japan they are selling on a test run of a $16.00 cost of a Hamburger from Wendy’s with seafood lobster expensive other fish eggs.
    Most Americans can not afford the Mc Donald $2.00 Hamburger now!
    American Corporations and All Americans should value the roof over their head and the floor under their feet with being creative too promote America in jobs and benefits to secure their future life.
    A Welfare Check, Food Stamps, and Homeless Shelter are not a Pension Plan !

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