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Barack Obama And Joe Biden

Barack Obama And Joe Biden

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    I am in my mid-50’s …I don’t believe I have ever seen so many outstanding situations of “disasters” ,unusual I have in the last decade….I am reporting from Oklahoma and there has never been(as far as I know of) record ice and snow storms as we had before 2011..3-years in a row we had Ice and snow storms that shut down everything…and this year 2012 we have and are still experiencing a heat wave and with it a drought as the experts are calling it…and now we are witnessing the Northeast get pummelled by what ever the weather wants to bring on… I was stationed near Richmond,VA and lived in Virginia Beach area during the 1980’s- 1990s….and I don’t remember having that kind of weather as we are seeing at this present moment..frankly speaking I am now believing in what is Biblical Prophecy and unless I am shortsighted I believe these are warning signs that the Creator GOD is sending us or, to be exact, warning signs that GOD is sending to the United States of America….I do believe that the United States is “blessed” by GOD himself but now we are turning from Him and I most certainly believe if we shun the Nation of Israel by not giving them support as we have been doing since they had become a Nation in 1948…then we will have broken the “covenant” between the Nation of Israel and the U.S….and I do believe we gradually turning into another Sodom and Gommorah because of the Liberal’s view that two people of the same sex can enter into a union of marriage….does anyone know what that actually represents…that not represents lust but also destruction of life…because marriage between a man and woman represents continuity of life…or to be more exact a continuity of family… I used to be liberal in my views and opinions and not only that but I was practicing and studying Buddihism (and sometimes I still find myself using some of those Principles)….But since the “Attacks of 9/11″ I have been studying and reorganizing my thoughts about spiritualism,religion as well as trying to understand why and how a seemingly Third World Nation would be able to accomplish a task such as 9/11…in other words “how could a “RELIGION of PEACE” commit such a deed and why are they more violent than ever before (i.e. the attack against the American embassy as well as other attacks against American Embassy’s around the world…another question would be what is going to happen next and are we prepared for the next what ever..????…..m.t.c.(more to come)……

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