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The Pure Hell At The Heart Of The Ebola Pandemic In Africa Could Soon Be Coming To America

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Ebola Cases And Deaths - Photo by Leopoldo Martin RDid you know that the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone is approximately doubling every 20 days?  People are dropping dead in the streets, large numbers of bodies are being dumped into the rivers, and gravediggers can hardly keep up with the the number of corpses that are being delivered to the cemeteries.  As you read this, life is pure hell in many areas of West Africa, and now the CDC is warning that things may get far, far worse in the very near future.  According to the CDC, the number of Ebola cases could potentially soar to 1.4 million by the end of January.  Of course the CDC says that this is a “worst-case scenario”, but for our health officials to even suggest that such a huge number is possible is quite chilling.  We are now being told that the fatality rate for this Ebola outbreak has risen to 71 percent, and so most of the “cases” will eventually turn into deaths.  If we do eventually see 1.4 million cases of Ebola in West Africa, it is incredibly naive to think that it will not spread to other parts of the globe as well.

The World Health Organization has been trying to document the number of cases and deaths that are happening, but at this point even the WHO admits that the official statistics “vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.

And for the first time, health officials are conceding that this crisis may never have an end point.  A study that was published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine says that Ebola could potentially become endemic to West Africa.  In other words, it could become a disease that is continually spread and that we have to deal with on a regular basis like malaria or the flu.

Hopefully this outbreak will be brought under control shortly.  But at the moment there are no signs that this is happening.  In fact, hundreds of health workers have contracted the disease themselves.  And if current trends continue, the CDC warns that we could see up to 1.4 million cases of Ebola by the end of January

Researchers say the total number of cases is vastly underreported by a factor of 2.5 in Sierra Leone and Liberia, two of the three hardest-hit countries. Using this correction factor, researchers estimate that approximately 21,000 total cases will have occurred in Liberia and Sierra Leone by Sept. 30. Reported cases in those two countries are doubling approximately every 20 days, researchers said.

“Extrapolating trends to January 20, 2015, without additional interventions or changes in community behavior,” such as much-improved safe burial practices, the researchers estimate that the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone could be between approximately 550,000 to 1.4 million.

Over the past several weeks, there have been numerous reports of dead bodies lying in the streets of major cities over in West Africa.

And now even the WHO is admitting that many Ebola corpses have been dumped into nearby rivers…

“The true number of deaths will likely never be known, as bodies in the notoriously poor, filthy and overcrowded West Point slum, in the capital, Monrovia, have simply been thrown into the two nearby rivers,” WHO said in a separate statement.

No wonder Ebola is spreading so rapidly.

So far authorities have been able to keep this crisis mostly contained to just a few countries.

But what happens when we have over a million people running around with Ebola?

How in the world do we keep that contained?

There are some in the scientific community that are expressing skepticism that we will be able to…

That sort of exponential increase in cases makes it more likely that Ebola will become entrenched in West Africa, said Robert Murphy, a professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at Northwestern University.

If there are hundreds of thousands of Ebola cases, then “many more countries will have cases, and it won’t be just West Africa,” Murphy said. “There is so much mobility now, this can spread anywhere.”

If Ebola continues to spread like wildfire throughout West Africa, it is probably just a matter of time before it starts popping up in major cities in other areas of the globe.

If this were to happen in the United States, life would change for all of us almost overnight.

It is hard to put into words that kind of chaos that we are witnessing over in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone right now.  Panic and fear are everywhere, and the corpses just keep piling up.  The following is an excerpt from a recent New York Times article

The Ebola epidemic is spreading rapidly in Sierra Leone’s densely packed capital – and it may already be far worse than the authorities acknowledge.

Various models of the growth of the epidemic here “all show an exponential increase,” said Peter H. Kilmarx, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team in Sierra Leone. “The conditions are amenable to Ebola spread.”

“Since last month, it’s every day, any minute and hour, and often, they are coming” to bury the Ebola dead, said Desmond Kamara, a police officer.

A cloudy stream drains from the area of the new graves into the slum, further frightening the residents.

“We are at risk, big risk,” said Ousman Kamara, a resident. “We have made many complaints.”

But the bodies, he said, keep coming.

“Even at night,” he said. “You stand here, and you see them coming.”

Could you imagine something like that happening in America?

At this stage of the crisis in West Africa, all existing treatment facilities are absolutely overwhelmed.

Because there are no more beds, large numbers of people with Ebola are being turned away.  Many end up dying just outside of the walls of some of these clinics

A new Ebola clinic opened in Monrovia this week, but bodies lay on the ground outside its walls. Ambulances filled with Ebola patients, some that have traveled seven hours to get there, are not unloaded. Without help to get them inside, the patients fall in the dirt, mere feet away from treatment.

If things are this bad already when we only have thousands of cases, what are things going to look like when we have more than a million cases?

A representative for Samaritan’s Purse admitted the other day that “it’s too late. Nobody’s going to build 100,000 beds.

And it can be absolutely heartbreaking for health workers to turn away people that are dying.

The following is firsthand testimony from a health worker that is on the front lines of this crisis that is actually having to do this…

The first person I had to turn away was a father who had brought his sick daughter in the trunk of his car. He pleaded with me to take his teenage daughter, saying that whilst he knew we couldn’t save her life, at least we could save the rest of his family from her.

Other families just pulled up in cars, let the sick person out and then drove off, abandoning them. One mother tried to leave her baby on a chair, hoping that if she did, we would have no choice but to care for the child.

I had to turn away one couple who arrived with their young daughter. Two hours later the girl died in front of our gate, where she remained until the body removal team took her away.

Those that are working on burial teams often see things that are even worse.  Just consider the following example

Dressed from head to toe in white protective suits and thick goggles, the burial teams try to stay safe, but nothing can shield them from the unspeakable horrors they’ve seen when they make their regular rounds. On Friday, Kiyee described what he saw when he entered a home:

“I took the key and opened the door and went in and saw a 6-month-old child licking on the mother’s skin,” said Kiyee. The mother was lying on her stomach. She had died from Ebola. The baby was searching for the mother’s milk. “Right away I started shedding tears.”

This is the kind of pure hell that we could see in the United States if Ebola starts spreading here.

Just because we have a more advanced medical system and better living conditions does not mean that we will be able to stop the spread of this virus.

In fact, some medical professionals are already warning that we are not prepared for an Ebola pandemic.

If cases of Ebola do start appearing in major cities throughout America, you will want to be prepared to stay at home as much as possible.  There will not be any magic pill that you can pop that will “cure” you of this disease.  It is a brutally efficient killer that does not show any mercy.

So let us hope that global health officials know what they are doing and that this pandemic will be brought under control soon.

But it would also be foolish not to prepare for the worst.

  • Looks like the “War Against Cancer” has finally succeed! The “Cancer” of course are the “useless eaters” of the world, most especially the peoples of resource-rich Africa. AIDS was not fast enough (5,000 Africans die per day).

    Now they have perfected Ebola 2.0. Even the CDC is warning the airlines to treat ALL body fluids encountered on an airplane as though they are infectious!

    The sordid history of US biowarfare since 1942:

  • In the beginning God said “Let their be Light” and the end will be with a whimper.

    • Guest

      I don’t understand your comment.

      • GSOB

        Isaiah 25:8

        Acts 2:24

        2 Corinthians 4:14

        Colossians 1:22 > 23

        • Still waiiiiiiting

          How many Liberians been cured from Ebola by accepting Jesus?

          • GSOB

            I don’t know. You want me to ask Him?

            Wait a minute….
            you ask Him.

          • Max

            Approximately zero I would suggest. Sorry for the bad news but neither Jesus, nor any other mythical being, is going to come riding over the horizon on a white charger to save you.The only person who can save you is you.

    • GSOB

      He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.

      He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

      About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?” that is, “MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?”…

      • Richard

        Well with the number of people with Ebola, can you wonder why “he is despised”? How about all the other health hazards? Wars? So… this ‘Jesus’ cried out, “My god, my god, why have you forsaken me”. He ain’t the only one. What do you think all the Ebola victims are “crying out”? Oh, I give up…

        • Richard

          You blaspheming Fool. Death – the second death is the only thing You have waiting for You – It may Not be far away.

          • GSOB

            Lego Movie?

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    I wouldn’t worry about it much. Humanity survived influenza which is many times more dangerous than ebola. We also survived the bubonic plague during a time when technology and medicine were zilch. Live your life free of fear.

    • AvidReader

      If so, one could start to wonder what the panic of all those people on the spot in Liberia is all about. Is that a country of fearmongers then?

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        No, it is a country with poor infrastructure. They are unprepared for many disasters both man made and natural.

  • K

    If you have seen the guidelines, the CDC has given the airlines and the colleges. It is not if, but when. Still the border is wide open. And no flight quarantine from the hot zone. Only logical conclusion, they intend to let it spread.

    • WTF

      Poor don’t fly they just die.

      • Priszilla

        But stupid do fly.

    • Richard

      It’s all part of the Plan – The destruction of America. AIDS was manmade; Ebola is manmade and Africa is testing ground. They lost Ebola Containment in Africa months ago. Now Obola has sent a couple thousand of our troops there – Of course They’re going to bring it to America.

      • Hammerstrike

        Ebola outbreak = martial law

      • Elizabeth Williams

        And America owns the patent on this horrific disease.

  • Daystrom2012

    Matthew 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him
    privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

    Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and
    there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers

    2Timothy 3:1-4 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.

    2Peter 3:3-4 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.


    • GSOB

      And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

      • Richard

        Yeah right… and he gave us Ebola…

        • Richard

          FOOL. May God have mercy on Your ungodly soul.

        • BegoneTroll

          Your excrement is coming out the wrong hole.

          • Toes

            Do you have faith in the CDC?

        • Susan

          CDC owns the patent of Ebola, working on vaccines since 2006, they want this to spread, they created this virus, don’t let a good crisis go to waste, here it comes man!

        • GSOB

          And He gave us you.

        • hammondhank

          You’re a wrong, Richard. You need to repent, trust Jesus, and be saved. You’re lost already. John 3:16-18.

        • III

          So far it is only in Africa, Trollchard.
          Suppose “he” existed, what do you think it would do?

        • Elizabeth Williams

          He, has given Us everything. Please, don’t choose something negative to point out because a disease is something not good. But just like the disease, He gave Us knowledge on how-to-deal with it. But Our government shouldn’t hold the patents on it either. Personally, I think this disease was let loose intentionally for population control. The so-called elitist are preparing for, The Day After, as Our Country becomes a forbidden place for our feet to step, with the exception of .. 3 zones. Just Google, Agenda 21 and The Day fPlan.

      • Raymond

        He is coming back.

    • clayton

      STFU pls

      • FreedomOfSpeech

        Fascist. Go elsewhere if you can’t stand diversity of expression.

        This IS a Christian website. Get along or go away.

        • sharonsj

          Really? A website cannot have a religion; it can only have an ideology put forth by the website owner. I guess you missed the class about the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

          So much for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty, tolerance–all the stuff you want for yourself but apparently not for anyone else.

          • FreedomOfSpeech

            Wow, you missed that by a mile. But I think it’s just a misunderstanding. This is a Christian, or should I say, Christian-owned blog. Michael welcomes people of all opinions. We, as Christians, are not afraid of open discourse, if kept civil and focused. Christianity, and, like it or not, Freemasonry, had enormous influence in the founding of this nation and the great experiment of freedom it represents. Or once represented. Christianity is not Fascist, seeking to silence dissent and opposing views. True Christianity is wields its authority in influence and persuasion, not coercion and control. True Christianity (not stuffy, man-made religion) FACILITATES freedom, and embraces open-heartedly, diverse culture and those who come from a different orientation, even if they disagree at the intellectual level.

            Ironically, the very ones Christianity has upheld freedom for, are the ones who now seek to silence Christianity, and utterly eradicate from the race mind. For instance, the gay community. The militant ones hate what we stand for, oppose and cry us down at every turn. It has become open season and persecution on all the is Christian and traditionally wholesome. If they disagree with us, we tolerate them. If we disagree, we are haters and homophobes. Yet, we uphold their freedom in our society. In other countries, they drop stone walls on them, or execute them otherwise.

            The problem is ultimately spiritual, and will never change except by spiritual means.

            And so, call it religion or ideology, the internet is not state-owned, yet. As I understand it, this website is privately owned. As such, how do you bring the supreme court and constitution into the equation? And, how did you take my earlier comment to be exclusive and intolerant?

            My response was to someone saying “STFU” to someone else’s free speech. We can disagree, but it must be agreeably. That’s what I meant by “Go along or go away.” Aren’t you picking on the wrong person?

          • knowyealso

            Know this also. Females who blather on incessantly imagining they have something worthwhile to say and anyone is interested in hearing. Nay, they have aligned themselves with the cult of perversity and are to be ridiculed onto eternity.

      • Hammerstrike

        images.encyclopediadramatica.e s /e/ef/AMAZING_RETARDED_ATHIEST. j pg

    • knowyealso

      Know this also. The incubators for the pestilence go by names such as…….. gay veteran.
      Logic and reason are foreign to them, as they simply cannot grasp the natural fact that exit only wasn’t a suggestion.
      Preaching tolerance they are anything but, to those who rightly identify their behaviors and entire being as perverse.

      • SavedByGraceAlone

        Even the lowest of the low — the Gay Veterans of this world — have hope when they come to the end of themselves. Some never learn til they hit rock bottom. Gay Vet comes off like he’s smart, but the truth is, he suffers from a huge inferiority complex. He’s really a total wimp inside, and he knows it. That’s why he heaps so much disdain on others, rather than treating them as equals. These kind do come to God. But, as Jesus said, “This kind only comes out by prayer.”

    • Toes

      Check out Acts 2:20, and the moon turning to blood. Guess where we are right now? Right in the middle of a series of 4 blood moons that fall squarely on Jewish Holidays. In at there is one tonight. The next will occur in April 2015.

    • Max

      Perhaps we can keep the religious lunacy to a minimum as I suspect that’ll do diddly squat to help the situation.

      • FreedomOfSpeech

        The departure from God is what CAUSED the bad situation.

        • ian


  • John

    I wonder what percentage of the people in these already infected countries have HIV? I’m sure that would boost the mortality rate. If not, if it gets to those parts of Africa with large HIV infected populations, it would likely get much worse.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Yes it could happen here in the U.S. the thing is though is for the most part people LISTEN and follow to make things organized and don’t crap where the eat!!!! Thats the big difference between us and them.

    • knowyealso

      If ebola don’t get you, the mandated antivirus will.

  • GSOB

    Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

    • Richard

      Got news for ya! I have life and I do NOT have the son of god. Waddaya say to that?

      • Don’t mock the ONE who gave you life because HE can easily take it from you.

        • Guest


      • Richard

        You are an Imposter and a FOOL. Stealing my name and Spreading Lies. There is NO life outside of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        • SavedByGraceAlone

          God loves sinners – forgives, cleanses, redeems, and restores them. Even dirtbags like impostor “Richard”.

          • Richard

            No argument there. But God hates lying, deceiving, and blaspheming His name. HIS wrath abides upon such Fools and You need to know that along with this Fool who is committing it.

          • SavedByGraceAlone

            There’s nothing wrong with fiery zeal and embracing God’s holiness. But He also desires mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgement, following repentance. It’s important that we remember our own great need for mercy before Him. It’s important to remember what we have been saved from.

            Again, radical zeal and knowledge of the Holy is a wonderful thing. Only, as we seek Him, as God matures us, He causes that knowledge to be tempered by the awareness of our own great need for His love and mercy, and in our gratitude for what He’s done for us. He causes that knowledge to be governed by Love. For God IS Love. Blessings..

          • knowyealso

            I have been saved from an eternity of shrill, shrieking harpies and their gay veterans. They are called legion.

          • GSOB

            Bottom line,…
            You will then still die in your sins…. because the only
            salvation from anything – that you need to be concerned with – is a salvation from God’s wrath.

            1 Corinthians 1:18

          • GSOB

            Even a wretch like me.

          • SavedByGraceAlone

            Even a wretch like me.

      • Firstgarden

        Richard, what scripture talks about here is spiritual life, not natural life. We hope you will reconsider.

        • Richard

          This guy is a Troll. He stole my name and goes around mocking God. May die the death – less he repent.

        • GSOB

          Not merely spiritual life…

          Eternal life.

          The Spirit of Christ who comes to abide in you, and you abide in Him –

          Ephesians 3:17
          John 14:23
          Romans 8:9
          1 Corinthians 3:16
          and many more….

          Spirituality is not an end to itself. And death is not the end, only a transition….

      • mark mc

        What it means is that your already dead, you just don’t know it yet.

        “Lord why do you always speak in parables? Because there are those who cannot understand it.”

        • Handog

          Here we go again. Every time Micheal writes an article the comment section turns into a battle.
          Queers and Athiests vs. Christians.

          • Richard

            Amen. Such is life Handog.

          • knowyealso

            There is no battle. You have lost and are the dead walking. Take the shrill, shrieking harpies and be on your way.

          • The Cat

            Zombie land!

          • Firstgarden

            There will be no such battle in the afterlife. Those who want to be with God will be. And those who don’t will have their own world – a God-less world. No Judeo-Christian ethic, no Ten Commandments, no moral standard, no basis for right and wrong.

            That will leave us with every dog for himself, jungle law without restraint, everyone ripping each other off, raping, pillaging at will, slaughtering, killing each other, without conscience or respect for anything of intrinsic value. For such a world will amount to a total devaluing of everything and everyone. Nothing will be sacred. This is what atheists want, or think they want. But most atheists are not thinkers, but rather, reactors, at an almost purely emotional level. They don’t realize the end results of their concepts, nor even the PREMISE of them. In fact, many of them have embraced a faddist sort of atheism and really DON’T know what they believe, and more importantly, WHY they believe it. They don’t go very deep in life.

            For those discerning, the “Hell” I described (above) is much like what we are seeing on the earth today. And, to an increasing degree, as mankind, collectively, insists on excluding God from the picture.

            This life on earth is a dress rehearsal for eternity. Hell is a dimension. If the Godless were allowed into heaven, they would ruin heaven. So they have to go somewhere. I do not presume to know what that somewhere is. I just know that whatever it is, I don’t want to be there.

            I long for a world where Love reigns, under a wise, benevolent, righteous rule. Only God our Creator is both Good enough and Smart enough to bring this about.

          • III

            You know that there was a basis for right and wrong, morality before christianity, right? How could the Romans have pwned the primitives of ancient judea if they didn´t? The Roman Empire had a major empire and ancient judea was just a bunch of unwashed goat-humpers on a tiny amount of land.

            Even the muslims today, despite doing pedophilia and homosexuality a lot, doesn´t have male prostitutes working for the mosques.

            Ancient hebrews had to have their god giving them the 10 commandments or face serious repercussions.
            Other peoples did not need that level of threats and coercion.

            You are the one acting on a purely emotional, simplistic level. Objectivists for example bother to think out consequences, foreseeing is a necessity and not something to be delegated to the spaghetti sky monster because the (un(holy)book of the goat marriage club says so.

          • Firstgarden

            It is vital to understand that God is Light, and in Him, there is no darkness at all. As such, mankind, when he walks close to God, in in the light, thus a true sense of right and wrong.

            Darkness is ABSENCE. It does not possess Light unto itself. Such is the nature of evil, and departure from the benevolent, righteous design of God.

            You are correct in saying that morality did not start with Christianity. God’s law is written in our beings.

            “Because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed. God “will repay each person according to what they have done.

            ”To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give Eternal Life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile; but glory, honor and peace for everyone who does good.

            “All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous. (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ.”

            However, the fulfillment (of that law of righteousness) is fulfilled in the coming of Messiah. I could provide you multiple scriptures on this. But some of your comments sound disrespectful, even blasphemous. There is no need to show such disdain for people of faith.

      • Firstgarden

        Tell that to the JUDGE.

        • ian

          Hi I am a Christain and i believe everyone who doesnt agree with my narrow interpretation of the world is deserving of eternal punishment and torture, and the i wonder why people think i am an idiot for believing such unbelievable nonsense.

          • Firstgarden

            That was cute. But seriously, you should know that not all Christians believe exactly the same way, nor conduct themselves in the same way. And some are far more tolerant and compassionate than others.

            But my main concern isn’t that you disagree with Christians. It is, rather, the prospect that you disagree with God.

            The truly wise search out matters for themselves. And that is all I could ever ask of you.
            Kind regards.

          • ian

            ultimately, the view of christianity is we are going to burn in hell for eternity. Nothing good about your religiom.

          • Firstgarden

            I’m embarrassed for you. You display colossal ignorance and obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Best you stay out of the conversation, for your own sake.

          • ian

            Embarrassed for me. I am not the one places all my hope and beliefs in a single book written thousands of years ago which has been proven false and full of errors time and time again. Why should i feel embarrassed because i used logic and reasoning to form my opinions. And us liberals might be a little disagreeable, but at least we dont think those who disagree are worthy of a made up place where you will be tortured forever. Sheesh!!!

          • The Cat

            I am a Christian who can’t stand many Christians. I can see why so many people find them off-putting. They seem to find more joy at the thought of one sinner “rightfully” going to hell than a thousand sinners who repent.

          • ian


          • Firstgarden

            How are the scriptures false? Name an error please.

          • ian

            Firstly, show us peer reviewed scientific data that supports the bible as the innerant truth. Til then, you are believing a made up story. There is absolutely no evidence to support your beliefs….none…zilch…nada. Intelligent people do not form opinions wihtout demonstrable evidence.

          • mark mc

            All you have to do is open the New Testament and start reading, the LORD will do the rest. If your one of His you will begin to understand it, If you are not you won’t. If you do start to understand it, your gonna want to kick yourself for not reading it sooner 🙂

      • knowyealso

        In the afterlife you will have your pick of American women, as you will be spending eternity with them. It will truly be heck for the perverse defilers who go by such names as gay veteran.
        Not that it will be pleasant for you, of course. At the very least, you will be surrounded by shrill, shrieking harpies.

        • The Cat

          There was an American woman beheaded today in Oklahoma. I thought you would see that as good news.

      • III

        I say, you are wrong! You are adopted, Jesus gave you birth (despite being male), it was a miracle!

        The Bible is the Word of God because the Bible says so… aren´t you convinced?

    • Priszilla

      Life is given by daughters.
      And taken by sons.

      • knowyealso

        Such bile can only come from those like gay veteran. Enjoy the shrill, shrieking harpies.

    • knowyealso

      Know this also. Many women profess Christianity yet follow their religion of man hate and perpetual victim hood. They imagine Jesus is their boyfriend and will save them. They deceived themselves and will suffer eternally for their treasonous betrayal. There are no lying hores in Heaven, therefore there are not many American women there. Hence why it is called Heaven.

      • GSOB

        That’s interesting, but a fail to see you funny..

        All those who are of the faith,.. in one sense, have a ‘female’ position, as they comprise the body of Christ, which is the Church, also know as the Bride of Christ. Christ is the bridegroom.

        And did you know that,
        on the other hand, …they are all Son’s of God, through faith?


      • ian

        beyond delusional thinking.

  • concerned

    One thing to remember is that here in the United States we have much better hygiene practices. Simple things like running water and toilets allow us the advantage over most of Africa. I’m not saying that Ebola couldn’t make it to our shores, but it would not be able to spread anywhere near as quickly as it does in Africa. That said, WE SHOULD NOT LET OUR GUARD DOWN.

    • Well consider this thought. Someone who’s infected and is days from showing signs boards a plane to America to escape the Africa. Lands in New York after sitting next too 5-8 people while cough throughout the flight. At baggage claim he and the other 8 people stand and wait for their bags after walking through the airport where it’s a crowded day. Now those 9 people have met their family members gave their kisses and went on their way. Those family members are now all infected…..

      The one difference about the US and Africa is that, we have the ability to travel in so many ways and be in contact with so many people in the city that this can spread like wildfire very quickly.

      • Priszilla

        Wrong counting. Viruses need to multiply before they can spread. At the baggage hall thete is 1 infected and 8 exposed.

        Right now we only know that 70% of infected die. We don’t know how many % exposed get infected.
        That’s why we send soldiers there. So we can measure how many of them get infected.

    • knowyealso

      I’m sure that when they manufactured the virus, they thought about that.

  • Undecider

    Ebola will kill off the masses looking for government assistance.

    • III

      Thanks God!

    • Priszilla

      You mean alll the big companies and banks?

  • GSOB

    So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God.

    • Firstgarden


      • GSOB

        Ephesians 1:13

    • knowyealso

      Another reason few American women will be in Heaven. God hates murders, especially those who kill the innocent. 60 million slaughtered children damn the women who sacrificed the fruit of their wombs to baal.
      Heaven – the real man cave.
      Father God – the real Patriarch.

      • The Cat

        LOL, you sure have issues with American women, for sure.

  • Firstgarden

    Even the most wealthy are not exempt from this danger. They can hide on their private islands and keep all outsiders away. But no amount of money can make them immune if a widespread outbreak occurs. Maybe they have an antidote. Maybe they don’t. But I doubt there are any guarantees, even with a so-called antidote. The angel of death is no respecter of persons.

  • VegasBob

    So the authorities are now admitting that Ebola is spreading rapidly, and the fatality rate has risen to 71%.

    In every place Ebola spreads, the death rate will ultimately rise even higher than 71% as the rate of Ebola infection overwhelms the ability of local health care providers to try to care for those infected.

  • HoodedStLutherTrayvoonKong


    • Hammerstrike

      Tyrone, is that you?


    Common Sense would suggest the borders be sealed, that any one arriving from the Hot Zone be quarantined, that direct flights from the Hot Zone be cancelled, that the 200K visas granted Africans from the Hot Zone be cancelled, that you do not send 3K of our troopers into Harms Way to tempt fate and charge windmills, that hospital beds and treatment centers be set up here to possibly handle the hundreds of thousands of possible cases (see the Spanish Flu Pandemic), that the public be educated about the risks and what to do since it would be likely that many would be treated in their own homes. Common Sense would suggest that but our leadership prefers to play pretend and hope the Great White will just swim away. You better be prepared to survive in place for a few months. Going to the grocery store could become a life or death experience very quickly, that is if there is a store to go to and if there are things to buy.

    • Priszilla

      Educate the public? In America? With what? Repent, and you will be forgiven? LOL

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I’m dumbfounded they have not opted for sealing in the territory. No one comes out, and going in means accepting that. Its how you deal with a contagious disease. Obviously the Liberians aren’t helping themselves by dumping the dead in rivers.

    I do concede that it will be coming here via the troops that were sent there. That’s move by Obama is on par with the river graves. Unfortunately I tend to think our masters are rather delighted in the prospect of millions dying. Since I’m a polite serf, I’ll let the masters go into the light first. I wonder if they really have thought this thru, or if they have some sort of vaccination.

    • Robert (qslv)

      They believe they can protect themselves from the diseased serfs with the military/police state they have established. This explains the millious of rounds of ammo and survival food purchased by the feds .

    • Richard

      Oh, They have a Plan. Death to the Serfs, while They go underground. They (TPTB) have built huge underground cities all across this Nation. Why? To protect Them from what is taking place above ground.

      • Juridicus

        Revelation 6:15 tells us that this strategy will fail:
        15 Then
        the kings of the earth and the magnates and the generals and the rich
        and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid in the caves and
        among the rocks of the mountains, 16 calling
        to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of
        the one seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb; 17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

        • Richard


  • Priszilla

    Under reporting by a factor of 2 only means they are 20 days behind.
    But now we send soldiers there who will shoot each virus.
    Everything will be well.

    • knowyealso

      We would be better served to shoot every homo. From the homos come every vile pestilence.
      Tolerance of evil is not honorable.

      • Priszilla

        I agree, the homo sapiens hasn’t been good for this planet.

        • knowyealso

          To clarify, The homo sexual sapiens. I agree.

          • Firstgarden

            Homosexuals are to be respected as valuable human beings. That’s why Christ died on their behalf. And ours. Let us be kind and compassionate.

      • Priszilla

        Which is why I do not tolerate your vile.

  • Priszilla

    Every year tens of thousands die by car fever.

  • Robert (qslv)

    Endemic – like seasonal flu. Until a naturally selected population immune to it becomes the only survivors, 2/3 of world population will be dead in 5 years.

  • Firstgarden

    Won’t it be interesting to see who is left standing after a widespread outbreak in America??

    • Daddyotis

      Preppers and conservative-leaning, well-prepared people, most likely

  • rogerinflorida

    Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  • Lisa

    Please, everyone get some Nano Silver 10ppm only. You can find it from Natural HEalth Foundation, Dr. Laibow. IT is a cure. That’s right, you heard me. This cure is being suppressed by guess WHO?? the WHO organization. Also, if we don’t get rid of Obolo and shine the light of evil manifested in him running our country into the ground, then we’re done. We need to expose his complicity in the release of this Ebola. He is responsible for the deaths and mayhem and destruction there, soon to come here. May God help him

  • Scared Economist

    This could be a Terrorist’s dream — collect a few ounces of fluids from an Ebola patient in a spray bottle, bring it to the US, travel around spraying on salad bars in restaurants. Within weeks the US hospitals would be overwhelmed.
    (If you remember, such a terrorist attack was carried out in Oregon by a cult. 700 people got sick with Salmonela before they were caught.)

    • Hammerstrike

      They could contaminate hundreds of thousands in just one major city like New York or London.

  • jc

    Question of the day
    Lets go with the worst case scenario that it indeed is doubling every 20 days, 1 million new cases by the end of January,
    100 million cases by next summer….300 military personnel sent by the President mostly dead or infected… hope of cotainment for the continent of Africa…do you believe the decision will be made to quarantine and euthanize all remaining victims and survivors, for the sake of the rest of the planet….would you support this decision?

    • Priszilla

      Mathematically the whole world is wiped out before the end of next year, when the current growth rate of infections continues. Or lets say, 70% of it.

    • GSOB

      Those are some big numbers there jc….

      Our leaders (USA), – would probably resort to restricting access into our country, tightening security at our borders and international airports…, to start with.

      It won’t be impossible to get in and out.
      We wouldn’t want that anyhow.

      They’ll set up and initial test and establish a time period and test again. The passenger wannabes will have to factor all that extra time into planning for that trip through America.

      I hope that they will do this and things like it while continuing all efforts to help those abroad already sick, in anyway possible.

  • DJohn1

    The problem with Ebola is that it is far more infectious than anyone was led to believe. No one prosecutes the liars.
    Yet that is what has produced the plague on the land of Africa is people misled as to how bad it could be.
    Questions we need answers for:
    How is it that infectious if it needs body fluids to pass from one person to another?
    It has been declared that it is not airborne. Really?
    So how do very exactling people with proper biological suits still get it if it is not airborne?
    I agree we have much better sanitation than anyone in the infected zones of Africa. But does that mean we can contain it?
    We run cattle car transportation with these airlines all over the globe. When you are dealing with 200 people in an enclosed air space, what do you expect to happen? There are usually 2 to 3 bathrooms for 200 people over a flight that normally can run anywhere from 6-12 hours.
    Even if we find an effective treatment for people that are infected, you are looking at logistically a hospital bill of a huge sum of money.
    Our medical facilities are simply not capable of handling an epidemic of such proportions. So people will have to treat it at home. That will not work.
    If you place 600-800 young people in one place, there will be outbreaks of all kinds of diseases. That we are all ready familiar with. It happens every fall when children go back to school. That is a primary source of flu tracked back to all the families.
    Churches have been huge incubators as well. If every Sunday you go to church you are breathing the same air as approximately whatever the population of that congregation is.
    Movie houses are a similar place of infection. Especially if it is a popular movie.
    Every time you visit a restaurant you are subject to infection from the menus that everyone is handed when they are seated.
    If we are dealing with Ebola, those are prime places for everyone to avoid. That means they close every bar and restaurant in the country while this is going on.
    The entire housing industry will go south because the smart ones will not try to make a living during this period and have no money to pay the rent or mortgage payments.
    That means the entire banking industry will go down at the same time. Everything is set up on time payments.
    The groceries will be overwhelmed because everyone will stock up on food at the same time.
    I see a military takeover of the country until the emergency is over with. Lots of luck with that. They are not exactly the best organized people in the country.
    That means rationing of everything under the sun until the emergency is over with.
    When the smoke clears, a whole lot of things are going to have to change.
    When the smoke clears, a whole lot of bodies ae going to have to buried or incinerated safely.
    An entire economy is going to have to be restarted.

    When the smoke clears, there will be a population vastly reduced no matter what we do.
    As a lot of people suspect, the entire thing might be a conspiracy of some kind and the disease is there by design.
    No one anywhere on the planet is invulnerable to what might happen soon. That includes the Russians, the Chinese, the Europeans, the British, and us. So forget all about a cold war and nuclear weapons. You will be lucky to keep them contained in a plague of this nature.

    Should we prosecute the leaders allowing dumb moves to happen like sending 2,000 troops to Africa to get infected?
    I think so. Lots of luck with that with a party system that votes together to do things. Especially when they vote to finance abortion to the tune of 300 plus members voting to finance planned parenthood.
    What I think is happening is this virus is capable of changing from a restricted virus to one that is airborne but only at a certain stage of infection. When the body dies, it becomes extremely infectious and airborne.
    If it was a bacterial infection I would say it is going to a spore stage.
    The question becomes is it acting in conjunction with a bacterial infection at that point in time to become airborne?
    Where the people in question concerning it being deliberately set are ever caught, I have my doubts with this much chaos.

    • Priszilla

      They don’t have proper biological suits.
      There is no money, they go through several suits a day. When they start re-using suits the virus gets inside the suit.
      Ever tried wearing a full-body condom? It gets hot, very quickly. Even working in a fully airconditioned cleanroom with full protection isn’t pleasant. Now consider being housed in rubber in hot and humid weather.

      Vomit is body fluid. What would you do if your child vomits? Run away or clean it?

      • DJohn1

        Thank-you. I was not aware of this situation. What they are able to do in Africa is not what they are able to do here.
        Yes, I would clean up after the child. But I would also be using a whole lot of disinfectant products in the process.
        Bleach and I are good friends. I use it a lot even when we are well.
        We keep a very good supply of Foam Cups. Usually they are 16 oz cups. We have a grandson that gets migraines and vomits regularly.

        • Priszilla

          Vomiting and migraine might be symptoms of chronic dehydration. 30ml per kilogram of body weight daily intake of water is a good figure.

          • DJohn1

            His mother and grandmother have both had the migraines. So it might be something inherited.
            I lean towards a deficiency in magnesium as a possible problem or a sugar issue. His mother goes low very easily. Which is a preview for type II later in life. Both he and his mother have dietary issues.

          • Priszilla

            Magnesium = green veggies. There are so many different greens. You don’t have to eat twice the same in a week.
            You can ‘inherit’ a lifestyle. If mom and dad don’t cook the kids eat fast food too.

          • DJohn1

            With my own children, I got them to eat greens by putting a couple of teaspoons of sugar in the water that they were cooked in.
            Today, I am dealing with a single mom and child that do not eat vegetables very much if at all.
            Vera is my wife. She has always been a very good Omega type. I have always been an Alpha type person. We met and married in our 50s. Her daughter is the problem.
            While I have some influence it is not enough to get them to change their ways.
            So in this instance I am just a little bit stuck in the middle. So I proceed very cautiously.
            I agree that veggies would help, but getting either one of them to eat them is a problem. Sorry about the delay, I have been running around solving other problems like a leaking toilet.
            WE are currently in the middle of what appears to be an Indian Summer here. I suspect it will be a rather cold winter here in Dayton, Ohio.

          • Priszilla

            Well, it isn’t easy to persuade someone to do the healthy or useful thing. I have a dear friend who just doesn’t quit smoking..

            I quit a few years ago, gained some weight, took up walking and drinking much more water and switching from meat as main course to veggies as main course, with little meat on the side, just for the taste and texture, lost two stones and feel as good as I did last 20 years ago. Might have also something to do with giving up pursuing that elusive career and focussing on home life with my partner, the garden, growing herbs, cooking. experimenting with different ingredients and cooking styles.

            Good luck with your grandson. Juicing might be an idea. Mix veggies into the orange juice. Try layering, as mixing will sometimes result in muddy colour.

            As a challenge, try garlic juice. Pure garlic is a bit strong, but OK with tomato. Good against cold and throat problems. My first glass of garlic juice burned down the throat like high-proof whisky.

          • DJohn1

            It has been about 8 years now since I have visited England. I still remember all the little businesses such as a butcher shop, a produce shop, etc.
            2 Stone is quite a healthy weight loss. Congratulations!
            He is 9 going on 10. We homeschool him from our computers here. For him, I think it is an awkward age. We are lucky if he will eat at all sometimes. His mother works as a Certified Nurses Aide at a local nursing home.
            I will work on him.
            So far I seem to be the head of the pecking order here. When he needs love, his grandmother is there for him. When he needs something fixed or he is in trouble, he is likely to come to me.
            We are lucky to be fairly isolated from everyday groups like work. So we do not get the flu as often as most people.
            This place allows a lot more supplements than England does. I have been in the shops there and it was an eye opener.
            The one you may have there is tumeric(India Spice). Garlic is always good. I think tumeric has some anti-cancer agents in it. Though your friend is addicted. Addicts will not listen to anyone until it is too late.
            I just read about something called bitter almond. It is being restricted big time here, yet it is supposed to kill cancer. I think I smell a scandal with our FDA agency brewing. They are trying to change it so it doesn’t work by pasterizing it.
            Everything is about the money in medicine here.

          • Priszilla

            My mom used bitter almonds for baking. You can’t eat too much of them as just like apple seeds they contain cyanides. So one shredded bitter almond per cake is about the limit.
            We have wholesale indian supermarkets where you can buy indian spices by the pound. 1lbs crushed chilli for £5 for example. And there is cumin and caedamom, black and green, fenugreek, and a whole lot of others I have never heard of before.
            We don’t use supplements. We use the real thing. Fresh produce with every meal.
            The problem is that real butchers are dying out. Can’t get offal in the supermarket, or fish heads. Or even whole chicken with heart, liver and neck. Only chicken breast everywhere.

  • Adam Mary

    Muslim or other frenemies get hold of Ebola and it would get spread which I am sure the Military and others are considering whether they are responsible for this present pandemic either intentionally or incidentally through careless handling. things that make you go hmm. May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year, Adam Eve and Jesus born or created on same day, Rosh Hashanah, Star of Bethlehem by Rick Larson, God bless you…

  • Joe 24

    Read the Obama Antichrist prophecies, everything is about to all break out at the same time! revelation12(dot)ca

    Read the Wedding Supper prophecy at the site and ask to go, there is little time left!

  • 4-chan

    Thank you and good luck, Ebola-chan!

  • dan from ohio

    this maybe used to stop the next presidential election if this disease pops up in the US..Martial Law,Fema camps,disarming Americans who oppose them….in other words the ultimate Police State

    • Firstgarden

      Right you are.

  • dumbfounded

    I work with people from Liberia and Nigeria they all say things are fine and dandy back in their home countries… I don’t know about it but I feel afraid …

  • Toes

    “So let us hope that global health officials know what they are doing” … That statement is scary. Of course they don’t know what they are doing. Our hope should be in Christ and nothing less. Check out your local Catholic Church today. Then pray, pray, pray!

  • Bruce Banner

    Well that was a brainless outburst. Jesus told His disciples not to cast their pearls before swine. So go back to your pen, and after a while, when you get tired of rolling in the mud, and have a desire to be clean, come back and make an attempt at some kind of rational conversation.

  • Firstgarden

    I love it. Thank you.

  • Dave of OK

    So What Do We Do, If Ebola Comes to Our Land?

    The health “experts” on the news are
    assuring us this Ebola outbreak in Africa will not come to our country. But what if they are wrong? Nobody is telling us how to prepare, if Ebola
    somehow jumps the Atlantic and starts multiplying on our shore. They do not want to panic the public with what
    I am about to say. I did a little
    investigation on my own of what do we do, if Ebola comes to our land.

    According to my research: Ebola virus
    dried onto glass, polymeric silicone rubber, or painted aluminum alloy is able
    to survive in the dark for several hours under ambient conditions (between 20
    and 25 C and 30–40% relative humidity; which is normal indoor conditions). However, even after 15 hours, although the
    virus vitality was reduced to 37% and less stable (more unlikely to be
    communicable), it was still present.
    Even a less stable virus culture will react if you have a cut.

    Once the virus has reached our shore, although not yet a
    threat in your area, avoid public spaces, especially those that require
    brushing up against other people on an occasional basis: movie theaters, buses,
    congested sidewalks, etc. Keep your
    distance in the grocery store cashier lines and other such locations that cause
    people to congregate closely. If the
    line looks crowded, wait for the line to diminish, so distances can be
    maintained. Do not use bus terminal or airport
    bathrooms or airplane washrooms at all; in fact, I would not be using any
    public means of intercity transportation at all during the first stage of
    infestation. One does not have to take
    his or her children from school at this point, but keep your ears focused on
    the news. When in public spaces like the
    grocery store, go when there is not a crowd, be conscious of what you are touching;
    maybe wear disposable gloves while in the store, don’t touch you face and eyes
    with the gloves. Learn how to take off
    the gloves and dispose of them without touching the contact points (fingers and
    palms) with your exposed hands, and dispose of them immediately. Do not touch with bare hands the items at the
    store, let the cashier or bagger bag your groceries, until you can get the
    products home and can clean their surfaces with bleach. If you do not use gloves, use hand sanitizer
    copiously. At this stage a respirator is
    not necessary.

    Once the virus has reached your state and people with
    symptoms have been detected in your locality, we are at stage two. The children should be taken from school and
    kept at home. They can no longer play
    with their friends in the neighborhood.
    Unless your job is necessary for public safety, I would be calling the
    boss and telling of your plans to not come to work for a “while.” Don’t jump the gun on that one. Make sure we are at stage two!!

    Stage two is that serious.
    At that point public bathrooms will become a no-no, especially for
    women. And only useable by men (for
    number one) if everything is automatic and there is no door handles to
    touch. Use your paper towel to open the
    door and throw it in the container without touching the spot that contacted the
    door handle. I don’t know why they
    design bathroom doors to open into the bathroom space, so you can’t push it
    open with your body. For that matter
    avoid all door handles in public spaces.
    Wait until someone else opens the door. I
    would start wearing a respirator mask (N-95) and gloves in all public
    areas. Unless really necessary, you
    should not be going out in public at all.
    You should have stored up three months’ worth of food and water, so you
    do not have to go into the public places to get groceries, medicines or
    supplies. The door of your house should
    remain closed to visitors, talk through the window. Pets that go outside at all will have to be euthanized or kept in a gage outside or kept
    inside for the next 63 days. Pets that
    roam free outside may bring the virus into the house. Pets that do escape during the quarantine
    cannot be allowed back into the house.

    Staying in the house for 63 days with bored kids is going to
    be difficult. Before the day arrives might be the time to think about and
    talk to friends or relatives about housing together during the quarantine
    period. When stage two arrives the
    other family brings over their supplies and pools them together with
    yours. Think long and hard about who you ask; in a
    stressful situation can the families truly get along with each other? I would make sure they were truly a Christian
    family and not nominal in the religious department. But sometimes religious people can get kooky
    under stress. Plan for a daily
    devotional time each morning for the entire group during the quarantine period
    to give comfort. Definitely you would want to include your ma
    and pa, if they live in town. Grandmas
    and grandpa’s have a way of keeping the lid on ornery kids. Remember that you need food and water
    supplies and medicine for every person in the house to last 3 months.

    This is all based on a virus that has no vaccine. Once a vaccine is readily available isolating
    yourself from the pathogen will not be necessary.

    If one of the family members comes
    down with early symptoms, it is not recommended to take the person to the
    hospital. At this point the hospitals
    will be overrun with Ebola patients and the level of care will be less than
    what would be available at home. Symptoms
    of Ebola usually begin suddenly with an influenza-like stage characterized by fatigue, fever, headaches,
    joint, muscle, and abdominal pain. Vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite are also common. Less
    common symptoms include the following: sore throat, chest pain, hiccups, shortness of breath and trouble swallowing. Hopefully the person
    just came down with a cold or flu because of the close quarters in the house,
    but don’t assume such, assume the worst and isolate.

    It will be necessary to keep the family member
    in a separate room in to which no one will be allowed, except the designated
    caregiver. At this point elaborate
    quarantine measures and protection for the caregiver is futile, because
    everyone in the house was in close proximity to the patient during the
    incubation period; everyone has been exposed.
    Still I would wear disposable gloves when touching the patient and don’t
    touch my face while with the patient, just for personal comfort’s sake. Dispose of the gloves after each use. Wash all exposed skin with soap and water
    and finish with an application of hand sanitizer.

    At this point it would be best to
    call for the pastor to come to anoint, pray for, encourage confession of sin,
    and offer absolution and Lord’s Supper to the patient and the rest of the
    family (James 5:14-16). Don’t be
    alarmed; what the pastor is doing is not
    “last rites!” Relying on God is the
    best thing that can be done in the situation.
    The pastor will come wearing
    protective gloves and a respirator. Please
    do not think the pastor lacks faith. He
    does not want to be a spreader of the contagion to other families he visits. More importantly he does not want the health
    authorities to shut him down because of their fear that he will spread the

    No Ebola virus-specific treatment
    exists. Treatment is
    primarily supportive in nature. Patients are frequently dehydrated and require oral
    rehydration with solutions containing electrolytes. Start stocking up on Gatorade before stage
    two arrives, or have the products available to make your own homemade Gatorade. If the patent
    is vomiting the liquids as soon as they are given, start intravenous fluids;
    unfortunately most home environments do not have the equipment or nursing
    skills to administer intravenous fluids. Don’t run to the hospital at this point. You will find them overcrowded and of limited
    use. You will have to do your best with continually trying to administer fluids
    orally. Other measures needed may
    include common medications for pain management , nausea, fever and anxiety. A severely ill patient requires intensive
    supportive care; unfortunately that is when the patient is at his most
    infectious. Mortality rates for Ebola in
    Africa are presently 70%. If treatment
    is started early enough and is continuous, mortality rates have been known to
    decline to as low as 64%.

    Once a person dies of Ebola, no one
    should be touching the deceased with their exposed skin. Ideally the deceased should be cremated to
    prevent secondary transmission through varmints and flies. Don not try shallow graves in your backyard. The community may already have a disposal
    site open to bury or cremate the dead where you can take the deceased. Funeral homes and cemeteries’ will no
    longer be taking the dead, unless you are willing to pay an exorbitant amount
    in cash or silver. No insurance payment
    promises will be taken. The sight of the
    earthmover on the mass burial grounds will be disconcerting. There will be nothing meaningful or aesthetic
    about this manner of disposal, but this is a pandemic. Life is not going to be the way it was for a
    long, long time.

    So in preparation for this pandemic,
    what should we do?

    Get a 15 gallon
    plastic tub or (if you want to go fancy) a tote locker with tray (the tray for
    smaller items like medicines needed to fight Ebola) and start filling it with
    latex examination gloves (latex free if you have an allergy to latex) and N-95

    Start stocking
    up on Gatorade or it’s equivalent, or stock up on the ingredients for homemade

    Start stocking
    copious bottles of bleach.

    Have a
    broad-spectrum antibiotic for secondary bacterial infections that may result
    due to the virus.

    It someone in the
    house has nursing skills, balanced salt/electrolyte intravenous solutions with all the applicable equipment to
    administer it. You will have to do your
    own research on the Internet of how much you would need per Ebola patient. Figure enough for half the people that will
    be staying in your house.

    Several two
    liter size bottles of hand sanitizer

    Enough common medications
    for pain management , nausea, fever and anxiety for the people that will be staying at your house

    A couple body

    Enough storable
    food, water and supplies for everyone that will be staying in the house for 3

    Books and games
    to keep people occupied during the time in quarantine.

    operated AM radio with extra batteries.

    Plus whatever
    other items that reputable prepping books and blogs tell you will be necessary
    in a civil disaster for 3 months stay.

    Start thinking
    about who you would want to join you in your home or you join them in their

    The earlier you start stocking this
    stuff, the cheaper and more readily available the above items will be.

    • Nick

      Well put thank you.

    • GSOB

      I copied all you wrote.

      • Robert C.

        Same here.

    • Robert C.

      Excellent comment. Got some stuff already.

    • JacqFlint

      Very good advice. A few notes of caution:

      N-95 respirators aren’t airtight. Therefore, infected air comes into the mask when inhaling.

      Also, it’s difficult and time-consuming to follow sanitation procedures properly. People either forget or don’t think the whole thing through. For instance, they will wear gloves when handling infectious or toxic materials and then, while wearing those gloves, touch something in their environment that they will later touch while NOT wearing gloves! Like a grocery bag or car door handle.

      A huge consideration would be how to handle the death of a loved one. We have to be specific in the planning stage, which is the stage we’re in right now. As horrific as this is, it would more horrific to be faced with such an event and not be mentally & emotionally prepared for it. So, we start with a visual image of our most beloved person lying there, dead. What do we do next and how do we do it? It’s awful to imagine and there will be people who refuse to imagine it because they’re afraid they’ll jinx things or whatever. But, unless you are alone with just one other person, you will have others to consider.

      And there’s the matter of our precious pets. So, on our preparedness list, we have, “euthanize pets.” Check. Well, it’s not that simple. If that moment should come, what will it be like? For some, not utterly traumatic: a merciful contact gunshot to the brain stem. For others, there will be at least one crisis. I can’t vs I have to. And/or how exactly do I kill my pet? This is assuming it’s now unsafe to go to the vet to have it done. Without a gun, it would much more intimate and, therefore, traumatizing.

      The bottom line is, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be as mentally and emotionally prepared as possible. That doesn’t mean we won’t suffer. It does mean that we’ll be less likely to panic, which leads to chaos, which makes matters much worse.

  • GSOB

    The thing we can do that resembles God the most is to forgive others for their sins and not foster it.

    John 8:11

    • Carhy

      Yes, because we ALL have committed many sins and beed mercy. And scriptures say if we break one commandment we are guilty of breaking them all.

  • GSOB

    1 Peter 4:14 > 16

  • Brian Griffin

    I hope it starts at the white house and stays all around and on all the politicians. Please God let it hit them first. Let all the liberals get a good taste of it.

  • hammondhank

    Ian, you’re self-deluded. Repent.

    • ian

      Deluded. I am not the one who believes without a doubt in a fairy tale monster god who lives in the sky and is going to roast everyone who doesnt believe in him in eternity. Who is is delusional?

      • Bruce banner

        We don’t believe in fairy tales. Fairies don’t HAVE tails.

        Notice I reduced this conversation to your level of intelligence. Either way, you show no ability (and what’s worse, NO DESIRE) to grasp what others have to say. You just react like the small-minded, intellectual-pussy you are.

  • Chesyre

    Cui bono, if ebola depopulates africa ?

  • TheSkeptic

    There are just too many things I do not understand. I
    remember an Ebola outbreak in the late 90’s. I believe it was called “Ebola Zaire.” It left as soon as it came. I thought it very strange at the time. Looking back, could this have been a test run of some type? Where were ISIS and Khorasan six months ago? How did they magically appear? On a stranger note,
    there was a recent addition to the already strange Georgia Guide Stones. A corner block was added and had the numbers 2014 was inscribed into the block. Does anyone care to speculate where all of this is leading?

  • Max

    The time to stop this would have been near the beginning with the use of fuel air devices being dropped on the affected areas. Might sound harsh but now it’s raging out of control and it’s only a matter of time before Ebola walks onto a plane bound for the West. Once that happens it will quickly spread beyond any hopes of containment and you’ll have a situation akin to 28 Days Later.

  • Waking-to Kindness

    Yes, many self-styled “Christians” are
    among the worst, but a few, thankfully,
    are among the _best_ , re actually
    following Christ (along w/ all other
    buddhas & bodhi-sattvas) , in “only
    blessing & serving our persecutors” .
    As Shakya-muni Buddha also said ,
    “Only love will eventually end hate.”
    [ from the “Dhamma-pada”, v. 5 . ]

    { Plz help prove w/ historical data that
    “The meek will inherit the Earth” :
    RSVP to . }

    • ian

      the bible is not proof. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Priszilla

    “Outbreak” Right now on TV. Great timing.

  • Yes I’ve often lamented how hard Christians are to deal with compared to Muslims, Communists, etc. I mean, these Christians are no where near as reasonable as ISIS, right?

    • Elizabeth Williams

      IF, you are an American living in the US, you should be taken to the Syria,Turkey border and turned loose. There, you may find many like-minded idiots whom Jehovah God will show first-hand, how rebellious idiots who rebuke Him, will receive life or death.

  • Tony Murphy

    “As you read this, life is pure hell in many areas of West Africa”
    Always was. And always will be. Let them to their own devices.

  • It is here thanks to Obola and one of his sons!

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