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The Russian Love Affair With Donald Trump Sours As The U.S. And Russia Move Toward War

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NATO Seasparrow surface missile is launched from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush - Publc DomainIn recent months Donald Trump has been severely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for not being sufficiently “anti-Russia”, but the truth is that the Trump administration has not been working hard enough to repair a relationship that is now souring very rapidly.  When Donald Trump won the election in November, the Russians celebrated tremendously, because they greatly preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton.  But just because Trump was victorious does not mean that our relationship with Russia will automatically improve.  Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin both have huge egos, and it is quite easy to imagine a scenario in which things between them go very, very badly.

In fact, we may already be starting to see such a scenario play out.  As you will see below, under President Trump U.S. troops are being deployed to a very sensitive area of Poland, and they are also being sent to key areas of Bulgaria and Romania.  That is not sitting well with the Russian government, but they were much more upset when Trump insisted that Russia must give the Crimea back to Ukraine.  This is something that the Russians would never do, and they were quite stunned that Trump would even suggest such a thing.

On the flip side, the Pentagon was quite annoyed when Russian fighter jets buzzed a U.S. warship in the Black Sea just a few days ago, and when a Russian spy ship set up shop just off the coast of Connecticut recently, President Trump told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that “the greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water”.

When I first heard about that quote I thought it might be “fake news”, but it was actually reported by ABC News and a whole host of other prominent news outlets.

I know that Trump doesn’t have much of a filter, and that is a good thing when he is dealing with the mainstream media, but it can be a very, very bad thing for foreign policy.

Look, you may think that it is a good idea to blow a Russian spy ship out of the water, but you never, ever say such a thing out loud.

The Russians think like mobsters.  That means that they are quite paranoid, and it also means that they take whatever you say very, very seriously.

In a few days, most of us living in the United States will completely forget what Trump said about that Russian spy ship, but over in Russia they will remember this quote forever.

This is just how the Russians operate – they never forget, and they never, ever forgive.

When you are dealing with Russia, you have got to be very, very careful.  Unfortunately, being cautious is not one of Trump’s strengths, and the wild optimism about Trump in Russia is now being replaced by disappointment and anger

The new U.S. president has been in his role for just under a month, taking office in a transition that has been marked by chaos and missteps. And already, from the right of the political spectrum to the marginalized Russian left, a mixture of disappointment with the new U.S. president — who came into office promising to remake relations between the two countries — and a sense of vindication that Trump couldn’t be trusted after all has crept into Russian political chatter.

“Is Trump already out of fashion?” the independent Russian journal Russkaya Fabula asked on Wednesday — the same day that the Trump administration was dealing with the fallout stemming from revelations about National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. The site pointed to a small demonstration by hard-line nationalists this week, which picketed a major state-run news outlet and demanded the end of the “cult of Trump” in Russian media.

And in a sign of how far things have already deteriorated, Putin has ordered state media over in Russia to cut back on their coverage of Trump

The Kremlin ordered state media to cut back on their fawning coverage of President Donald Trump, reflecting a growing concern among senior Russian officials that the new US administration will be less friendly than first thought, three people familiar with the matter said.

Just before Trump took office, Barack Obama aggressively moved U.S. troops toward the Russian border, and I highly criticized him for that.

So now that Trump is doing the exact same thing, I have to be critical of him as well.  Somebody needs to tell Trump that stationing 1,000 U.S. troops in northeastern Poland is not going to help our relationship with Putin…

The US Army’s Europe headquarters located in Wiesbaden, Germany announced late Saturday that 1,000 US troops and their vehicles would be sent to northeastern Poland at the end of March.

The unit – part of 4,000 US troops being deployed in rotation along NATO’s eastern flank  under its “Atlantic Resolve” mission – will be located at Orzysz.

That particular Polish city is less than 90 miles from the extremely sensitive Russian city of Kaliningrad.

If I was Trump, this is something that I would not have done.

At this point, the Russians are not quite sure what to make of Trump.  In fact, they have even gone so far as to prepare a “psychological dossier” on him to help Putin prepare for his first meeting with Trump…

A dossier on Donald Trump’s psychological makeup is being prepared for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Among its preliminary conclusions is that the new American leader is a risk-taker who can be naïve, according to a senior Kremlin adviser.

Unfortunately, Trump tends to listen to those in his immediate vicinity, and in Washington he is surrounded by war hawks that absolutely hate Russia.  The following comes from Pat Buchanan

The anti-Putin paranoia here is astonishing.

That he is a killer, a KGB thug, a murderer, is part of the daily rant of John McCain. At the Munich Security Conference this last weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham promised, “2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the a– in Congress.”

Members of Congress such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham are playing a very dangerous game.

It is okay to be critical of Russia, but if you are constantly making inflammatory statements all the time that is just going to push us toward war.

And as I explained in my latest book, we do not want a war with Russia.

For years, the Russian military has been laser-focused on preparing for a war with the United States, while at the same time the U.S. military has been primarily focused on fighting wars in the Middle East.

So the Russians have been working very hard to upgrade their strategic nuclear arsenal, and at this point their arsenal is far superior to ours.  The following comes from an article that I came across earlier today

Russia is constantly improving its nuclear deterrence and is very close to deploying new technologically-advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles which can defeat any US missile defense systems, a Russian deputy prime minister said in an interview.

“These weapons will soon appear in our armed forces,” Dmitry Rogozin told Rossiya-1 TV on Sunday. While not naming the new ICBM, the deputy PM in charge of the defense industry said the missile will have the capacity to penetrate any American air defenses.

“These weapons are able to clear the United States’ missile defense both of today and of tomorrow – and even of the day after tomorrow,” Rogozin said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to rely on weapons systems that were developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Russians are a very dangerous foe, and it is in our national interest to try to have a positive relationship with them.

There are going to be times when we strongly disagree with what the Russians are doing, but our interactions with them should always be focused on trying to avoid a nuclear conflict.

So yes, we should let the Russians know when we are upset about something, but constantly making provocative and incendiary statements is a recipe for disaster.

Hopefully our leaders will start to realize this very soon, because right now our relationship with Russia is deteriorating very rapidly.

  • Zartan Woods

    You got part of it very wrong. Trump said that about the spy ship in public. He was lamenting that the bloodthirsty media was ruining any chance he could have to make a deal with Putin. He said nothing would make the media happier than if he blew the ship up out of the water. He then said it would NOT be a good thing to do. And he once again reiterated that nicer relations with Russia wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • 7awmee7

      Thanks Zartan for these precisions I was terribly afraid after reading this pessimistic article ..All I pray is that Trump get good advisers pertaining to relationship with Putin ..not warlords my God..Otheietnam and rwise it will be V

  • Kissmagrits

    Wasn’t the Russian spy ship technically in international waters? And since when is ABC news prominent?

    • florida3guy

      Also no mention on the “prominent news ABC” that the US having a war ship wandering around the Black Sea is right in the back yard of Russia or that the US and NATO broke their promise not to heavily arm any new NATO members on the Russian boarder. This article boarders on fake news.Try telling the whole truth.

  • watchmannonthewall

    MIchael, you appear right again. At least as far as I can tell.

    However, there are various parties in play here and right now we really don’t know where Trump stands. We understand the “deep state” is organized against Trump for what it perceives as “weakness” concerning the Russians, OR maybe it is just an opportune issue they can exploit to discredit Trump (have Democrats ever been “anti-Russian?).

    Until the last two years I have never seen a war the left liked!!

    Trump is in a very difficult situation, if he really desires to diffuse the current atmosphere Obama left to him with his spies in the bureaucracy. If he moves to normalize relations, such steps will be viewed as “proof” he is pro Russian. If he takes steps to distance himself from the first, he will be viewed, by the Russians, as being more of the same (Obama). Either way, Obama wins!! Recall this ALL started over the issue of gay and lesbian rights in Russia!! Are you kidding me???

    From my perspective, in 1984-5, three men of God testified in a public manner that Russia would initite a first strike nuclear attack against the U.S. Each of the three men gave specific information concerning this “war” that the others did not! All 3 said the U.S would not retaliate!!

    The bottom line of the three prophesies given by 3 men of God within months of one another is the Russians will make a first strike after the economic collapse of the U.S. and while there are communist inspired riots going on the cities which the government is consumed with handling. Do the roits sound like anything that could happen today?

    After the govt gives away more than $10,000 per pupil in tax credits to the parents of college students, in just the first 4 years, so the colleges can indoctrinate their children against the values the parents hold, it sure seem like someone has a well thought out plan!

    Obama was a communist and so were many of those in his administration! He placed and supported all of these organizations that are opposing Trump during his presidency.

    If Hlllary had been elected, they would have pushed for their agenda and they would have implemented it as a populist agenda! If a mainstream republican had been elected, they would have continued to strengthen their membership and its commitment to specific goals, while chipping away at more of the things Republicians say they believe in. If someone not of either, Trump, was elected, they would oppose him and his administration, and be willing to destroy the republic doing so. They will end up in power!!

    Unfortunately, many of the Republicians support the communist agenda, it’s what they learned in college though they may not actually be able to identify it as such, it is NOT Russian, and so they blindly oppose Trump also! They have no clue about what made this country great to begin with!!

    If I am Russia, I have to be aware the “deep State” wants to subdue me and bring me into its global domination. I have to assess whether the “deep State’ will be able to dispose of Trump and, if so, what that might mean for my country. If I am Russia, I do what David Wilkerson, Henry Gruever, and Dumitru Duduman prophesied and protect my nation from a “rogue” nation that has lost its mind!! People, we are not playing a game here!! This stuff is for real!!!

    • Kissmagrits

      Pastor Masih had that vision too. If you don’t listen to him I would highly recommend it. He’s a very good preacher. His one DVD The Babylonians Are Coming talks about America being invaded.

      • GSOB

        America today is not the terminal generation that Revelation speaks of

  • corey

    Russian don’t play a fair game. They have the largest country in the world and only have 100 million people living there. Yet they want to expand their borders and take more land and boss other Eastern European countries around.

    • Nick Reynolds

      Corey, you have the brain of a lizard. Who is calling the kettle black? Russia has either 2 or 3 bases outside of it’s borders. the U.S. has over 800. So who is acting as the aggressor?

      • florida3guy

        That’s the truth. I guess Corey hasn’t seen just how close “Russia has put it’s country” next to so many of the US military bases. But why a lizard?

        • Nick Reynolds

          because a lizard does not think. It just reacts to stimulus without thought.

          • tsf

            That explains why Jim Morrison referred to himself as the Lizard King.

          • etniks

            I gather then, you don’t like the DOORS?

          • tsf

            Just saying.
            I always liked The Doors.

    • Orac4Prez

      What absolute and utter nonsense. Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Lithuania were all under the influence of communism. If anyone is being aggressive it the US. Poland and Lithuania were at one time part of the Poland -Lithuanian Commonwealth and they were a murderous bloodthirsty lot slaughtering lots of Russians. The Ukraine never had Crimea as a territory even when they were part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. In fact Crimeans (Tatars – largely muslim and Orthodox Christians) helped to liberate the Ukraine. It was only after 1954 that Khrushev (a Ukrainian moved Crimea into the Ukraine in an act that was not formally ratified by the Supreme Soviet. I have NEVER met a Crimean who considers himself Ukrainian. Over 84% of eligible Crimeans voted and 97% voted to go back to Russia. (better than US election turnout!)

      And of course Ukraine gave us Leopold Masoch (from Lviv) from whom the word masochism is derived.

      • coreyb

        Didn’t Stalin shipped out all of the local Tar tar population to Siberia after WW2, and imported a bunch of Russians into Crimea? Didn’t Alaska belong to Russia, maybe they want Alaska back too.

        • Orac4Prez

          Alaska was paid for by the US and Putin was asked in a recent public meeting about Alaska. His comment was The US paid for Alaska with GOLD. In any case, Russia doesn’t need any more freezing cold land. As for Crimean Tatars, yes some were deported to Siberia, but from a DNA analysis (looking at haplogroups) the population in Crimea is largely of Tatar origin. Places like Norilsk (arctic circle) was and still is the world’s largest Nickel mine. It is also the most polluted place on earth – breathing the air is like breathing sulfuric acid.

          The biggest problem Russia suffered under communism was to refuse to accept/record marriage. In effect a woman could get married to a farmer, get married and work for the harvest and then be “kicked out” so the farmer kept his (and her profits) Then the state allowed abortions and promised universal maternity support for women….


      Their population is about 150 million people, and Crimeia decided to join Russia by the will of their people, (democratly……but Russia is being sanctioned by that……by UE and USA ) plus that land belonged to Russia during hundreds of years…..If monkey Obama didnt suported those nazis to throw away the legitimate government in Ukraine nothing of that would happened…..At least Russia is fighting ISIS and not giving them weapons as that monkey did, but is so sad the fact that exists so much retards in this world that supports him……For every action there is a consequence….remember that

  • William Lutz

    Come on! Let’s have war with Russia. Keep provoking the Russians, Mr. Trump.

    • Kissmagrits

      Think you’ll get 72 virgins? LOL

  • Mr.Cipher

    Trumps quote has been taken out of context. Trump said it would not be a good thing and would rather negotiate.

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    The Russians could be great allies against the Muslim terrorists. They are a Christian nation and see themselves as the Third Rome, after Constantinople fell to the Turks.
    Nevertheless, they are dangerous to Europe. Some countries have a mafia, In Russia, the mafia has a country.

    • Orac4Prez

      Putin is a far better Christian than Trump or Obama (not hard I know) He is regularly filmed in an Orthodox church. However he has supported Muslims and was recently at a Mosque reiterating his position that the Muslim Community must be committed to peaceful coexistence. By and large Russia seems to have a strong position against Wahabism – a brand of muslim fundamentalism that is flourishes in Saudi Arabia. A number of massacres in Russia have been attributed to them directly. I will say this. Many Tatars (ie Crimean) are in positions of great power and influence – especially in military spheres (check Polish history). Do you really want WW3?

      • Zlatko Milanovic

        That’s true, you are correct, I agree. Why do you ask me about WW3? I don’t really want WW3; don’t understand your point….

  • Orac4Prez

    So Tillerson was unhappy about a ship being buzzed! Big deal. Russia has complained about US aircraft flying across commercial flight paths with transponders switched off making for very risking conditions and US planes regularly buzz at irrational distances to their assets. They have also complained about the US military aircraft flying with “electronics” which mimic electronic signals of commercial airlines. I’ve been sailing with a US pilot who brags about them overflying Iran and other countries. Perhaps the US should behave responsibly!

  • Spatial Memory

    The authors style of blog first, educate himself later which resulted in crash and collapse cries daily as markets and economies expanded to unprecedented highs now finds himself and readers 100% oblivious regarding Shanghai Cooperation Organization and it’s role. Beliefs in his ludicrous predictions based on decades old hyperbole are likely to be proven as accurate as his thousands of crash and collapse cries.

  • JC Teecher

    Things are happening for a reason right now. Leaders are behaving in ways that make no sense to the average person, which is about 99.99% of the population.

    The likes of the warmongers, McCain and Graham, are pushing on the Putin hatred, for a reason. Trump is pushing back against Putin as well, for a reason. Israel is making bold statements against Iran for a reason.
    China is being chastised by the World for a reason.

    All these things are happening for a reason. The reason is to build up tension in those communistic/atheistic governments and overall leadership.
    As the tensions and hatred rise, so does the desire to bring America down, and when I say America, I mean all of North America.

    “To the victor go the spoils”. The Russian led federation of Armies see North America’s riches/wealth of Natural resources, as theirs for the taking, if they can slip in and takeover. Russia, China, and Iran, (the leadership and military).

    Eze 38:4
    “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth,……..”

    In my opinion, based on rightly dividing of the Word, God may very well be using some of our leaders as the hooks, that will draw those communistic/atheistic nations into North America, where the real battle of Gog/Magog takes place. More specifically…Alaska.
    Why is it (reportedly) that Russia is willing to spend about 70 million dollars to build three tunnels underneath the Bearing Sea, to the shores of Alaska? The stage is being set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39 in the coming years. Not decades away.

    The beauty is that not one American will have to do battle as God consumes the enemy with His Mighty Hand, and leaving only 1/6th to return home and tell of the One True God and His might.
    The greatest revival and days of atonement the World has ever seen will take place, when the Lord does this great thing.

    Most will see and understand after this battle, but as there is a literal 7 years remaining for the build up for the final battle, in the Jezreel Valley, and Megiddo, many will go back to their wicked ways, as antichrist deceives the whole world.

    Some teach that the two battles happen simultaneously, and that the 7 years is not a literal one, but; it does not make sense for the 7 months and 7 years to be an allegory.

    Anyways, the stage is being set for something way bigger than meets the average eye. God is still on the Throne.

    • Rick

      I don’t think it will take a war to destroy North America, from what I’ve studied, the Japanese have basically already wiped out the northern hemisphere with Fukashima. Go check it out.
      Many wealthy families have already bought property in New Zealand, South America, and other Southern Hemisphere locations.

      • sister soldier

        Excellent comment.

      • JC Teecher

        Who said anything about North America being destroyed in a war? Can’t you read?

        God does the killing of 5/6ths of that federation army, not man.

    • GSOB

      Obviously, all of these events occurred before New Testament times.

      Ezekiel’s war saw it fulfillment in the 2nd Century BC, when the Scythians were defeated by Judas Maccabeaus.

    • Gay Veteran

      uh, no, the Pentagon and CIA want a new Cold War so they can steal TRILLIONS for the taxpayers

  • Thomas Rondy

    The thing you have to remember about the US presidency is that the empire (the deep state) rules the emperor every bit as much as the emperor rules the empire.

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      …and you know this because you’re so smart and listen to Alex Jones, right? Laughable. Find something constructive to do with your time, Thomas.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        oh, and you listen to RT, and once had a subscription to Pravda, APPERATCHIK

        • Zlatko Milanovic

          What are you talking about? Find something constructive to do with your time too. Babbling, ranting crazy talk….

  • Michael Keith

    Please, please, please, please … just watch that segment of the press conference for yourself. Please. You will see for yourself how far out of context this is being portrayed by people.

    He very clearly was not suggesting we actually do this. Context matters, so please don’t rely on ABC for this.

    He rightly pointed out that the media, the left, and the right all seem to be bloodthirsty for Russia. I’m just going to email you links to a transcript, the video, and the relevant portions IN FULL so you get the context.

  • Rick

    I do appreciate Michael’s objective look at this. First he criticized Obama for his action, and now that Trump is doing the same thing, he’s also questioning his action. I’m in the same boat. I do believe either Trump is being fed bad Intel on Russia, or there is something really serious going on that has not leaked out into the media, MSM or alternative. And I’m guessing it has something to do with Russia’s relationship with Isreal. If that’s the case, then obamas reasons for ramping up against Russia were definitely different than Trump’s. Regardless, until we as a non cabinet member, non military public learn more (the truth), maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions on who is good and who is bad.

    • GSOB

      Ethnic Israel will never again be the Kingdom of God. That’s OT.

      • Rick

        Not so sure the OT isn’t integrated into the NT. Not so sure the NT negates or supersedes the OT. And if it does not, then God is a God of His word, and as far as I know, hasn’t changed His mind on who His chosen people (nation) are.

        • GSOB

          Romans 9:6

          • Rick

            Classic example of someone thinking they know the bible because their YouTube pastor has trained them to take one verse out of context and shove it in front of someone to either prove or disprove that persons or derelict denomination’s belief. As you wouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, please don’t bring one bible verse to a bible discussion that spans both old and new.

  • florida3guy

    “It was reported on ABC News and other prominent news outlets”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your belief that ABC News is a prominent news outlet completely makes this entire article null and void. ABC News is the epitome of “fake news”. Have you been sleeping or living in a cave for the past few years?

    • Mike Smithy


  • jakartaman

    Countries have personalities just like people.
    Russia is a bully.
    My personal experience is that the best approach to a bully is a punch in the mouth. Weakness begets violence.

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah, Russia is such a bully they wages a war of aggression against Iraq. Oh wait, that was the U.S.
      well Russia is a bully because they attacked Libya. Oh wait, that was the U.S.
      well then Russia is a bully because they sponsored terrorists in Syria. Oh wait, that was the U.S.

      • jakartaman

        How are those 1 1/2 gainers coming – you should be very good at them by now.
        You won’t have to wait too long – i hear ISIS are planning block parties here and will be looking for building divers for entertainment

        • Gay Veteran

          sounds like you dived into a horse’s a**

        • Gay Veteran

          so pathetically sad you can’t defend your own positions

  • Nov 29, 2016 This Map Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA

  • 25.12. 2015 NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949

    In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, U.S. president George H. W. Bush through his secretary of state James Baker promised Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev that in exchange for Soviet cooperation on German reunification, the Cold War era NATO alliance would not expand “one inch” eastwards towards Russia.

  • Undecider

    Trump can pull U.S. troops back from the Russian border any time he wants.

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      Who’s side are you on?

  • wahoojed

    Michael. You are wrong about Russia’s nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles compared to the US. Russia is still far behind the US in technology and capabilities. Our strategic forces are constantly undergoing modernization. Our systems are not old. And as far as missile defense goes, Russia’s new icbm may be impenetrable against our current missile defense systems but it won’t be against our future systems.

    • JC Teecher

      You are sadly mistaken wahoo. The Nazi/demonic/underworld, has technology so advanced that it would take the USA gov/military/nasa, another 1000 years to catch up. The technology was in place for Hitler to win WW2, but Hitler wasn’t the only one in control.
      Russian gov is in bed with those same underworld forces that the new nazi underworld is, and they can decimate the populations, and rule the world…if God were to allow it. He ain’t.

      • Kissmagrits

        Are the fallen angels in Antarctica? Why did John Kerry go there on Election Day? And why have other world leaders supposedly gone there too?

        • Mike Smithy

          It was pure vanity on behalf of John Kerry. He wanted to assert on his resume that he went to all seven (7) continents as Secretary of State.

        • JC Teecher

          There are demonic entities within that world that is said to be large enough to fly aircraft in. There may be some of the Fallen angels.Nephilim, but the ten most powerful comes with Satan to take over the world leadership as the regime of the Antichrist.

          The demonic entities that are now present in the underworld are disembodied demonic gibbor/gebor/giants/hybrids of old copulations with flesh women by the Fallen Angels. There is probably some left over flesh giants down there as well. One such giant was killed by our military in Afganistan not too long ago, and flown somewhere for observation or….?
          There are a large number of those Fallen, in the dimension where Enoch has been given charge over them , until the Antichrist comes with his locust army, and they will be loosed for a season.

          The nwo crowd that is in on the whole thing is privy to this underworld, and gets demonic energy by visiting there.
          It gets pretty nasty looking for the coming days of tribulation, but not for true Christians, that have faith and can handle the power to ward them evil doers off. No problem-o.

      • Kissmagrits

        Empire Beneath The Ice How The Nazis Won WW2 BY Steve Quayle.

      • wahoojed

        I respect Steve Quayle for being such a devout and knowledgeable Christian. But as far as his theories go, he’s so far out there that it falls under the category of “entertainment” and not fact. Ditto goes for David Icke.

        • JC Teecher

          well, i guess we shall see, when the locust armies arrive on earth, and the lame stream try to pass them off as outer space aliens.

          they will be much more than entertainment, as they are enemy spirits now, and have been for thousands of years.

          • wahoojed

            Yes, it is claimed the sons of God intermingled with man from Genesis. And God wiped out the Nephilim in the time of Noah. Job and Jesus had direct confrontations with Satan. And there was Goliath and David. But do we have anything since? Any concrete proof of actual physical interaction with fallen angels? And why do you think fallen angels would try to pose as aliens or even allow themselves to be termed aliens? I really believe the two are mutually exclusive. I’m sure Satan revealing himself to the world would not want to be considered an alien.

    • Gay Veteran

      keep drinking the neo-con koolaid


    you got to be PUTIN me on , oh it’s reported from the deep state BBWWWAAHHHHHAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zlatko Milanovic

      Who are you talking to? Do you even know? Do you hear voices?

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        yes, the voice of Comrade Tito and Commisar Beria

  • Lennie Pike

    Yes, as I have claimed here many times beginning many years ago, the U.S. will attack Russia. The reason will not be due to the competing egos of Trump and Putin – it will be due to competing currencies: the worthless U.S. Dollar backed only by the U.S. Military, and the basically debt free Ruble backed by gold. Throw in the fact that the synagouge of satan which controls the U.S.A. (Trump does not) is on track to control the entire world and there remains zero chance that Russia will not be attacked by the West (synagouge of satan) resulting in the “sudden” destruction of the U.S.A.. Russia is basically the only country standing in the way of a satanic totalitarian world goverment.

    See the Book of Revelation if you do not want to accept this fact.

    • JC Teecher

      Russia isn’t standing in the way, Putin and Russia is trying to be the “head” of the snake.
      I’ve heard all these lies about how Russian is a Christian nation, and it is bull caca. yes they allow Christianity to be practiced in many areas, but it is only a facade.

      Seek out testimonies of those that have lived in Russia most of their lives, and see what they tell you. In most areas, Christians have to sneak around and hold house church/worship in secret. Not too many years ago, a young woman came to America and told of her personal story.

      Her father worked for the Russian gov, as an evil agent that would go around and hunt out the houses of those that were holding Christian meetings, and in some cases kill and rape as they disbanded the gatherings.

      She said every night he would come home drunk, and beat the crap out of her mother, and in some cases, would even get the children up and beat them as well.
      He cursed them all the time and even was part of the gov agents that took part in rapes and killings of innocent Christians.

      One night, as he was getting ready to invade a house full of praying and preaching christians, he stood by a window and listened. Something hit home in his heart, and he went in and got saved.
      The girl told how he quit working for the gov, and stopped drinking. She said he never ever said another cruel thing to any of them, and was a born again christian, whom had never allowed his wife and kids to practice and worship Jesus in his home, but was now leading the worshiping.

      • Lennie Pike

        Your facts are correct but they pertain to the old Soviet Union and not present day Russia. I suggest during this Christmas Season that somehow you see for yourself what goes on there.

        The head of the snake is the synagouge of satan – the “vipers” – the fake jews that control the western monetary system.

        • JC Teecher

          I agree about the head of the snake being the Kenite/synagouge of satan, and where did they originate from?….Russia after the dispersion, as the Khazars and Bolsheviks.
          Many were then assimilated into Germany, as so were the Rothschilds of the London banking empire.

          • Lennie Pike

            They migrated.

          • JC Teecher


          • Lennie Pike

            And any remaining Khazars (fake jews) who held any power over Russia’s financial system have had that power destroyed by Putin – Soros being the prime example. The synagouge of satan must gain control of Russia’s financial system if they are to gain totalitarian control over the entire planet. This is the reason for Western aggression toward Russia and toward all of the other countries that have already been attacked recently.

            Can I still get a “yep” to that clarification?

            The “Babylon” spoken of in The Book of Revelation is the U.S.A..

          • Lennie Pike

            What I meant was that they migrated to the U.S. and all of the West – including much of South America. Now they are also in the Far East. Pretty much all that remains that will be forced to fight is Russia.

            Just about every important position of power is held by one of them or one of their lackeys in most “American” institutions.

          • Lennie Pike

            Control the fiat money scam and you control everything. END THE FED!!!!!

          • JC Teecher

            I do one even better, I’ll give you an “atta boy” for that summation of truth.

            Now, on the Babylon thing, it does require some clarification. the central power of Babylon, or better said Mystery Babylon, is none other than the UN headquarters at NYC. yes the European equivalent is in Brussels.

            Babylon, meaning confusion (of which I assume you know already) is manifest with in the liberals in America. to be fair, there is also a majority of so-called Christians that are of the Laodicean style churches, and they as well, are part of the Babylonian movement in America.

            I won’t bore you with all the facts, as it seems you have a grip on that as well.

            The important thing to remember is this…The early migrations of the Adamic/Hebrew/Israelite/Caucasian peoples of the Northern Ten tribes, up into western Europe, being led by Jeremiah, is considered the “house” of Israel (not the nation of Israel which is primarily the House of Judah, with some Kenite/synagogue of satan jews thrown in.)

            Those early white Europeans that migrated to America, are of that house of Israel, and are the blood ancestors of the majority of the house of Israel today. There are many jews that are not a part of the Babylonian empires of today as well, that reside in America, but not the bulk of them. The fake jews as you see them, are truly scattered among all nations and tongues.

            Having said all that, the American…House of Israel in North America, the true Christians, and some Messianic Jews, are what holds us together, thus far as a Nation that is like the apple of God’s eye. We will soon see the judgement come upon the heathen majority of North America, by the hands of the Babylonian/Liberals of today. it is manifested in America by greed and Pride, and the destruction will come as punishment via an orchestrated economic collapse to bring about the Beast System of the NWO, as a stage set for the entrance of ole slewfoot himself.

          • Lennie Pike


          • mtntrek3

            Hey JCT……. what say you about Gog and Magog? Isn’t Russia part of the last days scenario coming down upon Israel from the North? I need to read more about this. Asking. Thanks. Chris.

          • Lennie Pike

            The State of Israel, and the Tribe of Israel are not one and the same.

          • mtntrek3

            Hey Lennie… yes that’s true. I was thinking of the Scripture where Jerusalem is surrounded by armies. One of them to me will probably be Russia.

          • Lennie Pike

            I think so too. Pushing someone into a corner in an attempt to take over the whole scene leaves them with not much of a choice.

  • DJohn1

    I would be feeding that spy ship a load of blarney. Time we were done they wouldn’t even know what to believe. By the way they are in violation of a treaty between the United States and the USSR.
    You do not need to spy on anyone. Just ask. There are plenty of idiots out there willing and able to give them any information they need.
    I think nuclear is an obsolete technology. It simply comes with far too much baggage.
    And what happens next? What happens if we have a storm and electromagnetic energy flooding the planet and destroying most of our electronics?
    Do the missiles blow up in their silos? I think it is likely.
    The wiser council is to do away with all those nuclear devices simply because they do come with far too many troubles.
    Same goes for atomic power plants. Too much baggage.
    Robert Heinlein in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress from the 60s was fairly prophetic. In that early science fiction novel he predicted the next war will be fought in space and no city on the planet is safe from an asteroid projectile.
    One small asteroid traveling against the rotation of the planet is automatically traveling at 5 miles per second. Or 18,000 miles per hour. Said asteroid will approach the land at 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is more than likely made up of nickel and iron that is liquid by the time it touches down. The momentum alone is huge.
    There is no engineering capable of stopping said projectile. Especially if it weighs in as a huge mass of iron.
    Further there is nothing left after such weapon hits.
    There is no radiation. It is a clean bomb.
    I think the United States and Russia need to start firing idiots off the job and start a sane discussion of how we can get along. That means negotiations that give and take and help both countries to prosper.
    I claim anyone currently housing nuclear forces is an idiot.
    That includes Iran. It includes North Korea.
    Someone has sold them a package deal where they think survival of a nuclear war is a foregone conclusion. It is not.
    Japan is learning that the hard way. At any time they could have a power plant go bad and blow up considerable population and pollute the entire side of the world where they live.
    Someone sold them on the idea of cheap nuclear energy and it is a lie.
    For the money invested in that go geothermal instead. That at least that might be clean energy and in the long run very cheap. Ask Iceland about that. They are all ready doing it.
    No one wins a war. Not in today’s world of weapons of mass destruction.
    The war we need to win? It is to bring food, clothing, shelter, and transportation to everyone on this planet.
    It is to make sure every person on this planet has access to clean water.
    We need to find cures for major diseases.
    We need to use robotics to give every person on this planet a decent standard of living.
    We need to make use of every continental shelf in every ocean on the planet to up the standard of living of everyone. There are tremendous resources there if we can only device a way to make them available.
    WE have as a group of nations real environmental problems and they will not go away.
    There is an advancement of knowledge that is doubling every so often and it needs to be addressed or desperate religious groups will create a situation where we all lose.
    That means we all have to get along with a set of rules where everyone wins and no one loses. Lots of luck fixing that.
    The logistics of war mean you impoverish everyone involved.
    It means your mom might be dead because of it.
    It means your brother or your sister or both might be dead.
    It means your children may or may not survive.
    Every action means an equally and opposite reaction.
    Does anyone see sense in causing an action in which that occurs?
    Trump is not the answer.
    Neither is Putin.
    The answer I see here is we have to get together as people and decide that this is insanity. We need to get along.

    • JC Teecher

      People getting together and getting along is a noble and needed task, however; there is too much demonic control over people, probably close to the majority now, that will eventually rule the day. The world’s chance at Nirvana will not come until the King of Kings returns.

      • mtntrek3

        Hey there JCT….. Meranda pointed me to a website that’s very good. Why God Really Don’t know if you’ve checked it out or not, but it’s very interesting and powerful …….. as our God is. : ). God Bless. Chris.

  • strawfoot60

    Obama, and Hillary after him, had been intending to build a strong globalist alliance with the EU, and thus NATO. They had been trying to corral Putin, first with the supposed reset, then by strong arming him.

    Putin is loyal to Russia, not the EU. By giving NATO grief, Trump has been giving Putin breathing room, so he’s been friendly to Trump.

    And Trump’s primary target, as he’s said since day one, is China. For eight years, Obama’s weakness and handholding with the EU has caused Russia to seek dealmaking with China.

    Trump wants to lure Putin away from China. Likewise, Putin wants to lure Trump away from NATO.

    But like a wolf, Putin needs to make the rounds of his territory, and check for other Alpha males. He knows there are none in Europe; that is why Russia is resurgent. He has been making his move while Obama was frollicking.

    It remains to be seen how Trump reasserts US dominance. Best advice:
    as my teacher said once, “be shrewd as a snake, and innocent as a dove”.

    • MEP325

      I think your analysis is prudent and laid out well. Trump is correct when he says these other countries in NATO need to pull their weight. I hope Trump will not be so quick to drink the kool-aide from the anti-Russia war hawks that surround him. Mad Dog Mattis being one of them. Trump said himself that he wanted to get along with Putin and fight ISIS together but time will tell as to what will transpire.

      Putin checkmated Obama in Syria by keeping Assad in power while Obama failed to topple him. Putin is definitely not a pushover nor a dummy so it would be very wise of Trump to seek to cultivate a positive relationship with him instead of being aggressive.

    • Gay Veteran

      Russia and China are basically allies because they know the U.S. wants to rule the world.

  • Richard O. Mann

    I guess it depends on who Russia gets their news from. If they listen to the big 3 along with the rest of the liberal cable networks, it will be pretty bad. I think this is one of the messes the Prez meant when he said Saturday that he had inherited a mess when he took office. Obama had been doing pretty much anything and everything to get a war started with Russia right up to the day he left office. With NATO in the mix, and Russia already on edge from the movements by NATO, who knows. I pretty sure war is coming with Russia sooner or later. The US is falling a part from within, and it won’t be long before some one from outside decides to take advantage of it. Keep your radioactive proof undies close by. You may need them sooner than later.

  • illusion

    Personally, I would not trust the Russians. After Germany was defeated in 1945, we should have used their troops to continue eastward. The problem would have been eliminated before it started.

    • Gay Veteran

      ROFLOL, the Red Army would have kicked out tails

  • Karen Bracken

    I know this is a trivial point but what makes you think that because ABC and other “reputable” news medias reported what Trump said is anywhere close to the truth? There isn’t a news media outlet existing that reports the truth and that includes FOX. OAN is the only news station worth giving any time too. I would have to check other sources before I believe anything that comes out of any MSM outlet and that includes ABC.

    • Seen2013

      According to Alinsky tactics, one accuses their opponent of doing what they are doing.

      According to Diplomatic History, espionage is strategic/long-term benefit focused unless only a tactical/short-term benefit can be achieved. In war, sabotaging replenishment rates that is a short-term benefit is necessary to keep long-term benefit operable.

      According to the War College War-game scenarios, the US V Russia, US V China, and US V Russo-Sino are lose-lose propositions citing the US Military unconventional warfare focus that dates to the 90s of ‘Brigades being the armies of the future’. Unconventional warfare is centrally Occupational Force Operations that are centrally regionally focused, so any war that expands to multiple regions or worse continents spreads US forces too thin.

      According to old school measurements, deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP, and the historian estimate point of no return is 93% of GDP.

      If Trump is sincere (I have doubts), Putin would want Clinton, so the US stood no real challenge or check on Russian or Chinese interests, and neither of them is going to risk the US-NATO turning that Russo-Sino border truly hostile.

      According to the highest ranking Soviet defector, Russo-Sino conflict is contrived and designed to give each others’ combat forces combat experience that’s why no real offensive occurs during Russo-Sino ‘tensions’.

      If Trump is sincere, his focus needs to be revitalizing the US Military focus to conventional warfare and bringing the economy back into line of the fundamentals, but he isn’t going to wedge Russia and China. This is at a fool’s errand given both consider US positioning cupped with NATO as overtly anti-Russian and anti-Chinese. Escalation with one is escalation with the other.

      The last issue is according to the Arabian Alliance; it cannot acquire dominance of the Middle East without regime changing Israel, Iran, and Syria using OPEC as leverage, and this is opposed by Russo-Sino at the moment.

  • Mark

    Sadu Sundar Salveraj and Trunews have both said, as well as a few others, that Russia will invade America. Sadu is one of the true Prophets who prophesied that Trump would be president. He also prophesied the typhoon that wiped out Tacloban Philippines and that the U.S. would be split in half as they split in half Israel.

  • Stephen

    Micheal – Perhaps you could clarify, which Trump quote is correct. (Zartan Woods) related “He was lamenting that the bloodthirsty media was ruining any chance he could have to make a deal with Putin. He said nothing would make the media happier than if he blew the ship up out of the water. He then said it would NOT be a good thing to do. And he once again reiterated that nicer relations with Russia wouldn’t be a bad thing.” So was Trump talking about what the Media wanted, or was he actually threatening Russia?

  • Liberty First

    Tend to agree that we best avoid needless conflict with The Bear, but Zartan below is correct….Trump did not say it would be great to blow the ship out of the water, he said that the media (and I suppose globalists) would love it.


    The Russian Love Affair With Donald Trump Sours As The U.S. And Russia Move Towards War = Fake News And Poor Journalism Research / Comprehension.

  • tacoma

    Putin does not have a big ego. What he has in spade is strategic vision and ability to carry it out for the benefit of his country. This is what he was elected to do. Elected 3 times as president and 1 time as prime minister.

    Putin first task after the first election was to rescue his country from internal strife, from breakaway south (and its terror attacks), from a broken military, from an economy that’s in crisis, and from being plundered by America take-no-prisoner capitalists. The last item was deliberate strategy of Clinton: offered the Russian government expert advise on how to restructure its economy but in truth plunder it. It was quite successful and the Trojan Horse job almost done when Putin stepped in and stopped it. Thus began Putin deep mistrust of America.

    With the above tasks done during his first term, Putin proceeded to repair and grow, reconstitute what needed to form a good running country. He stopped the national crisis and saved the state. Such a rescue required strong mind and hands and this was where he implemented tough draconian measures much criticized by the self-righteous West. Ironically, Trump today faces the same crisis and he like Putin have to resort to same tough measures. Such as deporting 14 million people. Close the border to entire countries.

    Russia constitution prohibits a third continuous term as president so Putin ran for prime minister, which he won. His time as PM was to fix the bureaucracy and many deep economic troubles. He fixed education. And he spent a great deal of time thinking about what to do in his third term as president. Now Putin is in his third term as president and he is doing precisely that.

    Everything Putin does is well thought out. He has patience, he engages his cabinet deeply, he treats all foreign countries with respect, and he lay out his positions clearly. He does not mince words. He does not play ideological games; he does not play empire, and he certainly does not play Rambo military. (The U.S. global game is all Rambo military all the time.) He has vast knowledge of the world, of history, or strategy and mega-trends. He is usually about 5 steps ahead of American moves. He speaks German fluently, and enough English to carry out simple conversations.

    And Putin already knows what he want to do or can do with Trump during his first term as president of the U.S.

    Trump as president is still being guessed at, analyzed. Putin as president is already well known by careful observers. He is a grand geo-political chess master with the skills of a neurosurgeon. Now imagine you on the operating table being worked by him. One of his patients, an out-patient, is Obama.

    • JC Teecher

      ” He has patience, he engages his cabinet deeply, he treats all foreign countries with respect, ”

      I seriously doubt the two million disbursed Ukrainians feel that Pukin treats all foreign countries with respect. Another million that has fled to Russia probably feels the same way but will not admit it…out of fear.

      Pukin had an ingrained hatred for USA, when he was in college. He feels like USA “stole” Alaska from Russia, and has the evil spirit of Esau in his blood.
      Yes, he is patient, and in his college manifesto said he has been chose to reclaim what has been stolen and that is his life’s mission.
      Not against the nation/country of Israel as almost all say is the target for the invasion of Gog/Magog, in Ezekiel 38/39; but for the land of the “house” of Israel, as predominately the caucasian peoples of North America, and their gov.

      He will come into Alaska with his federation army, and he will be crushed, by the Mighty, Hand of God. It is written and prophesied by God Himself, and it will come to pass. Possibly in the next decade.

      So Pukin and the Russian Army/gov, is evil in the sight of the Lord, no matter how much you praise them.

      • etniks

        JC TEECHER — Someone who is a religiously fanatic as you are sees Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin in those fastidiously bliblical terms.
        It’s unfortunate there are too many fundamentalists in USA who share your fantasies who are the real danger for the rest of us in the world, who could start a nuclear confrontation while so certain their “god” will ensure their victory. It is shocking to realize so many million of nuts in USA have come to accumulate so much destructive force endangering Humanity’s very existence. You are simply crazy.

      • Gay Veteran

        The situation in Ukraine is ENTIRELY the result of a U.S. sponsored neo-na zi coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine.

  • MEP325

    I am a bit concerned that Trump is surrounded by a bunch of anti-Russia war hawks. Seems like they are eager to bring back the Cold War.

    Another thing that concerns me about Trump is he is way too cozy with Israel. I could see Trump being very aggressive with Iran on behalf of Israel. Iran is allied with Russia and China is Iran’s number one customer of it’s oil. An attack on Iran I believe would be absolutely disastrous. The ME will become an inferno and petroleum prices would shoot up dramatically. Then we can say “bye bye US economy”

  • mtntrek3

    Not sure how one egomaniac dealing with another can result in anything positive……… Putin being the greater of the two. …..Time will tell.

  • Hans Geiger

    ABC and SBS are lefty brothers

  • tsf

    I am a longtime fan of the author’s writings. But the notion of nuclear war with Russia, (or China, for that matter), is silly. It is simply not a winnable war. All through the Cold War there was always one major deterrent — mutually assured destruction (M.A.D.) If either side lobbed nukes at the other, retaliation would be certain. And it would be absolutely devastating.

    Normal people have a will to live. Abnormal people, such as cultic extremists do not.. those who are willing to strap bombs around their chest and blow themselves up for a cause. In other words, M.A.D. will always work… except with those who ARE mad.

    Should we tread carefully with the vodka-hammered bear?
    Absolutely! But, if you wanna fear someone, look to the radical you-know-whos in the Middle East, and coming soon, to a continent near you.

  • bluidevil

    Uranium to Russia by Hillary and conspirators sure was a slick move.
    Daily drama queens on investigations on Russia by democrats is good diplomacy…right ?

    The danger is a bellicose Rino/Dem nest of idiots starting WWIII.

  • etniks

    Something I don’t see anyone mentioning here is the huge elephant in the room. THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is hungry for wars so it can continue to sell hundreds of billions of dollars each year to “defend” the “West”. The Muslim terrorists are too small a threat to excuse such large expenses, and Russia fits the bill.

  • Alleged Comment

    Trump is much like Ronald Reagan. They think everybody loves US if we only be nice and extend a hand.

    Well, you wouldn’t do that with a lion or an alligator would you?? Trump has to understand they are NOT blessed and lucky like US and our enemies harbor jealousy, hate, and envy towards US.

    That is why Putin TOOK that SUPERBOWL ring like a common thief and really shows the immaturity, brashness, and arrogance of the little man.

    You should look at him that way.

  • Cookie Vranish

    Trump will do what is best for America! Right now, he is trying to rebuild our military so we could win a major war if we had one. I believe Obama has put us in a position that a world war is inevitable. Possibly on two fronts at the same time, which is a horrible idea. However, the American people bought into the PC BS for a black president so we will have to suffer the results of that stupid mistake!

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